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Jaden Smith

Jaden Christopher Syre Smith (born July 8, 1998) is an American child actor, rapper, songwriter, dancer, and the son of Will Smith and Jada Pinkett Smith.

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I severely doubted Donald Glover years ago when he said his favorite rapper was Jaden Smith. lol how did he know
Donald was the first artist to put on Jaden Smith and people laughed at him.
Jaden Smith verse on Moonlight is too much . Astro boys Ian's running backwards surfing song is crazy vibezzz fade away h…
Rihanna and Katy Perry, then Jaden Smith and Justin Beiber are killing me lol
Jaden Smith is not playing around this year...
How y'all feel about Jaden Smith's bars?. Full episode:
Jaden Smith on MSFTS, mimicking, and using others ideas to prosper within the fashion and music industry.
I know I’m not the only one that thought this was Jaden Smith.
You'll dress up as Jaden Smith or Ian Connor . I'll "BE" Sza 😁
Jaden Smith shares trailer and release date for upcoming album 'SYRE'
Win tickets for Fall Out Boy, Blackbear, Jaden Smith at American Airlines Center, November 08, 2017 with Do214
I can't wait until year 2030 when JJ Abrams reboots TNG. Haley Joel Osment as Picard, Jaden Smith as La Forge and Lactacia as Guinan.
I watched the Jaden Smith Karate Kid like 3 times.. don’t think you won’t get treated
Heads up TX, US Out Boy, Jaden Smith, Blackbear at American Airlines Center on November 8, 2017 at 07:00PM
Jaden Smith and Jada Pinkett Smith at the Umami Burger and Jaden Smith Artist Series Launch Event.
Tori Spelling, John Belushi, but to agree with (that hurt) Jaden Smith. What about the Kardashians
Jaden Smith has his own sustainable water bottle company.
Jaden Smith with his mom at the launch event in LA.
Jaden Smith about natural disasters, and him at the 27th Annual Environmental Media Association Awards
In *Neo Yokio*, Jaden Smith, Tavi Gevinson, and Alexa Chung Star in a *Gossip Girl* of a Doomed Future
Jaden Smith&Tavi Gevinson star in doomsday anime Gossip Girl and its are funnier than you think
There's an anime 'Gossip Girl,' and Jaden Smith is in it. Thank god is here to tell us all about it
What I wouldn't give to eavesdrop on a conversation between Jaden Smith and Ed Begley Jr.
Jaden Smith stars in African-American led Anime 'Neo Yokio' on Netflix .
I would pay some money to watch Jaden Smith interview Jim Carrey.
A list of people in Netflix's upcoming anime parody: Jaden Smith, Susan Sarandon, Desus and Mero, Jason Schwartzman, Tavi Gevi…
Just realized that xxxtentection is what Jaden smith wishes he could be...
Can we talk about how fine Jaden Smith is? I think we should talk about how fine Jaden Smith is.
If Jaden Smith can be a God then why can't I
Mountain Dew and Whiskey stream incoming tonight, going to kick things off with paladins casual & maybe ranked w/ Jaden Smith (
Jaden Smith is one the most beautiful minded unique Individuals we have
Electronic Device Insurance
Jaden Smith’s new show looks like the most unique animated series of 2017. Watch the trailer:
The way jaden smith goes skr is sick
I'd like to inform you that there's an Anime coming to Netflix on 9/22, featuring JADEN SMITH and DESUS AND MERO
Yeah. The whole anime looks weird, other than the fact it's Jaden Smith in an anime.
NEO YOKIO is the greatest city in the world. . Six episodes. Netlfix. 9/22. Ezra Koenig, Jude Law, Jaden Smith, Desus & Mero…
Anime is Japanese. One Jaden Smith anime isn't going to change that or even probably have any affect at all on the industr…
I added a video to a playlist JADEN SMITH is Kaz Kaan in NEO YOKIO Trailer Netflix Animation Tv Show
Sometimes I'm not sure what I want in my life but I can confidently say it was never an anime created by Ezra Koenig and Jaden Smith
those who have Netflix better watch the Jaden Smith anime (Neo Yokiko)
Ezra Koenig's new Jaden Smith-starring anime series premieres on Netflix on Sept. 22. . Watch the full trailer here: http…
I added a video to a playlist Jaden Smith - Batman
Corey Taylor, Ed Sheeran, Ezra Koenig and Jaden Smith dominate the news on
Watch the Trailer for Vampire Weekend's Ezra Koenig and Jaden Smith's Anime Netflix Series via
Netflix dropped the first trailer for Jaden Smith and Ezra Koenig's new anime series 💥 .
Jaden Smith, Desus & Mero star in new Netflix anime series, 'Neo Yokio' — watch the trailer https…
See trailer for Ezra Koenig's Netflix anime with music by Dev Hynes and voices of Jaden Smith, Jude Law:…
Jaden Smith is a teenage demon slayer in new anime series from Ezra Koenig:
Jaden smith needs to be featured in some capacity
I have never seen Jaden Smith and Tim Allen in the same room 🤔🤔🤔
Dude Jaden Smith was a better actor when he was a little kid, wonder what happened...
Because he's pretty supportive of his friends and peers. He does that to others too like Harry, Jaden Smith, Drake, etc.
Man for a second i thought this was Jaden Smith and i got irrationally angry for a second
If Jaden smith can rap I spit bars then ...
Batman batman batman joker just put me on acid - Jaden Smith shot by: 👽🔥🐲 @ Coral…
I love romantic music with Jaden Smith
Been listening to this weekly all year. Wake up if y'all sleepin' on Jaden Smith.
I'm addicted to this song. Jaden Smith - Fallen (Official Music Video)
Dear Haters, I have so much more for you to be mad at 😡! Just Be Patient 🤔🤔...
Bumping Jaden Smith rn his words 2 deep
I have listened to this about 10 times smh... Jaden Smith-Watch Me
Taking a page out of jaden smith's book
so when am I going to date jaden smith
Jaden Smith does epic background vocals on "Kitchen".
Jaden Smith hasn't acted this good since 😂
Jaden smith can choke me out any day.
Jaden Smith = world wide peace. he's so free, not bound or confined by gender roles.
Jaden Smith and Swae Lee could be siblings
Jaden Smith's new look is just the latest in a series of transformative cuts and color.
"Jaden Smith" just casually. going from The Weeknd to. Barack Obama 😂
NEW MUSIC. Did a freeverse to Jaden Smith x Tom Misch "Offering". Artwork by: .
Listen to Rich The Kid x Jaden Smith "Like This" by kanen_1014 on
What they need to be doing is making another Karate Kid movie with Jaden Smith & Taraji P. Henson.
Did anyone notice that Jaden Smith rocked a roger from American Dad jacket in the Get Down
“Your focus needs more focus.” Jackie Chan trains Jaden Smith in martial arts reboot The Karate Kid, up next at 6.1…
The reboot of "The Day the Earth Stood Still" in IMAX. A 10 meter tall Jaden Smith whining at me for 90 minutes. Bo.
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Only ones I got are Drake, Lindsay Lohan, Bill Nye, Jaden Smith, Cole Sprouse, and the lead singer of Nickelback
Like he got Kali Uchis, Frank Ocean, Rocky, Jaden Smith, Rex Orange County, and that's just a handful of the features
This is just brilliant. Will & Jaden Smith, DJ Jazzy Jeff and Alfonso Ribeiro Rap! - The Graham ...: via…
NAV, Meek Mill, Jaden Smith, and Damian Marley just dropped so many singles I went cross eyed 😣🙏
Jaden Smith brought some bars to the stage
Happy Birthday to the handsome and talented Jaden Smith. The charming actor turns 19 today!
dude in all honesty tho.Jaden Smith
Ktsw has Jaden Smith in its system make sure to call and request Jaden Smith songs
I added a video to a playlist Jaden smith-BATMAN lyrics
You wouldn't understand the depths of my music. It sounds like a combination of Bjork & Jaden Smith.
G Dragon is really the Jaden Smith of Kpop
Lets take a dance class instead of Jaden Smith
Okay maybe Jaden Smith will be miles lol
Jaden smith the iconic informed young brother
Look I'm no mathematician, but I believe this means winwin=Jaden Smith
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The young messiah is moving with the forces!. JADEN SMITH. SATURDAY!!
Lmfao you look like a cracked out Jaden Smith. Shut your ignorant ugly *** up, and go give y…
Jackie Chan and Jaden Smith made a Karate Kid movie. Remember that? I try hard not to.
Jaden Smith is low key a Punjabi mom
Lost in Space, starring Forest Whitaker and Jaden Smith. Directed by Jane Campion, music by Posh Spice. Budget: $2000
Jaden Smith was doing kung fu in the Karate Kid
Jaden Smith is the future. I don't know what he's gonna do but it's gonna be sick
When you realize RICO from Hannah Montana directed Jaden Smith's new Batman video! 😲
How do you put millienial Jaden Smith of all people?!😐
Such a shame jaden smith didn't turn out to be as funny as Will Smith
Just Bieber has always been trash (minus Never Say Never ft. Jaden Smith. That was a bop)
Scott Disick is like a grown white less weird Jaden Smith. All they're doing is life living.
I feel like Jaden Smith knows too much
It has been seven years since release of 'never say never' by Justin Bieber feat. Jaden smith.
What is the difference between Jaden Smith acting and a mosquito? . A mosquito only *** in the summer.
Cara with Jaden Smith & at the 'Hailed Coffe' in Toronto. (28-05-2017)
Jaden Smith is quite the garbage human.
Wow! It has been 7 years since the release of the music video of "Never Say Never" by Justin Bieber ft. Jaden Smith! http…
Jaden Smith claims he was kicked out of the Four Seasons Hotel: Jaden Smith’s stay at…
Jaden Smith claims swanky Four Seasons hotel kicked him out >> poor baby.
Did Jayden Smith order a Ricotta pancake and not know that it's a type of cheese?. "spiked" . https:…
Jaden Smith hits out at hotel after being served cheesy pancakes
Ian Paisley jr. The Jaden Smith of the Paisley family?
Jaden Smith says Four Seasons Toronto ‘spiked’ his pancakes with cheese, kicked him out
Jaden Smith, thinking about what he did
Willow & Jaden Smith for Interview Magazine. I love art.
If you text to 59079 Harry Styles and Jaden Smith will French kiss at the Teen Choice Awards.
Rihanna, Nicki Minaj, Jaden Smith, Migos, & Frank Ocean showed out at the
Cara Delevingne with Jaden Smith on the set of Life in a Year. (May 3, 2017)
Jaden Smith is so dope lol this mans is dancing with his dreads in his hands to Magnolia
Jaden Smith vows to forever with Tony Shafrazi. 🇦🇲
If you think Sasha Obama & Jaden Smith are inspiring, read what 4 sisters in Cornwall are doing to change the face…
Malcom Gladwell is the equivalent to Jaden Smith
Jaden Smith talks like when Sam Witwicky started to see all those symbols in Transformers 2
This is gonna be me soon ! Jaden Smith, A$AP Rocky, Pharrel & J Balvin are fashion Icon. I will be on that list soon ⚡️ ht…
I told Josh that if he wants to start dressing like Jaden Smith he has to start acting like him too.
Throwback to 2016 when Willow and Jaden Smith slayed the
What has Jaden Smith done to us Bawo! Now all these Braam Kool Kids will be walking around with dreadlocks in their hands!…
Our favorite looks from the men: . Maxwell, Michael B. Jordan, Jaden Smith and Trevor Noah.
Jaden Smith on why he brought his old hair at the
Jaden Smith brought his hair as an accessory to the
I just wanna skip to the part of my life where I'm best friends with Jaden Smith and make pretentious experimental films 😩
Why is Jaden Smith carrying around a bunch of churros
Meh. . If I had kids I wouldn't care what they dress like. . But Jaden Smith is such a snowflake, it's annoying af.
Jaden Smith Brings His Hair as a Date to the 2017 Met Gala.
Let me catch my son dressing like Jaden Smith. He will get roasted daily
The Karate Kid was a good movie until Jaden Smith learned how to fight
Jaden Smith is so fine 😍 especially since he cut his hair off again
for real, taking notes on HOW TO LIVE by jaden smith.
Jaden Smith brings along his loose dreadlocks as an accessory to this year's
Jaden Smith is the type of Ex who breaks up with you but remains with some attachments 😂😂😂😂
Um... Jaden Smith's coat... It is amazing and I want to wear it
The fact that he wore his locs as an accessory is the most Jaden Smith thing I've ever seen
Jaden Smith actually walked the 2017 red carpet with a fistful of his own dreadlocks
Jaden Smith look like ya auntie when she take her weave out
Jaden Smith holding his hair at the is a look.
I love Jaden Smith walking around carrying his cut-off ponytail.
These are the Louis Vuitton AW17 boots Jaden Smith has on:
Jaden smith brought his hair because he couldn't bring his sister.
Thanks to Jaden Smith dreads will be sold as a new accessory at Urban Outfitters this summer.
Website Builder 728x90
Jaden Smith looking fly as a young Mazi
Of course Jaden Smith brought his dreads as his date to the
Jaden Smith looking like he's preparing to go to an Igbo Wedding
Jaden Smith: and since I coudn't bring my sister as a date, I brought my old hair. Andre Leon: this is AVANT-GARDE!
This is a LEWK, and I believe those are his dreads.. Jaden Smith.
Jaden Smith and Ashton Sanders dress better than most men in Hollywood
I aspire to look as good as Ashton Sanders or Jaden Smith because god
Hi to Jaden Smith who turned dried fronds into an accessory. I'm very confused which is very on theme. https:/…
Jaden Smith is teaching balding men that once your hair falls off you can carry it around like a trophy
But what is Jaden Smith clutching in his hands?
Korean idols trained and barely had any sunlight for years before debuting and here is Jaden Smith thinking he can pretend…
Jaden Smith is dropping a kpop single in the next 4 months?? I look forward to it
⚡️ “Jaden Smith hinted that he may be starting his own rock band”.
Biographical film where a young Obama is played by Jaden Smith. If holly wood does this I call dibs on half the profit
Jaden Smith on the set of 'Life In A Year' out in Toronto, Canada
domain names
Jaden Smith and Sean Paul get funky with a rendition of "It's Not Unusual."
Will Smith chops off son, Jaden Smith's dreadlocks
going with the Jaden Smith haircut in Will Smiths fist shirt
Jaden Smith looks like he's getting ready to start his first day at a Jesuit high school
Jaden Smith and Odessa Olden showing PDA on Miami beach is the cutest! 😍
Do you think Jaden Smith capitalizes every word when he texts his friends?
Our play is based on the 2010 movie starring Jackie Chan and Jaden Smith
They'd probably end up casting Jaden Smith as Kid Flash or something. Karate Kid era version of him would do a good job, ironically.
Jaden Smith on the Get Down is who I aspire to be
Jaden Smith's facial expressions kill me LMAO
Justin Bieber and Jaden Smith taught me never say never
Jaden Smith breaks up with girlfriend, 'started growing apart'
Jaden Smith and Sarah Snyder split after two years of dating
Jaden Smith and Sarah Snyder have called it quits on their relationship:
Jaden Smith and Sarah Snyder split two months ago after growing apart
Update your maps at Navteq
Jaden Smith by Peter Ash Lee for Vogue Korea // Willow Smith by Ben Toms for Dazed
SEHUN's Picture with the CEO of Louis Vuitton Michael Burke and with Jaden Smith the son of the Hollywood Actor Will Smit…
Jaden Smith to Star Opposite Cara Delevingne in Romantic Drama ‘Life in a Year’
Cara Delevingne and Jaden Smith as lovers in a movie? Shook. My curls are hyperactive. 😂
Jaden Smith reading mind-blowing facts about Tottenham Hotspur
original, the sequel, Hilary swank sequel, or Jackie Chan/Jaden Smith sequel?
Get your mind blown with Jaden Smith. . w/
Hard to believe Jackie Chan and Jaden Smith are returning to star in another Karate Kid movie. I hope it is awesome.
Jaden Smith taught me so much the day i met him we cried. 👶🏾
Y'all don't understand Jaden Smith been on another level like the man has touched and seen other dimensions aha he beyond w…
😳⚡️ “Jaden Smith ponders scientific facts about the universe”.
Get your mind blown with Jaden Smith 😂
Jaden Smith returns as bisexual graffiti artist Dizzee in part two of Netflix's The Get Down ht…
Jaden Smith blows your mind with facts that will leave you speechless.
Just watching The Karate Kid (2010) starring Jackie Chan and Jaden Smith on Disney Channel…
I. Actually. Agree with something Jaden Smith said? Hmm. I guess he won't divide us.
Karate Kid was awesome by the way. Gonna spoil it and watch the Jaden Smith remake. Jackie Chan will prob save it
“You can be a pharaoh. Like, a pharaoh means, that which you will become.”. Quote by Jaden Smith. Photographer - Sir I…
Shia LaBeouf set up an anti-Trump live stream (which will run for 4 years) - and the 1st participant was Jaden Smith https:/…
it's a tv series about the beginning of hip hop in the 1970s Bronx feat. Jaden Smith & dir. by Baz Luhrmann!!!
Estella Boersma and Jaden Smith by Bruce Weber for Vogue Italia, January Issue 2017. - I
Idk if it's fake or not, but I just read that Jaden Smith and Jackie Chan are making a Karate Kid sequel this in 2017. . I 💝 Karate Kid. 😛😄😄
I liked a video Jaden Smith pledges to leave LA in bizarre tantrum: ´I´ve failed my dad´
Rappers are the new philosopher. Jaden Smith, Kanye West, and Bobby Ray Simmons, Jr. Omg we can call them philosorappers.
I feel bad for Robb Banks and Jaden Smith. They'll never be able to top "It Wasn't Me" and "Getting Jiggy Wit It" lmao
Jaden Smith and Luka Sabbat at NMD lauch, back in December 2015
"Chris Pratt feels emotions, especially when he's Jaden Smith"
Watch hang with Tyler, the Creator and Jaden Smith at his All-American Drive-In Prom.
Jaden Smith says he just seriously wants to be a K-Pop star.
Jaden Smith with his ferret saw Rosie O'Donnell searching for Larry
Miche s Extended Cyber Weekend Event - Savings up to 75%
Jaden Smith was supposed to go skydiving with Larry but couldn't find him so went with Rosie O'Donnell instead
Jourdan Dunn and Jaden Smith at the British 2016. - I
Party style inspiration from Zayn Malik, Jaden Smith and more:
Today was a good day. Harry Hudson and Jaden Smith told me they love me, I took a bomb *** nap, and listen to some good tunes
I wanna know why Kourtney Kardashian was hanging out with Jaden Smith and Harry Hudson cooking eggs
Kourtney is at least 10 years too old to be taking matching sweatshirt selfies with Harry Hudson and Jaden Smith?
*Rant on. Rant off* Jackie Chan demonstrated to a young Jaden Smith being cyber bullied by kids at his new school
when Mr. Han (Jackie Chan) kicked those Chinese kids butts for trying to jump Dre (Jaden Smith) in The Karate Kid.
I liked a video Rich the Kid x Jaden Smith - Like This (Official Video)
Jaden Smith slid this track with rich the kid bro...
I liked a video from Rich the Kid on Making Songs with Jaden Smith, Meeting Will & Jada
Jaden Smith pays homage to Kid Cudi in the video for “Fallen”
That time Jaden Smith hid a Nike ad in his music video
Jaden Smith (returns with a stunning new track and video:
Justin and Selena Ice Skating and hanging out with Jaden Smith in Park City, Utah (November 29, 2011)
Jaden Smith, Raury, Shia LeBouf, Justin Bieber and Childish Gambino are all such beautiful men. 😋
Jaden Smith leaving lunch with pal Ezra Koenig on Friday afternoon (September 16) in Calabasas, Calif.
Ken sends me videos and pictures of Jaden Smith and that makes me so happy😢
Jaden Smith wants to be the next Sorcerer Supreme.
So it appears Marvel has accidently started a religion as Jaden Smith is now dedicating his life to it. (Antonio)
The actor, 48, brought his children, Trey, Willow and Jaden Smith, and his wife, Jada Pinkett Smith to the 26th...
Trey Smith, Willow Smith and Jada Pinkett Smith and Will Smith support Jaden Smith at the…
Amandla Stenberg, Barbie Ferreira and Jaden Smith are among the most influential teens of 2016:
Sarah Snyder is a true inspiration.. went from sucking *** for supreme to dating Jaden Smith.. she really kame up
not much popping right now for music like Isaiah Rashad's and Travis Scott's albums are great just waiting on Post Malone and Jaden Smith:/
A Time to Kill, starring Jaden Smith and Orlando Bloom. Directed by Stephen Frears, music by Joanna Newsom. Budget: $90m
I think Jaden Smith is better at karate than you. Let alone Ralph Machio. And Jeff Speakman. And they call me Bruce
Jaden Smith on his time as a 'vampire': 'I could not expose myself to the sun'
Jaden Smith is very important to me
Top five rappers of all time. 1 Tyga. 2 iggy azalea . 3 Macklemore / g easy. 4 Jaden Smith. 5 Michael Scott and Holly
Collectible Lifelike Baby Dolls, Porcelain Dolls a
I'm really banking on Frank Ocean, Bon Iver, Solange, Beyoncé, Childish Gambino, Jaden Smith, Kid Cudi and Travis Scott to be at Coachella
People are telling me with my hair braided the way it is that it's giving them Travi$ Scott, ASAP Rocky and Jaden Smith vibes 😂
reminder that Jaden Smith has never been wrong:
Donald Glover, Jaden Smith, Kanye West, Chance the Rapper, Wesley Snipes and I'm throwing Dennis Rodman in there fo…
Y'all: Sarah Synder and Jaden Smith broke up . Me and my best friend:
Yeah, he's basically Jaden Smith playing Jaden Smith in the 70s.
Oh A LOT of the acting is great. Totally agree with Shaolin for sure. But then there's Jaden Smith.
With this hair Jaden Smith looks like The Weeknd's younger brother "Bank Holiday"
Jaden Smith looks like dj esco fused with sway lee - dimmu12321
maybe it's just bc Jaden Smith makes me swoon?
Black Eyed Peas rope in Kendall, Justin Timberlake, Jaden Smith and more for ‘Where Is The Love?’ remake | Nova 969
NBC BREAKING NEWS! - Jaden Smith, son of Will Smith Commits Suicide After Announcing That he is..
We have the trilogy AND The Next Karate Kid AND the Jaden Smith remake which is the best of all of them
Jaden Smith turning from Karate Kid to xxl freshman.
Jaden Smith making trap music with rich the kid 🙄... i remember when he came out in Karate Kid😂
Jaden Smith turning from Karate Kid to XXL Freshman lol
Miley Cyrus & Liam Hemsworth check out Drake with Jaden Smith
Swae Lee and Jaden Smith are the coolest human beings on earth
I wanna smoke a fattie with Jaden Smith and Dylan and Cole Sprouse
Jaden and Willow Smith are so enlightened bc their dad was in the Matrix
lowkey wanna be Jaden Smith for a day
So jaden smith really committed suicide
MY MOM JUST SAW JADEN SMITH AND WENT "is that queen latifah?" I ?
Jaden and Willow Smith photographed by Steven Klein for Interview magazine, September issue.
dang yeah do that!! Ima train like jaden smith in Karate Kid. Gotta center my chakras, align my third eye, all'at...
Jaden smith needs to put out some new music
TV IDEA: Reverse Fresh Prince Of Belair where they send Jaden Smith to live in West Philadelphia
rich the kidd x jaden smith... I gotta hear this
I respect Jaden Smith. You can't box that kid into any category whatsoever. He's just him.
I think Ed and Jaden smith have been contemplating life together.
Jaden Smith or Young Thug slander will simply not be tolerated.
Jaden Smith is the future... stop sleeping on the kid.
remember when you loved Jaden Smith
Jaden Smith is out there in the get down playing himself
33. Jaden Smith's beauty is beyond words
now everybody lovin Jaden Smith but was the same people calling him *** and weird...
it's suppeerrr cool, jaden smith is in it and the main character from The movie Dope too
y'all know I will do anything for Jaden Smith right
Literally the only thing I care about is jaden smith
Me trying to figure out when Jaden Smith got that fine
the casting for the get down is perfection. jaden smith is perfect, Justice is perfect, Shamiek is perfect. this show is beautiful
How could Will Smith, the least interesting person, create Jaden who is the most interesting person
why is jaden smith's character on The Get Down literally how I imagine him irl omg
Nothing is better than a bunch of people of color gathered together with some good music, social commentary, and Jaden Smith.
since when did I follow Jaden smith tf lmaooo
Jaden Smith make me cringe , I hate that girl fr , she weird
And Jaden Smith plays exactly who he seems like in real life
"You just old grandad this the new style. Young Thug and Jaden Smith dress like this ALL THE TIME!"
Idea: a Fresh Prince of Bel Air reboot where Jaden smith goes to stay with his uncle (Will Smith) ??!
Jaden and Willow Smith want to know if this is all "real life"
Jaden Smith leaving the Calabasas Commons on Friday (September 2) in Calabasas, Calif.
is more a Jaden Smith's movie rather than Jackie Chan's. If you're goin to watch it, don't expect the scenes li…
I cannot watch Jaden Smith make out with anyone. He looks too much like baby Darren for me 😣 it's creepy
the new Karate Kid remake should have been called Kung Fu kid. Jackie Chan was great but Jaden Smith was. 👎
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