James Bond & Mary Poppins

James Bond, code name 007, is a fictional character created in 1953 by writer Ian Fleming, who featured him in twelve novels and two short story collections. Mary Poppins is the title character of a series of children's books written by P. L. Travers. Throughout the Mary Poppins series, which lasted from 1934 to 1988, Mary Shepard was the illustrator and acted as a second author. 5.0/5

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Come on Rio, jazz it up a bit. By now I'm sure we'd already had James Bond, Mr Bean, Mary Poppins & The Dark Lord.
OMG! Thousand Oaks is going to be having a 50th anniversary celebration parade in September, and the theme is 1964. Elvis, Beatles, Mary Poppins, Audrey Hepburn, Debbie Reynolds, Sophia Loren, Hitchcock, James Bond, etc Aw yeah who wants to build a float as a summer project or at least just get dressed up like we're going back in time?
I'm the geek magnet of the UK. Lara Croft, Mary Poppins, Dr Who, Jean-Luc Picard, James Bond, we're *** kicking evil geniuses x
On this day in 1968, the musical film "Chitty Chitty Bang Bang" opens in New York City. The movie featured *** Van *** who had made a splash four years before in the Disney musical "Mary Poppins" and whose eponymous TV show had been a hit since 1961. Its real star, however, was Chitty Chitty Bang Bang herself: a magical flying car that always knew how to save the day. The movie, based on the only novel by Ian Fleming that is not about James Bond, takes place in the early part of the 20th century and tells the story of Caractacus Potts (Van *** , an eccentric and unsuccessful inventor who lives in a windmill with his two children and their batty grandfather. The children spot a broken-down old racing car at the local junkyard and ask their father for 30 shillings to buy it; to raise the money, Potts tries to sell "whistling sweets" (that is, candy pieces that whistle) to local chocolate magnate Lord Scrumptious. When the whistling turns out to be more compelling to dogs than to people, Potts gets a job ...
Bean! MT Rowan Atkinson just upstaged the Queen, James Bond, Harry Potter, Mary Poppins at
The 2012 London Olympics opened with an offbeat program that featured James Bond, Mr. Bean, and Mary Poppins. Full story »
Had the strangest dream last night featuring Voldemort, Mary Poppins, Paul McCartney, James Bond and the Queen...
Did you watch the opening ceremonies for the Olympics? I felt they did a great job! All those people involved - it was quite a spectacle. Can't IMAGINE how much time it must take to put it all together. Favorite parts: James Bond and the Queen. Tribute to Great Britain's literary past, with Mary Poppins saving day. Tribute to all of Britain's contributions to music (I kept expecting the Rolling Stones to storm the stage!!) I also like the Parade of Nations. Oh...I would love to see England someday!
So what about that opening ceremony? They had me through the history of the Industrial Revolution, the agrarian landscape into smoke stacks was cool, you know I love me some Daniel Craig/James Bond. The queen's entrance was hilarous...but it was a little out there...the Health Care nod was too political, not too sure about an army of Mary Poppins fighting villans from Kiddie Lit... the projections on the house was neat.Hm.wacky.
Loved the opening ceremony of the 2012 London Olympics last night. Loved how started with the children choirs singing in Northern Ireland Scotland Wales and in the stadium. I was almost fighting back tears then. Loved how they had the different scenes on the stadium floor. Sir Kenneth Branagh gave a great speech just like he had done in the movie Henry V. Laughed when they had the Queen parachuting from the helicopter with James Bond. When I saw the London cabbies face painted in the Union Jack I told myself that would had been me. I thought it was great knowing the Queen has that sense of humor an that she wanted to be in that part of the show. I bet her family had a good laugh as they watched it. I knew it had to have been hard keeping it a secret from them. Then when the children sang and signed God Save the Queen that was when the tears started flowing. The music on the part with the house made me feel old. Loved the Mary Poppins part. Mr Bean was hillarious. The lighting of the coldrun was great now ...
Fantastic! Proud to be British!!!James Bond and the Queen, Mary Poppins floating from the sky and Dove on a bike. Brilliant! Well done to my Nephew Dave ! At the Olympic Park!
These games remind us of all that was invented in what is now the U.K. : The Bycicle, the internet, the Industrial Revolution, digital computing, the sonogram, the subway, football, golf, Phil Collins, Sting, Adele, Shakespeare, Charles Dickens, Sherlock Holmes, Treasure Island, The Lord of the Rings, and alot of great literature, Mary Poppins, Dr. Who, Mr. Bean, Rod Steward, Sade, Seal, Desree, Patrick Steward, King Arthur, Robin Hood, Peter Pan, Monty Python, the guy that sings: "goodby my lover", James Bond, the Rolling Stones, the Beattlels and, some negative things like: Harry Potter, The African Slave Trade, world-wide imperialism, the greedy commercial system, boxing, pirates, Hooligans and the Spice Girls, if not negative, definitely annoying, LOL !
There's a lot to love about the London opening ceremonies. From the acknowledgement of industrial labor to the Queen parachuting in with James Bond (what a sport!), from Kenneth Branagh performing lines from the Tempest to the terminally shy J.K. Rowling's intro (again, what a sport!), from the 100 ft. high Voldemort (awesome!) to the parachuting in Mary Poppins', from the celebration of the NHS (yes!) and children's stories to Rowan Atkinson's hilarious Chariots of Fire routine (which my kids adored) -- it was so charming. Fascinating how amateur the performances are -- thousands of volunteer laborers in the early sequence, and those were real doctors and nurses dancing in the NHS routine. And that child singing -- what a voice! Amateur excellence, perfect for the Olympics, and an interesting counterpoint to the Chinese virtuoso brilliance in their opening ceremonies. I will save my critique (and there is some) for a crankier moment. :-)
This is the best Olympic opening ceremony ever! It has everything - Blake's "Jerusalem," Kenneth Branagh, that spectacular Welsh children's choir singing "Cwm Rhondda," James Bond, HM The Queen, the NHS, all those great "baddies" from kid lit - Hook, Voldemort, etc., Mary Poppins... Take that, Beijing!
⅓ into the opening ceremony and what I have seen so far is not good. It's not bad either. It's just... "different"! Only Steven Spielberg could put together in harmony Robin Hood with Mary Poppins, Mr.Bean, James Bond and Mr.Internet!!! Let's see what comes up and how the flame will light in the stadium...
Have to say best opening ceremonies of the Olympics i've seen so far, James Bond and the Queen, Mary Poppins vs. Lord Voldemort and now Mr. Bean lol
Paul McCartney and Mud. Mary Poppins and James Bond. How tonight's opening ceremony will really look
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