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Jamberry Nails

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My beautiful nails by The blue nail is jamberry, and it's gonna stay on even after all the…
I added a video to a playlist Jamberry Nails NEW IMPROVED Mini Heater!
Love that I can do my own manicures cheap and easy!! I love my jamberry nails never…
Still finding these little on me. Also I'm loving my 😉
You need to rock out with Jamberry Nails, visit over 300+ even have cool nail lacquer
Applied my first set of Jamberry Nails to my toes. They are cute but I've determined they aren't for…
Check out my nails! If you want to know about Jamberry nail wraps, visit my website at
Ummm I LOVE Jamberry! Forgot painting your nails and waiting for them to dry!
If you've signed up on our email list or placed a Jamberry Nails order with us, you'll find our late
My Jamberry Nails Launch Party ends in TWO days!!! Were you interested in ordering? You can order under "Holly's...
Wearing a Lung Cancer Hope Ring 4 my Dad & new Jamberry accent nails from my friend Renee & a My Dash bracelet 4Him!
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My first attempt at jamberry nails! Love them, can't wait to do a better job next time!
Loving my nails AND my beautiful necklace I recently earned ☺️
10 Rice bags for Nails by lollipopsnthings via
In love with Jamberry Nails! You'll love this New Exclusive Club! Join today! Open enrollment ends soon!...
Collectible Lifelike Baby Dolls, Porcelain Dolls a
Wanna show some team spirit? Jamberry Nails had got you covered!...
Hey everyone, just wanted to share, I know I know I do too much but check out what I just found! Jamberry Nails!...
From Catherine Griffin - Independent Jamberry Nails Consultant. Thinking you may want to host a party and earn...
Have you ever heard of Jamberry nails? We have some kids one in store right now. A great selection of colors to...
Hey ladies, let's talk about StyleBox by Jamberry, a monthly beauty box just for you and your nails! Subscribe...
For gorgeous (and easy!) nail art that's perfect every time, try new Jamberry Nails via
Find someone from Nails in Woodstock, ON at
Try it Tuesday: Request your FREE sample here
Welcome Noel Giger on for Nails in Little Elm, Texas! Visit Noel at
Nails and coffee. My fave. Jamberry nails are so rad.
Win a FREE YEAR of Bikram Yoga! Find out how in our latest newsletter:
I entered to win a 3 mo. subscription to Stylebox from -
The only downside to my Jamberry Nails is that they are too sturdy to be an excuse for not doing hou
Do you have a business you would like to promote at Posh Little Closet's upcoming children's consignment sale event? Our Aug 1-3 sale at Warner Christian Academy will be one of our largest of the year and we will have about 1000 people come through our doors...don't miss out on this opportunity. Some vendor spots that are currently open are It Works!, Advocare, Jamberry Nails, Tupperware, 31 Gifts, Avon, Herbalife, Scentsy, Mary K, Nu Skin, Rodan+Fields, Princess House and Trades of Hope. Contact Sarahfor more information.
Welcome to Hopey Garcia Norton’s party!! This is going to be so much fun! You're probably wondering what are Jamberry Nails? What is a Jamberry Nail Party? Well let me tell you! My name is Kirsten and I am an Independent Consultant for Jamberry. These revolutionary nails are so insanely awesome that I decided to start offering them to my lovely friends. I haven’t painted my fingernails in years because it is such a hassle, but these are insanely easy, even more beautiful, and they last forever. These will last longer, without chips or smudges, than any other manicure you’ve ever had….AND they cost less! I’m so excited to have found these swet nails and I hope you decide to check them out so you don’t miss out. I wanted to share it with everyone so instead of doing an in-home party like Pampered Chef, Avon, Mary Kay, etc... Hopey is hosting an online party so we can share these awesome nail wraps with friends. What are Jamberry Nail wraps? They are vinyl wraps that are applied to your nail wit ...
Congrats to Gayle Stanford White, she wins some Jamberry Nails for adding the newest Member/friend to our wonderful group! They will be in the mail tomorrow!!! Thank you for being a wonderful member Gayle, and a big welcome to Alicia Ray!
Hello ladies!! I am very excited to introduce you to Jamberry Nails :-) I will be posting about every two - three days with interesting Jamberry facts, challenges, and games (yes, there will be fabulous prizes!). The first thing I would like to share with you is what makes Jamberry different from other nail wraps and polishes. The attached photo highlights reasons why Jamberry is being so highly rated. My personal top 3 reasons for choosing Jamberry are : Made in the USA, No Dry Time, and No Harmful Chemicals.
So who is ready for some new and exciting news?!! Jamberry nails is releasing a STYLE BOX on July 1st!! Every month you will receive over $30 worth of Jamberry products delivered to your house ((FREE SHIPPING)) for only $25! Get exclusive products for style box subscribers only!!!
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Check out what Jamberry Nails have to offer!!!
Hey ladies! Come see what's up with Jamberry Nails!! My house 7pm :)
Check out my blog post on Jamberry Nails and how fun they can be!! Just give them a try!!
COMING SOON-July 1st! Jamberry Nails is starting a new monthly subscription box!
I would like to introduce you to Jamberry nails! They are heat and pressure activated nail wraps that form a water tight seal to your nails! Will last about 2 weeks on your fingers and up to 6 weeks on your toes! Want to earn some fun and easy money? Join my team at
If you don't have a daughter, niece or granddaughter- you are going to need to find someone's little girl because Jamberry Juniors are too cute to pass up- and little girls LOVE them! If you have ever tried to do a squirmy toddler's nails, you know all about getting them to sit still long enough to paint, let alone getting them to be still and let them dry. On top of that, the polish usually comes off within a day or two. Jamberry nails to the rescue again! NO dry time, and they will last! SUCH a fun idea for quality time with your little one! Don't forget to order at and don't forget about the Buy 3, Get 1 free deal!
Ok everybody...time to go to my party group site so you can try to win free stuff and get in on the know hows of Jamberry Nails. :) The party starts in just a few minutes :)
Here is the full list of booths that are taken after released booths that were reserved and not purchased. If you want a booth, contact me asap! It Works Scentsy Mialisia Thirty One Gifts doTerra Premier Jewelry Herbalife Jewelry In Candles Paparazzi Meg's Bows Mary Kay Grace Adele Nerium Younique Jamberry Nails BeautiControl Dove Chocolate Perfectly Posh 208 Cellular Boise Bare Metal Fabrication Sports & More Lularoe Paisley Peppercorn Soft Squares Arbonne Miche Joan Labraaten with handmade items Felisa Mallea Diaz U do doggie bath Milestone Portraits Jenna Atkins with handmade jewelry If you are on this list and I've sent you a confirmation message, please let me know you will be here for sure!
My party time is almost up so if you have been considering jamberry nails, please place an order tonight. They really are a lot of fun.
So here it is! The door prize is all ready! It has half a sheet of chalkboard hearts, 2 sample sheets (one of each sample) a buffer, nail file, alcohol wipe, mini scissors, cuticle pusher, rice bag (alternative to using the hair dryer) Ferraro Roche chocolates and werthers original candy. And a sheet with the instructions for putting on Ur Jamberry Nails!
Don’t forget Rochelle’s Rockin’ *online* Jamberry Party is going on now! You don’t want to miss this opportunity to have great nails! Jamberry Nails are buy 3 get 1 free and anyone who orders from Rochelle’s party will be entered into a drawing to win a mystery prize. Rochelle Allen Hafner
Ok ladies help me get my business going while you earn free wraps! All you have to do is host an online party and I will create the even and you just add your friends and pop in and out to play the games and talk about Jamberry Nails!
Hello there I am an Independent Consultant for jamberry nails. Jamberry nails are a new up and coming company that is growing fast. They are a pressure and heat sensitive wrap that is not only affordable but is also durable and easy to apply. You do not need to be a nail tech to apply them. They are so easy you will be out and on the town rockin your new nail designs in a flash. So please stick around and visit. Learn a little more about Jamminhands and how I can help you be the talk of the town with your nails.
my daughter is having an online Jamberry nails party-anyone want to order any contact me
Jamberry Nails was featured on the Today Show! They are listed as must haves for the summer. Check out all styles at
Jamberry Nails are the way to go! They were featured on the Today's Show this morning!! Order yours at
Whether you like one color or to mix and match...Jamberry Nails has over 300 Designs to choose from. I guarantee you will find exactly what you are looking for and more!
Hey girls for a chance to win free ones comment below on posts Felicia has posted! Also make ire to check out her site and give a sheet of jamberry nails a try, they're great!
Who saw Jamberry Nails on the Today Show this morning? A must have for the 4th!
Find someone from Nails in Toronto, ON at
Feeling elegant with my nails! Wedding season is here...whether you're a…
July 1, Jamberry Nails is introducing its first subscription service!
What is your favorite floral from Jamberry Nails? See all of them here...
Peek a boo! Check out how much is left from a single sheet of Jamberry can get 2-4 mani/Pedi's...
Daisy's beautiful nails thanks to jamberry junior line
Enjoying the rain and thunder on our screened in porch with coffee and new jamberry nails schafin
Walt Disney Collectibles and Gifts, Disney Figurin
SIGN up and start making money! YOU be in charge of your income! Jamberry Nails is a ground floor company that...
Check out the jamberry nails everyone! And order from me:) they seriously are the best!
Think your nails are too short to sport Jams? Think again! There have been people that say Jamberry helps them...
Who saw Jamberry Nails on The Today Show this morning?.
Prob just me but I think the Jamberry nails that are all the rage making their rounds in independent consulting circles are tacky looking.
all three! I'm a consultant for Jamberry nails, a commissioned artist and now I work at Cutco :)
Kristen fashions her nails. They have a wide variety of nail styles.
Why are so many of my friends inviting me to like Jamberry nails. When will this trend go away along with Thirty-One Bags?
what's jamberry? I'll do anything to heal my nails again
my nails are probably so unhealthy so I'm gonna soak mine off at home now! You should try jamberry, that's what I'm starting!
Anyone want to join my Jamberry party? Shop online 24/7 from the comfort of your home and glam your nails!!
Did you see talking about Jamberry watch & order at
Looking for people who love earning extra money! Jamberry nails is a direct sales company that is totally ground...
My samples are arriving this week. Let me know if you want to try out Jamberry Nails and I will get a free sample...
fans did you see Jamberry on watch & order at
Get your iPhone insurance today!
Want a sample just fill it out and in the mail it will go !!! Jamberry Nails Sample Request
The Jamberry Nails party is open until Wed. 6/25 - here is the link to shop at!...
For ONE WEEK ONLY, Fashion Blvd is pairing up with Jamberry Nail Wraps for fashion+nails!
"Loved speaking to Jamberry Nails.the reps were awesome!!! thanks Jen! Ur awesome!
C’mon Dickie. I only want Jamberry Nails and Ipsy Glam Bag!!
Did you know our wraps work with acrylic, gel, polish and shellac?
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Fourth of July is 10 days away but we are getting into the spirit early with these nails!…
Hi Yvonne, please check out Pocket Parties, might be very useful for your Jamberry Nails business :)
Wondering how easy it is to apply Jamberry Nails? Just watch this short video! While Jamberry sells mini-heaters...
Jamberry Nails are the newest thing! They are a very special adhesive that adheres to your nail when heat is...
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Have you heard the news? Jamberry Nails are fabulous. Find out more at ask any question, I'm answer
Just a reminder that I am looking for people to host 100% online Jamberry Nails FB Parties. Also, if you wish to...
You HAVE to check out this alternative to manicures. They are called Jamberry Nails and they are so awesome! They...
Come join my Jamberry Nails launch online party!.
I'm excited for this new adventure I'm starting!!! An I can not wait till Thursday!!
Another reason to love Jamberry Nails! How many beauty companies can say this! . Get yours at...
Whew, we finally made it home from the Jamberry Nails conference. What an amazing tim
Day 84 - Got a nice gift in the mail today, some jamberry nails from my Momma! She is making sure I am…
I know you love fantastic nails! Wondering if you would try jamberry nails, I can send you some samples if you're interested!
Do you have any questions about how Jamberry Nails work? About our hostess plan or our business opportunity?...
This is AWESOME! Jamberry nails will donate $2.00 for every sheet of charity nail wraps purchased back to their...
One of the many reasons I love Jamberry Nails. This is a cause near and dear to my heart. This is the total...
I had the chance to review the Mint Green & Gold Horizontal Stripe Jamberry Nails from th...
Hey everyone! My Jamberry Nails Party has started! These are so cool and great for beautiful nails, natural or...
I know my nails are shaped funny and what not but if you're cool you should buy some jamberry nails from
Host a jamberry party! $100 in orders gets you a free sheet of nails! How easy is that?! Answer: so…
We are looking for direct sales consultants to join our group! This is an online CO_OP. Also we want serious shoppers that will commit to 6 months to keep it fare. Tupperware, Jamberry Nails,Clever Container, Dove Chocolate, Gold Canyon, Pink Zebra, Pampered Chef, and any other direct sales companies to join our shopping group. This group was created for those who work in Direct Sales. This group is designed to help increase sales. 1) For you to be considered, you must: * Be 18 years of age. * Have a valid home-based business with at least (5) items $ 20.00 and under. * Have a website for people to order from directly. 2) To be considered active , you must make an initial purchase ( IP ) of at least $40.00 ( before tax and shipping ). You will make your (IP) with me through one of my businesses. Pampered Chef, Younique, For your Pleasure. i will give you the link upon request.
I am looking for the following reps to join our party train group. Charmed & Co. Creations Passion Parties Jockey P2P Lia Sophia Mialisia Mixed not stirred Sparkle Tattoo Close to my heart Stampin' Up Partylite Everyday Style Miche (I do not need the following companies but if it is not listed, feel free to comment with your company...) -Arbonne, Avon, Beauticontrol, Country Hearts, Do you bake, Discovery Toys, Epicure, Gold Canyon, Grace Adele, Itworks, Jamberry Nails, Jewelry in candles, Mary Kay, Tupperware, Tocara, Sunset Gormet, Stella & Dot, Steeped Tea, Usborne Books, Seacret Agent, Scentsy, Partylite, Peekaboo Beans, Parkland Jewelry, Pampered Chef, Norwex, Younique, Young Living, Velata Requirements are: Minimum purchase of $20 to get a train. Trains run until you reach $160. We ask people to purchase atleast once a month to stay active
Order Miche Bag Online!
ISO of vendors for a Christmas in July Boutique July 19th, 10-4, in Simi Valley Confirmed vendors are: Premier Designs Jewelry, Avon, Soaps & more, Scentsy, Origami Owl, doTerra, Jamberry Nails, X-Tar Cosmetics, TreSkinRX, Pampered Chef, Tupperware, Party Gals No Younique/duplicate businesses...TY Would love to have handcrafted items too, not just DS. PM me what you sell :-)
Tomorrow, June 18th from 1-3pm, Torry from Jamberry Nails - Jamgirl Chicago Independent Consultant will be...
Absolutely love my nails! They're so cute and easy to do. My best friend is selling them, if…
Just another mani Monday! Email for a free sample of Jamberry nails!
My Jamberry nails came out fantastic. I love them!!! Go to:
Day 2 of nails - not holding up so good. Maybe you'll have better luck than me. Buckling around edges and peeling up. :(
I'm rocking my first nails. My beautifully decorated fingers are crossed that they last as…
My Modeling Boot Camp welcomes Jamberry Nails to the mix.. xxoo
Hey everyone I am sale some of my Jamberry nails that I have already order of ONLY$12!!! Just to give…
I think I am going to close out my jamberry nails party tonight.
I am happy to announce that Jamberry Nails By Keri has teamed up with some amazing other vendors to offer you...
My Jamberry order came in the mail today!! Bout to do my nails tomorrow & book a pedi with my lacquer :3
Typographic nails are awesome. Still stuck on firm after two weeks.
Welcome Sarah to the Jamberry Nails family! I want to introduce a new person to my team! It's spreading like...
Just an example of the hundreds of ways to wear your jamberry nails. They last longer than painting your nails...
These nails are pretty neat. My talons from Saturday. I want more designs!…
Win a free sheet of jamberry nails here:
If anyone on here is interested in purchasing Jamberry nails, please let me know! I'll get you invited to my online party! 😊
It’s that time again Lazy afternoon. These are so cute. I even have them on my...
Have I mentioned that these Jamberry Nails are AWESOME!! Just read more about them below!...
Someone please tell me what these jamberry nails are?!?? I have A LOT of people asking me to get some. Do they stay on? How much?
Yay! My very first nails package came today. -- I'm so excited for my first…
Hey ladies! Have you heard of Jamberry nails? I am hosting an online party at 9pm tonight... so join me in your...
My Jamberry party with Jessica Webb - Jamberry Nails Independent Consultant is tonight at 9EST/6PST. It's an...
Good Afternoon everyone!! My name is Sarah Chmiel and I am a Jamberry nails consultant. I am here to raise some...
Today is the last day of my Jamberry Nails Party - and anyone that orders between now and midnight gets a free...
get Lola Jamberry nails! Last 2 weeks, no damage, no filling, Tons of designs!.
yeah at the country club and Jamberry nails! It's so great!😄 I love the club so much and I'm still learning about Jamberry nails
you should look into jamberry nails for your daughter. They look good and protect the nails.
Jamberry nails are perfect for summer! Win some for yourself at !
CUSTOMERS AND FRIENDS ... . Do you like your nails polished for every occasion . Jamberry Nails began...
Love the idea of Jamberry Nails but not sure if they REALLY work? Visit Megan - Jamberry Senior Lead Consultant...
I heard you talking about your daughter wanting acrylics. Ever heard of Jamberry Nails?!
try Jamberry nails. They last 2 weeks and do not damage nails & come in every color under the sun.
instead of acrylic nails you can do Jamberry nails! Cheaper and lasts the same!
We are on the backside of June. Time is running out for you to receive your Fourth of July theme Jamberry Nails.
You don't need to have long nails to have beautiful nails, you just need Jamberry nails wraps.
Brand new listing in our directory!!! Let's all support her by visiting this site! Like and share this post too!...
Now an Independent Consultant for Jamberry Nails! Interested?
Jamberry manicure on natural nails. Application was very easy. Let's see how they hold up! Stay tuned!
Even Tybalt loves jamberry nails...well mostly when they are on people who pet him.
Zoraya got her sample in and used it as these super adorable accent nails!…
Awe he didn't go to Jared's... He bought her a Jamberry Nails Gift Certificate instead!...
Jamberry Nails 7 day challenge. Day one on the left and day 7 on the right. Jamberry Nails holds up
Darby's graduation nails. She's ready for Thursday!
Shop The Bradford Exchange Online for Patriotic 9/
Enter to win a set of Jamberry nails over at .
Photoset: doctorbee: Pride nails!  The rainbow ones are Jamberry wraps (I, like probably many people, have...
I am still looking for this Friday. 10 more and a full show... Opens are Avon, Paparazzi, Jewel Kade, Send Out Cards, Lia Sophia, Premier Design, Herbal Life, Body by Vi, Jamberry Nails, Tastefully Simple, Crafts, Crafts, Silpada, Purses, Crafts, Velata, Grace Adele, Wild Tree, Crafts, any other I missed. We only have 10 spots left need to fill... Message me is this Friday from 3 to 8:30 pm. Only $35.00 bring own set up to display your business.
TODAY!!! Come to the Jams n' Jewels Mystery Host Open House! Come see the latest fashions from Jamberry Nails and Paparazzi Jewelry in one fun open house! Thursday 5-9 PM Follow this link for party details! Kids are welcome and we'll have light snacks. There will be a grand prize winner, our mystery host! Come RSVP for 1 entry and see the other ways to gain entries on the party page!
Day 1 on the left. Day 8 on the right. The pink nail is Jamberry Nails lacquer that I was testing. It held up great and so did the wraps!
Ok ladies I have to come clean on something.I have to admit I was very skeptical with Jamberry nails. I thought, oh they will just fall off after I wash my hands, or when I sleep I am gonna wake up to some lifted nails or something. WELL that is SO not the case. These nails are AMAZING! I am officially hooked! I don't know how many times I have washed my hands, they are still going strong! I got a nice complement from my son today "Mommy I love your pretty nails" well thank you so do I! You WON'T be disapointed :)
Come down to the downtown car wash and bake sale. Plus free shipping on Jamberry Nails. Only an hour left!
Join my team! This breakdown is pretty awesome to show how being an Independent Consultant with Jamberry Nails can really be beneficial when it comes to taking care of those pesky home bills! I would love to talk to you more about it.
Jamberry Nails are a fast growing trendy way to have salon looking nails at home! Please look over my web site!
Welcome to the party Jane Jorgensen! I am so glad you are here! You earned 25 entries into the door prize drawing just for joining the party! Earn 25 BONUS entries by inviting your friends to party with us! Have you heard of Jamberry Nails? You are in for a treat! I will be posting several times throughout the day and playing games to win prizes! The party will last until Friday.
Be sure to check out 3 Persinger Chicks Jamberry Party that is open once again. We can always do another round of Free Shipping before your party ends too! Your party is open until June 12th. Jamberry Nails Party: Heather's Jamberry Party (Hosted by Heather Persinger) Jamberry nail wraps offer the hottest trend in fashion. Wrap your nails in over 300 different designs.
I just love my Jamberry Nails. These Black and White Quad are beautiful on...I think they have become my favourite and I love them so much I want everyone to have a chance to own them! If you like these too - you gotta read the photo directions and comment below this post. Here is the link to my online Mystery Hostess Party where there are LOTS of Jamberry wraps and other rewards going to one person - will that be you?
its raining its pouring!! You Bored? Here is something fun for you to do today! Come see me! and support a great cause! they will be having a huge auction check out some of the items (sneak peak) Date: June 7th, 2014 Time: 1:00pm – 5:00pm Cost: $10 Entry Donation (free for kids under 10. $5 donation for kids over 10) The Moose Lodge 5927 Concord St Inver Grove Heights, MN 55076 This event is open, please invite anyone you think might be interested. Full bar available A little about us: We are a team of 3 ladies that are walking the Susan G Komen 3 Day. The event is a 3 day walk with a total of 60 miles walked by the end. To participate in the walk, we need to raise $2,300 each. We have participated in the Komen 3-day since 2008. Including this year’s walk, the 3 of us have collectively walked 16 times and raised $36,600 in our efforts to bring an end to breast cancer. This year our fundraiser is a Women's Expo: We have a bunch of wonderful vendor’s, who have agreed to participate in the event. 1. .. ...
Who wants to play a game for a FREE 1/2 sheet of Jamberry Nails (good for 1 manicure and 1 pedicure) Since I'm a kindergarten teacher, let's play Duck, Duck, Goose! It's simple, just comment Duck below this post as many times as you want. The last person to say "duck" before I call out "goose" WINS! Let the games begin!
Getting ready to go to an event in MIAMI BEACH!! Just putting on my Younique makeup then, Chryss Padurano will apply my Jamberry nails, and we're off!! Wish me luck ... This event goes past 11pm tonight ... Then up tomorrow to an event at 6am!! LONG WEEKEND FBook friends!!
My girls are loving the Jamberry nails! Manicures courtesy of my 12 year old. She says nail clippers work better than scissors to trim off excess.
You're probably asking yourself what is Jamberry? Let me tell you a bit about them! Jamberry Nails are a fun, new and innovative way for you to avoid nail polish drying time, chipping and pricey visits to the salon. They are a DIY DREAM, especially for women on the go (which aren't we all?) There are over 300 designs for you to choose from. They'll last up to 2 weeks on your fingernails, 6 weeks on toenails and WILL NOT CHIP. They are a vinyl adhesive wrap that is heat activated and pressure sealed to your nail, and they will NOT damage your nail when removed properly, which I will show you. They are so much fun! You will love them! Throughout the party, I'll be posting photos of Jamicures and I want you to tell me if you LOVE it or would leave it. Each time you answer will be 5 bonus entries for our giveaway. And remember, the more orders placed, the higher the party total, the better the prize! Today's LOVE IT or LEAVE IT is a fun combo of "Teal Mini Polka," "Navy Skinny," and "Emerald Palm." So tell me ...
Post 20 - For 15 entries, COMMENT BELOW with any questions you may have. I would be doing you a disservice if I didn't mention how awesome it is to sell Jamberry. It has literally changed my life as well as other's lives. Ladies, these are just some of the reasons I to sell Jamberry, in no particular order. This opportunity has truly been a blessing and I love to share it with others! How would you like to stay home with your children, make some extra cash for those unexpected expenses, or start saving for your children’s college? This is your chance to get in on the ground level of an amazing company! Why I LOVE to Sell Jamberry Nails!I get to sell a product I LOVE! I get to be my own boss & work in my PJ's! I make my own work hours. I get a weekly paycheck I have fun hosting parties and meeting new ladies! I love sharing the opportunity of being a consultant with other ladies.I have a great team that supports & encourages me.I have made life-long friends! If any of this sounds good to you? Let me kn . ...
I hear from girls "but my nails are so short", Jamberry wraps look sooo cute on nails of any length and have even...
This is a full set of Jamberry Nails that I applied 8days ago! I've worked two shifts which means washing my hands and sanitized a bazillion times, spent 6 days washing dishes and bathing children, been to boxing class-ew to those nasty boxing gloves:( But yeah! to Jamberry Nails which look amazing I must say!;)
What is Jamberry you ASK??? Jamberry Nails is a company that offers a wide variety of non-toxic,…
Can't wait for tonight! I will be doing samples of Jamberry Nails...a fun alternative to nail polish with NO dry time! Stop by my table to do a FREE set of accent nails (one fancy nail on each hand)! I'll have cash and carry on hand and/or place your order from our catalog of over 300 designs!
Saturday let's get this PAR-TAY started!!! Let me explain a little about how the party will work. I will post several posts as a group each day, so when you check on the party be sure to scroll through and make sure you haven't missed anything. I will number each post so you will know in what order I posted. ... When the party reaches $150 in sales, I will be giving away a FREE manicure and pedicure! Here's our first GAME!!! Woo Hoo! What are Jamberry Nails?!? I'm so glad you asked! They are heat activated vinyl wraps that adhere to your fingernails (as well as gel, acrylic, shellac, etc.) and last on your fingernails for up to TWO WEEKS and your toenails for up to SIX WEEKS! They do not chip like polish and there's no drying time! CAN YOU BELIEVE IT?!? Yay! One sheet will give you up to 4 applications (manicures and/or pedicures) with each application costing under $4! Are you loving this yet?!?! So let's do this! For every question you ask me about Jamberry Nails (the product, hosting a party, or becomi ...
Contact me to order your Jamberry Nails today! I am placing an order tomorrow evening if anyone wants in on free shipping?
When you order 3 sheets of Jamberry Nails you get your 4th sheet FREE!.
IT'S PARTY TIME! Alright everyone, ITWORKS and Jamberry Nails are teaming up on this one to throw…
yay or nay...comment on It’s a Wrap, Jamberry Nails when I comment STOP the person above me wins a free /2 sheet MUST "like" our page to play
Some people worry that Jamberry will wreck your nails- well here's proof that if you remove them properly, they...
Jamberry Nail sheets from Angela Jams and ends 6/16
Order your nail wraps now for July 4th. Go to www.malindayoast.jamberry
Any of my friends want to win some Jamberry nails? Or have a party? My daughter Julie Jones is a rep and I'd love...
Finally got to try jamberry nails out. I'm in love 😍
Show Off Your Texas Tech Red Raider Spirit with the Perfect Jamberry Nails Wraps. I LOVE These!!! Get Ready for the Games. Order at:
Sometimes even Jamberry Nails Consultants mess up! I did my "Jamicure" on Wednesday, and on two…
Ladies just used my new hot jam bag... Its the easy way to put the jamberry nails... If you order my…
Buy 3 get one FREE!! Jamberry Nails Party ends tomorrow!
Multi color nails before the wedding nails get in :)
My jams still look good, even after ten days of gardening and working with dogs!
Payday, not from my "regular" job, but from Jamberry! Interested wearing fun pretty nails and getting paid for...
Going to a jamberry nails party, anyone ever been?. ~April
Not Finding Just Exaclty what you need or want on the Jamberry Website? No Problem at ALL, Jamberry Nails offers an Awesome Nail Art Studio where you can create and wear your very own Designs. TOO COOL. The Possibilities are Endless. Great Fun, Awesome for Teams, Cheerleaders, Fund Raising and SO Much More. - Check out the Nail Art Studio
Im doing an online Jamberry Nails party for those interested!
I'm excited to start a new journey with Jamberry Nails. To support my business, shop at
Photo: Love seeing Jamberry Nails Professional Lacquer in Hint of Mint in the July...
Great for the bride and her bridal party!
Where can you get a manicure and a pedicure for $15??. Jamberry Nails! And a bonus. ..There is enough left...
Need to know who is coming so I can have enough snacks and seats ;) come join the fun and learn about Jamberry nails.. Any ladies I forgot and want to come let me know. Need address pm me :) feel free to bring a friend or 2 kids also mine will be here
* Shout Out *. Please stop by and visit Shari with Jamberry Nails and let her know Direct Sales Mommies sent you.
Changed my wax. Redid my nails. Feeling rather
I'm a happy girl who just got her hostess rewards!
This weekends mani with a Jamberry accent! :) What's on your nails? Feel free to comment with pics!
Barely pink nails for the wedding, with a fun accent!
Hey friends and family! I’m hosting a Jamberry Nails fundraiser to raise money to purchase a van for Abundant Life Fellowship North...
Hello, I am just wondering if anyone knows the girl that was selling the jamberry nails at the home based business show last weekend? Her last name is taylor I believe. Thanks
Loving my new nails thanks to Jamberry and easy and affordable! I'm in love…
It's kinda true what they say about Jamberry nails. It actually IS fun to make money taking selfies of…
Know how hard it is to paint your dominate hand? Avoid that with Jamberry Nails!
Find Nails sales reps in North Carolina at
Jamberry Nails are such a fun and easy way to get the cutest nails!! Get designs that are not possible from the...
Forgot to show you what's on the fingers currently.
Catherine Griffin - Independent Jamberry Nails Consultant. Jamberry can even stand up to a nurse's hands! Have...
Jamberry nails are great for every age. Beautiful hands.
My jamberry nails even after being covered in black food coloring! Get yours
I really love Jamberry Nails and how well they last! Can't wait to put new ones on! Check out
come see what I tried and how you can get a set FREE!!! Jamberry Nails Review & give-away - via
My new Jamberry nails. All ready for my weekend road trip!
Find a rep from Nails in Kingsville, ON at
Wish I had made these BEFORE graduation
Love flowers? Jamberry Nails does too! Remember, buy 3 nail wraps, get 1 free!.
My first jamicure on my feet. Using
Enter to win a ONE set of jamberry nails!
Holy cow! Had several more ladies sign up to be on my Jamberry Nails team today! We are now at 30! In just 9 weeks! What a fun and CRAZY ride! Thankful for every single one of my girls! :)
Find Nails sales reps in Mississippi at
First try at jamberry nails color in skinny pink.
I decided my nails needed to look FaBuLoUs for tomorrow, and the only way to that without spending an arm and a leg was to do Jamberry Nails!
Free Shipping at Baseball Rampage
UPDATE: The following have taken premium spots. Which means, there will not be duplicated listings for these companies: ItWorks Scentsy Grace Adel Rodan + Fields Celebrating Home Visalus Younique Le-Vel Jamberry Nails Chloe + Isabel Jewelry Mary Kay Plexus Ameriplan USA ViSalus If you are with any and all other companies, you may still get a free listing and there can be more than one rep from each company! - I am looking for the following direct sales companies to post their business listing free on a HUGE direct sales community: Advocare International Ameriplan USA Arbonne International AtHome America Avon Barefoot Books Beachbody Charmed Moments Clever Container Close To My Heart Coffee Club International Creative Memories Daisy Blue Naturals Damsel in Defense Discovery Toys Do You Bake DOVE Chocolate at Home Dove Chocolate Discoveries Empower Network Fragrant Lemon Peel (the) TFLP Grace Adele Herbalife International In a Pikle Javita Jerky Direct Jewelry in Candles Jewels by Park Lane L'Bri Pure N' N ...
I just entered to win 2 cases of over You should too!!
This is a great video on how to apply the Jamberry nails. So so so easy. Please check this out!
Every one of my ADK fans who place a Jamberry order via Donna Wiedemann, Independent Jamberry Nails Consultant...
New Jamberry nails! I also used 2 of my accent nails that I won to spice it up a bit :) love these. I would say though I'm still in love with the navy stripe ones I had on before. Definitely will be getting some of those :)
Oo ladies it's time to sound OFF...THERAPY THURSDAY! (Guys of course you're welcome to weigh in too...but you'll see what I mean...) Dear Val Honestly this is more to vent then anything else...but I wanna know when was the last time your were invited to a party at a girlfriends house and it WASN'T about buying something? Went to a friends "Jamberry Nails" party last night and she commented that "Don't feel like you have to buy anything, I just wanted to have people over to see my new house" I thought to myself... then have us over!! Why can't woman just have friends over anymore with out selling purses, kitchen stuff, nails etc. Of course you have to buy something. These nails better be worth $45 darnit. I feel better now. Lydia I feel ya L - and it seems silly to me too! Hey I"m all for supporting my friends (or in my case, my MOM's) little side business, but I'm asol about not making my other friends feel like they gotta bring their checkbook everytime they see me. In fact I have an unwritten rule - I . ...
Lily trying to protect me from the blow dryer while I apply my jamberry nails lol
Hello my name is Ginger I'm in British Columbia Canada. I am with Younique, Jamberry Nails and Scentsy. I am looking for expand my companies and willing to look at other companies. I am also interested in order swaps.
We are still looking for Vendors/Businesses for our FREE Youth Skills Camp on June 28th from 8am - 2pm at the Hanover Middle School, Hanover,PA 17331. Here is our updated list of Businesses/Vendors who are interested in being at our Youth Skills Camp. If you can’t make it please let us know. After Wednesday, May 28th it will be first come first serve. We have plenty of room. So, come on out and have fun with us. 31 / Katie Price-CONFIRMED Clever Container / Beth Ravegum Cookie Lee / Justine Garman- CONFIRMED Crossfit Duration / Desirae Williams- CONFIRMED Do You Bake / Kim Eisenhaur Grace Adele / Deb Evans- CONFIRMED Hanover Moose- CONFIRMED It Works / Amber Finnegan- CONFIRMED Jamberry Nails / Ashleigh Huffman- CONFIRMED Jewelry in Candles / Michelle Barczak- CONFIRMED Jujubelle / Kayla Boyer Lilla Rose / Karen Daugherty Madison & Company / JRB and JCB- CONFIRMED Magnabilities / Emily- CONFIRMED MaryKay / Misty Strevig- CONFIRMED Nerium / Michele Brandt- CONFIRMED Orgno Gold Coffee / Marijo Thompson Or ...
I'm looking for reps from the following companies to fill in at an event in medford NJ tomorrow from 12-4 .. We had a few spaces open up so please contact me or forward if you or someone you know is available. Jamberry Nails, Perfectly Posh, Gold Canyon Candles or Party lite, Celebrating Home, Velata, Any type of Home Made Crafts and kid friendly items as well. Thanks!
Still have just about 7-9 spaces available for the June 1st Bavarian Inn Event in the "Composer's Room." Vendor fee is $35.00, for 8 foot table (linen covered) and two chairs. If you're interested you can register and pay online at the website below. I will take registrants until May 24. Set up time is at noon (no earlier please); and show time from 1-5 p.m. Below are my paid vendors and crafters: Origami Owl, Younique, Pure Romance, Bird Feeding Houses and Spoons, Scentsy, Velata, Mary Kay, Silipada, Lia Sophia, Thirty One, KT's beadwork, Dear Sister Love (hand knit coffee cozies & more), SABA/ACE, It Works, Tutu's Twirls & Swirls, Hand poured soy candles, Pampered Chef, Tastefully Simple, Premiere Jewelry, Pink Zebra, Wildtree, Barks & Bites (Pet Toys, Accessories & Treats), NYR Organics, DoTerra, Nerium, Beader's Cove, From Mom with Love, Jamberry Nails, Jordan Essential Oils, Wine Bottle Bird Feeders, Jewel Kade, Jamboree N More (canned spicy & hot pickles and veggies, jams and jelly), hand painted wi ...
Head on over to Lindsay's Jamberry Nails - Independent Consultant and you could win a FREE sheet of accent nails!!!
I am looking for an outgoing, fun, independent individual to join my team as an Independent Consultant for Jamberry Nails. The incentives & rewards that this company offers is absolutely fabulous. Please message me today for more info. Go to my website to see the 300+ stylish & fashionable nail wraps that are available.
ATTENTION TO MY "LOCAL" FACE BOOK FRIENDS OF THE FEMALE PERSUASION: I have just invited you to "Like" a room called Tammi Zirnite, Independent Consultant, Jamberry Nails... My wife, Sondra, is having a "Party" to introduce you to this product. If you go to the page I've invited you to and "Like" it, you'll see what product I'm talking about. The "Party" is on Friday, May 23 at 7 PM. in our home. There is a "blast" on my personal page from Tammi Zirnite that explains how to go about registering OR, you can PM me for the address. PLEASE RSVP so we have an idea how many to expect. Appetizers & Wine.. Hope to see you there.. Well, Sondra does..
*Work-from-home Opportunity! Jamberry Nails* I am looking for individuals who want to succeed with their own business! Training, motivation and support provided. Join my team of Independent Jamberry Nails Consultants - this is an amazing ground floor opportunity! Please share any questions, I'd LOVE to discuss this with you.
OK, so... *drumroll please* I'm now an Independent Consultant for Jamberry Nails and I'm super excited to share them!
Have a special occasion or just love to have pretty nails. Having jamberry book party. Let me know
(cont.) Signature Homestyles, Lori Vernon of Jamberry Nails, Elena Halterman of Usborne Books and More, Kala Carlson of Pam…
Want to have freshly manicured nails all summer long? Then enter to win this weeks give away!
Looking for a few more vendors for a Quarter Auction in Streator! I have NORWEX, MARYKAY,REALTIME PAIN RELIEF, JEWELSCENTS, GOURMET CUPBOARD, Pampered Chef, TUPPERWARE,JAMBERRY NAILS, PERFECTLY POSH, AND SCENTSY! We have grown quickly and need to give my "bidders' a few more vendors to add to the "auction" Please only contact me if you are really serious about joining the fun :) Thank you!!!
Ever try Jamberry Nail Wraps? If not, look for my blog review later today!
Get photo booth ready with Jamberry Nails!
Jamberry Nails on an actual preschool teacher. This is after a week of wear!
Have you been wanting to try nails!? Join my FB party! Check out the adorable nail wraps,…
Baby is finally down for a nap & now I can finally put my new Jamberry on my nails.
Get your nails ready for Independence Day! Celebrate 4th of July in
Monday Post Here are some of the Wonderful Reasons why Jamberry Nails Wraps are the Best!!! Comment Below and tell me which is your favorite reason and get 10 Entries into Prize Drawing.
Little One wanted Jamberry nails too. They were so much faster and easier than my nails. And zero dry…
We believe in giving back to our local no-kill animal shelter. There's been a fundraiser set up for Pet Pal with Jamberry nails. Essentially, they're stickers for your nails that can be solid in color or have a print and will last anywhere from 10-15 days. 10% of any order will go directly to the shelter & help with care of the fur kids that Pet Pal takes in. Follow the link to go to the official ordering page & to learn more about this great new product.
Get your nails Summer ready with super fun Jamberry Nail Wraps!.
Have you tried Jamberry Nails yet? If not, I'd love to send you a FREE sample!.
GAME TIME! lots of Gators have recently been spotted back in Georgia (snakes too) EEK! I regularly encountered these critters when I lived there. I don't like bumping into these critters, they creep me out! Yet I DO like our Jamberry Nails Animal Instincts line. Your mission for today, to earn more entries for prizes is to check out the animal instincts line and post under this thread the print that's your favorite! Want to earn more points? Place an order and earn 10 more points and if your order has one of our animal instincts prints earn an additional 5 points! Here's the link to browse the animal instincts line:
Who else feels my pain? This is why I love my Jamberry Nails!!!
Hey ladies - if you are looking for a non-chemical, non-tox product for your nails you need to check out Jamberry...
If you'd like to try Jamberry Nails FREE, send me a private message with your address and I will mail you samples...
Happy Monday Everyone! Ladies are your nails ready for summer? If not have you heard of Jamberry Nail Wraps?...
The I picked for at is inspired by Saturday's Strawberry Fest!
5 days to shop my party! If you liked my nails the other day, you'll love this. *buy 3 get one free deal!*
Closing out my Jamberry Nails Party Today!! I am going to have some good looking nails for my brother's wedding & conference this year!! If you want to order before it closes here's the link:
Visit my page, find the contest and have a chance of winning a sheet of Jamberry nails!
Brides - Have you seen Jamberry nails yet? These are fantastic and there are so many options to match your day...
Welcome to the party everyone! Let’s give Michelle a big THANK YOU for trying Jamberry Nails and for deciding to share them with you!! Starting today, you will earn points for participation - so check back at least once a day to find out how! The more you participate, the more points you will receive! Whoever has the most points at the end will win a fantastic prize! The graphics below show SOME of the ways you can earn points AND what you could win! To get started - for 10 POINTS please comment on how you know Michelle, if you have heard of (or tried) Jamberry, and a little bit about yourself!
for $25 Gift Certificate for ends Friday. Enter for your chance to win :)
Calling ALL VENDORS! If you'd like to participate in this year's SuBeLex Festival, please contact me for an application. Spaces start at $10 and you do NOT need a sales tax ID # :) Already confirmed, as of today: Domestic Violence Services Avon Paparazzi Accessories ItWorks Jamberry Nails Nerium Perry Human Services Mary Kay Miche South Hill Designs Scentsy Tupperware Thirty-one Tastefully Simple Diva Designs A&W Designs Laserart Pink Zebra
!!! ATTENTION !!! Interested in possibly gathering together a group of men&women to throw an arts and crafts show & and curious who all have a home business (Avon, Jamberry Nails, Etc.) or make handcrafted treasures (Jewellery, Headbands, Art, Etc.) that may be interested. Raedel Campbell Tassis Bifano Kendra Lee Anne Williamson Michael Charles Hunniford
Free Shipping at Baseball Rampage
Just looked through my first Jamberry Nails website. There's nothing more fun than picking out nail polish. Ok, these stick on nails are way more fun! The prints.oh the prints they have!!! I think I added about 20 sheets to my cart. Trying to find out more about becoming a consultant! It would be fun to sell this product! If you haven't looked or don't know about them please wait and i' introduce you to the wonderful world of nails that last, are quick and easy to apply, and cost much less than going to a shop!!! Yippie!
Loving my super cute JamBerry nails!!! Thanks Margie Splattstoesser
What do you have in your purse that starts with an ~I~ With the Nail Art Studio from Jamberry Nails, your design choices reach to ~Infinity~
POST 2 - Please take a moment and sign in! Just comment below with where you are from, what you are drinking/eating, and if you tried Jamberry Nails already. You must sign in here to be eligible for the prizes and giveaways throughout the party, in fact, signing in will get you entered into the first drawing! Winner will be picked later in the party.
My first Go at Jamberry Nails and I Cannot Wait to do My Dani Dolls!
Proof that Jamberry looks great on short and long nails! :)
My faux nails! These are because is behind on trends 💅
Addicted to my fashion nail! Cannot wait for my order to arrive :)
I have 1677 friends on FB. Everyone that shares this post will get entered into a drawing to win a free sheet of JAMBERRY nails to be given away on Friday.
Alright! Put the kids to bed, grab a beverage of your choice & lets have some fun! For 5 points in the event contest- which would help you look amazing this summer? A cute set of Jamberry nails, a new Mary Kay MK tinted lip balm, or Plexus Slim... Comment with your choice below!
We are super excited to be apart of this giveaway from Amanda Carrasco, Jamberry Nails Independent Consultant!...
Thank you Samantha Head for hosting! With at least $150 in orders, *Sam* will get FREE JAMBERRY Nails products & HALF-PRICED goodies too! We want to help her GO BIG and earn free shipping and FREE Host Exclusive designs for FREE!!! over the next 3 months!
Here is something that happened here this afternoon (in addition to a million interruptions that were NOT expected) :( This one I'm excited about. Diana Eaglin and was interested in trying some Jamberry nails. So. I had received a free set "in honor of our Millionth order" So I showed her the tutorial and this was the result of her effort! She had never done this before, and I think she did a really good job! Way to go DIana! Everyone at Cabelas Corporate and Walmart stop by and check out her nails tomorrow!
Message me if interested in hosting a Jamberry Nails party and earn free products!!
Hey Everyone! I am just loving my Jamberry Nails. They are a natural way to "paint" my nails and they last...
Breast Cancer Awareness
Trying my Jamberry nails sample making em' all purdy 💅
Thunder inspired for the Western Conference Finals. My new favorite!
GAME TIME! OUR FIRST GAME PICTURE FOR NAME THAT WRAP! Each of the 9 images in this picture represent the exact name of one of the Jamberry Nails wraps styles. I need the 9 wraps represented in this picture to be listed accurately in the comments below in order to score a point. (Try to post all of your 9 answer to this picture in one comment when you think you have them all to avoid other players stealing your answers!!) I take the first person who gets them all right and give them a point! The FIRST person to earn 4 points, WINS the Jamberry Nails Gift Certificate of $25! ~Use my website if you need help figuring them out! (If you type in what you think the image is representing in the search bar on my website, it SHOULD show a wrap with that name. If you search the name you think the image is on the website and it doesn't pop up, the answer is wrong!)~ ***If for some reason i have posted all 9 pictures and no one has reached 4 points, i will do a Speedy Bonus Round! Winner Takes ALL!
Jamberry's raspberry sparkle. I haven't been this excited about my nails in years!
Thank you to all those who came out and supported Tea N Tee party rentals, Bridal Soiree on yesterday. Special thanks to my staff Stephanie Coleman,Andrea Logan,Pat Hawthorne, Earl Thomas and to all my volunteers. Thank you to all my models that participated and their families who came out to support them. Thank you to my Vendors, Jamberry Nails,Mary Kay,My Choice Spa,Cigars n Beyond,Lovin Oven,Thorne creations,Southwest Fundings,2 sweets and others. To my Media Team BLI/ Ivy N McQuain, Eric BettisHigo Media,Shunnique Shunnique Spivey Fletcher,Oliab. Big extra special love to our sponsors Yesenia Testa with rock the pod photo booth, Thomas Newell KEBN internet radio, Mens warehouse, Blucci Blu,Bella Balloons,Chillis,Dominos Pizza,On the you all,look forward to next year...
Jamberry Nails manicure. What do you think of my fancy stickers?
First time using Jamberry nails. Not bad. Let's hope they stay on.
♪ ♫ ♩ ♬ They're easy like Sunday morning ♪ ♫ ♩ ♬. To apply that is!. If you've never tried Jamberry Nails, click...
Find Nails product and business reps in Mississippi at
Have you tried the Jamberry Nail Art Studio yet? You can design your own nails! For all my craft-tastic friends,...
Finally got a chance to try jamberry nails thanks to jmariehig!
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