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Jake Arrieta

Jacob Joseph Arrieta (born March 6, 1986) is an American professional baseball pitcher with the Baltimore Orioles of Major League Baseball.

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Jake Arrieta on Cubs' trade for Jose Quintana, facing Orioles
On this date in 2013, traded Scott Feldman and Steve Clevenger to the Orioles for Jake Arrieta and Pedro Strop
Jake Arrieta sharp, Ian Happ homers twice as top Reds to avoid sweep:
Jake Arrieta one-hits the Reds, Ian Happ hits two home runs and the Cubs end their road trip on a high note.
Jake Arrieta sharp again, Ian Happ homers as Cubs top Reds -
Ian Happ's two homers, Jake Arrieta's one-hit outing have .500 Cubs looking up
Cubs wanted Donald Trump to tell Miguel Montero “you’re fired” after the catcher publicly criticized Jake Arrieta https…
Reports: are designating Miguel Montero for assignment, a day after he criticized Jake Arrieta
Anthony Rizzo fires back at Miguel Montero: 'You're a selfish player' -
Miguel Montero throws Jake Arrieta under the bus after run wild on
Cubs cut Miguel Montero hours after he ripped Jake Arrieta -
Cubs to cut ties with Miguel Montero after he called out Jake Arrieta. Saw that coming
.fires back at Miguel Montero: 'That labels you as a selfish player'
BREAKING: Miguel Montero designated for assignment by Cubs after he blasts Jake Arrieta.
The Cubs designated Miguel Montero for assignment after he complained about Jake Arrieta's performance last night.
Montero literally has no room to be this sassy. Besides, leave my Jake Arrieta alone!
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The Cubs can DFA Montero all they want, Jake Arrieta's still an ***
I imagine if Jake Arrieta had complained about Montero, Arrieta wouldn't be going anywhere.
Cubs Montero blames slow Jake Arrieta after Nationals steal seven bases on him
Cubs designate Miguel Montero for assignment after 'unprofessional' rant vs. Jake Arrieta…
Cubs designate Miguel Montero for assignment after his critical comments about Jake Arrieta: reports via
Anthony Rizzo fires back at Miguel Montero: "You're a selfish player.".
MLB: Cubs will designate C Miguel Montero for assignment - sources; blames Jake Arrieta for Nationals' stealing 7 …
Miguel Montero complained about Jake Arrieta allowing too many steals, and now he's been designated for assignment:
Let’s Do the Math on Miguel Montero and Jake Arrieta
Not the best look for Miguel Montero blaming Jake Arrieta for the Nationals stealing seven bases last night.
Jake Arrieta logged his 5th start lasting fewer than 5 innings this season. . He had 0 such starts in the last 2 seasons…
Miguel Montero got DFA'd so fast that Jake Arrieta's still not done delivering his fifth pitch from last night
One day after blaming RHP Jake Arrieta for seven stolen bases, Cubs C Miguel Montero designated for assignment
Montero got DFA'd for telling the truth about the potato farmer Jake Arrieta
REPORTER: Do you feel like you threw Jake under the bus?. MONTERO: Arrieta actually let the bus leave the station so early…
The Cubs got rid of Miguel Montero for telling the truth about Jake Arrieta. I hope they go another 100+ years without a title.
Wire: The Cubs will reportedly cut Miguel Montero after he blasted Jake Arrieta
Nothing new for teams to run on Jake Arrieta, as Miguel Montero pointed out. But not normally a point to be made by his ca…
Cubs catcher Miguel Montero calls out Jake Arrieta for Nationals' 7 SB's
C Miguel Montero calls out Jake Arrieta for Nats' 7 stolen bases - via App
Miguel Montero: It's Jake Arrieta's fault that the Nationals stole seven bases
Miguel Montero blames Jake Arrieta for the seven stolen bases via
Miguel Montero put the blame squarely on his starting pitcher, Jake Arrieta.
Tomorrow's Headlines: Joe Maddon brings in cute little teddy bears to try to lighten to mood between Miguel Montero and Jake Arrieta.
Jake Arrieta afraid to pitch to Gregory Polanco
Jake Arrieta strikes out David Freese swinging stranding Gregory Polanco on 2nd to end the 3rd in Pittsburgh still 2-0 Pirates
Gregory Polanco nearly went boom once more. Instead, he only doubled off the Clemente Wall. He was 5 for 30 vs. Jake Arrieta before tonight.
Jake Arrieta's first inning ERA rose to 7.71 this season after serving up a 2 run home run to Gregory Polanco on...
Gregory Polanco homers (4) to right center off Jake Arrieta. Adam Frazier scores. . CHC 0 @ PIT 2; Bottom 1
Gregory Polanco: 3 for his last 31. Jake Arrieta: I gotchu fam
Gregory Polanco just hit a HOME RUN off Jake Arrieta!.
GOODBYE, BASEBALL! . Gregory Polanco crushes a 2-run homer off Jake Arrieta, giving the the 2-0 lead in the 1st.
Theo was right. Eddie Butler is another Jake Arrieta. The 2017 Jake Arrieta.
That velocity that Jake Arrieta lost? Maybe Chase Anderson found it. Nice take by
My take on Chicago Cubs RHP Jake Arrieta's "slower" start here in 2017.
Video: starter Jake Arrieta following last night's loss to the
ICYMI: Arrieta makes great play at 1B but Dodgers take advantage of two mistakes. via
“The postseason is Jake’s greatest measurement. I don’t know, I heard winning a WS in Chicago was difficult.”
Jake Arrieta's struggles to open up the 2017 season had continued last night against the writes:
The walks are down for Jake Arrieta, but it seems as though every time he makes a mistake, opponents make him pay.
Remember when nobody could hit Jake Arrieta? Yeah, that was fun.
Jake Arrieta's agent claims he can't confirm a dip in Arrieta's fastball velocity yet. . Jake Arrieta's agent also confirms he is blind.
How did contract year Jake Arrieta look pitching in front of his agent? has the story:
As Cubs search for answers, Scott Boras doesn't believe Jake Arrieta is..
Jake Arrieta on loss to Dodgers: 'A couple mistakes again came back to get me' (video via
[Yahoo Sports] As Cubs search for answers, Scott Boras doesn’t believe Jake Arrieta is feeling the pressure
Very concerned about Jake arrieta. He's lost it
Arrieta, Cubs get blanked in Dodger Stadium. How did Jake look? was there:.
This photo unfortunately really sums up Jake Arrieta's season so far
Jake Arrieta not at his sharpest in Cubs shutout loss to Dodgers -
Jake Arrieta struggles as Cubs fall 4-0 to Dodgers
Adrian Gonzalez just hit his 1st HR of the season...He got all of it to Dep CF off Jake Arrieta. 2 run HR. 4-0 B6
Can we get an update from Scott Boras on how Jake Arrieta's slow start is not hurting his market value?
2014-2015 Jake Arrieta may go down as the pitcher version of Brady Anderson
trade of the year? I just got Jake Arrieta and gave up... JASON VARGAS!!!
Mookie Betts for Charlie Blackmon and Jake Arrieta. 10 team H2H categories. Who won the deal?
Jake Arrieta's ERA was 4.63 entering today, but FIP was 3.74 and xFIP 3.13. He's been a lil unlucky all yr and today i…
What's going on with Jake Arrieta?: What's going on with Jake Arrieta?
Jake Arrieta shouldn't be laughing about questions surrounding his performance.
Jake Arrieta pitched really bad and John Lackey is pitching...good. Am I alternate universe or something?
Jake Arrieta: Third game of career giving up 9+ runs. Two have been in Denver.
When Jake Arrieta is a poverty pitcher and Gerrit Cole is thriving
Looks like it may be time for Jake Arrieta to get traded again to get his career back on track.
Every start Jake Arrieta costs himself 5 million dollars in free agency.
Struggling Jake 'not worried about the contract year' via
Jake Arrieta thinking to himself after getting off whatever he was on in a free agency year
- Jake Arrieta can't escape fourth inning in loss to Rockies
Jake Arrieta: Can't escape fourth inning in loss to Rockies -
Jake Arrieta just got lit up at Coors Field. and I discuss rotation and more about the Northside…
Ok so Jake Arrieta is garbage this year?
ICYMI: Colorado Rockies drop the hammer on the mighty Jake Arrieta | by .
Is now when you buy low on Jake Arrieta? proposed the question to his followers, and a debate ensued: https:…
Jake Arrieta era balloons to a mortal 5.35 after getting pounded this afternoon as Cubs drop to .500 after losing their 4th game in a row
Jake Arrieta looks bad again today; not the way to get a lot of money next yr and to look good to other teams; get your act together
Fantasy Baseball: Jake Arrieta owners are losing their minds over his bad start at Coors Field (buy low?) -…
: Poor location leads to rough outing for Arrieta - Jake Arrieta offered no excuses for his ineffectiv...
Struggling Jake Arrieta 'not worried about the contract year'
Struggling Jake Arrieta 'not worried about the contrac..
Colorado Rockies rough up Chicago Cubs, Jake Arrieta in doubleheader opener
Should jake arrieta be charging fans 250 dollars for an autograph? Lol
I remember when people would tell me Jake Arrieta is better than Chris Sale
Struggling Jake Arrieta 'not worried about the contract..
In case you missed it- Jake Arrieta was rocked at COL today: 3.2 IP, 5 ER. Season ERA up to 5.35. His O's career ERA was 5.46…
Poor location leads to rough outing for Arrieta
RHP Jake Arrieta (will wear number 49. Last worn by Carlos Marmol.
Jake Arrieta allows three runs Saturday versus Pittsburgh via
I didn't know Jake Arrieta played piano! @ Republic of Pie
I got to full on walk towards meet Jake Arrieta again for the second time will keeping my composure. Today, is a good day.
Cubs' starting pitcher Jake Arrieta on Saturday's loss (video via
Cubs' starting pitcher Jake Arrieta on Saturday's loss and the windy conditions at Wrigley
Jordy Mercer gets day off; Adam Frazier leading off for Pirates vs. Jake Arrieta
Jake Arrieta is set to face Pirates at Wrigley today. is there for us.
After second loss to Pirates, not sweating slower start than 2016.
- Jake Arrieta fails to factor into decision
Jake Arrieta: Fails to factor into decision -
Bullpen squanders win for Arrieta, by
"I don't know if you see a day where the wind blows out harder than it did today". --Jake Arrieta.
Jake Arrieta will not get a decision today. He has not recorded a win against the Pirates since June 17th of last year.
He had one bad day for the Cubs. Jake Arrieta had three bad years in Baltimore. Brian isn…
And I'll remember every time they booed Jake Arrieta at PNC after that game, and how he us…
Jake Arrieta has regressed from dominating to merely good. And good is beatable.
maybe you keep Jake Arrieta in next time hm?
Jake Arrieta (Long-time followed know how much I love Wrigley's pitch grip graphic)
At the very least, Jake Arrieta won't get the win.
I see these numbers and I think "juicy trade bait." Is it too early to secretly hope for a Jake Arrieta or Chris Sale injury?
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Jake Arrieta with the Orioles: 69 games, 20-25, 5.46 ERA. Jake Arrieta with the Cubs: 100 starts, 56-21, 2.52 ERA, NL Cy Youn…
KB & Jake Arrieta are suppose to be on the season finale of chicago fire😍😍😍
Safe to say Jake Arrieta no longer dominates them!
Jake Arrieta's day is done as he pitched very well despite the elements. still up 6-3 in T6.
Brian Duensing replaces Jake Arrieta and I've entered some sort of Orioles ***
Jake Arrieta has the best posture of anyone in the history of the universe.
Watch sign Jake Arrieta after Cueto opts out for the American League.
Starling Marte just hit a HOME RUN off Jake Arrieta!.
Starling Marte smacked a solo home run to left field on a 3-2 pitch from Jake Arrieta. 6-3 Cubs, 6th.
Jake Arrieta does improv. That just made me fricken week.
Omg Jake Arrieta is into improv and I'm not sure how to process this information
Interesting to see Jake Arrieta's velocity slowly drop on his pitches as the game is progressing
Jake Arrieta about to increase the RD
csnchicago​.com >> Why Joe Maddon and the Cubs are not concerned with velocity dips from Jake Arrieta,
Jake Arrieta and Anthony Rizzo to be honored before Friday's game with Silver Slugger Awards.
On Friday, Jake Arrieta and Anthony Rizzo will receive their Silver Slugger awards before the game
ICYMI: Jake Arrieta hit the longest HR ever by a pitcher. . Whoa.
Jake Arrieta smashes one 466 feet into left field off of Zach Greinke, the longest home run ever by a pitcher.
Jake Arrieta on his spring training debut
would you want the Cardinals to get Jake Arrieta?
Jake Arrieta turns 31 today. . His 2.52 ERA as a Cub is best by a pitcher from 1920 to present (minimum 50 starts)
Here's to the birthday boy himself, So, you got him a new mustache onsie, right? .
Happy Birthday to my man's Jake Arrieta the actual love of my life and leader of the beard nation 😍😍😜😜
I have studied Jake Arrieta's throwing motion at length, and right now, he's off. Still a month to go. No doubt he'…
Jake Arrieta has hit more home runs in his MLB career than everyone born in Taiwan and Israel, combined.
Hey I figured it out it's Jake Arrieta's birthday that's the important event you forgot today.
Chicago Cubs: Celebrating the historic achievements of Jake Arrieta via
Why do athletes like Antonio Brown and Jake Arrieta do Pilates? Because it works
Jake Arrieta is gearing up for 2017 with his Cubs future still uncertain. via http…
Jake Arrieta tuning out all the contract noise — and butterflies — in Cubs camp
Jake Arrieta looks like he refers to his son as boy and dinner as supper.
Arrieta's focus on helping not contract
Jake Arrieta had 4 starts in Ohio last season. He went 4-0 with a no-hitter and 2 World Series wins.
Jake Arrieta and a path to resolution, by
Arrieta's focus on helping Cubs, not contract
Arrietas focus on helping Cubs, not contract
Does anyone else not ever get tired of looking at Jake Arrieta?😍
Yep, ESPN has Body Issue, like swimsuit issue but for athletes. Here's the link:
Jake Arrieta made his Cactus League debut Monday against the Angels and gave up three runs (two earned) over two innings.
Jake Arrieta isn't worried about a new contract. Should Cubs fans be?
Rotoworld - Jake Arrieta shaky in Cactus League debut
Jake Arrieta leaves door open to extension talks, adds he doesn't want to see time with come to an end
2017 World Series. Astros vs Cubs. Astros win in 6 on walk off home run by Carlos Correa off of Jake Arrieta in relief…
I wonder if extending Jake Arrieta has creeped back to being possible now with how expensive TOR pitchers are now prospect-wise to acquire.
Contreras - 2016 World Series -- Wilson Contreras of Chicago Cubs to catch Jake Arrieta for Game 6
Jake Arrieta in August: 6-0, 0.43 ERA. Last starting pitcher with 6 wins, ERA that low in calendar month. Jim Kaat, Sept…
Great profile on RHP Tyler Beede who is rumored to be of interest to in Jake Arrieta talks.
Last 5 former Tides to be get W in Jake Arrieta ('16). Yusmeiro Petit ('14). Mike Adams ('11). John Franco ('00)…
Mark Trumbo- Contributed all Orioles offense in WC game. Jake Arrieta- 2 WS wins, including clutch showing in do-or-die game 6. Clevenger?
Jon Lester, John Lackey, Jake Arrieta, and Aroldis Chapman will all be available tonight.
Jake Arrieta looks like a bearded Keebler elf
Were going back to Cleveland. We got Jake Arrieta and Kyle Hendricks on normal rest and Kyle Schwarber will be back in t…
OK, fans a miracle is still possible. Tomorrow night it's Jon Lester, Tuesday it's Jake Arrieta, then Kyle...
I got 4 things to say:. 1. Games not over. 2. Jon Lester. 3. Jake Arrieta (gulp). 4. Kyle .
Joe West is part of the World Series umpiring crew. Buckle up for stupid.
Cubs need a big performance from Jake Arrieta tonight. Go Cubs Go!
Jake Arrieta is going to SHINE tonight.
The Cubs will try to even up the Series tonight, with Jake Arrieta taking the hill. The first pitch is just after...
interesting question, do you think Jake Arrieta not having to bat tonight. Will mess with his focus?
Jake Arrieta is gonna find himself tonight.
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Jake Arrieta needs to come out with his 2015 mindset and deal. His inconsistency can't come out this series.
Check out the article with Cubs pitcher Jake Arrieta on how Pilates has transformed his pitching career:
Enjoy the moment Big Cat. Jake Arrieta will be the Cubs first RH starter in a World Series game since 1945!!!
"The Leaky-Pinkie (Trevor Bauer) takes on Jake Arrieta tonight on ESPN Radio." -
MORE: who catches Jake Arrieta tonight vs Contreras or Montero? (via B/R).
Cubs turn to Jake Arrieta, Indians send out Trevor Bauer for Game 2 of World Series. Preview:
Jake Arrieta needs to be less like Clayton Kershaw and more like Jack Morris. MY AWFUL COLUMN:
Bauer to face Chicago Cubs in Game 2, but for how long?: Jake Arrieta starts for the Chicago Cubs in Gam...
Fun fact: Jake Arrieta threw the only no-no in the Majors this year!
In 2 gms, Jake Arrieta is 0-1 with a 4.91 ERA. Opponents are hitting .273 against him vs. .194 during the regular season.
oh look, it's Paul Chicaugherty!. /sticks head in blender full of blenders.
These pitching previews from are incredible. Sound smart when you're watching the game tonight -
Go Go Go Go Hey Chicago what do U say it's our Jake,the Great,Handsome,ace no no,Cy Young Arrieta Day! : ) lol
I hope Jake Arrieta is at the best version of himself tonight. Let's even the series up!
Cubs' Jake Arrieta focuses on command, holding runners on ahead of crucial Game 2 start, via
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Can’t get outpitched by a guy dumb enough to shred a pinkie plugging in a toy drone. Dem's fightin' words!
Hopefully, Jake Arrieta can have a good game tonight. If he doesn't, the will be in a world of hurt.
They lost 1st road game they played in SF & LA, those series turned out fine. We're fine, Jake FREAKING Arrieta is going toni…
It's and Jake Arrieta is pitching tonight😌
Last night was wonderful for Cleveland fans, but a Trevor Bauer victory over Jake Arrieta would be magical.
Jake Arrieta on mound for Trevor Bauer for in Game 2. Game at 6:08 p.m. CDT tonight.
.don't think Jake Arrieta sinker is as good when temps go lower... Cleveland should look for LOTS walks
.Advice to Cleveland Jake Arrieta is no more than an ave pitcher now..cold temps affects his movement & target
The Matchup tonight is Jake Arrieta vs Trevor Bauer. Chicago's Arrieta has a 4.91 era in the postseason, Bauer's is 5.06
Will Jake Arrieta allow at least one home run tonight? via . Yes +130. No -150
Jake Arrieta takes the mound tonight vs Trevor Bauer. Will the bounce back and win Game 2? . Postseason Live…
Cubs undecided on Jake Arrieta's catcher for Game 2
Jake Arrieta needs to back up the big talk with a big game
Jake Arrieta has started 25 times after a Cubs loss last two seasons: 17-4, 2.58 ERA. Cubs are 19-6.
Jake Arrieta owns a 5.82 ERA in his last four postseason starts, though with a 11.2 K/9 however.
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Jake Arrieta: Led league in fewest hits per nine innings each of last two years.
Dodgers chase Jake Arrieta from game in 6-0 win over Cubs
Yasmani Grandal takes Jake Arrieta deep!. Grandal was 0-16 when he came to the plate. Dodgers take 3-0 lead over Cubs go…
Rich Hill turns in 6 scoreless, Yasmani Grandal and knock around Jake Arrieta to take a lead in the . ht…
Yasmani Grandal BOMB! A two-run shot off Jake Arrieta. It's now 3-0 in the 4th!
Another one! . Justin Turner knocks Jake Arrieta out of the game with a solo home run in the 6th. Dodgers up 4-0 on the…
Rich Hill is set to square off against reigning Cy Young award winner, Jake Arrieta, in Los Angeles for game 3 of the NLCS. Who ya got?
Giants: Hill, Arrieta face off in Game 3 of NLCS: Chicago Cubs pitcher Jake Arrieta no-hit the L...
You know it was a good night when Jamey met Jake Arrieta at Freeman's and I made $12 from a guy named "Chicken Wing" at Tumble Inn.
no hit by Toronto's Scott Feldman, who the Cubs traded for Jake Arrieta
Jake Arrieta and Travis Wood think Clayton Kershaw’s double was just OK.
It feels like an eternity since the Jake Arrieta home run
Jake Arrieta doing everything he can to knock out Bumgarner
Hey, Jake Arrieta, got any hitting tips for Rizzo?
If you told me 10 runs would be scored in a game started by both Madison Bumgarner and Jake Arrieta, I would ask you what drugs you were on
I hope Kris Bryant and Jake Arrieta give Rizzo a hug right now. He's had a rough night
Jake Arrieta has more hits than Rizzo in this series.
Jake Arrieta hit that bomb like days ago
Do you guys remember when Jake Arrieta hit the home run in Game 3 of the NLDS?
Chicago Cubs became second team to have two pitchers hit home runs in a postseason series
Jake Arrieta works a sixth, and the Cubs will take their 3-2 lead into the seventh.
I didn't, but wait, are u talking about Jake Arrieta? The pitcher? I mean this is what I mean by "not always".
Cubs P Jake Arrieta gives Madison Bumgarner a souvenir after hitting a home run off of him:
the pitcher Jake Arrieta got a home run! go Cubs!
Anthony Rizzo's reaction after Jake Arrieta's home run says it all.
Madison Bumgarner's postseason scoreless streak is over thanks to... wait, Jake Arrieta?
Anthony Rizzo, Jake Arrieta, Kyle Hendricks, Jon Lester... you get the point
Arrieta HR off MadBum puts Cubs in history book
Jake Arrieta with the bomb off MadBum 👀
Jake Arrieta hits a dinger off MadBum 😳😳
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JAKE ARRIETA, HOLY COW!. He hits a 3-run HR off Madison Bumgarner to put Cubs up 3-0, the 1st HR MadBum has ever allowed…
Hey, you remember when Jake Arrieta was pitching against Madison Bumgarner in that NLDS game yesterday?
Can we point out Steve Clevenger was part of a trade for Jake Arrieta and Pedro Strop in 2013 then Mark Trumbo before the 2016 season.
Crazy that Steve Clevenger was traded in a deal for Jake Arrieta and then for Mark Trumbo, dude isn't close to their talent
A velocity dip for Jake Arrieta doesn't have Joe Maddon concerned
Jon Lester is now tied for the NL lead in wins with Jake Arrieta at 17. His 2.40 ERA is 2nd in MLB to only Kyle Hendricks’…
Jake Arrieta discussing his curveball and cutter grips.
Kyle Hendricks' 2nd half looks a lot like Jake Arrieta's last season:
James Shields is comparable to Jake Arrieta because they are gonna get the loss although Arrieta gave up 2er. Shields 5..
Hey Buster, I know that his numbers isn't Kershawlisque or his teammates Jake Arrieta! But could Kyle Hendricks win Cy Young?
Jake Arrieta gives up six runs to Pirates - Jake Arrieta (S) Chicago Cubs
With Willson Conteras catching Jake Arrieta, we look at Miguel Montero's fit with the
husband and wife answers: Jake Arrieta and Idris Elba; Lindsey Vonn and Rachel McAdams
Even more shocking is that Jason Hammel has been more effective in July than Jake Arrieta.
Cubs' Jake Arrieta welcomes addition of Aroldis Chapman. Read more:
Softball Rampage Has A Wide Selection of Products.
Players to homer off Jake Arrieta in both 2015 & 2016:. Todd Frazier. that's it.
How do you fill US Cellular field? Put the Cubs and Jake Arrieta there!
So, Aroldis Chapman and Carlos Beltran for Kris Bryant and Jake Arrieta, right?. Who says no?
Jake Arrieta has not permitted a HR at Wrigley Field in his last 14 starts; longest streak by a pitcher since Bill…
It's Noah Syndergaard & Jake Arrieta on the hill in tonight.
How Kyle Hendricks has taken on the Jake Arrieta role for in 2016: (https:/…
Jake Arrieta (wins the ESPY for best breakthrough athlete -- 2.07 ERA and 2-no-hitters since start of 2015 https:…
Jake Arrieta understands why he wasn't chosen to start tonight's All-Star Game - .
Jake Arrieta needs to take his Clark Kent glasses off on game day like he used to.
Ben Zoberist, Rizzo, Kris Bryant, Dexter Fowler, Jake Arrieta, & John Lester all deserve to go
Kris Bryant, Anthony Rizzo, Ben Zobrist, Addison Russell, Dexter Fowler, Jake Arrieta, and John Lester all going to the All Star game!
Jake Arrieta & Jon Lester had never taken a loss in back-to-back regular-season games until this weekend. But the Mets beat t…
Neil Walker crushes a two-run homer off the foul pole in left field vs. Jake Arrieta. Mets take a 2-0 lead in the bottom o…
Bartolo Colon outduels Jake Arrieta, continues to prove value
Jake Arrieta's picture for the Body Issue must've been taken during the NLCS...which is why you can't see his balls. https…
Tfw you actually learned Jake Arrieta shaved his off at one point.
“Sometimes he escapes words, what he does and how he goes about it,” Mets Manager Terry Collins on Bartolo Colon.
can we also all agree that the Cubs Pitcher Jake Arrieta is extremely hot too?
Cubs searching for answers after Jake Arrieta can’t stop the bleeding against Mets -
"I expect to beat everybody.”. Jake Arrieta bares it all for the cover of this year's dropping July 6.
Atlanta Braves' weaknesses play into Jake Arrieta's strengths
Jake Arrieta's loss last night was his first road loss in 14 months.
Stats support a more aggressive approach for Jake Arrieta -
So Jake arrieta has been awful in his last few starts. Should we talk about that or nah?
Chicago Cubs pitcher Jake Arrieta is a proud alum of TCU, but that loyalty is coming at a steep price after he lost a b…
Maybe Jake Arrieta is out of steroids???
Jake Arrieta's problems persist in 4-3 loss to Mets
Bartolo Colon outduels Jake Arrieta, Mets take third straight from the Cubs. .
RECAP: blasts 15th homer of the year in third straight win over Cubs.
I hope we can all step back from NBA free agency to realize that last night, it was proven that Bartolo Colon is better than Jake Arrieta
Jake Arrieta is 3-3 with a 4.05 ERA his last 6 starts. Like the dude, but hopefully this quells the "Arrieta > Kershaw" notion
Chris Sale is the best pitcher in baseball. Jake Arrieta all of a sudden best. And the Cardinals are...
Jake Arrieta struggles again in loss to Mets, but confident "I'll bounce back" --
Jose Fernanadez & Jake Arrieta got me an amazing combined total of 1.8 fantasy points last night 😊
Expectations change the equation..."Arrieta said he tends to press at times because of excess expectations"
Cubs search for answers as Jake Arrieta keeps struggling
Cubs starter Jake Arrieta on his 'poor performance' (video)
searching for answers after Jake Arrieta can't stop the bleeding against "It won’t continue."
"With two no-hitters, a Cy Young award and, now, a Body Issue cover under his belt, Cubs ace Jake Arrieta has had quite a year."
The Mets beat the Cubs again last night, as Bartolo Colon out-pitched Jake Arrieta.
Great advice for any athlete from Jake Arrieta. Perfect your craft at practice. Focus on execution on game day.
Had the opportunity to briefly congratulate Jake Arrieta on Fri. On him winning the Cy Young & LatinoMVP for his...
After Saturday's loss, the Cubs are 22-2 (+19.4 units) as road favorites with Jake Arrieta on the mound.
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