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Jameela Jamil

Jameela Jamil (born 25 February 1986) is a British television presenter and model. She has appeared on various Channel 4 programmes, and has been a presenter of T4 since 2009.

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Jameela Jamil is in a Mike Schur created US sitcom with Kristen Bell and Ted Danson and it's making me lose my *** mind rn.
Jameela Jamil: 'Married men will only break…
Jameela Jamil: 'Married men will only break your heart'
Jameela Jamil speaks out about the problems facing the industry
Comin to LONDON in may, pls save me 1 of these!!!
Love, and am so proud of, SimplyBe collection, sizes 10-32. GOOD ON YA GIRL:
TV presenter Jameela Jamil on her new collection: I’m inspired by street style
Presenter Jameela Jamil models her new collection for Simply Be - Daily Star
Jameela Jamil, is now trending in United Kingdom
which Is simply stunning and my favourite colour RED
Love this Duster Jacket. Such a versatile piece to see you through the seasons
We go behind the scenes at the Jameela Jamil for Simply Be photoshoot...
Love love LOVE this dress.Would be perect for next Sunday where I will be a godmother
Print,size: definitely the off the shoulder dress, gorgeous 😊
Print,size: love off the shoulder stuff & have always loved Jameela's style 😊
I LOVE and adore this blazer! So perfect for when you need to cover up but still look fab!
Absolutely in love with this dress !!
"All humans deserve to feel good about their appearance. It's not a tiny industry's right to tell us otherwise."
'I'm so embarrassed for the fashion industry. And I am confused,' on the lack of diversity in fashion
Jameela Jamil hits the nail on the head there: time for realistic female models
Superb blog 'the fashion industry is walking the Green Mile'
The Fashion Industry Is Walking the Green Mile to Its Demise If It Doesn't Listen to the Cries of the ...
Forever wishing my hair was thinner so I could have Jameela Jamil bangs
Jameela Jamil with long, straight hair and bangs. Full fringe just above lash length, blunt cut, tap
Outfit for this evening dinner date for Kerry birthday wearing JAMIl From x
General consensus on Jameela Jamil? Is she the empty headed bint her column in Cosmo makes her out to be? Or is it an act?
I think Jameela Jamil is my spirit animal
June Sarpong, Margerita Taylor, Cat Deeley and Jameela Jamil really made presenting look easy. Shet! Caroline is making this painful!
Jameela Jamil and M.I.A. look similar to me
TV presenter Jameela Jamil launches new collection with Simply Be
Dear Santa 🎅 Please can I have this dress for Christmas parties? too perfect! 😍
Laptop insurance - because accidents happen!
You're all loving the leopard print maxi from collection
Miquita Oliver, Jameela Jamil and Max From Capital are all the same person in my mind.
PLUS! This week we have chats with Lisa Snowdon, Jameela Jamil and Black Sails hunk Tom Hopper!
Presenter opens up about falling in love with a MARRIED man
Jameela Jamil opens up on falling in love with a MARRIED man.
David Mitchell, Michael Sheen, Jameela Jamil and Sarah Brown are the stars baking in this week’s
We were lucky enough to sit down with former Radio 1 and T4 darling
Jameela Jamil interview. Jam Jam is still one of my favourite people ever.
this is a really honest interview, nice to read something with no BS. nice one
good luck with the project Jameela, thanks again for the chat
Enjoyed your Jameela Jamil piece, usually find her grating. She's so frank, must have been an absolute dream to write up.
TV presenter, radio presenter & model Jameela Jamil has appointed Lineup to handle PR 4 her new social enterprise
What an incredible project! Check out there website for more info We love Jameela Jamil's story!
Catch up on Jameela's past magazine columns here:
Up late? Catch up on past magazine columns here:
Meet Black Singles 300x250
ant and Dec are perfect, but they can't host everything! They should give it someone new, I like jameela Jamil...
A couple of years ago you'd say Laura Whitmore, Fearne Cotton, Jameela Jamil Laura Whitmore as host.
Jameela Jamil Unveils Project to improe Gigs for Disabled Music Fans via
Jameela Jamil's new company hosts gigs for people with disabilities
I liked a video from Access All Areas: The Official Chart with Jameela Jamil
you remind me of the British TV presenter Jameela Jamil
Jameela Jamil launches first music and events members club aimed at people living with disabilities
Jameela Jamil honestly is so condescending towards women all the time
Idk who I'm more excited to see on GBBO Comic relief; Alexa Chung, jameela jamil or zoella?
Jameela Jamil is doing the comic relief bake off MY CELEB DOPPLEGANGER 🙏
I just woke up fom a dream in which I was crying about not getting my coffee and why I love The Cribs to Jameela Jamil, it was really scary
Jameela Jamil and Zoella are going to be on Comic Relief Bake off so excited to see the episodes😄😄
Zoe Sugg, Alexa Chung and Jameela Jamil on for red nose day ek
think you're thinking about Jameela Jamil mate
ICYMI the amazing is part of the crew
Honestly, I think this is the best line up ever. Jameela Jamil to David Mitchell and back to Dame Edna. Fantastic!
She gets everywhere Jameela Jamil. She's on with David Mitchell, Sarah Brown
Chris Moyles and Jameela Jamil are taking part in this year's celebrity Bake-Off. 👍
Radio 1's Jameela Jamil's project to improve accessibility for disabled music fans at gigs
A new favorite: Rudimental / Ella Eyre - Radio 1 Interview with Jameela Jamil by on
Becky Hill, Jess Glynne & Jameela Jamil at out freshers ball tonight 😱🙌
Jameela Jamil on BBCR1: "I can tell you that your UK Official Chart Number One belongs to... Oh SHE'S…
Jameela Jamil do not ever call Cheryl Cole a Queen again.
Jameela Jamil looks as though she is really enjoying this weeks chart
Jameela Jamil's name means 'beautiful beautiful' in Arabic. Emphasising a point there Jameela?
Time for the Official Chart with Jameela Jamil on
Now on BBC Radio 1: Charlie XCX is on the The Official Chart with Jameela Jamil
16:00 The Official Chart with Jameela Jamil: Charli XCX joins Jameela, we catch-up with Magic! and go on a Union J v…
I can't wait for Jameela Jamil to read out Trxye tonight omfg
My failed selfie with Jameela Jamil last night 👏
What Jameela Jamil is DJ'ing in Cambridge tonight and I only just found out, I love her😩😩😩
Jameela Jamil's nail art takes its cue from a pack of cards. Simple, yet effective. What do you think Hot or Not?
Can I use your legs as a necklace, Jameela Jamil ?
Jameela Jamil and Scott Mills are doing freshers week? That is must
It had DJ Fresh, Zane Lowe, Jameela Jamil and Marvin Humes, and although I don't particularly like JLS that's still cool!
Jameela Jamil just walked past me in the Live Lounge. That woman has the most amazing legs. Babe.
15:30 The Official Chart Update: Scott Mills and Jameela Jamil bring you a sneak preview of the week's new entries.
Just finished watching video interviewing Jameela Jamil. What a legend
I miss with Jameela Jamil what happened?
I'm not happy with the new Channels at all *** I miss with Jameela Jamil
along with Jameela Jamil and Alexa Chung of course
Rixton score first The Official Chart with Jameela Jamil on BBC Radio 1
This Friday at Flirt! we have BBC Radio One DJ Jameela Jamil playing a guest set! . Write your names on the event wall for £4 guest list.
I liked a video from The Pussayman interviews- Jameela Jamil
Jameela Jamil at new slang causing more of a stir than Tubes but less than Paul Weller
Collectible Lifelike Baby Dolls, Porcelain Dolls a
Jameela Jamil, Laura Whitmore, Andy Jordan, Rosie Fortescue and Kimberley Garner are hitting this party on Tuesday:
Radio 1 DJ Jameela Jamil spoke to us straight after her set on the opening night of Convention to tell us how much she loves DJing for Young Farmers.
Check out what I found. Jameela Jamil Jeans via
Jameela Jamil and Billie J D Porter are the exact same person
I want to wear a little golden star under my eye like Jameela Jamil...
This star on Jameela Jamil's face though...
Does Jameela Jamil ever take off her hat?
Jameela Jamil hasn't got a clue, why is she in this documentary? annoying human
Jameela Jamil is actually so annoying in this documentary, she's acting so naive
Deeply awkward 'trendy vicar' moment as Jameela Jamil wheels out plastic *** for the kids :-0
. Did you by any chance see that Jameela Jamil thingy last night? 🙊
is Jameela Jamil presenting it then? 😏
right I'm watching this documentary jameela jamil did last night that everyone's been on about.
i remember at last years concert jameela jamil was there and she waVED at me
Interesting doc by Jameela Jamil but again don't understand parents who give their 10 y/o children smartphones w/out controls... (1/2)
Matt & Jameela announced on the Official Chart Update on Wednesday that Sigma with Nobody To Love was the Official Chart Update No. 1 but will he still be there on Sunday?? Tune into Jameela Jamil with the Official Chart on Sunday at 4pm on BBC Radio 1 New Entries into the Chart: 9th April 2014 38. Kristin Bell & Idina Menzel - For The First Time In Forever 36. Jakwob ft. Tiffani Juno - Somebody New 35. Sally Barker - Dear Darlin' 28. Kaiser Chiefs - Coming Home 19. David Guetta & Showtek ft. Vassy - Bad 11. The Saturdays - Not Giving Up 5. Iggy Azalea ft. Charli XCX - Fancy 2. The Vamps - Last Night 1. Sigma - Nobody To Love
Spread the word: women are worth more than just the flesh on their bones
Jameela Jamil contradicts herself al the time
How I disagreed with Jameela Jamil and how it led to me being implicated as a misogynist. .
Tryna watch jameela jamil be a serious journalist and I'm ready to slit my wrists
Jameela Jamil did an amazing job on BBC Three's 'What's The Harm?' documentary tonight. Really shocking stuff.
This program on BBC 3 is shocking, Jameela Jamil calling herself a Dj!!!
What is with that jameela Jamil and that stupid star she got stuck on her bloody face!
Jameela Jamil, Edith Bowman and Donna Air joined us recently for a special ‘Cancer, we’re coming to get you’ shoot. We’d love to know what you think of the final photos!
Wow! Jameela Jamil, Donna Air and Edith Bowman get 'tattoos' to support Cancer Research UK's Race for Life
Unionists were outraged after the BBC played a segment from The Roll of Honour, which remembers the lives of 10 republicans who died during the Maze Prison hunger strikes in 1981, on their Sunday chart show. The song was banned at football matches in Scotland – prompting angry Celtic fans to launch a campaign to get the song into the top 40. Originally released in 1982, the song's lyrics brand England "a monster" and laud IRA hunger striker Bobby Sands as "gallant" and "brave". BBC Radio 1 played the first line of the song after the show's presenter Jameela Jamil explained the protest song was a chart entry as a result of a campaign by Celtic supporters opposed to the Offensive Behaviour at Football and Threatening Communication (Scotland) Act. The lyrics played on air stated: "Read the roll of honour for Ireland's bravest men, We must be united in memory of the 10." Unionists had called on the BBC to ban it from the airwaves, as they said it glorified terrorism. A BBC source said: "We believe it would ...
Watch SYCO Music's Mixers Salute Party on The girls will be doing an EXTRA SPECIAL Global Live party to celebrate Mixers Salute. They will showcasing YOU and your countries, as well as your amazing entries! The party will be presented by BBC Radio 1's Jameela Jamil! Make sure you tun...
Bradley James, Colin Morgan & Katie McGrath at T4 on September 6th 2009 interviewed by presenters Jameela Jamil and Rick Edwards (or was it Bradley all ...
Check this out.. Hi maff how are you lovely? So I am working on a new show where we are going to get people to record home videos of them talking about celebrity sport stars and rating how hot etc they think that they are. We will then edit these videos and include them in our show. For each show we are looking for ONE person to be the main person commenting. At the moment I am asking people to do a video and we hope to pick our best people who we will call to do many shows. We are making 200 shows in total so its a great way to get a little exposure etc. Another key benefit is this could be a genuine opportunity to launch you onto a bigger platform. As a company, we have launched the careers of Nick Grimshaw, who is now the most high profile radio DJ in the UK on Radio 1's breakfast show, as well the model, TV and radio personality Jameela Jamil , and TV entertainment star Rick Edwards. We’ve also worked with Alexa Chung for a number of years across shows such as The NME Awards and MTV¹s Gonzo. We are ...
Lily backed by Jameela: Lily Allen is being backed by radio presenter Jameela Jamil over racism accusations. The 28-year-old singer,...
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13:00 BBC Radio 1's Teen Awards: Matt Edmondson and Jameela Jamil are at Wembley for Radio 1's Teen Awards 2013.
We hope you all enjoyed the acoustic session last night! Interview with Jameela Jamil is now live, check it out here:
Jameela Jamil and Francis Boulle are both going to be in the SU Bar during Cardiff Freshers. Nice.
Jameela Jamil, Laura Whitmore and Anna Kendrick having been rocking the front row style. Any fave looks?
model, fashion designer, F-ROW at LFW, Company columnist, Dj, TV presenter, allround good guy.. Jameela Jamil just has it all :'(
So whose London Fashion Week look are you loving most then - Jameela Jamil, Anna Kendrick or Laura Whitmore's?
If I looked like Jameela Jamil I would have no worries
I'm going to start a Jameela Jamil fandom who would like to join me
I am ready at my laptop watching jameela jamil. Saw u on there as well
Pretty sure Jameela Jamil has a really, really, entertaining showreel in her attic.
I'm still using expat shield bc I want to watch Dan and Phil with Jameela Jamil oops
Loool the way Jameela Jamil just labelled miley the "queen of the twerk". Have to say she made it so over popular ironically.
Dan and Phil are the worst thing to happen to radio 1 since Jameela Jamil
Do you ever wish you had the face of jameela jamil
Lovely introduction by Jameela Jamil on BBC Official Chart Show for Macklemore & Ryan Lewis's 'Same Love'
Bloody *** Jameela Jamil is so boring on Radio 1.
i find Jameela Jamil so annoying reggie was so much better
Jameela Jamil is the worst Dj ever even jackie agrees with me
Jameela Jamil is my favourite Radio 1 chart show host in ages (particularly enjoyed her witty snipes at Calvin Harris last week).
BBC Radio 1 Official Chart with Jameela Jamil, been a long time 😂 [pic] —
driving in the car and says 'doesn't this jameela jamil girl sound like Chira'
jameela jamil just did a cookie monster impression on radio 1 omg I love her
I'm sorry BBC1 but I don't care about Jameela Jamil
on the plus side I thought of a new game. How to jameela jamil up your name: Tomeela Tomil.
16:00 The Official Chart with Jameela Jamil: Example takes Jameela on a behind the scenes tour of his video set.
I think Jameela Jamil is my new spirit animal
so I don't want to make anyone jealous but I saw jameela jamil djing last night
Oh and i met Jameela Jamil yesterday..
Alexa Chung, Jameela Jamil, Laura Whitmore and more with their AWESOME handbags at
i have woken up from the coma your text put me in. Italian vogue. Jameela jamil. Andy and Edie. Third row seats. xxx
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Jameela Jamil kicked up a storm at last nights UWE Welcome Party. Interview video coming this afternoon!
Apparently Jameela Jamil was there last night
Interview with Jameela Jamil off of Radio 1 Chart Show last night.
Don't like to slag people off but Jameela Jamil was crap tonight. Seen a fair few DJ sets & how she claims to be a DJ is beyond me
Just seen Jameela Jamil do a DJ set at UWE Freshers that was an hour long. She was on an hour late too.
Looking forward to an interview with Jameela Jamil tonight.
oh I kinda want my hair like jameela jamil's
I want to be jameela jamil when i am older
my dad always used to say that id be the next jameela Jamil lmao
'I wish people could accept that my head can hold hair, make-up AND a brain.' - Jameela Jamil
Is that jameela jamil on the left omg
always remember to turn of your electric blanket before you retire Jameela Jamil.
Excellent seats at Opposite Jameela Jamil, she's gorgeous!
Jameela Jamil has to be the worst female presenter that I have ever heard on the radio. Oh wait! That Gemma Cairney is just as bad!
It's an old story - he called Matt Edmondson in the middle of the night b/c he was worried about Jameela Jamil in the London riots!
Aled jones, Francis Boulle and Jameela Jamil so far announced for who is next??
most famous person in your pgonebook - Jameela Jamil or Sway maybe... Lost a lot of my contacts not long ago.
discovered 's column in 's website today and I freakin love it!!
I only listened because I have a crush on Jameela Jamil.
Find out and success secrets with this summer! -
Why can't I just look like jameela jamil
Need some inspo' this summer? and join to share their secrets of success!
Jameela Jamil has the most amazing style
Also why would you call your daughter "nina nannar" that's nearly as bad as Jameela jamil. 😒
She's shocking. She's up there with Jameela Jamil & Rylan.
So jealous of all the farmers off to the Welsh yesterday, can't believe Jameela Jamil and Greg James are DJs
"Aww Phil's testes must of contracted back into his body" OMFG JAMEELA JAMIL
yup here's a screenshot of The Official Chart with Jameela Jamil
BBC RADIO 1 They were on the Official Chart with Jameela Jamil
Jameela Jamil thinks exactly what I think about Selena Gomez at least I'm not the only person
Has Jameela Jamil just shown up five minutes late for the start of the chart show...? Bit of a wasted trip for Scott Mills.
16:00 The Official Chart with Jameela Jamil: Listen or watch as Jameela counts down the Top 10 to reveal the UK's ne…
I think i just served jameela jamil lol
What happens at a fashionable paint party? Find out with -
Thinking about getting a fringe cut in? Check out these hot celeb looks before you do
Jameela Jamil takes on J-Porter, Daisy Lowe nd J-Dunn in a Wireless Festival fash off
Jameela Jamil takes on Jourdan Dunn, Daisy Lowe and Jorgie Porter in a Wireless Festival fash off...
Jameela Jamil has got it goin on right now
What have I missed and where on gods green earth have you been Jameela Jamil? And, sings, HELLO
Iggy Azalea is doing my head in on - she's awful. Jameela Jamil doing a great job interviewing her awful ways.
Jameela jamil just said dan and phil are probabally hugging outside!!!
omfg, the adorable-ness of Phil tickling Dan on Jameela Jamil's show omg
Dan and phil are talking to jameela jamil!!!:)
Iggy Azalea is on R1 Chart Show discussing hypersexuality of current pop with Jameela Jamil, who's giggling and totally out of her depth.
Iggy Azalea is shutting Jameela Jamil down on Radio 1 right now. But she's also making some strong points about image and media
Lol please get rid of Jameela Jamil. Now 🎃
poor jameela jamil on radio 1 trying to interview Iggy Azalea it's like trying to get blood from a stone! I can't believe how boring she is
I’m listening to The Official Chart with Jameela Jamil on
Here's someone TALLER than Jameela Jamil - LIVE on Radio 1 (have a watch now!)
I hate being one of those people that slags off celebrities on the internet but I just really dislike Jameela Jamil
Jameela Jamil just said 'Walks Like Rihanna' is by Lawson...
Jameela Jamil takes on Jorgie Porter, Daisy Lowe and Jourdan Dunn in a Wireless Festival fash off...
16:00 The Official Chart with Jameela Jamil: Iggy Azalea joins Jameela in the studio to help count down the new Top…
lovin the dress and course the whole look!! Xx
It's a Wireless Festival fash off - but are you loving Daisy Lowe's boho or Jorgie Porter's hippie look best?
Laura White and Jameela Jamil rocked out the festival look at the Yahoo! Wireless Festival. What are…
Just saw jameela jamil throwing water over her legs.
Jenna is in the 15 Celebrity Fringes To Copy list:
Met Jameela Jamil at wireless fest yesterday!
It's a fancypants frock off, but are you loving Jameela Jamil's red cape or Laura Whitmore's leather skirt best?
Best Dressed of the Day: Jameela Jamil In need of some outfit inspiration this weekend? St
Mark Radcliffe, Jo Whiley and the BBC team at Glasto are past their sell-by date, except for Lauren Laverne. They should move them to the Chelsea flower show and bring in Nick Grimshaw and Jameela Jamil and a few youngsters.
Listening to Radio 1 chart show for first time in years. Jameela Jamil must be the most annoying presenter ever & I've heard Tony Blackburn.
This is the moment Leah McFall from The Voice finds out her performance of I Will Survive made the Top 10. Official Chart highlights playlist -
Met jameela jamil from T4 she presented me my certificate from the princes trust great end to a good…
I think Jameela Jamil is my favourite person in the world.
Or Jameela Jamil. I'd settle for her too
Jameela Jamil says the most infuriating thing an actor can read in an interview. Because there aren't…
Seriously guys, I can't believe nobody has liked my Instagram picture of jameela jamil! Are you just jealous or something?
Nearly choked on my tea when I read Jameela Jamil won Glamour's Radio Personality of the year...could not disagree more
If you could ask amazing TV and radio presenter Jameela Jamil one question, what would it be? Tell us here. We'll pick the best one and our Work Experience of a Lifetime winner will ask her. Then we'll post Jameela's answer, right here tomorrow.
Jameela Jamil: "I had to try loads of different jobs before I found the thing I felt I was really good at." -
Was it this one - If so it's in the sale so don't miss out! x
ISABELLE FUHRMAN from orphan, JAMEELA JAMIL, TUCKER ALBRIZZI from(jake good luck charlie) others idk them
It's one of those days where somehow everyone I see looks like Jameela Jamil
Radio 1's talks to GLAMOUR about winning Radio Personality of the Year
I have to keep reminding myself of these wide words from the beautiful Jameela Jamil
It was Jameela Jamil... Host of the Chart show...
Jameela Jamil is beautiful though like omg
Jameela Jamil on radio 1 is just rubbish. Me thinks I'll change back to the lift music BBC Northampton was playing.
Why are they letting Jameela Jamil dj top 40 why
At least when writing for I don't have to listen to the god-awful Jameela Jamil to find out what's no1 because I already know!
Jameela Jamil, you are an awful radio presenter.
I fancy Jameela Jamil so so much, and she's an amazing dj
I hate Jameela Jamil. She's awful at the Official Chart.
I have never heard a Radio 1 DJ spout as much garbage in such a short space of time, as Jameela Jamil just did then.
Jameela Jamil needs to keep her opinions to herself rather than slagging off songs she doesn't like.
Jameela Jamil is literally the worst dj I've ever heard had to turn her off after precisely two minutes
16:00 The Official Chart with Jameela Jamil: Jessie J answers random questions from the Radio 1 DJs as Jameela count…
she's got nothing on Jameela Jamil, she's gone mad with the 'fame'
Jake Hamilton & Jameela Jamil are the best interviewers right bout now
Since when did jameela jamil become an agony aunt?
I added a video to a playlist Bastille talking to Jameela Jamil at the Big Weekend 2013
wish you would manage me Jameela Jamil.
Three words: Hog. Roast. Bap. That's lunch sorted then - only £3.50. Lots of other options (including vegan & veggie) on our normal menu plus lots of drinks on offer, music, almost sunshine and Jameela Jamil. Come & let us know how your results went.
The sound system is all rigged up and ready to go! The booze delivery has arrived and the bar is fully stocked! Bring on Jameela Jamil and the results day celebrations!
As if i might actually get to interview Jameela Jamil Friday for URF!
Jameela Jamil just attacked me with her boobs... weird...
The nominations for the 2013 Scout Birthday Badges have been announced. On 1 August every year we celebrate Scouting’s birthday by awarding an Honorary Scout Activity Badge for a particular accomplishment or achievement. The accolades will be presented to public figures who have achieved something special across a range of activities. The eclectic shortlist of nominees has been drawn from members' recommendations and features athlete and double Olympic champion Mo Farah (Athletics Badge), TV presenter and broadcaster Jameela Jamil (Communicator Badge) and Sir Alex Ferguson (Sports Enthusiast Badge) Previous winners of Scout Birthday Badges include Clare Balding, Miranda Hart, and David Walliams. Vote now via the link here:
What's Jameela Jamil's ethnicity before I call her attractive?
jameela jamil and some other djs I think. It was only gonna be a rehash of our welcome party anyway so no biggy. Stupid to
Jameela Jamil and I are big mates, how do you feel about that?
I have a massive girl crush on Jameela Jamil ngl
wise up she waved at our group not just you, perrie waved at me and emer too and alana haim, jameela jamil, este winked, TOP THAT
got 5 acknowledgments from acts today, 2 little mix, 1 jameela jamil and 2 HAIM. what can I say the celebs love me
Jameela Jamil was so unbelievably cool today
WARNING: this is JUST my opinion. | Jameela Jamil - Diary of a Goon is the best thing I ever read!
I really respect Jameela Jamil considering she has a lot of media presence and power she speaks for a lot of women
Okay so Jameela Jamil wants to campaign about media and body image yet her avi is madly photoshopped.
I think jameela jamil is my fave person ever
Jameela Jamil is utterly annoying when unscripted.
I see Fiona! Hanging on side of stage with Jameela Jamil
Jameela Jamil actually has my dream job
Didn't have my phone at the time but did anyone else pick up on the fact the Jameela Jamil said 'Laura Palmer' was by Disclosure?! Erm what?
Jameela Jamil aka my favourite person right now
"Olly Murs is one of those blokes that everyone likes. I don't think anyone dislikes Olly Murs." Jameela Jamil. Radio 1. May 26, 2013.
Someone just called jameela jamil fat oh okay are you blind or stupid or both
I can't tell if I find Jameela Jamil funny or just annoying. Probs a bit of both.
Jameela Jamil is such an embarassing interviewer
I think Jameela Jamil actually tried to say my name ..
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is now playing live "Scott Mills and Jameela Jamil" on the radio 1's big weekend, and at 7pm (london hour) they will have
We're also having a chat with Scott Mills & Jameela Jamil on from 5.10 if anyone feels like tuning in.
Focusing my sport watching on B'ball while there's no football on. Up the Pacers!! Living the NBA Jam dream
The T4 on the beach presenter looks relaxed and glamorous in her latest line of boho clothes which features printed prom dresses and cute playsuits.
Tickets £30. Get a £5 discount when you book online with a discount promo code. VIP tickets also available at £50**. Full price £35 on the door.
Jameela Jamil goes behind-the-scenes of Friday Download with interviews from the likes of Little Mix and Dionne Bromfield as well as plenty of backstage goss...
Three hours later, the bedroom finally has floor again! Let's see how long this lasts this time ;)
I have this dress in size 16 for sale - brand new never worn! I miss the deadline to return it. Message me if interested!
So anyone going to Prom xtra I want to go but I don't want to go alone :(
Jameela Jamil has had to pull out of Prom Live's gig due to illness Aled Haydn Jones will headline Prom Live tomorrow night!
For those of you concerned, Jameela Jamil has pulled out of the revamped Prom Extra in Colwyn Bay this weekend. Was it really any surprise?!
So yeah, Jameela Jamil is ill and not doing tomorrow anymore -.-
Illness forces Radio One DJ to withdraw from rooftop gig at watersports centre
Chris, Olivia, Sara - not sure if you'll be able to cope with the excitement, but Jameela Jamil off radio one is presenting 4 (FOUR) hours of live music on the prom tomorrow night. I'm most excited about Gavner P, he sounds well good :) xx
Superstar singer Imran Khan talks about his new single, Satisfya.
Shame that Radio 1 presenter Jameela Jamil has had to pull out of the Prom Live gig tomorrow in Colwyn Bay due to illness. Replacement lined up.
What whaaatt... PARADISE tonight.. With Chuckleberry Riddim.. and Jameela Jamil... Inbox me for G list..
Playing at Paradise by way of Kensal Green tonight for the first time in ages.. Alongside Jameela Jamil and Brother Chuck... So hyped.. Crowd down there always goes off!!!
If you've got any energy left after spending a full day there on Saturday, why not stay for the beach party? Prom Live is a FREE evening of live music from 5-9pm, to help us celebrate the launch of Porth Eirias and Jameela Jamil from Radio 1 will headline the night's entertainment Prom Live is NOT a ticketed event, just turn up and party on the beach!
This summer discover everything you wish you knew about your dream job on the work experience of a lifetime.
Not long now until our massive End of Year Mardi Gras party! DJ's - On the night include *Jameela Jamil - BBC Radio 1 *CJ Beats - BBC1 Xtra *DJ Hotsteppa - Choice FM *Stevie T *MUD Mania Last year was a sell out so get your tickets early to avoid disappointment! Find out more here:
Hold up! Jameela Jamil accidentally flashes her stocking-style tights as her minidress rides up Love Jameela
Passenger live in the BBC Radio 1 studio for The Official Chart with Jameela Jamil...
Blog from Jameela Jamil on why is worth it
Jameela Jamil waved at me on Saturday.
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