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James Blake

James Riley Blake (born December 28, 1979) is an American professional tennis player.

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The video is simple and stripped down, matching the tone of James Blake's pensive singing.
Also. Listen to James Blake. Because why the *** not
James Blake,We need to play this before a investigation...Lol.
Watch arresting, motion narration of "MaNyfaCedGod" h…
I listened to "James Blake" the single OJ Simpson made in the mid 2000s was better than that crap
World: Tennis star James Blake discusses who is the favorite to win Wimbledon.
agrees not to NYC in exchange for fellowship - Jun 21 @ 12:12 PM ET
Tennis star James Blake drops notice of claim against NYC in exchange for establishment of CCRB fellow to investigate police misconduct
Tennis star James Blake passes up potentially $$$ payout over police brutality for a "less orthodox resolution"
Why is James Blake withdrawal of his claims when that cop tackle him to the ground on camera front of the Marriot 2 yrs ago
Good on James Blake, who agreed to drop his NYPD suit in exchange for a fellowship to investigate police misconduct
James Blake withdrew his lawsuit against the NYPD
To settle NYPD excessive force suit, James Blake got oversight board to hire another lawyer, in lieu of a payout:
Blake withdraws NY claim for police oversight | ESPN
James Blake withdrawing claim against NY, will get police oversight – ESPN
Tennis star James Blake has agreed to drop his right to sue New York after he was mistakenly arrested and tackled by police. In exchange, a…
"James Blake Agrees Not to Sue NYC in Exchange for Fellowship" by THE ASSOCIATED PRESS via NYT
Good morning. Wanted to tell you guys James Blake is just Sam Smith if he listened to Radiohead.
News from ESPN: Blake withdraws NY claim for police oversight
James Blake agrees not to sue NYC in exchange for fellowship
Blake withdraws NY claim for police oversight
James Blake spurned a potential payout from NYC for a less orthodox resolution to his police brutality case.
Imagine a festival with James Blake, James Vincent McMorrow, Sampha, Asgeir on the bill, and Bon Iver (w/ Volcano Choir) as the headliner!
Extreme pizza is the best just because they're playing James Blake rn
Made the mistake of listening to James Blake at work. I'm editing this video and dam near in tears smh
Need to listen to James Blake and hang with Yego and Thando.
It had chill vibes.Need to start checking out artists similar to James Blake.
Surely it wasnt Alt J, nor james blake.Similar to James blake though. Ruled out mansionair . Goldfrapp is out as well
people are busy hyping over Ed's vid with Saoirse Ronan, meanwhile here i'm enjoying James Blake's new vid with Natalie Portman in it.
Just a friendly reminder that james blake is the best singer/producer right now and we can debate it physically
So are we just not going to talk about James Blake's Retrogade still leaves me emotionally scarred every time I hear i…
Hello I made a cover of this James Blake song 💧
Bishop Aaron Blake preachin at I knew the "keep myself unstained from the world" part of James 1:27, but…
Jake Gyllenhaal with Ryan Reynolds, Blake Lively & James Corden at the 2017 (May 1, 2017)
team with batman, blake griffin, James Harden, larry bird, and jared west
Everyone should listen to Lindisfarne of James Blake at least once in a life time
Robinson talks crazy finish to NSD via
oh that "cartoon-band" everyone universally loves? sorry im an INTELLECTUAL who jerks off to james blake records
WR signee James Robinson details his crazy NSD & how he nearly didn't sign via…
Beyoncé and James Blake is still such a genius combo 🍋
Happy birthday ma man, hope you have a good one ser x
James Blake's 'Limit To Your Love' will trap me in a whitey some time in my life. I haven't got off that easy.
team with Vegeta, James Harden, captin crunch, spider-man, and blake griffin
I hear James Blake has finally learned how to say "waterfall" properly.
Frank Ocean and James Blake are some of the only contemporary artists that make you feel a full range of emotions in on…
Tonight live. £3 Door 7.30pm, beautiful electro and indie akin to James Blake and RY X.
I added a video to a playlist Retrograde - James Blake (Cover) by Alice Kristiansen
I added a video to a playlist Lorde covers Retrograde by James Blake - a passionate performance -
You always landed on your feet in the dust f.o.r.e.v.e.r. by James Blake
yes. since SBTRKT album. just do what you do for James Blake but relax everything. also, f him for…
'Discovery' by Daft Punk is as long after 'Loveless' by My Bloody Valentine as it is before 'James Blake' by James Blake
Fresh out of the oven. Mount Kimbie and James Blake. Two of our favourites. . Thoughts ?
Mount Kimbie team up with James Blake on soulful new track, ‘We Go Home Together’ Scott Wil…
@ James Blake's solo piano set: be still, my beating heart 😭😂😩
Sitting on the floor soaking up James Blake's 1st piano solo show jamesblake
So jealous of everyone on Blake's team on the Voice. Luke Bryan is their advisor 😩
NataliePortman stars in James Blake's latest musica video for
Natalie Portman stars in the stunning, black-and-white video for James Blake's "My Willing Heart." Watch here
I added a video to a playlist James Blake - My Willing Heart (Official Video)
Watch: Just days before giving birth, Natalie Portman shot this James Blake music video
.drops a mesmerizing video for “My Willing Heart” with the help of very pregnant Natalie Portman.…
⚡️ “James Blake's new video stars pregnant Natalie Portman”.
Natalie Portman does her best Beyoncé in James Blake’s new music video--Watch:
Days before she gave birth, Natalie Portman led a James Blake music video by director. Watch:
Preggo Natalie Portman turned her baby belly into art for James Blake
Can we just talk about how humanity has done nothing to deserve the perfection that is James Blake's music
Anderson Paak and James Blake are underrated af and deserve more appreciation
last year was crazy tho. I'm a big james blake fan
NBA - James Harden says he won't be taking any games off to rest. 👀
See James Blake's tender video for '"My Willing Heart," starring Natalie Portman
James Blake - My Willing Heart. 2404. Brand spanking new vid from this Brit! Video starring Natalie Portman.
When was the moment knew he'd be friends with
Verdict:James Blake and Paul Annacone are cool.Because I say so.
Retrograde, Overgrown,The Wilhelm Scream and Radio Silence are all on the same level for me. James Blake is such a…
Tennis Channel needs to fire every male but James Blake and Paul Annacone.
Make love to me to Get You x Daniel Caesar & The Wilhelm Scream x James Blake
James Blake's THE COLOUR IN ANYTHING is a beautiful record. Anything that can evoke John Martyn, Prince and Gary Numan must be good.
James Blake was more of a DJ set but that was just a bob your head type thing
Run The Jewels, James Blake and 58 other acts have been added to our line-up. Friday tickets on sale tomorrow 10AM. https…
The Wilhelm Scream by James Blake is a top 5 song all time.
[] James Blake- Retrograde. Such a great song, omf
quick reminder that James Blake exists and is extremely wonderful and talented
I, Daniel Blake is a really, really important educational film. It should be played in schools across the country.
Sampha's debut album reminds me a lot of James Blake
why do you show me James Bay when I search for James Blake? Very sloppy, sort yourselves out
then why did meet with tennis star James Blake? cc
The James Blake thriller series. Crime and the art world
with one single album, manages to bulldoze James Blake's entire output. a bright moment in an otherwise gloomy 2017
let's hope it's better than that James Blake , lolol
retrograde by James Blake never fails me
Canadian author will be signing FROSTBLOOD in the booth -- Friday at 10:00 AM!
Sampha sounds like what I imagine y'all hear when you hear the ghost of Transylvania AKA James Blake
and as reminds us, the white bus driver who had her arrested, James Blake, would have been 105 this year.
Sampha's music reminds me of James Blake. Like a lot lot.
today i am channeling my inner james blake and bjork. jbörk
This Sampha has me at like 90% of peak James Blake fanboying...and that's about as high a compliment that I can pay.
this is super random but youre such a great vidder & a great song for a sole Bellamy Blake video would be Recovery by James Arther
I'm eagerly and patiently waiting for a Sampha and James Blake collab
this sampha album is the direction I really hoped n wished James blake had taken on his last album.
it's 1 in the morning and waves know shores by James blake is on. all the brass sounds like heavens call, and I feel perfect magic. gn.
yes girl, check out the cover James Blake did for limit to your love!
Whoever produced Retrograde by James Blake went 18 dummy on the boards.
reminds of me of James Blake in some ways
I wonder what a Sampha and James Blake record would sound like? Heaven? Yea, probably would sound like Heaven.
As begins let's all pause to remember James F Blake who made Rosa Parks the great woman we all remember today.
5 great names added to the bill: Lorde, James Blake, The Lumineers, Dropkick Murphys and Future Islands. Info:
Collectible Lifelike Baby Dolls, Porcelain Dolls a
perfume genius is divine. James Blake is another one of the angels..
A little bummed LION BABE, Frank, Anderson.Paak, and James Blake aren't on the bill but my girl NAO is and so is Sam Gellaitry so it's good.
'Timeless' by James Blake, 'Runaway' by Matt Corby, 'Daydreaming' by Radiohead, 'Volare' by the Gypsy Kings, 'Jet Black Heart' by 5SOS
there is a tennis player called James Blake lol 👌👌👌
I'm Not The Devil-Cody Jinks. TLOP. Maggie Rogers dropped a couple of legit singles. James Blake and Solange both had great albums too.
some of my influences: ed, billy Joel, James Blake, Justin Vernon, pharrell, Travis Scott, flume, tourist.
Notice how I said James Blake then Beyoncé, He's the only one who could go before Her just bc he didn't back down on Forward (+FULL FORWARD)
"surreal" is the word I'd use for James Blake's music in general
Avolites Quartz console powers lighting for Mercury Prize winner and Grammy nominee James Blake
James Blake, JONES, Jack Garratt, Sinead Harnett... You've got impeccable taste, Jonas! Can we discuss music over email?
Frank Ocean, Radiohead, Vektor, James Blake, Bon Ivee...plenty of better albums tbh
James Blake beat Andy Roddick in the final in Portland, the 1st time the two have been together in Portland since they…
James Blake is the most beautiful artist he makes my soul feel full.
My snaps don't even do James Blake's voice justice. Distorted the sound 😭
I love James Blake you know. His hipster fans though? Not so much.
Waiting for James Blake at Apollo Hammersmith. Also great day with my little niece.
Melted my ears last night The Wilhelm Scream by James Blake ♫
I don't wanna hear about how sick James Blake was :(
Ah James Blake killed it last night
I, Daniel Blake - as spot on at patronising gits who think anyone not online, callcentre savvy below contempt as for benefits critique
Anyone still selling a ticket for James Blake Manchester show?
we had an amazing time at James Blake last night, look out for our captured moments coming to soon.
James Blake isn't from this realm. He comes down on occasion to remind us we're not him.
He's been counting for the past ten minutes and we still haven't reached 50
🎶I looked into myself like a case with you. You don’t weigh me down like you think you do. I'm not looking to hold you down.🎶. ~James Blake~
k so I'm really annoyed I didn't know about the james blake concert
I just wanna see Lana del Rey, The Weeknd, James Blake, FKA Twigs, and Gary Clark Jr in concert and my life will be set
Idk right now: but some favs Sango, Lex Luger, and James Blake
. Yo James Ashton Blake and Jewels Jade are in a league all by themselves jewels is seductive sexy buff Ashton is crem de la crem
Listening to James Blake's album, the Colour in Anything, then the song 'the Colour in Anything' played. . THE LYRICS. IYAK.
Electronic Device Insurance
this always remind me of James Blake Turn Into The Noise - Patrick Watson ♫
Also probably in the early MVP conversation is James Harden, Chris Paul, Blake Griffin, Damian Lillard, DeMarcus Cousins,…
Thank you for snatching my soul tonight, James Blake.
Time for my music meditation. James Blake grows on me daily. A wonderful talented man.
Have you ever gotten drunk and listened to James Blake? I advise everyone to do this.
Modern soul- James Blake or just let it happen -tame impala
Everything I liked in 2011 that was relatively """obscure""" like james blake/tame impala/the weeknd got big I'm not alt anymore rip
Do you ever think about what James Blake might have sounded like if he were in the Colonial Era?
Justin Vernon and James Blake covered the sound of silence and I just found out and my life is incomplete until this moment
James Gilbert 3rd in history w/5 str. 100-yd rushing games. Only Cardinals with 6 in row are Quale Lewis, Dave Blake
never forget when james blake got the RZA to guest on his love song, and RZA used his verse to shoehorn in every english ex…
James Blake courts controversy after suggesting Kristina Mladenovic should be fined for her grunting.
Nora Jones and James Blake's newest albums, The Odd Tape by Oddisee, Jamie Woon's last two albums, and John Mayer.
Georgina Wilson seen with mystery man in James Blake concert
Georgina Wilson seen with mystery man in concert of James Blake in la
*** James Blake was at the Low End Theory last night.
*** James Blake and Carmack were at Low End Theory last night
James Blake was at Low End Theory I hate myself
James Blake is at Low End Theory. Not sure where this fits between the special past appearances of: Erykah Badu, Thom Yorke, and Questlove
just today I've listened to albums by Carly Rae Jepsen, Boogie, Car Seat Headrest, James Blake, and Towkio. 2016 has its perks
Ever wondered what a Phil Collins and James Blake collab album would sound like? Listen to the new Bon Iver
Here's A few other artists to check out that had new albums this year: Quilt, King Gizzard, DIIV, Anderson Paak, James Blake
And of course.Some Led Zeppelin.Some Braids,Dilla's Donuts,Madonna,Solange Knowles,if I can find James Blake and FKA
James Blake thanking Quentin Blake for doing an abstract looking backdrop drawing video for a song at his show ✍🙌
James Blake and Anderson Paak tied up with album of the year for me.
Shoutout to James Blake giving a shoutout to Quentin Blake 👏
James Blake's new album (The Colour In Anything) has its cover design by Roald Dahl illustrator Sir Quentin Blake.…
Bon Iver and James Blake have made it their life mission to have me look longingly out of windows while sighing heavily…
I strongly disagree with James Blake's choice of shirt at Seth Meyers' show. Could've been better.
Listening to James Blake this morning was a bad idea. Now I feel bleh 😩😔
New! 190-Calorie VitaPizza- Get Free Shipping
Alex Isley, Nina Simone, James Blake and Amy Winehouse on the playlist whilst I get on with life.
I had the best day of my life so far..James Blake and Serena Williams? Bet.
someone let me sing fleetwood Mac and James Blake to them because taylor doesn't appreciate it
tell that to Thabo Sefolosha and James Blake
James Blake got tackled. Thabo Sefolosha had his leg broken. Dr. Henry Louis Gates was arrested for breaking into his own home...
2016 has been an amazing music year: Kanye, Kendrick, James Blake, Chance, Radiohead, Beyonce, Roy Woods, and Frank came out w…
Tennis player James Blake harassed and roughed up by NYPD, wrangled to the ground. Thought he was a gang member. https:…
The new Bon Iver music is NEW music, a kind of music I believe Kanye west has recognized, James Blake, and chance the rapper.
tell that to James Blake, Torii Hunter, Thabo Sefolosha, Gabby Douglas and countless other celebs of color.
James Blake win as John McEnroe retired with the score at 6-4 0-0 in the semi final at New Havens
I love me some Sam but James Blake is just wow
No but seriously, someone go see James Blake with me.
One of my favorite things (thus far) about the album is the fact that him and James Blake collab so well. *** near a perfect match
I want to marry & start a family with James Blake's voice.
wow no wonder white Ferrari is so good James Blake and Bon Iver are on it
Update your maps at Navteq
2016 is the goat for new music releases. We've been spoiled. Kanye, Franky, Radiohead, Bon Iver, James Blake, Beyonce, Ch…
In the same year we've gotten new albums from Frank Ocean, Beyoncé, Rihanna, Kanye, Chance, Kendrick, James Blake...
bbc6music is now listening to I Need A Forest Fire (feat. Justin Vernon) by James Blake
Im crying cause i finally got a ticket to see James Blake and im so excited omg 😍
I guess I'm more intrigued by the James Blake part of that statement.
James Blake has put out 3 albums better than Blonde since 2011. Make yourself familiar.
Listen to Love Me in Whatever Way by James Blake on
Chance the Rapper and James Blake leased a mansion together -- and it did not end well
those Bon Iver and James Blake vocals just
I love rap in a group settings but if I'm in my room I'm gonna chill to some James Blake
i agree. need to see what James Blake did tho
You can go ahead and say that James Blake didn't put out the best album of the year but you'd be wrong
I seriously love James Blake so much I wish I could have him sing me to sleep every night ugh
Justin Vernon and James Blake both sing on "White Ferrari"
on a side note, the Weeknd, James Blake, and Kendrick could be also performers! 6 Inch, Don't Hurt Yourself, and Freedom
Save up to 45% 0ff MSRP On Motorcycle Tires
PNP, Frank Ocean, James Blake. These are the albums Imma be listening to on repeat
Frank Ocean's album sounds exactly like James Blake's last album
Suddenly all these irrelevant magazines articles want to slander James Blake. If y'all don't sit down somewhere 😂
I have no idea, I was stuck between Bon Iver or James Blake.
also I Need a Forest Fire by James Blake brings me to tears idk the vocals and the music it's lovely
The first is that Chance was so high he thought he leased a place with James Blake.
James Blake, Chance the Rapper & Frank Ocean in one house. I'd be happy to be a fly on the wall.
James Blake is in another tiff, this time with Chance the Rapper:
Chance the Rapper says James Blake bailed on “big *** mansion” rent:
Frank talked about his fave songs in the magazine and he has Sinatra (ew but How Insensitive), D'Angelo, Arvo Part, James Blake, Steve Reich
Frank Ocean got Brian Eno, Kim Burrell, James Blake and KOHH on the same
James Blake says he has never worked with Hudson Mohawke, despite his claims
James Blake "baffled" by claims he's worked with Hudson Mohawke
James Blake "respectfully baffled" by claims he's worked with Hudson Mohawke
James Blake denies working with Hudson Mohawke -
James Blake says he hasn't worked with Hudson Mohawke - "I'm respectfully baffled":
Latest & news from James Blake denies working with Hudson Mohawke
Delpo! Way to backup the huge win last night. Also, the NBC announcer working with James Blake is a captain obvious cliche machine.
Honestly I just want to see whether James Blake has a feature on Frank's album
any chance of a frank appearance on James Blake's or Chance's new records?
Chance the Rapper is also a genius. James Blake is also a genius. Dev Hynes (Blood Orange) is also a genius. . Kodak Black is a scholar...
see James Blake or Eric Garner. You can't abuse and kill citzens indiscriminately and not get called on it.
aha! So 50% of people who love olives love Tom Waits too, 100% of people who like Marmite like James Blake.
Do you remember what happened to Thabo Sefolosha and James Blake? You can get got too.
*me listening to music* goes from Drake to Bon Iver to Paramore to James Blake to Ru Paul
Riding through Austrian sceneries listening to James Blake and Freddie Hubbard.. Get on this wave bihh
Good morning music?? I'm going for James Blake, Feist, Emily Wells feels.
Devonte Hynes from blood orange , Sampha , Raury , James Blake , & SBTRKT are some of my favorite underrated male artist
if you like James Blake I think you'd enjoy Keaton Henson! Green man mis Awst i weld James Blake?
If you were to put Kanye, Radiohead, pastor Troy, James Blake, Phil Collins, Prince, Tip, & Lil Wayne together you'd come out with me ⚡️
Shop The Bradford Exchange Online for Patriotic 9/
Bon Iver and James Blake at Glastonbury, unreal!
Vince Staples is releasing a new EP this summer titled 'Prima Donna' featuring production from James Blake & DJ Dahi ht…
My first piece on James Blake and my first for on my first day at the beach this summer. A good day!
F.O.R.E.V.E.R is my current fav on James Blake's ... but it changes like every other day
RZA rapped on James Blake's previous album on a forgettable track, not sure what he brings to the table for Paul Banks
James Blake- f.o.r.e.v.e.r has slowly become my nighttime anthem
Songs that get me unnecessarily in my feelings on a Wednesday:. 1. F.o.r.e.v.e.r. - James Blake. 2. Close to You - Rihanna. 3. Purple Rain
Barnstaple Town manager Barry Yeo says signing James Blake was a 'big coup'
James Blake to radiohead to the avalanches to Nancy Wilson to Mac Miller
Finally going to see James Blake after years of trying 🙈
James Blake: ""I wouldn't get a good night's sleep because I would have the pressure, the expectation"
James Blake details the creative and personal challenges that led to his new album
James Blake details the creative process behind his new album
Reviews: Ariana Grande, James Blake and Beth Orton get ambitious - The Sydney Morning Herald
James Blake on how Rick Rubin and Frank Ocean helped him overcome obsession
Please send me music ! Current vibe: new James Blake and No Woman by Whitney
Points by James Blake is definately footwork worthy.
whats the name of that song in your shawtymix before James Blake
Justin Timberlake leads a slew of new releases, including James Blake and Red Hot Chili Peppers.
James Blake releases the video for the incredible tune 'I Need A Forest Fire' feat. Justin Vernon.
Hear our favorite new songs right now, from Chance the Rapper, James Blake and more
Since April 21, the only non Prince music I've listened to is Bon Iver and James Blake and then only briefly
Raleigh Ritchie, Aesop Rock, Skepta, J-Zone, James Blake, M83 and even The Life of Pablo still.
Listening only to Ibeyi and James Blake. I need to feel this weird mix of morose and tranquil. I need the inspiration.
.is joined by The Smith Sisters on Talking Azealia Banks, playing Sister Sledgehammer game & new James Blake music!
me listening to a downtempo Billy Bragg song: this new James Blake album tho 💦
I feel like I'm out the loop with new indie/folk artists. Recommendations similar to Ben Howard/James Blake etc pls.
James Blake - I Need A Forest Fire (ft. Bon Iver) via if you don't know yet.get to know
After pinBALLIN' between James Blake, ANOHNI & Radiohead this week Chance is like an ice cream cone on a sunny afternoon
Currently obsessed with the James Blake track "I Need a Forest Fire," and it comes as no surprise that Rick Ruben had a hand in the track.
Website Builder 728x90
Thom Yorke, Chris Martin and now James Blake have to be one of my top composers.
If you like James Blake, try listening to Chris Kaz.
Why did Dirty Projectors change their name to James Blake?
James Blake and the dynamics of The Colour In Anything: .  . I think I’m in love…. I’m listening to the new Jame...
Oh my god. This is just amazing. I Need A Forest Fire by James Blake, Bon Iver
he got a new band called volcano choir and also did a song with James Blake if you're wondering where he went
James Blake makes songs that make me want to just swan dive into my feelings but I love them so much I play them on repeat IE: Radio Silence
James Blake's Field Day appearance set to be a summer highlight. Tickets still available - https…
Jessy Lanza / Kaytranada / Skepta / James Blake / Radiohead / Eagulls all out within a week of each other. Not enough roo…
ppl scalping James Blake tix right now are the scum of the earth. Ur moral standards are lower than the $ of tix I was able to buy (zero)
James Blake's new LP The Colour In Anything is out now, and features Frank Ocean + Bon Iver: http…
I'm gonna play this new James Blake to the ends of the horizon once my soul empties out
James Blake says Frank Ocean’s new album is worth the wait. . via
Headed to church for the first time in ?yrs - hoping they play the new James Blake or my 70 yo pastor bodyslams some dude in a Satan costume
according to my timeline it's Rihanna Beyonce Anderson Paak and James Blake. I don't know the last two but will peep.
James Blake's new 'The Colour In Anything' is exactly what you need this weekend
Another genius work of new music. James Blake returns with his new album The Colour in Anything with… [pic] —
James Blake on Frank Ocean's new album: "He is onto something, he really is." 🤔
My mistake. Carry on then. *continues listening to James Blake on repeat*
The real miracle of James Blake is that this is even considered pop music at all | via
James Blake, James Bay, James Morrison. Yheyi I get confused with the J's.
is the new James Blake what happens when you listen to Jamie Lidell on a heroic dose of valium
*** James Blake back at it again with the hits!
A new James Blake album is always welcome news
If going to the Green Man Festival to see James Blake, come see me in The Film tent, you will be surprised
Yo these new James Blake singles are amazing...
James Blake's The Colour in Anything will be released tonight:
James Blake really sounds like Sam Smith on Forward
If she names spooky black, James Blake or Frank Ocean I'll buy her food
James Blake may be this generation's white Aaron Neville.
Quentin Blake & James are working together wth this is great. James Blake hints at possible album title and artwork
Beyonce wasn't worthy enough to have James Blake on her album. Not even close.
I always think this man James Blake sounds like Sam Smith !
my pre-show shuffle playlist right now: Cassandra Wilson, Terence Trent D'Arby & James Blake. Nice.
I wonder how indie hating pop people feel about AnCo, James Blake, Father John Misty and Ezra Koenig being on the new Beyoncé album
So Kendrick, James Blake, Panda Bear, Father John Misty, Ezra Koenig all worked on the Beyoncé album? ***
I scoured the credits of Beyonce's from Kendrick Lamar + James Blake to Father John Misty + Diplo:
Incident echoes Lleyton Hewitt in 2001, who accused a black line judge of favoring James Blake due to "similarity."
James Blake and Mardy Fish 3-3 H2H all on hard courts. No meetings on clay courts. I wonder why? ;)
Most excited to see The Internet, James Blake and Matt Corby but Courtney Barnett, Leon Bridges and Flume also pique my interests.
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