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Jacob Zuma

Jacob Gedleyihlekisa Zuma (born 12 April 1942) is the President of South Africa, elected by parliament following his party's victory in the 2009 general election.

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This Guptas nightmare we are facing, is not only Jacob Zuma's fault, IT IS THE WHOLE ANC THAT IS AT FAULT, not just Gedleyihlekisa!
How dare the ANCWL defend Jacob Zuma; undermining the Public Prosecutor ; Willie Madonsela. Why did they elect her?
So Thabo Mbeki introduced Gupta family to Jacob Zuma, as per allegations ?
So Essop pahad & Thabo Mbeki introduced the Gupta's to Jacob Zuma time will
Bloomberg View: SA will not prosper while Jacob Zuma remains President – Youth Today
'I've been asked to succeed Jacob Zuma as leader of the ANC': Baleka Mbete
Jacob Zuma is going 2 b the 1st ZA former Prez 2 live in exile or prison
South Africa's supreme court orders prez Jacob Zuma to pay back money he used on his private house. In Ghana Kufour upgraded h…
In his closing speech at 52nd Conference 2007, just after receiving a mandate to lead, Jacob Zuma wished all Muslims: "Eid Mubarak".
I want to be like Gandhi.Martin Luther King.john Lennon.Steve Biko and Chris Hani...NOT like Jacob Zuma...just GO
do you think that Jacob Zuma will suffer the same fate as Former Egyptian President Hosni Mubarak?
Speak out against Jacob Zuma and pay the price, warns ANC secretary general Gwede Mantashe
Former Finance Minister Trevor Manuel has now joined the growing chorus of ANC veterans calling for President Jacob Zuma to…
Prof Steven Friedman: To expect a court ruling to end Jacob Zuma's presidency is to misunderstand how constitutional democracy works.
Muammar Gaddadi, Saddam Hussein, Hosni Mubarak, Jacob Zuma. All it will take is time HOW he leaves is up to
The political issue is far beyond & far bigger than Pres. Jacob Zuma, it's about what's best for the country, & I think…
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ANC NWC has accepted Jacob Zuma's apology but Zuma has not accepted King Buyelekhaya Dalindyebo's apology, where are we here?
The England wicket keeper could become legal advisor for Jacob Zuma. Not forthcoming with the truth.
BREAKING NEWS: Jacob Zuma denies having ever met Edward Zuma. Also has never been to
Ostentatious lifestyle of South African prime minister Jacob Zuma demonstrates inherent corruption of capitalist world order.
New York Times' advice to Jacob Zuma: resign. It's time.
The world is watching. Time for South Africa’s Jacob Zuma to Step Down - The New York Times.
Time has come for bringing Jacob Zuma's "corrupt presidency to an end", argues excellent New York Time editorial. https:/…
Pres.Jacob Zuma's son Edward wants investigations into alleged state capture to be expanded so that it doesn't only include t…
I like Nkosazana Dlamini-Zuma. She's a smart hardworking politician. But no way I'm voting for someone who's coming on a Jacob Zuma slate.
Jacob Zuma accused of corruption 'on a grand scale' in South Africa
Interesting read in Daily Maverick of 31/3 - list of comments going back to start of Nkandla crisis by, and defending Jacob Zuma
I'm sure can't wait to name Jacob Zuma and the national assembly the biggest losers on come monday.
Just Waiting for ubaba Jacob Zuma to say " I don't have any recollection of any son called Edward Zuma" https:/…
As the Friends of Jacob Zuma led by Cde. Mavundla we are ready for the invoice from Pravin.
We as the Friends of Jacob Zuma are ready to pay, Pravin please send that invoice.
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DTN South Africa: Zuma calls for greater economic cooperation with Saudi Arabia: President Jacob Zuma has call...
. Sarafina is but one example Nkosazana Dlamini-Zuma is but Jacob Zuma in drag! Poissoness cow to bout! Dynasty in waiting!
ANC President, Jacob Zuma dedicated all his life working for the people of South Africa. At 75+ he is still going
Most corrupt president in the world. Jacob Zuma the President of RSA. A country I use to love.
The President(Jacob Zuma) was smart to attend a stadium filled with Christians. . Christians will always allow u in their house
BULLETNEWS@ Jacob Zuma friends and foes in South Africa's media. President Jacob Zuma generates a lot of bad...
IN CASE YOU MISSED IT: Richard Calland's analysis on who runs South Africa, Jacob Zuma or Pravin Gordhan ---
Umkhonto we Sizwe generals and struggle veterans call for Zuma's resignation: That said, is it just Jacob Zuma...
This is Jacob Zuma, the South African president. But nonetheless, he is a buffoon.
Robert Mugabe fired Joice Mujuru just as Thabo Mbeki fired Jacob Zuma. Tell pple the Truth, it begins with the truth
three resignation letters SA is waiting for. . 1. Jacob Zuma . 2. Steve Komphela . 3. Eric Tinkler
What scary thot? Jacob Zuma & Nkosazana Dlamini will be ANC Pres&Dep respectively in 2017 with Dlamini deployed SA President
Jacob Zuma may be looking for a new country to screw soon.
The must give tribute to the late Chief Luthuli by removing Jacob Zuma. Zuma is a disgrace to our democracy.
Paul Bakibinga will be presenting Focus on Africa: Pressure grows on Jacob Zuma, Malawi mourns singer Grace Chinga. Listen
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1994 - President Mandela & the ANC government started to build a new SA. For the last 5 years Jacob Zuma & the ANC have been destroying it.
Up to now, Jacob Zuma has not challenged the allegations in a Court of Law
I once met a guy at UJ who once told me that The late Oliver Tambo told the ANC at no point in time to allow Jacob Zuma to be president
Nigerians demand compensation from South Africa, over Xenophobia attacks even as S. African President Jacob Zuma .
Why South African president visited Nigeria--pulse. The visit to Nigeria by Jacob Zuma, has been widely acknowle...
Jacob Zuma's wall of defence is falling apart brick by brick. It was Stone Sizani resigning and now Keith Khoza!
Steve Kompela is to what Jacob Zuma is to SA
Can MTN just pay this fine and be done with it, Jacob Zuma will not help you guys. ABUJA – President Mohammadu...
Photos: See how Abubakar received South African president, Jacob Zuma in
al mubarak news How Ali Baba got N2m richer thanks to Jacob Zuma's visit to Nigeria
Jacob Zuma is in Abuja. Lol. . Buhari when he heard Zuma would be coming to Nigeria instead of him going to SA
Jacob Zuma is going to vote for the EFF in the local government elections. Ereng hatshi.
Thomas Sankara: assassinated . Patrice Lemumba: assassinated . Martin L King Jr: assassinated . Jacob Zuma: can someone pls do the honours
DA's David Maynier: President Jacob Zuma is wrecking the economy. We have a choice, save PJZ, or save the economy
"I'd like to thank the mothers of my children." One day Jacob Zuma will say the thing Arthur just said.
Also...David Kau was out there supporting Jacob Zuma during an interview with the SABC.
DR Irvin Khoza and Jacob Zuma's are the same it's like they are born by the same mother all useless
Sports Minister Fikile Mbalula has "no. time" for Jacob Zuma are you 2 thiba ka dibono? Can't wait 2 see
A tough question? Who did you prefer as South Africa's president, Thabo Mbeki or Jacob Zuma?
All the time since the DA got the WC and Jacob Zuma became president.
Jacob Zuma is the worst thing after apartheid. wish he wasn't ANC president. now I won't vote for my party 😢😢😢😢
The only way S.Africans will experience the promise of a better life for all is when Jacob Zuma is no longer the Presiden…
Now that ANC MP's feel betrayed and thrown under the bus by pres Jacob Zuma may they apologize to the South Africans
When compared Jacob Zuma to 'football dribblers like Steve Lekolea and Leo Messi' (it's a good read)
Jacob Zuma ain't going nowhere, Illuminati Jesuit puppet masters still need him there so they can continue raping the countries resources
Jacob Zuma announces sweeping reforms for South Africa - The Globe and Mail: The Globe and Ma...
Jacob Zuma broadcasts sweeping reforms for South Africa
Jacob Zuma announces sweeping reforms for South Africa
South African President Jacob Zuma pledges reform, as lawmakers demand that he resign.
This is no longer a people's parliament, its war zone protecting the chief thief Jacob Zuma. It is a full on police stat…
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Zuma should start his own comic routine and do stand up comedy when he retires... Imagine David Kau and Jacob Zuma headling.
Jacob Zuma. 1 day, 1 trouble but he is still president. Dude is South Africa's most sophisticated politician by a million miles.
Do you think Jacob Zuma will end this year 2016 still as a president of South Africa?
Jacob Zuma will be part of a 5-member AU panel deployed to convince Burundi's president to accept AU peacekeepers
King Dalindyebo was right; Jacob Zuma is just a stupid Zulu boy!
What happened to the ex President of Egypt, president Hosni Mubarak. Must happen to Jacob Zuma aswel. He deserve to be locked
POLITICS: Jacob Zuma, the SA President, is often accused of corruption and lining his own pockets. Just a couple...
How Zweli Mkhize brought Jacob Zuma to his senses | Politics | RDM via
What if Jacob Zuma was a pop star like Michael Jackson? What if George Bush was a reggae artist like Bob Marley? And what is lil kim was...?
Is that SANDF gun we were told to go ask Jacob Zuma about still at Irvin Khoza's dining room as decoration??
Nkosazana Dlamini-Zuma's* credentials are way too vast for you to just refer to her as "Jacob Zuma's ex-wife." 😊☺️ https…
2. Dr. Nkosazana Dlamini-Zuma is the Chairperson of the African Union and NOT the wife of Jacob Zuma!
1. Her name is Dr. Nkosazana Dlamini-Zuma and NOT Wife of Jacob Zuma. You are undermining black women!
Jacob Zuma and his protector da then Minister of police Nathi Mthethwa refused to be interviewed,unembeza uyabashaya
I see Cyril Ramaphosa as the new president of South Africa after Jacob Zuma!
"Jacob Zuma says we must totally 'reject the abuse of drugs'. i.e. He thinks dagga's ok in moderation."
He's still better than South African President Jacob Zuma
The ANC is full of Sex-addicts.Marius Fransman,Tony Yengeni,Jacob Zuma and many more enjoy the services of Pantypreneurs.
At home with the Zumas: Jacob Zuma's ex-wife may end up as South African president herself
The 1st thing I do when I get to work tomorrow is read the Mail & Guardian. That story about Jacob Zuma & Col. Muammar Gaddafi seems spicy.
Whoever that will use Jacob Zuma's head for rituals is rich forever
How is Jacob Zuma's net ball club or sorry I mean “his wives” doing?
Zuma to use 2016 to find out what a hashtag is CAPE TOWN (In Other News) - South African President Jacob Zuma has …
TB Joshua is predicting trouble for a Southern African president between February - April 2016. My gut feeling tells me it's Jacob Zuma
Jacob Zuma had spewed his hate , bring me my machine gun and you bully a woman a silly woman ?
No, it was obviously Zuma's speech on race that triggered it
Am I the only one who can't wait for Jacob Zuma's state of the nation address?
They don't mention vicious caricatures using Jacob Zuma's image with a dog?
don't be a doos by diverting our attention to Jacob Zuma.
id rather listen to Jacob zuma than Gareth cliff
I stole the main man Jacob Zuma though
Nobody is allowed to steal Jacob Zuma from me please 👌🏼
. Would be unfair not to acknowledge that Zuma gave this speech 10 days ago.
Has a monkey im going to give my vote to ANC even that march for Jacob Zuma must fall on reconciliation day whites where meant something.
To all the jobless, hungry children & homeless families in SA, President Jacob Zuma would like to wish you a
Jacob Zuma blames Christianity for Africa's problems - TheSouthAfrican
Jacob Zuma blames Christianity for Africa’s problems via
So, he's using religion to justify the post 1994 government's failures!
Jacob Zuma blames Christianity for Africa’s problems No jokes folks; the man who said that the ANC will rule until…
Jacob Zuma blames Christianity for Africa’s problems |
Jacob Zuma,Steve Harvey and the latest addition to the *** Club...Penny Sparrow
Jacob Zuma blames Christianity for Africa’s problems
This site is reporting on something Zuma said in 2011 as something he said yesterday...
Does the president write his own speeches?
blames for Africa's problems... really.
Both Nelson Mandela and Jacob zuma has given whites a special privilege which sometimes they fail to control.jus like this penny sparrow
SA has one ill. Gupta-fever. It started with Jacob Zuma and quickly spread to all greedy crooks.
Jacob Zuma 'fathers 20th child with friend's daughter'
various factions inside the ANC, it has just been bad luck that the most pro-Communistic faction under Jacob Zuma has been
believes that Jacob should be prosecuted and jailed like King
Jacob Zuma and the president dey fight "Wetin happen?"What a time to be alive in this SA.. what a time!""
And I suppose Jacob Zuma is our Caesar amongst us monkeys
Dr Credo Mutwa is still waiting for Jacob Zuma to come and see him. Maybe we wouldn't be
Blaming apartheid for why our country is in such a mess ... via
please report Julius Malema and Jacob Zuma for their racism as well.
Love Your FB Post . No, I think that one belongs to Jacob Zuma, SA
In protest against a destructive & corrupt ANC, these 2 links will be posted on ANC feeds.
South Africa has had three finance ministers in less than a week
Cope wants Zuma treated like king: The presidency has rejected claims by Cope that President Jacob Zuma ought to…
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People who are two faced are the reason why Jacob Zuma thinks his jokes are funny and that he is the best thing...
If caveman did that Martin. Evolution would have been advanced. Jacob Zuma would have not been our president.
if his excellency, President Jacob Zuma wants to atone for the last 6 years he must declare January a 20 day month.
South Africa's President, Jacob Zuma once declared that the ANC would rule South Africa until Jesus comes back.
"The South African Rand has lost 40% of its value against the US Dollar, since Jacob Zuma assumed office as President on May…
my prez cde Jacob Zuma can read figures, period n I ain't proud of having a 3rd grader as prez either
To all of you you have been fooled by the Jacob Zuma - Pravin Gordhan "About turn" I have something …
Will the real stand up behind Jacob Zuma's decisions then look no further than this article by
Leon Schuster is worse for this country than Jacob Zuma will ever be
Former South African president says Jacob Zuma must explain events of past two weeks that left economy in tatters
Questions over Secrecy in nuclear deal signed in 2013 by Ben Martins, what exactly is Jacob Zuma hiding?
If you work for Jacob Zuma, don't tell him he's wrong
South Africa misses you a lot especially our President Jacob Zuma ever since you left he has lost a few kilos vi…
he sounds just as 'dumb' as our President Jacob Zuma!!
Jacob Zuma is the first President in Democratic South Africa publicly called upon to resign.
Jacob Zuma: How South Africa turned on its President - The Independent
The ANC rejects the call to have President Jacob Zuma removed from office
At the rate this "Breaking News" is happening u'll be telling us Jacob Zuma has just been inaugurated SA President afta TM
Let's be clear. No matter how disappointed you are in President Jacob Zuma, you have no right to treat him like a dog (1/2)
That akward moment when President Jacob Zuma tells the matric students waiting for their final results "I know what you're going through"...
Opinion: Why South Africa's Jacob Zuma is now lame duck -
I thought Jacob Zuma would make a great president
Ladies and Gentlemen, i give you the President of South Africa, Jacob Zuma... 😂 😂 😂 😂
Hypothetically suppose President Jacob Zuma write a political biography about his life just wondering how many South African will buy it.
Steve Harvey just announced: Jacob Zuma is stepping down as president of SA, His replacement will be Steve Hofmeyer with Juju as deputy.
I liked a video from Jacob Zuma: The Worst President Ever.
Guys, how did Jacob Zuma become the President of South Africa?
Opinion: Why South Africa's Jacob Zuma has turned into a lame duck president
it is our democratical right as South Africans to say we are not in favour of Jacob Zuma black or white
Thanks to the infinite, almighty, omniscient genius of Messrs Malusi Gigaba & Jacob Zuma:
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[South Africa]. Steve Harvey: "Folks, I have to apologise. Your President is actually Helen Zille and not Jacob Zuma."
Jacob Zuma believes Africa is the world's biggest continent. It is not
Allegedly. But let's have it: Joe Modise; and presidents Jacob Zuma and Thabo Mbeki. Between the two, one of them.
'Jacob Zuma must close his eyes forever and disappear' Adv Dali Mpofu on
UDM Leader Bantu Holomisa say Jacob Zuma has lost control and should be recalled with immediate effect
tells the story of why Jacob Zuma is the worst ANC President since John Dube.
National Executive Committee - ANC: We call on you to recall Jacob Zuma as president of South Africa.
Malawi has Peter Mutharika, South Africa has Jacob Zuma. Who must retire first?
Strip your hate & prejudice on the person of Jacob Zuma for once, and just think freely, openly. Strip racism & classist beh…
We are stuck with Jacob Zuma. A new column by ISMAIL LAGARDIEN
Jimmy Manyi's use of the constitutional prerogative of the President on to posit that Jacob Zuma can do no wrong is worrisome.
A petition for Jacob Zuma to step down currently has gathered 12 000 signatures in 4 hours. It needs 15 000 signees to endors…
I neva saw a useless president like Jacob Zuma. He doesn't care about the future of this country at all
The reality is Gwede Mantashe owes his existence to Jacob Zuma, hence his silence on his endless shenanigans
I've been saying for some time now in several articles that Jacob Zuma was and still is wholly unsuitable to be President of South Africa.
Jacob Zuma, South African president, to launch annual campaign to fight and
South Africa and the Terrible Tragedy of the ANC: President  Jacob Zuma [pictured left] is not a fool. He m...
ANC wants to topple Hellen Zille,they must lead by example by toppling Jacob Zuma,
South Africa’s President, Jacob Zuma, was in the same political prison as Nelson Mandela.
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