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Jacob Zuma

Jacob Gedleyihlekisa Zuma (born 12 April 1942) is the President of South Africa, elected by parliament following his party's victory in the 2009 general election.

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This needs to be done right now, PLEASE SIGN AND SHARE! Thank you!via
Our achievements over the past 20 years are considerable - Jacob Zuma: .
Jacob Zuma has resigned but he does not know that lol
Ramaphosa to represent President Jacob Zuma at Zambian President Michael Sata's funeral |
A R55m bridge will be built over the Tugela River to connect the Mashunka and Ngubo communities, President Jacob Zuma said o…
It seems like our South African President Jacob Zuma he is doing the "Asamoah dance"
Zuma must welcome corruption charges so that he can clear his name Should the charges merit court case he must oblige
*takes one good selfie* *posts on all social media accounts, makes wallpaper, sends to friends, prints out and frames, emails to Jacob Zuma*
Jacob Zuma says he was right to fire Bheki Cele:
Jacob Zuma defends his decision to fire former police commissioner Bheki Cele - report.
Pirates players are coming up with excuses as if Senzo was the best player because everytime they lose a game it's gonna be like we are still mourning Senzo s death, to *** with that. pirates is not a 1 man team and the coach must take the blame for SuperSport defeat, I mean we're was Qalinge and Makola. Mom , And now my plea to Kelly Khumalo is to date Jacob Zuma and VV.
Jacob Zuma links to 'untouchable' SAA boss Businessman Vivian Reddy, President Jacob Zuma and Dudu Myeni at a Zu...
What they are doing to President Jacob Zuma is totally Unacceptable! This is Mandela's day.
On Wednesday 5 November 2014, Prophet Kobus stood up and started praying for South Africa, it's President (Jacob Zuma) and the whole parliament.
Khama doesn't even know where parley buildings are RTPresident Jacob Zuma stands accussed of deliberately avoiding parliament
Dear Kelly Khumalo You dated Prosper, now he's on a wheelchair You dated Jub Jub, now he's in jail You dated Senzo Meyiwa, now he's shot dead Could you please do something about Jacob Zuma
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Jacob Zuma is like the worst dude ever.
DONT COME BACK TO IRELAND MR.HIGGINS WITH "EBOLA" AFTER WHEN YOUR DONE FROM YOUR VISIT TO AFRICA. President Michael D Higgins will visit Ethiopia, Malawi and South Africa President Michael D Higgins and his wife Sabina will begin an official visit to Africa today. The President will visit Ethiopia, Malawi and South Africa over the next three weeks. The visit aims to build on Ireland's strong historic relationship with Africa, the major contribution of Ireland's development aid programmes and Irish missionaries, and will aim to strengthen bilateral partnerships for the future. President Higgins will also address pan-African themes, including sustainable development, climate change, human rights and the urgent challenges posed by the Ebola crisis. He will visit refugee camps in Ethiopia and Malawi, as well as meeting local communities, Irish NGOs and participants in Irish Aid programmes. While in South Africa, President Higgins will deliver a keynote address on human rights in Johannesburg and will meet Sou ...
Last time I drank alcohol Nkandla was still a plan to Jacob Zuma
...And the President Jacob Zuma...has exited the we party!
Then the President Jacob Zuma sings Mshini Wami with achoir and & a 6 piece that was a dope moment...
Thuli Madonsela in letter to Jacob Zuma: ‘You are not above the law’ 'You are setting a dangerous precedent'
South Africa: We need a person who will arrest Jacob Zuma - Julius Malema | Interview
Cc RTThe Jacob Zuma foundation has helped fund Degrees and Diplomas for over 25,000 students in RSA."
President Jacob Zuma once received military training in the Soviet Union and speaks Russian. Source: Huffington Post.
let her date Jacob '2 room Shack head' Zuma and see if he will be out of our lives.
and there's no story about Jacob Zuma
A parliamentary committee on Nkandla says President Jacob Zuma did not unduly benefit from the R246-million...
Public Protector has warned President Jacob Zuma that his remarks over her role could lead to "lawlessness"
Since Presidency RACIST to me which in turn reflects onto President Jacob Zuma. You know the say if can't beat them, join them! So do same..
I wonder where is this poverty they always nagging President Jacob Zuma about
President Jacob Zuma has arrived at the Durban Playhouse to attend the NACMA Awards
Please arrange the meet with President Jacob Zuma to show the world he can change and respect non rich Indians.
Cc "FULL DOCUMENT: Thuli Madonsela to Jacob Zuma: 'You are not above the law':
This will not happen for ALL Indians, cause of RACISM of Jacob Zuma's and Dr Lubisi Presidency and Staff
President Jacob Zuma has declared Provincial Official Funerals for and
“6 anti-corruption reforms that Jacob Zuma suggests for
Jacob Zuma, Gwede Mantashe and the long night of the Cabinet.
“I got a call from [Economic Development Minister Ebrahim] Patel today. He says that President [Jacob] Zuma this...
Which brings me back to what Jacob Zuma said about fellow South Africans.
It cost South Africa R54.6-million to support the country's first ladies during President Jacob Zuma's first term in office.
When you say meet me at the border, are you trying to runaway from Zuma? Lol.
"Can Jacob Zuma please have a State Of The Nation address to tell people to reduce bofebe?!"
Who is your lookalike according to your Friends? Someone just said I look like the President of SA Jacob Zuma. Im not sure.
Saying a blackberry is a good phone is like saying Jacob Zuma is a good president.
"If a leader loves you, he makes sure you build your house on rock ~Ugandan Proverb" Jacob Zuma never loved us.
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Ask Jacob Zuma,I'm sure u educated enough to no we can't answer u"Who's paying for this massive funeral for ?"
From Zambia President's death, Lesotho political problems to local phenomenal of Senzo and the two sport heros I have not seen Jacob Zuma!
We all knew from the beginning that the Nkandla Mass Choir in Parliament wanted to absolve Jacob Zuma. We are not done w…
SA a water-scarce country, says Jacob Zuma, the man with his Olympic-size swimming pool at Nkandla
SA Public Protector warns that ANC Pres. Jacob Zuma's comments are setting a precedent for lawlessness
Jacob Zuma's funeral will not be packed like this I tell you RIP
Mchunu: We thank President Jacob Zuma, he has shown that his government is a government that cares
Dear Kelly Khumalo we need your help hle: •You dated Prosper he endend up on a wheelchair. •Then you dated Jub Jub he ended up in jail. •Now you were dating Senzo and now he's dead. Please do something ka Jacob Zuma!! want our money back!!
Jacob Zuma sticks his spear in any woman who comes near. Even his friends daughters. Get's elected. Kelly Khumalo is vilified.tsk.
Dear Kelly Khumalo We need your help please.You firstdated Prosper now he is on wheel chair, you dated Jub Jub now he is in jail, you dated Senzo, now he is shot dead. Now please do something about Jacob Zuma because we are tired of him. Lol, Hlekisa labanye! Morning guys
I think kelly khumalo need to be cleanse nothing is going well with her since she left prosper then jub jub now is senzo. I think she need to be cleanse b4 she affect Jacob Zuma n yhe rest of his wife. lol
Siyanda Sixhoka wrote: I wish u Kelly Khumalo angajola no Jacob Zuma ;)
South African history noted that Nelson Mandela, Thabo Mbeki, Kgalema Motlanthe and Jacob Zuma r democratic presidents so far.
Dear kelly khumalo ;,, •You dated prosper -hes now on a wheelchair •You dated jub jub-hes now in prison •You dated senzo-hes now shot dead Could u please please do something about Jacob Zuma
Dear Kelly Khumalo You have dated Prosper now he's in wheelchair You have dated Jub Jub nw he's in jail You have dated Senzo Mayiwa nw he's shoot 2 dead Why can't u do sumthng with Jacob Zuma!!!(Copied)
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South African president, Jacob Zuma, has charged security operatives in the country to fish out those responsible...
I'm a South African citizen and I have a message for Jacob Zuma (South African President) :(
South African children preferred "fictional" Spider-man to be their president than Jacob Zuma: Parents24 yer!
SA kids would prefer Spider-Man over Jacob Zuma as president. Well...they are both masters at spinning webs... >
South African children would prefer having Spider-Man as president instead of Jacob Zuma
Jacob Zuma cancels visit to Britain after being told he could not see David Cameron: South African president denies 'fit of pique' af...
Kgalema Motlanthe arguably taking shots at Jacob Zuma
South African President Jacob Zuma has demanded that law enforcement authorities catch the killers of Bafana Bafana captain Senzo Meyiwa.
Jacob Zuma describes nations shock and says no stone must be left unturned in hunt for killers of national...
To all those who had participated in the debate on my FB page and called me 'defensive' when I protested against racial/ethnic stereotyping, please go read Busani Ngcaweni's opinion piece in the latest Sunday Independent. He is a senior official in Jacob Zuma's Presidency.) Here's a taste: the Pistorius trial "has lifted a veil on the social-cultural existential preoccupations of middle class Afrikaner men which includes love of guns, fast cars, blondes and other excesses amplified in the post-apartheid cultural landscape". Afrikaner men have "no regard for the rule of law, cynically believing that 'these are not our laws but laws meant to protect lawless blacks'." Afrikaner women are witless "victims of colonial and apartheid patriarchy" and "live in a bubble of deceit and conceit"; although they benefited from apartheid, they're treated as 'minors'. And, wait for this gem: Afrikaner women "could not inherit property". More on Afrikaner men: "While Tashas and cognac have replaced steak and beer, rage and ...
You need leadership skills to be a Leader. To be president, you just need to be present - Jacob Zuma. VIVA MSHOLOZI! 😂
ANC Regime president, Jacob Zuma calls on business to bail out SA economy - What a joke
or Seven ways you know you're an according to Jacob Zuma.
tell that to Jacob Zuma, Ellen Johnson Sirleaf, Paul Biya or Queen Elizabeth
There's a disagreement here... Who is more stupid? Nathi Mthethwa, Ellen Tshabalala or Jacob Zuma? All I can say is you all don't know No1!
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Jacob Zuma said it. This is David van Wyk's "wake up" call.
:"D "A guy who faked a coma for 2 years to avoid court. His name is not Jacob Zuma."
Jacob Zuma must have been the Richard Mdluli of Robben Island. Yes. By any means necessary... Wake up! South Africa.
Dr Zweli Mkhize "Who's going to over the presidency after Jacob Zuma?"
Jacob Zuma did not even graduate from "Robben Island High". While Sisulu & Co. studies, he was there for the free boarding and lodging.
It is only when you see it listed like this that you realise the scale of the unstoppable and openly defiant pillaging going on in SA by the BLACK ANC government and their friends. Not a word by those who were so bitterly against the White Government, particularly the smuts who sold us down the tubes ala De Klerk, Pik Botha and co, and including Britain and America, and even the Pope! If Whites had been behaving like this, their critics would have been furious. Maybe it's just because they knew it would happen and are quite happy about accepting it as it is previously disadvantaged persons doing it as they are hungry and underfed! It is not politically correct to be critical of black governments defrauding their taxpayers! Just a small part of the list of South African government corruption (so far): 1. Multi-billion $ Arms deal 2. E-tolling massive wastage of pensioners monies. 3. Jacob Zuma's Nkandla Homestead Project more than R250 million taxpayers money on his private residence! 4. Nkandla Freeway Pr ...
Fwd: Start the day with a positive outlook ... HOW TO START EACH DAY WITH A POSITIVE OUTLOOK 1. Open a new file in your computer. 2. Name it "Jacob Zuma". 3. Send it to the Recycle Bin. 4. Empty the Recycle Bin. 5. Your PC will ask you. "Do you really want to get rid of "Jacob Zuma?" 6. Firmly Click "Yes." 7. Feel better? Tomorrow we'll do Robert Mugabe and the day after that Julius Malema.
We must stop blaming the past for all the wrongs but put our hands together to create a better future for our children. -FW De Klerk. Thabo Mbeki, FW De Klerk, Nelson Mandela and Kgalema Motlanthe were all honoured by SAFA for their role they played in South African football. But the question remains, why Jacob Zuma was not honoured? Molweni mzontsundu!
DEAD!!! Local scientists wonder how many years it would take an ant to run across Jacob Zuma's head
May 2014 Current Affairs Study Material INTERNATIONAL President Jacob Zuma of South Africa Re-elected For Second Term South Africa President, Jacob Zuma of African National Congress (ANC) was re-elected for second term. African National Congress (ANC) won the elections held on 7 May for the National Assembly. Results for the same were announced on 9 May. African National Congress (ANC) won 63% of the votes while the Democratic Alliance (DA) fell behind with 22% of the votes.This victory is ANC’s 5th consecutive win in national elections. Swiss Voters Rejected World’s Highest Minimum Wage Swiss voters rejected the Minimum Wage Initiative on 18 May.The initiative was rejected by 77 percent of the Swiss voters.The Minimum Wage Initiative, if passed, would have introduced highest minimum wage in the world at 25 US dollars for an hour (or 22 francs an hour).Twenty-five dollars an hour seems like a lot, but Switzerland is one of the most expensive countries in the world. Petro Poroshenko Elected As Ukraine ...
This is very sad though! The very people from whom Jacob Zuma stole money will be expected to donate for him to pay back debt.
Jacob Zuma and his ANC will collapse this country before he is held accountable. Public Members unit team? What is that?
Adv Thuli Madonsela must reject this so called group "Public Members Unit Team" proposal to pay on behalf of Jacob Zuma.
The South African Government is lying to the world blaming the Dalai Lama for cancelling his Visa application before they had processed it. If you had to choose between Jacob Zuma and Clayson and Zizi his spokespeople, who collectively have been heavily praised by the Chinese Government their funders, partners and ANC backers for refusing the Dalai Lama entry into South Africa, and the Dalai Lama himself who accuses the ANC of having bullied him into retracting his application, would you ever, ever choose the former's version over that of the latters?
My quote of the year:. "I see the Eiffel Tower lights are shining today." - Jacob Zuma (President, South Africa, 2009 - )…
The EFF calls on the National Prosecuting Authority to criminally charge President Jacob Zuma
Jacob Zuma is on tour now wow the president on the NkandlaReport Tour
They always say That no one is above the law and our constitution is water tight! But President Jacob Zuma has proved us wrong, i'm ashamed
Ronald Lamola almost wet himself when Justice asked him if he thinks Jacob Zuma should pay back the money
Ronald Lamola wouldn't dare come out and say Jacob Zuma should pay back the money as suggested by the Public Protector on national TV lol 😂😂
People who overstay their welcome: Sepp Blatter. Robert Mugabe. Jacob Zuma. People who don't: Jake White.
Zizi Kodwa just said Jacob Zuma is innocent without breaking into laughter.
Ronald Lamola has already started lobbying for himself for ANCYL presidency and says Jacob Zuma must 'Pay Back The Money'.
Cocacola Dome LPC with Pastor Chris Oyakhilome. Surprise guest Jacob Zuma right infront of me...
Cyril Ramaphosa is worse than Jacob Zuma, I pick a thief over a murderer
As much as i dislike Jacob Zuma i must admit he spoke the truth @ the conference.. I quote ''if the ebola outbreak happened in the western or more developed countries it would be contained very quickly..
"The next five years will be about surviving the deep, terrible, damage he is doing." Justice Malala on Jacob Zuma:
Jacob Zuma of Nkandla is sleeping on the job - Writes Justice Malala.
Zuma arrives in New York: President Jacob Zuma will address the UN on Wednesday on Millennium Development Goals.
There is something common about these names Oscar Pistorius, Jacob Zuma, Shabir Shaik, Tony Yengeni and Jackey Selebi
A piece by Paul Hoffman. Read and enjoy and most of all ponder. IT IS beyond question that the presidency of Jacob Zuma, shortly after the start of his second term, is sailing in murky and troubled waters. His role in the Nkandla debacle and the Lesotho coup are but the latest in a series of events that must have his spin doctor, Mac Maharaj, tearing his hair out in frustration. The media is full of speculation about the longevity of the second Zuma term. Will the spy tapes relating to the charges of corruption, money laundering, fraud and racketeering inculpate or exculpate him? Does the Nkandla saga include a criminal element? Will facets of Guptagate come back to bite Zuma? Does the empire of his family contain the seeds of his destruction as the Aurora liquidators circle his nephew while other relatives are named in dodgy deals? Will Zuma "pay back the money" as demanded by the Economic Freedom Fighters in vociferous chorus in Parliament? Has his Special Investigating Unit (SIU) scored an own goal by ...
Check jakie celebi, Shabir Shaik, Jacob Zuma and Guptas walking free so ofcourse oscar will too. they have a lot of money to buy freedom.
I would assume in the same way someone like Jacob Zuma becomes a president. I worry about us, the people.
Jacob Zuma's special envoy to Gaza, Aziz Pahad, on Hamas, military intervention and BDS via
Sepp Blatter must sit down now, so should Issa Hayatou...and Jacob Zuma..!
IBOTA N' OGBE (28) Jacob Zuma's Protest: Barack Obama's advice IN 2013, when President Barack Obama visited South Africa, in a joint press interview with President Jacob Zuma, Zuma asked why the west, European Union, EU, and America, were angry at African Nations for bilateral trade with China. He went on to state that the world had arrived at a global village where each nation, who desire uplifting the economic wellbeing of their people, reach out to other nations, who could be of help. The EU and America are no exceptions. They both have investments in China as China too has investments in both. Barack Obama replied that they were not against African nations seeking their developmental interest from any where which includes China. But that he wish African nations to rather add values to their raw materials and mineral resources instead of selling them raw and by the time the end products come back to Africa in form of industrial hardware the cost would have eroded the initial profits at the raw materia ...
According to Helen Zille, Julius Malema & Jacob Zuma are a classic case of Potato pronunciation.
Julius Malema demand Jacob Zuma to pay up the nkandla thing, did Julius Malema pay up his SARS shii?
Ace Magashule, “Jacob Zuma is indeed the treasure of the African National Congress”. Oh well!
The Great Unspooling: How the Spy Tapes came to define Jacob Zuma by RICHARD POPLAK .
Gavin Rossdale is on daddy duties at the beach via
I think our President Jacob Zuma is suffering from "foot in mouth disease"
"we are not here to discuss the love letter of Jacob Zuma" malema juju s a comedian
Nkandla saga.guptas saga.spy tapes saga.arms deal saga. Its too much for our msholozi vote of no confidence in him is on de way serious iyawubulala umbutho into yoku protecta amaxoki if mbeki was removed by de anc why not for jacob zuma?
"Jacob Zuma must know that the time for laughing in Parliament is over. He must give the right answers or what happened will continue. Suspend us and when we come back, we will start from where we left off," Malema said.President is black
01 September 2014 Subscribe | Search Politicsweb: FRONT PAGE FEATURES iSERVICE COMMENT RESOURCES SUBSCRIBE Advertise top stories A FAMOUS GROUSE: What Putin and Zuma have in common 30 August 2014 Andrew Donaldson says it may be time for the purple to get a little worried Read more » Related articles: Last week's other parliamentary fiasco » Malema, Zuma and the anarchy in the NA » STATEMENT: ANC/SACP attacks on PP conspiratorial and dangerous - Irvin Jim 29 August 2014 NUMSA GS says threats to impeach Thuli Madonsela, and efforts to link her to party politics, are malicious Read more » Related articles: Thuli Madonsela's reply to her (ANC) critics » Thuli Madonsela's accusations wild and baseless - ANC » Nkandla: Thuli Madonsela's letter to Jacob Zuma » DOCUMENT: Julius Malema's reply to Baleka Mbete 29 August 2014 EFF leader says the Speaker is acting beyond her powers in trying to have him preemptorily suspended for 14 days Read more » Related articles: Dear Mr Malema, please explain why you sho ...
BDS IN South Africa-AN ABJECT FAILURE Despite all the opportunities offered by ‘Operation protective Edge’ in Gaza to harness latent anti-Israel and anti-Semitic sentiments, the Boycott, Divestment and Sanctions, (BDS) movement has come up empty handed. This despite investing huge human and financial capital in this endeavour. Over the past month BDS have initiated a strident call on the South African government to cut diplomatic relations with Israel and to send the Israeli Ambassador, Aurthur Lenk, packing back to Israel. They have harnessed the support of all the usual suspects, like COSATU, NUMSA and the ANC Youth League and even the ‘venerable’ Archbishop Tutu, to rally the masses. They have succeeded to rally the masses, but to little or no practical effect, other than to allow these strident voices to vent their frustrations, which in fact have nothing to do with Israel or even with the Middle East conflict. The Palestinian Ambassador, Abdel Hafiz Nofal added his voice to these demands, ...
Why is Jacob Zuma & Schabir Shabir not being subpoenaed to testify? We know their link to Thales,a French Arms Co.
A well-written article about Jacob Zuma's legacy & his unspooning
Oh dear God: "All I can confirm is that the outcome of the crisis will be determined by President [Jacob] Zuma."
Over five thousand years ago, Moses said to the children of Israel, "Pick up your shovels, mount your and camels, and I will lead you to the Promised Land." When Mandela was made president he said, "Lay down your shovels, sit on your and light up a Camel, this is the Promised Land." Today, the ANC has stolen your shovel, taxed your raised the price of Camels, tolled the Highways and Byways and mortgaged the Promised Land to the Chinese. I was so depressed last night thinking about Jacob Zuma, the economy, the wars, lost jobs, savings, corruption, the toll roads, retirement funds, etc . I called a suicide hotline. I had to press 1 for English. I was connected to a call centre in Pakistan. I told them I was suicidal. They got excited and asked if I could drive a truck. Folks, we're screwed .
Jacob Zuma, Shabir Shaik and Julius Malema are flying on the. Presidential jet to a gathering in Cape Town when...
You Say Parliament should be a festival of debates 31 August 2014 15:00 Readers react to the EFF’s parliamentary behaviour with more favour than scorn When EFF leader Julius Malema demanded an answer from President Jacob Zuma on when he would consider paying back the money for Nkandla and the exact date of payment, I did not see it as personal. The Public Protector’s report was clear that Zuma should pay back a reasonable amount of money used for non-security features. Malema was using his democratic right as an MP to seek answers. The Speaker should play her part as a neutral person who is authorised to ensure that questions are answered satisfactorily. The ANC used its majority to suppress the debate. Malema has an obligation to take part in the debates without being interrupted. MPs should discuss issues inside Parliament and the question asked was relevant. Parliament is like a festival of debates and it should continue to be so without fear or favour. The message the ANC sent can be interpreted a ...
Dear Advocate Madonsela... August 31 2014 at 10:29am Comment on this story IOL PN Thuli Madonsela Briefing 155 INDEPENDENT NEWSPAPERS Thuli Madonsela behaves like a spoilt brat who cries when her toys are thrown on the floor, says the writer. Photo: Oupa Mokoena You must learn to wait, writes Thami ka Plaatjie in an open letter to Public Protector Thuli Madonsela. Dear Advocate Madonsela Populists I have known aplenty but you remain unique in my experience. I have lauded your work and your efforts to hold our nation to account but I dare say my views have dramatically changed over your recent Nkandla conduct. I missed a chance encounter with you when you summoned the board of the SABC to your pious office. I had earlier submitted my resignation from the board, thus relinquishing all my attended obligations to that institution and thus could not make myself available for your encounter. I also missed another encounter that I should have had with you when you made a failed attempt to summon the Freedom Par ...
Public Protector Thuli Madonsela has taken the fight over Nkandla back to President Jacob Zuma. She has warned him that his suggestion that the police minister determine whether he ought to repay money spent on upgrades was illegal.
President Jacob Zuma has until thus just been riddled with accusations of corruption that we are all well aware of, so now.Cyril ...please with this anti corruption thing Start with our President First .
ANC biggest affiliate have added their voice 2 dat of 2 remove Jacob Zuma,Zuma is under pressure frm his own party now,its no longer da battle of opposition parties only,COSATU played a major role in his election as ANC president in 2007 in polokwane,COSATU is 1 of da KINGMAKERS in da ANC structures,they voice is wel respected by most ANC members.failure 2 remove Zuma by da ANC COULD C COSATU JOINING OTHER LEFT GROUPS N FORM A PACT AGAINST ANC IN FUTURE POLLS,SO ANC CANNOT RISK DAT.ITS OVER ABT ZUMA NOW!
Everyone is out to get a bad page on JACOB ZUMA our president. Do u still love or camp for zuma?? I still love the man
we all know that they just want to shield President Jacob Zuma
Actually its concerns about the money. RTThere are mounting concerns about President Jacob Zuma's health...
(Judges should convict) even if there are facts that are short." - Jacob Zuma
"When you vote for the ANC, you are also choosing to go to heaven. When you don’t.choosing that man who carries a fork…" - Jacob Zuma
Today, I unspool Jacob Zuma and the Spy Tapes in
"There are mounting concerns about President Jacob Zuma's health: - um, let me think... no, no concerns
"You have fewer rights because you are a minority. Absolutely, that’s how democracy works." - Jacob Zuma
Jacob Zuma's top ten most disturbing quotes - my column today:
News 24 yday reported dat ANC structures have conceded dat they might force Jacob Zuma out of office b4 da expiry of his term,although they they deny 2 concede dat they r DEAFETED in their battle 2 defend him,they cite his "deterioting health" as da reason 2 da fact remains dat they r hard @ work 2 get him removed as president of da republic. Morning mzansi.
Ten of the most disturbing Jacob Zuma quotes | Columnists | BDlive via
Jacob Zuma's 'what if' question A column by STEPHEN GROOTES .
"(Same-sex marriages) are a disgrace to the nation and to God" - Jacob Zuma
Yoh President Jacob Zuma lost weight.Tjo I think he should take some rest,this is not gud at all!
He banna Ace magashule said he will defend Jacob Zuma how bcs the Report of PP are cleaver come on Bra Ace ppl of SA are not fool by You
She is the product of the ANC we have made her.and she is still an active member in good standing,could we decide otherwise.this is a woman cde JZ was referring to when he said"South Africa is ready for a woman president"and the very same opposition will be pointing thier dirty fingers at her just as the did to any ANC president from ntante Mandela,Thabo Mbheki,and to Jacob Zuma!
Enca is already speculating whether or not President Jacob Zuma will finish his term, I'm quite certain 11 million people would like that.
The politics of Cebekhulu ,Sdumo Dlamini, Blade Nzimande and Jacob Zuma is bad for this country
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Thuli Madonsela's letter to Jacob Zuma vindicates proving that Baleka Mbete is a bloody fool for unashamedly shielding No…
Why is Gwede Mantashe n Blade Nzimande so obsessed wth defending Jacob Zuma even when he is wrong,r they hiding somethn we don't know maybe.
Thuli Madonsela appears to be on a collision course with Jacob Zuma after sending him a strong-worded letter.
Daily Sun Headlines ... 1. A Nyaope smoker causes a horrible scene at a hospital,demanding to see Dr.Dre 2. Orlando Pirates fan died after refusing to say "Makhosi" while consulting a Sangoma 3. "Tokoloshe removed my name on the newspaper" says depressed matriculant 4. A man shoots himself 5 times on the head 5. Boy born with just a head in Lesotho,they call him "Nobody" 6. A chicken with 3 drumsticks spotted in Limpopo 7. Hide and seek champion found dead in a wardrobe 8. L'vovo broke a banana tree trying to hang himself. 9. There's a new disease that kills soccer players called Ebola 10. Julius Malema proposed a white a girl. 11. Robert Mugabe is the new Goalkeeper for Platinum Stars. 12. Jacob Zuma said "Kwanele manje, I want to marry Caster Semenya"
Jacob Zuma Interrupted Over Alleged Public Funds Abuse Scandal Yesterday, Jacob Zuma, South Africa’s president was interrupted during a parliamentary session where he was responding to allegations that he had excessively spent public funds in renovating his sprawling residence in the rural KwaZula-Natal province. Before President Zuma finished responding to questioning over the affair Mr. Malema and other members of his Economic Freedom Fighters (EFF) party began chanting “pay back the money”. The ensuing commotion resulted in the suspension of the parliamentary session, and removal of the noisy EFF members. Read More…
Education Minister Angie Motshekga now briefing after meeting with President Jacob Zuma and other CEOs on the state of education. GW
2005 Julius Malema burns Tshirts, bearing President Mbeki's image in front of the Durban High court during Jacob Zuma's rape trial. Silence and no condemnation from Jacob Zuma about such disrespect. Fast forward to 21 August 2014. Why are we surprised by events in Parliament today and why is President Zuma surprised at all. Juju has a point, like it or not but we have to think about our ways and how we treat one another and what has become acceptable in our society because of the examples set by politicians.
our so called President Jacob Zuma could learn a lot from Uruguay's president José Mujica
If you are a South African citizen, Jacob Zuma is your president whether you voted for him or not. DEAL MR eNCA anchor man.
Jacob Zuma must just step down as President & we'll see where to from there.
I guess its high time we get Gerrie Nel to come & compel the incumbent President Jacob Zuma to answer the questions put to him
Yes you will hear her 2moro..but in th emean time who created this chaos the or Jacob Zuma or Cyril Ramaphosa?
"Who is the best leader between, Thabo Mbeki and Jacob Zuma? if I have to choose, neither!
How do we get rid of President Jacob Zuma? Because really, Jacob Zuma can’t stay on much longer as the president of South Africa. We simply can’t afford Zuma any longer. We need a leader with clean hands who can lead with integrity. Someone who can intervene, talk and strategise when a Marikana happens or an African Bank collapses or when gang bullets smash through small children. Zuma is not such a leader. This past week he proved it again. Look at his answers last Thursday to parliament in reaction to the Nkandla scandal. Not once did he admit he should have known better when a palace arose out of nothing around him. Not once did he offer to pay for at least part of the renovations that had zero to do with state security. His 20-page answer undermines every single South African who battles daily to keep head above water in a struggling economy. In practice Zuma shows the middle finger to everyone who has investigated him and says: “I will decide what will happen to me, thank you.” Now the poor p ...
At 32, Pule Mabe is the youngest member to have joined the powerful ANC national executive committee. The former ANC Youth League treasurer general was elected in December last year after he campaigned tirelessly for the re-election of Jacob Zuma as ANC president. Once a close ally of expelled youth league president Julius Malema, Mabe is now seen as an adversary of Malema, who unsuccessfully campaigned for Deputy President Kgalema Motlanthe to replace Zuma as ANC president. A former Mail & Guardian journalist and former government communicator, Mabe has been roped into the ANC communications subcommittee. He is also part of the ANC’s election team, which is led by former Limpopo Premier Ngoako Ramahlodi. A politician-cumbusinessman, Mabe is determined to change the lives of many South Africans. Despite his busy schedule he has managed to build a successful business empire in the media industry. At 32, he owns a publishing company called KG media, which publishes Kwela Express, a monthly transport newsp ...
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The budget for the SA Presidency soared from R257m in 2007, under Thabo Mbeki to R1.3bn in 2014 under Jacob Zuma
Democratic Alliance SA Today by Helen Zille Leader of the DA SA Today: Time to unravel the Spy Tapes tangle Earlier this year I read an article quoting Senzo Mchunu, Premier of KwaZulu Natal and Zuma loyalist, predicting that when the infamous “spy tapes” were eventually released, South Africa would learn that “there is nothing (in them) after all”. Premier Mchunu was clearly confident that this would be good news for President Zuma, who would then be off the hook of his corruption charges, yet again. The Premier may well be right that “there is nothing” in the tapes “after all”. But he seems unaware that this would be dreadful news for President Zuma -- and devastating for the National Prosecuting Authority, particularly its former acting Director, Mokotedi Mpshe (who took the decision to withdraw the charges, paving the way for Jacob Zuma to become President in 2009). This is because Advocate Mpshe, now a Judge, has always maintained that the contents of the tapes were explosive, demon . ...
So Pres Jacob Zuma is set to sign a bill that would force foreign owned security companies like ADT,CHUBB, G4S to sell 51% of their business to black South Africans
Jacob Zuma has, sadly, assented to the amendments to the Labour Relations Act, still fundamentally anti-democratic.
News Headlines President Robert Mugabe who has taken over the SADC chairperson has commended SADC for supporting Zimbabwe despite the illegal sanctions bywestern nations. The president was speaking at the 34th SADC summit of heads of state and government in Victoria Falls. THE President also criticised the west for not taking any action over the killing of Palestinian civilians in Gaza. === Speaking at the same summit, AU chairperson Dr Nkosazana Dhlamini Zuma says youths and women will be able to access university education through e-learning. === Meanwhile, the teachers' union of Zimbabwe says there is need for government to increase its efforts in ensuring e-learning is introduced in schools to help develop students. The organisation's president, Mr Lovemore Mufamba was speaking to Star FM. === ZANU PF secretary for administration, Cde Didymus Mutasa who is also presidential affairs minister has declined to comment over deputy minister of foreign affairs and party colleague, Cde Chris Mutsvangwa at ...
South African Pres Jacob Zuma once again appointed chair of the Organ on Politics, Defence & Security
Nyaope, also called "whoonga," is the street drug that is ravaging South Africa’s impoverished townships. Cheap and highly addictive, it is said to include marijuana, low-grade heroin and other additives like rat poison and antiretrovirals, which are used to treat HIV. The details of nyaope are local, but the story has become universal. Nasty, low-cost cocktail drugs are a growing problem in many parts of the world. “Krokodil” — a mix of codeine and gasoline, so named for the flesh-destroying skin condition it causes — is reported to have recently spread from Eastern Europe into the United States. In South Africa, nyaope is popular among lower income groups in the townships surrounding Johannesburg and Pretoria, areas already facing high unemployment and poverty. Nyaope only emerged in the last six or seven years but is widely available, costing just 30 rand ($3) for a hit. The drug has drawn national attention here in South Africa. President Jacob Zuma warned earlier this year that the nation's ...
Can Africa still dial ‘911 Botswana’ for political rescue? by Tanonoka Joseph Whande 18-08-2014 Sunday Standard/ The Telegraph I am a sad, old padre who has seen more than he needs to understand about African politicians. I have lived on all continents except South America yet I survive on the pulse of the continent that made me. Africa is a gem but Africans are not. Therefore, my answer to the question above is that the people of Africa are marooned and with no rescue coming. I no longer believe that there is a 911 number for Africa’s citizens to dial for common sense. I am afraid to let go off of Botswana’s Ian Khama. This man forced other leaders to pay attention to Zimbabwe. Although Africa is full of idiotic leaders who all were challenged by Robert Mugabe, Khama still remains the only president in Africa who challenges regional and continental positions on Zimbabwe and goes against the misguided African Union, which is no mean achievement considering how ferocious and closely knit African le ...
Adriaan Basson hates Zuma with a passion.
Top stories at 4pm suspected Ebola patient tests negative... A 37-year-old man suspected of having Ebola has tested negative for the deadly haemorrhagic disease. This was confirmed by the health department. The 37-year-old man was working as health and safety officer in a mining operation in Liberia, which is the worst hit Ebola region. Health spokesperson Joe Maila said the man had no contact with any patients while in Liberia and he was not involved in patient care. President Jacob Zuma is expected to attend the reburial service of Nathaniel “Nat” Nakasa. Durban journalist Nakasa died in exile in New York in 1965 in a suspected suicide. The convener for the “Nat Nakasa: Bringing Home a Hero project” Mary Papaya said Nakasa would be received in the most befitting manner possible. Papaya also said that returning Nakasa’s remains would go a long way to entrenching media rights in the country. Nakasa is to be buried at the Heroes Acre in Chesterville. A University of Pretoria academic says the 5.5 ...
Lol good kid, jacob zuma does not love people.
90% 0f it was lost in SA in the hands of Jacob Zuma
Frederick De Klerk - BA LLB Nelson Mandela - BA LLB Thabo Mbeki - BComm & Master's Kgalema Motlanthe - Matric ( Standard 10) Jacob Zuma - informal Standard 3 Really? Are we serious? You send that person to India to sign trade documents yet he cant understand the meaning of "domicillum citandi"? One day we will wake up and find documents for recolonization has been signed and sealed, water tight
*** raak ons van Zuma ontslae? . English subtitles: How do we get rid of Pres Jacob Zuma?
Dat moment when Jacob Zuma told de matriculate dat he knws wat they going through
President Jacob Zuma though ai ai the guy is Stupid
He must have lost count."How many children does Jacob Zuma have?!"
How many children does Jacob Zuma have?!
Ebola in SA. President Jacob Zuma will tell u to shower so dnt worry neighbors.
Nkandla: 'satisfied' Jacob Zuma responded2 all reports
Among these young political leaders, who is the protégé of Jacob Zuma ?
Stone Sizani ‘satisfied’ Jacob Zuma responded to all reports:
EWN has found that a number of Eastern Cape schools still don't have furniture despite a deadline set by Presid…
It is estimated that Jacob Zuma destroyed 50,000 and 2,000 jobs when he signed the new labour law into the statutes
Who's who in the Jacob Zuma empire: I just read this on
Ladies, Stay away from Jacob Zuma, he is harmful.
Dear Jacob Zuma . Why are a number of your sons & nephews such greedy, negligent, reckless, irresponsible, corrupt litt…
South Africa: Spy tapes: Zille accuses Zuma of cover-up: President Jacob Zuma's lengthy fight to block the rel...
e.g Jacob Zuma"Some people shouldn't loose weight, c0z it don't suit em it only makes em look sick"
The office of the ANC chief whip in parliament says it is satisfied with President Jacob Zuma's response.
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How do we get rid of President Jacob Zuma? via
President Jacob Zuma’s architect is expected in Court, to defend claims made against him by the SIU:
“How do we get rid of President Zuma .My column on Cereal vs Shower same difference
Is this Jacob Zuma witchcraft scandal real or is it just a publicity stunt?
Spy tapes saga points to cover-up: Zille President Jacob Zuma's protracted legal attempts to prevent the releas...
This is sickening! South Afrikans should now stand up against Jacob Zuma's cronyism.
ANC Chief Whip's office says is satisfied with President Jacob Zuma’s "comprehensive" response on security upgrades at
i wish the real Jacob Zuma was in the Union Buildings!-
How do we get rid of President Zuma (and is amnesty an option)? My column on
Apparently Hellen Zille is complaining that some provinces didn't receive earthquake. This what she had to say. "It is not fair that some places did not receive the earthquake, this how poor the delivery of services in South Africa has become. The ANC is corrupting us and taking our natural disasters to themselves due to greed, we will not sit down and watch the President Jacob Zuma and his people to take our things!! We will fight"... Cape Town wants some Earthquake! Don't take it political its for fun!!
According to Jacob Zuma, South Africa is ready for a female President. I then say for President.
For a moment I thought that Jacob Zuma, President of South Africa had gone into the food business!
so you mean I'm fine then.. and as long as I know Jacob Zuma is the president for 30 seconds all is forgiven?
Judge Says Zuma Should Have Been Found Guilty Of Rape: President Jacob Zuma should have been found guilty of r... http:…
The president, Jacob Zuma, wud lyk 2 set on record that the was not aware of the 2 existence found in
6th BRICS Summit The 6th BRICS summit is the sixth annual diplomatic meeting of the BRICS, a grouping of major emerging economies that includes Brazil, Russia, India, China and South Africa. It is hosted by Brazil, as the first host country of the current five-year summit cycle, the host city is Fortaleza. Argentine President Cristina Kirchner was a special guest of the summit. 7th BRICS Summit will be held in Russian city of Ufa in 2015. Most importantly, the New Development Bank was officially inaugurated. Member Brazil - Dilma Rousseff (President) Russia - Vladimir Putin (President) India - Narendra Modi ( Prime Minister) China - Xi Jinping (President) South Africa - Jacob Zuma ( President)
Gareth van Onselen really just compare Jacob Zuma to Josef Stalin ? Hope he stretched before all this reaching
We don't have a president in Jacob Zuma and the worse part we still have Julius Malema,something is not right here
“Jacob Zuma built a 2 million rand swimming pool, but no one in the family knows how to swim” - Julius Malema
Jacob Zuma volunteers SA help in Middle East: by
Zwelinzima Vavi, Sdumo Dhlamini, Jacob Zuma are one of those traitors, that were produced by our revolution. Gupta to Lonmin boss.
I will not accept orders from Jacob Zuma – king: by
I liked what Jacob Zuma told Mmusi Maimane in Parly" Enjoy the freedom that ANC gave u" but that doesn't mean Maimane must be afraid to criticize when the ruling party is ripping people off.
Irvin Khoza was arrested for drug trafficking, Jacob Zuma is a controversial politician, Jacob Zuma is bapsing Khoza's daughter... Well lemm
Good news for a change. Seems as if South Africa will ban all barcode imports - speech from pres. Jacob Zuma
I was never Oliver Thambo,Chris Hani,Thabo Mbeki,Jacob Zuma follower,l am ANC! 4! Life!,till death do us apart,Nelson Mandela was special.
At BRICS 2014, I can exclusively reveal Xi Jinping is dating Jacob Zuma
Jacob Zuma is a great. I bet he did this Nkandla thing just to unite all South Africans in a common anger at corruption.
Zuma in court for being a 'corrupt crook' South African President, Jacob Zuma, has reportedly gone to court over...
Archbishop Desmond Tutu & Helen Zille attended Russel Botman's funeral but Jacob Zuma was at the Durban July...u'Thand ubumnandi.
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