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Jamal Bryant

Dr. Jamal-Harrison Bryant. (born May 21, 1971, in Baltimore, Maryland) is an African-American preacher and pastor of the Empowerment Temple AME Church in his hometown of Baltimore.

Pastor Jamal Bryant Empowerment Temple Myrtle Beach Paula White

You twist Gerri Green’s leg, Brandon Bryant comes at you with a fury unknown to mankind
God will not change; but your situations can change. . -Pastor Jamal Bryant
JJ saw this on youtube if your the Jets GM would you entertain thoughts of trading…
But both Jamal Peters and Brandon Bryant had massive hits today. And they were both clean. Just really good tackles.
Lol😊 Good Afternoon Rev Dr Jamal Bryant, Thank you for the Krispy Kreme filled donut with Dr Bryant…
Career 55+ point games in Year 15 or later, NBA History:. Kobe Bryant: 1. Every other player in the history of the NBA, com…
Jamal Williams and Joshua Bryant hook up for a 7-yard touchdown on game's opening drive, giving La Vega a 7-0 lead with 9:53 to go in 1Q.
Dr. Jamal Bryant is blessing me right now!!
Jamal Bryant blocked me because he is petty...
This message was serious and touched my heart. I'm praying today too for the men. Thank you Pastor Jamal Bryant.
It’s a tragedy to be a public success and a private failure - Pastor Jamal Bryant
They signed Jamal Lewis back in the day and drafted Armonty Bryant
Omg I swear I just need Jamal Bryant encouragement. Everytime I hear him it just brings me out of my funk.
Your vision should be bigger than your budget ~ Pastor Jamal H. Bryant
"Takers don't take to other people's troubles!" --- Pastor Jamal Harrison-Bryant.
Thank God for my Pastor Jamal Harrison Bryant. But there are other Pastors in Bmore that needs to step…
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The weight of who I am adjusts the seat I sit in. -Dr.Jamal Bryant
Blame Lonzo Ball's pops for his poor performances. Parading his son like a Bryant-Lebron hybrid but he's just a light skinned Jamal Crawford
A group of men led by Pastor Jamal Bryant gathered outside M
This was done in Baltimore outside of M&T stadium (Pastor Jamal Bryant) yesterday, during the anthem. We with you Colin…
Pastor speaks on the impact of fake restraining order against him.
Yeah so did I tell you we were @ The Empowerment Temple where Dr. Jamal Bryant allowed us the opportunity to...
Please join Dr. Jamal H. Bryant as he host The P2P Movement every Saturday @ 11:AM live and online on The Word Netw…
People who won't take the BLAME...can't be trusted with RESPONSIBILITY! -Jamal Bryant
Former Flight 22 standouts Akia Pruitt, Jamal Bryant & Tyrel Kirk will be big for the Braves this s…
Freshman watch: Jamal Bryant and Cam Hamilton each have five points for the Braves.
Pastor Jamal Bryant shares the shift in his theology regarding LGBTQ people. And the page continues to turn!
Pastor Jamal Bryant - The problem with Paula White... via
I added a video to a playlist Pastor Jamal Bryant - The problem with Paula White...
Hire Kaepernick NOW...and if not there's gonna be a real blackout and the eclipse WILL be televised! -Pastor Jamal…
Y'all talk about Jamal though. Pastor Jamal Bryant allows a pillar and beacon in his community!!
🙏Praying for my girl I heard the news (via her BF Jamal Bryant) that she was…
Every bill in September will be PAID! Do you trust God to step into your situation? - Pastor Jamal Bryant...
I don't want no one assignment bc I dont even want mines. Dr.Jamal Bryant 💪👊 PCJC HC
Dr. Jamal Bryant really hit home for me he preach me to tears. Really needed that load to be lifted. My son & Nephew will not die but live.
We barely 30 mins into this word and Dr. Jamal Bryant done said EVERYTHING! @ Pilgrim…
1) “While the world looks at North Korea, Black Americans are looking at Virginia.” Rev. Jamal Bryant, Empowerment Temple AME Church
To pander for black votes, Bernie embraced and promoted the endorsement of Jamal Bryant, a known homophob…
Shout out to Dr. Jamal Bryant and Empowerment Temple for allowing me to promote my Brand New…
So, is it me or does Sherman favors Jamal Bryant?
Her ex husband was chocolate...Pastor Jamal Bryant😊
Lord Jamal Bryant can't catch a break. Lol
They keep bringing up all this jamal Bryant tea lmao
Leave Jamal Bryant his tithes out of this LMAO
Don't let a day go by without reminding God of the promises he spoke over your life. He responds to his word Pastor Jamal Bryant
"Get excited about who you are becoming." - Pastor Jamal Bryant. ~Happy Sunday!~
unlimited calling, voip, phone service
GM Beautiful People of God! Come join the P2P Movement live on the Word Network at 11:00 am; hosted by the one and…
In the mall walking yesterday and seen Rev. Dr. Jamal Bryant
Im totally disappointed in this as a member for 4yrs with nothg but excuses for helpin bmore Homeless Im sad for GOD
Please come join the P2P Movement tomorrow Saturday July 8 @ 11:00 a.m live on the Word Network with Dr. Jamal Brya…
Pastor Jamal Bryant 2017 Sunday July 2 in NY a black life is worth .67
So there's a singles' conference (🙃) coming up; Jamal Bryant is one of the speakers 😑. Dude wasn't a good husband, but he's a good single?
Brandon Bryant finds himself on Freaks List once again thanks to a 4.29 in the 40. 📰:
Your will far outweigh the battle you are going through!
That time Bernie embraced a bigoted pastor to show he was down with blk folks -> htt…
Another sneak peak: Mark Bryant on women cartoonists. As ever in larger or subscribe to print at https:/…
2017 Overall pick Jamal Adams dominates his break with excellent balance, rhythm, coordination and Exp…
this convo wit Jamal Bryant ex wife is hilarious.
how can any member in his church in their right mind support a dead beat dad like Pastor Dr. Jamal H Bryant.
Jamal Crawford is. Still a beast in my book
I recommend to watch and listen toDr Jamal Bryant I can assure a great preaching healing to the soul!
What's the deal with Jamal Crawford? Doesn't Bryant have enough texas? Who ARE these people?
What's crazy is yesterday Jamal Bryant said in the next 72 hrs you're going to get a sign and my deal from weeks ago came thru for $172k
Pastor Jamal Bryant held in contempt of c...
Pastor Jamal Bryant held in contempt of court via
Pastor Jamal Bryant held in contempt of court
"I tried to tell y'all about the Jews & group economics in my sermon on Luke 4:44, but you wanted mimosas that Sunday." -Jamal Bryant
"A good teacher shows you how to think and NOT what to think." --- Dr. Jamal Bryant
Giselle wants a man to run game on her like Jamal Bryant did
Pastor Jamal Bryant came through to get him a hoodie.
White student made ‘co-valedictorian’ with black student, despite having lower GPA,
You don't know if you dealing with somebody "grown"'s time to communicate or apologize
Dear Lord today, quickly give me patience, thicken my skin, thin out my circle, toughen my spirit and soften my heart
How does Raisin Bran have more calories than Frosted Flakes ?? ...
Dear Lord today, give independence to colonized minds, award economic freedom and transform the criminal justice system
Listen and take notes before you slip on red, white and blue outfits this weekend!!
domain names
The glass is only half full stopped pouring
You can't start fires and then pretend to be a burn victim.
Even the African military is rocking Gucci belts...we gotta do something different people lol
Stop paying mortgage. in the place you fell down!! - Bishop John Bryant
Watch on Insomniac circle.when you are fed up!
Pace yourself can go up like a rocket and come down like a rock!!
Dear Lord today, fend off frustration,be a shield from sickness, be our armor to stop accidents & represent to resolve is…
It's over 1 million people worshipping God at the same time ...hands up and no phones out!…
But don't stop LOVING.and don't stop GIVING.however take time TRUSTING
We are gearing up for night 2 of our 125th celebration revival. Dr. Jamal Bryant is our guest…
Jamal Bryant was in Teavolve ordering food in that preacher voice 😂😩😭
mr Choc is Jamal Bryant, gizelle from housewives of potomacs husband!
Jamal Bryant is a *** Point blank... Farrakhan really is a top notch government agent and mouthpiece
girl did u hear about Phaedra cheating with Gizelle's ex husband Jamal Bryant a.k.a Chocolate
Phaedra’s “mystery man” is reportedly Pastor Jamal Bryant, the ex-husband of “The Real Housewives of Potomac” star,
I wonder if Phaedra and Jamal Bryant still text. Sending her encouraging words lmao he a fraud too
So was the man who was encouraging her really Jamal Bryant? I need to know lmao
If Phaedra was cheating with Jamal Bryant does that mean there's gonna be a RHOA × RHOP crossover?
But Gizelle where was this ambition to be a boss lady before Pastor Jamal Bryant, before the kids, or before you reached your peak 🤔
So what was Gizelle doing prior to this unlaunched make up line besides being the ex wife of Bishop Jamal Bryant??? Just asking
Gizelle, didn't and doesn't Jamal Bryant's bank account define you and your lifestyle?
Gizelle Bryant... Ex wife of Jamal Bryant... the only reason you are on this show pay him a finders fee
She's the ex of Jamal Bryant. That's how we know her. Period. Point. Blank.
Gizelle quit acting like you BEEN independent! Aren't you living off Jamal Bryant's alimony?
so here's my question. when Gizelle was married to Jamal Bryant, wasn't his bank account defining her?
Activity does not equate to achievement. Just because you're running around doesn't mean you're getting stuff done!! -Jamal Bryant
You are not anointed if you have not been betrayed. -Jamal H. Bryant
People will show you their intentions.unintentionally! -Pastor Jamal Bryant
This generation is not married to the institution of church, they are enamored with the ideal of mission. - Jamal Bryant
"Be careful of people who make CONFLICT a lifestyle" - DR. JAMAL H. BRYANT!
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Tyrell Kirk joins UNCP with fellow incoming guards Jamal Bryant and Cam Hamilton to add to the depth at guard for next year.
Check out excellent Periscope from today by Apos Joseph Prude & Pastor Jamal Bryant re: Wake Up America!
He doesn't pander? Bernie celebrated the endorsement of homophobic Pastor Jamal Bryant, to pander for black vo…
This is how we know Jamal Bryant doesn't care about people... He knows is…
Thones, Powers, Rulers, & Authorities. He is the special guess of Dr. Jamal H. Bryant at Empowerment Temple on YouTube…
Bernie's pal Jamal Bryant: Homosexuality is a sin.
"Normalcy brings sadness because we were created to unique, standout, and be ourselves.". --- Pastor Jamal Bryant...
I liked a video Pastor Jamal Bryant Preaches "Into Thy Hands..." at Good Friday Seven Last Words on
When you know your value don't let other people try you on wait until the right one comes to fit your size! . - Dr.…
When you know who you are and you know what name has been placed on you nobody can reduce you 🙏🏾. - Dr. Jamal H. Bryant
Services start at 7:30 pm 4217 Primrose Avenue .. Overseer is Dr. Jamal Bryant...Phophet Prempeh will be prophesy as the father give
Primrose Ave . Overseer Dr. Jamal Bryant . Prophet Prempeh will be prophesy and teaching the word . Following the instruction of god .
Jamal Bryant on this periscope right now 🙌🏽✨
log on now for The Empowerment Encounter With Pastor Shepherd Dr. Jamal H. Bryant
Jamal Bryant wants to be a political closer...
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Phaedra, you support Jamal Bryant?. The cursed Hamite people. They know not what they d…
Empowerment Temple for three services . 7:30/9:30/11:30 4217 Primrose Ave., Baltimore Ma The overseer is Dr. Jamal Bryant .If you are
"Beware of those who carry the bacteria of death and take it to those who have new life." Pastor Jamal Bryant
"We keep contaminating people with the bacteria of tradition & if people don't agree with our ideas we vilify them." Pastor Jamal Bryant
If you ever get free enough to work your gift. You will never work a day in your life. Rev Jamal Bryant
They need to have you somewhere! Im at this job until 8, then I will be watching Jamal Bryant's 7 last w…
Jamal Bryant could you get a hold of Dennis Rodman
Jamal Bryant's security and babysitter when he goes or if town
Empowerment Temple Brothers . Dr. Jamal and Prophetess Elaine Bryant will like to celebrate you on father's days. .The host will be Bishop
Only a few seats left! Secure your spot at one of 2017's premier events, The Anniversary Gala With Dr. Jamal...
Jamal Bryant - The price of messing with white women... the cost of bein... via
Me at Pastors and Leadership conference w/.Pastor Jamal Bryant
lol He is currently talking about Jamal Bryant and I'm hollering!
To get a BIGGER vision.God may have to make your circle SMALLER! ~Jamal Bryant~
2018 contains a number of prospects that are younger brothers of TU players, including Deion Jennings, Mahmud Dioubate and G…
Tyrese needs to stop chastising black folks in general. He's no saint. He got into it with Jamal Brya…
😂😂😂. Right! Tyrese stay chastising folks. He got into it with Rev. Jamal Bryant.
"Because morals are so low and opportunities are so high, most men don't know how to pursue." . - Dr. Jamal Bryant
"A woman worth having requires a sacrifice, if she is convenient she is not worth covenant." . - Dr. Jamal Bryant
On and Or about late April early May 2016 Jamal Bryant of Empowerment Temple had inva…
trotting out a lineup of Jamal Murray, Malik Beasley, Mike Miller, Johnny O’Bryant, and Juancho Hernangomez.
So, Malik Beasley, Johnny O' Bryant, Juancho Hernangomez, Jamal Murray, and Mike Miller are the five on the court for the
Tiavonte McLaughlin heading to Bryant University to play Football!
Take a look at behind-the-scenes footage from takeover on yesterday’s show!
Jamal Bryant and now Deuce are two of my favorite heroes of all time
Per the Reserve Jamal Bryant owes her $600 Billion dollars.
Watch: Takes Over with for a Special -…
Blessed to receive a offer from Bryant university to further my academic/athletic career 📚📚🏈
Jamal Bryant is clearly an illuminati satanist. (see 2 Cor. 11:14-15) Recent sermon title, "You have been marked"! These are the last days!
I added a video to a playlist Jamal Bryant - The Toga Party at Trump Plaza (1/18/2017)
unlimited calling, voip, phone service
Jamal Bryant u just dropped in my heart. Praying 4 u...b Blessed -Damian
I liked a video Jamal Bryant - True Christians are for immigration! (1/29/2017)
Y'all need to listen to Jamal Bryant's sermon titled 'Every man has got to find a good woman' 👌
What does it profit you for likes when you don't even love yourself . -Dr . Jamal Bryant
Our brother . Dr Jamal Bryant . Witchcraft in the pews. . A strong soldier for Christ.
Pastor Jamal Bryant HAS CROSSED THAT LINE AGAIN... I went with him in this series. PLEASE GO TO .
2018 Wilson Alex Caldwell scored 23 points and 2017 Jamal Bryant added 19 in the 69-47 win over Myrtle Beach.…
Wilson's Jamal Bryant has 10 points to lead all scorers. Myrtle Beach's Robert Swanson leads the Seahawks with 9 points.
Wilson's Jamal Bryant has 10 points for the Tigers. Tied game here at Myrtle Beach, 23-all
With his last assist, Northwestern's Bryant McIntosh moved past Damon Bailey and Jamal Meeks into 50th place in history.
2017 Wilson Jamal Bryant scored 26 points and grabbed 15 rebounds in the 77-52 win over North Myrtle Beach.
is this for real? Jamal out of all people is saying this...?
If people had the same compassion, forgiveness & understanding for loved ones as they do for Jamal Bryant, it might be m…
did you see that Jamal Bryant shared it on his page?
2017 Wilson Jamal Bryant scored 20 points to surpass 1000 points for his career in a 68-47 win over Marlboro County.
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If we don't serve, our worship is illegimate. Dr. Jamal Bryant
Jan 23... awesome worship and word with Dr. Jamal Bryant! Don't miss this! 9pm EST
...Dr. Jamal Bryant speaking on Steve Harvey meeting with .via
Don't reduce yourself to the worth of a bottom of a shoe and not the top of your capabilities ~Dr. Jamal Bryant
You have to be allergic to petty people ~Dr. Jamal Bryant
When you know what you bring to the table, you don't mind eating by yourself! - Dr. Jamal Bryant 👏🏽👏🏽
Dear Lord today,develop me from everything that drained me, help me avoid what annoys me and increase my patience capacity. -Jamal H Bryant
Bernie likes to coddle bigots to suit his agenda, like when he pandered 4 black votes with a homophobe.
Jamal Crawford adds to the list of legendary Kobe Bryant practice stories | For The Win
The Brother right there ( Pastor ) Rev. Dr. Jamal Bryant afforded us a wonderful opportunity to bless Haiti , by...
Never a dull moment with my friend and fraternity brother Pastor Jamal Bryant! J5! @ The…
Had the privilege to speak this morning about Food Aid at Empowerment Temple with Dr. Jamal Bryant!
It's going to be epic with Pastor Jamal Bryant... march 11 and 12 Ozone Park Queens NY 10 mins from JFK airport.
What Jamal Bryant did for the homeless in Baltimore for xmas
"I Can not entertain people who try to clown me" - Pastor Jamal Bryant
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Pastor west or Jamal Bryant be working 😂
Hey Bishop Jamal Bryant. How are you doing? How was your week?
I can not/will not give a stage anymore to people who tried to clown me~Pastor Jamal Bryant
A clip from my interview w/ Pastor Jamal Bryant on his show "The Empowerment Experience", here we are discussing Kim Burrell'…
Empowered 1on1 with Dr. Jamal Bryant and Rev. Al Sharpton via
Me and Jamal Bryant at a Pastor and Leadership with civil rights activist
Praise God Prophet Ferguson will be on the word network with Dr. Jamal Bryant tonight! Saints prepare for a great word tonight! Obedience
The Empowerment Encounter is airing now on the Word Network with Dr. Jamal Bryant!
"Compliments can't fix this", from Pastors Dealing with Depression by Dr. Jamal Bryant - PREACH Black Man!
Dr. Jamal Bryant just blessed me on the Word Network. I generally don’t watch him but I was eating dinner and turned the TV on and saw him.
A slave Religion is a Religion that practices rules over Relationship . -Dr. Jamal Bryant
Indubitably. Did Jamal Bryant send you? reached "the forgotten." That's why he won. Good times.
If any of you have Periscope you should go checkout Rev.Jamal Bryant pray for Kanye West an Others who are all in that place.
GoodAfternoon Dear upon my investigation thus far. Every time I was n Social Security Either Jamal Bryant and Or KimberlyBobbitt
Wilson 69 WFlorence 59 with 24 Jamal Bryant 15 11 for Wilson & was great defensively... has 25 for W Flo
I liked a video Dr. Jamal Bryant - Powerful Preaching in Philadelphia (12/12/2016)
Most people that are jealous are used to buying off the rack, so when they see you in something, they assume it's their si…
I can't take Jamal Bryant or any pastor serious when he has multiple children out of wedlock liars
Jamal Bryant's pants were pulled all the way up to his neck
girl I ain't know u know Pastor Jamal Bryant when u coming to speak in Baltimore
I hate y'all pastor, Jamal Bryant and don't care.
going to watch Pastor Jamal Bryant at 11:30 since I can't be there physically.
Roland is an *** He's friends with peodphile Mayor Kevin Johnson and Jamal Bryant
Ya'll see Jamal Bryant's & E. Dewey Smith's face when Orrick started talkin that nonsense about being respectful to the police
This is why many of the Saints are so confused. You have Dr. Jamal Bryant, Senior Pastor of Empowerment Temple...
We spoke with Dr. Jamal Bryant about the verdict in the Listen
knows Jamal Bryant is a fallen man n needs to step down. N the rest well🤔
Do they though? Really? Only Westley West and Jamal Bryant will be there. We KNEW this long ago.
"If you call yourself a LEADER and NO ONE is following, you're just taking a WALK!" Pastor Jamal Bryant...
Jamal Bryant is an attention seeker and that is causing me to continue to lose respect for him.
Jamal Bryant has no place to be a leader of anyone. He's a scandal-ridden FORMER leader?
Jamal Bryant is here?huh he better hope that man ran him out a few weeks ago don't find out! Lol
That moment when Jamal Bryant shares a picture you made!
Jamal Bryant... in these streets with PFK BOOM (2 June 2016) via
"Dear Lord today, take some stuff off my plate, pull some knives out my back and prepare a table in presence of my enemies" Jamal Bryant.
Yup, & let's not forget how he promoted the endorsement of a homophobic pastor.
Jamal Bryant is a tough/solid guard that can shoot it and can handle the ball well.
Charles Barkley can't pronounce anything that ends with the "e" sound. "Koba Bryant", "Bod-da language", etc.
Jamal Bryant... I Refuse to be terrorized (June 19, 2016) via
.& PFK Boom unite after conflict resolution mtg mediated by https:…
Congrats to Pastor Dr. & on their new show coming to https:/…
STOP TALKING ABOUT PEOPLE! As if u don't have issues. Instead of talking about them pray for them -via Pastor Jamal Bryant at 11:30 srvc
Blessed to say I have received my first offer from Bryant University.
Dr. Jamal Bryant/Dr.Warmack said so many words.I just feel to be here! h…
Father's Day blessings to Pastor Jamal Bryant & all men of Empowerment Temple
I swear Jamal Bryant the realest pastor I've ever listened to not only do he preach the word he give stats and current events into the word
Who is Jamal Bryant? I saw him getting cussed out on YouTube.
.on Dr. Welton Smith, Jamal Bryant and E.Dewey Smith I'm calling you out smh
messy jackson al charlatan and ol buck dancing Jamal Bryant would be leading the marches
good afternoon Bishop did you catch your brothers in Christ (Jamal Bryant, Dr.Dewey Smith etc) on today?
Aw Snap! Thank you for the heads up Bishop Sapp. I'm a big fan of Jamal Bryant.
One of BS chief MD surrogates Jamal Bryant is very homophobic: BS did not denounce this.
Rev. Jamal Bryant leads a Sunday rally to mark anniversary of death.
Rep. Donna Edwards is at City Hall to get the endorsements of Jamal Bryant, Billy Murphy and others for U.S. Senate. https…
log on to for bible study or log into your periscope now with Dr. Jamal Bryant
Dr.Jamal Bryant lastnight for bishop campbell
Are you nursing the old place or preparing for new territory? -Dr. Jamal Bryant
jamal bryant ? I live in baltimore. I will be voting hillary now. Something is rotten in Denmark
So the FAKE Uproar about Pastor Jamal H.Bryant Quoting "Loyal" to Try & Connect & Make a Point,was Total Foolery.
HBDT Leave Tired Stuff Like this up to Other Emotional Christians to Think & Act like this. 1.Wow...Jamal H.Bryant is on TV with Farrakhan?
Jamal Bryant weighs in on James Fortune’s domestic violence guilty plea: ‘The church is being...
I agree with Pastor Jamal Bryant. Jesus was about Love and "turn the other cheek"...not hatred, bigotry, and...
And now, is touting endorsement by homophobic Pastor Jamal Bryant who bashed PBO for supporting
and Bernie panders to homophobic pastors for black votes ->
Bernie's endorsement by homophobic misogynist Pastor Jamal Bryant should make anyone furious.
Understood, Curious how you feel about Bernie not disavowing the endorsement of a homophobe.
WATCH Jamal Bryant says domestic violence is not the will of God after James Fortune pleads guilty to assaulting...
Hey you know I love you dearly but in NO WAY have black people forgiven Jamal Bryant.+
Nobody dragged Rev Bryant like black people. This is years old. Jamal has evolved just like Obama.
Lost in the Friday newsdump: Sanders trumpets endorsement from anti-pastor. cc
Hear the press announcement for endorsing Bernie Sanders here:
Ppl trying to discredit Jamal Bryant endorsement of BS On grounds hes anti LGBT rights..really? We all wont agree on everything
I love when people truly understand what Bernie is about. Please share.
Bernie's latest endorsement: Who's the homophobe again?
.picks up the endorsement of from Chicago
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This is the anti *** pastor who endorsed and jumped on it. Defense anyone? . https:/…
I'm so glad Jamal Bryant called out. People forget this is the same John Lewis who was willing to endorse HRC over Obama
Aww Jamal Bryant's daughters are so cute
I really don't like that Jamal Bryant fellow. Can we put him with Herman Cain in the pile of 830 *** we don't really claim?
Drake pays tribute to Kobe Bryant's final game.
Remembering one of the greatest All-Star Game performances...the last night Kobe Bryant was king
Wait. Is this Jamal Bryant the same as the pastor?
If Dr Jamal Bryant preaching on my TV right now I'm tired awesome words
"I mean Jamal Bryant has a Bentley, I'd love to be like him and one day conquer my dreams". -Amen
While temping as an admin asst a coworker invited me to join her at lunch time service. It was Jamal Bryant back when he first started
he had me hooked until he cohost Armarossa's finding love show couple years back. Left bad taste in my mouth -jamal Bryant
Jamal Bryant was the preacher they had on Out In Hip Hop talking bull about *** & Karamo got his *** together
I see Jamal Bryant couldn't shy away from the camera on he wants to be a star on the show too. LOL I guess he not shame for cheating
Why does Jamal Bryant speak this way? « 😁 😂
I cant believe Pastor Jamal Bryant would marry her..but maybe she is just turnt for the camera's
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I have lost All respect for jamal Bryant. I would run to churches he'd visit in NY.
Um Why Pastor Jamal Bryant looking like the of R&B sitting @ that table with those shades on
I feel sorry for those girls having Jamal Bryant as their dad
Let's not mistake.. Jamal Bryant is very anointed and can preach the word of God. But it is shameful to know that is a *** 🙄
Jamal Bryant though...pastor cheating?!? Tell me no!!!
Jamal Bryant is werking that scarf boo! If he was in Atlanta kenya would be talking about him. Lol
Jamal Bryant and R. Kelly are the same person.
Jamal Bryant. Something about him seems slime-ball-ish
Jamal Bryant is a sleeze - does he always talk like he preaches 🌸 🌸
Jamal Bryant giving me r Kelly right now
Why does Jamal Bryant speak this way?
Oh dear! Jamal Bryant on here getting tv time and Bravo $$$? Git it, pastor, git it!
Through camp meeting i learnt this great quote from Dr jamal bryant " any one who is annointed is a dangerous dreamer."
Gizelle Bryant talks cheating ex Jamal & reveals how she found out about his affair
Halftime. Wilson leads St. James 36-11. Jamal Bryant has 11 pts for the Tigers. Jackson Hurston has 9 for the Sharks.
What??? How? What do you call Cornell West, Jamal Bryant, Michelle Alexander, (for BHM) Fredrick Douglas
Procrastination is driving while on the breaks - Dr. Jamal Bryant
If you've never heard Dr. Jamal Bryant Get informed.
When dr Jamal Bryant gets on periscope . You listen!
loves me. Somebody needs me. They just haven't found me - Dr. Jamal Bryant
Spending alone time alone is alright when it's by choice but it can be excruciating when dictated to do so by force. - Dr.Jamal Bryant
Dr. Jamal Bryant, Attorney Benjamin Crump and others coming to Flint for Environmental Justice Rally at...
Special shout out to my little bro Pastor Joel Tudman and my friend Dr. Jamal Bryant. Thank you both for your prayers.
We stand together with Dr. Jamal Bryant to let the people of Flint know we have your…
Had a great time in Flint,Michigan, yesterday. The rally was great! Dr. Jamal Bryant, was the keynote speaker.
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