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Jameis Winston

Jameis Winston (born December 30, 1994) is an American football quarterback and baseball outfielder for the Florida State Seminoles.

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Jameis Winston built like ol dude from Boyz N Da Hood. Ol "Give the lil n*gga his ball back" face a$$
I've been scouting seriously since 2014. Jameis Winston & Marcus Peters tied for my highest grade ever.
ESPN's Ryan Clark believes Jameis Winston will be next QB to make Super Bowl Debut (by
Jameis Winston never lost a regular season game. He never lost at Doak Campbell Stadium. He never lost to the Gators or…
Deshaun Watson: 40 touchdown passes this season, tying Jameis Winston's ACC record for most in one season.
hey Bill I've been thinking about this respect movement and I think we need a spokesperson. Ray rice? Jameis Winston possibly?
SEE IT: The ugly lowlights from the 2016 NFL season, starring Aqib Talib, Jameis Winston and Bill Belichick
Cam Newton, Carson Palmer, and Jameis Winston are at home while Brock Osweiler/Tom Savage vs Matt McGloin is a playoff matchup. 🙃
David Whitley wrote the worst sports column of 2016, blaming the woman who accused Jameis Winston of rape
Dak Prescott, Jameis Winston can learn a lot from each other
Seeing Jameis Winston head butt a linebacker has only strengthened my theory that he's actually just…
Jameis Winston some whole bum sauce for not winning that game, he had like 3 chances..this is the Buccaneers of old bruh 😂🚩☠️
If anyone needs me I will be watching Jameis Winston highlights until the break of dawn
Jameis Winston was paid 43 1/2 times more than Dak Prescott to SIGN his rookie contract ($16.7M vs $383,393)
Perhaps even more important: university and police who had responsibility to keep students safe did so little.…
not only is it the bucs, it the bucs with a bad Jameis Winston
What Americans will look like by 2050! Camila "Jameis Winston" Zsa Zsa Gabor
Top story: 'The looks on Jameis Winston's face. ' see more
Jameis is the anti Alex Smith. If Smith is Checkdown Charlie...Winston is Stretch the field Steve.
SACK! takes down Jameis Winston for a loss of 6 yards.
Cowboys. . If Jameis Winston can be as and as he was *3rd Quarter*...HE WOULD BE AMAZING!
Cowboys beat the Bucs and Ezekiel Elliott jumped in a big red bucket:
Never forget how badly Marcus Mariota destroyed Jameis Winston in the last game of both of their college careers.
Jameis Winston's headbutt game is weak
Dak has more completions than Jameis Winston has attempts tonight
Jameis Winston on Dak Prescott: "He’s amazing...He definitely won the turnover battle against me tonight. That's how you wi…
Cowboys S Jeff Heath owns Tampa QB Jameis Winston. That's his 3rd INT against him in 2 games.
Bucs vs. Cowboys highlights: Dropped pick turns into crazy Jameis Winston TD pass
I respect and love Jameis Winston spirit on the football field. When you really love the game its contagious and it renews…
Jameis Winston is on pace for more passing yards than any other QB in NFL history in their first 2 years
Jameis Winston looking like he just got away with stealing crab legs. .
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Jameis Winston is trending. Let's not forget that he may have raped a fellow student:
Buccaneers vs. Cowboys 2016 final score: Dak Prescott, Ezekiel Elliott get Dallas to 12-2 with 26-20 win
Neat, the best part is you can also use it for Jameis Winston! LMAO Holiday Bowl
Would you start Russell Wilson over Dak, Flacco, Tyrod, or Jameis Winston this week?
Charles Davis said that Jameis Winston "has a little Big Ben in him".
Former QB Jameis Winston weighs in on the chances & Dalvin Cook's Heisman race (via h…
Merril Hoge just compared Jameis Winston to Byron Leftwich. Oh lord. Oh dear lord.
TOUCHDOWN BUCCANEERS!. Jameis Winston finds Mike Evans for the score. Tampa Bay takes the early 7-0 lead.
Jameis Winston beats zone cvg with perfect throw high enough over LB Bobby Wagner to Mike Evans for 1st down at SEA 30
Jameis Winston ballin out. Love it lets go Bucs!
Jameis Winston earns an excellent grade, while Jay Cutler earns an awful one in Bucs' blowout win: https:/…
DC Vic Fangio on Bucs QB Jameis Winston: "He's improved a lot. You can just see his maturation process."
Bears DC Vic Fangio is sold on Bucs QB Jameis Winston: "I think they've got their quarterback for the future."
Lamar Jackson just became the 4th player in ACC history with 40 TDs in a single season joining Tajh Boyd, Jameis Winston and D…
Jameis Winston and went down with injuries Thursday night. It all started to…
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Robert Alford fell for a pump fake after Jameis Winston was already 10 yards down the field 😂
Jameis Winston has beaten the 3 times in a row including once already this year. Matchup:…
What would do? Would you give up Cam Newton in return for Jordan Howard and Jameis Winston?
Remember when the Panthers were Super Bowl favorites, and people were thinking Jameis Winston could be MVP? That was lik…
Sources: Matt Ryan still learning playbook. Sky Clouds will start Jameis Winston. Flacco in for Wet Bandits (Wilson bye).
I feel like I would start Jameis Winston over Eli or Matt Ryan this week. Is there a particular reason ur so low on him?
.can you kindly tell "coach" jimbo fisher he's a hack and can't win without his precious thug Jameis Winston, k thx
looks like Paxton Lynch is no Jameis Winston... And Aquib Talib is no Brent something 😆
Jameis Winston to Aquib Talib is a good combo
How Jalen Hurts bounced back against Kentucky and showed his Jameis Winston side
Marcus Mariotta vs. Jameis Winston in the playoff semi finals two years ago. Come on
On this day in 2013, Jameis Winston (threw THIS Hail Mary!
Robert Quinn with the big hit on Jameis Winston, who had nowhere to throw. The Rams win, a big one, 37-32. Great... htt…
foxsports​.com >> Jameis Winston's second-year leap is a product of loyalty and the long ball
If you're wondering why Florida St came back from 22 down vs. Ole Miss, look at Jameis Winston's halftime speech https:/…
"'We some dogs, we ain't no puppies' — Jameis Winston addresses FSU at halftime before historic comeback vs Ole Miss" via
Best screenshots from Jameis Winston's halftime speech to the during Ole Miss game
Jameis Winston inspires the Noles at halftime while trailing last night against Ole Miss! (via
Florida State quarterback Deondre Francois discusses the advice Jameis Winston gave him... https:…
I feel like someday it will come out that Redd Foxx is Jameis Winston's dad, and on that day it will all make sense
Adam Humphries is developing into one of Jameis Winston's most reliable receivers:
2016-2017 is the Year of the black QB.Dak Prescott, Cam Newton, Russell Wilson,Teddy Bridgewater,EJ Manuel, RG3,Tyrod Taylor, Jameis Winston
Video: Early in 11-on-11 work with Jaguars, QB Jameis Winston finds TE Brandon Myers wide-open.
Jameis Winston is the youngest Heisman Trophy winner in history!
Video: Red zone, Bucs QB Jameis Winston pass deflected by Bradley McDougald and Chris Conte comes down with it.
Jameis Winston will win the super bowl before Andy Dalton, Andrew Luck and Carson Palmer. Mark my words 🙌🏼
Jalen Ramsey is Madden 17's highest-rated rookie, even ahead of Jameis Winston's initial rating last year
University of Florida police troll Jameis Winston, FSU with ...
(in my top 20 QB rankings for standard leagues) ranking at is Jameis Winston
Also Jameis Winston is gonna be a stud this year. I'm gonna pick him in the later rounds of the draft. (((Mike Evans maybe?)))
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University of Florida PD saw a chance to poke fun at Jameis Winston and FSU. They took it:
Follow for a Chance to win this Jameis Winston Rc Patch from Black Gold! Buy/Sell Cards! https:…
Jameis Winston, Mario Hezonja, Aaron Gordon, VH3, Lavonte David, an assortment of things tbh
11-5, make it to the NFC championship and Offense MVP = Jameis Winston, Defense MVP = Lavonte David
How is Carson Wentz going ahead of Jameis Winston? That's crazy.
Players with more carries from inside the 10 than Yeldon last year: Gerhart, Andre Williams, Antonio Andrews, Tolbert, Jameis Winston.
Bobby Bowden field at doak Campbell stadium under Jameis Winston watch? Cmon bro. Grow up.
Finebaum talked about Cam Newton,then Jameis Winston and crab legs for months Whats the word on Saban's punishment on C Robinson
Donovan Smith: When you have a player like Jameis Winston who works on getting better 24/7, it pushes you to do the same.
Jameis Winston says Kenny Bell is a "big-play guy" who can stretch the field. Expects big things from Bell.
Daryl Smith makes splash play on 1st rep of 11 on 11.Former Raven picks off Jameis Winston
Jameis Winston dropped 20 pounds by cutting down on potato chips:
Video: Nice touchdown pass from Bucs QB Jameis Winston to former receiver Kenny Bell.
Jameis Winston lost 18 pounds and is ready to start his Sophomore season -
Jameis Winston full of surprises for Tampa Bay – from missing belly to winning personality
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Treon Harris is way better of a QB than Jameis Winston ever was
College, but even then you have guys that can play multiple sports. Ex: Bo Jackson, Jameis Winston, Tony Gonzalez, etc.
Jon Robinson talks Jameis Winston vs. Marcus Mariota, 2016 draft, and more
a lot of woman that accuse famous guys just dont like how it looks on they resume Look up Jameis Winston n Derrick Rose accusers
Rotoviz also compared Jameis Winston to Tim Couch, Blaine Gabbert, & Payton Manning. What does that prove?Abs…
The Bucs' home opener will feature the 2015 No. 1 pick (Jameis Winston) against the 2016 No. 1 pick (Jared Goff).
Mike Evans just asked Jameis Winston's dog to follow him back on Instagram. What a time to be alive.
Jameis Winston on Lovie Smith "You learn it's a business" Likes what new HC Dirk Koetter did w offense http…
What did QB Jameis Winston see at breakfast in Hawaii that made him want to change his body? Find out here:
Jameis Winston was initially fearful of the domino effect former head coach Lovie Smith's firing, but…
Jameis Winston describes reaction to Bucs firing Lovie Smith: The day after learning his head coach had been fired…
Jameis Winston answers character questions as leader of Tampa Bay Bucs: Jameis Winston continues his NFL journey…
Y'all have Drew Brees and Cam Newton. Matt Ryan trash, and Jameis Winston too young
Every great athlete has been accused of rape: Kobe, Ben Roethlisberger, Jameis Winston and Alex Fear to name a few.
Jameis Winston hooked up Hov with a dope jersey
Breast Cancer Awareness
"Sky is the Limit" for Jameis Winston! Check out the NFL HQ crew on WATCH:
NFC south has Cam Newton Matt Ryan and Jameis Winston and they rank 3?
"Leaner" Jameis Winston ready for second NFL season
Some NFL draft analysts think Carson Wentz and Jared Goff are better than Jameis Winston and Marcus Mariota
Hear what Coach Koetter had to say about Jameis Winston and more. WATCH today's pressers: https:/…
"We're just pumped!" - QB Jameis Winston. WATCH full presser from today:
Ready to see Jameis Winston in year 2
Jameis Winston says he & Mike Evans are developing a closer relationship on & off field so they can depend on each other at…
Currently, Jameis Winston, Nick O'Leary, and Jacoby Brissett are practicing on Lake Worth Football field 🏈🏈🏈
This OU Villanova game is looking like the Oregon vs Jameis Winston game in the rose bowl.
Sources say Jimbo Fisher fighting for his job after admitting negligence in Jameis Winston's scandal.
Jameis Winston won the Heisman Trophy the same year he raped a woman. What's wrong with this picture
Hines Ward, Jameis Winston, Matt Ryan, Desmond Howard, and *gulp* the Ryan brothers get it
Tampa Bay QB Jameis Winston poses with his team at Kurt Warner's flag football event in...
Michael Vick, LT, Reggie Bush, Jameis Winston and Tyrod Taylor just walked into my hotel. My efforts to play it off cool failed miserably
Doug Martin excited about Bucs offense continuing to improve after promising rookie years by Jameis Winston, Donovan Smith a…
985k buyout for Illinois' That’s $200,000 less than it took Florida State boosters to pay attorney fees in Jameis Winston case
DT Gerald McCoy endorses QB Jameis Winston as team leader - exclusive interview - .
DT Gerald McCoy is all in on QB Jameis Winston being the face of the franchise. .
Dalvin Cook names Karlos Williams, Jameis Winston, and Jalen Ramsey as guys he looked up to for leadership and work ethi…
this game set the tone for our future. our leaders were born in Jameis Winston and Kwon Alexander
Dirk Koetter admits to being skeptical on Jameis Winston. Ex-coach Ken Whisenhunt was initially skeptical about Marcus Mariota
It was actually GM Jason Licht who was the first to be all-in on Jameis Winston.
IDP ALERT- GM Jason Licht gushing about LB Kwon Alexander, says he's the Jameis Winston of the defense and wants to win at all costs
Licht said Kwon Alexander is "ultra passionate,' and a lot like Jameis Winston in that they want to win at all cost. It's team first...
Jameis Winston talks to about Lovie Smith, Dirk Koetter, season ahead.
Giving a speech on Jameis Winston and Lawrence Phillips tomorrow 😁
Two rookies are among the only 4 Buccaneers to start all 16 games last season: Jameis Winston, Donovan Smith, Doug Martin and Lavonte David
maybe you should have have used Zach Mettenberger's pic instead of Jameis Winston
As a football fan, I can only echo this sentiment. Alex, you are likely on it, but just in case, Jameis Winston is
Jameis Winston & Antonio Brown at the 2015 Pepsi Rookie of the Year Award Ceremony last night.
Jameis Winston's first year in NFL: 3 time NFL Rookie of the Week, Pro Bowl, 4,042 passing yards, and NFL Rookie of the Ye…
Jameis Winston rookie of the year lets go 💀⚔
So my prediction will be . MVP: Cam Newton. Dpoy: Josh Norman. Oroy: Jameis Winston. Droy: Marcus Peters
Jameis Winston winning rookie of the year over amari, gurley, and peters is a joke
Only 2 1st round rookies played more snaps than Marcus Peters in 2015 (Jameis Winston, Brandon Scherff). (h/t
How is Jameis Winston the NFL Pepsi Rookie of the Year? What about Marcus Peters? Or Todd Gurley? Just sayin'.
Somebody explain to me how Jameis Winston deserves to be the ROY over Peters, Gurley, or Cooper?
The fans selected Jameis Winston to be the ROTY!.
BREAKING: Jameis Winston has been voted by the fans as the NFL's Rookie of the Year!.
Jones: Could Cam Newton and Jameis Winston form next great QB duel?
Jameis Winston should've learned how to speak English before learning how to play football.
I believe you're speaking of a Heisman Trophy winner Jameis Winston
Jameis Winston playing center and blocking is the best part of the Pro Bowl.
Shook hands with Jameis Winston, met Doug Matin, Odel Beckham Jr. and Julio Jones. Can't say life is that bad right now
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Jameis Winston opens up for the first time on the firing of Lovie Smith.
Jameis Winston plans to stay close to Lovie Smith.
Jameis Winston finally speaks publicly about Lovie Smith.
Jameis Winston loves Lovie Smith... and he talked to him for a while after the firing. More with audio NOW.
Lightning talk now and in 10 mimutes, Jameis Winston finally speaks on Lovie Smith -- and we have the audio.
Because we all hate Tyrod Taylor, Russell Wilson, Jameis Winston, Robert and Teddy Bridgewater the same way...
Kirk Cousins and Jordan Reed should have definitely made Pro Bowl over Jameis Winston and Gary Barnidge that's ridiculous
He grew to be a young Jameis Winston
Jameis Winston going to the Pro Bowl is the perfect example of why the Pro Bowl shouldn't really be a thing anymore. htt…
More replacements named to the Pro Bowl, including TY Hilton, Cam Jordan and Jameis Winston
Florida State to pay $950G in settlement with Jameis Winston rape accuser - Ex-NFL, Texas QB Vince Young reportedly…
White guilted cuckolds hate Tim Tebow with a passion, but they will defend Jameis Winston from his rape accusation.
Florida State settles suit with Jameis Winston accuser(Orlando news)
There are three products on this year's NFL All-Rookie team: Jameis Winston, Eddie Goldman and Ronald Darby.
Currently employed by an NFL team:. Jameis Winston. Stephen Morris. Not currently employed:. Tim Tebow
Wait, I didn't know Jameis Winston and Joseph Randle were DBs for the panthers.
BREAKING: Tampa Bay selects former FSU QB Jameis Winston with the first overall pick in the NFL Draft.
Bay Buccaneers QB Jameis Winston needs to keep his cool -
Jameis Winston decided to keep GM Jason Licht on his staff after letting Lovie Smith go.
job much more attractive now with Jameis Winston at QB than it was when they hired Raheem Morris, Greg Schiano, an…
Jameis Winston on Lovie Smith: "It's sad. Now Jameis gotta be skrong. Cuz when Jameis skrong, we skrong. And when we s…
I think the Bucs fired Love Smith because they want to hire Josh McDaniels to develop a young talented QB like Jameis Winston
The only famous celebrity I know that sounds more ignorant than Jameis Winston is Floyd Mayweather Sr.
Lovie Smith says the Bucs are in good shape going forward with Jameis Winston leading the team on the field.
Jameis Winston is going to be a bust. I already know. He is going to be another Jamarcus Russel.
Robert McClain picks off Jameis Winston in win
Picked off! UConn grad Robert McClain with the INT of Jameis Winston for the .
That's another INT for Jameis Winston -- Robert McClain got pick after Cam Brate fell down on route ...
Panthers D steps up again! Robert McClain picks off Jameis Winston. Panthers' ball with 13:26 left in the 4th.
Jameis Winston has a receiver fall, after a pass into double coverage, and Robert McClain comes away with the ball.
Jameis Winston is intercepted by Robert McClain, Panthers take over with 13:21 left in the 4th quarter.
Robert McClain intercepts Jameis Winston's pass and returns it to midfield!
Bucs' MVP is Jameis Winston: Tampa Bay Times Pulitzer Prizes · Make us your home page 4:46.PM, Saturday...
QB Jameis Winston and LT Donovan Smith continue to have taken every offensive snap all season as Bucs rookies ...
If the guy can get to a Superbowl with Rex Grossman, I think he can WIN one with Jameis Winston.
Jameis Winston quarterbacked my fantasy football championship team. Tell me again how we have to draft a QB early next August.
Eddie Goldman sacks former FSU teammate Jameis Winston. Bucs have to punt. Bears will take over with 1:45 Q2 with all 3 timeouts.
The FSU love--former FSU defensive tackle Eddie Goldman sacks his college teammate Jameis Winston on third down.
Jameis Winston went over and exchanged a huge with Chicago rookie Eddie Goldman. Donovan Smith did the same with safety Adrian Amos.
Me personally, I think Alshon Jeffery and Mike Evans would be a dream tandem for Jameis Winston.
Randy Moss, Warren Sapp, Dez Bryant, Jimmy Smith, Marcus Peters, Jameis Winston, on and on. GMs will always bet on talent.
Alex Smith or Jameis Winston ? I know . how am i in the championship ?
Prediction:. Jameis Winston will be worse than Tim Tebow, but better than Gino Smith.
From a fantasy aspect Jameis Winston has killed Mike Evans career and Jimmy Graham is useless in
Offensive Rookie of the Year will be Jameis Winston. Defensive Rookie of the Year will be Marcus Peters. Decent year for my guys...
With Todd Gurley and Jameis Winston squaring off tonight, ranks the rookies:
Bucs GM on Jameis Winston: I wouldn't trade him for another quarterback in the league
All in all a good week for the NFL. And not just because Greg Hardy, Jameis Winston and Ben Roethlisberger did not rape o…
If he's the goat than so is OJ Simpson, Adrian Peterson, Jameis Winston, Mike Vick, Ray Lewis, and Rae Carruth
The Case Keenum-Jameis Winston matchup is just a slightly better Houston-FSU QB matchup than Greg Ward Jr.-Sean Maguire
Bucs' QB Jameis Winston favored to win NFL Offensive Rookie of the Year
Jameis Winston isn't going to reach his full potential with Lovie Smith as his head coach.
Jameis Winston looks like the peanut butter baby in this pic.
Jameis Winston is Jamarcus Russell and Vince Young all over again.
Through 13 games, Watson has 386 more total yards & 1 less TD than Jameis Winston had when he won Heisman.
Sean Payton says Jameis Winston is ‘a reason why they’re winning’
Jameis Winston in the red zone: . 12 passing TDs. 5 rushing TDs. 0 INTs.
Bucs QB Jameis Winston is not among the five nominees for Pepsi NFL Rookie of the Week. ...
What separates Jameis Winston and Marcus Mariota so far? Consistency (via ESPN) .
"If you deserve respect as a young player, a veteran will give it to you," Lovie Smith says of Jameis Winston and how teammates respect him.
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3 years ago today Jameis Winston raped a young woman at Florida State University. That is the moral caliber of the NFL's draft pick.
i caught that .well den..tryin to nab the young Jameis Winston
Feels like today was the day that even the skeptical Bucs fans realized how special Jameis Winston can be. Proud of that young man
Jameis Winston tied Buccaneers’ single-season record for rushing TD by a QB- 5 (also Steve Young in 1986 and Shaun King …
High-profile rookies Jameis Winston of the Tampa Bay Buccaneers and Marcus Mariota of the Tennessee Titans war...
**CRAZY PLAY ALERT**. Watch this Jameis Winston fumble + run and try to figure out how he got 20 yards & a 1st down
Jameis Winston ties Steve Young and Shaun King for Bucs' single-season record for Rush TD by a QB with 5.
Jameis Winston describing the huddle before the game-winning TD pass to Mike Evans.
The let Jameis Winston and Matthew Stafford look like hall of famers, and make the greatest of all time Brady lo…
Jameis Winston is first Bucs rookie QB to win six games. Shaun King went 4-1, Doug Williams went 4-6, Mike Glennon 4-9 as ro…
Buccaneers: Jameis Winston harkens back to college days and wills team to win over Falcons, writes Rick Brown (ESP…
Looking to buy a Jameis Winston jersey like...
Slip capsules in your glass you dizzy rascal - Jameis Winston
Here's today's front, with story on Jameis Winston off the field. https:/…
Why does Jameis Winston deserve NFL Off. Rookie of the Year honors over Marcus Mariota?.
Why is QB Jameis Winston the favorite over Mariota, Gurley for NFL Off. ROTY honors?
Jameis Winston's DNA was found in a Rape Kit while he won a Heisman Trophy & National Championship. . https:…
Hey Elliot should i start Russell Wilson or Jameis Winston?
QBs w more points than Brees include: Matthew Stafford, Jameis Winston, Eli Manning. Alex Smith will likely be joining the list in Wk13 :D
The NFL views Jameis Winston as a saint cause he shows up at 5:30am to work out. Johnny Manziel is a monster cause he went out on a bye week
Tampa Bay Buccaneers quarterback Jameis Winston feels the rush coming from Billy Winn.…
Potentially bad decisions of the day*:. 1) Taco Bell breakfast. 2) Long John Silvers lunch. 3) Not starting Jameis Winston. *no specific order
Bucs' Jameis Winston has earned team's respect with preparation, play (via https…
Until then...most important title run players: Florida: Danny Wuerffel and Tim Tebow. FSU: Peter Warrick and Jameis Winston. That is all.
Doug Martin, Jameis Winston win Player of the Week awards
Bucs have swept the NFL FedEx weekly honors -- Jameis Winston is Air Player of Week, Doug Martin is Ground Player of Week ...
I knew Lovie Smith was the perfect coach for Jameis Winston. I was right.
The only way I would ever root for the Cowboys is if Jameis Winston was the QB and Steve Smith was at receiver.
"It's gonna take everything we got to try and contain that guy." - coach Chuck Pagano on Jameis Winston.
OC Dirk Koetter on QB Jameis Winston: he likes to say he's nobody in the NFL. Well, he's going to be a somebody some day.   10% Off
Dirk Koetter says Jameis Winston did a really nice job in the game, and while making decisions early when the headsets were down.
Dirk Koetter says Jameis Winston gave guys a chance to make the play.
Jameis Winston threatened possible suit over doc about rape accusation
jameis Winston's performance has to be better. He's a rookie bro
Tony Romo's powerful speech to Cowboys night before victory gave Dez Bryant chills
Jameis Winston makes relevant once again via
Because first of all, if yo curve game was SCRONG like Jameis Winston we wouldn't even get that far in convo to begin with.
Is it time to snag Jameis Winston off waivers?
Jameis Winston is even better than we thought
Jameis Winston, James Jones & Vincent Jackson all on my bench yesterday
Lavonte David now has TWO multiple-INT games. First Bucs' LB ever to accomplish that, and TB has had some GREAT LBs.
"I don’t know if he’s as advertised – I think he’s probably a little ahead of the curve." -- on Jameis Winston
Cool back page to today's getting pics of all five Bucs that caught Jameis Winston touchdown passes.
"This was substantial for Jameis Winston. Everything about it." - on Bucs QB Jameis Winston vs. Eagles
Jameis Winston, Doug Martin power to win over via
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Hey, before you give NFC Off. POTW award to Cam Newton, Jameis Winston also had 246 yds & 5 TDs in a win, but had a…
yeah & I fear sanctions if we (re)hire him since he basically enabled all that Jameis Winston madness
Jameis Winston was at his best on third down Sunday: 8-of-9 for 79 and 3 TDs. That & red-zone dominance noted here:
Since Week 5, Jameis Winston has 9 TDs and 2 INTs and the Bucs are 4-2.
When your favorite team gets raped by Jameis Winston and the Bucs
Week 11 Booms and Busts: Jameis Winston makes the leap via
Jameis Winston made some ridiculous throws vs PHI. Young QBs shouldn't be able to throw guys open the way he did. He tru…
The Hunting Ground on CNN opened the world up to who Jameis Winston really is. A worthless piece of garbage.
Cam Newton and Jameis Winston took turns torching NFC East defenses on Sunday. And wound up in a virtual tie.
Bravo to 4 telling Jameis Winston+ lawyers to pound sand. Plus, what was NBC thinking last night? Media Column:
Media Watchdog: Bravo, CNN, for telling Jameis Winston to pound sand
Ann Coulter is standing up for Jameis Winston and if that's not enough for you then I don't know what will be
Jameis Winston of Florida State University was not charged, when his DNA was found on the rape kit of his victim.
Good catch from -- Jameis Winston set Bucs record for wins by rookie QB. Shaun King, Doug Williams, Mike Gle…
Next on OT show, you'll hear an emotional Jameis Winston during his postgame presser. Must-listen! . Listen:
Hamilton Collection
Jameis Winston is two touchdown passes away from tying Tim Tebow's career total.
Mike Glennon still better than Jameis Winston. He would've thrown for 5 TDs by now
The future of the NFL is in Cam Newton, Derek Carr, and Jameis Winston.
Jameis Winston looking like Tom Brady and Doug Martin looking like Walter Peyton great job guys
I guess Donovan McNabb, Jameis Winston, and Warren Moon are/were thugs too, right? People irritate the *** outta me.
Jameis Winston's TD in the final minute of the game gives Bucs' 10-6 win vs Cowboys. Tampa Bay improves to 4-5.
Chaos in Tampa!. Jameis Winston flips over the line for game-winning TD, fumbles, but DAL holding call negates it. Bucs …
Ball bounces off Brandon Myers' hands and it's picked off by Jeff Heath. That's the first INT Jameis Winston's thrown since Oct. 4.
Y'all better not let Jameis Winston look like 2005 Donovan McNabb today, I swear to god.
Michael Strahan just said something i been sayin since day one "Jameis Winston reminds me so much of Donovan McNabb,"
Jameis Winston is riding the NFL's second-longest streak without an INT. READ:
Jameis Winston telling Akeem Spence "You about to get cut son."
From WR Mike Evans was targeted 19 times by Jameis Winston. He had 6 drops, most by player in …
TV cameras show Jameis Winston pulling Akeem Spence to the side, trying to get him together. That's the leadership guys…
Jameis Winston having a serious talk with Akeem Spence after his damaging personal foul call
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Some dive by Jameis Winston for the TD. He floated the pass to Russell Shepard, though, on the 2-pt conversion. 20-18 Giants with 9:25 left
Jameis Winston with his helmet on looks like a chocolate version of the stay puft marshmallow man
Jameis Winston and Kirk Cousins need new receivers.
Really impressive job by Jameis Winston to get a pass off to Adam Humphries against a huge blitz, converts a third down.
I'm glad to see Jameis Winston and Adam Humphries building a connection
Dalvin Cook runs faster than Jameis Winston from Publix
lol why is your son's hero Jameis Winston bruh? 😂😂
Florida St's Sean Maguire throws for 302 yds in 1st half. Jameis Winston never threw 300 yds in a half while at FSU.
Your weekend is made: here I am destroying Urban Meyer for his Jameis Winston hypocrisy:
Kyler Murray is QB in this year's class. The last 3 were: . •Deshaun Watson. •Christian Hackenberg. •Jameis Winston
40 Gators arrested during Urban Meyer era, so he writes a book on discipline, criticizes FSU https…
In Week 2 Jameis Winston threw for 207 yds, 1 TDs, 0 INTs. Resulting in a QB Rating of 114.58 vs the
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