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Jake Short

Jake Short (born May 30, 1997) is an American teen actor, best known for his role as Nose Noseworthy in the 2009 film Shorts.

Bradley Steven Perry Mighty Med Disney Channel Ross Lynch Cameron Boyce Leo Howard

Hot! Sweet!!! Cutie!!! Love his accent- youtube video, slipped about 3-4 times on ANT Farm and yet to slip on Mighty Med!!!
In short, DAP reinforced patronage politics. Made exec ninong to all those who received monies.
Seems only appropriate to post a short video of Jake Thompson answering my question about trade rumors 8 hours ago.
he's so short! But I'll feel tall because I'm 13 and Jake miller is in his 20's 😂
Assisti a "Adventure Time with Finn and Jake: Another Five More Short Graybles" s5ep24
jake convinced me to get some short "Hardcore Shorts"
Make sure you give a hug to those you love... be kind to those you meet...and forgive those who have done something to you.…
Playin a short set consisting of stuff like Weezer, Blink, Greenday, & Sublime this Saturday at the old Coffee Grounds wi…
“"Short bald guys always want to fight"”come on bro
"Short bald guys always want to fight"
Kelli has been on set for the Disney project she's working on with Paris Berelc, Leo Howard, and Jake Short.
Oh wow, cool, *Thinks* Hmm, you pick. Fans of all of them. *looks at you* You know anyone tell you you look like Jake Short?
{thinks for a second and takes a deep breath} Well, Jake T. Austin, Jake Short, Ross Lynch. Friends with all of em.
Simpsons episode from before I went to high school, and can remember the first time I saw it vividly. Life's short, but only in retrospect
You really get the short end of the stick being the oldest child 😠
"Life's too short to be anything but the owner of your own oilfield business!"
A short vid for you: Jake Gyllenhaal Brings the Creepy in Intense New 'Nightcrawler' Trailer (VIDEO)
Are our youngsters that good like, from what I've seen it will take a while for that. Long term success. Short term aim - stability...
We're excited to announce the arrival of Jake Dyson Products to HL! Here's a short video of the Ariel Downlight:
Stephen Loszewski, whose football career was cut short by cancer, sees what it is like to be a prized recruit h…
true😂 honestly I would have signed James for like a short term deal. then if he backed it up. then you go for the long deal
Just in time to finish your summer reading!
Kelli has been working on a project for Disney along with Paris Berelc, Leo Howard, and Jake Short.
Boys To Adore Galore: In this short film directed by Jake Jaxson, we’re taken on an exciting,...
REUNITED! JAKE is also home! Yeah! From his owner, He can home wet and filthy with a VERY short rope tied to...
Jake the lost Orange Domestic Short Hair Cat was found today in NORTH RICHLAND HILLS, TX.
and I are directing a short film titled "Donnie Darko Must Die" about how Jake G broke T.Swift's heart
Alternatively his short story collection Looking For Jake. It's a whole bunch of stories mostly centred on London.
The wheels are now in motion for production of our 5th official short, that will feature jake summers, Dan Walton and in the mea...
Hairdressers forever cutting my hair too short 😭
Short vlog tomorrow because most of my time was spent on a plane today!
Business 4G Broadband with no usage caps - // Ideal for those with short term office leases & Pop Up companies! Seems promising!
yeah, sounds about right. It's never a short process, that's for sure.
Once a very short time ago, a guy named Jim moved into a new home. He was an average every day man except for one thing.
On second thought the account might be jake pray
yes! Short porch. Might have to hit a dinger
Its crazy how fast things can change in such a short period of time.
It may sound like a short FaceTime call but it means the world to me
I'm glad Jake gave us a short notice because I don't think I could wait for it to come out!
So Jake needs to cut the hair short and grow a beard💦
1. Your short *** van't reach and 2. If you're punching anyone in the face it should be jake rice 😂😭😂
Being this short is a blessing and a curse
Getting short-gamed by litchfield is like getting punched in the nuts ⚾️
he had been looking earlier. Its such a short lead, he doesnt think hes gonna go. Runner just lulls him to sleep
Check out the short, relaxed upright lead. Gets some momentum going then he's off
"Dream falls short. This is an incredible group. I'll never forget this night." . - Tim Howard
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“A few short off 101 but still crazy cute!
This action-packed short by Jake Barnhart of Missouri will keep u on the edge of your seat right up to the last word:http:/…
The feeling you get after cutting a finger nail to short 😫😭
Hey girls that recently cut your hair short, it looked better long. It always looks better long.
thought you loved short, shoot first PGs with limited court vision and effectiveness inside the arc.
Check out a short and sweet music video I recently produced for .
In just a few short hours. Burgers, Bible Study at the blend. 7pm
“Using your phone while it charges can damage the battery. This is why the cords for our chargers are so short.”
good luck in America jake. Keep practicing that awesome short game
Jake the only one of my homies that makes me feel short smh lol
love it, so proud of you Jake you've come so far in such a short amount of time❤️
Spent some time with Jake this morning doing some O-line drills, throwing the baseball and even took a short run.
Hayward is a pretty efficient player who can also pass and rebound, I think you're selling him a little short
My dog was called Jake, other one Gyp. Love short sharp names for dogs. Think they respond well to them too.
The Short and Sweet Client Comment of the Week: "Fantastic service!" Jake R., Alberta. For more client comments -
Buy Miche Bag Online!
And now is a good time to cover that $GPRO short. Too predictable ;)
Makings of a short outing for Jake in this one
Congrats again and good luck to and Jake for their short film in the National competition
Whovian Wednesday! This week is the short story, A Handful of Stardust by Jake Arnott.
I'm always interested in documentary and just found this nice short randomly browsing on Apple design...
HAPPY BDAY TO MY FAVORITE PERSON EVER! Who's also REALLY short. Thx 4 saving us when the car was going the wrong way
So I just had a short conversation with jake paul. I'm shaking and I can't stop oh my god. 😭
Future star! “Jacob Johnston talks about short film and funding on
"Once you go short girls, you can't go back." -UNC
hi I'm a fan I love Mighty Med with you and jake short
Idk I like calling people by short form so I can see Jacob as a jake or jakey
If life is so short, why do we do so many things we don‰Ûªt like and like so many things we don‰Ûªt do? What if we rever…
For most people, 'Fred' is short for 'Frederick'. Not this one. His parents left it at that because they couldn't finish pr…
Big decision to make in a short period of time ⚽
I think life is to short. People get caught up in something to much, that's why we have to enjoy our lives and not pass up on an opportunity
Life is short, live it. Love is rare, grab it. Anger is bad, dump it. Fear is awful, face it. Memories are sweet, cher…
Check out the latest short film crafted by my son Jake -
Short of an Embiid-style health issue, try not to read anything into anything being said about Parker or Wiggins this week.
I'm one pool short of a pool party.
On February 8, 2014, Mandy & Jake became husband and wife. They chose to have their wedding…
Has anybody ever called you Jake for short?
When you 5 cents short and the cashier doesn't let you get it
I added a video to a playlist Cameron Boyce vs. Jake Short (videos)! 2013
Jake Short has absolutely NOTHING on Joey. Sierra, don't ship
Wondering if I want to keep my hair short or grow it back out!
Life's way too short to be stressin
I can now add jake to the very short list of guys who i have snapchatted without make up.
Isn't Jierra already the ship name for Sierra and Jake Short though?
Playing pool football in short shorts wasn't my best idea
"I just want go know why almost every single Latino person I know cheers against the live here" FO…
So short version: US is rooting for Portugal on Thursday.
Jake short definitely takes after is last name... He's 17 and 5'4... I can't believe you're older than me! 😭
"Maybe the reason you don't have a boyfriend is because of your height. You're short" - Jake
Jake short need to step up his game and date me !?
Home, short work week, then the lake and Jake Owen with so many of my favorite people 😍 ahh life is so stinkin good
Man me and Jake Short are both on the struggle bus🚍
New review for Three Poems from the talented new filmmaker Jake Houston Harris! via
Probably Paul Short and/or Princeton. I don't know. I haven't spoken with Coach about specifics.
Life is too short, cherish every friendship
Took a placement test for college, long story short I'm going back to high school
Aww thanks Jake for the kind words - I'm editing together the behind the scenes next week for the short!
We cannot take Portugal lightly just because they are short some men. Beware of a Wounded Tiger...
I kinda am serious. Btw you have short hair and your a *** guy so yeah get your boyfriend and kill yourself with him you ***
When you see the local gas station getting robbed and u remember they ain't help u when u were short
People saying should have picked terry and cole then possibly won a game , nonsense short term fix once again !
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I really hate only seeing Jake & Bug for a very short time during the day 😭
If you stop and think about it life is so short. You have to be yourself and open up to others. You never know what's going…
I have musics on (and a beer) and somehow the Jake White album almost sounds alright. I blame it on the short day….
Life is short and you are dead an awfully long time. Live life passionately with a purpose.
If i could just be friends with jake would be good.
Blues re-sign Brian Elliott, plan to promote Jake Allen from the AHL. Likely ... -
That short nap was life, but Mon and Jake still are asleep.
I have a short attention span for ugly people
Life is too short to remove a USB safely
How is jake short seventeen he looks eight years old smh
Meet our newest family member. His name is Jake from State Farm.. We call him Jake for short!…
That's an excellent point. Barça was so fragile at the back b/c it wasn't simply short a Puyol. Pique is less without him.
New game; drink every time you see a tan blonde in short shorts, plaid, and a cowboy hat. Bonus points if you live longer than 10 minutes
I'm just looking for someone to teach me, life is too short to make your own!!!
Perspective on how short your time is:
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Hi Jake Short I love you you're sexy I want to date you, have sex with you, marry you and go on a honeymoon with you.
I always hear people say life's too short to hold grudges but I feel like life's too short to make the same mistake twice
Trey Canard moves pass Jake Weimer for 4th and is now all over Andrew Short in 3rd.
Colombia @ 11 @ my house! Short notice but y'all are welcome!
I'm in a blue short-sleeved dress shirt and khakis, and no, I'm not Jake from State Farm. :-)
This profound short film will make you think about what it means to leave a legacy.
When I get mad, I usually just keep silent or I just get short.
I'm really short, laying next to Jake...I feel like a personal teddy bear.
That would be a short film. Jake don't play that!
Can't believe we are done with high school😱 Congratulations buddy! homies forever
Brewers announcers just claimed Cozart was leading off last year. Such a short memory for Choo.
Get off your *** and go out. I promise you'll have a good time. Life's too short to stay home and watch netflix :)
Nothing pisses me off more than getting my sleep interrupted or cut short
Hey.someone just informed me that I'm short!.good to know
it was a short trip. Also the smell.
Unbelievable. Only the kings give up short handed goals at the end of a period. Better step it up in the 3rd
Hey Bradley Steven Perry I would love to meet you and Jake Short soon
I think I'm cutting my hair short Sunday it's probobly gonna look really stupid
He has eligibility? How? He makes Jason White's career seen short MT Kansas announces that Jake Heaps will leave the program
See why things are about to get eerie for star in the short film
May I request a short synopsis within the 140 character limit on how Spain lost 5-1 to Netherlands & was the weather a facto…
Jake can anyone ask Obama how he knew to air strike Libya and Egypt on short notice?
I'm pretty sure you're the devil in short shorts
hey don't put it on me, I've been at home all day😑👌
I've also read that we take Jabari because we want a short rebuild even though we have new owners who said its a 3-5 year process.
"I am baby Jake with the flow but never short with the punches" - . Get Reading and Downloading.
Terio only 6 ?.that *** so big I thought he was just a short 14
I've been the one calling all the shots for the past 3 weeks and I know that's a short time but *** I feel free ✌️
Actually if I autopsied it correctly it was a margin call on a long/short mismatch that killed Sowood
Are they long mid market and short top 5% of HY? Seems good as long as leverage is low/prudent.
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Jake short responded back to my dm omfg 😍🙌👏👏
Narrowly avoided accidentally playing Jake Bugg on Spotify. Life is short guys make the most of it.
Stop getting mad over dumb stuff & holding regrets... Life's too short
No need to complicate because our times short
WIN LOOSE OR DRAW and jake short wheeey
Ha. You can joke all you want about me being short. But, statistically speaking, I'm going to live longer.
well that's different. How many guys are like Jake?
Be you, because life is to short to be anybody else
I was simply paying my respects to the lost automobiles who had a short life
In my defense though she/he was wearing all boy clothes AND had a really short hair cut with gel in it so I think I'm the real victim here
hmm if you see me at grad would you like to walk up to a long dress or short dress. Cause we have To take pictures!
Regretting getting my hair cut this short now
Neil Blomkamps live action short is my fav
short people balance out the tall. You're really important, Earth would plummet into the sun without you!
yes that is tru & 4 that Im sry but watch gabe will live & my jake didn't that's sum total *** bullshish jake life was cut short
My short film is finally finished and uploaded. I'd very much appreciate if ya'll watched it!
KFC: "it'll be a 15 minute wait on thighs cuz we're short staffed". Ross: "or nah"
the difference between you and me is your a loser and always will be one I may be fat but atleast I'm not a short ugly sob
They say words prove nothing but even actions can come up short💯
Life is so short so live it the fullest you can
Unfortunately, Jake Arrieta leaves another very Arrieta-like outing: not a lot of damage, but really, really short.
Josh Hamilton hit it 420ft to CF in his first AB off the DL. Unfortunately for him, that's 15 feet short of a HR here.…
The fat end of the bat went towards short. 3B Jake Armstrong tosses the splinter to manager Andrew Ciencin.
If you took the kids off of the short bus and gave them the wrong hand glove they could probably play better than the kids I just umped
I truly appreciate how short I am when I drive Jake's jeep!
Laugh every chance you get, life is too short to not be happy.
“You're the best PM since Thatcher Don't sell yourself short.”. Get hi…
High school is way to short to get caught up in girlfriends, boyfriends, and jealousy.
Miniclip was a highlight of my short lived high school time.
It's especially weird because you see these tall *** *** that look 20 going to parties at 16 in movies, but I'm just a short lanky ***
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Love how everyday I plan on a short day I work till dark
Lmao nooo"Lmao"Short fat girls? NO NO NO..dey be looking like tractor tire...""
Video of the Day! BOUNCE, a whimsical short film about soccer and travel from filmmaker Guillaume Blanchet.
I hope girls don't keep cutting their hair short... Not a good look
Me and jake at 2nd and short today sounds like a lot of DPs
A short clip of Jake noodling away on "Angeline"!. Thank you Tommy Jacobsson for this great custom made...
Cutting my time off from Brandon Holder short this evening. Second Fiddle 10-2!
I miss you and nothing hurts like no you and no one understands what we went through it was short. It was sweet. We tried.
I choose to smile because life is short to worry and be sad.
We are loving our Short Meg on Jake DeSnakes's Hayabusa from Australia. Check out his cool work at...
Used to be the only luck I had was a day late, dollar short, always bad. Then I saw your face and it all changed up -J…
Traded the consolidation & got stopped out of a short position but also looking to add on more long positions $GBPNZD
you will ruin this country anyone who votes for you are very short minded your just a socially acceptable version of BNP
Jake Short is really a handsome man.
Jake from Mayday Parade is the only band member to ever call me short and he's not even that much taller than me 🆗🆒
“Short peoples view at a concert this is why we're goin the front for jake.
shout out to jake. He's the real MVP. Stay short homie. 😘
I was supposed to take a short nap and i end up waking up now 8 hours later
Jake Short and Bradley Steven Perry show off their high score on the new 7D Mine Train app inside Walt Disney World’s Fantasyland over the weekend. The two Mighty Med stars tried out the app, which will introduce the re-imagined Seven Dwarf characters from The 7D, a new animated series premiering on
Fun selfies of Austin North, Piper Curda, Jake Short and Bradley Steven Perry as they are spending time at Disney's Hollywood Studios at Walt Disney World t
Here's a concept that I'd like to see happen for the young adult teen audience for the Disney Channel & perhaps Disney XD.Well some of the fans know that the classic 60's series Batman has become more popular than ever because of It's campy style of humor combining adventure & peril with comedy one liners and the long awaited DVD coming this holiday! I hope someday that the Disney Channel writers & creators could someday create a teen superhero show with that kind of format with a young adult teen hero & his young sidekick with gadgets, physical agility & Sherlock Holmes style skills! The villains on the concept should be having a wacky & vain purpose to take over the city! The guest villains should be popular names from other Disney shows like Peyton List, Bradley Steven Perry, Jason Dolley, Laura Marano, Ross Lynch,Bella Thorne, Olivia Holt, Zendaya, Ryan Ochoa, Cameron Boyce among others. The Two main heroes should be someone Like Leo Howard & Jake Short our version of Adam West & Burt Ward. I think it ...
I still think Batista is going to get a short run with the strap, I'm sure that was in his return agreement
Mighty Med star Jake Short stops by to chat with Chauntel! He tells us what's been going on Mighty Med set, The Kids Choice Awards, and superheros. Are you ...
Life is too short to not use The Force.
"Cause life is short but sweet for certain"
thought you'd prefer the Jake Bullet short, got your head on it :-)
Let's make it short and simple. You're attractive.
Jake short is gonna be cute in the future ..
I hate when a song is hard af but it's short af
Only 3 months to wait til holiday time, I'm just short of scratching the days into my desk
Life's too short man.. I wish it lasted a lot longer than it does
Just hanging out with my friends Justin Treitl is in love with Jake Short
S/O to for bein short as *** and helpin me out with my promposal! Keep up the good work in cheer! Repeat state champs! 👍
JAKE! You make me look like a failure! XD I'm only 5'8" ._. this hyung is short compared to you, you giant maknae! XD
Hey Jake Short! I'm a huge fan! My sister is too. She is more of a fan but I think you are awesome!
Jake, Bobbie, and Scotty look much happier than they actually were in this short lived triangle
Mauer grounds to short on first pitch from nasty LHP Jake McGee. Now 6 for 32 (.188) over past 8 games (11 K's)
goes to like usual. I just wanted to show her phase of hating short hair 😍😝
You're not as cute and short as you think -everyone
Manziel is on the Bucs' short list. Shocker. But we don't know how long the list is. What a pointless story.
Also got my haircut really short today and its way to thin won't need another haircut for a least a good 3-6 months now
hey we think you’ll dig our short film FOUREYES w/ Jake Ryan from MOONRISE and music from
Jake Romanski grounds to short for in bot 4th. 1st GBO for Drive in game. Have not struck out yet. Lead 3-0
Solon designated hitter Jake McCurry leads off top of second. He lines the first pitch to Urban at short. John Mooney up.
jake, i really will call in this weekend. I will make it short so your mom can still call in, as she is my elder.
Short term sacrifice long term gain, keep it up Jake.
Life is so short. I know you are in a better place Jake. So many good memories with you and I know the demons you battled. Rest in peace.
Well life is too short so love the one you got caus you might get run over or you might get shot..
Jake Goldenring '15 rolls in a short putt for a par at 11.
Johnny Manziel is on the short list of players Buccaneers are heavily considering with their No. 7 pick in NFL draft. (vi…
Watch as from the Disney Channel visits the 3v3 games at Complex:
Your everything I want, need. For you I wear my heart on a short sleeve
Just wrapped up our short presentation at the MidAmerica VC forum. Great to run into current investors and potenti…
How to make a crane shot by Jake Harris
Jake Heenan had his first season at Connacht cut short in Feb but the flanker has been keeping busy off the ball @
I'm gonna take this hopeful short time apart to better myself and fix everything you said. For us
A lovely short film, directed and filmed by Charles Frank and Jake Oleson ('Still Life'
When Jake Bugg doesn't wear a black T-shirt but a white short-sleeved shirt...
it's only Ty getting his hair cut in jds 'short back and laughed at'
TIP! One way in getting over Niall James Horan is. Jake Short! :) :D :) :D
Jake Short from Disney Channel's A.N.T. Farm and Disney XD's Mighty Med got a chance to play at the next level in the middle of the magic at ESPN Wide World ...
Life is very short, so forgive quickly, believe slowly, love truly, laugh loudly and never avoid anything that makes you sm…
Here's a short video on the campaigning of President Cde Jake Dikobo in Mamelodi...
Between Two Twins with Jake Short Disney star and 2014 Kids Choice Awards nominee! Vote for JAKE! Please take a second and LIKE + FAV this video :D ...
Life is too short and I am far too young to spend my time stressing over things as unpredictable as the future.
Life is to short, I don't have enough time to be wasting it
I would be a fighter but I'm too short and fat
Jake looked so much better with his short hair js
All of this flying high, it's gonna leave ya falling short- Kip Moore
Jake Short & Cameron Boyce are like two of the hottest Disney boys stars like *** 😍
Nominees for favorite actor... Jack Griffo, Benjamin F., Jake Short, and Ross Lynch ...the winner is. Ross Lynch yay
no jake that was pretty good I probably woulda been a little short
Here's another video I made of Jake Short! This video has only clips and no pictures. I really hope you all enjoy my video! The song in the video is called "...
"I like it in the city when the air is so thick and opaque, I love to see everybody in short skirts, shorts and shades"
I got shipped with jake short I can actually see that lol now I have another person for man crush Monday cause he is actually adorable
Jake Long with a solid fourth inning, despite the throwing error by the short stop. Still 1-0 Clemson.
I'll allow you to win short term all day long. Ego is a crutch.
the legend Jake Barnes makes it back to the short round!
Saddle bronc riders headin' to the short go: Sundell, Scheer, Ferley, Corrington, Jake Wright.
Too good!! Between that and Jake Owen's new cd my playlist is pretty short lately.
So I have a picture of jake in a very short slutty Alice in wonderland dress😂
A deafening buzzer sounds. You are rushed inside. Magic Johnson shows you a very short highlight package of the first half of your life.
Hey! Thanks for following us! Be sure to check out our new short film on
Uni football seasons are so short, last game of the season Wednesday
I'll never understand why footballers wear gloves with short sleeve shirts. Stupidest idea going
You won't see 2 goals as good as that, in such a short space of time, in a League cup final at Wembley when a goal down, t…
Never suffered short term pain Jake? Any pain you've ever suffered has lasted 85 minutes or more! Yeah :)
I will not be satisfied with roleplay until I can find a Jake Short, Shane Dawsonor Max Russo rp who lives up to expectations js
If you were going to be stuck on an island with three celebriti... — Ariana Grande, Beatrice Miller and Jake Short
I've never seen a red My 1st one Jake was fawn & Bubba is brindle. have a short lifespan for purebreds:(
Update your maps at Navteq
I need a boy Tat looks like Ross Lynch Acts like jake short Has a personality like cody simpson And is cares like robert patrison!
Have you ever noticed how short Jake Long from American Dragon is
That's right Jake Short. this is for you!
Life is too short to be anything but happy💗
Jake short from ant farm is kinda cute bye
Although it ended short, i'm proud of my time as a Mustang basketball player. Hope to see my teammates take it one step further next year.
Throwback to when James added me as contact on youtube,omg!! I still can't believe it! And jake short also, btw! :o)
Me and Jake went to Lincoln for an open day. Long story short, we're trying to break into a castle
Life is too short, so just do whatever the *** makes you happy.
Jake is now available for adoption! This male Domestic Short Hair is 2yrs 1mth old. Learn more at
That Paul George play is the exact type of pullup Green needs to develop. Use length to draw continuation foul and stop shor…
Comment for a shoutout to Jake Short
Jake Short actually is messaging me!
Hey Jake Short fans! Here's a cute pic of Jake and Hope you guys like ti! :))
New Jake Short and Bradley Steven Perry show! next month at Disney XD (In USA, I guess :C we want it in Argentina too ht…
Hamilton Collection
Tonight was the best night ever! So many selfies with so many celebs! Jake Short is so cute! 😍
OOC: Any of you guys check out the tonight's episode of I hope you did. Get ready for more Jake Short on …
My library, both the lite version in DC and the full one back home, is woefully short on women. Taking suggestions!
T.G.F.A.D. Thank God for another day because life is too short to wait seven days to be thankful.
I feel like the archived triple Jake stream is the best way I could experience this day-z thing short of watching it live.
not sure what I like better, the fish, the open water or the short sleeve weather. Yall got it all!
Busted short stacked AK > KQ, back over starting stack with 35k
Jake Short gets a face full of cactus needles in this new still from A.N.T. Farm. In tonight's all-new episode ...
Mighty Med is an American Disney XD original series created by Jim bernstien and Andy schwartzand produced by It's a Laugh Productions for Disney XD. It stars Jake Short and Bradley Steven Perry. This show premiered on October 7, 2013.[1] and aired on Disney Channel on October 12, 2013.
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