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Jake Tapper

Jacob Paul Jake Tapper (born March 12, 1969) is an American print and television journalist, currently the senior White House correspondent for ABC News in Washington, D.C.

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We talked to our number one director crush about jock jams, Jake Tapper and Baby Driver…
Jake Tapper is interviewing Edgar Wright at this Baby Driver screening because D.C.
Let me guess - the DNC is calling CNN's Jake Tapper to call the shooting of Steve Scalise a "matter", not an "investigation"
Trump believes climate is changing and humans have role in it, US Ambassador Nikki Haley tells CNN’s Jake Tapper.
CNN continues down a very dangerous road! Anderson Cooper & Jake Tapper should abandon ship right now!
Conspiracy theorist, who's like a son to Chelsea Clinton's mother-in-law, Jake Tapper, can't...
Whoa. . But, but, but Jake Tapper assured me this wasn't ever going to happen!
Jake Tapper or Anderson Cooper or any programming from is all opinion.Your move fro…
LOL it must be vacation day today at CNN..Jake Tapper, Erin Burnett, and Anderson Cooper are off
Now that he won the Special Election in MT, put Gianforte in a room alone w/Jake Tapper; then, Don Lemon, Anderson Cooper & C…
Would someone please body slam Jake Tapper, Anderson Cooper, Chris Matthews, Don Lemon if they have the chance to get…
Yawn. Jake Tapper going into his John F. Kennedy impression again.
Trump kills it in this interview . Jake Tapper, Jim Scuitto and Brian Stelter will be devastated .
Jake Tapper, Brian Williams, Eliz. Warren--three consummate liars. No brave Cherokee or Navajo would have anything…
Jake Tapper quotes member of the Cherokee nation on Elizabeth Warren: '...she is not a Cherokee citizen'
Jake Tapper:. 1. worked as a Democratic press secretary. 2. worked for a gun control advocacy group. 3. wrote for alt-left Salo…
Meet Black Singles 300x250
"Jake Tapper asked whether Sarah Palin was harassed at Fox News. She didn’t exactly say no."
Why should Andrea Mitchell, Don Lemon, Jake Tapper, et all, be the only performance artists to bank?…
Has anyone ever seen Jake Tapper & Jon Cryer in the same room together ?
Senator Joni Ernst (republican) was just on Jake Tapper's show and and wasted her breath trying to justify Trump's plans 4 Syria
Right-wing kook Tom Cotton tells Jake Tapper that he is still baffled as to why Russia hacked the election.
What is “unmasking”? Rep. Devin Nunes and Jake Tapper explain
Jake Tapper on Trump: "I've never seen this level of falsehood"
Rachel Maddow is the wrong person for this. Anderson maybe... Even at that, I'd want it to be Jake Tapper or Megyn Kelly honestly.
Jake Tapper: WH Officials got information about Wiretap from Breibart, Levin - Not Gov't sources
Definitely but we need to throw in Obama, HRC, Schumer, Warren, Pelosi, Maxine Waters, Meryl Streep, Jake Tapper, T…
'There is a word for that line of thinking: "un-American"' — Jake Tapper slams White House for barring… via
Notice how Jake Tapper hasn't said a word about this?. .
If . Where was Chuck Todd, Jim Acosta, Jake Tapper outcry for what Obama's Admin did to James Rosen…
That was no riot, CNNs Jake Tapper says it was a community waste management exercise, AND…
Jake Tapper's wife was regional manager at an abortion clinic. Imagine that !
Shep Smith,Chuck Todd & Jake Tapper are cluless hate filled hateful mental midgets.They don't report they engage in twisted…
Things I trust more than Jake Tapper: Mexican Tap Water, Wild Bill from Silence of the Lambs, Bill…
Dear Chuck Todd, Jake Tapper, Shepard Smith. And the rest of you flunkies. 👉Your wounds are SELF INFLICTED.
he could have also mentioned Fareed Zakaria, Brian Stelter and Jake Tapper
Jake Tapper calls out Donald Trump for the number of conspiracy theories he has peddled in the past.
Jake Tapper fires back at Trump: Media didn't fire Flynn, you did
I don't see any difference between Shep Smith on FOX and Jake Tapper or Brooke Baldwin on CNN. 😳
So this just happened: Jake Tapper called out Trump advisor Roger Stone for lying:
Jake Tapper is responsible for McDonald's "Fish McBites" commercial.
Jake Tapper was a member of the Communist Party. Also the John Birch Society, the Whig Party & Creed's fanclub.
One day we're going to have a reel of Jake Tapper's The Lead openings during the Trump admin set to Benny Hill's Ya…
Senator Mark Warner (D-Virginia) tells Jake Tapper he will introduce legislation to block Steve Bannon… via
tonight at 9 p.m. ET. Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi joins Jake Tapper for a discussion on Democratic strate…
.thinks they are cutting edge by having a one hour "town hall" with Jake Tapper & Nancy Pelosi. And they wonder w…
You need to read the Immigration and Nationality Act, 1952. These heinous lies must stop, Jake Tapper. You're out of…
People like Jake Tapper and Wolf Blitzer sold their souls to the devil in this case the devil is the Muslims
The mainstream media like Jake Tapper and Wolf Blitzer they don't understand or they don't want to understand ...
Jake Tapper's beautiful response to Steve Bannon's call for the press to "Keep its mouth shut."
Jake Tapper referring to the media (I.e., to himself) as "the opposition party" was a Freudian slip.
John King ,Jake Tapper and Chris Cuomo r *** out to destroy American Values. Thanks CNN who is bias beyond beliefs.
I'm sure Andrea Mitchell, Jake Tapper and everyone at Fox will be all over this tomorrow.
Instead of Jake Tapper asking Paul Ryan to dab, why doesn't the press get off its *** and investigate THIS?
Do you find Jake Tapper a credible newsman?
Trump nailed his first press conference Paul Ryan should not meet with Jake Tapper on CNN town hall 1/12/17
Now is the time to support CNN, Jake Tapper, Jim Acosta, Anderson Cooper. Excellent truthtelling tonight. cc:
Notice how fearless Jake Tapper is when he pushes fake news? He absolutely grilled Conway today over unproven Russian hacki…
I see the slithering reptile, Paul Ryan, is having a town hall with Jake Tapper on CNN Jan12. Paul Ryan is an political abomination.
Just announced: Jake Tapper will host a town hall with Speaker Paul Ryan on January 12th by via
Jake Tapper the king of fake news -instead of investigating pizza gate like a true journalist bashes those who are
- Jake Tapper, Wolf Blitzer, Anderson Cooper, white, white, white, - Erin Burnet white - oh hey, Don Lemon
Jake Tapper (Beck Bennett) speaks with Kellyanne Conway and future head of the DEA, Walter White (of Breaking Bad)
CNN needs to be characterized as tabloid journalism garbage. Jake Tapper & Anderson Cooper are good, but overall the product is toxic (3/x)
He is truly deserving of this award. The participation trophies go to Jake Tapper, Anderson Coope…
So he's moved on from harassing Jake Tapper and Michael Ian Black lol
I like Jake Tapper and Anderson Cooper a lot, but CNN really does, well: suck.
"Jake Tapper and Megyn Kelly should be fired!" — Lexi Morgan
Jake Tapper asks Paul Ryan to speak to millions of terrified Americans about the people committing hate crimes. "They're…
Hey, CNN's Wolf Blitzer & Jake Tapper: Stop trying to sound like "regular guys" during the World Series. We all know you…
Curt Schilling asks Jake Tapper why Jews are Dems, who hate Israel. 1st, Jews have natural aversion to associating w/ white supremacists 1/
Curt Schilling: I don't get how Jews back Democrats
Curt Schilling to Jake Tapper: Hey you're Jewish. I always wanted to ask a Jew: what is wrong with you people?
Thank goodness. Was concerned we'd be done with the winning spirit of this campaign season after the election 🙃.
"I don't speak for Jews" Jake Tapper explains to Curt Schilling that Jewish Americans don't only care about Israel
Former Chess champ Gary Kasparov: Vladimir Putin sees an "ideal counterpart" in Donald Trump
Cast of deplorables: from Palin to Trump. Now comes Schilling.
Curt Schilling apparently does not know any Jews.
Curt Schilling comes out of left field and asks Jake Tapper why Jews support Democrats: During an interview on CNN's The Lead on Friday…
I have never loved Jake Tapper more! Hilarious!
Curt Schilling baffled by Jewish people, asks Jake Tapper to explain via
Former Chess champ Gary Kasparov: Russia is "absolutely" trying to help elect Donald Trump .
All in one day, Jake Tapper confirmed the authenticity of his Wikileaks email and that the media lies, even about him.
Most Jews support Democrats rather than Republicans bec we are against discrimination & for a fair deal for everyone.
Obama to Republicans: “Suddenly, you’re okay with your nominee having a bromance with Putin” https…
WATCH: Curt Schilling has awkward exchange about Jews with Jake Tapper
Curt Schilling: You're Jewish. Why are Jews Democrats? Dems hate Israel. Jake Tapper: Well, I don't speak for Jews, but soci…
Collector of Nazi memorabilia turns interview with into creepy anti-semitic thing. .
Curt Schilling lashes out over criticism: "I'm apparently an anti-Semite now" via &
why Jews support Democrats Stupid for Jews to be Democrat, Obama-Hillary-Kerry promote, champion, and favor Islam.
CNN's Jake Tapper on Donna Brazile Leak to Clinton Campaign: 'Unethical,' 'Horrifying' - Breitbart
Jake Tapper, here's a video of the current VP groping women
Kathleen Willey calls out Andrea Mitchell, Jake Tapper for spinning sexual assault allegations as "infidelities." https:…
Rubio: May be awhile before residents can return home: In an interview with Jake Tapper, Florida Senator Marc...
Jake Tapper and Marc Rubio are LITERALLY talking about my NEIGHBORHOOD not just my city on Amelia Island live on CNN right now!
We know Jake Tapper's a scumbag, that's expected. How about putting this pressure on guys like Ben Shapiro, Erick Erickson, Rich
Jake Tapper, Chuck Todd, Stephanpoulos.. They know. They just hope The People don't and twist it.
go on with Jake Tapper again. You seem to do so well with that the last time. All Fox, all the time.
Trump giving a detailed speech on the Islamist threat, on Fox. Jake Tapper of CNN (Clinton Network News) is not carrying the trump speech.
If I remember correctly Jake Tapper was at FOX then moved to CNN!
Jake Tapper is damned biased. So is all of media except Fox. There Megyn Kelly appears to be anti Trump
Jake Tapper presses Christie on Trump birther comments
'You did not address the issue': Jake Tapper grills Mike Pence on Trump's immigration shift.
. I am hearing that the Debate moderators will be:. 1. Rachel Madow . 2. Anderson Cooper . 3. Jake Tapper
when DNC orders Chuck Todd and Jake Tapper as their errand boys, do you STILL believe the " polls"?
Smear-by-association artists Chuck Todd, Jake Tapper & Chris Cuomo so far silent.
Remember that this was breaking when Wolf Blitzer, Jake Tapper and Chuck Todd were on the air, and they blew it off.
Jake Tapper: Conservatives who do not agree with Hillary Clinton even loved her speech
"He began his speech with something Harper Lee would write in To Kill a Mockingbird..." - Jake Tapper really said this
...Harper Lee? Seriously? Jake Tapper the literary critic, ladies and gentleman.
Jake Tapper just compared Bill Clinton to Harper Lee and it totally made sense.
Jake Tapper just went deep with a Harper Lee reference.
I like Rachel Maddow and like to here what she has to say about things. But I like Anderson Cooper & Jake Tapper too! lol
Chuck Todd and Jake Tapper respond to being named in leaked WikiLeaks DNC emails
The same people who shrugged Trump's claims of 'a bad CNN earpiece' as he fumbled Jake Tapper's multiple KKK disavowal Qs.
What a wonderful interview given by David Brown police chief officer in Dallas with Jake Tapper this morning his words tou…
From what I remember from last night, Jake Tapper and Scott Pelley have the same tailor. . Possibly John Dickerson as well.
Jake Tapper is gently but firmly explaining that very little Mrs. Smith said was true.
CNN’s Jake Tapper shames white trash Trump for his despicable, overtly racist linking of Obama to Islamic terrorists https…
don't mistake talking heads for news. . Jake Tapper, Anderson Cooper, Megyn Kelly = News journalists . O'Reilly, Biltzer are not
I love her, Anderson Cooper, Jake Tapper, Brian Williams and Lawrence O'Donnell... I try to watch her most nights.
There's 3 good news anchors on Anderson Cooper, Jake Tapper and Don Lemon. Everyone else is awful.
Missed this by Jake Tapper, where he does everything but demand an interview with Winston Smith…
Pass it on: Todd Gitlin, Jake Tapper, Wolf Blitzer, Rahm Emanuel, Janet Yellen, Bernie Sanders. What do they have common?
Yes and follow ups proves he's no Jake Tapper.
Jake Tapper: You're invoking his race when talking about whether or not he can do his job. Trump: Jake, I'm building a wall, ok?
This is insane. I can just FEEL Jake Tapper wanting to smash his head against a wall. A wall to Mexico!!
Watching Rep Sean Duffy doing his painful best to redeem DT on Jake Tapper. Depressing.
Jake Tapper uses the weaponized term "conspiracy theories" to describe Trump. The (((media))) cannot be trusted!
CNN Jake Tapper wolf Anderson Cooper they all in the take for Hillary Clinton all they talk about is Donald Trump
Jake Tapper guest illustrates Dilbert cartoon to be auctioned for charity - Gant Daily
Marco Rubio: I will support the Republican nominee: Sen. Marco Rubio sits down with CNN's Jake Tapper in his ...
Jake Tapper helped Rick Scott w/ a false report that inc min wage would make u lose jobs..10st. Inc no loss
Carly Fiorina singing about Ted Cruz's kids are what nightmares are made of
Carly Fiorina singing at bizarre event after "Lyin Ted & FatCats line her…
First related death in the U.S. as Congress debates emergency funding
I knew when Jake Tapper threw that out there, they would scream "fascist" later
Exclusive: Clinton weighs in on Trump, Sanders - on
Larry Wilmore on the I'm following a funny president who's got jokes
Hillary Clinton: "I certainly look forward to working with Sen. Sanders" t
Jake Tapper exposes LYIN' TED..Compares himself to Bernie as an Outsider & Lies about where his donations come from. https:…
Hillary Clinton: I’m looking forward to working with Bernie Sanders
Clinton: I have experience dealing with men "off the reservation" like Trump https:/…
Will make any race jokes opening at the Oh yeah, “absolutely” he says
Tru Town Films Video: Clinton on Marijuana Research - This week, CNN’s Jake Tapper, with the help of...
Would that be the same David Duke who's endorsement Jake Tapper made up? Nothing like compounding media dishonesty
I will call Jake Tapper a rotton LIAR right to his lying face. Jeff Rowe bought rights to Melanias pic for Superpac.
called out on vicious lie concerning his (Big Something Wifes PIC) nails him with this.
Sent this prior, but here you go again. Jake Tapper .
"I have no knowledge of any of these allegations that were raised by a supermarket tabloid," says https:/…
Sen. Al Franken on VP rumors: "I'm very happy doing the job I'm doing right now"
So Trump supporters U attacked me for telling u the truth, gonna provide an apology?
WATCH: CNN's Jake Tapper checks the truth abt the spat btwn Donald Trump and Ted Cruz over their wives
Kudos to Queen of Earned Media for YUGE miles re $300 ad!. CNN BUSTS for lying re
Some truth behind the fight over a photo of Melania Trump
If you told me just a few months ago that I'd respect CNN, Jake Tapper & Anderson Cooper more than Fox & their hosts, I would…
WATCH: CNN’s Jake Tapper BUSTS Donald Trump over lying about Ted Cruz and Melania ad when CNN shame…
LOL at Jake Tapper calling NY Hillary's "home state" when Bernie was born there and she had never lived there prior to her Senate run.
CNN's Jake Tapper challenges Sen. Orrin Hatch: "You must be thrilled Obama followed your suggestion" on SCOTUS nom.
Jake Tapper ask Mrs. Clinton if she will return her award from PPF founder Margret Sanger and denounce support. htt…
Saturday Night Live opened with Beck Bennett, playing the role of CNN host Jake Tapper at the Dr. Ben Carson (Jay...
Donald Trump sides with fans who take down 'bad dudes' at his rallies: CNN anchor Jake Tapper challenged him w...
Jake Tapper should ask Trump if he's familiar with the Oscar De La Hoya/Felix Trinidad fight
Jake Tapper: "Trump, you're going to sink this GOP ship and laugh while it burns, aren't you?". Trump: "You betcha.".
Isn't Jake Tapper's pocket handkerchief the speedo Greg Louganis wore when he won gold in Seoul?
Jake Tapper has quite the pocket square going tonight!
Is it me or every time. I hear Jake Tapper, my mind switches it to John Taffer and I think we are in for a bar rescue meets the GOP.
Jake Tapper is the John Hamm of cable news
Jake Tapper (Beck Bennett) covers the outcome of Super Tuesday, including Donald Trump (Darrell Hammond) and...
I watched Shep Smith and Jake Tapper today both shows are better than MTPD and With all due respect on MSNBC
Jake Tapper repeatedly presses Donald Trump to condemn the Ku Klux Klan, Trump declines to disavow (VIDEO):
Jake Tapper calls Marsha Blackburn "congressman" in this clip
Senator Ted Cruz talks to CNN's Jake Tapper after the CNN Republican debate in Houston, Texas.
Oh, so Cruz gets a Jake Tapper interview and Trump gets a happy ending from Chris Cuomo doing his sucky-sucky-five-dollar r…
Jake Tapper and Anderson Cooper are the big winners of thIS debate, Wolf is never moderating another one of these again.
Jake Tapper: GOP refusal to hold conformation hearings for Obama Supreme Court nominee is "unprecedented"
CNN's Jake Tapper questions DNC Chair Debbie Wasserman Schultz about the Democratic party's use of Superdelegates...
We need more questions like this one from Jake Tapper to Debbie Wasserman Schultz [video]
CNN's Jake Tapper: Anti-Trump Headlines 'Height of Elitism' . I never heard of Jake Tapper...
Jake Tapper is shouting right now. Scarborough, Matthews: Shouters. O'Reilly, Limbaugh, Beck, Levin: Shouters. Note, all male.
."Donald Trump lost, and he better get used to it"
.on endorsing "I think he's going to be a really strong leader"
Why would he tell Jake Tapper that Palin was paid 10 M for her endorsement--Saw it
Jake Tapper confirms that Carson's own staffer spilled the info to CNN that CNN reported. Carson needs a t…
JUST IN: tells CNN's he endorses for president
CNN's Jake Tapper shows great devotion to diversity by finding a Martin O'Malley endorser to come on today. (fmr Montana Gov. Schweizer)
Gray Davis all star and Jake Tapper's senior producer, the lovely Teddy Davis makes an appearance in Iowa!
Roland Martin, Jake Tapper, Chris Hayes, Goldie Taylor, Joan Walsh, off the top of my head.
Jake Tapper checks some of President Obama's claims from Tuesday's State of the Union address.
Gov. Jeb Bush speaks to CNN's Jake Tapper following the CNN GOP debate.
Where do fit into Vision for America's Healthcare?
Did 7th great-grandfather Englebert Huff live to be 128? Who knows? But it makes for a good story.
.explains the political maneuver, or "poison pill," once offered in Congress re: immigration
In an interview with State of the Union's Jake Tapper Donald Trump defended his proposal to band all Muslims from entering…
After a proposal by Donald Trump to ban all Muslims from entering the United States, Dr. Ben Carson told CNN's Jake Tappe…
Enforces Killing innocent people like the *** Community. Ted Cruz the Lead with Jake Tapper via
Agree or Disagree, Rand is level-headed. He is not fear mongering. Rand Paul on CNN with Jake Tapper via
Breast Cancer Awareness
Ted Cruz on the Lead with Jake Tapper via
Vladimir Putin would vote 4 Donald Trump, & CNN, Jake Tapper, Armanpour, & Obama can vote 4 him 2, make it unanimous
How has broken thru GOP pack? Per by using a test to understand voters and tailor messaging
.did journalism proud w/ tough coverage from Cuba that included opposition views & tough questions.
.Speaks with Jake Tapper after the CNN via
he praises Chris Matthews & Jake Tapper and criticizes Will, Hayes, & Krauthammer...Sounds like something a conservative would do...
19 Random Hot Guys We Crushed On In 2015: Bring on the thirst of January 2016. That babe behind Jake Tapper at the GO...
Look who surprised us next episode of the F*** no one word association Jake Tapper!
I added a video to a playlist Donald Trump Interview With Jake Tapper Are you creating more Islamic
Ted Cruz Speaks with Jake Tapper after the CNN via
Watch: Rand Paul on CNN "Banning encryption is a little like banning guns.". .
Watch» Rand Paul on surveillance: I'm all for individualized searches. I'm just not for general, sweeping dragnet. https…
Watch» Rand Paul on ISIS: The important debate is whether regime change makes us safer. . .
Fmr. Navy SEAL honors the fallen with record-making feat - CNN Video
Cruz just told Jake Tapper "legal good, illegal bad" regarding immigration. Literally. But again, he isn't asked about …
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“We have a chance to show the country how to be heard peacefully” after mistrial.
Great enthusiasts showed up for a lively "Politics on Tap" discussion last night in Vegas thanks to Jake Tapper -... htt…
Nah, despite the best images here at the Double Barrel in Vegas, CNN's Jake Tapper didn't take time off for...
. CNN is the worst.Chris Cuomo attacks you constantly in the mornings,Jake Tapper and the women in the afternoon,,Cooper...
Michael Cohen's turn on Jake Tapper's program was THE BEST! Don't know how Jake kept it together so well!
I sent a note to Jake Tapper, Chris Cuomo and Anderson Cooper of CNN, asking why they haven't covered much the...
Jake Tapper didn't even know the last female Black lead before Kerry was Teresa Graves. He said Diahann Carroll & Shonda had to correct him.
Can you imagine being at the Christmas party and hanging out with Chris Cuomo, Wolf Blitzer, Jake Tapper and Don Lemon?
'Journalism, as a rule, is less collegial than the Medellin Cartel.' - Jake Tapper, CNN, on
"Journalism as a whole is slightly less collegial than the Medellín cartel." -Jake Tapper on Wait Wait Don't Tell Me
Is Megan Kelly trying to set herself up for a job at CNN or MSNBC? She's sounding more like Jake Tapper or Rachel Maddow!
In an interview with CNN's Jake Tapper, Sen. Rand Paul says a no fly zone in Syria would be a recipe for disaster and all but guarantee
you don't hitch a racehorse to a plow & you don't keep up with Kardashians with Jake Tapper. More appropriate for other audiences too
In separate interviews with Mark Kelly, Jake Tapper and Chuck Todd referred to Umpqua CC as a gun-free zone.
‘Is that Mort Sahl?’ CNN’s Jake Tapper will be here all week, folks
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exactly. Jake Tapper and Scott Pelley and all those other *** are liberal lapdogs
In an interview with CNN's Jake Tapper, House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi said it is important to speak out against huma…
Trump tells Jake Tapper "It wasn't people from Sweden that blew up the World Trade Centers". Liberal heads exploding.
"Governor Bush, do you think Ronald Reagan and Dale Earnhardt are the President and Vice President of heaven?" -Jake Tapper, wiping tears.
Actually now that I think of it, Jake Tapper looks a bit more like Ed Helms.
Close your eyes and tell me this isn't like the White House press room and Jake Tapper is the Press Secretary:. "Jake!". 'Jake!'.
Jake Tapper has just surpassed Chris Matthews as biggest a-hole in cable news.
Jake Tapper called Bashir Assad America's enemy. God I wish Bernie Sanders was included in this debate.
I really wish that Jake Tapper was on Fox News.
don't watch fox other than other than Bret Baier occasionally. I do listen to MSNBC morning joe and CNN's Jake Tapper.
How do you think Jake Tapper will do Moderating CNN's "GOP's 2nd Presidential Debate" in Sept from R. Reagan Library/Museum?
Cnn jake tapper intrvw with trump. Getting legally into the US is a really great process Trump had no problem with his foreign wife. LMAO. $
▶️.immigration plan: Deport undocumented, "legal status" for some 🇺🇸http:/…
This is like the third week in a row that jake tapper hasn't been on state of the union. Where is jake tapper what happened to him
It's why I don't gush over Jake Tapper or Megyn Kelly or their sops. MSM has blood on its hands since Cronkite.
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. I'd like to see the "Jake Tapper political collection" posted online I'm sure you've got some great stuff.
Novel idea, Jake Tapper on, without resident Racist Anna Navarro not on spewing her anti Anglo crap!
Who is the joker in Jake Tapper's chair this AM? Can we please get him a job in the mailroom? Horrible interviewer.
Not sure what you read, but given your interest in Korengal/Restrepo, you may appreciate Jake Tapper's "The Outpost".
I don't agree with Jake Tapper all of the time but I do on this.
Ted Cruz: this is what i'll do to planned parenthood [tries ripping phone book in half & gives up]. Jake Tapper: the question…
Jake Tapper threw on the cape for a news network that called the First Lady of the United States "Barack's Baby Mama" (I ain't forgot)
And the CNN TV guy Jake Tapper talks to me because of our names.
Like Jake Tapper but with silly dancing.
Authors on the Air August 21, 2015: General Ann Dunwoody on CNN with Jake Tapper
Trump is making them go crazy, Hannity moreso, CNN hides a lot, Jake Tapper is good, MSNBC is insane
if you squint it looks like you're voting for Jake Tapper
Describe your thoughts on CNN's Jake Tapper Moderating the Sept GOP 2016 Pres Debate in CA at Reagan Library & Museum?
makes a great hash tag (and nudge) for the next GOP debate, mod'ed by Jake Tapper. Thoughts? RTs? (Better ideas?)
Just learned Jake Tapper is on vacation. Who's the next journalist likely to give a fair report on the videos?
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The White House press secretary admitted to Jake Tapper that no one had watched the videos.
Considering the next GOP debate is taking place in California, you hope that CNN and Jake Tapper really hammer Climate Change hard.
Jake Tapper is the only reporter with a firm grip on Deez Nuts
Senseless. Or, if you prefer, liberal politics.
When you think about what China has really done for Jake Tapper. It kinda makes u wonder.
Jake Tapper the CNN pole is wrong ! We all know Donald Trump is winning and will win the Election
"Turns out Trump's office went bankrupt. He now holds meetings in hallways and bus stations.
I will save you the trouble. watch CNN when Jake Tapper is on. He is the only reason to watch. The end.
Agree.really like CNN late in the day starting w/ Jake Tapper thru Don Lemon...except for the Upfront hr, it's the best.
Trump is competitive in the general election — but says that's not his focus yet http:/…
Jake Tapper just said that all someone had to do to be pictured on the money was to be a DEAD WHITE GUY. Jake being racist on air,
Did Donna Brazile really just say that blacks don't want to be ''grouped together''with whites ? I demand an apology. Jake Tapper too
Bret and Jake Tapper have the best shows on cable news for information
Word is it'll air on Jake Tapper's show & investigative reporter is Sara Ganim, who won a Pulitzer for coverage of Sandusky scandal.
Jake Tapper and CNN Political Commentator Van Jones discuss the importance of facing racism. "You can't fight the demons you can't face,"
Electronic Device Insurance
6/21/15: State of the Union -- Van Jones and Jake Tapper discuss race relations and religion in Charleston, SC in...
Jake Tapper leads Van Jones, Russell Moore, and Douglas Brinkley in a discussion of the power of the families' of forgiveness after the
Jake Tapper unimpressed by Obama's efforts to sell Patriot Act via
Jake Tapper's feed features those who paid the ultimate sacrifice
"Is this Jake Tapper a relative of Karan Thapar?". Lulz
Medical peers want Dr. Oz fired: CNN's Jake Tapper reports that a group of doctors penned a letter to Columbia...
Chuck Todd, Jake Tapper, and the likes shouldn't be taken seriously. Newsmen and women aren't suppose to have talent agents.
‘Vile stuff out there': Jake Tapper notes
Jake Tapper: I understand why people took offense to Chris Hayes’ ‘discomfort’
Truly a pleasure to meet and honor Mark Wahlberg, David Feherty, and Jake Tapper for their support of our military!! h…
So CNNs Jake Tapper says decades long policy of not negotiating with terrorists is Obamas fault. Mmkay.
Winter storm cripples Midwest and South -- reports
Please educate Jeff Halevy on mentally ill so doesn't insult viewers!
When they return to Don Lemon, he will be in a sealed bubble & will have taken Jake Tapper's gas mask & Marc Lamont-Hill's dental mask w him
“And now back to Jake Tapper reporting live from New York.”
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PUM One on One: Jake Tapper, "The Lead" Interview. In his capacity as CNN’s chief Washington correspondent, Jake...
Obama has used Espionage Act more than all previous administrations
Let me echo Jake Tapper: so proud of Big Hero 6 team. Great movie.Tap flags parents of 10-unders over strong themes. My 8 year old was okay.
Jake Tapper said Big Hero 6 is great, but distressing for kids under 10. On a related note, my dad wanted me to watch Platoon when I was 7.
Emotional interview with sister of victim: We want awareness, spread of love
Witnessed Bergdahl's traitorous actions first hand. Backed up by Jake Tapper's teenage girl in Afghanistan.
Be careful out there! Man slips on ice behind who reports NYC's on state of alert bc of freezing temps
I have a newfound respect 4 Jake Tapper. Most of the questions were fair expect 4 the Presidential Instruments.
Is that Jake Tapper's wife or something?
The Old Town Library Book Club will be reading "The Outpost: An Untold Story of American Valor" by Jake Tapper...
Blocked by: George Galloway, Owen Jones, Juan Cole, Jake Tapper, Roseanne(who isn't?) Rob Lowe, Abby Martin, and your favorite media hack.
My interview with Jake Tapper on CNN's about Hezbollah and .
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