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James Arness

James King Arness (May 26, 1923 – June 3, 2011) was an American actor, best known for portraying Marshal Matt Dillon in the television series Gunsmoke for 20 years.

Matt Dillon John Wayne Marshal Matt Dillon Amanda Blake Peter Graves Marshall Matt Dillon Marshall Dillon Milburn Stone Jay Silverheels James Whitmore Marshal Dillon Fess Parker Al Jolson Ken Curtis John Carpenter Hank Williams Jr

Side note: how was Clint Walker SHORTER than James Arness? Is Chuck Connors really also 6'6"?
James Arness probably had a huge dong.
Have you ever watched the original 1951 version, it has James Arness as the thing.
James Arness: so THIS is what happened to Saturday night?
60 years ago tonight.Matt (James Arness) is forced into a showdown with a vicious sheriff from a neighboring town on 'Gunsmoke' on
I watch gunsmoke/Andy Griffith everyday, you're missin out. James Arness is a giant
I think you should include James Arness - that sheriff Dillon backhand was knockout and of course - quickest gun!
Stupid James Arness, taking the good roles...
Gunsmoke with James Arness, and the rest.
James Arness & Milburn Stone the only 2 cast members for entire…
Film and TV actor James Arness. His parts include The Thing and Matt Dillon. Here with June Allyson in The Gi…
Just watched the 1954 movie "Them!". It has so many actors popping up like James Arness, Fess Parker, James Whitmore.
No idea why I remember it. I think John Burns did the comic strip - he captured James Arness' face quite well I recall.
Watching Red River with actor James Arness. He's the one that played Marshall Matt Dillon on Gunsmoke so many...
49 years ago tonight...Jim Stacy, John Ireland & Kim Darby in part 2 of "Vengeance" on 'Gunsmoke' starring James Arness on
I had the pleasure of knowing Ronald Reagan before he became Gover...
I was honored to have served in the Army for my country. I was at A...
59 years ago tonight.Morey Amsterdam as town drunk Cicero Grimes on 'Gunsmoke' starring James Arness on
Brilliant idea: Matt Dillon should star in a Gunsmoke meta-style movie as James Arness playing as Matt Dillon.
The kids don't really have any part of my television life. Fortuna...
52 years ago tonight.Forrest Tucker and Mel Gallagher in "Double Entry" on 'Gunsmoke' starring James Arness on
Your Grandfather, Father, Uncle's, and Mine Including my Father who fought next to James Arness GUNSMOKE & both wer…
Well I'll be darned. The original has JAMES ARNESS no less.
I had the privilege of working with so many great actors over the ye...
I had a wonderful life and was blessed with so many loving people ...
I've got a little arthritis that I have to deal with. I was 6 feet 7...
Today in 1954 - James Arness made his dramatic TV debut in "The Chase." The "Gunsmoke" series didn’t begin for...
59 years ago tonight.Bill Schallert guests in "Homesteader" on 'Gunsmoke' starring James Arness on
Hey how about a erb of James arness vs John Wayne?
Gunsmoke One Man's Justice (1994) is the last time James Arness played Matt Dillon. He played him brilliantly for 40yrs. Great music in this
A James Arness enlargement for a client w/ & for Dodge City
Dennis Weaver (left) as Chester and James Arness as Marshal Matt Dillon in TV's "Gunsmoke," seen her
Yes, I know it was a remake from 1959, with. James Arness and your sisters c. Starring...
Nice remembering James Arness, whom I can imagine would have voiced losing a shootout to Homer for that 669th show.
I guess if no one else wants to follow the law, and no one is supposed to be over the law, I guess the...
James Arness was a way better cowboy than John Wayne. Just sayin...
Congrats! I hear James Arness is pretty bitter. Better have someone start your car in the morning.
John Wayne was all like, "now I ain't a peter puffer, but gun to my head?...James Arness".
Remember When: Arness and Curtis are The Thing! That's a rare shot of James Arness and Bi
James Arness testing the special effects in 'The Thing from Another World' (1951) Howard Hawks, Christian Nyby. https…
James Arness real hero. Was wounded in action Won Bronze Star and Purple Heart WW2. Became Matt Dillon on Gunsmoke for 20 years.
The reaper remembers when averaged a 40.3 HH rating for an entire season.
LOVE Westerns! I was taken to a Set to meet James Arness in 60's GUNSMOKE TV SHOW. And was amazed with actors, ward…
Classic Thing from another World portray by Gunsmoke James Arness model kit
Or, at least, a giant version of the James Arness Martian character! lol
Them with James Arness about irradiated ants taking over the world
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Peter Graves, James Arness brother. loved them both and Jamie on Mash so much fun
EZ to be unaware that James Arness (Marshall Matt Dillon:Gunsmoke) & Peter Graves (Jim Phelps:Mission Impossible) brothers.James the Eldest.
Gunsmoke starring James Arness as Marshall Matt Dillon & Amanda Blake as Kitty Russell made its debut on Sept 10, 1955.
Also this day in 1955, actor James Arness brought Marshall Matt Dillon to life as Gunsmoke debuted on CBS-TV.
Watching the Red River remake with James Arness. Not as good as the original with John Wayne.
if you like the Thing,Go back and watch the first version in black&white.So good.Had James Arness(Matt Dillon,Gunsmoke)
Wow, did not know Mel Brooks was in the Battle of the Bulge. Kinda guessed James Arness though.
James Arness as a giant carrot. What's not to like?
I'd recommend the original The Thing with Kenneth Tobey and James Arness.
What made us different from other westerns was the fact that 'Gunsmoke...
Red State Americans are 9x more likely to vote for James Arness on The Greatest Western Movie Stars
James Arness today would had turned 93.A true American hero. I still watch him. And miss him❤ http…
Who can make a quick show tape for James Arness Miller!!! Quick and short. We will pay a couple bucks
After THE THING (1951), THEM! (1954) gave James Arness the chance to be a sci-fi hero rather than the monster... https…
John Wayne, James Arness and Hank Williams Jr all born on this date.
Across 5 decades James Arness played Marshal Matt Dillon. What other characters did he also'll be...
Joan Weldon and James Arness on the set of 'Them!' (1954) Gordon Douglas. 50s
I only just learned that James Arness and Peter Graves were brothers.
James Arness was a real man. Lorne Greene, too.
I LOVE this film! Always a big James Arness fan and thought he did a good job in this movie. Typical effects for the time.
. MT . 59 years ago today, TV Guide - James Arness,
Terrible easy Glenn Ford, James Arness, Jimmy Stewart and John Wayne. I grew up with them all.
i liked him as Chester on Gunsmoke..with James Matt Dillon. of Dodge.
Patriot on screen but he never served, unlike Jimmy Stewart, Henry Fonda, James Arness, more:
Famous brothers. Peter Graves and James Arness in their youth. .
I just found out Peter Graves & James Arness were brothers. did you guys know that?
hello John! I enjoyed working on that show more than any other! James Arness laughed like a horse! They were all a great cast
Holy Crap! Where's James Arness when you need him? Oh, right.
James Arness Net Worth: James Arness was an actor in the US. He was known for playing the part of Marshal Matt...
Thanks for interviewing my hero James Arness!
James Arness was an American actor, best known for portraying Marshal Matt Dillon in the television
You should also check out his brother, James Arness as the great Marshal Dillon.
That oh really? moment when you learn that James Arness and Peter Graves were brothers.
So cool as that was my favorite tv western and I always wish I would have got to meet James Arness. good pic.
So neat your interview with James Arness - what a class act!
Watch reruns of B/W Gumsmoke with your kids. They will love it! I promise. Great life lessons from Marshall Dillon (James Arness) there.
He was my favorite character on that show. Amazing James Arness was the original Thing.
DP Protocol: SCOTUS, Washington, DC. By James Arness The Supreme Court today gave the green light to a new DP ...
If you wonder of his hair color, like James Arness, Cpt. Jacks hair went brown as he preferred Scotch, GIN and branntwein.
So sorry about Kansas tornadoes, Melissa not been treated well by James Arness, so Kansas pay up.
Working with James Arness was always a fantastic experience, one of the great. honors of my career.
Hi*♡*Love Gunsmoke'&Ur acting in this Film.Brilliant 2 see U/w James Arness!What was it like working on Gunsmoke?
The true bond between mother and daughter: "Come in here and see how young James Arness is!"
"Gunsmoke" was a long-running western series with James Arness as Marshal Matt Dillon.
So for many it was blasphemy that the James Arness film would be remade.
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Heroes James Arness was in World War 2. Was wounded twice. Fought in the invasion of Italy in Europe. Then became Matt Dillon (Gunsmoke)
James Arness (as 'The Thing') & crew testing special effects on the set of 'The Thing' (1950) Christian Nyby.
THEM and The Thing! Both with James Arness before he became Marshall Matt Dillon on Gunsmoke! 😊
Marshal Matt Dillon is memorable! Agree? Watch James Arness as Matt Dillon in Gunsmoke, Mon-Sat at 1pm on MeTV-Fresno, KGMC 43.6/XFINITY 187
Nice guy. I met him and James Arness at a Santa Monica Resturant. They were very fan friendly.
During World War II, before James Arness portrayed U.S. mar-shall Matt Dillon in Gunsmoke, he was th
Whoa! "Big Jim McClain" (1952) is on TCM! John Wayne & James Arness fight the communist threat in Hawaii! .
James Arness and John Wayne, same movie, not a Western, weird
finished James Arness by James Arness and Wise, James E., Jr. and gave it 5 stars
47 years ago today, TV Guide: August 17, 1968 - Milburn Stone, James Arness and Amanda Blake of "Gunsmoke"
James Arness, the tall, iconic actor best known for playing Marshal Matt Dillon on the long-running television...
:o Tomorrow, Didn't know it was James Arness' birthday
The outline is due tomorrow, the paper next week. Did you know that Tuesday would be The Duke's bday, and James Arness too
Names (some of us) grew up w/ James Arness, US Army. Infantryman, severely wounded at Anzio, Italy.
Photoset: damsellover: On the set with James Arness in The Thing from Another World (1951).
Amanda Blake as 'Miss Kitty Russell' & James Arness as 'Marshal Matt Dillon' in Gunsmoke (1955-75, C
Did you know that James Arness started as a stuntman and was the Alien in the original 50's version of The Thing?
John Wayne introduces James Arness... and the first episode of "GUNSMOKE" (September 10th, 1955): submitted...
He was pretty good. I like Hugh O'Brien, Arness from Gunsmoke, and Clint Walker. And James Drury! Basically all of them nearly 🙈
yes I believe they do. Have you ever seen the movie? Has James Arness if I recall.
Transposed an avatar of James Arness (Marshal Matt Dillon) into a scene from DR QUINN, MEDICINE WOMAN. I have seen a sign of
There's my Cousin Festus, Festus Hagen that is. My son Matt is named after John Wayne's friend {James Arness} Marshal Matt Dillon(and St. Matthew) he lived longest of those pictured here. That was back when TV was fit to watch, I don't care to watch most things on TV today. Thank GOD for TV LAND and dvd's.
The original with James Arness, the John Carpenter remake (changed poles), or the prequel with all the Norwegians?
Very soon Mariska Hargitay in the role pf Olivia Benson will rival James Arness as Gunsmoke's Matt Dillon for longest time in a role
I do really like James Arness but imagine Matt Dillon was played by John Wayne instead
I added a video to a playlist JAMES ARNESS FROM GUNSMOKE. The Johnny Carson Show from 1955.
I liked a video James Arness discusses Bette Davis guesting on Gunsmoke -
I liked a video James Arness on the origin of "Gunsmoke" -
I liked a video nterview with James Arness
I added a video to a playlist nterview with James Arness
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I liked a video Western Icon James Arness Dies at 88
I liked a video James Arness discusses his "Gunsmoke" character Matt Dillon -
I added a video to a playlist James Arness on working with Burt Reynolds -
James Arness, Marshal on ‘Gunsmoke,’ Dies at 88, time to due a remake of Gunsmoke! eh?
all we need is John Wayne Gene Autry Roy Rogers and Sam Elliott and James Arness.
Bruce Boxleitner reminiscing about James Arness casting him in THE MACAHANS
The seminal western "Gunsmoke," starring James Arness as the stalwart Marshal Matt Dillon; Amanda Blake as Miss...
September 10th: Feast of Saints Aubert and Nicholas of Tolentino. In 1608, John Smith was elected president of the Jamestown colony council in Virginia. In 1813, an American naval force commanded by Oliver H. Perry defeated the British in the Battle of Lake Erie during the War of 1812. (Afterward, Perry sent out the message, "We have met the enemy and they are ours.") In 1914, movie director Robert Wise ("West Side Story"; "The Sound of Music") was born in Winchester, Indiana. In 1919, New York City welcomed home Gen. John J. Pershing and 25,000 soldiers who'd served in the U.S. First Division during World War I. In 1935, Sen. Huey P. Long (42) died in Baton Rouge two days after being shot in the Louisiana state Capitol, allegedly by Dr. Carl Weiss. In 1939, Canada declared war on Germany. In 1945, Vidkun Quisling was sentenced to death in Norway for collaborating with the Nazis (he was executed by firing squad in October 1945). In 1955, the long-running TV Western series "Gunsmoke," starring James Arness ...
Watching one of my favorite "pacifier" movies: Them! from 1954. Giant ants. James Arness, Richard Widmark, and Edmund Gwynn. A favorite.
Hendricks looks more like a young James Arness than *** Van *** lol
That would be wonderful! A new generation!. Not the same without James Arness though. :-(
Now my REAL purpose for coming here today. The NEW and Improved Doge City? Only if you lose James Arness...
Before Bruce & James Arness, these were the stars of How the West Was Won (1962)
And then you played the Montgomery Clift role years later against James Arness. Bet you were excited about that. :-)
Loved James Arness in Maverick & GunSmoke, tho I'm not a western person
So when does Alan Alda or James Arness win something?
James Arness as Marshal Matt Dillon in the long-running Western drama TV series Gunsmoke (1955-1975).
Best bosses.James Arness in Gunsmoke,and Andy Griffith in Andy Griffith show.
Watching an old episode of Gunsmoke on CBS Action. James Arness as Matt Dillon. Not bad.
John Wayne and his protege, James Arness (Matt Dillon on GUNSMOKE), share the same birthday. Arness
I can't believe James Arness passed away 3 years ago. Gunsmoke is one of the great American TV shows. :-(
no he wasn't. James Arness was one big rugged BEAUTIFUL man...and a war hero :)
James Arness has the same voice as his brother... & at 6'7", 4" taller. But amirite ladies, Peter Graves was hotter!
Posted 7-28-14 Fess Elisha Parker, Jr., born August 16, 1924, was an American film and television actor best known for his portrayals of Davy Crockett in the Walt Disney 1955–1956 TV mini-series and as TV's Daniel Boone from 1964 to 1970. He was also known as a wine maker and resort owner-operator. He began his show-business career in summer 1951 when he had a $32-a-week job as an extra in the play Mister Roberts. He became a contract player with Warner Brothers appearing in small roles in several films such as Springfield Rifle, Island in the Sky, The Bounty Hunter and Battle Cry. In 1954, he appeared as Grat Dalton in the Jim Davis syndicated western anthology series Stories of the Century in the episode The Dalton Brothers. When the Walt Disney Company was seeking an actor to play Davy Crockett, James Arness was first considered for the title role. During the screening of this film, Walt Disney looked past James Arness and discovered Fess Parker. Disney's three-episode version of Crockett depicted h ...
Rolf Aurness, World Champs winner in '70, is son of James "Arness" who played Marshall Matt Dillon on "Gunsmoke"
Which Gunsmoke actor was a veteran of the Anzio campaign of World War II?A: James Arness.
LOVE HTWWW! My 1st time watching S2! You are BRILLIANT! Plus, Brian Keith, Lloyd Bridges, Richardo Montaban, James Arness!
On this Memorial Day, as our nation honors its unbroken line of fallen heroes, our sense of patriotism is particularly strong. Barack Obama, 2008 May 26 Birthdays John Wayne (1907 - 1979) Lenny Kravitz turns 50 Helena Bonham Carter turns 48 Stevie Nicks turns 66 Scott Disick turns 31 Miles Davis (1926 - 1991) Sally Ride (1951 - 2012) Jay Silverheels (1912 - 1980) Brandi Cyrus turns 27 James Arness (1923 - 2011) Hank Williams Jr. turns 65 Philip Thomas turns 65 Pam Grier turns 65 Matt Stone turns 43 Nicki Lynn Aycox turns 39 Raina Telgemeier turns 37 Peggy Lee (1920 - 2002) Al Jolson (1886 - 1950) Ashley Massaro turns 35 Peter Cushing (1913 - 1994) Megan Charpentier turns 13 - All May 26 Birthdays May 26 History 1977 - "The human fly" daredevil George Willig climbs straight up the World Trade Center 1928 - Andrew Payne wins the first "Bunion Derby," the great footrace across America 1908 - The first major oil strike in the Middle East in southwest Persia, at Masjed Soleyman; rights to oil purchased by a Pe ...
Today is Monday, May 26, the 146th day of 2014 with 219 to follow. This is Memorial Day in the United States. The moon is waning. Morning stars are Neptune, Uranus, Venus. Evening stars are Jupiter, Mars, Mercury, Saturn. This Day in History, May 26 On May 26th, 1897, Bram Stoker's novel "Dracula" went on sale in London. Other Notable Events for May 26 On this date in history: In 1864, U.S. President Abraham Lincoln, anxious to create new free territories during the Civil War, signed an act establishing the Montana Territory. (Montana became a state 25 years later.) Notable Birthdays for May 26 Those born on this date include: - English Gen. John Churchill, ancestor of statesman Winston Churchill, in 1650 - entertainer Al Jolson in 1886 - dancer Isadora Duncan in 1877 - actors John Wayne in 1907, Robert Morley in 1908 - Jay Silverheels in 1912 - Peter Cushing in 1913 and James Arness in 1923 - trumpeter Ziggy Elman in 1914 A thought for the day: If you smile when no one else is around, you really mean it. ...
HEAVENLY DAYZ (2014): Rory Calhoun & James Arness enjoying a few games of pool @ Minnesota Fats Billiards on the Boardwalk.
Monday is not only Memorial Day and not taking anything away from all our veterans and current military people who deserve all our respect but it is also John Wayne's birthday who would have been 107 years old ! Happy Birthday DUKE ! Also not to forget it is James Arness's birthday (Matt Dillon) and Hank Williams Jr! Also William & Jean Brazeal's 42 anniversary ! What a great day! Don't forget to honor those who have gave all for us and our way of life !
'Did you know that.'John Wayne's enduring status as an iconic American was formally recognized by the U.S. government by awarding him the two highest civilian decorations. He was recognized by the United States Congress on May 26, 1979, when he was awarded the Congressional Gold Medal. Hollywood figures and American leaders from across the political spectrum, including Maureen O'Hara, Elizabeth Taylor, Frank Sinatra, Mike Frankovich, Katharine Hepburn, General and Mrs. Omar Bradley, Gregory Peck, Robert Stack, James Arness, and Kirk Douglas, testified to Congress of the merit and deservedness of this award. Most notable was the testimony of Robert Aldrich, then president of the Directors Guild of America, who said."It is important for you to know that I am a registered Democrat and, to my knowledge, share none of the political views espoused by Duke. However, whether he is ill disposed or healthy, John Wayne is far beyond the normal political sharp shooting in this community. Because of his courage, his d ...
Wish John Wayne could have made a cameo in an episode of Gunsmoke with James Arness would have been a great combo.
James Arness 1st film ( as the Thing ) my all time favorite 1950's black and white sci fi film ! Saw it first on WOR channel 9 Million Dollar Movie !
Lol my great grandma dated James Arness from Gunsmoke at one point
. James Arness on the casting of Bruce Boxleitner in "How the West Was Won" .
Peter Graves and James Arness were brothers. Original last name: Aurness. James: Born in 1923. Peter was born on this date in 1926.
One of my all time favorite sci fi classics. Them with James Whitmore and James Arness, 1952
I just know James Arness once yelled, "the longest-running weekly episodic TV show in history… GUNSMOKE!!!"
james arness body double thanks for the smiles and chuckells the clown!!peace Lamont-love your show!!
Hello, Bruce! Have a good start in the new week! Have you also met or played with James Arness' brother Peter Graves?
originally a radio show that started in 1952 with William Conrad as Marshal Matt Dillon. James Arness played Dillon for TV.
James Arness, US Army. As an infantryman, he was severely wounded at Anzio, Italy.
My list of the Five greatest 1950s Sci-Fi movies: '53. WAR OF THE WORLDS starring Gene Barry and in color. A nice retelling of the classic tale which stands up as better than the Tom Cruise mistake of more recent times. THEM( 1954) starring James Whitmore, James Arness, Edmund Gwenn and even has a young Leonard Nimoy as a soldier. Best of the Giant Bug genre and still stands up today. Black and White. INVASION OF THE BODY SNATCHERS(1956) starring Kevin McCarthy, black and white and creepy ! A social comment on the soul deadening effects of white-bread suburban culture in the Eisenhower era. The phrase "pod people" would be used by hippies a decade later to refer to their own parents, usually. FORBIDDEN PLANET (1956), Color and pretty big budget, Walter Pidgeon, Anne Francis and Leslie Nielsen. Based on Shakespeare's THE TEMPEST. The theme of the ancient , alien machine was revived in Der Arnold's TOTALL RECALL in the '90s. I MARRIED A MONSTER FROM OUTER SPACE (1958) with Tom Tyron and Gloria Talbott. In . ...
James Arness and Dennis Weaver are about 33 in THE ROUNDUP, 1956, Gunsmoke, Season 2/Episode 4 --- they look wonderful, and they were acting their butts off!! Directed by Ted Post, written by Sam Peckinpah from a John Meston story. A real WOW!!
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Showing my age. Watching "How The West Was Won". The one with James Arness and Bruce Boxlietner (sp?) with my son. I loved this mini series when I was his age.
Randy Smith made mention of the Rifleman on TV on Saturday mornings on AMC. I have written the following story related to Saturday TV of the past. Hope you enjoy it this on a blustery Saturday morning. SATURDAY MORNING TV Long before transformers, computers, I-phones and video games children in the 50’s and 60’s were entertained with live action acting even on a Saturday Morning, interspersed with a few classic cartoons. Shows such as the Lone Ranger, Roy Rogers, My Friend Flicka, Rin Tin Tin, and Fury were staples of Saturday morning television. In case you haven’t noticed the emphasis was on Westerns or Western themes. Throw in a few prime time shows such as Maverick, Bat Masterson, Branded, The Rifleman, Gunsmoke, Wanted Dead or Alive and Bonanza, and of course everyone’s favorite Fess Parker as Davey Crockett, and you can see why boys had a fascination with cap guns, bb rifles, cowboy hats and boots or even the faddish *** skin cap, and anything else remotely close to the old west. My fa ...
Speaking of Gunsmoke, I would play Kittie to James Arness' Matt Dillon any time! But, seriously, I think Matt (yes, I feel like I've watched enough Gunsmoke to use first names) would make a perfect school administrator. He is firm but fair, respectful of everyone and respected by everyone, 'walks softly and carries a big stick' (in his case, a gun), is liked by most people, and feared by those who should be afraid, and never raises his voice or screams at his employees (hmmm . . .)
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JAMES ARNESS was born in Minneapolis, MN on May 26, 1923 passed away on June 3, 2011 at the age of 88 from natural causes. He served his country in the army ...
Marshall Dillon was played by the unforgettable James Arness. Wishing you and Mavis a wicked fun "retirement"!
Milburn Stone as, Doc,,, Amanda Blake as, Kitty,,, Ken Curtis as, Festus,,, Buck Taylor as, Newly,, and staring,, James Arness as, Matt Dillon,, Gunsmoke,,
Somewhere's between John Wayne (wasn't his real name), Charlton Heston, Chuck Connors, Ronald Reagan, Clint Eastwood, Andy Griffith and James Arness, maybe they lost themselves in the myriad TV and movie manuscripts and forgot there was a world outside where these folks are only characters that they play in movies. Actors. They got so caught up in it, they even elected one of them President. Now they got reality show stars they are mimicking, too; ducks, and whatever else they can pull out of the trash can. Not to disparage the actors. They were VERY good at what they did, but they have this whole force of Republicans who actually don't know these folks were only ACTING in TV/movie roles.
Can't feel my chest or my arms... Smh I have to turn on in a few hours for these legs. Well I'll see you there Cecil Jackson Jr. Cory Lyons James Arness Miller
I dont really do church but . . . . . In church on Sunday, I overheard the little old lady in the pew next to me saying a short private prayer. It was so sweet and sincere that I just had to share it with you: Dear Lord, These past couple of years has been tough. You have taken my favorite Actor Patrick Swayze, my favorite actress Elizabeth Taylor, my favorite Cowboy James Arness, my favorite athlete Bob Feller, my favorite singer Lena Horne and my favorite salesman Billy Mays. I just wanted you to know that my favorite president is Barack Obama.
GUNSMOKE too had a reunion special a ratings hit James Arness and Amanda Blake
Even GUNSMOKE had a tv reunion James Arness and Amanda Blake
GUNSMOKE too had a few reunions in the 80s James Arness and Amanda Blake
Nowadays people only loyal to their barbers.. Anything and everybody else is fair game... Cecil Jackson Jr. James Arness Miller
just watching you in gunsmoke as a kid with James Arness. Great series. Wish I got to meet the real Matt Dillon :-) x
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A conversation with my *** twin (reprinted from ... *** Twin: "I see where Bob Seger died." Me: "No, that was Pete Seeger who died. The folksinger." *** Twin: "I didn't know Bob Seger had a brother. A folksinger, eh? Like Marshal Dillion?" Me: "You're thinking of Bob Dylan. Marshal Dillon was a character on TV. You know, Matt Dillon, on the old 'Gunsmoke' show." *** Twin: "Matt Dillon? The actor? He was hilarious in 'Something About Mary'." Me: "No, I meant the character 'Matt Dillon', as portrayed by James Arness." *** Twin: "Oh, sure. He was married to Lucy." Me: "No, that was Desi Arnaz, the Cuban guy." *** Twin: "Yep. The guy who owns the Dallas Mavericks. Arrogant *** " Me: "Dammit, no! Now you're getting Desi mixed up with Mark Cuban, the rich guy." *** Twin: " "Rich Guy? I saw his brother, Buddy, in Chicago, once. Awesome blues guitarist." Me: "NO! Buddy Guy's brother does NOT own a basketball team! Anyway, Pete Seeger died." *** Twin: "So, did he ever do any of ...
From Me-TV: Years ago when blooper reels were compiled, it was mainly for the amusement of the cast and crew who were involved in the production. Sometimes these bloopers were edited together for the network when they had their annual affiliate conventions. This was the case for this YouTube video which is hosted by classic TV legend James Arness of Gunsmoke fame.
.Awesome! Was not a "Gunsmoke" fan but was devoted to show that starred James Arness' brother. Anyone?
Anyone catch Helix on SyFy the other night? I was impressed, but when I saw Ronald Moore's name (co-creator of the new BSG) attached, I knew that it wasn't going to be Sharknado. Funny thing, after the show went off, TCM showed the original "Thing" with James Arness and Howard Hawks directing (hate to say it, as much as I like Hawks' work but John Carpenter's is far superior and closer to the actual short story. No military and no romantic bs). Co-wink-a-dink? cc: Chris Colvard Michael Horne Stacie Johnston Cosmic Pagliacci Breezy Tucker
I was watching a Tyrone Power movie this evening and after the movie the host went on to explain how Mr Powers enlisted in the Marine Corps in 1943. Since he was already a licensed pilot he volunteered to transport troops to and from destinations and also, flew missions carrying cargo in and wounded Marines out during the Battles of Iwo Jima and Okinawa! I only know of two or three others who fought for their country and were Actors but not much recognition for what they did. Jimmy Stewart- Air Force, Glenn Ford- army (served in Viet Nam along side American Troups), and James Arness -Army who was wounded at Anzio! How many do you know? In August 1942, Power enlisted in the Marine Corps. He attended boot camp at Marine Corps Recruit Depot San Diego. Power then attended Officer's Candidate School at Marine Corps Base Quantico, where he was commissioned as a Second Lieutenant on June 2, 1943. As he had already logged 180 solo hours as a pilot prior to enlisting in the Marine Corps, Power was able to do a ...
back when our family owned the Sportaman s tavern cave junction oregon the crew all came mom and dad closed the bar down special for valley and them -, the Gunsmoke crew filmed a two-part episode on Oregon's famed Rogue River to kick off their 18th Season. 'The River' was filmed in July 1972 and first aired September 11 & 18, 1972. Monday night on CBS. Pictured here is James Arness and Jack Elam. Also making a notable appearance in this two-part episode was Slim Pickens, a great cowboy character with comedic talents who two years later co-starred in the film, 'Blazing Saddles'.
.it was difficult to work with James Arness because he had a great sense of humor and it was difficult to keep a straight face!
Fess Parker beat out James Arness and Buddy Ebsen for the role of Davy Crockett. Apparently, a lot of actors wanted to wear a dead raccoon on their head. :)
One if the most wonderful times of the busy day is when it is time to go to bed. It is early enough to allow us to do some choice quiet reading and watching a bit if old favorites on one or another gizmo. Bob reads his Kindle and i watch GUNSMOKE episodes of years ago. In 1959, every Sat. night we would sit down in front of the little tv with pizza and a soda to do our routine tv watching. First was GUNSMOKE, a wonderful new program that had been introduced by John Wayne on its first episode. He was offered the role but declined suggesting this tall, young, talented man for the role. James Arness. The rest is history. Next was PERRY MASON, followed by another western HAVE GUN WILL TRAVEL. The westerns were the best since the stories were simple and the outdoor scenery relaxing. Now i can watch them all over again with my android and comfy in my bed. Perfect ending to a busy day. And just think!! I get to do it again tonight. One thing is reassuring. GUNSMOKE was on for so many years, i will not run out .. ...
James Whitmore in "Them!" For motion pictures with no sequels, it's hard to say "X is a sidekick" instead of "X is a co-star". But in this film, it's clear right from the get-go that James Arness is going to get the girl. Whitmore is clearly the doomed sidekick. And he's awfully good in the role.
All right. If you are my age and your dad didn't watch Gunsmoke you were mighty I'm just kidding. It is hard to believe this show was still coming on in the 70's but i liked it ok. James Arness is an icon and he did play The Thing so there you have it.
Gunsmoke 50th Anniversary Volume One on DVD, new and sealed. Includes 17 episodes and special features, introduction by John Wayne on series premiere episode "Matt Gets It", episode introductions by James Arness, gag reel and much more! Great Christmas gift! $10, pick up in Longview.
Actor James Arness was If a remake of is ever produced, only one man should be cast as the rugged, handsome Matt_Dillon: learn to say Chris Reed.
I have had enough of Hollywood remakes of great movies. They just remade "The Sound of Music" with Carrie Underwood. Agree with Myles Von Trapp Derbyshire...great grandson of Maria Von Trapp...who was very gracious..noting that Carrie Underwood is a great country singer...but he would have preferred Anne Hathaway...great actress who proved she can sing in "Les Miserables". The original "Sound of Music" with Julie Andrews was why try to improve on perfection? There have been several remakes of "King Kong". but the original in black and white with Faye Wray (best screamer of the bunch) remains a classic. Let's see..several remakes of "Invasion of the Body Snatchers"...the original again in black and white kept me awake for weeks as a child...knew there was a pod with my name on it outside my door...John Carpenter...good director ...remade "The Thing" and although true to the short story that "The Thing" was an alien and infected can't forget James Arness (aka Matt Dillon of "Gunsmo ...
Did you know that in 1923 Warren G. Harding was President and Calvin Coolidge was VP. President Harding fell ill while returning from a trip to Alaska and died on Aug 2. Calvin Coolidge was sworn in. The Time Magazine made its debut and Rin Tin Tin becomes film's first canine star. Actors born in 1923 were Charlton Heston, Peter Lawford, James Arness, Anne Baxter, Bob Barker, Ted Knight and Rose Marie. The Whooping Cough vaccine was developed and Harry Steenbock discovered that radiating food with ultraviolet light adds vitamin D. The most important thing was my mom was born. The picture is of me reading these notes to some of the guests at the Birthday Party for my mom. Thank you everyone for this a special day for my mom.
Famous people who were WWII vets: Actors who were veterans of the second world war included Audie Murphy, Ernest Borgnine, James Doohan, Charles Durning, Sir Alec Guinness, Lee Marvin, Eddie Albert, Charles Bronson, James Arness and Rod Steiger. Audie Murphy, born on June 20, 1924, in Kingston, Texas, served in the U.S. Army beginning in 1942 and was a staff sergeant in the European/African/Middle Eastern Theater of Operations. He later served as a platoon leader and company commander, and during his service he received the Medal of Honor, Distinguished Service Cross, Silver Star, Bronze Star, Purple Heart and a number of other awards. After the war, Murphy starred in 43 films, many of them westerns. His most famous was "The Red Badge of Courage," directed by John Huston. Murphy died in a plane accident in 1971 and is buried in Arlington Cemetery, where his grave is the second-most visited site after that of President John F. Kennedy.
Today on Gunsmoke: "Moonstone" - Chad Timpson fears that his criminal past will be exposed by a violent conflict involving his girlfriend, his brother and a former partner. Matt: James Arness. Kitty: Amanda Blake. Doc: Milburn Stone. Phillips: Warren Kemmerling. Madge: Gail Kobe. Orv: Tom Skerritt
Richard Belzer is leaving Law & Order SVU. When he does, he will have played Sergeant John Munch for longer than any actor played any character in U.S. prime time television history. Longer than James Arness as Marshall Dillion from Gunsmoke and Kelsey Grammer as Frasier Crane from Cheers and Frasier. He also did it on 7 different shows.
Im watching "Gunsmoke." I havnt watched this show in years! James Arness (Matt Dillon) was a WW2 hero! He fought in the battle of "Anzio.". This was a serious battle against the Germans where we had many casualties and James Arness was wounded twice. This battle lasted from January to May! James Arness was the tallest at 6ft 7inches tall so when they hit the beach he was the first one off the boat bc they didnt kno how deep the water was! The water came up to his waist... He died in 2011(?)
Dec 31, 1955 Marshal Dillon. I don't remember James Arness ever dressing like this, that outfit was more Wyatt Earp! ( I like old westerns lol)
Sept. 10, 1955: "Gunsmoke" had its premier on CBS TV. Starring James Arness as Marshall Matt Dillon, it ran for 20 years w 635 episodes.
Watching Gunsmoke on James Arness, who played Marshal Matt Dillion, was also in the greatest movie of all time, Hondo.
Today In History. September 10. Actor James Arness brought Marshall Matt Dillon to life on this night in 1955.
Do you like Gunsmoke? I ask because you compared Armie Hammer to James Arness in your Lone Ranger review.
Congrats on - We love it. Keep up the great work, can't wait for more! Robert is James Arness reincarnated.
Hey duster fans -- Gunsmoke with James Arness as Matt Dillon debut on T.V. on this day Sept. 8, 1955,
James Arness, actor who played Matt Dillon on Gunsmoke, was a talented surfer.
Did you know that . . . ?. James Arness, of “Gunsmoke” fame, was born and raised in Minneapolis, MN with his brother, Peter Graves.
I wish I could do James Arness even close to King SalmonN. age 14 remember jumping out of my seat at this movie.
I guess Supernatural has Gunsmoke in its sights. Jensen Ackles is the modern James Arness.
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Bet it was great working with the great James Arness too in Gunsmoke! Was Amanda Blake still on there when u guest starred?
wow watching Gunsmoke and see but who else how kewl it must have been working with James Arness alias Matthew Dillon!
Watched "The Macahans" with James Arness this evening. Loved that show back when I was in jr hi and it's still great now!
Photo: My all time FAVE classic sci-fi/ horror movie!! In it,  one big bad *** mofo, James Arness! 
Yo, Did u know that ur the same height as James Arness was?
Season one of The Lone Ranger - 64 yrs ago. A young James Arness playing a cowboy and doing his best imitation of John Wayne.
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Congratulations Shia enemy Morsi been ousted out of presidency in Egypt.
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Just askin all lads a favour, as anyone got id on dvd me n ar Bryan can borrow please thanks
James Arness as Matt Dillon on "Gunsmoke": 20 years for the series, but 39 if you count the TV movies.
A couple of months back we had been approached to create a Book Launch video by a client. The book was on Astral Travelling techniques. While this was the mo...
Every surah of quran is best . which surah u love to read again and again ?
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In 1960-something, my father peed in the urinal between James Arness and John Wayne peeing at a Florence, AZ High School.
hey you got me! How could I forget James Arness. Ok Two THING films, not Three :)
Oh how we miss living in San Clemente! Wifey and I saw James Arness (Gunsmoke) shopping in Alpha Beta on PCH wearing sunglasses.
I watching old episodes of The Lone Ranger on ME-TV. I didn't realise James Arness guest starred on the show!
Thursday September 8, 1955:The CBS Johnny Carson Show features James Arness, about to begin "Gunsmoke" the...
Who are your favorite three all time actors???...Mine Andy Griffith, Clint Eastwood, and James Arness.
WHAT!!! someone please trailer this horse back to Massachusetts for me."as wide as he is tall" why he already fits my "specs" lol!! AND as a BONUS feature he's the same color as "Buck" the horse Matt Dillon rode (James Arness) in Gunsmoke.I am truly sorry ( sort of) but those Twombly Performance Horses are irresistible..and I can never help but I so wrong ;)
John Wayne was asked to play Marshal Matt Dillon on Gunsmoke. John Wayne turned it down and recommended James Arness for the part and the rest is history. Gunsmoke played for twenty seasons.
Buddy Baer (1915–1986) Actor | Soundtrack Buddy was the younger brother of world heavyweight champion Max Baer. In films, he played giants in Quo Vadis and Jack and the Beanstalk. When television westerns were in vogue in the '50s and '60s, he often played the heavy to super-sized heroes James Arness, Clint Walker and Chuck Connors. See full bio » Born: Jacob Henry Baer June 11, 1915 in Omaha, Nebraska, USA Died: July 18, 1986 (age 71) in Martinez, California, USA
Check out the full version of for June 3rd on Bill Gains, James Arness, Jack...
Family ties, however so slim still make you wonder who else in your life may have had an effect to your being who you are... Ben Gage was married to Ethel Austin before Williams. And Ethel Hawley Austin was a great, great Aunt Ben Gage (October 29, 1914, Chicago - April 28, 1978, Los Angeles) was a radio singer and announcer, occasional off-screen film singer dubbing the voice of non-singing actors, and American television actor active from 1959 to 1975. Gage resembled James Arness and could imitate his voice perfectly, and played Gunsmoke spoofs in four episodes of Maverick, which is the work for which he is best remembered, especially a famous 1959 Maverick episode with James Garner called "Gun-Shy" (with Gage as "Sheriff Mort Dooley" instead of "Marshal Matt Dillon") as well as "A Tale of Three Cities", "The Misfortune Teller", and "A Technical Error". He also appeared on Batman, Bonanza, F Troop, The Donna Reed Show, The Lucy Show, and Star Trek. Gage was married to swimmer/actress Esther Williams fro ...
Oh... let me tell you. I need you to have that book. It has James Arness, Orville and Wilbur Wright, and Pope Paul VI in it.
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Huge memories of sitting with my grandfather watching his favorite show, Gunsmoke, with news that Marshall Dillon (James Arness) is dead.
I left the TV on MeTv & mission impossible came on, did you know Peter Graves and James Arness from Gunsmoke were brothers ?
Cannot believe I am on my way to watch my baby sister, my little Ame, graduate. I am so proud of you, for all that you have accomplished,not only from an academic standpoint but for always sticking to your morals and making good choices. You are now an amazing young woman and i know you will continue to accomplish great things at college level. Dad would be beyond proud of you. Have a special night.
Chord and lyric : compose : Acoustic ja...
I am watching the original movie The Thing with James Arness!! I have a big collection of movies,but I love my old ones the best!
If you were Renard, who would you bench for Saturday's game against Lesotho?
Why does the Catholic Bible contain 73 books while the Protestant bible Just 66 books yet both claim to be the Complete "Word of God"?"
Some *** just can't handle the responsibility and privilege of having one faithful girl. They want a million *** ..
1861: Confederate and Union troops square off in the first land battle of the civil war. 1888: The poem "Casey at the Bat" by Ernest Lawrence Thayer is published in the San Francisco Examiner. 1940: The German Luftwaffe begins bombing Paris. 1943: White Navy Sailors and Marines clash with young Latinos in L.A. in the Zoot Suit Riots. 1983: Chinese troops move into Tiananmen Square to remove protestors by force after 7 weeks of occupation. Cake and Candles... 1808: Jefferson Davis, 1st and only President of the Confederate States of America. (D. 1889) 1844: Garret Hobart, 24th Vice President of the United States under William McKinley. (D.1899) 1864: Ransom E. Olds, founder of Oldsmobile and REO Motor Car Company. (d. 1950) 1906: Josephine Baker, Singer and Actress. (D. 1975) 1925: Tony Curtis, Actor. (d. 2010) In Memorium... 1861: Stephen Douglas, Politician. (b. 1813) 2009: David Carradine, Actor. (b. 1936) 2010: Rue McClanahan, Actress. (b. 1934) 2011: James Arness, Actor. (b. 1923) Ob ...
Today in 2001 2 time Oscar winner Anthony Quinn passed away at 86. In 2011 3 time Emmy nominated actor James Arness died at the age of 88
James Arness died 2 years ago today, at the age of 88.
In 2011: James Arness, 6-foot-6 actor who starred as Marshal Dillon in the classic western TV series ``Gunsmoke'' died in his sleep
Remembering the actor James Arness who died on June 3, 2011.
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FACT Relatives will always advice to a 10th class topper ,,"beta science lena ,commerce me kya rakha hai"
In any situation you find yourself, always give thanks to God.
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If u had the opportunity to stand b4 God and ask him just one question, what wud it be?
Oh Lord!!, Dont Let me cheat on my girlfriend...Buh if u cannot stop me from cheating, Please dont let me get caught...
Happy birthday to Stevie Nicks, Helena Bonham Carter, Lenny Kravitz, Pam Grier, Brent Musburger, and the late Levon Helm, Miles Davis, Jack Kevorkian, James Arness, Peggy Lee, Peter Cushing, Al Jolson, John Wayne and Pope Clement VII. On this day in history, the Marquis de Sade did... something or other you probably don't want to hear about. And in 1962 west of the Ashley was born a very, very, very quiet little baby. That didn't last, did it?
John Wayne and James Arness were both born on May 26 - several years apart.
Born May 26 Matt Stone 42,Lenny Kravits 49, Phillip Thomas 64, Pam Grier 64, Hanks Williams Jr 64, Stevie Nicks 65, James Arness, John Wayne. On this day 1977 - The man called The Human Fly, George Willig, did the impossible. He scaled the World Trade Center in New York City, by fixing himself up to the window washer mechanism and walking straight up until falling into police custody when he reached the top! It took Willig three and a half hours to make the climb, and $1.10 in fines - a penny per floor.
James Arness, Marshall Matt Dillon from "Gunsmoke," was born on this date 90 years ago:
May 26th: The Feast of The Most Holy Trinity and St. Philip Neri. Martin Luther was banned in 1521 by the Edict of Worms. St. Philip Neri (79) died in 1595 and diarist Samuel Pepys (70) in 1703. Lewis and Clark in 1805 saw the Rocky Mountains. Montana Territory was formed in 1864. Andrew Johnson was acquitted in 1868 in his impeachment trial. Dancer Isadora Duncan was born in 1877, Al Jolson in 1886, actress Norma Talmadge in 1893, Senator Estes Kefauver in 1903, John Wayne in 1907 and Laurance Rockefeller in 1910.The Actors' Equity Association was organized in 1913 in New York. Actor Jay Silverheels was born in 1919, singer Peggy Lee in 1920, James Arness in 1923, Composer Victor Herbert (65) died in 1924, Miles Davis was born in 1926 and singer Jimmie Rodgers (35) died in 1933. The House Un-American Activities Commission was established in 1938 by Congress. Doctor Charles Mayo (74) died in 1939. The Dunkirk evacuation began in 1940 with 338,000 Allied troops leaving France. Betsy Ross' house was donate ...
My two favorite western actors were born on this day! John Wayne and James Arness. Happy Birthday day guys. Gone but not forgotten!
May 26th is the birthday of 3 late great Americans. 1907-John Wayne, 1912 Jay Silverheels, & 1923-James Arness. Luv the show
I did & STILL do. Marshal Matt Dillon was the love of my young life! Doc Adams, Miss Kitty Russell, Chester Goode, Festus Hagen, & Sam (bartender) are all old friends! Have a friend from grade school on, Mark Baldwin, whose Dad reminded me of James Arness. I used to call Mr. Baldwin (Bill Sr.) Marshal Dillon all the time! Gunsmoke was/is a great show.
Gunsmoke would've been even better if it had incorporated James Arness' limp into the Matt Dillon character rather than ignoring it and having him awkwardly gimp down the street after a criminal, and attempt to gloss it up as if he was running.
Rolf Aurness was born in 1952 in Santa Monica, California. His father, actor James Arness (birth name Aurness) was best known as TV’s Marshall Matt Dillon from Gunsmoke. He provided all the means and opportunity for his son’s meteoric progression, flying him off for frequent surf trips to Mexico and securing a beach front pad at Hawaii’s premier right-hander, Makaha, thus creating a fertile environment for a young surfer to cultivate his wave riding skills.
Directed by Gordon Douglas. With James Whitmore, Edmund Gwenn, Joan Weldon, James Arness. The earliest atomic tests in New Mexico cause common ants to mutate into giant man-eating monsters that threaten civilization.
"A man will draw his gun quicker to prove his point than draw his logic." -James Arness, Gunsmoke
My brothers have portraits of John Wayne and James Arness hanging in their house.. And we refer to them both as family. 😆
Can tack on Andrew Kunzeman to that list. May 26th, I turn 35. Sally Ride, John Wayne, James Arness and Jay Silverheels too.
Ukraine's joining the EU would dramatically and irreversibly change the political landscape of Europe, end the division of Europe and close the saga of the Iron Curtain and the Cold War
Newly from Gunsmoke is such a babe and Marshall Matt Dillon (James Arness) has the hottest voice 😍
Did you know that James Arness and Milburn Stone are on all 633 episodes of Gunsmoke? Amazon:
If she turns into Kurt Russell or James Arness, RUN.
Actually it's the man who was 1st choice to play Matthew Dillon.John Wayne He recommended his buddy James Arness
Rocky Acre's Horse-Training & Boarding Arness as Matt Dillon in Gunsmoke on his...
I love scary movies, but they have to be sad! OMG! The Japanese old B/W films! Godzilla-Raymond Burr; Them-James Arness mor
ol' Ken Curtis lookin a wee bit parched. Nother hour and he'd be dead if James Arness hadn't shown up to save the day.
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