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Jacob Coker

Jacob Jake Coker is an American football quarterback for the Alabama Crimson Tide. He previously attended Florida State.

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"The Seahawks are living up to their reputation as sore losers"
The are imploding and I'm here for all of it.
Kentucky mules over Moscow mules take a stand
Horrifying. Trump's pick for federal judge has literally never tried a case
Preach, Jacob Coker's career was short and sweet in the NFL.
Jay Cutler is 12-7 on Monday Night. 32 TD passes, 13 INTs. On the Monday Night stage he has beaten Brady, Rodgers, Fav…
Incredible to consider: in 2013, Alabama’s running back depth chart included Alvin Kamara, Kenyan Drake, Derrick Henry and…
I'm sure Wisconsin regrets bringing in Russell Wilson, or Alabama Jacob Coker.
Wow. Seahawks showing their true colors. And no way Michael Bennett should EVER get Walter Payton award. Total scum and a l…
Jacob Coker and my good friend and old general manager Justin Hindman. (Five Guys) memories. I…
No? Cool! . Never hand your personal belongings over to anyone associated with Airlines, pretty solid chance they wi…
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I would add he's great at throwing the ball away instead of taking a bad jacob coker sack. Very underrated skill
Jalen is starting to remind me of 2015 Jacob Coker in almost every way.
It was at this moment that Cian realized he sees Jerry Jones and Monty Burns as the same person.
.baseball signings. Jacob English to . Anthony Peck to . Cam Dean to…
Jacob "I'll willingly turn my back to the pass rush" Coker better than Jalen?
Why We Love Sports Today: Sepp Shirey, who has cerebral palsy, lived out his football dreams by scoring a TD on Senior Ni…
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"But you were always a good man of business, Jacob," faltered Scrooge, who now began to apply this to himself.
ESPN analyst Andre Ware responds to criticism of his comments on Blake Sims vs. Jacob Coker
here he is even further away still hasnt cancelled but if I do I get charged $2 fee cause he is driving away
Former Alabama and Florida State QB Jacob Coker talks about Saturday's upcoming game between the two powerhouses:…
No one has the insight into the two programs competing in Saturday's game quite like Jacob Coker:…
Congrats to Aladdin Elfares and Jacob Simonis on being selected to Preseason 2nd Team!…
Not really. Tebow threw less passes for UF in 2006 than Jacob Coker did for FSU in 2013.
"Kanell also pointed out the rhetoric about Jacob Coker being prepared to lead Alabama to a national championship"
Jacob Coker got a second natty out of it too
Time for the Alumni QB competition: Blake Sims, Jacob Coker and John Parker Wilson.
Jacob Coker to ArDarius Stewart is still one of the most clutch plays in a championship game. That was the turning poin…
I haven't watched Jones yet, so I can only comment to an extend, but he's 220 lbs and gets trucked by Jacob Coker...
Former UA players Jacob Coker, Michael Nysewander and Cyrus Jones will be at the Galleria Mall (Hoover, Ala.) on March 12 from 6-8 p.m.
“Alabama won't make it with Jacob Coker at quarterback.”
Kiffin compares Jacob Coker's game against MSU to Blake Sims' game last season against Missouri. Said both QBs played as good as it gets.
Phil Savage defends decision to invite Alabama’s Jacob Coker to Senior Bowl
Brandon Allen v Jacob Coker who is the better prospect?
Having discussion on Brandon Allen v Jacob Coker can I get your input?
QB Jacob Coker and WR Calvin Ridley with Blake Barnett walking through.
Brandon Allen was better than Jacob Coker this season. Goes to show the name on the front of the jersey means a TON. http…
Good lord, is that Jacob Coker or Randall Cunningham?
There's something delightfully glorious about watching Jacob Coker flail on a sack in the white jersey.
It appears that both Danny Kannell and Joey Galloway picked Alabama over Texas A&M. Well, time for QB Jacob Coker to get i…
Is something affect QB Jacob Coker at Bryant-Denny Stadium?. Our own insider Stephen M. Smith with an in-depth...
Is it me or does Jacob Coker look more comfortable away from Bryant-Denny Stadium? Just a thought.
is a fake account. I'm the real Jacob Coker
It truly is a new era in Oakland. open -2 in Vegas for next week's game at CHI. Last time as road fav: 9/16/12…
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Sanford Stadium loud as *** Jacob coker's inexperience and decision making, our defense is better
I feel about as good about Jacob Coker as I felt for Tavaris Jackson
Bama now improves to -1 in the turnover battle. Offensively, it just needs to protect the ball. Jacob Coker was much better in the 2nd half.
after beating the vaunted Jacob Coker, the university of Old Mississippi was due for a letdown game.
I'm not even gonna say nothing about that pic because Jacob Coker is my QB.
Maybe Jacob Coker will play the game of his life against UGA next weekend like most QB's do to us
did you see Jacob Coker's red zone #
For all you boobyhead downers out there,Jacob Coker has made me feel better today..made some decent throws. Now if we could just catch them.
Alabama true frosh WR Calvin Ridley drops perfect throw from QB Jacob Coker at left corner flag for sure TD.
Alabama QB for the fourth quarter is Jacob Coker.
You can't honestly tell me that Jacob Coker and Jameis Winston actually had a QB competition at FSU
ULM sacks Alabama QB Jacob Coker on 3rd down for four-yard loss.
I've seen you on TV more than I've seen Jacob Coker!
Cary Clark calls the "Jalston Fowler" pass - QB Jacob Coker to TE Michael Nysewander for 19-yard TD pass
Touchdown Alabama. Jacob Coker hit H-back Michael Nysewander WIDE OPEN in the flat for a 19-yard score.
All purpose parts banner
WR ArDarius Stewart with nice finger tip 10-yard catch on right side line from QB Jacob Coker. 4th and 1.
Daughter with cerebral palsy just picked up a football and threw it 2 feet into the ground. "Aww! You look just like Jacob Coker!"
QB Jacob Coker has four interceptions this season.
Jacob Coker is not and never will be the answer.
All Jacob Coker does is stare down his receiver and 3 could happen. 1. Interception. 2. Incompletion . 3. He scrambles and eventually gets hurt
Jacob Coker looks like an 8th rd QB
If Jacob Coker was a baseball player, he'd have a windup like Hideo Nomo's.
My youth pastor looks like Jacob Coker
The greatest trick Jimbo Fischer ever played was convincing the world Jameis Winston's obvious advantage over Jacob Coker never existed.
Alabama can recruit insane talent everywhere and we're staring Jacob Coker at QB
This goddamned offense. My dog is smarter than Jacob Coker...and she's underaged. And a dog.
When Jacob Coker hikes the ball EVERYONE in the entire universe knows who he's throwing to. Too predictable.
Greyson Lambert is everything Jacob Coker was supposed to be
Jacob Coker wouldn't have thrown that INT
I will never believe that Jacob Coker was in a legit QB competition with Jameis Winston
If Jacob Coker is our best option, I am legitimately terrified for the rest of this season.
Gonna make a bold statement: Jacob Coker is the worst Bama QB since Freddie Kitchens.
Jacob Coker is awful. I'm sorry. He can't read defense to save his life!
Jacob Coker hits Calvin Ridley for a 15 yard TD to extend the Alabama lead to 14-0 with 13:24 remaining in the 2nd.
Alabama QB Jacob Coker throws interception after being hit by ULM DL. Fourth INT for Coker this year.
Jacob Coker is so good at throwing punts
IF Jeremy Johnson don't win the Heisman than Jacob Coker should.
Two-time preseason Heisman contender Jacob "Jake" Coker with 3 solid incompletions in a row there.
Jacob Coker really the worst QB I have ever seen.
Jacob Coker with a run similar to what Greg McElroy had a few years ago.
Jacob Coker just might take the bull by the horn. It's all rice to me. Ricearoni or Uncle Ben's. ROLLTIDE
I guess Joel Klatt believes in Jacob Coker navigating past an anti- Cooper and White lineup. Also Everett Golson.
Rooks Report Read: Bama QB impressing and its not Jacob Coker
Jacob Coker's spring game, Cardale Jones' arm & more in the spring game roundup:
Pre-season Heisman trophy candidate, Jacob Coker, threw a pick six in Alabama's spring game. Just give him the Heisman now.
Is QB Vernon Adams at Oregon going to be this years version of Jacob Coker at Alabama?
Nah Jacob Coker need to start next year and Barnett redshirt and be ready for 2016
Mark my words, Jacob Coker will not be the starting quarterback for the University of Alabama
hit up the DM's for further details HA!
My dad has the fire place blazing. Just do that.
"So cold in here" switch places. My house is roasting
Jacob Coker will more than likely start
Can we now say that Jacob Coker will be the BAMA QB next year ?
Jacob Coker was once called the most talented QB in the Saban Era. He will start for Alabama next year.
We got Big Jacob Coker for you big boy.
Jacob Coker is an example. Graduated from FSU but could only transfer to UA bc he had 2 yrs left
So... Jacob Coker's decision to transfer didn't improve his lot whatsoever this year. Would've been a no. 2 on a semifinal loser either way.
Saban dispels rumors that Jacob Coker will start - via
It's Jacob Coker's job to lose now so i hope he takes this offseason to learn the system.
Alabama will be Jacob Coker's team in 2015 and I don't think we will miss a beat on the Lane train!!
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Braxton Miller, Jacob Coker, and myself will all have a battle in the spring
Jacob Coker put the Voodoo Cooler on the 2 teams that benched him. ...unreal. Martins just filed for bankruptcy
"Bama should've played Jacob Coker. Finebaum show tomorrow"
And two words. Jacob. Coker. Blake Sims is good, but not good enough to win a championship
Which is why Jacob Coker should have been playing all along, PAWL!!
Blake Sims had a terrific season. But now it's time to see what we've all been waiting for...JACOB COKER. 🅰
Better question, how bad is Jacob Coker? :-) . . .
Jacob Coker would not have those INT's; remember early season 6 throwing direct into defense?
maybe should have had Jacob Coker warm up. Might have motivated Blake Simms
Jacob Coker is the curse. Burn him at the stake lol.
nahhh I never liked Sims but I do like Lane Kiffin as the OC. Jacob Coker should've been the QB from the start
So Jacob Coker or Blake Barnett for QB next year?
So the next question is who will be the next QB at alabama? Jacob Coker? Blake Barnett?
Country better watch out for Jacob Coker and Derrick Henry next year
Both teams Jacob Coker played in the last two years lost today. Blame him.
Bama should've played Jacob Coker. Finebaum show tomorrow
Bama look at the bright side: Y'all have Jacob Coker as your quarterback! :)
Coach Saban why didn't you put in Jacob Coker?
I hope Jacob Coker can put on next season.
I am so glad we will never here from Blake Sims again time to let a real quarterback take over Jacob Coker
Jacob Coker bout to do some thing next year
Welp, it will be the Jacob Coker show next season at Alabama. Unless we have a better freshman QB coming in.
Poor Jacob Coker. Won national championship as backup QB with FSU last year. Was attempting to do it again with Alabama.
And yes, I still believe Jacob Coker is a better QB than Blake Sims.
Can't believe it. Man Jacob Coker better be good next year or not gonna win again. For a Saban QB, Sims was bad.
Jacob Coker prolly got the smuggest look right now
Throwback Thursday to when Jacob Coker was Alabama's Jesus and taking them to National Championship 16.
Put Jacob Coker in if you wanna win!!👀
Still time for Jacob Coker to transfer to Oregon.
I blame Jacob Coker for not pretending to get ready to go in the game, that always worked on Blake Sims before
Jacob Coker must be horrible if he couldn't beat out Blake Sims
Did they bring Jacob Coker to this game? Just kidding. No. 6 is trying.
Remember when Jacob Coker was leading Bama to natty champ??
Great seasons guys! Can't win every year! Jacob Coker is something to be excited for next year and have to hand it Ohio state they kickedass
Jacob Coker the most unsuccessful graduate transfer ever lol
Alabama need to think about putting Jacob Coker in fr. 😂
Bama might wanna run the ball more & consider going to Jacob Coker at QB
Jacob Coker couldn't beat out this guy??
Years from now, watching the Super Bowl at a bar, Jacob Coker will nudge Blake Sims, point at the TV and say, "I used to be his backup."
Jacob Coker wouldn't have thrown that interception
Man I wish Jacob Coker didn't leave to be a backup somewhere else!!
Roll tide in the kitchen, cooking Jacob Coker.
If Sims has a good game, I'd suspect we'll see Jacob Coker at school no. 3 in '15. Maybe Joey Jones could use him at USA.
jacob coker trans to alabama... Jus fyi
Did Jacob Coker fall off the face of the earth or something?
Jacob Coker is taking the year off at the height of his career
if Blake Sims was always good, Jacob Coker wouldn't have been recruited or been up for the Heisman pre season.
Funniest moment of my life was just now walking into Bama Publix with Amy in her Ole Miss sweatshirt & Jacob Coker being there 😂
Jimbo Fisher says Sean Maguire is as talented as Clint Trickett & Jacob Coker: "He's going to have a great career here."
Get Jacob Coker, hire Rodrick Miller, hire Will Muschamp, bring up Jeff Driskel. Keys to FAMU success. 2 of these are jokes.
new Heisman ballot. 1 Jacob Coker. 2 Nick Saban. 3 Lane Kiffin. 4 Paul Feinbaum. 5 the guy who played QB for Bama today
I bet Jacob Coker would have tried the throw too though.
he's just make dumb decisions foreal. Jacob Coker is a better QB he just don't know the offense yet
Now it's time for every flaky Alabama fan to jump on the Jacob Coker bandwagon.
Dear Nick Saban:. I don't want to see Blake Sims, put Jacob Coker in for the remainder of the season. Sincerely, . Every Alabama fan.
Hey Jacob Coker, the Bama QB position is still WIDE OPEN. Get warmed up for practice Tuesday
Might as well try Jacob Coker the rest of the way. Sims made some very poor throws and very poor decisions today
Jacob Coker has started warming up his kicking leg on the sidelines
I know Jacob Coker wants Blake to travel to West Africa
Sheesh Jacob Coker coulda made that handoff
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“Official account to get Jacob Coker into the Heisman running! lol
While no Jacob Coker, Dak Prescott is pretty good!
Jacob Coker eligible immediately as a grad transfer,. Simmons ineligible, way to go Kristy Curr…
Verne Lundquist on Jacob Coker: "What, Is Something Going on Florida State?": . Verne Lundquist is the best. Af... http…
Alabama passing TDs: 3. Shots of Jacob Coker warming up on the sideline: zero.
Jacob Coker reflects on first throws, Alabama QB competition after FAU win - The Birmingham News - . TUSCALOOSA,...
John Parker Wilson (breaks down Blake Sims and Jacob Coker as running threats on the latest Film Room
Film Room with John Parker Wilson: Blake Sims and Jacob Coker can both make plays with their feet
Hard to believe Jacob Coker is Larry Coker's younger half-brother
No. 2 Alabama QBs Jacob Coker, Blake Sims still battling for starting job ... - University of Alabama...
Nick Saban needs to pick a QB and stick with him. Blake Sims or Jacob Coker.
Blake Sims named Alabama's starter?! Wow. Didnt have a dog in this fight but according to the analyst all summer it was gonna be Jacob Coker
Sports Illustrated's Martin Rickman and Zac Ellis predict that Alabama QB, Jacob Coker and Marshall QB, Rakeem Cato are two players that could have big seasons ahead of them.
Preview segment: The University of Alabama Crimson Tide Last season: A dark part of me wanted to see Alabama go down so badly, but A.J McCarron, T.J. Yeldon, a usually tough defense, and Saban just didn't care. In fact, EVERYBODY had Bama penciled in for their 3rd straight BCS title game. And then the Iron Bowl happened, where just a few little missteps on Bama's part ruined everything for them. Now in 2014 they're on a rare losing streak and forced to break in a untested quarterback. Wait a minute... Didn't Alabama go through the same thing in 2008 (losses to Florida and Utah ended that season)? And didn't Bama bounce back in 2009 to win that year's national championship? Uh oh... Bad news: The O-line could be an issue at the beginning of the year for Bama, and so could the secondary (they must replace 3 starters). And my money's on Jacob Coker to be Bama's starting QB, but can the former Florida State QB fill the shoes of McCarron? Good news: But all of that was just nitpicking. Come on, people! Saban's ...
My interview with former QB John Parker Wilson. He talks about a "learning process" for Jacob Coker (VIDEO)
Former QB John Parker Wilson knows what it takes to be the QB at . He gives his take on Jacob Coker
Coach Nick Saban not ready to name Jacob Coker as Alabama Crimson Tide starting quarterback: . Most... via ESPN
Jacob Coker: Alabama hopeful quarterback showing you his stuff while a senior in high school.
QB Jacob Coker transferred from Florida State to Alabama after last season and could follow Russell Wilson's lead as a graduate transfer who could shine with his new club.
. A sideline flare-up between Nick Saban and his offensive coordinator There might not be a bigger potential powder keg in college football than Alabama's sideline this coming season. Saban hired Lane Kiffin (formerly the head coach at Tennessee and USC) as his offensive coordinator after Kiffin consulted with the Crimson Tide before their surprising loss to Oklahoma in the Sugar Bowl. Of course, Kiffin was being blamed for Bama's flat offense in that game, and he'll be an easy target for Tide fans if things don't go right again this coming season. Alabama's offense was already a question mark after losing starting quarterback AJ McCarron. FSU transfer Jacob Coker, who sat behind Heisman Trophy winner Jameis Winston last season, is the odds-on favorite to win the job. If Kiffin is smart, he'll hand the ball to T.J. Yeldon and Derrick Henry more than Nussmeier did.
Watch Alabama's Saban talk Jacob Coker, T.J. Yeldon, and more before Crimson...
QB Competition going into the fall:. Cooper Bateman. Blake Sims . Jacob Coker. I'm 90% sure that David Cornwell will be RS
Jacob Coker is just chilling out in Tallahassee throwing football through steel walls.
Jacob Coker going to be a beast.He will start.
Did you know: Blake Sims is getting comfortable working under center, worked with a QB coach & talked w Jacob Coker?.
Had a great Special Olympic Day at Johnsonville , With my two favorite boys Josh ,Jacob Coker,Good Job Boys
U mean the QB Jacob Coker from FSU that went toe to toe with Winston in comp last spring?
Jacob always talks to himself, I swear. 👊😂
Hey Jay, Alabama can't sign DeSean Jackson. They're already at the salary cap for 2014. - signed Jacob Coker
Jacob Coker brings a lot of talent & upside to the team, but we won't know if he's 1st string material until he suits up & works for
Why is Jacob Coker getting all this hype ? The guy is average.
now what sec hottie will Musburger leer at? I hope Jacob Coker has a dime or Brent will be one sad panda
I'm hearing Jacob Coker the transfer from FSU but I want David Cornwell as the starting QB!
Jacob Coker sighting, forgot he still goes to school here
My spring Heisman watch list: Winston, Mariota, Hundley, B. Miller and FSU transfer Jacob Coker at Alabama.
Another interesting fact - both AJ McCarron and Jacob Coker attended the same High School. Coker was the starting QB when McCarron left.
Alabama spring questions: Which Tide QB will enter summer as biggest challenger to Jacob Coker
A Q&A with new Alabama quarterback Jacob Coker: Former St. Paul's star, Florida State backup talks about his...
Jacob Coker is going from backing up Jameis Winston to trying to replace AJ McCarron. The former Florida State quarterback is transferring to Alabama and will be eligible to play next season.
SECond Look video: Former Florida State QB Jacob Coker a top prospect as Tide starter ... via http…
Lots of recruiting action going on these days. We lost a 215 QB in Ricky Town, who decided to play closer to home at USC, but we did add, via a transfer a 2014 QB, Jacob Coker. He was the backup QB to Jameis Winston, but lost out to Winston in what was reported as a very close competition. We also signed a 2015 4* tackle out of Georgia, Jonathan Ledbetter. Lots of action with Official Visits over the last two weeks, which brought most the remaining recruits to T-Town for their visits. Hosted four uncommitted recruits, Marlon Humphrey, Matt Elam, Malachi Dupre and Rashaan Evans. Also have one more 5* scheduled for this weekend, Chad Thomas. With signing day just a few days away, hang on to your hat,it will be very exciting.or not.
"Former Florida State QB Jacob Coker signs with Alabama, will join Tide after May graduation". Welcome to Bama-nation Jacob. ROLL TIDE!
Former Florida State Seminoles QB Jacob Coker has committed to play for the Alabama Crimson Tide, according to reports from multiple sources. It had long been rumored that Coker was set to transfer, and an in-house visit by head coach Nick Saban along with a visit to Tuscaloosa this weekend appears…
Former Florida State quarterback Jacob Coker will transfer to Alabama.
The future is bright at Alabama thanks to the incoming transfer of former Florida State quarterback Jacob Coker...
He has two to three NFL running backs behind him Bo Scarbrough, Amari Cooper, OJ Howard... Jacob Coker will be fine
Jacob Coker and Amari Cooper are going to be a deadly combo.
Jacob Coker, Amari Cooper, De White AND Derrick Henry? Bama is going to put up some big pts next season with Kiffin runn…
HS coach: Jacob Coker gets release from FSU, visit from Saban
Nick Saban visited with FSU QB Jacob Coker on Tuesday. Is Jameis Winston's backup headed to Bama?
REPORT: Nick Saban has in home visit with QB Jacob Coker
Per Nick Saban has spoke with Jacob Coker. He is now considered a "recruit". Bama is in great shape to …
BREAKING: Alabama coach Nick Saban has in-home visit with former FSU QB Jacob Coker. .
Lane Kiffin will potentially be in charge of an offense with Jacob Coker, Derrick Henry, and Amari Cooper. Life is unfair.
People think it's a big deal that Alabama lost it's offensive coordinator. Saban will just get Kiffin and have a better offense. He has great pieces to work with. Derrick Henry. T.J. Yeldon. Kenyon Drake. Amari Cooper. DeAndrew White. And O.J. Howard. And Bama may get Jacob Coker from Florida State, who Mel Kiper believes is a pro prospect. I'm not trying to hype Alabama, but Saban is always ahead of the game. That's why I respect him so much.
Florida State Seminoles quarterback Jacob Coker has been mentioned as a possible transfer dating back to the spring when Jameis Winston beat him out for the starting quarterback position. The speculation began that the Mobile, Al. native could transfer to the Alabama Crimson Tide and replace his for...
Florida State backup quarterback Jacob Coker called speculation of a transfer to Alabama "rumors" Saturday during team media day at the BCS national championship.
Orlando Sentinel - FSU reserve QB Jacob Coker returns to practice on crutches, receives ovation.
No. 2 Florida State loses backup QB Jacob Coker to knee injury, will have surgery Tuesday
QB's (Jameis Winston, Jacob Coker and Sean Maguire) reminiscent in late 90's with Akili Smith, Joey Harrin…
Jimbo Fisher said he met with Jameis Winston and Jacob Coker individually earlier today. Said he told the team right be…
freshman QB Jacob Coker gracing College Football front page. Won't be the last time.
Jacob Coker now getting snaps in spring game. Deep ball to Rodney Smith broken up on hit by Nick Waisome, who got beat on earlier TD
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