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Jacob Zuma

Jacob Gedleyihlekisa Zuma (born 12 April 1942) is the President of South Africa, elected by parliament following his party's victory in the 2009 general election.

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Reference made to Mme Nkosasana Zuma as Jacob Zuma's ex is very distasteful n disrespectful. She has far more achievements we cn refer to
Really now?! Surely, this crook, Jacob Zuma is one digusting, sacrilegious desperate moron
Jacob Zuma and the ANC was the beginning of corruption & the end of democracy in South Africa.
Despite his unpopularity, Jacob Zuma will be a key player in 2017 in deciding new leaders for AU and ANC.
We are going to boo Jacob Zuma at Orlando and motor bikes can't drown out the boo's unity cde's unity
President Jacob Zuma is a chancellor at Ungoye, is he not?
Popular read of 2016 | Weakening and fearful Zuma emboldens opponents in divided ANC — and investors…
A revolt within against Zuma has reached new heights and the repercussions will be felt for some time.
Will 2017 be the year Jacob Zuma will be going to jail ?
then again for comic relief we should hand over to President Jacob Zuma? Could be fun.
Back in 2011, a young girl had this to tell Jacob Zuma.
Warning to all South Africans to expect massive turmoil at midnight tonight... Apparently Pres. Jacob Zuma is doing the countdown. 👀
When Jacob Zuma and Vavi were still chommies.
President Zuma handing over Christmas gifts and food parcels during the annual Jacob G Zuma RDP Education Trust Christmas…
There is a terrible fear that Jacob Zuma may try to do the New Year's eve countdown. We may miss 2017 altogether.
Trickle down will not help our economy BUT the will be felt in other ways. The case...
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We have a similar chap called Jacob Zuma with a similar skills set, performing for the Guptas.
What's it like to elect an accused rapist as president? Ask South Africans. +
ANC's TG Zweli Mkhize has also arrived at the Jacob Zuma RDP Trust Children and Youth's Christmas outreach in Nkandla.
President Jacob Zuma has referred all of us calling for his resignation to Section 7 (a) of the Euphonik Act of 2016. Msunu…
Mr. Jacob Zuma is hanging onto the presidency like...
We can't grade President Jacob Zuma. Once he got to the bottom, he kept digging.
Is it me or does pre. Jacob Zuma's head and body look apart here... Who is this??? Someone tell the truth...R/T
2016 IN REVIEW . President Jacob Zuma once again finds himself unmoved and untouched even with massive scandals involving him.
I've just remembered that Jacob Zuma has 5+ wives, 21+ kids, grandchildren, 783 charges in Nkandla but still ANC lost local…
Breaking news:. Jacob zuma Stole 2017 , so December will end kadi 40 till they solve this ko parliament 😀😂
"Perhaps one of the more brainless, and dangerous, utterances belongs to President Jacob Zuma."
Jacob Zuma and his cohorts have sold out the country and continue to do so.would this fall under "treason."
President Jacob Zuma to host the annual Indlamu traditional dance festival on New Year's Day.
was remarking the other day at how a wide spectrum of the society in SA is out in an open contest to Jacob Zuma's hegemony.
Who still listens to President Jacob Zuma mara? Wasting time!
"When you have a dream and perseverance, nothing is impossible. If you are defeated, then it means you doubted yourself."~Ja…
Established in 1995, the Jacob G. Zuma Education trust has put and enabled over 20 000 poor kids, mostly orphans, to get…
Graduates who were assisted by the Jacob Zuma Foundation.
Jacob Zuma got umshini wakhe back and he's now selling out South Africa to the immigrants
New Year message for year 2017 by President Jacob Zuma. Read more:
Sadly, a lot of them will have no jobs because of Jacob Zuma's administration.
will Jacob Zuma ever get umshini wakhe back
Can we leave Van Damme and get Jacob Zuma instead
Hosted a State Banquet in honour of President Jacob Zuma and H.E. Sizakele Zuma, First Lady of South Africa ht…
This book just reminded me that Jacob Zuma promised us a direct presidential hotline when he came into office. Kudlaliwe ngathi 😂😂😂
JUST IN : The has called on President Jacob Zuma to discipline and reprimand Energy Minister Mosebenzi Zwane for his…
President Jacob Zuma: We have come to the conclusion of a fruitful and productive year.
"Witchcraft is when you compare public schools with private schools" ~ Jacob Zuma, Supatsela High 1999
you and your chums Jacob Zuma, Mosebenzi Zwane, and Des van Rooyen are what is most rotten in this state
yeah, but what he says makes more sense than what the South African president, Jacob Zuma, says
you are now using regime change as an excuse for Jacob Zuma's cruel treatment of black people.
Up, up, and awaay! . "Jacob Zuma's tent collapses in storm". "I was blown away by his speech" said Marquee de Sade.
One wonders whether the Residents Association of Saxonwold will be erecting a similar monument to Jacob Zuma's othe…
:That no longer scares us anymore we know even Jacob Zuma will be linked to Sundowns someday...Mayambela is Old and tired.
Today our constitution which President Jacob Zuma failed to uphold is turning 20.
Three major depression causes in South Africa . Kaizer Chiefs . Orlando Pirates and . Jacob Zuma
Maybe he confused it with this story about Jacob Zuma spending 4 billion *rand* for a luxury 747?.
South Africa's ANC is deeply divided, and the attempt to oust Jacob Zuma exposed its divisions anew
Siboniso Gaxa and Jacob Zuma must be related.
How does one type praises of Fidel Castro with the same fingers that type praises for Jacob Zuma
Jacob Zuma is hosting the President of Uganda Yoweri Museveni.
South Africa's Jacob Zuma faces ANC vote of no confidence -
with immediate affect: allister coetzee, Steve Komphela, Jacob Zuma
EFF FORCEFULLY removed from Parliament - Questions to the President, Jacob Zuma, Julius Malema, EFF: via
Just in: The EFF says it will not participate in today's session as they don't recognise Jacob Zuma as president of the R…
Can Home Affairs also declare Jacob Zuma an "undesirable person", & tell him to leave South Africa tonight with Mos Def & n…
In order for Jacob Zuma to be resurrected, He must join African Christian Democratic Party!!!
„Jacob Zuma, President of South Africa: Create an animal law modeled after Luxembourg's newly prop... via
save South Africa from Jacob Zuma and the guptas
Jacob Zuma has lots of theories on offer, none of which even come close to making his criminal case go away, or ease his m…
Trevor calls out the similarities between Donald Trump and the corrupt President of South Africa, Jacob Zuma.
Jacob Zuma would be in an ICC prison next to Jean Pierre Bemba, Charles Taylor and Laurent Gbagbo 😠😠😠
Today, it has become clear that YOU, Cyril Ramaphosa cannot be separated from Jacob Zuma. https…
Barack Obama to come back and help the EFF challenge Jacob Zuma and the ANC. Still sorting out his ID at home affairs
can we nominate someone in the South African hip-hop industry fit enough to replace Jacob Zuma as our sitting president? Ma-E mhlawumbi? 😂
But guys.. Jacob Zuma & Donald Trump are not the same thing. If it was so, we would have our land back & white peop…
White people and cracking Jacob Zuma jokes
I HATE engaging with white South Africans about political issues. I become the biggest Jacob Zuma fan because wow they get so…
Kante why cnt kelly khumalo just go for Jacob Zuma?
Shaun Abrahams is only left with no option but to charge Jacob Zuma. Or,like Brian Molefe...he will resign before the president does.
Jacob Zuma says he is not afraid of going to jail because he has been to prison before. . Hope you're listening, Shaun Abrah…
Jacob Zuma at the centre of three vicious cycles i.e. ANC leadership cycle; Control of National Treasury and an orga…
Jacob Zuma resined as president, but incompetent can't resin,
ke gore Jacob Zuma o tlholwa ke Mushin Etugral...come on Mr president...this guy can't be smarter than you... Don't allow him JZ
How can anyone in their right mind still have respect for Jacob Zuma? And how can ANC think this man is still fit to be p…
BREAKING NEWS: Jacob Zuma has resigned as president -
BREAKING NEWS: Jacob Zuma has resigned as president
Thuli Madonsela us unemployed, and Barak Obama is about to be unemployed, but somehow Jacob Zuma still has a job. That'…
South Africa's President Jacob Zuma is under scrutiny as report into high level corruption released
Dear SAPS. Jacob Zuma is accused number one, Go, Camp at Nkandla & arrest him as soon as he shows up S…
The country must just throw him to jail jacob zuma. thieving hand
Is this guy 4 real? I doubt 600 councillors who lost seats have "full confidence" in Zuma! via
But, of course... "ANC expresses 'full confidence' in Jacob Zuma in face of
You don't need a formal education to be an honourable leader. Jacob Zuma chose to be the self-serving failure he truly is.
8.45 in Harare and the red carpet has been rolled out for President Jacob Zuma arrival one working visit
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using Jacob Zuma's own words to corner him... Chief Justice Mogoeng Mogoeng to the rescue! ✊🏿🇿🇦.
Jacob Zuma off to Zimbabwe at such a point in time is another reason he's not fit 2be the president of this country.He ju…
Dear Jacob K Zuma. If you don't know how to write resignation letter go and ask Muhsin Ertugral. He just resign from Orlando…
Message from the grave to Jacob Zuma of South Africa
Prez Zuma to appoint, within 30 days a commission of inquiry headed by a Judge,think of a Judge who can't be Bais favour
let's be patient with Jacob Gedleyehlekisa Zuma he is still on page 5 of the public pretector's report.
South African institutions proving stronger than Zuma? That would be a real case for long via
This is ubaba Jacob Zuma . Ubaba's weakness is Money . Ubaba is a Mampara . Don't be like ubaba .
The PP report on state capture is designed to be a permanent mark on Jacob Zuma (and the ANC if they don't isolate the problem).
"Me? Well, I don’t know, I must go to a dictionary and learn what a crook is. I’ve never been a crook.”
The fact there's so much noise about Jacob Zuma means that there's is something he is doing right & WMC is gunning for him…
President Jacob Zuma and Minister Des van Rooyen are mulling over the contents of the explosive state capture rep…
Dear President Jacob Gedleyihlekisa Zuma was ELECTED ku ballot, and not APPOINTED
I will critique Jacob Zuma for his corrupt dealings with capital. Whether he is flirting with Western capital or Eastern capital.
If we were indeed a democratic state, as citizens of SA we'd have the power to remove pres Jacob Zuma...
Jacob Zuma is a perfect example of how presidents are just faces for more powerful people who run countries behind the…
ANC will be like: we welcome the report but we have full confidence in Jacob Zuma.
ZUMA : I swear this is my last corruption deal with Guptas. GUPTAS : Jacob . ZUMA :
Wake up mr Kodwa!. ANC expresses ‘full confidence’ in Jacob Zuma in face of state capture report via
If ANC used Nicholson judgment (overturned on appeal) to recall Thabo Mbeki, what will they do to Jacob Zuma following Stat…
Crisis facing Jacob Zuma worsens as court orders release of South African graft report
President Zuma to consider Public Protector report. President Jacob Zuma has withdrawn his application seeking to...
South Africa Opposition protest against President Jacob Zuma to resign on grounds of graft in the government. https:…
Jacob Zuma Must Go and Not be Afforded ANY further Presidential Privilege. Security at Home No Travel!
launched as EFF marched to support called for removal of Jacob Zuma & Shaun Abrahams https…
President Jacob Zuma sows his wild oaths...
On cue: "The ANC has confidence in President Jacob Zuma and calls for him to step down are unwarranted"
Summary of the Jacob Zuma, Des Van Rooyen, Brian Molefe and the Guptas are big fat scum bags.
"Mr Zuma" that doesn't sound right. It's Jacob Zuma
WANTED: Jacob Zuma. CHARGE: 783 counts of fraud, corruption and racketeering. PLUS: Sold his country to the Gupta Gang.…   10% Off
Read the full that Pres. Jacob Zuma didn’t want you too see here! 📢.
South Africa’s Jacob Zuma may finally have to step down after a report confirms corruption allegations via…
KZN ANC is the backbone of Pres. Jacob Zuma that's why he's untouchable
The ANC should remove Jacob Zuma the same way they removed former Pres. Thabo Mbeki in chair.
Having watched Season 1 & 2 of Narcos, critically discuss the differences, if any, between Pablo Escobar and Pres. Jacob Zuma. . [50 marks]
after pres Jacob Zuma saw what was on the
Everyone focuses on Pres. Jacob Zuma. Few (very few) of you focus on the whole NEC. Zuma (all by his lonesome)...
The Mandela Foundation takes aim at the "failed" Jacob Zuma, says "wheels are coming off the vehicle of our state." htt…
Nathi Mthethwa were you not the one who delivered Presidency to your pal Jacob Zuma ? Is OR not an opposite of Zuma…
Magufuli Tz president visits kenya after Jacob Zuma...of xenophobic S/A and Tz is aligned to SADC das it ring a bell?Fear of Unknown..
Thandi Modise is protecting Jacob Zuma (at as though she's the one who made his bed and packed his lunch-box this…
The sooner Thandi Modise & Baleka Mbete realize the small man Jacob Zuma is not a boy to be left protected by their skirts the better for SA
The day Jacob Zuma resigns as President should be called Independence Day in South Africa, and be marked as a public holiday
Guess who thinks avoiding his legal embarrassment is more important than protecting war-crime victims?. Jacob Zuma.
Jacob Zuma (noun)- a stage where you don't care about anything e.g I have reached a Jacob Zuma.
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Once in a while Bra Nkabs should restore Jacob Zuma to factory settings like he did with sihle
Jimmy Savile, Rolf Harris & Gary Glitter all thought they could just grab anyone they wanted. Are Donald Trump & Jacob Zuma any…
WHITE NOISE: Want to feel sick? Revisit the 2006 judgment in which Jacob Zuma was found not guilty of rape.
I have a meeting with Barack Obama stop telling me about Jacob Zuma
Jacob Zuma must save the little dignity he's left with and just resign. Cyril Ramaphosa must never become president, he's worse than Zuma
Mmusi Maimane too obsessed with Jacob Zuma & Nkandla while real leader Adv Dali Mpofu is busy supporting the students on…
Jacob Zuma's second name is Gedleyihlekisa (meaning the one who laughs at you while inflicting pain on you).
OMG! Gwede Mantashe must never ever have access to the highest office in the land. He will make us miss Jacob Zuma.
Where is President Jacob Zuma, Julius Malema, Mmusi Maimane. Where are the leaders in SA to intervene on why no coalition ?
Jacob Zuma & the ANC have mortgaged the future of a million young South Africans - .
Jacob Zuma built a 2 million rand swimming pool, but no one in the family knows how to swim - Julius Malema
for as long as you are able to retain Jacob Zuma as the President, a social scum, you will be exposed.
ANALYSIS: Jacob Zuma is an enemy of South Africa's democratic project
South Africa President Jacob Zuma has finally paid back the money he owed taxpayers for the non-security upgrades...
South Africa is still standing, even as Jacob Zuma lurches from one scandal to the next
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STRONG WORDS: "I would rather die like Thomas Sankara than live like Jacob Zuma." - Anonymous
Jacob Zuma, shakes mashaba and Steve komphela are failures that should go form their own club in Lesotho or Botswana.
Jacob Zuma to step down as the South African president
South African President Jacob Zuma welcomed by Chinese president Xi Jinping at opening of
Jacob Zuma is my President because i am a South African and all the imperfection that are in this Lovely Country...
President Xi met his South African counterpart Jacob Zuma on Saturday, vowing to strengthen bilateral ties
Mandela, Oliver Tambo, Jacob Zuma, Desmond Tutu, Charlize Theron; your boys took one *** of a beating!.
Jacob Zuma: Afrikaners the only white"African tribe". AFRICAN TRIBE???
Jacob Zuma once called Julius Malema, the future leader of South Africa.
No mention here of Jacob Zuma (the rapist) being in the South African Communist Party. (Voice of America)
Did Marius Fransman introduce Jacob Zuma to the 28s numbers gang? Incredible allegation.
Jacob Zuma meeting up with gang leaders. We don't fully acknowledge that we're led by a thug. And Marius Fransman - eww.
Precisely! Anyone who acceptable to Jacob Zuma (e.g. his ex-wife Nkosazana; Zweli Mkhize), wouldn't work for others!
ANC should have replace Jacob Zuma with Zweli Mkhize before elections
If Zimbabwe under Robert Mugabe can protect their Black Rhinos then why cant we under Jacob Zuma?
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Nhleko spends most time in office defending crooked Jacob Zuma & the African National criminals.
we will invest in early childhood development so that our children can count better that Jacob Zuma when they grow up.
exec Nothando Maseko wanted to scrap interview with Jacob Zuma cause he dared asked about f…
laughable is the 'party of Mandela' defending the thieving Jacob Zuma
Thm head of states of are in . 1. Robert Mugabe. 2. Jacob Zuma . 3. Ernest Bai Koroma. 4. John Dramani
Explaining South African president, Jacob Zuma in cartoons: via
Jacob Zuma arrives in Rwanda for AU summit, both countries' Diplomatic relations normalize via
Jacob Zuma remains the president of this country.
French President hands SA counterpart Jacob Zuma digitised recordings of Rivonia Trial in which Nelson Mandela was sentenced…
The day Gwede Mantashe and Jacob Zuma killed the ANC youth league, was the death of the African National Congress.
Defend Palesa like Baleka Mbethe and crew defended Jacob Zuma who disrespects the constitution.
You know election time is close when Jacob Zuma starts visiting Eldorado Park. Is it not a little too late? (1/2)
Its becoming evident that Nkosazana Dlamini Zuma will carry over from Jacob Zuma in 2017
Zuma: ANC only party of prosperity: President of the African National Congress, Jacob Zuma, said his party wa...
There were people willing to raise money so that Jacob Zuma could pay his Nkandla bill
South Afrika is the future of this country - Jacob Zuma
YES.Is not simple to run small business UNLESS you family with Lindiwe Zulu or you are family with Jacob Zuma finish & Klaar
Never forget to thank Malema for giving us Jacob Zuma as our president.
if you think Jacob Zuma is a G.O.A.T
i think on 3 August we cant fail to throw ANC President Jacob Zuma inside the dust bean
RFI English: African press review 26 May 2016: What will South Africans do to Jacob Zuma's grave after the pr...
South Africa's President, Jacob Zuma spent $15 million of South African taxpayers' money to upgrade his private house…
Pres. Jacob Zuma will today, 25 May 2016, host Pres. Mahmoud Abbas of Palestine on a Working Visit to SA
I think Mbuyiseni Ndlozi and Jacob Zuma should collaborate and release a dope tune...
National Executive head Jacob Zuma is a clear and present danger to the National Democratic Revolution and threat to the ANC.
Jacob Zuma is now telling SA he got a multimillion Rand loan from a commercial bank based on a promissory note written on toilet paper?
I still say Jacob Zuma won't finish this year as a president, what's happening in parliament will destabilize this country if it continues.
Mr president, will you ever pay back the money. . Jacob Zuma:
The way that our President Jacob Zuma lies. He cannot even keep up with his own stories :( As for the harassment of
Another showdown between Jacob Zuma and the EFF looms as the President gets ready to answer questions in Parliamen…
Jacob Zuma is going to be the president we will still talk about after 15 years from now. He imprinted on our history shame
Jacob Zuma is the president of SA whether me and you don't approve. Part of he's job is to answer questions in the national assembly.
From poverty to presidency: South Africa's embattled leader Jacob Zuma: South Africa's president has been cau...
Worst ever. Making Robert Mugabe and Jacob Zuma look like real leaders.
A direct question to Jeremy Cronin: Is the ANC under Jacob Zuma facing any threat of Zanufication?
The people who are the reason Jacob Zuma is still in power are the very same people who recalled former President Thabo Mbeki.
Some of it just ain't racism. It was begot by a black man like the likes of Mugabe, Jacob Zuma and Ian Khama
Jacob Zuma will not sell South African Airways . Tourism session with the Ministers…
Jacob Zuma telling Baleka Mbete to bring order in the house is like Judas Iscariot advising Jesus not to take bribes https:…
Tltltltl, can't get over this; "Jackson Mthembu didn't defend himself when his teeth was punched out but has liver to defend Jacob Zuma."
Full Text: Ahmed Kathrada writes letter to Jacob Zuma calling for his resignation
So is taking the fall for Susan Shabangu, Cyril Ramaphosa & ANC led by Jacob Zuma!
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