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Jackie Evancho

Jacqueline Marie Jackie Evancho (born April 9, 2000) is an American classical crossover singer who has gained wide recognition at an early age.

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Donald Trump Takes Oath of Office as President of the Jackie Evancho Sings U.S…
Listening to Jackie Evancho, while I draw away. Opera is truly my fave genre of music
Jackie Evancho first audition Americas Got Talent full with result and c...
I added a video to a playlist Jackie Evancho - The Lord's Prayer (live in concert 2016)
Jackie Evancho - Pedestal - Original Song on her 'Two Hearts' Album ❤️❤️.
Jackie Evancho ... All of the Stars. I love it so much. One of the best ... if not the best.
There have been a bunch of young singers that have popped up recently starting with Jackie Evancho who’s voice is a…
Mi Mancherai by Jackie Evancho with lyrics via
I added a video to a playlist Video 2013-1-43 JACKIE EVANCHO performs "The Prayer" with Susan Boyle
Jackie Evancho Perform "Troy" theme song in China official video via
I added a video to a playlist Fernando Varela with Jackie Evancho - The Prayer
Jackie Evancho - God Bless America - A Capitol Fourth 2016 "please stand" ... just wondering what changed in a year?
DANNY BOY by Jackie Evancho via Shameful Democrats,Liberals,MSM and Black and White Trash NFL,NBA Players.
Like title of Jackie Evancho's album "Dream With Me", the choice is theirs who they want to be nearer to or further from in dream space.
My fantasy of young Jackie Evancho, my first pedo-romantic betrothal fantasy, sustained me when I was falling into an abyss.
The point of Elina Garanca to mentor young Jackie Evancho, was to keep her sights set on continuity, not distraction of American pop music.
Celine Dion is my major inspiration. - Jackie Evancho
So long as Jackie Evancho gets a pass. She tried; she honestly tried.
Liberals hate America and it's Anthem. FLASHBACK to Trump inauguration. That's when they threatened 16yo Jackie Ev…
DANNY BOY by Jackie Evancho via but good
DANNY BOY by Jackie Evancho via but total respect
‘America’s Got Talent’ losers that still made it big: Jackie Evancho, JabbaWocKeeZ, Lindsey Stirling … – Goldderby
the Lord's prayer Jackie Evancho Singing! Thank God "the five" is back!
I am watching Believe by Jackie Evancho on for Android.
My kind of weekdays night : Lie in bed, do nothing, listening to Jackie Evancho n scrolling my phone.
Hayley, you, Terry Lin, So Hyang, Dimash Kudaibergen, Jackie Evancho, Connie Talbot are my Favourite singers
"Jackie Evancho asks you to support Animal Friends!" . There is a zoo in the house
I liked a video How Jackie Evancho, her sister's lives changed after inauguration performance
Jackie Evancho - Bridge Over Troubled Water with lyrics via
I wonder if Jackie Evancho and Three Doors Down are wishing they could take it all back now.
I added a video to a playlist Americas Sweetheart Jackie Evancho - Music by Foreigner
Unlimited Calling US/Canada phone service
Robert Redford & Jackie Evancho: Such great and rare talents! 😘
I added a video to a playlist Top 10 Jackie Evancho's Songs/Performances.
watched this amazing little girl sing on BGT - jackie evancho - that's an old soul coming out - gave me goosebumps!!
I liked a video Fernando Varela with Jackie Evancho - The Prayer
Jackie Evancho's music sales boom after announcing inauguration performance via the App
More new program news:. Nicole Schott. SP 'Nella Fantasia' by Jackie Evancho. FS 'Schindler's List'. Choreo by Huth, Gusmeroli, Sinycin
Thank you so much Juliet😇😇 I hope to see you and Jackie in Germany someday. Hamburg or Bad Segeberg are beauty…
Jackie Evancho made the smartest choice for her career for staying out of politics. Obviously other performers are less smart.
That Grace Vanderwaal has some pipes on her...AND she's only 13. Reminds me of Jackie Evancho!
Thank You to and the most loyal, supportive, and loving fans a girl could have!
@ et canada has been advised that the poll for Top Star 20 & Under has been rigged by Jackie Evancho fans. FRAUD!
I just forget that Nurse Jackie and Jackie Evancho aren't the same person like, every day
I mean, he's pretty good but he's no Jackie Evancho or 3 Doors Down.
Jackie Evancho knocked it outta the park! Beautiful!
WIN TICKETS to hear gifted soprano at March 23-24 --->
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. BBC. Jackie Evancho wants to enlighten Trump on the issue. I want to enlighten Jackie to Trans Ag…
hi...i love Jackie evancho so much tired on.
Jackie Evancho: Impossible Dream at her 2011 Summer Concert tour in Atl...
help our patriotic inauguration singer new CD 3/31 preorder
I added a video to a playlist Guardian Angels by Plácido Domingo featuring Jackie Evancho
I added a video to a playlist Discover Jackie Evancho's Je T'aime
WATCH: Transgender women ask Jackie Evancho not to sing at Trump’s inauguration
Jackie Evancho - All of the Stars: Tags: INSERT TAGS To share or post to your site, click…
To believe: Sang "To believe" that was sung by Jackie Evancho. via
I don't sorry for people like that...just like Caitlyn Jenner or Jackie Evancho
By Lindsay Kimble Juliet Evancho, the transgender sister of singer Jackie Evancho, is one of three students who...
I have 0 patience for Caitlyn Jenner and Jackie Evancho who are now like "😱😱 what?! Trump really is a terrible person!! 😱😱"
Teenage singer Jackie Evancho wants to "enlighten" Donald Trump about the discrimination faced by transgender peopl…
"Jackie Evancho" we tried to tell you Trump is filled with hate. Didn't matter to you until YOUR issue came up huh? Ne…
Jackie Evancho calls for Trump to reexamine transgender rights
Inauguration singer Jackie Evancho reaches out to Trump to discuss transgender rights
So when Jackie Evancho help promote Trump who did she think she was helping. Selling out so early in so called career. Very sad!
Inauguration singer Jackie Evancho, whose sister is transgender, asks to meet with Trump to talk transgender rights.
Trump Inauguration singer Jackie Evancho asks Trump to meet her & her Trans sister to discuss Trans bathroom rights: h…
Jackie Evancho to Trump: Meet with me and transgender sister
Jackie Evancho "disappointed" in Trump administration decision to roll back protections for transgender students.
Jackie Evancho, who sang at Donald Trump’s inauguration, is already upset with him via
Jackie Evancho and transgender sister hope to 'enlighten' Donald Trump after reversal of transgen... via
Jackie Evancho Wants to "Enlighten" Trump on Transgender Rights . The singer, who performed at inauguration, and he…
Jackie Evancho, who sang the National Anthem at Trump’s inauguration, asks for a meet… ➜…
Jackie Evancho, inauguration singer, says she and transgender sister hope to "enlighten" Trump on transgender rights http…
Inauguration singer Jackie Evancho & her transgender sister have a message for Trump: "I want to enlighten him."
Inauguration singer Jackie Evancho asks for meeting with Trump to discuss transgender rights https…
Unfortunately Jackie, Donald Trump can't be enlightened on civil rights issues - he just doesn't care. Standing...
Sometimes people must be slapped in the face before they get the message. Hopefully, Evancho has learned from...
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I could not possibly care less about what Jackie Evancho wants.
WATCH: Inauguration singer wants Trump to meet her transgender sister.
This is a bad idea. Trump is a misogynist who will only take advantage of them.
Jackie Evancho, who sang at inauguration, wants Trump to meet with her and transgender sister
Jackie Evancho wants Trump to meet her transgender sister
Jackie Evancho & sister Juliet want to "enlighten" President Trump after transgender bathroom order
or Jackie Evancho and the right wing members of the Mormon Tabernacle Choir.
Debbie ? Would you still like to write music for Jackie Evancho ? Our LGBT community @ Weber State University wants her here.
Jackie Evancho sticks to the script at as VP Pence prepares to strip her sister's rights protections
Sheldon Cooper's National Anthem is much better than that Jackie Evancho torturous version at today's .
Jackie Evancho defends her decision to perform at Trump's inauguration
Jackie Evancho defends singing at Trump's inauguration
Imagine how cruel it is of Jackie Evancho's parents to let her perform for Trump and Pence, when their other daughter is…
Check your facts. Jackie Evancho did NOT win America's Got Talent. She came in 2nd.
Tmrw the world is gonna be asking about Jackie evancho,,once they realize how amazing her voice is
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Sad to miss The Piano Guys. Ha ha ha I can't even type it with a straight face.
That's what real talent looks like, we will be cheering you Jackie Evancho
Jackie Evancho on inauguration gig: It's 'an honor to sing for my country'.
Tony Orlando? Jackie Evancho? 81 yr old Sam Moore??? But we all know Trump will say it's the greatest and the best? Ugh 😑
EXCLUSIVE: Listen to Jackie Evancho&Sound Check for Trump&Inauguration Tomorrow! via
That's what the Hitler youth said after WWII. "We just thought it was like the Boy Scouts & the uniforms were nice"
.Singing National Anthem is not about politics
Jackie Evancho, Trump's Inauguration, and the Politics of Childhood - The New Yorker
I wrote about Jackie Evancho, who is older now than the Central Park 5 were when Trump called for their execution https:/…
🇺🇸Jackie Evancho the 16 year old will sing the at the 58th of President Elect 🇺🇸God Bl…
Jackie Evancho, Lee Greenwood and others respond to backlash: Performing at the is an honor
Concert with 3 Doors Down, Toby Keith, Lee Greenwood, Rockettes, Mormon Tabernacle Choir, and Jackie Evancho is weirdest…
Toby Keith, 3 Doors Down, Lee Greenwood, Jackie Evancho, John Voight, Ted Nugent…it's like the worst season of "Dancin…
Ironically, my reaction a few weeks back to the Jackie Evancho announcement was LITERALLY "She's nowhere near as good as Charlotte Church."
fact-checked after falsely taking credit for Jackie Evancho's album sales. .
Huge Selection of Helmets at Low Prices
57 days after the election, is taking credit for Jackie Evancho's album sales instead of you know, pr…
Reminder that Trump and Pence believe in discriminating against Jackie Evancho's sister because she's trans.
So has another inauguration performer at last: Jackie Evancho
Why it's doubtful that Trump is the sole reason for Jackie Evancho's album sales bump
If you are a Trump fan looking to support singer Jackie Evancho, you can
Jackie Evancho's album sales have skyrocketed after announcing her Inauguration performance.Some people just don't und…
Darn it, Jackie Evancho, didn't playing the daughter of badass '60s activist Robert Redford in "The Company You...
How about Jackie Evancho all you haters you all make life great again
But not to worry because Trump's got Jackie Evancho, The Mormon Tabernacle Choir and now wait for it... THE RADIO CITY ROCKETTES!!
Jackie Evancho and Andrea Bocelli to perform at Trump inauguration. What a relief to not have to endure Barackian tras…
Trump picks Jackie Evancho, Andrea Bocelli to sing at his inauguration.
Classical crossover singer Jackie Evancho will sing the U.S. nat'l anthem at the inauguration of
Jackie Evancho to sing National Anthem at Climate change's inauguration
SHOT:. Unknown 16 year old singer to sing National Anthem at Trump Inauguration .
BREAKING: Jackie Evancho & Andrea Bocelli will perform at the Inauguration. Fortunately for Bocelli, he won't have to…
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Jackie Evancho is an amazing soprano
Good to know, Andrea Bocelli & Jackie Evancho r willing to perform for a racist, bigot, admitted p*ssy grabber Trump. Boyco…
Why Jackie Evancho is an obvious choice to sing the National Anthem at the Trump inauguration - Washington Post
I had never heard of Jackie Evancho before today.
Teen Jackie Evancho first singer confirmed for Trump inauguration
Jackie Evancho to sing National Anthem at Trump's inauguration | Trump surprises me positively more every day!
Jackie Evancho I knew the ugly rotten scum Leftists would start attacking her. It's an honor for Jackie to sing at the inauguration.
imagine going from Aretha Franklin and Beyoncé to Jackie Evancho
Nothing says like Jackie Evancho performing at the Inauguration. Her career is failing already. She'll nev…
Jackie Evancho, 16, will sing at Trump's inauguration. Miss Teen USA contestants have advised her to keep the dressing room…
Jackie Evancho, who received the 2nd most votes on American's Got Talent in 2010, is a fitting selection to sing at Tru…
Jackie Evancho: Donald Trump has asked me to sing at his inauguration via
Here's the performance of and performing “Little Drummer Boy” on the .:
Jackie Evancho is singing at the Innaugural!!
For his inauguration, Donald Trump is struggling to find musicians who don’t hate him
Hear a sample of what she'll bring to the inauguration:
Jennifer Hudson, Adam Lambert, Chris Daughtry all lost American Idol, but they're still more well known than Jackie Evancho.
Spend the holidays at the Hall with on Tue, Dec 20!
The perfect holiday gift new release!. She returns to our stage 12/21 tickets htt…
I love to shop at Macy's. It has a huge Guess section and lots of Jes...
Jackie Evancho - Writing’s on the Wall almost didn't recognize her voice! OoO so different!
Jackie Evancho brings Christmas cheer to the Basie Just landed. See you tonight!!!
Love Jackie Evancho? Donate to KET & receive a ticket to her Dec.18 concert in Louisville as a thank-you gift.…
Jackie Evancho – A look back at 2015: Jackie Evancho – A look back at 2015 A busy and exciting year for Jackie and……
Jackie Evancho to appear on NBC's America's Got Talent Holiday Spectacular Dec 19th with Grace…
Jackie Evancho brings . Christmas cheer to the Basie
jackie evancho Beautiful and special collection via
It's always exciting to see different cities I love, and go on to...
Forget Elton John, should ask Jackie Evancho to sing the National Anthem at his Inauguration
jennconte with repostapp. ・・・. I'm so happy Arianna was able to meet Jackie Evancho!!…
Only one shot of Jackie Evancho. She was the biggest draw for this show. Idiotic.
FIRST LOOK: Jackie Evancho, Grace Vanderwaal, Acroarmy and more appear on "America's Got Talent Holiday...
I liked a video from Hallelujah Peter Hollens - feat Jackie Evancho
APOCALYPSE - JACKIE EVANCHO proving she has incredible voice singing ANY genre!
Had an amazing show last night with lovely Jackie Evancho at Count Basie Theater in Red Bank…
When I go to school, I'm always happy because it's a normal kid thing...
honestly I just put jackie evancho's cover of Ave Maria on a cd and I can't wait to hear how beautiful it is in my caddy surround sound
Its getting closer SC fans, get ur tix now for concert w/ Chris Mann @ Gaillard Center.…
The GCPL has a large collection of Holiday CDs. New in 2016 Sarah McLachlan, Rascal Flatts, Jennifer Nettles, Jackie Evancho and more.
Thank you for follow-up is the thank you's Jackie Evancho fans (^○^)
By the way, there's a new Christmas Album by Jackie Evancho .. it includes "Little Drummer Boy" .. one of my favorite Christmas songs :)
Jackie Evancho Did you see her talk to us & perform live? You did if you watched Local Memphis today! Join us,…
APOCALYPSE - JACKIE EVANCHO. Much more than amazing . i love it.
I love Lady Gaga. She's not afraid to take risks and be herself.
SONY did. Here's the link for replacement...
I believe you may be looking for Jackie Evancho? If so, this is the link once the videos are posted. http…
My parents are OK with me wearing a small heel, up to 1.5 inches high...
Jackie Evancho in Memphis & you'll only see her in the morning on one show! Local Memphis Live, at 9, Local 24!
Put her vs. Laura Bretan or even Jackie Evancho and I am sorry but she doesn't hold a candle to either young girls.
Now that Jackie Evancho's older brother is transgender will you have Jackie on your show?
Me gustó un video de Jackie Evancho In Concert - Music of the Night (Phantom of the Opera)
If you have not heard Jackie Evancho's new song "Apocalypse" then you need to! This is more of a pop song but...
Tyler, you came up in conversation during the Podcast recently (1:41-2:02) :) https:/…
Sorry but this is not Jackie Evancho, this is Aurora Aksnes from Norway...
Acting and singing are actually very similar because they're both telling a...
"Ombra Mai Fu" by Jackie Evancho with lyric's and English translation via
Jackie Evancho - way to go. With that voice, personality, look, and work ethic, she's unstoppably ASCENDING.
Yes, my parents are strict about me having a childhood. I go ice skating an...
Gostei de um vídeo do Jackie Evancho Sarah Brightman Time to Say Goodbye on America's Got Talent
Blue State Americans are 13.8x more likely to vote for Awakening - Jackie Evancho on The Greatest Album Covers
Just finding about Jackie Evancho, AGT 2010. She is amazing. I love her voice. I am like, where have I been all these years??!!
My nominee for is Apocalypse by Jackie Evancho.
My nominee for is Apocalypse by Jackie Evancho
natasha has officially converted me over to liking the phantom of the opera soundtrack and Jackie Evancho songs 😂
I added a video to a playlist Voice Types 1 Zulu to Jackie Evancho
I just wanted to say hi to Pittsburgh as well because I miss it.
I liked a video Jackie Evancho 2014 Sings ( Only Time ) Enya - Walking in the Air - With Beautiful
My nominee for is Jackie Evancho All of the Stars
We've followed our young Christian friend Jackie Evancho since she was on America's Got Talent. Here's her new...
Where's Jackie Evancho and her new pop single? You guys did do great with her when she was young
A1: Jackie Evancho, if she would just hurry up and get her butt back to the Smith Center!⚓️
☺☺☺ ♫ Writing's on the Wall by Jackie Evancho (at Kent Miguel ) —
I liked a video Jackie Evancho sings to Trouper the blind raccoon
Can we please stop making Sonika Vaid look like a grownup Jackie Evancho? Like, she's a teenager.
I added a video to a playlist Jumaane Smith and Jackie Evancho - The making of "La Vie En Rose"
Order Miche Bag Online!
I don't think I'll ever want to do pop music. I think I'll only ever want t...
Only Time Jackie Evancho via Sister girl Gdad Hopper is no fool there is only one prodigy perfect u!
Hi girls, I agree all singers need promoting, like Josh woulda been discovered by someone, Jackie evancho had>>
She'll take your breath away..Streisand & Jackie Evancho. Listen.
Anything that I can do with my voice that's good, I'll try to do.
Jackie Evancho _ Music Of The Night _ So much better live at her concert, but this is really really really good!
in 2015, Jackie Evancho brings her "Awakening" tour to the Smith Center.⚓️
Hallelujah feat. Jackie Evancho - Peter Hollens Currently my most listened to song so moving.
The angelic voice of the amazing Jackie Evancho in a Sunday morning is a life treat.
Hay can't sleep try this Listen to Jackie Evancho on
Found this singer Lena Zavaroni while listening to Jackie Evancho. Both girls were discovered at the age of 10
Idk who Jackie Evancho is, but she's doin numbers on numbers, even hunnits on hunnits.
Breathtaking Performance of ' Silent Night ' by Jackie Evancho (feat. The Tenors) - Must Watch Video
Jackie Evancho - Ave Maria (Live from Longwood Gardens) via This is what I imagine an angel sings like .
+ Hallelujah (Live in concert) +. By Jackie Evancho and Peter Hollens . and via
the flight playing Jackie evancho on the radio more than made up for the nonstop turbulence from Miami to Detroit
Me gustó un video de Jackie Evancho - Wishing You Were Somehow Here Again - Phantom of the Opera
VIDEO: Watch Jackie Evancho's Stunning Cover of Taylor Swift and The Civil Wars' 'Safe and Sound' via
If you listen to Jackie Evancho's cover of My Heart Will Go On and don't think it's the most gorgeous sound in the world, I will fight you
If you aren't familiar with Jackie Evancho, I just feel sorry for you
📷 an angel who sings is blessed by God… Jackie Evancho
I added a video to a playlist O Holy Night - Jackie Evancho - 9 years
The look on Howie's face the first time he heard Jackie Evancho sing! It was like something holy was taking place.
Pie Jesu by Jackie Evancho from the album "O Holy Night - EP" - Listen: - iTunes:
Finally Maddie will see Jackie Evancho signing live with Colorado Symphony tonight! Enjoy the concert Maddie!...
Been a long day. Think it's time for feet up and a little Jackie Evancho
This is my jam: Pie Jesu by Jackie Evancho on momachex's Favorites Radio ♫
Go read my post about what the career path of an opera singer. And never buy a Jackie Evancho CD ever again!
Jackie Evancho at Puyallup Fair - Vincent and My Heart Will Go On via
Just 5 more days until I'll be in North Bethesda, MD! :D. Will you be there?
Jackie Evancho performs at the Keswick Theatre | Valley Forge & Montgomery County, PA Tourism:
Jackie Evancho - All of the Stars: It's just another night And I'm staring at the moon I saw a shooting star...
Walking in the Air, performed by Jackie Evancho, with beautiful NASA video с помощью
The talented siblings, Jackie and Jacob Evancho, perform a beautiful rendition of a classic we all know and love.
For Thine is The Kingdom and The Power and The Glory Forever ♫ The Lord's Prayer by Jackie Evancho —
I liked a video from Jackie Evancho Blank Space Acoustic Cover
Lucky man! Some day I hope to C Jackie Evancho concert if she'd stop by Hawaii on one of her trips to Asia ;)
EVERY song sung by Jackie Evancho, the best voice by far in existence if INCREDIBLE! If you haven't heard her, sad
What's happening with David Foster's concert with Jackie Evancho on August 14, 2015 in Asia??
Oh my gosh, I got Jackie Evancho's signature. I'm so honored right now. The most graceful voice I've ever heard live.
iTunes best selling song: Think of Me (From "The Phantom of the Opera") - Jackie Evancho
Want to see featured for FAVOURITE Jackie Evancho alltime greatest act!! http:/…
I liked a video Jackie Evancho Americas Got Talent top 10 audition with voting results comments
why listen to Beyoncé when you can listen to Andrea Bocelli and Jackie Evancho lol
Jackie Evancho R U gonna watch the semis of game? Goodluck to both teams that I will win the tournament.
Scandinavian fans, Live In Concert dvd is available in Denmark...
be better with God ♫ The Lord's Prayer by Jackie Evancho —
I am finally going to experience the phenomenon that is Jackie Evancho LIVE! Can hardly wait!
I liked a video Jackie Evancho sings The Lord's Prayer at 2011 Concert Tours at Dallas with lyrics
By Sony Masterworks Go with Jackie Evancho on all things make-up, practice,...
Jackie Evancho vs. Amira Willighagen - Both sing O mio babbino caro at the age of 9 // For My Bella.
I liked a video Jackie Evancho and Katherine Jenkins sing 'Silent Night' at Rockefeller Center
I added a video to a playlist Rickey Minor and Jackie Evancho - Backstage Interview
I liked a video Rickey Minor and Jackie Evancho - Backstage Interview
After years of waiting, Andrea Bocelli finally comes to Bangkok - Jackie Evancho
Jackie Evancho: Singer Returns to Perform ʺThink of Meʺ - America's Got ...: Bae with Extraordinary Voice! ***
Jackie Evancho. 3 aprile alle ore 1.42 · . I will be joining Andrea Bocelli in Bangkok for one night only. And yes...
I heard Jackie Evancho will come to one of Andrea Bocelli's concerts this month. 🌌 That's history in the making!
"Jackie Evancho a love story France-Europe", best wishes for Happy Easter. Creating Marco Ribuoli.
Jackie Evancho for Die Hard fans Only Making of Think of Me: . by via
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Crocodile Dundee is now Alligator Jackie or Alligator Evancho! It was no match for you and became putty in your hands! FUN!!!
Even on my desktop I still cannot print out the Jackie Evancho celander
iTunes best selling song: Pie Jesu - Jackie Evancho
Dana Gorzelany-Mostak, tween opera singers, Jackie Evancho as prodigy, diva, girl in "musical dress up"
Thank you, I see you are also a fan of Jackie Evancho, Nice to meet you :)
If you mean "Jackie", Yes! I'm also a big Jackie Evancho fan :)
Now they know how it feels to have your art so horrifically misrepresented *ahem Jackie Evancho ahem*
. She is not my daughter, I seen her from a YouTube post while looking for AGT Jackie Evancho.
Tickets for Whitesnake and Jackie Evancho go on sale Tuesday Whitesnake concert is 7/8 and Evancho is 11/20.
isn't Jackie Evancho supposed to be on at 8:00?
I added a video to a playlist Danny Boy - Jackie Evancho
Think spring! Enter now to win tickets to see on 4/23.
So sweet to see Jackie Evancho's fans at the show in Pittsburgh. Jackie's an inspiring role model for young women, right
Oprah catches up with opera singing Jackie Evancho. .
Jackie Evancho via Take 4 min. to listen/view this video and enjoy the beauty of the human voice.
This is your new name from me by me love this name it is this marie jackie jacqueline evancho my name 4 u just me call u this
A gift from god, the best singer i have heard, a beauty with a kind heart
You say: "I am no longer a Jackie Evancho fan." Just one question: WHY??
Jackie Evancho: that about says all you need to know.
I liked a video The Impossible Dream - Jackie Evancho
Jackie Evancho and David Foster talk about working together.: via
What a beautiful message and song. Liked Jackie from day one.
Jackie Evancho & Jose Carreras Duet - Ave Marie - Taiwan Concert: via Where is her grammyhe is martial
Jackie evancho me a very nice you and have to
I agree except for snubbing Jackie Evancho year after year.
and a few words in Italian thanks to the subtitled L'Amore Sei Tu by Jackie Evancho 😆
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