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Jack Thompson

Jack Thompson, AM (born 31 August 1940) is an Australian actor and one of the major figures of Australian cinema.

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Thanks for a beautiful interview with Jack Thompson. I will watch again soon as it was so rich & positive 👍🏻
Roland tells Jack how he really feels about Paul in the latest episode of ht…
What a result! Hear from the proud Corey Thompson &
Funny, I don't think anyone but Jack Thompson would be offended by that…
It's what the fans like to see, Moro and Thompson show passion, Webster has been so…
Name your baby Burt Snakehole Ludgate Karate Dracula Macklin Demon Jack-o-Lantern Thompson, or Jack for short
Myles Turner smoked Tristan Thompson on this dunk. 💨
Was the Hound of Heaven poet Jack the Ripper?
For those who don't remember, Jack Thompson was facing a few months off. He brought protest signs & pics of the judge's head on a kangaroo.
This custody hearing is going reaaal well for Alex Jones. Reminds me of Jack Thompson's disciplinary hearing that t…
Track and field: Columbia-bound Thompson wired for sprints via
Australian Sheppard and jack russle mix, he's about 8 weeks old now
Well, Here I am... I think this means something...
I biased Chip but you're the best. I've heard Harry, Jack Buck, your dad Skip, Ernie Johnson, Chuck Thompson…
Oh God, what if is really Jack Thompson and we didn't see it??
Tell him to look up Ken Anderson and Jack Thompson.
Bonnie Sawyer-Thompson jailed for 10 years over defensive homicide of Jack Nankervis in Morwell...
Fed up with the mundane, Jack Thompson decided to steer his life, from the office chair to the saddle.
Obama's John Brennan had murdered because Fred Thompson subpoenaed Brown to testify against…
To dear Jack Thompson in my view has made some completly honest comments-for that time. It will never-the…
Bonnie Sawyer-Thompson jailed for 10yrs over defensive homicide of Jack Nankervis
HELLA DRAMATIC Raw - Over seven minutes of clips from Sour and Jack Thompson
You rock Jack Thompson. Brilliant man all round. Great Australian 🇦🇺
Actor Jack Thompson opens up to about a dramatic life. 10am Friday and 2.30pm Saturd…
Whichever Jack Thompson film you nominated as your favourite, be sure to watch his latest: Don't Tell released in M…
10 yrs jail for 22yo Bonnie Sawyer Thompson of Morwell over 2014 defensive homicide of 23yo Jack Nankervis.
Klay Thompson looks like a dude who has multiple John Deere tractors.
Bonnie Sawyer-Thompson sentenced to 10 yrs prison for defensive homicide of Jack Nankervis. Could be eligible for parole in…
Bonnie Sawyer Thompson has been found GUILTY of defensive homicide after the "ghastly" murder of Jack Nankervis.
Tonight on woman Bonnie Sawyer Thompson sentenced to 10 years following 2014 death of Jack…
Sawyer Thompson sentenced to 10 years, 7 non parole for defensive homocide of Jack Nankervis.
...just that instead of Mary Whitehouse, Joe Lieberman & Jack Thompson, you have feminists, MPs, parents (who vote) and broadcasters.
Is the new Jack Thompson? (If he was right we wouldn't see Islamic radicals recruiting more UK national…
Four more signed for 2017: Danny Earls, Ryan Adeleye, Jack Thompson and Nick Thompson all have 1-year options picked up.
BBB: Jack Thompson totaled 20 points and Jalen Vatthauer had 19 as Duluth East rolled at Bemidji, 61-48.
New show! Jake Wilson & Jack Thompson on MAD DOG MORGAN, me on + APSAs w/
Jack Thompson's top picks for the Brisbane Asia Pacific Film Festival
Film legend Jack Thompson's picks for the Brisbane Asia Pacific Film Festival
My portrait of Jack Thompson at the National Portrait Gallery of Australia, Canberra.
'Jack Thompson'. 2015. [Now in the collection of the National Portrait Gallery, Canberra.].
Remember how an aging Bill Hunter always enriched an Australian movie? He passed the baton on to Jack Thompson. 😊
...Mac Cox, Alex Morgan, Jamie White, Mabs Alam, Will Pyle, Mark Johnson and Jack Thompson will all be playing in South Africa
*takes out list* Peggy Carter, Jack Thompson (if he is), Sirius Black, Fred Weasley, Remus Lupin, PIETRO MAXIMOFF.
Celebrity Doctor Guy Pearce, David Gulpilil and Jack Thompson to star in movie set ... - NT... Dr. Gary Rothfeld
in ... July 12, 1994 - The Sum of Us . with , and Jack Thompson . opens in Australia
"like the fox news of video games" when I think of Dan I also think of "Religious conservative" he's literally Jack Thompson.
. He smirks proudly. "Not bad! I was just like you. Me, Edwin, Peggy, Chief Daniel Sousa, and Jack Thompson, and some ++
2016 is a terrible year for wlw on TV but also, hilariously, for douchey white guys. Jack Thompson, Carter Hall, Lincoln Campell, Grant Ward
Cyclone Track Breaking the 4x2 Record. Shout out to Mitchell Weber, Sam Schruin, Jack Thompson & Caleb Hall. New record is 1:34.07
Either way, it has to be them that's changed. When Josh is parroting Jack Thompson almost [1/3]
When ur alarm goes off and ur deciding whether to go to class or drop out
AWARD: Ben Thompson named Young Player of the Month! >> https:…
Thank you for playing Mr. Jack Thompson! I will truly miss seeing him.
Jack Thompson & Justin Jones turn the rare 363 DP to end top of 10th. Still tied at 2-2
True tragedy of getting canceled:. I will never know who to thank for finally, FINALLY, shooting Jack Thompson
People didn't respect Jack Thompson when he attacked gaming. When Anita Sarkeesian came, they kneeled. https…
Director of King Jack Felix Thompson arrives on the red carpet at Canadian Premiere of King Jack
Junior OF Jack Thompson sent the Tigers home happy and into tomorrow's Championship
Remember when Cracked used to be cool? Now all they do is produce stuff Jack Thompson would've used as propaganda.
Because we want to know who shot Jack Thompson!
Because we want to know if Jack Thompson is dead!
. At least Jack Thompson and politicians were always good for a laugh. McIntosh is an insufferable ***
LOVE that show, but suspected S2 might be it. Glad to see closure on the Sousa angle, but what about Jack Thompson?!
Jack Drinkall Nik Barton Bobby Thompson this old gem resurface so I thought I may as well share it
A new DOOM is out. You know what that means. Time for the games press to prove they're literally no different from Jack Thom…
congrats jack thompson lies in purgatory, daniel may or may not be the father of peggys children, SHIELD was maybe creat…
He's terrible. He's no better then Jack Thompson back in the old days. Not to mention he uses a blockbot.
I refuse to believe that has been cancelled. I refuse. WHO SHOT JACK THOMPSON???
Is there a Godwin's Law, but for Jack Thompson instead of Hitler?
If seeing these articles talking about how violent and awful DOOM is doesn't show you that we're in the Jack Thompson e…
Pittard walks. Jack Thompson at bat with bases loaded, 1 out, bottom 2nd.
he and Biafra made Focus on the Family's Bob DeMoss & "Lawyer"Jack Thompson look like the nut jobs!
Peter Costello, Peter Beattie and Jack Thompson - famous faces I've seen in Sydney in past 48 hrs.
I guess Glenn Beck, Anita Sarkisian, and Jack Thompson are some ironic hipsters then.
Game Theory: Should video games be BANNED? (Ft. Jack Thompson and Joe Lieberman)
|| Still looking to develop an SL with a Edwin Jarvis, Jack Thompson, Daniel Sousa, Whitney Frost, Rose Roberts and Bucky Barns.
Chad Murray is Jack Thompson from agent carter no wonder why he's familiar
There's literally no reason to keep the Jack Thompson scene ambiguous if he's dead, so he's 100% alive. Also, if he is Michael Carter,.
TIL that disbarred attorney Jack Thompson once gave Janet Reno a form, asking about her se…
Photo finish in the 200 free between Moline winner Jack Thompson (1:57.31) and Moline Peter Son (1:57.39)
So glad to have Jack Thompson and the whole team back on board looking forward to a great season!
Love ya Hub, but I think you meant Ken Anderson and not Jack Thompson. Thompson came much later.
I can't tell who's worse, Anita Sarkeesian and Jonathan McIntosh or Jack Thompson
autograph wish list, Episode II: Jimmy Smits, Rose Byrne, Jack Thompson. I've got just about everyone else from Attack of Clones.
"Are you sure? I don't want to intrude...". A night at Jack Thompson's house sounded absolutely perfect, she was just --
Jack Thompson and Peggy Carter's relatioship in a gifset
Shut up women.You're nothing but a gendered ideologue who complains about nothing. He did one for Jack Thompson too
Penny Arcade supports Reason They didn't support the OLD Jack Thompson. Why support the NEW one?. . http…
Or Brad went nuts after playing Mario. Jack Thompson was right, games are to blame
Jack Thompson has had roles in several of Baz Luhrmann’s movies ... ‘Australia’ and the movie I watched this evening ‘The Great Gatsby’.
Funny. I recall so many people saying the exact same thing about & Jack Thompson.
Seriously though, can you imagine if Jack Thompson was welcomed with open arms to big dev studios? This is just ridiculous.
.Why would your invite the modern Jack Thompson to give your team a talk? What is wrong with you? Why do you hate gamers?
I have strong feelings for Howard Stark bc apparently my heart didn’t have enough pain with Jack Thompson already
Except of course how much of the Jack Thompson Era research was thrown out under the same rules.
Lets be honest, after GG embraced Jack Thompson, it was kinda inevitable they'd go for Boll.
I wonder what Jack Thompson would think about Yuri games.
Restart that stream and put the chat on before people start comparing you with Jack Thompson *cough* AS *cough*
Do you not think that any publication that cites sources who support Jack Thompson is shady?
If Jack Thompson had only been a liberal, the games media would have been championing the games = violence narrative long ag…
Anita Sark and ZQ literally appealed to the UN to impose sanctions to ban violent video games citing Jack Thompson.
The games media is already putting out articles supporting Anita at the UN citing Jack Thompson in her push to ban violent …
They were created as a direct response to the panic Jack Thompson and soccer mom's tried to start.
Jack Thompson was bad, but he respected Free Speech. . SocJus is worse.
Just remember, they didn't REALLY go to the UN and no one cited Jack Thompson. It's a "conspiracy theory"
from D&D to the stick up Jack Thompson's *** and beyond, gamers have been an easy target. 2/3
Dear Jack Thompson 2.0 has risen and is control of the mainstream media. Will you rise to help us fight it?.
I mean a source from 2000's Jack Thompson was used for crying out loud
If developers were willing to come out against Jack Thompson before (and they were), they should be willing to do it again.
Jack Thompson was second choice for nude Cleo spread after ... |
Jack Thompson wanted legal age restrictions on purchase of some games. SocJus wants Devs to censor work according to ideolo…
Remember that places like and defended as not-Jack Thompson...and then were silent when JT was quoted to the UN.
They cite Jack Thompson w/ the help of Anita. I mean, jesus christ. That's like getting lessons on Islam from Ayatollah Khomeini
Stop playing six degrees of Jack Thompson here and do the real work and tear apart the incredibly ins…
So everyone is saying Sarkeensian quoted Jack Thompson, or cited a paper that quoted Thompson. That is simply not tru…
Where is the outrage that games media had when Jack Thompson came to prominence. His arguments are back. In front of the U…
So are they gonna stop pretending they're not Jack Thompson now?.
This is what UN says in their report. Glad to see Jack Thompson is still around!
From the left or right, Tipper Gore, Jack Thompson, or Anita Sarkeesian- Authoritarians gonna try to control freak.
If you wanna see who is a gutless hypocrite look at who criticized Jack Thompson and see what they say about Anita.
Video games cause violence! Jack Thompson lives on through Anita.
.I want Peter Jones from Hitch Hikers, Tom Baker from Doctor Who, maybe Jack Thompson or Brendan Cowell to
Jack said games make people violent. Anita says games make people violent towards women. Jack Thompson is less sexist than Anita Sarkeesian
The real difference between Jack Thompson and Anita Sarkeesian?
Watching The Gamechangers. It's about Rockstar Games and Jack Thompson over dispute about GTA. Recommend watching it.
Come to think of it, Anita has more in common with Chris Bores than with Jack Thompson.
There is literally no way Bill Paxton could be hammy enough to accurately portray Jack Thompson. Get Gary Busey and dose him.
Leigh Alexander proves the horseshoe effect is real by wishing death on Jack Thompson. Radicals are all alike.
Did you know when Jack Thompson was disbarred he claimed it was only because of The Florida Bar's social justice-minded liberal agenda?
Perhaps you might understand why women would rather deal with men like Jack Thompson than men like Daniel Sousa.
Vintage photo of Portrait of Jack Thompson. - Christopher Smith
Healing Foundation Chair Steve Larkin catching up with Jack Thompson in Darwin today
Bucks has heard good things about two blokes in the Under 18s - Jack Thompson and Graham Kennedy. Seen a bit of footage
so far we have.. . . . Jack Thompson. . MANY MORE TO BE ADDED
Robyn Nevin, Alex Dimitriades, Jack Thompson and Patrick Brammall in the film ... - The Australian
In a world where people can forget who Tom Hall and Steve Wozniak are, you really think another Jack Thompson is gonna be an i…
Why hate Daniel Sousa when you could hate Jack Thompson
Anita Sarkeesian is no different than Jack Thompson or Frank Wertham.
"We are not Jack Thompson, we love video games" -Jonathan Mann. How does it feel like to be a tool Josh 2?
Let us never forget the time Janet Reno burned Jack Thompson harder than any of us ever could
Looking at that Sarkeesian Effect trailer and how do these *** consider having Paul Elam AND Jack Thompson taking their side a coup?
Still a great tagline. INside the world of SJWs like Paul Elam and Jack Thompson.
So the fedorafolk have come out with a trailer for The Sarkeesian Effect... they interviewed Jack Thompson, Paul Elam, & Karen... figures.
Dr. Nelson lost all credibility when she was taking the "violent video games, causes violence" route like Jack Thompson.
Desert Bus and all of "Pen and Teller's Smoke and Mirrors" was a game meant to flip the bird at Janet Reno, the Jack Thompson of her time.
needs to have Angie Martinelli, Daniel Sousa, Jack Thompson and Edwin Jarvis! Pass ist on!
do you ship Peggy with Daniel Sousa or Jack Thompson
1/ Anita Sarkeesian and Jack Thompson: both authoritarian, but only the Left-wing one refuses to debate.
needs to have Daniel Sousa, Edwin Jarvis and Jack Thompson too, pass it on!
Thx for sharing John. Interested in our collection? Take a behind-the-scenes tour with Jack Thompson
Save up to 45% 0ff MSRP On Motorcycle Tires
This narration's like it's been written by Jack Thompson and read by Russell Crowe
Bill Paxton to play Jack Thompson in BBC GTA drama
Daniel Radcliffe and Bill Paxton will play Sam Houser and Jack Thompson in the BBC's GTA Drama
South Medford limited to 3 hits in DH losses at NoMedford, 1 each by Jack Thompson & Only RBI by
South Medford gets it going with E and single by Jack Thompson but gets flyout. North Medford 8-0 to B4
And fear always sells. That's how Jack Thompson, Tipper Gore, Fredric Wertham & Ronnie Lamm all got ears.
But you gotta learn to pick your battles, people like Jack Thompson and Fred Phelps became laughing stock for a reason
Thanks to actor Jack Thompson for reading poetic tribute to Phillip Hughes:
Jack Thompson, remember that Saturday in the office? I sure do.
That. Is far too much. Is she our new Jack Thompson
It's hard to take these "scholars" seriously when they parrot Jack Thompson.
SJWs or feminists whine about hot girls in games. Worthless, complaining Puritans, worse than Jack Thompson, not the majority.
Now if only we could set back gaming journalism to a time where they defended us from the likes of Jack Thompson,
Dartford thug Jack Thompson aimed penalty kick at Moustafa ...:
. If Jack Thompson had restricted children from playing violent video games?
You know, I'm starting to think we should have had Jack Thompson have his way.
I just wanted to write a private thing, then it grew to address diversity, NOW I'm researching Jack Thompson and Ronnie Lamm. Scope, kids!
Tennis: Thompson recognized as top tennis pro: For the past 34 years, teaching tennis has been Jack Thonpson's...
. All this and for what? To argue for Tipper Gore 'n Jack Thompson's long-discredited theses?
Jack Thompson, actor: It's a ripoff that risks the future of everyone in this country and those that come after for gener…
There have been "studies" (Jack Thompson liked to trot out) that have been debunked thoroughly and completely.
are you a parody of yourself? LOL! Look into Jack Thompson with regards to censorship of depictions of homosexuality.
At least that documentary that was going to bring back Jack Thompson is going down in flames.
Jack Thompson was worried about wider affects than violence, and you know it.
Gators screaming that media doesn't affect anyone, and anyone who admits it does is worse than Jack Thompson.
The ad for the movie “Caddie” lists Jack Nicholson, when it should be Jack Thompson.
But again, there have been no appeals to a government body to censor games like Jack Thompson did. It's not the same at all.
Jack Thompson believed video games caused violence. And we have plenty of studies to prove otherwise. But this is different...
Instead we get them reacting to Anita with the same hysteria that drove the Jack Thompson-likes against games
Jack Thompson lost his crusade 10 years ago?
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.That should be clear since that Jack Thompson seems to approve of the philistine rabble attacking Anita.
No ones arguing causes though. Jack Thompson was, back in the day.
same with Jack Thompson, who was disbarred (unable to continue practicing law)
I liked the part were he compared everyone who disagrees with Jack Thompson
You must be joking. What black hole occupies your brain to think the push for diverse gaming = Jack Thompson?
Get them to Jack Thompson said, that would be a great Bonus Achievement.
My column on Price vs. Crosby in the draft: Who would you choose based on how they're playing today:
it's how we defended ourselves against Jack Thompson.
"media affects people". so you're saying Jack Thompson was right?
we survived Jack Thompson, we survive Anita aswell, she just puts up more of a fight than Jacky boy
I wanna beat jack Gilinsky with a broom.
it's because somebody revived the arguments of Jack Thompson, but asked them to sexism.
This one💟.. The one and only Jack Thompson everyone X
Craig Thompson is a racist, sends off one white man with dark hair thinking he was another white man with dark hair, shocking effort
Tristan Thompson telling LeBron James to put his headband back on.😂.
Yes it was, Also what about Jack Thompson in MK?
Jack Thompson's argument was that games *cause* violence, similar to the long-discredited hypodermic needle model.
Panthers have two on and two out in 9th, trailing 3-1. Jack Thompson at plate.
So who wants to go in with me? Billy Thompson Katie Ryzner JDash Meunier Nick BigCountry Altman Lo-Lay So-Crayy
Thank you so much for making that Jack Thompson comparison, TB. And thank you even more for speaking on this.
Jack Thompson never died, he is alive in every one of us. (Oh wait, the original one is still kicking? Huh.)
Congrats to Taylor Thompson for winning the Running Back of the Year Award and the Jack Lummus "Fighting Heart" Award
Craig Thompson is possibly the worst ref I've ever seen😴
Proud to welcome our newest member, Mr. Jack Thompson -long active n our faith family
Do you by any chance work at Springwood Leisure Centre? If not then there is a Jack Thompson who looks just like you who does!
After Celtic hit the post I hear that Stephen Thompson is going to sell it to Celtic. Terrible for football reasons but good financially
So those opposed to GamerGate are in fact Jack Thompson? No surprise there
I'm looking up information of Jack Thompson for a future video. The information I found out about him I'm honestly surprised people (cont.)
I liked a video from Let's Think Games - Anita Sarkeesian vs Jack Thompson
I was gonna say jack but if u put it like that thank u :)
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Feminist art censor Antia Sarkeesian is worse than Christian art censor Jack Thompson.
Didn't we get rid of jack thompson already?
what happened? You defended gaming and gamers. You're like different Adam Sessler that debated Jack Thompson
.is joining and now in-studio with former WSU QB Jack Thompson. >>>
I wonder what kind of emails you'll get the day Jack Thompson kicks the bucket.
And now I feel like an *** I knew Jack Thompson on Agent Carter looked familier...and he's Chad Michael Murray.
Interesting, I needed something to do on other than the "we're not Jack Thompson" lie being spouted by SJWs.
What a celebration by BBSF of graduates Thompson, Fairchild, and Lindsey for inaugural Luminary award!
Jack Eugene is home and doing very very well! ☺️
If they didn't do it when they realized they'd paid for Jack Thompson's support, they're not going to be doing it now.
I find it sad like you sad that Jack Thompson is harassed more than Anita Sarkeesian, yet she does not notice.
you mean you're arguing a point while not even knowing the full picture. That's what *** do... GOOGLE JACK THOMPSON
lmao proving my point GOOGLE JACK THOMPSON... Please do yourself a favor
Between Wilson and Thompson's injury history, I think we see Isom this year at some point. Can't wait!!
Jack Thompson called. He wants his moral panic back.
Update your maps at Navteq
It's like Jack Thompson all over again.
I mean, my God, we're back in Jack Thompson-ville now.
Thank you to everyone who supported the British Heart Foundation "Wear Red" in memory of Jack Thompson. Lots raised for a valuable cause.
Just read the last statement. It is the exact statement that Jack Thompson used for violence.
Watching Mortal Kombat X stuff. *Jack Thompson cringes in the distance*.
Someone needs to check for snowballs in *** because I'm starting to like Jack Thompson in Kudos All the Kudos.
I bet Wilson and Thompson will share QB duties again.
Never thought I would miss the Jack Thompson days.
Working on one final house cleaning video cause I promised to do it on song guy and his "we are not Jack Thompson" music video.
When the media, and particularly a notorious lawyer, Jack Thompson, tried blaming games for most if not all all violence in kids.
Some how i picture Jack Thompson sitting in a dark room silently tapping his fingers and grinning.
Nah, they're unintentionally making her look even more like Jack Thompson.
[every time Jack Thompson speaks] no I don't care. you are irredeemable.
because I NEED to see Agent Jack Thompson's character development
I'm trying to be pragmatic, it'll probably be Mourinho, Phil Thompson or Jack Wilshere next month 😂
I'm kind of wondering if maybe I should get the guys together one day and do a riff on this rehash of the Jack Thompson episode SVU did b4.
This week proved that DOOM is real life. Somebody call Jack Thompson.
True table-tennis league standings at the end of the week: Jon Boon still 1st on 50, Tom Chillcott 2nd on 48, and Jack Thompson 3rd on 47.
I don't care about the Zoepost. I joined with because games media became SJW versions of Jack Thompson.
And Jack Thompson?! Regardless of his half-assed rhetoric vs. video games, he still got balls of steel.
Let's prove that Anita Sarkeesian is basically jack Thompson by interviewing Jack Thompson
I dislike Jack Thompson so much, and if "crush" ends up literal, I will flip every table in the vicinity.
Congrats to Jack Thompson for winning the KickAshe Licks giveaway, you've been Dm'd. If you want to purchase:
...Jack Thompson was an extreme right authoritarian who wanted video games censored. He's not beloved by at all.
Thanks for the RT. That old Jack Thompson charm works its magic.
In closing, another bit of irony: Jack Thompson, beloved of GG...was disbarred for ethics violations.
have you ever heard of hunter s. Thompson. what about jack Kerouac. sublime. imagine yellow suns. and other people that make it okay
LRT reminds me of the GG comparisons of Anita with Jack Thompson. Hilarious irony being they later EMBRACED him for being anti-"SJW".
we need to stop us from entering other places and thus helping us create our own friend Jack Thompson. I also pointed out to
A couple of years before Jack Thompson was in SCOBIE MALONE, he did CLEO's 'Your Man' centrefold. The controversy.
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I seriously want either Kyle Korver or Clay Thompson to win that 3 point contest
And by the way, why I haven't seen Jack Thompson in my dash yet?
She took Jack Thompson's arguments and re-branded them as feminism. Marketing. That's all it is. It worked.
for a dm to Jack G . must be active with notifs on!!
“now we’ve time travelled back to the days of jack thompson”. hey I thought GG liked him now cos he hates femini…
First Jack Thompson blog in tumblr and still only Jack Thompson blog in tumblr. I'm proud of trusting a great character✌️
"Imma do a rap to the Samurai Jack theme. -Pickles Willis-Thompson, 2009
Jack Thompson in Perth - what brings the Man from Snowy River to tears. at 6.30. .
But hey, at least Jack Thompson never suggested the violence in GTA was targeting a specific gender.
Head coach John McKay of the Tampa Bay Buccaneers talks with his quarterback Jack Thompson during an NFL football game circa 1983 at Tampa Stadium in Tampa Bay Florida McKay coached the Buccaneers... Get premium, high resolution news photos at Getty Images
David Bowie with Tom Conti and Jack Thompson on the set of Merry Christmas Mr Lawrence
My good friend has written a brilliant poem to remember Phillip Hughes, read here by Jack Thompson .
A new still from the AGENT CARTER series shows Agent Daniel Sousa (Enver Gjokaj), Jack Thompson (Chad Michael...
- have to talk about how games influence people. Yeah I know, "Wah, Jack Thompson waaah. Anita Sarkeesian stole my baby!" etc.
Andrew Wakefield was to the vaccines/autism link what Jack Thompson was to the video games/violence link
Buy Miche Bag Online!
Anita Sarkeesian is worse than Jack Thompson yet Games Media denounced Jack and embraces Anita.
I hadn’t seen this clip this before: Jack Thompson on Russel Crowe's first speaking role:
Good memories for you I'm sure:) Found "Jack Thompson on Russell Crowe's first speaking role":
Has anyone noticed that Russell Crowe talks a lot like Jack Thompson?
Worse than Jack Thompson. More unpopular that Justin Beiber. Should just call her Jack Beiber.
And that G4, Adam Sesslers former company, was part of an harassment campaign against Jack Thompson.
I was gaming when Journalists and magazines were pro-consumer and not Pro-Jack Thompson wannabes.
we were all there. At least you guys didn't have to suffer through Jack Thompson though in a way.
wait, is the Jack Thompson one written by "The Attic Dweller"?! I thought they hated gamer stereotypes
"That Dragon, Cancer… Attacks Gaming" and "Jack Thompson Has A Point" seem to make them the antigame ones, not "SJWs"
I learnt that Jack Thompson may not be the devil he was made out to be. As crazy as he is at least he *thought* he was helping.
Ok, First thought on your manifesto: no one is suggesting we child proof games, à la Jack Thompson. Yo… how are you not Jack Thompson again? Asking very earnestly here.
When Joe Lieberman or Jack Thompson made claims without facts or real
I'm just going to point that out because that's the same argument Jack Thompson tried using, Srh.
well like a lot of people have said closest comparison is Jack Thompson. He got tons of death threats.
.Her points have been soundly shot down as nothing more than Jack Thompson's with estrogen
"I swear we're not Jack Thompson, he's a right winger!"
Jack Thompson is a *** but he had consistency. Something a certain pseudo feminist critic lacks.
I'm not Jack Thompson, he wanted to ban games, I just want things I don't like to not exist.
I'm done with you. You can crawl back into Jack Thompson's butt, where you belong.
All aspects of their chops are in question. I ran into one who didn't know who Jack Thompson is last week.
The gaming press that fought tooth and nail against Jack Thompson's campaign of banning and censorship, it's dead.
no, Jack Thompson clarified his point, and every gamer said "oh, yea, kids shouldnt be playing m rated games."
I am not Jack Thompson but I repeat his arguments to the letter and that letter is rape, I don't read books I'll hurt some1
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