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. Get ur wraps for the Fall Holidays NOW!
Have I told you about jamberry nails? No?? To late to get in on that one?? What about a scentsy candle warmer??
Decieded to spend some time today and did my nails. . Not…
When you work in disaster relief but your nails are still on fleek!
Show your support for Food Allergies with this Teal Ribbon Design for your nails!...
Single Teal Pumpkin Design for your nails! Support the Teal Pumpkin Project!...
Teal Pumpkin Nail Wraps! Do your nails with real pumpkins and support the teal pumpkin project!...
Hi Sandy. bought new shoes today & did my Jamberry Nails I love them for I can do them myself. :)
Kiara's new mani. The Jamberry Nails have helped her stop biting her nails. .
Grey Agate features sparkling grey, lilac, and teal hues for a fabulous mani on your nails. Shop at…
Spoiler alert Jamberry Nails are so simple and easy!! . 💅🏻. 💋.
Sometimes life gets so busy, there's no time to do your nails, and I have experienced "nail envy". Jamberry offer……
Yes I am sporting nails in lol Get you some at
Was tough to narrow it down to 4! but I think this will keep autumn dazzling.
Consultants needed! Stay at home mums part time or career consultants to make a full time living…
Aria sat through her first Full Set of Jamberry nails! (Minus extra…
Can't wait to get these on my nails in the holidays 😍
Beautiful yet easy to use nail wraps from so many designs
I've joined Jamberry! If you love pretty nails or know someone who does please join my fb page…
Get into the spirit of Halloween with Halloween wraps by Jamberry! Gets yours now, your nails will look boo-tiful…
1 week down and my ColourCure is still perfect 😍💅🏻
All Eyes on You glow in the dark wraps available now shop here
The new Hydrate Water-Based Remover Wipes launch today too :D
Capping on short for longer wear. Gels.
has a great range of enamels for Fresh, Daring, NOW See them here:…
If you love but find removal tedious, use a clear under the gel for easy remo…
I wanted to paint my nails with the awesome fast-drying Jamberry lacquers, but I can't even twist the bottles open.
Seasonal nails will be out tomorrow! Here's you a peak at them!…
How are your nails looking? Could they use some has some great products to get thos…
Free shipping on Tuesday if you want to take advantage
Please pop by my other business page to enter... Jewels Beautiful Jamberry Nails
Update your maps at Navteq
Loving Get them on your nails now before they are GONE!
Check out our first fundraiser of the year! Just in time for Homecoming! Jamberry Nails! .
Love it when my nails match something! This time matches my
On the 20th & 29th September at Take the Plunge Coffee Shop $24 for parent and child includes all materials and...
Have amazing looking nails with these gorgeous nail wraps
When your nails match your skirt perfectly. 💙😍
Trying out Jamberry Chiffon lacquer--love the shimmer!
British summer time! In the pool, in a wetsuit with a cup of tea! 😂
All about long lasting It's dandy and HERE:
There's a fight going on tonight and I'm stuck at a Jamberry party with my mom! Guess I can get my nails done...
Sunshine nails for the bank holiday weekend. https…
Do you want unique pretty nails that's cheaper than the salon? Check out my page
Sunshine nails for the bank holiday weekend.
Nails all ready for my birthday weekend.
Oh god so true. Lularoe, jamberry nails, scentsy, etc.
Join us as we raise money by having beautiful nails! Come check out Jamberry while supporting HCMC in the process!!
Are you ready for some football? Are your nails? Rep your team with the Collection by Shop at…
Who loves crystals and doing their nails? Check out our new, limited edition Crystals collection…
Nails done 😊 pink with jamberry nail wraps on top 😊 if you want more information about the nail wraps please...
Jamberry nails: easier and quicker than varnish
Why I love working for Jamberry nails!
Are you bad at painting your Check out these
When you're sent Jamberry nail vinyls to finally have pretty nails for more than five minutes! And, it's super easy…
Who is loving How about this that's multichrome. It's gorgeous and you can get it from here https:/…
Did you hear? Jamberry Nails won the DSAA Rising Star award and so we made to wrap to go with it!! Got yours yet? 🌟 htt…
This week's the last one of 2017... @ Jamberry Nails at Qbeauty
Summer nails when summer is nowhere in sight!
When you order a Sheet of Wraps from Jamberry, you are getting 2 manicures & 2 pedicures along with some accent nails…
Which wrap do you like best? Many more in my shop for great nails, easy to apply at home
Even though I have the glasses...I may just at my banging
My week old mixed mani. Really like this one. .
My friends sells Jamberry I am love how my Nails look !!
We are delighted that Jamberry Nails will be joining us The perfect solution for your nails with no nasty…
Check out Jamberry to not ruin your nails. Great safe gels and ColourCure! (
Got my 24K nails on to see Bruno Mars
Who has time for a salon when you can get salon quality nails at home for a lot less cash 💕.
My latest blog post - have you ever tried Jamberry Nail Wraps?
Like pretty nails? Let me help you find great products right for you! Jamberry Nails Independent Consultant
When your daughter's nails kinda match her ice cream @ Carl's Ice Cream
Check out these gorgeous nails for the summer. for more info visit my page…
Beautiful nails wrap they are available till the end of this month
Join mnmnm224 with Jamberry Nails at our Winter Wonderland Small Business Expo and Pop Up on…
😍😍😍Join us along with mnmnm224 with Jamberry Nails
What will be on your nails for the eclipse?
I love being able to do this to my nails at home! What Jamberry has done for me
Little Giant Ladders
Looking for perfect has something to suit every taste! 💅👰
Haven't had time to pop my Disney jamberry wraps on so I'll just have to have normal nails
My nails looked magical for our Disney Cruise. Thank you Joanna Daniel for your expertise! These...
What's on your nails in celebration? Post a pic of your fabulous fingers!!
Looking for a nail polish alternative? Consider nail warps!
I ❤ JUNE!!! Like, seriously, it's my favorite. Lots of fun summer nails in Jamberry world this…
As someone who is obsessed with my nails (Jamberry) as well as horses-This OPI commercial is SO awesome!!! 😂
Wedding nails are always beautiful. Pregnant women,& those who can't have certain gels/chemicals use our
Into photography? Jamberry nails? Lyme awareness? Or healthy living follow me on instagram at rachel.pirategurl
Wearing on my by This is definitely my
I love that my nails can always match my outfit!
Getting my nails ready for my bridal shower this weekend!!
Want to wear my artwork on your nails?.
Jamberry nails courtesy of fluteywraps @ Maine
Had a little me time this evening and made myself girly again. Oh how I missed my nails being pretty!.
Access more than 7.4 million parts at Parts Direct
LOOK NEW NAILS! Complimentary of JAMBERRY!! Woohooo new colors with no upkeep or maintenance.…
Hey guys remember when Jamberry nails were a thing?
Looks at Jamberry's wraps. Can't wait for this gorgeous
There's a lot of products retiring over the next few days, here's a summary of what you need to know!
I love that my nails match my water bottle.
Get your nails ready for the 4th of July with our patriotic wraps.
My nails are ready for and the last 3 weeks of the
This is after 2 months of quitting fake nails and using jamberry!
Get your nails ready. God bless the USA
Loving my Jamberry nails .Excited to be a Jamberry consultant would love to share with you about Jamberry.
Don't forget teacher or TA gifts 🎁💅 everyone likes pretty nails, our hand and foot care ranges are fab!…
Love beautiful nails I got you covered check out my website to see all there is to offer
Jamberry has so many products for nails hands feet and more check out my website take a virtual tour today
My nails and feet are ready to today! Let us gives those that suffer from more tomorrows!…
I can do my nails in bed while watching the dark. Can you?
I put on new nail wraps today. Black and white kitties, because why not?!
I'm here! Crystal from @ novel.nails on Instagram. loving bookworm. Also a Helpful Owl at
Want salon beautiful at a fraction of the cost? Message me to find out how!💅🏻
Jamberry Wraps are an easy DIY-fix to achieve those gorgeous nails you want! www... -
Welcome Paula Miles on for Jamberry Nails in Cheyenne, Wyoming! Visit Paula at
New seasonal wraps available to buy now! 😍
Check out Turquoise Silver CrissCross. Jamberry pedi pack with accent nails via @
Check out Lotus Jamberry pedi pack with accent nails via @
Check out Upper East Side Jamberry pedi pack with accent nails via @
Check out PopStar pedi pack with accent nails Jamberry. Retired via @
Be sure to check out these gorgeous nail polish lacquers.
We love & What's your top pick for red nails?
Spooktacular available now in our seasonal collections 󾌵
me and my little monster sorted for Halloween nails. Might have thrown some foxes in while I was there
Jamberry nails full sheet White Tip on Clear
Autumn Prouty - Your Jamberry nails!!!. While supplies last or until this Monday. Grab yours. https…
The ☀️ is back even if it's just for a few days. nails for the perfect toes
Check out brushed floral jamberry pedicure pack with accent nails via @
Check out 10 jamberry accent nails. via @
Check out gift jar for nails with jamberry wraps
How spookily awesome are these available from 4pm today!
In love with my Jamberry nails by Jess's Jamberry! I will certainly be ordering more!
We all have a story. What better way to tell it than to wear it on your nails.
The NFL Collection by Jamberry is here! Support your team while having beautiful nails!
Look how amazing our Xmas earrings teamed up with with these Jamberry nails.. . Tanya from Just Shellac - by Tanya... h…
for my friends who love glamorous nails, check out my friend Diane Upp's Jamberry page.
Daughter's nails for tomorrow's dance performance for Living Windows.
I want to do my nails, craft and watch American horror story - ok game on 🙌
Jamberry Nails . I'm am going to do this . These are awesome . For those of you who prefer to do your own nails . They are the new minqs
You don't have to be funky to be a Jamberry junkie! Whether you need understated nails for work, or simply want a...
Today's nails by I may have an addiction.
Nothing like fresh to make a girl feel
Wow, I love I just won this for free, Jamberry nails!
See all that is available from Jammin On with Jamberry Nails on her website here~
Tried on some Jamberry nails I received as a gift! I think I might need some more practic…
What's on your nails? Here's my Christmas manicure. Get yours at
I need to get my nails ready for the holiday.
"Tis the get your nails jolly!
I would Love to get together with you and give you the 101 on Jamberry Nails and show you how to apply your...
Your will be decked out in beautiful, hues w/ "On Holiday"! Order @
Beginning to feel like Christmas with these nails!
I'm having a Jamberyy nails online Party starting Jan 4th click the link for more info or send me a pm :)
Loving the new and their easy nail wraps! No more chipped nail polish!
Hannah very happy with both her new purple hair, and her new Jamberry nails! Thanks for the pic Hannah!!
Especially to the guys. if you haven't got her anything for Christmas Jamberry nails is the way to go.
Get your iPhone insurance today!
My have never been so long!! I love it! is excellent for people who have nails…
Finally did my nails again lol. Featuring my newly calloused fingers. 🤘🏻
Do you Love your Jamberry Nails? Enter to win a Jamberry Gift Card & Many other Great Prizes
I'm sorry but I am so over jamberry nails.
Support small business this holiday! Give pretty nails!
Right! I wish I had a dog just so I could match our nails :D
Like the fletching of an arrow, this design really hits the mark.
FREE SAMPLE!! JAMBERRY NAIL WRAPS. Jamberry Nails has finally launched in Australia and NZ in October. Become a...
Find cute nails like these and many more at my Jamberry Nails website!
I HATE jamberry nails. They look so dumb. I'm sorry to anyone that sells/wears them.
Today is the last day to get Constellations! So gorgeous!
Stylish Holiday Gift Sets with nail wraps, lacquer, and hand cream!
Your nails are so pretty in this photo. We love the design! Do you know what kind of nail polish Jamberry used?
Ladies, are your nails Christmas Party ready? Jamberry has you covered.…
Tis the season to buy Jamberry Nails for Christmas!!!
Get 6 Free VitaTops
My favorite things - pretty nails and decorating for Christmas!
Nails for this really warm winter weather
Tho' the weather outside is frightful, your nails are so delightful. Since we've no place to go, Let It Snow!
Winter is here...sweaters, snow, blankets...wrap your nails up too!
I love showing my holiday spirit through my nails! . Shop here
Jags may lose but my nails look fabulous!! @ EverBank Field
Some of my favorite things: Sunday morning, CD, Jamberry Nails Stormy Seas Nail…
My nails for the beginning of December.
Jamberry nails in Matt black & Lace Noir...pretty happy with my very first attempt ⭐️.
Nails all ready for holidays Picts. # chevrons
Jamberry nails are non toxic - your kids can wear them too, why not have a family manicure afternoon!?...
I didn't want to take the turkeys off my nails, but I promised myself I would only keep them on until the...
Hi Everyone we have recently joined Jamberry Nails. . ANNOUNCING OUR 250 LIKES COMPETITION. Winner will receive a...
Taking a chance on Jamberry was the best decision have made! Not only do I have pretty nails everyday but I get...
Let your nails show your support! View all collegiate designs and more at:
I added a video to a playlist Jamberry Nails First Timer Tutorial
Let your nails show which side you support! View all designs at:
I liked a video from Jamberry Nails Cold Application- NO TRICKS!
My wife's is a who sells Like her on FB.
I liked a video REVERSE Warm application for Jamberry nails, by Beauty and Jams
I have my FSU nails on!! I am wearing Jamberry's TruShine gel enamel a…
Here's my newest with a clear gel overlay󾔒 I love my jamberry nails󾔒
Interested in nails, but never tried them? I'm sending out FREE samples! Just DM me your address!
Jammin On has so many styles and a price you will love. Have a party to learn more about Jamberry Nails~
Two free sheets of accent nails for anyone who makes a Jamberry purchase from me before 5pm pacific on 7/31.
Is your favorite wrap on the going, going, gone list?!?!
Give yourself a mani in Minutes with Nail Wraps – Review and Giveaway ~ CAN 08/24 by
Are you Looking for an extra Income?. Do you like being your own boss? . Do you love having pretty nails?. Then Jamberry is the Job for you!!!
* Shout Out *. Please stop by and visit Anne with Jamberry Nails and let her know Direct Sales Mommies sent you.
Just at work admiring my two week old Jamberry nails and my Hedwig ring…
When I used to paint my nails, I had the same problem. Do you wanna try a sample of Jamberry wraps? These suckers are tough!
We have another online fundraiser hosted in our honor. If you love Jamberry nails get in on this one!!
Jamberry are vinyl nail wraps, nontoxic so no damage to nails, but last awhile & don't chip. Easy to remove with coconut oil!
Quit letting your nails look like your toddler did them! Get instead!
Want gorgeous nails? Place your order by midnight Friday and get a FREE gift from my stash!
What-What!! Jamberry Nails are featured in the August edition of Seventeen Magazine! Contact me for…
Make money & have gorgeous nails. Become a Jamberry independent consultant today. Request ur opportunity packet now!
My first attempt with a sample. Love them! at now!
you should try Jamberry nails and then you don't have to worry about trying to find time to get into the salon
Hi friends! I try to keep my Jamberry Nails business separate from the blog (aside from my IG page, which is...
Have you subscribed to my Each month, you will get a mimimum of $30 in product, nail file,...
Easy fun: Style Nails in Minutes with Nail Wraps – Review & Giveaway ~ CAN 08/24 by
Check it out! Jamberry Nails was featured in Our Jams are making a name for themselves
Love this product! It's made my nails strong, and my hair stopped falling out!
How gorgeous is this buy 3 get 1 free! fashion
Even if your nails are short, Jamberry nail wraps look great! Order a sheet today and see for yourself.
Come celebrate National Girlfriend's Day with me in Durham! I'll be there with my Jamberry Nails Wraps as a...
...Ah! Some Chocolates, Women's Boutique and Consignments, Tastefully Simple, Jamberry Nails, and much, much more.
I did Miss Zoey's nails the other day.
PM me to save you a party spot. . w/ Melissa "GP Fight" McElfresh, Jamberry Nails Independent Consultant...
My are ready for now time for sunshine! Thanks to my awesome consultant…
My beautiful friend let me do her nails!!! Thanks Tonya! I love them!
Look for Sue Sheldon Mixa and Valerie Kehl at the Jamberry nails demo table! They will have samples and cash and...
What is the obsession with Jamberry nails?!
I liked a video JAMBERRY NAILS TIP This simple dollar store tool will help get all your problem areas
Want to win two sets of Jamberry Nails of your choice? I just entered to win and you can too.
Heads up, CAMO girls! There is a new camouflage Jamberry Nails design coming on Tuesday! :)
Had a customer who was Leary about doing Jamberry on her own nails, but how cute are these?? Adorable!! Great...
Check out these awesome butterfly nails! Perfect for Summer or special occasions too! Jennifer B with Jamberry is...
This looks great...just in time for summer gardens everywhere. Thanks Linda Franklin, Jamberry Nails Independent...
Meet Black Singles 300x250
Come visit me this evening at Fredrick's Chiropractic Care!! I will be set up with Jamberry Nails along with many...
4th of July is right around the corner!!
When your nails are on point your life is on point.
Check out this Deal : Jamberry Nails nail wraps, 24 full sheets and 4 half sheets ov…
Deals Fashion >> HUGE Lot of Jamberry Nails Wraps, Lacquers and Consultant Marketing…
See for yourself how awesome Jamberry nail wraps are! It's free!
two sets of Jamberry Nails of your choice
Looking to pretty your nails for spring? Message me today for 13% off your nails order!
Some really great information, especially if you have every had "lifting" with Jamberry.and if you HAVE had...
Jamicure with junior jams on adult fingers!
Im loving this sweet feminine combo.
How cute are those Shamrock Jamberry nails is presenting on my blog today?
My nails always make me happy check it out here guys you…
Photo: I am glad to have cute nails for the first time in ages.
Callie says Hey I'm a girl too, can I get my nails done? Lol. With Jamberry you can use your little…
Cool news! I'm going to start selling Jamberry Nails. We have so many cool designs, perfect to fit…
Iffy about Jamberry nails? Try the 7 day chip challenge and test the strength of your nail polish!
Just finished doing my Sis Tammys nails with Jamberry wraps in Black Widow. (Not available…
All the possibilities with one set of Jamberry nails..
The most annoying people on social media are jamberry nails consultants.
Jamberry nails lasted a week before I had to rip the *** things off. Tips were all peeling up and kept scratching me. 😞
Do you like Jamberry nails? Support the Underdog when you purchase them through Jenn Just Jam's this week! She...
Our Sip n Shop this friday is going to be some much fun.Moscato Strawberrie, Jamberry Nails and of course...
Jamberry nail time. Come to the Pearl room to get your DECA nails on
We have wraps to go will any outfit!
Doing my nails with that my bff got me for my bday! Love it so far!
Jamberry nails are so much fun to wear and to apply, at least I have fun applying them! However, it can be more...
Rockin my nails while making sure I "sew! Sew like the wind!!" Making a…
Email me for a and check out my site! Link in bio
Headed to Winterquist Elementary tomorrow...sportin my brand new Jamberry Nails!! 💕
get the stick on nails lol. Or those jamberry wraps lol.
Win a Jamberry prize package from and welcome Spring in style!
Just got my Jamberry Nails in for Aiden's mustache bash!!! So excited!!!
It's not too early to start thinking about prom!!! Jamberry nails has over 300 designs to match your dream dress!...
Don't forget to join us in the Clubhouse at 6pm for our first ever Jamberry Nails party! We'll see you there:-)
I just entered to a sheet of Thanks
I know Mothers Day is not on your minds but my Jamberry Nails gift sets will sell out! This exclusive Ruby and...
Over two years of wearing Jamberry Nails and absolutely no damage. Had a mani at a salon today and…
If you love your nails check out my new shop sponsored by Jamberry.
Get your nails ready for spring, ladies and help save babies, too! Join the online Jamberry party at...
they look just like your Jamberry nails! So fun!!!
Jamberry Nails Announces the Clearance Sale of Its Winter Catalog and the Launch of Exclusive Summer 2015 Cat
I liked a video from Jamberry Nails Application Video - Easiest Technique
Fling into Spring with new shiny nails!
I can't help it, I love my nails and I love cooking...
Electronic Device Insurance
I love when I add motivated women to my team!! Want to be one of them?
How this keeps her nails looking good
So what's your take on Jamberry Nails? They seemed kind of complicated so I've never ordered any. Then a friend...
My nails are getting long and I have Jamberry's. Sounds like I have my evening plans for tomorrow.
Wow! I just won this for free, YOUR CHOICE Jamberry Nails
Debating about attending We have amazing door prizes from Acadian Maple, Jamberry Nails, Younique and more!
I have a bit of an esoteric question.With this whole Jamberry nails thing. You'd think it was pronounced "Jam - berry" by its spelling,…
Here is the finished product! Black and Red painted nails with Jamberry Gold Leopard Tips nail wraps.…
My nails and my bag in bach with my
Jamberry wraps can be written on acrylic or gel nails too.
I love these colors for spring and these Nails are a perfect match! | Pendleton.JamberryNa
Got my nails painted the colors I wanted. Now I'm about to apply my Jamberry nail wraps!.
Jamberry home party set for end March after I loved Valentine's nails. Anyone want to place an order?
Another Jamberry wrap fell off my index finger. I don't think these are for me.
Do you in I definitely do with these fabulous Jamberry Nails.…
Host a Jamberry party online for free Jamberrys!
Here's how to get Pinterest worthy nails
Jamberry nails r sooo cute. Thanks sis . Order tons of styles at
Here's how to get free Jamberry Nail wraps
Join my live chat for info on nail care and Jamberry prizes! March 6 at 9mp ET
Officially a Jamberry Nails Independent Consultant, check out my site
I have 3 sons. My nails are my girly obsession
Join me for tips and Jamberry prizes!
My favorite way to apply Jamberry Nails
Blast from the past, from the SEBG archives: Mommy and Me Manicures with Jamberry Nails
Not looking good for the wraps, guys. I've already had to repair 2 and reapply 3. We shall see.
Acting out her "How-To Apply Jamberry Nails" book to see if she needs to revise. 👍
Want longer, stronger, hair and nails?
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