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Jacoby Brissett

Jacoby Brissett (born December 11, 1992) is an American football quarterback for the NC State Wolfpack.

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If Andrew Luck never plays another down the will be OK. Jacoby Brissett is legit.
The Colts should honestly just keep Jacoby Brissett as their starter and trade Andrew Luck to Denver
You know Andrew Luck is genuinely happy seeing Jacoby Brissett being well protected
Jacoby Brissett is currently 7th in the NFL with 3 rushing TDs. More than Ezekiel Elliott, Melvin Gordon, Cam Newton, C…
Jaquiski Tartt brushes Frank Gore aside to sack Jacoby Brissett along with Xavier Cooper.
Jacoby Brissett will have more total touchdowns than Cam Newton
Case Keenum, Jacoby Brissett, Josh McCown, Deshone Kizer, Blake Bortles are among the 23 QBs with more fantasy points…
Case Keenum, Jacoby Brissett, and Blake Bortles are all currently top-5 QBs for week 3.
Jacoby Brissett to Start in Indy, as Colts All but Admit They Screwed Up
Colts rule out Andrew Luck for Week 2, weigh options with Scott Tolzien and Jacoby Brissett - The Washingto..…
Despite colts loss, there was a infamous improvement on both sides of the ball. New QB Jacoby Brissett and TE Jack Doyle lead the way.
Sources: The are planning on starting QB Jacoby Brissett on Sunday vs. Former starter Scott Tolzien goes…
Congratulations to Jacoby Brissett on getting the start this week in Indy, now its his time to beat down on the Cardinals
I swear I can't stand New England Patriots they traded Jacoby Brissett for Phillip Dorsett it's like the League wants them to keep winning 🖕
We have officially traded WR Phillip Dorsett to the in exchange for QB Jacoby Brissett: https:…
The Patriots are trading QB Jacoby Brissett to the Colts for WR Phillip Dorsett, league source tells ESPN.
acquire WR Phillip Dorsett in exchange for QB Jacoby Brissett:
Colts have been tight-lipped about Andrew Luck’s injury, but trading for Jacoby Brissett casts doubt on his health
The Boston Herald's Jeff Howe reports the idea that second-year QB Jacoby Brissett's roster spot is in question has "gained enough…
Jacoby Brissett > Ryan Mallett, and it's not really even close.
After White House visit, Jacoby Brissett posts emotional letter to Barack Obama on Instagram
- So"he *** ... Geno Smith, Mark, Sanchez, Hoyer, Shaun Hill, Jacoby Brissett, etc. are all better. Right? Nice Try
One better ...Jacoby Brissett has more Super Bowl rings than Philip Rivers & Dan Marino & Jim Kelly
Jacoby Brissett has more Superbowl rings than Carson Palmer, Cam Newton, Philip Rivers, Matthew Stafford, Matt Ryan and Dan Marino combined.
From Chris Hogan to Jacoby Brissett, this 'journey' reaches end point
The combination of Jimmy Garoppolo + Jacoby Brissett had the same amount of wins against playoff teams as Tom Brady - 2 wins.
WR Michael Floyd credits rookie QB Jacoby Brissett for working OT to help his transition to Patriots.
Why did Jacoby Brissett get 16-0 by buffalo then, why is the offense dumbed down when someone other than Brady take…
Yup, Jacoby Brissett is a god. Just like every other black QB to you
Full list of playoff teams the beat in 2016:. -- Jacoby Brissett's Patriots.
Doug Marrone has more victories this season than Rex Ryan against winning teams that weren't starting Jacoby Brissett
Seemed to do a good job with reclamation projects in Jacoby Brissett and Nathan Peterman, both former SEC transfers.
A Jacoby Brissett sighting at Carter-Finley wearing a jersey of the greatest QB to ever come through New Bern HS
Sources: Patriots QB Jacoby Brissett will need surgery on thumb - via
Brandon Bolden, Jacoby Brissett, Shea McClellin ruled out for Sunday. Edelman limited again, and listed as question…
Jacoby Brissett, Brandon Bolden and Shea McClellin have been ruled out for Sunday. Julian Edelman and LeGarrette Blount are questionable.
Brandon Bolden, Jacoby Brissett and Shea McClellin have been ruled out. Vincent Valentine is questionable.
Brandon Bolden, Shea McClellin and Jacoby Brissett (obv.) all ruled out for Sunday. Nine Pats listed as questionabl…
Brandon Bolden, Shea McClellin and Jacoby Brissett officially out Sunday. Vincent Valentine questionable.
QB Jacoby Brissett is not spotted at practice along w/ RB Brandon Bolden (knee), DT Vincent Valentine (back) & Shea McClellin (concussion).
Jacoby Brissett was among the missing at today's practice. Brandon Bolden, Shea McClellin and Vincent Valentine also not spotted.
Jacoby Brissett is not here at practice. Same goes for Brandon Bolden, Vincent Valentine and Shea McClellin. Marcus Cannon returned.
Such a cheap move for the to target Jacoby Brissett pregame, even with a pointless shove. No leadership in Buffalo…
The did not make it a fun day for Mr. Jacoby Brissett.
Report: Jacoby Brissett to start for Patriots Sunday vs. Bills, Jimmy Garoppolo inactive
i don't want to be bold, but I don't think the Patriots should start Jacoby Brissett next week
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Those Jacoby Brissett >>>> Brady jokes are nowhere to be found today.🤔
How I see Jacoby Brissett every time he plays thanks to Jen
When Apollo Creed actually faked his death in Rocky IV to pursue a football career as Jacoby Brissett
Jacoby Brissett gets the start for Patriots
LB Preston Brown's "nap" comment about Jacoby Brissett only reading one side of the field
Bills linebacker says there were times Bills could 'nap' against Jacoby Brissett
Funny, that's what I was saying watching Jacoby Brissett out there.
Jacoby Brissett is starting for the Patriots. (via
Tonight on + join to talk Jacoby Brissett, the return of Tom…
Patriots QB Jacoby Brissett to start vs. Bills (via
Vinny Testaverde was actually going to be the next option for the Patriots if Jacoby Brissett wasn't able to start today.
Head games: Rex says Pats 'sources' tipped him off -
Glad to know that Jacoby Brissett is as good a quarterback as Ben Roethlisberger I never would've known
Welcome to the club, Jacoby Brissett. . QBs making their first career start are now 6-0 under Bill Belichick.
Bills players embarrass themselves, try to fight Patriots QB
Jacoby Brissett=Ben Roethlisberger apparently good to know
Rex says Patriots 'sources' tipped him off
Here's a better quality video of the and shoving match from earlier. Robert Blanton starts it by shovin…
NFL: Patriots lose 16-0 to Bills for first shutout loss at home since Nov. 28, 1993; QB Jacoby Brissett 17-27, 205 yards
Does Rex Ryan have a mole in the facilities? He says he does -
starting a pregame fight with starter Jacoby Brissett htt…
Rex Ryan:"My sources inside the New England Patriot building said that Jacoby Brissett would be the QB. How’s that? I’ll stir…
Bill Belichick has been shut out once at home in his career — September 27, 1992, with the Browns. Jacoby Brissett wasn't even b…
Spygate? Rex Ryan and Bills players say they knew Jacoby Brissett would start Sunday
Blaine Gabbert is a vet and played like Jacoby Brissett, who is a 3rd stringer with a bad thumb and slightly concussion, he…
The last time the Patriots were shutout at home (Nov. 28, 1993), Jacoby Brissett was 11 months old. Cyrus Jones was born…
jacoby brissett that's what gives. We'll see vs Brady later this year
Now that Tom Brady is returning, rookie QB Jacoby Brissett might have surgery on his thumb:.
Jacoby Brissett will start at QB for the Patriots today, while Jimmy Garoppolo will be inactive.
Per Adam Schefter, Jacoby Brissett will start for Patriots vs Bills. Jimmy Garoppolo will be inactive. Julian…
No practice information from today on QBs Jimmy Garoppolo, Jacoby Brissett
Jacoby Brissett has the most scrutinized right thumb since Arthur Fonzarelli.
Sounds like Jacoby Brissett will be good to go vs and Garoppolo's still a question mark.
Jacoby Brissett's 27-yd TD run is the longest rushing TD by a Patriots QB since Steve Grogan in 1976.
Patriots QB Jacoby Brissett has a torn right thumb ligament. (via
No Tom Brady, no Jimmy Garoppolo, & now a Jacoby Brissett injury?. Julian Edelman might know a thing or two about quarter…
Patriots QB Jacoby Brissett reportedly has a torn right thumb ligament and may need surgery
Bill Belichick had nothing but good things to say about rookie QB Jacoby Brissett.
64 snaps for Jacoby Brissett = 64 dollars for Can't wait to see how many snaps Mark Wahlberg takes next…
Jacoby Brissett needing surgery should be disheartening news, but I'm just fired up to watch the Patriots go 4-0 with a…
Patriots QB Jacoby Brissett suffered a torn right thumb ligament in last nights win and will require surgery. Will miss…
Patriots QB Jacoby Brissett suffered torn right thumb ligament last night and will likely undergo surgery, per h…
After the Patriots started Jacoby Brissett on Thursday night, only one NFL team has not started a black quarterback. https…
Jacoby Brissett is the 2009-2010 Mark Sanchez. Hand the ball off, throw for under 150 yards wit 0 INTs, let the defense do their thing.
Jimmy Garoppolo out 6 weeks. I swear if Jacoby Brissett the 3RD STRING QB goes off then Tom Brady a system QB. Don't @ me.
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When fans see Jacoby Brissett win a game for the Patriots and then realize New England has a week-and-a-half to pr…
Jacoby Brissett with his first career TD as he shows off his legs and power
Jacoby Brissett will be the 1st African-American QB to start in Patriots'... by via
I just saw the future of the New England Patriots and his name is Jacoby Brissett .
Jacoby Brissett is the future of the New England Patriots!
Who is Jacoby Brissett? In college he dueled with No. 1 teams and a future No. 1 pick:
Elderly woman next to me at the airport bar: * looking at Jacoby Brissett* "That's not Tom Brady is it?"
Jacoby Brissett is 7th rookie QB to make NFL starting debut vs Texans. Attempting to become 3rd to get W (also Mark Sanchez & Matt McGloin)
Wow. Jacoby Brissett. I'm going to call him Jacoby Brisket because this guy is out there eating as the kids say. That's wi…
Jacoby Brissett's rushing touchdown was the longest by a Patriots quarterback in 40 years.
Jacoby Brissett to the house! He runs in from 27 yards for his 1st NFL TD to give the Pats a 10-0 lead.
Jacoby Brissett starts for an injured Jimmy Garoppolo a day before the 15th anniversary of Tom Brady replacing Drew Bledsoe vs. the NY Jets
The closest Jacoby Brissett comes to alcohol is talking with his high school coach, whose name is Jack Daniels.
"Brissett’s talent jumped off the film.". NFL Films Greg Cosell on New England Patriots QB Jacoby Brissett
Nick Caserio should sign Nick Caserio to backup Jacoby Brissett for the next two week. Who wouldn't want double pay?
I'm most excited to see RB Tyler Gaffney, CB Jonathan Jones, and QB Jacoby Brissett in the Patriots' first preseason game tonight.
Jacoby Brissett's favorite targets in camp so far have been Devin Lucien (14 catches), Malcolm Mitchell (13) & Bryce Williams/DJ Foster (9)
Like WR Malcolm Mitchell, Rookie QB Jacoby Brissett said he falls asleep with his playbook -- first exhibition game 1 week away
these days *** Carson Wentz is a huge trade package & overall pick & Jacoby Brissett w nothing but an arm is top 100
Welcome to New England, .video highlights and breakdown of his HS and college career...
Parcells says Jacoby Brissett in same mold as Patriots greats
none. Jacoby Brissett will start. Well at least I hope.
'Is Jacoby Brissett the next Quarterback for the Patriots?' via
FanSided Is Jacoby Brissett the next Quarterback for the Patriots?
My projected cap numbers for Jacoby Brissett for when he signs. 2016 - $620,151. 2017 - $730,151. 2018 - $820,151. 2019 - $910,151
I know, we have Philip Rivers, Mike Glennon, and Jacoby Brissett. Lets forget the 3 yrs at State, Wisc needs a QB to look up to.
Jacoby Brissett is going to be a GREAT pick
QB Jacoby Brissett still unsigned by the
No Patriots moves on today's NFL transaction wire. QB Jacoby Brissett still hasn't signed his rookie contract.
How Bill Parcells prepared Jacoby Brissett for the process and life as a Patriot
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Im surprised Jacoby Brissett isnt going. He might be a redundancy against Brady's suspension, but that is still surprising.
The Best 5 min of your morning people " Pulls back the curtain on Jacoby Brissett
sure, but Jacoby Brissett will be 26.
Started my site three years ago today. Been one heck of a ride. Check out my new post here:
Patriots QB Jacoby Brissett is wearing a Revo Speed with a SportStar chinstrap, used Riddell chinstrap at NC State.
Well, I don't know about wanting any of them to succeed or fail, but the mid-round guy I really liked was Jacoby Brissett.
W/Roman Gabriel, Erik Kramer, P. Rivers, Mike Glennon & Jacoby Brissett proud you're in QB club
From this week: the changing face of NFL rookie contracts and agents' fee model. Moving towards Agent Zero:
Changing World of Rookie Contracts in the Reality of agent fees in as well. Wonder if players catch on
Parcells says Jacoby Brissett in same mold as greats
The Changing World of Rookie Contracts in the NFL via
ICYMI, Jacoby Brissett met with the New England media and discussed several topics...
.on the changing world of rookie contracts. Plus, thoughts on Sam Bradford:.
I'm until I die but to me Jacoby brissett... I never knew him have fun on the patriots
That time Jacoby Brissett drove 10 hours for a football game he wasn't playing in.
(I know it's Friday) for some fans. Wrote this over a year ago, but get pumped. .
FYI - Joe Thuney who was drafted 18 slots ahead of Jacoby Brissett can earn a total of 100K in offseason workout bonuses in 2017/2018/2019.
teammates Joe Thuney and Jacoby Brissett reunited as rookies with the
Patriots: Jacoby Brissett, Joe Thuney were true team players at NC State
N.C. State coach Dave Doeren on Jacoby Brissett and Joe Thuney: "They’re special. Both of them."
At 6 I talk to Patriots rookie QB Jacoby Brissett about his close relationship with former Pats coach Bill Parcells
"By all accounts, it seems Jacoby Brissett has always done things his own way." Is this why Dominique Easley was released?
Audio: Patriots 3rd Round Pick QB Jacoby Brissett with Boston media on
I talked with coaches at NC State about Jacoby Brissett and Joe Thuney. Both seem like perfect fits for the Patriots
Bill Parcells, to on intangibles of QB Jacoby Brissett: A Troy Brown, Tedy Bruschi, Curtis Martin type.
What does the Jacoby Brissett pick mean for Jimmy Garoppolo?
Why Patriots chose Jacoby Brissett : ‘We were going to add a third quarterback, regardless’ of Tom Brady
Patriots last night selected two members of our NFL draft big board:. Alabama CB Cyrus Jones at NC State QB Jacoby Brissett at
Jacoby Brissett is 'excited to be a sponge' and learn from Tom Brady, Patriots coaches.
NC State's Jacoby Brissett has been drafted No. 91 overall in the 2016 draft by New England.
Former Dwyer star Jacoby Brissett taken in 3rd round by New England Patriots http…
select North Carolina State QB Jacoby Brissett with the 91st overall pick.
Jacoby Brissett? Yes...with HJax, and Pep Hamilton I like him more...
Many quarterbacks still available for the into the third round: Connor Cook, Jacoby Brissett, Kevin Hogan, Cardale Jones, Tim Graham.
My three favorite under the radar guys in this draft are Eric Murray, Miles Killebrew and Jacoby Brissett
Connor Cook, Dak Prescott, Hack, Cardarle, Vernon Adams, Jacoby Brissett, Brandon Allen.. Tell me when to stop..
Currently, Jameis Winston, Nick O'Leary, and Jacoby Brissett are practicing on Lake Worth Football field 🏈🏈🏈
Driskel was a 5 star qb coming in..Not to mention John Brantley, Jacoby Brissett on & on
I hope you are right. Gil Brandt says Ken Dorsey went to Jacoby Brissett's pro day
I'd say Jacoby Brissett or Dak Prescott ( who will fall) for that QB
Watching Jeff Driskel and Jacoby Brissett work at the Combine and man its a good thing they had Charlie Weiss coaching as freshmen right?
what's your take on Cardale Jones and Jacoby Brissett's chances of NFL success?
Jared Goff will be gone by 13 so Carson Wentz, Paxton Lynch in the 1st Cardel Jones, Jacoby Brissett, Dak Prescott later
I think they should look at Brandon Doughty, Kevin Hogan and Jacoby Brissett in mid rounds this year.
The guys I like are Jacoby Brissett, Dak Prescott, Brandon Doughty, and Matt Johnson. Brissett is my favorite though.
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QBs Dak Prescott, Kevin Hogan and Cody Kessler added to roster. Jacoby Brissett, Carson Wentz, Jeff Driskel already on the list.
Shrine Game QBs: Vernon Adams, Brandon Allen, Nate Sudfeld, Jacoby Brissett. . I'd really like to see Brandon Allen in the
Jacoby Brissett of North Carolina State has accepted the invitation to play in the 2016 East West
VIDEO: Derwin James with the body slam on NC State's Jacoby Brissett. .
Dave Doeren: I hate for [Jacoby Brissett] to take those hits. He's the toughest kid I've been around at that position. He's a warrior.
Much has been made about Greyson Lambert's comp% last 2 weeks, but on the year, he actually trails Jacoby Brissett. Neither have thrown INT.
I'm putting this out so I can say I was first. QB:. 1- Jacoby Brissett. 2- Cardale Jones. 3- Jared Goff. 4- Hackenberg . 5- Cook
Treon Harris, Will Grier, Jacoby Brissett, Jeff Driskel all in the top 18 of Avg rating via
It would only be fitting for Driskel to join Jacoby Brissett and Tyler Murphy as QBs who thrived after leaving Florida. Comp…
NC State QB Jacoby Brissett discusses the Wolfpack's first scrimmage of fall camp...
NC State's first scrimmage roundup, plus video interviews with coach Dave Doeren and QB Jacoby Brissett:
Dave Doeren & Jacoby Brissett both talked about Nyheim Hines' (deep TD reception in the scrimmage this AM.
VIDEO: Jacoby Brissett (gives his thoughts on NC State's 1st Fall scrimmage in Carter-Finley this AM.
Every Play Tells a Story by Jacoby Brissett & The Danger of Logic
Landry Jones a couple nights ago looked good. Hold out for draft. Cal's Goff,BYU's Taysom Hill and NC states Jacoby Brissett
In this weeks Get to Know, I sat down with QB
“Get to know more about Jacoby Brissett: . Feel like Fam now
Get to know more about dynamic QB, Jacoby Brissett:
NC State quarterback Jacoby Brissett (is looking to control the things he can control this year
.QB Jacoby Brissett is severely underrated. Don't turn your back on him.
Jacoby Brissett is a Top 3 QB in this draft class. Kevin Peterson is a Top 3 CB. Kenyan Drake may be better than Derrick Henry.
QB Jacoby Brissett NC St -- The sky's the limit. Can't wait to see if his game takes another step forward this year.
Teddy in NFL...and in College Deshaun Watson and Jacoby Brissett
Raleigh, N.C. — When it comes to Jacoby Brissett's first season a...
Jacoby Brissett learning patience in the pocket
At 6 today on Jacoby Brissett talking about learning to deal with those things he can't control on the field as QB.
Jacoby Brissett threw 10 TDs on deep balls in 2015, which tied Jameis Winston for the ACC lead per
Jacoby Brissett made a splash last season. See what he has in store for an encore. QB rankings.
watching jacoby brissett against Florida st the level of compete he plays with is amazing. Needs to clean up footwork. Keeps
ACC 2015 preseason QB rankings: Jacoby Brissett is among the best.
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Dave Doeren on Jacoby Brissett: His accuracy down the field has been tremendous in fall camp. That's one thing we challenged…
Brad Kaaya is definitely going to be a threat. As is Deshaun Watson, Justin Thomas, Jacoby Brissett, and possibly Tyler Murphy
Jacoby Brissett (North Carolina State) the former Florida Gator is the Muschamp should've kept him
Just remember that Florida had Jacoby Brissett (NC State) and Tyler Murphy (Boston College) and chose to play Jeff Driskell.
QB Jacoby Brissett sets a new mark for a State QB, with 167 rushing yards!
Wake's Dave Clawson on Jacoby Brissett: His ability to extend plays... he throws the ball well, but he's a really, really good athlete.
Am i the only one whi thinks Jacoby Brissett looks like Apollo Creed
Very...RT So is anybody else excited to see Deshaun Watson versus Jacoby Brissett next weekend?”
Huge fan of big Jacoby Brissett in fact thought he always seemed calmer than Driskel, will definetly be looking for the upset and this week
Proof of Muschamp's failures: Driskel's previous backups Tyler Murphy and Jacoby Brissett are both star players at BC and NCSU
Jameis Winston back for FSU, which faces NC St. and Jacoby Brissett
Florida transfer Jacoby Brissett seizing new opportunity at NC State -...
Jameis Winston back for FSU, which faces N.C. St. and Jacoby Brissett
LRT: "[Jacoby Brissett] his way through "The Office" on Netflix for the sixth time to stay relaxed." I knew I liked that guy.
Wolfpack's Jacoby Brissett, Seminoles' Nick O'Leary to reunite in big matchup via
Ex-Gator QBs Jacoby Brissett (NCSU) and Tyler Murphy (BC) rank 1st and 4th in the ACC in total yards, respectively.
NC State's new QB is familiar--Jacoby Brissett(former UF QB). ICYMI Jimbo says he's pretty good Go Noles!
transfer Jacoby Brissett is seizing his opportunity at writes
If Jacoby Brissett leads us to the W over Florida State Imma put him right up there next to Russell Wilson as one of NCSU's greatest QB's
Pregame comments tomorrow from Dave Doeren, Jacoby Brissett, Mike Rose and Chancellor Woodson. Coverage from Carter-Finley begins at 1:30.
Can stun Jacoby Brissett thinks so. Meet NC State's new QB (via
Jacoby Brissett now facing Florida State as Wolfpack quarterback
Blog: Jacoby Brissett now facing as Wolfpack quarterback, DL injuries, Travis Rudolph update.
Nice chat w/ Ken Mastrole. Said Dylan Thompson’s “emotional IQ is off the charts” & Jacoby Brissett isn't afraid of advers…
I guess I will be a Jacoby Brissett fan tomorrow! 😂
saw a sketchy stat. FSU's last loss was UF in 2012. Last ACC loss at NCST in 2012. Jacoby Brissett was on the UF team in 2012.
I had the chance to talk with NC State's Jacoby Brissett about how he will face a good friend in FSU's Nick O'Leary.
Bro John Brantley, Jacoby Brissett, Jeff Driskel, Skylar Morninwheg, Tyler Murphy...these have some tough years of gator football
Jacoby Brissett is currently second in the ACC in completion % (71%) and yards per game (272), and 1st in QB rating.
Jacoby Brissett is currently tied with Duke's Anthony Boone for the ACC lead in TD passes (5).
Jacoby Brissett has 5 TD passes. Last year's QBs didn't total 5 TD passes until the 10th game of the season. Wow.
Ex-Florida QB Jacoby Brissett is ready to shine for N.C. State
Aug. 30 - Okla St. (Dallas) Oklahoma State had 10 players named to the 1st, 2nd or honorable mention All-Big XII team. All of them have graduated or declared for the NFL draft. This game is perfect for Florida State, as the Cowboys will continue to get a lot better later on in the year and the win will look better as the season goes on. Sept. 6 -- Citadel Home opener. As a rule, playing one D1-AA (FCS) team is OK, while playing two is generally a very bad idea as it provides an easy sound bite for talking heads, which could influence the playoff committee. Sept. 13 -- bye Resting up for Clemson. Sept. 20 - Clemson Clemson is likely Florida State's toughest test in the ACC for 2014, and the winner of the game has won the Atlantic Division for the last four seasons. Getting Clemson early is a big deal, as it loses a ton on offense and probably won't have it together in Week 4 of the season. Sept. 27 -- at N.C. State N.C. State could be improved thanks to transfer quarterback Jacoby Brissett becoming eligibl ...
Dave Doeren tells ESPN's Heather Dinich: "Jacoby Brissett is our starting quarterback."
A low blow to Jeff Driskel courtesy of Jacoby Brissett plus five more Florida news BITS -
- sooo state has a QB transfer from Florida... Jacoby Brissett
This article misspells Jacoby Brissett's name. How quickly one is forgotten in this sport.
Dave Doeren said 5th year senior Jarvis Byrd has been playing CB and S & discussed transfer QB Jacoby Brissett today:
I mean, Jacoby Brissett couldn't beat out Jeff Driskel, but okay, NC State.
Jacoby Brissett to NC State eh? I'm sure Doeren looks at his tools & has Jordan Lynch visions, but he needs A LOT of work. We'll see.
NC State confirms QB Jacoby Brissett has enrolled in school and is on the team.
Jacoby Brissett, who after a drawn-out quarterback competition at Florida lost to fellow sophomore Jeff Driskel, has decided to transfer. Brissett's high school coach, Palm Beach Dwyer's Jack Daniels, said Sunday that it was a tough decision for Brissett, but one he felt he had to make. "He loved the University of Florida," Daniels said. "He's got a bunch of friends on the team. He did everything he was asked to do. They elected to go with Jeff. "It's time for Jacoby to move on. He's too good to be sitting behind someone." Daniels said Brissett has a short list of schools he is considering transferring to, including West Virginia, Arkansas, Louisville, North Carolina State and Duke.
Could Louisville Be Getting Another Florida Transfer? By Nick Coffey Today brissett At this time last year, Charlie Strong landed two transfers from the University of Florida. Tight end Gerald Christian and wide receive Robert Clark started their career as Gators, but decided to finish their career at Louisville. Both players will be eligible next season. Jacoby Brissett, a 6-foot-4 sophomore quarterback announced over the weekend that he will transfer from Florida. He says Louisville will be a school he considers. NC State, Duke, Arkansas and West Virginia are also on his list. With Louisville bringing back Heisman hopeful Teddy Bridgewater and welcoming in two quarterbacks in the 2013 class, I’m not sure how Brissett fits. With that said, he has talent that’d be tough to turn away. Brissett was a four-star member of UF’s 2011 recruiting class, rated by
Disgruntled Gator QB, Jacoby Brissett is leaving Florida. He is considering transferring to Tennessee. Not sure he can but we are looking into it. JM
Orlando Sentinel: Gators back-up quarterback Jacoby Brissett will transfer after two seasons
Chris Johnson leaving Gators, too: It was reported earlier today that Jacoby Brissett had decided to leave the F...
University of Florida QB Jacoby Brissett to transfer to West Virginia University. JB was highly recruited out of HS.
1 » Will quarterback Jacoby Brissett be spending his junior season with the Florida Gators? That is one of many unanswered questions lingering in the wake
I wonder if Florida will open up their QB competition in the spring. Driskell seems to be very gunshy and holds the ball a lot. They may want to see if fellow sophomore QB Jacoby Brissett can make this offense better.
Florida-Louisville preview. No. 3 Florida (11-1) vs. No. 21 Louisville (10-2) Wednesday, 8:30 p.m. ET Mercedes-Benz Sugar Bowl, New Orleans ESPN Gators to watch QB Jeff Driskel: The 6-foot-4, 237-pound sophomore played his best game of the season in the regular-season finale against Florida State. Even though he was still bothered by an ankle injury, Driskel remained composed -- despite being sacked four times and harassed by a pair of NFL defensive ends -- and hurt the Seminoles on rollout passes. It’ll be interesting to see how much he has benefitted from the 15 bowl practices in which he didn’t have to evenly split reps with Jacoby Brissett. A lot of players make significant jumps during the bowl practices, as CB Loucheiz Purifoy did last season. Is Driskel next? DT Sharrif Floyd: This might be Floyd’s final game with the Gators because the 6-3, 303-pound junior is considering leaving early for the NFL. Floyd has been a disruptive force all season, with 11 tackles for loss, a sack, and six quarte ...
When the quarterback competition between sophomores Jeff Driskel and Jacoby Brissett finally ended in Driskel’s favor, speculation began that Brissett would leave school.
coach Will Muschamp says Jacoby Brissett will start at quarterback Saturday.
Will Muschamp said Jeff Driskel is out for Saturday's game. Jacoby Brissett will start.
The are confident that Jacoby Brissett can fill in if Jeff Driskel can't play on Saturday.
Breaking backup quarterback news: If Jeff Driskel can't go, Jacoby Brissett starts. Tyler Murphy will be No. 2 QB.
If QB Jeff Driskel is out this week, Jacoby Brissett will start and Tyler Murphy will be the back-up.
Jacoby Brissett ready to go if Jeff Driskel can't
should the stick with Jeff Driskel or go with Jacoby Brissett?
Jacoby Brissett ready if Florida Gators starting QB Jeff Driskel is injured: Jacoby Brissett ready if Florida Ga...
Jacoby Brissett likely to start at QB for Florida with Jeff Driskel nursing injury: GAINESVILLE — Florida quarte...
I wanted Jacoby Brissett to be the starter since hes from West Palm Beach but Jeff Driskel is a beast!
Florida Gators will play Jacoby Brissett, Jeff Driskel at quarterback - ...
Gator Country - Football: Jacoby Brissett is done talking
-- Just like both know it's not the ideal situation, Jeff Driskel and Jacoby Brissett know it is the situation and nothing between now and Saturday is going to change it. Only what they do in the season opener against Bowling Green can. For now, the Florida Gators have two starting quarterba...
Florida Gator fans.Tell me who you think will emerge as the starter at QB. Jeff Driskel or Jacoby Brissett. ? Imma b Swampin.Sat. ESPN 3:30
So, Will Muschamp says he will alternate per-quarter between QBs Jacoby Brissett and Jeff Driskel this Saturday vs Bowling Green. Oh boy...this makes me feel real good about the offense.
The quarterback battle between Jacoby Brissett and Jeff Driskel has been so close, so even, that it is going to carry over into next Saturday's season opener.
I have no problem with Florida coaches' decision to play BOTH quarterbacks, Jeff Driskel & Jacoby Brissett, to open the season. Danny Wuerffel alone clearly demonstrated that a young quarterback's performance during the "actual" games, often times, can be significantly different from his practice appeal or success during live scrimmages. Coach Spurrier stated repeatedly that while Danny wasn't much to look at during practice, he possessed an ability to take it to another level come gameday...and the results remain legendary. With nearly every practice/scrimmage stat apparently equal, Gator coaches must see Brisset & Driskel during live action, and with the road game at Texas A&M looming, it becomes vital for Florida's staff to have solid knowledge of what each guy does best. Back in '93, as a matter of fact, even AFTER Wuerffel had rescued Terry Dean up at Kentucky earlier in the season, Coach Spurrier opted to play Dean against Georgia, simply due to his comfort level when throwing a wet football. Thank ...
My sports rant for today: Well it’s almost time for another season of College Football yeehaw! Sorry the Georgia girl in me, creeps out once in awhile. Well I’m secretly pulling for Jeff Driskel of Hagerty H.S. to run the Gator Nation offense this year (always pulling for our local guys). NO THIS DOESN’T MAKE ME A GATOR FAN! Offensive Coordinator Brent Pease has his hands full picking between him & Jacoby Brissett. REPEAT: THIS DOESN’T MAKE ME A GATOR FAN!! Don’t tell anyone but I’m also secretly cheering for Urban Myer and his rather deceitful recruiting tactics at Ohio State. Come on you know you talked some players into going from UF over to OS blaming locker room turmoil at UF. As a Seminole fan, just gives me a hint of a smile. Come on BJ Daniels. You’re now a senior. It’s your time to shine. Thought you would accomplish so much more. So go take the “Bull” by the hand and become the QB that the USF Bulls deserve this year!!! FSU you’re getting another chance to prove to the col ...
Jacoby Brissett, Jeff Driskel battling hard to be Florida Gators' starting quarterback.
Jeff Driskel and Jacoby Brissett reminds me a lot of Tim Tebow and Cam Newton...
Florida Gators QBs Jacoby Brissett, Jeff Driskel battle for starting job, but it won't be ...: GAINESVILLE — The...
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