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James Bond

James Bond, code name 007, is a fictional character created in 1953 by writer Ian Fleming, who featured him in twelve novels and two short story collections.

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He wishes he'd written the James Bond books. Hop on over to my blog to learn more about Author Randy Weir!!
Princess Diana was named as being involved in a crash on the night who was on this plane James Bond?…
Welcome all new Q community members! Tracy Webb starts our James Bond themed afternoon
Someone should make a spin-off with just Q from James Bond and his adventures in R & D in the British Secret Service.
"This is why the James Bond theme in this programme is rather good" . "You really are of a Cold War mindse…
It's like this entire administration is made up of James Bond villains.
Really enjoyed today's James Bond songs at the last episode of doesn't have Kentish Town station?
Currently watching S2E34 of . I'd really really like John Oliver to be James Bond for 1 film when…
Nov 14, 2006 - The Queen arrives for the Premiere of the 21st James Bond film 'Casino Royale' at…
On Her Majesty's Secret Service - The only time James Bond got married, Diana Rigg and George Lazenby
I could really see Sam Robertson, who is currently playing Adam Barlow in making a fantastic James Bond.
Monica Bellucci responds to reports that she's returning for the next James Bond film
James Bond being film version of one of the worst misogynist male pig...imagined by a man…
BTW, which James Bond movie from the 90s totally called the entire Fox News destroying the world theme? That was prescient AF.
Also on the site today, Jean-Claude Van Damme directs James Bond in The Quest.
Lol, our people like James Bond - shoot first and ask questions is the age of Ja…
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..Breaking News...she jumped out over Albania with a Union Jack parachute..a la James Bond.
...with a Union Jack a female James Bond.
MI6 boss: George Smiley a better role model for agents than James Bond
John Banana does at least have the initials JB (see also: James Bond, Jason Bourne, Jack Bauer).
Sean Connery as James Bond is the coolest person ever. Followed closely by Stone Cold Steve Austin. Will tolerate no dissent on this.
Still waiting for that great next gen James Bond video game. With Craig, 007 has been a huge success, baffles me not one game on PS4.
After Craig is done. The new James Bond should be John Boyega and directed by Nolan. Make it happen!
I want Daniel Craig to combine his Logan Lucky persona with James Bond
The next James Bond movie has to have henchmen chasing Daniel Craig through
Yes! This is what happened to James Bond until the Daniel Craig reboot.
As Spectre hits our screens, we ask: can a feminist ever really enjoy a James Bond film? via
James Bond may get another 007 film with Daniel Craig after all | Fox News ➜…
Daniel Craig is NOT James Bond... They even stepped from the classic intro, NOT James Bond...
I think should be the next James Bond, Step aside Daniel Craig. 007
Why this James Bond collection is in Indiana and the secrets you'll find via I want to visit this place!
The hottest James Bond Daniel Craig rid of him not good for BOND films
What if instead of James Bond in The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo, it were Ray Romano?
People R not shouting its the Father of all James Bond..the right hand man of PUTIN : "…
Daniel Craig is the best James Bond. This isn’t up for debate. Don’t @ me unless you’re ready to square up
James Bond of Tamil hope delivers his best for
Blockbusters presenter Bob Holness was the second person to portray James Bond on South African radio in 1956.
Ian Fleming told Robert Harling that after WW2 he would write the 'spy story to end all spy stories'. Enter, James Bond.…
One of the rarest James Bond paperbacks around
Anno Dracula gives new clues James Bond, Blacula, Sherlock Holmes, Howards End, The Godfather and Tony Hancock exist in the same universe
The next James Bond film is going to be just him defending himself against a class action sexual harassment suit
As did Sean Connery, on the advice of Ian Fleming, to help him look the part of James Bond in Dr. No
Bob Holness played James Bond on the radio
Barry Nelson played James Bond before anyone else. Bob Holness from Blockbusters was second...
Bob Holness was the first actor to play James Bond. Possibly
James Bond was named after an ornithologist whose field guides Ian Fleming, a prolific birdwatcher, read while on...
You jus a James Bond villain type, Julian Assange really white staying up at night bothering with Russian bots and silly sites, city sights.
Photographer David Hurn snapped The Beatles & Sean Connery as James Bond. He's back in LA to meet icon Jane Fonda 5…
James Bond: The Body, Part One, drops January 2018. Written by me in cooperation with the Ian Fleming Publications.
James Bond lady, Naomi Harris from - Had a blast talking up the UK…
Movies from the James Bond as actors Ton Blake as Ian Fleming 007
Bob Ross, like James Bond or The Batman, is less of a man and more of an idea. Once a generation, someone must assume the m…
A production still of Pierce Brosnan as James Bond during filming for the pre-title sequence of Die Another Day (20…
James Bond: Pierce Brosnan talks about his screen test for Tim Dalton's The Living Daylights
And now let me dig a hole, curl into a ball and just leave me there till Idris Elba is the new James Bond
Remington Steel is going to be on 5 USA soon. Pierce Brosnan had to turn down the part of James Bond because he was contacted to this.
Not a James Bond fan. However, if Idris Elba was the new 007 I would watch it, well listen to him talk anyway. The shootings, bombings, meh
Tom Hardy shows interest in role for a 'James Bond' film
Pierce Brosnan is the best James Bond. Man is everything.
Sooo, we are celebrating Honor Blackman today eh? Good old James Bond!! Have a great day Clairsta & Gang!!😀
James Bond shows up initially in the form of his ancestor Campion Bond, Moriarty’s henchman and a despicable scumbag
You’re the Cher to his Sonny, Robin to his Batman, Bond girl to his James Bond... Huck knows without…
It's crazy how after 55 years and 24 films, James Bond still hasn't grasped the idea of consent. His first villain was literally "Dr. No".
Dusko Popov: the man who inspired James Bond
📹 | saying that Tom Holland should be the next James Bond! (via
Lets retire James Bond and create a new "Jack Ryan" like series following British Spy, Christopher Steel.
No sooner had James Bond blasted his way back onto the big screen than former 007 squeeze Honor Blackman demanded we de…
Train your employees to be James Bond or fly a MIG and you have the best team team building
New pictures from Bond girl Izabella Scorupcos bikini from Goldeneye in James Bond 007…
Miss Javier Bardem in his spy roles, ever thought of casting him in a title role playing a new James Bond? He's perfect for the part. 💌
Honor Blackman, of James Bond fame, does judo
James Bond, eat your heart out, BRUV!!
There are 24 James Bond films. I can't believe that.
Royal Albert Hall is Fantastic. I Haven't been there for Years. Love to see James Bond there. Lots of love to you Reece Xx
24 movies and so far nobody has ever called James Bond "Jimmy".
Further verification of Rolex 6538 as early Submariner worn by Sean Connery as James Bond in movies:
Why does my iPhone always take a sketchy off road like I'm in a James Bond movie only to get right back on the same highway I was just on
Clifton James, veteran of James Bond movies and 'Cool Hand Luke,' dies in Gladstone at 96
A Retrospective Look at Visceral Games: After EA Redwood Shores' well-received stint with James Bond and The Lord…
David Beckham is a future James Bond. The man with the golden bun
Is this the group spectre that James Bond defeated in his last movie?
I dreamed last night that Beatles producer George Martin was a secret agent like James Bond. And he put secret code…
Sean Connery as James Bond. Robert Conrad as James West. William Shatner as James T. Kirk. Tom Selleck as Thomas Magnu…
it’s freezing > imma make a tea, black tea (sounds like James Bond or, even better, Stilton, Geronimo Stilton). okay i’m done bye
Denzel Washington should be the next James Bond
tells the audience to "come at me" on her bad opinion about Daniel Craig as the best James Bond.
Who's your favourite James Bond, is it Pierce Brosnan or Daniel Craig? Let us know and you could…
I am very happy of Daniel Craig’s return but WAY to long to wait James Bond is too good to wait that long for !
love Idris Elba next James Bond for me
This is what happens if you buy a Charles Tyrwhitt shirt - you turn into a short sighted James Bond.
This week, read all about Dame Shirley. Could another James Bond theme song be on the cards? On sale now.…
ThinkIm James Bond the I do something that doesn't make women look bad
the most impressive scene in any spy movie is in Casino Royale when james bond is in a hotel shower and knows immediate…
Cracking bit of Bond History here folks and a *** of a read. James Bond of The Secret Service cowritten by Connery…
Hoco Weekend with the faves including James Bond @ McMaster University
At the Royal Albert Hall for Casino Royale in my Goldfinger-inspired suit (more Felix Leiter than James Bond) and a…
Really enjoy you show so much. Wonderfully witty, gripping and entertaining. Gabriel MacHt would have been a great James Bond!
and the next James Bond after that will be Rupert Penry-Jones? 😎😅
Remember the James Bond movie where Christopher Walken and Grave Jones try to destroy Silicon Valley with a flood? They we…
Daily reminder that I think Charlie Cox would make a killer James Bond.
Watching Kingsman: The Golden Circle is like marathoning Tom Selleck and James Bond films high on meth then trying to summarize them later
Pence is to Robin as the grand KKK Inquisitor to MLK. Trump is to Batman as Austin Powers is to James Bond.
How uses one very risqué scene to highlight the difference between it and James Bond:
I usually like James Bond mehn I didn't wan come to terms with the fact they made a trash movie 😂
One of my favorite Roger Moore films as James Bond 😎😎😎
Do you ever spontaneously remember that James Bond was once played by a guy named Roger Moore?
Thomas Kinkade Collectibles from The Bradford Exchange Online
Newest 'Kingsman' film is a weird James Bond parody
The boats fro Ao Por to James Bond island went out today. Some returning tourists.
So we can have six different James Bond, six Batman, three Spider-Man and two Wonder Woman, but not two Lara Croft? St…
He's James Bond and *** Tracy. Detectiving with gadgets and romancing the ladies
one more thing, this is neither the Green Berets Jason Bourn, James Bond, Nor Islamic State. This is a…
English actress Jane Seymour as Bond girl Solitare in the 1973 James Bond ‘Live and let die’.
"Donald, I've spilt Sunny Delight all over your James Bond videos."
Thoughts? Ty Burrell🇺🇸 as James Bond, in the Roger Moore vein, directing. Or... 1/2
Oh good! He's finally responding to my James Bond fan fiction.
Mark Zaid is as real as it gets. If James Bond needed a lawyer, he would go to him. Go…
The "Live And Let Buy" auction includes over 500 Bond movie spy items.
Move over James Bond, the collection just got a lot bigger
I think Idris Elba should be James Bond; I still can't get behind Alicia Vikander as Lara Croft.
Fly in the Freedom sounds like something out of a James Bond movie
Fake news. James Bond will be a black woman now.
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James Bond or anything to lil brown *** heart goes out Function, a coincidence .
TWO people submitted James Bond 007 GB runs today. What is this world?! What?! What?!
The James Bond movies' special relationship with America
The Square's Claes Bang is the latest actor to generate 'Next James Bond' speculation
Ben McAdoo has that James Bond villain look going for him.
I always hears it as, The hotter the Russian Agent, the less likely James Bond completes his assignment.
...the James Bond spy thing, but her offer was inappropriate. Esp to (I guess) the female viewer. Her…
Beyonce married James Bond for 4 mill? *** gurl
Instead they make Supes an absentee dad...THEN Batman into a uncommitted James Bond...THEN GL...THEN NECK SNAPPER SUPERMAN.THEN.
James Bond didn't even have his own album
James Bond is like Zeus. He sleeps around and most of the girls he hooks up with end up dead.
Any tricks for roulette - Penn national hollywood casino - What tie knot does james bond use in ...
I went to pick up my car & gave her my ticket. She called the garage & said: "Double o7." She asked for my name. "Bond, Ja…
Cannot la Mr Heng this lab cannot do james bond style too many cctvs alr
"The latest actor to generate 'Next James Bond' speculation is...not because Hollywood is racist/dumb af."…
Lmao Mariah you just scaled down the building like james bond but need help walking up the stage? https…
Manafort has the look of a villain in a James Bond film. EVIL.
His grand plan is starting to come together at last:
Seth Rollins could recite the Declaration of Independence and proclaim that Sean Connery was the best James Bond, I'd still boo him.
Tom Hardy: Guess which MAJOR sequel the James Bond favourite is eyed for next?
Watching Spectre again because I love James Bond and Daniel Craig 😝😁
LA-area engineer who loved Jason Bourne and James Bond is going to prison in Russian spy sting – Orange County Reg…
Daniel Craig WILL stay on as James Bond and Adele is tipped to sing theme again
Do you think when Trump nominated Daniel Craig to FEMA he thought it was James Bond?
The 40-year-old star may have missed out on 007 after Daniel Craig decided to stay on for one more James Bond...
Rewatching Spectre makes me realise how happy I am that Daniel Craig is continuing as James Bond
I did a cool interview about my work on James Bond for the Brazilian podcast so if you speak portuguese go…
John Barry was my hero when I was about 13. His scores to the James Bond movies were the scores of my life back then
I put together a supercut of examples of the male gaze for class this week, and now I hate Hollywood & Michael Bay & James Bond & the world.
I think Gareth Barry should be the next James Bond
unlimited calling, voip, phone service
Michael McFaul wrote the very best plan for what to do with North Korea. He could be James Bond & save the world.
Michael Fassbender should be the next James Bond.
John Wick could destroy James Bond. It wouldn't even be a competition. This isn't up for debate, just accept it.
Michael Jordan is a real person. James Bond is a fictional character. Just saying.
The whole BPRD as a high-tech, top secret agency, like supernatural James Bond - that was never how it was in the comics.
Born Today 1914 Desmond Llewelyn: Prob best known as 'Q' from the James Bond films (17 films from1963-1999)...
Actor Desmond Llewelyn was born in South Wales on September 12, 1914. 'Q' in 17 James Bond films
A combination of Bruce Wayne and James Bond is the best way to describe my version of Steven Grant. 🌙
I don't think anybody sees all hit men as James Bond at all...Considering he is a Secret Service Agent.
and pictures pls consider Macht for James Bond
Imagine pulling out James Bond's gadget phone to take a picture at the next show you go to? -
Harry Potter meets James Bond. The world's first magical intelligence agency is about to be killed off being phased out.
Punch and Judy M from James Bond had a drink with him Mowlem theatre bar and Brandy also where lots o…
same old tired themes, James Bond, Bat man, Star Wars, wonder woman. Hollywood has lost its imagination
James Bond legend Sean Connery is 0087 as he takes a stroll in New York with assistant
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James Bond 'to marry in next film', leaked plot details claim via
Plot leaks for new James Bond film: 007 'to marry' in Bond 25 well we will wait and see
James Bond to marry in new 007 movie? Have a guess what I've just read ppl & u will b wanting to know these things
James Bond to marry in new 007 movie?
James Bond escorts The Queen to the opening ceremony - London 2012 Olympic Games - BBC -
Star Wars, Indiana Jones, back to the future, any James Bond film, Blazing Saddles, Robin hood men…
Gabriel MacHt (from Suits TV series) should play James Bond. Young, fit, debonair, funny and elegant.
I always loved his performance as James Bond in The Living Daylights.
James Bond helping the Taliban defeat the very bad imperialists; the Russians. We liked them once. The liv…
the book I'm reading just mentioned "Cubby Broccoli, who produced the James Bond films" and I thought UGH WHAT A RUBY CHARACTER
This meeting location is also the lair of a James Bond villain
Also finding out that James Bond loves Archer is like the extra frosting on top of the amazing cake that was the Star Wars tr…
I'd really recommend it. Sure I read somewhere that Archer is based on that (crossed with James Bond)…
Viewing a James Bond film before an ep. of "The Office" (w/ Michael Scott) is a HARD lesson in who you wish you were vs. how you really are.
Listen to "Daniel Craig Will Return as James Bond" by here:
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Who else would rather see Daniel Craig return as Joe Bang rather than James Bond?
Thought they would get another James Bond but they stayed with Daniel Craig
No wonder Roger Moore's James Bond never drove an Aston Martin. Looks like a prototype Datsun.
Before there was Archer, there was Peter Sellers as Evelyn Tremble. Today, the James Bond satire Casino Royale celebrates 5…
Elon Musk’s new SpaceX spacesuit is the James Bond version of space gear
The 500 Nitro Express Anderson Wheeler rifle built by my chum Stuart Anderson Wheeler for the James Bond movie...
Is that the Italian villa where James Bond shot Mr White?
It's likely that a real "James Bond" would come from the Special Air Service; of which, a disproportionate amount a…
What would make James Bond less of a sexist cliche? A woman directing it, says
Imo Daniel Craig is the best James Bond ever
Craig, Daniel Craig, is coming back as Bond, James Bond
Daniel Craig WILL be James Bond again & discusses 'I'd rather slash my wrists than make another Bond film' comment…
Moment Daniel Craig teases that he WILL return as James Bond
Daniel Craig confirms his return in next James Bond film
Daniel Craig is confirmed for a 5th James Bond film, but how does he compare to others who've played the role? 🍸
The name is Bang... Joe Bang. Before he returns as James Bond, see Daniel Craig pack a punch in - in cinemas…
Daniel Craig will return as James Bond, as he "wants to go out on a high note".
Tom Ford creates custom suits for Daniel Craig's role as James Bond:
"James Bond-villain style hideaway island surrounded by coral reef and powered by wind and sunshine"...
Daniel Craig will be Bond, James Bond for a fifth time. Here's a look at the other actors who have gone 007.
James Bond - Roger Moore ! So camp lots of fun but I couldn't believe he could kill
Lotus Esprit Turbo and Roger Moore as James Bond from the film shoot For Your Ey... -
Roger Moore as James Bond and Corinne Clery as Corinne Dufour in Moonraker, 1979
James Bond in 35mm! Roger Moore stars as 007 in THE SPY WHO LOVED ME (1977) tonight at 6:30pm paired with MOONRAKER…
Daniel Craig is coming back as James Bond?! That's the way to kick off a Wednesday morning! 🍸
I am sure his salary will be quite high to play James Bond again 👍
Still angry that we didn't get Colin Salmon as James Bond. I mean, seriously.
They must have offered this man a private island because he HATES James Bond.
Daniel Craig officially confirms he'll return as James Bond for the franchise's 25th installment!
Daniel Craig confirms that he will return as James Bond
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should do the opening song for the next James Bond title sequence.
Daniel Craig confirms his James Bond return, but there's bad news
As bad as today had been, Daniel Craig just stated that he is returning as James Bond, so there is still some good in th…
Daniel Craig DENIES he’ll be returning to James Bond and admits ‘nothing has been decided’
Nothing like waking up to find out that Daniel Craig will return as Bond, James Bond. 🎉👏
Bond 25: Daniel Craig confirms his James Bond return, explains that 'rather slash my wrists' comment
Please make it a good ’un ⚡️ “Daniel Craig confirms he's returning as James Bond ”.
Do you want Daniel Craig to play James Bond again?
Daniel Craig says the next film will be his last
Daniel Craig confirms he'll play James Bond again 😎
Bond, James Bond will again be played by Craig, Daniel Craig
Daniel Craig finally confirms he'll be back as James Bond for 😁
BREAKING!. Daniel Craig has confirmed that he'll be playing James Bond 007 again. The next Bond film is due out in November…
BREAKING: Daniel Craig confirms he will return as James Bond
Daniel Craig confirms he will be back as James Bond, restores order to the universe
Daniel Craig confirms he will play James Bond again
literally has there ever been a better James Bond? don't answer that because of course there hasn't
Good. The day I'm older than 007 will be a sad day indeed... "Daniel Craig says he'll play James Bond again"
Daniel Craig says he will play James Bond for one last time
Forget all the rhetoric going on in the political world. THIS is important news!
Daniel Craig tells on the that he's returning as James Bond.
Daniel Craig confirms he'll play James Bond again
Daniel Craig confirms return to James Bond role
Daniel Craig confirms return as James Bond but will the script take 007 back to Asia? Villains abo…
BBC: Daniel Craig confirms he'll play James Bond again
Daniel Craig announces he is returning as a transgender *** in a new James Bond film 'Never Say He Again'
Guess who's back: Daniel Craig confirms return as James Bond
Daniel Craig to return as 007 in Bond 25. The actor confirmed he would play James Bond for the fifth time to http…
Forget Daniel Craig as James Bond. Introducing Daniel Craig in Logan Lucky, opening Friday. I saw it. Review up Friday
10 James Bond locations you can actually visit
Free Shipping at Baseball Rampage
He's said he wants to make a James Bond movie, but I think Christopher Nolan should actually make a G.I. Joe movie.
Exploring Found some kind of James Bond island! (In a few weeks
Ooh thanks so much Jean 💁🏻we were out at James Bond themed Party 🎉 poker and Merlot 🍷as my handsome hu…
Hunt for the Wilder people is supposed to be good and same for the James Bond doc
Neko Case wants Angela Bassett to be James Bond. Yes, a 58 year old black female James Bond. Social Justice is never ridiculous!
pls . Ivy Jean figured a spy like James Bond would have to kill her if she knew the truth. .
Is that where James Bond gets his coffee?
David Brown, the company that made the gearboxes in all of the Aston Martin DB models, you're practically James Bond.
I'm about to start a James Bond marathon, all the films in order. Even the average Timothy Dalton ones.
Reminder: Historian wrote about Nehru the way Ian Fleming wrote about James Bond. 🤣 Of course, he is neut…
Can a woman step into James Bond's shoes? Duh, Charlize Theron nailed it as she performed the…
I find the last good James Bond films to be the ones played by Timothy Dalton. Don't like the Brosnan & Craig Bond films
speaking of Paul Manafort, is anyone at FBI keeping eye on given he did a reverse-James Bond on Christopher Steele to help *rump
Just on phone to best friend. Someone asked him if he wanted a cup of tea, he replied "earl grey two tea bags not stirred" James Bond of tea
Timothy Dalton. He's closest to the James Bond of the books.
I’m all here for female Bond or Idris Elba as James Bond. Just give me something that breaks the norm
3.) It's hinting at the idea of a black person, Idris Elba playing James Bond
"Are they afraid Idris Elba is gonna Tyler Perry up James Bond"
This Sunday! Superman, Spiderman, Batman, and more. With selections from Star Wars, Star Trek, & James Bond movies!
Idris Elba. -that's a five course meal right here!. -the James Bond we DESERVED!
This *** has a one tracked mind. Where's James Bond, Jack Bauer...sorry this is not funny. We must all pray.
Ethan Hunt. Jason Bourne. James Bond. Sherlock Holmes . Name any of the slick Hollywood characters..he fits in.. Unmatchable 🤘.
No. Jack Sock can be a James Bond too )
Apropos of nothing, I still love Mitchell and Webb’s James Bond sketch:
Daniel Craig releases a statement on his reasons for returning to the role of James Bond
EXCLUSIVE Daniel Craig is set to play 007 in not one but TWO more films before quitting as James Bond
One day there will be a black James Bond.. and he won't be supporting ur team
I could've been an incognito spy. But James Bond is already doing that stuff... And to be honest I dont have the time.
Daniel Craig ‘signs up for two more James Bond films’ after being persuaded to return to franchise
Say never again: why Daniel Craig should quit while he's ahead as Bond | Film | The Guardian
Christ, is this garbage what passes as film writing at the these days?
Veena n guitars gushing out d intensity!. New age- Indian James Bond theme is born! . = best hooks.
Ever wondered about the potential of a good & meaningful bond?Watch the episode where h…
Daniel Craig has 'signed up for two more James Bond films'.
James Bond actor Daniel Craig on the set of Casino Royale (2005).
Exclusive regarding next James Bond. You'll all find out in a couple of weeks, but I'm being told by a reliable source it's Brendan Fraser
Daniel Craig 'signs up for TWO more James Bond movies' - Daily Mail
James Bond will finally now jack off whenever he wants.
This is the reason Daniel Craig changed his mind about returning to James Bond role - NME via
Sean Connery as James Bond and Jill St John during the filming of ‘Diamonds Are Forever’, 1971 by Terry O'Neill :…
They're Real! Check it out! The real-life gadgets James Bond's Q never dreamt of via
Atomic Blonde was pretty cool. Tinker Tailor Soldier Spy meets James Bond but the lead is a lady.
really think David should have ago auditioning for the new James Bond could imagine him slaying those bad guys 😭
Pierce Brosnan possibly the worst James Bond ever👎
Really like Daniel Craig but, Pierce Brosnan is my James Bond. First one I saw at the cinema in
AMD's Threadripper sounds a bit like a James Bond movie to me. 007 Threadripper...starring Pierce Brosnan. I like it.
HOUSTON See why Halle Berry has James Bond fans feeling shaken and stirred at 10:30 pm on
Check out Halle Berry Jinx 2003 Women of James Bond in Motion Card Lot J6 J7 J9 via
Helen Mirren disagrees with views on James Bond:
Halle Berry talks sense on the 'female James Bond' debate
Halle Berry disagrees that James Bond should be a woman
Say what? Halle Berry(thinks women can do anything except portray James Bond.…
James Bond: Could Helen Mirren be the first female 007? Star SPEAKS OUT
Mamma Mia is such an iconic film, where else ya gna get James Bond, King George n Karen from mean girls all singing ABBA on…
Black Berry got fame like a James Bond gadget 😎
Helen Mirren joins the female James Bond debate:
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