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Jake Cuenca

Juan Carlos Jake Leveriza Cuenca (born December 30, 1987) is a Filipino actor and model, who started as a GMA talent center artist, and later transferred to ABS-CBN's talent center, Star Magic.

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Meet and Greet the Ego Jeans ambassador, Jake Cuenca on September 24! Just present a…
Is it me or this guy looks like Jake Cuenca
Just saw Jake Cuenca rn and he passed by our table like 5 times and didn't even bother to take a pic lolol 😂💞
Saw Gerald Anderson and Jake Cuenca... made ete contact with the former sabay nadulas ang lola mo. Wow.
Wendell Ramos is the old generation Jake Cuenca of the Bench Fashion show. Who do you think is much hotter? More to…
Throw Back: Joem Bascon at Jake Cuenca sa indie movie na LIHIS
What a beautiful dream.1st part I dreamt of nanay.2nd part: I was m/l with Jake Cuenca my 💓💓
Been crushing on Jake Cuenca since 2005 and up til now he's still so fine 😳
Ok but why are Gerald Anderson & Jake Cuenca in every Filipino teleserye and their characters always hate each other?
Also see you & Jake Cuenca on July 09 at SM CITY ROSARIO!
Somebody needs to remind Jake Cuenca that ILAI is a TELESERYE and not The Godfather.
Being awesome never felt so good. Feel the good vibe just like Jake Cuenca.
We're on the same flight with Jake Cuenca!!! Ang gwapo bye
Just saw Jake Cuenca in Ayala in the opposite escalator as I am. He was hot af
Gerald Anderson, Jake Cuenca and Kim Chiu at the in Clark, Pampanga http…
Gerald Anderson, Kim Chiu, Jake Cuenca and Gina Pareño together is like Tayong Dalawa all over again (Coco Martin where you at)
jampacked! congratulations TOMIHO, Angeline Quinto, Jake Cuenca and to the other casts and crew. bongga!. FOOLISH L…
Ang daming nagabang for Angeline Quinto and Jake Cuenca here at the Red Carpet Premiere
Angeline Quinto experiences first torrid kiss with Jake Cuenca in
TOMIHO, Jake Cuenca with Mother Lily Monteverde invites you to watch
Everyone watch jake cuenca's ig story!! Elmo is too hot!
Suit up and Show your Ego. Just like our main man Jake Cuenca. We are available in all leading department stores...
I still can't believe Jake Cuenca noticed me today fam 😢
Watch for a very special role of Jake Cuenca on starting tomorrow December 14 in cinemas nationwide! https:…
After 4 months, the actor was finally able to achieve the home he wanted. Click here to see photos.
Long hair, don't care. Tommy Esguerra and Jake Cuenca show off their locks at |
Now happening: Richard Yap and Jake Cuenca at Ayala Christmas Party! Thank you for supporting Decembe…
[News] Jake Cuenca not on speaking terms with ex-girlfriend | via PEP Online
Jake and Sara Grace say goodbye to forever SEE WHY HERE:
Jake Cuenca encourages fans to support indie movies
Jake Cuenca encourages fans to support indie movies -
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‘Mulat’ is worth watching, Jake Cuenca tells Pinoys
‘Mulat’ is worth watching, Jake Cuenca tells Pinoys
Jake Cuenca: “She will always have a special place in my heart. I know, she feels the same way."
Scrolling through my fb newsfeed.. News: Elmo, Janine break up. News: Jake Cuenca, model GF break up again. Uhh...
Jake Cuenca, model GF break up again
Jake Cuenca, model GF break up again -
Jake Cuenca, model GF break up again | via ABS-CBN
Jake Cuenca, model GF break up again: MANILA - Jake Cuenca and model Sara Grace Kelley's rocky relationship c...
Jake Cuenca to doubters of his negative drug test: 'I can do it anytime.'.
Jake mentioned that distance also played a role in their breakup, as Sara lives in the US.
[News] Jake to doubters of his drug test: I can do it any time | via PEP Online
Jake Cuenca says performance in Because You Loved Me is "organic": via
Can't play an instrument? Play up your front man potential instead
Loren Burgos and Jake Cuenca talk love and relationships at the Mulat presscon
Loren Burgos and Jake Cuenca, lead actors in the upcoming award winning film directed by Maria…
Happening now is the press conference of EGO Jeans newest Celebrity Endorser Jake Cuenca for his newest movie,...
Lauren Burgos n Jake Cuenca star in Mulat from Dianne Ventura @ Cerchio…
"I bet you a million bucks that the person who made this is crazy.". Check out how Jake Cuenca…
Me: Gupit Jake Cuenca. Hairstylist: [about to cut my lips]. M: Teh ano ba?!
So it's ABS-CBN exs who are giving "WARNING" to their artist for random drug test. Star MAGIC at its best. E.g. Jake Cuenca.
Davaoenos, we are sad to inform that Jake Cuenca's meet and greet tomorrow will be canceled and rescheduled to a...
where are you now my babyloves Jake Cuenca? . why am i so in loved with you?... 😍 argh!! 😘😘😘
Don't miss this! Meet and greet Jake Cuenca tomorrow! October 16, 2016 4PM at the Atrium of brought...
Here's one who knows how to honor where he started. Jake Cuenca.
Davao! 2 more days til Jake Cuenca's mall invasion! Are ya'll ready to meet him at The Edge!?
Murag si Neil Descallar si Jake Cuenca sa Minute To Win It or is it the other way around?
4 more days til the Cebu invasion of Jake Cuenca together with EGO Jeans! Are ya'll excited Davao!?...
What is Jake Cuenca's wish for actor Avery Paraiso? Read:
"Omg last Halloween I saw Jake Cuenca. He was sooo hot, his *** was so tight." . BUFFY VILLALUNA, EVERYBODY! hahhah u ***
Victor Basa and Jake Cuenca are right in front of me
It's gonna be a hunky Thursday tomorrow with RK Bagatsing and Jake Cuenca! OHT
Jake Cuenca is your boyfriend goals
And we're LIVE now sa with Jake Cuenca! Kaya log on na sa
"Give me another chance"-Jake Cuenca to Carla Abellena. Watch My Neighbor's Wife on MovieClub
Nw: Elemento starring Cristine Reyes and Jake Cuenca. Le bonding with mom..
"if you like a person, you like the way he is. Not the person he's gonna become." -jake cuenca 😈😈😈
Jake Cuenca ng Batangas at yer service! Happy Birthday! 🎉 I lab u, u lab me, we're a happy pamilee 🎤
I can see you rocking the "Jake Cuenca" hair (I think). 😄 Plus, you have naturally wavy hair. Should be rather interesting.
Can somebody tell Jake Cuenca to stop trying to be Matty Healy?
Have you seen Jake Cuenca's bachelor pad?
Jake Cuenca and Director Diane Ventura with Best Actor and Best Narrative Feature Awards for…
First and only scene with Gerald Anderson, Jake Cuenca, and Juan Miguel Severo, done. for today. ! Soon :))
Weekend na watch now showing Stars Cristine Reyes & Jake Cuenca
Dashing in this latest photo, hunky actor Jake Cuenca is our 5th featured artist for Ready ang Summer Body (RSB)! https:/…
John Laroza, with the eyes of Paulo Avelino and lips of Jake Cuenca, you look like James Reid!
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I'm thinking Jake Ejercito or Jake Cuenca as Jake but MALABO. 😝 Or maybe Jeron Teng coz McDo?
Fact!. Maine's ex boyfriend reminded her of Jake Cuenca because they look alike!. -. . . No hate please.
Jake Cuenca for Guitar Underwear. Who can resist that kind of hotness?
Happy Birthday to my girl crush since i saw her in the teleserye as jake cuenca's sister have a great one babe 😘 🎉
Getting glimpses of jake cuenca in it takes gutz, why he looks so *** doing with his hair?
Happy Happy Birthday to my awesome brother! Jake Cuenca! All the best bro! Cheers
TODAY'S BIRTHDAYS | In 1987, Jake Cuenca was born on this date in San Jose, California, USA
jake cuenca when he meets matty: I'm seeing double. me: I'm seeing trouble
Though we are taking a breaking from the page, it doesn't mean we shouldn't wish Jake Cuenca a Happy Birthday,...
Maligayang Pagbati kay Jake Cuenca! Happy Birthday from your Pasion de Amor Family and RSB Unit!
Today is the Birthday of Jake Cuenca a.k.a. Franco Hidalgo! What is your birthday message for him?
Roxanne Guinoo open to working with ex-boyfriend Jake Cuenca
A sizzling hot Kapamilya Thank You from Ejay Falcon and Jake Cuenca!
I'm hooked but I don't like Jake Cuenca and Coleen Garcia.. Lang umol lolz😂
I'm in a restaurant and I'm sitting a table away from Jake Cuenca... WHAT DO I DO???
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Reason 2: Paulo Avelino's face and Jake Cuenca's face in one shot. Yes. In war uniforms. (!!!)
Reason 1: I need to see Jake Cuenca in another military/warfare project. (Tayong Dalawa slayed, man.)
Petition for Jake Cuenca to be in the Gregorio Del Pilar film because that's my excuse to see them in one project together.
With the leading men of Pasion de Amor EJ Falcon, Jake Cuenca, and Joseph Marco.😊
lizasoberawno: Jake Cuenca just said that write ups about the Quen-Jessy-Luis issue was NOT at all true © Cinema One News .
Late night thoughts: Why do you look like Jake Cuenca with that hair
Jake Cuenca looks like a *** here on He keeps on touching his hair in a feminine way and I hate it.
Push PHOTO: star Jake Cuenca and girlfriend, model Sara Grace Kelley looking fab and great in their...
One jake cuenca with cheese on top, Enrique Gil with caramel syrup and Gerald Anderson without anything for to go, please? 😏😏😏😏
Jake Cuenca looks hot with long hair
Paulo Avelino has spoken about the issue. Jake Cuenca mum on Enrique Gil's rumored bad behavior on London flight
In contrast to this year’s theme of colors nude, champagne, white and black, Pasion de Amor actor Jake Cuenca...
it's on GMA! Lol I can't change it, Jake Cuenca is in it lmao!
He's perfect😩 and Jake Cuenca omg he was everything 😍
Jake Cuenca to Enrique Gil: "Take responsibility for your actions.": Jake sees through Enrique with compassion... http:/…
NGL jake cuenca and his girlfriend looks like harry n taylor??
Jake's red tuxedo is a definite stand out. Jake Cuenca is Jake Cuenca.
Jake cuenca is one of the hottest male actor in the Philippines,dont even deny it.
Spent like an hour stalking Jake Cuenca's girlfriend cause HOw pretty is SHE OHMGMGO 😻😻😻😻
Jake Cuenca and his girlfriend look like they're from the Cullen Family and that's a good thing for me.
Ejay Falcon, Jake Cuenca & Joseph Marco are thrilled over the success of "Pasion de Amor." | via
Pasion de Amor star Jake Cuenca came with his model girlfriend Sarah Grace Kelley
Jake Cuenca walks the red carpet with girlfriend Sarah Grace Kelly
"Pasion de Amor" star Jake Cuenca and girlfriend Sara Grace Kelly at the | via
Christopher de Leon as Walter. Jake Cuenca as Jesse. Lorna Tolentino as Skyler. Benjie Paras as Hank. Eddie Garcia as Hector Salamanca.
Hello Manila. So happy to see Jake Cuenca there ! ;D
Jake cuenca is imitating harry's hair eww get a life
Sister accusing me of trying to look Like Jake Cuenca now my hair is going wavy (?)
Looking forward to watch everyday: Jake Cuenca and Arci Muñoz , Kenzo and Kamille , Amor vs. Claudia 😂😂😂
Jake Cuenca's acting frm Tayong Dalawa to Passion-all the same,hamonado,one facial expression 4 all
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Yo! Jake Cuenca needs to cut his bloody hair on Passion de Amor!
I've submitted to the appeal of teleseryes and Jake cuenca
Feeling Harry Styles to si jake cuenca potek
on ... Best show at the moment, staring Kim Chiu, Coco Martin, Jake Cuenca, Julia Montes... 😊😊😊😊
And yall thought that this was harry lmao jake cuenca idk if he wants to look like harry
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Bastos wait wait wait have you seen jake Cuenca in person??
Pasion de Amor actor Jake Cuenca holds a dual citizenship as he was born in California and grew up in Manila. Now...
BREAKING: 2 dead, 6 injured in a helicopter crash including Jake Cuenca, in Batangas.
Jake Cuenca is trying so hard to be Harry Styles in Passion de Amor amp! feel na feel ang long hair.
Jake Cuenca was at the gym awhile ago and he's not pogi anymore huhuh
Jake Cuenca on girlfriend: I would drop showbiz for her
"94. What's a celebrity that everyone seems to like but you hate?" Jake cuenca?
Congratulations to all winners of Yahoo Celebrity Awards 2014 esp to Coco Martin, Jake Cuenca, Kim Chiu, Julia Barretto…
Jake Cuenca on failed reconciliation with girlfriend: "We tried, pero hindi nag-work out."
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Jake Cuenca's hair is makin' me straight. UGH 😍❤️😂
Dear Jake Cuenca, stop trying so hard to be like Matty Healy. Thanks!💞
Jake Cuenca looks like Andrew from Buzzfeed???. And Andrew has a girlfriend that's why they don't make AshDrew vids anymore?! Omg??
Battle of the Abs. Shirtless . Joseph Marco & Jake Cuenca. Hot or Not?
u look like so much of our actor here in the Philippines hes name is Jake Cuenca...
Goodluck with Julia, jake cuenca and Jodi for hosting tonight's Guillermo Mendoza Awards Night
Who wants to see jake cuenca in person ? I have 10 tickets sa Guillermo Awards just comment below yung sure na...
More on the just crowned Ms PH Air:. Chanel Olive Thomas: I want to bring that change
Chanel Olive Thomas on joining Miss PH Earth: I want to bring that change
Is it me or does Jake Cuenca look a bit like Harry?
Just gat to watch Ikaw Lamang, just so great Jake Cuenca
Pasion De Amor is such a good show. Jake Cuenca, Joseph Marco amd EJ Falcon make it worth watching!!! But Coleen Garcia... Uhhh..
Jake Cuenca hair reminds me of my Babe Harry Styles😍❤❤
A brother like Jake Cuenca and a sister like Khloe Kardashian 😊
Hot or Not: Jake Cuenca: Image courtesy of Instagram: juancarloscuenca
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Jake Cuenca's journey to fame. We're very proud of you and love you
Jake Cuenca celebrates his birthday on ASAP20. Will always be here to support and love you
iJakes is Open for those people that loves Jake Cuenca. Just sent DM. The more, The merrier.
Push PINS: Ano nga ba ang secret sa fit at hunk body ni Jake Cuenca? The actor shares some fitness tips for our...
Jake Cuenca was hot last night with his new look. Whew!
Bumped into Jake Cuenca literally last night. He definitely has a strong arms. Huehue
"Jake Cuenca" shows up as trending topic world wide at rank 9
I'm so used to Jake Cuenca taking off his shirt on national tv.
Ang masasabi ko lang will devaughn and jake cuenca are a whole lot hotter in person!
What celebrity irritates you the most? — Jake Cuenca (no offense guys!)
“FAN STAND: is ‘consistently edgy’ on the fashion runway much love to ev…
If it doesn't work out with Jake Cuenca we'll steal Gwyn Celo. 😉
OMFG was on the same plane as Jake Cuenca 😭😭 wasn't able to take a pic cuz he was busy fml
Jake Cuenca is now in LAPU-LAPU CEBU guys !! Show the love and support for jake Cebuanos ❤☺
Nadya at the Opening of SM HYPERMARKET LAPU-LAPU with Jake Cuenca. NadineLustre Invades PuebloVerde
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I think i just saw jake cuenca's car last sunday!! And we were just behind him. Hehe
Shoutout to Cuenca mike boogy bar jake and Joel. And Goldman
ok. I'm a huge fan of CJ but, Why, not try other actors like: John Lloyd Cruz, Jake Cuenca, Daniel Padilla, Paulo Avelino and
Jake Cuenca doesn't mind growing his hair long again for his new soap! Repost from
Throw back! 2009!. With dj Bad Boy Jeff, Angelica Panginiban and Jake Cuenca during
Not sure how, but Jake Cuenca reminded me of Harry Styles on last night's episode of MMK.
I'm watching mmk now. jake cuenca. .your amazing. .more power. .god bless you always jake. ..
Jake Cuenca is not even cute. Gtfo 😒
congrats JAKE CUENCA more BLESSINGS to come!GOD BLESS!
Good job Jake Cuenca..Greatest love is beyond romance
anyone hotter than the jake's? Cuenca and Ejercito is enough tho 😍
Where can I find a guy like the one Jake Cuenca's portraying right now in MMK? The love he gives, Oh my gosh.😍😍
Jake cuenca is so attractive shirtless or otherwise. no shame
Can I kill Jake Cuenca here in this episode? and That girl! isasako ko! 😂😂😂
Jake Cuenca's hot body is so distracting.
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I am actually rooting for Jake Cuenca's character in MMK??
Tonight: Arci Muñoz in her very first MMK role, with Jake Cuenca and Andi Eigenmann... 7:15PM on…
Jake Cuenca on MMK tomorrow night and another round of Mace in That Thing Called Tadhana on Sunday night. Happy weekend everyone!!!
Insta Scoop: Jake Cuenca Reacts to Not Good Looking in Person Comment: Image courtesy of Instagram: juancarloscuenca
So this is what happens when Jake Cuenca visits the grocery. Repost from via…
i will never watch any Aljur, Pokwang or Jake Cuenca Movies.
How cool is Jake Cuenca? Find out in his Kapamilya chat happening now! Just log on to…
Saw Jake Cuenca at Burgos Circle last night. In fairness, he looks a lot better in person.
"They can bash me all they want as long as you spell my name correctly -- ‘Jake Cuenca’ -- then I’m happy.
Jake Cuenca disappointed for not winning acting trophy: JAKE Cuenca said he was disappointed when he was not n...
Actor Jake Cuenca disappointed for not winning at 28th PMPC Star Awards for TV
Part 2 of the interview is here: Jake Cuenca and Joem…
Jake Cuenca "very disappointed" he lost at the Star Awards for TV: Jake Cuenca says he gave so much of his lif...
(RFC) Jake Cuenca dismayed he went home empty-handed from Star Awards
(RFC) Jake Cuenca "very disappointed" he did not bag Star Awards trophy: Not that he's a sour loser
“I was disappointed at first but I’m over it. It’s all behind me." -Jake Cuenca on losing | better attitude is to be thankful than exprctant
Jake Cuenca “very disappointed” about not winning at Star Awards for TV: Jake Cuenca: "Mahirap nang umasa... a...
the men of Ryan Eigenmann and Jake Cuenca @ Romulo Cafe
Date with Jake Cuenca aka eduardoveluz!! It's so nice to see you again, mate!!! Thank you!!! I'll see…
Photo: Jake Cuenca at the press conference of his indie film 'Mulat.'
HAPPENING NOW: Jake Cuenca, director Diane Ventura, and Loren Burgos here at the presscon of the indie…
Jake Cuenca back in Manila. promoting indie film Mulat. He was awarded best Best Actor
Watch out for "MULAT" starring Loren Burgos, Jake Cuenca and Ryan Eigenmann, directed by Maria Diane…
stars Jake Cuenca as 'the man of her dreams.' Well, Jake IS 'the man of most of our dreams.' Jake won Best...
Thank you Abante! Both Jake Cuenca and Allen Dizon bagged international Best Actor trophies for their respective...
I wonder who will play Eduardo... not Jake Cuenca, please lang
Newly-single Jake Cuenca looks like he's a hip runway model tonight. Welcome back Jake!
Newbie lead actress of Mulat is one lucky girl, and we are all jealous! See for yourself. Watch Mulat, an entry...
Jake Cuenca wins top acting award in NYC
Jake Cuenca and Julia Montes yun for me. Pero i have nothing to complain, they are all part of my fave Ikaw Lamang series. So just be happy.
domain names
new actress LOREN BURGOS and kapamilya actor JAKE CUENCA in a scene from Mulat "Awaken", written and directed by...
I love John Estrada in IL pero there was also Jake Cuenca who stole the thunder in many scenes. Dapat talaga ensemble acting award n lng e..
And all along, I thought it's in the bag for Jake Cuenca. That's quite a big surprise.
"AshRik offcam:) (c) - Erik Santos looks like Jake Cuenca in this pic, GWAPO c",)
To L Sanchez of Ateneo, did u ever see 'Ikaw Lamang'? Jake Cuenca and others wore cheap wigs that were insulting & offensive!
Something went awkward with coverage about Jake Cuenca's current relationship status. Anyare te?
Oh, so Jake Cuenca is single again.
Congratulations! Jake Cuenca, finalist for Best Drama Supporting Actor in the 28th Star Awards for TV.…
Best supporting actor goes to Jake Cuenca
Pwede tie ang best supporting actor? Jake Cuenca and Sir Boyet for the win!!! CoKim For Gift Love On Christmas
I think jake cuenca or christhoper de leon...
At Diamond hotel with APD, me and jake cuenca of QPPO(leftmost)
Last one lettering goes to ninobla ang jake cuenca ng four samanea!!! 🎉
Polo Ravales will star in a TV Series "PASION DE AMOR" with Jake Cuenca. This will be his 1st Drama Series as a KAPAMILYA. Welcome Kapamilya
Is the jake cuenca/nakedtruth tag still full of uncultured swines with no appreciation for aesthetic whatsoever?
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I dunno why people are saying that Jake Cuenca is flabby. I'm loving his chunky hotness. even his cottage cheese *** http:/…
We survived with le friends/photobombers. and with Jake, Jake Cuenca daw.
So he said he's going to Hollywood. And he'll be back for Pasion De Amor. Jake Cuenca has one of the many broken Hollywood dreams.
It breaks your heart to see the 1 u love is happy w/ some1 else, but it's more painful to know that the 1 u love s unhappy w/ u.-jake cuenca
is Best Actor at New York film fest
Jake Cuenca, Liza Diño win top acting honors in New York film festival:
Showbiz: Jake Cuenca at Liza Diño, big winners sa International Film Festival of Manhattan
Congrats to Jake Cuenca for Winning Best Actor of New York Award , salute you po :). Darren's Moment On MKML.
Scene stealer at the for me: . Jake Cuenca . Paulo Avelino . Joseph Marco
Jake Cuenca,Paulo Avelino and Joseph Marco are not helping...there are so hot and its a distraction. :(
Jake Cuenca passed his application on a film school in New York! Congrats Jake! He may be gone for a while, but...
Learn from Jake Cuenca,from GMA to ABS and worked hard b4 mbgyan ng leadroles! Baby steps lng lyk Janey! Now she's der!
VIDEO: Jake Cuenca on his girlfriend Chanel, "She's amazing, special & makes me happy!" WATCH HERE
You know what kinda ruins a hot face and body... A name like Juan Carlos. 😕 lol I just found Jake Cuenca's insta.
READ: has no plans yet of settling down...
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Jake Cuenca says he is not pressuring himself to settle down
Christopher Evora, Sofia Andres, Jake Cuenca, Nikki Bagaporo and now Michelle Vito?! omg so much blessing praise God!
We're watching face the people and it's about that narcissistic guy oh my god Kamukha nya daw si jake Cuenca :((
Christopher De Leon to SUPERB acting portraying Jake Cuenca's character with ALL gestures, expressions etc of Jake! BRAVO!
Jake Cuenca with his Dodge challenger sports car here at The legend villas hotel. 👌🚗💨
Ikaw Lamang BOOK 2 KC Concepcion replaces Julia Montes while Joel Torre plays the old character Coco Martin played; Christopher de Leon will play the old Jake Cuenca but will also be seen in flashbacks while Amy Austria plays the old Meryl Soriano. Kim Chiu and Coco Martin will return as new grown up children in the story and their love story continues.
Meet & greet Jake Cuenca in Canada. Subscribe to Globe DUO Canada. Read
Im not Zac Efron, Jake Cuenca or Austin Mahone but im the person who loves you very much. in my life, ikaw lang
Omg I'm going to reunite with my cousin Jake Cuenca on August 10th in Canada!! 🙌😭
Jake Cuenca was beside me in Ogetsu Hime. Too hot for my lyf
Just watching Ikaw Lamang's Past Episode on Youtube and I really salute ,Coco Martin,Jake Cuenca & specially
Male and Female Kontrabidas of the Year - Jake Cuenca and Jennelyn Mercado
i just love Jake Cuenca ever since.. :)
After a tiring day, the last thing I want to see is Jake Cuenca's "acting" or whatever it is that he is doing. 😡
Congratulations Jake Cuenca! Male kontrabida of the year sa Yahoo OMG awards!
Get a chance to meet and greet Jake Cuenca in Canada when you subscribe to
TAPUSIN! Xian Lim for GLOBE Telecon "No more Julia Montes and Jake Cuenca on "Ikaw Lamang" Book 2?
Jake Cuenca deserves an award for his role on Kontrabida of the Year, perhaps? Lol. 👏👏
Scumbag politicians. In many ways, Jake Cuenca's role in "Ikaw Lamang" portrays how politicians, in real life,...
He's not yet done with his work. He will fly to NY after Ikaw Lamang for a month-long acting course. We just...
Jake Cuenca's thank you message to everyone who voted for him, especially to iJakes. Thank you to everyone who... http:…
[] Jake Cuenca on settling down with Fil-Aussie girlfriend: "Maybe soon."
Female Kontrabida of the Year award goes to Jennylyn Mercado, while Jake Cuenca wins Male Kontrabida of the Year award
"If you like a person, you like him for the way he is, not for the person he's about to become." YES JAKE CUENCA YES
Why is Jake Cuenca wearing pomada to bed
Ikaw Lamang shooting earlier at CCC. Unfortuntely, I wasn't able to see Coco Martin nor Jake Cuenca due to wild students in the hallway. 😪😑
Jake Cuenca is a very efficient and effective contrabida in this teleserye but Coco Martin still shines on every...
I had a dream that Jake Cuenca and Gerald Anderson took me around Hawaii 😍
Ikaw Lamang (literally Filipino for Only You) is a 2014 Philippine period drama television series starring Coco Martin, Julia Montes, Jake Cuenca and Kim Chiu, directed by Malu Sevilla and Avel... Please visit to get more updates
Don't forget to cast your votes daily. . Coco Martin . Kim Chiu . Jake Cuenca . Ikaw Lamang . . Thank you …
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To all Coco Martin, Kim Chiu, Julia Montes, Jake Cuenca fans our united HT for tonight . => pls RT
I don't get Kim Chiu's character in this teleserye  Mas gwapo man si Jake Cuenca 
OH This Confrontation Scene of Kim Chiu & Jake Cuenca it's far from Tayong Dalawa Level. *CLAP! CLAP!
Coco Martin and Kim Chiu in a once-in-a-lifetime TV team up, with Julia Montes and Jake Cuenca, in the sweeping love story Ikaw Lamang
Coco Martin, Kim Chu, Julia Montes, Jake Cuenca and the rest of the cast of the new teleserye "Ikaw Lamang" are in Balayan shooting at the only company where I worked after graduating from college, prior to migrating to Chicago, Batangas Sugar Central, Inc. (BSCI) ... they picked BSCI because the episode is supposed to happen in the '60s, that was the year the company started 1968 ( I believe) I was there from 1971-1979 .. watch the Wednesday episode !!
Actor Jake Cuenca has scored a Best Actor Male nomination at the 4th Queens World Film Festival (QWFF) for his role in Joseph Israel Laban’s “Nuwebe.” Cuenca is up against Kevin Thomas Costigan (“K...
Jake Cuenca received nomination at NYC film fest
Jake Cuenca received nomination at NYC film fest
PEPtalk. Jake Cuenca and Joem Bascon talk about their controversial love scene in "Lihis"
"Maybe it’s about time John Lloyd Cruz&Jake Cuenca start to speak on incidents w/ Cedric Lee." - Tony Calvento
Jake Cuenca Nominated as Best Actor for 2014 Queens World Film Festival: Jake Cuenca is nominated for Best Act...
Jake Cuenca nominated at the Queens World Film Festival for the Cinemalaya entry ‘Nuwebe’
Jake Cuenca bagged a Best Actor nomination at the 2014 Queens World Film Festival in New York for the indie movie...
Jake Cuenca bags nomination at NYC film fest - Click to Continue:
Congratulations, JAKE CUENCA for winning the Best Supporting Actor award in the 16th Pasado Awards.…
Ikaw Lamang the new teleserye on the Primetime Bida this March. Starring Jake Cuenca, Julia Montes and…
Jake Cuenca bags nomination at NYC film fest via
Jake Cuenca bags nomination at NYC film fest
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