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Jack Van Impe

Jack Leo Van Impe (born February 9, 1931, though indicates a 1930 birth) is a televangelist who is known for his half-hour weekly television series Jack Van Impe Presents, an eschatological commentary on the news of the week through his interpretation of the Bible.

Jack Van Impe Presents Hal Lindsey John Hagee Rick Warren Billy Graham Perry Stone Oral Roberts Jack Van Impe Question Pope Francis David Jeremiah White House New World Order Rexella Van Impe Jesus Christ

and Jack Van impe 267 7:pm kingdom connection 9:pm tbn pray for good message pray for them and
OMG. Jack Van Impe is still alive? I remember seeing that show when I was staying up way too late (like I am now) in the 90s
Apparently, a funny thing happens if you leave the local Fox affiliate on too long: something called the Jack Van Impe show comes on.
How many lies can you squeeze into 5 minutes? . Charlatans like this are scum, equal to John Edwards or Jack Van Impe
The best part is the post-game celebration bumping Jack and Rexella Van Impe.
Keith I saw on Jack Van Impe Presents that you're actually Satan, not Derek Jeter, please retract this
Please watch, keep up with the bible signs of these last days with Jack Van Impe Presents (2015-10-31)
Halloween sound mix of the night. Random halloween sounds on yuotube + Jack Van Impe Presents played at the same time. Works pretty well. :)
Just saw your show last night in Vegas. Awesome. Got a football! Don't forget to check out Dr. Jack Van Impe. You will like it.
Now Jack Van Impe has actually read and memorized the Quran! So have a lot of other Christians
Jack Van Impe is a real man of God and he understands Bible prophecy
There are some good men of God in the world CBN Jack Van Impe! To name a few
Takes me back the good old days when a young Jack Van Impe railed against "that lewd, lacivious, junk, called Rock & Roll"
I added a video to a playlist Jack Van Impe Presents (2015-10-31)
Jack Van Impe - They are bringing in damnable heresies -
Jack Van Impe Presents October 24, 2015 via The Cross in the Shadow of the Crescent
Jack Van Impe Presents (2015-10-10) via .Muslim Jesus is not the same as the Christian Jesus.
Now Jack Van Impe as well as myself we back everything up with scriptures
In fact I even have additional information But it coincides With everything Jack Van Impe is saying
So watch both of those two videos I just posted 1 it's called the final seven signs By Jack Van Impe
Dr Jack Van Impe is a Bible scholar We just happened to both have the truth
This is what the Bible teaches and this is what all the great Bible scholars like Jack Van Impe teaches
you don't like me that's okay what about Jack Van Impe now there's a real Bible teacher
you are not a Bible man not even close now Jack Van Impe he's a Bible man
put Jack Van Impe on following sunday's football game and news? it makes it so late in the timeslot it's in now.
I have got a video by dr. Jack Van Impe you need to watch! Coming right up
do you want to know anything about the Bible listen to somebody like dr. Jack Van Impe the rapture is before the tribulation
When Jack Van Impe preaches you'll get hundreds of scriptures
If anybody knows the Bible its Jack Van Impe
Now here's a great video by Jack Van Impe to help you be ready!
I have an old school Jack Van Impe prophecy bible... but I am now post-trib. =) Or Mid-Trib, but not pre.
There was SOMETHING SPECIAL about these men Billy Graham,Jack Van Impe,Oral Roberts that I could FEEL at 10 years of age.I was DRAWN 2 them
I sent for BIBLE material to help ME understand God at age 10 to Billy Graham,Jack Van Impe,and Oral Roberts. Today,I still LISTEN 2 them
God CALLED me at the age of nine,and he SAVED me at 23 years of age. The preachers I listened to was Jack Van Impe,Billy Graham,Oral Roberts
When you leave the TV on in the background and then notice the anti-Islam rantings and insanity of Jack Van Impe is what's on.😳
Somewhat certain Chrislum was a term coined by Noah Hutchings, often quoted by Jack Van Impe; to refer to Rick Warren.
Har har har hardee har har! Is the *** really dead? I hope. Sunday is Funday. so Jack Van Impe is dead via
Sitting in hotel restaurant in drinking Starbucks. Jack Van Impe is on tv. Not my stereotype of the Western Jurisdiction :-).
Shalom.I think if you brought Jonathan Cahn,Mark Biltz,Jack Van Impe, and John Hagee on your show it would be out of this world.
: Jack Van Impe probably would not appear on this show Lance.. As he is clear on what the bible teaches..pre-trib..
Shalom, look whos back preaching again,Dr,Van Impe.Please request to have jack Van Impe on your show.
Just wonderful to see Jack van Impe back after a life threatening situation. Thank you Jesus for Dr,Van Impe.
Shalom, Look who's back preaching. Jack Van Impe, a man of God, like your self. Love you both.
Jack Van Impe - Final drama happening before our eyes -
A MESSAGE OF HOPE FROM DR. JACK VAN IMPE - Bruised and Bleeding Bruised and bleeding from centuries of (cont)
17:00. End Time awareness news With Dr. Jack van Impe. Listen in by click on this link
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Russia in Syria? I bet Jack and Rexella Van Impe are all like..."It's go time."
Jack Van Impe talked for about an hour...
Yeah I agree Carrie. needs to verify whether this is the real Jack Van Impe page or not.
I honestly can't wrap my mind around this film. It is a Troma production, but it feels like it was made by Jack Van Impe.
Someone needs to check on John Hagee and Jack Van Impe.
Why did Jack Van Impe ministry abandon TBN in clash over Islam? via
Jack Van Impe cracks me up. He is INTENSE. This dude makes you believe he actually believes the crap he's spewing.
if you get a chance listen to Jack Van Impe
I'm at my most Jack Van Impe whenever the Pope is at the U.N.
...and a robber. This prayer service is going to drive evangelicals up a wall. Can't wait for Jack Van Impe. Eek!
Not hardly read Glen Becks book (Its all about Islam). Get the truth. Watch expert Jack Van Impe you tube on Koran
The only Minister that I know that's preaching the truth on TV consistently would be possibly John Hagee and Jack Van Impe
Does anyone know if Jack Van Impe is still alive?I watched the show Saturday and Rexella said something about since Jack,s been gone
Do you need John Hagee to tell you Jesus Christ is coming soon? or Jack Van Impe?
I'm giving away: jerusalem. DVD. JACK VAN IMPE LIKE NEW. Check it out -
Jack Van Impe dead: Rexella "I don't want your money, I am going to give away most of Jack's fortune to help animal creatures.
is the spirit. Choose today which God U serve.
Dr. David Reagan guests on Jack Van Impe Presents the next two weeks! . Networks and air times at
I don't remember the name but u can look it up. I heard this from Jack Van Impe.
"Teenagers are dope-fiend, LSD driven maniacs being hypnotized by 'Rock n Roll' to have sex on every street corner" -Dr. Jack Van Impe, 1972
I liked a video Jack Van Impe -- The Anti Christ and False Prophet are Here!
Jack Van Impe, I thought the only version before the KJV was the Latin Vulgate?!? ;) ;)
Went to our church's women's bible study for the 1st time tonight. I was the only one under 70 and the teacher had a Jack Van Impe bible. 😳
While the 82 year old Jack Van Impe is at home recovering from open heart surgery, his lovely wife Rexella is...
I used to watch Jack Van Impe, etc. always interesting but it all seemed far fetched and distant...
Jack Van Impe expses Rick Warren false teaching purpose driven life Emerging church last -
Does anyone know how Jack Van Impe is doing since his heart surgery?
I've been viewing Jack Van Impe for 25 yrs. I've never NEVER seen a commercial for it on TV until today. Yes, perilous times
I don't think I can beat Jack Van Impe at connect-the-dots. I don't think I can beat the corpse of Gene Scott.
is that Jack Van Impe on that page? I know him from his TV broadcast, but didn't know he had fundamentalist roots?
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I think you're the greatest man ever please get better I miss seeing you on your show love you Heidi
Dog! Jack Van Impe Presents is on right now on channel 18!
Had this one teenage jack van impe impersonator praying to god to arrest me. That was pretty funny
No Jack Van Impe on this week's show? I, for one, am outraged.
Hey, has Jack Van Impe updated his doomsday prophecies lately?
on "Last Comic Standing" might be the only preplanned television viewing I've done in years. Besides "Jack Van Impe Presents"
Jack Van Impe show rocking these "headlines" again with more gloom and doom predictions starring "Dr." Rex
With Rexella Van Impe taping 2 episodes of "Jack Van Impe Presents" to air the next 2 weekends on 500 TV stations. http…
Can anyone tell me how Jack Van Impe is doing after his surgery???. Making sure the first trumpet hasn't blown...
I just saved you $1000 you don't have to buy John Hagee or Jack Van Impe tapes
Try not to fall asleep watching TV & wake up to Jack Van Impe Ministries, where every Kardashian headline is explained as Biblical prophecy.
Everybody seriously needs to watch Jack Van Impe Presents.
Obama is ignoring Christian genocide, you guys. These are the nut jobs on my TV right now. Who is Jack Van Impe?
Jack van impe , is a joke, it's a Judeo Christian New World Order, Humm hello lady, Muslims are semitic...
I'm watching Jack Van Impe's Daystar program and they just said that ISIS is planning to export nuke to America...
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you can search in cable or satellite . Sunday's morning & evening for jack van impe and Hal Lindsey is Sunday night .
I watch Hal Lindsey & jack van impe . They line up events to revelations . Eye opening !
Jack van Impe says there's a holocaust against Christians on par with the Jews.
.D'Arcy, do you concur with Jack Van Impe WRT being satan?
Believe me, I know. I've written Jack Van Impe about his view on the rapture and I've yet to hear back.
Top 3 things to watch instead of the . 3) Paint drying . 2) re-runs of CSPAN . 1) The lady from Jack Van Impe reading 50 Shades of Grey
Realize Jack Van Impe on is like an institution, but, like the confederate flag, it's time to take it down.
thanks for the heads-up. is running that $&Van Impe show so I wouldn't have known.
Does anyone know what time Jack Van Impe Presents airs in Denver?
How has Jack van Impe not had a stroke already?
Jack Van Impe Ministries broadcasts are free to view online:
watch Jack Van Impe tonight 10m eastern and Joeph prince Tbn 260 9m tonight
Jack Van Impe likes to try an prophesy about the revised Roman empire coming out of Europe. But he's not far off! It's actually the U.S.!
My early Sunday mornings are marred now. Only Jack Van Impe can save me.
"If perfect faith can move mountains, then I do not have perfect faith!" ~~ Jack Van Impe
Rex Allah is the name of Jack Van Impe's bride
last time I ate there I saw Jack Van Impe and Rexella!
at least there won't be any more Jack Van Impe
In 1994 Jack Van Impe sent me video.False Prophets Home sits on 7 hills n 7 mountains.Its Vatican.I disagree with Pope.
Popular TV preacher Jack Van Impe recently ended his decades-long run on Trinity Broadcasting Network after he..
Jack van Impe is not telling the truth my wife and I just couldn't believe all the lies being told
I watched Jack van impe sunday on Father's day really fed a lot of propaganda about my wife's country Russia really pouring it on thick
Looks like Jack Van Impe and fox network is up to their old tricks again
Getting ready for Jack Van Impe Presents with Rexella and me.
jack van impe is the show that I'm relating to.
John Hagee and Jack van Impe have surely creamed their panties.
I liked a video Please Pray for Jack Van Impe!!! URGENT!
It would only have been better if they had cited a code section of state law, like how Jack Van Impe referenced the bible.
Ladies and Gents, has just predicted the death of Hillary Clinton. Did they hire Jack Van Impe?
I'm starting to wonder if Game Of Thrones was actually written by Jack Van Impe.
Watching the classic " The Mark of the Beast (1997)" film with Jack Van Impe. Great stuff!
he should give Jack Van Impe a call *** *** *** πŸŽ…
1326-Jack van Impe.The Dark side of the Purpose Driven Church. via
Jack Van Impe Presents. ISIS camps are here in the US. A must watch.
Say a prayer for Dr. Jack Van Impe in hospital.
That's what John Hagee teaches that's what Jack Van Impe teachers and that's what I teach
Sorry I don't believe the church is going through the Great Tribulation I believe like John Hagee and Jack Van Impe does
Question: Can Dr Jack Van Impe play the devil out of the accordion?
Jack Van Impe - Rick Warren and the One World Church 1 of 2
Have you watched Perry Stone's videos on YouTube/ TBN,or Irvin Baxter,Hal Lindsey,Jack Van Impe,all on YouTube now!
End Time Awareness News with Dr. jack van Impe on TruLight =
Ask Franklin Graham if he thinks Obama is a staunch Christian; ask Jack Van Impe; ask any worthy Christian.
Jack Van Impe and John Hagee have creamed their pants.
Jack Van Impe – We are the Generation that goes up to Heaven via
A.D. the movie and Jack van impe on tonite so b4N~don't miss um
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Bill needs to reference those old rants from Jack Van Impe about the that lewd lascivious junk called Rock & Roll!
Jack van Impe and his wife Rexella are fascinating.
I liked a video Jack Van Impe - Obama ruler of Fierce Countenance 1of 3
Jack Van Impe tells it like it is I tell ya.
so that’s where i recognize her from. The Jack Van Impe Show.
Jack Van Impe is on TV. He believes this is the last generation before the "rapture" comes. Rexella nods with Cattle-like acquiescence.
Jack Van Impe the late night Sunday preacher is on tv. He is a vampire. In 20 years he has not aged and only works at night. Vampire!
Somewhere at Coachella Dr. Jack Van Impe is making sweet Christian love to Rexella Van Impe.
Jack Van Impe didn't HEAR 1 Thess 4:16 (Lord descends with a shout-by archangel at the Trump). Doesn't sound like a thief in the night to me?
He starts with 1 Thess 4:16-18 as "Jack Van Impe's rapture" then verifies it is before tribulation by Rev 3:10... That's all goofed up-watch
Look-again they quote scriptures but they don't HEAR the words they say. Jack Van Impe wants rapture BEFORE Tribulation but at final trump
I occasionally go back & watch Jack Van Impe just to see what he's saying these days-but he's been saying rapture is next Tuesday since 80's
How is it I can see this & some old teachers miss it? I say some-not all, I used to watch Jack Van Impe in 80's & look again occasionally-
suggestion Please order America in Prophecy,Hal Lindsey,Jack Van Impe. eBay or DVD
I love my Bible. The Jack Van Impe Prophecy Bible. I recommend this Bible to everybody
My name is Yasmin Vaughn and my mother and I love TBN. Why did you take off Jack Van impe though. We love Praise and Benny Hinn.
In case you've wondered,all it takes to save the world are some old VHS tapes of Jack & Rexella Van Impe. Alert the media!
, I love Bible prophecy grant Jeffrey was one of my favorites so is Hal Lindsey in Jack Van Impe and many…
Proof that pets do go to Heaven (video): Televangelist Jack Van Impe and his wife Rexella have news to thrill...
Happy Belated Birthday Jack and praying for many more...Good nickname...BRAVEHEART Van Impe...God bless...
I'm going to get carpel tunnel doing the jack off motion in the kitchen while gpa watches Van Impe in the living room
Jack Van Impe is a proverbial plebe.
Watch "Jack Van Impe Presents." Umm, NOPE! I only watched this show because of sleeping dog.
Thank God made a GIF of Jack Van Impe impersonating his cat!
Jack van impe and his holocaust on Christians
FYI, I live within a 35-minute drive (on a clear day, no traffic) from the world headquarters of Jack Van Impe Ministries.
Well, Jack Van Impe once said that he's so pre-trib he won't even eat Post Toasties. By way of analogy, then, the answer is no.
Ask Jack Van Impe or Anne Graham Lotz and get the real story.
Was speaking w/ someone about roots of applying Biblical prophecy to the news. We couldn't remember Jack Van Impe's wife name. It's Rexella.
As long as I can still watch Jack Van Impe Presents I think I'll be just fine. πŸ˜πŸ˜ˆπŸ˜‡
Dr Jack Van Impe is keeping it REAL on // sick of these other TV ministers not keeping it 100
Jack Van Impe has gotten much, much worse since we used to watch his show. He's become quite raving mad over the years.
watching jack van impe 7:pm 267 pray for JESUS to bring people to him
I added a video to a playlist JACK VAN IMPE ... 'ROCKS'
Jack Van Impe said something like the pope is making peace with Islam is this true
Jack Van Impe says this is last pope bring down catholism and end of world in next 20 years third of the population on earth will be destroy
I love it when people can quote things that Joyce Meyers, Billy Graham, John Hagee, Jack Van Impe or any other...
Watch Jack Van Impe Presents. This pope will ruin the church. The rapture is so close now you can feel it. Watch the skies. In a blink of i
Jack Van Impe – Pope Francis and the path to Heaven.
Jack Van Impe Presents (2015-02-08) the walking Bible. Amazing how much of scripture he has memorized.
Jack Van Impe WARNED viewers on one of his shows that TBN was going down a wrong path. He spoke up about NONSENSE going on
good night may JESUS help u jack van impe didn't come on tonight pray for daystar and for my aunt she is sick and pray for my brother in law
watching jack van impe 10:pm eastern 263 daystar tonight pray for him to be given the very words it takes to bring people to JESUS tonight
I watch Jack Van Impe and get angry to see what the world is coming to, but get great joy in the knowledge that Jesus IS COMING BACK!
Has Jack Van Impe explained the Biblical teaching about the rise of OPEC and falling oil prices which will usher in the Anti-Christ yet?
watching jack van impe 263 10:pm eastern pray for him to help the muslams see the error of their way and repent and accept JESUS as GOD
Still follow Jack Van Impe that you suggested me back then?
Sounds like is jonesing for a late night TV spot behind Jack Van Impe.
1415 - Jack van Impe. Prepare for Armageddon. Obama is speeding this up...
Was just watching this "Jack Van Impe" televangelist guy in the driver's lounge. Oh My God talk about creepy...
Does anyone look at jack van impe on television?
Jack Van Impe and his wife crack me up.their evangelical preachings are ridiculous. They are on an anti Qua ran rant now.
This is scary. I just was going through my mother's "Jack Van Impe" Prophecy Bible that she had ordered in 2012.
Good thing I won't be up when Jack Van Impe preaches a sermon on ISIS.
Is Fox News afraid to put someone like Jack Van Impe on their shows?? Prove It !!
does anyone know what the Koran says? If Muslims believe in the Koran , their'e ALL Radical! Ask Jack Van Impe!!
At the end of the millennium (1000 years) the inhabitants of earth will be killed by fire from heaven. (Rev 20:7-9) There are no more humans alive. This is why physical death and Hades are cast into the lake of fire at the great white throne judgment (Rev. 20:11-15) This proves for the Lamb of God and His bride to rule over the nations, their rule must come at the beginning of the 1000 years not at the end. Yet, such reveled prophecy teachers as Jack Van Impe, Grant Jefferies, Hal Lindsey, Perry Stone, John Hagee, Chuck Missler, David Regan, David Jeremiah, all falsely teach the Bride returns twice from heaven, once at Armageddon (Rev 19:11-21) and again after the millennium ends! (Rev 21:9-10) I ask you, how can the Bride of Christ descend from heaven twice? And if the Bride descends inside a new heaven to a new earth at the end of the millennium, like most prophecy teachers falsely teach, then that would mean the Bride would remain heaven separated from her Groom for the entire 1000 years. Saints, after ...
Jack Van Impe Presents of July 19th 2014. Today Rexella and Jack talk about: ISIS plans to smash borders of Mid East map. Canadians and Americans leave home ...
Jack Van Impe...I thought his show was a parody on television evangelist. "Impe" describes him quite well though. Another crazy making money and a name for himself
Been a Jack Van Impe viewer for 20 years...can't watch him anymore...too radical. He probably hates
@ my friends from the USA: Does anyone know something about Jack van Impe's Ministry? I mean, does He speak the...
Jack Van Impe Ministry gets the AXE for speaking the truth.
the New World Order rising. Its from the jack van impe ministry! They have a website for easy ordering!
Van Impe ministry abandons TBN in clash over Islam: WAY TO GO, JACK!!!
The late-night commercials for Jack Van Impe Presents always send me to bed with a smile on my face.
.You & I have the same views on prophecy.who do you follow ?.I follow Perry Stone, Jack Van Impe, Pastor Hagee.
Jack Van Impe Presents (2014-12-14): . To read more and to find other links, visit my website. See you th...
Jack Van Impe produces a show for an audience that hasn't purchased a TV set in 15 years
Can't belive Jack van Impe is still on air. I've always found his program oddly enjoyable.
This is from a news report broadcast on the TV channel of the Jack Van Impe Ministries. Televangelist Van Impe a...
Jack Van Impe Question of the Week I'm having doubts about Jesus Christ being born on December 25th. Thoughts
Jack Van Impe thinks so too. Very strange. How do you lead your dog to salvation? Can't lead a cat anywhere.
Jack Van Impe Presents (2014-12-07): Is everyone wrong about Mr. oboma and his intentions?
I don't know if you guys like watching crazy like I do but, THIS guy, Jack Van Impe & wife Rexella, are a hoot.
Christian preacher Jack Van Impe shocked at the accuracy of Muslim prophecies
I was watching an episode of Jack Van Impe: stopped just short of calling Obama "antichrist".
Jack van Impe is freaking me out , need to watch jentzen franklin# madeformore series# Forward conference
Dr. Jack Van Impe believes that Chrislam may be the one world religion prophesied for the end times.
Jack Van Impe on the topic of Revelations
~ The Muslims and Christians DO NOT worship the same God! ~Jack Van Impe -- Pope Francis the Destroyer: via
May God continue to bless you for speaking boldly and telling the whole world the truth..Van Impe ministry
Check out The Mark of the Beast by Dr. Jack & Rexella Van Impe VHS via
I'm watching Jack Van Impe Presents on my Hopper. I love this show!
A scripture I listened yesterday, and the deceived comments of Jack Van Impe said about the sinner burning...
When things get confusing I ask myself "what would Jack Van Impe do?" I end up more confused but at least I get a laugh.
I'm still astonished that Jack van Impe is a real person and not a fake joke name
"I'll tell you what's a real sign of the apocalypse: Justin Bieber!" --Jack Van Impe, Serious Favstar Guy.
I liked a video Jack Van Impe – Islam the Worlds Most Serious Thre
Jack van Impe: who is "Jesus"? That's not The Name of The Lord, The One. . Aww, you're not the one who has The Name of His God written on him
I liked a video Jack Van Impe -- Was ISIS Prophesied for End of Age?
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Jack Van Impe Question of the Week Can you explain how and when are we adopted into the Family of God
Did Daystar just cut off for Jack Van Impe?!? This is HORRIBLE!
If You can please order America in Prophecy by Hal Lindsey n Jack Van Impe.ebay or Rev.18.
Great point. Jack Van Impe might want to take some credit as well.
Jack Van Impe says Israel is taking over the White House! We're doomed anyway *** *** *** ŸŽ…πŸΊ
- Can the islamic flag be over the White House?. - No way!. - Well, think again!! Buy my DVD now!!. Jack Van Impe preaching. LOL.
Lying is unholy Jack van Impe, you would think you know that. How do you live with yourself?
No! The battle of Armageddon is not right around the corner as Jack Van Impe said today. We are now in the...
When I should be worshiping God . And now I 'm right with God & I'm watching Jack Van Impe again .
Jack van impe ministries was a great show today oct19 the war on America
Jack Van Impe, Hal Lindsey, David Jerimiah and Greg Laurie are all legit. IMHO. They talk about ***
The only one I will listen to is Jack Van Impe. He doesn't beg for $$$ and he's spot on with the word!
Dr Jack Van Impe, this weeks episode incerpts.
John 8:32 "And ye shall know the truth, and the truth shall make you free." Let us spread HIS TRUTH by sharing how we came to know Him! :) This group is to show your testimonies of how you came to know The Lord, and/or someone that left religions when they realized Who Our Lord and Savior is and how He broke them from Satan's 'Chains'. . We want to hear your story as well. You may include stories that have been verified to be true from YOUTUBE. You may also include sermons from Jack Van Impe , David Jeremiah, Hal Lndsey just to name a few. There is Chrislam being taught by a few that need to be exposed. You may mention their names along with scripture backing up what they are NOT teaching. THIS IS ONLY A PRE-TRIB forum. Anyone questioning it will be deleted as that is what The Bible teaches. Welcome to our forum and we look forward to spreading His Word! Just in case, a reminder: If we see any foul language of ANY kind, it will not be tolerated. We are here to spread the Word about Jesus and not to argu . ...
Dr. Jack Van Impe and Rexella are on Vision. Have found a slightly worse show.
Jack Van Impe Question of the Week Explain the difference between the battle of Gog & Magog, and the Battle of Armag.
watching jack van impe 263 daystar pray that the Lord will bless his words
continue praying for Bible Prophecy teachers such as JD Farag and Hal Lindsey and Jack Van Impe . who are...
I don't wish this on Us,I'm just describe what I saw in Hal Lindsey n Jack Van Impe Videos.
Actually, I think we should get a group of conspirators together once a week to watch Jack Van Impe & laugh.
The Christian Bible speaks of The kings of the South.Could Isis be it?Please Interview,Jack Van .
Looks like it. I like Hal Lindsey & Jack Van Impe when it comes to Revelation prophecy.
Kinda like Jack Van Impe turning to Rexella to sell some books between Armageddon verses.
Jack Van Impe and Rexella are on my television. She won't stop saying complex. I'm not quite sure what to do.
Free: Christian Sermon LP JACK VAN IMPE Who's Who in the Church SEALED. Check it out -
πŸ˜ƒ I'll be watching Jack Van Impe tonight too😜
Jack van impe and his wife are the devil.
guys like Jim Baker, Robert Tilden, Jack Van Impe and Joel Olsteen use religion the same way ISIS does.
I bet that Jack Van Impe got nothing but good things to say about Obama lately
Jack Van Impe said the Pope's spreading the lie that if you have a good conscience you'll get into heaven. Sad. :-(
If you want answers watch Jack Van Impe Presents.
Who ever is watching Jack Van Impe (perfect name) is getting their weekly Obama hate from a Christian.
I have the Jack Van Impe show on but muted, and it is begging to be dubbed with different dialog.
Jack Van Impe proved that fulfill all the technical requirements for the location of *** .
So the Action News Sunday spot tomorrow is at 830am -- after Jack Van Impe and before CBS Sunday Morning on tv 47. Check it out!
Jack Van Impe -- Hillary Clinton, ISIS and the coming New World Order
watching Jack Van Impe 263 daystar look him up on youtube if no tv
β€œHas the Church in the U.S. succumbed to the charms of Islam?” (Jack Van Impe,Β 08.30.2014)
Hal Lindsey n Jack Van Impe believes They'll be possibly Elijah n Moses.Pastor Paul met some 144000 Jews in Isreal.
Oh, sure, we get all the best stuff: ABC Family, The 700 Club, Jack Van Impe, Fox News, and the Sarah Palin Channel.
lol. Jack Van Impe is another treasure trove of completely goofy statements.
I'm sure a lot of preachers tell you how the bible says Obama *** But Jack Van Impe does it on my TV so I don't have to put on pants.
Jack Van Impe is a dangerous person. Tv is not a good platform for people who think and hate so blatantly
Well, we have basically eight more months before time will run out on Jack Van Impe's Rapture prediction.
also last night I watched christian TV, which included Jack Van Impe & a guy talking about sexting resulting in teen suicide.
Laptop insurance - because accidents happen!
Jack Van Impe just led me through the sinners prayer through the tv screen and now I'm saved I guess.
Watching "Jack Van Impe Presents: Dr. Van Impe and wife Rexella analyze recent news events in light of Biblical teaching."
If Jack van Impe and wife are spokesmen for christianity, then I will forever remain unaffiliated! Scumbags!!!
Jack van Impe: ignoramus! Messiah said himself that he wasn't The Judge, nor the One to whom it ALL BELONGS BY RIGHT. Another Son Comes.
Lmpoyao! Jack van Impe, 17 DOCTORates and can't provide the healing, the Salve-Action, which will only come from ONE among Israel's people.
We are watching John Hagee Ministries on TV right now. We was watching Jack Van Impe earlier. We are both...
Jack Van Impe just proclaimed that the reason why he fell on his face recently and that something bad has...
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