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Jacob Latimore

Jacob O'Neal Latimore, Jr. (born August 10, 1996) is an American RCA Records and Crown World Entertainment R&B recording artist and actor.

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Jacob Latimore really getting his acting onπŸ‘
Hold on, Jordan Peele was making another movie? WITH JACOB LATIMORE?! When was this advertised? When was this publi…
'Sleight' is the black superhero film we need via
Here's why star is the black superhero we need right now.
Here's why 'Sleight' star Jacob Latimore is the black superhero we need now
Now Playing: Jacob Latimore f. IshDarr - The Real (Radio Edit) by on
Brodie , like OMGee I really want to watch the For Sisters Only. I hope it goes brodcast. I wanna see Brandy , Jacob La…
Now Playing: Jacob Latimore f. Rico Love - Ah Yeah (Radio Edit) by on
I forgot it's been a few years. 😩 that means Jacob Latimore legal too.. brb.
I liked a video from Jacob Latimore Takes Fan on Date for Valentine's Day
Mood: 😁. Got a hat that does the smiling for me lol. "swaggy" - . Get you one:
Um can we appreciate Mr Jacob Latimore tho? He is ART. And this man can sang. And dance. 😍✨ht…
I added a video to a playlist Jacob Latimore - Mutual (Official Video)
i think she knew Jacob Latimore from before too
Okay but can I please meet Jacob Latimore??
JACOB LATIMORE will be in Chattanooga today!!! Listen to Power 94 for the details!!!
Meet Black Singles 300x250
Bihh I haven't watched Black Nativity since it came out in 2013 and Jacob Latimore is FINE AF
So today I had a chat with Will Smith, Naomie Harris and Jacob Latimore...probably one of my better mornings! :P…
Wanna go back to the days where all I listened to was Mindless Behavior, Diggy, Jacob Latimore and Jawan Harris. Those were the…
πŸ“· alwayschach-sprouseblog: Cole Sprouse with Jacob Latimore, screenshots made by me of behind the...
Alone-Jacob Latimore because it definitely explains my life
I liked a video from Mindless Behavior - Pretty Girl Lyrics ft. Jacob Latimore and Lil
MB, OMG, CoCo Jones, Jacob Latimore, Romeo and Cymphonique and Master P, and more😊
Jussie Smollett, Kevin Hart, Michael Ealy, John Cena, Jacob Latimore and that's just off the top of my head
Now an indie artist, Jacob Latimore continues to establish his mature sound with the release of his latest single...
You come first x Jacob Latimore still one of my faves.
The star of the Sundance Film Festival entry β€œSleight,” Atlanta-based singer-actor Jacob Latimore, 19, has been working professionally sinc…
Stumbled upon this in Tidal Discovery, love it - "Remember Me" by Jacob Latimore in TIDALHiFi
Loved this film. SLEIGHT Jacob Latimore and Dule Hill are great. Direct JD Dillard is one to watch. htt…
No way he serves that. You like Jacquees, Trevor Jackson, or Jacob Latimore? Them *** CB clones. They have some bops too.
Heartbreak heard around the world '' Jacob Latimore, T-Pain .
Meet Black Singles 300x250
Mindless Behavior. Issa. Jacquees. Jawan Harris. Jacob Latimore. Omg girls. Diggy. Khalil. . This period of music was w…
Jacob Latimore - Remember Me playing now on 1159.FM
Jacob Latimore looks like he's about to feature in one of these reality shows.
I could name a bunch of (at the time they fit the mold) teen young black males that sang, Khalil, B. Symth, Mishon, Jacob Latimore...
. If I could cast for the next. Movie or TV Shoe. Jacob Latimore as Miles morales.
I just never understood how Justin Bieber took off, but kids like Jawan Harris, Jacob Latimore, ect didn't.
Sorry I typed your name in wrong I didn't even noticed that, I was to busy talking about Jacob Latimore. His video are to brown. πŸ™Š
I swear Jacob Latimore be playing me πŸ˜’πŸ˜‘πŸ˜‚
i said Jacob latimore not Diggy simmonsπŸ˜‚πŸ’€
What are you waiting for by Jacob Latimore 🎀🎼 pt. 1
Dropping some new music from my bro Lil Zane today feat Wash, lil scrappy and Jacob Latimore on…
So who T'F listens to Jacob Latimore?! Ain't he in the same category as Mindless Behavior?! 😳
I remember when I was obsessed with Mindless Behavior, Diggy and Jacob Latimore πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚
Make sure yall check out that Jacob Latimore "Earned It" by the Weeknd (Cover) via πŸ™ŒπŸ”₯
Don't I make your body feel special 🎢
Meet Black Singles 300x250
Hold your breath like we're under the sea 🎢
Listen to Jacob Latimore - Dont Get Me Wrong by Official Jacob Latimore on
Listen to Jacob Latimore - Ah Yeah by Official Jacob Latimore on
Listen to Rae Sremmurd Throw Summo Remix ft.Jacob Latimore & Alix Lapri by Official Jacob Latimore on
I'm not saying Jacob Latimore and Dej Loaf are the same person, but have you ever seen them in the same room together?
I love you more then Jacob latimore
I don't even listen to Jacob Latimore but this song is just πŸ˜«πŸ˜πŸ™ŒπŸΎ
jacob latimore like em all ft issa just came on my pandora & I got teary eyed
Photoset: Jacob Latimore in the studio with Lil Zane. 5/2015
This boy Neak on Ft with look like Jacob latimore πŸ˜ŒπŸ˜β•
Im going to marry jacob latimore . πŸ’πŸ˜πŸ˜©
Np : blast off x Jacob Latimore ft Diggy .
Go to on ig and on their last post tell then you wanna hear Trevis Romell feat. Jacob Latimore "Wanna Try"
I got ONE more ticket to go see Ludacris, Rich Homie Quan, Jordin Sparks, Jacob Latimore, Travis Porter & more! Who wanna go w/ me? Fr fr!
πŸ‘€πŸ‘€ I would kidnap Jacob Latimore for you if this is it
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Shoutout to the time I curved Jacob Latimore because my NC&T friends won't let me live it down
Rising R&B star joins cast of as voice of teenage Bilal:
I hope my room mate likes Jacob Latimore because these posters coming with me πŸ˜»πŸ˜­πŸ’•
Jacob Latimore was poppin when I was like 15 lol I LOVED HIS LIFE
c/o the indie spotlight in featuring. β€˜Wanna Try’ (Remix) ft. Jacob Latimore
I can hear jacob Latimore all the way in the other side of the school
jacob Latimore is at my school. And he's from the maze runner and he's friends with dylan o BRIEN
Jacob Latimore keep cheating on me 😒
I forgot jacob latimore comin today πŸ˜‚
When I say I love Jacob Latimore , I mean I literally love him 😭 I'm serious . πŸ˜‚
Now Playing: Jacob Latimore feat. T-Pain - Heartbreak Heart Around the World on
If you were my friend in middle school u knowww I was obsessed w/ Jacob Latimore. Obsessed
I didn't get a picture with jacob latimore or Leroy Sanchez but I did get one with Emily Forschen πŸ’˜πŸ’˜
I like how at the concert everyone walked away when Jacob Latimore was still singing.
can Jacob Latimore pop up at my school or summ???!
Jacob Latimore is my favorite & not just cause he's a total singing sensation hottie, but but bc he's a cool guy.
smh when I heard that we had to pay to take a photo with Jacob Latimore.
Continue to support good music call your local radio stations and request Jacob the Remix ft Jacob Latimore...
She look so much like Jacob Latimore lmao
not gonna lie, I liked Jacob Latimore's fit today
oh... I thought you were talking about Jacob Latimore... Idc anymore
Jacob Latimore is so sexy idc idc idc
I liked a video from Issa Featuring Jacob Latimore (Breathe) official
Even tho yall den killed off my baby Jacob Latimore πŸ˜’ right at the end too.
I wanted to see my BAe Jacob latimore😻😻
Jacob Latimore Stops by Playmakers in Milwaukee to promote his mixtape "This is Me"
Jacob Latimore ft Tpain x heartbreak heard around the world 🌍
Jacob Latimore got invited to the Grammys πŸ‘
Omfg Jacob latimore is at the Grammys with Meagan Trainor? Way to step it up jacob πŸ˜ŒπŸ‘
Jacob Latimore - Heartbreak Heard Around the World ft. T-Pain: via I love him, I knew I saw him in the maze
Too bad yall didnt get invited like Jacob Latimore and 4EY πŸ˜ͺ
β€œah my typa movie! ” I'm talking about maze runner though.. Dylan O'brien :) Jacob Latimore, shall I go on?
MB . B2K . Diggy . Jacquees . Trevor Jackson . . Jacob Latimore . Big Sean . Chris Brown . Drake . Main people I bump to on my playlist πŸ’―
. Alex and Sierra. Jacob Latimore. Going to see Taylor and Shawn. AJR. Cast of Walking Dead. Ryan Beatty. Jillian Jenson. Diggy
Never gonna find another love. I have another love but she… β™« Heartbreak Heard Around the World by Jacob Latimore β€”
Shameik Moore, Diggy, and Jacob Latimore are so underrated smh
Always make sure to support Jacob Latimore and Rico Love our fellow Milwaukee celebs now
Some girl just inbox me and ask me if I can get bow wow to perform at her party baby girl thats going to be hard to do fr fr but what I can do is give 4 tickets to see Mindless Behavior and Lil Twist and Jacob Latimore live in Milwaukee Wisconsin at the Bradley Center
starts at 5pm with LET'S GET IT TRENDING!
That womp moment when Bahja says Jacob and people think of Princeton instead of Latimore.
Jacob Latimore says his inspiration is Will Smith because he took on all aspects of the industry, film and music, as well as Michael Jackson
Late but had fun yesterday got to see Jacob Latimore it was fun even though I was short and could barely see lol
Heartbreak heard around the world x Jacob Latimore πŸ™Œ 🎧
"Who's Jacob Latimore?" .he's an amazing singer, dancer, and actor
[News] "Breathe" by Issa (ft Jacob Latimore coming to iTunes request the record now! [issavia
domain names
Heartbreak Heard Around the World by Jacob Latimore is one of those few tolerable or dare I say good radio songs airing right now
5 things I attrative bout jacob latimore is his swagg , moves , songs , knw how to talk to girls ,
Okay so Jacob Latimore was creeping on my Instagram.. I guess he liked my drawings lol?
Was at the movies today. I did not know Jacob Latimore was in Maze Runner. I screamed when I saw him appear on the screen ! πŸ˜»πŸ‘πŸ’¦
Jacob latimore Hart break heard around the world love that song so much kiss kiss
Yesss that show was the best in 7th gradeπŸ˜‚ how I found out abt MB and Jacob Latimore
Heartbreak Heard Around the World by ft. on
Everybody go follow Jacob latimore he loves the fans .
Was I the only person who thought this *** was Jacob Latimore? πŸ˜­πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚
Jacob Latimore feat T - Pain - Heartbreak heard around the world: on -
I would give my left freaking leg to dance with Jacob Latimore and kiss him in a music video πŸ˜©πŸ™Œ
"Which celebrity would you like to see his/her Sextape? Jacob Latimore baby
Happy birthday! You share a bday with Kylie Jenner, Jacob Latimore, and Antonio Banderas!
Birthdays today the 10th-- and yesterday on the (9th famous leos...Patti Austin famous singer of all time..Deion Sanders famous football for the dallas cowboys birthday is was on the 9th, Michael Bivins singer from the New Editionm Ken Norton birthday today world famous boxer of all time, BOba Kotb from the today show her birthday was on the 9th, and Jacob Latimore birthday today a newcomer For Mindless Behavior,...HAPPY BIRTHDAY...TO ALL OF U...HAVE A GOOD ONE ON ME...
Why couldn't we have *** that look like Jacob Latimore, Chris Brown , August Alsina , Trey Songs and Roc Royal at kaiser?
Introducing Black Nativity's leading man, Jacob Latimore! See him now in theaters EVERYWHERE!
There's still a piece of my heart that belongs to Diggy, Jacob Latimore, Jaden smith, and all of Mindless Behavior. πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚ they bae 5eva
I liked a video from Jacob Latimore: Bet It ft. Lil Twist ~Lyrics~
If your not Roc Royal,Ray Ray,Trevor ,Myles,Jacob Latimore or Diggy we cant date πŸ˜’πŸ˜Š
If you were going to be stuck on an island with three celebrities, which ... β€” Bahja, Jacob Latimore, and Roc Royal
I watched 'Black Nativity' Like 8 times and i watched it today again, never get tired and plus i get to see Jacob Latimore ^_^
they should make one direction Jacob Latimore Mindless Behavior gummies
This Friday & Saturday all roads lead to Statesboro Ga for the Big Homie 8th Annual Bash in The Boro. Only 2hrs 10min drive if you do the speed limit so get on the road this weekend do something different and see how Mr. Jeremy Mincey gives back to his hometown..Dj BennieBean & Selectah Cy on the 1's & 2's Saturday night with special guest Performances by Mr. Mince, Fla Boi, Lil 1, Holly Monroe, & Nephew.. All ages welcome for the Saturday performance by Jacob Latimore at Luetta Moore Park…
Jennifer Hudson and Jacob Latimore did good in Black Nativty that was a good movie man.
I probably saw Jacob Latimore at Lake Michigan Beach a long time ago hmmm
Jacob Latimore would look good with Alix Lapri honestly.
"sometimes I feel like a motherless child". ~Jacob Latimore~Black Nativity
What are you waiting for? What Are You Waiting For by Jacob Latimore is coming out Thursday..mark the calendars!
Jacob Latimore - What Are You Waiting For this song is always on my mind
New celebrity crush , lmaoo ( Jacob Latimore) I know nothing about him except he's gorgeous-_-
Laptop insurance - because accidents happen!
If I had Dario's or Ray rays or Jacob Latimore or Bryan Breeding's facetime I would not rest until they answered.
Listening to Jacob Latimore because...I'm in a good mood lol
can you say sexy,talented,there is many more words but i would rather just say jacob latimore.He has it all.
Gna take my lil cousin to see The OMG Girlz, MB & Jacob Latimore March 23rd. Yeigh!
Imma need Tye Tribbett, Beyonce, Les Twins, Lecrae, Trevor Jackson, Jacob Latimore, & The Walls Group to come to philly before summer is out
Still up..Im worried about my baby she said she cant sleep after personally meeting Mindless Behavior and Jacob Latimore. She still excited!
Hey everyone ps shout out to my bro jacob latimore
Jacob Latimore boutta blow up the r&b scene!
I can't wait till Jacob Latimore turns 18
Y do ppl keep telling me i look like jacob latimore now? Smh i wont be surprised if they say i look like snoop lion too
I think I like Jacob and latimore does too
Lmao. People commenting & saying that thats Jacob Latimore singing the song thoo
Jacob Latimore r you gonna be at 106&park Thursday πŸ’œπŸ’–
mindnbeauty: I have a big crush on Jacob Latimore its been since last year. I don`t know what that boy does...
Check out Jacob Latimore this Thursday on 106 and Park Produced by The Great Pierre Medor The Maven
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Hey new admins! I'm Taylor the owner of the page, but I go by Tay I'll tell y'all a little about myself I am 16 I LOVE Jacob Latimore And I'm funny There is more but I don't want to type a long list but.Welcome to the page!!! Enjoy ~Tay_Latimore
Do anyone know any good Jacob latimore pages? . Moeshea
Lms if u love Jacob latimore I do. Moeshea
My baby Jacob Latimore on my music player loud and proud
Does anybody know what it fell like to call with ur baby's gone -Jacob latimore (alone)
Songs that get me in my feelings:. β€’Tori Kelly- All in My Head. β€’Tink- Treat Me Like Somebody. β€’Jacob Latimore- Alone. β€’Drake- Doing It Wrong. 😩😭
you know *** well you didn't know who that was till I said who that was in our group chat -.- πŸ˜‚ let me go @ Jacob Latimore.
Give me Jacob Latimore, IDC how old he is!!! 😍😍😍
Jacob Latimore don't want none of yall girls. He got Zendaya he is fine
Jacob latimore is forever babe yooo πŸ˜‚πŸ’•
I have the UGLIEST picture with Jacob Latimore and MB πŸ˜©πŸ˜πŸ˜‘πŸ˜Ά
lol I remember I used to watch Jacob latimore on YouTube everyday. I was obsessed with him.
Tickets are on sale today to Mindless Behavior at the Coliseum on March 23! Click for details and to purchase tickets today: are joined by the OMG Girlz, Jacob Latimore, We Are Toonz and Richmonder Chris Scholar for one night only!
I want to do a doit a boy Song: nobody like you by. Jacob latimore and cymphinque
Hopefully i get to meet up with Jacob Latimore :) this following week
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Story..Unbreakable Bond... (Redo) Roc: Cece Ray: Me Princeton: Kenya Prodigy: India Diggy: Skyy Myles: Vannah Jacob L:??? Comment. ? Bio; Age: Name/nick: If I like your coment for Jacob will get him..
Jacob Latimore has been men crush for the past 4 weeks or so 😍
Cymphonique is back with her brand new smash hit single "Nobody Like You" feat Jacob Latimore released on No Limit Forever a division of NLF Digital Media/XLP
Who would win in a Dancing Battle me or Jacob Latimore
*sings a Jacob Latimore voice* Does anybody out there knows how it feels to be alone?!
right cause Roc Royal and Jacob Latimore in the same place is perfect πŸ˜‚
Never chase someone. A person who appreciates you will walk with you. - Jacob Latimore
Does anyone know Mindless Behavior, OMG Girlz, Jacob Latimore, We are Toonz and Chris Scholar? They are going to be at the Richmond Coliseum on the March 23rd.
This is wat I be thinking about Jacob Latimore my bea
I guess yall not expecting this but who would like to see me on a tour with Jacob Latimore.
Psalms 100:2 Serve The Lord with gladness! Come into his presence with singing! John 4:23 But the hour is coming and is now here, when the true worshippers will worship the Father in spirit and truth, for the Father is seeking such people to worship him. Psalms 100:4 Enter his gates with thanksgiving and his courts with praise! Give thanks to him, bless his name. Good morning, I would like to share with you a wonderful experience I had during the filming of the major motion picture Black Nativity with Forest Whitiker, Angela Bassett, Jennifer Hudson, Mary J Blige, Jacob Latimore and Tyrese Gibson. Everyday before music rehearsals began we would go into prayer and worship. I remember so well that there was not a dry eye in the room. We ushered in the presence of the Holy Spirit when it was time to go on the set there was such an anointing in that place. Today no matter what before I open my mouth in any venue I pray and worship. I give honor and praise to the most high God my Lord and Savior Jesus Christ! ...
I need some real love in my life , I want it to last for more than one night ! - Jacob Latimore
Jacob latimore newest mixtape πŸ‘ŒπŸ‘Œβ€οΈ . I love it, now that he's older his songs 😍
When I get a chance I'm going to re - write my story called "A Couple of Forevers" it's a Jacob Latimore story. And for the new people who like the page I'm Taylor but I go by Tay and I love me some Jacob Latimore! I've been writing the story down in my note book and as I was reading back over it, it sounds really good! So when I post it I hope y'all like it!!! β™‘β™‘β™‘ ~Tay_Latimore
Q : who's your favorite artist besides your dad A : Bossie , Kendrick , Nicki , matti baybee , Jacob latimore , Wonder broz , Trey songz ...list goes on
Pool oarty with Jacob Latimore hella long ago
Soo for the past week I've been sending shawns mixtape to Jacob Latimore soo he could listen and enjoy lol I really want Tshawn to get BIG and itd be nice to know that I kinda sorta somewhat helped lmao
I didn't know Jacob Latimore was in ride along...
First a *** wanna hate my kik caise it aint Jacob Latimore now another *** trinna steal my kik picture cause she talking bout that's her Man she a bad word lie
Shot in ATL. Jacob Latimore- "Take it or Leave it" Captured by Follow BPace: Follow Jacob:
Keep Em' On The Low Chapter 2 Liyah Pov We were in the back room playing 20 questions with the boys, this was cool living out your dreams and having fun doing it. "Okay Liyah, when was your first kiss" Ray asked me "I...haven't had it yet" "Really? "He questioned "Yep" "Okay...moving on now" CeCe said breaking the silence "Umm I'll be right back" I said while getting up from my spot, i walked to where the bunks were so that I could grab something from my bag, I heard a voice coming from Erin's bunk "Im doing this for you gone make your proud" I walked over to her bunk and spoke lightly "Erin" She opened the curtain and frowned "Did you come to call me weird again" she mocked me "No..I was just seeing if you were okay cause you were talking to yourself" "Im fine, I just was just reminding myself exactly why im here..." "Why is that" " son" "You have a son?" "Yea..he's two I had when I was 16" " Omg, I didn't know" "Its okay." "Look Erin, im sorry for the things I said about you earli ...
*** be haten on my kik picture cause it ain't Jacob Latimore kml
David Henrie and Jacob Latimore hit the red carpet at the 2014 Movieguide Awards Gala held at the Universal Hilton Hotel on Friday (February 7) in Universal City, Calif. The guys were joined at the event by Davidβ€˜s younger brother Lorenzo Henrie. PHOTOS: Check out the latest pics of David Henrie Dav
This is track 1 from the 2013 Black Nativity Soundtrack. Forest Whitaker, Jennifer Hudson, Jacob Latimore and Luke James Written by Walter Hawkins
Keisha and I @ the Atlanta Entertainment Gala last night. VIP with Black Nativity star Jacob Latimore, Manager...
Black Nativity star Jacob Latimore on the red carpet! . . .
In a contemporary adaptation of Langston Hughes’ celebrated play, the holiday musical drama Black Nativity follows Langston (Jacob Latimore), a street-wise teen from Baltimore raised by a single mother, as he journeys to New York City to spend the Christmas holiday with his estranged relatives Rever...
Look at that: our boy Jacob Latimore is growing up right before our eyes. The singer, who recently made headlines for his performance in Black Nativity, just handed us the video for "What Are You W...
Honestly I would have the worst reaction to meeting Kevin Hart over Justin Bieber, Diggy, Chris Brown, Jacob Latimore, or Mindless Behavior.
DJ Phingaphrint getting warmed up during sound check for the Holiday Heartthrob Tour tonight at the Mississippi Coliseum featuring Mindless Behavior & Jacob Latimore! We hope to see everyone in attendance tonight. Showtime is 6:30PM. There is always something going on in the "City with Soul", Jackson, Mississippi!
Black Nativity was so cute! Now I'm obsessed with Jacob Latimore 😻😽
The Black Nativity with Jacob Latimore sexy *** ❀️😍😘 >> . this movie is calling my name. πŸ‘Œ
See what the audience had to say about Jacob Latimore, Jennifer Hudson, Angela Bassett, Forest Whitaker, and the rest of the cast in Kasi Lemmons' new holiday spectacular, Black Nativity!
Jennifer Hudson, Jacob Latimore and Mary J.blige in Black Nativity. Must watch tbh πŸ™‹πŸ‘
Mary J Blige, Jennifer Hudson, Angela Bassett,Forest Whittaker, Nas, Tyrese & Jacob Latimore in one movie defo gotta watch it
Director Kasi Lemmons updates Langston Hughes' acclaimed play for the screen in this inspirational musical drama with a positive spiritual message. Langston (Jacob Latimore) is a street-smart Baltimore teen who lives with his single mother Naima (Jennifer Hudson). It's Christmas, and this year Jordan is traveling to New York City for a stay with his distant relatives Reverend Cornell (Forest Whitaker) and Aretha Cobbs (Angela Bassett). When Reverent Cornell's strict rules prove too oppressive for the rebellious teen to handle, however, Jordan decides he'd rather spend the holidays with his mother, and embarks on an eye-opening journey that teaches him the true importance of faith and family.
OMg in tears...Black Nativity amazing! So good. Jacob Latimore don't know who that child is but he was awesome! Jennifer Hudson, Forest Whitaker, Angela Bassett, & words. Oh and can't forget Raphael Saadiq did his thing with the music. Great movie β™₯
Black Nativity is in theaters now!! Check out me, Jennifer Hudson, Tyrese Gibson, Mary J. Blige, Angela Bassett, Forrest Whitaker, Jacob Latimore and Luke James!
First single from the Black Nativity soundtrack; musically produced by Raphael Saadiq. Black Nativity the movie starring Jacob Latimore, Jennifer H...
(Detroit, Michigan)… Thanks to Kenedi Treasure and Mayor Deandre Windom, a few lucky Highland Park students have earned their family a Thanksgiving feast plus coveted tickets to see superstar boy band Mindless Behavior, Black Nativity star Jacob Latimore and YMCMB’s Torion Sellers. The VIP Mindless Holiday is set for November 30, 2013 at 6p.m. at Skate World of Troy on 2825 Maple Road. Tickets are on sale at Highland Park Mayor Deandre Windom recently collaborated with Kenedi and Treasure Bishop, the Michigan-born sisters known for their Kenedi Treasure teen celebrity parties, cosmetics, accessories and hair products in Atlanta.Together, they sought to reward the brightest young minds by asking them to write an essay on what they would do if they were Mayor of Highland Park, complete with the reason they love the city and some interesting facts about the area. The youngest winners were third graders Makenzie Garner-Maton and Ramiyah Simone Davis, aged eight and nine, respectiv ...
Milwaukee can be very hard. thanks for Home town support. Jacob Latimore..this is his yr! Thank u jewels
i wanna see dat movie w. Jennifer Hudson & jacob latimore in it
Jacob Latimore n his nasty Lookin black lips πŸ˜·πŸ˜‚ ..
Milwaukee artists need to step their game up including me. If Jacob Latimore can do it we can too.
When Jacob Latimore take on an acting career?πŸ˜‚
I wanna see that new movie Jacob Latimore is in when it comes out!!
"What Are You Waiting For " makes me love Jacob Latimore even more... β™₯β™₯
β€œNext Saturday catch me, Mindless Behavior, Torion, & Jacob Latimore at Skateland in Detroit! It will be Turnt!”
I did not know the omg girlz had a song with Jacob latimore lmao
.had a listening party last night in NYC! Check out all the details from the event on here:
Her & Jacob Latimore would make a cute couple
So I just watched the Nobody Like You video with Cymphonique and Jacob Latimore again... I still ship them πŸ˜»πŸ’•
'Movies With Jacob Latimore, and shine bright in new movie 'Black Nativity' htt…
Wyr Have a threesome with prince and Roc Or Jacob latimore and diggy simmons Or august alansia and ray Mindless_angie
I want August Alsina, MB , Trevor Jackson, & Jacob Latimore to be on Scream Tour.
I'm blown away. Just watched a preview of HARLEM NATIVITY with Jennifer Hudson; Angela Basset; Forrest Whitaker; Jacob Latimore and others, set to show November 27, on BET. It's a musical and it is going to be powerful. I don't know what time, so somebody inform me. I wish I had more information. Don't know who the producer is, but I think it is Jennifer, so don't quote me. Let's keep this information going so others can be sure and see it.
Jacob latimore is on my tv yes lawdd he fine and he can act and sing ;)
All these girls at school erkin. Why when I started liking One Direction, they was talking mad stuff that they ugly, cant sing, or whatevaa but now they tryna copy me w/ the 1D stuff.?? Go on w/ your Mindless Behavior Justin Bieber or Jacob Latimore stuff. What happened w/ them.? Do your own people. Frfr.
** CHRISTMAS ON TV ** Fri 11/22 (all times EASTERN USA) A Christmas Wedding Today, 12:00 AM / LMN-E 50 After meeting on Christmas Day two years ago, a couple plans to get married in a beautiful wedding ceremony on Christmas, but the bride's work interferes with planning and a snow storm threatens to ruin their special day. Christmas in Boston Today, 12:00 AM / FAM-E 52 Long-term pen pals have the chance to meet, but since they both sent each other their best friends' pictures instead of their own, they each let their best friend meet the other, and true love is found by all involved in the predicament. Twice Upon a Christmas Today, 12:00 AM / HALMRK 68 Santa Claus's first-born daughter wants to ruin Christmas by tearing down the North Pole and replacing Santa's workshop with a casino, so she secretly sells pieces of the area and eventually takes over, but her sister returns and saves Christmas. Recipe for a Perfect Christmas Today, 2:00 AM / LMN-E 50 A woman's holiday seems to be going all wrong when a nu ...
Exclusive portrait of Mary J. Blige, Jennifer Hudson, Forrest Whitaker, Angela Basset, Tyrese Gibson and Jacob Latimore from the cast of Black Nativity.
4 ENTERTAINMENT news Inone. Accidental debut Jennifer Hudson's son made his movie debut by accident. The singer-and-actress' little boy, David, four, "snuck into shot" when she was filming Black Nativity and so is visible in the finished film, though the youngster was disappointed not to have a bigger part. "He kind of snuck into the shot and ended up just sitting there, and the camera was rolling, and it's like now you can't move, now you're on the clock. "He saw the movie and he's like, 'That's it? Where's the rest of my shots?'." Jennifer also admitted David struggled to understand how Jacob Latimore could play her screen son. She told the New York Post newspaper: "He doesn't get the concept of me having another son in the film. He'll say, 'No, mommy, I'm your son. That's not your son.' He's only four, so he's still trying to grasp all that." Khloe hates Kim critics Khloe Kardashian says people who criticised her sister Kim during her pregnancy are "disgusting". The former X Factor USA host feels sorry ...
Well the wait is over y'all tickets for the Jacob latimore Christmas concert for DEC.15th N.76th ST.Milwaukee WI 53223 Destiny Youth Plaza !!! Inbox Clifton Neal Jacoblatimoresr Latimore Cjcantgetenuff J Neal if you want yours today ! Cost of tickets is 20$ and it also includes the meet and great with jacob AFTER! BETTER GET THEM BEFORE THERE GONE !Any Additional Questions Concerning The Concert Can Also Be Answered!!!
Nov ; 27th , is gonna be hella packed at the theaters . For that jacob latimore movie , guess who getting there ticket Frist . / huh Yess ME ❀️ 󾌧 Ugh , Can't wait thanksgiving break hurry up 󾍕
" Congrats to Lil Jacob Latimore on his new movie role."
The star of Black Nativity, Jacob Latimore will be answering YOUR questions tomorrow at 3/2C on a live chat!:
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Behind the scenes of jacob latimore's video of voodoo Free download-
Well I saw Jacob latimore or how ever you spell his name... today Mumu Tomuch󾌾
My brother juss asked who Jacob Latimore is. Kill him? Β£oyal.
You guys thought I was playing. Tickets are almost most Gone to the mindless holiday skating party with Mindless Behavior, Jacob Latimore and others. Brought to u by my studio, Oxley 8.
Black Nativity that's Tyres new movie...talkin bout holiday love FEAT-Mary.j blige,Nas &the young Jacob latimore,wow can't wait 2see this movie
Is that Jacob Latimore in that movie with Jennifer Hudson ?
So when I was with Jacob Latimore the other night at his house waiting for our ride, his dad and I were talking Hip-hop and the history of it. Turns out he's looking to sign the next big underground hip-hop artist. He asked me "who's your favorite underground artist?". Told him, *** .I'll keep my eye open. Just hit up the homie YONAS, I'm gonna try to put the 2 in contact. Imma help him find his guy and we gonna get someone signed! But if you think you got it, hmu..
Just left the club with Jacob kidding .but I bet he dances well.
Okay,I'm gonna draw MB, with the lonewolves Diggy, Jacob Latimore, Jaden Smith, Myles, and The Expendables working together ,anyone want me to upload it when I'm done? *~ WOLF~*
Oh Heaven you're lucky I like you... And like my status and I'll give you number. 1. I'm super cocky but I don't show it. 2. I have a addiction to snap back and beanies 3. I love the Redskins 4. Out of all my friends I have a favorite guy friend and girlfriend (and they know who they are. ) 5. I've never seen The Pirates of the Caribbean, Harry Potter movies 6. I prefer rock music over rap any day 7. Huge Disney fan!!! 8. I can quote the whole movie of Lilo and Stitch 9. I love Mindless Behavior, Diggy, and Jacob Latimore 10. Favorite color is pink and black
I love some jacob latimore he is so fine
Good Morning FB went to screening of Black. Nativity last night was excellent I would suggest this for all ages to see. Thanks Potter's House for the invite . Jennifer Hudson, Forest Whitaker, Angela Bassett, Tyrese Gibson, Nasir Jones, Mary J Blige, and Jacob Latimore were wonderful. :) :)
Who do you think he is best at 'BREAKDANCE MOVES'? 1.Chris Brown 2.NE YO 3.Jacob Latimore 4.B5 5.Other (specify)
Everyone reading this post, please go and see, repeat, please go and see Black Nativity; featuring Forest Whitaker, Angela Bassett, Tyrese Gibson, Jacob Latimore, Mary J. Blige, Nasir Jones, and Jennifer Hudson. It is the movie to see and it will be out Thanksgiving Day.
Just seen Laura Taylor's grandson Jacob Latimore on a commercial for the new movie with Forest Whitaker and got excited like he was my grandson! Milwaukee one'm happy for them and you should be too! GN
A dreadhead is all I'm asking for is that to much to ask for??Or a giy like Jacob Latimore...goshhh
As you all may know by now, Prodigy has left Mindless Behavior.or so we think, cause I've been hearing people say he really didn't. I usually write a note giving you all the info I've found and then give my opinion on it. But at this time, this whole situation is confusing and none of the fans really know what's going on. I posted a note with videos talking about the things that happened that day, and that's all I can give. But for now, I think I should give my opinion and feeling about this situation. I would have posted it before, but I needed some time to think, and put myself in the shoes of each party involved. The Reaction. As expected, there were many and different reactions being shown by the fans. Some went crazy and started cussing while other stayed calm, some were crying while others didn't. There was a statement made by a fan which said "If you didn't cry, then you're not a true MB fan" or something of that nature. Now I disagree with this. Some people have their own way of dealing with thing ...
Aylisha Scott Knows My Phone Has The Most Jacob latimore pictures than anyone out there .
Jennifer Hudson and Jacob Latimore star as mother and son in this adaptation of Langston Hughes' celebrated play, directed by Kasi Lemmons.
How Will I Choose Chapter 1 Jacob P.O.V I was sitting in my room tossing a basketball at the wall and waiting for it to bounce back so I could toss it again when my phone started ringing. I caught it one last time before picking it up to see who was calling me. It was my girlfriend Erica a.k.a Riri. Riri: hey babe Me: hey babygirl wassup Riri: are you busy? Me: nope, bored af tho Riri: wanna meet me at the beach in 10 Me: yea see you in a bit The phone hung up. I jumped up from my the chair I was sitting on and put on my swimming trunks and jordan slippers before locking up my house and walking to the beach. When I got there I didn't see Riri yet so I just found a beach chair to relax on A few minutes later Erica approahes me in her pink andblack bikini looking sexy af Riri: hey boo -she said pecking me on the lips- Me: hey - I said pulling her down onto me so that we were chest to chest Riri: -giggles- I missed you Me: I missed you too -I said while pecking her lips- Riri: when are you going back on tour ...
look up this young man here. a true inspiration and role model. TEAM JACOB LATIMORE AGP SUPPORTS YOU SHOULD TOO... BLACK NAVITY
I wanna see tht Jacob latimore movie
So Black Nativity was a pretty good film. Tyrese & Jacob Latimore did Q&A, and Tyrese really said some inspiring things. But on to my crisis, GSJ is the campaign over tomorrow or does it go through tomorrow?!
Go behind the scenes of Kasi Lemmons' holiday musical starring Jennifer Hudson, Jacob Latimore, Angela Bassett, Forest Whitaker, Mary J Blige, Nas and more with our first look featurette! Black Nativity will be in theaters November 27, 2013!
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If I don't see tyrese,Jennifer Hudson,Jacob latimore,n other ppl in that movie imma b tight
I wanna see that movie with Jacob Latimore 󾌧in it idk the name thou lol βœ‹σΎ­»
To be honest , Jacob Latimore can saanng !! I wouldnt mind if he joined MB to give them a better sound , its just not gonna feel right tho cuz we so used to it being PRODIGY in the group !! Anybody else agree ?
Why every body keep telling me I look like Jacob latimore...I don't look like him
How i feel on prodigy leaving MB. Its crazy. MB have never cared about what we think. What is Mindless Behavior without prodigy?. Its nothing. I am more angry then heart broken. What happened to:'were not like other boybands. Were gonna be together for a long time'...well that was a lie. There just the same as any other boyband out there. I thought they were different...i guess i thought wrong. I once adored those boys and now.i think i might even hate them. Thy've changed for the worse. Wheres prod at?...who knows. He dont care about how we feel,how tm feels. If he did he would've announced it by himself. Its just secrets and lies. Thats all that mb have ever been. Everyones saying mama wanda kinda forced him to quit and go solo...if thats true then prodigy is so wrong. What about prod's dad?...rumour has it that mama wanda and mr.craig have split up or something. In my opinion mama wanda just wants the money...she doesnt care about prodigy. I wonder how roc,ray and prince are feeling...what happened to ...
so I heard Mindless Behavior's replacement is my baby Jacob it true?
can't wait tell this movie come out wiff my manz Jacob latimore
The wait is finally over! The official soundtrack to Jennifer Hudson and Jacob Latimore’s upcoming movie Black Nativity is available now! Click here to get your copy on iTunes and here to get your copy on Amazon today.
Milwaukee's own, Jacob Latimore, is in the movie Black Nativity! Support the hometown talent by picking up the soundtrack.
Episodes with Mindless Behavior & Jacob Latimore! Sad because we just found out Prodigy left MB :(
Hey fb bored somebody inbox me but umm I have so good news for the Ciara and future fans . Their engage . Bad news is for the Mindless Behavior fans. The news is that prodigy left the group. So when I go meet them.on the 30th I'll only see princeton, roc royal nd ray ray with Jacob Latimore too. : (
We wanted something fun for you for our with Jacob Latimore and Lil Twist!! This sneak peek is for all of our pretty girls out there!!
Fox Searchlight Pictures' Black Nativity in theatres nationwide on November 17, 2013 soundtrack includes songs by Jennifer Hudson, Jacob Latimore, Tyrese, Mary J Blige and NAS. Read more @
New Songs Added: Angel Haze / GLC / K-Shawn / Jacob Latimore ft. Yo Gotti and much more at
if you see your crush. Jacob Latimore. Roc Royal. Justin Beiber. Young Marqus. Princeton. Ray Ray. Prodigy. BabyDoll. Star. Be…
What is the strangest dream you have ever had? - One when I wasn't married to Jacob Latimore. Idk w...
Jacob Latimore is really my baby y'all. . Like, y'all don't even be knowin. I love you pooh. β€πŸ˜˜πŸ˜‚
I get shipped with Pr-... Noo Roc-... No Prod. Ray. I get shipped with all of them and Jacob Latimore .
I Demanded in Philadelphia. Join the Demand at Eventful -
Jacob Latimore, and Young Marcus needa let me hit ;)
I love Jacob latimore 😍😩❀ okay I'm done talking about him just maybe
Jacob latimore voice omg ima hold him real close
Name all the celebrities you've met or seen β€” Mindless Behavior, OMG Girlz, Diggy, Jacob Latimore, Hamilton Park...
because it pop up it was like Jacob latimore followed you I'm thinking it was a fake account until I clicked on it almost died 😩
If I ever met Jacob latimore I'll think I'll prolly pass out ! That how cute he is 😍😩
for a ship with MB, Diggy, Jacob Latimore or Jawan Harris. (NOT DOING ALL) GO,
And then I see some of Jacob Latimore's features in this boy that's in my Spanish 2 class .
Hot music from Jacob. Latimore coming soon...
β€œ"Why is Jacob Latimore Perfect?? β™₯" Ask myself this question all the time” i ask myself this everyday πŸ’›
Roc Royal is way cuter than Jacob Latimore .
What are you addicted to? β€” Chris Brown , Jacob Latimore , Trevor Jackson , food , music
is not playing...Jenifer Lewis, Tyrese Gibson and Jacob Latimore just walking around chillin before a screening of their new film.
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