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Jacob Zuma

Jacob Gedleyihlekisa Zuma (born 12 April 1942) is the President of South Africa, elected by parliament following his party's victory in the 2009 general election.

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South Africa has had three finance ministers in less than a week
Cope wants Zuma treated like king: The presidency has rejected claims by Cope that President Jacob Zuma ought to…
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People who are two faced are the reason why Jacob Zuma thinks his jokes are funny and that he is the best thing...
If caveman did that Martin. Evolution would have been advanced. Jacob Zuma would have not been our president.
if his excellency, President Jacob Zuma wants to atone for the last 6 years he must declare January a 20 day month.
South Africa's President, Jacob Zuma once declared that the ANC would rule South Africa until Jesus comes back.
The South African Rand has lost 40% of its value against the US Dollar, since Jacob Zuma assumed office as President o…
To all of you you have been fooled by the Jacob Zuma - Pravin Gordhan "About turn" I have something …
Will the real stand up behind Jacob Zuma's decisions then look no further than this article by
Leon Schuster is worse for this country than Jacob Zuma will ever be
Former South African President says Jacob Zuma must explain events of past two weeks that left economy in tatters
Questions over Secrecy in nuclear deal signed in 2013 by Ben Martins, what exactly is Jacob Zuma hiding?
If you work for Jacob Zuma, don't tell him he's wrong
Paul Whelan: Who did you prefer as South Africa's president, Thabo Mbeki or Jacob Zuma?
South Africa misses you a lot especially our President Jacob Zuma ever since you left he has lost a few kilos vi…
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he sounds just as 'dumb' as our President Jacob Zuma!!
Jacob Zuma is the first President in Democratic South Africa publicly called upon to resign.
Jacob Zuma: How South Africa turned on its President - The Independent
The ANC rejects the call to have President Jacob Zuma removed from office
At the rate this "Breaking News" is happening u'll be telling us Jacob Zuma has just been inaugurated SA President afta TM
Let's be clear. No matter how disappointed you are in President Jacob Zuma, you have no right to treat him like a dog (1/2)
That akward moment when President Jacob Zuma tells the matric students waiting for their final results "I know what you're going through"...
Opinion: Why South Africa's Jacob Zuma is now lame duck -
I thought Jacob Zuma would make a great president
Ladies and Gentlemen, i give you the President of South Africa, Jacob Zuma... 😂 😂 😂 😂
Hypothetically suppose President Jacob Zuma write a political biography about his life just wondering how many South African will buy it.
Steve Harvey just announced: Jacob Zuma is stepping down as president of SA, His replacement will be Steve Hofmeyer with Juju as deputy.
I liked a video from Jacob Zuma: The Worst President Ever.
Guys, how did Jacob Zuma become the President of South Africa?
Opinion: Why South Africa's Jacob Zuma has turned into a lame duck president
it is our democratical right as South Africans to say we are not in favour of Jacob Zuma black or white
Thanks to the infinite, almighty, omniscient genius of Messrs Malusi Gigaba & Jacob Zuma:
[South Africa]. Steve Harvey: "Folks, I have to apologise. Your President is actually Helen Zille and not Jacob Zuma."
Jacob Zuma believes Africa is the world's biggest continent. It is not
Allegedly. But let's have it: Joe Modise; and presidents Jacob Zuma and Thabo Mbeki. Between the two, one of them.
'Jacob Zuma must close his eyes forever and disappear' Adv Dali Mpofu on
UDM Leader Bantu Holomisa say Jacob Zuma has lost control and should be recalled with immediate effect
tells the story of why Jacob Zuma is the worst ANC President since John Dube.
National Executive Committee - ANC: We call on you to recall Jacob Zuma as president of South Africa.
Malawi has Peter Mutharika, South Africa has Jacob Zuma. Who must retire first?
Strip your hate & prejudice on the person of Jacob Zuma for once, and just think freely, openly. Strip racism & classist beh…
We are stuck with Jacob Zuma. A new column by ISMAIL LAGARDIEN
Jimmy Manyi's use of the constitutional prerogative of the President on to posit that Jacob Zuma can do no wrong is worrisome.
A petition for Jacob Zuma to step down currently has gathered 12 000 signatures in 4 hours. It needs 15 000 signees to endors…
I neva saw a useless president like Jacob Zuma. He doesn't care about the future of this country at all
The reality is Gwede Mantashe owes his existence to Jacob Zuma, hence his silence on his endless shenanigans
I've been saying for some time now in several articles that Jacob Zuma was and still is wholly unsuitable to be President of South Africa.
Jacob Zuma, South African President, to launch annual campaign to fight and
South Africa and the Terrible Tragedy of the ANC: President  Jacob Zuma [pictured left] is not a fool. He m...
ANC wants to topple Hellen Zille,they must lead by example by toppling Jacob Zuma,
South Africa’s President, Jacob Zuma, was in the same political prison as Nelson Mandela.
In fact Thabo Mbeki was good president for SA than Jacob Zuma. Inflation is very high
“This is not Trevor Noah’s show.” — Mbuyiseni Ndlozi. “Thank you very much if I can laugh, because I will always laugh”. — Pres. Jacob Zuma
The “ANC comes first” - "Democracy is the brainchild of the ANC" - ANC pres Jacob Zuma
Ok so Pres. Jacob Zuma's last parliamentary Q&A session was a laughing matter
I may disagree with Pres. Jacob Zuma's ideologies but i refuse to disrespect him.
Jacob Zuma is SA worst ever pres, but the greatest politician I have ever seen
Written replies from ANC pres Jacob Zuma's question and answer time in SA Parliament
"I don't know how to stop my laughter. Is it hurting? Thanks, I will always laugh." - Pres. Jacob Zuma .
😂😂😂our Pres ""I don't know how to stop my laugh, is it hurting?"- Jacob Zuma 😂😂😂"
Pres. Jacob Zuma could answer all bae's hard-hitting questions for me.
Can someone give pres Jacob Zuma a Halls to clear his throat
Pres. Jacob Zuma wanted his face to appear on the coins. Not on the paper like OUR late Nelson.
Minister Radebe: President Jacob Zuma will host Chinese counterpart Xi Jinping for a two-day State Visit from 2 to 3 December
More than R3-million a year spent on maintenance on ANC pres Jacob Zuma's residences
Pres. Jacob Zuma observes a welcoming ceremony at the Sir Seretse Khama International Airport in Gaborone,Botswana.
Pres. Jacob Zuma receiving Prime Minister Mark Rutte of Kingdom of Netherlands at Union Buildings
A million dollar question. Will any one miss the leadership of pres Jacob Zuma even if he decided to leave office tomorrow?
R20 to the US dollar under ANC pres Jacob Zuma? SA Rand weakened 71% against the dollar under Zuma
Pres. Jacob Zuma has condemned the terrorist attacks in France which have killed over 100 people.
Pres Mugabe meets SA's Jacob Zuma & Senegal's Macky Sall to firm up position ahead of
Pres. Jacob Zuma offers his condolences to embassy in Paris is willing assist South African…
Thabo Mbeki's cabinet was much better than this thugs mansion excuse for a cabinet of Jacob Zuma,the whole lot is rotten to the core..
How do you explain to a family of 10 living in a 2-room shack that Jacob Zuma need a R4billion Where's the shame?
Zuma in Germany for business forum. South African President, Jacob Zuma, is this week accompanied by a South...
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South African President, Jacob Zuma to get new R4 billion presidential jet - African Leadership Magazine Blog...
Jacob Zuma was knighted. There is a knight called Gedleyihlekisa... clearly the sky is the limit. No, seriously - it is.
Tomorrow pres Jacob Zuma will be defending his spelling Bee title in front of the whole country.LOL
My suggestion is that whoever writes speeches for comrade Jacob Zuma must start writing all numbers in words e.g seven hundred million.
In Ekurhuleni where President. Jacob Zuma will be honouring with a wreath laying ceremony
Twelebs and education are like Jacob Zuma and maths, they don't mix comrade
It's the remix to ignition . Jacob Zuma edition. Imma send out the riot police . To harm innocent children
Archbishop Desmond Tutu said"we 'll pray day and night for Jacob Zuma's government to fall"
Fees must be reduced to a figure Jacob Zuma can pronounce
Can't wait for Jacob Zuma's term to end!
Lol Maimane throws a ball to Nzimande's court and Jacob Zuma's court, let's see if they'll play...
South Africa: President Jacob Zuma should be question on the shame he brought on South Africa legacy
South Africa: President Jacob Zuma was not question about corruption and letting a criminal run away to continue crimes
Did you know: The current president of South Africa, Jacob Zuma raped a girl? It was maybe 10 years ago now but the fact is, he did it.
I pointed out that today, being a white South African and aggravated (just like black South Africans) about Jacob Zuma was considered racism
Jacob Zuma, President Republic Of South Africa said there can be no peace in middle east. African re excluded from U.N securi…
This is one beautifully crafted letter "Dear President Jacob Zuma" by via
Listening to Jacob Zuma&Mugabe address at the UN.Fela was right afterall.Wetin United for United Nations.No Unity at all all..
got two girls and they gave me two heads, call it Jacob Zuma
Try againbigger than jacob zuma's head
President of South Africa Jacob Zuma lectures on rise of Africa and democracy
President Jacob Zuma is now addressing General Assembly, stated that "apartheid is a crime against humanity" htt…
South Africa will continue to combat racism, intolerance, Xenophobia and gender discrimination ” H.E. Mr. Jac…
His Excellency President Jacob Zuma represented South Africa and the continent very well at the
You should Unit the Country no Change it & rip it apart
New lied to the world Rainbow Nation all just a smoke screen
“No safe hands for nuclear weapons, the world should be nuclear free, We welcome US/IRAN agreement” H.E. Mr. J…
.H.E. Mr. Jacob Zuma of South Africa is making the most progressive & intelligent of African leaders so far
"There can be no safe hands for nuclear weapons" - Honourable President Jacob Zuma 👏👏👏
“Africa is no longer a colony, we are free States, it is unfair we are not represented in the Security Council” ~ Jacob Zuma
“The refugee crisis in the world can not be detached from the mistake made & regime change doctrine ” H.E. Mr.…
until then our champion against on Racism against whites & murders will continue with
“We want to commend China and Africa thanks China for its offer of support & for standing with Africa” H.E. Mr…
"can not continue to ignore African opinion. The mistake made in Libya is as a result of some members imposing thier wi…
Niyanya EFF why must it b removed only Nelson Mandela cn remove it nt even Jacob Zuma cn remove it only utata
SIU to probe corruption in Buffalo City: President Jacob Zuma has authorised a Special Investigating Unit prob...
Nelson Mandela had a Magic indeed won the worldcup and Afcon Madiba Magic, Jacob Zuma is Cursed nkandla Magic kak
Jacob Zuma is a hypocrite on Libya - Julius Malema - Politicsweb
Chinese President Xi Jinping and his South African counterpart Jacob Zuma on Friday vowed to…
Zeyn saying I laugh like Jacob Zuma,. I speak like Sizwe*
Thuli Madonsela is Harper Lee and Jacob Zuma is the wily publisher in Brandan's BDlive cartoon. Africartoons
Thuli Madonsela as Harper Lee and Jacob Zuma as the wily publisher... Business Day cartoon,…
Jacob Zuma: To stop white genocide in South Africa
"Greek president has resigned early because he failed on his mandate. Jacob Zuma message to him was, 'For what?!'" Lol
Deputy Minister in the Presidency can you hook me up with Jacob Zuma & Jeff Radebe's picture for my birthday! Thanks
Breast Cancer Awareness
I had a dream. It was 2017 and Jacob Zuma was no longer president of South Africa
uh we have a president called Jacob Zuma. Wiki him, then love even your crazy republicans.
[The Conversation Africa] Next week, South African President Jacob Zuma will sit down with its c...
in Riah Phiyega's defence, she didn't appoint her self, Jacob Zuma did, she was doomed from day one.
Vote Campaign of the year. SMS 'CAMP + 2' to 43043.
Interview with -Even the S.African President,Jacob Zuma admits Apartheid was definitely better & safer then.
When are you doing the work that keeps you all the busiest, defending your corrupt leader Jacob
Jacob Zuma today, tomorrow, together - Nxamalala of the people ✊🏾☺️
Who would have thought Jacob Zuma's son would be such a good defender for Chelsea
On Tuesday (18 August 2015), South African President Jacob Zuma was again in the news doing what black leaders...
If she ignore your DM unfollow her. - Jacob Zuma
Shumaya is the number 1 song on Pres Jacob Zuma's playlist 😃
u prefer womanizing and corruption President, not
President Jacob Zuma to hold more regular media briefings on what government does.
Jacob Zuma is not avoiding reality. He doesn't understand it | Politics | RDM via
In case someone missed this, here it is again. Let the fight against apartheid, equality and fairness in sport...
Jacob Zuma should not be our president. South Africa does not deserve him.
DA welcomes the decision by President Jacob Zuma to institute a Commission of Inquiry into Riah Phiyega’s fitness to hold offic…
The hauteur that's the Jacob Zuma ANC. Bereft of logic lest it be to that which insures survival within the echelons of those allowed dining
SARU President, Oregan Hoskins, Minister of Sports in South Africa, Fukile Mbalula, President of So... via
Mbeki is the best leader the ANC has ever produced... the most educated and clever," while Jacob Zuma is still president happened on Sunday.
Mr President Jacob Zuma please appoint Bheki Cele as the Police Commissioner. He is an MP, he can be appointed as the Commissioner.
The South African Police Union calls on President Jacob Zuma to implement changes in the SAPS
Presidency Jacob Zuma is not inaccessible I've emailed his office and he replied to me. People just say things when they haven't attempted.
if Jacob Zuma doesn't do something about the Nkandla,the will be war in Mzansi and Anc will loose votes
Ntsiki Mazwai theres no justice for ppl of South Africa Buti manamela nd his Boss Jacob Zuma expect us to keep quite abt it
ANC officials they like Defending Jacob Zuma Buti Manamela is Defending his Boss
Jacob Zuma is indefensible, Buti's volatile defensive mechanisms are not convincing anyone
Anc its fine but there's one person who is corrupting it and he will make it loose votes if he continues like this "Jacob Zuma
Who is more meme-able between Jacob Zuma and Robert Mugabe?
Everyone who wants to have some currency chooses to insult Jacob Zuma.
Jacob Zuma is the 3rd high payed President in Africa after the president of Cameroon and King of Morocco.
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