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Jamberry Nails

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Jamberry Nails can last for 2 weeks
Ok guys today is the day!!! Anyone wanting to order Jamberry Nails and help me reach my party is...
Can u hear that? I can! It's the sound of opportunity knocking with Jamberry nails! Message me for…
Can't decide which nails to put on today! or I love both!
Just ordered some Jamberry nail wraps. Gonna have little turkeys on my nails for Thanksgiving XD
The next person to join my Jamberry nails team can get their kit for half price. Contact me if interested! Sarah.terrell481
I liked a video A Totally Rad Solution for Jamberry Nails Lifting at Tips
Jamberry Nail Wraps - Pumpkin Spice. Because even your nails are excited about fall!
I want to a half sheet of nails from
Check out the latest in awesome content at
Here are some nails for These are wraps by and were…
Order your jamberry nails today! Last longer than normal nail polish.
Put on my first set of nails.. There is much room for improvement lol but I am loving them!…
I love my new Jamberry nail wraps. Its my first time trying them.
Jamberry Nail Wraps Just ordered these for Halloween- get code at
Hey guys! My mom is selling Jamberry Nails, and they are really cool! They range from $15-20! DM me for more info👌
Save up to 45% 0ff MSRP On ATV Tires
There's still time to order your Jamberry Halloween nails.
Trying out the scene thanks to Laura Longhurst!! And im LOVIN' it!
Curious about Jamberry Nails? Read our contributor's review and WIN 3 sheets of your choice ($50 value!) They are...
My first . Pretty sure these weren't intended for short nails. I could do…
Have you heard of Check out this and
Excited to announce that I am officially a consultant for Jamberry nails. I have fell in love with…
Win a free sheet of Jamberry Nail Wraps from in the
One of our cute customers getting some Jamberry nails done at our party tonight
Have acrylics or gel nails??? Yes jamberry nail wraps work on them too!!!.
So if any of my local LA area friends were interested in trying out Jamberry nails let me know!
So my friend is sending me some jamberry accent nails for a challenge thing, and she's sending me enough for a second person...
Jamberry Nails wraps compared to designs done with polish
Autism nails done!!! Can't wait for the walk on Saturday!!!
Enter to win a set of Jamberry nail wraps! 2 winners!.
Jamberry Mad Mod - Jamberry Nails wraps are Buy 3, Get 1 FREE! One of my personal favorites!
Electronic Device Insurance
If you are active and *** your nails like me, you need to try Jamberry. The bottom set was on for…
* Shout Out *. Please stop by and visit Kristen with Jamberry Nails and let her know Direct Sales Mommies sent...
There is going to be a lot happening between now and Christmas when it comes to "Shopping Local" So before you start hitting the malls or going on-line, please remember you local retailers, service professionals and direct sales professionals right here at home that have so many great products that your friends and family would love to receive. ;) November 1st there will be an Holiday Open House event for several direct sale companies and their products. Vendors included are Jamberry Nails, Tastefully Simple, Thirty-One, Arbonne, Radiantly You, Norwex, Younique, It Works, Stella & Dot, doTerra and Premier Jewelry. Come and get a jump start on your Holiday Shopping! The event is being help at the Randolph American Legion from 12-4pm.
Anyone here have experience with Jamberry nails? I've gotten a ton of party invites and don't know much about it.
So, what is Jamberry? Jamberry Nails are a new and innovative way for you to avoid nail polish drying time, chipping and pricey visits to the salon. They are a DIY DREAM. There are over 300+ designs for you to choose from (plus a nail art studio where you can design your own!), they'll last up to 2 weeks on your fingernails, 6 weeks on toenails and WILL NOT CHIP. They are a vinyl adhesive wrap that is heat activated and pressure sealed to your nail, and they will NOT damage your nail when removed properly, which I will show you. They are so much fun! You will love them! Check them out
CALLING ALL LADIES who have ever wanted to find that perfect Work-from-Home opportunity. I am very pleased with my first 45 days with Jamberry Nails! Easier than I thought and SO much fun to be a part of - I can very honestly say that it doesn't feel like work at all. What's more is this is a virtually ground-level opportunity. Want to know more? Private message me!
Jamberry nails sweet nothing wrap with ash polish
Do your nails break easily? Are you looking for a way to have healthier nails, hair, and skin? Jamberry Beauty...
My personal review on Jamberry Nails and why I think they are so much better than regular nail polish, shellac, gel, or acrylic nails. You can purchase Jambe...
The best thing about Jamberry nails is they last a long time without chipping or fading. The average is 2 weeks.
If you don't have a daughter, niece, or granddaughter, you are going to need to find someone's little girl because jamberry juniors are too cute to pass up - and little girls LOVE them!!! If you have ever tried to do a squirmy toddler's nails, you know all about getting them to sit still long enough to paint, let alone dry. On top of that, the polish usually comes off within a day or 2. Jamberry nails to the rescue! NO dry time, and they will last! Don't forget to order under Julie's party at and don't forget about the b3g1 deal!! Julie, go ahead and tag your mommy friends, so they don't miss out!!
Event: FREEDOMS NOT FRE EVENT! THIS EVENT YOU DONT WANT TO MISS! Dates: Dates: Oct 29th 3-9, Oct 30th 3-9, Oct 31st 3-9, Nov 1st 10 – 3:30 Location: Lancaster Ohio Fairgrounds (THIS IS AN OUT DOORS EVENT YOU WILL NEED A CANOPY AND TABLES. Last year over 7000 people came to this event! Cost: Open your heart Donation This President of the event will NOT allows duplication at all. Which means 1 candle, 1 jewelry, 1 ect. I really need crafters as well. I need all vendors to decorate their canopy and tables up in RED,WHITE AND BLUE PATRIOTIC THEME. THIS IS A MUST. Also all of your Red white and Blue Items need to be front and center for this event. I am going to make it interesting and have a decoration prize for the 1st place decor. Vendors that I have already email application need to turn them in asap. I allow application to be out for only two weeks. Please contact me if you have concerns or questions. AN EVENT WITH A TWIST.. FIRST PLACE DECORATIONS FOR YOUR AREA WILL BE GRADED AND 1ST PLACE WILL TAKE H ...
Hey ladies! One more week in my Jamberry Nails online party! If you love having that new mani!/pedi look for 2-3 weeks, you should really check these out! Also, check out their juniors line for all of those little pampered princesses in your life! Follow the link to check them out, or shop til you drop!
I know alot of you know Kimberly Simpson and her mother Kathy Simpson. For those of you who don' is her story. Kimberly Simpson is a 20 year old, young lady with end-stage renal failure waiting on a kidney transplant. As of the first of May, she was finally added to the recipient’s list, awaiting a donor. She also has Microcephaly and is blind in her right eye. Her journey started the day after her birth, requiring 12 hours of surgery due to her premature arrival and then later struggled through 40 more. Then earlier this year, she was taken to the hospital to be treated for what was believed to be a stomach virus, only to find out it was much worse… she was severely anemic and in need of a kidney transplant. The past several months have been a long hard struggle with surgeries, dialysis and blood transfusions, and numerous hospital stays. She is stage 5 chronic kidney renal disease and has only 15% functioning. She also fights a rare blood disorder at the same time, which doctors haven’t be ...
Ladies.check out an example of Jamberry's that each of you ordering this wknd gets a FREE SAMPLE of from Catherine Orleski, Jamberry Nails Independent Consultant. Loving mine!!! Be sure to get your orders in today to get yours! :) To shop from computer: from mobile:
Who is down to having some great snacks and talk about your next manicure? My Jamberry nails event is starting now! Come on by! 640 Nash rd . 11a.m. to 1p.m.
Cute jamberry nails I got for my nails and maybe my niece if she will let me
Love Jamberry Nails? Check out my newsletter and you might be our next Mystery Hostess!!
Jamberry Nails party! I'm trying to earn half off my kit. Come join in on the fun!
I'm having a Jamberry nails party today at 1! Let me know if you want to come & I'll give you details😘
Don't forget you can get FREE samples of JAMBERRY Nails from Heidi Stone this week! Try them out before you buy!...
Like doing your nails to look fun and creative? Come check out Jamberry. I am finishing up a show I did on...
Need a great gift idea that won't cost much to ship?Jamberry Nails is the answer & we're giving some away this week.
This one is called Sunday Brunch. Love flowers on nails!
Join my Jamberry Nails Team. DM me if you have questions. Visit
This week's JAMicure... Zenna Henna Jamberry nail wraps as accent nails paired with my regular nail…
Pumpkin Spice Jamberry is about to be applied to my nails! Pumpkin everythinggg!!! 😄👍🎃 Stay tuned…
Nails jammed up! ✔️ totally couldn't decide what to choose! custom design! Need…
Thanks Diane, Sara, Mandie, & Tiffany for talking with me about Jamberry Nails at the party today. Thanks Allison...
Painted my nails tonight and now I remember why I love Jamberry.
If you purchase from Jamberry Nails a portion will go to the search for Cody. HAPPY SHOPPING!...
Just finished applying my new First French tips and I'm loving them.…
Excited to put on my black green n bling jamberry nails =)
Did my nails tonight! Jamberry is definitely my favorite!
Keep your hair, skin, and nails looking and feeling beautiful with Jamberry Beauty Boost,
I'm now a Jamberry Nails consultant! Check out my website and let's have fun together!
It was such a treat to meet Jamberry Nails CEO Adam Hempworth and his wife Christy! What I learned from the both...
I just entered to win some Jamberry nail wraps from and you can too! Click the link to enter!
Buy Jamberry from me so you can have pretty nails
Spread the word, follow JenLovesJams and enter to win a FREE Jamberry Prize Pack!
Ask me about the I get paid to have pretty nails and throw parties
Enter to win a sheet of Jamberry Nail Wraps on
Come over to Kangaroo Mama Independent Jamberry Nails Consultant page to play Deal Or No Deal and score some...
Snow and Ice nail wraps by Jamberry Nails
Exciting news! October 11th from 10-2, I will be participating in an in-home vendor event to kick off the holiday shopping season! In addition to Jamberry Nails, other vendors present Jewelry in Candles, Pampered Chef, Tastefully Simple, Paparazzi, Dove Chocolate Discoveries, 31 Bags & Gifts. Stephanie Stump; Jamberry Consultant will be teaming up with me. Anyone who wishes to attend may do so, and I have sent invites via my personal FB page to all of my local friends. This is going to be a blast, and we are so excited to have this opportunity!!
Ok ladies. October 19th, I'm organizing a vendor bingo at the Lancaster Legion. it will be $30 to set up plus a donation item of at least $25. Please comment with company and email address if interested. Already have Dove Chocolate, Jamberry Nails, Origami Owl, It Works, Tupperware, 31, Tastefully Simple, Scentsy
Here is the official Jamberry Nails application video! Jamberry Nails are very simple to apply to your own nails. If you have any questions please let me know!
Me sporting my dimple that decided to show up today, yay 2nd day out of bed in nearly 2 weeks! Probably not the best day to go to the Jamestown Festival but I love Jamberry Nails and the team... I'm very sore and weak still. Oh and NOW I'm hanging out with two of my favorite guys from Duck Dynasty and going to eat one of them! LOL
Watching The Biggest Loser and putting on my Jamberry Wasn't really paying attention because…
Alright Friends, seeing everyone's Jamberry Nails is so much fun! Keep posting and every picture posted on this page between now and the end of October will be an entry in a draw for a FREE sheet of wraps!!
Join the party and enjoy this amazing product.. I nvr even paint my nails but thts why I love these jamberry nails so much...easy, inexpensive, look fabulous and no chipping like polish not to mention all the designs"!!" I'm getting brysdyn some she is so excited to have nails like mommy!!!,
Monday marks the beginning of FALL!! Get your nails ready for the season with these beautiful wraps from Jamberry Nails!!
Did my nails with jamberry's metallic silver wraps!
My new jamberry nails...check out my site if u buy 3 u get 1 free. Over 350 designs.
I've lost track of all the complements I've received since wearing my jamberry nails. One lady today called me...
After Saturday clinicals I do my nails.
What the heck is Jamberry? Are we seriously talking about the Tupperware of stick on nails?
Ladies...did you know that Jamberry Nails is more than nail wraps and lacquer? Let's talk hand care. No matter...
I have this super awesome coming up on the 1st of October!!!
I honestly am in love with my Jamberry nails. Easiest way I've ever done my nails, & they look perfect 💚
Custom designI love designing my own nails!!
Today's wedding nails... Navy skinny and Gold Sparkle.
"Who needs Jamberry nails when you can get Essie from the Dollar Tree!" -💅
Katie has some monsters on her toes!
With Katie at the hospital did our jamberry nails!
I am SO excited to see "Wicked" tonight! Jamberry nails in Electric Eclipse (retired) are perfect for…
Jamberry nails are easy to apply. Email me for a free sample: sarah.terrell481
I won the Jamberry Nails door prize from
If you love your nails but are tired of using a hairdryer, you need a Mini-Heat...
I posted the Jamberry Nails stuff that I ordered (and will order). What will you order?
Not too bad for my first try with my Jamberry Nails! Go Buffs!
My turtle Jamberry Nails... Turtles are my favorite
Enjoying my branded nails at the today! Thanks Mary!
My nails are ready for date night, ! Love
Just put in a huge order! I'm OBSESSED with our Halloween Jams! I will have the cutest nails…
Free Shipping at Baseball Rampage
Looking for my next Jamberry nails party hostess! Contact me if you're interested in having fun and earning free gifts and rewards!
If you like Jamberry nails check out what's up for auction! Retail value on this is $40 and right now someone...
Let me know if y'all are interested in buying some Jamberry nails. . Super cute & easy to apply! 💜👌💅
Jamberry nails are in ladies! Get with me to get your order. If you still want to order, my party is…
is giving away a JAMBERRY NAIL WRAP! Check it out HERE !
you may like Jamberry nails better. Email me for a free sample: sarah.terrell481
I believe your nails should always match your smoothie.
Enter to win a $25 GC for Fancy That Jamberry nails from
Aren't my Jamberry nails awesome? Love 'em so much I became a consultant!
try Jamberry and stop waiting for nails to dry! Email me for a free sample: sarah.terrell481
you may wan to try Jamberry nails. Email me for a free sample: sarah.terrell481
Hi this season Jamberry has added a junior wrap to the support autism society. F or each wrap ordered Jamberry Nails will donate $2.00. Message me to order these wraps and help us support kids and families affected by this.
Looking for Crafters and Vendors for my 16th Ladies Night Out event. Friday October 10th 5-9 in Big Lake,MN at The Friendly Buffalo. 6 foot table $35, 8 foot table $40 Confirmed Vendors are: Purse Shop, Thirty One, Scentsy, Tastefully Simple, Mary Kay, Tupperware, Paparazzi, Norwex, Origami Owl, Younique, Silver C Farms, Origami Owl, Premier Designs, LeVel Thrive, Jamberry Nails, Young Living Oils, Daisy Blue, Nancy’s Journals and Notebooks, Pink Zebra, Uppercase Living, Lia Sophia, Pure Romance, It Works, Plexus JEWELRY SPOTS FULL This event will be a first come basis. This does not mean who ever emails me or comments first on this post gets in, its the first person to get me the Reg form , ST-19 form and payment I do not accept paypal or cc payment over phone Email deannagranfor more info and forms! Advertising: I will be running 3 display ads in local papers, Friendly Buffalo will also help advertise with flyers, I will post on Friendly buffalos fb page, all vendors will get a flyer mailed to them, . ...
Here's a list of our vendors: Norwex, The Olde Farm, Jamberry Nails, Chris Leuking with plants, Bath House Basics, Paparazzi, Origami Owl, Pretty in Pink Bowtique, Thirty-One, The Olde Depot, Scentsy, Molly Moo Designs, Pampered Chef, Tupperware, Lia Sophia, Pieces & Puzzled, Nannies Creations. Also Lil Buddies BBQ and Painted 2 Perfection Face Painting & Glitter Tattoos will be here. We also have some other vendors coming with homemade crafts. Can't wait to see everyone on September 13! Type 2 Sweet Bakery will also be here with some yummy homemade goodies and some games for kids.
Got a small business that caters to families? Want to reach hundreds of families? Know someone that has a small business that caters to families? We offer exclusivity - looking for: Pampered Chef, 31 gifts, DoTerra, Jockey, Discovery Toys, Jamberry Nails, It Works or anyone that has items or a business geared towards children and their family. Contact us at orleansto discuss opportunities! Hurry - Early bird pricing ends Sept 5th!
I became a consultant for Jamberry Nails because I really believe in the product. It is very helpful if you would like to grow your nails out. One thing that it has helped me with is to stop picking my cuticles. Here is a before and after. This is after having them on for only a week!!
have you tried ? They're so much better for your nails than acrylics, and they are super cute/affordable.
And the winner is. Lyndsay Henderson Bahrke!! I want to thank everyone for participating! That was a blast!! If you didn't see it below, I will be placing some orders later tonight, so if you would like me to place one for you, please let me know BEFORE 9 tonight!!! Otherwise you can go to my website at Thanks so much and ENJOY your JAM-mazing Jamberry nails!!!
45 minutes until my open house for Jamberry Nails! Everyone welcome! All proceeds go to animal rescue! No need...
Lucy has a Jamberry manicure in store for her tonight. She loves her "pretty mwails"! Diana Harbour - Jamberry Nails, Independent Consultant
Here's why I LOVE - other than great looking nails all of the time
An interesting and revealing bio and history of Jamberry Nails! I didn't know any of these things!
One of my friends or acquaintances posted a picture of Jamberry nails with the Down Syndrome logo (s). If it was...
Surprise! I'm officially a Jamberry Nails ~ Independent Consultant! If you're not familiar with Jamberry--you need to check them out! I've fallen in love with them as some of you may know already. They have over 300 designs to choose from and best of all they're made in the good old USA and are non-toxic. Stay tuned for more exciting news September 1st, but in the meantime you can still order the retiring wraps untl August 31st!!
Jamberry Nails Wraps are so easy to put on and stay on for up to 4 weeks. Watch this video and the sisters will tell you more
Would you be interested in bringing to your salon?
Got my Aggie jersey and Aggie jamberry nails wraps on I am ready for
Catherine Griffin - Independent Jamberry Nails Consultant. Who doesn’t love to try before they buy?!? Well if...
Polish vs Jamberry: Day 6. Look how great Jamberry is holding up!
**Fundraiser Highlight**. Check out a JAMBERRY NAILS party until 8/31! 30 percent of sales will benefit the 2014...
Love when the mailman arrives bearing gifts!
I'm putting an order in for these custom Jamberry nails. Let me know if you are interested in ordering!
Got some new patterned leggings to go with my nails! Thanks jenniebolinger
My jamberry nails came in the mail today 😊💅
Yep I'm head over heels in love with my nails!!
Jamberry Nails will be making another appearance at our September LADIES NIGHT! So if you missed the last one,...
If anyone is interested in ordering some Jamberry Nails, my party is closing at 5pm tonight. Let me know, I'll send you the link!
Who else wants beautiful nails at a fraction of the cost of salon manis. My Jamberry Nails party is Saturday at...
Have any of you guys used those Jamberry nails things? Do they actually work?
Have you ever wanted to find a fun yet cheaper way to do your nails? Well with jamberry you can! :)
I've got to have some Jamberry Nails! 💅
Getting ready to do my nails with my sister. :-).
Supporting my Utes in every way possible. Including my nails! come find me for a free sample
Starbucks and jamberry accent nails. My new obsessions.
I have an addiction to jamberry nails and love I get paid to wear them 󾌵󾮞 join my team ! If you love them too!
Looking for rep's from: Arbonne, Pampered Chef, Jamberry Nails, Regal, Steeped Tea to join us at our Kidzz To...
Day 7 and the Jamberry wrap is going strong!!!
Day 43: I tried nails for the first time! I kept forgetting about my samples! I did only the…
What do you think of Jamberry Nails? Review & Giveaway on the blog today.
Have you heard about the newest nail trend?! Jamberry Nails!! Now is your chance to check it out and support Save...
Jamberry Lacquer v. Regular Polish Wow!What do you prefer on your nails? Me:Kiss lacquer w/Diamond Dust Sparkle wraps
I'm *known* for my fabulous and I just added Jamberry Nails to my biz list! Follow for tons of Jamberry Fun!
Jamberry nails really last. Here's a mani on Day 1, and on Day 9, you can't tell the difference can you? What...
Trying nail wraps for the first time. Photos with my favorite KimberlyRae - Jamberry Nails Independent Consultant
Find product and business reps in Oregon at
College Football season is beginning, are your nails ready?! Show off your school pride with Jamberry's...
First time doing jamberry nails was successful 😋
By now I'm sure you're starting to hear about Jamberry Nails! They are growing at a PHENOMENAL pace!! It's been...
Drinks and jamberry nails with ssword129 🍻🍹💅
I am in LOVE with this combination! Thank you Jamberry for allowing me to finally do my nails and the…
So yeah, got me hooked on nails. Fashion is a good addiction!
My Jamberry nails after almost 2 weeks, and they still look great!!
Reasons why I became interested in trying Jamberry Nails:. - Painting my nails was a waste of my time because the...
If you can't paint your nails to save your life like me, I highly suggest Jamberry nails. Seriously so cute and so easy to put on.
A lot of you have acrylic/artificial nails, and love them getting them done. Did you know that Jamberry Nails can...
is giving away a beauty basket on her blog. Go enter now!
Here is a video that I wish I would have seen before I even applied my first set of Jamberry Nails. Those of you...
My first attempt at using wraps. I'm hoping it will encourage me to stop biting my nails!…
Great feature about Jamberry Nails on Huffington Post! Wanna join us? August is a GREAT time to join! All...
Read all about the history of Jamberry Nails and how 3 sisters, who thought they'd just be able to buy more...
what a great article about the Sisters who started Jamberry Nails, if you want to view the selection...
Hi Everyone! I hope you don't mind that I added you to this group! I was VERY skeptical about Jamberry Nails before I tried them. As you know I rarely have my nails painted and if I do it's because of a wedding or something. I didn't think these would work or be anything I liked. I'm not exactly a girly girl But I love them! They stay on extremely well and its so much better than paying to have my nails done. I am convinced that if I can do it, anyone can do it! lol.
Currently looking for hosts to give Jamberry Nails a try!!! Comment below if your interested in free and half off product just for sitting in the comfort of your own home!! Don't miss out on our current special Buy 3 nail wraps get 1 free!!
OK ladies.I feel it is my duty to inform you of the awesomeness of Jamberry Nails! I instantly became hooked after my first manicure in April. I am now an independant consultant and am asking that you like my page. You know these things have to be good if I am endorsing them! They are affordable, adorable and adaptable! You can wear them for weeks at a time. They are so cute on fingers and toes. They are so easy to apply that my 10 year old daughter does them on herself!!! Take a look at my website and see all the amazing styles available. I invite you to post your favorites.
Looking for Jamberry Nails? My daughter-in-law Ericka Bazor is now a consultant. My first order will be the Alabama nails,..if course!
Curious about how to apply Jamberry Nails? Here's a great video tutorial!
Ok ladies, i know you've gotten you wraps, and you are excited to put them on! Here are a few videos and some written instructions showing some Jamberry Nails application tips. Please send me photos so I can enjoy the pretty with you? And some written instructions for you as well on my website! can also msg me and I will be glad to help you as much as possible. AND if you are lucky enough to be local, you can come on over and I can give you some in-person-type assistance! :)
YOU’LL LOVE OUR PRODUCTS Can’t get enough of Jamberry Nails? Well, we can’t get enough of you either. If you love sharing your new look with friends, why not host a party? Jamberry parties are a ton of fun and a great way for you to earn free nail wraps. HERE’S HOW IT WORKS: 1. You and an experienced Jamberry Nails consultant work together to choose a date and time, then you invite your friends, family and neighbors. 2. Any food, decorations and beverages you want to offer are totally up to you. 3. During the party, you get to be the hostess with the mostess, while the Jamberry consultant will demonstrate the application process and help your guests try one-finger samples. I can do parties in Portales, Clovis, Roswell, Hobbs, Artesia, Carlsbad and Las Cruces, Albuquerque or most any where in New Mexico and West Texas. If you are interested private message or email me at mrm0659and put Jamberry Party in subject
It’s time to save those Quarters! Friday, August 8th, 2014 Doors open at 6:30 & Party starts 7:00. Harvest Christian Fellowship Church in West Carrollton 125 Wilson Park Drive West Carrollton, Ohio 45449 Here are some of the Consultants that are involved in the Paddles Up! Party: Tupperware, Avon, Pink Zebra Sprinkles, Miche, Origami Owl, Velata, Tastefully Simple, Beauticontrol, Pampered Chef, Longaberger, Scentsy, Jamberry Nails, Uppercase Living, Stuff-N-Snuggle, Perfectly Posh, Thirty-One Gifts & Moods Each Consultant will offer 6 to 10 items each. These items will range from: $1- $25 retail value - 1 quarter, $26 - $50 retail value - 2 quarters $51 - $75 retain value - 3 quarters Party admission is a $1for a paddle (which will be donated to the Harvest House). A customer will be permitted to purchase one additional bidding paddle for $1. Here is how it works: Please bring Quarters. Each item will be shown; if you are interested in the item then you will add a quarter for the appropriate bi ...
See. Jamberry Nails are so easy to apply, even Heidi Klum can do them! Come check them out at the Saskatoon Exhibition. or online at
Love my new Jamberry mani/pedi. My nails are so short and I am looking forward to growing them out…
Tomorrow is the BIG day!!! We have Scentsy, Jamberry Nails, Tupperware, Origami Owl, BeautiControl, Gone Knots, yard sale vendors, bake sale and lemonade vendor...
Is there, or do you know someone locally that sells The Jamberry Nails?
This girl who digs in the dirt, chases bugs, milks goats has had these same two jamberry nails for two…
The new Autism Society Supporter program highlights the businesses that donate to the nation’s largest grassroots autism organization. In less than a year of working together Jamberry Nails has already given over $8,000 and as the company continues to grow, so will the partnership.
Jamberry Nails are the NEWEST way to accessorize your fingers & toes! Lasting up to 2 weeks on fingers & 5-7 weeks on toes. These non toxic, vinyl based nail shields won't chip, peel OR fade! Heat them with a hair dryer & apply them to your nails! View the official application. Video here! have questions? Check out the FAQ!
via Kimberly Lisitza :) Come see me tomorrow and support the troops!! I will be there with Jamberry Nails!!
Do you love Jamberry Nails? Have you always wanted to try them but just haven't gotten around to it? Well, now is your chance to snag some great wraps at a fraction of the cost! Come join the flash sale and get your wraps on!
Hi Ladies! I wanted to let you know that Jamberry Nails is retiring 138 beautiful wraps to make room for the Fall/Winter collection! August is the ONLY month you have to stock up on your favorites before they are gone forever. Shop online anytime at
Vaca nails! Ready for an extra long relaxing weekend with the fam!
NHL Stanley Cup Memorabilia from The Bradford Exchange Online
Friday is one of my favorite days of the week. Also because it is Jamberry FREEBIE FRIDAY! Try your Jamberry Nails here.
Jamberry nails the newest fashion trend!! Sign up to be a Consultant this month only to receive a 50 rebate. Purchase your jams today and buy 3 get 1 FRE ☆ ☆ Http://
Don't forget the first 3 people to place an order and take advantage of the Buy 3 Get 1 Sheet FREE will ALSO get a FREE Jamberry accent nails sheet from me! Order your fun Jamberry Nails today!
Would you like a NEW Jamberry Nails catalog and sample??
Check out how Jamberry Nails got it's start and what an amazing ground floor opportunity it has been. Jamberry is changing lives. Are you ready to join us? V...
Alright Ladies i have great news! Jamberry Nails is offering a great incentive for new consultants who join in the month of August. If interested PM me for more details!
Hey friends! So excited!! Jamberry Nails New catalog is coming out so let me know if you want one and I'll get it right to you! New designs available Sept 1
Reason to buy Jamberry Nails right now if you haven't yet! Read below to see how you can help some pups.
Hi All, I will be at the Shriners in Webster tonight 5-8 with Jamberry Nails and Origami Owl. Please stop by...
The struggle is deciding on what print do I want for my nails from jamberry
Think I'm going to try jamberry nails. There's just so much to choose from with all the colors and styles. 💅
I have 3 sample cards ready to go out today... Would you like one?
Ever notice that when your nails are done, you feel great?. Comment below then learn about Jamberry & enter to...
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They are Jamberry nails - I made them using the Nail Art Studio:
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Me, mandy and brittany doing our jamberry nails. 8/7/14
Jamberry: Get your nails to grow while looking nice!
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Jamberry accent nails. Applied with left hand and without contact lenses. .
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Stayed up too late painting my nails and waiting for years for them to dry. Seriously need to buy all of jamberry
I don't paint my nails or whatever... The jamberry stuff will never be bought by me.
My nails are ready to ride Look closely... There are bicycles!
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It Works! CrAzY wraps/products, Jamberry nails, Essential Oils and Younique mascara all in one location?! 󾔗Party...
Watching cowboy mounted shooting from my Jamberry Nails Booth! Come see us @ the MO state fair!
We've had many people ask where they can get the Jamberry Nails logo for their magnet
Just added some Jamberry wraps to my nails. I love how the clear wraps look over my choice of polish.…
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I tried Jamberry nails and wrote this post to tell you what I thought of them!
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I love my Jamberry nails!! If you have ever thought about trying should! I did the buy…
Jamberry Confessions. Instead of enjoying my fries, I was admiring my Jamberry Nails! LOL . Nail Lacquer…
Like hello your bills don't go in my room, neither does your jamberry nails kit, and especially not the pantry door!!😒😠
Hi Everyone! I am excited to share that I have decided to try a new business adventure. I have signed up to be an independent consultant with Jamberry Nails! They have so many wonderful nail designs and are easy to apply. So please take a look at my website and let me know what you think. Stay tuned for all the neat things to come!
It is bed time for this Jam girl! I will answer all emails tomorrow morning. Thanks for all the questions about Jamberry Nails today. Keep them coming !
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Who would have thought I'd put so much time & energy into picking out jamberry nails?!? Ugh! I just want to try them!
Just a few of the reasons why I LOVE Jamberry Nails. :)
Look at my cute nails!! They are Jamberry nails! If you want some you still have a few hours to order…
Be sure to check out bushelandbobbin on July 31st for an awesome auction including some Jamberry sets along with... I not want to be invited to your jamberry party to buy stickers to put on my nails...
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Jamberry is so addictive and so easy to apply there also so affordable!!
I just entered to a half sheet of Jamberry Nails from and
I'm loving that I have nails now! I haven't once bit my nails done I tried Jamberry.
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Did my nails with my jamberrys and nail polish to show that they last longer then nail polish
Thanks for the follow, Noel! I love Jamberry nails, only tried a few times. Have a wonderful weekend!
I liked a video from Do These Things Work?! - Jamberry Nails First Impressions
you should give jamberry a try! I used to get my nails done every 2 weeks like you until I found jams!
Welcome Sara Looker on for Nails in Chico, California! Visit Sara at
Love my Jamberry nails! Contact nani32 if you would like to place an order!
I must say I am not a fan of nails. Supposed to last 2 weeks, they barely lasted a day! Total junk! 👎
A bit blurry, but finally got to put my Jamberry nails to use! 🌸💜🌺
How to remove Jamberry Nail wraps with zero damage to your nails
Day 2 of my Cleaned the house this morning. Normally my nails would be trashed! _jennaurban
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Ladies!. Vera's Fundraiser Jamberry Nails Party Closes Tomorrow Night at 8pm!. Get those orders in! Even if...
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Why should you use Jamberry Nails? If interested in hosting let me know and earning free product!!!
My first time using Jamberry nails. They are so easy to use and fast! A major plus for mama's of…
Painted my nails with polish yesterday and it was terrible. Full blown Jamberry convert
Jamberry Nails at The Ohio State Fair in the Antiques & Collectibles building.
salon quality nails in minutes in your home? YES! check out my review and party!
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I hardly ever paint my nails, but I love it when I do! My ring finger nail is Jamberry nails. I just…
Fun new Thank you so much marlamckinney!! 😊
Let Glamour Hands - Jamberry Nails Independent Consultant give your nails some pizazz this summer! These wraps...
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Sample of Nail Wraps from Jenna Urban, Independent Jamberry Nails Consultant & Enter to a...
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Waiting for my nails to dry lets see how this strengthening stuff works taking a break from the wraps since they don't last long
Here is a peek at what Jamberry Nails are all about :) Feel free to ask me anything!
My lovely jamberry nails that I won :) thank you Tanis Kai Sacchetti !!
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