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Jacob Zuma

Jacob Gedleyihlekisa Zuma (born 12 April 1942) is the President of South Africa, elected by parliament following his party's victory in the 2009 general election.

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Charges against Jacob Zuma should never have been dropped: Prosecutor
If you think suburban South Africans are down on President Jacob Zuma, see this:
Americans technically got rid of Blatter. needs to ask them to intervene and get rid of Jacob Zuma!
Zuma not liable for home upgrades. . South African President Jacob Zuma will not have to repay state money spent to upgrade his private home
What about Jack Warner, Thabo Mbeki, Jacob Zuma and the entire corrupt ANC that cheats its voters?
KwaZulu-Natal’s top prosecutor, Moipone Noko, was appointed to her post by President Jacob Zuma
Jacob Zuma: I want the people of S.Africa to treat me like they treated Nelson .Mandela. Julius Malema: Let us start with 27 …
I have mastered laughter to avoid a tough questions. This is really working on my Favour!! 😃 💆
Zumas lawyers not filing papers in 'spy tapes' case: President Jacob Zuma's lawyers will not be filling their ...
The content of the spy tapes do not warrant the withdrawal of corruption against Jacob Zuma
My name is Siphumelele, not Sipho - By Siphumelele Zondi Last week President Jacob Zuma joked about people who can...
I just think of Mr Jacob Zuma and be motivated:) no matter what happens that man never focuses on the negetive...why should I??
""I, Jacob Zuma, am the leader of the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles..."
Frans Baleni has fallen,now Sdumo Dlamini must fall then Blade Nzimande then Cyril Ramaphosa and then the old man Jacob Zuma will fall
Breaking news: This bribery saga just got worse.SA President Jacob Zuma denies that we even hosted the 2010 world cup
So Itumeleng Khune was demanding an Annual Salary>Jacob Zuma's?
Sepp Blatter is so corrupt he could actually challenge Jacob Zuma if he ran for S.African president, both are world class at being corrupt.
Being South African is embarrasing when you have Jacob Zuma as your president
will 'immediately' fund African projects once it is set up, says South African President Jacob Zuma
South African President & white hating chieftain Jacob Zuma "What's wrong with us?" Look in mirror, Nubian.
South African President Jacob Zuma, the joke that keeps on giving
Pres.t Jacob Zuma has been applying his mind for more than six weeks. In six weeks ungashela, ujole, umithise uhlukanise.
South African President Jacob Zuma to be guest of honor at FLN congress?
Can Mxolisi Nxasana disclose the amount he got from golden handshake with Pres Jacob Zuma...
never I trust Jacob Zuma and da ANC malema cnt be trusted
The South African President, Jacob Zuma, is also live at the Eagles Square .
South African President Jacob Zuma used £215,000 of state money to upgrade his home (swimming pool included obvs). . .
ANC Pres. Jacob Zuma 'is behaving like a court jester’
The most notable (and possibly only) firepool is located at South African President Jacob Zuma's Nkandla compound - Wikipedia. Nuff said.
We must give credit to team behind Pres Jacob Zuma & Sepp Blatter, they can really fool a pool of people. Brotherly Tip: One day is one day
entertainment Photos from SA President Jacob Zuma in Nigeria for inauguration:  Welcome to Nigeria. Mr Pres...
US Secretary of State , Prez. Jacob Zuma, Pres. Ellen Sirleaf are all live at the Nigerian Inauguration
Am very sure Obasanjo was telling Pres Jacob Zuma u did yeye man u no suppose come dis inauguration.😂
After watching that video my goal is to make myself laugh like Pres. Jacob Zuma does himself
Pres of Jacob Zuma fails to pronounce "Probrematising"... Jacob zuma fails via
as far as I know, Pres. Jacob Zuma was anointed as a "Pastor", why he keep joking like this? Maybe he's a pastor of hostels.
just read a piece about how Jacob Zuma (Pres. of South Africa) built himself a $24M mansion, in a nation where 50% live in abject poverty
The EFF stand firmly on their call of asking Pres Jacob Zuma to pay back the money despite being exonerated by the police minister's report
Pres. Jacob Zuma doesn't owe me a cent.
Nhleko: Pres. Jacob Zuma is not liable for his security features. The outstanding security related work should be funded and completed
Are you implying that the minister made he's decision based on he's relationship with government/Pres. Jacob Zuma?
Jacob Zuma: “You can’t sit here and discuss the house of one man. Just a house.”
Jacob Zuma reminds me of emperor Nero who laughed as the roman empire burned, we need to act.
Jacob Zuma: Marikana mine massacre report to be released by end of June by David Smith Africa correspondent via Ne…
sounds a bit like Nathi Mthethwa and Jacob Zuma
President Uhuru Kenyatta on Sunday evening paid a courtesy call to President Jacob Zuma at the official...
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Comedy Central Roast of Jacob Zuma and the roast master is .
when the news reader pulls a Jacob Zuma there with the NSFAS amount lol😂😂😂.
South African President, Jacob Zuma defends his country - 'South Africans are not xenophobic'
International spot: HIV Positive to be branded positive. South African President, Jacob Zuma, has REPORTEDLY...
| | International Criminal Court set to probe Jacob Zuma & Kulu King, Goodwill Zwelithini over
Blade Nzimande and Sidumo Dlamini already on stage. Still waiting for President Jacob Zuma to join them.
Julius Malema must be the next South Africa's president after Jacob Zuma for white to be saved in South Africa.
If South Africa was following viking (pagans) laws, Julius Malema would challenge Jacob Zuma to a death match, winner is the new President
EFF rejects the decision by Jacob Zuma and the Security Cluster to deploy the military into townships http:…
You can write a good novel about Jacob Zuma and the things done by his beloved sons (Edward And Duduzane Zuma)
The annoying part is not only d Zulu King but d endorsement of new ANC Youth Wing led by Gedleyihlekisa Zuma, Jacob Zuma's son
Thabo Mbeki has morals. Jacob Zuma has no morals. The latter must stop with these accusations regarding the former.
Baleka Mbethe's job is to protect Jacob Zuma. Nothing more, nothing less!
If it were white foreigners being attacked you would have seen Jacob Zuma on TV addressing the nation but coz black lives don't matter, wont
We need to read and share this post. It is an open letter to Jacob Zuma by Black South African - Menzi Solomon...
•The way Barack Obama his always with. Michelle on TV, just imagine Jacob Zuma with. Anah, Nothando, Mpumi, Ntombi etc...…
The odd overlap between the industrial strategy of Cecil John Rhodes and Jacob Zuma: my col this week
President Jacob Zuma has assured foreigners including Zimbabweans living in South Africa
President Jacob Zuma's son Edward Zuma, has now called for the blanket removal of all so-called colonial statues.
Interesting read | Black South African man writes to President Jacob Zuma about white genocide
True, Jesus needs no education cos He's the master & wisest of all...“ : Jacob Zuma is more educated than Jesus"
Jacob Zuma is the 5th highest paying President. He
OPEN LETTER TO JACOB ZUMA. I think zuma is giving us all the heads up that we need to work, save our money and...
You hopeless. ": Jacob Zuma is more educated than Jesus"
Netherlands crime is low,prisons are getting empty.Mybe Jacob Zuma should speak to the Pres. Of Netherlands and rent out some prison for RSA
i thank god i aint following you : Jacob Zuma is. more educated than Jesus"""
Ask Mr Shower himself maybe he knows more than meets the eye
New R2 billion VIP jets for ANC Pres Jacob Zuma and his buddy Cabinet
Why does ANC President Jacob Zuma not fly SAA? - Not good enough for him?
VIP Jets or the Poor? Is time for President Jacob Zuma to choose - COPE
Statue of President Jacob Zuma erected on Lion's Head – and quickly destroyed: Pic: http:/…
What insanity is this? "👀 "Please block me "Jacob Zuma is more educated than Jesus"
Great end to a beautiful night of creative brilliance. Jacob Zuma and Minister Nathi Mthethwa
VIDEO Loyiso Gola talks about Jacob Zuma's appearance in parliament
Jacob Zuma again made himself guilty at funeral of Chabane to ask for of whites why silent? http:…
Show Jacob Zuma nude pic, eh he's going to pay back the money and leave Nkandla in seconds."
If you were to meet President Jacob Zuma today what would you ask him and why?
No 'jobs for pals' in government - Zuma President Jacob Zuma has spoken out against municipal officials employing …
Residents cheer as one man says Pres. Jacob Zuma's Nkandla fire pool should be drained to supply water to affected households
Ok Jacob Zuma is the problem. Ever since he became president our national sport teams haven't won anything
Jacob Zuma is nothing but a looser...
"with H.E. Jacob Zuma launching the as we zoom in t…
Julius Malema once said he would die for Jacob Zuma...See this life thing?
South Africa law to ban foreigners from owning land - South African President Jacob Zuma has proposed a law...
Final?? No ntwana. Jacob Zuma needs to pay back the money 1st.
Ever since Jacob Zuma became president we're not won any World Cup. 😂
Our biggest problem is that: Our country has never won a Cup since Jacob Zuma became a president.
I am still waiting for someone to blame Jacob Zuma for the Proteas losing against New Zealand.
As long as Jacob Zuma is president we will not win a trophy
There is this fellow I know, Jacob Zuma...
Mr Zums are you happy good work mr president. You must be the worst president that ever walked the earrth.
Zuma: There is this fellow I know Jacob Zuma. If anything goes wrong it is his fault. Even when someone is falling off a chair. JZ fault.
Has President Jacob Zuma's government done 'a good job'? | Poverty has improved? Really?
Our country never won a cup Ka this Jacob Zuma era
Since Jacob Zuma administration, what cup did South Africa lift?
We fact-checked 12 claims about Jacob Zuma's presidency. Our verdicts ranged from 'correct' to 'nonsense':
Since Jacob Zuma became President the universe has been against us how I miss Madiba Magic protea lost course of Zuma curse
The Jacob Zuma curse. The only SA President, post '94, not to win a WC.
The current President of South Africa does not have matric,Jacob Zuma,education is a key to success isn't it.
Target: Jacob Zuma, President of South Africa. Goal: Stop the genetic engineering of mutant animals who are bred...
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If you think Jacob Zuma is a good man/president then you deserve to be homeless.
Tomorrow (Tuesday) His Excellency President Jacob Zuma will be present and addressing all…
sorry Jacob Zuma is the president of SA
Unity of ANC has to start with the reconciliation between comrades Jacob Zuma and Thabo Mbeki, says
Holomisa says this is part of an agenda to protect President Jacob Zuma.
We all argue about something we don't know hence they say Hilton argued that Jacob Zuma is a president
Cape Town is a beautiful place and , the ANC does not govern it :-) that is something Marius Fransman and Jacob Zuma will have to realize !!
Interesting fact: Thabo Mbeki during the apartheid struggle in Swaziland taught Jacob Zuma how to use a gun.
Jacob Zuma owes RSA R52.9 million for non-security upgrades at his private Nkandla homestead in KZN DA parliamentary leader - Mmusi Maimane
Putin is volatile. Dangerous. Unpredictable. And super smart . What happened to safer options like let's say.. Jacob Zuma?
Tomorrow: Jacob Zuma freud case review initiated by South African opposition resumes -
POTUS wants SA president, Jacob Zuma, to give up nuclear capabilities. Zume to Obama: "What kind of fool do you think I am?"
The World has been laughing at SA since he became president. He has no gravity as or credibility to be taken seriously
I have ZERO respect for President Jacob Zuma.I don't think he has honor, integrity or is even a good leader. 2 m…
No political stunts, no fiction: the reality of Comrade Jacob Zuma’s presidency By
Maybe its time we stop blaming Apartheid or Jacob Zuma or the ANC and start blaming ourselves SA citizens bcause the power its in our hands
Jacob Zuma is the highest paid president. Well, 4th on paper but we all know what's on record is only a fraction of what he really gets.
''You cannot leave a woman if she is already at that stage (of sexual arousal).''. ~ Jacob Zuma. - during his rape trial in 2006. :v :v :v
A South African cabinet minister and ally of President Jacob Zuma who served as the planning chief for Nelson ...
Nkandla is only one of seven residences available to Jacob Zuma. What does the style of Nkandla say about his taste?
The EFF says President Jacob Zuma will first have to answer outstanding oral questions, before replying to new questions tomo…
# MosesKotane This is the tombstone that President Jacob Zuma will unveil later.
Wow. so Jacob Zuma is the fourth highest paid President in the WORLD!!! It means he doesn't owe the state 😱
South Africa: Minister Dies in Car Crash: [President Jacob Zuma has extended his heartf...
Special official funeral for Chabane: Minister in the Presidency Jeff Radebe said President Jacob Zuma was "de...
Radebe says there's no indication of cabinet reshuffle, President Jacob Zuma will decide.
Mr Chabane54 was minister for public service, a member of the governing ANC's national executive committee and a close associate Jacob Zuma.
We all know that some of ANC members wants to respond about Why r the…
President Zuma ignores National Assembly speaker when asked to take a seat Arr…
South Africa: Condolences for Families of Minister, Protectors: President Jacob Zuma has extended his heartfel...
Jacob Zuma: Fit to be a herdsman, not a president | Politics | RDM
MINISTER COLLINS CHABANE DIES IN CAR CRASH. President Jacob Zuma is saddened to announce the untimely death of...
Chinese minister of culture Luo Shugang now reads a letter from president Xi Jinping to President Jacob Zuma
Arts and culture minister Nathi Mthethwa will now read statement on President Jacob Zuma's behalf to China
Someone wrote "don't study Jacob Zuma because you will never graduate" I laughed so hard
Shenge refers to Jacob Zuma, Langalibalele Dube, and Chief Albert Luthuli as monarchist. Jacob Zuma laughs.
What a G "Malema has clearly given up. Jacob Zuma is untouchable.
Jacob Zuma is actually a G. He is no Silvio Berlusconi but imma give homeboy props.
""Jacob Zuma 😒". Let's be honest, he's a G". Lmao no he's just a joke dude. Everything wit him is just nt serios
Jacob Zuma's ability to not react to nonsense is profound.
Jacob Zuma and Baleka Mbethe are the biggest crooks. She's defending the president from answering the questions.
Jacob Zuma chilling like a boss, with his lap dog defending him.
Jacob Zuma "who is the vice president of nigeria ?
Pres. Jacob Zuma calls to all under-aged mothers to hand their children over to the gov't and go.
so Jacob Zuma is the highest paid president in Africa earning 26 times more than an average citizen..Nice!! too nice
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South Africa' President Jacob Zuma speaking live on the death of Nelson Mandela
The problem with the president is,when he is on his own without advisors then we see the true Jacob Zuma.
CJ's account has been hacked by the ANC!! RT"Jacob Zuma is a wonderful president!"
Who are you and where is Christian? "Jacob Zuma is a wonderful president!”
Yes "Jacob Zuma is a wonderful president!"
Jacob Zuma is a wonderful president!
Zuma Repeats Call To Remove Babies From Teen Moms: President Jacob Zuma stirred up trouble again on Tuesday wh...
This guy on says Patrice Motsepe,Jeff Radebe and Jacob Zuma are eating on our behalf,therefore we must march to their houses.
This chap is a nutter.Jacob Zuma finds culprit responsible for Cape Fires
Jacob Zuma proposed a South Africa-inspired African Union(AU) rapid response but refused to sell arms and weapons to CC
I did a Q and A with South African President Jacob Zuma. Read the New York Times, Wall Street Journal, etc tomorrow.
THE PIECE BY PRINCE MASHELE ---> 'Jacob Zuma: Fit to be a herdsman, not a president'.
Pimples suggests that the president ate space cakes. Jacob Zuma: Potting, not plotting? via
The removal of Julius Malema and Floyd Shivambu was meant to protect the survival of Jacob Zuma .
can you please advise your fellow panelist to also call the Statesman 'President Zuma' like you do instead of just 'Jacob Zuma'
Our president's blunders don't surprise me no more. I'm really over the joke that is Jacob Zuma.
Jacob Zuma: Be afraid, be VERY afraid.. What have we done to deserve this vile, corrupt buffoon as SA’s president?
Jacob Zuma playing Candy Crush underneath that table, We know what you doing there Mr President 😂😂
Jacob Zuma is the president RTWhat truth? "Truth RTDare or Truth
South Africa: Jan Van Riebeeck - No Hero, No Villain: President Jacob Zuma's assertion that the problems in So...
WHEN Jacob Zuma became SA’s president in 2009, the country was sliding into a recession caused by the global...
Thabo Mbeki slams Jacob Zuma over brawl in South Africa parliament
if you don't know Winnie Mandela, Thabo Mbeki, Cyril etc they are the ones who financed JUJu Malema to destroy Jacob Zuma!
Sports Minister Fikile Mbalula says an attack on President Jacob Zuma is an attack on ANC WCAPE delegates Outshoorn
Another example of blindness is when people defend South African prez Jacob Zuma, who hides behind race relations and is an actual rapist
If the EFF, or the media, doesn't want Jacob Zuma to be President, they must convince us not to vote for him, which they have failed to do
Thabo Mbeki, Archbishop Desmond Tutu and Helen Zille attended Russel Botman's funeral but Jacob Zuma was at the Durban July. …
Did you know that the South African Executive and the African National Congress is scared of their boss/president , Jacob Zuma?
South Africa's president, Jacob Zuma got a very hostile welcome from parliament members who are from opposition...
Jacob Zuma’s state of the nation speech went horribly wrong: South African President Jacob Zuma delivered the ...
Confirmed that Jacob Zuma to be cast as the villain in next Bond Movie. "Your pockets are not enough" is the working title.
South Africa: Foreigners can no longer own land: South African President Jacob Zuma has announced that foreign...
South African President, Jacob Zuma was forced to deliver the 2015 State of the Nation Address (SONA) amidst controversy on Thursday.
So sad: Red carpets, paparazzi, fistfights and gala dinners? Welcome to Jacob Zuma's address to South Africans.
Julius Malema and his crew going after Jacob Zuma like
Anyone who praises Jacob Zuma for his speech has serious mental issues! I'm a proud South African but J. Zuma is not my president!
Hostile reception for Zuma Cape Town. — South African President Jacob Zuma received a hostile reception when he op…
Petition started to charge South African Pres Jacob Zuma with inciting genocide against white people:
USA, France, China, Russia bidding to support South Africa Nuclear Acquisition Plan as an alternative Energy supply- Jacob Zuma
- Failed leadership of Jacob Zuma and the African National Congress. A sad day - hard to over-estimate the damage he has wrought.
Jacob Zuma our yellow bone president
Julius Malema: . Jacob Zuma: Let those who have not stolen any money cast the first stone. Gayton Mckenzie: LOL. Thug to Thug
Cde's of the beautiful Alliance meet:The ultimate Strategist,the Best politician to serve a troubled SA:Jacob Zuma!
Jacob Zuma is still the president of Republic Of South Africa and that's the people's president. Respect people's choice. 😩
South Africa's Jacob Zuma: A one-man demolition job of democractic institutions
And good singer too,that's all we can say for now.RTAfrica's President,Jacob Zuma is known for his dancing skills.
The is not even mentioning this. :-( "Jacob Zuma ignores damning NPA report (by
The says it may have sold voters empty promises in 2014 & cannot deliver what it pledged under Jacob Zuma.
Jacob Zuma ignores damning NPA report (by
Jacob Zuma is synonymous to "Pathetic", he'll stand there next week & talk about a good story to tell. Jacob o nale sebete
I am waiting for the inquiry into Jacob Zuma's fitness to hold highest office in the country
There's no way I could pay you back but my plan is to show you that I understand - Jacob Zuma
Maybe we should call Jacob Zuma the Demolition Man?
I am really not looking forward to Pres Jacob Zuma 's boring State of the Nation Address today,I wonder what chaos EFF wil be doing today.
Book your seat today to join President Jacob Zuma on 13 Feb as he highlights the SONA & how it impacts people of SA.
To all those ppl who owe Eskom money:- You all as bad as Jacob Zuma!! Money
R4 MILLION & a 255 metre long red carpet will be rolled out for President Jacob State of the Nation Address next week
Does load-shedding affect Jacob (that Zuma chap) and Nkandla? Is he leading by example, with his geyser switched off?
In case you think EFF is being petty and annoying, President Jacob Zuma has stolen more than a Quarter of a Billion,he must
Jacob Zuma ignores damning report on the National Prosecuting Authority. via
So the whole country is anticipating The State of The Nation Address by President Jacob Zuma, many have voiced...
Pres Jacob Zuma names Adv. Nazeer Casseem to chair an inquiry to determine fitness of Mxolisi Nxasana to hold office as NDPP.
President Jacob Zuma has set up an enquiry into NPA boss Mxolisi Nxasana's fitness to hold office.
As long as the road is not changed to Jacob Gedleyehlekisa Zuma i don't have a problem. Zuma must only be honored in his complex.
Jacob Zuma wishes he'd make it to 91 like Mad Bob but the 'slow puncture' and women problems are making him look older than Fi…
Last Grinding Day! 1.Interesting quotes by Jacob Zuma : ‘If it aint about the money’
'Guptas? Never heard of them': A leaked transcript sheds new light on the saga of the family linked to Jacob Zuma…
I'm sure Jacob Zuma is the next victim on Newton's Law of Gravity's list.
South Africa's President Jacob Zuma was given a special award by Fifa for refereeing on Robben Island while he was a p…
Zuma has a bad story to tell: Ahead of elections and President Jacob Zuma's State of the Nation Address, the r...
"Nazeer Cassim, SC, a well-respected lawyer with strong ties to President Jacob Zuma"
How about Jacob Zuma's?"The average person's scalp has 100,000 hairs."
President orders Nxasana inquiry: President Jacob Zuma has established an inquiry to determine the fitness of ...
Breaking: Pres Jacob Zuma is proceeding with a hearing into the fitness of the NDPP, Adv Mxolisi Nxasana. Back in Pikoli…
Thabo Mbeki must stop irritating us with this Selebi nonsense & rather apologise to the nation for giving us loadshedding …
[ WATCH ] This song was sang by Jacob Zuma in front of Obama at Nelson Mandela's funeral.
SA opposition parties look to unseat ANC's Jacob Zuma - But he makes his loyal cadres rich
Want a job? Go to Luthuli house and fill in your application. Jacob Zuma said he promise 6 million jobs last year. Now go, all of you!
If you go to a bookshop to purchase a book, and you see some books with Titles like these: How to look Beautiful/ Handsome by Obasanjo. The Secret of a Successful Marriage by Pastor Chris Oyakhilome. One Wife is Healthy by Jacob Zuma Food that will make you grow tall by Osita Iheme (Pawpaw) My Love for Nigeria by Abubakar Shekau (Boko Haram Leader) Tips on how to get Married by Genevieve Nnaji. Tips on how to win the UEFA CHAMPIONS LEAGUE by Arsene Wenger The Joy of Poverty by Aliko Dangote. How to Use A Condom By Tu-Face Idibia Tips on how to pass your English Language by Patience Jonathan. Best way to Play Football without biting the opponent's Players on the pitch by Suarez How to win a Presidential Election by Atiku Abubakar. How to generate electricity by Nigeria government How to tackle Insurgents by Osama Bin Laden. The Secret of Wisdom. By Akpos. Which of them would you buy? And which one would you like to add to the bookshop?
Angifune kukhuluma ngo joyce meyer or madiba okany jacob zuma quote from the class of 2010 madulini high school.niyakhumbula uthisha owathi empilwen you the greatest spice of your life yes indeed true note this where are you ex classmate manj?bangaki abasathi mnganam today? Well remember this my teacher once said sazobheka umhlaba usilungisela wona
Jacob Zuma inflated his cabinet with lazy bum ministers, why not giving Malamulele residents their municipality?
I think if we want the SA senior soccer team to win, they should consider changing that "Bafana Bafana" name. We have been loosing a lot under that name, so psychologically, we are not free from that effect. if we are called " The Jacob Zuma 11" I don't mind!
Mandela House museum, Soweto Mandela was married three times, fathered six children, had 17 grandchildren,[362][363] and many great-grandchildren.[364] He could be stern and demanding of his children, although he was more affectionate with his grandchildren.[365] His first marriage was to Evelyn Ntoko Mase in October 1944;[61] they divorced after 13 years in 1957 under the multiple strains of his adultery and constant absences, devotion to revolutionary agitation, and the fact that she was a member of the Jehovah's Witnesses, a religion requiring political neutrality.[94] The couple had two sons whom Mandela survived, Madiba "Thembi" Thembekile (1945–1969) and Makgatho Mandela (1950–2005); his first son died in a car crash, and his second son died of AIDS. The couple had two daughters, both named Makaziwe Mandela (born 1947 and 1954); the first died at the age of nine months, the second, known as "Maki", survived Mandela.[366] Makgatho's son, Mandla Mandela, became chief of the Mvezo tribal council in ...
President Jacob Zuma will be promoting South Africa’s National Development Plan for the World Economic Forum meeting:
President Jacob Zuma arrived in Davos-Klosters, Switzerland for the World Economic Forum (WEF) meeting, the presidency said.
Democracy Advocate Initiative South Africa'S Constitutional Court AGREES THAT President Jacob Zuma IS A 'THIEF'. The DA was within its rights when it said in an SMS that President Jacob Zuma had stolen money, the Constitutional Court ruled on Monday. It set aside a ruling by the Electoral Court that an SMS calling Zuma a thief fell short of the test for fair comment. The Constitutional Court set aside the Electoral Court's ruling in favour of the African National Congress, saying the opposition Democratic Alliance did act within its rights when it sent the SMS. In the SMS, sent to over 1.5 million voters in Gauteng last March, the DA said: "The Nkandla report shows how Zuma stole your money to build his R246m home. Vote DA on 7 May to beat corruption. Together for change." Protector’s findings The SMS followed findings by Public Protector Thuli Madonsela that Zuma and his family unduly benefited from some of the R246m spent in security upgrades to his KwaZulu-Natal residence. The ANC went to the High Co ...
Above all: I am an African. Nobody can take this away from me. Not even Jacob Gedleyihlekisa Zuma or the mighty ANC. htt…
" President Zuma has been bestowed with the Order of Saint Mark by the Greek Orthodox Church " so he's now St. Jacob Zuma?? 😳😨😂😦
Jacob Zuma says that this country's problems started when Van Riebeeck came to the Cape in 1652! No Mr President...the Country's problems started when you became President!
Some of Eskom’s former executives have opted to set the record straight after President Jacob Zuma blamed the utility’s woes on apartheid, for the...
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(Gordon) EFF to launch land occupation programmes 2015-01-18 Johannesburg - The EFF in Gauteng would launch a programme to occupy vacant land this year, the party in the province said on Sunday. "Top on our priority list are the land occupation programmes, which will see dispossessed communities taking ownership of vacant land as a means of empowering themselves," the Economic Freedom Fighters' provincial spokesperson Ntobeng Ntobeng said in a statement. The Gauteng provincial command team (PCT) held its first meeting on Saturday. The meeting followed the national people's assembly (NPA) which was held in Bloemfontein in December. The national conference elected the party's top six leaders and 35 additional members to the party's central command team. Among its resolutions, the conference called for the invasion of unoccupied land across the country. The party's commission on land and agrarian reform said those who have lodged land claims should also occupy the claimed land. Ntobeng said the demand for Pr ...
Warning President Jacob Zuma President of the Commission of the African Union arrives. She will dethrone you
The DA was not at fault when it sent an SMS to more than 1.5million potential voters claiming that President Jacob Zuma
The DA welcomes the fact that charges have been withdrawn against Lieutenant Colonel Christine Anderson and Lieutenant Colonel Stefan van Zyl for their alleged role in “Guptagate”. The Minister in the Presidency, Jeff Radebe, who acted as damage-control- officer-in-chief, strategy to make these officials walk-the-plank for the “Guptagate” fiasco has failed. This proves the JCPS Task Team’s investigation was a carefully crafted damage control exercise designed to firewall President Jacob Zuma and his Cabinet from the political fallout generated by “Guptagate”. In the end, the Minister of Defence and Military Veterans, Nosiviwe Mapisa Nqakula, was responsible and should have been fired for the “Guptagate” fiasco.
President Jacob Zuma reportedly said he has heard "sloganeering" that suggests he is avoiding which is false and misleading.
President Jacob Zuma insists that he has never refused to answer questions in
The SACP says it disagrees with a majority ruling of the ConCourt on a DA SMS stating that President Jacob Zuma“stole” taxpayers ’ money.
| President Zuma in Switzerland for WEF - President Jacob Zuma and his wife Mrs Bongi Zuma arriving at t...
is this the real Jacob Zuma? Hopefully so, because I implore you to kick the foreigners who look nothing like you Out!
President Jacob Zuma must just resign. Finish and Klaar...
Jacob Zuma to be charged with Crimes Against Humanity | South Africa Today
to Dj Sabby and crew its like you're Jacob Zuma delivering a speech.ah shutup.
Video | President Jacob Zuma arrives in Davos for the WEF conference
I heard that eskom is exporting electricity...but SA has power outages? Can anyone explain this? Is this the ANC or Jacob Zuma
"The scars of apartheid will still show in our lives for a long time." Jacob Zuma
I'm still waiting for someone to explain to me why government communications sends out news and pics about Jacob Zuma's priv…
South African President Jacob Zuma vowed, recently in Cape Town, at the African National…
"The ANCYL conference that elected Julius Malema as ANCYL President in Mangaung was un-ANC." Jacob Zuma
"The youth must be politically matured.' Jacob Zuma
I'm SICK of Jacob Zuma's constant go at whites every few months. Why can't we co-exist without it having to be at the …
"Malema's behaviour was un-ANC and that's why he was expelled." Jacob Zuma
President Jacob Zuma to present the State of the Nation Address (SoNA) on 12 Feb 2015
refers to the jet chartered by President Jacob Zuma’s friends, the Guptas, that was allowed to land at Waterkloof Airforce base.
Problem is also that ppl are using history as political ammunition, whether it's Jacob Zuma or the FF+.
because Jacob Zuma is the president of South Africa
The Greek Church says it's okay to call Jacob Zuma a Saint; the Constitutional Court says it's okay to call him a thief. T…
BREAKING: Jacob Zuma says Rantie should not be blamed for missing that goal. Zuma says there's only 1 person to blame
That is all in a day's work for the looting leadership of Jacob 'the plunderer' Zuma.
President Jacob Zuma reprimanded by the Commission for Gender Equality for comments about women...
Do you know that Jacob Zuma is President ANC which is a non racial party? Did he phone you and say he doesn't want whites?
Huge Selection of Helmets at Low Prices
Corruption is worse than Apartheid. Jacob Zuma is worse than P.W Botha.
Yeah, *** OFF! “If I was a white investor I would more or less leave now. It's very clear from Jacob Z…
CARTOON: President Jacob Zuma and the ANC's power struggle, by
Never before Jacob Zuma since 94 were races so divided. Think where it comes from and why.
Charges of hate speech, racism, transgression of Human Rights, incitement to genocide against President of SA, Zuma
[ON AIR] Tshepo Ikaneng on President Jacob Zuma has just arrived in Switzerland ahead of the start of the World Economic Forum.
South African President Jacob Zuma receiving the Order of a saint from the Greek orthodox church. Does he deserve it?
Funny that Jacob Zuma was here right before elections. Promising that our cries will be heard.
President Jacob Zuma says he has never refused to answer questions in Parliament HAH…
literally a filthy disgrace - Jacob Zuma should be forced to use that hospital and not the luxury of 1 military
I will neverr. Take aadvice from jacob zuma eveything he touch turn ugly
example, no Judge in Jacob Zuma case ever said there was "a corrupt relationship" the media houses sold newspapers on lies
Jacob Zuma is the country's president and he should respect his office. Julius Malema has nothing to lose that makes him dangerous
President Jacob Zuma is the ultimate rule breaker. -
If Jacob Zuma is going to take on Julius Malema in the media then that's one fight he is not gonna win.
And you people think white people can't be victims of racism... See what Jacob Zuma is doing in SA
Jacob Zuma! For me, you are not South Africa's president but simply a privileged resident. Undeniably more corrupted than any other political leader in the past of RSA, I join Julius Malema and shout, GIVE THE MONEY BACK. Furthermore, your twée randse jokes such as "Western Cape is run by the wrong people and we are the right people" or "The trouble began when Jan van Riebeek arrived" are unacceptable. Madiba would take you to Robben Island for this. His cell could easily be adjusted to your specific needs (how many wifes again lol) and I would persoanlly assist to make it as comfy as possible.. I heard you only completed primary school, not any *** r skool. I think, instead, you went to the *** skool. So go back to school and resign, and open the school books which are not only useful to block doors on windy days. By the way: As an immigrant to South Africa,I had to pay a deposit equivalent to a return flight to Europe. Home Affairs still blocks this money and I would really need it right now. But I b ...
The world's most influential African is not Jacob Zuma, Goodluck Jonathan or Aliko Dangote, argues Brooks Spector: http:…
No individual or group of individual who are not Nigerians should in any way or wise be insulting the person occupying the office of the President of the Federal Republic of Nigeria. Nigeria is bigger than any persons even Jonathan, people must learn to respect that.Jonathan has made mistakes, Julius Malema should allow Nigerians be a judge of that. If South Africa wants to help Nigeria, they should and stop making noise.Since the boko haram plaque, how many positive statement or show of assistance can the South African government point to. Jacob Zuma is busy turning South African into a private property and no Nigerian has ever abuse him for that because we are respecter of office and individuals holding that office. Except Melama wants to use his MP position to do something evidently positive like making sure that South African Government assist the Nigerian government in fighting her foreign enemies and he is doing it in a civil manner, then the young man better shot up his big mouth.has any MP from th ...
"October 6, 2006, the President of the Supreme Court of Appeal, Judge CT Howie, issued the judgment of a full bench that had heard Shaik's appeal on his conviction on corruption and fraud charges - Shaik v The State (1) [2006] SCA 134 (RSA). In the judgment the relationship between Shaik and Zuma was termed a "sustained corrupt relationship", and in another instance referred to "an overriding corrupt relationship that existed between Zuma and Shaik"." du Preez rejects Indy apology over Zuma 'wrecking ball' piece Politicsweb 14 January 2015 Columnist says there was no factual inaccuracy in his claim that a judge said Zuma and Shaik enjoyed a "corrupt relationship" The veteran journalist Max du Preez has publicly rejected an apology issued by Independent Newspapers over a claim he made in a column run by the group late last year. In the column headed, by the Pretoria News, "Zuma - SA's one-man wrecking ball", (December 30 2015), Du Preez stated: "If [Jacob Zuma] had surrounded himself with able ministers a ...
Fortunately or unfortunately, if GMB becomes our next president, he would be a comfortable member of the exclusive Very Old African Leaders' club. Other members of the club would be Robert Mugabe of Zimbabwe (86 years), Abdulai Wade of Senegal (83), Paul Biya of Cameroon (77), Bingu Wa Mtalika of Malawi (76), Ellen Johnson Sirleaf of Liberia (75), Hifikepunye Pohamba of Namibia (74), Algeria's Abdelaziz Bouteflika (74), Rupiah Banda of Zambia (73), Jos? Eduardo Dos Santos of Angola (69), and Jacob Zuma of South Africa (69). The average age of the ten African presidents listed above is 75.6 years Let's compare the ages of these African leaders with the ages of the leaders of the most developed countries. Angela Merkel ( Germany ) age 56, Nicolas Sarkozy ( France ) age 55, Jose Socrates ( Portugal ) age 53, Jens Stoltenberg (Norway), 52, Stephen Harper ( Canada ) age 51, Julia Gillard ( Australia ) age 49, Luis Zapatero ( Spain ) age 49, Barrack Obama ( USA ) age 48, Dimitri Medvedev ( Russia ) age 45, Davi ...
Jacob Zuma donates $40,000 for Zulu Bible translation from original languages. Even siphoned can do good.
Jacob Zuma congratulating Brickz on his establishment of the New Development Bank?
At the turn of the 20th century, US had their own version of a dimwit president like Jacob Zuma in President William McKinley. Empty head.
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