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Jack Warner

Jack Leonard J. L. Warner (August 2, 1892 – September 9, 1978), born Jacob Warner in London, Ontario, was a Canadian American film executive who was the president and driving force behind the Warner Bros.

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Had to be back then. Davis stood up for herself w/ Jack Warner. And Crawford had a miserable childhood
Another discovery of corruption by Jack Warner. He used $500k of public funds to enrich himself. Hopefully they make the…
Warner Bros. had an arrowverse promo vid playing and the only time they showed Lena was when she was making out wit…
Jon Bones Jones vs Brock Steroid Boy. Bones Jones gunna whoop that man..
Jon Jones is back... the only person who cab beat him is himself.
It's funny how the harder I work, the more successful I become. -Jack Warner
Oh upthread I confused Fox with Warner, Jack W produced confessions of a Nazi spy himself. Put me in a dungeon for a thousand years,
Birthday shoutout 🍻 (sorry this was the first picture I found 🙂)
not to "actually" you I know this whole thing is Your Thing but wasn't that warner? didn't jack produ…
And a personal police escort down jack Warner Pkwy to finish the First time I ever chased a cop, that's for sure.
Happy birthday to the brilliant David Warner. Best Jack the Ripper and best Bob Cratchit. Some feat!
[Author: kara-warner-and-ale-russian] It can be easy for a young actor to get lost next...
These had a positive impact on your life
Leah got me Kendrick Lamar tickets for my birthday 💯💯💯💯
Rattigan also wrote cricket movie The Final Test with Jack Warner directed by Anthony Asquith. . Lovely intv
It actually has a very similar tone and that same playful weirdness. Warner tried to title it A FRENCH VAMPIRE IN AMERICA.
also Warner Archive have done BATMAN: MASK OF THE PHANTASM and WOLFEN
1) THE HIDDEN is awesome, 2) Warner Archive is generally region free so it should be fine on UK players.
Could get a surprise Best Picture nomination at the thinks so:
Colin Warner served 21 years for a crime he didn’t commit. Watch the trailer for based on his true stor…
With a Kurt Warner pillow on a Jack del Rio comforter? Just asking for some ah friends...
Join us in Celebrating Jack Warner's 100th birthday today. Although Jack passed away five months ago, his legacy...
This last season of last chance u was kinda sad
TIL when Jack Warner asked Harry Warner (founders of Warner Bros.) about actors speaking in talkies using new tech…
is reportedly getting a serious Oscar campaign from Warner Bros.
Thank you for a wonderful night. At the house Jack Warner built
Hallmark Channel Gala in LA at Jack Warner estate. Hollywood glamour!
Dr Rowley may be the self proclaimed blackest man in the country. But Jack Warner was the self proclaimed HNIC. Han…
Allyuh remember when Jack Warner speaking in Parliament said he was the HNIC.
Bob Warner dry heaves after lying flat on the floor of a train carriage.
(1952) Raj Kapoor receiving the key to Warner Brothers Studio, from Jack Warner of Warner Bros, Hollywood.
England World Cup bid team broke Fifa rules when courting Jack Warner
Garcia report: at Jack Warner's request the FA secured a job at Spurs and Aston Villa for a random family friend. Insert T…
I can't believe that Fox has hired a crook like Jack Warner as an analyst. Pathetic!!!
Jack Warner to Robert Aldrich:"If it's twilight for us,it's midnight for them" referring to Joan Crawford &Bette Davis
Im soo proud of Bob & MamaCita for sticking up for themselves. *** yesss!!! Jack Warner def deserve to be told off 👊
This episode of is about the twilight of the careers of Joan Crawford, Hedda Hopper, and Jack Warner.
It's pretty gross that and have shown more public opposition to Megan Rapinoe than they ever did to Jack Warner
Interesting to see the will of the new AG office's and DoJ to go on trying to prise Jack Warner out of Trinidad
Lot of female stars had a tough time with Jack Warner. Bette Davis kept going on suspension.
wait that makes no sense that Jack Warner renamed named Debbie Reynolds "Debbie" against her wishes her actual name is Mary Frances
that $10 million would have come in pretty handy right now instead of it going to Jack Warner.
Was Jack Webb ever the head of Warner Brothers? Or do you mean Jack Warner? Fixing some typos wo…
But like y'all don't understand...IT'S ME AND !! You can thank us for the entertainment later 😂💀💯
she's only been busy touring w jack white working w Warner Bros living in Nashville nbd 😭😭😭
Jack Warner have anything to do with TTOC? 😕   10% Off
if jack Warner was still in we corner they'd never advantage we so out deyy...yuh mad
I have plenty things to say but imma channel my inner Jack Warner
the fact it was Jack Warner says everything !
for it by Jack Warner in the 90s, but thankfully they all voted for us to stay as we are.
I've spent more hours on the phone with Time Warner this week than I've spent making YT videos. Why is cable always such a pa…
Excited to leave this place and start fresh.
I am extremely proud to announce I will be playing Jack Warner in Largo High's Production of "Shakespeare in Hollywood" Oct 27th-29th!!
Vince McMahon and Triple H have basically become 50's Jack Warner.
ICYMI: Watch our debut gameplay trailer for
Lil B confirms that Frank Ocean's new album actually exists
I will never look at Jack Ryder the same way again...I see where Warner Bros. got the idea for Freakazoid
David Warner has played both Jack the Ripper and Van Helsing. Badass.
My 1st film😀The day Jack L Warner came on set to visit🤗Happy memory🌞😀
That article on Hema was so disgusting I couldn't finish so repulsed was I by it,don't know why I'm surprise by a rag put out by Jack Warner
I've worked with Jack Warner and Jimmy Stewart - and Angelina Jolie, Brad Pitt, and Johnny Depp
Miche s Extended Cyber Weekend Event - Savings up to 75%
they all caved! So quickly! Big bad Jack Warner named names before he was asked!
Dear centre is "point of contention" because YOU OWN THE LAND but paid.
suspect Jack Warner isn't too busy either.
You could have fun writing parenthetic responses to Jack Warner's 'homage' to his greatest benefactor,
Jack Warner thanks for his contribution to, er, his family.
U called it bicep pass. I played for Jack & Warner at SDSU in early 90's & Duncan @ Palomar. We called it shank to the setter.
If it's anything I can't stand, it's yes-men. When I say no, I want you to say no, too.
CNN and time warner are your eighth largest donor.
Excited to be back at Cap this week with my 😍
In every photo he's in Jack looks like he's saying, "Hey, look at me! I'm Jack Warner! Who the f**k are you?!"
That was INSANE!!!. hurls bottles at as total CHAOS breaks out at the Presser.
That press conference escalated quickly!
Jack Warner dances with during a premiere party.
Final Test had Jack Warner as an England cricketer playing his final test whose teenage son would rather be writing poetry rather than
Once upon a time there was a drunk guy named Jack that walked in my dorm room and 3 weeks later he became my boyfriend
I feel like this is just going 2 be a never ending chain as we add more ppl
Jaden idk what you mean by spice things up but it sounds fun so yes
Like director Val Guest, Jack Warner was known mostly for comedy. He was awarded the OBE in 1965 ^PG
Here is Jack Warner of "Dixon" fame in a 1946 Ealing Studios classic. Hue and Cry: via
Jack Warner extradition request I want to do that- If only they could get the THA -Tobago House of Assembly- to extradite Rowley
The founders of the company Warner Bros were. Jack Warner, Sam Warner, Harold Warner and Albert Warner (all were brothers).
Very true,Jack Warner loved as George Dixon,but he must have been about 80 when Dixon of Dock Green finished.
Lets not mention all that ICC money Jack Warner was sneaking on the lows
Jack Warner had to steal all of FIFA money to get trinidad economy started!! Trinidad is ntn but a leaf
Peanut butter? Who do you think you are, Jack Warner?
Studio chief Jack Warner doesn't seem to amused w/ an unkempt Humphrey Bogart at a luncheon at Warner Bros. Studios. h…
Johnny Manziel was a 1st round pick 2 years ago. Now he's watching at bar. More: ht…
Browns always think they slick with their trades.. Lol
Ramsey or Bosa at 5/Lawson or Jack in a trade down. If it’s Buckner or Floyd, we riot.
um sorry but I'm a princess so watch who you're speaking too okay
Meet Black Singles 300x250
Jack will just randomly leave me little notes around my room to let me know how much I mean to him 😊❤️
Savagery levels:. 1. Great white shark. 2. Jack Warner. 3. One punch man. 4 and over in god mode
Former head of Jack Warner's Dr. João Havelange Center of Excellence pops up in the Panama Papers...
Ending my day with Fresh Prince of Bel Air
9 ways I said I love you before I said "I love you"
Two scientists claim they've found the lost city of Atlantis sitting within the boundaries of the Bermuda Triangle. htt…
Time Warner caused me to miss the entire Colts-Broncos playoff game a while back. Comcast is saintly in comparison.
Today had weird vibes from the start. Time to go to bed and hit the restart button and start tomorrow. 💯
Live with your choices. Live and learn.
Kids play with their phones and tablets nowadays smh this is all I had back then
Laffy Taffy hitting you with that deep stuff
Natalie dancing with her boss, Jack Warner.
I'll never understand how Zendaya didn't laugh smh 😂💀
5. Jordaan said that responding to the allegations made about an alleged $10m bribe to Jack Warner would "be a distraction at t…
The half empty bottle of Jack on the floor next to my bed might give someone the wrong impression... I usually finish th…
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Jack Daniels if you please knock me to my knees. Your the only friend there's has ever been. That didn't do me wrong
If only I was alive in the 1940s and had Jack Warner's little black book.
No mater how my days go. I go to bed and wake up the happiest man I know.
This summer is coming fast. I'm excited but..
I miss you, hmu when your home for the summer. I'm gonna have to have a party or something soon
I look at my girl. I smile, she is all mine. How lucky could I be? To have her smile because of me.
you know I'm only one call away! Before you know it, it'll be summer time and it'll be like the old days 😘
Marlene Dietrich and Ann Warner, wife of Warner Brothers studio head Jack Warner, at a Hollywood function, 1936.
another great Jack Warner movie with the ever dynamic Raymond Massey it`s so good I have to watch it again...wild...
Fifa no longer claiming the $10m South Africa paid Jack Warner was for development; now saying it was a bribe to vote for the 2010 World Cup
First act by Fifa under new president Infantino: to sue Chuck Blazer, Jack Warner & others indicted for corruption; for $millions in damages
Heavy "insider" presence to US Soccer delegation at FIFA election: John Collins is former Jack Warner attorney.
Jack Warner took a long time to grow on me, but eventually I succumbed to his charms.
I had a dream that Jack Warner (the fifa dude who had a spat with John Oliver) was in bartlett for some reason
FIFA presidential contender Tokyo Sexwale appeared before a US grand jury to testify about an alleged R120m payment SA made to Jack Warner.
Electronic Device Insurance
Jack Warner, still fighting his extradition to the US, cites "impoverishment".
Warner Bros told Tim Burton to not kill Jack Nicholson's character. Burton had Nicholson then play 2 characters and killed off both of them
Jack Warner to a French reporter when asked about FIFA bribe allegations: "Ask yuh mudda!" Classic.
Jack Warner accused of stealing funds meant for victims of the Haiti earthquake |
Jack Warner allegedly took £500,000 intended for Haiti earthquake victims. I can see blowing up already.
World Cup set to expand to 40 in FIFA sweetener as ExCo approve reforms on same day two more ... -
Trinidad’s Jack Warner alleged to have taken aid for Haiti
The scandal now covers bribes and kickbacks worth $200M. The focus is Nth/Sth America and Mr Jack Warner
Burn it down & start over. CONCACAF's last 3 Presidents: Jack Warner arrested! Jeffrey Webb -arrested! And today Alfredo Hawit …
Former FIFA VP Jack Warner accused of embezzling "disaster relief cash". In June we reported the Haiti link
The moment Issa Hayatou seems to fall asleep at FIFA conference
Former FIFA VP Jack Warner has been named (YES, AGAIN) in the USA Department of Justice’s new FIFA indictments. https:…
I honestly cannot understand why DC & Warner Bros picked Jack Snyder again to direct Dawn of Justice. I hated Man of Steel.
FIFA corruption scandal hits new low as it is alleged former ExCo member Jack Warner took cash ... -
Jack Warner has denied signing a contract with Franz Beckenbauer four days before the vote to decide who would...
Beckenbauer asked to explain signature allegedly on draft contract with Jack Warner (Getty) htt…
Franz Beckenbauer asked to explain signature allegedly found on draft contract with Fifa’s Jack Warner
IWU on the board. Andrew Javorka 15 pass from Jack Warner (Michael Kelley kick), 10:55. 7-0 Titans over
I'm convinced that if Sepp Blatter & Jack Warner ran the EU then Cameron and his stooge Rose would still vote to keep …
answer- because CONCACAF can make money on it every 2. Hey,Jack Warner and Chuck Blazer ain't cheap.
That's a tiny CONCACAF Cup .. did Chuck Blazer and Jack Warner raid that fund too?
Former Fifa vice-president Jack Warner has been banned for life from all football-related activity...
END OF 1st: leads Kingman 36-0. Jack Warner is 5/6 for 109 yards and 3 TDs, have a game kid
TOUCHDOWN Jack Warner hits Kalogonis on a screen pass for 41yds. Crabtree kick good, Knights lead 36-0 :02 left in the 1st
TOUCHDOWN Jack Warner hits Gabe Nieblas for 14yds and his 2nd TD of the game. Crabtree kick good, Knights lead 22-0
Jack Warner said if he could go back into time, he wouldn't have gotten into politics. Wonder if he regrets being a part of FIFA too?
TOUCHDOWN Jack Warner completes a 5yd pass to Gabriel Nieblas. Crabtree kick is good, Knights lead 7-0 9:16 left in the 1st
1 month an 2 days after elections and Jack Warner aint get sue yet.. I thought the lawyers were on it and going...
It was good. Mary Steenburgen as love interest, David Warner as Jack. Warning - violence against women (of course).
Mr Jack Warner just prevented me from making a big mistake.
Free Shipping at Baseball Rampage
Jack Warner, a criminal, telling me about how I should view crime. Trinidad boy...
One day before bowing out, Jack Warner regrets life in politics
Jack Warner discusses whether corporal punishment should be brought back to schools.
Jack Warner regrets his life in politics, a day before he is about to bow out as ILP Leader.
Last night I started my college theatre career and tonight im ready for round 2. Improv show next week too. I'm chasin dreams
Ex-FIFA VP Jack Warner: "Blatter has made errors. All of us make errors...but nobody can deny that Blatter has cultivated football globally"
Jack Warner: Disgraced former official banned for life by FIFA
Indeed. Quite a bit of humor infused into the plot too. David Warner is great as Jack.
Jack Warner would probably like the fact I'm listening to incoming video of him while England are playing in front of me...
Jack found his little slice of sunshine.
Big time accident on Jack Warner this afternoon. Scrap truck dumped entire load into the roadway
Jack Warner banned for life by FIFA
FIFA has banned former vice president Jack Warner for life over misconduct following an investigation into the bidding conte…
Jack expected to officially resign as ILP political leader this weekend
ZURICH, Sept 29 (Reuters) - Former CONCACAF president and FIFA executive committee member Jack Warner has been banned from a…
Overturned truck on Jack Warner Parkway snarls traffic
Remember when they went after Uncle Jack Warner I told you guys that Uncle Jack wouldn't be going down alone...
Overturned truck blocking northbound lanes of Jack Warner Pkwy
Overturned truck on Jack Warner at McFarland intersection.
overturned tractor trailer blocking Jack Warner by McFarland E heading away from university. Contents of truck all over road.
Your first edit was with Jack Warner breathing down your neck, wow! ~ moderating Joel Cox at
Jack Warner's been getting all bus gear from Dees since his Trojan phase
I saw Jack Warner playing 5-a-side in my local park. Who do I report it to?
FIFA bans former vice president and Sepp Blatter ally Jack Warner for life for bribery: Four years after stepp...
Ex-FIFA vice-president banned for life: FIFA's ethics committee has banned former vice-president Jack Warner f...
so that mean Jack Warner can't even come and see the swear we does have in the park :/
.You do realize MGM was run by Sam Goldwyn and Louis B Mayer, and Warner Brothers by Jack Warner, right?
UNC hired Talk Show hosts to launch a scathing attack on Dr Rowley and Jack Warner on FM 102 and Talk City FM 91.1 which went up in “smoke”.
Jack Warner concedes loss of seat in Trinidad and Tobago parliament: See also our forum
I suspect the owner of Blackburn Rovers at the time was Jack Walker and not the controversial FIFA executive Jack Warner.
FBI home in on alleged $10m bribe paid to Jack Warner to secure vote for South ... - Daily Mail
Dixon of Dock Green starring Jack Warner was a very Popular police series we had in the UK great show.
brilliant: Jack Warner fires back at John Oliver and reveals secrets about Sepp Blatter’s chihuahua
Sports Minister Fikile Mbalula has told MPs the 10 million Dollars paid to Jack Warner's CONCACAF was not a bribe.
Sports Minister Fikile Mbalula there's no basis for any inquiry into the USD10m that ended up with Jack Warner of Concacaf GD
Suspended FIFA official Jeffrey Webb was director of Jack Warner's company - Zee News
Housing Minister says "Chaguanas West was lost but now it is found" re: by-election Jack Warner won
UNC holding Monday Night Forum in Chaguanas West that Jack Warner was re-elected to in 2013 by-election
Political leader of the Independent Liberal Party (ILP), and MP for Chaguanas West, Jack Warner, may…
Jack Warner has lost a defamation case against former AG Anand Ramlogan.
Former Attorney General Anand Ramlogan has just won his defamation lawsuit against Jack Warner. Ramlogan received...
Justice R. Mohamed rules Jack Warner to pay Anand Ramlogan $894,000 in defamation matter with stay of execution.
Jack Warner loses defamation case against Anand Ramlogan. Ordered to pay $800,000.
Court awards Anand Ramlogan $900,000 in damages in defamation case against Jack Warner.
Verdict in defamation lawsuit former AG Anand Ramlogan brought against Jack Warner, due at 11 this morning.
U.S. asks Trinidad and Tobago to extradite former VP Jack Warner
Warner there classy as ever To be fair we you've been out there and smashed 2 in the first innings you can afford to be a gobby ***
Best thing about a birthday, is being told happy birthday by so many people. The one day that is yours. No one can take this day away. 💎💯
AG Nicholas has yet to explain the funds he received from Jack Warner
You will always be Jack the Ripper to me, David Warner. Or possibly Satan.
Jose Aldo vs Conor McGregor - UFC 189 Official Trailer I know this already happened but it gave me goosebumps
Pumped to be part of as the Terminator. So much fun recreating this scene with superstars. http…
Atleast jack warner putting us on the map..
I stay close to mine like Tina on Turner.
Happy birthday to my brotha and the one and only OG adventure car owner!!!
Jack Warner woulda drop 2 diss tracks, post a pic of a receipt and pay for a ad on tv6 by now,
Jack must be happy that this lion hunting *** has split the hashtag anger.
Jack Warner has written to several officials that PM received multi-million-dollar payments to thwart the extradition of two UNC financiers
To quote Jack Warner: "bad people do good things and good people do bad things" lol
Jack Warner got another month to fight his extradition to the US in the FIFA case
Jiminy Wickets sentences David Warner Bro. to one of the most Illegal Pad Deflects ever!
WICKET! Warner falls lbw to Anderson for two. Aus 7-1. Live on Sky Sports now
WICKET! England strike early, Warner gone LBW from bowling of Anderson.
Fifa corruption: Trinidad receives extradition papers for Jack Warner
APPEARS- Jack Austin Warner, former FIFA official, facing US charges of racketeering and money -laundering, leaves the Port-of-Spain
Dr. Rowley – I met a man in Couva and he told me he was there with Jack Warner and others re
Warner files for Judicial Review on extradition - Embattled Chaguanas West MP Jack Warner says he plans to file fo...
I also heart John Oliver especially everything about FIFA and the stuff with Jack Warner, it's all great though
John Oliver hurt a nation of people with his rant re: Jack Warner the result an unofficial reply
I liked a video from John Oliver Fires Back at Jack Warner - EPIC - Last Week Tonight
Suspended FIFA official Webb was director of Jack Warner's company
According to recent sources, studio chief Jack Warner originally wanted Clark Gable to play a key role in this film -
Jack Warner: she goes back there, she swallows her vomit from Anand Ramlogan. It’s because of her I’m in court now with Ramlogan.
Protesters, armed with banners claiming that Jack Warner and Dr. Keith Rowley are attacking their families, are on the CRH causing a traffic
These UNC supporters with their sign on the highway kill me this morning yes bout "Keith Rowley & Jack Warner stop attack our families " 😂😂😂
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4 fool holding up a banner on the highway saying that Keith Rowley & Jack Warner attacking their families
Dr Keith Rowley declared the PM's branding of himself and Jack Warner as the gruesome twosome "insulting" to the population's intelligence.
PM declares herself a “lioness” who intends to fight the twin threats of Jack Warner and Dr Keith Rowley, the “gruesome twosome”
Yesterday, sent a clear message to Jack Warner and Keith Rowley: "I will fight and win."
Rudy Moonilal says Jack Warner and Keith Rowley are working together
Dr. Keith Rowley does not have to do any campaigning if Jack Warner keeps up this pace he's going.
Jack Warner is a better writer than George RR Martin.
Aww man Jack Warner didn't reply to John Oliver 😟
John Oliver's back and forth with Jack Warner is epic
Jack Warner accuses T&T Prime Minister, Kamla Persad Bissessar. Get the details in the story!
John Oliver replies to Jack Warner's video . via
John Oliver's feud with Jack Warner just reached a new level:
Searching for the elusive 'Mr. Warner': CNN travels to Trinidad in search of Jack Warner, the former...
Housing Minister Dr Roodal Moonilal has accused Jack Warner of being a spoiler and an agent of PNM.
The United States government has not yet issued a formal extradition request for ILP leader Jack Warner, says the AG Garvin Nicholas.
Jack Warner claims that he was guarantor on a loan of TT$250,000 from First Citizen Bank for Roodal Moonilal in...
Not saying NBA finals MVP vote was fishy but Jack Warner was seen leaving with a big bag of $
Gary Griffith has confirmed that it was his voice on the audio tapes played by ILP leader Jack Warner yesterday.
How can people still dog on Lebron. He balled out, he played his *** off. He was with roll players…
The Institute of Chartered Accountants of TT has launched a probe into Jack Warner's accountant Kenny Rampersad.
Report: FIFA's Jack Warner accused of taking $750 intended for Haiti ... - USA TODAY
Warner on 'ganja' at PM's residence
OK the way it would work is, we put Rachel Dolezal, Adrian Shankar and Jack Warner on an island ...
Refix . Kam-la . Doh stop at all,. Hear they find ganja in the PM house,. Kam-la. Doh even stick,. Go and make friends with Jack Warner quick.
ILP leader Jack Warner has challenged the PM, to prove that there was no marijuana at home in Philippine.
Composer 'appalled' that Jack Warner used his music without permission for video directed at John Oliver:
Listen to Press Conference this afternoon regarding the discovery of marijuana at the private...
Watch Jack Warner's outrageous video response to 'comedian fool' John Oliver
Just listen to Jack Warner full press conference from yesterday.. Hm
Hopefully he'll have a guest column from ex FIFA dude Jack Warner
Laptop insurance - because accidents happen!
John Oliver's video response to Jack Warner's video response is beyond epic. via
WARNER TALKING ABOUT KAMLA - Warner speaking about his relationship with Kamla. Warner says he feels betrayed...
I swear Jack Warner must be involved in the premier league, while every team has a run of difficult games Chelsea don't.
I was looking forward to John Oliver's response to Jack Warner. He did not disappoint. .
Ganja probe begins, as Jack Warner releases recordings of conversation about drugs at PM’s home: The post Ganj...
John Oliver - Jack Warner Update from the Daily Show. Its getting epic! via
So, the FBI may soon be after the FA for "buttering up" the now infamous Jack Warner
The John Oliver / Jack Warner video war is out of control. This is amazing:
ILP Leader Jack Warner refutes claims by Dr. Moonilal -
Jack Warner plays tapes as proof that marijuana at T&T Prime Minister Kamla Persad-Bissessar residence existed
And Minister Fikile Mbalula post a pic of Helen Zille with fugitive Jack Warner - You & the Minister are cast in the same mold
John Oliver's feud with Jack Warner just reached Chapter 3:
ICYMI... VIDEO: John Oliver fired up during response to former FIFA VP Jack Warner...
PM Kamla Persad Bissessar has dismissed claims by Jack Warner that a quantity of marijuana had been found at her home in 2013.
Jack Warner draws a race card in his argument against the Kamla Persad-Bissessar-led coalition…
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Schmoozing FIFA rogue Jack Warner, and how it could come back to bite the FA
Ex-FIFA VP Jack Warner plans to challenge extradition
CORRECTION: Jack Warner announces Nigel Reyes as its candidate for the constituency of Lopinot/Bon Air West
Jack Warner publishes more evidence showing he spent money on prime minister and UNC |
But then again, Housing Minister Moonilal says Jack Warner is shameless to lecture Government.
What about Jack Warner, Thabo Mbeki, Jacob Zuma and the entire corrupt ANC that cheats its voters?
What is the most common prominent name from FIFA and Dixon Of Dock Green ??? Jack Warner
Jack Warner, former FIFA vice president, has threatened to spill an "avalanche" of secrets. http:…
Jack Warner on Fifa corruption: 'I have kept quiet. I will do so no more'
Favourite comment on Jack Warner - hew was great in Dixon of Dock Green, where did it all go wrong
Former CONCACAF president Jack Warner has denied he will make a plea deal with the FBI over Sepp Blatter's inv...
Ex FIFA-exec Jack Warner under investigation for pocketing $750k of Haitian earthquake money
Not the finest hour of the US's World Cup '22 bid: Jack Warner & Sepp Blatter in the Oval Office with President Obama http:/…
My Take On The FIFA Crisis and Jack Warner's role and position in it. Comments welcomed!
FIFA World Cup bidding: Frank Lowy says he had no part in payment to Jack Warner
Jack Warner getting his *** dragged for chowing the Haiti disaster money. Meanwhile The Red Cross pulled a Lonmin and built o…
HEADLINES: As stipulated by the court, embattled Chaguanas West MP Jack Warner visited the Arouca Police Station...
Egypt accuses Jack Warner of asking for $7 million to secure votes in World Cup bid: PORT OF SPAIN, Trinidad  ...
Jack Warner in 2013 to integrity commission head Judge David Simmons: I have no documents or records in any form in my possession
Reminder: Trinidad & Tobago’s Justice Minister Prakash Ramadhar has urged ex-Fifa VP Jack Warner to hand himself in to the …
Commenting yesterday on the issue regarding FIFA and Chaguanas West MP, Jack Warner,Justice Minister, Prakash...
Jack Warner's security personnel rejects foreign newspapermen in Port of Spain
BBC News - Jack Warner 'to reveal all despite fears' Reveal all? ALL! He is going naked? Good …
Where did the $10m sent from a Fifa account to Jack Warner end up? investigation reveals all:
Hm,,,I'm not hearing about Dr Keith Rowley these days...I guess Jack Warner stealing his thunder.
Miniature goalposts in front of Jack Warner's constituency office in West Chaguanas, We…
Chaguanas West MP & former FIFA VP Jack Warner tells Parliament "what you want me to do? Go to the US in manacles?"
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