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James Bond

James Bond, code name 007, is a fictional character created in 1953 by writer Ian Fleming, who featured him in twelve novels and two short story collections.

Daniel Craig Sean Connery Timothy Dalton Roger Moore Paul McGuigan Paul Weller Noel Gallagher George Lazenby Pierce Brosnan Tom Hardy Michael Fassbender John Wick Idris Elba Gary Neville Christopher Steele Henry Cavill Susanne Bier

James Bond legend Roger Moore turns down Theresa May's request for campaign appearance
Yes James Bond wore a romper, but you aren't James Bond
James Bond star George Lazenby reveals the REAL reason why he only did one movie:.
05-20 James Bond: Ladbrokes suspend betting on becoming new 007
Shran: After I was finished, all Johnny said was "Who is this James Bond you speak of, Is he a God of some kind?" to which…
George Lazenby had never acted before in his life, yet landed the role of James Bond 2017 Doc w…
*** James Bond would get weird cuz the sex aspect of the character is important an already exaggerated stupidity of bo…
Saddened to hear of death - what a brilliant, unique voice you had. Singer of the best James Bond song ever, too.
And not everyone can say their James Bond theme song is good!
Soundgarden and Audioslave lead singer Chris Cornell has passed in Detroit at the age of 52. Cornell also had a memorable James Bond theme.
Dimitar Berbatov looks more like 007 than James Bond
If Tom Hardy isn't up for James Bond, my mate Sarah Campbell reckons he'd be a great Thomas Bladen in STANDPOINT.…
Article implies that if James Bond resembles the author's original character then he'd be 95 yrs old & should retire
Who will be the next James Bond? Latest odds on candidates including Tom Hardy, Michael Fassbender and Aidan ... -…
Tom Mison as the next James Bond actor.
Celebrating 60 years of Brian Sanders' illustration – from James Bond to Mad Men
I feel like it's okay to say.. I've jumped ship. . Jonathan Pine > James Bond.
Tbh i think "The Bourne" trilogy is better than the James Bond movies
James Bond news: The Hatton Garden Job star Matthew Goode for next 007? (EXCLUSIVE)
My little one just asked if was James Bond!! 😂😂
When 🚨Nerd alerts🚨meet James Bond. Here's looking at you, and
Paul Weller and Noel Gallagher are working together on a new song Paul hopes will be the theme for the next James Bond fi…
James Bond: Paul Weller and Noel Gallagher have written a 007 theme together
Paul Weller and Noel Gallagher have been working on a James Bond song together
Paul Weller has recently revealed that he and Noel Gallagher have started writing what could be a potential James Bond them…
Exclusive video: James Bond's Moonraker watch (on display )
I want a black James Bond from Nigeria with visa issues. He can't get a certain bad guy because the US embassy won't giv…
The Aston Martin DB10 driven by Daniel Craig in the James Bond film Spectre has been sold at auction for ...…
"Time for you to die, ice cream *** " says James Bond and shoots him in the *** with an uzi. "No! My ice cream *** " Yelled ice cream ***
The new TPB edition of James Bond: out today from reviewed!
Hollyoaks pays homage to James Bond with the new hunk via
unlimited calling, voip, phone service
Every time there's talk of a new actor people trot out "black disabled *** James Bond" as…
Noticed both & first run of James Bond had an attack that broke a shark tank at a ritzy party.
Idris Elba might as well be the new James Bond then
I don't know who that is, so I'm pretending you said "Ving Rhames." Is the new James Bond. Also is The Joker.
Context for self-RTs: Joanna Lumley says Idris Elba can't be James Bond because he doesn't fit the description, I say none of the Bonds do.
doesn't want to play James Bond. I didn't hear her complaining when Robert Powell played Jesus.
Yeah,Emma Watson will set me up on James Bond movie with Daniel Craig Oh Oh✌
James Bond is different now. They lost charm & wit of older Bonds. Now it's all about muscle, fancy wi…
Spies, lies, chemical weapons, James Bond eat your heart out and meet Alex M. Karen Jones, the smart, sexy,...
Mark: You're not James Bond, you're disgusting. Jez: I am James Bond..
James Bond is literally a fictional man
The next James Bond film may have just found its director
How do we tell him that James Bond is fictional, cries and shows emotion, and that actors who played Bond speak up abt menta…
Ian Fleming CASINO ROYALE Jonathan Cape hardback edition. James Bond, 007, spy . - Bid on this now on eBay >…
Dave Benson Phillips has found his squeaky rubber ducks. Here he is auditioning to be the next James Bond
Loving a bit of Elvis in the afternoon and James Bond the spy who love me well done Chris Phillips
A blast from the past to when James Bond "The Spy Who Loved Me", was shot at the Karnak temple in Luxor,1977.🎬🎥
Sean Connery on a 1971 Moto Guzzi Ambassador motorcycle during the filming of 'Diamonds are Forever' - James Bond
"what are the 3 types of chemical bonds?". 1. ionic. 2. metallic. 3. James Bond
"Sherlock" dir. Paul McGuigan and more indie filmmakers are being eyed for the next James Bond movie
Will Sam Mendes be replaced by Sherlock's Paul McGuigan for the next James Bond film?
Come for the fascinating trajectory of one of our greatest plays. Stay for the pic of James Bond and Lucius Malfoy!. https:/…
54 years, 24 movies, and James Bond has never been to Australia Bond 25 is the time
Bored of the . Watch a spoof webseries teaser imagining Dave Benson Phillips as James Bond:
I've got a PhD in literature. The book is no worse than a James Bond book or something. It's l…
Daniel Day-Lewis has been playing James Bond for 30 years.
The pieces are slowly coming together on the next James Bond, and indie filmmaker could be behind the camera:
James Tango Bond... Consequences of hard (continuing on a great idea :D)
James Bond movies:. freakishly long action scene that doesnt make sense because the plot hasnt been introduced
James Bond, Lord of the Rings, Narnia – the books we most pretend to have read
The books we most pretend to have read; a surprising list for 2017
A man who used a James Bond-style USB cufflink to store extremist data has been jailed for eight years .
My bank account reminds me of James Bond waitse mara.. Because my balance is: R0.07
A jihadi who hid extremist instruction manuals in 'James Bond-style cufflinks' has been jailed for eight years
he looks like he just came out of a James Bond movie
James Bond: Black Box out tomorrow from reviewed!
I hope this James Ajit Doval Bond type people dont interfere with Army. Let Army do their job.
James Bond producers target 'Sherlock' director for next film -
Jail for cyber-jihadist who set up a 'one-stop shop for terrorists' from his bedroom
Felt like i was in a James Bond or Star Trek movie today. I visited the Blue Lagoon here in…
re Serial numbers for original James Bond watch: Ian Fleming Rolex 1016 Explorer discovered by Dell Deaton
.told us who he thinks should be the next James Bond 👀 .
More chance of me being next James Bond than this returning
James Bond producers are zeroing in on Sherlock director Paul McGuigan for next sequel:.
JIHAD BOND, 007 ISIS terrorist with spy-style cufflinks gets jail time -
And they said he couldn't be James Bond. Oh well, more project choices.
A billboard for the James Bond movie Skyfall in London, United Kingdom.
Morten Harket of A-Ha was offered a small role in this James Bond movie but he declined it https…
James Bond specter was a little bit stormy outside right now
Paging | The idea of a black James Bond horrifies Richard Spencer on W. Kamau Bell’s CNN show
Before getting drafted by Pittsburgh, James Conner learned the entire Steelers route tree...from Ben Roethlisberger https:…
ISIS jihadi who used James Bond-style cufflink to conceal extremist data jailed for eight years ht…
A go fund me page set up for actress Lana Wood, who starred with Risk Of Thunders owner Sean Connery in James Bond.
Blown away by assessment that is too smug for James Bond. I hope Daniel Craig takes them…
There's a reason James Bond loved spending time here (with Visit Monaco)
Never cared for James Bond so I never tried to read it; couldn't get into Lord of the Ri…
ReadersGazette: Latest Book News... James Bond news: How new story links to BREXIT - ‘It’s about a fading Empire’ …
Cufflink terrorist found with James Bond-style devices will spend 8 years in prison App WOW 😳 That's Cool!
Yeah, they get a license to kill. Like an inbred James Bond
It seems that lying about reading in order to impress is more common than we realise
Meet Black Singles 300x250
Its like a James Bond movie, and the "Specter Crime Org" has infiltrated our government & process over the years. Thank GO…
*** Cufflink terrorist Samata Ullah jailed for eight years over James Bond-style devices
James Bond 25: Paul McGuigan linked with directing -
Cyber terrorist who hid extremist data on James Bond-style cufflink is jailed - The Telegraph
I wasn't aware that he was also James Bond
Paul McGuigan, Susanne Bier, or Edgar Wright? The directors who could take on James Bond next…
My top picks to direct the next James Bond film are Susanne Bier (or Lone Scherfig (
Richard Kiel aka Jaws from James Bond. Love that film as it stars a v young, extremely handsome, Harrison Ford.
Okay. Imagine Bertie Wooster were secretly James Bond. And a Fate character. Is the Trouble "My Cover is I'm a Poncy Twit" too on the nose?
Back in my day we had Bruce Lee, James Bond, John Wayne, Jerry Lewis, Dean Martin, Doris Day, Toni Curtis, A...
Everyone has a character they're best known for. Downey as Iron Man, Evans at America, *** Daniel Craig as James Bond.
There should be more GIFs of George Lazenby as James Bond.
Cuz this is not just a rip-off of James Bond, it's a rip-off of James Bond that 'really works' and action packed.
Tom Hiddleston considered 'too smug' to play James Bond - Hamilton Spectator
Director Sam Mendes and actor Daniel Craig announced yesterday that James Bond, Agent 007 would be r
Daniel Craig will be James Bond one more time:
Tom Hardy to be next James Bond? Fans pick Taboo actor to replace Daniel Craig in upcoming Bond 25 movie…
Craig Ferguson - Sean Connery is the only real James Bond (Comedy) :: Tune In:
The man responsible for music of Independence Day, James Bond and Damien Rice is coming to Dublin
Remember that movie 'Lawnmower Man' where James Bond strapped the slow fellow into that sex swing?. That was weird.
Comedies, romances and themes to hum to - 28th presents tunes from James Bond to Wallace & Gromit and more
James Bond news: Gemma Arterton ‘I would pass on being a Bond girl, if I was asked today’
Warner Bros. is bidding on the rights to James Bond. I hope they win so Christopher Nolan can finally make one!
Ian (James Bond) Fleming worked alongside Jon Pertwee (the third Doctor) in top secret British Naval Intelligence i…
Henry Cavill needs to be the next James Bond. This is the hill I’ve chosen to die on.
Michael Shannon looks like Jaws from the James Bond movies.
Russian investigation coming to a head. State visit to Britain. There is a great James Bond movie plot here somewhere…
I love these Nick Fury covers. They're James Bond book covers.
Michael Fassbender is my new best friend & my son thinks he should be the next James Bond.
Quite the bright young things in their day (80s). Even did a James Bond theme tune - A View to a Kill -…
Unlimited Calling US/Canada phone service
Aw RIP that dad-gummed tobacco-spitting Southern sheriff in 2 James Bond movies passes at 96--Clifton James
Clifton James, played Sheriff J.W. Pepper, in the James Bond movie, Live and Let Die
Clifton James, the swaggering Southern sheriff in two James Bond movies, dies at 96
Clifton James, sheriff in 2 James Bond films, dies at 96
The new doctor should be George Lazenby, it worked for James Bond
A most underated James Bond movie with a multitude of Bonds. The ultimate in 1960s excess an…
2 guys i grew up with, Sean Connery and James Bond, stopped by cops once thought they were pulling a fast one almost went to jail
Actor Clifton James, southern sheriff in 2 James Bond movies with Roger Moore, dies at 96.
James Bond star dead: Tributes pour in for much-loved actor...
Tributes pour in for the James Bond legend
Daniel Craig only lives twice as James Bond - Burlington County Times
Clifton James, a veteran actor who starred in "Cool Hand Luke" and two James Bond films, has died at age 96.
"Secret AGENT? On WHOSE side." Being a massive James Bond fan it's sad to hear of the passing of the wonderful acto…
These charges show Kulbhushan, though a simple naval marine-engineer officer, no less to James Bond of Ian Fleming.
squints at these tags re: james bond: "I'm headcanoning him as aromantic, and that's why his relationships don't work out"
Collectible Lifelike Baby Dolls, Porcelain Dolls a
I added a video to a playlist James Bond - Diamonds Are Forever Theme
Day 10: James Bond feeding cats to an ATM. .
Furious 8 feels like a more relevant version of James Bond in modern America.via
Episode of is now live! We are taking the James Bond approach this week. 🍸🍸🍸 And F*** JBL for block…
I know its highly unlikely, but i would probably freak out to see as the new James Bond
Rue the day? 😂😂😂 Do you think you're a bad James Bond villian? Someone clearly didn't…
dont try to become james bond...JHADAV deserve to be hang ...tum jaisai kanjar ghulam thay aur raho gai
I'm terrified. Trump thinks he is in a James Bond movie...
Fate of the Furious is like a James Bond flick, only better
His tux makes him look like James Bond. Lol
Talking about what we're going to do to N. Korea is like a James Bond villain explaining the trap to 007.
Another fool who thinks he's James Bond. How did we get here? Why are we represented by such low quality people? https:/…
*** of an actor. Ppl who attack him, just end up attacking their own credibil…
I think will do another James Bond movie..after all he did sign up to do 5! . Awesome, can't wait! . Best Bo…
's new special, What Now? Love the opening James Bond opening credits. Jk it's a mini movie before the comedy special.
Never Say Never 😉... speaking of which, did you know that they did an official James Bond theme is well?
I also fantasize about a james bond fight on a train. That happens to JB often
So glad we could rely on James Bond to find Don the Con's corruption.
My family always watched them at Xmas even pre-new ones. James Bond is for Thanksgiving natch.
Sir ji, time to enjoy and WATCH our james bond "AJIT DOVAL".
Hmmm. Want to lie on a sandy beach. Get a James bond in his tight speedos, soo outdated to rub sun tun lotion on my back
Though in real life no way could a real life James bond get away with it for so long. They'd recognise his face for starters
Original was about street-racing, realistic, the later ones are James Bond-like in the ridiculousness of the action…
But of course it would be the lovely Brits; Bond James Bond anyone? 💖
Star Wars would officially be trash lmao they can't treat that series like a James Bond movie
James Bond on his Majestys Secret Service singing you'll never walk alone!!!
The real-life gadgets James Bond's Q never dreamt of
Front row seats are naice . I feel like James Bond, kek
The only knowledge I have of guns is from James Bond video games
I feel like I'm in a movie. James Bond ***
Free Shipping with Free Returns - Baseball Rampage
I think we need Friday night movie night, suggestions? James Bond and the case of the Orange Manbaby
Busy last day in Thailand. Did an island tour including James Bond island and now a lady-boy cabaret!
I think out of all of the James Bond 'gun barrel' sequences, Pierce Brosnan's and Timothy Dalton's were the best.
continues with The Living Daylights, the fifteenth entry in the James Bond film series and the first to star Timothy Dalton
Listening to your chat re season 7 of - wot abt Andrew Lincoln becoming next James Bond? Be keen to hear your thoughts.
YES!!! Malcolm is the man...Cross between James Bond,…
An Inflight Fight now... :-) This is John Barry from the James Bond film The Living Daylights which starred the brilliant Timothy Dalton.
People who like the Daily Show since Jon Stewart left remind me of people who think Timothy Dalton was the best James Bond. Who?! Exactly!
Coronation Street star to be the next James Bond? - Manchester Evening News
James Bond island in Phang Nga bay, Book Flight online : or Call us :...
When using an alias always go with James Bond or Mr./Mrs. Smith
My oldest crush was watching Timothy Dalton as James Bond
Okay but hear me out. cast Riz Ahmed as the new James Bond
Off to Belfast this morning for a bit of James Bond in concert with the Ulster Orchestra and the lovely maestro All the fun!
,auction Maryam d&and Timothy Dalton in the James Bond film &q…
Happy birthday to my rad 2015 prom date who was also James Bond for the evening 😎
Jet's dance with Louie Spence and James Bond star Daniel Craig - Chorley Guardian
Harvey Spectre is very fit to play the next James Bond movie. Daniel Craig should shift abeg 😊
Who would have the higher body count: James Bond or Deadpool?
I don't care what anyone says...Pierce Brosnan was the best James Bond.
You think they will hire two seperate prod teams to travel to Florence & play James Bond with each other just so they talk…
The dialogue stirred up around James Bond wanking is absolutely what I live for.
The fact is James Bond jerks off a lot because he has so much sex that when he’s not having sex he can’t stop thinking about having sex
Pogba would be leading the league in assists if he depended on James Bond to convert his chances
Elisabeth Soba-Noodles (I had to hyphenate it to make it fancy, like a real James Bond style super spy.)
This is like straight out of a Roger Moore James Bond movie
I Stood in The James Bond 007 Supertanker Set next to the Subs in Stromberg's Supertanker
Lions 🦁. Wheelchairs ♿️. James Bond 🕵. The future 😬. It's all in our hilarious interview with Zlatan...👏👏👏
The Man Behind Most Iconic From Breakfast at Tiffany’s to James Bond *so cool!
I can't believe how contentious it is to state the obvious fact that james bond doesn't jack off. I'll go to my grave with t…
Martin's James Bond audition ends in bloodshed. Ian finally finishes building his robot but is dismayed when it keeps making sexist remarks.
I thought you had the James Bond edition of the Aston Martin.
Sorry for doing it wrong Martin.. or shall I call you James Bond??
The "Russian Hack" of the DNC wasn't sportscars & speedboats James Bond stuff. Literally ANYONE could have done it from an…
Absolutely disgraceful that James Bond has come out as a Koppite .. 007 belongs to this nation .. not one football club ..…
Yes. "British Secret Service leaked the info for Obama because I watched a James Bond movie last n…
One rule for James Bond and another for Rocky
Manchester United legend Gary Neville: "The most disturbing thing for me today, is learning that James Bond is a Li…
That moment when you realise your sitting next to James Bond & Kenny Dalglish and you still got your headphones on 😬
Didn't know very well. After I hope that he will be next James Bond or Batman (after Batfleck). He deserves it.
A friend once said Jinx's dialogue reminded him more of a Matt Helm movie than a James Bond film.
Am feeling better disposed towards S2 of I'm Alan Partridge; rewatched the James Bond episode and - cereal attack aside - it was terrific.
The characters that understands the art of shooting;. James Bond. Ethan Hunt . John Wick. Agent 47
James Bond is at a dia de los muertos festival and he's dressed as a GHOUL
"I had a sex dream about James Bond once" -Marta
Little Giant Ladders
2013: William Boyd boasts of how original "Solo" is as the title of his James Bond continuation novel.
but is the rock watchable because of him or is it because of James Bond (aka Mason, aka Sean Connery)?
HOUSTON, Texas - Taos Muncy (not pictured) and Bailey Pro Rodeo's James Bond were 91 today to win the team rodeo...
Yes, because everyone is racist! Dr. Who, James Bond, Alexander Hamilton & Jimmy Olsen all should be of African heritage!
Arch-villain Blofeld in the James Bond film Diamonds Are Forever played by Charles Gray.
I think I'm going to say this, I prefer Ethan Hunt to James Bond!
Very cool. One of the best opening scenes I've seen. Also kind of predicted Craig as James Bond
If Daniel Craig chooses not to resume his role as James Bond, Dan Stevens is the man for the job.
Taking a page from Sen Judiciary...Mr. Manafort, who's your favorite James Bond actor? I'm a Daniel Craig man myself.
If Daniel Craig is out, my ideal James Bond recasting is the guy from the Trivago commercials.
I'm not so sure about this guy Daniel Craig as James Bond. Doubt he'll last.
Daniel Craig is never gonna fill Pierce Brosnan's shoes as the next James Bond!
In the age of Trump and Brexit, expect Daniel Craig to return as James Bond
Thanks Julian! Liberals are evil! Evidentially they never watched James Bond! Every weapon works! Big Brother is👀
His name was Fleming. Peter Fleming: the real James Bond and his extraordinary adventure
NHL Stanley Cup Memorabilia from The Bradford Exchange Online
We've all heard of James Bond, but who is Peter Fleming? investigates the real
English actor David Niven (1910 - 1983) on the set of the James Bond spoof 'Casino Royale', 1967 in midst a storm. https:…
. But your lives are not worth living if you haven't watched India's James Bond, Mithun Chakraborty as GUNMASTERG9
Happy 71st Licence to Kill, 1989, dir by John Glen. Timothy Dalton as James Bond & Carey Lowell. "Wh…
Hollywood rejected my idea for a James Bond-style spy film set in North Wales. Guess I'll have to pitch 'Our Man Fflint' to Holywell
This proves Jeff Bezos is a monocle and a white cat away from being a James Bond super-villian:.
Nodding at his explanation..."Oo, are you James Bond by any chance?" She giggled behind her glass, feeling the >
Black widow takes this one flawlessly. James Bond's match is Ethan Hunt.
Late night watching FOR YOUR EYES ONLY and we just discovered a young Charles Dance is in a James Bond movie.
International Spy Museum on Amazing day ! They have an ENTIRE floor dedicated to James Bond. …
Google Street View can now show you the inside of a volcano. Good news for nature lovers, bad news for James Bond villains.
The same man "too street" to play James Bond is now taking over an entire network. Life is funny
Opening credits and title song to James Bond film, 'A View to a Kill' (1985) sung by Duran Duran
I feel like watching James Bond now, but only Roger Moore's movies. I refuse to recognise any other Bond until Henry Cavill gets the part. 😍
Sam Smith's "Writings on the wall" from the last James Bond is actually my all time favorite song
Remember the shark pool in James Bond? Breitbart/Bannon just threw Ryan and Trumpcare into it. via
Toby Kebbell: I'm more a James Bond baddie than the man to play 007 - Evening Standard
Come meet the James Bond of Prophecy Apostle Martin Silumesii and the Father of Prophecy Bishop Zibaah DJ...
. says the guy who wrote James Bond is named Ian Broccoli. He's also drinking a cold-press coffee cocktail with absinthe.
James Bond: Did Idris Elba just REVEAL he’s replacing Daniel Craig as the next 007?
Xenia Onatopp: You don't need the gun, Commander. James Bond: Well, that depends on your definition of safe sex
feedingjoy: ‘James Bond of Philanthropy’ Gives Away the Last of His Fortune
On today’s edition of Soundwaves 10the first James Bond theme nominated for an Oscar, the last single...
- code name for it is a James Bond shower
Hello DFW. we are in you. I'm James Bond my friend is Darth Vader. Bond got a smiley! 🤣🤣
Sean Connery, of the Scottish accent, great actor, and James Bond!!.
"what if charlize theron was james bond, sofia boutella was her bond girl and james mcavoy was her Q" i've read this tumblr inspo post b4
Rumor has it that Daniel Craig may not return to the series. Who are your picks for the next James Bond?
On this day in 1962, shooting was completed on this scene from DR.NO, the first in which 007 says “Bond. James Bond.”
Who else thinks Tom Hiddleston would make the perfect James Bond?
Ex-CIA Operative reveals dirty secrets and mind control games of a real life James Bond! | TNP38
My girl knife legs as love interest, professor x as sidekick, the Americans as John Wick meets James Bond meets every Lady Bond dream
As the first images of in-build Spectre are released, we look back at John Staluppi's best James Bond yachts
While the debate over whether Daniel Craig is returning as James Bond for the forthcoming 25th Bond film is not ov…
makes we want to watch all the Real James Bond movies again. Attn: hint, hint
How to be the James Bond of the Web: 37 Best Marketing Tools to Spy on Your Competitors via
No its not okay because James Bond movies. .
OMG James Bond is dead to me now! HAVE to see this!: Atomic Blonde Trailer: Charlize Theron Goes Nuclear
I never liked Daniel Craig as James Bond. He is badass & was great in Episode VII, but he's blonde & ugly. Bond should be dark & handsome
FINALLY. we can bring back Russia as the enemy in the next James Bond film!
When James Bond emails M from a gondala on a Sony Vaio in 2004, I love that a) this is possible, and b) the page is headed M16 CONFIDENTIAL.
Life goals: be more like Not because of but certainly does help the case 🔥💪👠
Members can listen to our Rocketeer bootleg version now, including a lengthy James Bond digression at the end!
"Atomic Blonde looks like if The Americans and John Wick had a baby and James Bond was its godparent" - definitely sign me up!
Yes, social engineering & phishing are biggest threats to journos and activists. Not cyber James Bond wizardry.
How is she not James Bond yet though?
Six-time franchise scribes Neal Purvis and Robert Wade will return for -
Wish I was smooth like James Bond. It'll never happen, I'm jus an awkward guy. Maybe I'll become a secret agent and it'll natura…
Pick your preferred James Bond actor from these options READ MORE
As for me... I feel mixed. Mixed like James Bond's Martini drink.
Look like James Bond jumping out the truck
Watch this Atomic Blonde trailer NOW: a Bond movie with Charlize Theron as Bond from the director of John Wick
James Bond writers Neal Purvis and Robert Wade to pen Bond 25, but will Daniel Craig follow?
Want to date James Bond? Daniel Craig offers himself and an Aston Martin
America needs the kind of spies who can work the cocktail party circuit — more James Bond, less Jason Bourne:
So if Christopher Steele brings down Trump and he's ex-MI6, does that mean James Bond has actually saved the world?
this is because Vic Mackey is the James Bond of corrupt cop characters
Obama should play the first black James Bond
Behind the scenes at Pinewood Studios on the 1985 James Bond picture A View to a Kill.
I'm to think James Bond - Spectre was a real disclosure movie - only it should have said "Bilderberg Group" - google it.
Just put a tenner on Kathy Burke to be the next James Bond, you know it makes sense.
Can we say it already? Christopher Steele *may be* the James Bond we've ALL been waiting for.
James Bond has no comment on his arch rival Christopher Steele's return (other than "watch your back...mate")
'With hints of James Bond, Lara Croft, Indiana Jones and yes, it must be said, the Dan Brown novels...there isn’t a dull…
Omg. The poor thing. But at least I can dismiss the image of you sorting him out like Xenia Onatopp with James Bond.
There's truly only one choice for the next James Bond:. Philips, Emo Philips.
I been introducing my sister to James Bond. We watched Casino Royal, Quantum of Solace, Skyfall and Spectre
James Bond's original 1964 Aston Martin DB5 will be auctioned at this year's Concours d'Elegance.…
The ex-spy who wrote the Trump dossier is nicknamed James Bond via
Chris Steele? We need James Bond to get us out this mess.
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