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Jack Wagner

Peter John Jack Wagner, II (born October 3, 1959, Washington, Missouri) is an American actor and singer, best known for his roles on the soap operas General Hospital, Santa Barbara, The Bold and the Beautiful, and Melrose Place.

Kristina Wagner Melrose Place Frisco Jones Mohegan Sun Heather Locklear Rick Springfield Mike Modano General Hospital Mike Horton

I've always been inspired by Jack Wagner, so radio ads, PA announcements, safety and welcome spiels… Stuff like that.
+ The first encounter between Robert Wagner and Jack Gable. + Mariel Hemingway is pretty. + Seeing Jack Gable punch Federman, his rival
You know how I feel about Jack Wagner's ex-wife and, acting skills.
Enkidu has bad time in neutral but scary on close. Wagner is all arounder jack of the all trades while she hits hard
Interesting. But why did they not mention jack Wagner's character actually going to Russia in the early 90s? S…
Ole Miss should step in to the 21ist century & hire Miss Wagner from Last Chance U as there new head coach MY COLUMN http…
2019 Karen Wagner (TX) G Kevin McCullar has received an offer from Oklahoma.
Here is one my first ever Concert which…
You're a man of the people, Jack Wagner.
Jack Wagner lost his father to cancer and wrote this beautiful song for him and anyone else touched by cancer. He...
JACK WAGNER!! His shows r amazing and I haven't been to MS in a while n my husband and I…
Still hoping for Jack Wagner- Been going to see him every year since 2005, Love it there…
Jack Wagner can shake a leg as well as he can swing a sti…
If it was jack Wagner you would be crushed😂
JACK WAGNER PLEASE !!! Would love it ...🙃 after all there's a golf course there he c…
When I was small I watched GH w/my great-grandma in her nursing home room & also thought Jack Wagner & REO Speedwagon were the same thing.
I had trouble thinking of anyone for the list besides Jack Wagner! We should have a Hallmark holiday movie sleepover this winter.
PS my hero (Jack Wagner) needs to be an enthusiastic know-it-all full of childlike wonder not a troubled know-it-all full of family trauma.
The old but fantastic website Sound of Magic has a great tribute to Jack Wagner and his son Mike 🎙.
Jack Wagner was the Original Voice of Disneyland and Bill’s inspiration.
During the panel “Voices of the Disney Parks” current Voice of Disneyland Bill Rogers brings a great tribute to Jack Wagner. 🎙
yes they did my fav story on this show ever. Kristina Wagner, Brad Mule, Jackie Zeman, Jack Wagner even Lynn Herring
So wait; Steve Jones, Jim Rheim, Hubert Green, John Cook and Jack Wagner all cheated as well?
B3: Jack Wagner with a two-run single to give the Princes a 4-1 lead on Henry. Wagner has all 3 RBIs.
Jack Wagner will sign his LOI to play baseball at Lincoln College Weds. May 3rd at 2:30pm in the PHS Gym foyer. All ar…
Jack Wagner '74 invited Mike Smullen & Jim Krucher '73 to speak to his class re networking and professional tips!
Second round of the complete - Mardy Fish now leads with 50 points. Jack Wagner has 48, Mike Modano and Mark Mulder at 45
Mardy Fishing currently leads by 4 points over Mike Modano and Jack Wagner
Round 1 of in the books. Jack Wagner in the lead with 27 pts. Mike Modano 24. Mark Mulder 23. Last place: Charles Barkley -36
LOL Jack Wagner and his wife or something. They're from a soap opera show
Wow jack Wagner son went missing for 5 days but resurfaced drugs n stuff but I guess he did when he was younger so it's ok 🤔
Jack Wagner says his son has "been in touch" after relapsing and going missing for 5 days.
Happy Birthday have a great day bud🎉🎊
hope Jack Wagner,s son is found safe!
Jack Wagner’s son back ‘in touch’ after going missing for several days
Jack Wagner speaks out on addiction after son Harrison disappeared for 5 days
Jack Wagner Says Son Harrison Has Been ‘In Touch’ After He Was Missing for Five Days. We want to point out that...
Soap Opera star Jack Wagner's son gets 'in touch' after being missing for 5 days
Our thoughts are with and his entire family during this difficult time
Jack Wagner’s son reaches out to family after missing for days
General Hospital’s Jack Wagner speaks candidly about his son’s drug addiction
alum Jack Wagner visited to talk Kristina on next wk https…
Thanks to Bettendorf's Jack Wagner and Jackson Gallagher for joining me on KWQC! .
*slow dances in the kitchen with this cup of coffee to Jack Wagner's All I Need*
Jackson Gallagher finishes 5th; Jack Wagner going for gold tonight. Wells Fargo filling up. Let's go!
On January 26 1990: On General Hospital, Frisco (Jack Wagner) and Felicia (Kristina Wagner) were married for the... htt…
Also, super hard for me to see Jack Wagner and Kristina Wagner on screen together and NOT ship them.
I'm so excited for Saturday and I get excited seeing Jack Wagner on his horse.
I think you made a mistake entering Jack Curry's ballot into the spreadsheet. Should be a vote for Walker not Wagner, right?
in this fantasy draft, Bruce Irvin got drafted before Bobby Wagner
..I wouldn't have cut my hair like Jack Wagner in grade 4. & I would have been more of a *** in high school & college.
Pretty! I zoomed in on the Jack Wagner pics! LOL
mylinksmybb ghoot song: sorma song lb-725-fm manual Congress, will you help Puerto Rico?jack wagner songs how ...
No heat, no wifi, no boyfriend: the Wagner college story
doesn't respond, it's ok I know how you feel
Awesome comp. Get Jack a coach as good as Norton was for Wagner and his development could be something else.
Athletically, I'm not sure there is a comparison for Myles Jack. A taller Bobby Wagner? Faster LaVonte David? Whatever i…
Bobby Wagner was 6' 0", 241 pounds and ran a 4.46. I think Myles Jack will be around 6'1", 240 and run a touch faster th…
Heather Locklear & Jack Wagner call off engagement, but are they totally over?
Market ❤s as CEO/ $TWTR Moments. Congrats team way to turn sentiment around! [told ya: http:…
Nathan Benson (12.125) quickest in stock winged qualifying over Matt Howard, Jack Wagner, Kenton Brewer, and Ayrton Gennetten.
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from great helps us identify our own leadership style. Find some on my [blog]
I say Jack... Now you get to figure out if I mean Jack Wagner or "Jack Thornton" Hehe
on leading, building, and from Jack Welch:
Can't wate do they have someone playing peter burrs aka Jack Wagner
I would def be friends with Bobby Wagner seems like a nice guy.
1959 - Melrose Place thesp Jack Wagner, who had...
Help us wish a very happy birthday to Jack Wagner. We're looking forward to seeing him as Bill Avery when season...
Jack Wagner's 56th birthday is today. YAY!
we don't know that yet. It may come Monday or Tuesday. Don't forget, 2day is Jack Wagner birthday!
Today is the birthday of Jack Wagner - born 56 years ago today
Happy Birthday Jack Wagner.Hope you have a great day.
Frisco was always willing to hurt the people he loved to protect them. Jack Wagner and Brad Maule own this scene. https:…
It's Jack Wagner's birthday, [Can't keep up with the celebrations...]
Actor/singer Jack Wagner (When Calls the Heart, The Bold & the Beautiful, General Hospital, Melrose Place) is 56.
it was Wagner, Wright, Irvin then Smith. But Seahawks mainly only use two linebackers
"Love is patient, love is kind.. uh.. love is important.". -Jack Wagner
in retrospect, I can see that I kinda had Jack Wagner's 80s hair for a while when I was in HS (in the 80s). This was not a planned event
I'm hoping for Jack too. Deveraux not Wagner. Nothing against JW of course.
Good gravy! speculation about Jack Wagner as Mike Horton!! I'm GIDDY at the thought!!
Well Jack Wagner has his new Hallmark show,dont think its him
Is it somebody who sang? Jack Wagner or Ron Moss sang in the 70's. I'd rather have Jack Wagner then Ridge
I'm just liking him far better than Jack Wagner...don't nobody him on no soap...he has NOTHING to offer.
Plus Jack Wagner NEVER did any work for Prospect Park nor has he won any Emmys...Daytime or otherwise. Wagner as an option is WHACK!
May have to medicate my mom if Thaao and Jack Wagner are on Days at the same time. Plus a combination of Bo, Steve, John.It's an 80's dream
The more I think about this...the more I'm liking him for this mystery actor. Definitely NOT Jack Wagner...
Jack Wagner is a whack answer to the mystery vet actor. I'm seriously thinking it is Vincent. Nowhere does it say this actor sings😩😒
people think it's Jack Wagner but didn't his show get renewed for a second season at hallmark?
I don't think blind item is Jack Wagner. His show on hallmark was renewed for a second season.
lol He also added on DR that it isn't Michael Easton and is someone new to Days. Think Jack Wagner is a good guess.
got it. Btw, that blind item; I thought a PP appearance was a clue? Jack Wagner wouldn't fit...
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But I'm not opposed to the Jack Wagner as Mike Horton speculation/rumor. I think I like that too.
the only problem with this. Remember when they reinvented Santa Barbara w/ Jack Wagner & Kim Zimmer.
Not sure. Right now I guess Jack Wagner. It's a soap vet and someone who sings.
Lol thats why my mind went to Jack Wagner first. I *cant* really think of others that arn't on something atm..
Would love to see Jack Wagner anywhere he plays but Boston would be great.
what about north and south cabela' could veer off on 20 and play black jack in Watertown...
Just finished reading the book 'Getting over Jack Wagner' and guess what, Jack - it didn't work 😉
I want to see Jack Wagner at iHop, have always wanted to meet him and I am in LA today too!
wish I could have seen him, I love Jack Wagner
Frank brought them in and RC chased them out . Jack Wagner/Frisco Sean Kanan/AJ etc
This congresswoman ate her booger on camera because she dgaf
Was Jack Wagner really so big that they needed to rip off his sound for this movie?
This is Deb Wagner. She says tonight is closure for her to watch Jack
Yes it was lol!! A lot if extras in bikinis. They filmed Melrose here in the day and I saw Heather and Jack Wagner.
I was excited to learn about her past with Bill. Jack and Kristina Wagner are the reason I watch! Love their chemistry on screen :)
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I was excited bc Im a fan of Kristina and Jack Wagner, therefore I started watching the show!
Hallmarks "When Calls The Heart" with Jack Wagner ex Frisco Jones and Kristina Wagner aka Felicia Jones has been... ht…
Awright who was the better soap opera derived popstar: Jack Wagner, Rick Springfield or Michael Damian? Discuss
Ok Ladies, who agrees about Jack Wagner? BTW, a funny list on blog today
Where is the CLOWN that said OL don't impact the game anymore? Bobby Wagner would disagree
I want Medellin instead…. The first trailer for Netflix's Narcos shows the rise of Pablo Escobar |
D: omg a moment for our our fallen comarade
Office radio went from Disney to "All I Need" by Jack Wagner to "There I've Said It Again" by Bobby Vinton. On 2nd thought, I'll stay here.
Boy George sounds MUCH different...this is GREAT STUFF!
Happy birthday Jack and Faith, your finally six years old!
Actor and Singer Jack Wagner taking photos and giving autographs with fans! These next two days are…
no. I can't find him. Going back at 12pm and staking a claim at hole 1. Lol! Jack Wagner tees off just after him.
He pisses Vets off. There are quite a few that will not return because of him! Jack Wagner, John Stamos, Sean Kanan, etc...
Don't forget the American Celebrity Golf Championship will be on be sure to look for Jack Wagner. I'm very excited.
good pick, he jack Wagner and billy joe always in contention. Jordan playing this year?
Jack Wagner talks acting with his ex on new tv show
30 seconds into this week's and I already want a "24" reboot with as Jack Bauer.
so you personally knew and worked with Jack Wagner???
...never came across a album. I also worked with Jack Wagner on a variety projects and was very familiar with his...
A-rod is the jack wagner of baseball lmaoo
Rooting for Jack Wagner all the way.
Jack Wagner is the stupidest kid I've ever met
Jack/ Frisco will not return. He was disappointed and misled about his return!
"All I Need" was by Jack Wagner, not Matt Wagner. Please stop asking. .
The narration inside the cars at various points around the park once featured voice actor Jack Wagner, and later, Thurl Ravenscroft.
Jack Wagner .. Seems like yesterday . Was a great show 🎸
Meet John! - Hi! My name is Jack Wagner and I am from Newtown Square, PA. Next year I will be a Junior at...
I don't watch When Calls the Heart regularly but I turn it on every now & then--I knew Jack Wagner was on it but didn't know Kristina was!
Jack and Kristina Wagner reunite on TV. Jack Wagner talks reuniting with his ex-wife Kristina (and former 'General…
Jack Wagner Talks Acting Alongside His Ex on New TV Show: Jack Wagner talks working with his real-life and 'GH...
SATURDAY 8/7C When Calls the Heart returns with Lori Loughlin & Jack Wagner for a triumphant new season of...
Ok that Emmanuel who turns to Ryan O'neill Patrick dufffy and jack Wagner and that woman who turns to Brooke shields Elizabeth hurly
Chris Wagner will join Steve Carroll and Dan Wood after the game at Jack Daniels Old No. 7 Club.
Did Emily really just have to say that? Jack Wagner has been saying the same thing for 15 minutes
I agree. Should bring back Jack Wagner for her.
Always thought Jack Wagner/Peter Burns would've made a great Ted C. advertising foil for Don Draper.
Emmanuel count Emmanuel you took brooke shields Elizabeth burly and jack Wagner Ryan O'neill to *** arabia
Back in action at The Jack for a 3 p.m. game against Wagner.
Is anyone who is going to BB King's Jack Wagner concert coming in early to see a bit of the city?
Sometimes I listen to a classic American Top 40 on iHeartRadio just to hear random songs. Right now: All I Need by Jack Wagner.
Gonna just listen to Jack Wagner songs until Wrestlemania.
Hmm what song ! Lv them all but ! -I would love to hear Jack Wagner Don't let Me Be Lonely To Night ..
His music career took off after GH. But yeah he sang on the show. He was no Jack Wagner… ALL I NED.
Lance is fully responsible for Jack Wagner and Han Solo :D
JACK WAGNER! Yes! Dirk Benedict, always Starbuck in my book. Le pur
About my 1st Fri: lots of men there! Felicia picks best bad songs Toto/Jack Wagner! Rob's eyes glow up close! Why so many prank ?'s!
OMG Jack Wagner is in WCTH!!! I know Diana, I'm slow 2 the party but I'm here..❤️
Drew next month lets send Little Steven into a tizzy and play some ole Jack Wagner and David Hasselhoff LMAO
One of these things is not like the other: "Ray Donovan S3 casts Jack Wagner, Cheryl Ladd, Katie Holmes, Ian McShane"
Listen to 2 minutes of WDW's 1030 AM Information radio station from circa 1990. Jack Wagner!
I've got my strength and Lord knows I've got my weakness. Oh, I'm lost somewhere between Jack Daniels and Jesus. 🎶
Filming on a rainy day in LA under the direction of Jack Wagner for spirit_club
you're cracking me up. I've always been a sucker for a pretty face who's an *** Jack Wagner a little too beige ...
Can't believe that would use uncle (& failed candidate) Jack Wagner to stalk. He's scary. Makes us sad.
Agree, By the way were you still a writer on MADtv when he made a guest appearance on the show with guest host Jack Wagner.
Love what you picked! We're playing ALL I NEED by JACK WAGNER because of you! Listen & Vote:
state champ Jack Wagner wins over Triston Lara of Ft. Dodge, at 113 pounds.
LIU Brooklyn head coach Jack Perri said his team received a 'deserved' beating from Wagner yesterday
The day has arrived!!! We're getting set up for Jungle Jack Hanna at the Wagner-Noël Performing Arts Center so if...
A little more at 80s and Jack Wagner with your coffee
Video: Daniel Lissing  What can I say.. Jack Wagner has the best hair in Hollywood.. So does his stunt...
Watching TMS premiere and my wife walks in and says who is the guy who looks like Jack Wagner??? Sorry man...
LIU took a beating at home in loss to Wagner Saturday and LIU HC Jack Perri feels team “got what they deserved”.
Bettendorf's Jack Wagner is a back to back State Wrestling Champion. He'll go for 3 in a row next year
Fort Dodge sophomore Triston Lara drops a 9-4 dec. to No. 1 Jack Wagner of Bettendorf in the Class 3A 113-pound finals.
"We got what we deserved." -Jack Perri, clearly talking about LIU's putrid effort in today's loss to Wagner.
Jack Wagner of Bettendorf dec Triston Lara of Ft Dodge 9-4. He is your class 3A state champion at 113 pounds.
Jack Wagner a back to back STATE CHAMPION!!! Way to go, Jack!
113 final -- Jack Wagner (Bett) dec. Triston Lara (Ft. Dodge), 9-4. Wagner has back-to-back titles and can make it three next year.
.I'm compiling my dream Polynesian Village Resort music loop this week. Asking myself, WWJWD: "What would Jack Wagner do?"
2 years ago today Jack Wagner reunited on screen with Kristina. Looking forward to seeing both in April.. W.C.T.H.
Seventy-nine years ago today, Cobb, Johnson, Mathewson, Ruth and Wagner became the inaugural Hall of Fame class.
Want to go to Jack White! We're giving away unclaimed tickets from the contest at 5 at Wagner Rm 203. 1st come, 1st served!
We had some winners who couldn't pick up their tickets. Come to Wagner Hall, Rm 203 at 5 to get unclaimed Jack White tickets!
And the winner of the ice skating for 2 at Riverworks is. Jack Wagner! More giveaways to come this month! Stay...
Lisa and Cy Wagner hall! Did you win a jack white ticket too??
1936 - the BBWAAannounces results of first vote. Ty Cobb, Walter Johnson, Christy Mathewson, Babe Ruth, …
ALL I NEED - JACK WAGNER on tell your friends!
My hotel is playing Jack Wagner's immortal "All I Need" in the lobby. A sign that should come to Boston for 2016.
winners - don't forget to pick up your Jack White tickets by 5pm today at Wagner Hall, Room 203!
would like to se u with ronn moss,jack Wagner or Samantha fox over that photo
Best part of today? Your song ALL I NEED by JACK WAGNER is about to play on 95.1 The Oasis!
I hate the Seahawks, I've been waiting for Tom to get this last win and go down as the goat sick of the doubt
Great play by the defender, just ridiculous call to go for a pass that close
'GH' stars Jack and Kristina Wagner reunited on 'When Calls the Heart' -
Bobby Wagner played in 11 games this season and didn't score a touchdown, intercept a pass, or force a fumble. Tony Dungy …
I have super bowl Wagner, won't be home for a few hours. Just want a rolb better than jack ham
Bobby Wagner was considered a reach in 2012 draft, but the LB has emerged as the heartbeat of the Seahawks defense. » htt…
Jack Wagner def more deserving. Just sayin.
Here's a question soap fans. If you could have Jack Wagner back in daytime would you rather have Frisco on or Nick o…
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She/Jack Wagner are going to be in Hallmark series "when call the heart" think starts airing again in April
W/o doubt Robert Wagner is one of the best carpenters,painter, jack of ALL trades I have come across.. And honest...
is that Jack Wagner who was on General Hospital?
what do you think about the governor appointing Jack Wagner as interim treasurer?
Gov Wolf will name a replacement soon, What do you think of the Gov naming Jack Wagner?
I so remember those days on B&B! I loved Ashley an Jack Wagner together. I sure miss you both.
Hard to imagine Mayor or signing off on that idea, as much as Jack Wagner is qualified
Today, Jack & I celebrate 28 years of marriage. Within our first year, we packed up all our belongings and moved...
PSA 1 Honus Wagner *** Jack card bringing Big Bucks an hour to go
Someone should make a meme of Malcolm Smith, Bobby Wagner, Cliff Avril and Bruce Irvin as the Ninja Turtles. Fellas hit hard.
One of fewer than 60 graded 1914 *** Jack Honus Wagner cards is closing at auction tonight:
1914 *** Jack Honus Wagner graded by PSA. One of them is at auction tonight. Click here to check out the bidding.
Photoset: hcfmodels: thardy23: mrohso:   celebkitty Classy!!! Around the way Sexy. Who is this
wait, my bad... I was thinking Jack Wagner... 😂😂
Congratulations to the Wagner Family of Lincoln, CA on their new 2012 Ford F250 Super Duty Pickup Truck from Jack...
Gonna see you at the black jack table tonight?
End of 2: Jack Wagner 7, Nathan Lendt 7. Lendt has his choice to start the third.
here's a bonus Jack Wagner aka Frisco Jones was there. I know you can appreciate the fabulousity of that moment!
Lonnie E. Shipe M.A. | Press Release: Reality is the leading cause of stress for those in touch with it. Jack Wagner:
We're about to play ALL I NEED by JACK WAGNER! Listen & Vote 4 More:
Wagner: "We're used to being doubted and we're used to proving people wrong.".
Jack Wagner wins by tech fall against Muscatine
1 reason I can't watch BB anymore is bc they had Lesley-Anne Down playing Jack Wagner's mother! She's only 5 1/2 years older! Crazy
Jack Wagner with the pin in 14 seconds.
Feb. Sweeps Prediction: Kyle walks back into the Abbott mansion. He sees Billy and dials 911. Jack Wagner has broken in…
It's no Honus Wagner, but this Jack White trading card by needs to be in our collection:
Don't you wonder if Jack Wagner & his Band will add a new tune In April .. like Roadhouse Blues or ? 🎸
I always thought Jack Wagner would go on to huge success with that beautiful hair.
Reminds me of the Lifetime movie, Frequent Flyer, where Jack Wagner who plays a pilot w/3 wives all over the U.S.
When I met with Eugene Strassberger he made it clear to me that he didn't think much of Chatham College and the education that I would receive from there. After I walked out of this pre-trial conference with him and Rushford, I received an education letter from Rushford, that I jeopardized my position with the court, I didn't see it that way. I didn't see Strassberger as being that important, Strassberger taught Rushford something that they both did that day. And I watched them. I had only seen this once before when I lived in Annapolis. Since Rushford grew up next store to Strassberger, he taught him and Rushford was good at it, Rushford can manage a conversation and what is actually said. He is weaker at management when there are outside influences or when it really isn't sold. Rushford boxes thought in. which is his strategy, and management of barriers. I hate to admit this but mentally up until this part of my life. This was one of the most difficult mental exercises I have ever had with the two of th ...
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I love that Jack Wagner has a top 10 hit in there. Classic
‘All I Need’ by Jack Wagner peaks at in USA 30 years ago today (Jan 12 1985)
Give a phone because his got cut off and I couldn't get hold of him ever, it has been three weeks an this ones off, scruff 😠
gotta love jack Wagner, fan of my books, to my favorite author, thanks Jack!!! love you too
As long as they did not have to hit any golf shots. Jack Wagner is the only actor who could play a golfer.
I never get tired of hearing Jack Wagner's music. He is the best.
My Jack Wagner companions for April are 1st, 2nd & third.
"My mother has been the greatest influence on my life, mor..".
The hubs' pal Andy Wagner meets the "other" Wagner today!
hey Sorry I ain't been on but been really ill. Have you met Diana on here? She's cool and loves jack Wagner too.
Jack Wagner and Kristina Wagner Join Season Two Cast of Hallmark’s ‘When Calls the Heart’:
how come no mention of Kristina Wagner joining When Calls The Heart and Jack Wagner becoming a regular
A new favorite: Nick Devon feat. The Lazarusman - Style (Original Mix) [UJR24] by on
Today made me pine for "sneak Attack" and Jack Wagner. This show could go by that moniker in '15. No sneak attacks in those days!
We went 7-9 with T-Jack being injured a lot of the year, BEFORE we had Wagner, Maxwell, Irvin, Avril, Bennett.
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Jack Wagner Net Worth: Jack Wagner Net Worth $98 Million Dollars Jack Wagner is an American actor and vocalist...
before I scrolled back through this convo, I thought you were quoting Jack Wagner, ha!
Jack & Kristina's photo shoot with Peter for his first Christmas Happy Holidays to the Wagner family!
The battle of 5 armies was just AMAZING! P Jack never disappoints. Gonna miss Hobbit's adventures. Merry ending for my 2014 moviegoings!
Kam Chancellor, Bobby Wagner, Richard Sherman, Earl Thomas and Marshawn Lynch have been selected to the Pro Bowl.
S/O to thanks for your Filthy McNasty scrambling knowledge it has changed the way wrestles Thx!
At the Stampede in Kansas City, Bettendorf had 5 finalists with 2 Champions in Fredy Stroker and Jack Wagner.
Bettendorf's Jack Wagner is the 113-pound champion at the Kansas City Stampede.
Jack Wagner up right now in the finals of KC Stampede
How to Find Ukulele School CLICK TO CHECK MORE DETAIL ›› Michele DeVito's Vocation Modify to Television Nurtured Her Daughters' Creative Ambitions Michele DeVito started out her cleaning soap opera profession due to the fact her daughter experienced a crush on Jack Wagner (Basic Medical center). Both of those of her daughters, grown now, have artistic leanings. And 1 has a desire task that keeps her chaotic on Saturday evenings. Ukulele School. Keys to the Jeep & a Scorned Mom ((Story Sixteen) ( "Voices Out of Saigon")) "Corporal Gill, give me your jeep keys, I will need to get to the back area, exactly where the Ammo dump is, Alpha dump is, and speedy!" reported Staff Sergeant Morgan Carter then extra, so there would be no resistance, "that is a immediate order Corporal, from a Employees Sergeant!" (Realizing he out rated him.) Present day Thoughts Reworked in Miniature Sculptures Netsuke developed around time into a sculptured art form and turned a communicator of social standing and values in parti ...
I watched GH from 1981- Jack Wagner left 4/8/13. Can't watch without Frisco and Felicia together.
Cedar Rapids Jefferson's Brendan Baker (No.2) is not entered missing potential showdown with Jack Wagner of Bett
Rumson senior DT Jack Eisenstadt was offered by Wagner today during his visit, according to RFH head coach Sha
I'm sure this has Ben said but does Billy remind anyone else of Jack Wagner
Tell Max and Jack Wagner that I love them so much
Laptop insurance - because accidents happen!
Mama Wagner dropped Jack off at daycare and me off at work!
Buzzing to release our first event on Boxing Day! Tickets on sale soon. Hope to see everyone there! http:…
The part of me that hates me is thinking about listening to the new Jack Wagner album. Why? Because I hate me. Didn't we just cover that?
The Lady Eagles took home two victories in the Jack Frost tourney today beating East View and San Antonio Wagner!
the jack should do but I'd you wanna be safe it'll cost you extra lmao
me and Jack are off to the SEX exhibition the day after Wagner in a fortnight
Should we warn them that if you get that gig, your contract will allow for Jack Wagner & Rick Springfield being every 3rd song?
I just had a little Jack Wagner listening session and it brought back so many memories I was so obsessed with his tape when I was 4 😂
Jack Wagner - I Miss You: via Just surfing and came across this one from way back
How Mental Health Minister Jack Snelling got kicked out of for a Simpsons reference
I was going to get tickets for Jack Wagner concert, but I won't now for sure until probably Jan. what my income will be.
Photoset: Jack Wagner in concert, Mid-to-late 1980s. Purchased by FFAULA from eBay seller, December 2014.
Find someone who treats you like Wagner treats its landscaping
Jack Wagner at BB Kings only 4 platinum tix left!.
Letter to the editor: Then-Auditor General Jack Wagner offered Penn State trustee reform plan in 2012 .
Just found out that Jack Wagner & Heather Locklear were engaged in real life
Jack Wagner: Lonely Night (LIVE at Mohegan Sun: 11-15-14): And with that, I'm turning in. Good night all.
Goodnight, Grace. I shall find solace in your absence with Jack Wagner tonight.
Jack Wagner: Lady of My Heart (LIVE at Mohegan Sun: 11-15-14): Partial song preceded by some stage banter.
Zen and the Art of Attending a Jack Wagner Concert for the First Time - As Jack Wagner fans go, I am...
Coming this week: My Write up on attending a Jack Wagner show for the first time w/subtextual consideration.
Jack Wagner (General Hospital/Melrose Place) Inte…: Jack's new album is AWESOME! New songs he wrote with some oldies.
Morning sweets! :) I'm so jealous that you got to meet Jack Wagner last night. LOL! Looks like you has a blast. How are you..
My dad saw and got a autograph by jack Wagner 😱😱😱
Thanks for a great weekend adventure;From NYC to CT to NJ to see Jack Wagner.i'd do it all over again.
You're better than this, Jack Wagner. Or maybe you're not.
when you are literally laying on the ground taking photos of Jack Wagner from his feet.
I friggen love Jack Wagner! Frisco and Felicia were my first ship:)
Jack Wagner up close. I'm literally at his bassists feet. lmfao
JACK WAGNER. I am staying at the same hotel as Jack Wagner and his band.
Miche s Extended Cyber Weekend Event - Savings up to 75%
Hanging out with Jack Wagner before his show tonight at Uncle Vinnie's Comedy Club in Point Pleasant…
our CEO is hobnobbing again. tonight with jack Wagner.
jack Wagner. what a sweetheart. told me I was looking sexy tonight. thanks jack!!!
read it. to my favorite author. love jack Wagner. I'll be meeting him after the show too.
A wonderful blessed evening with Jack Wagner. Such a great time. Thanks for being so kind and sweet.
Check out this new interview by discussing upcoming concert in NJ! Great job Gina! htt…
and I r big Jack Wagner fans. Here at Uncle Vinnies!
Many tx to all the ladies attending Jack Wagner concerts this weekend for all the posts and pics. Happy u are sharing it together
Thx for making our Jack Wagner weekend so memorable.Two cities,two amazing shows
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