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Jackie Robinson

Jack Roosevelt Jackie Robinson (January 31, 1919 – October 24, 1972) was an American baseball player who became the first black Major League Baseball (MLB) player of the modern era.

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Matthew Robinson, older brother of Baseball Hall of Fame member Jackie Robinson, was an Olympic medal winning sprinter.
Future umpires from the meet in the Historic Jackie Robinson room at Dodgertown.
Today in 1957 - In an article appearing in Look magazine, Jackie Robinson announced his retirement from baseball.
Squeezed in a couple more good ones this afternoon, courtesy of a very understanding wife. Dodger Stadium and Jack…
It's good that Mo wore 42, because it would have been awkward when the yankees unretired Jackie Robinson bc they were out of numbers.
In 1957 Jackie Robinson announced his retirement from major league baseball in an article that appeared in "LOOK" maga…
Admiring this '54 Topps Jackie Robinson tonight as I pulled out the ole ball cards.
Jackie Robinson boyhood home site. Never to early to start thinking…
Celebrities Salute President Obama in Farewell Video: 'He's the Jackie Robinson of Politics' via
I can't wait for the Jackie Robinson memorial Dodger Game this year! No one understands my excitement for April 15th
Every time I see someone wearing 42, no matter the sport, I automatically think of Jackie Robinson
Celebrities salute President Obama in farewell video: ‘He’s the Jackie Robinson of politics’:
Jackie Robinson and the American Dilemma (Library of American Biography) 1st (first) edition (authors) Wilson, John…
Incredible color shot of Jackie Robinson warming up before a game at Ebbets Field in 1955.
Branch Rickey, the General Manager of the Brooklyn Dodgers who signed Jackie Robinson, was on first national Youth & Govt Board
“The Boys of Summer” ~ Jackie Robinson & the Brooklyn at Ebbets Field. Thinking of baseball on this cold December nigh…
The Great Art Work of Bill Purdom,Jackie Robinson stealing home at Ebbets Field.https:/…
Thanks to for the heads up. Scooped some sweet gear today and a nice Jackie Robinson baseball shir…
Jackie Robinson shakes hands with King Faisal II of Iraq in 1952.
.acting like he met with Tupac, Jackie Robinson, and Jesse Owens, not a murderer, a wannabe, and Jim Brown.
We thought Obama was Jackie Robinson. He's actually Hank Aaron. We're not going to accept any fake substitutes.
Gary Owen Says He's Like 'Jackie Robinson' for black People on BET (Video) - TheWrap
Looks a lot like the hate mail Jackie Robinson received 70 years ago.
Brandon Marshall got pretty much the exact same racist form letter that Jackie Robinson got in 1947 and Hank Aaron got in 1974.
Award-winning baseball writer Clare Smith on why she owes her start to Jackie Robinson:
I liked Jackie Robinson because he was cool to watch, not because he...
Much like no baseball player wears 42 due to Jackie Robinson, no man should wear a mustache out of respect to Tom Selleck
Before he was Black Panther, he was both Jackie Robinson and James Brown. Happy birthday to
Jackie Robinson and Ruby Dee in the baseball film 'The Jackie Robinson Story' 1950.
If I was the Jackie Robinson of golf, I sure didn't do a very go...
'Hockey Maven' talks fame, fortune and Jackie Robinson. Story by
So thankful to God & the for giving Jackie Robinson that opportunity & for for bringing story to life
Many articles about Ralph Branca giving up homer to Bobby Thompson. Not enough about his support of Jackie Robinson
vet Ralph Branca remembered for standing by Jackie Robinson & for his famous pitch. RIP
RIP Ralph Branca -- a brave early supporter of Jackie Robinson -- will have a lot of great stories about Branca in my book out…
Great story about the late Ralph Branca, his friendship with Jackie Robinson and baseball’s history Of racism
What I remember and admire most about Branca is that he publicly supported Jackie Robinson when most players didn't:
Apr 18, 1946 - Jackie Robinson's pro debut w/Montreal Royals, 4 for 5 with an HR, greeted at home by teammate Georg…
1940 UCLA Bruins - Jackie Robinson (top left) hit .097 during his lone season of collegiate baseball
What an absolute honor it was to meet and talk with the "Jackie Robinson of the NHL," the great Willie O'Ree.…
Jackie Robinson and Rachel Robinson on their wedding day. htt…
Thank you for helping to promote the legacy of Jackie Robinson through your support of the Foundation.
No subject with a file in the FBI FOIA Vault is described as philanthropist. Not John Rockefeller III or Jackie Robinson.
Larry Doby: the Jackie Robinson of the Indians' last World Series champions
Cap Anson was a player who had a huge impact. Some players threatened to boycott game played by Jackie Robinson
you hear alot about Jackie Robinson but we never celebrate those two black ball players who won championship.
Author Sharon Robinson sharing stories about her dad, baseball legend Jackie Robinson, with students at our Celebra…
with Obama we were hoping for Jackie Robinson or Willie Mays but we're just disappointed
Chadwick Boseman is actually one of my fav up & coming actors. He killed, James Brown, Jackie Robinson and Black Panther
lmao this old *** "if you respect yourself enough to take a our legacy in Jackie Robinson park"
that is dope! I just got the Mookie Wilson. . . Jackie Robinson was sold out 😞
Got comparisons to Jackie Robinson, Ken Griffey Jr., etc. But I just let em have their shine.
Wrigley Field, Chicago - Jackie Robinson and Pee Wee Reese, just because
Brooklyn Dodgers,Gil Hodges and Jackie Robinson practice sliding at Ebbets Field.
Jackie Robinson campaigning for Richard Nixon in New Jersey, today 1960:
I just had a reading from my African studies class about sports in the 60s mentioning Jackie Robinson, Reggie Jackson, Malcom x, and MLK jr
Jackie Robinson was not the first black player in Major League Baseball
Colin Kaepernick is no Jackie Robinson — and shouldn't have to be ONLY THING HE WILL B REMEMBERED 2 HATEFUL OF U.S!
Jim Crow was king... and I heard a game in which Jackie Robinson was playing, and I felt pride
Boo Williams played baseball like Jackie Robinson and Willie Mays. What up w/this 4%?. .
Currently working on a deal that will get us fantastic past interviews with Jackie Robinson, Ted Williams, Mays, Mantle, and Monte Irvin!
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Why do so many white fans suddenly want to Jackie Robinson explained answer well in a 1970 letter.
Theatre nerds I need help! Looking for the title of a play (one act I believe)about Ann Frank and Jackie Robinson meeting in heaven
Jackie Robinson, October 10, 1970: Exactly what his changed with mass white reaction to Colin Kaepernick?
Jackie Robinson wrote in his autobiography: 'I cannot stand and sing the anthem'
Long before Colin Kaepernick took a stand by sitting, Jackie Robinson wrote the year he died: "I never had it made."
Not to mention legendary infielders Jackie Robinson and Ozzie Smith.
someone hasn't been watching closely: Jesse Owens, Mandela and Rugby, Jackie Robinson, Real v. Barca...
Jackie Robinson, baseball legend and Army vet court-martialed for not moving to the back of the bus. Later won case. ht…
not every jock is Jesse Owens, Jackie Robinson, Muhammed Ali or Billy Jean King
: American hero. Jackie Robinson, Ali, Tommie Smith all had the balls to say something. And we are all better for it. Progress.
Sharpton said that Kap reminds him of Jackie Robinson. Jesse Jackson should be ashamed of himself. He said nothing.
5) Several other athletes sat down because of the history of the National Anthem. These athletes included Tommie Smith and Jackie Robinson.
The Race to Rise taking over Jackie Robinson park!
he is still black! Do you consider Jesse Owens & Jackie Robinson as American heroes.
they are not, neither was Ali, Jackie Robinson, Jack Johnson, Tommie Smith and hope many more will join!
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Jackie Robinson in 1972: 'I Cannot Stand and Sing the Anthem; I Cannot Salute the Flag'
“I cannot stand and sing the anthem. I cannot salute the flag.” -- Jackie Robinson, WWII Vet
What would Jackie Robinson think about Colin Kaepernick’s protest?
Ali, Tommie Smith, John Carlos, Jim Brown are heroes. Jackie Robinson had the same position on the National Anthem. Thank God.
I see your Jackie Robinson and raise you a Jesse Owens.
As it turns out, Jackie Robinson also REFUSED to stand for the National Anthem. Hate him?.
KING: If you hate Colin Kaepernick, you must also hate Jackie Robinson.
Muhammad Ali, LeBron, Jesse Owens, Jackie Robinson, Tommie Smith & Jon Carlos should all listen to you right lol FOH
exactly far from 100%:ignoring goal Jesse Owens or Jackie Robinson:just another "give me" he shud wtch JFK inaugural
sports has always been an immense driver of social change. Think Jesse Owens, Bill Russell, Jackie Robinson.
"Sports shouldn't be political" said the person who forgot about Jackie Robinson. Muhammad Ali. Michael Sam. Female Olympians since 1912...
My friend mistook Indiana jones with Jackie Robinson
Sports been used for social change. Look at history from Jackie Robinson to Bill Russell n Jesse Owens
Now they tryna put Colin Karpernick on the same level as Muhammad Ali, Jim Brown, Jackie Robinson, & Jesse Owens...smh
Did Jim Brown, Jackie Robinson, Bill Russell have all the answers? Nope. So why should Colin?
: "Jackie Robinson loved America...but wrote...he would not stand for the National Anthem."
you owe me ten minutes of my life back man. Don't put this on par with Jackie Robinson's era. What a joke.
I wonder how all these people feel about Jackie Robinson then
Jackie Robinson is 100% black, black people only follow (in mass) when they are half white. IE: Colin, Jesse Williams, etc 👍
Jackie Robinson had strong feelings about the National Anthem as well.
Somewhere, Jesse Owens and Jackie Robinson are laughing hysterically at Colin Kaepernick.
apparently by Doug's standards Jackie Robinson never had anything 2 complain about either.
The story of Stoney Creek's '65 LLWS team, tonight on "Blue Jays Central" 6:30et/3;30pac. Play by play from Jim McKay and Jackie Robinson.
Keith what was your hot take when they traded Jackie Robinson to the Giants?
Almost everyone knows about Jackie Robinson. Larry Doby? Not so much. Prof. Doug Branson wants to change that.
A life is not important except in the impact it jason other lives -Jackie Robinson. Only if every people lived this way life would be easier
In the Year of the Boar and Jackie Robinson by Betty Bao Lord
in 1962 Jackie Robinson was inducted into the National Baseball ⚾️ Hall of Fame in New York. http…
Baseball you have Willie Mays, Hank Aaron, Jackie Robinson, Barry Bonds etc., Jim Brown & Tiger arguably the best ever in La…
Was Nate Thurmond's 42 worn in honor of Jackie Robinson?
Pee Wee Reese urges on Jackie Robinson in 1952 Dodger-Yankee WS at Yankee Stadium.
Jackie Robinson slides into home plate. The first African American to play in the Major Leagues for Brooklyn Dodgers
notice the umpires blowing calls against Jackie Robinson demonstrating on-field deviance
Jackie Robinson & Joe Louis were both at Fort Riley in '42. Louis helped speed up Jackie's application to Officer Training
In 1955, Jackie Robinson brought a ring to BK. Authentic Jersey - only at our 14th & 34th St stores.
One thing tho -- stadium is so much nicer than stadium! Love the brick and the Jackie Robinson quote
Jackie Robinson's Brooklyn Dodgers jersey on display Stadium. The man who changed the game.
Re: maybe I think that was Hank Aaron, not Jackie Robinson.
What do you expect from a organization who wouldn't honor Jackie Robinson and had a racist owner in Marge Schott? Cincinnati ***
athletes that excel in multiple areas certainly lend to the idea-Jesse Owens,Jackie Robinson,Wilma Rudolph,Eric Heiden-a few
Who's like the Jackie Robinson of hockey? Wayne Gretzky? - Ian
noticed today that chipper jones and Jackie Robinson were added to the legends free agent list too. Very cool additions!
On this date in 1947, Jackie Robinson became the first Black player in the major leagues.
I remember the episode when Scott Bakula jumped into Jackie Robinson's body--also in the opening credits
Sharon Robinson, daughter of Jackie Robinson, shares a favorite memory of her father.
it was a fun a experience and one to remember by meeting Earl Weaver! Also Jackie Robinson's daughter Sharon who's sincere
Kobe, Brett Favre (Packers), Jackie Robinson, Steve McNair, and a pair of gloves signed by Ali
Jackie Robinson served as a second lieutenant in the United States Army
Ali’s rebelliousness was rooted in the same racism that moved Jack Johnson, Paul Robeson & Jackie Robinson.
Bill Russell and Jackie Robinson dropping science on American racism, Muhammad Ali, and the Vietnam War.
In grade school: Julie of the Wolves, A Wrinkle in Time, Roll of Thunder Hear My Cry and Year of the Boar and Jackie Robinson.
The great & Jackie Robinson were heavyweight champs for justice & civil rights! RT
LRT: other examples, Kobe sounds like Michael, who sounds like Dr. J. And Tony Gwynn and Jackie Robinson sounded exactly alike.
i love Ali but Jackie Robinson and Jesse Owens are more influential. In my opinion
Jackie Robinson, maybe Jesse Owens, but neither is quite on Ali's level.
Babe Ruth, Willy Mays, Joe Louis, Jesse Owens, Jim Thorpe, Ted Williams, Rocky Marciano, Jackie Robinson, and Ty Cobb just off the top.
I wonder if LeBron's grandpa might've mentioned guys named Joe Lewis, Jesse Owens or Jackie Robinson to him.
Take Michael Jordan out and put Jackie Robinson in. Jordan did nothing outside of basketball like Ali or Robinson or Owens.
Jesse Owens, Jackie Robinson, Muhammad Ali, Hank Aaron, Michael Jordan and Tiger woods have all transcended race.
but if you don't have Jackie Robinson your list is trash. Jesse Owens should be there too.
unlimited calling, voip, phone service
Gone are the days of Jackie Robinson and Muhammad Ali. Now it's Michael Jordan's "Republicans buy shoes too" era.
Before Ali, there was Jesse Owens & Jackie Robinson speaking for civil rights. We need more people like Muhammad Ali.
If Jesse Owens and Jackie Robinson opened the door for black athletes, Muhammad Ali stormed through it
My Mount Rushmore of sports starts with Always has, Always will. Muhammad Ali, Michael Jordan, Jackie Robinson, Jerry Rice.
To me, there are four athletes who defined the 20th century: Babe Ruth, Jackie Robinson, Michael Jordan and Muhammad Ali.
RIP Muhammad Ali. The GOAT. His face is on the Mt Rushmore of American athletes with Babe Ruth, Jackie Robinson and Michael Jordan.
RIP Ali - One of the most important American sportsmen of the past 100 years, along with Babe Ruth, Jackie Robinson and Michael Jordan
Remember when Ali called Jackie Robinson and Joe Louis an Uncle Tom? I do.
I'd put Babe Ruth, Jackie Robinson and Michael Jordan in that conversation.
Most influential athletes of all time in my opinion:. 1. Muhammad Ali. 2. Michael Jordan . 3. Babe Ruth. 4. Jackie Robinson. 5. LeBron James
Who is the bcon that called out his racism after Jackie Robinson did it? Reagan is the conservative jesus.
I'm giving away something for you on 42 The Jackie Robinson Story. Get it here -
I say Jackie Robinson complicates the debate because of a lack of longevity. But at his peak his production was top shelf.
I won $16 playing Maryland state Keno last night. Thanks to Jackie Robinson and Ray Bourque.
produced a special Jackie Robinson baseball card in his Montreal Royals uniform in 2012.
LIFE: Baseball was for forever changed
Accident, left lane blocked in on The Jackie Robinson Pkwy NB at Cypress Hills St, stop and go traffic back to Highland Blvd
Now this bruh done played Jackie Robinson, James Brown. AND Black Panther? How am i supposed to reach him now!? 😩😂😭
eat your heart out, Jackie Robinson.
TIL 2LT Jackie Robinson was court martialed for refusing to move to the back of the bus...
If americans'll let Trump win they will kind of insult and offend all the work did by Marthin Luther King,Rosa Park,Jack…
Does any book lover or Jackie Robinson fan want review my new book for print or online?
Jackie Robinson is our awesome weekend guest.
The travel ball team I'm on this summer our home field is where Jackie Robinson played ball in high school
*** nah this *** wanna be Jackie Robinson Jesse Owens so bad ol working on the railroad head ***
lol yea that was him, and Chadwick was the dude that played Jackie robinson on 42 and Black Panther on that civil war movie
PBS life story of late great Jackie Robinson, Wow! End w/his beautiful quote,"Life is NOT important except n t/impact it has on other lives"
The Jackie Robinson Parkway (my favorite highway) taught me that nothing is too narrow 😭
I can do makeup just as good as any women can Im the Jackie Robinson of makeup maybe put my jersey in makeup stores http…
Babe Ruth, Jim Brown, Jack Nicklaus, Jordan, Jackie Robinson and Ali. Which 2 do you leave off?
unlimited calling, voip, phone service
Portion of Jackie Robinson's former Stamford estate sells for - The Advocate
I can't picture Linda Chavez, Ed Brooke or Jackie Robinson stumping for this man.
I think Babe Didrikson Zaharias was the female Jackie Robinson of golf you were trying to think of.
Mark Smith for ESPN "our memory of Jackie Robinson isn't the full picture" by Howard Bryant
Jackie Robinson (1919-1972) - an American baseball player who, ... -
When you're a Red Bird you're supposed to despise the Cubbies. So the next year you play for them? Jackie Robinson is rolling in his grave.
On Black Heritage Day at Park, Bryce Harper homered off the Jackie Robinson facade.
McCarver talking about Jackie Robinson and Bob Gibson refusing to meet with Richard Nixon.
Now regaling us with a a story of how Jackie Robinson and Bob Gibson wouldn't meet with Richard Nixon.
" I Jack, I rob, I sin, I guess that makes me Jackie Robinson. Except when I run the base, I'm tryin to dodge the pin. " 🙊🔥🔥🔥
try the Jack Johnson one. I liked it better than what I've seen if the Jackie Robinson one thus far
😛😛//the next Jackie Robinson in softball!!!
Really undersold the comment on Jackie Robinson and race at the end though
What can learn from Jackie Robinson: “Jackie Robinson,” the latest Ken Burns documentary,…
The name A.R. Foster should be spoken in the same breath as Jackie Robinson. His remarkable story & tragic ending:.
A letter from Joe Louis helped Jackie Robinson in his bid to attend Officer's Candidate School.
Great idea. 4th grade wax museum. Everyone from Jackie Robinson to Whitney Houston to Pocahontas is here
Cab driver: is this the Jackie Robinson pkwy?. Me: sir 😑
. I understand! Nicole Beharie was just too wonderful playing Mrs. Jackie Robinson. They snatched my heart out.😌
Thanks to Dominick Collins for his purchase of this Jackie Robinson jersey!
Jackie Robinson and James Brown are in that new captain America movie😂😂
that's buddy who played Jackie Robinson and James Brown, he def don't sound like that frfr lol
Great image. Jackie Robinson barnstorming with Larry Doby and Ernie Banks... Mid 1950's
Chadwick Boseman has been James Brown, Jackie Robinson and the Black Panther. He needs to get every role in Hollywood
Chadwick Boseman is Jackie Robinson, James Brown, and Black Panther. Black History all over his IMDB.
Chadwick Boseman was Jackie Robinson, James Brown, and now Black Panther.what can't this man do 😍
Chadwick Bozeman is a great actor his roles as Jackie Robinson and James Brown were 🔥🔥
aye man how you line up Jackie Robinson, James Brown and then Black Panther, AND kill each roll?! Legend in the making.
Chadwick Boseman was Jackie Robinson, James Brown & The Black Panther. He's a black hero his *** self.
Delivering convincing performances as Jackie Robinson, James Brown and T’Challa will earn you renown.
Chadwick Boseman has played the roles of Jackie Robinson, James Brown, Black Panther & soon Thurgood Marshall. Are there other black actors?
He played , Jackie Robinson , James Brown. . Is there anything can't do as an actor
Lmao. The guy who played James Brown and Jackie Robinson.
James Brown, Jackie Robinson, T'Challa, he's the go-to guy for historic black ppl and I'm okay with that lol
Chadwick Boseman has brought Black Panther to life, played Jackie Robinson, and was James Brown. Did it all for the culture. He is the GOAT.
How you get to play Jackie Robinson, James Brown AND Black Panther? Amazing
Character is royalty, so...but he's brought heft to Jackie Robinson and even, to a degree, James Brown, so
Chadwick Boseman now, the dude that was Jackie Robinson and James Brown..
Possible barnstorming photo from my buddy, Joe Phillips. Larry Doby, Jackie Robinson and, probably, Banks sitting.
He played James Brown, Jackie Robinson, and now this. He winning.
Philadelphia apologized for its treatment of Jackie Robinson; our Steve Cohen remembers how it was.
Magic number. Jackie Robinson. Life, the universe, and everything. @ Petco Park
Incidentally, watching a condensed game on Jackie Robinson day is very complicated, I'll tell you what.
1947 World Series, Game 4 - Rare photo of Yogi Berra wearing as he's retire by Jackie Robinson h…
Jackie Robinson broke the color barrier and became the first African-American to play in on this day in 1947.
All purpose parts banner
real question.. Why were you wearing 42?? Did you wear it because Jackie Robinson day or something..?
It was such a thrill to go to Jackie Robinson day game last year and see KJ hit a homerun in person!!
Did Pee Wee Reese put his arm around Jackie Robinson that day in Cincinnati back in 1947. The search.
Fishman asks his black barber if he celebrates Jackie Robinson day.
On this rainy day. Finally able to watch this PBS Jackie Robinson doc.good stuff.
An old man told me i look like Jackie Robinson from when they were young...i took it as a sign,im bout to knock it out da park
Nothing more blissful than seeing our favorite baseball team win on Jackie Robinson day. Go
Thought of the Day: Has there ever been a better collegiate athlete than Jackie Robinson? If there is, show me who.
I would have liked to have been there on this day in 1947. Jackie Robinson, played his 1st game with the Dodgers.
Disrespectful to Jackie Robinson also. Looks like "Ghost of Terry Schrunk" gets my write-in vote. Again.
I wanted Gordon's story to be real. Bad day for baseball. 1st player since Jackie Robinson to lead league in SB's/steals
Remarkable history around corner from HQ -- where Jackie Robinson first met Branch Rickey
not to mention the fact baseball wasn't even a hundred years old when Jackie Robinson started playing.
An interesting article on Branch Rickey and Jackie Robinson.
Kendrys Morales received his 500th career RBI in the Jackie Robinson game. Get the jersey he wore here!.
Diamonesk Personalized Engagement Ring And Wedding
This is so good on Jackie Robinson and Branch Rickey:
Turns out, there are ten (10!) holidays on April 15. Went in looking for Jackie Robinson, came out with this:
Brother Bear would like to see special edition $1, $5 and $10 bills - Jesse Owens, MLK, Jackie Robinson, Paul Roberson, and Wilma Rudolph.
center fielder Delino DeShields pays tribute to Jackie Robinson ...
*** Harriet Tubman is the best we can do? How about Jackie Robinson, Muhammad Ali, Thurgood Marshall, MLK, Rosa Parks, or Billie Holliday?
Some stories about Jackie Robinson and Happy Chandler you didn't hear in the recent Ken Burns documentary:
Excited to start watching the new Jackie Robinson doc. Ken Burns + baseball is necessary viewing.
Watching Ken Burns' documentary on Jackie Robinson, and I am in love with Rachel Robinson.
LVRJ JOHN SMITH Jackie Robinson deserves national day of honor: Like a slow grounder that slips between an inf...
Jackie Robinson, drone racing, James Garfield—the new episode of Battery Mates has more lolz than it might sound!
Well, Gary here has him some opinions about the Jackie Robinson doc by Ken Burns
Adam LaRoche is the Jackie Robinson of being a *** Maybe he's the Babe Ruth of being a ***
NO DOUBT! I remember as a kid my dad would tell me stories about the great Jackie Robinson
MLB: Jackie Robinson deserves national day of honor
What all of us in and can learn from Jackie Robinson and Branch Rickey:
Here is a link to all Jackie Robinson t-shirts:
LVRJ: Jackie Robinson deserves national day of honor
Jackie Robinson. James Brown. Black Panther. Thurgood Marshall. A pretty crazy lineup for an actor who broke out 4 years ago. Good for him
Jackie Robinson deserves national day of honor
1 year after assigning Jackie Robinson to farm team in Montreal, Dodgers sent Don Newcombe and Roy Campanella to Nashua Dod…
Kudos to Jessica Mendoza for pointing out that Jackie Robinson impacted America not just baseball or sports
In 1942, Jackie Robinson was drafted and assigned to the Army cavalry unit in Fort Riley, Kansas.
I applaud the director, for doing a thorough and in-depth detail story of Jackie Robinson.
From in honor of Day: Roy Campanella, Don Newcombe & Jackie Robinson at Sportsman’s Park.
was watching the game.was an amazing story,told by an amazing man.The stories he told on Jackie Robinson day were fantastic
.explains what could we learn from Jackie Robinson today
would ave thought that Jackie Robinson was such an activist...such extraordinary being...!!
The story of Bob Brooks’ exclusive 1947 interview with Jackie Robinson at Wrigley Field
"Ted Cruz is like the Jackie Robinson of lizard people going into office"
Cutch and Harrison honor Jackie Robinson with special cleats on Jackie Robinson Day. READ:
Update your maps at Navteq
"The only thing in a film should be what works " Emmy winner Ken Burns to about "Jackie Robinson"
Listen to Alan Lelchuk discuss childhood memories of Jackie Robinson and the book they inspired on
Jackie Robinson prepared the way for many of us who were able to endure the pressure of being from a "Brown" nation.
On April 15 every year, MLB honors the great Jackie Robinson on the day he ended segregation in baseball.
Jackie Robinson's legacy becomes a present-day celebration ... |
FINAL: defeat the A's 4-2. Jackie Robinson played for the Kansas City Monarchs in the *** Leagues in 1945
Luv this quote from Ted "Double Duty" Radcliffe on his admiration of Jackie Robinson! RT
Bryce Harper changed his number to 42 for Jackie Robinson! Class act!
On this day in 1947 history was made. Jackie Robinson made his debute and changed the sport for the better https:…
Brooklyn pupils virtually join Jackie Robinson in Goo... |
A big part of Canadian history breaking the colour barrier. Jackie Robinson. Montreal circa 1946 https:…
Photos: A look back at iconic images of Jackie Robinson |
"I don't think you would have had Jackie Robinson without Rachel" ~ Michelle Obama
Im not concerned with your liking or disliking me All I ask is that you respect me as a human being -Jackie Robinson ht…
too bad it had to be the Montreal Royals that gave Jackie Robinson his start and not
Meet Black Singles 300x250
Hey show these shoes to Cole and point out the jersey on Jackie Robinson. -Roy in L.A. Now
Jackie Robinson through the eyes of the .
Watching Michelle and Barack look at each during their Jackie Robinson doc interview makes believe the world isn't horrible for 1 minute. 😭
Tom McCarthy taking the wrong lessons out of the Jackie Robinson doc
The Phillies really went all out with their Jackie Robinson tribute by only allowing 42 people into tonight's game. https:…
Someone tell Preston Wilson that Jackie Robinson is no longer with us. . . .
Legend. Hero. Inspiration. We're honored to celebrate Jackie Robinson tonight.
Jackie Robinson and Roberto Clemente played for the Montreal Royals. So I had to get this hat from
Tonight's threads are very special. Tonight, we honor Jackie Robinson. Tonight, we all wear 42.
Jackie Robinson honored by players and others across social media (Big L..
PENALTY BOX! How is Rob Manfred at Yankees Stadium to talk about Jackie Robinson day and NOT at Dodger Stadium?! A lil weird
Danny Murtaugh sliding into 3rd in 1948 at Forbes Field with Jackie Robinson fielding throw.
I thought Jeremy Hellickson was going to honor Jackie Robinson by throwing 42 pitches in the first inning, but he wound up throwing 3 more.
5 SIGS IN 1: This '36 John Muir High School (L.A.) yearbook was signed five times by great Jackie Robinson!
Thannk you for your piece on Jackie Robinson's season in Montreal. A year of great importance which we tend to gloss over.
Instead of having every player wear on Jackie Robinson day, teams should just pick one guy to wear it, preferably a…
To the man who did so much for baseball, happy Jackie Robinson day. ⚾️💯
Jackie Robinson is the Was a real champion on and off the field.
Jackie Robinson also played 1 season for the Montreal Royals. Notice the similarities in the uniform.
Branch Rickey movie needs to be made, creator of minor leagues, didn't coach on Sundays, and Jackie Robinson among other things
On this day 69 years ago Jackie Robinson broke the color barrier. Today, we remember his legacy ht…
I love that baseball embraces Jackie Robinson the way they do. He was an amazing man who opened so many doors.
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