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Jack Van Impe

Jack Leo Van Impe (born February 9, 1931, though indicates a 1930 birth) is a televangelist who is known for his half-hour weekly television series Jack Van Impe Presents, an eschatological commentary on the news of the week through his interpretation of the Bible.

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TIL In 2001, Televangelists Jack and Rexella Van Impe won the parodic Ig Nobel Prize in Astrophysics "for their discovery that black holes …
And then it dawned on me. It's the same style TV preachers, such as Hal Lindsey and Jack Van Impe use "news and commentary"
Just seen a jack van impe infomercial 🤔 he gave me devil vibes
Sir The Jack Van Impe Show on January 14, has recorded that on 1050 B.C. Jehovah did give Gaza, West Ba…
On January 14, 2017 is recorded on the Jack Van Impe Show has Backed up on 1050 B.C. that Gaza, West Ba…
Thankyou for bringing blessed telecast this morning by JACK VAN IMPE ministries. All glory to Lord JESUS. - Pastor Avinash Singh
Im sorry but Rays jack van impe account is still the thing thats ever happened to the internet
I watch Jack Van Impe Presents each Sunday. Biblical prophesy is discussed and current events from the headlines...
If u mean the Pope, go to Jack Van Impe website, local preacher here, but world wide tv show.
I hear u, Jack Van Impe talks a lot on this topic, check his website!
Jack Van Impe fails to talk about the Anti Christ from the west and why Russia goes to war in Armageddon
Shame shame shame on Jack Van Impe for not preaching from the word of God
I watched Fox 13 Jack Van Impe how come they never talk about the anti christ from the "Revived Roman Empire " ?
Jack Van Impe Re-Posted On March 4 2017 - Iran will not cooperate with the US - ... ...
And when I see things like Jack Van Impe Presents... last night, it makes it obvious. A coup, it couldn't be any cl…
We're watching old Jack Van Impe Revelation tapes and making a drinking game out of it. Pray for us.
I added a video to a playlist NEWS UPDATE FROM Jack Van Impe
I added a video to a playlist WATCH AGAIN From Jack Van Impe
The only thing Jack Van Impe Presents is hate and evil.
I liked a video from UPDATE From Jack Van Impe
This stuff is very difficult. I like Jack Van Impe. But Dan 7:8; Dan 2:42; Rev. 17:12; 13:1. of the time, Dan 12:7 When...
Jack Van Impe did the research and discovered that 51 years is the length of a generation. Think we are there!...
Trump must be consulting with Jack Van Impe. "Okay, Jack! Gog and Magog are Russia and China and they're going...
Out of curiosity is it a wonder people are anti-religion when u have *** like Jack Van Impe & John Hagee so blatant in their racism?
Taking Europe and US is only Act I, of course. He will fail: consult Midrash Tihilim and Jack Van Impe. GET OUT OF UKRAINE 4 your own good!
Just Googling the title and artist got me the answer: "An Important Message" by Dr. Jack Van Impe
I'll have to see if it's on Hulu so I don't have to suffer watching it on Fox. You know they still play Jack Van Impe at night???
Thank you Pastor Hagee for your inspiration in the word of God.Through your ministry and Dr. Jack Van Impe my parents saved
I concur w/Dr. Jack Van Impe that is currently possessed by Dr. Impe even has his own TV show.…
I think Jack Van Impe talked about that once.
Hi Jack Van Impe is paying you to spread Islamophobia via your network. Watch his telecast sometime. It's scary.
Please see if Rexella Van Impe could sing at the Inauguration her husband Dr. Jack Van Impe he would be a great speaker
Hi Have you actually seen what Jack Van Impe is paying you to air? 30 minutes of "Muslims hate us." Not cool.
Mankind will become scarce as fine gold, Franki. Read any Jack Van Impe? The world is able to condemn itself.
How dare you defame Dr. Jack Van Impe, Do you refute that is
I added a video to a playlist Jack Van Impe Presents -- January 14, 2017
I liked a video from A NEWS UPDAPE From Jack Van Impe
either way, you are insanely lucky. I miss everything about that area. Even Jack and Rexella Van Impe.
I prefer a weekly dose of Jack and Rexella van Impe. Chase it with a Jack Chick tract or two.
They are getting to be on the same level, propaganda-wise, as Jack Van Impe. Cooked questions and answers! Obvious!
In this amazing new episode of Jack Van Impe Presents, a Bible Scholar brings two ancient Torah Scrolls onto the...
. Maybe if you spent time reading your Bible instead of listening to Paul crouch & jack van impe, you'd know what it says
saw an add earlier for Jack van Impe calling out the Pope as unChristian for visiting Muslim nations. . Us Papists next for the camps, huh.
Rip a huge line of cheap nootropics, ketamine and 2ce off the cover of "Language Truth & Logic" & open palm slam jack van impe into the vcr
Jack Van Impe Presents. You are an EVIL *** man!!!. Are you seriously upset because the pope went to visit Muslims?.
Umm I'll go with who is Jack Van Impe?
First time I read the book of Revelation was in the 80's when people like Jack Van Impe & were only ones talking about it.
If you ever want to see sad, watch Jack Van Impe on ABC @ 12:30am. He repeats the same falsities week after week with such passion. It's sad
Jack Van Impe ►Hillary Clinton, ISIS and the coming New World Order. h ...
Rushed into Riley's room when I heard the next show starting promptly changing the channel. . "You can't watch Jack Van Impe cuz bad dreams!"
you need to call yourself blessed to televise Jack Van Impe! Such a man of God who's blessed with all the knowledge of all Scripture!
I told Jack Van Impe years ago but the service was surrounded by God's angels and when she overheard they're coming time
Final Hour ISLAM hate cult Jack Van Impe last days end times news update 2016: via
Breaking fact phone Jack Van Impe many years ago told him that God's angels were around the world and God would show up soon he's here
The Jack Van Impe "Prophecy" Bible has prophecy highlighted & its a KJ !. I gotta have one-hey? How about 1 for each in the family?
So I watched Jack Van Impe's show-and he offers this nice leather bound but really bendy flexible cover (I love Bibles like this)
I haven't watched Jack Van Impe since oh late 80's? Early 90's maybe...I have criticized him in the past & I have asked forgiveness-
Exactly! It's so sickening! I Love to watch Drs. Jack and Rexella Van Impe. They're wonderful prophecy ministers.
Jack Van Impe has been preaching that the EU is the Anti-Christ for decades now. . He must be jubilant at it's pending doom.
Sorry Trump, your demographic gave their timeslot up to the 700 Club. Hope Jack Van Impe's wrong about the rapture again!
In my novel say that I'm reminded that when I called Jack Van Impe years ago and advised them that God's angels are around the world
I wonder who Jack and Rexella Van Impe voted for
Why don't you people work with your Hands? You, Billy Graham, Jack Van Impe, John Hagee, etc?
Jack Van Impe is great-I watched during 1st Gulf War, which he called as prelude to (but not actually) Armageddon
Jack van impe need to fall back too. You an evangelist. Barely. The Pope still luv you tho.
I liked a video from NEWS UPDATE FROM Jack Van Impe
jack van impe & heretical kompany received a bunch of (((donations))) again this week. That you chose to kill your souls is your choice.
Thank you for bringing powerful telecast this morning on GODTV from JACK VAN IMPE ministries, U.S.A Pastor Avinash Singh, Jhansi (UP)
yep. And for some reason, the Native American chief? Then we got the Ag report after Jack Van Impe ha!!!
. Message from Jack and Rexella Van Impe 🕊. Doesn't matter what we believe they believ…
Gonna take Evangelist Jack Van Impe to sort it out.
Dare to watch Jack Van Impe oct. 30th episode. The real truth
Want to know truth, watch Jack van Impe oct. 30 th show. See the truth about everything. Dare ya to watch
Follow Jack Van Impe ,,wake up people. Truth is told open ears & listen.
next on the local fox channel following the world series: Jack Van Impe Presents
What is 'Jack Van Impe Presents'? It's on at 11:30 which means Chicago's gonna win :D
Jack Van Impe Presents (2016-10-29) via Must watch especially the new DVD.Thy Kingdom Come.
Jack Van Impe is a study in eschatological malarkey and I can't look away.
Prays that God will appoint right person for President, referring to Donald Trump! Talks lengthily about Trump.
Jack Van Impe (Prophetic TV preacher) has been blowing the trumpet for 10 years !! TRUE CHRISTIANS…
Why am I not surprised, Anyone watch Jack Van Impe??
Jack Van Impe Presents -- October 29, 2016 via very important to watch
Jack Van Impe Presents -- October 29, 2016 must watch this about Trump & Prance
Jack Van Impe correctly predicted that the current is before 1995, it's time to listen to Jack.
Even if your not religious, The Hal Lindsey Prophesy report and Jack Van impe ministries provide interesting world news…
Trump's last riff didn't make any sense. Good question about no fly zone. War with Russia? Jack Van Impe is now listening.
so let me get this straight, you take off Jack Van Impe w/o warning, then put on Peter Popoff the shyster & liar?? Really??
Jack Van Impe KJV Prophecy Bible third edition new in box
There's only two preachers in the whole world I trust Reverend Billy Graham and Dr Jack Van Impe
If you wanna see fox news and 700 club on steroids n lsd watch Jack van Impe zionit propaganda and ANTI Christ hasbara
you guys are foolish to believe this is Jack Van Impe.
OMG - its too much! I realized Pat Robertson was GONE. But did you find any connections to 'Hal Lindsey' or 'Jack Van Impe'?
Others see it, why not Catholics?? Some interesting perspective from Jack Van Impe on Pope Francis.
Jack Van Impe *AND* Rexella liked it, so it has to be good.
Please watch Jack Van Impe explains Pope, ISIS, end times
Yo, Jack Van Impe is ridiculous. Sunday morning laughs. Thanks jvip . It's so sad it's funny.
Final Mysteries unsealed opening the door to your destiny Jack Van Impe Book
I just luv the snake Jack Van Impe mentions the snake in one of his programs all post if I cn fnd DT is great naratr
u will never hear Joel Osteen,Jack Van Impe,John Hagee&these christian pastors teach that gentiles will b servants to israel in the kingdom
But, what do I know? I'm not Jack Van Impe or Hal Lindsey, so I could still be very wrong
Had to take a few minutes and watch rexella & jack van impe do their schtick. Pope Francis & Christ Return. Get your credit cards ready?
I just listed: 'The Seven Mystery Years (Dr. Jack and Rexella Van Impe)', for 10.49 via
Fear is a $ maker Jack Van Impe spewed a whole lot also this past Sunday was
Jack van Impe a major bible scholar and prophecy has came out and announce is a true muslin out to destroy Christian American wake up war !!
Sitting here watching Jack Van Impe with my dad (he has the remote)... him and this woman on screen w/him sound like some crazy swindlers
Jack and Rexella Van Impe assertion "black holes fulfill all the technical requirements to be the location of *** " sick
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Jack Van Impe sick man Presents -- March 5, 2016 The world's in trouble
Jack Van Impe is mighty in the Lord & well beloved, & I believe we'll see our pets again, but what's this repentance thing?
what we needed there was Jack and Rexella Van Impe to come out of slumber. He'd have listened to JVI
Jack Van Impe – There shall be Famines, and Pestilences via
I know some great Pastors who know the Bible with extensive knowledge. Jack Van Impe, Perry Stone, John Hagee, Jonathan Cahn.
well said Perry. You have an encyclopedic knowledge of the bible like myself and jack van Impe.
or after they go) jack van impe 7:30am eastern channel 20, chalres stanley 250 ion 8:am,Jenzen Franklin 9:am 260 tbn,
Jack Van Impe Presents April 16, 2016 get your gun prepare 4 battle
If you want to know the true gospel then you would listen to somebody like Jack Van Impe
Guilty confession: I'd watch Jack Van Impe with my dad at late night to see how the world will end next week. Their just 2 ironically funny.
I know your very busy, but please check out "The Jack Van Impe Show" its like an older version on Bakkers buckets
Jack Van Impe has been preaching agnst "Chrislam" for yrs, he proves "Christian" churches blending w/Islam. CS Lewis predicted it
I'm thinking of enrolling at the and getting a degree/diploma in "Jack Van Impe Prophecy." What say you Dr. Ach?
Jack van Impe? Been doing end times schtick on TV for 6 decades. Without a trace of irony, brags about his longevity…
God Bless our friend, Jack Van Impe and his relatives in Belgium.
dr jack van impe has been teaching on this for over a year . Letters from cousin there . Horrible to live & work there so sad .
WATCH DR.JACK VAN IMPE .ON WNEP TV 16. YOU WILL SEE THIS TERRORIST STUFF WE NEED he is for the holy land. check his speech.
Televangelist Jack Van Impe says there will be rock 'n' roll and rap in ***
you are awesome, you say what I have been feeling. I love your messages. Please check out Dr, Jack Van Impe, He calls it right
Jack Van Impe Presents is just terrifying television to watch late at night.
The Five Fundamentals of the ... Jack Van Impe Presents (2016-03-19)
Jack Van Impe Presents -- March 18, 2016 Latest in gospel news !!via
I liked a video from A REPORT FROM Jack Van Impe
I love Jack Van Impe, he speaks the truth. Love Yeshua Hamashiach and Israel.
Wasn't it Jack van Impe who won an Ig Nobel Prize for saying that black holes met all the requirements to be *** This sounds like that.
Watch Jack Van Impe if you want to learn why muslims hate the west.
Jack Van Impe has relatives n Brussels-they write ab sharia there! Stores closed. Ppl stay in/night.
Do a "Jack Van Impe" super cut!!! Please its crazier than jim bakkers buckets!!! Jack Van Impe on Ytube
That's even better, MOM it is! Jack Van Impe could warn that "MOM is about to give birth to Antichrist!" on his next video.
ANOTHER WARNING THAT THIS WORLD IS ABOUT TO END! - Earlier today, I posted an older video by Jack Van Impe about...
Jack Van Impe quotes directly from Koran on his program all the time.
13.I AGREE with Dr.Jack Van Impe 100%. As for me,I believe in the DEITY of Christ. One God manifested in THREE person.The blessed TRINITY!
12.Dr. Jack Van Impe name the FIVE DOCTRINES of the Christian Faith.He said,if U don't BELIEVED these five DOCTRINES U are NOT a Christian.
Jack Van Impe -- Obama says Israel is on their own via
Urgent! A must watch. Jack Van Impe "Watch Out for emerging one world religion called "Chrislam"
"The Rapture Of The Saints Could Occur By 2017" video by Jack Van Impe, that you can view right here, is…
Unmasking and Triumping over the Spirit of Antichrist by Jack Van Impe (1991,...
His cadence always strikes me as a southern Jack van Impe style televangelist.
Billy Graham,Jack & Ranella Van Impe,and MANY other Bible scholars r on the record that BIBLE SAYS our animals DO GO 2HEAVEN!
I noticed you left out Jack Van Impe!?
- I also love watching Jack Van Impe & Rexella on Sunday mornings as they pre-empt 2nd half awful CBS morning commie show.
U people at Fox news should watch Islam Exposed by Jack Van Impe and talk about it. It tells all about Islam's hate for us!
Bill I just watched Islam Exposed by Jack Van Impe, I wish u would watch it & do a talking points on it.I think you'd like it
PROPHECY BIBLE by JACK VAN IMPE 3rd ed KJV verse by verse in DANIEL leather BOX - Bid Now…
In these trying times I'm tuning in to Jack Van Impe
I liked a video from A UPDATE FROM Jack Van Impe
Jack Van Impe does not look healthy at all! Say a prayer for him
Jack Van Impe -- The Anti Christ and False Prophet are Here! -
pray for Jack van Impe 267 now, John Hagee to have good witness 263 daystar 7:30
Jack Van Impe spread this word for months, but very few listened obviously. Jesus become the MAHDI's hit man-no JOKE!
Jack Van Impe -- Was ISIS Prophesied for End of Age? -
I bet ISIS don't have any TV "Voices of the Caliphate" as insane as Pat Robertson or Jack Van Impe.
jack van impe' is a bit confused, thinking Jesus is coming to fly believers away, in a secret, unseen rapture. no rapture.
Jack Van Impe is getting some great mileage out of recent foreign policy developments on this week's show. Move over, John Hagee.
A MESSAGE OF HOPE FROM DR. JACK VAN IMPE - The Birth of the Eternal God The Birth of the Eternal God I feel (cont)
I can never remember when Jack van Impe comes on TV. It is the best thing to fall asleep to. I imagine their home planet to be very lulling.
Dr Jack Van Impe is called the Walking Bible, cuz he's memorized over 18,000 scriptures. And he says>Quran teaches this evil
Jack Van Impe Ministries sponsors the largest Evangelical Christian program devoted to end-time prophecy.
We gonna need Graham to line up with Jimmy Johnson and Jack Van Impe for a once in a lifetime pic.
So...Jack Van Impe is still alive, eh?
Jack van Impe has probably swindled millions from people and still doesn’t film in HD
likes watching Jack Van Impe better than the comedy channel
Jack Van Impe Explains leaving TBN Part 1 via chrislam the one world religion of antichrist
Sometimes I wonder if Donald Trump is really Jack Van Impe in disguise:
Jack VAN IMPE is not intimidated by lucifer. Watch HIS presentation today.
Shalom, you forgot Jack Van Impe. Also Perry Stone, John Hagee, Bill Salus.That would be a out of this world Prophetic show.
I have a jack van impe Bible. If only I had a bobble.
and Jack Van impe 267 7:pm kingdom connection 9:pm tbn pray for good message pray for them and
OMG. Jack Van Impe is still alive? I remember seeing that show when I was staying up way too late (like I am now) in the 90s
Apparently, a funny thing happens if you leave the local Fox affiliate on too long: something called the Jack Van Impe show comes on.
How many lies can you squeeze into 5 minutes? . Charlatans like this are scum, equal to John Edwards or Jack Van Impe
The best part is the post-game celebration bumping Jack and Rexella Van Impe.
Keith I saw on Jack Van Impe Presents that you're actually Satan, not Derek Jeter, please retract this
Please watch, keep up with the bible signs of these last days with Jack Van Impe Presents (2015-10-31)
Halloween sound mix of the night. Random halloween sounds on yuotube + Jack Van Impe Presents played at the same time. Works pretty well. :)
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Just saw your show last night in Vegas. Awesome. Got a football! Don't forget to check out Dr. Jack Van Impe. You will like it.
Now Jack Van Impe has actually read and memorized the Quran! So have a lot of other Christians
Jack Van Impe is a real man of God and he understands Bible prophecy
There are some good men of God in the world CBN Jack Van Impe! To name a few
Takes me back the good old days when a young Jack Van Impe railed against "that lewd, lacivious, junk, called Rock & Roll"
Jack Van Impe - They are bringing in damnable heresies -
Jack Van Impe Presents October 24, 2015 via The Cross in the Shadow of the Crescent
Jack Van Impe Presents (2015-10-10) via .Muslim Jesus is not the same as the Christian Jesus.
Now Jack Van Impe as well as myself we back everything up with scriptures
In fact I even have additional information But it coincides With everything Jack Van Impe is saying
So watch both of those two videos I just posted 1 it's called the final seven signs By Jack Van Impe
Dr Jack Van Impe is a Bible scholar We just happened to both have the truth
This is what the Bible teaches and this is what all the great Bible scholars like Jack Van Impe teaches
you don't like me that's okay what about Jack Van Impe now there's a real Bible teacher
you are not a Bible man not even close now Jack Van Impe he's a Bible man
put Jack Van Impe on following sunday's football game and news? it makes it so late in the timeslot it's in now.
I have got a video by dr. Jack Van Impe you need to watch! Coming right up
do you want to know anything about the Bible listen to somebody like dr. Jack Van Impe the rapture is before the tribulation
When Jack Van Impe preaches you'll get hundreds of scriptures
If anybody knows the Bible its Jack Van Impe
Now here's a great video by Jack Van Impe to help you be ready!
I have an old school Jack Van Impe prophecy bible... but I am now post-trib. =) Or Mid-Trib, but not pre.
There was SOMETHING SPECIAL about these men Billy Graham,Jack Van Impe,Oral Roberts that I could FEEL at 10 years of age.I was DRAWN 2 them
I sent for BIBLE material to help ME understand God at age 10 to Billy Graham,Jack Van Impe,and Oral Roberts. Today,I still LISTEN 2 them
God CALLED me at the age of nine,and he SAVED me at 23 years of age. The preachers I listened to was Jack Van Impe,Billy Graham,Oral Roberts
When you leave the TV on in the background and then notice the anti-Islam rantings and insanity of Jack Van Impe is what's on.😳
Somewhat certain Chrislum was a term coined by Noah Hutchings, often quoted by Jack Van Impe; to refer to Rick Warren.
Har har har hardee har har! Is the *** really dead? I hope. Sunday is Funday. so Jack Van Impe is dead via
Sitting in hotel restaurant in drinking Starbucks. Jack Van Impe is on tv. Not my stereotype of the Western Jurisdiction :-).
Shalom.I think if you brought Jonathan Cahn,Mark Biltz,Jack Van Impe, and John Hagee on your show it would be out of this world.
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: Jack Van Impe probably would not appear on this show Lance.. As he is clear on what the bible teaches..pre-trib..
Shalom, look whos back preaching again,Dr,Van Impe.Please request to have jack Van Impe on your show.
Just wonderful to see Jack van Impe back after a life threatening situation. Thank you Jesus for Dr,Van Impe.
Shalom, Look who's back preaching. Jack Van Impe, a man of God, like your self. Love you both.
Jack Van Impe - Final drama happening before our eyes -
17:00. End Time awareness news With Dr. Jack van Impe. Listen in by click on this link
Russia in Syria? I bet Jack and Rexella Van Impe are all like..."It's go time."
Jack Van Impe talked for about an hour...
Yeah I agree Carrie. needs to verify whether this is the real Jack Van Impe page or not.
I honestly can't wrap my mind around this film. It is a Troma production, but it feels like it was made by Jack Van Impe.
Someone needs to check on John Hagee and Jack Van Impe.
Why did Jack Van Impe ministry abandon TBN in clash over Islam? via
Jack Van Impe cracks me up. He is INTENSE. This dude makes you believe he actually believes the crap he's spewing.
if you get a chance listen to Jack Van Impe
I'm at my most Jack Van Impe whenever the Pope is at the U.N.
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...and a robber. This prayer service is going to drive evangelicals up a wall. Can't wait for Jack Van Impe. Eek!
Not hardly read Glen Becks book (Its all about Islam). Get the truth. Watch expert Jack Van Impe you tube on Koran
The only Minister that I know that's preaching the truth on TV consistently would be possibly John Hagee and Jack Van Impe
Does anyone know if Jack Van Impe is still alive?I watched the show Saturday and Rexella said something about since Jack,s been gone
Do you need John Hagee to tell you Jesus Christ is coming soon? or Jack Van Impe?
I'm giving away: jerusalem. DVD. JACK VAN IMPE LIKE NEW. Check it out -
Jack Van Impe dead: Rexella "I don't want your money, I am going to give away most of Jack's fortune to help animal creatures.
is the spirit. Choose today which God U serve.
Dr. David Reagan guests on Jack Van Impe Presents the next two weeks! . Networks and air times at
I don't remember the name but u can look it up. I heard this from Jack Van Impe.
"Teenagers are dope-fiend, LSD driven maniacs being hypnotized by 'Rock n Roll' to have sex on every street corner" -Dr. Jack Van Impe, 1972
Jack Van Impe, I thought the only version before the KJV was the Latin Vulgate?!? ;) ;)
Went to our church's women's bible study for the 1st time tonight. I was the only one under 70 and the teacher had a Jack Van Impe bible. 😳
While the 82 year old Jack Van Impe is at home recovering from open heart surgery, his lovely wife Rexella is...
I used to watch Jack Van Impe, etc. always interesting but it all seemed far fetched and distant...
Jack Van Impe expses Rick Warren false teaching purpose driven life Emerging church last -
Does anyone know how Jack Van Impe is doing since his heart surgery?
I've been viewing Jack Van Impe for 25 yrs. I've never NEVER seen a commercial for it on TV until today. Yes, perilous times
I don't think I can beat Jack Van Impe at connect-the-dots. I don't think I can beat the corpse of Gene Scott.
is that Jack Van Impe on that page? I know him from his TV broadcast, but didn't know he had fundamentalist roots?
I think you're the greatest man ever please get better I miss seeing you on your show love you Heidi
Dog! Jack Van Impe Presents is on right now on channel 18!
Had this one teenage jack van impe impersonator praying to god to arrest me. That was pretty funny
No Jack Van Impe on this week's show? I, for one, am outraged.
Hey, has Jack Van Impe updated his doomsday prophecies lately?
on "Last Comic Standing" might be the only preplanned television viewing I've done in years. Besides "Jack Van Impe Presents"
Jack Van Impe show rocking these "headlines" again with more gloom and doom predictions starring "Dr." Rex
With Rexella Van Impe taping 2 episodes of "Jack Van Impe Presents" to air the next 2 weekends on 500 TV stations. http…
Can anyone tell me how Jack Van Impe is doing after his surgery???. Making sure the first trumpet hasn't blown...
I just saved you $1000 you don't have to buy John Hagee or Jack Van Impe tapes
Laptop insurance - because accidents happen!
Try not to fall asleep watching TV & wake up to Jack Van Impe Ministries, where every Kardashian headline is explained as Biblical prophecy.
Everybody seriously needs to watch Jack Van Impe Presents.
Obama is ignoring Christian genocide, you guys. These are the nut jobs on my TV right now. Who is Jack Van Impe?
Jack van impe , is a joke, it's a Judeo Christian New World Order, Humm hello lady, Muslims are semitic...
I'm watching Jack Van Impe's Daystar program and they just said that ISIS is planning to export nuke to America...
you can search in cable or satellite . Sunday's morning & evening for jack van impe and Hal Lindsey is Sunday night .
I watch Hal Lindsey & jack van impe . They line up events to revelations . Eye opening !
Jack van Impe says there's a holocaust against Christians on par with the Jews.
.D'Arcy, do you concur with Jack Van Impe WRT being satan?
Believe me, I know. I've written Jack Van Impe about his view on the rapture and I've yet to hear back.
Top 3 things to watch instead of the . 3) Paint drying . 2) re-runs of CSPAN . 1) The lady from Jack Van Impe reading 50 Shades of Grey
Realize Jack Van Impe on is like an institution, but, like the confederate flag, it's time to take it down.
thanks for the heads-up. is running that $&Van Impe show so I wouldn't have known.
Does anyone know what time Jack Van Impe Presents airs in Denver?
How has Jack van Impe not had a stroke already?
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Jack Van Impe Ministries broadcasts are free to view online:
watch Jack Van Impe tonight 10m eastern and Joeph prince Tbn 260 9m tonight
Jack Van Impe likes to try an prophesy about the revised Roman empire coming out of Europe. But he's not far off! It's actually the U.S.!
My early Sunday mornings are marred now. Only Jack Van Impe can save me.
"If perfect faith can move mountains, then I do not have perfect faith!" ~~ Jack Van Impe
Rex Allah is the name of Jack Van Impe's bride
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