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Jackson County Fair

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wonder if you remember me? Coming to see you at the Jackson County Fair in Ohio on July 22!!
Jeanette Hackman, director of the Jackson County Fair queen pageant, recently announced the deadline to enter the...
Come out and see us today! We will be in the American 1 Building at the Jackson County Fair Grounds for Kids Fest...
REMINDER: all fair registrations are due on today, and all nomination forms and applications are due at the office!
and Bargain a Fair Contract at Middlesex County College. Sign here:
I'm going to Dylan Schneider at Jackson County Fair in Brownstown, IN - Jul 28
Top 3 chosen as finalist in Jackson County Fair Pageant
Jackson County Fair Queen finalists chosen (from the left: Haley Jo Sexton, Kylee Castle and Lauren Gardner.
Merced County fair Wednesday night with "I am King" Tribute to Michael Jackson..
Zumba at the Jackson County Fair. Come dance with us. Friday, August 12th 1pm and 6pm. If you…
Posted 7 years ago! The picture was shot at the Jackson County Fair a long time ago.not sure of the year!
Friday, August 12th at the Jackson County Fair will be MONSTER TRUCKS!!! The Monster Truck show is provided by...
"Our employees are like the corn queen at the Jackson County fair."
Rogue Valley Dairy Goat Club is looking for sponsors for our Jackson County Fair Show. Most breeds are still open...
Highway 50 yard sale weekend is the best thing to happen to Jackson county (besides the fair of course)😁
If you would have told me 10 years ago that I was going to see Nelly in concert at the Jackson county fair, I would have laughed at you! πŸ˜‚
Breast Cancer Awareness
The Jackson County Fair book is out. Or you can see it on our Web page.
Make plans for Friday night to join us at the Lee County Fair!
I had another dream about tupac at the Jackson County fair, but this time snoop was there too.
I might go to at JACKSON COUNTY FAIR GROUNDS in Jackson, MI - Aug 8
Had a dream that tupac made his come back at the Jackson County fair.
Vanilla Ice is performing at the Jackson County Fair this summer πŸ˜‚
Nelly and Vanilla Ice coming to jackson county fair!!!
Vanilla Ice and Nelly are gonna be at the Jackson County Fair πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚
Nelly is coming to the Jackson County Fair August 9th... You wanna join?
Vanilla Ice and Nelly at the Jackson county fair? You might see me stomping in my Air Force ones. 😏
not sure if you've heard, Vanilla Ice is going to be at the Jackson county fair this year!
Nelly coming to The Jackson County Fair? Jesus man, the fall from greatness lol
So Vanilla Ice and Nelly are the headliners for the Jackson County Fair this year.
why is Vanilla Ice coming to the Jackson county fair πŸ’€
Nelly and Vanilla Ice are coming to the Jackson County Fair in August πŸ˜³πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚
Thomas Kinkade Collectibles from The Bradford Exchange Online
I'm going to at Jackson County Fair in Central Point, OR - Jul 22
The Sweetheart Sale is happening now for Gary Allan tickets at the Fair At The Expo Jackson County Oregon...
Just 2 of the many awards at the County Science Fair. 4-3rd, 3-2nd & 1-1st place winner!!
ECMS 6th grade at the Coweta County Science Fair!!
The Expo and Jackson County Fair win statewide awards.
Come check out the 6th Annual Southern Michigan Winter Beerfest at the Jackson County Fair on Saturday, March...
6 days to Jackson County Fair, driving from central Illinois to see
JMV, did you make it to the Jackson County Fair to see Clayton Anderson?
Morning show host Todd Berryman and news guru John Clark at the Jackson County Fair yesterday afternoon. It's...
Can't legally get away with road rage? Check out the Demo Derby tonight at the Jackson County Fair. 8:00 PM.
More great photos of the Jackson County Fair from Clara Mullins! Please also share yours with the hashtag!
Pop Evil to open for Shinedown at Jackson County Fair
I recently went to the Disney World. I didn't realize how much better it was compared to the Jackson County Fair!
Working at the Jackson County Fair listening to
Madd *** Jackson tonight at the Randolph County Fair in Moberly, Missouri.
Sign to help Remove from the Encounter at The 2015 County Fair line-up! via
RARE EARTH will be joining the Beach Boys on Monday, August 10th, this year at the Jackson County Fair! Don't...
I'm not impressed with Jackson County or WV State Fair's entertainments this year
Our 3rd Graders enjoyed Rural Education Day at the Jackson County Fair Grounds today!
It's a sure sign of spring. The Jackson County Master Gardeners present the Spring Garden Fair the first weekend...
KMVU is a proud sponsor of the Brett Eldredge concert this summer at the Jackson County Fair. July 22-26, 2015.
Lol big shocker that Clayton Anderson is playing at the Jackson County Fair.
Check out the new Brett Eldredge video!. See him at the Jackson County Fair,...
Check out Brett Eldredge! Coming to 2015 Jackson County Fair, July 25!! Get your tickets
Can't wait to be sittin on the hill watchin pulls again at the Jackson county fair this summer. Craving home in WV πŸ’•
.at the Jackson County Fair on Sunday, August 9th! Who's going?! (Via
Don't forget to come out and see one of the today's greatest rock bands, Shinedown, at the Jackson County Fair on...
Michigan for the Jackson County Fair show. Debating if I want to get Indy tix.
Theory of a Deadman, Brett Eldredge headliners at Jackson County Fair.
Rock band Shinedown to headline Jackson County Fair this August
Thanks mom for taking the kids to the fair . β€” at Jackson County Fair
Fair-goers Living with Health Insurance Changes; Asking for More by State Senator Kathleen Vinehout β€œThe Affordable Care Act has been godsend for me,” the middle-aged, single man whispered to me at the Jackson County Fair. β€œI had paid $336 a month, now I pay $56 and its better insurance.” Health insurance, and what Wisconsin should do about it, was the topic of conversation at the Jackson County Fair. A local civic organization asked fair-goers the question; is the Affordable Care Act the same as Obamacare? Three out of four who answered this unscientific poll were correct: Yes! One woman worried about the quarter who got the answer wrong. β€œThey agree adult children should be covered on their parents plan until age 26,” she told me. β€œThey agree women should not pay more than men, pre-existing conditions should be covered, no life-time caps and we should have lower rates – but they hate Obamacare. They don’t know these are the same.” I heard many whispered thanks for lower rates; whispe ...
It's Farm Bureau Financial Services-Eastern Iowa Music Day at the Jackson County Fair! Here is today's schedule...
We're up and at 'em this morning for the Jackson County Fair, Farm Bureau's Music Day! Check out the 4-H events...
have fun at the Jackson County Fair in Central Pt. (from Calgary) we luv you here in Calgary.
Dave's supporters come in all ages! Come see us this weekend @ Jackson County Fair in Central Point.
Country singer Mark Chesnutt performs tonight, July 17, at the Jackson County Fair in Central Point.
It's the Jackson County Fair in Central Point. Brave the heat get a fan from Dave (they're a hot pun intended!)
Wynonna Judd and the Big Noise play country hits tonight, July 15, at the Jackson County Fair in Central Point.
The 2014 Jackson County Fair is here. Gates open at 11 a.m. tomorrow, July 15, at The Expo in Central Point.
Workers gearing up for the Jackson County Fair: Central Point, Ore. -- It's…
Look who's excited to be back in Oregon at the Jackson County Fair. . Mark Chesnutt. presented by...
Quiet Riot is excited to be coming to the Jackson County Fair on August 4th. Purchase tickets here:...
The World Series Of Hair featuring Sebastian Bach, Warrant and Quiet Riot is coming to the Jackson County Fair on...
hot mess express at the Jackson county fair concert with my best friendsπŸ˜‚πŸ»
Free Shipping at Baseball Rampage
How many veterans took advantage of the Jackson County fair discount offered for the first time?
Just heard my little sweet sugars Lillian Paige won the Beautiful Baby Contest at the Jackson County Fair this morning :-) Sure wish this Meme could've been there, but had to work this morning :-(
Make sure to swing by our booth at the Jackson County Fair this weekend! For a schedule of events click here-->
The game station I've worked all morning for the Jackson County fair. I thought the kids would never…
Turkey callin contest today at the Jackson county fair! Need some people to enter. We have hand made calls and tons of stuff to give away!!
Congratulations to Cali Drake on exhibiting the Reserve Champion FFA Market Hog at the Jackson County Fair,...
A big congratulations to Danielle D'Inzillo for exhibiting the Grand Champion Steer at the Jackson County Fair,...
We will be ROCKIN the Jackson County Fair on AUG 5th with Pop Evil ! Get your tix:...
About 2 get on the bus 2 head up 2 the Jackson County Fair in Maquoketa, IA. Playing tomorrow night with …
We have several photo galleries at from our coverage of the Jackson County Fair. Also...
Who's excited to see Third Day at the Jackson County Fair this summer?!?! VIP tickets are on sale now at Evangel & online at! Reserved & GA tickets go on sale 5/17. Please help us spread the word!
Get your Tickets today for The Band Perry. Performing at the Jackson County Fair, Sunday,August 4th 2013 8:00 PM.
Ehh The Band Perry at Jackson County Fair this year? anyone wanna make plans to go & buy tickets for some good *** seats asap?! :)
Hearing about The Band Perry concert at Jackson County Fair on August 4th keeps making me wish summer was here even faster!
Usually don't watch the CMA awards, but did tonight and enjoyed the show! Proud of W. Va.'s Brad Paisley - he performed at the Jackson County Fair one year - unfortunately, I didn't go. And, Keith Urban's lead guitarist is Ravenswood's own Brian Nutter!
Strolled through the Jackson County Fair in Pascagoula.ate the obligatory funnel cake, sampled a fried oreo, had a bite of fried shrimp on a I'm bloated and happy.
Come out & celebrate tomorrow night with me at the Jackson County Fair for the Jackson County Bicentennial! Abigail Osteen performs at 7pm Fireworks start at 745 Garland Kelley 8pm and then I perform from 820-9pm:)
Jackson County Fair, this week... Parkway Baptist Church has the best Gumbo because My Wife is cooking it... Bud O'Brian recipe. Lots of Shrimp.. Ya'll go by and get some.. Gene Clardy Philly cheese steaks are great also...
We will be at the Jackson County Fair grounds tomorrow (Sunday) from 10-4 for the Craft O Rama Craft Show. Come see us!!!
Congrats to my sister for winning Grand Champion steer at the Jackson County Fair! I love you!
Bingo today at the Jackson County Fairgrounds-come on in and stay warm. Great fun will be had by all. 10:30 and 1:45. Also the Eastern Iowa Mounted Shooters will be competing on the grounds today and tommorrow starting at noon. Free today Tommorrow is the Pioneer festival with the Historical Society at the Jackson County Fair grounds. Many interesting and fun thins to see and do. Great food done by the Eagles Club, Beef and noodles and Chicken and noodles. Come and enjoy the day.
The mud bog ran until 5:00 am at Jackson County Fair in Cottageville, West Virginia on July 30-31, 2010. The pit was deep and there were hundreds of runs. Th...
You have exactly one life in which to do everything you'll ever do. Act accordingly. @ Jackson County Fair
is getting down with the "Jackson County Fair" album by The Stamps. It's like Frank Zappa, Danny Elfman, Jim Heath, and Brian Setzer were a bunch of horny rabbits in a pen and Robbie Lindauer was a ferret that climbed into the mix, but instead of going feeding frenzy jumped in of the humpapalooza and out came a bunch of fun little ditties put out on one collection - NOW AVAILABLE for $10 at Dragons Lair!!
I think it is time for sleep, I am going to sleep working on photo orders! Working at Cute As A Bug, doing photo shoots, and getting ready for the Jackson County Fair pageant this Saturday is a lot to keep up with.
Went to the fair today for the first time in years. A few thoughts: 1. 'MERICA! 2. Tan country girls in short-shorts? Yes, please. 3. A brisket sandwich and curly fries make for an excellent lunch. 4. I'm certain that the two guys playing Johnny Cash covers to a crowd of people more interested in eating BBQ are opening up a couple of veins as I type this. 5. Carnival tickets for rides and games are still over-priced. 6. Seeing an obese female carnival barker with a horrible case of meth-mouth yell at people to play skee-ball with Skrillex blasting in her booth was like something out of a David Lynch movie. 7. The Clackamas County Fair seems to only be popular for the rodeo, and is probably one of the smallest and least populated fairs I've been to in Oregon. The Jackson County Fair is still my favorite, but that's primarily because it's in my home town and I saw some pretty cool bands/singers there when I was a kid in the 80s, including Johnny Cash.
It's cold and cloudy outside today. I think I'll take Jessie Eastman to the Jackson County Fair when he gets home from work! For now, going to do my nails differently if I have enough nail polish remover lol.
happy to be home after helping Austin McRae at Jackson County Fair. I enjoyed it but kinda missed my friends down here. Especially one in particular.
Well that was a interesting few hours at the Jackson County Fair
Jus saw a sheep go for $41 a lb at The Jackson County Fair.
This is the part of the season where we try our hardest to keep up. Editing Lewis County Fair Mud Bog now, their Demo Derby next, then Mudin' 4 Misty, and four days of events at Jackson County Fair after that. Wirt County Fair will wrap up everything we have shot. This weekend we will be at Mon County Fair's Mud Bog and Demo Derby on Friday and Saturday and Havoc in the Hills on Saturday. Aug 18 Playin Dirty Motorsports in Vanceburg, KY - Aug 23 Doddridge County Fair Demo Derby - Aug 25 Doddridge County Fair Mud Bog - Aug 25-26 Gravelrama Cleves, OH - Labor Day not sure yet - Sept 8 Brooke County Fair Mud Bog - Sept 9 Randolph County Fair Mud Bog - Oct 6 Boulder Bash - Oct 20 Bridge Day. All other weekends will be filled in with events that have not been chosen for sure yet. We plan on making it to Jefferson County, WV Mud Races, HDMP Mud Bog in Ohio, and maybe even take a stab at a dirt track race again.
Walberg mentions Josh Romney will be at Jackson County Fair from 4-5 p.m. Thursday. He's one of Mitt Romney's sons.
Good times tonight at Jackson County Fair with the woman, Lee Brice was great, Clint Black not too shabby either!!!
Jackson County Fair: Thousands turn out to see country stars Lee Brice, Clint Black
Well Grace is at the Jackson County Fair, Gonna see Clint Black, I think this is her very First Concert Ever,
Went to Jackson County Fair with the kiddo's today--wristband times we got rained out so back tomorrow to do rides for wristband hours. Sheesh. Seen all the animals and played a few games and ate, then got Tort and Preston ID Cards sponsored by police department. So tomorrow just rides then onto something new lol.
Lucas Pierce I should probably tell the nice lady at Casey's General Store I'm sorry... Regardless, I had a great time with Brian Guza Cassie Olson Sara Raschein Kolt Hoagenson Valerie Ponterio Grace Curran Will Larson and more at Jackson County Fair! Hope you got some sleep Will! ;)
Mitt Romney's son Josh will visit Jackson County Fair - Romney will be inside the Jackson County Republican Party bo...
Gosh . I have meat to put in the freezer from our meat market, candles to finish for the craft show tomorrow at the Dixboro Community Fair, I get my physical from the primary care doc (if I don't do this my insurance says they will cancel this doc from my list), going to get concert tickets to see Clint Black on Monday at the Jackson County Fair and then we have to go to Dixboro tonight to get set up for the craft show tomorrow. WHEW . what a day? When did I every find to time to work?
Hey Ya All Around the Jackson Michigan Area... Kids Selling Lemonade. on W Trail St between N Blackstone an Stewart St. They are trying to earn money to go to the Jackson County Fair! Very Good Lemonade! $.50 a glass the size of Solo Cups! Good Deal!!!
The Jackson County Fair is getting ready to start! What is your favorite fair food?
Jackson County Fair: Clint Black talks turning 50 and the key to a successful ... - MLive.c...
Register at this link to win front row tickets to see Clint Black & Lee Brice at the Jackson County Fair
Make sure to listen this week... Stacey Lynn has some tickets for the Clint Black/ Lee Brice concert at the Jackson County Fair!
which Jackson County Fair were you playing?
We had a great time at the Jackson County Fair in WV! Thank you to all of y'all who came out! We will see y'all again soon!
Just got home from the Jackson County Fair. We saw Head East and 38 Special. Head East sounded better than they did the last time I saw them (15 to 20 years ago) and 38 Special was awesome!! I can't believe it was the first time that I have seen them in concert. Not bad for $10 admission.
Had a blast at the Jackson County Fair today representing PAWS with Nicki Miller ;)
The Jackson County Fair is probably the best fuggin place in the world right now
Glag I got back from Jackson County Fair in time to join the dulcimer folks at MCL cafeteria tonight. That is a fun group to play with.
At the Jackson County Fair. The place is dead. I've never been to a fair with no people. Ready to go.
I guess we're gonna check out the Jackson County Fair. Supposed to be pretty good.
Heading out to the Jackson County Fair for the Truck Pull. Trucks start at 4:00 and the Semis run after them. Come see us. Our booth is on the hill behind the spectators.
Getting ready to take Cody to the Jackson County Fair should be a fun day:)
Going to the Jackson County Fair today! Haven't been in over 10 years (at least). Small town USA in a fly-over state-check.
Had a big date planned for tonight. The Mrs. & I decided we would both get home from work - take turns taking a nice long leisurely bath - go out to eat at Appleby's - then go to the Jackson County Fair! Had a great evening all planned out! So after I got my nice long leisurely bath (I got home first) I start getting ready while my wife takes her nice long leisurely bath. make a long story short. we both wake up at 8:30!!! Getting old *** :(
Tonight i got my "shotgun rider"- Jill Baxter Garrison- as we see Clayton Anderson at the Jackson County Fair! It's going to be a blast!
Jackson County Fair tonite 7pm. Caint wait to hug the fair queen, get a steak from the cattlemen, down a lemon shake up, and ride the scrambler.
Really cool seeing Tony Stewarts Dad racing at the Jackson County Fair in a Inex Legend!
Mike Sullivan and yours truly at the Jackson County Fair last night. Good to see you there! The other great thing last night: paying $6 for an italian sausage on a hoagie roll and feeling like I took THEM for a ride - it was that good. (The $4 cinnamon sugar elephant ear chaser was also fairly inspirational.)
Tonight, we're back in Britt, IA for the Hancock County Fair @ 9pm - Friday, we head to Glenwood, MN for Waterama @ 9pm - and Saturday, we're in Jackson, MN for the Jackson County Fair @ 8pm -
Appalachian Reign won Battle of the Bands at Jackson County Fair.we get to be opening act for main attraction next year. Cool, had lots of fun :) Will be performing August 4th at Gallia Fair in another competition. Hope to see you there.
I can't believe the Eli Young Band is comin to the Jackson County Fair! Like when Saturday?! :D
My daughter needs to sign up people to give blood from 3 pm to 8 pm Friday at the Jackson County Fair for American Red Cross. Please message me with name, phone number and when hou think yku can,be there. Thanks. She needs to turn in list Thursday.
And now to a story you'll see only on NBC5, the Rogue Valley rocked out to a hair band heavyweight Wednesday night at the Jackson County Fair. Rocker ...
Going out to the Jackson County Fair senior day today to get some lunch and walk around and have some fun
Some local students will be sharing the stage and the spotlight with a classic rock band at this year's Jackson County Fair. NBC5's Laura Cavanaugh e...
This is going to be an awesome weekend...The Dark Knight Rises on Friday (possibly Thursday for the midnight showing), Holiday World on Saturday, then possibly a little Jackson County Fair on Sunday...gotta love it!
Congratulations to the Valley 4-H Explorers who completely ROCKED the Grand Champion award ceremony at the Jackson County Fair! A special Congratulations to my baby girl who became the Grand Champion of Global Education AND the Grand Champion of Arts and Crafts by receiving 8 First Place Blue Ribbons, 2 Outstanding Purple Ribbons, and has TWO projects going to State Fair in August! She totally ROCKS!
Oregon! Are you coming to see me at the Jackson County Fair on Thursday?! I'm doing a full hour set
Just purchased our tickets to Clint Black and Lee Brice at the good ol Jackson County Fair!!! :)
Join us for the Jackson County Fair in Jackson, Michigan. 2012 Jackson County Fair information coming soon.
Looks like the summer concert series is starting to shape up. Next up is Joe Walsh at Common Ground, the Lynyrd Skynyrd at the Jackson County Fair, and the Kenny Chesney mega-show with Tim McGraw (and prolly Kid Rock) in August at Ford Field. Ouch, the NASCAR race at MIS is the day after Kenny. Ya gotta do watchya gotta do I guess.
Just ordered my tix for Clint Black & Lee Brice at the Jackson County Fair in Aug..Box Seats dead center! Call Denise @ 517.788-4405 for yours! Pre concert tailgate at my place prior to concert!
Jim Duggan will appear at Fayette County Fair in West Union, Iowa on July 24 and the Jackson County Fair in Maquoketa, Iowa on July 25
Can hardly breathe after finding out will be at the Jackson County Fair how will I ever concentrate today?
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