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Jacob Zuma

Jacob Gedleyihlekisa Zuma (born 12 April 1942) is the President of South Africa, elected by parliament following his party's victory in the 2009 general election.

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South Africa’s Jacob Zuma may finally have to step down after a report confirms corruption allegations via…
The Mandela Foundation takes aim at the "failed" Jacob Zuma, says "wheels are coming off the vehicle of our state." htt…
Thandi Modise is protecting Jacob Zuma (at as though she's the one who made his bed and packed his lunch-box this…
The sooner Thandi Modise & Baleka Mbete realize the small man Jacob Zuma is not a boy to be left protected by their skirts the better for SA
The day Jacob Zuma resigns as President should be called Independence Day in South Africa, and be marked as a public holiday
Guess who thinks avoiding his legal embarrassment is more important than protecting war-crime victims?. Jacob Zuma.
Jacob Zuma (noun)- a stage where you don't care about anything e.g I have reached a Jacob Zuma.
Once in a while Bra Nkabs should restore Jacob Zuma to factory settings like he did with sihle
Jimmy Savile, Rolf Harris & Gary Glitter all thought they could just grab anyone they wanted. Are Donald Trump & Jacob Zuma any…
WHITE NOISE: Want to feel sick? Revisit the 2006 judgment in which Jacob Zuma was found not guilty of rape.
I have a meeting with Barack Obama stop telling me about Jacob Zuma
Jacob Zuma must save the little dignity he's left with and just resign. Cyril Ramaphosa must never become president, he's worse than Zuma
Mmusi Maimane too obsessed with Jacob Zuma & Nkandla while real leader Adv Dali Mpofu is busy supporting the students on…
Jacob Zuma's second name is Gedleyihlekisa (meaning the one who laughs at you while inflicting pain on you).
OMG! Gwede Mantashe must never ever have access to the highest office in the land. He will make us miss Jacob Zuma.
Where is President Jacob Zuma, Julius Malema, Mmusi Maimane. Where are the leaders in SA to intervene on why no coalition ?
Unlimited Calling US/Canada phone service
Jacob Zuma & the ANC have mortgaged the future of a million young South Africans - .
Jacob Zuma built a 2 million rand swimming pool, but no one in the family knows how to swim - Julius Malema
for as long as you are able to retain Jacob Zuma as the President, a social scum, you will be exposed.
ANALYSIS: Jacob Zuma is an enemy of South Africa's democratic project
South Africa President Jacob Zuma has finally paid back the money he owed taxpayers for the non-security upgrades...
South Africa is still standing, even as Jacob Zuma lurches from one scandal to the next
STRONG WORDS: "I would rather die like Thomas Sankara than live like Jacob Zuma." - Anonymous
Jacob Zuma, shakes mashaba and Steve komphela are failures that should go form their own club in Lesotho or Botswana.
Jacob Zuma to step down as the South African president
South African President Jacob Zuma welcomed by Chinese president Xi Jinping at opening of
Jacob Zuma is my President because i am a South African and all the imperfection that are in this Lovely Country...
President Xi met his South African counterpart Jacob Zuma on Saturday, vowing to strengthen bilateral ties
Mandela, Oliver Tambo, Jacob Zuma, Desmond Tutu, Charlize Theron; your boys took one *** of a beating!.
Jacob Zuma: Afrikaners the only white"African tribe". AFRICAN TRIBE???
Jacob Zuma once called Julius Malema, the future leader of South Africa.
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No mention here of Jacob Zuma (the rapist) being in the South African Communist Party. (Voice of America)
Did Marius Fransman introduce Jacob Zuma to the 28s numbers gang? Incredible allegation.
Jacob Zuma meeting up with gang leaders. We don't fully acknowledge that we're led by a thug. And Marius Fransman - eww.
Precisely! Anyone who acceptable to Jacob Zuma (e.g. his ex-wife Nkosazana; Zweli Mkhize), wouldn't work for others!
ANC should have replace Jacob Zuma with Zweli Mkhize before elections
If Zimbabwe under Robert Mugabe can protect their Black Rhinos then why cant we under Jacob Zuma?
Nhleko spends most time in office defending crooked Jacob Zuma & the African National criminals.
we will invest in early childhood development so that our children can count better that Jacob Zuma when they grow up.
exec Nothando Maseko wanted to scrap interview with Jacob Zuma cause he dared asked about f…
laughable is the 'party of Mandela' defending the thieving Jacob Zuma
Thm head of states of are in . 1. Robert Mugabe. 2. Jacob Zuma . 3. Ernest Bai Koroma. 4. John Dramani
Explaining South African president, Jacob Zuma in cartoons: via
Jacob Zuma arrives in Rwanda for AU summit, both countries' Diplomatic relations normalize via
Jacob Zuma remains the president of this country.
French President hands SA counterpart Jacob Zuma digitised recordings of Rivonia Trial in which Nelson Mandela was sentenced…
The day Gwede Mantashe and Jacob Zuma killed the ANC youth league, was the death of the African National Congress.
Defend Palesa like Baleka Mbethe and crew defended Jacob Zuma who disrespects the constitution.
You know election time is close when Jacob Zuma starts visiting Eldorado Park. Is it not a little too late? (1/2)
Its becoming evident that Nkosazana Dlamini Zuma will carry over from Jacob Zuma in 2017
Zuma: ANC only party of prosperity: President of the African National Congress, Jacob Zuma, said his party wa...
There were people willing to raise money so that Jacob Zuma could pay his Nkandla bill
South Afrika is the future of this country - Jacob Zuma
YES.Is not simple to run small business UNLESS you family with Lindiwe Zulu or you are family with Jacob Zuma finish & Klaar
Never forget to thank Malema for giving us Jacob Zuma as our president.
if you think Jacob Zuma is a G.O.A.T
i think on 3 August we cant fail to throw ANC President Jacob Zuma inside the dust bean
RFI English: African press review 26 May 2016: What will South Africans do to Jacob Zuma's grave after the pr...
South Africa's President, Jacob Zuma spent $15 million of South African taxpayers' money to upgrade his private house…
Pres. Jacob Zuma will today, 25 May 2016, host Pres. Mahmoud Abbas of Palestine on a Working Visit to SA
I think Mbuyiseni Ndlozi and Jacob Zuma should collaborate and release a dope tune...
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National Executive head Jacob Zuma is a clear and present danger to the National Democratic Revolution and threat to the ANC.
Jacob Zuma is now telling SA he got a multimillion Rand loan from a commercial bank based on a promissory note written on toilet paper?
I still say Jacob Zuma won't finish this year as a president, what's happening in parliament will destabilize this country if it continues.
Mr president, will you ever pay back the money. . Jacob Zuma:
The way that our President Jacob Zuma lies. He cannot even keep up with his own stories :( As for the harassment of
Another showdown between Jacob Zuma and the EFF looms as the President gets ready to answer questions in Parliamen…
Jacob Zuma is going to be the president we will still talk about after 15 years from now. He imprinted on our history shame
Jacob Zuma is the president of SA whether me and you don't approve. Part of he's job is to answer questions in the National Assembly.
From poverty to presidency: South Africa's embattled leader Jacob Zuma: South Africa's president has been cau...
Worst ever. Making Robert Mugabe and Jacob Zuma look like real leaders.
A direct question to Jeremy Cronin: Is the ANC under Jacob Zuma facing any threat of Zanufication?
The people who are the reason Jacob Zuma is still in power are the very same people who recalled former President Thabo Mbeki.
Some of it just ain't racism. It was begot by a black man like the likes of Mugabe, Jacob Zuma and Ian Khama
Jacob Zuma will not sell South African Airways . Tourism session with the Ministers…
Jacob Zuma telling Baleka Mbete to bring order in the house is like Judas Iscariot advising Jesus not to take bribes https:…
Tltltltl, can't get over this; "Jackson Mthembu didn't defend himself when his teeth was punched out but has liver to defend Jacob Zuma."
Uhhh, Jacob, Jacob Zuma, have a look here...
It is this kind of tone deafness from your party that is keeping the ruling party and Jacob Zuma in power.
President Jacob Zuma on the occasion of The debate in the National Assembly, Cape Town.
DA leader Mmusi Maimane has told the National Assembly that President Jacob Zuma is an accused criminal
Jacob Zuma is an accused criminal. But you can't say it in according to the Deputy Speaker
The judgment handed down in Jan2015, called it “fair comment” to say Jacob Zuma stole your money -
NPA under pressure after Presidency budget fracas: “Parliament is the institution that must hold Jacob Zuma a...
The majority in this country have not seen anything wrong with Zuma. I go w...
Jacob Zuma must be a legendary criminal. How in the Devil's name can one person have 783 charges?
Mmusi Maimane calls Jacob Zuma a thief in Parliament. Read more:
At 3PM. EFF MPs thrown out of Parliament after they tried denying Pres Jacob opportunity to sp…
Really? And what about reckless spending by the Highest Rot in the Land: Jacob Zuma!. The ENTIRE are
Electing Trump will be worse than electing Bush 15 times. And this is coming from a citizen of the country that elected Jacob Zuma twice.
I will forgive Jacob Zuma if he legalizes marijuana asap 😎
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can they do the same with Mr Jacob Zuma?
Watching Morning Live... Dumisani Nthalane from NADALAC is trying to defend Jacob Zuma. Lol
Zuma to respond to insult-laden debate on Presidency's budget vote: CAPE TOWN - President Jacob Zuma will be ...
Chaos in House as EFF and DA attack Zuma: IN THE most brutal display of contempt for President Jacob Zuma in ...
'Control your body and your sexual urges' -What 7 judges have said about Zuma | RAY HARTLEY.
there is something am struggling to understand about you guys, you became so imotional when it comes to President Jacob Zuma.
President Jacob Zuma will reply to the debate over the Presidency's budget today after stormy scenes in Parliament yesterday.
With each passing day President Jacob Zuma becomes a more effective weapon against the ANC
Jacob Zuma became SA president,it was unthinkable. This is for all those who are say Donald Trump can't be US president
The damning things that seven judgments have said about Jacob Zuma | RAY HARTLEY.
What have Steve Khompela and Jacob Zuma have in common?
Full Text: Ahmed Kathrada writes letter to Jacob Zuma calling for his resignation
Yes, then Oscar could plead ignorance and so can Jacob Zuma, Allan Craig-Knott etc degree of seriousness Same.
So is taking the fall for Susan Shabangu, Cyril Ramaphosa & ANC led by Jacob Zuma!
What do Arsene Wenger, Steve Khompela and Jacob Zuma have in common?
how did you even apoint Jacob Zuma as president if he ad several corruption charges?😞😞
Steve Khompela, Jacob Zuma and Louis van Gaal, every Checkers Store cashier, see where I am getting at here?
I read a story where Jacob Zuma, president of S. Africa had sex with an +HIV woman and thought a shower afterwards would p…
The goverment of Pik Botha wasn't cruel as compared to that of Jacob Zuma cos he's torcharing he's own ppl.
Nkandla excesses expose the glaring gap in founding law. Cyril Ramaphosa, Nelson Mandela and Jacob Zuma at Codesa...
"We advise Jacob Zuma to take that report from the Seriti Commission and throw it in his firepool." ECONOMIC FREEDOM FIGHTERS
South Africa needs a hall of ?. . 1. Judge Seriti. 2. Jacob Zuma . . Who would you nominate?. .
Julius sello Malema and Jacob Zuma speak first and think after several months
you sound exactly like mathole motshekga when he says "pres Jacob Zuma will never pay back the money " now he disappeared
Dear ANCYL, ANCWL . Since said he is sorry like ubaba Jacob Zuma have you forgiven him. Your:. Sign :BB . Ad…
Man who threatened to kill black people and Jacob Zuma denied bail
"Statement of the President of the ANC, Jacob Zuma, on the recall of President Mbeki". It's worth a re-read.
The Bible narrative is really killing us when it comes to Jacob Zuma and his apology.
‘Voting for the ANC makes you feel peaceful inside‚’ says Jacob Zuma - The poor guy
Congratulations to the new and returning trustees of
Danny Jordaan, proudly brought to you by Jacob Zuma -
But Jacob Zuma should tell Concourt ukuthi, "i have joined MMM, imali iyeza manje"
Danny Jordaan protecting his ally, Jacob Zuma -
Jacob zuma once said pregnant girls must be taken to far away place, to finish skool
The DA says it expects thousands of people to march to the Con Court this morning to put pressure on President Jacob Zuma to resign.
Will be join the march I'm protecting the constitution cause Jacob Zuma had flouted the Constitution
TheNewAgeclaims. Jonas’ revelations r part of wide plot to get rid of Jacob Zuma. Duarte and Guptas are proxies in a “dirty war” to control.
Guesswhat, is right-it's not a beauty contest it's a foot-shooting competition
Danny Jordaan has personally & in writing instructed the removal of the DA billboard, showing him to be the personal protector…
Jacob Zuma the psycho Dictator as spoken...
Why leaders like Jacob Zuma are still hurting Africa
LoL When she cut her hair to look like Amber Rose and she ends up looking like Jacob Zuma!!!
How on earth can we take serious? These are the same people who supported Jacob Zuma after he raped a woman. https:/…
Defend the Constitution Alliance has criticized priests who are supporting President Jacob Zuma, saying they're misleading the nation.
President Jacob Zuma appoints members to serve on the Board of Trustees of Brand South Africa.
The World Defense website has posted pictures purportedly showing President Jacob Zuma at the opening of an arms factory in Saudi Arabia.
President Jacob Zuma says, he is not intimidated by opposition parties.
did you hear that Jacob Zuma has opened an arms factory in Saudi Arabia & you were saying Malema wants civil war.wanna take it bck
after Jacob Zuma gave them umchini the whole night.
"President Jacob Zuma should either face the Integrity Commission and seek advice or step aside." - Hope Papo, Gauteng ANC Se…
if children r a blessing then President Jacob Zuma is blessed 21 times.
Thanks to the ANC and this Jacob Zuma guy South Africa is laughing stock to the world for a long time now.
Zuma's popularity to be put to the test in PE
Two Lizard headed:- One head says "Do the right thing. The second says Finish up your term. divided on Jacob Zuma. Lol!
@ Jacob Zuma is taking advantage on us South Africans as a whole,non of the presidents that once ruled our country whom ever acted lyk dis
leader will today lead a march to the Constitutional Court after refused to remove Jacob Zuma.
If ever you've wondered who Jacob Zuma's 22 children are, here you go:
The - which read "Danny Jordaan, proudly brought to by Jacob Zuma" - was taken down by the municipality yesterday. SS
For to support Jacob Zuma & attack Thuli Madonsela is nothing short of ridiculous and laughable and an embarrassment…
Jacob Zuma is so corrupt and immoral even the devil is cutting ties with him.
Stop telling us about Nkandla,Jacob Zuma,Court rulings.We won't eat Nkandla and all those,we want services-roads,running water,houses.
The African National Congress (ANC) congratulates Comrade President Jacob Gedleyhlekisa Zuma on the occasion of his 74th birthda…
Defend the Constitution Alliance - DCA - has held a prayer session for President Jacob Zuma to resign
What right does Danny have to cancel a DA march? He is even behaving like Jacob Zuma now. Danny is not the ConCourt. https:…
This Guptas nightmare we are facing, is not only Jacob Zuma's fault, IT IS THE WHOLE ANC THAT IS AT FAULT, not just Gedleyihlekisa!
How dare the ANCWL defend Jacob Zuma; undermining the Public Prosecutor ; Willie Madonsela. Why did they elect her?
is the fourth best President of the RSA. 1. Nelson Mandela. 2. Thabo Mbeki. 3. All presidents before 1994. 4. Jacob Zuma
"President comrade Jacob Zuma should reflect deeply and do the right thing" - ANC Gauteng.
So Thabo Mbeki introduced Gupta family to Jacob Zuma, as per allegations ?
So Essop pahad & Thabo Mbeki introduced the Gupta's to Jacob Zuma time will
Bloomberg View: SA will not prosper while Jacob Zuma remains President – Youth Today
'I've been asked to succeed Jacob Zuma as leader of the ANC': Baleka Mbete
Jacob Zuma is going 2 b the 1st ZA former Prez 2 live in exile or prison
South Africa's supreme court orders prez Jacob Zuma to pay back money he used on his private house. In Ghana Kufour upgraded h…
In his closing speech at 52nd Conference 2007, just after receiving a mandate to lead, Jacob Zuma wished all Muslims: "Eid Mubarak".
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I want to be like Gandhi.Martin Luther King.john Lennon.Steve Biko and Chris Hani...NOT like Jacob Zuma...just GO
do you think that Jacob Zuma will suffer the same fate as Former Egyptian President Hosni Mubarak?
Speak out against Jacob Zuma and pay the price, warns ANC secretary general Gwede Mantashe
Sam Nujoma's son, Kofi Annan's son and Jacob Zuma's nephew all linked to We must believe they all acted on their own on this?
Former Finance Minister Trevor Manuel has now joined the growing chorus of ANC veterans calling for President Jacob Zuma to…
Prof Steven Friedman: To expect a court ruling to end Jacob Zuma's presidency is to misunderstand how constitutional democracy works.
Muammar Gaddadi, Saddam Hussein, Hosni Mubarak, Jacob Zuma. All it will take is time HOW he leaves is up to
The political issue is far beyond & far bigger than Pres. Jacob Zuma, it's about what's best for the country, & I think…
ANC NWC has accepted Jacob Zuma's apology but Zuma has not accepted King Buyelekhaya Dalindyebo's apology, where are we here?
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