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Jacob Zuma

Jacob Gedleyihlekisa Zuma (born 12 April 1942) is the President of South Africa, elected by parliament following his party's victory in the 2009 general election.

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Jacob Zuma should not be our president. South Africa does not deserve him.
DA welcomes the decision by President Jacob Zuma to institute a Commission of Inquiry into Riah Phiyega’s fitness to hold offic…
The hauteur that's the Jacob Zuma ANC. Bereft of logic lest it be to that which insures survival within the echelons of those allowed dining
SARU President, Oregan Hoskins, Minister of Sports in South Africa, Fukile Mbalula, President of So... via
Mbeki is the best leader the ANC has ever produced... the most educated and clever," while Jacob Zuma is still president happened on Sunday.
Mr President Jacob Zuma please appoint Bheki Cele as the Police Commissioner. He is an MP, he can be appointed as the Commissioner.
The South African Police Union calls on President Jacob Zuma to implement changes in the SAPS
Presidency Jacob Zuma is not inaccessible I've emailed his office and he replied to me. People just say things when they haven't attempted.
if Jacob Zuma doesn't do something about the Nkandla,the will be war in Mzansi and Anc will loose votes
Ntsiki Mazwai theres no justice for ppl of South Africa Buti manamela nd his Boss Jacob Zuma expect us to keep quite abt it
ANC officials they like Defending Jacob Zuma Buti Manamela is Defending his Boss
Jacob Zuma is indefensible, Buti's volatile defensive mechanisms are not convincing anyone
Anc its fine but there's one person who is corrupting it and he will make it loose votes if he continues like this "Jacob Zuma
Who is more meme-able between Jacob Zuma and Robert Mugabe?
Everyone who wants to have some currency chooses to insult Jacob Zuma.
The race for who is going to succeed Jacob Zuma as president of South Africa is now officially on, Max du Preez.
Patrice Motsepe suppose to be a President of the country instead of Jacob Zuma. Motsepe does have heart of for peaple. I support you Motsepe
I don't understand why some South Africans like Jacob Zuma and DJ Sbu should try and please King Mswati of Swaziland. He's a dictator??
I guess Jacob Zuma and the ANC didn't see this coming when he Appointed Adv Thuli Madonsela to be a public protector.
EFF dismisses Phiyega's response on Marikana: The EFF says Riah Phiyega's submission to Jacob Zuma on the Mari...
EFF says Riah submission to President Jacob Zuma on Marikana report is irrelevant & it will continue efforts to have her arrested
President, Jacob Zuma and the Deputy President, Cyril Ramaphosa at the Cabinet Lekgotla. Day 1.
Nkosinathi say pres Jacob Zuma's name was dropped like those goats droppings they found in and, it's a common exercise!!
What your hard-earned tax money bought at for the ANC's pres Jacob Zuma at Nkandla
"When I meet Jacob Zuma in a public toilet I'll ask him, when are you paying back the money for nkandla." - Julius Malema *dead*
our president IS a joke! Speaking of jokes, is Jacob Zuma still the president of South Africa?
The annual salaries of deputy ministers have increased by more than R400 000 before deductions since 2009 when Jacob Zuma became president.
The visitor centre at Nkandla will be used even after Jacob Zuma is no longer president, Police Minister Nkosinathi Nhleko has said.
Is this Jacob Zuma going to be a president until the second coming of Jesus Christ that we have to protect him to our last cent?
I would make Jacob Zuma step down as the president of South Africa and pay back the money!!
We have a crooked president in Jacob Zuma , he chooses his cabinet , he chooses his same calibre of corrupt and self enriching , puppets
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I have an idea and it's brilliant can Comedy Central please organise The Roasting of Jacob Zuma and have the likes of Juju and Razzmatazz.
but what if the ANC had elected him as it's President again? "nah, Jacob Zuma won't be
nah, Jacob Zuma won't be eligible for a 3rd term either.
[SERIOUS] What do people outside think of South Africa's president, Jacob Zuma?
if here in South Africa we were given a referendum to remove Jacob Zuma as president would we get a no!
Top Cop Cadres Fail South Africa. President Jacob Zuma ought to reconsider the method he employs to appoint...
Would you please come and teach South Africa's President, Jacob Zuma, how to run a country? Please? Pretty please?
In Other News: President Jacob Zuma's current cabinet has the most diverse people in South Africa's democratic history.
if you think Jacob Zuma is the president of South Africa.
My Dad and I flew to Durban to have Dinner with the President of The Republic of South Africa. Hnr Jacob Zuma
[Africa Check] President Jacob Zuma, on Thursday released a long awaited report into the 2012 Ma...
Jacob Zuma is the reason why we didn't get anything the BETs. South Africa NEEDS a new president. Yes, we blame you Mr President! 😂
Heineke Meyer is the Jacob Zuma of South African Rugby! How can I defend this man in charge of my team?
South African media made sure we hated Jacob Zuma before he came into office. He has experienced nothing short of a chara…
Inside Julius Malema's fight to the death with Jacob Zuma - Rand Daily Mail
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I swear Jacob Zuma has watched too much House of Cards. He sacrifices people like Frank Underwood did with Peter Russo and Garret Walker.
Today,2005- Pres Mbeki appoints Phumzile Mlambo-Ngcuka as SA's Deputy President after the dismissal of Jacob Zuma
Vavi apologise to Mbeki for siding with Jacob Zuma,,jah neh ke mathata,last it was Julias Malema on Mbeki's mother..we cursed ourselves.
So clearly if Jacob Zuma didn't conspire to fire Zwelinzima Vavi our former Pres Thabo Mbeki wouldn't see a light in a Day Vavi apologise?
Jacob Zuma is just a puppet of some African dictators!
[News24Wire] President Jacob Zuma asked for an extension to file court papers opposing a DA appl...
im leavin Mmusi maimane , on the way to Jacob Zuma noe
I reckon ol Jacob Zuma is a genius and is actually messing with all of us.. surely.. there is just no way someone...
Ndlozi: The greatest threat to justice comes from harassment of Public Protector who fights corruption by the likes of Jacob Zuma
Cyril Ramaphosa he is more dangerous dan Jacob Zuma, he cares only about no 1 else but his selfish greedy powwer hungry ***
Jacob Zuma's BBM display pic kills me
ANC Pres Jacob Zuma's one-time financial adviser Shabir Shaik out on parole AND back in business?
President Jacob Zuma's former advisor, Schabir Shaik has been accused of blatant racism after reportedly threatening a News24 journalist.
Remember when Jacob Zuma and Schabir Shaik were ish
Opposition parties are calling on President Jacob Zuma to suspend Director of Public Prosecutions Nomgcobo with immediate effect.
I got a text message from Jacob Zuma yesterday. Lol.
Hey kids, write this down;. It pays to be mates (or in this case financial advisor) to Jacob Schabir is just something else:/
Zuma to file spytapes head of arguments on June 22: President Jacob Zuma’s lawyers asked for a postponement to...
More Persecution in South Africa is on the way...Emperor of the state Mr Jacob Zuma be aware the way Herod died,God is watching You!
President or Jacob Zuma should be its name
my problems in this life is Jacob Zuma (Spy tape, Rape charges n Nkandla) all unfairly tried because of bullish behavior.
Charges against Jacob Zuma should never have been dropped: Prosecutor
If you think suburban South Africans are down on President Jacob Zuma, see this:
Americans technically got rid of Blatter. needs to ask them to intervene and get rid of Jacob Zuma!
Zuma not liable for home upgrades. . South African President Jacob Zuma will not have to repay state money spent to upgrade his private home
What about Jack Warner, Thabo Mbeki, Jacob Zuma and the entire corrupt ANC that cheats its voters?
KwaZulu-Natal’s top prosecutor, Moipone Noko, was appointed to her post by President Jacob Zuma
Jacob Zuma: I want the people of S.Africa to treat me like they treated Nelson .Mandela. Julius Malema: Let us start with 27 …
I have mastered laughter to avoid a tough questions. This is really working on my Favour!! 😃 💆
Zumas lawyers not filing papers in 'spy tapes' case: President Jacob Zuma's lawyers will not be filling their ...
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The content of the spy tapes do not warrant the withdrawal of corruption against Jacob Zuma
My name is Siphumelele, not Sipho - By Siphumelele Zondi Last week President Jacob Zuma joked about people who can...
I just think of Mr Jacob Zuma and be motivated:) no matter what happens that man never focuses on the negetive...why should I??
""I, Jacob Zuma, am the leader of the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles..."
Technically the Jacob Zuma cabal dealt with Pule Mabe. Magasela Mzobe and Mawethu Rune can start popping up champagnes. Ronald Lamola. ..
Derby Lewis out on parole then Jacob Zuma must also be in for 37 years,those years Oliver Tambo spent being away from his family.
Frans Baleni has fallen,now Sdumo Dlamini must fall then Blade Nzimande then Cyril Ramaphosa and then the old man Jacob Zuma will fall
Breaking news: This bribery saga just got worse.SA President Jacob Zuma denies that we even hosted the 2010 world cup
So Itumeleng Khune was demanding an Annual Salary>Jacob Zuma's?
Sepp Blatter is so corrupt he could actually challenge Jacob Zuma if he ran for S.African president, both are world class at being corrupt.
Being South African is embarrasing when you have Jacob Zuma as your president
will 'immediately' fund African projects once it is set up, says South African President Jacob Zuma
South African President & white hating chieftain Jacob Zuma "What's wrong with us?" Look in mirror, Nubian.
South African President Jacob Zuma, the joke that keeps on giving
Pres.t Jacob Zuma has been applying his mind for more than six weeks. In six weeks ungashela, ujole, umithise uhlukanise.
South African President Jacob Zuma to be guest of honor at FLN congress?
Can Mxolisi Nxasana disclose the amount he got from golden handshake with pres Jacob Zuma...
never I trust Jacob Zuma and da ANC malema cnt be trusted
The South African President, Jacob Zuma, is also live at the Eagles Square .
South African President Jacob Zuma used £215,000 of state money to upgrade his home (swimming pool included obvs). . .
ANC Pres. Jacob Zuma 'is behaving like a court jester’
The most notable (and possibly only) firepool is located at South African President Jacob Zuma's Nkandla compound - Wikipedia. Nuff said.
We must give credit to team behind pres Jacob Zuma & Sepp Blatter, they can really fool a pool of people. Brotherly Tip: One day is one day
entertainment Photos from SA President Jacob Zuma in Nigeria for inauguration:  Welcome to Nigeria. Mr Pres...
US Secretary of State , Prez. Jacob Zuma, Pres. Ellen Sirleaf are all live at the Nigerian Inauguration
Am very sure Obasanjo was telling pres Jacob Zuma u did yeye man u no suppose come dis inauguration.😂
After watching that video my goal is to make myself laugh like Pres. Jacob Zuma does himself
Pres of Jacob Zuma fails to pronounce "Probrematising"... Jacob zuma fails via
as far as I know, Pres. Jacob Zuma was anointed as a "Pastor", why he keep joking like this? Maybe he's a pastor of hostels.
just read a piece about how Jacob Zuma (Pres. of South Africa) built himself a $24M mansion, in a nation where 50% live in abject poverty
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The EFF stand firmly on their call of asking pres Jacob Zuma to pay back the money despite being exonerated by the police minister's report
Pres. Jacob Zuma doesn't owe me a cent.
Nhleko: Pres. Jacob Zuma is not liable for his security features. The outstanding security related work should be funded and completed
Are you implying that the minister made he's decision based on he's relationship with government/Pres. Jacob Zuma?
Jacob Zuma: “You can’t sit here and discuss the house of one man. Just a house.”
Jacob Zuma reminds me of emperor Nero who laughed as the roman empire burned, we need to act.
Jacob Zuma: Marikana mine massacre report to be released by end of June by David Smith Africa correspondent via Ne…
sounds a bit like Nathi Mthethwa and Jacob Zuma
President Uhuru Kenyatta on Sunday evening paid a courtesy call to President Jacob Zuma at the official...
Comedy Central Roast of Jacob Zuma and the roast master is .
when the news reader pulls a Jacob Zuma there with the NSFAS amount lol😂😂😂.
South African President, Jacob Zuma defends his country - 'South Africans are not xenophobic'
International spot: HIV Positive to be branded positive. South African President, Jacob Zuma, has REPORTEDLY...
| | International Criminal Court set to probe Jacob Zuma & Kulu King, Goodwill Zwelithini over
Blade Nzimande and Sidumo Dlamini already on stage. Still waiting for President Jacob Zuma to join them.
Julius Malema must be the next South Africa's president after Jacob Zuma for white to be saved in South Africa.
If South Africa was following viking (pagans) laws, Julius Malema would challenge Jacob Zuma to a death match, winner is the new President
EFF rejects the decision by Jacob Zuma and the Security Cluster to deploy the military into townships http:…
You can write a good novel about Jacob Zuma and the things done by his beloved sons (Edward And Duduzane Zuma)
The annoying part is not only d Zulu King but d endorsement of new ANC Youth Wing led by Gedleyihlekisa Zuma, Jacob Zuma's son
Thabo Mbeki has morals. Jacob Zuma has no morals. The latter must stop with these accusations regarding the former.
Baleka Mbethe's job is to protect Jacob Zuma. Nothing more, nothing less!
If it were white foreigners being attacked you would have seen Jacob Zuma on TV addressing the nation but coz black lives don't matter, wont
We need to read and share this post. It is an open letter to Jacob Zuma by Black South African - Menzi Solomon...
•The way Barack Obama his always with. Michelle on TV, just imagine Jacob Zuma with. Anah, Nothando, Mpumi, Ntombi etc...…
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