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Jacob Tremblay channels the '80s with a badass Top Gun Halloween costume
Jacob Tremblay's family is so beautiful ***
Jacob Tremblay is the most adorable fighter pilot you'll ever lay eyes o... via
Kylie Jenner, Beyoncé, Ellen DeGeneres treat us to awesome Halloween costumes
Acabo de seguir a Ty Simpkins y a Jacob Tremblay bc why not
First look! Julia Roberts and Jacob Tremblay will melt your heart in
Wonder: first image of Jacob Tremblay and Julia Roberts: Simon Brew News Aug 12, 2016 R J Palacio's..
.Tommy Lee Jones as Manafort, Jacob Tremblay as Barron Trump, and Bob Odenkirk as Fred Trump Jr.
Colin Trevorrow's 'The Book of Henry,' starring Naomi Watts & Jacob Tremblay, has been pushed back to June 16, 2017. http…
Don’t believe everything you see. Jacob Tremblay & Naomi Watts are ‘Shut In’ in…
‘Shut In’ photos: First look at the new movie starring Naomi Watts & Jacob Tremblay
Night Manager star to join Jacob Tremblay in Wonder - ​​The cast also includes Owen Wilson an via
Owen Wilson joins Julia Roberts and Jacob Tremblay in -
Julia Roberts and Jacob Tremblay will unite & film in this summer!
So the likely will be bookended by Jacob Tremblay will present the Calder, Michael Keaton will present the Hart.
Honest Q - are we passed the days of young actors getting Oscar noms ala Anna Pacquin (The Piano)? I mean - Jacob Tremblay, Pierce Gagnon?!?
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get your hands on starring Brie Larson and Jacob Tremblay. a. amazing movie.
Finally got round to seeing Room. What an affectingly human experience. You are with Brie Larson and Jacob Tremblay every…
Just saw Room for the first time. Brie Larson and Jacob Tremblay portrayed their characters incredibly. If u haven't seen R…
Jonathan Groff, Oscar Issac, Jacob Tremblay, Stephan James, Miles Teller, Scott Eastwood. Gonna be the new A-List in 10 years.
Happy mother's day remember when Jacob Tremblay said "I love you grandma" to Joan Allen
Jacob Tremblay got screwed out of a Oscar nom (As did Michael B.Jordan for too)
Nicholas Hoult, Jacob Tremblay and Emory Cohen were better than EVERY. SINGLE. NOMINEE. in that supporting lineup.
I need them to cast Jacob Tremblay as Billy Batson PLS GOD
Be prepared to laugh and cry. A sad, uplifting film. Brie Larson earns her Oscar while Jacob Tremblay shines.
Brie Larson + Jacob Tremblay at the Tokyo premiere of Room on March 21st, 2016
Our best in young & old Jacob Tremblay of Room beats Christopher Plummer for best actors
Still not over how cute Jacob Tremblay is:
The alternative Oscars 2016: From Chris Rock and Jacob Tremblay to Uggie the dog RIP UGGIE!
Brie Larson cheers on costar Jacob Tremblay as he presents the Oscar for best live action short film
Jacob Tremblay mistook Anthony MacKie for his Marvel character Falcon on stage! Watch here:
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Jacob Tremblay and Allison Brie's team and Allisons win!! Because that was undeniably deserved!!
Anyhow, I want to adopt Jacob Tremblay and Quvenzhané Wallis with Michael B. Jordan and start my new life as a working stay-at-home mother.
Brie Larson gives a shout out to Jacob Tremblay in Best Actress acceptance speech
"Thanks, Chris! Loved you in Madagascar" -- Jacob Tremblay, cutest presenter ever
If I have a son one day he has to be exactly like Jacob Tremblay
When Brie Larson wins her Oscar I fully expect Jacob Tremblay to act the same way that Holly Hunter did when she lost to Anna Paquin
We all need the childlike curiousity that Jacob Tremblay has.
Jacob Tremblay's excitement about seeing the Star Wars droids just reinvigorated my faith in humanity
so finally some joy Jacob Tremblay genuinely excited to see R2D2 and C3PO on stage and John Williams grin.
My only red carpet observation: Jacob Tremblay's mom is hot
Sophie Turner, Jacob Tremblay and Eddie Redmayne are still ruling red carpets !
Jacob Tremblay mistakes Anthony MacKie for 'Falcon' while presenting
Jacob Tremblay, nine, boxes Sly Stallone and poses up with Jennifer Lawrence at Oscars Lu...
Room is so limited when it comes to Oscar i swear, Jacob Tremblay & Joan Allen should get a nomination. Everyone is so good in this movie
my "what did Bill Murray whisper to ScarJo in Lost in Translation?" is "what did Rooney Mara say to Jacob Tremblay?"
Saw Room movie last night and loved it. Great performances from Brie Larson and Jacob Tremblay. So poignant and real.
Take a behind-the-scenes look into the 10'x10' space shared by Brie Larson and Jacob Tremblay in
Just saw The Revenant and I still think that Jacob Tremblay gave the best male performance of the year.
For all those that thought actor Jacob Tremblay deserved an nomination. Interesting reading.
Jacob Tremblay is one talented young actor. His performance was stunning, so raw and honest. Totally deserved an Oscar nomination.
📷 mcavoys: Idris Elba and Jacob Tremblay attend the Weinstein Company & Netflix’s 2016 SAG after party...
Quvenzhane Wallis got a nomination for her work and people are butt hurt about yet Jacob Tremblay didn't get one...?
is one of the best book adaptions I have ever seen! Amazing performances from Brie Larson & Jacob Tremblay as Ma & Jack.
This weekend we went to see Room at the cinema. The film tells the story of a mother and child who are kept in...
Dear Jacob Tremblay: you are my favourite member of Generation Z
Guys, give up now. 9 year old Jacob Tremblay has just acted everyone off the screen in
Come on ... Really? I just can't ... Jacob is amazing. Congrats!! And best of luck in the future. Oh, and...
Jacob Tremblay is so good in Room... in my opinion, best acting in a child since Ana Torrent in The Spirit of the Beehive and Raise Ravens
Jacob Tremblay was a better actor last year than DiCaprio was.
Just saw Absolutely incredible. Give Brie Larson the Oscar. And Jacob Tremblay (Jack) should have been nominated.
I am still ? that jacob tremblay didn't get a supporting nomination
Just seen the movie Room. Really enjoyed it, thought the performances from Brie Larson and Jacob Tremblay were fantastic!
an extraordinarily powerful film. Emotionally draining. Stellar performances by Brie Larson and young Jacob Tremblay. Go see!
I mean he killed it in "room" and he has a millennium falcon??? I aspire to be like him one day. I wonder if he...
I walked out of Room legit angry that Jacob Tremblay didn't get an Oscar nod.
📷 isaacoscar: Jacob Tremblay and Oscar Isaac bonding at the 2016 Golden Globes
Jacob Tremblay should of been nominated for Room - wonderfully composed performance for a nine year old
Just got back from seeing with & Jacob Tremblay are amazing... Sucha great film! ☺️🎬 x
Jacob Tremblay deserves all the Oscars in the world. At only 9 years old he is already one of the actors I aspire to be.
Room was a great drama with terrific performances from the young Jacob Tremblay & Brie Larson.
Jacob Tremblay is 9 years old and his acting has literally blown my mind away. Everyone has to watch this movie
.is incredible and a faithful adaptation - Jacob Tremblay should have been nominated. Do yourself a favour and go see it!
I just learned that Jacob Tremblay was raised in my hometown. Probably the most famous person from there now. Temblay and Monica Crew.
Brie Larson and Jacob Tremblay star in the dramatically moving "Room" show.
.reacts to Oscar noms with an adorable photo:
Jacob Tremblay on Becoming an Actor Please protect this talented cinnamon roll at all cost.
Jacob Tremblay should have been nominated for the Best Actor Oscar instead of Eddie Redmayne. There, I said it.
Jacob Tremblay was only 9 years old when he gave a better performance than all the male Oscar nominees
Another intense movie with some good acting. Jacob Tremblay was so watchable and handled the role with ease
Jacob Tremblay is also outstanding, and I hope for big things for him in the future.
Aww. He definitely deserves all the awards he is up for. I actually think he should have been nominated for an...
haunting and beautifully hopeful. is heartbreakingly human and Jacob Tremblay is a revelation.
jacob tremblay's critics choice speech I am weePING omfg he is adorable
Saw Room last night with my honey.Jacob Tremblay, stole the show.
9-year-old actor Jacob Tremblay had the cutest awards ceremony in history via
yes Abraham Attah and Jacob Tremblay are the real snubs
Jacob Tremblay, nine, celebrates his Critics' Choice Award win with some
Friends said Room is kinda too depressing for them but I think it's uplifting too, much of it owing to Jacob Tremblay. So good.
VIDEO: Nine-year-old steals show at awards - Jacob Tremblay stole the show w...
After seeing Room, honoured to be Jacob Tremblay's celebration tune
A nine-year-old stole the show at the Critic's Choice Awards last night:
I'm genuinely surprised that Jacob Tremblay wasn't nominated because, especially in the second half, he's fantastic!
I adored Room. Truly beautiful film. Jacob Tremblay should have been nominated. One of the best child performances I've ever seen.
The cutest kid in the world Jacob Tremblay ❤️
Room is an amazing movie. Not sure how Jacob Tremblay didn't get nominated for such a brilliant performance.
Room was a truly remarkable film. Emotionally overwhelming. Jacob Tremblay is fantastic and Brie Larson must win best actress-she was great.
his name is Jacob Tremblay and yes he was amazing. Room is a great movie.
Jacob Tremblay from Room's Critics' Choice Awards acceptance speech is a total
"And on this red carpet I wore this puppy purse." - Quvenzhane Wallis to Jacob Tremblay
Jacob Tremblay, the young boy who played Jack in Room, gave such an incredible performance - knocking on the Oscars door!
BBC News - Nine-year-old Jacob Tremblay steals the show at the Critics Choice awards
Nominee talks about her time working on with Jacob Tremblay.
Jacob Tremblay celebrates Critics&Selection Award get with Uptown Funky dance... - https:…
Jacob Tremblay comes out with the most blatant request for a part in the new Star Wars since Samuel L. Jackson.
'Best day of my life': See 9-year-old Jacob Tremblay's adorable acceptance speech:
Hope actors such as Shameik Moore, Abraham Attah and Jacob Tremblay have long careers ahead of them. All amazing
Best Young Actor/Actress category was STACKED! Jacob Tremblay, Abraham Attah, and Shameik Moore are immensely talented.
oh no oh no Oscar Isaac and Jacob Tremblay had a Jedi battle at the after-party. dreams do come true.
Update: Jacob Tremblay and Jennifer Lawrence are so adorable!
Fantastic performances from Brie Larson & Jacob Tremblay for highlights of a beautiful story on survival, discovery, & …
Have U seen the film, Room? What a great film and so well performed by Brie Larson, Jacob Tremblay, Joan Allen & William H. Macy.
Lenny Abrahamson has done an incredible job with Ive got a feeling we will be seeing a lot more of Jacob Tremblay
Jacob Tremblay in 'ROOM' OMG talk about a breathtaking performance. Reminded me of a young Lukas Haas in 'WITNESS' circa '85.
ROOM: Jacob Tremblay and Brie Larson really poured their heart into this film. Beautiful, moving and subtle direction from Lenny Abrahamson.
Room a Drama Thriller directed by Lenny Abrahamson based on novel of the same name stars Brie Larson, Jacob Tremblay
Room [2015], dir. Lenny Abrahamson: A (+). "There's so much of place in the. world...". MVP: Jacob Tremblay, Joan Allen.
Its ridiculous Jacob Tremblay is in best supporting when he was in the whole movie, but not unprecedented:
Check out Jacob Tremblay's first talk show appearance with The Meredith Vieira Show!
Room is a fantastic film. Captivating acting from Joan Allen, Jacob Tremblay, & Go see this movie!
Jacob Tremblay, Jaeden Lieberher to co-star in "Book of Henry" (EXCLUSIVE)
My Oscar wish list: Jennifer Lawrence or Brie Larson for best actress, Jacob Tremblay for Best Actor (or Supporting Actor.)
.and Jacob Tremblay make an escape in this emotional new trailer:
Cannot properly express my gratitude to the cast and crew of SOMNIA. What an experience. Thank you Trevor Macy, Scott Lumpkin, Mali Elfman for making this a reality. And to Kate Bosworth, Thomas Jane, Jacob Tremblay, Dash Mihok, and Annabeth Gish for bringing the script to life. What an amazing time with an amazing crew. Will be sorry to leave Fairhope behind.
YES!!! :D She's filming with NPH and Hank Azaria, and presumably Jacob Tremblay (Blue)!
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