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Jack Wilshire

Jack Andrew Garry Wilshere (born 1 January 1992) is an English footballer who plays as a midfielder for Arsenal and the England national team.

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Surprises stars of the PL so far:. - Abdou Doucoure. - Harry Maguire. - Wilfred Zaha. - Jesse Lingard. - Oninye Ndidi. -…
Powerleague sesh was mad until I did a messi on everyone, ended up flopping the finish like Morata, then did a Jack…
Wilshire is a poor mans jack Rodwell
Jack grealish is a poor mans jack Wilshire, and even he only has 1 good game in 10
Some insane signings, should get jack wilshire on a pre contract him and nevas in miidfeild would be aswome
Athletes in physically demanding sports get injured and ofte…
Asked, "How're Habs going to do tonight?". me: "Jack Wilshire's looking really good since returning from the DL"
Party, party, party... Jack Wilshire was worst than him.. He was not trolled this wa…
Surely Jack Wilshire deserves he's place in the England squad the boi is on top form.
Would you add Jack Wilshire to your team?? Help 🙈
Jack Wilshire was was. Sorry for the late reply.
Arsene Wenger has confirmed is fit to play Bournemouth. Eddie Howe's praised the influence Wilshere h…
Jack Wilshire relatively injury free since Wenger changed his position on the pitch to ... sitting down
Absolutely not. I hate seeing world class players at my club. More English players like Jack Wilshire, please!
Chelsea had at full strength against arsenal and arsenal did not even have half of their starting eleven on the fie…
The Diaries - Brunch at the Beverly Wilshire Jack (Lemmon) winked at me I love him so much Gregory (Peck) put a Fr…
Jack Wilshire to stay fit and captain Arsenal
Great news that jack Wilshire will be fit for the weekends game every time he gets injured your heart is in your mo…
Honestly feel sorry for jack wilshire, body like a pombear
Then again, Welbeck and Xaka are like Messi compared to Jack Wilshire
Jack Wilshire, captaining Arsenal against rivals Chelsea, a professional footballer - Gets injured when the ball hits his foo…
Acting surprised after hearing Jack Wilshire is injured.
There are a few certains in life, death, taxes and Jack Wilshire being injured
Imagine. 4-3-3 with xhaka anchoring Jack Wilshire and Aaron Ramsey. Ozil on the Left wing and Sanchez giving us wid…
While your on the subject of VAR can you shed some light on how jack Wilshire gets into the arsenal tea…
I care more about the results for jack Wilshire coming off injured yesterday than I cared about my gcse results
I think we’d have all taken 0-0 before a ball was kicked last night. Related: Jack Wilshire in injury shock.
Francis Coqueline sold to Valencia, Sanchez,Ozil and Jack Wilshire are out of contract, Wenger is not signing anyon…
Jack Wilshire is better than Sanchez. My opinion
Jack wilshire has just gone off injured because the ball hit his thigh 🙄🙈😓
Jack Wilshire spends more time on his back than Katie Price
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You would have got better odds on Jack Wilshire getting injured than Australia thrashing England in the Ashes.
Does Jack Wilshire get into your England team?. Let's clear this up once and for all...
Earnestly is not as if Jack Wilshire didn't include injury free season on his new year wish list.But you see what's…
Death, taxes and Jack Wilshire getting injured.
Jack Wilshire’ injuries are a lot like know it’s coming each year the dates just occasionally change
This is why Jack Wilshire hasn't been given a new contract kid can't stay fit can't play we can't pay
Media love Jack Wilshire don't they? A few square passes and he stays fit and he's the English Xavi all of a sudden
Considering Jack Wilshire's ankles due to a rare condition are almost entirely made of Chipsticks, he has had quite the career.
I like Jack Wilshire as a player but, yeah.
I just hope Jack Wilshire is fine...we really dont need any more injuries!
Sprained ankle for blocking ball? If jack wilshire was a dog he'd have been put down years ago.
Feel sorry for Jack Wilshire man, just when he was making a name for himself !
Jack Wilshire is doing what i hope that Sturridge will do. Imagine if we get even 3/4 of that 13/14 sturridge
Jack Wilshire getting injured makes me so happy
What do you think of injury. Jack Wilshire. What do you think of Jack Wilshire. injury
In honour & celebration of birthday, Jack Wilshire has gone off injured.
Jack Wilshire is a world class medio punto campista Renault Clio 2001
and conducting an enquiry as to why Jack Wilshire was ice skating with his kids. How the level…
would u be happy? . If Rafa concluded this window with. INCOMINGS: Joe Bryan (2 mill) Jack Wilshire (Loan) Jovetic (Loan) Snodgrass (7 mill)
Jack Wilshire, Jonathan Viera, Loic Remy, Kieran Gibbs and a tricky left winger. Not too much to ask? 👀
..Jack Wilshire and Kieran Gibbs possibly leaving..good or bad mate
Who'd have thought it. England's next big thing Jack Wilshire is playing in the same team as Dan Gosling
Never thought i would see the day when Dan Gosling was keeping Jack Wilshire out of the team.
I'm more concerned about Dan Crowley than Jack Wilshire. Boy's talent is first team.
Everytime i see clip of Welbeck celebrating and Wilshire looking vex from sunday i feel a way. Jack is on loan why he mad Arsenal scored?
Danny Welbeck taunts Jack Wilshire after Arsenal take the lead against Bournemouth
Great coverage as always. Any chance on seeing the Jack Wilshire reaction to the first goal. I missed it and heard about it.
Ha! The shot of Jack Wilshire in the sky box.
Good to see Jack Wilshire feeling at home this afternoon - in the stands
Jack Wilshire should stay at Bournemouth next season. Clearly a step up
Absolute banter from Danny Welbeck to Jack Wilshire in the crowd there 😁😁
Jack Wilshire back in a familiar role at The Emirates, sitting in the stands.
In a major shock Jack Wilshire is missing a game at the Emirates for a reason other than injury!
I wonder if Jack Wilshire will celebrate if he scores against Arsenal today?
Am I the only one who thinks Jack Wilshire owes Arsenal something. .We have looked after him through his injuries season after season
for today. Arsenal have dropped points in 3 of last 4. Jack Wilshire a big miss for Bournemouth.
One man said you know the alcoholic drink "jack wilshire"
KL Rahul is cricket's version of Jack Wilshire. Gets injured getting out of bed 😱
Is the barman on Jack Wilshire's older brother?!
Nice piece that pretends to be about Jack Wilshire, but is really a hymn to the genius of Riquelme:.
Arsenal to open contract talks with Jack Wilshire soon
*If* never signed Jack Wilshire, would you (if you were Eddie Howe) have started Lewis Cook regularly?
I assume Jack Wilshire is not available against Arsenal this weekend?
Jack Wilshire misses out as he is ineligible to play vs his parent hospital... That & more as goes...
breaking news: Arsenal manager Arsene wenger say are give loan man jack Wilshire a new contact
That reminds me - I had a dream the other night in which Jack Wilshire was extolling the virtues of shaving his scrotum.
Is Jack Wilshire allowed to play against Arsenal?
Gerrard and Scholes Best midfielders England has ever produced and would go down as two best midfielders ever Now we have Jack Wilshire
Handsome, so sexy and hot! "Jack Wilshire bulging in footie shorts!
imo jack Wilshire would of been the perfect replacement for santi
no you were respected in 12 yrs back. Now all you have is that jack Wilshire goal against Norwich to say beautiful football.
Ramsey is so average bring back Jack Wilshire
I do not wish injuries on any player but PMcN is the guy who intentionally crocked Jack Wilshire -- deliberate for sure
jack Wilshire also plays for Bournemouth
This year I've spent more time being injured than fit 😕 that Jack Wilshire feeling 🤔
Kompany is the CEO. His predecessor is Jack Wilshire
As Jack Wilshire probably has no future at Arsenal, would you sign him at West Ham?
Swear I'm more injury prone than Jack wilshire🤕🚑
Jack Wilshire has just played 4 consecutive 90 minutes for the 1st time in 4 years
And that is the reason thay you should take Andros Townsend and Danny Drinkwater insted of Jack Wilshire and Jordan Hend…
Jack Wilshire to AC Milan would be a great move for him
Sky Sources say Crystal Palace have expressed an interest in James McCarthy. An alternative to Jack Wilshire.
I'd love us to sign Jack Wilshire, but there's more chance of us signing David Blunkett on loan
Roy's loyalty to certain players his cost him dear😪. I would of stuck Rashford on earlier and taken Andy Carrol⚽️. Jack Wilshire a joke 😪
It's ok Jack Wilshire will go on a bender get full of sniff, then just pretend he's injured until the next tournament
All Chris Coleman needs to do as a prematch pep talk ahead of Thursday is to show his squad that video of Jack Wilshire discussing Wales.
I think we should also sell Jack Wilshire and Santi carzola aswell
Howland is a smashing player when he's fit, he's like your very own Jack Wilshire, horrible luck with injuries!
Jack Wilshire, Jordan Henderson and Fabian Delph should be nowhere near the England squad this summer. If they are Hodgson needs sacking.
The way my knee is feeling this morning I can really sympathise with the likes of Ledley King, Owen Hargreaves, Luke Edwards, Jack Wilshire
Jack Wilshire is actually a *** How are arsenal fans going stick up for him now? Man uploaded a pic of Best, Charlton and Law 🙄🙄🙄
Good news . Jack Wilshire . Santi Cazorla . Are returning at the end of the season . I can't guarantee Theo Walcott will return . Oh Theo
We should stage a fight, Jack Wilshire vs Tony Watt. Know who my money would be on. Smoking in between rounds compulsory
I want Tottenham to win it because it will make Jack Wilshire sad.
Jack Wilshire has been injured so long now I'm surprised Ian Duncan Smith hasn't tried to kill him
Jack Wilshire has been "3-4 weeks away" since the beginning of the season. 🙄
Heart,Desire, commitment, fighting spirit. Jack Wilshire in a nutshell. Could have really done with him in this testing period
Arsenal just need to get rid of Wenger, Alex Chamberlain ,Jack Wilshire,Ramsey and Theo Walcott
bro it's our luck that Jack wilshire calls Em out and we finish below them. Only goons
When Theo Walcott did his 2-0 .Jack Wilshire cockiness.It will come back to haunt them. They were very stupid immature. Spurs WILL do it
Jack Wilshire will bring passion and fight...
5 Arsenal fans just unanimously agreed that Jack Wilshire is better than Ross Barkley. I am not lying - that just happened.
jack Wilshire/ozil show more up to the task. They try and do everything possible to get us to the top.
I thought Room was about Jack Wilshire and the Arsenal physio. Stuck in there with no way out.
The difference:. Utd academy player,Welbeck-Heroic is loss, best player in team. Arsenal academy player,Jack Wilshire-injured for 7 months.
On the plus side, Jack Wilshire's about to be rewarded with a new multi million pound extended contract.
yea we really miss Jack Diaby...I mean Wheelchair...I mean Wilshire.
Lallana doing a Jack Wilshire there, taking on the big fellas
kind of like Jack Wilshire. Except for the bit about being brilliant.
Fully just met Jack Wilshire in a service station 😳😆
always going to be difficult without the premier leagues most talented midfielder Jack Wilshire? Not surprised we lost at all.
Well, there goes our title chances. But hey, thank god we still have the likes of Jack Wilshire and Chamberlin for next season :)
your playing against a team who has more injuries & sicknotes than Jack Wilshire. 1st time your fav in 20 yrs at ot
At least you agree Jack Wilshire is overrated monkey poo
Let's go buy Jack Wilshire, Valdes and get Payet as a good back up for Lennon, Gerry & Mirallas
This baker man looks like the son of Jack Wilshire and Per Mertesacker
two words... Jack Wilshire. Please United are surprised cause this is relatively new. Arsenal is used to it
If Arsenal had injuries like United? What? 2 words: Jack Wilshire and that's just where it starts
I always think that's really Jack Wilshire rolling around in coke. ;)
wait jack Wilshire is englands young huge talent lmfao,...Raheem Sterling lmfao lol
Jack Wilshire needs to return and play on the right.
A couple of observations on Barcelona; Neymar is so good in the flesh & Ivan Rakitic is everything Jack Wilshire thinks he is but isn't.
I'd kill to have jack Wilshire & santi carzola in the squad tonight
All Arsenal need to do is play without fear, thats what Jack Wilshire did for us as a kid and he dominated Xavi and Iniesta the last time.
Its official Lionel Messi has played more games at the Emirates than Jack Wilshire.FACT
imagine being a Barça fan & thinking Jack " made of glass and never plays" Wilshire is better than SR. It's not 2011
Thomas Rosicky the original Jack Wilshire out for another couple of months
I used to think Darren Anderton got injured alot and then I was aware of Jack Wilshire and Daniel Sturridge
I hope Jack Wilshire made sound investments etc coz he needs to just retire. Turning into Darren Anderton
Jack Wilshire, for people who don't remember Darren Anderton
- arsenal have to players name Jack Wilshire and Danny Welbeck. Who knew?
Travis Burns, the the Rugby League version of Jack Wilshire
wow hold the front page, Ryan Clayton would drop Jack Wilshire from an arsenal team never thought id see the day
It's 2015 and arsenal fans still think jack Wilshire is better than Jordan Henderson.
3 more days of yesterday's heat and you will be wearing a Jack Wilshire shirt
Jack Wilshire has a new gf - thought his baby was just that, still a baby. Does no one stick at anything anymore.
being an arsenal player is a disaster. Just ask jack Wilshire.
I like him. He is a keep ball, passing midfielder. Bit like jack wilshire.
Gary Neville for bellerini and jack wilshire for Ozil
Exciting passing Jack Wilshire in the hotel, but not so exciting that I'm looking lush with a burnt forehead😕
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Cazorla was a good shout for the woman but Jack Wilshire does look like a butch ***
or Jack Wilshire a packet of Mayfair
If Fellani is our best player then who is Arsenal's? Jack Wilshire?
Who should be our next captain considering Arteta's age n fitness issue.personally I think Jack wilshire or koscienly.
Jack Wilshire big *** Very imprssive in those tight pants!
There's always an option to be classy. Unless you're Jack Wilshire or Donald Trump.
We haven't even seen the first Jack Wilshire yet. Still waiting.
ha, aye and I was asked could I melt Jack Wilshire down and make something decent out of him.
just matter of time before official . Does that mean jack Wilshire to city?
I thought Wilshire was the best thing since sliced bread? Vidal turns up then Jack gets zero game time!
I don't think it's Jack Wilshire that'll b struggling to get in the team it'll b santi or coq in my opinion!!. .
Look on Pep' face when he joins City next season and realizes Jack Wilshire is in City team!
"16. If you could date a celeb for a week; who would it be?" Jack Wilshire during fa cup final week
if you are Jack Wilshire are you going to risk getting injured? They aren't going to risk annoying the club that pays them
buy Jack Wilshire (not a bad buy) or Promote who is less controversial?
It's good to see Jack Wilshire scoring off the pitch like we thought he would on it.
I've only just clocked the Jack Wilshire line😻😭
Ok fine not saying this is gonna happen but text i got said that the lads heard weve asked about jack wilshire.. I broke a rib laughing.
Vidal might be class on the pitch but off the pitch he's no where near Arsenal class and we already have Jack Wilshire.
I think Jack Wilshire begs to differ - he is a veritable lion in that England shirt!
exactly mate you seen Pep Guardiola's quote about that on point shows how much Jack Wilshire's hyped up
Antonio Vidal will likely be on a move to Arsenal if Jack Wilshire leaves to Manchester City.
Jack Wilshire's goal for England today!. 🔥Contest at 15k🔥. (Vine by Overtime™)
Jack Wilshire has 48 caps for the senior side
yes and Jack Wilshire is a squad player at AFC - 40m future of England, Sterling not bad player=English Messi
Jack Wilshire, Raheem Sterling & Ross Barkley for starters. We need our kids to get used to used to winning things.
we could have had the great world beater Jack Wilshire and the soon to be £50m really, we'd win then.honest.
Drop Jack Wilshire, Raheem Sterling and Ross Barkley into the youth team and give them a winning mentality
Jack Wilshire as back-up for failure to land Paul Pogba? City should first look at Marco Verratti and Radja Nainggolan.
That's *** There's no way Jack Wilshire can count to eleven !
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So Jack Wilshire's best 11 shows there is no way that man should be a manager.
Jack Wilshire bulging in footie shorts! love his thighs!
Jack Wilshire does this all the time plays an amazing game (that usually means nothing to the Arsenal season), showcases how good he is.
Jack Wilshire just bangs them all day long
Jack Wilshire - you'll keep for a later date if you don't bottle it. WHL 2015-16 bring it
also known as Jack Wilshire, teammate of Santi Carzola.
Ross Barkley there doing his best Jack Wilshire impression
same was said of Aaron Lennon, Adam Johnson, Jack Wilshire, Theo Walcot, the list goes on. Can u compare any to Mario Gotze?
I'll go with 41st minute for the first time Henderson does his best Jack Wilshire impression.
Little brother is still ecstatic he got his football shirt signed by Jack Wilshire☝️
.mixed and mastered So Far Gone at the Beverly Wilshire hotel on a pair of AKG 240 headphones and a iHom…
you're accident prone lad, worse that Jack Wilshire
Form can change more frequently than Jack Wilshire gets injured.
Remember when they said Jack Wilshire was better than Carrick cc
ffs Chris, please eat Jack Wilshire or Carrick Fan
exactly. Overhyped golden boy of England. I feel somewhat the same about Jack Wilshire
I'm 90% sure Jack Wilshire is made of glass
“Quote this with your most hated player.” Jack Wilshire
Let's agree. Jack Wilshire apera. I love the guy but eish.
How can jack Wilshire recovery from injury be so bad
Jack Wilshire "not fit the English duty" is the most used phrase in all of football 😂
Not sure I believe this rumour about Jack Wilshire testing positive for cocaine, he seems too thick to even understand …
Jack Wilshire played really well today. Almost as if he wasn't really injured and was serving a secret drug ban.
Is it true jack Wilshire has been out for so long because of a drug issue?
Jack Wilshire is slowly becoming that work colleague that always pulls a sicky on a monday... No one likes those guys
I think Jack Wilshire would be a good player for City to sign but not as our big name summer signing imo! 🔵
Jack Wilshire wonders why he's not allowed to say the N word but black people are
Jack Wilshire goal vs Norwich last season was quality, what a goal tbf
I hope Jack Wilshire is Watching Marco Veratti play. Could learn a thing or two from him.
In fact, Verratti reminds me of Jack Wilshire.but talented
Maximilian Meyer will be some player in the future .typical home grown German... what do England have? Jack fall over Wilshire.
Google trends says the only time fracas has been searched more was after Jack Wilshire assaulted someone
Difficult to see Jack Wilshire being an automatic choice when fit. is performing like a new signing
I may launch a range - to include John Terry and Jack Wilshire.
Is jack Wilshire still a footballer ? ⚽️
Doors up at Glendon and Wilshire. Stop by and try a wild Boar burger with cherry peppers and jack cheese. AKA the Gut buster
Arsenal's Jack Wilshire looks chuffed with his new boots!.
I'll trade you di Maria for Jack Wilshire
Edin Hazard spends almost as much time on his bum as Jack Wilshire, & Michael Oliver is not a big team ref!
I wonder what England international Jack Wilshire thinks when he looks at England international Brad Barritt.
Today in 2012 - Jack Wilshire & Lukas Podolski scored as Arsenal beat Montpelier 2-0 at the Emirates
Not a Jack Wilshire fan at all but that was class 👌
Joe Hart, Luke Shaw, Jack Wilshire and Ricky Lambert from England football squad pay a visit to Cineworld in Burton- see pictures at...
Or Kieran Gibbs, Jack Wilshire and Mikel Arteta. Average at best. ;-)
Jake Humphreys has just described Jack Wilshire's Las Vegas holiday as 'hedonistic'. 1 Lambert & Butler. . Renegade.
How women are watching the World Cup. Underdogs & David Ospina popular, Jack Wilshire not so
Matt Dawson up there with Jack Wilshire and Vernon Kay in my list of people I despise
Jack Wilshire gives you creativity with his little dinks etc
Three things faster than Jack Wilshire... A stone (being sat on by an elephant), a frozen snail, the white cliffs of Dover.
I kinda like Jack Wilshire. Come England give me some thing to cheer about
I think England will get out of their group at the WC. They have a really different mix of players to last time, and can play with a lot more dynamism. Rooney is not the only legitimate goal threat - indeed, said threat seems to have increased two or three times from the WC2010 team. Look at who England have replaced. Instead of the likes of Aaron Lennon, Joe Cole, Stephen Warnock, Shaun Wright-Phillips and Emile Heskey, England are bringing Sterling, Barkley, Sturridge, Henderson, Adam Lallana, even the skunky Jack Wilshire can be expected to outshine Joe Cole or Emile Heskey. Italy for one team only have two forwards with any real International pedigree - Balotelli and Cassano - neither of whom are who one might describe as 'professional'. Indeed, a look through their squad only reveals a sliver of the teams that would have been a real worry for opponents in the past - Buffon is there, as is Chiellini, but throughout the rest of the squad only De Rossi and Pirlo can claim to be international threats. Ur ...
Wayne Rooney and Jack Wilshire in action during an England training session
Think Paul Scholes was being kind to Jack Wilshire when he said he hasn't improved. He's gone backwards. Rastafarians spend less time on the grass than Wilshire, his *** must have grass burns it's had that much contact with the ground.
Am I missing something with Jack Wilshire? He's so average.
is going to be the better version of Jack Wilshire .
Curtis Davies, Alex Bruce, David Meyler, Liam Rosenior. Unsung Heros but they worked their socks off today. Sum it up - they put on Jack Wilshire we stick one eye on
The England manager Roy Hodgson named his England squad for the 2014 World in Brazil, which kicks off in a months time on 12th June 2014. There has been some concern about his squad selection, and the lack of experience in some key areas, particularly in the midfield, where he chosed a mixture of experience and some young talents. With 35year Frank Lampard, 33 year old Steven Gerrard and 28 yearJames Milner the most experienced. Along side them, Ross Barkley, Raheem Sterling, Alex Oxlade-Chamberlain and Jack Wilshire, Jordan Henderson, Adam Lallana. Hodgson also left out some experienced players, in Michael Carrick and Ashley Cole, who after receiving the news last night decided to call time on his illustrious International career and retired, after 107 England caps. Cole has not played much football this season for his Club Chelsea, as José Mourinho preferred Ceasar Azplicueta in the left back position and in the end cost him his place in the England squad. Some critics say he should been selected for h ...
People rant and rave about Jack Wilshire and Ross Barkley being the best young talent this country has! I've got two words that make them sound silly. RAHEEM STIRLING
Video: Robin Van Persie, Leo Messi and Jack Wilshire immortalised by street artists Nabeel
Didn't realise Scott Parker, Matt Dawson and Jack Wilshire were such good actors. Stick to your day job!
Oxlade-chamberlain, Ross Barkley, and Jack Wilshire in the middle for England would be class⚽️ 👌
Did Brendan Rogers tell Daniel Agger to crock Jack Wilshire? And by the way Rob Watson and Julian Marsh, this thread is football so stay out.
Bayern's keeper Manuel Neuer had more passes than Jack Wilshire.
A look at the business each club needs to do during the January transfer window. Arsenal What They Need: Strikers What They Need To Do: Even though the season is only at the halfway point, the Gunners look as though they are good value for the title. The acquisition of Mesut Ozil over the summer added some much needed star power to their ranks and the upturn in form of fellow youngsters Aaron Ramsey and Jack Wilshire have come as a pleasant surprise. However, Wenger's dilly-dallying in the transfer market over the summer meant that another top class striker wasn't added when they really needed one. The Injury to Lukas Podolski was unforeseen, and Theo Walcott's own problems only added to the desperate situation. Olivier Giroud has done well to carry the burden virtually on his own, but he can't do it alone for much longer, so it is now time for the club to break out the chequebook and spash out on a new goal getter to ensure that they maintain the pace at the top of the tree. Who They've Been Linked With: ...
GOAL!! Two goals in as many minutes as Theo Walcott chips the keeper with the inside of his foot. Assist from a fantastic through ball by Jack Wilshire. Arsenal 2 - 0 Cardiff City Come On Arsenal!!
love that Jack Wilshire's favourite Christmas present is Dennis Bergkamp's autobiography!
Jack Wilshire is a poor man's Ross Barkley.
In 2 years time these will be the top 5 players. 1 Gareth Bale. 2 Marco Reus . 3 Mario Gotze. 4 Aaron Ramsey . 5 Jack Wilshire
ah just rewound it and they said it's the birthplace of Ashley Young, Jack Wilshire and Kevin Phillips - Claim to fame
ARSENAL NEWS CONFERENCE Arsenal manager Arsene Wenger: "The players need to keep a good focus at the moment. We want to keep the same level of urgency and hunger and we want to take advantage of playing earlier than our rivals this weekend. I just want to make sure I deliver to this club what they are expecting. The fans don't need to question my commitment." On Ryan Giggs: "He reminds me a bit of [Dennis] Bergkamp. To deliver these performances at 40 is something special." Wenger on Olivier Giroud and Jack Wilshire: "He [Olivier] uses his body well and his link-up play is very good. Jack is an intelligent player who finds little holes on the pitch and can use his ability to turn a game."
Jack Wilshire has well nice hands, oh dear
I swear march 25th fight night me vs jack at 1710 Wilshire pl be there..
7 - jack wilshire  you're my brother. on and off the field I always have your back no matter what. ily 
How many goals has jack wilshire scored this season? ---Kaushik
I liked a video from Fifa14 Blistering Shot "Jack Wilshire" "Xbox one"
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I wilshire but certain nigas won't get jack
Ffs he's name isn't Wiltshire or Wilshire bloody *** its JACK WIlSHERE
This is kind of a day late but GOT *** Jack Wilshire is having one *** of a season
his bandy legged running style makes him the Spanish Jack Wilshire - similar players in stature if not styled IMO
Isco is a much much better version of jack wilshire!
I bet she's Jack Wilshire's favourite cook.
"If Wilshire can score a brace anything is possible "Guys Antonio scored. How"" Ndauka no Jack's a good player.
Jack Wilshire's player of the year so far is Giroud
Jack Wilshire is so beautiful with that smile of his! 😪
Is it me or does Jack Wilshire have a distinct way of running?
Arsenal need jack wilshire and arron ramsey
Why does everyone in Thailand think i look like Jack wilshire
jack wilshire. Cocaine is popular amongst youngsters these days an another note isn’t it.Notes r passé when it comes to snorting.
As a West Ham fan I hate to admit this, but as an England fan I am proud... Jack Wilshire last night was sensational.
Jack Wilshire's first and second Champions League goals for Arsenal secured a 2-0 victory for his team last night...
WATCH: Jack Wilshire scored twice as Arsenal topped Marseille
Finally caught up on Champions League. Jack Wilshire! Go Gunners go!!
2x goals in midweek for Jack Wilshire. Superb effort, but he's still an average player that's being over hyped because he's english.
I got 2 go have a pint 4 Mr Jack Wilshire
At 18 Jack Wilshire was man of the match against Barcelona At 18 Tom Cleverly was playing for leistester city Stupid debate over !
All of a sudden Jack Wilshire is better than messi because he scored 2 goals in a match against the worst team in the group
Jack wilshire amazing game job done well played arsenal
“Chief football writer on why Jack Wilshire's goalscoring form is good news for Arsenal and England" Wilshere* 😔
Who's this Jack Wilshire lad? Is he any relation to Jack Wilshere at all?
anchors are clueless when it comes to soccer, I'm pretty sure Jack Wilshire didn't score with a left HANDED shot
Pronounced Jack Wilshire's name wrong... Then made a joke about not knowing him... Soccer is a sport too espn.. Thanks!
UEFA Champions League ROUND UP (TUESDAY): Group E: Basel piled more misery on Chelsea with a shock 1-0 victory over the table toppers. The Swiss side had already beaten the Blues in the group’s opening match at Stamford Bridge, and they made sure of the ‘double’ thanks to Mohamed Salah’s late strike. In fact, Chelsea failed to get a shot on target all night, but remain top of the table. The other match saw Steaua Bucharest hold Schalke to a goalless draw, meaning it the Germans will be involved in a straight shootout with Basel in the final match of the group. GROUP F: Arsenal are on the verge of qualifying for the next round after a 2-0 win at home to Marseille. Jack Wilshire scored after only 27 seconds, and added another after the break. Mezit Ozil missed a penalty, but the Gunners were good value for the three points. Borussia Dortmund kept their Champions League dreams alive with a crucial 3-1 win against Napoli. Marco Reus settled the nerves with an early goal before Jakub Blaszczykowski dou ...
*repeating myself again* Jack Wilshire is England's best talent produced in recent times. He can play in any team and league in the world. He is a soildier
Arsenal:while some were dead asleep,@ Emmirates was burning as Jack Wilshire hit a brace to sink Marseille
Its over in Emirate Arsenal 2 vs Mersile 0. Thanks to 2goals 4m Jack Wilshire. We are about 2 Qualify 4m group stages. Up Gunners
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Jack Wilshire scores a goal in the 1st MINUTE of the game? Go (Yes, I know this is a delayed broadcast. Don't tell me who wins.)
I heard Jack Wilshire and then the words "World Class" 😂
I don't no much about football but I do no one thing Jack Wilshire is one sexy man😜
Jack Wilshire scored twice as Arsenal topped Marseille (VIDEOS)
Great seeing jack wilshire getting back to his best and Ramsey just gets better and better!
If jack Wilshire plays and scores like tht for England maybe we could win more games at world cup, Jack the lad from Hitchin
Me and Jamie Michael Shelley have never rated Jack Wilshire...but then again...who would?
Arsenals jack wilshire. What team does he have at heart?
Jack wilshire defo hurt his ankle today bow legged
I give it a year n a half of sustained fitness before Jack Wilshire establishes himself as our MAIN player.
Jack Wilshire needs to calm his little temper down,and he will be a class player.
It was a fairly straight forward win as jack wilshire strikes twice to ease arsenal to victory over marseille.i cldnt be much happier with the lads tonyt.
Emma thought jack wilshire was Jamie carragher 🙈
Bingo gunners.beat by 2 goal from jack
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