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Jack White

Jack White (John Anthony Gillis; born July 9, 1975), often credited as Jack White III, is an American musician, singer, songwriter, record producer, multi-instrumentalist and occasional actor.

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They only suck once in awhile, unlike JayZ and Beyonce, Jack White, Nancy/Liz/Schumer…
To quote philosopher Jack White: you can blame a baby for her pregnant ma, if there's one of these unavoidable laws..
Dax Riggs is like Jack White but way cooler because he was in Acid Bath
Jack White is looking too much like Kelly Cutrone these days.
2009, White Stripes Meg White married Jackson Smith at ex-husband and bandmate Jack White's home. Jack and Meg White divorced in 2000.
There was a month in the first Bush II term when I wondered if Loretta Lynn dated Jack White. You see kids, we all drank in them days.
Listen to the album "Van Lear Rose" by Loretta and Jack White. You won't regret it.
Jam with Nas and Jack White as they cover a 1928 blues hit Nas calls "the starting point of rap"…
7:55am Portland Oregon by Loretta Lynn and Jack White from Van Lear Rose
Jack White teams up with alumnus Robert Redford to produce the series 'American Epic' premiering on PBS this May.
(Straight):In conversation with a legendary performer: : By the time White went solo in 2012 with..
Chi Alpha Sigma outgoing Prez Danika Burton swearing in new Prez Jack White. Jack gave a great speech!
Jack Russell is predominantly white in coloration (more than 51%) with black and/or tan markings.
He picked and chose who died. My sister specifically remembers him dismissing the white women to shoot the black ones.…
I have photoshopped on Snow White, to make him a princess! (Requested by
Union Jack flag colours are Red, White and Blue. Bearing in mind the new tenants for 2017/18 any chance of repainting seats
Pepper-Jack or white Cheddar Cheezits are hard to put down.
Another young White man killed by a racist black who was incited and encouraged by the (((media))) to attack White people.…
Got told I look like a Scottish Jack White today, that's a polite way of saying my hair is out of control mental
Give me the Irish Republican Army . Give me the green, white & gold every time
Jack! Could you come over here for a moment? NOW!!!
Angel that white kid that used to work at jack, long hair dude .. remember him?
There is no more appropriate song for right now! Jack White is prophetic
Union Jack flag cotton car accessories , red, white and blue with FREE shipping
Former Home Secretary and MP Jack Straw said, "These Pakistani heritage men view white English girls as "easy meat.". http…
I added a video to a playlist Gordon White | Depolarization, Decentralization, & Jack Sparrow
all that white is efflorescence from water migration through Portland cement
For all my friends who love 80's Hair bands-. FireHouse AND Jack Russel's Great White are both performing ❤️
The air in front of Jack rippled, a line of white appearing, then widening.
Did you pick this guy? He is clearly identifying as a white supremacist 👌
Hold on *** You are white. So you directly are to blame for slavery, by your rules and…
A racist bigot trying to doxx me. His name is Jack Blows Goats. He's trying to represent straight white men. He's doing it poorly. 😂
for reference a lot of my art is marked with the gray timestamp and jack's with the white timestamps, I apologize for confusion
I don't trust anyone who doesn't like Led Zeppelin.- Jack White
My top 15 Jack White songs from all bands and his solo albums. Originally to be top 10 but I could…
Living in a leftist city with 83% white people makes me wonder if white people are worth jack.
His dad on MY rookie card. I'm in the stands in the white shirt after the k in Ja…
--loved Jack as a platonic Friend. Even if he had been curious as to whether all his hair was white. Or whether he would be--
Why is the jack white $30? Thought we were trying to beat the flippers not become them. Was shocked to p…
I thought Vince Staples sounded like Jack White on his feature on Gorrillaz's new album, idk I'm just saying.
Which one have I NOT been to?. Jack White. Grace Potter. ZZ Top. Aerosmith. Foghat. Marshall Tucker. Black Oak Arkansas...
.and Jack White star in American Epic music documentary trailer - watch here htt…
Day 24: A song by a band you wish was still together. Jack White's solo stuff is good, but can't compare to this IMO
Just found this in my record pile. Yes, a record pile. Remember them. Jack White does
See Elton John play the blues with Jack White in trailer for "American Epic"
heyyy they had Jack White's Love Interruption. super cool
Meet Black Singles 300x250
Music review: Karen Elson didn't need Jack White to give her "Double Roses."
Listen to: Jack White releases his NEW song ‘Battle Cry.’
Listen to Jack White's surprise new single "Battle Cry"! -
I could hear this being chanted in stadiums ~ Jack White - "Battle Cry"
Jack White unveils surprise new single 'Battle Cry'
Listen to the new single, Battle Cry, from Jack White, that he just dropped on us, out of the blue.
Mexicans when WW3 starts and white ppl want to escape to Mexico but there's a wall
Jack White’s first new song in 3 years is here
New Jack White out today too. It's an instrumental.. but still, points to to new album I'd guess.
Jack Rocks lines up killer 7 for tour including Trampolene, The Blinders and White Room: https…
Coming up on Eurosport Player tonight: Jimmy White looking to turn a 5-4 deficit against Jack Lisowski into a qualifying win.
there's an old man with white hair & his head is down & has sunglasses on top of his head & I swear I saw jack skellington
Jack White unveils surprise new single “Battle Cry
Jack White's new song was made to play in ballparks (Big League Stew)
I'm a simple man. Jack White puts out a new single, I listen to it until my ears bleed.
Jimmy White is in a high-scoring match with Jack Lisowski but can he come out winner? 🔴. All the markets 👉
Jack White's new song is literally designed, at least in part, to be played in ballparks. Batter up!
Just been looking at the scores from today. Jimmy White still in it at 5-4 down to Jack Lisowski!
Jack White drops surprise new single “Battle Cry
American Dauphin: Jared Kushner's Unique Position of Power in the White House | My blog
That awkward moment when blames the loss on the white guys but the white guys scored the majority of your points.…
Lavar Ball talking about the white boys on UCLA like his son wasn't the one who got grilled, cooked, sautéed, flambéd b…
Jack White releases surprise new instrumental track 'Battle Cry'
Surprise! Jack White has shared a blistering new instrumental called 'Battle Cry'!
in 1984 Jack Morris throws a no-hitter against White Sox. Read about it:
Hear new song "Battle Cry", which soundtracks a promotional film for his sporting good company Warstic:
Shock new Jack White material released. Listen to 'Battle Cry' here:
"I thought let's have a lot of fun & we did.". The Club's greatest ever goalscorer, returns to White Har…
"People are just tired of the disposable nature of music for the last 10, 15 years." Jack White about vinyl resurgence & Third…
Jack White just told my sister she has a really cute baby
Free Deep Chocolate VitaMuffins on $79
On this day back in 2011, I broke the news of Frank Black and Jack White's 'Gray Music' collaboration.
after a few Jack White tunes, button and cotton will sound foreign to you.
How is this happening? The only other celebrity he's vaguely aware of and likes is Jack White because he was on American Pickers.
My husband surprised me with tickets to see Jack White at Madison Square Garden. An unforgettable night…
This girl is injecting a much needed breath of fresh air on electric blues, as Jack White once did ♫
Jack White on why small cities are best for creativity. Alice Munro has a similar line. Great Nyer profile
Best part of 'Quantum of Solace' was opening theme song by Jack White & Alicia Keys. Barely.
Amy Winehouse, Beyoncé, Jack White and Jay Z having a chat at Glastonbury, 2008
Third Man Pressing is open for business in Detroit, manufacturing vinyl records for Jack White's label and others.
Jack White & open “first recording pressing plant in the U.S. with all-new equipment in 35 years” https:…
Jack White speaks about pressing plant at Third Man Records
“Everything is possible”: Jack White gives a tour of Third Man’s new pressing plant
Taylor Swift, Ed Sheeran, Kendrick Lamar, Avril Lavigne, Lady Gaga, Alison Mosshart and Jack White were all there...
Jack White was celebrating the grand opening of his record label’s vinyl pressing plant.
How is Parker Millsap not a world-crushing superstar? Looks like DiCaprio and wails on the guitar like Jack White
I had a dream last night that when we moved to Nashville, Jack White invited me over to hook up and Kirk gave me a hall pass lmao
That new Tribe album is wonderful, by the way. Anderson Paak, Elton John, Busta, Jack White, Andre 3000 -- collaborations are incredible.
Put dispenser here! This is going down in history. - the white raven of the ocean called Jack spedicy 2
Mornin, didn't make it past Raconteurs love me Jack White
Fast delivery on Straight to Angled 3.5mm Stereo Jack Cable 3m White £0.70, from Cabledepot
Hi ✌️Still don't get that I am white listed do you. 🤣🤣🤣
3 years now the White Pear has been at sea with Cap'n Jack at the helm
Whenever Jack and I go on dates I swear the old white people look at us with so much confusion lol. SORRY we look perfect together?!
Jack Russells Great White on Billboard. Looks like we are doin…
does Jack Moore realize that whites make up only 15% of the worlds population. White men 7%, and we get blamed for…
I checked it out for you, Jack "off" Moore, but the color of your feces won't change your skin color.- Hitler was white also.
It's black history month more brownskin Michael Jackson pics than white Mike Jack please
Have you noticed this whitening of the service sector? These grocery stores are all of a sudden full of old white folks.
and - White is the Coldest Colour – Dr Galbraith Book 1 Writer: John Nicholl Narrator: Jack Urry.
Joe and Jack on is so annoying with this white mans fake Carribian accent for the only black lady on the show 😒.
Jack White's $$$ might have something to do with football
They call me Riley. I am a tan and white, neutered male, who looks like a Jack (Parso…
Fast delivery on White 3.5mm Male Jack Plug to Female Socket Cable 3m £0.85, from TVCables
All I want is for Beyoncé to perform Don't Hurt Yourself w/ Jack White at the Grammys & then announce that they're forming a band together.
you're not doing JACK about white supremacist groups like the NPI & Neo-Nazi thugs. Guess you don't wanna hurt your base...
Julian Casablancas and Jack White at the Niagara bar, 2002.
I like how Jack's space suit turns black with white outlines in space for no reason beyond that it looks cooler tha…
you put people on a pedestal and white knight everything and treat Sean like is a slave-
the yellow and white are phono connectors but red looks like a DC jack
There is no winter White House, jack ***
Jack Moore is a writer for "Dear White People" on Netflix and he writes about Politics for GQ…
All white forces u can't go wrong his old keep em in a bag to😂😂😂
I wish I had a pet White tiger or a pet Timber wolf
ok Sam (not only am i addressing you I'm stressing every other white male, cause you people all called Sam or jack ffs)
This thread is mental, & not because of the milk, or 'white supremacists'. Jack is a lunatic.
Jack White is the kind of guy you can look at dead in the eyes, and just know he's wearing snakeskin boots, without ever lo…
Oh, you drink milk? Congratulations you're now a white supremacist. Thanks Jack Smith IV.
While I'm in Las Vegas, I'll see Adam Ant at the (the venue where I saw Jack White two years ago).
Karen Elson releases new song, says former rivals Jack White and the Black Keys’ Patrick Carney are now “friends”
Jack White and Woody Harrelson are circling a stolen peddle pub around Rainey St! Try to join if you want but seems lik…
I think of Jack White or Rhett Miller with a stripped down guitar sound. Her playin is similar IMO
Jack White is what happens when a Tim Burton movie becomes sentient
Again, if you have a for Jack White (hockey technical advisor, referee, and varsity coach in D3), ask it now.
Beyoncé and Jack White are performing together at the Grammys, DHY is on the 2017 Grammy album and DHY is snatching best roc…
T: You should learn to play drums so we can be The Yellow Stripes. Me: I can play like Meg White. T: I can't play like Jack White so nevermind
Jack White has redesigned a couch likely used by Bob Dylan from Sam Phillips Recording studio htt…
Jack White is working the lunch shift at a restaurant Ry Cooder used to frequent.
Jack White & Margo Price make for a lovely duet. 🎶
I DON'T CARE what the news says I'm not buying a kindle fire until Jack White apologizes for not recognizing Matchbox Twenty as iconic.
Listen: Cat Stevens/Yusuf has re-recorded his song 'I Love My Dog' for Jack White's label
"Wild Billy Childish sounds like Jack White" hold me back!!!.
Rock Calendar 12-24-03:Jack White (White Stripes) turns himself in to face charges for allegedly assaulting Jason Stollstei…
The Queen of Rockabilly, once dated Elvis, counts Jack White as a fan & can still rock your socks.
Cat Stevens -- a.k.a. Yusuf -- teamed up with Jack White for a new single.
Jack White is an acquired taste for some but there is no doubting his talent - Joe
Song of the day, fits the global mood: Jack White - Top Yourself (Amex UNSTAGED) via
Jack White - Lazaretto Pfieuw, i could play a lot of more heavy noise, if i didn't have neighbours ;)
Jack White teaches Jimmy Page and The Edge how to play Seven Nation Army via
Jack White nails a 3 from the corner with Augustana's British guard Jordan Spencer on defense. Penal colony my ***
Auston Matthews looks exactly like Jack White. I think they're the same person.
A Tribe Called Quest enlist Jack White, Andre 3000, Kendrick Lamar for new album
.new album out next week feats. André 3000, Jack White, more
Do people talk about how much Matthews looks like Jack White or is it just me?
Does Auston Matthews not look like Jack White's (White Stripes) love child?
Sam Riley and Jack White look exactly like each other.
The aim was to be zombie Jamie and Andy Murray. Think we've ended up as Jack White and Michael Jackson.
by Jack White is playing. Or as I like to call it, the theme song to Beverly Hills 90210
How could it get better: Jack White teaching Jimmy Page& The Edge how to play 7 Nation Army.
Watching WALK HARD: A Dewey Cox Story. I forgot how funny this film is. Also, Jack White plays Elvis in this. So random, but so good.
So honored to be in the new house band. Tune in tonight at 5 pm CT. Also on the show are Jack White, and…
Join me in watching Prairie Home host Chris Thile, Jack White, Lake Street Dive, Maeve Higgins!
Guys guys guys. Lake Street Dive, Jack White, Maeve Higgins and Sarah Jarosz for Chris Thile's first...
Union-Trib ♦ This country singer's debut has even got Jack White excited
Jack White looks like Michael Cera, if he went as Johnny Depp for Halloween.
the mic kept shocking Jack White in the mouth so the owner took a dirty wool sock from a hippy to cover it and that was that
OnTop? Vote for: Jack White & Gary Oldman in The White Room for Amex UNSTAGED >
how did manage to look like Anthony Kiedis, Jack White, *** Jagger and Paul McCartney in that pshoot
All we need to rock is a tambourine and a bass guitar. Eat it, Jack White.
We're giving away this Jack White test pressing. To win just sign up to our mailing list
Jools Bingo tonight ticked all boxes ...however love it when a new Band blow Sting ,Jack White ,even Kings of Leon offstage
Collectible Lifelike Baby Dolls, Porcelain Dolls a
Michel Gondry surprised Jack White with a music video, and it's the sweetest:
My Rushmore would be; Jack White, Beck, Billy Joe Armstrong and Jeff Tweedy. Id love to her what others think.
comparing SpotifyReleases charts results of Nick Cave, Tori Amos, Jack White, Peter Gabriel, Robert Glasper and Bastille is depressing
lol so when Obama is in the White House he takes all the blame, when Bush is in White House it's Dems fault.
Jack White launches interactive timeline of his entire back catalogue
Coca Cola - What Goes Around comes Around by Jack White on
Hozier got one. Lee Ann Womack got two. Jack White got three. shares her coveted Peachy Pie recipe. https:/…
Actually all the Craig Bond songs have been pretty stellar. Jack White/Alicia Keys also quite rockin'. Powerful.
>remove headphone jack. >no music and charging at the same time. >spend money to do both. >no conversion from $ to £
My God, they can talk in circles until their tongues bleed, can't they?
Hey! I am an unaltered male, white and brown Jack (Parson) Russell Ter…
"Corr jack come over here n take a picture of me reading this book by good old oli White"
I grew up in the 90s in the time of grunge when if you didn't go on stage in jeans and a T sh
Jack Jack Jack so incredibly handsome. How could there be so much hate in one so good looking. Thugs come from the White House 2
Jack White ends live hiatus for first-ever solo acoustic TV performance
At the listening party for "Jack White Acoustic Recordings 1998-2016"
Whenever I see a long line around a block in Hollywood:. "Is it A Jack White Thing, A Kanye Thing, or A Shia Thing?"
If my last name was White, I would name my children Jack and Snow. Maybe even if they were the same gender. One would have to suck it up.
68/100 cont... Jack White's bluegrass version of Top Yourself is possibly now one of my all time fave songs! 😍
Jack White listening party tomorrow at 12.30. Hopefully should have some things to give away!
Jack White unearths The White Stripes’ lost Coca-Cola commercial “Love is the Truth” | Consequence of Sound
Folks who worked in the White House when Trump ran his birther campaign don't want an apology. They want him to get clobbe…
Jack White rolls out new interactive timeline to explore his career
it's just as we expected. every straight white male at is Jack Donaghy . but we've known that for a while
This song just caught my aux cord on fire 🔥🔥
The interactive timeline is pretty cool.
I had a dream that Jack White came to visit me in the psych ward (escorted by to tell me that he needed my help with a song
Jack White - Jack White Acoustic Recordings 1998-2016: stripped back, less-is-more tunes
New Jack White acoustic album is out tomorrow and I cannot wait.
Read feature on and their contribution to the film ‘American Epic’.
I'm working on a song called Jack White, it's not about Jack White but it's inspired by him.
Jack White will release an acoustic album tomorrow & it features an interactive timeline! Check it out!
would you rather hogan or Kevin white as your 4th WR (bench player)
saw a guy at Carnival this year with a "Britain's Goth Talent" t-shirt on. It included a grey and white Union Jack. Was odd.
unearths The White Stripes' lost Coca-Cola commercial "Love is the Truth":
Jack White: Acoustic Recordings 1998-2016 review – stripped back but still elusive. Sounds like a winner!
Jack Black and Betty White. Jennifer Grey trying to remain neutral.
'Hollywood movies are still very white, straight, and male, study says': "Hollywood is very *** women."
New releases tomorrow include Jack White and many others.
Kurt Cobain, Robert Johnson, Jimmy Hendrix, Jack White... all started at this stage. If they can learn so can you
Jack White, Andrew Eisele, and Matt Devens all with goals. Ian Baker, Tommy Gotsch, and Gavin O'Halloran all with an assist!
Does Peaky Blinders have a deal with Jack White bc all they play is the White Stripes and The Raconteurs
My top 3 to a T. I've always said: Jimi, Jimmy, and Eddie. However, slash, Jack White, and Tom Morello could be...
Saya suka video Jimmy Page,Jack White and The Edge playing ,,In my time of dying"
One of my favourite Bond tracks from the Daniel Craig series (after Jack White's of course) "Writing's on the Wall"
NOW: Blues Power with Bernard!. Tunes from Jimmy Rogers, John Mayall, Jack White and more!.
Jack White & will soon attempt to spin a record where no one has played one before
Jack White joins Nashville's new Gender Equity Council -- read his speech
Danny Whalley, Elliot Toner, Matty Rigby and Tunde Owolabi are on for Luke Edwards, Jack White, George Webster and Dale Korie-Butler.
and I also share with. Jack White. Courtney Love. OJ Simpson. Tom Hanks. Isaac Brock. Steven Avery . and more loll
*from 2001 John Peel Sessions*. JP: Shall we break for an hour, or keep playing?. Jack White: *exhausted* Let's talk a break, please, Mr Peel.
Another Way To Die by Alicia Keys and Jack White is the best Bond theme song and if you disagree get out.
The drummer in Yak looks like the weird lovechild of Harrison Koisser and Jack White
In my opinion, the only obvious dud title songs are the ones by Madonna, Alicia Keys/Jack White and Sam Smith.
Hey listen of XXI Century. Now playing Jack White - Freedom At 21 on.
...that's right you got me shakin'". I'm Shakin' - Jack White. *10/10 cover of Little Willie John song
Haven't heard this in forever Sixteen Saltines by Jack White ♫
I've had Jack White's Sixteen Saltines stuck in my head since I read this. Thanks.
Great excerpt from a book topping my read list. on Why can’t Jack White and Dan Auerbach be friends?
Dear Bushwick Dirtbag, you can point at me and say "Jim Gaffigan!" but only if I can point at you and say "Jack White covered in burns!"
Dude, I adore Jack White and Ghost, and absolutely hate Dave Matthews and Sheryl Crow. I doubt it. But it's a sweet thought.
Interesting same thanks Amazing shot by Jack White & support. On iTunes now for Beautiful Times ft.
too big of a fish in the small pond known as Okemos so he pulled a Jack White.
I vote for a festival to include Alabama Shakes, Secret Sisters, John Paul White, ... and maybe even Jack White
I think Jack White had an Arizona love child and his name was Auston Matthews..
Later today Toni Tennille, Jack White's column. General Michael S Tucker plus Money and Politics and Talk Media news on Bernier
Does anyone else see that Auston Matthews looks like a clean-cut Jack White, or is that just me?
Ouch. Jack White 3LP box sets with 3D hologram cover boxes and tons of swag are half this price. I love y'all but dizzamn
Can we just appreciate the beauty of the fact that Beyoncé and Jack White have a song together?
My uncle is so anti-technology that he makes Jack White look like a poser
Any given day I am probably listening to Two Against One by Danger Mouse, Daniele Luppi, and Jack White
Isaac Brock is worth $4.5m and Jack White is worth $30m. Sorry gonna have to dump your ***
I used to think I was gonna marry Blake Griffin, Jack White, Johnny Depp and Robert Downey Jr. at the same time.
Only surviving this day because of at this point. The peak perfection is Don't Hurt Yourself ft. Jack White
I want love to... Love Interruption by Jack White ♫
Beyonce's new album features Jack White, Kendrick Lamar, and Serena Williams
The singer of Wolfmother is the perfect cross of Jack White and Robert Plant.
Lamar, garage rocker Jack White and the young R&B sensation The Weeknd.
My new wet dream: Bey releasing an album with Jack White and Father John Misty
Jack White + writing credits from Animal Collective and Father John Misty alright alright Beyonce you have my attention
this is going to be me when Jimmy Page, Slash, or Jack White dies. Sad about this 1, but those 3 will be worse 4 me
Watch a preview of Jack White's upcoming 'Acoustic in Alaska' DVD
My cover of Jack White's Love Interruption is up! Here's the link
My sleep-deprived brain remembered that Jack White's Love Interruption was a thing, so that's a plus for today.
Jack White, Omar Rodriguez-Lopez and John Mayer are the most technical, most talented guitarists currently making music.
Would have to do it with Jack White and Mike Myers as Dieter in tow, obviously
Both sides of my Jack White with the Electric Mayhem 45 have a side A label. $$$ for error?
Ok, I'm hating anyone that got the Jack White and the Electric Mayhem record today 'cause I couldn't find it, nothing personal
Easily my favorite of the day: "You Are The Sunshine Of My Life" by Jack White & the Electric Mayhem on green vinyl!
Does anything on Jack White's Third Man label come into this?
yea she's rad as *** Signed to Jack White's Third Man Records
I HAD to look up who you were talking about. She's on Third Man Records (i.e. Jack White), so country hipster. Nice call!
Deadlines make you creative. -Jack White. And if you need some help being creative with your papers, stop in and see us!…
Pictures surface of Andre 3000 allegedly working on a new album with Chris Rock, Dave Chappelle, Jack White and more
I had a dream Jack White worked at my work in night fill and Jacob Wysocki was there trying to make him a vegetable smoothie
They stole the phrase 'puting manners' from the Citizen Army's Jack White who had different ideas to supporting the RIC
frank jackson, jayson tatum, harry giles, Javin DeLaurier and Jack White ? I just read an article right after i asked you lol.
DT, Allen, Matt, Luke, FJ, Tatum, Giles, Amile, Jeter, Jack White, Javin, Obi, Robinson, Vrank make 14 & we can only have 13.
Jayson Tatum, Harry Giles, Frank Jackson, Javin DeLaurier, and Jack White. 5 big time incoming freshmen. With Amile back with the redshirt
Jack White, Dan Auerbach, Dave Grohl, Brandon Flowers. sure they probably all hate each other, but it could be fun.
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