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Jacob Zuma

Jacob Gedleyihlekisa Zuma (born 12 April 1942) is the President of South Africa, elected by parliament following his party's victory in the 2009 general election.

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Jacob Zuma needs to be removd frm bein president,and appoint a new person,and I raisegreat soul he is!
Nelson Mandela was born in July we have Mandela day Thabo Mbheki was born in June we have youth day Our President Jacob Zuma was born in April,he's a fool that's why we have
I'm just saying if Jacob Zuma wasn't president maybe Oscar wasn't going to pull the trigger
Is our President Jacob Zuma really stepping down? :D
Anything is possible. Jacob Zuma could be president, Miley Cyrus could twerk. U know. Anything is possible
Where the president (Jacob Zuma) has nine wives, been accused of rape(admitted to sleeping with a friends daught...
It's not the Election Day Comrades, these are the students flocking to Bhekuzulu hall to the ANC President Jacob Zuma delivering a lecture on 20 years on democracy
J START EACH DAY WITH A POSITIVE OUTLOOK 1. Open a new file on your computer. 2. Save it as "Jacob Zuma". 3. Send it to the Recycle Bin. 4. Empty the Recycle Bin. 5. Your PC will ask you: "Do you really want to get rid of 'JacobZuma'?" 6. Click "Yes". Feel good? Tomorrow we'll do Julius Malema.
Attending a Public Lecture. President Jacob Zuma is about to arrive. Follow me
The day Jacob Zuma wil step down as the president of the ANC wil have a real & beautiful story to tell
To protect the event of the President Jacob Zuma
WHY YOUTH HATE ZUMA IN SA! WHERE DID HE/ JACOD ZUMA DIG THE 10 MILLIOM RAND HE DONATED TO NAMIBIAN GOVERNMENT? HE USED THE ANC MONEY TO PAY THE NAMIBIAN FOR THE 29YEARS NAMIBIAN LADY HE WILL MARRY THIS YEAR! WE NEED OUR TAX MONEY!Said youth in SA!!! Youth in South Africa are angry at the Ruling Party ANC President Jacob Zuma for failing to deliver what he promised to the nation, but he instead just concentrating on enriching himself, getting marrying and divorcing for times now un his life. WHAT TYPE OF LEADER IS THIS. Aftr 20years of SA indepedence now, youth in that country have no more hope for voting the ANC. WE NEED CHANGE IN AFRICA! LETS MAKE AFRICA A BEST CONTINENT! The EFF CIC and presidential Candidate comrade Julius Sello Malema was the prsident of the ANCYL in South Africa but now he s hving a new party called EFF(economic freedom fighter). His party is a threat to the rulling party. Youth in South Africa are following Julius Malema and they are ready for voting the EFF for julius. WE NEED FEA ...
I hope Jacob Zuma is not watching the Oscar Pistorius court proceedings today, as Barry Roux asks Oscar what "what's does Boo means"?
The South African President, Jacob Zuma, is at the Western Cape High court to show support for accused Shrien...
Boitumelo tsatsi wrote : ::Nelson Mandela is on the notes ::Jacob Zuma is always on the newspaper ::why nt complete the cycle and put Julius Malema on the Toilet paper :-P :-P
All comrades , students and community , this is to announce the lecture that will be presented by our President Jacob Zuma @ 13h00 , comrades and leadership of the PYA structures please avail yourself for mobilization @ Khulekani Mhlongo square @ 11h00 sharp
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Well Done ANC voters and Jacob Zuma, Nigeria has surpassed our Economy... South Africa is going straight to Poverty... Can I. Have relatives in Nigeria ?.
Julias Malema the leader of Economic Freedom Fighters on about ANC.. "The real African National Congress was buried with Nelson Mandela, now its just Jacob Zuma's African National Criminal"
Translate the following Ndebele question into proper english question please "Ubaba unomzana Jacob Zuma ngumthungameli wesingaki e South Africa?" No answers,lingaphenduli kodwa just translate the question to english .Thank you in advance
Guys pls tell me, is Jacob Zuma related to Roger de Sa? Both managed to destroy very strong and powerful institutions in a very short space of time. Zuma the ANC and Roger Orlando Pirates.
''Jacob Zuma must come and be a new coach for Orlando Pirates'' lolest ndo sea
We must rebel against Jacob Zuma before he destroys this beautiful country. should also be taken from him by the s…
Zwelinzima Vavi is back! Lol I can envision a conversation between Jacob Zuma and Gwede Mantashe. Gwede: comrade, Vavi is back. Things are gonna get worse. Zuma: eish, this boy is so hard to get rid of. What is our plan B again?
It shocks me to see how ppl of South Africa are still blind and seeing whats happening around them or foresee whats coming.Asiyeke ukuzikhohlisa.Many of us placed loyalty to the ANC and voted for Jacob Zuma to be our President and Zuma is not delivering hai makehle!These diehard ANC fans need to grow up.
Jacob Zuma is now bigger than the ANC! The ANC, throughout its history, has always maintained that there is no individual that is bigger than the ANC. This means that the ANC could afford to let go of leaders that are no longer fit for purpose. It means that no individual should ever feel that he or she is indispensable. This is an important doctrine for any movement, so that the movement never finds itself hamstrung by one person or a cabal of a few members. In order for individuals not to be bigger than the movement, the ANC had to ensure that it had functioning mechanisms of accountability, robust and frank dialogue, as well as a steady compass of morality and integrity. These seem to be absent from the party today and Zuma escapes and evades accounting to the organisation he leads. He has become more than a leader, he is a ruler in the ANC and therefore I contend that Zuma has become bigger than the ANC. While Nelson Mandela – given his idolised stature – may have felt justified to believe that he ...
I am very amused at the ANC going to court to ask the court to stop the DA peddling what it calls propaganda over Nkandla and its leader Jacob Zuma. Yet the ANC itself has for all these years been thriving almost exclusively on propaganda. Now, let's couple of yarns the ANC has spun us and got most of us to believe to be true. The ANC dismantled the inhumane apartheid laws and gave us our dignity back. The truth is that whole or the main Sections of the Pass Laws, the Separate Amenities Act, the Inter-Racial Act and the Group Areas Act were repealed before 1990 by the apartheid regime itself. This after negotiations with Nelson Mandela, who was at that stage no longer an ANC member, in prison, as well as the white business, white academics and professionals and Bantustan leaders. Ja, Mangope included. Ne o reng? What happened here is that the apartheid regime sent Afrikaaner businessmen and academics to ask the ANC in exile to start negotiations. The paranoid ANC, led by Thabo Mbeki, dilly dallied not bel ...
at this moment I would like us to look at the ANC. *TOPIC: JACOB ZUMA IS NOT GOOD IN HIS PRESIDENCY. Personally i love ANC, and yes indeed it is the leading party in South Africa, but Im not impressed about the President Jacob Zuma, I think he is not good enough in his presidency... Nothing impressing about him, he doesnt have an art of speaking, he is not brave, even his voice tone when adressing his speeches, he sounds like he is not sure of what he is saying. Look at some great leaders... *Martin Luther King *Rudolph Hittler *Nelson Mandela *George W Bush *Barack Obama *Robert Mugabe etc They all have famous qoutes, because they are/were brave, they have that art, that makes you get interest to listen to them and follow them, the brave men indeed. So what about our president, from 2009? What reminds indivisual South African about him... "mshini wami" what was that mshini for? I think we need new president, with leadership capability in order to vote ANC again in the next elections. Well it is my opinio ...
Robert Mugabe was so much amazed after he saw kibaki retiring at a very young age.and Jacob Zuma didn't believe when he was told uhuru kenyatta had anly one wife!!!
EU-Africa summit to promote peace and investment kicks off. Presidents and prime ministers from Europe and Africa gathered in Brussels on Wednesday for an EU-Africa summit designed to promote peace and investment on the world’s poorest continent. But cracks emerged even before the conference got underway, with some African leaders, including Zimbabwe’s Robert Mugabe and South Africa’s Jacob Zuma, deciding not to attend following a dispute over the invitation list. Mugabe, now 90 and the president of Zimbabwe since 1987, stayed away because his wife, Grace, was not invited. Both Mugabe and his wife are subject to travel bans under EU sanctions following the government’s crackdown on political opponents, but the European Union routinely waives those restrictions to allow Mugabe to attend international meetings. In this case, EU officials said Grace had not been invited because no spouses were attending the summit, which already counts 65 heads of state and government and around 20 secretaries-genera ...
Jacob Zuma should never go on the BBC's Hard Talk. It won't go well for him.The only worse fate is batting to Gerrie Nel's cross-examination
Pres. Jacob Zuma aka JR Ewing had security upgrades to his Nkandla aka South fork Homestead to the tune of R246m. Just imagine how many RDP houses they could have build for homeless, or how many police officers they could have employ to patrol gang hot spots on Cape Flats or how many dr's or nurses they could have employ to improve health care. President Zuma and all those ministers who cover up Nkandla spending should be fired. This is abuse of power.
Jacob Zuma will be remembered in S Africa as Robert Mugabe will be remembered in Zimbabwe.
4 African Presidents missing EU-AU Summit in Brussels.Robert Mugabe, Jacob Zuma,Omar Al Bashir of and Isaias Afwerki of Eritrea. failed!
I foresee a short year ahead with Jacob Zuma n his Thuli Madonsela , Barry Roux n his Oscar Pistorius lol n judge Gerrie nel can't believe its april already
If Man U don't score another goal before this game is over,then David Moyes can go in his moer & take Jacob Zuma with him! Just Foff
Why is it that if you pass comment on the Oscar Pistorius trial or people post jokes about it, people respond: "don't judge" but if people pass comment on Jacob Zuma or post jokes about Nkandla its ok to 'judge'. Me thinks people have double standards.
I feel like I never left... The Malaysian plane is still missing. Jacob Zuma still won't take responsibility for the Nkadla millions. Has Oscar Pistorius changed his plea on at least one of the charges against him?
Read all about it! President Jacob Zuma is writing a book! (My Tuesday column) There is, after all, an honest way for Jacob Zuma to earn the millions of rand that he’s supposed to pay back after benefiting from the Nkandla “upgrade”: he can write the Ultimate Guide to Political Survival, a book that politicians worldwide would surely snap up. I’m offering to be his ghostwriter. In the wake of the book’s runaway success I’ll help my president produce a reality TV series called Survivor Nkandla. Here, in advance, a few key points that should guide politicians who don’t want to lose power but know they’re not going to survive on leadership qualities and delivery. The first key is to make sure you have a strong, blindly loyal primary constituency, preferably a language, regional or cultural group with a sense of adhesion. Establish the understanding among this group that they have power through you. Wear their traditional costume as often as you can, practice their cultural traditions and remi ...
Breaking news 1. Jacob Zuma has resigned as president of SA with immediate effect. 2. Oscar Pistorius charges has been dropped bcoz lack of evidence. 3.Isibaya is now going to play on Sabc 1 4.Sompisi to join Isibaya as Ndlovu's father. 5.Kaizer Chiefs has qualified for CAF coz AS VITA wer playn wit players on suspension. 6.World cup cumn 2 SA coz brazil stadiums arnt complete.
All of us (South Africans) envy all of him (Jacob Zuma) . R200Million house is just awesome!
Ask South African dictator and criminal Jacob Zuma of the terrorist ANC organisation to pay back immediately
Can you imagine Jacob Zuma as Finance Minister? Only concern how did happen under Trevor Manuel and Pravin Gordham?
I have been awake since 03h00 because of 2 issues that have upset me tremendously. In one of these issues l will need many peoples assistance. After reading this post and if you are willing to help your Country and support Thuli Madonsela's Nkandla report, please e-mail me your e-mail address to malindam0 1. As a Nation of which 85% are desperately unhappy with the arrogant behaviour of Jacob Zuma after the release of the Nkandla Report, we cannot take his lies, stealing and criminal behaviour laying down. I am gonna start an e-mail petition and once we have 1 million replies l will open a case of The People versus Jacob Zuma. This petition is independant and belongs to no political party. Will explain everything in my e-mail. Together we can make a difference. Thank you.
Jacob Zuma and Robert Mugabe By Alex Bell SW Radio Africa 31 March 2014 South African President Jacob Zuma has made a last minute decision not to attend this week?s
Kanti who is the president of South Africa, Jacob Zuma or Gwede Mantashe?
The country's income statement seems to be accumulating liabilities on the credit side with zero balance on the debit side. The current account is on deficit with the petrol price increasing daily, what went wrong? The Institute for Accountability in Southern Afria has lodged an official objection to Jacob Zuma's candidacy for presidency in the May elections. Thabo Mbeki where are your leader?
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An open letter to comrade Jacob Zuma, by Marion Sparg Dear Comrade JZ I write to you on Human Rights Day shortly before we celebrate the 20th anniversary of our democracy. I write to you not as the president either of the ANC or of South Africa, but as a comrade. I met you in exile a long time ago. I know you as someone who loves the ANC dearly and who has made an enormous contribution to the struggle for freedom in our country. I also know you as someone who loves nothing more than to work in our organisation at ground level. One of my dearest memories of you is an image I have of you in exile sitting in a house in Lusaka, Zambia, with a group of young comrades sitting around you on the floor while you entertained them with stories from KwaZulu-Natal. I have no doubt most of these stories were a combination of fact and fiction. That most of them included fact made them all the more powerful. And the fact that they contained fiction of course made them riveting. Each of them contained a powerful lesson. Y ...
The Oscar Pistorius case: the defence enters a pic of Oscar n Reeva kissing that has me thing 'to prove what'???: speaking from ashes Reeva had already said 'she was 90% happy with Oscar, and secondly I personally wonder if in this time and age photographic pix can still be entered as evidence in court trials seeing they get sooo manufactured??: take Jacob Zuma dorning the EFF regalia for intance, has that ever happened in real life???. Noope!!!.
All statement I want to hear from the ANC NEC is the following:"Jacob Zuma is recalled and investigated, Thabo Mbeki president until 7 May"
When Thabo Mbeki left and Jacob Zuma took over Doller = R6 - R7 Uero = R9 - R11 Pound = R13 - R14 5 years later only one term of Jacob Zuma Doller = R10 Uero = R15 Pound = R17 - R19 mhmm i wonder wat will it be in da next cuming five years if nisanika lo Zuma
7 of the worst: ANC quotes 2014-03-27 05:30 Bloemfontein - Here's taking a look back at some of the most controversial statements made by key figures in the ruling African National Congress. 1 Quote “We’ve been standing here for 26 seconds and nobody has been raped.” Context Said on 2 February 2000 by the late minister of safety and security, Steve Tshwete, and former minister of justice and constitutional development, Penuell Maduna. The two were speaking on the American television program ’60 minutes’, during a CBS broadcast, and commenting on the statistic that one person is raped in South Africa every 26 seconds, something they clearly thought they had disproved using their own special kind of logic. 2 Quote “[The ANC is] more important” than the Constitution. “No political force can destroy the ANC – it is only the ANC that can destroy itself… “[the Constitution is only there] to regulate matters.” Context Said by then-ANC national chairperson Jacob Zuma, during an address to ...
Who do u thnk ANC wil use his presence on the ballot paper ,Kgalema Motlanthe ,Jackson Mthembu ,Paul mashatile ,Thabo Mbeki n Jacob Zuma
I never imagined that Thuli Madonsela can be so stupid right in the middle of parliamentary dissolve towards National Elections then she act as a drag queen these is not Nkandla its not a Samba Dance just for your advice. these Public Protector does things for the purpose of self-expression, performing and entertaining some sections of people look who are audience in these matter Thabo Mbeki, Kgalema Motlanthe, Desmond Tutu and opposition parties to the ANC all the Anti - Jacob Zuma faction lets see if she will entertain for long.
ANC members chose Jacob Zuma over Thabo Mbeki, and ANC members Chose Jacob Zuma over Kgalema Motlanthe- if South Africans chose Jacob Zuma come 7th of May national elections than they deserve everything that is coming to them. Some of us will comfort our selves with prayer and supplication
Premier movie tonight at Ster Kinekor: Starring Jacob Zuma, Julius Malema and Oscar Pistorius: By public demand: Name of Movie: Two and a half men!!!
Zuma has disappointed SA - Moodey ‘Under ANC President Jacob Zuma's leadership, South Africa has become a ban...
Top three news in SA now,Jacob Zuma vs nkandla ,Oscar Pistorius vs R.Steenkamp an last amcu strike vs Angloplatinum belt ahead of elections-morning ditsala.
In a letter to ANC secretary general Gwede Mantashe, the institute said the Public Protector's findings that Zuma had unduly benefited from state-funded work on his private Nkandla homestead in KwaZulu-Natal, and the shadow of corruption charges linked to the 1999 arms deal, made Zuma unfit for the post. "We would urge you and your colleagues on the national executive committee [NEC] of the ANC to reconsider the implications of persisting with JZ [Jacob Zuma] as your presidential candidate in the forthcoming elections and to give serious attention to recalling him as presidential candidate if he does not opt to voluntarily resign," the institute's director Paul Hoffman wrote.
S.A is planning to make a movie with Julius Malema, Jacob Zuma & Oscar's called " Two and a half Men"..
Have u notice this days the popular celebrities that we see on TV,listen on Radio and read on newspapers are as follows: Jacob Zuma,Thuli Madonsela and Oscar Pistorius
Guys justice mst be done no matter who are yu! De ANC womans league have been giving sapport to dose who have been offended, Thuli Madonsela was busy investigating de Inkandla saga against Jacob Zuma bt dey neva gave dat sapport to Thuli!!! Oscar Piestorious murderd his fiancee Reeva Steenkamp of wich I think Reeva maybe wasn't a member of ANC but dey were busy giving deir sapport to Reevas Family!!!Is der any Justice to all?
Listening to Thuli Madonsela's report & asking myself how ANYONE could vote for a party that has Jacob Zuma as its leader…
Jacob Zuma said 'you cana apply any kind of lotion and straighten your hair,you will never be white".gabotse president obe aera mang Thuli Madonsela or basadi ka moka?
And then they were yellow ANC Ts written, "Hands off our President Jacob Zuma" :p, Syabonga Thuli Madonsela
Reason so many South Africans are angry with Jacob Zuma is because they don't get enough *** Don't know what the women's problem is.
Poem - 'My President': iLIVE HomeiLIVEArticle Zuma worst South African president ever: iLIVE Ann -Marie McCormack, London | 19 August, 2011 13:43 President Jacob Zuma. File photo. Image by: SYDNEY SESHIBEDI / The Times SAVE & SHARE 0 inShare EMAILPRINT I read with interest your article on Jacob Zuma and congratulate you on an excellent article. This man is the worst kind of person ever to sit as President of South Africa. He has shown no leadership whatsoever and it seems his knowledge of the English language is very sparse. He seems to have done great damage to South Africa inasmuch as we are not looked on favourably by the rest of the world because South Africa has become another corrupt nation. I live in London and cringe sometimes when Zuma's name is brought up as he really has no standing in politics. Further his closeness to the ANC Youth League means that he cannot control them as they do not respect him. Who does in any event. It is really time to look around to ensure that a new President with .. ...
After the investigation into Julius Malema, Jacob Zuma and Oscar Pistorius the SABC want to do a series called two and a half men.
The best decision made by the speaker of the National Assembly (Parliment) defending the ends of justices and the the Chapter 9 institution (Public Protector's office). Max Sisulu (the son of Walter Sisulu) whom serves as the speaker of the National Assembly of South Africa will appoint an Ad Hoc Commitee that will decide wether to recall (or fire) Jacob Zuma as the president of the Republic the Parlimentry Chief Whip of the ANC has failed on attempts to stop the motion, Zuma is given 14 days to study the P.P report on then reply to parliment and Mbheki's comment was very well welcomed as he said "the corruptional problem within the goverment and ruling party is way beyond than what meets the eye". Its days like these where we remember the words of honourable former president Dr Nelson R Mandela "If the ANC does to you what the apartheid goverment did to you, then you must do to the ANC what you did to the apartheid goverment". As the goverment of today under Jacob Zuma when people protest asking for wate ...
My problems are more biger than Jacob Zuma and Nathi Mthethwa so please do not overload me with more.
In Zaire we had Mobutu Sese Seko in South Africa we have Jacob Zuma as president of their respective countries share something in common.
ANC in RSA will never be Nelson Mandela, Jacob Zuma or Ace Magashule...thats why leaders come and go in the ANC but the ANC remain the ANC..Thats why the ANC is 102 years because its not about any individual.Its like when people say its only Nelson Mandela,Nelson Mandela was born after the ANC,The ANC 1912,Nelson Mandela 1918.
Thulas Nxesi, Jeff Radebe, Jacob Zuma, Nathi Mthethwa and Siyabonga Cwele should all be charged if there is enough evidence, not just Zuma
ANC Women's League Women are Liars and buttkissers. Now they want justice for Reeva Steenkamp, but they were supporting Jacob Zuma when he Raped a Woman in 2008/09. To *** with them
India has an 81 year old leader, they are one of the fastest developing Countries in the World. While a 55 year old man is messing up our Country. Some current World leaders and their ages: 1. Manmohan Singh, Prime Minister of India, 81 years 2. Karolos Papoulias, Prez of Greece is 84 years 3. Paul Biya of Cameroon is 81 4. Shimon Peres Prez of Israel 90 years 5. Hifikepunye Pohamba of Namibia 79 6. Algeria's Abdelaziz Bouteflika 77 7. Rupiah Banda of Zambia 77) 8. Eduardo Dos Santos of Angola 72 9. Jacob Zuma of South Africa 72 10. Alassane Ouattara, Prez of CIV. Age: 72 11. Ellen Johnson Sirleaf, Prez of Liberia. Age: 75
It is time for civil society to play hardball with Jacob Zuma (my Tuesday column) I put it to you, Mr President, you did in fact lie to Parliament. Telling a fib or two while electioneering or through one’s spin-doctor is one thing. Standing up –more than once – in the highest policy making body in the land, the chamber where those people we citizens had elected to be our voice meet, and telling untruths is close to the worst political sin. In 1979 state president John Vorster had to resign in disgrace after he was found to have lied to parliament about not knowing about the taxpayer money spent by the Department of Information. Even the ruling party and government during apartheid days regarded this as a mortal sin. I know Public Protector Thuli Madonsela found that Jacob Zuma had not “willfully” lied to parliament. I think she blinked, or perhaps she decided to put that in so as not to push the ANC and government over the edge in their reaction to her report. Because from the rest of her repor ...
Jacob Zuma's nephew,Khulubuse,is the cause of global warming. The planet is overheating trying to move with him on it. featured in NBC s Science of Love
Jacob Zuma is the kim kardashian of SA.
Julius Malema vs Jacob Zuma in so called bringing the ANC into disrepute 24 March 2014, 10:12 1. Tribalism In 2007 during your fight with Mbeki, you labelled yourself 100% Zulu boy. To me this is one of the things that brought high level of tribalism in the ANC. Even as watched the so called ANCYL media briefing about Nkandla report, I saw a group of Zulu boys (Masina, Mzobe and the other guy who I’m sure is a Zulu) defending one of their own over Nkandla issue. You are the cause of a divided ANC over tribal lines. You are not a leader at all as you always fail to call people to order like Malema and Mandela would do. When the so called ancyl was trying to defend you, they said it took PP 5 years to bring you to book and they fail to see that it took you 9 months to respond to her initial finding…they think they are smart and voters are fools. How can someone in a shack vote for an *** who build a palace worth R240 million? JULIUS NEVER DONE THAT. RISE EFF RISE. 2. Guptas at National key point I’m . ...
Can't wait for the day when we will be honouring the Presidents, ranging from Nelson Mandela, who couldn't tell a lie, to Thabo Mbeki, who couldn't tell the truth, to Jacob Zuma, who couldn't tell the difference.
Jacob Zuma's controversial life. 1. He was accused of rape in 2006, it turned out the lady agreed to sleep with zuma. Zuma ddnt use protection and the lady was said to be HIV +ve(i don't remember if that was just a rumour or fact), zuma took a shower after sleeping with her LOL, what does taking a shower have to do with sleeping with an HIV positive woman, perhaps he thought he could shower HIV away. 2.Zuma was impilicated in the arms deal worth over R170 million 3.Zuma impregnated Irvin khoza's daughter. Iam not sure if he ended up marryin her. 4. Zuma spent nearly R246 million on his home stead, and he claims he cares deeply for the impoverished. 5. Zuma allowed the Guptas to land at waterkloof. And then he claimed that he hardly has any relationship what so ever with Guptas. Lol, what else has Zuma done? Yohhh the guy is controversial he should step down now.
So the Nuclear Summit road restrictions are in place and Police motorbikes doing their thang. Jacob Zuma arrived this afternoon in Wassenaar - or at least we think it was him. SA1 number plate the only clue. To all our South African friends we were cursing him on your behalf.
This never made the papers - but is should have: Under your watch, Mr President... - Mangosuthu Buthelezi Mangosuthu Buthelezi 18 February 2014 IFP leader says Jacob Zuma has reduced the ANC to a caricature of its former self ADDRESS BY PRINCE Mangosuthu Buthelezi MP, PRESIDENT OF THE INKATHA FREEDOM PARTY, IN THE DEBATE ON THE 2014 STATE OF THE NATION ADDRESS, NATIONAL ASSEMBLY, February 18 2014 Honourable Speaker; Your Excellency the President; Your Excellency the Deputy President; Honourable Ministers; Honourable Deputy Ministers; Honourable Members This year, as I rise to this podium, I do so with a keen awareness of the absence of the Honourable Mr Ben Skosana MP. Our Party mourns his loss and we are still shaken by the sudden nature of his passing. In honour of our stalwart colleague and friend, I pay tribute to his vast contribution, both in this House and beyond these walls. The Honourable Mr Skosana will be remembered with deepest respect and deepest love. I thank you, Mr President, for your cond ...
How much does Jacob Zuma cost us? Gareth van Onselen 19 August 2012 Gareth van Onselen tallies up what we spend on the President and his family Introduction The point of the exercise to try and derive a credible and defensible total figure for all primary direct expenses afforded to President Jacob Zuma by the Ministerial Handbook and for which the public - the taxpayer - is ultimately responsible. This is not an exact science. In every instance, however, I have been extremely conservative and thus, while the total figure might not represent the actual cost, I believe it certainly does represent the absolute minimum cost. Most likely, the final and ultimately unknowable total will be far, far higher. Likewise, one would have to take the opportunity costs into account and inflation. Whether or not the bridge between reasonableness and opulence has been crossed, I leave to you, the reader, to determine. The document that follows is essentially divided into three sections. First, a summary. I have called thi ...
should not be protecting Jacob Zuma, she should be exposing him for his true colors
We all can say what ever we want: Jacob Zuma will go "scott free" from that Nkandla investigation. ANC is the ruling party here to stay. Who ever is appointed from Mthuli House and given a position will stay there only the president of South Africa can chance dicition making.
long live comrades. hw great is 2 b a South African to knw tat the president we chose is under investigation bcs of the issue of Enkandla. its so clear even 2 the blind tat our president doesnt consult a theasarus or a collins dictionry 2 find the meanin of humanity. hw cn u build a mansion house nxt 2 a hut? worse part who is doing that, the mighty n honourable Jacob Zuma. i thnk he deserves a big round of applse for the gud wrk. anywy i wld b surprisd if he investd on educatn wth tat R246 mil.
Oscar Pistorius, Jacob Zuma le Juju ba e baka! Always on the news headlines Xhooo! Ke re frm Tv to radio Stations...
ashamed of the ANCYL leaders who were appointed by Jacob Zuma claiming to represent the youth of this country. Who elected you?
Jacob Zuma - three unexplored issues By Paul Trewhela
President Khama is a saint compared to Jacob Zuma. $23million smdh
If the President of the country Jacob Zuma resigns he would be doing the most honourable decision that will give...
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We know Jacob Zuma is horny, but this graph shows just HOW he is screwing the South African taxpayer.
"Given the very humble beginnings of this project, nothing short of a full township establishment is now required..." (Comment of the Director; Architectural Services of the Department of Public Works addressed to the Acting Director-General of the Department on the Nkandla Project at the end of August 2010). How serious is the Jacob Zuma-led ANC about HOUSING given the above comment. A township could have been built with this money, let alone the fact that it was misappropriated by being splashed into this President's homestead, someone whom have become more of a liabilty to this country than anything else? Then the arrogant so-called ANC activists are said to be spitting upon the electorate's faces, whom are supposed to rightfull beneficiaries of public spending, by arrogantly making calls that such damning Public Protector's report be ignored... Is the South African electorate hypnotised? Then I pray to heavens to bring down upon us some heavenly ordained Psychologists!
" it would be best to release the honourable Jacob Zuma from his responsibilities as President of the republic and member of the cabinet"
BREAKING NEWS : Jacob Zuma has appointed Barry Roux to put it to Thuli Madonsela.
Jacob Zuma received The Mahathir Award for Global Peace on behalf of Nelson Mandela. Why not Winnie Mandela?
Jacob Zuma the Nkandla report is like a train coming for you. This train stops for nothing. The truth will set SA free.
Why Hellen Zille so obsessed about having a one on one debate with Jacob Zuma only!why not have a debate for all political parties??
Amazed at how some ANC Members or Branch Leaders can openly defend Jacob Zuma, after every thing. Cadres must learn the difference between loyalty to the organization and unquestionable loyalty!
If Julius Malema & Jacob Zuma were both drowing & you could only save 1, what kind of sandwich would you make?
I'm allergic to any disease that hates Jacob Zuma and the ANC... Ya'll Malemanized politically-clueless citizens must sit down and let us assure you that ANC will re-govern again... Neither boer party nor children party will stop it... And I hope Magwaza becomes a premier in Limpopo
What is the doing in Court at the trial? Mind you these are women who didn't support the Jacob Zuma rape accuser. SMH
Ntate Jacob Zuma has finally agreed to debate Hellen Zille, it will take place "Le Kwamsunu" he was quoted moer
ANC WILL NOT SEIZE LAND & CAUSE ECONOMIC COLLAPSE & HUNGER LIKE IN ZIMBABWE - OFFICIAL THE African National Congress (ANC) will not seize land from whites without paying compensation as this would likely trigger a Zimbabwe-like economic collapse, a top official told South Africans Sunday. South Africans go to the polls on May 7 with President Jacob Zuma and his ruling ANC the front-runners. However, corruption scandals, civil unrest over what protesters say is a lack of adequate government services and little progress over historic issues such as the land have affected the ANC’s popularity. Speaking in the Free State Sunday, as he campaigned before a church congregation, ANC secretary general, Gwede Mantashe, told voters not to be misled by the rival Economic Freedom Fighters (EFF) party regarding the land issue. Led by former ANC national youth chairman Julius Malema, the EFF has not hidden its admiration of the way in which Zimbabwe dealt with its land issue. Mantashe however, reportedly warned that f ...
but we were under no illusions, I always knew. Jay Z/Jacob Zuma, the connection is evident.
President Jacob_Zuma not Zuma, have some respect, President doesn't have time for stupid debates
Yoooh us men been having it hard with black women from the dayz of adam to willie lynch now jacob zuma,dang!
Twelve new FET colleges will be built across South Africa because of increasing enrolments at universities and colleges, President Jacob Zuma says.
You should ask to debate the Premier of KZN(Senzo Mchunu), not President Jacob Zuma!
President Jacob Zuma at NMMU in a dialogue with students
(JP) Jacob Zuma was booed and heckled by angry Port Elizabeth residents who bemoaned the ANC’s failure to keep its promises. Zuma, who was flanked by ANC heavyweights in the Eastern Cape, including provincial chairperson Phumulo Masualle and Premier Noxolo Kiviet, was received by a hostile crowd in Jacksonville during a door-to-door campaign today. The president’s security team had its hands full trying to keep the angry group at bay. One of the residents said he was disappointed that the ANC president saw fit to come to the area on the eve of elections. “Why should we listen to him now? We have been complaining about the poor service delivery here and nobody listened to us. Now that they want our votes, we should listen to them and pretend all is well. That is not right. I’m not going to vote for the ANC,” said a visibly irate John Fillies.
QUOTE OF THE WEEKEND ... "Rupert said the ANC Youth League is like an irritating mosquito in a room and it needs a Doom'." President Jacob Zuma became that 'Doom' [brand name of an insect spray]. The Sunday Times reported that when Rupert was contacted for comment, he laughed uncontrollably before asking: "Did he really, really say that?" Rupert told the newspaper that he did not fund either the DA or the ANC.
It wasn’t apartheid which hurt SA’s Internet, it was the ANC government President Jacob Zuma says that you should thank government for your Internet and cellphone, but here are some facts which will make you think twice The Presidency of South Africa recently took credit for nearly all of South Africa’s advancements in… [ 1097 more words. ]
Did Hellen Zille really think Jacob Zuma wud agree to a public debate on national TV? The guy is clueless so obviously he wud never debate with anyone on TV. He doesn't want people to know how clueless he is..
Sum1 plz Tell this to Jacob Zuma Don't interfere with anything in the constitution. That must be maintained for it is the only safe guard of our liberties
President Jacob Zuma's reasoning for the rejection of 's public debate is the dumbest reasoning I've heard under the sun.
Cabinet Ministers' feud may end up in court - Two of President Jacob Zuma's senior Cabinet Ministers - Public Serv...
Should've sank in after Mangaung already “President Jacob Zuma will still be president this time in 2018. Let that sink in”
Why I will never again laugh at Jacob Zuma
"I also want to loudly announce today to call back all those people who left the ANC and went to other ,and the ones who started their own parties,to come back home.There is no other home like the ANC " said Jacob Zuma Yesterday this a sign that the old man can see that the party is loosing voters to opposition parties?
We are not Africa because we are poor and neither are we poor because we are Africa. We are a unique people with a unique shape on the world map; not shapeless like the rest of the continents and we are proud of it and can never reshape to conform to the amoebic shape of the others. We are bound by our ability to discern good from wrong. We may be poor but we are rich both in human and natural resources. We are Africa. The world embellish their speeches and literature with our proverbs, we believe in ancient land marks, be believe not in colour but in strength of character, we toil, we fall, we fight but we do not give in yo the stress and strain of life, we do not give up on hardwork because we are more resilient and tougher than the bamboo and our greatest strength is felt when the detractors see us as weak. And Yes, we are Africa and we do not die. We eat cookies even when they fall to the ground , we drink even from the ponds, we live with malaria, we shake hands with our mortality but that makes us h ...
President Jacob Zuma recently launched the “20 Year Review: South Africa 1994 to 2014″ report, which hints that the apartheid regime was to blame for poor communication services, including Internet access. The 20 Year Review states that “widespread home satellite systems, internet services and mobile cellular telephony only became a reality with the advent of democracy and the end of the apartheid security state”. This statement seems contradictory because the ANC government fought against competition in the SA telecoms market, prevented many companies from rolling out networks, and even tried to stop the Seacom and Eassy submarine cable systems from landing in South Africa. A lesser-known fact is that the ANC, shortly before taking power in 1994, tried to stop the licensing of Vodacom and MTN . There was also a battle surrounding the GSM standard, which was instrumental in offering communications services to millions of South Africans. Vodacom and MTN’s cellular licenses In his paper titled “ ...
I can picture Jacob Zuma over sleeping everyday.
King Zwelithini with President Jacob Zuma in front of the new Shaka statue at King Shaka International Airport in Durban
Poverty level still continues to be on a decline. Poverty in South Africa continues to be of concern,as it is throughout the world. You cannot ignore the crucial factor that nobody has a better track racord like the African National Congress. Many African states and overseas have had their liberation before us however cannot out perform South Africa under ANC governance African National Congress has taken a number of measures, including the NDP (National Development Plan) and NYDA (National Youth Development Agency) implementations that ensures that this ANC government gives a firm hand in taking people out of poverty pit and so that our people help themselves adversely. And not become reliant on government Further measures are contained in the in the African National Congress manifesto that was launched in Mbombela last January. The manifesto tells a good story of 20 years about major achievements within this short period. It tells us that many challenges remain, and that many of our policy choices are h ...
Sisulu sceptical about Nkandla report Public Service and Administration Minister Lindiwe Sisulu has cast doubt on the legitimacy of Public Protector Thuli Madonsela’s final Nkandla report, ahead of its release on Wednesday. Sisulu also defended the ANC’s persistence to keep President Jacob Zuma as the head of state, despite increasing concerns that the ruling party’s popularity was dwindling because of the many scandals associated with him. Full story:
Jacob Zuma is in talks to buy a £165m presidential jet, it was reported, just days after the South African president warned of growing frustration among the country's poorest over the government's failure to improve their lives.
StupiD of the Week goes to none, other than Mr Jacob Zuma
'NORTHERN CAPE ANC LIST SHOWS WHAT THEY THINK OF THIS PROVINCE’ Note to Editors: This is an extract of a speech delivered by DA Leader Helen Zille at the ‘We Can Win Northern Cape’ Rally held in Kimberley, Northern Cape today. Saturday, 15 March 2014 Fellow democrats, It is wonderful to be here in Kimberley today. The Northern Cape will be a bellwether province for South Africa. The DA is growing every day in this province, and I believe the election result in the Northern Cape will surprise the country. Today we are here in Kimberley to say to all the people of this province that there is hope for the future of the Northern Cape. The DA can bring change to this province. We can bring a growing economy that creates jobs for all the people. If the voters of the Northern Cape stand together for real change in this election, they can elect a DA government that cares for them and serves their interests. What seemed unlikely five years ago is today possible. We are already governing in municipalities in ...
"Canned hunting takes cubs from captive mothers at birth! h…
Canned hunting takes cubs from their captive mothers at birth!
"I felt then it was a bad decision. I still think it's a bad decision... For as long as the president is there and has you in his cabinet it's his pleasure. When he is no longer there, his pleasure is terminated. Thabo Mbeki's pleasure to appoint the cabinet was terminated... When he [Mbeki] was recalled, I went to the then incoming president, Kgalema Motlanthe, [and] I went to Jacob Zuma and said I am resigning. They said 'no you mustn't'. I said no, I'm resigning, in fact, you would be better off inviting all cabinet members to resign. You are not going to have factionalism. Everybody resigns and Mkhuluwa [Motlanthe], you will be able to appoint a cabinet of your choice. You don't then fetter the pleasure of the president." Trevor Manuel
Find out why author Niq Mhlongo believes Jacob Zuma is the best thing that could have happened to SA politics:
President Jacob Zuma could be investigated by the ANC's integrity committee should he be found to have benefited from the multimillion-rand Nkandla security upgrades. The party's watchdog body, consisting of 12 elders. Madonsela will release the Nkandla report on Wednesday.
With the 2014 general elections taking place in two months' time, here is an A-Z guide to the people, parties and issues that will matter come May 7. A is for ANC Most good stories have a happy ending, so we hope the ANC gets one after forcing that phrase down our throats ad nauseam. But there's a new twist in the usually predictable election plot: the ANC has never had to face a serious challenge from the left at the polls before. The official opposition, the Democratic Alliance, comes from the right, which the ANC has easily painted as a bunch of uncaring, imperialist no-gooders. But the emergence of Julius Malema's Economic Freedom Fight­ers (EFF), the dramatic rise in service delivery protests and the splintering of the ANC's labour partner, Cosatu, means that the ANC is being damned as a running dog of capitalism. The party has its work cut out: holding the centre while staving off challenges from those far more radical than the ANC can afford to be. B is for Born-frees We agree with President Jacob ...
There is no president in the DA she must ask other premiers at her level to have a debate - Jacob Zuma replying to Zille's debate request
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i"ll not vote for Jacob zuma but i"ll vote for ANC!wat comes in ur mind?afa b2 ba aba rakoloke ka monagano waka mara?
DA vs ANC Julius Malema : I wont Debate with a tea girl (referring to Lindiwe Mazibuko). Jacob Zuma : Hellen Zille is not senior enough to face me. Kwenzekile Mqweba : Majita a a tshaba basadi or ga bana Content?
I wish Jacob Zuma was in that Air Malaysia plane. Good morning friends
President Jacob Zuma will land in Malamulele on Friday and he will be with different stakeholders of Malamulele.
President Jacob Zuma has dismissed DA leader Helen Zille's call for a live debate on the state of the economy
South African people are making Thabo Mbeki one of the greatest leaders we ever had and Jacob Zuma the worst president. Every coin has got two sides Thabo Mbeki is the one that was reluctant to buy medicine for HIV peolple ,with his minister the late Manto Msimang adviced people tp take garlic .This is the same guy that was deployed buy SADC to mediate in Zimbabwe but even today president Mugabe and Tsangarai are still at loggerheads this is the same Thabo Mbeki that abondoned his duties in South Africa to go around Africa and make noise about AFRICAN RENASSAINCE but he cant even speak five sentences with venecular laguage and this guy disrespected our traditional leaders by setting the Ntlapo commission to strip some of the leaders their rights to rule. This guy went abroad when the civil servants were in strike in 2007 leaving behind that strike , this is the same person that booted JZ from his duties as a Deputy President before he was found guilty. Dont get me wrong i have nothing against him but i .. ...
Poor Jacob Zuma lying about inventing the internet in SA... via
if you are not the product of elite group no matter how good you are,they wont recognise you. am not a fan of Jacob Zuma but let me tell Zuma according to the elite is uneducated, yes I agree so those people they dnt believed that someone from deep rural, uneducated cn be the president of the country nd which means Zuma is telling other people you cn be something without education that's why always media want to destroy him, let me give exmple Thabo Mbeki accordingl to elite ws the best president bcz Thabo is they product even study abroad. open your eyes even today still happening if you dd or done your studies in black university like medunsa, univen elite they wont acknowledge or recognise you but lets say you come from up, wits, stellboch. am jst saying
THE FALLEN MAN THE SEPTEMBER CRISIS: PART ONE Today Frank Chikane gives us the insider’s scoop on the ousting of Thabo Mbeki HABO Mbeki returned from Harare in the early hours that Friday. It was September 12, 2008, and he went straight to rest. It had been many days of hard work. Many long working hours. But we believed there had been a victory. At midnight the day before, Mbeki had finally got Zimbabwean President Robert Mugabe and leaders of the Movement for Democratic Change opposition factions Morgan Tsvangirai and Arthur Mutam- abara to the negotiation table to initial a global political agreement to begin to set- tle the conflict in Zimbabwe. The triumph had come at the end of a tough week. Just two days before, Mbeki had flown from Harare to Mbabane, Swaziland to brief the troika of the secu- rity body of the Southern African Devel- opment Community (SADC) on his efforts to broker a power-sharing deal. He had arrived in Harare on the Mon- day with a proposal which ...
Monday News Update- The ruling party in Vhembe is now feeling the election heat. Collins Chabane from Xikundu village a minister in the presidency has convinced the ANC leadership to meet the Malamulele community leaders to convince them to encourage the residents to vote in the upcoming elections in May. The dilemma is the community says no municipality no vote. Presisent Jacob Zuma will be meeting Pastors, Chiefs, members of Malamulele Task Team secretly on the 21 March to discuss the voting and municipality matters on the table. Apparently on the 22 March there will an ANC rally where the president will address the issues affecting the community especially on the matter of granting Malamulele her own municipality. At the moment there is total lock down on electioneering in the community. There is no single election poster of any party unlike in previous election years.
President Jacob Zuma...Has been Followed by a group of people everywhere, just to Bo Him...
jacob DOM zuma said ANC will only rull until Jesus come to SA.YES. Jesus came and took the hero so be the end of the ANC corruption rull.
As his people struggle in squalor, South African President Jacob Zuma has sparked outrage by spending £17.5million to upgrade his rural family home.
Jacob Zuma (aka Booma) and the ANC spreading lies again. Why people vote for them is unfathomable. a read of this in light of Zuma's recent claims that the old NP was to blame for the lack of cellular, internet and satellite services but they (ANC) brought this to SA...astounding BS.
In other news Madiba left Jacob Zuma matric certificate
Those who think the Nkandla report will implicate Jacob Zuma are going to have a bad time.
Jacob Zuma gets new Boeing 777 Jet ANC MP's in parliament have used its majority and approve the acquisition of a new R2 Billion Boeing 777 for the presidency. The Boeing 777 is the largest twin engine passenger aircraft in the world, with a capacity for 350 passengers. "The department has been allocated money by the Treasury and intends splashing out on the new aircraft as soon as possible" defence Minister Nosiviwe Mapisa-Nqakula. The aircraft will undergo a retrofit locally and this is expected to cost in the region of R250 million.
if u want pirates to take the the same as...u want Jacob Zuma to speak english fluently.. a jabulile
Let's Vote For ANC we gonna sort Jacob Zuma after that.
Oh my heavenly father am calling u this morning to be caring of all people inclunding all members of Amcu who a struggle bcs of Jacob zuma bcs he dont care wheather we get our demand or not.may u entered in his cruel heart so tht he may c how important we are in this country an i belive in u at all times Amen
a whites man will always and ever been against a black man. Just listen on 5 fm how they critcsise South African first citizen Jacob Zuma'' abahambe bayoshona kuhle kwesipikili sihwa isando sivele ngesinqa ogodweni.
Finding out who stole our tax millions is like try to locate the missing Malaysia plane report in 2dayJACOB ZUMA is going down this time friends
President Jacob Zuma appeals to defectors to return to party(ANC)
Looking forward to the day when Jacob Zuma will have to answer to the people - no amount of singing'll get him out of that pickle
ATTENTION!!! I just receive a call 4rm Jacob Zuma telling me 2 tell evry1 tht Monday is nw regarded as a public holiday. U are free 2 stay in bed the whole day if u want 2 but don't do it alone, tell ur 4rndz 2 tell their 4rndz. Thank You
The ANC's top 10 excuses for Zuma-booers: President Jacob Zuma has now reportedly been booed on three separate...
China should ban any products containing lion bone for sale for bogus unproven fake "medicine"
I hear people are complaining about President Jacob Zuma everyday, is it because of elections? The ANC will listen tell us what 2 do?
*** these coming National elections are missing enthusiasm and energy,Julius Malema next to Jacob Zuma Canvasing speeches for ANC.
How smart are people who assume Jacob Zuma isn't smart because he isn't educated?
how's the impeach Jacob Zuma website going? Curiously awaiting momentum...(along with more wine and philosophy)
Anc ANC its rough African National Congress is doing very bad. They are doing very bad to extent that they now using media to fight Economic Freedom Fighters, which to me is the official oppostion. SABC is used as tool to provide information of limelight interest and interest in public but now SABC, radio and television, is not covering anything partining the EFF. It is indeed true that SABC is run from Lithuli House. Eff is pro Thomas Sankara's approach of democracy. This means self reliance, self pride and this approach upholds leadership positions for women. Next wednesday, we are going to see full inkandlagate report. What can you say if can put it to you that President Jacob Zuma is no longer appropriate president for Republic Of South Africa? EFF IS THE RIGHT PARTY TO CAST YOUR VOTE FOR.
It was the first time I listened to Jacob Zuma 'It's wasn't me' . I'm
When & Jacob Zuma doing your campaign you must make sure you knock at my door house, no cops please otherwise. Thank U
Jacob "The Wizard of Nkandla" Zuma is likely to get away with Public Protector report because of all the hype around
“Just when we thought we had seen it all!” What has Jacob Zuma done this time?
I think Mandla and Lexi are living up to what President Jacob Zuma said during parliament "this is Sex year"
Jacob Zuma underestimates the power of social media because he's illiterate. That is good because booting him becomes very eas…
Jacob Zuma told Zille to go debate with premiers at her level because he's not. He's the president. This man is so stupid it's…
Poor ZUMA !"President Jacob Zuma has again dismissed calls for a television debate with DA leader Helen Zille."
“Referring to President Jacob Zuma, whom he didn’t name, Malema said it was odd that someone with a head ‘that...
To all the EFF Members look at this article that appeared in July 2013. Economic Freedom Fighters leader Julius Malema is a “drunkard and a womaniser” whose political survival is wholly dependent on his hatred for ANC President Jacob Zuma. Gauteng ANC Youth League (AN...
She wrote to President Jacob Zuma last year asking for his intervention – and he responded by visiting the area
ANC deny that Jacob Zuma was booed & heckled by angry Port Elizabeth residents, but there were some drunk ones
Just imagine the President Jacob Zuma cellphone goes on and his ringtone is Diamond by Rihanna?!"Wat wud b the first thing that come in mind
Jacob Zuma once turned down a request by the DA to debate with the Madam and opted to debate with Zapiro a Cartoonist!!!
I wish I could have the opportunity to sit and and have a chat with my President Jacob Zuma as a born free yase SA...
Jacob Zuma said "ANC needs you,do not leave the ANC.".This sounds desperate,or is it cries of someone who wants to protect his Empire.
SA President Jacob Zuma's claim not backed up by the facts: crime has SOARED since 1994 - Is he living in Iceland? http:…
Sign this petition for a debate between Helen Zille and Jacob Zuma. via
Is Jacob Zuma afraid to have a debate with Helen Zille.
Prove their identies: President Jacob Zuma and Lehlohonolo Majoro President Jacob Zuma + FNB Stadia it's equal to Booo. Lehlohonolo Majoro + FNB Stadia it's equal to Bo Therefore: President Jacob Zuma it's equal to Lehlohonolo Majoro Reason; They both share Bo at FNB Stadia. See it's not demons it's triconometry!... It's that so difficult? No they are on fouth quadrant!
President Jacob Zuma has arrived at AND premier Nomvula Mokonyane
Jacob *Trevor Noah voice* "Ladies, a date with Jacob Zuma or Goodluck Ebele Jonathan?
The Asians re turning South Africa into killing field. An Indian man, took his newly wedded wife there 2 be kill, n Oscar Pistorius the Asian Paralympics sprint runner also refer 2 by Arabs as South African, killed his European girl friend in South Africa, n now a Nigeria man has been killed there. I hope it we not turn the Nigerians against South Africans because it will only make their common enemy a winner. The Arabs re running South Africa n they re causing a lot of problems between South Africans n other Africans n Europeans. South Africa needs help 2 get President Jacob Zuma out of power, n his Arab friends with their richest people in the world. Such as Richard Branson n Mo Ibrahim foundation out of Africa, n get the Chinese on board. If we want peace n fairness in South Africa.
My little political knwledge n opinion predict to me dat this is lightly wht 2 happn:Jacob Zuma to return as SA presdnt wit Cyril Ramaphosa as deputy,Tito Mboweni to return as Finance minister,Kgalema Motlanthe to head de ANC school of politics,Pravin Gordan to head de Eskom Portfolio Commitee,Trevor Manuel to head de Trade n Industry Portfolio Commitee,Mac Maharaj to wrk as Minister in de Presidency,Jeff Radebe to wrk as Justice Minister,Arron Motswaledi to continue as Health Minister,Malusi Gigaba to wrk as Public Enterprise Minister,Naledi Pandor to wrk as Communications Minister,Dina Pule to erk as Home Affairs Minister,Angie Motshekga to wrk as Human Settlement Minister,Edna Molewa to wrk as Travel n Tourism Minister,Paul Mashatile to wrk as Gauteng Premier,Nomvula Mokonyane to wrk as Jhb Mayor.Blade Nzimande to wrk as Correctional Service Minister,Envar Sutty to wrk as Basic Education Minister.Fikile Mbalula to resume as Sports Minister,Nathi Mthethwa to resume as Police Minister,Maite Nkoana Mashab ...
"LEMME TAKE YOU DOWN THE MEMORY LANE" Soon after Jacob Zuma was made a President."Blade Nzimande" bought himself 2 mercedez Benz to the value of 1 million each aswell as "Siphiwe Nyanda" some business person gave him then the Minister of transport "S"bu Ndebele" a Mercedez Benz as a Gift wich he accepted and later returned it due to tremendous pressure.In less than 6 months of bein" inaugurated as the President of SA.Jacob Zuma married his sweetheart.scorin" him 5th a 5th wife with baby no 21,there comes "Sonono Khoza" with baby no 22-Zuma marry me or else.Our own Minister of intelligence sleepin" next to the drug dealer wife day and night claimin" not to have know she"s a drug syndicate,Her business partner "Napolisa" is currently servin" his sentence while the wife got a slap on the writs by the way her drug mule has just been released from Overseas prison."Nathi Mthethwa" security wall was built in his private residence,to his suprised some Samaritan happened to pay R100 000 from our tax for that wall, ...
ANC leader Jacob Zuma heads list of candidates for crucial May 7 polls ruling party wants to win with a 2/3 majority to change constitution
The ANC has confirmed that President Jacob Zuma is number one on it's list of candidates for the national assembly after the upcoming general elections. zuma is followed by Cyril Rampahosa, Malusi Gigaba and Naledi Pandor. also on this list are winnie madikizela Mandela, Dina Pule and current african union chairperson Nkosazana Dlamini Zuma.
The reason for the floods and other disasters. For some time now, for far too long, this country has been subjected to floods, heat waves, drought and other disasters. There has been some loss of life, loss of property, destruction of many things and such like. Scientists and others have been arguing all over the world about the cause of all this; climate change and the beginning of a new ice age being the most likely reasons according to them. I do not know what the reasons or causes are in the rest of the world but I do know what the reasons and causes for all this in South Africa are. The Ancestral Spirits are deeply angered at the fact that we allow Jacob Zuma and his government to mismanage the country in the way and to the extent to which they have been doing. They therefor punish the country as a clear indication that things must change and change drastically if any improvement is to take place. I did mention recently that there were some attractive aspects of the religion of believing in the power ...
The International Criminal Court(ICC) told Jacob Zuma to stop Julius Malema before he become another Robert Mugabe,Zuma can manage to stop h
South African President Jacob Zuma has decided not to appoint a commission of inquiry to investigate allegations of match-fixing involving the national team ahead of the 2010 World Cup. presidency issued a statement on Friday confirming the investigation will be done by world soccer body instead. The decision comes 18 months after a commission had been mooted by sports minister Fikile Mbalula following newspaper reports that several home friendlies played by South Africa had been fixed before the country hosted the finals. Fifa said last November it would be taking over the investigation because of government inaction, an announcement condemned by Mbalula.
I am so over the ANC, Jacob Zuma!!! Load shedding already, so much corruption and no service to tax payers
Bafana Bafana contribution to the booing of Jacob Zuma ---> 5 nil loss to Brazil. Lets support national soccer team
The Oscar trial for killing his girlfriend Reeva Steenkamp has predictably divided South Africans at home. We’ve long demonstrated our polarisation on issues as diverse as BEE, Jacob Zuma, EFF, eTolls – you name it. So of course Oscar is no different. Currently, it’s not so much whether he’s guilty…
You'll hear people saying Nelson Mandela my black president but again saying Jacob Zuma my zulu president!
Jacob Zuma & Fikile Mbalule is the new coaches of our National team Bafana Bafana they sign 5 year deal with SAFA
Fikile Mbalula and Jacob Zuma discussing what they will call The National Team tomorrow lmao Bafana Bafana name soon to be changed...
I WISH THIS MONTH OF MARCH can give you Shaka's strenght, Chris Hani' courage Mandela's intelligence Motsepe's wallet Jacob Zuma's fame Obama's success Klerk's guts But most protect you from the jumble sale of wrong ideas of Lekota,and Shilowa. Stupidy of Juju and Mangope and don't forever complain like Bantu Holomisa and Hellen Zille but do drink like the late Manto BEST WISHES FOR THIS MONTH
Did Helen Zille or Jacob Zuma wish Julius Malema happy birthday? This and more in our call to him:
Give Julius Malema an award for being an irritating sore in Jacob Zuma's *** ..
A driver is stuck in a traffic jam on the N2. Nothing is moving. Suddenly a man knocks on the window. The driver rolls down his window and asks, "What's going on?" "Terrorists have kidnapped Jacob Zuma, Winnie Mandela, Julius Malema and Jackie Selebi. They're asking for a R310 million ransom. Otherwise they're going to douse them with petrol and set them on fire. We're going from car to car, taking up a collection." The driver asks, "How much is everyone giving, on average?" The man replies, "about one litre petrol
Julius Malema, Thabo Mbeki & JACOB ZUMA... There were 3 men going with a car Julius Malema, Thabo Mbeki and Jacob Zuma, so their car got stuck. Jacob Zuma: I think its da pressure plate Thabo Mbeki: I think its da cluch plate. Julius Malema: If its not da clash plate nor da pressure plate it must be da number plate ngomphi ochanileyo kwaba?
Wow M . . . . . . . The “uneducated” Jacob Zuma...the man who holds the highest office in the country... This uneducated (as he is always labeled), started serving in the ANC NEC in 1977, . Re-elected into the NEC in 1985. . Elected its deputy secretary-general in 1991, . Elected its national chairperson in 1994 .In 1997 was elected its Deputy President. . Elected President of the ANC and assumed office on 18 December 2007 . Voted in as President of the Republic and assumed office as on 9 May 2009 Now this man of little or no education, defeated Thabo Mbeki at the ANC conference in Polokwane ans was again re-elected as ANC leader at the ANC conference in Manguang on 18 December 2012, defeating Kgalema Motlanthe by an overwhelming majority win...against all odds! The road to Mangaung was not an easy road and COMRADES went to Mangaung to actually bury Zuma and the ANC! Zuma had been ruled out by many but something got hold of Cde Motlanthe's tongue and he could not say, "Yebo Ngiyavuma" to the lobbyists ...
This Fred Khumalo column about how Jacob Zuma should take Lindiwe Mazibuko to "retire on" is DISGUSTINGLY sexist
Huge Selection of Helmets at Low Prices
EFF taking Jacob Zuma, IEC to court - The Economic Freedom Fighters (EFF) has launched an urgent applicat...
EFF off and DA (February 27, 2014 in African National Congress, Alliance Politics, Amcu, Cosatu, Democratic Alliance, Elections2014, financial markets, forecasting, Helen Zille, Jacob Zuma, Julius Malema, New Growth Path, Nkandla, Numsa, Polokwane ) “How seriously to take the EFF is becoming the question of the year for a view on South African political risk” As I listened to Pravin Gordhan’s budget speech I thought I would share with you an extract of my news commentary from Monday morning. But I forgot to hit ‘publish’ as I was being torn between being slightly underwhelmed and moderately admiring that Gordhan could make so few populist concessions this close to May 7. Thus, the EFF and DA manifesto launches: The Economic Freedom Fighters and The Democratic Alliance both launched their manifestos this weekend The EFF will likely out-perform and its policies are the ‘sum of all fears’ for investors in emerging markets In the longer term, however, the ANC is set free to pursue more growth or ...
This is not the ANC of Nelson Mandela, Walter Sisulu, Govan Mbeki, Ahmed Kathrada, Dennis Goldberg, etc.. its the ANC of Jacob Zuma! Nufsed
Cabinet of South Africa The Cabinet of South Africa is the most senior level of the executive branch of the Government of South Africa. It is made up of the President, the Deputy President, the Ministers, and the Deputy Ministers. Members of the Current Cabinet[edit] See also: History of the Cabinet of South Africa Following his election as President, Jacob Zuma announced his first Cabinet on 10 May 2009.[1] On 31 October 2010 he announced a reshuffle in which two Ministers were reassigned, seven were replaced, and seventeen new Deputy Ministers were appointed.[2] In a second reshuffle on 24 October 2011, two ministers were removed, two were reassigned to new portfolios, two deputy ministers were promoted to ministers, two deputy ministers were reassigned, and two new deputy ministers were appointed.[3] On 3 October 2012, after the election of Nkosazana Dlamini-Zuma as Chairperson of the African Union Commission, one minister was reassigned to an new portfolio and one deputy minister became a minister. On ...
Video: 'Jacob Zuma' fish and chips ad banned by South African broadcaster (via
Until we all recognize that the problem of our democracy is not just the preponderance of the ANC, but also the impotence and philosophical poverty of the opposition parties, this country will never attain its true and full potential. I have just listened to MetroFM evening interview with former Bantustan military tin-pot dictator, Bantu Holomisa, and Mbazima Shilowa. *Please pass me the vomit bag quickly* I say, if people say the ANC is the Devil, just remember even Lucifer was once God's Angel. But, if truth be told, our opposition parties are devils without even ever having been Angels. So, it's obvious, the ANC is the least devil of the lot, even under Jacob Zuma. Allow me to illustrate my contention with facts, because my analysis currency is always empirical evidence. I don't sit in a bar, eavesdrop on some drunken gossip, and then go write a column full of vituperation, and then say: I have contributed to intellectual discourse or solutions to our society's problems. Here I go with facts. If you ca ...
BizCommunity wrote: The SABC, folks, is the real state of the nation By: Xolela Mangcu | In the days I used to defend Jacob Zuma, I often said we should not use education as an indicator of leadership potential. Well-meaning as I might have been, I now take that back. There is a certain discipline that comes with waking up in the morning, making sure your uniform is ready, that you are not late, that you complete assignments on time and that you respect the rules of an institution. Even better if you should have the benefit of a university education where different perspectives are the order of the day. While education is no guarantee of good leadership, there is something to be said for the social experience it provides. I-sikolo sinendawo yaso If you were a black kid growing up under apartheid, education also instilled excellence as a cultural principle. I do not mean excellence just in terms of mastery of subject matter but the excellence that comes from the knowledge that your performance is inextrica ...
South African President Jacob Zuma promises economic freedom. Can SA achieve this when when our projected growth levels are below those of the continent ?
Imagine waking up to the news: "Our nation is in mourning over the passing of our beloved President Jacob Zuma..." I swear, that's gonna be a lonely *** funeral. Its gon be like my dog just got hit by a car and my response to that will be like, Oh well!!!
His excellency President Jacob Zuma is going to win no matter criticism he receive because the political jacket he puts on has a Mandela pin
Imagine Julius Malema, Lindiwe Mazibuko and Jacob Zuma under one roof nc nc nc this is gng 2 be interesting. Morning Fellaz
The only difference between Jacob Zuma and Julius Malema is that they are from different tribes...
Three men (Nelson. Mandela, Jacob Zuma and. Thabo Mbeki) were. travelling in a plane and. their plane crashed in a...
That would make great television! Jacob Zuma vs Helen Zille, Julius Malema & the other clowns. No puppets like Lindiwe, just the candidates.
Proud S. MaJilah wrote: Let me speak my mind. Ok, Let me let you understand me when saying Julius Malema (EFF) [he] is 47 times powerful than Jacob Zuma (ANC) Zuma never mobilized anyone for ANC and for himself...he just found ANC field with majority support then he is just finger licking the freedom. Zuma never created followers, he found ANC having followers (thank you John Dube, Nelson Mandela, etc) Julius Malema mobilized majorities for Zuma in 2009 and that really contributed towards his fame, now that even people like D Sbu can know him. Julius Malema he then mobilized more than 1,2million million people within 6 months of his party's can imagine if it was in existence for more than 3 years. It took 23 years for ANC to have 1Million followers from 1912. Ok let me move on... Julius Malema dragged thousands of ANCYL from their home to EFF as much as he dragged millions from Mbeki to Zuma, he dragged people from DA to ANC, he left ANCYL crippled, desperate and wondering...he dragged min ...
Remember the vote President Jacob Zuma did to give US/NATO go ahead on Libya.
(Jacob Zuma) says he has noted an appeal from IFP's Mario Ambrossini to legalise medical marijuana. ... to train those who need skilling in financial management," says Zuma. but now many people wanna try to smoke its and some they used to hate it. and even. hate people who smoke its.funny 4 me hey
Which Job can President. Jacob Zuma do better than. politics??
Satanism is rife in South African schools ever since Jacob Zuma took over as president.
Zille says since Jacob Zuma was elected President 1.4 million more have joined the ranks of unemployment.
President Jacob Zuma leads the ANC singing the Cabinet will shoot the boer with machine guns, .
DA is US in disguise while ANC is Britain in disguise. We all know that if DA can become an Incoming Government that is impracticable like to come across with an Indian police official in Venda, we can see the dictatorship of US in our country. We have seen the under the ANC that Britain what it says it goes. We know that Jacob Zuma report to Queen Elizabeth and that's why our Mineral Resources are keep on floating and swelling to Britain. Under ANC and DA don't expect the restoration of black majority dignity because they don't speak about the land but speak about Jobs and real Jobs without any salary's parameters but just a real jobs and job opportunities. If really jobs can restore the dignity of a black majority then I expect your dignity been restored because many of you do have job regardless how much your earning. Job alone cannot restore your dignity if the system in place is not abolished. Many of you are having more than 10 years but still your a flat dwellers and flats can't restore your dignit ...
Wat is your comment on the last state of nation adress by President Jacob Zuma.
Political box Julius Malema's manifesto sounded like Robert Mugabe in the Blair era or a sober Blade Nzimande. Helen Zille sounded like an upgraded Jacob Zuma in 2009. So in simple language none of the political parties made sense to date!
This Lindiwe Mazibuko"DA" whenever she opens her morth she would say President Jacob Zuma .
This is an account of the consistent and coherent work by the ANC government, begun by the first democratic president – Nelson Mandela – then consolidated and advanced by the subsequent administrations of presidents Thabo Mbeki and Jacob Zuma, respectively. Beginning that journey, Mandela had called upon us to “act together as a united people, for national reconciliation, for nation building, for the birth of a new world” so that “there be justice for all; there be peace for all; there be work, bread, water and salt for all”. The challenge of forging a nation and a sense of nationhood has been the commitment of the ANC. Fulfilling the commitment enshrined in the Freedom Charter that “South Africa belongs to all who live in it, Black and White” entails ensuring that the majority that had been deprived and excluded, participates and has a direct share in the political and economic life of the country. Today we can boast, and correctly so, that a child born in the most destitute background ha ...
And then you gave us Jacob Zuma, the president with so many fires, he needs a Undoing your own legacy.
EFF is the future nd nothing will stop the multitude of the people of Mzansi to vote for it. The dirty tricks by the powers that be (ANC) is a desperate attempt to stay in power by any devious means possible. Fighters, as we prepare to take over government let us reassure the people of Mzansi that definately Jacob Zuma,Ace Magashule,Hlaudi Motsweneng will be the first crooks to be locked.
Ace Magashule, today fired a broadside at the detractors of President Jacob Zuma's lead government
Julius Malema and Jacob Zuma are driving a Car. JuJu puts on the indicator and asks JZ to check whether its working. JZ puts his head out and says YES...NO...YES. NO...YES. ..NO... Gwede Mantashe shows up unexpected Julius :thank God bra Gwede ive been struglin...
The times Race 4 ANC YL youth league president A clear sponsored view. Indeed people r eager to lead even come close to buy journalists to published wrong & unfounded stories' fears about Luthuli House wil impose candidates on the league at its national congress in September. But there is an informal agreement within the ranks that the deputy executive chairman of the NYDA agency Kenny -considered close to NW ANC chairman and Jacob Zuma ally Supra mahumapele and former SA students Congress president David Maimela should be considered.' thus just nonsense & unfounded cheap lies
Thuli Madonsela must investigate why Jacob Zuma didnt inform the Nation during his state of the Nation address that Kaizer Chiefs needs to win only 5 games from thier remaining 11 matches to be named the 2013-2014 league champions.( talking about issues of national importance)
People seem to misinterpret my hate for the ANC management as my hate for the ANC.. I had one individual tell me that the management I seem to have no faith in IS the ANC.. Asked him what he was smoking because the ANC is bigger than any of those people in the Luthuli House. They are NOT the ANC they are just bypassers. 10 years from there'll be no more Jacob Zuma
Thuli Madonsela is on Jacob Zuma's private payroll. She's quick to expose corruption but slow to expose Nkandla Report!!! Mxm we are being compromised and used by this woman!
We cannot do anything about our ANCestors,but we can do something about our descendants.Jacob Zuma of the ANC might be good enough for the corrupt and self serving ruling party,but South Africa deserves a better government
Tjooo de DA leader in paliament Lindiwe Mazibuko slams ANC n Jacob Zuma n insisted dat she should jump de ship cz it is sinking under his charges as a captain. while(COPE) Terror Lekota did not resist to shoot Blade Nzimande of lying about education statistics "please guys bring South African money back R20 billion in 2009 n R25 biilion in 2010 disapeared in ur administrators hands(ANC)" those were de words used by Mr Lekota..
London Evening Standard R.W. Johnson: In South Africa, the reality is debt and corruption As we bid farewell to Nelson Mandela, his successors in the ANC have failed to govern a complex country R.W. JOHNSON Published: 10 December 2013 Updated: 13:18, 10 December 2013 Nelson Mandela used to joke that if he got to heaven his first move would be to join the local branch of the African National Congress there. For he was a devoted party man: the ANC was his life. It is perhaps just as well that he is no longer here to see what his party has become. His immediate successor, Thabo Mbeki, was a clever, paranoid and unbalanced man who refused to allow HIV/Aids sufferers to get the medicine that would save their lives. He also supported Robert Mugabe in Zimbabwe. Once he stepped down from office, Mbeki was shunned by the international community. His successor, Jacob Zuma, is a genial but uneducated man (he learned to read and write only when in jail) who is quite at sea when dealing with the sort of problems that ...
Personally, I think Malema is more of a better politician than Jacob Zuma, Nathi Mthethwa and Jackson Mthembu all combined. But vote my ANC☺
I like the bravery and confidence that is in CIC Julius Malema and I like the pespective thinking that is pres Jacob Zuma. The latter has my vote though.
ANC pres Jacob Zuma is not resigning over Nkandla scandal, saying SA does not know if he has done anything wrong
Who is Jacob Zuma? Jacob Zuma has turned all of South Africa into a concentration camp of terror. Even his own members and anyone who politically opposes him, are killed by death-squads in exactly the same way as is being done to the whites. Zuma has considerable experience in running terror-camps – in fact it’s probably the only thing he does really, really well, the record shows. Moreover, a great many people have known about his violence-filled history for years – yet the majority of South African journalists, and indeed a great many foreign journalists, are terrified enough not to write about this history. one of the few who dared, David Beresford, wrote in a carefully worded article of Zuma’s ‘hints of a darker past’ in The Witness on 25 February 2009 that “Zuma was the chief-enforcer during the ANC and SA Communist Party’s years of exile before 1994”. Judging from his present activities, he remains the chief-enforcer to this day, also inside the entire ruling Troika. Beresford li . ...
IMAGINE: Jacob Zuma steps down as Pres. of SA + candidate. Game-changer! It will throw off a lot of election campaigns!!
Pres. Jacob Zuma is best when he's asked questions and answering them live rather than him reading those pages and pages.
My vote will only go to the Anc only because ot the time tested leaders it produced" it was individuals who won the fight against apartied, we will forever be indebted and we salute the first commander and chief Nelson Rolihlahla Mandela, we salute Oliver Raginald Tambo, we salute the Presidents of this movement Jonh Langa Libalele Dube, Chief Albert Luthuli Josea Gumede, Docter Xuma, Docter Moroka, Thabo Mbeki, Jacob Zuma- I speak of Arch Gumede,Bram Fitcher,Billy Nair, Chris Hani, Dennis Goldberg, Duma Nokwe,I speak of Yusuf Dudu, Elias Mostoeledi, Elajah Barhayi, Govan Mbeki, Griffits Mxhenge, I speak of the lions of Midrand, Harry Gwala, Jimmy Mathews, Joe Gqabi, Joe Slovo, I speak of Mathew Goniwe, Spero Mkhonto, Moses Mabhida, Moses Skotane, Rayomond Mhlaba, I speak of Vuyisile Mini, Walter Sisulu, I speak of Imbokodo of the country, Adelaide Tambo, Amina Cachalia, Albertina Sisulu, Baleka Mbete, Dorothen Nyembe, Hallen Joseph, June Mlangeni, I speak of Vester Smith, Winnie Madikizela Mandela, I spe ...
Jacob Zuma says the surprising thing about these so called service delivery protests is that they have so many...
This is the home of Jacob Zuma. ? ? Wake up South Africa...your government does not care
Tune in to ANN 7, channel 405 for pres Jacob Zuma's exclusive interview with
What did you think of the state of the nation address that was delivered by Pres. Jacob Zuma yesterday?
Mangosuthu Buthelezi say's Jacob Zuma promised people 3.2 million Jobs over the past 3 years But Instead 3.8 people have Lost Their Jobs, he says Zuma is Confussed by Inkandla Issues that he has No answers 4 .
> "Do you think pres Jacob Zuma is doing a good job? Current results Yes 7% No 93% Votes 3408
5 years of the ANC's man from Nkandla, SA pres Jacob Zuma: The highlights, lowlights and no lights
The president and parliment share some laughter after Pres. Jacob Zuma says "sex year" instead of "next year" ...Really O__O
Its always amazing to me watch this humble president of the country. Dr President Jacob Zuma
Jacob Zuma has delivered his last State of the Nation address as president of the current SA government
Everytime I hear Jacob Zuma speak I think of ☺
Well done pres Jacob Zuma i love your speech it show indeed that you have a good writter, he or she must ne gifted cause with your grade 2 you wouldnt have written such a speech, i wonder what you were doing when your seniors Nelson Mandela and Thabo Mbeki were at varsity studying. Kwa busy with women and culture
“And let ANC be great RT"Jacob Zuma needs to step down soon though." Amen
Everytime pres Jacob Zuma opens his mouth,he irritate people why mara and his speeches is always un_inspiring honour*
Ish ya politicians are funny,nangu u Mangosuthu Buthelezi athi the Anc taught people how to make petrol bombs,he further more said there was once a man named Promise n Jacob Zuma's name is also Mr Promise coz he likes to make a lot of promises but does not deliver...kwaaks. That's y i love politics so much man
Many people being interview regarding Pres.Jacob Zuma's feel address was uninspiring & did not provide 4ward looking strategy for SA
I'd really like to know how Pres. Jacob Zuma satisfy's his 82 000 wives...
Pres. Jacob Zuma : "It has been an honour for my administration and I to build on the foundation laid by the...
"We continueto struggle but life continues to get better" - Pres. Jacob Zuma. My leader.
I hear my President Jacob Zuma mistakes the words "next year" for "sex year" hehehe Msholozi
"We have increased the budget of student aid to R9 Billion per year to meet the rising demand." - Jacob Zuma
"We have the view to make Grade R compulsory." - Jacob Zuma
South Africa, I have the Spy Tapes in my hands. - Jacob Zuma.
South Africa, my cows have expensive taste- Jacob Zuma.
South Africa, the Guptas are my friends and they just wanted to get - Jacob Zuma.
South Africa, it is a swimming pool- Jacob Zuma.
Zille vs De Lille, contradictions and hypocrisy By Cde Jeremy Cronin In her mid-term review in November last year, the DA's city of Cape Town mayor, Patricia de Lille told the media her "biggest success was in creating 37,000 Expanded Public Works Programme (EPWP) jobs for people who were employed temporarily in various city projects." (Cape Times, November 21). Last week, DA leader Helen Zille announced her intention to lead a march on Luthuli House, the ANC's headquarters in Johannesburg. Intriguingly, the purpose of the march, according to Zille's statement, is to "expose Jacob Zuma's [ANC election] manifesto promise of 6 million ‘work opportunities' as bogus." So what makes the promise bogus? "These are not real jobs", Zille tells us. "They are temporary public works placements that will do little to grow the economy and lift people out of poverty permanently and sustainably." Clearly, the DA mayor and the DA premier are radically at odds here. The one sees her most important mayoral achievement as ...
Jacob Zuma, Thabo Mbeki and Julius Malema were travelling with a Toyota cressida and unfortunately it got stuck on the way. Jacob Zuma ''I think it's the pressure plate.'' Thabo Mbeki said ''I think it's the clutch plate...'' Julius Malema says ''if it's not the pressure plate or the clutch plate then It's definately the number plate!!!'' Goodmorning
"Biggest Threat" Neither Jacob Zuma nor Julius Malema is a threat to South Africa. Everything they destroy can easily be remedied by any competent leader. The biggest threat to South Africa are the Millions of people who vote for them.
If you are immature, ignore this!!! Let's talk politics!!! I'm an ANC supporter by the way! Okay, so you're not gonna vote for the ANC only because Jacob Zuma has a house worth more than R100 Million, is that it??? You want progress but you want to back EFF, a political party headed by people who aren't known for service delivery, just loud mouths and people who are good at insults. EFF stands for Economic Freedom Fighters and who's gonna benefit from that? Whose Economic Freedom are they fighting for? Yes, their own. Julius was the leader of the ANCYL and yet he failed at providing the youth with everything it required for a better life. He was also caught building a house worth millions. He isn't any better. My point is, he was with the ANC for a number of years and he knew that they were "fraudsters" but what did he do to stop that? Nothing. He only wanted to expose them simply because they cut him off from getting money with them. Now he has a party only because he still wants more money. Now everybod ...
Dear South Africans of all backgrounds. Now is the time The horror that was Apartheid ended 20 years ago. Ruling to discriminate against another race is completely finished, and will never happen again. I know some of you want vengeance against the minority in this country, those who kept you imprisoned to a set region against your will. But those rulers are no longer in power. The National Party, which were the party that inflicted Apartheid on you is no longer, and neither is it's reincarnation, the New National Party Discriminating against any political party purely based on the colour of their leader's skin isn't wise, and was the reason for Apartheid in the first place. So why am I writing this? I am asking you to make an informed decision, and let's vote for a party who has South Africa's best interests at heart. The name of that party is your decision. YOU have to vote for the Party that works best FOR YOU AND YOUR LOVED ONES. The outrage toward the ANC and its leader, Jacob Zuma due to their dubio ...
Hamilton Collection
Jacob Zuma, Shabir. Shaik and Julius. Malema!. Are flying on the. Presidential jet to a. gathering in Cape. Town when...
and share something in common. They're both cursed by ancestor Jacob Zuma for fighting for the poor.
President Jacob Zuma state of the nation address tomorrow.
State of the nation address by our President Jacob Zuma on 2014-02-13. What are those things that you expect him to talk about during his session?
Jacob Zuma is probably having a sleepless night worrying like his going to be doing an afrikaans oral speech tomorrow.
“I‟ve been questioning myself about the topic „de-risking Africa.‟ Is Africa risky, more risky than any other region of the world? Somebody will have to explain that to me because it looks like there‟s a perception about Africa which needs to be dealt with.” …Jacob Zuma, South African President
Dear Mama Graca. You married EDWARD MONDELANI & he died. You married Samora Machel & he died. You married Nelson Mandela & he died. Please help us with JACOB ZUMA. Marry HIM before the 2014 elections...
Lols, jacob zuma is a true comedian !
President Jacob Zuma might allude to the truth, but you need a psychotherapist to work out what’s going on, writes Gareth van Onselen
E-TOLL SURVEY SHOWS 71% REMAIN UN-TAGGED Outa has called on President Jacob Zuma to call off the e-tolling system in his State of the Nation speech, and says a survey shows 71% of cars are still untagged. Read the full article here.
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