James Bond & Queen Elizabeth

James Bond, code name 007, is a fictional character created in 1953 by writer Ian Fleming, who featured him in twelve novels and two short story collections. Elizabeth II (Elizabeth Alexandra Mary; born 21 April 1926) is the constitutional monarch of 16 sovereign states known as the Commonwealth realms, and head of the 54-member Commonwealth of Nations. 5.0/5

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Dr. John Dee, 16th century predecessor to James Bond, used code 007 to send messages to Queen Elizabeth. Zeros meant “for your eyes only.”
1.) Adam West (Batman) and Leonard Nemoy (Spock) 2.) Amelia Earhart’s last haircut in 1937 3.) Bruce Lee dancing 4.) Charlie Chaplin and Albert Einstein 5.) Chuck Norris and Bruce Lee 6.) Elijah Wood and Macaulay Culkin in 1993 7.) Elvis Presley during his army service in 1958 8.) Jimi Hendrix and *** Jagger hanging out in 1969 9.) Madonna hanging out with Sting and Tupac 10.) Martin Luther King Jr. and Marlon Brando 11.) Muhammad Ali and The Beatles 1964 12.) Queen Elizabeth during her WW2 service 13.) Robin Williams as a cheerleader in 1980 14.) Sean Connery as James Bond in 1965 15.) Steve Jobs and Bill Gates discussing the future of computing in 1991 16.) The cast of the original Star Wars just before filming 17.) Young Bill Clinton meets JFK
NEW JAMES BOND MARTINI RECIPE HAS LONDON TOWN ABUZZ WITH ... ? By J.F. McCARTHY A.S.S. NEWS CHIEF CORRESPONDENT LONDON - *** - There are certain things which are known about James Bond. He seduces women, kills bad guys, and likes his vodka martinis shaken not stirred. William Boyd, is therefore, either a brave man, or looking for trouble. He has written a new James Bond novel, Solo, and chosen to interfere with the classic James Bond dry martini. Instead of the version laid down by Ian Fleming 60 years ago, Boyd has introduced a radically different one - Boyd's own. "Bond is quite a heavy drinker as we all know," said Boyd at a press luncheon at the Dorchester Hotel in London. Call it a licence to grill if you will. Boyd's new novel opens with 007 celebrating his 45th birthday with a breakfast of scrambled eggs and bacon at the Dorchester hotel in 1969. To mark the book's publication on Thursday, the Park Lane hotel is offering guests the chance to order a special 60s themed Bond breakfast including a com ...
Fun fact: Dr John Dee, alchemist and adviser to Queen Elizabeth, signed his secret messages to her 007. The original James Bond
James Bond: History is as dramatic as the movies Reuters | 05-Oct 11:54 AM London: As a new documentary shows, the real story behind the James Bond film franchise is almost as dramatic as the 007 fantasies themselves, full of twists and turns, personality clashes, heroes, villains, beautiful women and narrow escapes. 'Everything or Nothing' is released in theatres on Friday, branded 'Global James Bond Day' to mark 50 years since the world premiere of 'Dr. No' which introduced author Ian Fleming's suave, sophisticated secret agent to the masses. An anniversary Blu-ray box set, a swanky charity auction at Christie's and the new '007' fragrance for men are some of the ways in which Bond is being celebrated, underlining the lasting appeal of a character who has been constantly reinvented. A measure of the fictional spy's popularity in Britain came during the Opening Ceremony of the London Olympics, when Bond actor Daniel Craig and Queen Elizabeth shared a short, comic and hugely popular scene filmed in Buckin ...
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A moment of silence please for Monty, Queen Elizabeth's beloved Corgi, who starred in the Olympic Opening Ceremony video with James Bond. He went to the Rainbow Bridge earlier this morning. Poor Queen Elizabeth!
Thanks to the British. Indeed a great nation. Here Some of their contributions to the world. You can add the British gifts that come to your mind and for god sake be positive this time. thanks for King Arthur and the round table knights legends. Robin Hood spirit and tales. The Magna Carta. William Shakespear. christopher Marlow, Ben Jhonson. Thomas moore. Queen Elizabeth the first and the second. Charles Dickens. Charles Darwin. Florence Nightingale. Charlie Chaplin. Alfred Hitchcock. Arthur Conan Doyle (sherlock Holmes). Agetha Christy. Football Game. The British Television - Polldark, upstairs downstairs, Onedin line, Fawlty tower, Are you being Served?, Mr. Bean, Yes Prime Minister, Absolutely Fabulos. Monty python. Sir Lorence Olivier. Judi Dench. Sean Connrey. Roger moore. James Bond (Ian Fleming). Winston Churchill. Harry Potter (j.K Rollings). His dark materials (Philip pullman), Oscar Wilde (Yea his Irish - from here we can't tell the difference also when it comes to Bernard shaw), Alice in wond ...
On the 50th anniversary of James Bond films and the 60th of Queen Elizabeth's reign, the two met memorably at the Olympics, says Bob Greene
London Olympics 2012: Queen Elizabeth made her acting debut, appearing in a skit with James Bond actor Daniel Craig for the Opening Ceremony
Olympic saga continues :Queen Elizabeth made her acting debut with James Bond (Daniel Craig) for the Opening Ceremony.The North Korean women's football team stormed out of the stadium when South Korean flag was shown on the board.Bengaluru girl Madhura Nagendra was the "mystery girl" who marched along the Indian flag bearers.Several non-English players in British football team refused to sing the national anthem before the matches (Irish,Scots,welsh and the Northern Irish).
"A royal arrival unlike any we have ever seen." Queen Elizabeth showed her sense of humour by agreeing to do a helicopter jump with James Bond for the London Olympic Games 2012 Opening Ceremony.
London Summer Games 2012 Opening Ceremonies -my favorite part of the Olympics, a chance for the host country to put on a big show for the rest of the world. Beijing 4 yrs ago was a real tough act to follow, London did a great job with Queen Elizabeth 'parachuting' out of a copter into the stadium with James Bond, and Paul McCartney at the end doing Hey Jude, lots more. GO USA.
Queen Elizabeth needed little persuading in making her film debut, appearing with the country's most famous fictional spy James Bond during the London Olympic Opening Ceremony. In a brief, tongue-in-cheek film broadcast to a packed Olympic Stadium late on Friday - as well as a massive worldwide tele...
The Queen Elizabeth II 's cameo appearance in a comical segment filmed in Buckingham Palace with Daniel Craig, before seemingly parachuting into the Olympic Stadium with the James Bond star.
I have to say my favorite part of the London Olympics Opening Ceremony was the skit between Queen Elizabeth and Daniel Craig (James Bond) My favorite James Bond is Sean Connery but Pierce Brosnan is a very close second.
Huge Selection of Helmets at Low Prices
Bean, Bond and the Queen like never before WITH the words “Good Evening, Mr Bond”, Queen Elizabeth launched her acting career and set the bar at a new high for Olympic opening ceremonies. Danny Boyle, Oscar-winning director, always said he could not match the huge budget that “House of Flying Daggers” director Zhang Yimou was given to deliver Beijing’s spectacular opening in 2008. Instead, he piled on the British icons—JK Rowling reading from Peter Pan, Mr Bean mocking “Chariots of Fire” and soccer star David Beckham sweeping up the River Thames in a speedboat with the Olympic torch. For good measure, he threw in a dollop of Shakespeare and Tour de France winner Bradley Wiggins ringing the world’s largest tuned bell. But undoubtedly Boyle’s greatest coup was persuading the Queen to make her film debut at Buckingham Palace with Daniel Craig as a suavely attired James Bond. Even the Queen’s corgis got to play cameo roles. The coup de theatre was delivered with real flair, and matched t ...
Been driving all day so didn't get a chance to post how much I loved the opening ceremonies and especially Queen Elizabeth! I have posted on here before about how much I have come to appreciate and respect her incredible leadership...what fun last night to have her "play along" with James Bond! A week in Virginia for work; sad to miss the opportunity to celebrate the engagement of my amazing nephew, Andrew Smith and his beautiful bride-to-be Tiffany Winters! Looking forward to pictures of the party and to get back to add to the festivities! Love you both and please know how very happy I am for both of you..how gifted you both are and how lucky to have found each other! XO!
I saw on the news that James Bond escorted Queen Elizabeth to the opening ceremonies at the Olympics. I was disappointed it wasn't Sean Connery doing the escorting (he's retired). But I was very relieved that the queen wasn't wearing Ursula Andress' bikini from Dr. No.
Queen Elizabeth and James Bond parachute into the Olympic Opening Ceremony — sort of | Fourth-Place Medal - Yahoo! Sports
The Washington Post "So, we're all watching this movie at Olympic Stadium in which James Bond (Daniel Craig) walks into the Royal Palace," wrote Mike Wise. "He's followed by two mutts and suddenly walks in to see, yes, Queen Elizabeth. It's her first role. Ever!" The Post's verdict? "It's corny, cheesy, altogether over the top. And it works! […] This is awesome." The Italians said "only in London could they be this way". Well actually I think all of UK, but you bet! Awesome ceremony, industrial revolution changed the world, brilliant, the rings phenominal and with only *** kiss on TV also featured and true racial harmony dipicted, showed we are and always will be the most multi cultural true democracy in the world. Absolutely fabulous!
Well done, London. Definitely one of the most creative, and symbolic opening ceremonies I have ever seen... David Boyle, you are a genius for putting in Mr. Bean. Queen Elizabeth, you and James Bond make a great team. And Paul McCartney, you were the icing on the cake and did the Beatles proud.
When you've ridden to the Opening Ceremony in a helicopter with James Bond, watching 500 athletes march into a stadium just can't compare. Queen Elizabeth, who appeared in an amusing short film with actor Daniel Craig during the kickoff to … Continue reading →
The Queen of England made her film debut in style, getting escorted to the Olympics by James Bond and parachuting into Olympic Stadium from a helicopter in a short film shown at Friday night's Opening Ceremony. Movie magic was responsible … Continue reading →
Watched the Opening Ceremonies like I have been with every Olympics. Best part had to be the Queen Elizabeth and Daniel Craig (aka James Bond) bit. Next best was Rowan Atkinson playing keyboard. Loved it.
Nice start to the Games-British culture, lit, pop culture, Mr Bean, Pop music, and James Bond. How they got Queen Elizabeth to do that I will never know. Sebastian Coe is a class act!
I was gonna say that the opening ceremonies would have been cooler if Danny Boyle had included scenes of "rage", a la "28 Days Later", but then James Bond and Queen Elizabeth parachuted from a helicopter into the arena. Well played, Mr Boyle.
Opening Ceremony: 2012 Summer Olympics Opening Ceremony The Opening Ceremony of the 2012 Summer Olympics will be held on 27 July 2012 and be called "The Isles of Wonder". Oscar-winning director Danny Boyle will be the artistic director for the Opening Ceremony and the music directors will be Rick Smith and Karl Hyde of the electronic music duo Underworld. The games will be officially opened by Queen Elizabeth II and Prince Philip, Duke of Edinburgh. A short film starring Daniel Craig as secret agent James Bond will be screened during the television coverage of the ceremony. Sir Paul McCartney has announced he will perform at the end of the ceremony.
It reads like an April Fool's Joke, but London's The Sun is reporting that Daniel Craig as James will actually be kicking off the 2012 Olympics in England, at the request of Her Majesty, Queen Elizabeth.
The 30th Summer Olympics will kick off with an appearance from 007. After a special invitation from Queen Elizabeth II, James Bond star Daniel Craig reportedly filmed scenes this week at Buckingham Palace that will be used during the opening … Continue reading →
James Bond to open London Olympics: Actor Daniel Craig has been invited by Queen Elizabeth to open the 2012 London...
Daniel Craig to open London Olympics: James Bond star Daniel Craig is to open the London 2012 Olympic Games cere...
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