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Jackie Kennedy

Jacqueline Jackie Lee Bouvier Kennedy Onassis (July 28, 1929 – May 19, 1994) was the wife of the 35th President of the United States, John F.

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"There are many little ways to enlarge your child’s world. Love of books is the best of all." Jackie Kennedy Onassis
Natalie Portman gave birth to a baby girl.
Jackie Kennedy's strange, elegant accent, explained by linguists (-
I give Natalie Portman prodigious praise for playing Jackie Kennedy. That film deserves more recognition for its recreation.
I love Emma Stone, but Natalie Portman as Jackie Kennedy was so perfect. She deserved to win.
What was is Lloyd Bensen said to Dan Quayle? "You are no Jackie Kennedy"?
What a woman Jackie Kennedy was, and what a woman Natalie Portman is for that heart wrenching performance. 🙌🏽
.has found their Jackie Kennedy. They could not have chosen a more perfect actor than ht…
1962, Jackie Kennedy took us on a tour of the White House. Check out forum.
1962, Jackie Kennedy gave us a tour of the White House. Still a fascinating glimpse into
jimmy carter and bill Clinton have won Grammys, too, same with HRC and Jackie Kennedy
Little Edie Beale was so much more beautiful than Jackie Kennedy.
Fascinating. I had never heard of David Ormsby Gore, but he proposed to Jackie Kennedy, who said no.
Netflix's THE CROWN casts Michael C. Hall as JFK, Jodi Balfour as Jackie Kennedy for Season 2
Grey Gardens, famed home of Jackie Kennedy relatives,...
okok just so long as you don't compare her to Jackie Kennedy | The Huffington Post
Bush Family, Reagan kids, carter daughter Jackie Kennedy kids I mean know your history.
A treasure trove of Jackie Kennedy love...…
A treasure trove of Jackie Kennedy love letters have been found.
Unsseen Jackie Kennedy letters to British aristocrat revealed for the first time at Bonhams
Jackie Kennedy’s wedding dress to the Playboy Bunny suit: the forgotten history of black American designers via
and I am looking forward to her living there. I want to see what great things she will do. Like Jackie Kennedy
Jacqueline Kennedy had 'issues':. Jackie Kennedy's Love Letters to JFK's Friend Head to Auction
Michael C. Hall and Jodi Balfour are joining the upcoming Season 2 as the late President and First Lady (Jack and Jackie…
Luke Clayton and Veronica Lodge. You know the Jackie o and Kennedy of
Grey Gardens, famed home of Jackie Kennedy relatives, selling for nearly $20M...
Uncovered: the letter of love that Jackie Kennedy sent to the British ambassador via
Jackie Kennedy wrote to David Ormsby Gore - the 5th Lord Harlech and one of JFK’s most intimate confidantes - ex...
has cast its JFK and Jackie Kennedy for season two:
Jackie Kennedy thanking the public after JFK's death
Anne Lowe was the nation's first widely recognized Black fashion designer, most known for desigining Jackie Kennedy's we…
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For a biopic, Jackie (2016) is less about Jackie Kennedy and more about her husband. That's history. . Natalie Portman's most powerful act.
Letters reveal why turned down British aristocrat to marry Aristotle Onassis via
has found its JFK and Jackie Kennedy.
she's not First Lady material. She's not Mrs. Jackie Kennedy, never will.
Collection of letters from Jackie Kennedy to friend who proposed hit auction block
REVEALED Former ambassador proposed to Jackie Kennedy 5 years after her husband"s death
Ann Lowe was the first black major fashion designer. She is most famous for designing Jackie Kennedy's wedding dress
.star talks the long-lasting legacy of Jackie Kennedy at https…
I am American! I think ppl do call her Jackie O here more than Jackie Kennedy but I'll have to pay attention now 👀
My Mom was somewhere between Jackie Kennedy and Laura Petrie. No wonder I have issues.
Appalled at how Vanity Fair compared Melania Trump to First Lady, Jackie Kennedy. Melania exemplifies: The best trophy wife to plagiarize.
Natalie Portman on playing Jackie Kennedy: “She provided hope for our country at a time when it needed it most"…
"Rob" & "Laura" were the Jack & Jackie Kennedy of tv, in attire & hairstyle. Producer Danny Thomas recommended Mary for the role.
Arlene Francis interviews Jackie Kennedy in April 1957 on her show, Home.
beauty, elegance, class. Reminded me of Jackie Kennedy, congratulations to you and your family Melania
They can't find someone to "replicate Jackie Kennedy's face shape" bc they keep hiring white actresses
Went to cinema today to see biopic but no sign of jackie or wor bobby. Turns out was about jackie & bobby K…
Dressing like Jackie Kennedy doesn't make you like her. Appearance doesn't equal substance.
just be yourself with your a** out draped in a flag! You will never b First Lady Jackie Kennedy nor…
"I would be very traditional. Like Betty Ford or Jackie Kennedy. I would support him." -- Melania Trump, First Lady.
Jackie Kennedy on Inauguration Day in 1961 and Melania Trump on Inauguration Day in 2017
Melania Trump channels Jackie Kennedy on inauguration day
you're a disgrace trying to pretend to look like Jacqueline Kennedy Onassis. your ostentatious tastes shows you're no Jackie
Oh, count on that and the most watched lady period, since Jackie Kennedy. I never mix business and politics busines…
🐌is a bad thing because it rumples the clothes. 👉Jackie Kennedy
No she doesn't. And don't ever compare her to the class act of Jackie Kennedy!
Jackie Kennedy was a beautiful woman
I was the Jackie Kennedy of my day with matching accessories! 😄
she look like she gunna be the most fashionable First Lady since Jackie Kennedy
.and the Plagiarist copied Jackie Kennedy's dress. Such an INSECURE "family "
unlimited calling, voip, phone service
Naive fallacy in recycling Jackie Kennedy fashion is that, were Jackie Kennedy alive & First Lady in 2017 she would d…
Consider Mrs. Trump's outfit: reminiscent of Jackie Kennedy. Mrs. Trump is no Kennedy, but that's another visual association...
Natalie Portman: ‘JFK was a great proponent of civil rights. Trump is taking us backwards’
Melania Trump channels Jackie Kennedy as decides it may be a good idea to give 1000% support to th…
Plagiarized @ inauguration-Melania's dress knock off of Jackie Kennedy's-2parts of Donnie's speech & cake from Obama inaugurat…
I agree Kim she's just like Jackie o Kennedy
Girl, why're you wearing Jackie Kennedy's suit? Got nothing original?.
Her dress reminded me of something Jackie Kennedy would have worn.. Just dump the Trump
Jackie Kennedy vs Melania Trump. Beauty is finally restored to the White House
except Melania is noJackie Kennedy. Jackie never plagiarized or posed nude
Trump's uneducated followers don't know the difference between actress Katie Holmes and First Lady Jackie Ke…
she's no Jackie Kennedy. Jackie was a true patriot American who didn't plagiarize or get photographed naked
Next to Jackie Kennedy, she takes second place.
Melania is among the Most Beautiful First Ladies. Jackie Kennedy, Dolley Madison, and Hannah Van Buren were also bea…
Jackie Kennedy’s Georgetown home chops price again, asks $6.5M via
And I'm pretty sure that's Katie Holmes not Jackie Kennedy
Melania Trump vs Jackie Kennedy, who wore it better
that's not even Jackie Kennedy that's Tom Cruise's ex wife
Jackie Kennedy hands down was not married to Tom Cruise
Just saw a girl say " I think Donald trumps wife will be the next Jackie Kennedy " ***
Men AND women can't take our eyes off Melania Trump channeling Jackie Kennedy at inauguration | Daily Mail Online
that is a picture of Katie Holmes playing Jackie Kennedy in a movie.
I don't want to see Jackie Kennedy and Melania Trump in the same sentence ever again
A. That's not Jackie Kennedy. It's actress Katie Holmes. B. That kind of bland racism is so 1934.
Eat your hearts out Tom Ford Marc Jacobs! Melania Trump channels Jackie Kennedy at inauguration in baby blue…
Not since Jackie Kennedy in 1961 have we had such a beautiful and glamorous .
. that's Tom Cruise's ex wife not Jackie Kennedy. WOWWW dummy
3 more days and Melania will be the most beautiful First Lady since Jackie Kennedy! Sorry Obama it's just the *** truth!
Melania Trump going for the Jackie Kennedy look 🙌🏼
it is clear that our new First Lady has no need for Tom Ford. Her style and grace is a reminder of Jackie Kennedy. Beautiful!
I've seen posts comparing Ivanka to Princess Diana and Melania to Jackie Kennedy. Excuse me while I vomit.
Jackie Kennedy and Princess Diana would have worn a broach with that suit- that's all.
I don't like the Jackie Kennedy style but it's better than the trash Tom Ford produces
My goal is to be like Jackie Kennedy one day
"Jackie Kennedy was definitely a murderer."
A look back at Michelle Obama and Jackie Kennedy's different but equally iconic style
Trendsetter Jackie Kennedy knew the power of image and branding - Irish Examiner
Jackie Kennedy's love of, and visits to, Ireland
Jackie Kennedy's love of, and visits to, Ireland - Irish Examiner
Jackie Kennedy’s love of, and visits to, Ireland A good read. I spent a lot of time in Woodstown as a youngster.
. Not since Jackie Kennedy has there been a FLOTUS as gracious & uplifting. You made the last 8 years fun!
[REVIEW] Natalie Portman brings to life the mystique of an iconic First Lady in Jackie
No madame the honor is all mine for you to have been our FLOTUS. You added class and style in the matter of Jackie Kennedy. I hope
.talks stepping back into the iconic Jackie Kennedy role: https:/…
You rank up there with Jackie Kennedy. Thank you for everything you have done. 😊
First Lady you've given that position honor and elegance like Jackie Kennedy
"If you bungle raising your children, I don't think whatever else you do matters very much" - Jackie Kennedy. More:…
Natalie Portman on playing Jackie Kennedy. Loved the score by
channelled her inner Jackie Kennedy effortlessly with fringe, pear shaped diamond earrings, set in Platinu…
Media comparing Melania Trump to Jackie Kennedy seriously shows how far our media culture has slid into the abyss.
them: Jackie Kennedy was the best First Lady! . me: Michelle Obama tho. them: but Jackie Ken-. me:
Jackie Kennedy was pretty and really some may think she did her justice.. But it's been done.
- Looking forward to seeing , the latest twist on the First Lady of the Kennedy era.Natalie Portman is acting gold!!
Please don't say Jackie Kennedy and Michele Obama in the same breathe. Opposites!
Aren't you forgetting about Jackie Kennedy look-alike & fashion icon Michelle?
Natalie Portman has repeatedly gravitated toward darker roles.
As the beloved Jackie Kennedy once said, " Pearls are always appropriate."
Really want to see the film Jackie about Jacqueline Kennedy omg😢
he can't Jackie Kennedy made sure of that
Jackie Kennedy, movie lover: how the First Lady brought Hollywood to the White House
Jackie Kennedy’s pink wool suit and the dark side of First Lady fashion
agreed. I would put her right there with Eleanor Roosevelt and Jackie Kennedy, Dolley Madison and Abigale Adams.
really Jackie Kennedy was. I think Nancy Reagan was. Even Barbara Bush was better
when compared to Jackie Kennedy and Nancy Reagan? PLEASE! Can't wait to see "it" leave! Her behavior was DEPLORABLE!
Jackie Kennedy knew who killed her husband.
Natalie Portmam and Jaclyn Smith open up about the impact of playing Jackie Kennedy.
voguemagazine: Natalie Portman channeled Jackie Kennedy at the
Why does Lana dress and look like Jackie Kennedy?
I expect Natalie Portman to win Best Actress-Drama. She's my Oscar hopeful. She was incredible as Jackie Kennedy.
Happy Birthday from Kennedy Space Center to one of the most brilliant minds of our time, Stephen Hawking! Stephen turns th…
Natalie Portman is going to win the Golde Globe today for her job as Jackie Kennedy in Jackie.
.“Jackie” represents the last stop on the Kennedys’long, slow passage into history
Natalie Portman channeled the elegance Jackie O. was known for, while showing off a pregnancy-friendly silhouette. https:/…
'Natalie Portman Takes a Page From the Jackie Kennedy Beauty Playbook at the Golden...'
Natalie Portman channeled Jackie Kennedy at the by via
Meet Black Singles 300x250
Natalie Portman on playing in W magazine's annual Best Performances issue:
Natalie Portman is channeling one of Jackie Kennedy Onassis's most iconic looks on the red carpet: https…
Natalie Portman looks JUST like Jackie Kennedy at the
Pregnant Natalie Portman is definitely channeling Jackie Kennedy at the
Expectant nominee Natalie Portman stuns at — and pays tribute to Jackie Kennedy
"It was a great opportunity and challenge to get to play her"
Pregnant Natalie Portman pays tribute to Jackie Kennedy on the Golden Globes red carpet
I thought Jackie Kennedy was sent a horse but could be wrong. She was a great horsewoman.
Natalie Portman channeled Jackie Kennedy at the by by via
Natalie Portman played an excellent Jackie Kennedy! Wow just wow.
Natalie Portman will star as Jackie Kennedy in film Jackie. Casper Phillipson has been cast as JFK. Pablo Larrain directs.
JACKIE - Movie Review! Natalie Portman make her case for Best Actress in this examination of Jackie Kennedy.
"Let's go kiss the wind." // Jackie Kennedy to young Caroline Kennedy
The first Jackie trailer shows why Natalie Portman's Jackie Kennedy is earning Oscar buzz -
How did Jackie Kennedy change the role of the First Lady?. Video:
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The press tried comparing her 2 Jackie Kennedy. No comparison is possible.Jackie was epitome of class &…
7 times Natalie Portman was the spitting image of Jackie Kennedy
||: I can't wait to use my Jackie Kennedy now. Natalie Portman did such a fantastic job with her portrayal.
How Natalie Portman compares to the real-life Jackie Kennedy's most iconic looks
The woman who transformed Natalie Portman into Jackie Kennedy shares her secrets
Ethel Kennedy knew husband Bobby had affairs - one with Jackie Kennedy via (Fact & Proof this is true!)
My BF compared me to Jackie Kennedy today and I'm still on a high from it
Pablo Larrain's acknowledges Jackie Kennedy's role in creating the Kennedy mythos
"I had a very superficial idea of Jackie Kennedy before this movie," director Pablo Larrain says.
Why did this photo of Jackie Kennedy make the Top 100 Photos list?
Tomorrow's Kenwood House tour will include this Robert Adam sofa sold by Jackie Kennedy when she…
Can't wait to see Melania's gown choices, she has great style. Sure to be a trend setter like Jackie Kennedy & Prin…
...mental health (Rosalynn Carter), drug and alcohol addiction (Betty Ford), or supporting the arts and music (Jackie Kennedy).
Okay, now I heard it all that the First Lady will be traditional like Betty Ford or Jackie Kennedy. She will never be in the same league.
Legendary fashion editor Diana Vreeland helped Jackie Kennedy create her iconic look during the early years of JFK’…
Who's speech will she be 'giving'? Perhaps LadyBird Johnson or Jackie Kennedy's?
slander of the following people will NOT be tolerated on my TL:. •Jackie Kennedy. •TI. •Bernie Sanders. •Kehlani. •Gina Rodriguez
Jackie Kennedy watching her husband debate Richard Nixon, 1960. Photograph by Paul Schutzer.
Gorgeous, but we can't forget about Jackie Kennedy!!!
To the First Lady:You have the intelligence of Eleanor Roosevelt, the grace of Jackie Kennedy and the fortitude you alone b…
Meet the 8 stars who played Jackie Kennedy before Natalie
no offense but Natalie Portman as Jackie Kennedy already has changed my life
Check out Natalie Portman as Jackie Kennedy in the new trailer for “Jackie.”
Here is your first look at Natalie Portman as Jackie Kennedy
Watch the first trailer of Natalie Portman as Jackie Kennedy, it's pretty uncanny:
See Natalie Portman as a grieving Jackie Kennedy in the Jackie teaser:
Venezuelan-American designer Carolina Herrera has dressed US First Ladies from Jackie Kennedy to Michelle Obama.
Natalie Portman describes unlocking the mystery of Jackie Kennedy
. Before Trump, the closest I ever got to politics was loving Jackie Kennedy's wardrobe. Now I place FREEDOM🇺🇸 above FASHION👗
director Pablo Larraín's done much more than just upcoming Jackie Kennedy biopic: (in English)
Jackie (dir. Pablo Larraín). A snapshot of Jackie Kennedy's life after the death of her husband, President JFK.
What did Audrey Hepburn, Jackie Kennedy and Grace Kelly have in common? 󾭩. They all loved wearing Gucci! Try on a...
I strive to become a mixture of Jackie Kennedy & Sarah Vickers
Natalie Portman is astonishing as a grieving Jackie Kennedy in the new biopic "Jackie"
Lock down an Oscar nod for Natalie Portman, who is incredible as Jackie Kennedy in She's amazing, the movie is good…
Natalie Portman on playing Jackie Kennedy: Approaching her as more than just a fashion icon
Natalie Portman's Jackie Kennedy film to get Oscar season release: "Jackie" has been the most hotly pursued f...
Here's a fastball down the middle for fans: Natalie Portman on Jackie Kennedy
Just slightly better, I think. Somewhere between Jessica Jones and Jackie Kennedy, there's J. Wilder.
Jackie Kennedy, Priscilla Presley, Lana Del Rey & Victoria Beckham. Hands down my favorite women of all time.
oh goodness. Just finished watching a doc on Jackie Kennedy and can feel my eyes watering up.
In acceptance, HRC quoted Jackie Kennedy to say WW3 could have been started during Cuban Missile crisis by "little men" (like Trump)
ICYMI: 'Little men moved by fear and pride' - Clinton quotes Jackie Kennedy on dangers of the Cuban missile crisis htt…
Hillary erroneously claimed her Jackie Kennedy quote about big men and little men was from the Cuban Missile Crisis.
Jackie Kennedy's personal photo gear up for sale on eBay - Digital Trends -
Wanna *** up a piece of history? You can buy Jackie Kennedy's camera kit online.
Republican plan to introduce Mrs Trump as a new Jackie Kennedy fails as Melania presents herself instead as a new Michell…
Not very First Lady like. The next Jackie Kennedy -- no way. Sleazy
This is the woman the GOP and Trump want to compare to Jackie Kennedy! NOT BY A LONG SHOT!
Matthew Perry & Katie Holmes Look Spot-On as Ted and Jackie Kennedy on 'After Camelot'...
Jackie Kennedy or Nancy Reagan or Laura Bush, this woman has no more class (dignity) admirable traits than Ms. Clinton.
Doesn't this remind you of Jackie Kennedy... or maybe Mamie Eisenhower... No, Laura Bush... im... Barbara...
Me when people try to compare other First Ladies to Jackie Kennedy, like "please tell me more"
Jackie Kennedy accuses Bush of killing JFK. via
.was Jackie Kennedy an enable to JFK? How about her sister in law to Peter Lawford? Can you do anything other than bully
Y'all remember First Ladies with class??? Jackie Kennedy, Nancy Reagan, Laura Bush.
First Queen was Jackie Kennedy. Not anymore. Hill Clinton will be a real President
Here's why JFK didn't want Jackie Kennedy photographed in a bikini
Jackie Kennedy wife of the late John Fitzgerald Kennedy and her family riding out in Co. Kildare
Whenever I was upset by something in the papers, Jack always told me to be ...
she's beautiful & smart would be a elegant First Lady a kin to Jackie Kennedy
Jacqueline Kennedy Onassis, better known as Jackie Kennedy or even Jackie O, was married to…
I think I look at this way. Don't you Jackie?
No not really have u looked into Jackie Kennedy at all
I'm applying a Jackie Kennedy quote to a current political situation for the purposes of humour.
‘Jackie Kennedy takes car ride with her husband in downtown Dallas’
Now in Wilsey Court, poignant portrait of Jackie Kennedy. . 'Jackie' | Andy Warhol | 1964
Grey Gardens: rarely-seen images from the film about the eccentric Beale family
Jackie Kennedy was so pretty to me 👩🏻😍
Am watching the Voice and U can't imagine Jackie Kennedy or Nancy Reagan participating on the show
wow I'm surprised that Jackie Kennedy is winning
So Jackie Kennedy died the year I was born
Jackie Kennedy's Love Letter to JFK, written by Jackie on the day of the assassination.
Jackie Kennedy never told sister Lee Radziwill she was engaged to her ex Aristotle Onassis
You always look great just like Jackie does. It was fantastic. I certainly -
Raised in 12-room duplex apt at 740 Park Ave in Manhattan- Complicated Sisterhood of Jackie Kennedy + Lee Radziwill
Princess Lee Radziwill opens up about her sister Jackie Kennedy and JFK in a rare interview:
The complicated sisterhood of Jackie Kennedy and Lee Radziwill
@ maybe a young Jackie Kennedy but KD, never.
Jackie Kennedy comforting Coretta Scott King at MLK’s funeral on April 9th, 1968.
Jackie Kennedy once spent three months at Grand Award-winning property hotel https:…
Former First Lady Jackie Kennedy and Coretta Scott King at Martin Luther King Jr.’s funeral ht…
Officially the First Lady of the American Institute of Architecture Students. Just call me Jackie Kennedy. 💋👒
Spongebob's parents look like Jackie Kennedy and Gov John Connally
is so beautiful & elegant, just like Jackie Kennedy who was an awesome First Lady. Would love to see her in the White House.
Jackie Kennedy - classy , stylish and iconic First Lady !
No! Melania will B the best First Lady! She will bring a luster 2 the WH that we have not seen since Jackie Kennedy
so stupid, can't imagine Jackie Kennedy or any other First Lady with class acting like this
J L's comparison of Jackie Kennedy to Melania as First Lady is completely offensive. Trump is Clueless, Bigot, Braggart, Bully, Womanizer.
feel like Jackie Kennedy trying to grab JFKs brain matter back together off the back of the Lincoln but instead of brain matter it's my life
Jackie Kennedy is the best First Lady tbh
True CLASS not seen since the days of Jackie Kennedy, coming to THE White House 1/20/17! First Lady Melania
I believe that First Lady Melania Trump would be even more classy than Jackie Kennedy was.
What a fabulous First Lady Melania would be. Beautiful, elegant & sophisticated just like Jackie Kennedy.
-Melania will be the best First Lady since Jackie Kennedy! Grace & style back in the Whitehouse!
Melania will make the classiest and most beautiful First Lady since Jackie Kennedy!
Finally!!! She will be a classy First Lady like Jackie Kennedy.
Jackie Kennedy: one of the most influential First Ladies; a prominent role for the National Cultural Center in DC
Nancy and Ronald Reagan with Jackie Kennedy at fundraiser for JFK Library, 1985:
Lyndon Johnson with Jackie Kennedy beside him, being sworn in as 36th President of the United States.
Yes she would, she has the grace and style of Jackie Kennedy and Laura Bush, two very classy ladies.
. Have seen such beauty since Jackie Kennedy. Been long time since elegance has graced the WH. Her or
it was Mackie Kennedy but now it's Jackie Kellindy
Rose Kennedy Schlossberg and her grandmother Jackie Kennedy Onassis. My heart may burst. Cc:
Jackie Kennedy has been and will always be my # 1 inspiration.
Jackie Kennedy was pretty banging too but Michelle does the best
Natalie Portman to play Jackie Kennedy in film about first days after JFK assasianation
oh really there r a lot of hidden places there. Jackie Kennedy made it beautiful again many years ago
Jackie Kennedy’s granddaughter looks uncannily like her (PHOTOS)
Jackie Kennedy’s lookalike granddaughter is taking on the world of comedy
Marilyn Monroe in a black wig, imitating Jackie Kennedy (1962)
reminds me of Jackie Kennedy & A Onassis. Wonder how long it will last!!
Jackie Kennedy the New Yorker... take a look at her luxury apartment
Pass the bucket. like Jackie Kennedy and Onassis .££££
.talks about comparisons to Jackie Kennedy.
More as Jackie Kennedy from filming this weekend -
Melania has said she wants to be a "traditional" First Lady like Betty Ford and Jackie Kennedy. I wish I was making that up.
Did you know that Alexander Hamilton, Beethoven, Jackie Kennedy, St. Nicholas (Santa), & Betty Boop were all part blac…
“There will be great presidents again but there will never be another Camelot.” - Jackie Kennedy
John Steinbeck wrote to Jackie Kennedy: "Scotland is not a lost cause. It is an unwon cause" What was the context? What…
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Jackie Kennedy, Julia Child, Evita Perón, more: 9 famous TV and radio speeches by women on The Eloquent Woman
John and Jackie Kennedy arriving at Dallas Love Field Airport, with Lyndon and Lady Bird Johnson.
"That engagement" mused Mam "doesn't it remind you of Jackie Kennedy and that Onassis chap, only less romantic?".
Jerry Hall marrying Rupert Murdoch is the TV-movie remake of when Jackie Kennedy married Ari Onassis.
People had similar reactions back in the Dark Ages (ha!) when Jackie Kennedy married Greek millionaire Onassis.
WHAT REALLY? I knew they were 'stepping out' but yuk. It's like when Jackie Kennedy married Onassis
She is so beautiful. He is so gross. It's like Jackie Kennedy & Onassis. Eww.
Wealth as an aphrodisiac: Jerry Hall engaged to Rupert Murdoch is like Jackie Kennedy marrying Onassis. .
Rupert Murdock marrying Jerry Hall is like Aristotle Onassis marrying Jackie Kennedy? YesNo?
Abby told me I looked like Jackie Kennedy today at DECA and honestly that's the highest compliment she could give a person so Uhg. ❤️
This is almost exactly what Jackie Kennedy was wearing when her husband was assassinated
Every successful president needs a smart beautiful wife. I think she'll be like Jackie Kennedy!
expires on Netflix on the 14th, so Also, Katie Holmes is Jackie Kennedy, so that's pretty cool.
I remember this old afghan woman in London once told me in the 60s every Afghani girl wanted to be Jackie Kennedy how the times have changed
Somehow I can't imagine Jackie Kennedy in that pose. # Money can't buy good taste
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Jackie Kennedy was by far the classiest lady ever🎀
Called a modern-day Jackie Kennedy and Eva Perón, Juliana Awada is making sartorial waves as Argentina's First Lady:
Every time I cut my hair it keep on getting closer to the Jackie Kennedy hairstyle. It suits me
Jackie Kennedy and parents in East Hampton, 1930s.
I just want to say a couple things: the Lindbergh baby killed itself, Jackie Kennedy was the shooter...-from
Jackie Kennedy at the tomb of the Persian poet and mystic Hafez in in the early 70s
And I thought me and my mum were nuts singing around the kitchen! imagines Jackie Kennedy's bonkers boho relatives
I went to Google Images and looked at many pictures of Jackie Kennedy & I respectfully disagree.
my favorite two ppl in the world are Marilyn Monroe & Jackie Kennedy .. Ironically they have one thing in common... John. ❤️
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