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Jamal Harrison Bryant

Dr. Jamal-Harrison Bryant. (born May 21, 1971, in Baltimore, Maryland) is an African-American preacher and pastor of the Empowerment Temple AME Church in his hometown of Baltimore.

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My hubby George Carter Jr. gets to play for Dr Jamal Harrison Bryant as he delivers a word from The Lord!. So...
"We are one nation under God". Pastor Dr. Jamal Harrison Bryant of the Empowerment Temple AME Church.
It's October and Bishop Victor Powell has a special treat for you! Dr. Jamal Harrison Bryant, pastor of...
I've got 99 problems but preaching ain't one!!. -Dr. Jamal Harrison Bryant-
Watching the 7 last words on the Dr. Jamal Harrison Bryant hosting and preparing to preach soon. Powerful messages so far!
A tremendous night of ministry, Dr. Jamal Harrison Bryant flowed with wisdom and prophetic insight. Brilliant.
Everyone come out to this awesome event honoring Dr. E. Edward Jones and guest speaker Dr. Jamal Harrison Bryant...
Jamal Harrison Bryant! Sheesh! . I saw the speech from Orlando, FL via Periscope and was INSPIRED!.
Dr. Jamal Harrison Bryant speaks to the audience at the 34th Annual Dr. Martin Luther King Awards Banquet.
Dr. Michael Waters takes the stage to introduce Dr. Jamal Harrison Bryant.
Watching this guest speaker in 2014 say "People with imagination get excited over nothing." -Dr. Jamal Harrison Bryant
Watch "DOUBLE PORTION! Pastor Jamal-Harrison Bryant and Bishop John Bryant preach a tag team sermon!" on YouTube
Shout out pastor Jamal Harrison Bryant for standing up against injustice. The civil rights movement started in the church.
"Here in Texas we are not afraid of ISIS we are afraid of the police." - Reverend Jamal Harrison Bryant
Pastor: 'Someone has to pay' for Freddie Gray's death.". Biography: Who is Rev.Jamal Harrison Bryant:.
TBR - I'm excited to announce that we have just confirmed Dr. Jamal Harrison Bryant as one of our conference...
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Black History, Social Justice and the Church with Rev. Jamal Harrison Bryant via
Your last check will be next years TITHE per Jamal Harrison Bryant
Listening to Dr. Jamal Harrison Bryant, great minister of God in our generation.
Had an awesome time at Empowerment Temple this morning as always I thank God for my pastor Jamal Harrison Bryant
But this is a good preacher though. I can't deal with Jamal Harrison Bryant & this is on the list. By…
We raise our daughters to be brides and our sons to boyfriends. Dr. Jamal Harrison Bryant
OMG! Dr.Jamal Harrison Bryant you are TALKING GOOD sir! This is True! We need to encourage those & be encouraged for the NOW!!
Dr. Jamal Harrison Bryant, The Coast Is Clear . ...its okay to be tired. Its when GOD gives strength.
Good Make-it-Happen Monday morning!. It may seem unlikely, but it's not impossible. -Rev. Jamal Harrison-Bryant
Jamal Harrison Bryant gonna come out and spit a verse.
Lmbo This segment is dedicated to Jamal Harrison Bryant!!! 😆 Smh
Gud day saints... I pray that Jesus may he show his kindness and mercy, because great is his mercy towards us, Christ never knew sin but for the sake of us God made him a sin... Father show your mercy in these two men of God Dr. Shepherd Jamal Harrison Bryant and Bishop Noel Jones... Be Jehovah Jireh in thier lives, for you are the anxient of Days... Thank you for your mercy Oh! God in Jesus name...
Y'all get ya pastor. Doggone it. Jamal Harrison Bryant. All up on the white people channel. talking…
I added a video to a playlist Dr. Jamal Harrison Bryant, I've Got to get Control of My Life (IGOC
I wholeheartedly Plea The Blood of Jesus over my Shepherd dr. Jamal Harrison Bryant and all those who are...
"Ladies and Gentleman it is a dangerous thing when people get up front but nobody can understand their message" - Dr. Jamal Harrison Bryant
Stand Your Ground Rally, in Tallahasse. I was very impressed with pastor Jamal Harrison Bryant and as always it...
Jamal Harrison Bryant is one anointed brother. God is using him greatly. I haven't been this fired up about God in a long time.
God Almighty The Road get rough bumpy and unappreciative towards Your Elect.Men children Dr. Jamal Harrison Bryant and Bishop Noel Jones and though you have prepped them with their shoes that will not be worn out nor will anything *** them in their foot, But ABBA Lead them that they may not dash their foot against any stones so I PLEA THE BLOOD OF JESUS OVER THEIR DESIRES THE COMPANY THEY KEEP, THEIR PATH their decisions and their intentions in Jesus name.
Dr. Jamal Harrison Bryant, Go Hard or Go Home This Sermon is a Property of Jamal Bryant Ministries, I do not Claim any property o...
Dr. Jamal H, Bryant delivered an awesome message "Go on some where and sit down" at the Arms Way Ministry Repayment Conference in Columbus Georgia last night. I've watched the broadcast from Empowerement Temple for years on the Word Network. My cousin in Baltimore saw his itinerary and could not miss the conference. Power for Life is very moving. His spoken word on the James Fortune show 100.7 FM speaks volumes. He is a dedicated powerful man truly anointed by the Lord!!
Say what you want about him but Pastor Jamal-Harrison Bryant can PREACH!
the Empowerment Encounter with Dr. Jamal Harrison Bryant on The Word Network presents to some and introduces to others Pastor Mark Freeman of Second ...
God knows I love my church and God knows that there is only 1 Jamal Harrison Bryant!!! Use him God!!
So happy to hear that Prophetess Juanita Bynum is running revival out of Pastor Jamal Harrison Bryant's church...
A woman will give her body to get time... the man will give a woman time to get her body... Jamal Harrison Bryant 1/26/2013
Flashback friday- My husband Elder Michael Watson Jr. and his friend Jamal Harrison Bryant. at his book signing 2012.
Jamal Harrison Bryant is in the building!!!
"We in the church have confused healthy & hyper too long. Stop mistaking energetic folk for anointed folks." - Dr. Jamal Harrison Bryant The WORD Network Summer Revival
Heard this from Minister Jamal Harrison Bryant and thought I'd pass it on. It's about how to evaluate video games for your children. Answer these questions before bringing it into your house. 1) Does the game involve causing harm to others? 2) Is the person playing the game rewarded for causing harm to others? 3) Does it teach that violence has no consequence? 4) Are there any non-violent solutions, any non-violent options in the game? I believe that what are kids are seeing on a consistent basis in these video games really affects them.
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I love Bishop TD Jakes he continues to preach just like he was in the hills of Virginia! I enjoyed Bishop Wayne T. Jackson & the word he gave Saturday! I loved Dr. Jamal Harrison Bryant Word on Sunday at 7:00a.m. I believe the word of God should be taught with simplicity, revelatory expression, and with POWER! While its being preached my atmosphere must be changed, charged and conducive for miracles. I love when the people of God respond through the eye's of faith while giving God a demonstrative praise!!! I believe church should feel like church, not a college lector room! We have become so intellectual, so booshi with the spirit of excellence that our Sanctuaries have become Sunday morning grave yards! Psalms 150 should be available & implemented in our churches! The Apostolic ministry of Christ should be implemented in our churches. The importance of GODLY noise displays victory in the camp. Our ability to make purpose driven noise & praise glorifies GOD and confuses the enemy! Even though your mini .. ...
You cannot hit a target that you cannot see... ~Jamal Harrison Bryant
Quote of the day: Victimization is fashionable now. No one wants to take responsibility for their actions. -- Dr. Jamal Harrison Bryant Citation du jour: La victimization est à la mode maintenant. Personne ne veut être responsable de ses actions. -- Dr. Jamal Harrison Bryant
, I submitted your name to be the next guest on Dr. Jamal Harrison Bryant show on the Word Network. YES!
It's ALWAYS a blessing to receive a blessing from my good friend Dr. Jamal-Harrison Bryant Pastor of the...
What's up good people! Be sure to check out Dr. Jamal Harrison-Bryant on this Monday! -->>
"If your provision ever exceeds your vision then your vision is not from God." - Dr. Jamal Harrison Bryant "Vision is your responsibility but provision is God's." - Dr. Myles Munroe "It is our responsibility to understand, write, make plain and wait for the vision. It is the responsibility of others to read and run with the vision. It is God's responsibility to provide for the vision." - Pastor Cleo D. White, Sr. See Habakkuk 2:2-3
Dr. Jamal Harrison Bryant, I Don't Wanna Stay This Size I Will ask all Viewer to Support The Jamal Bryant Ministry and Empowerment Temple with your donation ...
Rev. Dr. Jamal Harrison Bryant is absolutely my favorite preacher on the face of this planet. He is a genius of a sermon builder. Can't too many touch his preaching ability !!
FOR ALL PREACHERS - When a preacher has preached like Jamal Harrison Bryant has tonight and you come on after him - OPEN THE DOORS, DO NOT TRY TO PREACH NOR PROPHECY AFTER HE GETS FINISHED - It's OUT OF ORDER. If you're on to raise the offering and you know there is a time constraint - RAISE THE OFFERING AND SIT DOWN. This is TERRIBLE and a total lack of respect for the leadership of FGBCF.
In my living room shouting and dancing with Dr. Jamal Harrison Bryant preaching at FGBCC !!! That Brother done preached me up under my couch !!! WOW !!! I believe he some kin to Kobe Bryant !!!
about to tune in to The Word Network Summer Revival. It was so awesome last night with prophetic messages from Juanita Bynum and Jamal Harrison Bryant along with Bishop George Bloomer! Dr. Mark Chironna preached a powerful word. Tonight is going to be just as powerful with Bishop Noel Jones.
SAVE THE DATE: Dr. Jamal Harrison Bryant will be in Connecticut at Hopewell Baptist Church on Monday, September 16, 2013 at 7:00pm. You will not want to miss this.
Hey Fam. 2nite is our Men's Empowerment Conference @ 7 PM w/Dr. Jamal Harrison Bryant from Balitmore. Everyone is invited 2 come & hear this powerful preacher...I saw him at Mt Hermon a few years ago and it changed my life! Tonight. Antioch Missionary Baptist Church
West Michigan & Michiana Region join Pastors' Amere and Lady Kenya and the Abundant Faith Word Church 1310 Bank Street Kalamazoo, Michigan 49001 as we celebrate our 5th Year Church Anniversary during our "Family Conference". Don't miss Dr. Jamal Harrison Bryant as he ministers the word of GOD Thursday, June 6. 2013!! Service starts promptly at 7:00p.m. EST. he will be on the floor by 7:35p.m. Choice Blessings!
Listening to Dr. Jamal Harrison Bryant's sermon "I had to date them." One of the best sermons ever.
Happy birthday to Dr. Jamal Harrison Bryant. May the good Lord preserve you in health, truth and righteousness, until His second coming. In Jesus name. Amen
Somebody is having a birthday...Sooo, they want to celebrate by having an all day marathon...AND boy is he preaching! Preach Black Man, Preach - Jamal Harrison Bryant!
Dr. Jamal Harrison Bryant, Breaking A Fixed Income... To get something you never had... U got to do something you never done!!!
"If you are a success you are thinking of your solutions, if you are average you are thinking of your problems." ~Dr. Jamal Harrison Bryant
Jamal Harrison Bryant, I've Got The Total Package: via wow i remember this. Still makes me giggle. lol
Just saw interview Jamal Harrison Bryant. I hate infidelity, but I respect that he owned his mistake. Great learning moment.
GOD IS GETTING READY TO WORK IT OUT. attack the devil resist after you cling to GOD and he shall flee. NO Weapon Formed Against YOU Shall Prosper. Dr Jamal Harrison Bryant.
I liked a video Dr. Jamal Harrison Bryant, The Root of The Problem
Today on we are talking about the anniversary of Trayvon Martin's death "One Year Later." Roland Martin, Benjamin Crump, Jamal Harrison Bryant, Vanessa Baden and more will be joining us. I hope you will be joining us to at 5pm at
8 years ago today Malcolm X was assassinated.and still black on black crime remains. It "must stop!" -Jamal Harrison Bryant
"Being with the wrong person can turn Valentine's day into. Halloween!!!" - Dr. Jamal Harrison Bryant
This is the 1st pope to resign in 600 years...some churches can't keep a pastor for 5 years! ~ Dr. Jamal Harrison Bryant
My pastor is on fire this morning... Rejoice always and again I say rejoice... The Ghetto version: Don't stop!!! Get it Get it! Jamal Harrison Bryant. Preach it!!!
"God is raising Women to Leadership...those who have been Faithful over a Few Things"... Dr. Jamal Harrison Bryant at Reid Temple AME North
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No pls, see "Django Unchained" again but this time it aint Jamie Fox but Dr. "Django" Jamal Harrison Bryant... Lol. Love you
RE:POST FROM PASTOR Jamal Harrison Bryant, Who every is causing a problems in your life did not come from God.SELAH
5 keys to happiness (Dr. Jamal Harrison Bryant) 1/27/2013 1. Real relationships- 85% of happiness or unhappiness can be traced to the people in your life. The people around you determine whether your life is a zoo or jungle. A zoo is under control and in order. The old me is incarcerated in discipline. If the people in the zoo have no discipline they are out of the jungle. Am I reducing my life standard by dealing with people who belong in the jungle with the old me. 85% of your stress is not your stress. God said if you give him glory, he will release you from every person who is causing stress and chaos. Your interaction with friends, family and coworkers determines your mental sanity. 2. Aligned assignment- You must be engaged in an effort which is significant to you. You do not need a job. You need a confirmation of your assignment. You are too brilliant to waste your call. You are not antisocial. You are anti anything that keeps me from my assignment. This is the year I work my gift! Not busy work bu ...
I know most of you are watching the football game but please tune into The Word Network right now just to hear what Jamal Harrison Bryant is saying this man is preaching young and old need to hear this this brother is preaching
MLK didn't march for a monument, but for a movement! -Jamal Harrison Bryant
Jamal Harrison Bryant...When you try to be too deep in the introduction of your message be careful that you don't get lost in your words...Starting out your message talking about Lance Armstong and end up talking about black inequality don't really meet and any preaching juncture...
Mega church pastor Jamal Harrison Bryant and his wife Gizelle are headed to divorce court. After 5 and a half years of marriage Gizelle Bryant filed for a divorce in the Circuit Court for Montgomery County on January 9. The clergyman also filed divorce papers in Baltimore City Court on the same day, the Baltimore Sun reports. Jamal Bryant is the affable 38-year-old pastor of Empowerment Temple A.M.E in Baltimore, Maryland. Many view him as a burgeoning voice in the AME (African Methodist Episcopal) denomination as his influence has extended nationally and internationally. Known for articulating relatable sermons, the former 11th grade drop-out who entered the prestigious Morehouse College with a GED, has not released a statement about the situation, likely under his attorney's advisement. Jamal Harrison Bryant "This is a private matter between Dr. Bryant and his wife, and we'd like to keep this matter private," attorney Jimmy A. Bell told the paper. The copious blog and chat entries on the troubled marria ...
The heart looks to the future, the mind looks to the past.but your soul wants you to relish in the NOW! Dr. Jamal Harrison Bryant
My bornday is rapidly approaching and out of my 26 years of existence...I only want 2 gifts! Life and dinner with Jamal Harrison Bryant!
Praise the Lord and hello there FB. Wasn't able to catch all of Dr. Jamal Harrison Bryant's message but whew some...
"When your ready to make an impact get ready to be lonely" - Rev Dr.Jamal Harrison Bryant
This Rev. Dr. Jamal Harrison Bryant is preaching us crazy
Dr Jamal Harrison Bryant preaching at the 2012 Southern District Holy Convocation held at Love Temple in Goldsboro, NC. Recorded by JIL's AV P...
Gm fbf i am at the most powerful place on the planet Empowerment Temple Pasrored the The Rev Jamal Harrison Bryant may God blesd you all anf wztch over the Ravens
Spread the word Pastor Jamal Harrison- Bryant is coming to a church near you ! Hosanna Fellowship Church of Gretna on Sunday, November11,2012 for 7:00 p.m. during our 10th Year Anniversary Celebration.
Good morning GOD! Today allow me to remember that u created & called me to a higher level of thinking. Woe unto me to only think at a modicum level when u GOD have blessed and multiplied the capacity of my cerebral cortex so that I can shift paradigms & take the blow torch of truth to structures that are antonyms to the word of GOD (In my Jamal Harrison Bryant voice & vernacular.) Good morning all! LOLl
I just LOVE African American preachers. T.D Jakes, Jamal Harrison Bryant, Creflo Dollar are amazing. Believing and preaching about God's goodness is definetly something we do with vigor and intensity. And are NOT lazy about it either!
Dr Jamal Harrison Bryant welcomes Lady Gizelle at Empowerment Temple on 25 April 2010. He said the idea of planting that church was birt...
Pastor Gregory Jackson, Dr. Vernon C. Walton and Dr. Jamal Harrison Bryant in the pulpit
I favorited a video Pastor Jamal Harrison Bryant--The Audacity of Hope
I hope you fail by Pastor Jamal Harrison Bryant. Powerful sermon I tell ya!
"My big idea is God's small idea for my life" ~ Dr. Jamal Harrison Bryant
Just spotted Charlotte Mayor Anthony Foxx and Pastor Jamal Harrison Bryant headed to the area.
Playing Now: Pastor Jamal Harrison Bryant - Deliverance for the Down Low Brother, listen live at
Don't ever confuse being the with.being the only one! ~Pastor Jamal Harrison Bryant~
Jamal Harrison Bryant is preaching on iPrayze right now. Go check it out! It's an awesome word just for you!
Idc what anyone says abt Jamal Harrison Bryant...he is anointed...God uses and chooses!
i'm 'bout to put you in the same category with Jamal Harrison Bryant.
We love shouting we hate serving. Jamal Harrison Bryant
I uploaded a video MURDERED YOUTH: Rev. Dr. Jamal Harrison Bryant and Chris Bro
Wo the message from Dr. Jamal Harrison Bryant (Wired to be Weird--St. Mark 1:6), pointers including consuming...
When u come to Baltimore come visit Emowerment Temple over in west Baltimore Pastor Jamal Harrison Bryant
Watching Jamal Harrison Bryant. He is speaking some truths this A.M. Preach black man!
"When a person realizes your special they also should realize that your not always available" Dr. Jamal Harrison Bryant
I truly been bless this year by my B=More family having engagements in Alabama. In October we were grace with Dr. Frank Madison Reid III celebrating Pastor McCall retirement and In June Pastor Jamal Harrison Bryant being in Decatur at Progressive Church.I have hear one of my favorite singer is in Birminham, Al Pastor Stephen Jones and everyone especially Sandra Coffman know I will get lost in Huntsville,Athen and even in Decatur.I want the Jones brothers new single but I might in up in Ohio and when I find my way back I'll be singing On My Way Home(smile).
from Pastor Jamal Harrison Bryant's message, "I Don't Know How Much More I Can Take!" To order this message in its entirety: Call us at (313) 867-4700 or log...
"If he can't meet you where you are, leave him where he's at." Dr. Jamal-Harrison Bryant
Pastor Jamal Harrison Bryant blessed the house with a Word during our Friday night service at our Now Unto HIM Gospel Music Workshop 2009. This was Filled's ...
so Jamal Harrison Bryant asking God to see somethin' new. You dun see all peynus over creation. It's all old at this point. Bye!
is headed to Rock City to hear Dr. Jamal Harrison Bryant. This should be a great night.
" Don't ever think you don't have options, you have options " . -pastor Jamal Harrison Bryant .
Pastor Bryants speaks on the subject "A New World Order" and talks candidly about the Maryland Elections, Goverment and how God is blessing His people and cr...
Pastor Bryant preaches this powerful word at the Empowerment Temple AME Church in Baltimore Maryland.
Join the awe inspiring Dr. Jamal Harrison Bryant at the Dancing Preachers International as our feet map out the Nations. We are not...
The mother of slain Florida teenager Trayvon Martin is expected to speak at a Baltimore church. Sybrina Fulton will share how she is coping with her son's death on Sunday morning at the Empowerment Temple. Martin's shooting death in February sparked a national outcry. Pastor Jamal Harrison Bryant says he wanted Fulton to speak to his congregation because her bravery is a powerful example of how to stand up to injustice.
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Brother Malcolm dances to a Powerful Sermon preached by Dr. Jamal Harrison Bryant at New Spirit Revival Center in Cleveland Ohio.
About to read foreplay by Jamal Harrison Bryant will pray before I begin lol
I think Rev Otis Moss was callin out Jamal Harrison Bryant on that video.
For the bible tells me so. - Rev. Jamal Harrison Bryant spoke for all blacks recently when he went on CNN...
-__- this sermon preached by Jamal Harrison Bryant this morning.TERRIBLE IGNORANCE. this day Jamal Harrison Bryant has lost all my respect
Rev. Jamal Harrison Bryant, Senior Pastor of the Empowerment Temple, joins CNN's Early Start to talk President Obama's support for *** marriage and the impac...
Here's a link to Jamal Harrison Bryant's interview regarding same sex marriage and the President's announcement
Rev. Jamal Harrison Bryant: 'African-Americans are going to support Pres. Obama' via Amen
Wait. Jamal Harrison Bryant actually said that black people are "sexually conservative." And he cheated w/a woman in his congregation? Oh.
Rev. Jamal Harrison Bryant: ‘African-Americans are going to support Pres. Obama’
Yes!!! I love them!!! Check it out my pastor have his own app. Jamal Harrison Bryant!!
CHEER UP...God has already figured it out! -Dr. Jamal Harrison Bryant
In a storm you loose something and you learn to make it with bare essentials. -Dr. Jamal Harrison Bryant
I'm sick of the Storms.Storms gets stronger when your close to your purpose or destiny. -Dr. Jamal Harrison Bryant
The worst mistake in the world is the one you fail to learn anything from. - Jamal Harrison Bryant
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I'm not pleased. Why's Jamal Harrison Bryant sending me a DM at 3:48am?
Jamal Harrison Bryant's wife has lost her looks. No wonder he digs the choir boys. God favors them.
Happy Easter! If you need a service to watch, log on to at 11:30. My pastor Jamal Harrison Bryant gets DOWN!!!
Watchin The Seven Last Words on the Word Network hosted by Dr. Jamal Harrison Bryant and the most Powerful place on the planet!
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