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Jackie Milburn

John Edward Thompson 'Jackie' Milburn, (11 May 1924 – 9 October 1988), also known to fans as Wor Jackie and 'the first World Wor' in reference to his global fame, was a football player for Newcastle United and England.

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For Jackie Milburn, read Alan Shearer as the player who overtook him as Newcastle's record goalscorer on this day in 2006 ⚽
7 – Goals scored in the Tyne-Wear derby, second only to the great Jackie Milburn (11).
A great new home for the statue of a legend in Ashington. Jackie Milburn.
11 years ago today he broke Jackie Milburn's goalscoring record infront of the Gallowgate. What a class striker he…
in 2006, Alan Shearer breaks Newcastle United's goal scoring record of 200 set by Jackie Milburn
in 2006, broke Jackie Milburn's club record with his 201st goal for Now THAT'S iconi…
Vio Ganea v Newcastle at St James. Meaningless match but we'd blagged tickets in the Jackie Milburn. Only us two Wolves fans 😀
my first autograph was the legend Jackie Milburn. Loveliest man. True hero.
Not quite as fast as J.E.T.MILBURN *** but I bet your goals to games career record wouldnt be far behind Wor Jackie.
Divna why we didn't start shearer and Jackie milburn, clubs two top scorers
wish we had this lad today. Jackie Milburn
if they could've bottled what Jackie Milburn had would be where Leicester are now. Yes. The Midlands.
good job Jackie Milburn wasn't looking for a house!
hey stranger, used to you on this few years ago before I turned Ill, on the mend now! My granda is jackie Milburn.
An old picture of Northumberland St when the statue of NUFC legend Jackie Milburn was still there
he was a massive mate of Jackie Milburn back in the days
Winston Churchill shakes the hand of Newcastle Utd's Jackie Milburn before the Magies' victorious 1952 FA Cup win
The eternal Rooney debate continues - with Jackie Milburn & Alan Shearer both more productive for England
Alan Shearer and Jackie Milburn were more productive for England than Wayne Rooney: Wayne Rooney is close to…
Rooney is almost leading goalscorer but Alan Shearer and Jackie Milburn were more productive
.and Jackie Milburn more productive for than Wayne Rooney
trend started to fade in the early 60s in the NE. Likes of Bobby Robson and Jackie Milburn were attendees at both RP and SJP
A fine example of Tom Maley's work 'Jackie Milburn' can be viewed on
Mitrovic header would have had the fans in raptures. Jackie Milburn, Alan Shearer, Andy Carroll all rolled in one. Had it gone in
Linesman's clearly Jackie Milburn's grandson so I hope you had a fiver on them mate!
New starlet aged 19 says Jackie milburn is his hero, he used to watch him every week live
He had Jackie Milburn, Mike Williamson and Rolando Aarons visit him. Ghosts of past, present and future!
Almost as funny as Tony Blair's stories of watching Jackie Milburn.
Blair = phony and liar, with his 'SAT on Gallowgate' to watch Jackie Milburn lie. Blair was 4 when JM retired too
Watch Sunday Sun confess to Tony Blair that they put out Jackie Milburn story/myth. Blair never said it.
like when Tony Blair said he remembers watching JACKIE MILBURN play at Newcastle?
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historical footnote. Believe it or not, Tony Blair didn't actually claim to have seen Jackie Milburn play:
Fascinating: Jackie Milburn testimonial programme from 1967 - if only for the *awesome* prizes /cc when he claimed to have watched Jackie Milburn on the terraces, even though he retired before Tony was born...
I remember first getting cold feet about Blair when he boasted of watching Jackie Milburn play for Newcastle
why DO politicians feel they need to pretend to support a team? Remember TB claiming he saw Jackie Milburn play for ?!
Labour people outraged at rehash of Blair "Jackie Milburn" myth. Fine. But in truth, Blair as much a Newcastle fan as Cameron a Villa fan.
remember Blair claimed he saw Jackie milburn play? They'll say anything
he's not the first, Blair claimed to have seen Jackie milburn play
You err in saying Tony Blair claimed to have watched Jackie Milburn at Toon. He said he saw them just after that era.
Cameron forgets his football team. Tony Blair claimed to watch Jackie Milburn play (wasn't born then). SOCCER!!!.
Blair might have lied about watching Jackie Milburn from the Gallowgate but at least got the team right.
Where did the TB rumours regarding Jackie Milburn come from is he a Geordie I think he is
didn't Blair say watched Jackie Milburn at St James' before later revealed as BS as he was a baby?
Followed by Tony Blair discussing Jackie Milburn no doubt
I don't know who Jackie Milburn is, but I'm sure she's a really nice person.
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Looks like Cameron just had a Jackie Milburn moment
Obviously Blair never saw Jackie Milburn, they had no executive boxes in those days.
Blair getting misty eyed about watching Wor Jackie Milburn play at Tyneside when he was a 4 year old living in Oz was also pretty special
To lazy journos tempted to wheel out the 'TB saw Jackie Milburn' story the journalist who first aired it has admitted it was an urban myth
I believe he saw Jackie Milburn play...
at least he's not pretending to have watched Jackie Milburn...
Tony Bliar watching Jackie Milburn yeah right. Weaponising dead refugees...disgusting.
Blair had similar "brain fade" when he said he loved watching Jackie Milburn play for Newcastle. He left NUFC when Blair was 3.
RIP Willis Newton at 95. Played for The Blades after the war (alongside Alec Forbes & a certain Jackie Milburn) & supported them
In my time yeah, can't exactly say Jackie Milburn can I lad ;)
1950s - Jackie Milburn scored an early goal as Newcastle Utd beat Man City 3-1 at Wembley in 1955
Tbf it isn't as bad as Mellor swapping clubs to curry favour with Major. Or Blair claiming to have seen Jackie Milburn play.
Only the great Jackie Milburn (12) has scored more goals for Newcastle v Sunderland than Shola Ameobi (7). via
Pardew's just said we're 10 senior players short, including Cabaye, Remy, Andy Cole and Jackie Milburn etc I assume...
“How many games did he play, 50-60? He’s not exactly Alan Shearer, Kevin Keegan or Jackie Milburn is he?
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Signed inside by him, Jackie Milburn, Bob Moncur and John Gibson at launch in Thornes bookshop on Haymarket...
Peter Beardsley and Jackie Milburn to enter at 29 and 30 respectively.. Winner does a Stone Cold but with Black Ale 💪
Football should be about great goals, not poor referees. Football should be about savouring a wonderful strike from Cheick Tioté, a goal that would have stood comparison with many of the past gems witnessed at St James’ Park from Jackie Milburn to Malcolm Macdonald, Andy Cole to Alan Shearer. Football should not be about lamenting a wretched decision from a professional referee. Premier League Barclays Football
Will the questions be answered at Monday's Fans Forum? 1. I am an online shopper and I note that is owned by Sports Direct. Does the merchandise money go to Sports Direct, or does Sports Direct take a percentage of the revenue? If so, how much? Florence Anderson I’ve been supporting the club for 60 years – my Dad is a lifelong supporter, as are my grandsons now. I actually saw Jackie Milburn play and remember standing at Central Station in 1952 for the parade of the FA Cup. 2. By 2011-12, our commercial revenue was £13.8m. How has the club managed to lose over half of our commercial revenue in 6 years? Kath Chandler I am 62 years old and I have been supporting the club ever since I heard my great uncle speak about the great Newcastle United matches of the 1950s. My first match was in 1965 and I have been going regularly ever since. I even saw Bobby Moncur raise the Fairs Cup at St James’ Park in 1969. 3. Can the club please explain why Newcastle United have paid Sports Direct £498,0 ...
A LOOK at the history of what was known as Gipeswic and Boro through the eyes of KEN DALY. What It Means: The Saxon Gipeswic - the harbour of a man called Gip. Why It's There: The main port of the Saxon Kingdom of East Anglia, so important it became part of the Hanseatic League. Why They're There: Brewer and local MP Thomas Cobbold founded Ipswich AFC in 1878. Became Town after merging with the local rugby club 10 years later. Remained amateur until 1936. The Field of Dreams: Marshland where Portmen, local equivalent of aldermen, were allowed to keep livestock until 1884. Also staged cricket, then dog racing in the 1920s and even a hockey international in the 1960s. The pitch has been winning awards for over a century. When It All Began: September 1954, as newly-relegated Boro travelled to newly-promoted Third Division South champions. Local Heroes: Sir Alf Ramsey, Sir Bobby Robson, Terry Butcher, *** Mills, Ray Crawford, Roger Osborn, Tony Mowbray and Mark Venus. Local Villains: Jackie Milburn, Ramsey's ...
Jackie Milburn was from Ashington was he a true Geordie
if clatters Di Canio in Harpers Testimonial ,he will get a statue outside St James' between Jackie Milburn and Sir Bobby
66 minutes: GOAL: A blazing shot from Jackie Milburn hits Dugdale and drops invitingly for Keeble to finish. 1-2 Newcastle
Winston Churchill being introduced by Joe Harvey to Jackie Milburn & his team ahead of the 1952 FA Cup Final
Quality mate. The Raff, Jackie Milburn & The Duke all in there! That's some team!
Jackie Milburn was given a bonus of a carton of Players Navy Cut (untipped) for every goal he scored.
King George VI being introduced to Jackie Milburn & his Newcastle United team in 1951 by Joe Harvey
A small re edit of wording... Re Jackie Milburn 1951
King George VI being introduced by Jackie Milburn to the Newcastle United team in 1951 at Wembley
Remember Jackie Milburn busting the net Ards v Lindfield at Castlereagh Park, Newtownards
wouldn't want 2 b a glory supporter ➕ r the best, Alan Shearer, Jackie Milburn, Sir Bobby Robson,
If we press the red button, can we listen to Alan Parry commentating with Jackie Milburn?
Q8- Newcastle won the FA cup on the 28th April 1951 with Jackie Milburn scoring twice to bring the trophy back to Tyneside which team did they beat 2-0?
On this day in 2006, Alan Shearer broke Jackie Milburn's record by scoring his 201st Newcastle goal.
If you had a chance to meet one legend from Northern Irish football, whether its past or present, club or country, who would it be? Jackie Milburn for me, Admin:Linfield
Newcastle United should change their name to Le Newcastle. Jackie Milburn must be turning in his grave.
Greenpeace had some fun with it too. Though the Blair/Jackie Milburn bit is wrong. He never said it.
Graham Thompson of nails for his Tony Blair / Jackie Milburn climate claims
The antidote to modern football. Football Art: Wor Jackie Milburn, from Hazlerigg Colliery to legend:
“The opening quote in Jackie's scrapbook, marvellous.
the birthplace of wor Jackie Milburn , 3 times FA Cup winner and greatest number 9 of them all
The opening quote in Jackie's scrapbook, marvellous.
Sir Bobby Robson, Gary Speed and Jackie Milburn must be turning in their graves at us at the moment
Bobby Robson and Jackie Milburn will be turning in their graves
yeah and on the other side Jackie Milburn was a Sunderland fan
NEW. A reminder of better times for fans. Football Art: Wor Jackie Milburn:
can only think of Steve Howey, Kevin Dillon and Jackie Milburn
14 goals last season, the debate about who he supports is embarrassing. Jackie Milburn supported Sunderland!
Very true mate, Bruce did well until he lost plot! Stokoe was a Geordie! Jackie Milburn was a Mackem! Etc! If he comes, MON
Bob Stokoe was a mag. Jackie Milburn was a mackem.
Bob Stokoe was a Newcastle fan. Jackie Milburn was a Sunderland fan. Bring on Danny Graham and give him a chance!
Right then Geordies lets see if you know your stuff about Jackie Milburn . What team did milburn leave Newcastle United to join . / paddy
Jackie Milburn, Jackie Charlton, Bobby Charlton and, er, astrologer John Ashenden; your boys took one *** of a beating!
somebody posted a pic of that great c/forward from Ashington,just passed his statue yesterday,the great Jackie Milburn,not a drug in sight
Shola Ameobi (7) is second only to Jackie Milburn (11) when it comes to scoring against Sunderland. 21st BEWARE!
his grandfather was the legendary "Wor" Jackie Milburn, Newcastle United and England centre forward
238 - Including war-time fixtures Jackie Milburn scored 238 goals for (200 excluding war-time), a club record. Shearer?
Jackie Milburn died of lung cancer 24 years ago today :( Toon Legend!
Exactly 24 years ago today Jackie Milburn (Ashington) died of cancer, 492 appearances and 238 goals in total.
24 years ago Jackie Milburn passed away to cancer. RIP xxx As a page we are aiming to raise £500 for Sir Bobbys...
Wor Jackie Milburn RIP 24 years ago today. simply don't make them like that anymore
24 years to the day when the legend that is Jackie milburn passed away
Trackies, trainers & rip off loans - Sir Bobby, Jackie Milburn, Robledos et al - had more dignified eras
That's fine. According to him he used to go along to St James' and watch Jackie Milburn
24 years ago today, R.I.P Jackie Milburn, gone but never forgotten
24 year ago today the toon lost Wor Jackie Milburn to cancer. 492 games 238 goals and 3 FA cups (via
How lovely to see see all the posts from Newcastle fans remembering perhaps our greatest player, Jackie Milburn, shame on you. More interested in 8 letters and a dot on a shirt than remembering Wor Jackie.
Walking into Asda and realizing Bobby and jack Charlton and Jackie Milburn once played football there, crazy.
Ghost of Jackie Milburn joins Newcastle and Peter Crouch joins FC Syria because it's safer than Stoke
I know a story about the arm being broken off the 'Wor' Jackie Milburn statue in Newcastle. Keeping it quiet though ;)
Bobby and Jackie Charlton are related to Jackie Milburn, that's quality!
Shearer breaking Jackie Milburn's record v Portsmouth, atmosphere at SJP was amazing
Man from Yorkshire voices his disgust at Man Utd. Buys Joe Harvey picture whilst telling his wife she knows nowt about...Jackie Milburn. Aye
Big Al's goal against Pompey which put him ahead of Jackie Milburn. Haven't heard noise like it when that went in.
your background is Jackie Milburn? Are you now a member of a working mans club as well?
Gazza & Jackie Milburn for anybody who missed it
Jackie Milburn knew what it was all about. Shearer lived it. Carroll took it for granted.
2nd GGMother was a Milburn from same area as THE Charltons. My son looks the spitting image of a young Jackie Charlton.
Looking at the mothers side of the Family Tree and it turns out she was related to the legend Jackie Milburn
"Jackie Milburn will forever remain one of the greats of our game... he lives forever in our memories." Bobby Robson
The one downside of England doing well is that Cameron will now take an interest in football.He probably saw Jackie Milburn play, too
Jackie Milburn: 200 (recorded) goals in 353 games. 35 goals in 95 games (war-time estimation). Total - 235 in 448. (
one of them is but that ones called Jackie after Milburn
I don't see why Hodgson isn't playing Jackie Milburn.
How a man so loved and so idolised could feel so alone, I'll never know. (Newcastle great Jackie Milburn on Hughie Gallacher)
FC Legends Tommy Dickson and Jackie Milburn in a training session at Windsor Park
Enjoyed the Jackie Milburn photoset in today's Belfast Telegraph.
Jackie Milburn was a great bloke and a brilliant footballer
She was heavily influenced by the ouevre of Jackie Milburn
I hear after demba ba's move that Newcastle are close to accepting an offer for Jackie Milburn
almost but we still believe in Shearer and Jackie Milburn! :-)
it's a geordie thing I think. We are talking about someone who named their son after Jackie Milburn after all.
Everyone go follow He's more legendary than what Jackie Milburn is to a Geordie.
Here's a footballer you should read about. Jackie Milburn. He's a Newcastle legend.
Took this picture of Jackie Milburn when I was over in Newcastle, 54 apps and 68 goals 1957-1960
Bottom of my street village southbelfast jackie milburn legend.
All the legends that that are no longer with us. RIP Sir Bobby, Gary Speed and Jackie Milburn to name a few
nah, nee idea. My old school is also the old school of Bobby and Jackie Charlton.. and Jackie Milburn..
I just bought: 'Jackie Milburn: A Man of Two Halves (Mainstream Sport)' by Jack Milburn via
glory days in 1951, absolutely great footage of Jackie Milburn! via
Jackie Milburn would have been 88 today. Here's a Pathe newsreel of his famous 1952 hat-trick against Portsmouth:
legend Jackie Milburn was born in 1924
It would have been the one and only Jackie Milburn's birthday today. He'd have been 88.
Happy Birthday Jackie Milburn. The epitomy of a legend
A colossal HAPPY BIRTHDAY to the great, late Jackie Milburn today - 87 years old
And Jackie Milburn, Hughie Gallagher and a cheeky bid for Bobby Moore.
Also produced football weekly show with Jackie Milburn and played charity footy with him at Sunderland.
Expect greatness off the toon bench today, Shola Ameobi has just took a line of Jackie Milburn's ashes
Sir Bobby and Jackie Milburn now flank the Gallowgate - round off the day with a splendid win and I'll be happy
It's the hope that kills you. Step 1) Beat Swansea, about 8-0 if possible. Step 2) Sacrifice a goat to Wor Jackie Milburn and pray like ***
OTD 1963 Jackie Milburn takes charge of his first Ipswich game. draw 0-0 away to
Cripes what a Cisse goal! Jackie Milburn would be over the Moon!
I think we can expect to hear Jackie Milburn announcing his retirement soon.
was it that statue of Jackie Milburn?
Good people of please stop moving the Jackie Milburn statue. As a drunken annual tourist I mistakenly thought it was following me
Excellent news : just read Sir Bobby Robson statue to be erected outside St James' Park - at opposite end to Jackie Milburn ... About time !
I WON'T believe ok Jackie Milburn, I won't believe that. And if you got an interview hats off to you ;p
My point is where gonna have 2 statues one of jackie milburn and bobby robson. Really? They don't really compare.
your a true legend for the toon just like my wifes granda jackie milburn 😃 any chance of a RT?
So good to know Sir Bobby will be joining Jackie Milburn outside SJP. Also agree with John Carver, SBR would be proud of this season.
Also, forgot to mention, slightly under the radar was the Jackie Milburn statue being relocated to St. James' Park :)
Fair play to mike Ashley moving the jackie milburn statue to sj James park and getting a statue of bobby Robeson done
Sir Bobby And Wor Jackie Return Home!: Following the news that the Jackie Milburn statue has been planted outsid...
I think the moving of Jackie Milburn statue is more to do with new science park being built
Jackie Milburn is also another link between NUFC and ITFC. :D
great news about SBR statue at St. James' and that they have moved Jackie Milburn statue - was at a crap site on SJ Boulevard
Sir Bobby Robson statue at SJP had took MA long enough to get it done like eh! And his alongside Jackie Milburn will look canny too.
they've just moved the Jackie Milburn statue to just near Shearers bar aswell!
I'm so pleased that Jackie "Gentleman Jack" Milburn and Sir Bobby Robson will now be immortalised at St James' Park, welcome home..
Yesterday Jackie Milburn's statue moved to the Gallowgate, today news about a Bobby Robson statue. Now we just need one for Kenny Wharton.
Now the Jackie Milburn one outside ground and soon to be Sir Bobbys. Great
Jackie Milburn persuaded Sir Bobby Charlton not to join NUFC! Probably didn't want his goal scoring record broken!
ARCHIVE Sir Bobby Charlton: "Jackie Milburn put me off Newcastle. He told me 'they're dreadful, not good for coaching'"
Jackie Milburn's statue has moved again. Now looks like he's trying to kick out the windows of The Strawberry...
TSN Updates: Jackie Milburn statue has been moved to outside the Gallowgate End...
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Milburn On The Move: The famous Jackie Milburn statue has a new home - right outside the Gallowgate End
Gonna hand this piece of work in & then send a complaint e-mail to the bbc who claimed Jackie Milburn played at the sda.
The chronicle got the wording right!!
Any idea why the Jackie Milburn statue was moved soft lad.surely not anything to do with LOYAL skunk supporters. defacing it
Think they are moving the Jackie Milburn one
In my head, Torres goal looked exactly like the first one from Jackie Milburn here -
I can remember your fans singing about Jackie Milburn dying. Lovely!
Is it not the Jackie Milburn statue? That was going to get moved nearer the ground, wasn't it?
Jackie Milburn statue being relocated to just outside the strawberry corner
BBC News - Statue of Newcastle United legend Jackie Milburn relocated Didn't realise Milburn ever played at the SDA?!
Just seen this bloke in The Back Page. Good work.
Jackie Milburn statue moves to St James' Park -
Jackie Milburn as a player/manager for Linfield after he left Newcastle, scored 68goals in 54 games at age of 33-36. bet he was unreal
I'd forgotten about the statue of Jackie Milburn being originally on Northumberland Street! I was fascinated by it as a little girl.
"BBC Tyne and Wear - Jackie Milburn statue has been placed at the Gallowgate end of stadium...
The other Wor Jackie statue - even with 2 world cup winners Milburn is still Ashington's favourite
Wor Jackie Finds New Home: The bronze statue of Newcastle United legend Jackie Milburn has today been moved to i...
Here's the Jackie Milburn statue in Ashington -traitor Bobby Charlton never got a statue but Wor Jackie deserves it
Jackie Milburn statue brought back to St James' Park - Gallowgate End/ Strawberry Corner where it belongs
don't forget thw great Jackie Milburn played for Linfield.
Newcastle's Milburn statue moved: The statue of one of Newcastle's best-loved football players Jackie Milb...
Just passed St James and the Jackie Milburn statue has disappeared. Where's it gone?
Interesting today. Jackie Milburn statue moved to SE Corner, at same time a plinth being cemented in by box office. Statue for who?
Jackie Milburn Statue being moved closer to St James Park - hearing Liverpool made a late £35m bid for the striker but was rejected
BBC Tyne and Wear - Jackie Milburn statue raised high above the ground before being placed at ground
Jackie Milburn statue being moved to it's new home outside St James Park...
Jackie Milburn statue being moved closer to SJP.
I love how Northern Ireland is Black and White, Taxi driver was an fan talking about Jackie Milburn and meeting Keegan...
btw, not that you asked, but why yes, that is the great Jackie Milburn in my avatar...
Geordies bang on abar bein a massive club!!! Even Kevin McDonald won more trophies than Jackie Milburn!
Just like blair watched Jackie Milburn or Sakosy was at fall of Belin wall. They all lie to us think we r mugs.
I love the mention of Jackie Milburn :L
'Arry Redknapp - "I could have signed Jackie Milburn and Pele..." Class
met Jackie Milburn when much younger, he was a gent and talked for ages about NUFC, lovely man
You Geordie Boys must know who Jackie Milburn is! Get him followed Legend
whats name are you picking if it a lad I got some? Demba Ba, Bobby Robson, Jackie Milburn, Warren Barton,Bobby Mitchell.
Was late for my gig last Sunday at Newcastle stand comedy club went up to see the Jackie Milburn statue and he sent me the wrong way
Confusion over Cameron's last pasty. He may have got the date wrong, but it's not a porky
Blair made errors, but claiming to have seen Jackie Milburn was not one. This story debunked years ago.
The last few paragraphs of this article are amongst the strangest I've ever read:
If Tony Blair can watch Jackie Milburn from a seat behind goal at St James's Park, Cam can have a pasty from Leeds Station!
Bit like Blair on the Jackie Milburn scene or Hague supping 12 pints of ale
To be fair to I can't usually remember what I had to eat more than ten minutes ago.
Awesome Telegraph article listing the last time Clegg, Cameron,Osborne, Miliband, Warsi did or did not have a pasty
More breaking news: 'Clegg has also eaten a pasty “in the last few months at Paddington..”, according to his spokesman'
Free Shipping at Baseball Rampage
Here's news we all need to know: 'Sources close to Warsi said she “loves pasties” and often eats them...'
Q6 what was the full name of jackie milburn
the Jackie Milburn thing was a miss quote taken totally out of context
Is Cameron a pasty lover, or a pasty liar?
David Cameron suffers a 'Jackie Milburn moment' over claims he is a pasty lover: Tony Blair once attempted to po...
I bloody knew that pasty story was rotten... cc:
Just for the record i do love a but i've never seen Jackie Milburn play for Newcastle United.
Prime minister might have ridden rebecka's horse. But he might not have eaten a pasty
Cameron has his Jackie Milburn moment. West Cornwall stall at Leeds station where he supposedly ate a pasty closed in 2007
The interesting thing about Jackie Milburn, is that Blair DIDN'T make that supposedly infamous claim. Ask Peter Oborne.
Pardew: Shola is a legend like wor Jackie Milburn
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