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James Blunt

James Hillier Blount (born 22 February 1974), better known by his stage name James Blunt, is an English singer-songwriter and former army officer, whose debut album, Back to Bedlam and single releases, including You're Beautiful and Goodbye My Lover , brought him to fame in 2005. His repertoire can be best described as a mix of acoustic-tinged pop, rock and folk.

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James Blunt - You're Beautiful Hitradio Ö3 . "..And I don't know what to do,. 'Cause I'll never be with you.."ღ.
James Blunt discovered Sipsmith Distillery in Chiswick. . Was it before we did a video on them? :) .
Hmm, was that Duncan Fletcher singing James Blunt at the end of the show last night Another excellent show.
James Blunt reveals that story about Princess Beatrice cutting Ed Sheeran's face open was totally made up…
Princess Beatrice found not guilty of assaulting Ed Sheeran with a sword after witness James Blunt confesses all. 😳
James Blunt has revealed the truth behind how Ed Sheeran got his face cut
Ed Sheeran made up the story about Princess Beatrice cutting his face with a sword as a joke, James Blunt says
James Blunt: 'Princess Beatrice injuring Ed Sheeran story was made up'
Ed Sheeran and James Blunt are having an anal bum party but you won't text him back.
Video: James Blunt Taught Ed Sheeran How to Ski in Exchange for Help Writing New Music via
James Blunt's Goodbye My Lover is a restricted area that the shuffle shouldn't ever have control over.
i really hope so. love James Blunt :)
Ed and James Blunt are so funny together.
when my sister was 5 a boy gave her a winnie the pooh thingy that sang "you're beautiful" by James Blunt and she still has it.
Ed & James Blunt were hinting about how James was going to open for Ed in the USA (there were rumours about that before)
?? James Blunt - You're Beautiful lovesongsradio dot net
Watched Graham Norton on and I can't un-see James Blunt. 🤢Beyond bizarre
The Graham Norton Show with McKellen, Patrick Stewart, Hugh Jackman and James Blunt is a thing of beauty. Old friends being delicious. Love
James Blunt starting look like Gareth Malone but without the glasses.
Robbie Williams Joins in with James Blunt singing Bonfire Heart via
Apple Music in China is really bad. Where is Imagine Dragons's new single? James Blunt's new single I also can't fi…
I added a video to a playlist James Blunt - Goodbye My Lover ( Sonik & Gon Haziri Remix )
Currently on the hunt for a new flatmate. Only pre-requisite is a promise they won't play the La La Land OST or the new James Blunt song.
James Blunt is too good man, old music is just a delight to listen to. The Beatles, Phil Collins etc.
you only need 3 J's to achieve happiness: Jack Johnson, John Mayer, & James Blunt
You're Beautiful by James Blunt makes me sob like a stupid baby
‘I really did well’ Carrie Fisher takes James Blunt...
Sir Elton John made a joke of the incident by calling the singer 'Sir' James Blunt on a placecard
Princess Beatrice 'slices Ed Sheeran's face with ceremonial sword' while attempting to 'knight' James Blunt at part…
Princess Beatrice cut Ed Sheeran’s face as she pretended to knight James Blunt
Princess Beatrice slashes singer Ed Sheeran’s face with sword while trying to ‘knight’ pop star James Blunt in a party at t…
Softball Rampage - Free Return Shipping
Possibly the best headline ever. Princess Beatrice 'sliced Ed Sheeran with a sword while knighting James Blunt'
Princess Beatrice cuts 'Ed Sheeran's face with sword' in attempt to 'knight' James Blunt via
Ed Sheeran winds up in hospital after a night out with James Blunt and Princess Beatrice. Moral: Don't go out with…
Ed Sheeran Gets Cut in a Royal Prank with James Blunt and Princess Beatrice
Ed Sheeran getting his face sliced by Princess Beatrice as she knights James Blunt
ACTUAL FOOTAGE of Ed Sheeran taking a sword to the face from Princess Beatrice pretending to knight James Blunt
Trutouch> from APEX Gear to get you silently ahead of the game! RT
Princess Beatrice hit Ed Sheeran with a sword when she tried to knight James Blunt
Princess Beatrice 'sliced Ed Sheeran's cheek when she tried to 'knight' James Blunt with a sword in party prank' 👸🏻
This just goes to show that you don't even joke about knighting James Blunt, kids.
.All jolly good fun- Princess Beatrice slashes Ed Sheeran with sword in prank: You're paying for these wasters btw.
Would be funny if someone makes a montage of Alexis and his dogs to James Blunt. Oh, right, he already did 😍😍
maybe it wasn't an accedent. Maybe Ed threw himself between the sword and JB to save the nation from sir James Blunt! Hero
Why have I found myself listening to James blunt 1973 on loop..😳😳😳
*** Princess Beatrice has sliced open Ed Sheeran's face in serious royal blunder
Have just discovered 'Princess Beatrice stabs Ed Sheeran in the face while trying to knight James Blunt' is actually true.
Fun Fact Sovereign Grant just doesn't keep Buckingham Palace up to measure but also on the *** .
jfc Princess Beatrice, James Blunt and Ed Sheeran - gotta be the worst party ever?
Ed Sheeran sliced in the face after princess tries to knight James Blunt:.
Tidewater Boats continues to deliver performance boats for today's angler RT
In today's bizarre royal news... // Princess Beatrice Sliced Ed Sheeran w/ Sword Pretending to Knight James Blunt
THE WILL OF THE PEOPLE: Support for the monarchy soars after Princess Beatrice gores Ed Sheehan while trying to behead Jame…
Princess Beatrice slices Ed Sheeran's face with a sword as she 'knights' James Blunt
In this year of bleak and awful news, Princess Beatrice stabbing Ed Sheeran's face whilst trying to knight James Blunt is a mo…
Not sure James Blunt is as bad as Jordan, Peirs Morgan or Vinny Jones. You're Beautiful is a national treasure.
The first SILVER for WRITING goes to Charlotte Adorjan, Michael Jones and Tim Riley for Please Not Them - James Blunt!
One of the best parts of Gavin & Stacey is probably where Bryn is singing to James Blunt all the back to Wales
A live acoustic version of you're beautiful by James Blunt followed by Sweet Caroline
My fam: is Ed Balls married to Yvette Fielding? (Me: Cooper). Will Young reminds me of the National Lottery ad (me: no.James Blunt)
Just read an article about one hit wonders. UM FALSE James Blunt, Teddy Geiger, and OK Go all had more than one radio hit tyvm
Putting him on the same one hit wonder list as Teddy Geiger and James Blunt is actually not okay with me.
Group shot: James Blunt, Linda Robson and Dermot O'Leary also appear on the show. Read more:...
Hey listen of XXI Century. Now playing James Blunt - Goodbye My Lover on.
Happy Birthday to this guy. In the lyrical masterpiece of James Blunt, "You're beautiful."
I liked a video Lara and Jonathan play 'Bonfire Heart' (James Blunt) as a piano duet
Gideon, why do you follow James Blunt but not me?
When Tony Blair speaks I just expect him to burst in to "you're beautiful" because he just sounds like James Blunt
When you think you’re banging Justin Trudeau and it turns out to be James Blunt.
James Blunt? Jared Leto? Are you not ashamed to even put yourself w that lot? What was that DULCINEA crap w Peter's nemisis? STOP!
ITV just ran the Alec Baldwin (generic telecoms) & James Blunt (state gambling) ads next to each other. Both brilliant, unsure on favourite.
made fun of my coworker for mixing up Cheryl Tiegs/Chrissy Teigen then I found out that James Blunt/ James Blake are NOT the same person
"How was I so blind to miss you crumbling inside? Is it too late now to fix you? Let me make it right" - James Blunt
Inna taxi this morning...trying to reach to work cuz I late...just me and the driver and he's a now so a James Blunt is to run...
look at that glorious Barnet you saucy James Blunt.
This dentist's office is a much nicer place with James Blunt on the radio. I desperately want to break out into a big karaoke session. Help.
Saluting man at Whitecross food market singing along so loudly to James Blunt on radio
Pausing mid conversation during the second verse of James Blunt's "You're Beautiful" to hear whether its the album version or radio edit.
James Blunt came on the radio I thought he was erased from existence.
Genuine LOL at James Blunt singing 'People like us we don't need much' at the Queen's birthday
"People who say I'm beautiful: James Blunt and my mom."
Listening to James Blunt whilst revising, unsure which is making me want to slit my wrists more?
Radiohead - Creep. Kylie Minogue - Can´t get u out of my head. James Blunt - You´re beautiful. Oasis - Wonderwall. Belinda - Sap…
Lol just referred to Josh Groban as James Blunt
Uncle Bryn singing James Blunt is the one 😂
there's actually some sort of decent mess of 'James Blunt's James Dean Blunt' or sth there but I frankly had lost interest.
that james Blunt song is too mushy for a cold morning my dear,
Goodbye My Lover - James Blunt . you have been the one for me... ♫
Cause it's time to face the truth , I'll never be with you - James blunt
James Blunt is a lyrical genius tbh
Have a nice day kidoes. James Blunt - 1973
James Blunt is now playing on JACK ROCKS LIVE.
he even had a James Blunt moment on the track 😂😂
James Blunt has drafted Sam Romans for his upcoming fifth album. Recent songwriting and / or…
James Blunt drafts Sam Romans for new album
Does this include songs sang by James Blunt? "Music puts me in such a good mood."
James Blunt - You're Beautiful / So I was told this is my song. Hehe! ;-) ¿Sera? Lol
B4 I Get to listen to a New James blunt or Adele song. I text 3Light skinned girls,so thy leave me on Read then I Understand the lyrics beta
We don't pass the blunt around here, we pass the pasta.
I saw your face, in a crowded place, and I don't know what to do. Coz I'll never be with - James Blunt
Obviously you've never heard my James Blunt impersonation.
Check out Back to Bedlam by James Blunt Audio CD 2005 Atlantic via
You're beautiful by james blunt is a beautiful song and ill never get tired of it idc
James Blunt - Whackhead Classics. Prank by Darren Whackhead Simpson from the ...
Goodbye My Lover de James Blunt me hace llorar.💎
with James Blunt and Heart To Heart only here:
Now playing James Blunt - 1973. Listen to TNT Radio at TuneIn.
Someone posted a status saying "what makes you feel beautiful" so i replied accordingly with James Blunt. I dont think 1 like is sufficient
James blunt is playing in here, and people still have headphones in.
The alarm in the room decided to start playing some radio and at 6 in the morning I realised I was listening to James Blunt...
I just had to interrupt the for this. XD “I foresee a career in poetry. James b…
TIL baristas who play the likes of jack johnson & james blunt can act just as inconvenienced by me as baristas w/ more obscure music tastes.
James Blunt is confirmed to actually be president of the creepiest games I've ever seen
let me clarify that it's the one by James Blunt and not the Frozen song although I'd jam out to that too..
whenever I hear I'll be your man by James blunt I feel like I'm in a movie
Heard that song "You're Beautiful" this morning and got pretty emotional remembering how much I want to punch James Blunt in…
"People like us—we don’t need that much, just some- one that starts, starts the spark in our bonfire hearts." -James Bl…
Bonfire Heart by James Blunt (with Johan, Rio, and Rendra at Taman Bahagia) —
Sunday music at its best, bit of James Blunt and Shane Ward today
Quote of the Day: "Charlotte Church said I was a bit posh. She's absolutely right. I am." James Blunt, 2005.
Wow. James Blunt was awarded an honorary Doctor of Music degree by University of Bristol.
*hits blunt*. Are leaves called leaves because they leave the tree?
*hits blunt*. If satan punishes people for doing bad things wouldn't that make him good
*hits blunt*. If pencil is most popular, why is it still
*hits blunt*. Why are babies in the womb for 9 months but ain't 9 months old when they're born?
Birthday wishes to my all-time favourite, James Blunt who turns 41 today!
thanks James Blunt, for reminding me that I am beautiful..
*hits blunt*. If it rains on Sunday, is Sunday still Sunday?
*hits blunt*. If God can only judge you then why go to court?
*hits blunt*. At the movie theatre which arm rest is really yours
James dropped the blunt out the window while driving lolol
*hits blunt*. If you're waiting for the waiter, aren't you the waiter?
*hits blunt*. If humans can't see air, can fish see water?
when you marry and you look around ill be somewhere in that crowd torn up that it isnt me mira lo que escribís james b…
*hits blunt*. When the bus drives gets off the bus, who closes the door?
Singing you're beautiful by james blunt is literally perfect. The accent is on point PogChamp.
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James blunt why are you singing my thoughts
u James Blunt wayecula u Goodbye My Lover goodbye my friend. Sizawmazi kengok.
Its 's birthday, how old is James Blunt? | : I don't know.. The age of boring😂
My life is brilliant. My love is pure. I saw an angel. Of that I`m sure. She smiled at me on the subway. James Blunt
James Blunt- You're Beautiful . Coldplay - Fix You. What's going on so deep at the start of a week
Happy Birthday to James Blunt who's turning 42 today!
I've been doing this new thing I like to call "James blunt covers Fetty wap" & when u rly think about it 679 is pretty much you're beautiful
Will you be toasting each other like this?  Unlikely. Valentine's Day must be approached with s… …
it's 2:10 am and the boys are going to You're Beautiful by James Blunt
James Blunt-Goodbye My Lover e o cd inteiro do Jeff Buckley
We welcomed back James Blunt this week as we awarded him an honorary Doctor of Music degre…
James Blunt collects honorary degree from University of Bristol -
I liked a video James Blunt awarded honorary degree
Pop star James Blunt back to pick up honorary degree
Would be fab if the builders next door didn't sing James Blunt all day
I liked a video Dave Swift on Bass with Jools Holland backing James Blunt "You're Beautiful"
James Blunt you're Beautiful helps me sleep
I'm not sure about the Coldplay, but certainly James Blunt. He's adorable
Only me and maybe James Blunt understand how beautiful this is.
about how James Blunt and Noel Gallagher are the calming voices inside my head
I swear I will forever love James Blunt song You're Beautiful.
No, no, no... I don't want James Blunt & Peter Jones talking (but saying nothing) about
Currently in Griffin watching a guy smoke a blunt in traffic.. It's one of those days I feel u guy
Just teared up listening to James Blunt. What have I become.
Let's smoke a blunt under the mistletoe.
Cause i am never be with you . I will never be with you! ♫ You're Beautiful by James Blunt (with you) —
yeah I'm with you. That's a hateful thing but do what James Blunt does and be sarcastic or threaten to track them down & lump em 😂😂
Could you imagine smoking a blunt then all of a sudden you're in "dubai"...
Cuba from The Secret Life of Children at Christmas really reminds me of a tiny James Blunt 😂
I love James blunt in ever single way
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Sit down to watch a film with Em with it being Boxing day and that. James Corden is in it. It's a musical. What have I agreed to?
you know you're in deep when you stop hating objectively bad songs (James Blunt's "you're beautiful" comes to mind) because ship.
Yh won't stop video calling me on fb the James blunt
Yeah. You're too beautiful to touch 😒 ♫ You're Beautiful by James Blunt —
Goodbye My Lover. Goodbye my friend. You have been the one. You have been the… ♫ Goodbye My Lover by James Blunt —
James Blunt said it best you're beautiful. It's true.
I used to have a playlist just for james blunt's songs &
I try read all that I can about myself,Saddam Hussein didn't & he thought he was winning-James Blunt
Carrie Fisher takes James Blunt as her date to the Star Wars premiere but Gary steals the limelight on the red...
evn I like katty Perry, Coldplay and James Blunt
It may be over. but it won't stop here. [•••]. I've been addicted to you. (Goodbye My Lover - James Blunt)
1862 - Union troops led by Brig. Gen. James Blunt clash with John Marmaduke’s Confederate army at the Battle of Cane Hill
My two "talents" are i can flip my eyelids & i can do an impression of James Blunt doing an impression of Macy Gray's "i try"
You can say You're Beautiful by James Blunt is an annoying song but 9 times out of 10 Collide by Howie Day is worse
James Blunt giving an impromptu street performance
Shop The Bradford Exchange Online for Patriotic 9/
James Blunt and Morrison move over. James Bay has usurped your serrated crown. Check him out!
A James Blunt and Adele collab would shatter every bit of happiness you have in your heart.
People who think i am beautiful:. 1. Me . 2. James Blunt. 3. Joe Cocker
Would love to see James Blunt star in a remake of A Man Called Horse.
Bryn from Gavin and Stacey singing James Blunt will never get old
I liked a video from You're Beautiful - The Fabsisters- cover of James Blunt
Playing the hits: Bonfire Heart by James Blunt right now.
James Hillier Blount (born 22 February 1974),[2][3] better known by his stage name James Blunt, ...
Had music on all evening, and all it's been is James Blunt.
I wish I was James Blunt so I could serenade Gary Ablett at the
Thanks for the mention,Shawn! Great stuff as always. James Blunt, Deadwood, and a Marquise Lee endorsement? Piece has it all!
Things you didn't know: Working in the British army, James Blunt was one of the officers carrying the Queen Moth…
I hope he brings his guitar and plays some James Blunt
Now she's put the James Blunt songs on
Wait, why is James Blunt's English accent SO ENGLISH? I'm sure I don't sound like that? 😳😂
Hey dude. Who sings that song you were singing whilst walking down the street? James Blunt? That's great. Let's keep it that way.
I just found out via Wikipedia that we share a birthday! Yay for us, George Washington, Don Pardo, & James Blunt!
On Australia's X Factor the judges this year will be Dannii Minogue,Guy Sebastian,James Blunt and Chris Isaak
James Blunt is performing at the Brownlow Medal and Chris Issak is performing at the Grand Final. Wow Channel Seven. Dear God wow.
Hi Sim',have you heard song "1973",by James was a very good year,some gorgeous lady was born then.
When you die and some sparks a blunt at your funeral
this migraine is so bad I just sat on my couch and listened to a whole James Blunt album
James Blunt performing at this year's Brownlow. I didn't think that event could become even more unwatchable.
you know you're in your feels when you listen to James blunt😭
That awkward moment when the only things that make sense in your life are James Blunt and Leona Lewis 😞
2006 VMA awards best artist. Rihanna, Chris Brown, James Blunt,Avenged Sevenfold . Heavy metal rules!. Avenged Sevenfold wins. and they are who?
you're getting better than James Blunt
Afternoon, coming up after 4, I've got great songs from James Blunt, A'Ha and Queen.
James Blunt is on. JACK ROCKS LIVE. The Live music radio
DJ Abbott WKDfm is playing James Blunt - Postcards Live, Legal and Loud Internet Radio
2012 Miche Year-End Clearance - Up to 75% off Select Styles!
Now playing: '1973' by 'James Blunt'
James Blunt is a mystic creature that appears on your radio EVERY SINGLE SUMMER
Great line in corrie: Tracy "I feel like I'm caught in a never ending Adele song" Robert "At least it's not James Blunt"
. Runaway - the corrs. . You don't miss your water - Craig David. You are beautiful - James Blunt . Dance again - Jennifer Lopez
You know who was a better James Blunt? Damien Rice.
James Blunt tried to troll the internet but Arnold Schwarzenegger won it with London bike vid
I'd have rather had James Blunt than the actual replacement ;) . 'My life is brilliant, my life is pure."
Throwback to Friday when Stay The Night by James Blunt started playing on the store we were at and I started singing it while dancing
Evan Davis is the worst. Let's have James Blunt present Question Time while we're at it.
impression of James Blunt sounded more like a cross between Nelson Mandela as Chris Eubanks! Quality radio.
Best Folk Rock album of all time: James Blunt; Back to Bedlam.
Me gustó un video de Sam Callahan sings You're Beautiful by James Blunt -- Room Auditions Week 4 --
Now Playing on Greatest Hits Radio : James Blunt - Stay the night "
When you start listening to James blunt the rest of your day naturally goes down hill
In 2006, Britney Spears and Kevin Federline broke up, You're Beautiful by James Blunt was released and many of us...
I'm chilled, I'm relaxed, James Blunt is deep within my soul, caressing me
As baby fever rises, CATHERINE OSTLER gives an insight into the meticulous preparations via
When your friend is talking while holding the blunt
My song is “You're Beautiful” by James Blunt. Which legendary song best describes your life?
James Blunt is playing at work hellla
Under no circumstances should You're beautiful by James Blunt be put onto a workout playlist. 😒
I want Sayer to sing I really want you by James Blunt
"We shared a moment that will last till the end." - James Blunt (You're Beautiful)
As strong as you are..tender you go,i'm watching you breathing for the last… ♫ Carry You Home by James Blunt —
"You're Beautiful" by James Blunt will forever be one of my favorite songs
You know it's not your day when your coworker caught you in washroom singing james blunt's give me some love.
Yesterday i dreamt that im James Blunt. Singing Youre Beautiful. The funny thing is, the audience is only u. Then i woke.
Now Playing on Greatest Hits Radio : James Blunt - You 're beautiful "
CARRY YOU HOME - JAMES BLUNT from the album My Sister's Keeper (Music from the Motion Picture) - iTunes:
.Thursday morning montage to James blunt Goodbye My Lover. RIP
Mums got James Blunt and Phill Collins blasting through the house and im really digging it
Goodbye My Lover by James Blunt is in Vera's On The Drive, Vancouver. Download it now at
Katy Perry, James Blunt and Jake Bugg are my three favourite musical mishaps. I think their music is fabulous.
They haven't been married for long - and it shows. Pop star James Blunt and newlywed wife…
In the mood for James Blunt and Keaton Henson again 😶
First week of recording Moon Landing w/ James Blunt in 2013 - Tour wrapped this week in 2015. On w/ the journey. http:/…
I wrote a sad thing on my fem!Peter Parker to the song Goodbye, My Lover by James Blunt. Good night!
Adele, Amy Winehouse and James Blunt lead best-selling UK albums of the millennium
Can't listen to James Blunt without hearing Sam's impression of him ffs😂
The Sam Smith singing neighbour has moved on to James Blunt. And it is most definitely not beautiful!
James Blunt thinks we'd win Eurovision if he was our entry. Duet with Chris Bryant?
George Best should be bested, James Blunt should be blunted, Kenny Rogers should be rogered, and Kenny Lynch should be lynched!
James Blunt is capable, just not cool at third Dubai Jazz Festival performance - The National # دبي
Dubai Jazz Festival - James Blunt & Christina Perri | The DubaiJazzfest is on this weekend in Dubai Media City!. We…
Hofit Golan & James Blunt at The 8th Annual White Tie and Tiara Ball to Benefit the Elton John AIDS Foundation in -
James Blunt in a cafe and Peter Davidson in a restaurant, both were a big surprise
James Blunt'tan I really want you benden Christopher Nolan'a gitsin.
At the moment, Bonfire Heart by James Blunt ^^. One of my favorite songs. How's the Spanish coming? Being able to understand it >
Why do I currently have James Blunt songs in my head, Jesus
I hope you know that. I'm sending a postcard.^^. James Blunt - Postcards [Official Video]: via
People I find myself falling slightly more in love with each day:. Meryl Streep. Ricky Wilson. James Blunt
Coke Song for World Cup actually turned out to be sheer disappointment because Atif Aslam is trying to be the cornball of James Blunt.
St. Peter Oxford l-r Clark Kent, Fish version of Robert Webb, James Blunt and a man who will stay a virgin forever. .
If what Chris Bryant has been saying to James Blunt is true when they make a Green's "Dad's Army" everyone will have to be John Le Mesurier.
Can't say I have any feelings about James Blunt either way but I can say his letter to Chris Bryant is spot on
I suddenly love James Blunt! I constantly find myself having to justify many aspects of my life just because I was privileged enough to have been offered a private education for which I am eternally grateful. Why should I feel guilty about it? Everything I have now, I have worked for just like anybody else. I work in the construction industry for one - it's certainly not my independently educated background that got me into that. If anything - what it gave me is the confidence to get what I want from life. Typical labour trying to drag everyone down - rather than bring people up! AND Chris Bryant went to Cheltenham and then Oxford - hypocritical tosser. Politics of jealousy indeed.
LISTEN: "Have you ever been called a classist gimp?" Iain Dale talks to Chris Bryant about his spat with James Blunt
Chris Bryant’s reply to James Blunt. It IS tougher to succeed in the arts if you are from a poor family - end of
James Blunt attacks MP in brilliant letter Nice one James Blunt!
James Blunt pens letter to 'prejudiced wazzock' Chris Bryant MP I now love James Blunt! Chris Br…
I still don't care for James Blunt's brand of music, and I still can't get enough of his peerless smackdowns.
You go James Blunt. Brilliant! And I'm not posh! Read Full James Blunt Takedown of Chris Bryant
There are no words, no emoticons, no gifs to articulate my cringe of embarrassment at James Blunt's response to Chris Br…
Love the James Blunt response to Chris Bryant - when did we decide all posh people must have had everything handed to them on a plate?
James Blunt's letter to Chris Bryant - in full
Wonderful riposte from James Blunt to Labour's Chris Bryant's charge that he was too posh to dominate the charts
James Blunt has hit back at MP Chris Bryant for criticising his public school background (in a Guardian article), saying the ‘prejudiced wazzock’ encouraged the ‘politics of jealousy.’ Labour’s new shadow culture minister said that the arts world must address the dominance of performers like Eddie R…
A tune by James Morrison. James blunt - broken strings is a tune
Could you all stop applauding James Blunt, yes he's funny but he's also a narcissistic buffoon attempting to deny financial/class privilege.
My take on today's 'news'. Cav shagged a journals wife, whilst listening to James Blunt & charged her £15.95, or something.
And so on MLK Day, James Blunt wrote a scathing letter to a Labour MP about how hard it is to be a white man of privilege…
So take on Chris Bryant vs James Blunt, 'Classism' and 'making it' is really on point. I empathis hugely.
Didn't know James Blunt had a new LP coming out :)
James Blunt pens scathing response to MP who called him ‘posh’
James Blunt / Never went to Cambridge so didn't learn to punt
James Blunt AND an open letter. Gonna check outside for the other two horsemen.
James Blunt should get a knight hood just for this.
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