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Jamal Adams

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The deal with first-round safety Jamal Adams is 4 years, fully guaranteed and worth $22.3M, source said. $14.3M in a s…
2017 Overall pick Jamal Adams dominates his break with excellent balance, rhythm, coordination and Exp…
T.J. Watt is projected to play in 32% of snaps a game according to ESPN. Jamal Adams is No. 1 with 97.4%. Top NFCN is Jarrad Davis at 80.1%.
I believe that Jamal Adams and Marcus Maye will be a great duo for the secondary. Excited to see them in action! 😌
According to Rich Cimini's article, Jamal Adams and Marcus Maye have been developing well as a duo.
With cutting David Harris, Jamal Adams must become leader -
Jamal Adams is gonna get blasted like Sean Taylor
11 most important for 2017: Christian Hackenberg, Jamal Adams and more
11 most important Jets for 2017: Christian Hackenberg, Jamal Adams and more | via
Darron Lee, Leonard Williams, and Jamal Adams aren't too bad. Helps when you pick at top of the draft tho
All respect due to you and Jamal Adams, but Jonathan Allen was the steal of the first round, if not the entire draft.
Top 10 pick Jamal Adams running routes at his high school 💀
ICYMI why Hall of Famer Warren Sapp prefers Jonathan Allen, Jamal Adams & Rueben Foster over Myles Garrett
Jamal Adams & Evan Engram on the Kay Show today on 98.7 ESPN!
Jamal Adams selected sixth overall by New York Jets
I feel bad that Jamal Adams has to waste prime years with the Jets.
When Jamal Adams was in studio last week, I said to him: There's no way you'll be there at six. just got surest thing…
As a LSU fan I am going to miss Leonard Fournette and Jamal Adams. Thank you for the time you was with us.
I believe Jamal Adams is the kind of Safety that makes CBs (Claiborne, Williams, Burris, Skrine) and S Pryor better players.
Okay. You draft by the best player available. Y'all needed a S,WR,QB and the best available was the Safety Jamal Adams.
Jamal Adams says he was surprised to still be there at 6 for - story live at 11 on
NFL Draft 2017: Jamal Adams reacts to landing with Jets
Calvin Pryor and Jamal Adams in the secondary for Jets. next Kam and Earl??? Lets pray 😍
Jamal Adams: "The first check is going to Chase Bank." Like it
Jamal Adams: "We're getting New York back to the Super Bowl"
.I hope he does well but com'n man left Jamal Adams and Lattimore on the board after signing a backup…
The slotted signing bonuses for Leonard Fournette and Jamal Adams combined?. $32,392,317.
Hebron standout Jamal Adams goes No. 6 to the New York Jets
Jamal Adams on joining "I'm beyond happy. Just ready. Ready to get started."
Jets got Jamal Adams, pretty nasty pick if ya ask me
LSU safety Jamal Adams has been selected at No.6 overall by the New York Jets! Congratulations Jamal!
Half of the top 6 picks are from Dallas:. Myles Garrett. Solomon Thomas. Jamal Adams
Leonard Fournette (No. 1 RB), Jamal Adams (No. 2 S), Tre White (No. 2 CB) all left HS ranked high. Here they are back then.…
Jamal Adams is the 43rd secondary player and 13th safety in LSU history to be drafted in the NFL. ht…
Jets receive 'B' grade for Jamal Adams pick
Jets get an absolute steal with Jamal Adams at 6. Welcome to Gang Green
I like Jamal Adams and think he will be good for a long time but Malik Hooker's ability to force turnovers and alter sche…
Jamal Adams was actually hugging his father good-bye. . His new father is Tom Brady.
Jets told Jamal Adams that if he fell to 6, they'd come get him no matter what. stayed true to their word.
Texans are taking a great QB in Deshaun Watson. Jamal Adams is going to be at stud calling that. .
The Titans not getting Jamal Adams looks really, really bad now that they'll be playing Deshaun Watson twice a year for a dec…
I will never forget Jamal Adams saying that he was going to the 'University of LSU' at the all-American game 😂😂
This move was awful in so many ways. This 3-13 team has so many holes on defense. Jamal Adams would have…
With the 6th pick in the 2017 NFL Draft, the New York Jets select Jamal Adams.
Jamal Adams says he's a city guy, his mom from Yonkers, his sis from NJ , feels he has right people to surround him in NY…
True, and I was a Jamal Adams advocate. But, it is what it is and I gotta be positive. The draft is deep in defensive talent
Just watched Jamal Adams get pik & I shed one for & w/him. He was genuinely grateful. Rare these days
Jets take LSU safety Jamal Adams with No. 6 pick in draft
Let's see what Jamal Adams brings to the team this season 👀
Dude, I love the Mike Williams pick though was licking my chops seeing Jamal Adams slip out of the Top 5 ⚡️
Jamal Adams can hit top speed quickly..
The Jamal Adams pick is outstanding. Brings physicality, toughness, and leadership instantly to the secondary.…
We've selected S Jamal Adams with the No. 6 pick in the DETAILS →
Jamal Adams walks with parents Michelle and George.
Jamal Adams going out like Dee Milliner
I hope Jamal Adams turns out better than Calvin Pryor, Dee Milliner or Kyle Wilson. Going w/ secondary high in is tricky.
has 2 of top 6 NFL draft picks with Leonard Fournette.and Jamal Adams. GEAUX TIGERS.
Anyone else notice how bad Trey Wingo strugggled through that Jamal Adams/jets camera slip? Awkward. Brutal. But he made it through
Jamal Adams is the SS version of Luke Kuechly
How do the NYJ always get lucky and have a top 2 player in the draft fall to them? Leonard Williams (2016) and Jamal Adams today
ESPN f'ed up showing Jamal Adams answering his phone for the jets pick. Trey Wingo knows it and trying to play it off.
Can’t believe Jamal Adams lasted to 6, “I think this is the 2nd-best player in the draft” —
Poor Trey Wingo... Jamal Adams got shown taken the phone call. Nothing to say!
Also poor Trey Wingo in his first draft having a director spoil the Jets pick unintentionally and having to act like it isn't Jamal Adams
Congrats on the Jets selecting Jamal Adams! Your defense just improved 125%! GEAUX TIGERS and SAINTS!
ESPN can fire Trey Wingo too for making that horrible analogy of Jamal Adams to his dad
Looking like Jamal Adams. Also looks like Cleveland is trying to trade for Kirk Cousins
Jamal Adams and Tre'Davious White really flew their barber from BR to the draft 😂
Better not be the Temple LB or an injured Dee Milliner clone. Jamal Adams, Malik Hooker, Christian…
"There are two players in this draft that I think are culture-changing individuals: Jamal Adams and Deshaun Watson.". -Tod…
I'm confident the Bears pick Thursday will be either Deshaun Watson (hopefully 🙏) or Jamal Adams (who I'd also love depending on QB)
They just tried to compare Jamal Adams to Sean Taylor, I feel like fighting
10 things to know about former Hebron star Jamal Adams including why he plays safety why he chose
dont blame the guy, other guys like Vonn Bell, Shawn Williams are other capable solid options otherwise go draft Jamal Adams
Malachi Dupre, Duke Riley, Odell Beckham and Jamal Adams are here for the Tiger Walk. .
THAT'S LSU! Jamal Adams top 5 pick..A baller Saban missed that 1
"I really feel I should not be blocked by anybody. It’s disrespectful." film session w/ Jamal Adams:…
Don’t Bring Any Disrespect at Jamal Adams | film session with LSU safety
I don't care who drafts Jamal Adams, I am a fan after that interview.
Don’t bring any disrespect at Jamal Adams via
[Shreveport Times] LSU's John Battle to try to replace Jamal Adams
LSU's John Battle will have one of those on his hands to replace Jamal Adams, and he knows it:.
Defensive back news: CB Quincy Wilson was in Philly today visiting with S Jamal Adams recently visited…
Titans: Whether it's DT Jonathan Allen, S Jamal Adams or someone else, how the 5th pick would impact Tennessee's i…
here's an NFL Mock Draft where Jamal Adams was off the board, so the Jets got Malik Hooker. Win-win!…
Both Malik Hooker and Corey Davis are off the board for in I don't think Jamal Adams works there. Now I'm stuck.
Their simulation chose Malik Hooker, so Jamal Adams or Solomon Thomas could be their at I also don't see this happening
has the most confirmed Draft attendees, the NFL announces. Leonard Fournette, Jamal Adams, Tre' White will be in Phill…
I like the trade up with Tennessee but for Jamal Adams or Malik Hooker
They can get Malik Hooker or Jamal Adams in the draft 😭.
Jamal Adams & Malik Hooker are the best DB's in the draft!
Jamal Adams. Malik Hooker. Jabrill Peppers. This year’s draft class is loaded with talent at safety
fans, you gotta check out scouting reports for safeties Jamal Adams and Malik Hooker
Jamal Adams or Malik Hooker is all I ask for
I see Malik Hooker getting a lot of the love on blogs & rightfully so but not Jamal Adams. Why a…
After name dropping Earl Thomas it looks like Malik Hooker or Jamal Adams at 2
Do you like the SS Jamal Adams or the Centerfielder type in Malik Hooker?
Malik Hooker's the best player in this draft? Negative, I'd take Reuben Foster or Solomon Thomas, Jamal Adams before Hooker
Hearing that the will "strongly consider" Jabrill Peppers at 10 if Jamal Adams and Malik Hooker are gone. Interesti…
Everyone keeps @ ing me on who I like at 8, so here are my top 3 guys for Carolina:. Cam Robinson. Malik Hooker. Jamal Adams
Give me immediate starters who can make impacts. Cam Robinson, Jamal Adams, Malik Hooker are my top 3 guys. Even John Ross if medicals OK
would take Jamal Adams, Solomon Thomas or Mike Williams if that were the case. Not Davis
OJ Howard, Deshaun Watson,Jamal Adams, Solomon Thomas...any of those at I'm good with. OJ or Adams preferably..
Jamal Adams, Mike Williams, Reuben Foster, Jordan Willis.Tanoh Kpassagnon!. ...and all of the cornerba…
Jamal Adams would be lit AF, Marcus Williams would also be lit AF, Budda Baker is good too
Daily Bucs Links: Doug Martin's future Here's your open thread for today. DBs Jamal Adams and…
we still need a leader in the secondary(Jamal Adams of LSU) and a option receiver( Mike Williams of Clem or Corey Davis of WM)
DBs Jamal Adams and Teez Tabor have a high school bet on who will be picked higher at the NFL draft.
Narrowed the potential draft selections I think they should take at Reuben Foster . Jamal Adams. Mike Williams. Malik Hooker. Watson
secondary looks a lot nicer now Claiborne, Williams, Skrine, Burris at CB. Can be special if we draft Jamal Adams or Malik Hooker at S
Unless a Jamal Adams or Lattimore is still there, I think it's Williams at to the
So PFF has the panthers taking Mike Williams at No. 8. with Jamal Adams falling out of the top 10
Nope that's not our buddy Aaron Williams, issa Jamal Adams jersey swap. If Jamal Adams for…
3 : Jamal Adams, SS, LSU. - Chicago needs to get playmakers, offensively and defensively. Adams is worth it here.
. Jamal Adams is that rare, elite , Safety . That pick has him written all over it !!
Captain, Adams, and Peppers are going to be great mentors to Bradberry, Worley and Jamal Adams.
I would rather take Jamal Adams, Solomon Thomas or Jonathan Allen if any of them are there at 12
Potential NFL landing spots for Jamal Adams - Official Site
"I think Jonathan Allen, Reuben Foster & Jamal Adams are the three best football players in this draft". - with
Jamal Adams at 3...Carlos Henderson in 2nd, Evan Engram or (Insert TE) in 3rd. Jerod Evans in the 4th.
I did too lmao - but I'll buy whoever's jersey we pick at real quick .. Foster? Jamal Adams? 😝
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Rather take Jamal Adams with 3rd pick
Knowing Gettleman’s tendencies, these 3 with Cam Robinson and Jamal Adams are the short list at 8. One will be availab…
Will consider Eric Berry or Jamal Adams?. Chalk Talk weighs in:
"LSU's Jamal Adams is the best prospect at both safety AND cornerback in this draft.". -
Watch prospect Jamal Adams safety come from the opposite hash to track down Lamar Jackson
Howard and Foster I can see slipping to early round 2 but DeDe 1st wr and no Williams at all in the first or Jamal Adams no way
I guess it’s personal preference. I’d rather have Jamal Adams and a WR later than Corey Davis and a S later.
Jamal Adams is going to be a weapon next year 👀
dude get real. Jamal Adams is Marcus Maye Nate Gerry
Jamal Adams taking on a Corey Clement block. This dude is a missile.
Agreed. I'm starting to lean towards Thomas, Corey Davis and Jamal Adams as my top 3 wish list
Jamal Adams is like a Sean Taylor/Eric Berry safety. He is a first rounder don't sleep on him he a beast
Mel Kiper has Jamal Adams going 4th, Fournette going 8th and the taking LB Reuben Foster
Jamal Adams. If he doesn't make it to 8, Barnett. But the idea of Adams, Luke, TD, Coleman, Shaq..…
Saw that Bears first 3 rounds may go. 1.Jamal Adams. 2.Shaq (IF still there) . 3.Brad Kaaya
So what do you think the Bears do with that pick? Jamal Adams? No way they go QB, right?
Looked at my Jamal Adams notes and had two names written down:. Sean Taylor. Eric Berry. Pretty good company.
The story of how Jamal Adams' father motivated him to get to LSU and the NFL. Tonight at 10:20 on htt…
Jamal Adams to fans: "I hope that I have made you proud and will continue to do so at the next level. I love you. Geaux…
LSU safety Jamal Adams announces that he will forgo his senior season and enter the 2017 NFL Draft.
Myles Garrett, Jamal Adams, and Budda Baker would be so hot.
Exhibit A why Jamal Adams is an elite safety prospect. He can run down your "Mike Vick" in the NFL
Sometimes still foolishly fantasize about a Texas defense with Jamal Adams and Solomon Thomas. Sigh.
Solomon Thomas and Jamal Adams were two guys you just knew were going to be studs when they came out of HS. Both will be…
If Jonathan Alan, Jamal Adams, or Jabrill Peppers Is on the draft board The Bears should pick one of them not a quarterback
Jamal Adams. Hands down. But if they go defensive line, Jonathan Allen.
Who do I want? Jamal Adams or Jonathan Allen. I like Mike Williams from Clemson too, but I can't see them taking hi…
I would go Myles Garrett first then Jamal Adams if he's there. Then Sidney Jones if Adams isn't.
Gotta draft Jamal Adams or Jonathan Allen then target Patrick in 2nd
If Jonathan Allen is on the board take him, if not take either Jabrill Peppers or Jamal Adams.
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I could see Jamal Adams and/or Reuben Foster having best careers and immediate impact.
Miller had Jamal Adams in 1 and Robinson in 2. Only change I'd maybe want to see is Barnett over A…
terrible, nothing he can do to change my mind. Jimmy G, Myles and Jamal Adams on hard knocks could be cool, but I'll pass.
Garret,Jamal Adams, and Jimmy G for QB. Or Garret Trubisky, and BPA at 33
give me Mike Williams, Jamal Adams, Jourdan Lewis or Quincy Wilson. If they pick 2 of those 4 guys in draft I will be thrilled
Congrats to Jamal Adams on being named to the 2016 All-America First Team!
make us happy and draft one of the following-. Leonard Fournette. Jabrill Peppers. Jamal Adams. Adoree Jackson. Teez Tabor. Tre' White
S Jamal Adams makes first team. CB Tre'Davious White on second team .
7) Jamal Adams...Want, want, want him in my secondary. Lines up everywhere. Not sure what his natural position, but dude is a baller.
Does your team need a safety?. Scout says Jamal Adams has what you're looking for.
Best case offseason in my opinion? Add Kawann Short, and Alshon Jeffrey in FA. Pick up Jamal Adams, and Bucky Hodges.
Jamal Adams clean celebration after 4th down stop🔥
Justin Evans is better than Jamal Adams. Don't @ me
Think about Texas missing on guys like Jamal Adams to LSU. Where is Longhorns secondary with an elite, experienced junior like him?
[Shreveport Times] - Jamal Adams gives new uni the once over
Keep an eye on Jamal Adams this year👀
"LSU is DBU. No other school can compare to us." - Jamal Adams . Tonight: Summer Tour (8:30 PM ET).
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swear you use to follow me what happened there then :O
You can't help but love Steven Adams, breakout star of the NBA Playoffs
Backbiting is such a major sin in Islam. Would you like it if someone spoke badly about you behind your back? Say NO to…
Pair of Tigers ranked NFL stars of tomorrow via
Y'all I thought y'all were boostin Jamal Adams but when I saw this man in real life??? I was freakin speechless💀
Again: safety Jamal Adams one of 16 best defenders in CFB
Jamal Adams best safety in college football by far easy !
LSU DB Jamal Adams named 1 of 16 best defenders [Yes, he's a product of TheDBU at LSU,of course! &U-c/b2]
LSU's Jamal Adams among top 16 defenders for 2016, says
Jamal Adams named one of 16 best defenders via
I know of Jamal Adams, Jabrill & Eddie Jackson. Haven't seen this guy or Blanding's names until recently.
Little Giant Ladders
Jamal Adams vs Malachi Dupre in today's Big Cat drill during practice.
Walking around with my midriff showing. Channeling my inner Jamal Adams.
Jamal Adams straight but he ain't got nun on jayron kearse Jeremy cash vonn bell or Karl Joseph.
son... Jamal Adams > Eric Reid. On lawd. He not a punisher like E. Reid but dude a better overall defender for sure.
John Battle is the 4th player in as many weeks to record 1st career INT:. Auburn: Jamal Adams. Syracuse: Deion Jones. EMU: Kevin Toliver
Donte' Jackson out there in the secondary as well... With Kevin Toliver II, Jamal Adams, Rickey Jefferson, Tre'Davious White.
Miles: On defense another shutout in first quarter. Jamal Adams and Kevin Toliver did good job in back end with takeaw…
Tre’Davious White, Jalen Mills, and Jamal Adams are all bad ***
From safety Jamal Adams hits anything that moves via
No Jamal Adams on the Preseason All SEC list is one of the biggest snubs I've ever seen.
I agree Jamal Adams is a legit top SEC safety by the way .. All about DL performance, Adams/Beckwith sure up back7
How isn't Jamal Adams on the preseason SEC first team?
10 team PPR keep Jamal Charles for pick/s (if so what pick/s would be enough?) keep Davante Adams as my last pick RD 17
The fact that Jamal Adams LSU Safety (one of 2-3 best S in the country) isn't on the All SEC Preseason teams shows how awful the media is
How is Jamal Adams not on any of the preseason All SEC teams??
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how about LSU's jamal adams not even on the cant tell me theres 3 safety's better than him in the sec
So ranked Jamal Adams as the No. 1 S in CFB earlier this month. SEC coaches don't vote him onto 1st, 2nd or 3rd teams. Hmm.
Boy oh boy Jamal Adams gonna be a real life savage this year 💂🏽
This is why safety Jamal Adams is ranked No. 1 (FREE)
Will LSU's DBs be the best secondary in the country? | Ask the experts: LSU safety Jamal Adams (33) interviews safety Rickey Jefferso...
Jamal Adams. The best safety in college football.
Watching the replay of LSU-Florida. I really can't stand Jamal Adams. He's the worst. To think we almost got him.
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Jamal Adams had another great flop/sell in this game and it appears Rasco helped his case. They have a future in wrestling together.
COVER: Jamal Adams (is bringing swagger back to DBU, one jarring hit at a time. http:/…
So.. I explained my story of why I don't have my license in todays vlog! :x & did some Adams Family Adventures with Jamal…
Pranked Reema and Jamal! 😂😂 More mini pranks on the Adams Family will be up tomorrow :) go on my snapchat for a preview: …
ICYMI: with comments from Rickey Jefferson & Jamal Adams on Jalen Mills' injury.
Somebody bet me money the Cowboys draft Jamal Adams in a couple years
"One day you will be forced to enter the Masjid. Not to pray, but to be prayed upon, at your own Grave."
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DB Jamal Adams expects Rickey Jefferson to step right in for injured S Jalen Mills, who went down with an ankle i…
"We want to be better than the 2011 defense," safety Jamal Adams:.
Jamal Adams & Rickey Jefferson comment on injury. Details at Sports Blog
Sound Bites Blog: DBs Jamal Adams, Rickey Jefferson weigh in on Jalen Mills' injury -
DB Coach Corey Raymond works with DB's Jamal Adams and Jalen Mills during the Friday morning practice session.
Watched DBS go through the gauntlet. Donte Jackson and Jamal Adams really stand out from a ball skills perspective
Jamal Adams and vernon hargreaves bucking 😭😂.
Jamal Adams was named to the 247Sports True Freshman All-American Team.
Leonard Fournette's truck-stick run last week isn't new to LSU teammates. Jamal Adams said he's been victimized, too:
"When it's all said & done Jamal Adams will be one of the greatest DBs to put on a Jock strap for " --- Mike Detiller
Jamal Adams wants to be chris Paul so bad
If u missed this last night, Jamal Adams' block on White's TD return: More n Film Room:
FB Notes: GameDay coming to Baton Rouge; Jamal Adams 'electric'; Tigers return to polls after absence -
Its like Jamal Adams makes every play in this highlight lol .
Film Room: Check out Jamal Adams' speed off the edge.
Film Room: The springing block again by Jamal Adams on White's punt return.
Who the *** is Sherman, and why wasn't he Jamal Charles in that particular instance?
2 vote for In challenge well bring you the BEST of sports
Jamal Adams will be the best safety in college football by next year
TOUCHDOWN PACKERS!. Aaron Rodgers to Davante Adams for the 21 yard score. Rodgers with 3 TD today. . GB 35 CAR 3
Jamal Adams on D's improvement: "Everybody’s egos are gone. At first it was just a bunch of egos not doing our assignm…
LSU DE Danielle Hunter looks like a 1st Rd talent. He's a junior so he's eligible for the NFL draft. Freshman DB Jamal Adams one to watch.
LSU’s Jamal Adams says he’s tried to step up in recent weeks | Video
Freshman Safety Jamal Adams will end up being one of the best DB's to ever play at LSU when it is all said and done...T …
Nobody got Jamal Adams block on vine?
vs. Kentucky holds a special meaning for Jamal Adams and his father: via http:…
Best dive of the day goes to LSU Jamal Adams.
Oh and Jamal Adams took someone out of their shoes on a block.
Postgame Blog: Tigers' freshman safety Jamal Adams is one of our three Stars -
Jamal Adams flying all over the football field tonight. Boundless energy.
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Freshman Jamal Adams had a great night with 8 tackles and a sack. Coach Miles describes him as electric, responsible, voca…
Great return from Tre White, but how about this block from Jamal Adams? Yikes.
Boy when get back on that field..imagine he & Jamal Adams cutting up on that field together!!! Mane the …
TOUCHDOWN LSU! Beautiful 67-yard return by White, aided by a crushing block by Jamal Adams!
After a punt goes out of bounds by LSU, Florida WR Andre Debose gets into LSU DB Jamal Adams' face and g... via
LMAO Jamal Adams on the Andre Dubose penalty. Adams might have a future after football in the WWE with that dive.
Andre Debose slapped Jamal Adams' helmet, and he made the flop of the century. Unsportsmanlike conduct on Debose.
Jalen Collins, Jamal Adams and Rickey Jefferson are in the game for
Good morning Tiger Fans, hearing the staff is about to say screw it and throw in all the young guys, Jamal Adams has taken ov…
FSU's projected future combo of James & Marshall could rival that one. Ed Paris and Jamal Adams of LSU as well
New safety Jamal Adams says Tyrann Mathieu followed him on Instagram. Hoping Patrick Peterson is next.
Loyola Athletics...Pat Jacobs Loyola’s varsity basketball team is 14-0, ranked second in the state and as high as third in the nation. The Cubs are well stocked with players possessing elite talent and scholarship offers galore. The team’s depth may be the best ever. Team chemistry is as good as it gets, and Loyola’s prospects of grabbing big prizes down the road are excellent. But all those accomplishments, all that talent and all that promise pales in comparison to a special moment which took place Wednesday night in Sherman Oaks at Notre Dame High School. There were about three minutes left in final stanza of the Mission league opener between the Knights and Cubs. Loyola was leading by over 30 points when head coach Jamal Adams sent in yet another wave of players off his deep bench. One of those players was senior AUSTIN HATCH, a rare senior transfer from Indiana. He left Indiana to live with his aunt, uncle and cousins because each member of his immediate family - mother, father and sibli ...
I wouldn't be surprised to see Ole Miss take another look at JT Gray and Brandon Bryant after missing on Hootie and Jamal Adams yesterday.
5 star recruits Leonard Fournette and Jamal Adams both said they were committing to "The University of LSU," apparently to play "the football sport of football" (via
recruit in the country Leonard Fournette and safety in the country Jamal Adams committed to play football at LSU today!!!
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Jamal Adams commits to LSU! Gonna follow in the footsteps of Eric Reid, Tyrann Mathieu, Patrick Petterson, and Mo Claiborne. It's over
Jamal Adams says Florida has the finest females out of every school 😎
Next time you mention Jamal Adams and Tony Brown,Don't forget Jah'Shawn Johnson!
In more College Football Recruiting news, 4* safety Jamal Adams, in Rivals250 for 2014, and from Hebron HS in Lewisville, TX, has cut his list of over 30 schools down to 12. He hopes to cut that in half during his upcoming senior season. For right now, the schools on his list, in alphabetical order, are: Arkansas, Florida, Florida State, LSU, Ohio State, Oklahoma, Ole Miss, Texas, Texas A&M, Texas Tech, UCLA, and USC.
If you missed it earlier, check out an update on Jamal Adams, son of former UK great George Adams, from
2014 DB Jamal Adams spends time with Bob and Mike Stoops. Does this mean is on top?
Hebron's Jamal Adams, considered one of the top defensive backs in the 2014 class, already holds offers from Notre Dame, Nebraska, TCU, West Virginia and recently Texas. Adams tells the Old Coach that he just left Bob Stoops' office and that coach Stoops has offered him an opportunity to play at The University of Oklahoma.
and Columbia wonders WTH is wrong with our alum Jamal Adams n his kids going to other Ivy League schools? lol
I heard Noel Ellis, Erik Huhn and Jamal Adams were the best DBs today besides Antwuan Davis. And it looks like Huhn is now a Horn.
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