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James Bond

James Bond, code name 007, is a fictional character created in 1953 by writer Ian Fleming, who featured him in twelve novels and two short story collections.

Roger Moore Daniel Craig Timothy Dalton Adam West Idris Elba Christopher Nolan Tom Hardy Sean Connery Ian Flemming Chris Hemsworth Ian Fleming Pierce Brosnan George Lazenby Casino Royale Gillian Anderson Chris Cornell Let Die

Please, BBC gods give me Mary Berry as a James Bond type with her satin dragon jacket
This is for you. David Landry. Eat your heart out James Bond.
Tom Hardy as James Bond, Daniel Day-Lewis as the villain, David Tennant as Q, and Christopher Nolan directing. Want.
I always thought James Bond was a hateful misogynist. But Goldfinger is on TV, and he's showing an unexpected softe…
July 20th:. 1. Clint Eastwood, Burt Reynolds, Adam West, and Liam Neeson were all offered the role of James Bond...
Since we're now having a female play James Bond, how about we have a white male play Rosa Parks?
The idea of a female James Bond that's floating around... 🤦‍♂️ the world is finished.
James Bond is the ultimate movie series especially for guys... Every movie he beats up the bad guys,…
"It's time" for a female James Bond says Chris Hemsworth. So I'm done with this guy.
The name's Styles. Harry Styles. Where do we sign the petition to make this happen, 👏 h…
And now ppl are talking about female james bond 😑
James Bond 007 24x30 Poster Collage 9 great scenes all 8 Bond's in one poster! ... | Amazon com Hot Ranking |…
that would lead to a new blog, The Dresses of James Bond.
was an unique James Bond Wife not girl!
Charlize Theron is not the female 007/James Bond... she is in a league all her own in Atomic Blonde!
But why hasn't Lana Del Rey done a James Bond theme yet?
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I can't wait for Female James Bond. Atomic Blonde looks awesome.
What was that unofficial James bond film called. "Never say never again". Boom. Really though writing is great
I think Theron would make a decent Bond. I just don't trust writers to make women shine in traditionally male roles.
James Bond: Guess who backs for next 007? ‘They’d beat the s*** out of...
Like James Bond himself, there is only really one word that can be used to sum up the 33m (107'11) Casino Royale – coo…
My all time favourite, the gorge, en route to Victoria falls, by helicopter. James bond style.…
Like James Bond if he lived at the dump
Wait til they find out Miranda Hart is the new James Bond 😂 .
This week our focus is on Tracy Di Vicenzo (Diana Rigg), the only woman to ever marry James Bond. Find out more at
Currently reading. Roger Moore as James Bond. Own account of Live and Let Die.
The press needs to end this. Somebody needs to wear a James Bond tie clasp.
Diana Riggs birthday is tomorrow, the only woman ever to marry James Bond...
Why do people want a female It literally makes no sense. His name is James Bond...make a spinoff focusing on a female 00 agent.
I added a video to a playlist James Bond Bitcoin Live 0017
It wouldn't be James Bond now would it.
My answer is no. James Bond should be male and always male!
,thinks her latest character and James Bond are the perfect match:
I lieu of the recent James Jones news, read this from Easily one of my favorite Cavaliers to cover.
I've never heard of James bond moonraker so that movie must have been garbage or forgettable
Opening title song to the James Bond film, 'Thunderball' (1965). sung by Tom Jones
These women have played some of the fiercest, *** kicking characters in action film history:
Passing out now. Yes, even James Bond needs to sleep once in a while. One good thing about business class - free booze...
An Idris Elba James Bond would have been awesome. There hasn't been any real consistency in the ch…
This is also still secretly about sneaking James Bond movies/J cole songs into the newsletter
I was sure he'd say should be the next James Bond.
It's Official: Daniel Craig is going to be James Bond. Again.
Ex: Idris Elba was on deck for 2 roles, James Bond and Roland. James Bond makes better sense than…
James Bond Funko Pop line may be announced at Comic-Con
IIT Bhubaneswar student turns James Bond to find his stolen phone
Chris Hemsworth thinks Charlize Theron should be the next James Bond
I thought we'd get the black James Bond first. Then, Jodie/Jill/Julie Bond.
Impossible. No one would name their daughter "James Bond."
Chris Hemsworth thinks the next James Bond should be a woman. He has someone in mind
James Wolcott described Louise Mensch as "James Bond in rocket boots" and I still think about it all the time.
Ok but seriously, can we get a female James Bond already? Jamie Bond? Jay Bond? And she should tot…
I like David Silva's new haircut, he looks like an anarchist henchman out of a James Bond movie.
My name is James. James Bond mighty bond super bond reyna bismar mandaluyong city
Seriously Hollywood, when will you announce that Gillian Anderson is the next female James Bond.
Now seems like a good time to remind you that Gillian Anderson should be the next James Bond
...also Sushmita Sen. I'd love for James Bond to be a British Asian woman.
His role was so unique as not being the main character, he could have played the role in James Bond films (as a sort of Felix Leiter character). When he wasn't in an episode eg. Iowa Scuba Affair, Dove affair, Yellow Scarf Affair you felt that something was missing. The same as Lieutenant Gerard in The Fugitive, brilliantly played by Barry Morse and again , not the main character.
A cabbie once told me his film idea about a kid from Queens who's the secret son of James Bond. He wa…
Killed off a series that has been running smoothly for near enough 55 years, imagine if James Bond went through a Caitlyn Jenner phase too
FYI The new James Bond is being announced at the B&H Snooker Masters in February
How exactly are we concerned about racial integrity in Aladdin casting but we want a black person to play James Bond?
Ed Westwick for the new James Bond please please please he'll be perfect
He looks like he's about to take away James Bond's health insurance coverage for his pre-existing liver condition.
Remember the Julia Roberts one? Here's the full James Bond one... . U should recognise two of the voices.
He thinks he's James Bond played by Roger Moore written by Jim Davidson in the 1700s
'James Bond' pays video tribute to the late Roger Moore - NME
it varies, could be Daniel Craig one day, Pierce Brosnan the next (in his James Bond days)
Me everytime someone scoffs at the idea of Idris Elba acting as James Bond
This Idris Elba as James Bond noise is ridiculous please. Can y'all just stop?. I mean, Mr. Elba is definitely A list, but not…
Adam West is the ONLY Batman just as Sean Connery is the absolute ONLY James Bond.
Christopher Nolan would love to direct a James Bond movie if circumstances were right
WAVERLY:. Every fictional spy has an authoritarian chief/father figure. James Bond has "M". Illya Kuryakin and...
Once its better than Skyfall - Reportedly Reprising Role, Could Sing Theme Again
Daniel Craig FINALLY signs a James Bond movie but will it be directed by Christopher Nolan?
I saw someone linking General's death to local James Bond. Now that the pathology report has come out, I don't know how they will spin that
So has reportedly reached an agreement to continue as James Bond I think he really suits the role of 007.😀👍🏻
A most unforgettable adversary faced by James Bond in, . 'Goldfinger' (1964)
Just bite the bullet, pay out the necessary licensing, & go with it. You've got the most memorable hero cue since Monty Norman
will reportedly return as James Bond
I was watching Tomb Raider 2 last night, and I got thinking about Alex West; whatever happened to him? Aside from becoming James Bond.
FYI: Egyptians have historical background that makes whitewashing offensive. James Bond does not. He's purely fictional. Anyone c…
The wait is over. Daniel Craig reportedly agreed to play James Bond one last time, for the upcoming movie. http…
Rumor has it that Daniel Craig is set to play James Bond again:
I adore Daniel Craig as James Bond. Glad to see that it appears he'll be back!
Christopher Nolan has one important condition for directing a James Bond film
Reportedly, James Bond's producer Barbara Broccoli is "determined" for to sing a new theme song for the movie's fift…
Daily Fact: Daniel Craig is the first actor to play James Bond that was born after the series began.
Daniel Craig will stay on as James Bond and Adele tipped to sing the theme again
Toyeen B's World: Daniel Craig will return as & coming with him.
Report: Daniel Craig to Return as James Bond, and Adele Might Sing the Theme Song
Have you ever wanted to be James Bond, just for the day?. Too bad. Daniel Craig is back as 007.
Meet Black Singles 300x250
Daniel Craig rumored to sign on for 'Bond 25' despite disdain for 007 franchise
There are two female drivers. 1.The overly cautious ones and. 2.The descendants of James Bond . My mom belongs to group 2😂😂
James Bond may get another 007 film with Daniel Craig after all
Daniel Craig is reportedly returning as Bond... James Bond.
If the rumours are true and Christopher Nolan directs the next James Bond starring Daniel Craig. That'll be an excellent movie!!
Poll: Are you excited that Daniel Craig is returning as James Bond?
I think he's a good James Bond. I think Idris would do a great job as well if given the opportunity. What do you...
Daniel Craig will reportedly return as James Bond -
same thing I really see with Daniel Craig's James Bond. everyone says he is the best bond whe…
Daniel Craig and Adele are both tipped for James Bond returns
James Bond may get another zero07 film with Daniel Craig after all
Daniel Craig will reportedly return as James Bond via
Daniel Craig will reportedly return as James Bond
How Daniel Craig's final James Bond movie could atone for the sins of 'SPECTRE'
Daniel Craig, not Idris Elba, will play the next James Bond
New report now suggests that Daniel Craig is staying on as James Bond
Speculation is rife as to who will be the next James Bond - but here's two blokes I hadn't considered! Watch as...
Imagine Drax as the EU's chief Brexit negotiator versus the British bunch who all only THINK they're James Bond. Total wipeout.
Indira Gandhi was India’s sari-clad bahubali. She was also James Bond in a sari: excerpt
Who is cooler: Paul Newman as Butch Cassidy or Daniel Craig as James Bond?
White People: "We can play Egyptians! It's just fiction!" . "Well why can't Idris Elba play James Bond?" . Also White People: htt…
if you can see Idris as Bond. James Bond.
Connor didn't know Pierce Brosnan was James Bond. Didn't even kno his name
OMEGA and EON Productions launch new James Bond inspired Commander's Watch at TATE Britain. Press WiFi by Digital A…
James Bond tries to stop the Quaubo Symposium, making good use of his new Grappling Sony Vaio Laptop.
I wanna knockout Kim Jong Un so bad, I'll literally go on a James Bond mission just to hit him with a 6 piece combo, stupid lil twerp
I randomly just pictured David Thewlis as a James Bond villain.
I encountered a bear masquerading as a dog today while at Pike Place Market. His name is James Bond. He likes scrit…
I really want Julie Andrews as the next M if they're going to make another James Bond movie. Somebody in Hollywood make that happen, please!
Who is this doyle in the advert before Deutschland '83 comparing it to James Bond?
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You are no James Bond, you've got no licence to kill - Lucky Dube
LIVING DAYLIGHTS was released 30 years ago today, introducing us to James Bond for the first time. Timothy Dalton was the first and best.
June 29, 1987: Welsh actor Timothy Dalton assumes the role of James Bond, as "The Living Daylights" premieres.
My second favourite Bond-Movie and my favourite actor in the role of James Bond. Timothy Dalton is top and so…
Timothy Dalton debuts as James Bond at ‘The Living Daylights’ premiere in London 30 years ago
celebrates its 30th anniversary today. Timothy Dalton was our new James Bond and gave us a dark…
The main culprits: the royal family, assisted by the British intelligence service. (Yes the real life James Bond acting a…
30 years ago today, Timothy Dalton debuted as James Bond in The Living Daylights. Happy 30th, The Living...
Ten years in and I finally got to make a James Bond reference at work:
I agree with Sir Ian McKellen should totally play "Bond, James Bond"
Sir Ian McKellen has a few thoughts about the next James Bond, namely that he should be ***
Sir Ian McKellen wants a *** Bond. "If anyone was born to play James Bond, it was this man. Case closed."
James Bond: 'The next 007 should be *** says Sir Ian McKellen -
24 June 1981 : Charles, Diana and Princess Margaret at the Premiere of James Bond's For Your Eyes Only, Odeon Leice…
Who will be the next James Bond? Latest odds on 007 candidates including Tom Hardy, Michael…
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Decided to watch Legend again Tom Hardy is a excellent actor can so c him as a James Bond
Henry Blofeld retires from Test Match Special to concentrate on being James Bond supervillain .
The full monty was very Trainspotting , Trainspotting 2 California solo the James Bond , the beach just…
Is James Norton going to be the new James Bond and what do we know about him?
leads the competition to be the next James Bond.
Hollywood veteran Diane Keaton has said she is backing Briton James Norton to be the next James Bond
Often, foley artists will use scrunched monopoly money to recreate the sound of James Bond shooting someone.
James Bond: HUGE bet put down on Tom Hardy to be next 007 – Is an announcement looming?
Just found out that the Tom Hardy bet to become next James Bond (that has tabloids in a tizz) was a massive '3 figure su…
Maxime Vachier-Lagrave's intimidating 18...d5!! break was executed with the demeanour of a James Bond villain.
RIP Roger Moore probably the best James Bond of the whole series. You will live in infamy. Thank you Sir for enriching milli…
Roger Moore has passed away - I always liked him as James Bond. RIP Roger
If Roger Moore's James Bond was real, he'd be making love with Melania in a jet plane while behind them a giant Trump Head…
Barbara Broccoli: Luke Goss should be considered to play the next James Bond - Sign the Petition! via
Oh my goodness!! Sheriff Truman's badass computer is straight out of James Bond or something!
Thomas Kinkade Collectibles from The Bradford Exchange Online
God foreknew that my destiny was going to need a superhuman,James Bond 007,prayer champion kinda…
Dad! James Bond has kissed like 3 girls in this movie!!!
tbh looking at a printed picture of kurt as james bond and crying is SUCH a blaine thing to do but its still dumb
omg yas Kim be my uh... Madeline to my James bond? Jarvis to my iron man? Uh..
Happy Dad! . My Soldier. My James Bond. My hero. Thank you for being the Best Dad to us !!!. May God continue to keep you for us ❤
Want to dress like These are the brands you're going to need in your wardrobe:
Looks like a screen capture from the James Bond film "From Russia With Love". Excellent work! Vibrant colours.
I vividly remember daddy driving me to school one morning & right into a riot. It had to do with MkOAbiola. He hit reverse like James Bond!
In the green room at BBC Elstree chatting to James Bond composer Monty Norman who is super lovely and an absolute legend!
[about whether or not he'd ever play James Bond] “I don't like guns man. So, I don't know. I'd throw roses around.”
A lot of us idealize our Dads but Dad may have been James Bond IRL. to Fathers…
(・・・. Hanging with James Bond at the Global Gift Foundation charity event... https:…
Major Valentine Fleming MP, the father of Ian Fleming the creator of James Bond, who was killed on 20 May 1917.
Mr.james bond where is the bill,xerox copy of its purchase each. Adarsh housing society…
except he never strolls. he always strides. looking more purposeful than James bond. most of the time anyway
About to revisit all the James Bond films.
Is it just me or does always look like he just pulled one over on James Bond?
James Bond theme softly plays in the background.
When Americans narrate history documentaries it sounds like propaganda performed by a James Bond villain.
Christopher Walken and Grace Jones as the villains in the James Bond film, . 'A View to a Kill' (1985)
Not shocked you got prom king 😂 and I've never watched James Bond.
Gather your friends around some balls with this $40 bocce set.
The new generation of Aston Martin​s will have you feeling like James Bond
Currently sitting opposite James Bond composer Monty Norman waiting to play piano for an Entertainment Special of Antiques Roadshow WOW
RIP alias Simon Templar, Brett Sinclair, James Bond and my boyhood hero ...
Steve McQueen, James Coburn, Chuck Norris and the second James Bond, George Lazenby were all pallbearers at Bruce Lee'…
Death of Helmut Kohl, German fuhrer best known for playing SPECTRE chief Ernst Blofeld in "James Bond" films, saddens millio…
Non-negotiable Truths:. Adam West is Batman. Sean Connery is James Bond . Clayton Moore is the Lone Ranger . The...
So you think James Bond, Rambo, Jason Bourne, Jack Ryan, Ethan Hunt are not "Superheros"?
Well his real name is Rick, he's just a big James Bond fan ;)
"Do you like Jason Bourne or James Bond movies"?. Attorney General Sessions: I can't talk @ the Hillary…
I want a movie based on Vision and have it be a James Bond secret agent spy film. That…
FOREVER AND A DEATH, Donald E. Westlake’s novel based on a treatment he did for a James Bond movie, came out today.
In 1892 Basil Rathbone was born.Several actors played Sherlock Holmes, he was the best.He was to Holmes what Sean Connery was to James Bond
I am very grateful for Adam West for all my fond childhood memories Adam would have been a great James Bond
It’s James Bond Night at Universal Exports!. James Bond: “They say you are judged by the…
I thought James Bond died but it turns out it was actually Batman that died so I've yet again made a fool of myself in front of 6 bros
This is like watching the bad guy kill James Bond
I figured she went on to star in more serious movies... oscar stuff..and u know, marrying James Bond 🤣
Rachel Weisz cuddles up to Daniel Craig at James Bond Spectre world premiere Daily. Find More 👉…
I love James Bond with Daniel Craig. He's so rugged and sexy. His eyes!
Silly Trump. Doesn't the Donald watch any James Bond movies? It's always the Russians behind world chaos and d…
Trying to get the fam to turn off James Bond and on the Tonys and it's not working
I want to get on the level of witty as the 06' Casino Royale James Bond
Frank Martin from The Transporter Vs James Bond. Who you with? Don't just like the post, choose…
All purpose parts banner
James Bond: Vengeance . Bond faces his nemesis George Fassett,. False George Bush, stops him b4 he . became president of Usa in past.
James Bond marathon with expensive red wine, Eli.
Now re-watching Daniel Cnaig as James Bond in "Casino Royale" on
First look: ‘Fate’ takes the ‘Furious’ franchise into James Bond territory
Lot of people think James Bond cant be some1 named Pat but he can be called Pat + be a postman w/ a cat called Jess why? cos its 2017 ffs
TIL that Adam West was offered the role of James Bond for Diamonds Are Forever
Sir Roger Moore laid to rest in 'loving' service after losing battle with cancer aged 89 https:/…
.there isn't a James Bond actor hidden in Shaun of the dead, is there? Timothy Dalton in Hot Fuzz/Pierce Brosnan in Worlds End
And a hot boy starring in it who will be tipped as the next James Bond? You've got all the hallmarks of success in it now! 😀 ✅
jessevaugh24: This is the James Bond of Backpacks!. It's theft-proof, cut-proof, and waterproof 🔥. Sold by …
"Like the sly wink of James Bond novel as directed by Tarantino at his most manic." On PAX AMERICANA…
Great quote from the legend. 'James Bond' would have been appalled at moves to bring back RIP Roger Moore
Someone write an easy about how Adam West's Batman was a cultural basis for Roger Moore's James Bond. Hot take think piece. Go!
I love the early James Bond films w Connery and Roger Moore..
Cool Adam West fact: he turned down the role of James Bond. The actor who would eventually get the role: Roger Moore.
My guy. Stunting on the world he's the James Bond of football.
Adam West's Batman is only Batman in the same sense that David Niven was James Bond in the first Casino Royale.
"Being with him would only put her in danger." Ex: He's a spy, or a vampire...or a VAMPIRE SPY! James Bond: Undead…
According to Watsons Malaysia, Idris Elba is just one face-wash away from being eligible for James Bond.
Shirley Bassey - GOLDFINGER (2011 Live). the best James Bond theme of all time. via
The newest James Bond movie: "Golddigger" (I can almost hear Shirley Bassey singing it now 🙃
While he may not be my favorite James Bond( I meant it varies) Roger Moore was so *** stylish.
Only 3 kind of Guys who can get away with this pose. 1. James Bond . 2. Dude from Dos Equis commercial. 3. Guys who think…
R.I.P Sir Roger Moore.. Our famous James Bond..we miss you.. You live in our minds
- Roger Moore, star of 7 James Bond films, dies at 89
I shared a birthday, Oct. 14, with Roger Moore, who was always my favorite James Bond. This story makes me love him even mo…
My favorite James Bond. Most realistic and humorous 007. You'll be missed Roger Moore.
"Being eternally known as James Bond has no downside." . Goodnight, Sir Roger Moore (1927–2017): the epitome of suave English…
usatoday: Roger Moore, who played James Bond in more 007 films...
Rest In Peace to Roger Moore. The beloved actor best known for playing James Bond in the 70s and…
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Actor Roger Moore, who played James Bond in seven movies in the '70s and '80s, is dead at 89
James Bond: Sir Roger Moore said I was a better 007 than him claims George Lazenby
please make Ashley Banjo of Diversity the next James Bond
'Forgotten' James Bond actor says he had a fan in Roger Moore
All the James Bond movies were free... until Roger Moore dies? Classy move.
R.I.P. Roger Moore, the man who was James Bond, The Saint and Beau Maverick
Wasn't there a James Bond film with a chase through Venice in one of those?
The cast of the James Bond film 'Live and Let Die', directed by Guy Hamilton, 1973. From front centre,...
Ian Flemming, as a Bentley driver himself, decided that James Bond should also drive a Bentley,as any Gentleman should htt…
The documentary features the first appearance of Roger Moore as James Bond - in 1964 on the Millicent Martin show
Why director Edgar Wright loved the 'wink and twinkle' of Roger Moore's James Bond best
At first I thought you were asking for a favorite James Bond quote.
Brosnan actually had the James Bond part in 1986..Remington Steele was cancelled..He did all the wardrobe fittings everything...
Roger Moore, ledge and the best James Bond theme ever, Carly Simon "Nobody Does It Better" ." Baby You're The Best "
BUT the gun we see 3x is exactly like Norbury's: a Walther ppk aka James Bond's gun. However, again, the outfit is diffe…
James Bond is an international spy. Jim Bond is a lonely 30 something with a stellar coin collection.
Kristen Stewart needs to be in every movie. Make her the next James Bond.
Jihadists mistake themselves for James Bond. . Believing they have a license to kill.
So sad to hear about the passing or Sir Roger Moore, he was so talented & a great James Bond
somehow doubt he'd be thrilled to have James Bond played by a hominid.
Cutest text of all time 😩😩 the bond my bf and dad have is so cute. Loves them💗💗
How a car salesman landed the role of James Bond.
May 28, 1908. Ian Fleming was born in the Mayfair district of London. Famous for his serious of James Bond novels.
Today is Ian Fleming's birthday! And you can find out more about the James Bond author's fascinating life here:
Right, I've had my James Bond fix so now it's time - ooh, just in time for A View To A Kill
🍸 Time to raise your glass of Vodka Martini in to Sir Legend Dies At 89 .
James Bond on a jet ski in Oxfords and black towelling socks.
No I'm not JAMES but that's an unbreakable BOND
I started drinking water , and POOF my life changed lol -
"James Bond returns in For Your Eyes Only"? They obviously had a change of heart. Moonraker is next in the series.
Is doing good 😂 but we'll see cause he would love to play James Bond!
I think James Bond would be better if he didn't shag the girl every time. It's so boring.
Someone MUST buy this James Bond jacket, right? Who wore it better, me or kaden.nivens
I think I'm in the wrong profession. I should have been a detective 😂😂 ISSA JAMES BOND
Learn escape & evasion spy tactics from this real life James Bond, just CLICK HERE please RT
On this wet bank holiday Sunday, nothing beats laughing at James Bond's corny jokes with my parents 😆 🙈🇬🇧…
A confirmed bachelor, James Bond likes his babies the same way he likes his Martinis.
The best thing about James Bond's Esprit wasn't its underwater abilities, it was its slot mag wheels.
James Bond shoots Stromberg FOUR times because he deserves it for trying to destroy the Earth, and anyway, Bond wants to.
Roger Moore was the most dashing, charming & heroic James Bond ever. Richard Kiel as Jaws was also the scariest villain.…
Everytime I pay a bill to Spectrum I feel like I’m helping out a James Bond villain.
This new James Bond movie looks amazing
Oh I agree. I like Daniel Craig, just not as Bond. My favourite Bond was George Lazenby, he was the e…
Now: just being giddy about discovering that one of my favorite pieces of electronic music and a James Bond song share a chord progression 🎶
What about James Bond and Daniel Craig is driving his sexy car & then it happens. A GHOST IN THE BACK SEAT.
Ian Flemming! You gave us the iconic James Bond and Chitty Chitty Bang Bang!
I don't know. When I think of them with cell phones I hear the James Bond theme song.
Happy Birthday to the author of the suave James Bond, Ian Flemming was born 109 years ago.
On my wedding day when my wife comes through they are going to play James Bond theme song instead of the normal here comes the Bride tone.
Why nobody did James Bond better than Roger Moore, according to
Growing up I loved everything James Bond. But I grew to love everything Roger Moore! He is what we should all aspire to be.…
I loved Roger Moore as James Bond, Lord Brett Sinclair in the Persuaders & Seymour in The Cannonball Run. I will really…
James Bond video pays touching tribute to Sir Roger Moore.
Brave and unpopular opinion about film from . Roger Moore was a better James Bond than Sean Connery
Remember when everyone used to it, and accidentally recreated the beginning part of the James Bond theme but depressing.
Oh my god, I'm looking up some episodes and apparently Skull drops a James Bond theme in a MMPR one, the *** XD
maybe not his most famous song ever, but Chris Cornell did the James Bond theme thing right with "You Know My Name"
My mom says this sounds like a James Bond theme song 😂
Chris Cornell dead: Looking back at his James Bond theme, Casino Royale’s You Know My Name
Sir Roger Moore’s James Bond films are returning to cinemas with proceeds going to UNICEF.
Save up to 45% 0ff MSRP On Motorcycle Tires
Theme tunes of The Saint and James Bond, played on the bells of Hull Minster in tribute to
[Timothy Dalton on his deathbed]. I was such a bad James Bond . *George Lazenby walks in* . TD: Oh, I forgot about you. GL: E…
We ranked every James Bond theme song from worst to best:
In memory of the late Roger Moore who passed away this week, we're dedicating our theme our to James Bond tunes. Tu…
Happy birthday to the James Bond of wildlife broadcasting, David Attenborough!
Is North Korea's EMP threat real or 'something out of a James Bond movie'? via
12:40am: is singing the James Bond theme song.
Pls someone tell me why my mum and dad are getting gassed to the James Bond theme tune, go 2 bed
Other than the James Bond theme, the music in DR. NO seems very b-movie-ish.
Liking on the desk, definitely needs to work on his James Bond theme song though!
Despite the franchise being 55 years old, here's a tally on who we have lost: James Bond's: 1, Leading Bond Girls, 0: Ti…
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