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James Bond, code name 007, is a fictional character created in 1953 by writer Ian Fleming, who featured him in twelve novels and two short story collections. Daniel Danny Boyle (born 20 October 1956) is an English filmmaker and producer. 5.0/5

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Yesterday at work my boss asked me to make a Powerpoint presentation during our regular video conference with our offices in Canada, America and Europe...OK, it was just reading out info from 4 slides, but it was Public Speaking in front of over 200 people including my boss, her boss and the CEO, who afterwards said "Thanks, Phil"...YIKES!! I keep trying to tell you lot that I'M SHY but you never believe me! Anyway, at the end there was a fun trivia quiz where we'd all been asked to submit a question...about the Olympics! Most of the other questions were on which country won the most gold medals, etc., etc., but SOMEONE submitted the following: Who created the Opening Ceremony for the London Olympics? a) Boris Johnson b) James Bond c) Mr Bean d) Danny Boyle? Bonus Question: Whilst he was organising the Ceremony at the weekend, what was he doing during the week? a) Getting stuck on a zip wire b) Saving the world from evil c) Driving his Mini d) Filming the movie "Trance"? See me if you don't know the answ ...
Danny Boyle and Lord Coe pay tribute to James Bond stuntman Mark Sutton who died in the Alps: by
In recent interviews, both Quentin Tarantino and Danny Boyle have essentially ruled themselves out from directing a James Bond film in the future.
In SKYFALL we get to know the real James Bond a little more than we ever have. Sam Mendes expertly deepened our love of the timeless 007 as a real human, with real human needs and flaws. Judi Dench was flawless as M, and I personally have the hots for the beautiful and talented Naomie Harris who plays Eve [Moneypenny, surprise!] She was a scene stealer in Danny Boyle's 28 DAYS LATER. How could you not love to hate Javier Bardem? He was great but.he was supposed to be ex-MI6? A Spaniard? Really? I'm supposed to believe he was once loyal to the United Kindom? Regardless, I loved the movie and the casting. It worked. I was shaken and stirred. I give it 4 - 0s out of 5.
Premier League review: That's how to follow the Olympics: No sign of Danny Boyle or James Bond but what an opene...
Back on April 1st, we reported that the Danny Boyle's Opening Ceremony at the London Olympics will include a short film in which James Bond (Daniel Craig) will
Opening Ceremony.well less spectacular than Peking, however the London opening ceromony has a deeper meaning and cultural background, about what the UK and how the World has evolved, farmers...Industrial Revolution...flower power.world wide web.amazing muscial evolution and yes with UK influence, than on july 7 one day after the Olympics were awarded to London the terrible bombings, and the wonderful contribution and not to forget James Bond. May be Danny Boyle, is more a movie and documentary maker, rather than there for flashy opening ceromonies the question is do you want content or superficial entertainment.
My Olympic Thoughts...So Far: They should have fired up the Olympic Caldron by having Keith Richards toss in a lit Cigarette Butt. Was it just me, or did the first part of the Opening Ceremony seem as boring as the "English Patient"? Did the Chinese Olympic team wear Uniforms made in the United States? Osh Kosh B' Gosh most likely. What do you meen the Timer is broken? What do you meen Better Luck in 2016? Michael Phelps to Subway resturants. *** you're firing ME and keeping my MOM? ' Danny Boyle should do a movie with Mitt Romney...He could call it "Scum Bag Millionaire." The Queen and James Bond bit would have been funnier with Billy Crystal as 007. Ryan Seacrest and the Olympics Games...Good Lord, When will Cel Phone judging begin? "For Michael Phelps...Text 555-5, Standard Data Rates Apply"
Imaging. James Bond or Ethan Hunt fights on this tilted Millenium bridge. Directed by Danny Boyle!
Olympics Opening Ceremony racks up 1.7 million views on BBC iPlayer Danny Boyle extravaganza sets new record for online catchup service while sport website had busiest day ever on Sunday Danny Boyle's London 2012 Olympics Opening Ceremony has racked up 1.7 million viewing requests on the BBC iPlayer since Saturday, setting a new record for the corporation's online catchup service. The BBC said there had been 925,000 iPlayer requests to view the Opening Ceremony on Saturday alone, from people who either missed Friday's opening extravaganza or simply wanted to replay the occasion. The highlight of the show – the Queen's surprise acting debut alongside Daniel Craig's James Bond – has so far been viewed 650,000 times on the BBC's YouTube channel. The corporation said its sport website had its busiest day ever on Sunday as more than 8 million users worldwide visited the site for the latest Olympics news. BBC Sport online carried 24 simultaneous streams of sporting action, with live coverage available to vi ...
For £27m, Danny Boyle got the Queen, James Bond, Mohammad Ali, David Beckham, Paul McCartney, Redgrave & a cast of 1000s! Such a waste of money. For an extra 8 million he could have had Andy Carroll. Ha ha!
Ok, so there's been some media coverage of the Opening Ceremony - my view - from the ever-superb Kenneth to the Industrial Revolution to the forging of the olympic rings to the bizarre (and dark) NHS and the child catcher and James Bond and the queen (inspired) and the ever-superb Simon Rattle, helped (if you can say that) by Mr Bean - big respect to Danny Boyle - you captured that quintessential Britishness that I'm proud to be part of. A great start to a great sporting event.
£27m got Danny Boyle the Queen, James Bond, Muhammad Ali, Beckham, Wiggins, Redgrave & a cast of 1000s. Liverpool got Andy Carroll for £35m
James Bond and the Queen arrived in style; the music from Sex Pistols, Pink Floyd, Steve McCartney and Rolling Stones rang throughout, as Danny Boyle delivered pure movie magic in the $42 million Opening Ceremony show. Here's the full coverage of the London 2012 Olympics Opening Ceremony:
Bean, Bond and the Queen like never before WITH the words “Good Evening, Mr Bond”, Queen Elizabeth launched her acting career and set the bar at a new high for Olympic opening ceremonies. Danny Boyle, Oscar-winning director, always said he could not match the huge budget that “House of Flying Daggers” director Zhang Yimou was given to deliver Beijing’s spectacular opening in 2008. Instead, he piled on the British icons—JK Rowling reading from Peter Pan, Mr Bean mocking “Chariots of Fire” and soccer star David Beckham sweeping up the River Thames in a speedboat with the Olympic torch. For good measure, he threw in a dollop of Shakespeare and Tour de France winner Bradley Wiggins ringing the world’s largest tuned bell. But undoubtedly Boyle’s greatest coup was persuading the Queen to make her film debut at Buckingham Palace with Daniel Craig as a suavely attired James Bond. Even the Queen’s corgis got to play cameo roles. The coup de theatre was delivered with real flair, and matched t ...
James Bond escorts The Queen to the Olympic Stadium in this special film 'Happy and Glorious'.Queen and Bond unite for London 2012 Olympics videoThousands of people have gathered in Stratford, east London, for the Opening Ceremony of the London 2012 Olympic Games.The Queen made an unexpected entranc...
The Opening Ceremony of the London Olympics took place today, and Danny Boyle (Sunshine, Slumdog Millionaire) was Creative Director for the event. In a stroke of genius it was decided that James Bond (Daniel Craig) would escort The Queen to
Daniel Craig's James Bond act, directed by Danny Boyle turned out a big hit at the Opening Ceremony of London Olympics 2012. Check it out. Subscribe now and ...
Note to Danny Boyle: Daniel Craig is a pretty good actor and all, but there is ONLY one James Bond...he's still alive (albeit almost as old as the queen)...and his name is Connery...Sean Connery
Opening Ceremony mysteries solved By Claudine Zap | Fourth-Place Medal – 10 hours ago Email You read this The Opening Ceremonies of London's 2012 Olympic Games have come and gone, leaving many mysteries in their wake. Here, we answer some of the top head-scratchers from Danny Boyle's incredibly British event. Why do the announcers speak French first? That's because French and English are the two official Olympic languages. Remember, the modern Games were founded by Frenchman Pierre de Coubertin. If not for him, there would be no Olympics. But even if it is a requirement by the IOC that the first language should be French, it does seem to add one more confusing element to the mix. Did the queen really parachute into the Games? Well, no. But Her Majesty did show her common touch, participating in her first acting role with no less than Daniel Craig's James Bond as her co-star. [ Photos: Most-searched Olympians of 2012 ] The two met up at her palace residence with her dogs in tow and took off in a helicopt ...
Queen Elizabeth showed off her sense of humour by pretending to jump out of a helicopter for the London Olympics Games' Opening Ceremony tonight (July 27). The 85-year-old monarch collaborated with Daniel Craig, who was in character as super spy James Bond, and director Danny Boyle, for a short film which was played at the event and ended with what looked like Queen Elizabeth parachuting into the Olympic stadium in Stratford, East London. The film begins with James Bond arriving at Buckingham Palace in an iconic black cab and walking down a hallway flanked by the royal's beloved Corgi dogs. He enters a room to be greeted by Queen Elizabeth, wearing a pale peach dress, with the words "Good Evening Mr. Bond." The spy returns the formal greeting by answering "Good Evening Your Majesty." The pair then walk outside to a waiting helicopter before taking off, leaving the disappointed Corgis behind. Queen Elizabeth and Daniel/James Bond travel in the Union Jack- decorated helicopter past a number of iconic London ...
What more could you want entertaining, spectacular, funny. It had the Queen meeting James Bond, David Beckham being gorgeous, Mr Bean being Mr Bean, J K Rowling the most successful children's author ever, a plethora of Mary Poppinses, children galore and music, fire works and Sir Tim Berners-Lee the man who makes all this possible. Well done Danny Boyle and a big special well done to Hamish Hamilton.
From Lord Voldemort and Captain Hook to James Bond and the Queen parachuting in, *** fine opening ceremonies Danny Boyle. Parade of nations went by so quick its like they wanted to finish before the queen fell asleep.
Punch Drunk Critics: The Queen and James Bond hit the London Olympics in Danny Boyle's short film
Danny Boyle, even cooler would be Vesper swilling Daniel Craig/James Bond exchanging bullets/wand fire with pipe smoking Ian McKellan/Gandalf THE GREY as they collaterally damaged lip-less Branaugh (whose commitment to character I find no fault with; did you see the twinkling eyes?) and who are, after landing, over taken by chimp infused rage infected zombies, and from the blood springs a resurrected Quentin Crisp as Queen Elizabeth I that moonwalks his way into the open arms of the actor who will only ever be known as Harry Potter his entire life, where they begin making love to one another that produces Helena Bonham Carter as JK Rowling!
We saw the Opening Ceremonies of the Olympics, and wow Danny Boyle had a long toke on the peace pipe to get that one made. You go from James Bond and the Queen, to a living Churchhill statue, a choir of sick kids, a reference to Peter Pan then a bizarre nurse and sick kid production with evil things in black doing I dont know what, to then a rock n roll whatever with a British tv show. Seriously, Western Civilization is doomed.
Danny Boyle to Gary Barlow, "I will see your Stevie Wonder and Elton John and raise you James Bond and the Queen!! :-)"
I was gonna say that the opening ceremonies would have been cooler if Danny Boyle had included scenes of "rage", a la "28 Days Later", but then James Bond and Queen Elizabeth parachuted from a helicopter into the arena. Well played, Mr Boyle.
Opening Ceremony: 2012 Summer Olympics Opening Ceremony The Opening Ceremony of the 2012 Summer Olympics will be held on 27 July 2012 and be called "The Isles of Wonder". Oscar-winning director Danny Boyle will be the artistic director for the Opening Ceremony and the music directors will be Rick Smith and Karl Hyde of the electronic music duo Underworld. The games will be officially opened by Queen Elizabeth II and Prince Philip, Duke of Edinburgh. A short film starring Daniel Craig as secret agent James Bond will be screened during the television coverage of the ceremony. Sir Paul McCartney has announced he will perform at the end of the ceremony.
Danny Boyle's playlist for the Olympic Opening Ceremony includes: Sex Pistols - God Save The Queen; Frankie Goes To Hollywood - Relax and the themes of James Bond, Doctor Who, Monty Python and Coronation Street. Should be interesting!!
Danny Boyle spotted at Buckingham Palace today, filming James Bond clip for Olympics Opening Ceremony. Daniel Craig played by stand-in
Danny Boyle's the Creative Director for the Olympics opening ceromony this year, and heard James Bond = Opening Ceremony! Daniel Craig
Daniel Craig will open the 2012 London Olympics as James Bond. The Queen has reportedly asked the 44-year-old 007 actor and 'Trainspotting' director Danny Boyle to shoot a short film to launch the event in July.
London 2012: Daniel Craig to open Olympics as James Bond: Opening Ceremony artistic director Danny Boyle and the...
James Bond to Possibly Open the London Olympics courtesy of Danny Boyle
SHOWBIZ: Daniel Craig (as James Bond) & Danny Boyle have been invited by the Queen to do a short introduction film to open the 2012 Olympics
James Bond to Open the 2012 Olympic Games - Hollywood Reporter: Notorious ladies man James Bond found himself be...
Danny Boyle directing a James Bond short film with Daniel Craig for the London Olympics.
Danny Boyle to open the 2012 Summer Olympics with a James Bond short film:
What could be better the the opening ceremonies in bejing. The opening ceremonies of the london games with Danny Boyle as creative designer and Daniel Craig playing James Bond looking forward to something fantastic.
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