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Jackie Smith

Jackie Larue Smith (born February 23, 1940 in Columbia, Mississippi) is a former professional American football player in the National Football League.

Dan Dierdorf Conrad Dobler Randy Moss Jim Hart Barry Sanders Verne Lundquist Kurt Warner Joe Greene Joseph Addai Michael Strahan Antrel Rolle

"Jackie, make good decisions this weekend." Sorry Mr. Smith, sorry. 🙍
Ok I'm taking requests. I am going to do a series of YouTube videos if me performing covers of Disney Princess Songs while in full costume. Not only to exhibit my abilities but also to show that plus size girls can be Disney princesses too! I think I'm going to start with Let it Go (Frozen) Almost There (The Princess and the Frog), and Just Around the River Bend (Pocahontas). Any other suggestions? (Especially from people who know my voice and style) Jackie Smith
Krazee Kraig's Karaoke & DJ Show Will be filling in for the one and only Jackie Smith, @ The Parkside Pub & Smokehouse,in Highfield Park,Dartmouth. This Friday April 18th ,9pm-2am. Come on out and sing all of your favourite songs, Dance to your bootiest shakin tunes And bask in the glory that is Friday night @ The Parkside ! I will also be DJing during the band breaks @ The Parkside The following night, Saturday April 19, For the JOKERS WILD MRC 10th Anniversary party. The band "COVER-UP" will be rockin the stage, For your listening and dancing pleasure. $10 at the door.
Jackie Smith Beverly Jones Starnes this is where we are planning to go. Check out all the info on there website.
Well had a good but aggravated day at work I now but gosh they was a few of us very aggravated but look at the good side Jackie Smith it was friday lol least it was not a monday
Aww I seriously love Hannah Smith, liv Gieger, and Jackie Smith😘💕
Jaden Smith continues to follow in his fathers footsteps as he gears up for the "Karate Kid" Sequel with Jackie Chan!. …
anyone that takes the time to talk 2 rep smith knows he is a patriot and has Americas best interest in his heart
Come on and play with us and win a fabulous prize!!!
What are people's thoughts on the newest Karate Kid? The one with Jackie Chan and Jaden Smith?
That's the last time I go out and have coke and 'water' with Gloria and Jackie Smith x
All most to dove springs for a great Easter with Gregory Hare Jackie Smith-Williams Brandon Williams.
Jackie Kennedy is perfection. They way she dressed, styled her hair, presented herself. 👌😍
Stephanie Kornberg, Anne Sirois, me of course, Jackie Smith, too many
I look in the mirror every day and say "Rep. Smith, you need to save this nation."
Focus, Jackie Smith,. You have more work to get done,. No time for haikus.
Miche s Extended Cyber Weekend Event - Savings up to 75%
Jackie Smith thinks hard, . About what haiku to write, . Think, Jackie Smith, think.
Why"Martin Lawrence & Will Smith are the best movie duo EVER! ♥...or is it Jackie Chan & Chris Tucker? I'm so conflicted ☹"
“That is how she felt without him, feeling his presence where he no longer was.” QEPD, Gabriel Garcia Marquez.
Sis. Jackie Smith has a student desk (corner desk) with a keyboard shelf and another small desk with drawers that could be used to hold a printer. If you could use these, please contact Jackie. Her number is in LDS Tools.
I'm so proud of my girl Jackie Smith whoot whoot
No one told Jackie about Marilyn's tendencies
Jaden Smith & Jackie Chan will reunite for Breck Eisner The Crazies' director will direct the movie: htt…
I liked a video from La Vie En Rose - Jumaane Smith and Jackie Evancho behind the scenes in
Thank you to my mom, Tamalyn Rhodes, and my Mamaw Jackie Smith for watching my children and giving me a ride to my appointment. It is very much appreciated! Love y'all!!
Jackie Smith doesn't the camp ground do an Easter breakfast this could be like the pumpkin s
I would like to thanks all my friends and family for the birthday wishes, gifts and lunches except my sister Jackie Smith. She put my age on I think she mad cause she can't whip me anymore. May god bless all of you
Wow Jackie Smith Pledger and Mary Brees. Thank goodness we didn't get in the water lol
Ok. This is some pics of a house I seen. Near Dillsburg pa Photos from Jackie Smith
At this time 22 years ago, I was up pacing the floor and timing contraction. I hadn't told anyone yet but our little bundle of joy would be arriving soon. Thanks to Jackie Smith(one of the best nurses/friend a pregnant woman could have) & Theresa Matthews for helping me survive child birth! 1:45 pm he made he's appearance & changed my life forever! Jonathon Ty Tucker aka little Johnny as Granny Tucker called him the whole time I was pregnant, I love you more than life itself! You've made me so proud through the years & so very happy that God let me be your Mother! Happy Happy Birthday my baby boy forever! Love, Mom
I saw the Jackie Chan / Jaden Smith remake of The Karate Kid last night and quite enjoyed it. I mean, no sequel please, but it was passable.
Collectible Lifelike Baby Dolls, Porcelain Dolls a
If you're in the UK, tonight on you can watch Jackie Chan tell Jaden Smith to "Jacket Off" in http:/…
I thought I downloaded The Karate Kid with Ralph Macchio in it. *** it's Will Smith's son and Jackie Chan.
CONFIRMED: Jaden Smith and Jackie Chan are returning for Karate Kid 2. Did you see the first one?
[Fanlala]Jackie Chan and Jaden Smith are expected to return to The Karate Kid 2. Jaden, of course, is m...
"Bless his heart, he's got to be the sickest man in America" Verne Lundquist's call of Jackie Smith's dropped TD, SBXIII 1979
Nice piece on Jackie Robinson as a sabermetric star:
Robert Rodriguez is on the the cover of this month's Meow. And uh, yes, he's a talented filmmaker, too. Yeah.
"I understand people want to see change happen immediately...the worst thing we can do is make promises we can’t keep" - NMC's Jackie Smith
Jackie Chan and Jaden Smith will return soon to the big screen with "Karate Kid 2"
Read the full interview with NMC boss Jackie Smith here: We talk about MidStaffs, fee rises, FTP decisions and future
Nurses reg fee rise could have been up to £150 had the NMC not planned to make almost £30m of efficiency savings, says chief Jackie Smith
NMC chief Jackie Smith said mistakes made by NMC over Mid Staffs cases were "disappointing" but said the regulator had taken strong action
In an interview with me in Nursing Times NMC boss Jackie Smith accepted there was a "theoretical risk" to patients because of NMC delays.
Happy birthday 2 ma Granny Jackie Wilborn Smith.. Gone but never forgotten by in heaven...thanks 4 continuing 2 watch over me!
Good luck to playing in her first lpga event today! You will be great!
Breast Cancer Awareness
Check out our friend cookbook launch event today in NY:
no next Jackie Chan, the 1st Michael Smith-Grant.
Jackie's 42 will be worn today in MLB. Who are your favorite ILLINI 42s? Mine include Mark Smith and Tyler Griffey.
It always takes me a minute to realize everybody is wearing 42 on Jackie Robinson day
The original Karate Kid is 10 times better than the Jackie Chan/Jaden Smith remake
Love messages from previous adopters! Thanks Jackie Smith!. "Thank you once again for rescuing our precious girl...
Gramp still insists Jackie was out, but thanks to No. 42 for being so very, very IN.
Tijuana Hash House Harriers have the first 2 volunteers for a new nude calendar they will publish to raise money for Zofa charity. Many thanks to Pooh The Winnie and Banana Split. Baja ladies make nude calendar for a cause By Diane Bell4:27 p.m.Dec. 18, 2013 ⎙ Print 💬 Comments 9 ✉ 9 Comments Helen Mirren was a hit in the 2003 comedy, “Calendar Girls,” based on the true story of women in Yorkshire, England posing nude for a calendar to raise money to fight leukemia. In 2006, members of the Dos Valles Garden Club in Valley Center did a similar calendar fundraiser posing au natural with flowers and strategically placed gardening implements. In 2012, they celebrated Valley Center’s birth by making another calendar with a historical location theme, a few vintage accessories and an average model age of 73. Now, a similar calendar has debuted across the border: “Gorgeous Women of Baja.” Publishers Chuck and Jackie Smith, of Rosarito, got the idea last year after seeing Mirren’s movie. Their mo ...
"Will smith to jackie chan I got my eyes on you"
What movie star would you most like to meet? — Jackie chan will smith etc
If you see Jackie Smith say great game and series 267 and 661 way to go Jackie.
The Gravity cinematographer has an Instagram feed, and it's AMAZING:
Everything good in life is unexpected.
Celebrating the home going service of My sister friend Ms Juanita Jackie Smith, a beautiful home going service.
lovely afternoon spent with the one and only Jackie Smith thanks for taking me out and your company my sweet, much love.mwahhh xx
Hey Lora Noble, Jackie Smith Oliver we should get these for our hubbies!! Lol!!
If you're local, check out Jackie Smith's display at the Stanly County Agri-Civic Center. Her photo series "Smooth...
So Glad to have yall; w/ Jackie Smith, Richard Smith, Shirley Jackson, Robin Kenney ,James Thompson.Thanks for taking this Louisiana girl and Loving me even with my flaws.Love yall
On our way to the second part of Renzie Tongue birthday surprise in Mackworth with Janey Flanagan & Jackie Smith
F all you nanas ou there ha ha Denise Cumiskey Jackie Smith
Day 783: Today I am thankful for 24 totally unscheduled hours & a sister, Jackie Smith, who loves me & makes me smile on an almost daily basis even though we live 2000+ miles apart! Life is what it is; but God is great, & I am blessed in my family!
are you pregnant? Your cravings have been off the chart this week.
Learning about protest from Jackie Smith at the National Civil Rights Museum
The conversation I just had with Smith >>>
wish my boo was here i miss you wifey Jackie Smith
That's so u momma lol look like u when u mad just playing !!! lmao!! Keith N Jackie Smith
I confess I stole this from another page - but it's so true!! (I have no idea where went - ) All SO true!! The Real, True and Unexplainable Rules of Dressage by Jackie Smith 1. If you really want to get better at dressage, take it up at an earlier age – and grow an extra 3 inches of leg. 2. A test that starts with an arrow straight centre line and a square halt signifies the start of a Hickstead Speed derby. 3. A dressage test is a test of your skill against another competitor’s luck. 4. Dressage is about achieving a harmonious working relationship with your horse, whose only idea of harmony is eating grass in a field with his buddies. 5. If you want to end a drought or dry spell, wear a new jacket and Patey hat to an outdoor arena. 6. Untalented, difficult, aggressive horses have robust health, good hocks and long lives. 7. Talented tractable horses are accident prone and have OCD lesions. 8. You will ride the best test of your entire life just prior to being disqualified for not wearing your gloves. ...
Happy Bday to my big sister Jackie Smith Love U.
Jackie Smith shared the following link:
Guess I better get up from here an go get me some clothes on an get up with the bff .busy day again of course an of course its pool night at the in laws Jackie Smith house tonight..nothing like being around all these folks Theresa Cottingham James Smith Tesley Scoggin Chris Cottingham ...already know some aren't gonna be there ..but no matter what its always fun lots of lol .Have a Great TGIF people...I plan on it...
Huge Selection of Helmets at Low Prices
Getting up at 4:30 am is the pits especially just to drive your Dad and his friend to the airport! And he didn't...
For Tania Tanner, Jackie Smith, Rebekah Hindle and all the other mothers on my friends list whom I haven't tagged as there is/was a three person limit.
Special Thanks to Mrs. Jackie Smith for all of her hard work and dedication in the PASS classroom
Happy birthday Jackie Smith we love you
lol I can hear him saying that, well *** Jackie!
Happy birthday Jackie Smith hope u have a great day. Hope to see u soon
Wow. My life was pretty bland around then. Fun, but certainly not "best memories ever OMG."
Well done to Jackie Smith and Lani "killer kitty" Holmes smashing out todays workout with gusto! Boom!
What about Jackie Smith's dropped ball in the endzone for worst moments.
Thanks for a really lovely day girlies Chris Ashworth & Jackie Smith, can't wait for next time. And thanks to Popper Billy Ashworth for looking after Miss Chooky Monster x Love You All xxx
Jackie Smith: Best methods of research involve active, consistent engagement with movements.
Jackie Chan son just followed me . . me: *does jaden smith's routine*
Four declare for sheriff's race to challenge Jackie Matheny. Danice Taylor, Doc Smith and Bobby Edwards officially qualify.
Jackie Smith dropped the super bowl pass from roger.
Pottery is fun, knitting or crochet maybe? I find plaiting quite calming.
Now, to regain some of my finer motor skills, therapist suggests taking up crafts. I am so NOT crafty. Any suggestions?
Meanwhile, on that walk, I tried to add the swinging of arms. It didn't feel, and I suspect didn't look, graceful. Whatevs.
Today's other win: I can now shower, while sitting on a bench, without someone else being home. I think we're all thrilled about that one.
They are slow to do that. To be sure I'm not going to hurt myself. I, on the other hand, am more likely to say "ok! Let's see what happens!"
See, the unsupervised thing is a BIG deal. I'm not allowed to do anything unless a dr or therapist has given me the ok to do so.
To recap: suffered a spinal injury 7 weeks ago thanks to my own auto-immune system. Left me immobile. Been relearning all the things since.
That's it. Going for a walk. By myself. If I'm not back in 30 mins - call 911.
Gonna miss SXSWi and that makes me sad.
I woke up this morning and thought about the Legend's who are in my Life and so here are some: My Mama who as a teen had me and then fought to keep me, my Aunt Alice who helped my mother raise me, All the Women of Color who spoke into me as I traveled through life often not down the middle, but here where in Arizona it gets special DrBeverly Craig my first spiritual mother taught me to serve with excellence, Jackie Smith my spiritual friend who has a good word now and then,FL Carie Seratt who taught me not to create Ishmael's in my marriage, Janet Jennings my BFF and favorite person to whine to (LOL)Apostle Robin Blue who showed me Gods Plans when you follow him, Lady Elect Brenda Robinson my friend who showed me patience and loves me the same no matter how long we go without seeing each otherDenita Manning my silent but constant Praying to the other side friend, Latonya Smith my muse never a naysayer, Brenda Stephans my friend who's saved yet makes you laugh and know Jesus, Yvette Franklin Barkley the fu ...
Jackie Smith Chism this should also say slap *** .. Lol
I liked a video Jaden Smith and Jackie Chan - Lopez Tonight (6/16/2010)
Jimmy Fallon shows us how dumb we sound when we use hashtags (again):
If you're not related to me, don't call me Shel unless you go by the name of a Leah Ross, Allison Smith, or Jackie Fotino
Karen Gillan shares unseen first photo of her and Matt Smith
Interested in theatre? Check out this BBC news report – Matt Smith (and others!) discuss the National Youth Theatre @ htt…
Witches Ball Tickets Go On Sale at Convocation. Witches Ball tickets go on sale see Jackie Smith and Coventry...
"Walk the Dog" by Jackie Smith. Can you spot the dog in the image? Click to see the full artwork and to find out...
Jackie chan and Will smith are easily my favorite actors of all time.
Coach Jimmy Smith is the reason for this beautiful weather outside. That smile of his is shining all over George Washingto…
A little something from the DeAnne Smith’s Questionable at Best • Jackie Gallant
for the cardinals larry fitzgerald, old school cardinals Jackie smith
Just enjoyed a bowl of potato leek at 930 then I may head to the Parkside for some karaoke with Nicole Ouellette, Jackie Smith and Andrea Tuff:) what's it doing out now?
Thank u Jackie Smith for my present I love them x
My Top Ten Super Bowl Memories 1. The Referee's epic, perfect block on Cliff Harris, allowing Franco Harris' "touchdown" in Super Bowl XIII. Cliffy would've murdalized him. They'd still be mopping up Puddles of Franco (Which yes, Dave Barry, would make a great name for a rock band). 2. Lynn Swann's crazy, stupid catches up, over and around Mark Washington in Super Bowl X. I hate you, Lynn Swann. 3. Marcus Allen's touchdown run. It's even better if you imagine Chris Berman doing the call. "Whop!" 4. Jackie Smith in the end zone. Ugh. Jackie, you were a great, great tightend. It's horrible that you should be remembered for this. So, here I am remembering you for this. Every time the "highlight" comes on, I'm still hoping you'll catch it this time. 5. Crying after Super Bowl XIII. Yes, I cried! Shoot, I feel like crying right now just thinking about it. 6. The underdog LA Rams and Jack Youngblood playing on a broken leg and coming oh, so close to knocking off the stupid Steelers. Vince Fer ...
I think I started in 1968 left in 73 was Jackie Smith then my sisters were there in the 50s Lorraine Smith & Carol Smith my sister Lorraine had a fight with Floella Benjamin because she said Cliff Richard was rubbish happy days !
Dan Dierdorf retires from the booth...2 Hall of Fame careers. Best offensive line ever...Dierdorf, Conrad Dobler, Tom Banks, Bob Young, Rogger Finnie...add Jackie Smith to that line and no wonder Jim Hart was rarely sacked, along with the 1000 yard rushers behind them.
My Open Letter to Jerry Jones. Dear Mr. Jones. I am writing this letter as a long time Dallas Cowboy fan. I have been a Cowboy fan for a majority of my life. I first became a fan on January 17, 1971 during Super Bowl V when the Dallas Cowboys played the then Baltimore Colts. It was my real first memory of professional football during my childhood as my dad and I sat and watched the game together. My dad served his country as a security police in the Air Force for 21 years, I was 9 years old when we sat and watched that game together. I have supported the team through the glory years of “Doomsday Defense I” and the two Super Bowl victories lead by Roger Staubach in the 70’s as well as the two heart wrenching loses to the Pittsburg Steelers. I sill hurt thinking about what happened during the last Super Bowl between the those two teams back then when I had to watch Jackie Smith drop a wide open pass in the end zone which probably costing them the game. I have watched the changing of the guard in ...
Still strange to see pictures of Jim Hart, Jackie Smith, Dan Dierdorf in this stadium.
Greatest album of all time? Patti Smith's Horses, argues Jackie South:
are you telling me that a guy who produces The Bachelor somehow staged an awkward, phony conversation with a woman
Update your maps at Navteq
I'm Joe Bob Smith's niece, he said he sent you a text earlier. My mom & I are in love with The Blacklist, best show on TV!!
Please like and share my page in the hope I can boost book sales. All for a good cause.
Thoughts of Texans Smith allegedly accused the of spying?
K.getting rid of the rest of my footballs.all are official NFL footballs and each comes with a PSA/DNA certificate.If you want one, message me and make an offer.(and remember, Christmas is coming up!!!).. Barry Sanders, Kurt Warner, Michael Strahan, Joseph Addai, Jackie Smith, Antrel Rolle, "Mean" Joe Greene, Randy Moss, and Mike Munchak
Here's Verne's call of the Jackie Smith drop:
Start with Verne's call of Jackie Smith's drop in Super Bowl XIII. "Bless his heart. He must be the sickest man in America."
Now a celebrity really dies y'all don't want to believe it. But, was quick to post R.I.P Jaden Smith and Jackie Chan. Smh
Will Smith & Jackie Chan will always be my favorite actors shieeet
i will never believe face book Jackie Chan died like 4 times and Will Smith died twice
Jackie Chan died twice. Justin Bieber died like 4 times. Will Smith died. I'm hoping the Paul Walker thing is just a hoax too.
Im not taking this Amazon drone thing seriously until they admit the code name is Shoptimus Prime.
Jackie smith just called Amy Pell a newbie. Wait, what year is it?
Antonio Smith said it was "very suspicious" that were prepared in the first half for new defensive calls the
nicklaus go ahead birdie in 86 masters, jackie smith drop in SB XIII, luckiest broadcast career ever?
Just saw hall of famer Jackie smith at the chesterfeild mall
I do care so please stop telling me to "put my hands in the air" like I don't.
He should still send Jackie Smith a Christmas card, at least.
There are a lot of celebrities that their deaths would actually touch me.. Will Smith, Jackie Chan and other greats I grew up on..
Will Smith, Jackie Chan, Hugh Jackman, Denzel Washington & a few other actors are not allowed to die IDC.. It'll be too upsetting
The two celebrities that will make me grieve like I did for Michael Jackson, are Will Smith and Jackie Chan.
Umm didn't the media say that Adam Sandler, Will Smith, & Jackie Chan all died at one point as well? Don't believe the hype!!!
Im pretty sure its not true. The did say Jackie Chan died. But that *** on a plane with Jaden Smith
Dave Henderson I rememeber when he hit the homerun off Donnie Moore to put Boston in the world Seris and the n the World Seris Bill Buckner the ball went thru his legs on a Mookie Wilson Halloween night 1986 world seris Baseball Sports is just a Game the fans are too much. Donnie Moore Jackie Smith the Drop all this fans that would not let it go have to answer on day to the King of Kings. Jackie Smith would have made 21-21 drop the ball made it field goal 21-17 Steelers scrore two touchdowns more make i then Cowboys score two late scores game allready over 35-31 Final you all that blamed Jackie Smith rest in Peace great thight end for the Cardinales. Jesus is King of Kings test everyone for Steriods
I'm on a Vining spree today and Jackie Smith finally agreed to be my subject matter!
is Star Karaoke with Jackie Smith and yummy prizes from
Giving up on Pinterest. Every recipe I try is less than tasty and crafts, well, I'll just end up gluing myself to something.
Today in Geek History: Happy 55th Birthday, NASA! Our favorite space agency was founded today in 1958.
I have had several conversations with jackie smith and my expert opinion is she is a ***
"My good friend Jackie Smith. I haven't seen her in a while.."
"I'm gunna take my pants off so don't be a Jackie Smith"
We praise God for the appreciation service for Elder Jackie Smith! We thank God for his 53 years of…
we are running late but we (Joel and I) are coming! Yard work, vile, horrible thing that it is has us behind schedule.
my conversation with Jackie smith rn 😅
Blueboyrecords gives a big shout out to Jackie Smith Floyd a Long time friend and a great music lover, Cheers Jackie.
Fri fun: A man using Apple Maps walks into a bar...or maybe a hotel or a church, possibly a car dealer
“Nobody gives you your power. You just take it."
Chief Executive of the NMC Jackie Smith is on now talking about the action we take to protect the public
NMC Chief Exec Jackie Smith makes it clear to John Humphrys that student nurses spend 50% of their training in practice
Oh yes, I should have added to that.
Cheek to cool desktop. *slightest whimper* Wails: But now I have to get in my car and driiive home. (Feeling extra-dramatic today)
Happy 2nd anniversary with Jackie Smith Wishing you many more!
Is it weird that my husband doesn't follow me on social media?
Thanks for following me, Jackie Smith, author of Cemetery Tours due to release Sept 17, 2013.
I still feel awful for Leon Lett and Jackie Smith.😣
Bit rich for an ex-Labour Minister to suggest Anna Botting was 'burbling on' about the Royal baby. No more Jackie Smith on Sky!
Never, ever, thought I'd say this but well said Jackie Smith Time to give & Royal Couple some frickin space now media
Jackie Smith is this the little boy you found?
Everything is annoying me today. EVERYTHING.
Willing to work out a deal with whomever, whatever, is in charge of the Universe. My soul is used but it's standard wear and tear. Call me.
You can do this, funny writing lady!
I'm also over "I want to go to there." Very funny the first kabillion times. It's time for a freshening.
When can we put an end to the use of "City name, I am in you"? I get it. There was once a joke there. Let's come up with another one.
You know, if everyone keeps starting podcasts, there will be no one left to listen to them.
Ghostwriting for a CEO: A survival guide
I have a few NFL autographed footballs left: Kurt Warner, Jason Witten, Mike Vrabel, Joseph Addai, "Mean" Joe Greene, Michael Munchak, Michael Strahan, Antrel Rolle, Randy Moss, Jackie Smith... I want them gone...For the rest of today, they are $200 each. I also still have Barry Sanders. I'm asking $500 for his. All of them have the PSA/DNA certificates of authenticity, and they were all purchased directly from the NFL in their benefit auctions.
Liverpool Care Pathway – A National Health Scandal (From August 2012) Yes, this is ‘our’ NHS, that was so loudly lauded, so proudly applauded at the London Olympics opening ceremony... [Excerpt follows "Rogue nurses who attack and steal from patients handed 'licence to abuse' as report reveals how few are actually struck off"] The NMC and its historical failure to manage both its own affairs and those of its registrants has been mentioned here - [Liverpool Care Pathway – A Scandalous Affair] Again, the NMC apologises with a whimper but will fail to act upon any recommendation made. Who then is to protect us if those charged with doing so seek only to protect themselves and their own...? The Mail continues: "Today, Jackie Smith, the NMC's acting chief executive and registrar, apologised for what she called its 'substantial failings'. She said in a statement: 'It is clear that the NMC has not delivered effective and efficient regulation, and we are committed to putting that right.'" We've heard that ...
Jackie Smith drops sure TD pass from roger Staubach in Super Bowl 13...
Wow! Some kinda weekend for IC Eventing! We either triumphed or tanked. To those who triumphed - Saskia Berrios-Thomas, Emma Teff, Erin Snell, Ava Noone, Heather Gluckman - Whoo Hoo!!!. To those who tanked (who shall remain nameless) - it were a LEARNING (!) experience. Thanks to Jackie Smith for a FAB mini-trial & to Melissa Carlson for being a great right hand. And, of course, to the moms, dads, paps, siblings, grandmas & everybody else who was there for support & laughs!
Here's a blast from the past...UNITY - A group of fellas I sang and played with in Portland from 1983-1989. We had some great times together sharing our music ministry around the Pacific Northwest. We also had the awesome privilege to open up concerts for Rev. James Cleveland, Daryl Coley, Take 6, and (very impromptu) The Winans. The original members consisted of Jerry Thomas, Brian Sims, Jeffrey Howard, Lance Mashia, Daryl Wooding, Grover Clegg, Jr, Jackie Smith, Jr(deceased), and Terry Davis. Others who joined the ranks were Trevor Smith and Lieutenant Johnson(hope I haven't forgotten anyone...)
Jackie Smith, JC Smith, Jim Smith, Wilfred Smith, Ernest Lee Bittle, Frank "Buddy" Dean, Leon Stephens, Kenneth Brewer, Robert Helms, Forney Thompson, Glen Strickland. What do these men have in common? Aside from my own father, these men are all great dads, men of integrity and a positive influence on those that are lucky enough to know them. Some are not with us anymore, but, I pray they all know that, not only did they influence their own children's lives, but, served as great role models for others. Happy Father's Day!!
Laptop insurance - because accidents happen!
Thank you Jackie Smith. For reading my mind and bringing me a veggie burger. Yummy
Herman " Eagle" Day, the living football legend in Mississippi had a son named William Day or AKA for most of my life, "Lil Eagle". As a youngster, athletics was the bond between us. Now don't get me wrong because I was surrounded by Hall of Famers like Jackie Smith, Jimmy Taylor, Archie Manning, Coach Tom Swayze and even Coach Johnny Vaught. While most kids spent Saturday Mornings watching cartoons, I was always out at either Provine High School practice field or inside the livestock barn at the Fairgrounds being the "dummy" defensive back trying to cover all the football players Eagle would mentor. I was never intimidated by another football player, but seems Coaches always had a problem with who I was and so began the journey.
Record: 4-9-1, fourth, NFC East Points scored/allowed: 286/365 Coach: Don Coryell Summary: In a remarkable display of consistency, St. Louis put together its fourth 4-9-1 season in five years before a two-year run leading the NFC East. While San Diego acquired the first key piece of what would become Air Coryell by drafting Dan Fouts, the architect of that offensive juggernaut was hired to turn things around in St. Louis. The Cards opened with two wins, against the Eagles and Redskins, scoring 34 points in each contest. They went on to defeat the Giants and Falcons and tie the Broncos. Four losses came by a touchdown or less, including a 17-10 showdown with the Raiders. Both confrontations with Dallas were blowouts, 45-10 and 30-3.  Offense: 37 Offensive line: 17. Young stars Dan Dierdorf and Conrad Dobler, both 4’s, bulk up a trio of 3’s. Dobler and tackle Ernie McMillan (the only starter older than 30) are the J-4s.  Receivers: 10. Hall of Fame TE Jackie Smith is still going strong as a 4 and the ...
Jackie Smith telling her story to Rodeph Sholom at the Lorraine Motel
Riverside Labour Party members given me a vote of confidence this week. Delighted that Barbara Barwick and Jackie Smith were also selected.
Ok lowkey. I love my dad Robbie Wilkerson... I heard u loud and clear. Whatever it is just wait and watch God. It's time to take a bath. On nbcc people know that sermon Jackie Smith. Tasha Wilkerson
Here’s what is happening for the week of June 3rd to June 7th. 1. Our annual athletic banquet is this Wednesday at the Medicine Hat Lodge. Tickets are $25 per person. 2. Our annual Attendance Recognition Assembly is on Thursday during TAG. We will be giving away $2500 worth of sponsored prizes to students who had monthly and yearly perfect attendance. We have 8 students with perfect attendance for the year. Students with perfect attendance for the year will have the chance to win the grand prize (a 42” smart TV). 3. The boys rugby team plays for the Zone championship in Lethbridge this Monday. Good luck guys. 4. Seven EBHS athletes compete at Track and Field Provincials in Calgary this Friday and Saturday. Good luck to Ashley Herrman, Kreggan Scharnatta, Adam McNeil, Cassandra Dyck, Jackie Smith, Anika Dirk and Mason Bachmeier. 5. Reminder to all grade 10’s and 11’s to get the registration packages returned to the school ASAP. Have a great week.
Happy Mothers Day to my amazing mother, Lisa Tucker! I love you so much and can't wait to see you next weekend! Also! happy mothers day to all those amazing mothers out there! Amanda Burke, Janie Owens, Tracy Edmonds, Jackie Smith, Ashley Standafer, Ashley Taylor, Heather Glenn, Ashley Ayers, Angela Bleckley
Hi Justin, I've got some gaming May the 4th activities to share. Message me your email address? Thanks!
especially when that friend is your sister! love ya Jacki Wenho Smith
“Reading and writing are opposite sides of the same coin” Brill Ali Smith & Jackie Kay quotes via
Studios behind go direct to fans for social-media boost: (AP)
Hey JR Smith... My son has two Jackie Robinson jerseys and 3 Lebron jerseys in his closet. No Smith. Humble = Cash.
Hey, everybody, here is you chance to win a pair of tickets to see the incredible Cirque du Soleil at the Macon Coliseum this weekend! Simply post here telling us why you want to see the show and then get out there and drum up some votes. The comment with the most "likes" when the contest ends (sometime between now and Friday) will be the winner. Ready, set, go!
NFL Hall of Famer Jackie Smith at last night's Community Scouting dinner @ Hilton St. Louis…
I noticed you are interested in social media. We are a social agency in LA. Follow me for the latest industry developments
Mmmm... Just thought I'd share this with all of you. Seriously. Come to Tavolo: An Italian Bistro and I'll make one for you
ok Jackie Robinson, get back on the base.😂😂😂😂
That moment your dad decides to strike up a convo with Jackie Smith outside the Lorraine.
The Jackie Smith drop in Super Bowl 12 has to be the worst drop in NFL history. Cowboys lost to Steelers by 4 points instead of going to OT.
Consumer Alert: Scam artists nearly cost woman her home: Jackie Smith is trying to help her 88-year...
Is it customary, when in discussion with someone (Jackie Smith) to interrupt her response with "anyway, back to the story"? V Rude
and Jackie Smith talking rubbish on progress in Afghanistan.
“Jaden Smith is a joke” chill he knows karate Jackie chan taught him
"Tension is who you think you should be. Relaxation is who you are." ~Chinese Proverb
Will Smith, Adam Sandler, Jim Carey, Johnny Depp, Jackie Chang and Robert Downey Jr. are my favs
i saw a scene copied from "Karate Kid" where Jaden smith will boast about his skills before jackie chan starts his training
I miss Rose's family ( Jackie and Mickey) more than Rose. Hard to miss a character that keeps coming back.:)
Perks at work create happier employees!
This is the group i sing with Buy our album please! Oh How I Love Jesus by Jackie Smith & YDM
unlimited calling, voip, $14.95 per month
When Mr. Smith didn't know who Zac Efron or high school music was
Mr. Smith is probably gonna make a snarky remark about my pop tart
Gotta make sure I look at my queue before things disappear! Netflix Will Lose 2000 Movies Tomorrow via
A great use of is helping great theaters convert to digital. The is a good one- $33k to go!
No. 275: No ponytail, unless you are Willie Nelson. Happy birthday, Red Headed Stranger:
Jackie Chan is one of my favorite actor. With Jet Li, Will Smith, and that blond guy I talk about sometimes...
honestly if Summerall isn't number one then stop having these lists. I remember thw Jackie Smith drop as if it was yesterday.
Applaud Jason Collins for his guts, but don't compare him to Jackie Robinson.
I know right!! I say we bring them over steaks sometime & ask them if they wanna have a cook out (:
oh you will be! If only we knew their last names...
seriously... He's Irish, drives a jeep, and he's got a gorgeous smile I think I'll take it..
Jackie Smith, SB XIII, he’s got to be the sickest man in America
Need someone to go watch this Jackie Robinson movie with me
Stephen A Smith comparing Jason Collins to Jackie Robinson?! Smith says he's a Christian man, stand up for that.
As Jackie Robinson was making history, Wendell Smith wrote it
Access more than 7.4 million parts at Parts Direct
Technology can hurt & help work productivity. Workers are typically productive only 60% of the time.
Watched Pocahontas in class...ugh i love John Smith
Healthy Side Dishes: Baked Beans II 4.65 / 5 Stars | 411 Reviews by Jackie Smith "What a great way to wake up p...
"If Jackie isn't jamming to that song, then I have clearly done something wrong" nah Jackies slacking I even looked it up..
"You're only worthy when it comes to ghetto black people."-Chelsea Smith
Jackie Robinson still represents the definition of courage in my mind.
Stop comparin Jackie Robinson to J Collins!! Jackie Robinson didnt play 12 years & then say "o by the way Ive been black this whole time"
Do yall know who Jackie Robinson is comparing him to Jason Collins now thats so disrespectful in Steven A Smith voice
Kenny Smith "the NBA has always been at the forefront of civil rights" Hey Kenny what about Jackie Robinson and baseball?
hey mike smith. Please please please dont let your fellow media members compare J Collins to Jackie Robinson. Dont do it!!
Jackie Del Bonis gets a hit off Shannon Smith, then Smith strikes out the side (9 Ks), 0-0 heading to bottom of 5
Transparency is the way to go for business.
are you taking that online with Jackie smith ?
UPDATE: Police: Search called off after no monkey found near Cincinnati Museum Center
Oh for the name of all that is holy, will you look at Karen Smith's gym clothes?
Will Smith should've played Jackie Robinson in that movie.
"When I was younger I wanted to be Jackie Chan. Or Will Smith, but I'm not black." -
Forget Jackie Smith, all Houston players had to be sickest men alive
"This is a small town with a limited number of girls, and I've already been through all of them once and now I'm back to Jackie"-Kelso
Just watched 'The Karate Kid' starring Jaden smith and Jackie Chan. What a good movie!
I'm gonna cry OMG so many emotional ! I love Jackie chan and I love Jaden smith and I love justin omfg
If you were going to be stuck on an island with three celebrities, w... — Jackie Chan, Will Smith and Jim Carey. :D
Loool terrible times. Seeing jaden smith and jackie chan on projector when we should be going in on some scriptures
Just nailed myself on the nose with the lid of the washing machine. So talented, so graceful.
Like that temple where Jackie Chan and Jaden Smith went to find their ~~~CHI~~~
Can’t find my favorite pair of glasses anywhere. They’re here in the house. And I’m sure I will find them when I hear the crunch.
"Nothing in life is to be feared, only to be understood." Marie Curie
Watching Karate Smith by Jaden Smith and Jackie Chan (@ Dessy 's Residence) [pic]:
ill kick your *** right now, karate kid style, 'and wich karate kid are you referring to'', theres only 1 with Jackie chan and jayden smith
Take ur hentai face home karate kid -jackie chan to jaden smith when he couldnt do da moves *weak*
NHL Stanley Cup Memorabilia from The Bradford Exchange Online
We left and went mudding like right before it happened so I missed it
Out and about meeting yet another Today we met Lightning, from Gornal, who has been Jackie Smith's best friend for 40 years.
omg jackie, did you see the new movie trailer that Jaden Smith is in? He's so beautiful.
Listening to now, jackie smith getting a grilling from the public
Immigration documentary on BBCWM now presented by former home sec Jackie Smith. Sounds interesting so far
Never count your successes or failures. What matters most is the fact that we all learn & adapt new skills from our life's quests.
Jackie Johnson killing in The Time Capsule! by Akita Steen-Smith -
Please investigate this email address (jackie.smithIt is used for fraudulent activities!
My very geeky conversation with Kevin Murphy about telling a story across a TV series and a video game in DEFIANCE:
any truth to the rumor that Jackie Smith is Dumervil's agent?
At beautiful Ed Smith Stadium to see the Orioles play the Red Sox split squad and Jackie Bradley is starting in centerfield.
Neutral? It appeared to me that Jackie Smith was pushing for the Hard Rock.
Oh Bby trust me I can sense it like Jackie Chan in the Karate Kid With Jaden Smith
Council OKs appointments: BAMBERG — Bamberg City Council approved the reappointment of Jackie Smith to a four-...
since Jackie either gone for a few days or Robert must have left y'all
I am a master kinda like Jackie chan but still learning like jayden smith. Except I'm white not blasian
My biggest is justin bieber jaden smith and jackie chan
Jackie is one of my all time favourite characters
Hugh Gaffney has been in Mexico for 7 years as of today! What a journey it has been. I am so lucky to have met Simon Lopez and that I get to share my life with him. I love you baby! Thanks also to all of those great friends who have helped and supported me in my journey here - Mayra Espinoza, Keith Montgomery Ashwood, Gwen Leather-Baer, Lionel valin, Claudia Calleros, Wanda, Tanya Newkirk, Jackie Smith, Stan, Gordon and Louise and many many more. I love you all and thank you for your love and support. Here's to the next seven years! x x x x
Just spent a lovely few hours with Jackie Smith - partly work but as always an absolute pleasure. Some people just make you feel good. X
NCJHS listening to Jackie Smith the protestor in front of the National Civil Rights Museum
Josh Groban concert in Vienna, VA August 16, 2013.who wants in with me??? Catherine Berkoski Glazier, Jackie Smith, Wendy Jarvis Stephany, Renee Tunney, anyone want to road trip it down here and go with me?? Pre-sale tickets go on sale in a couple weeks!
If anyone from Illinois and the St. Louis area is going to be in Branson on March 8, Reeds Spring Education Foundation is having Pack Night at Dixie Stampede. Tickets are $25 each and it is for the regular show and dinner. Jackie Smith of the St. Louis Football Cardinals will speak. You can buy tickets for $50 and have a meet and greet with him and sit closer to the arena. Just let me know if you are interested.
Truly we had a great time at Shiloh Missionary Baptist on their Black History Program. Subject: See yourself as God See You...Black Women in History. I spoke about Black Women that have made history nationally and black women that have made Black History locally...Latessha Clinton(first black Principal for Southside Elementary), LaFaye Copeland Myles (First Woman on the County Commissioners, Nita Gilbert (First Black from Cairo to own and practice pediatric denistry, Myrtice Corker (First Black Bridal Shop owner in Cairo), Ida Bernice Curry Goar (Teacher and Educator), and Rev. Jackie Smith( First Female Presiding Elder for the South Georgia Conference). I also talked about some Strong Black Women in the Bible, Zipporah (Moses Wife), Hagar (Surrogant mother for Abraham and Sarah), Pharaoh's daughter (Moses adopted mother) and Queen Sheba (The Wisest Queen in the World). Black Women you continue to play an important role in History! Black Women in History Walk by Faith and Not by Sight, because we see ours ...
Wishin all the best 4 my mummy Jackie Smith...gud luck mummy..x
Playing a drinking game with Leevon & Jackie. Everytime they say *** party or sex" on superbad we have to drink.
Words. I have them, here, somewhere, I know I do... *rifling through my brain like when I lose my keys in my bag*
Who knew Jackie lived 2 houses away from me
Will Smith and Martin Lawrence or Chris Tucker and Jackie Chan? I'm gonna go with the second. Perfect combination!
Jackie always got her shirt inside out..
Has Jackie Smith really had her photo taken in the last ten years or are they old library photos .she hasn't changed for donkey's
I am super excited.We are going to Pigeon Forge with my parents on Sunday.BUT, the Hubs, Doyle Smith, surprised me with leaving a day early to celebrate our 29th Wedding Anniversary and my 1 year no smoking anniversary!! He is the bomb!
The Fishers GOP Club "group" - Fiscal conservative group. They have monthly speakers and Dr. Smith just spoke last week
Look at how big Jaden Smith's hair is!
lmao you're like the Jackie Chan to my Jaden Smith lmfao
May we have a great birthday Brandon Smith, Brooks Smith and Jennifer Langseth Person!! :)
Has ANYONE had a mate who you always listen to.. always advise.. is always there for.. YET.whenever you start a conversation about anything to do with 'you' or maybe ya health or relationship.. they screw their face up.. scratch their head basically ignore you??, WELL I HAVE GOT ONE STEVE OBVIOUSLY THE MARKET.. he never even sent me a text to see *** I am today or day.. NUFFIN ! SO I'VE SENT HIM A TEXT AND Z STRAIGHT.. THAT IF HE WOULD GIVE A LITTLE INSTEAD TAKING ALL THE TIME MAYBE HE WOULDN'T HAVE BAD LUCK AFTER TREATING THE BEST FRIEND HE WILL EVER FIND(ME) WILL UNFORTUNATELY REAP IT BACK.. you know I really hate being so gifted as I really cart stand seeing what happens to ppl who do me wrong.. yet LIVE IT WHEN THEY GET AMAZING LUCK AFTER BEING GREAT TO ME SO I GUESS THAT IS the benefit.. unfortunately... most ppl aren't that nice ..:-( still I will be out by two .. YIPEE ! AND THANK YOU Mark Conway Gery Smith& James Betts for your support .. REALLY MEANS A LOT... X FANK YOU GUYS SO MUCH YOURS WERE .. ...
Jackie Chan, so I can meet Will Smith and loads of other actors!
The SpaceX “Falcon” rocket was named as an honorary reference to Han Solo’s spaceship, the Millennium Falcon
the one they made with jayden smith isn't even karate!! It's in china, and jackie chan even said "i teach you kung fu"
Sending much needed prayers to some dear friends for their daughter Kaiella Janae Smith who was hurt tonight during basketball game. God please continue to watch over Kai and her family, in jesus name we pray Amen. Jacki Moreno Smith Damon Smith
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