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Jackie Collins

Jacqueline Jill Jackie Collins (born 4 October 1937) is an English novelist and former actress. She is the younger sister of actress Joan Collins.

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Best-selling author Jackie Collins' jewels and art go under the hammer.
Estate of superstar collins to be Auctioned.
Saints Barbara Cartland and Jackie Collins would be ASHAMED of you!!!
Telegraph Pics: Jackie Collins sale: best-selling author's jewels and art go under the ham…
Becoming An Ally: Breaking the Cycle of Oppression by Anne Bishop; and Goddess of Vengeance by Jackie Collins (nuh judge me lol)
'the sort of woman who purrs at an image of Jackie Collins in a leopard-print, shoulder-padded blazer pulsing with…
5.40pm It could be you 2 models go through Germany as their prize for winning a competition Adrienne Scot Jackie Co…
My teachers borrowed novels from me in Jss2. Was into Jackie Collins, Agatha Christie, Harold Robbins, JHC, Sydney Sheldon etc
My first crush didn't stand a chance the day I wore pleather pants to school (5th grade, Jackie Collins paperback in my backpack).
I have written 20 books, and each one is like having a baby. Writing ...
I was hoping for Jackie Collins meets Argento but it was just kinda nonsense. I enjoyed the bright colours but that was it...
A lot of people talk about writing. The secret is to write, not talk. -Jackie Collins
1967: A quartet of legendary Hall of Famers, Graham Hill, Jackie Stewart and Sid Collins…
All of my books have the potential to become movies, it's just a ques...
Sort of like Jackie Collins afraid to dawn the label of feminist due to how radical 3rd wave feminists are.
I rule my precinct in cigarette pants and high heeled ankle boots. Like if Jackie Collins wrote a trashy political romance novel.
I have considered rap music stars, and there is one in my new book, L...
“If you want to be a writer-stop talking about it and sit down and write!” . Jackie Collins
I write synopses after the book is completed. I can't write it before...
a *** Olympic fencing judge sounds like an ace Jackie Collins character
Authors change publishers because it's like being married for a long ...
How about a capable smart phone that isn't the size of a Jackie Collins paperback? Some of us put phones in pockets not murses.
Sale means new chapter for home of the late novelist Jackie Collins:
Sale begins new chapter for Jackie Collins estate
Dame Joan Collins gets tearful as she remembers late sister Jackie Collins on This Morning:
I've read almost all of Jackie Collins books. . Sidney Sheldon. . Mary Higgins Clark.
It's like an 80s glam book come to life. Shirley Conran, Jackie Collins eat your hearts out.
Can't believe they fired her - should have been Rinna, Eileen, Yolanda. Prob don't have time but Paula Abdul or Jackie Collins
On page 141 of 490 of Hollywood Wives, by Jackie Collins: It's a mix of Jacqueline Susann...
I don't think I'm meant to be laughing at this Jackie Collins book as much as I am
Thanks to Dominick Collins for his purchase of this Jackie Robinson jersey!
Hamilton Collection
just crossed the border into Wales & Jackie Collins comes on! Happy Days 😄
In which case . The Stu by Jackie Collins. I likewise chose to improve rather than
Whatever you have a passion for, then you must do. If you want to write, wr...
hollywood WIVES oh jackie COLLINS is nice and sotft soft touch
Well, it's a "world famous spa" so maybe Jackie Collins popped in at some point? ;-)
I know that I am very popular in Holland, in fact I have visited Amsterdam ...
If you want to achieve your dreams, you must follow them, and the best way ...
I can't wait to win goodies from and The Santagelos is available in paperpack now.
I have this theory that people in Hollywood don't read. They read 'Vanity F...
Wining and dining at Spago👌🏽 anyone that's read Jackie Collins before would know what I'm …
"Your whole life is ahead of you. Don't you ever forget that." - Jackie Collins RIP
why don't you try reading a good Jackie Collins or Stephanie Perkins ?
Best selling author - like the next Jackie Collins or Jodi Piccoult.
A fast-paced tale of wealth and debauchery that deserves the Jackie Collins comparison -
JACKIE COLLINS on writing strong female characters - Candid interview with Jackie Collins on writing...
JACKIE COLLINS on writing strong female characters via
NEW Confessions of a Wild Child: Lucky - The Early Years by Jackie Collins Paper
Jackie Collins taught boys like me to be fierce & a little bit wicked htt…
Favourite commuter this morning is the distinguished looking gentleman engrossed in his Jackie Collins. Loves a bit of smut and can't focus.
Don't miss out on Jackie Collins final novel "The Santangelos" -
Mystery Writer? She could have with her own home at $24.5M but who's the suitor? "It takes an expert" 50MClub
She could be the next Joan or Jackie Collins
Sure. Who will pick 'em up for you? I think there are only 2 or 3 Jackie Collins books. Then Nora Roberts, Jane Green & some others
Ideas are all around me. If I wasn't interested in them myself, I don't thi...
Just using a scratch card as a bookmark in my Jackie Collins. I've become a dinner lady.
hangs imploring my rouser would sound like a tremendous line from a Jackie Collins book
You can read Shakespeare or Jackie Collins. Therein lies the challenge.
People are intrigued by fame, power and wealth and I think Hollywood is the...
Jackie collins too end of last year. Love her writing. Got loads of her books.
very true. Cilla.jackie collins.david bowie.prince.victoria wood.ronnie corbett. Its like all our childhood stars r going ♥
What do Jackie Collins, Kenny "The Snake" Stabler, and Ray Bradbury's house have in common?
Her and Jackie Collins. Like in Death Becomes Her. Faking their death for eternal youth.
That's it, I'm wrapping Phil Collins and Jackie Chan in bubble wrap!. I'm not losing another one, dammit!
Hopefully tomorrow my life will turn into a Jackie Collins novel
Kate slated for 'boring' and 'peculiar' outfits on royal tour by 'Jackie Collins of India' https:/…
In other news, I'm reading my first Jackie Collins. 'The Powertrip.' Which was the one you recommended I read?
I'm giving away something for you on Jackie Collins novelist signed photo aut. Get it here -
"...her own, wonderful, luminous orbs of maternity and desire". Guardian piece or Jackie Collins novel?
Love me some Jackie Collins from Vendetta to Luckys Revenge to Hollywood's kids. It was…
I think I got Jackie Collins’ “Hollywood Kids” at 14, thinking it would be about child actors. I was sort of right…
Stole my mother's Jackie Collins polo sex novel
Chuck was boyishly handsome although he would never see 35 again -Jackie Collins
That you would have if you lived in a Jackie Collins novel.
I have my own mind. When he was away I read a book in bed. Jackie Collins books - all of them. . Harold Robbins.
The Third Option, by Vince Flynn; No Way Out, by Andrea Kane; The Other Side of Midnight, by Sidney Sheldon; Chances, by Jackie Collins.
because I was reading books by Harold Robbins and Jackie Collins & she thought they were inappropriate & too adult for me. :)
Alex Cross series by James Patterson, Tomorrow series by John Marsden, Lucky series by Jackie Collins 😍
Check out this book I finished reading "The World is Full of Married Men" by Jackie Collins:
This Jackie Collins book is so, so good!
this is the best thing I've seen all day. Please tell me your style is BBBradford meets Jackie Collins??
"I want Chuck Collins to be president"-Jackie
Reading the Power Trip by Jackie Collins, its great so far.
All Jackie Collins' home needs now is a new owner & lots of my work
Move over Jackie Collins. A writer to watch. :). (Did my age just show?)
whenever I am in duty free by the fragrances I always think "Jackie Collins *** from fast show
On page 58 of 476 of Lethal Seduction, by Jackie Collins: Nobody will ever do it like Jac...
Do not copy my style! The first rule of writing is write about what you know, not what you think you know. – Jackie Collins
I really fall in love with my characters, even the bad ones. I love getting...
My wife is right, though. I WOULD travel considerable distance to visit Jackie Collins memorabilia in a writers' museum. I would.
Why do so many 50+ women wear leopard prints? Is it Jackie Collins' or Bet Lynch's fault?
Stuart Pearce & Terry Butcher talking football on Sky. It's like Dan Brown and Jackie Collins dissecting Ulysses.
Hi!! Thanx 4 hellos!! RU drinking coffee? It's just after 9 am. Harper Collins? Is that clue for Jackie Collins? Hmm. Antisocial character?
Having a DM conversation about Jackie Collins, Sly Stallone and George Hamilton. I'm so down with the kids
darling it's happened.. I'm alone in my room impersonating Dawn French /Jackie Collins
Could we say she was the Jackie Collins of her time?
Born Lucky: my mum Jackie Collins and her Wild Child alter ego
First Jackie (Collins) and now Nancy (Reagan) were people whom I met. Jackie last summer and Nancy Reagan when I...
Jackie Collins' life in images as best-seller author dies of cancer via
Karaoke starts at 10pm tonight with DJ Pauly hosted by Jackie Collins!!! No cover…
The Power Trip by SIGNED by Jackie Collins 2013, Rare Hardcover 1st Edition 5b
COLLINS UPDATE:. Christian is in the studio creating new music 😌🎶
I don't believe in writing anything that I don't know about or haven't rese...
omg my dad's love for Jackie Collins tho...
"Love does not appear with any warning signs. You fall into it as if pushed from a high diving board.". ~Jackie Collins.
could write a *Jackie Collins* Norn Iron Version with wee bit of Aberdonian thrown in ...
"Jackie Collins meets Martina Cole in this latest offering from the King of the Bonkbuster"
Great Extra tour Hilton & Hyland Susan Smith at the Jackie Collins Mansion for sale!
Not read your book but it's said to be a classic. What next, a spot of Jackie Collins?!😀
what about all the Jackie Collins novels. Lol.
So no change there then? I'm wearing leopard print for Jackie Collins today. So again no change there then.
she's what the late, great Jackie Collins would have called a 'lady boss'
Today is the first anniversary of me meeting Ann Curry at the Today Show and Jackie Collins. I hope nothing bad has happened to them since
First we lose Jackie Collins and now we lose Harper Lee.
Beverly Hills home built for author Jackie Collins asks $30 million
Secrets of the Heart: ‘Maeve Binchy meets Jackie Collins in this gripping, Irish-American romance’ https:…
hmm not sure if I can revere Jackie Collins but I did enjoy the sleezy effect
Friends, family & fans mourn author Jackie Collins who recently died after a 6.5 year battle with
"If you're a Jackie Collins or Danielle Steel fan, you'll love FLAWLESS." Read it FREE!
author talks of how "it doesn't mean we don't honour the Jackie Collins of the world" to look for literary value.
Joan Collins leads tributes to tragic Jackie with beautiful childhood photo -
Everything You Need to Know About the Fashion Industry Explained Using the Titles of Jackie Collins Novels:
Oh, the irony of loving YA literature now after reading Jackie Collins at 13! Although, to be fair, YA wasn't a...
Jackie Collins' home goes on the market for £11.5m ...
Lovely piece on Jackie Collins by in Nicely done.
On page 109 of 528 of Goddess of Vengeance, by Jackie Collins
users, get all my ebooks at 50% off - codes for. US/AU/NZ: GET50SALE, for UK: UK50SALE, for CA: CA50SALE.
Last book 6 months ago, gonegirl to be exact. Sha took the new Jackie Collins, hopefully I can relax and read this Thanksgiving holiday.
In the late Seventies and early Eighties, the six-bedroom property was home to Jackie Collins, who passed away in September…
R.I.P Jackie Collins who passed away today. She is pictured here with her sister Joan Collins in 2005.
My life done turned into a Jackie Collins novel. 😕
or a book light and a Jackie Collins novel
I'm gaving Dinner with friend Jackie Collins and my agent Toni Howard in Los Angeles.
if you read Jackie Collins books it clearly states God is the supreme deity
Jackie Collins: How to be a Successful Writer & Powerful Woman - with Abiola Abrams
Jackie Collins' former London home goes on the market via
Had the honor of knowing the talented, funny and generous, Jackie Collins. She'll be missed.
Jackie Collins: A ‘kick *** writer’ who gave us sassy, confident female protagoni
Johanna Lindsey. Rosemary Rogers. Jackie Collins. Judith Krantz. Shirley Conran. Let's just say my first boyfriend was kind of a let-down.
Jackie Collins died this year after a long battle with breast cancer. Matthew Manning pays tribute to her...
I love a deliciously Trashy Book, be it Old School or New School. Old School includes the Judith Krantz & Jackie Collins canons for sure.
Jackie Collins planned a "big" funeral party for her Hollywood ...
Jackie Collins: Author dies after secret battle with cancer aged 77.
Sandra Lee on Jackie Collins' cancer battle: 'She lived her life so beautifully': via
Recently just found out Jackie Collins passed away after a battle with cancer. Truly heart broken.
Jackie Collins didn't tell her sister Joan about her stage 4 breast cancer diagnosis for years because she didn't "want to burden her with
One of America's most beloved authors has passed away. Jackie Collins has died after a battle with breast cancer, her family confirmed to
Queen of romance novels Jackie Collins dies of cancer - World - Books - Ahram Online -
Jackie Collins has died aged 77 after secret six-year battle with breast cancer
I think Jackie Collins,who died several days ago,was just about the nicest&most interesting woman left in Hollywood.
Carol Channing, Poly Styrene, & Jackie Collins at some mystery event of the cosmos:
Buy Miche Bag Online!
'She's organised everything' Jackie Collins planned her own funeral party before she died
I love the Economist spin on this: Jackie Collins: Hollywood undressed via
Jackie Collins changed the way we all think about sex.
Jackie Collins. She was in her 70s, but looked 40 years younger. Botox was not the reason:
Is Chris Colfer our generations Jackie Collins now? Is this too soon
Love this addition to the Jackie Collins tributes by
Suzanne Somers on Jackie Collins' Death: She Was a 'Bright Light in Hollywood, Loved by Everyone'
Note at the end of Tim Wells's new collection Everything Crash: "If you enjoyed this book you may also like Jackie Collins' Deadly Embrace".
When I was a young teenager my uncle gave me the pick of his bookcase. I read Ian Fleming, Stephen King, Jackie Collins...
Jackie Collins sold over 500 million books. I never heard her refer to herself as a bestselling author. Interesting.
Australia's Rod Taylor. Leonard Nimoy. Donna Douglas. Beautiful package. But no Jackie Collins? Or did I miss her?
Jackie Collins sold 500 million books... and was a high school dropout. . Anything is possible.
Feminism is a broad church if it includes Jackie Collins. The there's Virginia Trioli enthusing about Jackie's books without having read any
rip Jackie Collins ... we're making a short story as a tribute... what is Tim the Gardiner wearing?!
Sandra Bullock on Jackie Collins' death: "Heaven, watch out!"
Top Christian Dating Scroller 728x90
Also 8 hit films. Which is a lot. Top that. Jackie Collins, Best-Selling Novelist, Dies at 77.
NEW! The Glamorous Life and Times of Jackie Collins: The prolific English novelist, who died at 77, li...
Jackie Collins has died. The woman gave great hair & great quotes. This interview is glorious http:…
One of the original rock star authors. Jackie Collins, Novelist Who Wrote of Hollywood’s Glamorous Side, Dies at 77. http:…
Sue Townsend, Terry Pratchett, and now Jackie Collins?. Someone post a guard on Jilly Cooper! 😞
Mexico News LOS ANGELES (AP) — The novels of Jackie Collins dramatized the lives of the most elite pe... Mex Info
Jackie Collins, novelist who wrote of Hollywood's glamorous side, dies at 77 - T
I seriously can't believe this is true!! I'm a fan of Jackie Collins..I have most of the books she's written (she...
Joan Collins leads tributes to her sister, best-selling novelist Jackie Collins: The New York Tim...
Jackie Collins, bestselling author of sexy, unapologetically tr -
Jackie Collins, best-selling author of sexy Hollywood novels, d -
Romance novelist Jackie Collins dies at 77 - New Vision
Top Justin Bieber story: Best-selling novelist Jackie Collins dies of breast ca… see more
Rest in peace, Jackie Collins. I adored her books in my youth, and learned so much about pacing from her.
dear Janet I'm so sad about Jackie Collins , I've always liked both the girls . I'm deeply sad yours jk Bolton
Save up to 45% 0ff MSRP On Harley Tires
Chris Maloney HQ - RIP Jackie Collins our thoughts & prayers our with your family at this sad time
Y'all already know I grew up living my life for Jackie Collins. I also loved Judith Michael & Janet Dailey. Who read "Deceptions" by JM?
he's too Jackie Collins these days Ian!;)
I enjoyed the podcasts very much. Refreshing view on life, that Jackie Collins.
Enjoying the Guiltiest of my Guilty Pleasures: a juicy Jackie Collins book complete with a pup named Lady Gaga
💕 I wish I was a character in a Jackie Collins novel 💕
Oh, just making a quiche and listening to a Jackie Collins podcast. You know. Thanks, !
Awesome set by at - Jackie Collins particularly brilliant, having never heard it live before - fabulous!
casserole in the slow cooker, reading Jackie Collins whilst ignoring the football
ADDICTED "I would put his writing style into same category as Jackie Collins"
That's what they have it as on the setlist it seems - do the BBC also say "Jackie Collins."!?
Jackie Collins books are so trashy but I love them ha ha
Ive read my Jackie Collins books so many times, LOL
I havent read a book in ages, I love Jackie Collins
I find the best way to cope with the unadulterated cockpony that John Collins says is to imagine he's saying it with Jackie Mason's voice
I've had Jackie Collins Existential Question Time stuck in my head all day. I don't know how to turn it off.
2 of 5 stars to The Santangelos by Jackie Collins
Chillin on the cactus waterfall. Thinking it's time to get back to my book. Power Trip - Jackie Collins
Jackie Collins podcast as great as you'd expect. Her parents didn't want her to be a writer. "Be a movie star, like your sister!"
"Jackie Collins has a real contender for her crown. The best one yet" Book Of The Week
Jackie Collins has to be my favorite author. Can't get enough of her.
46% done with Confessions of a Wild Child, by Jackie Collins
18 Jackie Collins Lot Hollywood wives,husbands,kids, and more
Jackie Collins. Did a cameo in Sharknado 3!! Here I am with Ian Zering. No I do not get eaten by a shark!!
Jackie Collins shared Crystal Taylor's photo. too awesome not to share!
Jackie Collins. If you want to get the first 7 chapters of The Santangelos for free, just sign up on my website...
Jackie Collins. OK - so here's how I feel about cheating ... If I was with a guy and he cheated on me, which I’ve...
...which brings me to an entirely different question. How many of you have *read* things by Jackie Collins and Jilly Cooper?
So, do Jilly Cooper and Jackie Collins still work as shorthand for 'trashy airport holiday novels', or am I behind the curve?
Jackie Collins The biggest critics of my books are people who never read them. ok
What does reveal to us about her alleged affair with Marlon Brando?
Confessions of a Wild Child signed by Jackie Collins (2014, Hardcover)
'He's the sort of boy who gets passed around like a Jackie Collins novel in Torremolinos.'
Jackie Collins: 'Assistant became pregnant after reading my sex tale': Author JACKIE...
VIDEO: in our studio talks to about new book
who was more Suspense filled: Harold Robbins, Jackie Collins, Agatha Kristie or David Baldacci? Give us your view
Singularities quantum gravity!!!?? Aaarrhgh im going back to Jackie Collins
I ditched The Dandy for Marvel at age 10, then ditched Marvel for Mum's Harold Robbins & Jackie Collins at age 12.
I devoured her books, then moved on to Jackie Collins, Jilly Cooper and Sidney Sheldon. Now cringe at the thought!
Joan and Jackie Collins at the Vanity Fair party.
Benedict Cumberbatch deep in conversation with Joan and Jackie Collins over french fries may be our favorite sighting of th…
Growing up as a young girl, Harold Robbins, Jackie Collins, Danielle Steele, Steven King were my favorite...
Sandra brown or Jackie Collins. I don't like Nora Roberts.
Passed on *Red Tent* but breaks it down: "Jackie Collins in the desert with much longer hair and hems."
Let it snow - John Green Anything by Jackie Collins is also good...Hunger Games Trilogy!
"David Fincher's the king of garbage cinema. David Lean doing Jackie Collins for some *** reason." YES
Jackie Collins thanks for "nominating" me for this grateful challenge. *cough cough* **i thought we had an understanding after the ice bucket challenge** I KID, I kid! I am first and foremost SO thankful for you, my best friend/soul mate!!! The only girl I know who has undying work ethic, kindness, compassion, hilarity, and THOUGHTFULNESS pouring from her soul. I am constantly in awe of how selfless you are, and am so lucky to have you as a bestie! Instead of doing separate things every day I am going to do one big list so I've already been bombarding people with my daily work out status. 1. I am so grateful, every day, for my family! My parents, husband, in laws, brother, grandparents, grandparents in law, all of the Looses that I am now a part of, cousins, nieces, nephews ALL of you that I am related to by blood and by marriage--- your immense support of my path in life, and my marriage has been such a comfort!! FAMILY FIRST, ALWAYS! Aaron Loose Curt Holliday Sharon Holliday Leanne Loose Anne Cichocki . ...
From Reviewer R. Sampson, "If you like Jackie Collins' books, you'll love Rock Radio! I recommend it highly."
You make yourself sound like the Joan/Jackie Collins of football.
is Sidney Sheldon, Jeffrey Archer, Mario Puzo, Jackie Collins all wrapped in one. Master story telling
Gertrude Stein is eating Crunch Berries in Mongolia. Jackie Collins is peeing on a fruit loop in Walmart. Carmen Electra has diarrhea.
Its me, Sam Smith and Jackie Collins this morning.
Just finished reading ,Sycamore Row by John Grisham .. very good reading.. now it is on to Jackie Collins .
I was a voracious reader from a very young age, probably because my mom always had her nose stuck in a thick, juicy book and children do what they see their parents do inevitably. And my mother allowed me read any and everything I wanted to know about, with no regard to sexual content ( except for Jackie Collins books)or profanity, because those things could be a part of my daily encounters as soon as I walked out of her house anyway. Everything she wanted me to read was on a shelf in an enormous library containing Nikki Giovanni, James Baldwin, Thoreau, Walt Whitman, Zora Neal Hurston, Anais Nin and every other literary giant you could imagine. The rule was if I could reach it, I could read it. Everything she felt was "beyond my scope" was on a shelf that I could not reach and I respected that boundary. One day, however, I reached for " I Know Why The Caged Bird Sings" and she tapped my hand lightly and told me I wasn't ready for that yet. I stewed for a bit wondering why a book about a stupid bi ...
After completing Archer's Kane & Abel, I have decided to bring to an end my novel reading career. Of late, I have found myself increasingly getting emotional as if I was reading real life stories,and not,fiction. But it has been great fifteen years of reading, great books and great authors. Jules Verne (whose novel Around the world in 80 days,was the first novel I read at the age of 10), Charles Dickens, Jonathan Swift, Alexander Dumas, Allan Forsom, David Baldachi, R.L. Stevenson, Dan Brown, Wilbur Smith, Jane Austin, Emily Bronte, Charlotte Bronte, Jack Higgins, Jackie Collins, Sandra Brown,( Danielle Steel), Mike Jeffries, Jeffrey Archer, Sidney Sheldon, John Grisham, Richard North Patterson, to mention but a few have all graced my table with their novels. Chinua Achebe, Ngugi Wa Th'ongo, Alex Laguma, Peter Abrahams, Elechi Amadi,etc have also blessed me. Playwrights, Shakespear, Robert Bolt, Henrick Ibsen, etc also make my list. It has really been a memorable 15 years. Now I say adieu to all book lov ...
So treats called to tell me My wedding gown is in :) it made my day better to hear that just waiting on my bridesmaids dresses Which are Autumn Carma Wilcox, Jackie Collins, Eve Collins, and Cami Cook. If none of you can be one u have to let me know NOW not later. and groomsmen, Dan Smith, Joe Smith, Jay (Camii's son), and Tori Belcher you guys will being going to get ur tux or suits or w.e ur getting with mason here in June he has not yet set a date but I will let you guys know a head of time ok? Except Tori she is also going to be waring a dress and no idc what any one has to say about it cuz its my wedding if i want her as one of my grooms by golly she will be. :) AGAIN PLZ LET ME KNOW.,. thx :) invites will also be sent out here soon
Lisa Vanderpump, Jackie Collins, Nene Leakes and Patti Stanger will deliver keynote addresses at the LA Womens Expo next weekend, along with free massages, makeovers, wine tastings, 350 shopping booths, food trucks and more.
Silvia Day over E.L James and Jackie Collins. This don't sound right.
George RR Martin Is the Jackie Collins of the nerd generation
ANIMAL!!to my dying days being a Native American it's speaks to my spirit
I'm in bed already. Reading a Jackie Collins book and waiting until tiredness overcomes me.
Actually I hate reading but then I found Jackie Collins and Tasmina Perry. Booyah I'm stuck
fully support the sentiments in that post. I loved Jilly, Jackie Collins, Virigina Andrews, Catherine Cookson etc etc.
Sleaze is why I had read Jackie Collins as a teenager. That gave me sense to avoid such books as an adult.
Jackie: copy and paste Taylor caniff in my bed! SWEET JESUS! *claps* oh hey sexy didn't see you 😂
JACKIE PLEASE STOP! She's talking about barbie and ken doing stuff 😂
The things I do on FaceTime with Jackie 😂😂
On FaceTime with Jackie and I come up close to the camera and I'm like "do I have a lazy eye?" 😂
I'm writing this really hilarious scene and my mom just said "is this a Jackie Collins parody?"
Finally felt human again today for first time in a long time...Courtney Buhl hope you got your small token of love.Jackie Collins-Franscisco and Tasha Collins nice running into you at Goodwill and Jess I will see you again this Sat May 11th at Graces Place for your outdoor vendor sale.Mwah
"Jackie Dostoevsky Collins" (dumb in-joke of mine that means nothing out of context, but still had to share)
Fancy a Jackie Collins Cocktail mixed by ? A taste of soon
celeb im dying to have lunch with: the inimitable Jackie Collins worship
Sorry have given up its Skye new for us ,should have kept Alled and Kate said goodbye to giggly Lorraine ,and fawning over boy bands and the likes of Jackie Collins and why on earth do they keep telling us their names ,we know who they are for gods sake
Jackie Collins books excellent condition £5 for all
that model thing. It's been going on for ages. Read Jackie Collins
Is this the summer I read only Jackie Collins?
Could you be the next JK Rowling, Tom Clancy or Jackie Collins? Put your writing skills to the test at Writing Workshop, Community Room, Enfield Town Library Come and join our friendly and successful monthly writing group led by award-winning editor and experienced tutor Allen Ashley. During the two hour session you will be working on fiction and poetry, often with a view to submitting your work to competitions or magazines. The workshops are suitable for writers at all stages – from beginners to those who are more experienced. Cost is £10, payable in cash on the day. Next meetings: 2pm to 4pm Monday 12 May 2pm to 4pm Monday 9 June 2pm to 4pm Monday 7 July Further details from: Allen on allenashley-writer
when your just Jackie Collins at home what's your favorite past time besides writing ?
ALSO FREDDIE AND CHASITY MCDOWELL,father and stepMom for their love and support.Auntie Zedra and my fave cousins,Coco,Tasia,Zhaniece we ball,laugh and build futures 2gether,a place to keep us off the streets!Ms.Monica,mike;dad and family for making me a part of ya family. "Bommarito" Noah Landry and family for believing in me and being there for me! My aunt Deborah COLLINS WHO HAVE BEEN EVERYTHING TO ME,MY FAMILY,friends and strangers.everybody we left out thanks and we love u. Miami McDowell and Jackie Collins and family.
Elizabeth berg - we are all welcome here Jackie Collins - lady boss Steiger Larson - the girl who kicked the hornets nest Harlan coben - long lost Harlan coben - six years Stephen king - the girl who loved Tom Gordon Lisa scottoline - think twice Stephen white - cold case Glenn beck - the Overton window Harlan coben - the innocent Sandra brown - lethal David baldacci - the hit R.j. Ellory - a quiet belief in angels Stephanie Meyer - the short second life of Bree tanner Stephanie Meyer - the host Nicholas sparks - dear john Nicholas sparks - safe haven Steig Larson - the girl who played with fire Karen kijewski - wild cat Jeffery Deaver - stone monkey In good to excellent condition ASKING $15 for all
I must admit to harbouring a love for that much favoured genre of holiday reads - the bonkbuster. Ah, Jackie Collins!
Is that like what a Jackie collins book is?
I recently heard Jackie Collins interviewed on NPR and had to get her first book from 1968, seen here with my dinner at the airport. Salacious yet amusing novels are the way to go for travel! Plus, the waiter was her BIGGEST fan EVER, so we became friends. Yay, books!!!
I'm not mean...I'm just realistic. Some people just need to be read like a Jackie Collins book
Good Afternoon jst wanted to ask if anybody's maybe got Jackie Collins books I could borrow to read pls. I would like to read Confessions of a Wild Child, The Power Trip, Married lovers an Drop dead Beautiful.
Almost finished reading this Jackie Collins book Lovers & Players. I cant wait for my book to be published that's more $ 4 our new apartment
do you know who has a stepdaughter and son-in-law older than she. Sinatra, husband, was between her parents. Did you know that Jackie Collins is the sister of Joan Collins? Joan was on Dynasty in the '80's and Jackie is an author. They have a brother named William. Joan has been married five times and it's 35 years total. Isn't that stupid? Her present husband is 40. Joan, nine years younger than Carol O'Conner, is married to someone who is the same age as "All in the Family". What's wrong with her? Mia Farrow was born in 1946. Her father, John Farrow lived from 1904-63. Her mother, Maureen O'Sulivan, lived from 1919--98. Sinatra, Mia's first husband, was lived from 1915-98. Andrea Previn, Mia's first husband, was born in 1929. Woody Allen, Mia's baby daddy/son-in-law, was born in 1935. inatra's daughter, Nancy was bonr in 1940. Woody's wife, Soon-Yi, who is also Mia's daughter, was born in 1970.. Joe Kennedy was born in 1888 and Rose Frizgerald,in 1890. JFK's father-in-law, Jack Bouvier,III was born in 1 ...
"Move over Jackie Collins, there's a new blockbuster star in town"
Sitting her talking with My Queen Jackie Collins and She has stayed W Me through this bronchitis flare up..She is My Love and My life...Yes I got sick but She sheltered Me out of it,,,Back 2 Work flow 2mrrw.My Queen is the BOMB!
3:30Am finally finished it ,really sorry about the end tho. jackie collins!, now I get back to my life.Lovers and Gamblers
Jackie Collins has written 29 novels, all of which have appeared on the New York Times bestseller list. At the moment she's doing publicity for a cookbook based on one of her characters, which means she's answering all kinds of questions in the most delightful way.
John Saunders is another one of my favorite and I do like me some Jackie Collins too lol
On the set of Home & Family today with Tiffany Lerman, daughter of Jackie Collins, with her amazing tote and baby...
Had a good day at work today I was VERY NERVOUS my boss and her boss came to observe me do 2 home visits today as a lot of you know I am not a good public speaker I can be a little backwards unless it is with kids I love getting to spend time with the kids. They said I did a good job today with the home visits YEA. I am very lucky to have some great families that allow me in their home to work with their kids thank you Jackie Collins-Frail and Dana Ferrell for the home visits today and allowing me to spend time and work with your kids. I still have openings if anyone is interested in the Save the Children program and has children under 3 or know of someone who does you can send me a fb message.
finished Goddess of Vengeance by Jackie Collins and gave it 3 stars
ffs jackie? Breen ... the family recently moved to Cratloe in Clare, two doors from the Collins twins, Podge and Sean
"The Jammer’s release of the Star into the grasping Pivot’s hand" How can you miss watching a sport that Jackie Collins CLEARLY wrote the rule book for! Come and make sense of it all this Saturday!
Jackie Collins talks about her new book, THE Power Trip on "Marie".
It saddens us to distribute the news that Sister Jackie Collins has passed. Arrangements are incomplete at this time. Please keep the Collins family in your prayers.
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