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Jack Straw

John Whitaker Jack Straw (born 3 August 1946) is a British Labour Party politician who has been the Member of Parliament (MP) for Blackburn since 1979. He served as Home Secretary from 1997 to 2001, Foreign Secretary from 2001 to 2006 and Lord Privy Seal and Leader of the House of Commons from 2006 to 2007 under Tony Blair.

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Jack Straw seems to be doing his level-best to euthanise the Scottish Labour Party:
"The United Kingdom is unbalanced. But it works."- Jack Straw, from Labour the party of the people
... living by Hampstead Heath in Jack Straw's Castle, of course
my mother has turned into John Pilger and my father into Jack Straw. Tough times.
Read my account of Jack Straw & Nigel Evans joining backlash against "politically correct stunt" by John Bercow at
TB is a war criminal and should be brought before the international courts of justice.Jack Straw also
Some chicks literally have hair that looks like straw
"The final straw was when Jeremy Jordan and Corey Cott walked up to the group. Jack couldn't believe his eyes... there were three of him?"
I already there (Thats not yuengling, its Fat Heads Jack Straw)
Jack Straw being xenophobic against the English of course. Which is novel considering he's english(or at least something resembling english)
Be warned: blacking-up of faces will not be tolerated, unless your name is Will Straw and you're the son of xenophobic MP Jack Straw
What I don't see Tony Blair, Jack Straw, Gordon Brown, Iain Duncan Smith on that list.
Nash was sucking on the mcdonalds mcflurry straw for like 30 seconds until he realized it was a spoon 😂
If we start digging dirt on you! MPs of Parliament and we are its all going up on. William Hauge, Jack Straw are you listening!
You know what y'all? That Garcia shot is from that old Jack Straw!!! . I'll post it after Moonalice . Here we go :)
Union Jack Party - Personalized DIY printable straw flags and napkin rings by Chickabug
I was drinking beer through a straw last night... I was that drunk
Might change the name of my blog as not enough people have read Jack Straw's "Last Man Standing" to get it. Any suggestions for a new one?
Merely taking on the role of Jack Straw when he was in government.
I see Jack Straw has taken against international courts all of a sudden. I wonder why...
Looks like Gov Nixon realizes its time to stop instigating/making enemies so police resources can be devoted to the cover up
I've just finished reading Jack Straw's memoir 'Last Man Standing'. Insightful and cogent, it really is excellent. I highly recommend it.
Jack Straw today claiming Strasbourg has no democratic override & should reevaluate it's position over the domestic courts
Jack Straw, a man who has disguised himself as a liberal and used the Howard League to help hide his true political instincts.
Writing in the Times, former Justice Secretary Jack Straw argues that the European Court of Human Rights’ (cont)
When he looks at Mount Sinjar, I wonder whether Jack Straw reflects on his work - or is he too busy attacking the ECHR?
funny how the text fades out because of Times paywall, it's exactly what happens to my attention when Jack Straw says anything!
lady at Jack n the Box gave me a straw with my food even though i ordered a bottle of water
Could rumoured sale of Jack Cork by be the final straw for the fans?
Jack Straw in the Times attacks ECHR as arrogant. Pots and kettles?
Is there such a thing as ideas dysmorphia? Find it surprising that Jack Straw feels it advisable to write about Human Rights
Jack is the straw to my berry the apple to my everything
I will literally sob if we sell corky. That would be the straw that broke the camels back for me. Criminal if we sell jack cork
Not a jot jack goatee, scarcely straw-colored succinct on demand, semi trucks, damned fit out trucks, only bygo...
Jack Straw notes the ECtHR's climbdown over prisoner votes. But the real problem is with "HR" not "Europe".
Let’s keep the pressure on this arrogant court, says Jack Straw (whilst cherry picking from Lord Neuberger's speech)
Jack Straw CAUGHT Lying about children in care: via
It is VERY Straw Dogs around here. Fall Of The House Of Usher and Housu are two that I own too!
Jack Straw has taught me a new word: peradventure.
I was excited that some one had created a giant disposable cup, straw and napkin. Then I realized it was a tiny bottle of jack.
the fancy drinks you drink w/ friends before drinking Jack Daniels w/ a straw
Just walked past Jack Straw in Oval. He had a pint of semi skimmed and two lemons. . Pancakes?
Tune in to The Record from 12 to 1 today to hear present Jack Straw Writer (Michelle Penaloza)!
Blackburn MPs warning after bout of shingles. JACK Straw has urged people aged 70 and over to take...
Jack 'I was Kaiser Pinochet's Batman' Straw, intimates that Iraq would be similar regardless of Blair/Bush.
4 once I agree w Jack Straw: an independent shall not force unilateral disarmament on the rest of us.
Huge Selection of Jackets at Low Prices
And then have red wedding style scenario in the House of Commons where Nick Clegg cuts Jack Straw's throat in a bloody betrayal.
Jack Straw, Ron Paul, yes, elderly statesmen, like John Major coming forward to speak some sense to comparative boys in power
Straw hat pirates over jack sparows crew mate.
I need a fifth of Jack Daniel's and a straw
Reflections Series with Peter Hennessy: he interviews Lord Kinnock, Lord Tebbit, Jack Straw and Baroness Williams.
How I Came to Love the Veil By Yvonne Ridley Sunday, October 22, 2006; Page B01 LONDON I used to look at veiled women as quiet, oppressed creatures -- until I was captured by the Taliban In September 2001, just 15 days after the terrorist attacks on the United States, I snuck into Afghanistan, clad in a head- to-toe blue burqa, intending to write a newspaper account of life under the repressive regime. Instead, I was discovered, arrested and detained for 10 days. I spat and swore at my captors; they called me a "bad" woman but let me go after I promised to read the Koran and study Islam. (Frankly, I'm not sure who was happier when I was freed -- they or I.) Back home in London, I kept my word about studying Islam -- and was amazed by what I discovered. I'd been expecting Koran chapters on how to beat your wife and oppress your daughters; instead, I found passages promoting the liberation of women. Two-and-a-half years after my capture, I converted to Islam, provoking a mixture of astonishment, disappointm ...
I wouldn't mind a bottle of Jack and a bendy straw right about now
Jack Straw CAUGHT Lying about children in care:
. Labour's Jack Straw brought in legislation to stop child sex abuse victims speaking out
and think it's funny when they take my straw off my juice box, cough cough jack off Jayde
I’ll take a Jack Straw or RoboCop ballad anyday.
Does anyone else use a coffee stirrer instead of a straw at jack in the box and Carl's jr?
remember when I tried to put a juicbox's straw into the headphone jack and drink out of my phone for like 20 minutes
"Jack Straw from Wichita cut his buddy down..." . -- Jack Straw.
I'm so pumped for nash, jack and jacks new vid!!! I'm impressed! Doing a vid every week is hard!!! Keep it up!
I'm so ready for nash's new photoshoot and new video with jack and jack
Today's blog (3) : Simon Hughes is the new Jack Straw:
7/30/14 at Martyr's in Chicago with special guests Richie Nagan and Sikiru Adepoju. Jack Straw. Althea. Black...
. We want answers child sex abuse victims Jack Straw
The 'Muslim' MP morons keep voting for ...(meanwhile another group of Muslim morons keep Jack Straw in Power) ...
Gotta be final straw for Rav surely
Just realized I jack off my straw wrapper Everytime I get my straw out.
Smell cidery. Taste crisp yeast - Drinking a Jack Straw Kolsch by at —
Stephen Colbert is currently drinking jack Daniels through a curvy straw on national tv. I have a new hero
England called the shots..because..union was seen as a way..of amplifying England's power worldwide Jack Straw
I'm with you Jack, last straw on no backbone to stop n get these illegals out of this country! Shameful
The straw that broke the camels back.
Anglican Jew Jack Straw made it illegal for child abuse victims to speak out - Freemasons via
About to edit this weeks video while Jack and Jack record at the studio, can't wait for you guys to see this 😬 -
I love you so much. Your the straw to my berry. The apple to my jack. Lol idk what I'm saying but please call me😊
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Oh good, the love child of Jack Straw and the dwarf from Don't Look Now. Perfect.
crumbs, I hadn't heard about Jim. ... Honourable mention for Jack Straw.
.And I remember Jack Straw speaking strongly in support of Turkish entry. Couldn't see why.
I'm fed up to the back teeth with Blackburn planning's one obstacle after another.I will fight this tooth and nail...I will write to Jack Straw and Downing st. If I have many children are waiting to be placed with foster families...can you help Fostering Network ? ...because I'm not getting it from anywhere else !! Feeling angry upset and let down!!
Leftists like Jack Straw - links to paedophile support groups - want Ian Watkins's sentence reduced. They don't think he did anything wrong.
Jack Straw knows wha gwan, William Hague can suck his mum the dickriding cockroach
I think a mixture of the two. Some (like Jack Straw, Helen Goodman) are real authoritarians.
Jack Straw and Malcolm Rifkind. If they don't know they got it wrong now.
Congratulations to Lucy Woollam and Ben McCarthy, our House Captains and to Charlotte Straw and Jack Barker, our House Vic…
Him Butler Sloss Bridget Prentice Jack Straw Harriet Harman and others all involved in secret family court abuse and covering up
Her and Lord Falconer, Jack Straw, Bridget Prentice, covered up for paedophile gangsters in secret family courts
My aunt just gave me jack and coke in a cup with a straw. 'Bout to get turnt up in here.
can I adopt "jack black look-a-like" And I want a bobble head with the straw hat. :-)
same principle didn't apply to Ronnie Biggs who begged Jack Straw to die a free man - let's be consistent
Not my style but I bet it goes down good on a hot summer day. - Drinking a Jack Straw Kolsch at -
Keith vaz MP needs to be very silent really. to Jack Straw MP
I need a big bottle of jack and a straw
Jack Straw,then Home Sec lowered the exam standard for a specific reason!!
Theresa May listen to police and UKBF officers and PUT BACK departure controls, abolished by Jack Straw to save £3million
not the same Jack Straw that wanted to keep Hillsborough buried,,
Drinking Jack Daniels with a straw because day drinking should be done with levity
How bad was the transformers movie?. *inserts sippy straw into bottle of jack Daniels
. yikes, Jack G's right next to me... I wonder what I could tell him rn
Jack Straw on "Unless we all … believe… that officials are lying, that I am lying …" We do. You were.
7 things you should know about Diego Garcia . . Jack Straw's denial here, his rendition of events, is extraordinary.
History: Jack Straw: We (E3) were able to do business w Rouhani & we trusted him & he trusted us, we got quite a long way.
A 'spectacular mistake': Jack Straw admits Labour got it badly wrong on immigration.
Even Jack Straw admitted that Polish mass immigration was a mistake
Former Labour cabinet minister Jack Straw defends MPs' 11% pay rise to £74k from 2015 in face of public outrage
Jack Straw discusses a visit to Iran by UK MPs, aimed at improving relations between the two countries.
thought Jack was drinking out of one of those plastic cups with the straw
I fell in love with him after he sucked our unborn babies fetus out with a crazy straw and chased it with a shot of Jack.
More Radio this week! CLEE recorded a session at Jack Straw and it will be Broadcast on KEXP on the 13th at 12AM!
Didn't Labour's Jack Straw make it illegal for children in care to complain about being abused?
Another Grateful show 4 my bros n sis. In case u missed it.! SMOKIN JACK STRAW!
There's no way for a man to drink a Jack and Coke through a straw without looking like a giant ***
Jack Straw & Labour made it illegal for children being abused to complain.
They should get Jack Straw to lead the inquiry if having a sibling involved in paedophilia is a good thing.
Motorists fleeced of £2bn a year by 'money-grabbing parasites and dodgy lawyers', MPs told via
autographs just uploaded from.. ..Jack Straw and
Jack Straw solo last year in Atlantic City night after Bobby fell . Whoa
One of my favorite session beers. Cheers! - Drinking a Jack Straw Kolsch at -
Forgot to mention; I saw Jack Straw walking along Whitehall yesterday. Wearing shades! (He went up VERY SLIGHTLY in my opinion!)
Just seen Jack Straw at a bus stop on Kennington Road, blimey we are all in it together.
Adult Capri Suns: Lemonade and Vodka in ziplock bags with a straw punched through 🙌 `
Sweet Baby Jesus, the ghost of Jack Straw's ambition is risen.
On Monday our Network will be championing inclusive sport with Jack Straw MP
Edwina Currie, Jack Straw, Tony Blair. All supported an amendment to a Bill to equalise the age of consent at 16.
OK all U Ded Heds. Check out this whole show but 4 sure crank this 1st set Jack Straw! Amazing! Happy 4th friends.
Your Dad is loyal to the end! The straw that broke that back was not being able to get Jack in for an appointment asap. I don't
Remember the time my mom said yes to getting me union jack sunglasses and a mustache straw and all I could do was freak out over the trailer
My Independence Beer! Cheers! - Drinking a Jack Straw Kolsch by at —
.Wonder if Jack Straw has seen people being hung from cranes in Madrid or Athens?!
Olivier needs a Jack Wilshere in the French team who knows how he works... No joke
Big shout out to Jack Straw - MP for Blackburn ... Now supporting Gordon, Jake and Nigel in our local fight...
there's a Capri sun straw in my earphone jack ***
Grateful Dead- jack Straw [HQ] (live) 1972 leaving Texas fourth day of July
Anybody leaving Texas?. Happy jack straw day. Best version out there. We used to play for acid now we play for Clive.
Need to listen to 7-4-81 in Texas where they open with Jack Straw and Weir proceeds to butcher the relevant line.
Put two straws in your mouth: one inside a drink and one outside it. You won’t be able to drink through either straw.
Meet Black Singles 300x250
At a house and the blokes drinking special brew through a straw
's song 'Jack Straw' (about sharing women, wine and knife crime) in no way relates to former UK Home Secretary
Super PAC hits Jack Kingston on Palestinian straw donor -
lmao I *** slapped jack. And drew *** all over his face an stuck a straw in his ***
"And you never sent my sweaters, so I could stay warm when I was without you" - Last Straw, Jack's Mannequin
Jack straw said & I quote the indigenous English aren't worth saving anymore?Do they all t…
see jack straw. Zarif looks young but the same
The perfect summer beer! Cheers! - Drinking a Jack Straw Kolsch by at —
"The full veil is a barrier to communication. It is a visible statement of separation and difference. " JACK STRAW
Iran has a trio of lobbyists in London: Lord Lamont, Jack Straw and Ben Wallace, according to official news agency.
Labours red princes the sons of Tony Blair jack straw John Prescott and jack Dromey all candidates in safe seat still think labour care4 you
Good to hear from an undoubted star of and of this Parliament (according to Jack Straw!)
Do not try to drink the Jack Daniels sauce through a straw, my throat burns.
LCDC chairman & sun cabbie helps expose Jack Straw lying about his involvement in the NONCES CHARTER
MPs,Priest,Royals,MI5/6 hands and *** are all over this new cover up yet again, and Jack Straw, pushes through a Nonces Charter.
Almost as much as Jack Straw earns for his 'consultancy work' for an international commodity trader.
After the Stansted Highjacking in 2000 Jack Straw stated all highjackers would be deported following jail,how many sent home?
I asked Jack Straw about his comparing Tehran and Madrid. "What it felt like looking out from the car," he said
ICJ and others intervene in UK rendition complicity case Belhaj and Other v. Jack Straw
'Are you sure you don't want any of this smoothie? It's straw-Bana' - Schmidt 😂
Former Home Secretary David Blunkett has announced he will stand down as a Labour MP at the next general election. Mr Blunkett, who has been the MP for Sheffield Brightside and Hillsborough since 1987, said the Labour leadership would want "new faces" in the party. He vowed to support leader Ed Miliband, but told the BBC the party could be in opposition for 15 years if it did not win next year's general election. Mr Miliband said Mr Blunkett, 67, had been an "amazing asset" to the party. He said the former cabinet minister had been "a friend to me during my time as leader" and would be "hugely missed". "I have valued and counted on his advice and wisdom. Every Labour leader under whom he served would have said the same. He is Labour through and through." Mr Blunkett told local party members that "there does come a time when a fresh approach and the energy that goes with it outweigh other considerations". He said: "I believe that for the party and for the constituency, as well as for me personally, that mo ...
"Jack Straw" : a LoloYodel video montage using 6 concerts (see below) David Dodd wrote : Of all the greatest of the Grateful Dead's great story songs, "Jack ...
He also said that he'd make the infamously racist and fascist Jack Straw look like a bleeding-heart liberal.
Jack & Jack are best friends/brothers...they're just looking out for each other that's all
Attending the Jack Straw MP residents meeting for the Roe Lee in Little Harwood, Roe Lee Park and Sunnybower areas
Jack Straw on what to expect from Iran..addressing human rights and...Ed Milliband’s bad week. Week in Westminster
'The English as a race are not worth saving'-Jack Straw comments after Labour deliberately flooded UK with immigrants …
The lady at jack in the box didn't give me a straw 😒
bobo brought more drinks, so now we have Straw - Ber - Rita, and Captain Jack Morgan Daniels xD
Was given a pink straw in my jack and coke last night...didn't think you could turn a manly drink so girly so quickly.
"..politicians Peter Mandelson and Jack Straw. In March 2003, regarding the 2003 invasion of Iraq, Dalyell accused the then PM Tony Blair of
Realise this sounds like straw clutching and almost certainly out.but Italy beating Costa Rica and Uruguay hardly …
BRITISH VALUES AT ITS FINEST( no pending intention to increase military budget?) This title should not be student murdered for being a muslim.It should definitely be SAUDI MUSLIM WOMAN WEARING VEIL is repeatedly and savagely attacked by a British man who thinks he has moral highground on what muslim women should wear or not.The ongoing hate campaign against muslim wearing niquab has been instigated and fuelled at the heart of the British government and the longstanding media islamophobic agenda. Examples would be William Straws'( Jack Straw's son) article on banning niqab wearing women and Jack Straw interview on question time. Another one is Ken Clarke islamophobic view that 'women wearing niqab are likened to sack of potatoes'.These are expected ongoing hate against muslim men and women who have long beards and long robe, especially post 911 and 7/7 July false flags. Is there a deafening silence in the Christian community as they did not condemn this act of terrorism?. Neither did the government!! ...
Remember the time when Jack Straw asked a muslin woman to lift her veil? Yay Labour...NOT.
Appeal by Rectory Homes against city council refusal to permit two homes behind 2 to 14 Jack Straw's Lane dismissed:
So tempted to take me a late night run to jack n da box
Preshow Program Notes for The Price at ACT Theatre. Audio Description Saturday, June 21, 2:00. Thank you for coming to the ACT Theatre's audio described performance of The Price by Arthur Miller. The Price was directed by Victor Pappas. The scenic designer is Robert Dahlstrom. The costume designer is Rose Pederson. The lighting designer is Alex Berry. The Dialect Coach is Alyssa Keene. The sound designer is Brendan Patrick Hogan. The stage manager is JR Welden. The Production Sponsor for The Price is 4Culture. Theatre and Season Sponsors include 4Culture, A Contemporary Theatre Foundation, ArtsFund, the John Graham Foundation, the Seattle Office of Arts and Culture, and the Shubert Foundation. Audio-description is a service of Arts and Visually Impaired Audiences, with support from the ACT Theatre, 4Culture, the Office of Arts and Culture, the Washington State Arts Commission, and the National Endowment for the Arts. Moe Provencher produced this program recording at the facility of Jack Straw Productions. ...
as long as its not Jack Straw then England still got a chance in the
yup. Guess it drew the short end of the straw LOL
Labour MP Jack Straw visits Portsmouth school: PUPILS had the chance to meet and grill a former *** ..
Just seen the BBC report on Milband's so called policy initiative on job seekers allowance and his proposed changes. I assume this is a wheeze invented by Conservative Central Office! Remind me, isn't job seekers allowance about £57 per week. One can't live on that! Well maybe on pot noodles, but I doubt even that. Where are these people living? Oh, and I forgot, students should be 'poncing' off their parents. Aye Right! I was a student in the early 70's, received a grant, as did my chum John Reid, otherwise it wasn't possible for us to attend University. I'm pretty sure Jack Straw also got a grant. At least that was one of the things the Wilson Government did to improve the access to education for the working classes. Yes, I did indeed meet the older Miliband - Ralph. Somehow don't think he'd be seeing eye to eye with his boy on this. Sorry Ed, think this is a major error and is further confirmation why I'll be voting yes in the forthcoming Scottish referendum. Seems to me the only way we can guarantee ...
Sitting in a park with Jack Straw on the next bench. Tempted to ask him when I'm going to get my owl.
How cute of a female employee at jack in the box gave me a straw to drink my OG
At bonds just meet MP jack straw oh we live it u xxx
A fantastic evening with last night Thanks for your support
Jack Straw M.P says - Impeccable standards, gracious service and the food is simply delicious
this latest wheeze reminds me a bit of Jack Straw’s “squeegees and winos” speech from around 1995.
6B met Jack Straw at the Houses of Parliament this morning!
Jack from a mustache straw, don't mind if I do
"You do know she's made of straw?" "Oh yes, I figured that's why she burned so easy."
Jack Straw, Zionist shill and hater of the native English.
Michael Howard wasn't Home Sec when Paxo did that interview, Jack Straw was, Howard was going for the Tory leadership in 1997
of course want to cut their ties with the bad, bad NU-Labour past by parachuting corrupt Jack Straw's son Will into the
Couldn't agree more mate. They'd do for an entree, anyway... Jack Straw, Colin Powell, Condoleeza Rice, Cheney.
Jack Straw says biggest danger in foreign affairs is to say Something must be done but understand what. He should know botched affairs
Watt Tyler, Jack Straw and John Ball were right... thieves and murderers 'over' them. And all in 1391. If they...
Can Yvette Cooper tell me how many acts of were authorized by David Blunkett, John Reid, Alan Johnson, Jacqui Smith, Jack Straw?
Jack Straw on BBC right now, the man who said the English are not worth anything. Why is he on the BBC .
Huw Edwards to Jack Straw "You've had many roles, is there anything you haven't been?" Quick as a flash "Well, I've not been the Queen"
Never forget stalwart Jack Straw explaining as Home Secretary his party's total opposition to http:…
I may be the only person rocking out to the Dead's Hartford '77 Jack Straw on Kingston Ave in Crown Heights just now.
If you missed Prime Ministers Questions today it went something like this Ed Milliband - why was sale of Royal Mail such a poor deal for taxpayers? David Cameron - It was losing money and is now a successful private sector organisation Ed Milliband - No - it was making a profit. Why did you let city institutions make a quick buck? David Cameron - yeah, well, erm - Jack Straw, John Prescott and Neil Kinnock's sons all want to be MP's Everybody - huh?
Were you so damning when Jack Straw said a similar thing?
With Mark Karan last night at the Abbey Pub. Jack Straw, Beat it on Down the line, Race is On, Masterpiece, Me...
BOOM! Jack Nicholson has attempted to fist a bale wall.
And the white hating Diane Abbott still not suspended by Liebour.and the English hating Jack Straw?
Jack Straw said "As a race the English are not worth preserving". Never resigned.
Jack Straw, MVDC, will publish next year whether green belt land in will be allocated for housing.
Former UK Home Secretary Jack Straw: Muslims must accept there is set of values – some of which are Christian based
Jack Straw says Islamist 'plot' to take over Birmingham schools is product of power struggle within Muslim community as he tells parents to accept...
A TRIP DOWN MEMOREY JUST TO JOG THE GRAY MATTER Labour threw open the doors to mass migration in a deliberate policy to change the social make-up of the UK, secret papers suggest. A draft report from the Cabinet Office shows that ministers wanted to ‘maximise the contribution’ of migrants to their ‘social objectives’. The number of foreigners allowed in the UK increased by as much as 50 per cent in the wake of the report, written in 2000. Melting pot: Labour's diversity drive is exposed in secret papers Labour has always justified immigration on economic grounds and denied it was using it to foster multiculturalism. But suspicions of a secret agenda rose when Andrew Neather, a former government adviser and speech writer for Tony Blair, Jack Straw and David Blunkett, said the aim of Labour’s immigration strategy was to ‘rub the Right’s nose in diversity and render their arguments out of date’.
It's the same sort of thing Jack Straw said about the English.
Will Straw defends 'black-face' Britannia Coconut Dancers, but anti-racism campaigners call makeup
Britain is finished; it is a nation of the walking dead, unless it affects a drastic change in its leadership and prevailing political culture, and soon. (Of course, the same could be said of the U.S.) Here Jack Straw, of all people, asserts that there is a British culture that Muslims must accept,…
travelling on the London the manchester train and along walks jack straw!!.
Further to my previous entry on Cornish Independence, what about more, say for the South of England and London. After all London and the South of England have been supporting 90% of the rest of the British isles, to the tune of hundreds of Billions of pounds, for years now, since the Unions Destroyed the Coal Mines, the Steel Industry, the British Car Building Industry and not forgetting the Ship Building Industry, nearly all the super Liners, including the Queens have been Built in Foreign Countries. We buy coal from as far away as Australia, we import Steel from among others Japan and of course many of us drive Japanese Cars. Many of our largest Companies are owned by, the Americans , The Dutch, The Swiss and many other European Countries, Then of course the Australians are here, Times Group and Sky-B-Sky, then there are the Japanese, who stole our Motor Industry, also the Koreans, who sell and build cars here. It will not be long before TAT from India are forcing their way into our car industry. It is ...
Jack Straw & the rest of his self-serving Labour cronies should be prosecuted & tried for treason.
Jack Straw son - Will Straw in frame for safe seat - aristocracy
Jack Straw now says that "Muslim schools must respect British values" Those schools EXIST to undermine British values
In which case, someone arrest Jack Straw for talking rubbish and doing worse when in office!
if I called Jack Straw MP a pedophile he could not sue me as that would lead to a court case.
You'd have enjoyed it. It all started when Jack Straw's son was photographed with them...
That counts. Jack is probably the one making his house from straw, lazy pig.
Jack Straw takes a deeper look into the art of silent dancing.
Oh BS Jack,man up.You've been using & abusing this straw acc 4 self promotion & your own personal agenda since day 1
~9th~ JACK STRAW was just iced by BigPapa, which brings the body count to 637,161 rivals.
UK: Straw says Muslim schools should hold to “Christian based” values, but Cameron under fire for saying UK
Jack Straw on Muslims. If him and *** Blair hadn't wanted 3rd world immigration. .'
he reminds ne of Jack Straw for some reason lol
4/20/14 Set List (as best as I can remember ), When Push Comes to Shove Me and My Uncle, Jack Straw, Brown Eyed Woman, Tangled Up In BLue, When I Paint My Masterpiece, Franklin's Tower, *** In A Bucket, He's Gone, The Harder They Come, Set 2 Wang Dang Doodle, Eyes Of The World, Hey Pocky Way, Friend Of the Devil, Sacarlett/Fire, Goin' Down The Road, Samson and Delilalh, Let's Spend The Night Together , Truckin, Shakedown Street Encore was Sugaree, West LA Fadeaway (Justin on vocals) 2nd encore was I washed My Hands in the Muddy Water I know Jimmy sang another song in the first set, but I can't remeber which one. I may have missed 1 or 2 more but this is most of them. We had a grate time, and the crowd was fantastic. Let's keep it going. Friz
After the day I have, I really should have just stayed in bad sipping Jack Daniels out of a straw!
Jack Straw admits there is a 'Trojan Horse' plot by Muslim extremists -
Erm it was Tony Blair who invited these over here & Jack Straw who said the English as a race aren't worth saving
Former foreign secretary Jack Straw says he detects a "lighter atmosphere" in Iran and believes President Rouhani is "committed to change".
Jack Straw, Tony Blair and William Hague all in the headlines this week. Half expecting a new Spice Girls song sometime soon too.
My 13 year old daughter is jammin the Grateful Dead's "Jack Straw" live in Paris while getting ready for school. Nice.
Jack Straw has called up Muslim extremists to respect British values in the wake of the Birmingham schools being taken over by Muslims in an insidious plot to radicalise its students. Here we explore the issue of multiculturalism and the growing issues it's causing in British society.
Jack Straw on (Muslim) parents have to accept… that we also live in the UK and that alongside values that are religiously based (ie Islamic values), there has to be a clear understanding that this is the UK, and there are a set of values, that are indeed Christian based (ie secular liberal values) which permeate our sense of citizenship...” Mr Straw said "Muslim parents must accept that their own beliefs (Islamic values) cannot supplant the Christian (a convenient word for Secular) values that underpin society. So if secular liberal values say that being *** is normal for instance Muslims need to accept this reality and reject the fact that Islam says that homosexuality is a sin.
Jack Straw says Britain is a Christian country. But not many Christian values from him when it comes to child abuse: http:…
Jack Straw comes out in support of David Cameron on 'Christian Britain'
COLUMNS Muslim-Muslim ticket? Tambuwal will be the nightmare scenario for PDP Muslims and the National Conference: the case of blaming the victim Are we richer after the GDP ‘rebasing’? An alphabet for a life Seeing clearly now APC will be making a mistake with Muslim-Muslim ticket A president playing dangerous politics with Boko Haram Are we fighting the wrong war against Boko Haram? (II) Enough blames to go round If I were a Northern elder… Manipulators of public perception: Between Olisa Metuh and Lai Mohammed Rethinking government strategy in tackling insurgency We must look deeper for answers to Boko Haram Why I did not write a column The grammar of irresponsibility NIS, virtual jobs and the death of a dream Why Governor Shettima was right (II) If there is no trap, why talk of it? We need a Putin here Recruitment scandal: Moro cannot investigate himself! From the National Conference, with love Intrigues of political containment Jack Straw, Rotimi Amaechi and the Nigerian condition Why Governor ...
So did Charles Kennedy! Both Jack Straw described the English as "potentially very aggressive, very violent",...
Remember good old days when an 80 y. o man was arrested under the terrorism act for shouting nonsense at Jack Straw?.
By Patrick Andrew Former British Foreign Secretary, Jack Straw, has said that the antidotes to corruption in the country remain the specification of stiffer penalties for convicted victims. Straw, who held a closed door meeting with Senators on the platform of the All Progressives Congress (APC) who recently defected from the People’s Democratic Party (PDP) to the opposition, said Nigeria can only attain a corruption- free society if the opposition parties are resolute in their demand for transparency in governance at all levels. He said certain factors are critical for a corrupt-free society to be attained, stressing that the judiciary, in particular, must be alive to its responsibilities by giving appropriate punishment to government officials found wanting in the fight against corruption. “Allowing for transparency in governance and having clean courts to handle corruption-related cases in the country will go a long way in reducing corruption in the country. “There’s the need to raise the penal ...
Jack Straw former British Home Secretary identifies unequal distribution of wealth as the major challenge to Nigeria's democracy and asks for support in dealing with our security challenges. Interesting. I wonder who he thinks care about equal distribution of wealth in Nigeria.
INTERNATIONAL CONFERENCE ON DEMOCRACY AND GOOD GOVERNANCE IN RIVERS STATE LESSONS GAINED AND OBSERVATIONS MADE. _Godspwer Igwe_ “If I am a sinner, the pagan, who is also a sinner, would wish that I continue in my acts of sin. This would enable me share in his fortune, eternal damnation. But, if I revert suddenly, a leap into act of faith and belief in God, my adversary, the sinner, will turn fiery, considering the good fortune towards which I leap” [My Meditations] CONTENTS OF THE INTERNATIONAL CONFERENCE The Conference, which took place at Banquet Hall of Government House, Port Harcourt, had two Lectures delivered: 1. The Dynamics of Contention within the realities of State building: Debating their essence and limitation by His Excellency, John Bruton, former Prime Minister of Ireland. 2. Democracy, Nationhood and Citizenship Rights, Freedoms and Responsibilities in the Global Order by His Excellency, Jack Straw, Former British Foreign Secretary. The two papers were moderated by an international civ ...
Straw Calls For Stronger Opposition Parties In Nigeria A former UK Foreign Secretary, Jack Straw, has called for stronger opposition parties in Nigeria, as it will strengthen democracy and make elected leaders deliver campaign promises to Nigerians. At an International Conference on Democracy and Good Governance held in Port Harcourt in Rivers State on Tuesday, Mr Straw stressed that a sound democracy empowers the government and also the opposition. He pointed out that corruption in Nigeria was hindering the growth of democracy. “Wide spread corruption and well-functioning democracy systems are wholly incompatible. Corruption is another way through which the elites maintain their power and disproportionate wealth and cheat the majority of what is rightly theirs. It is by no means the only reason, but it is certainly one reason, why Nigeria is not matching the potential which it so evidently has. “How do we, how do you deliver democracy, nationhood and citizenship with a proper balance of rights and re ...
Former Labour cabinet minister Jack Straw tells the BBC Gordon Brown realised he was not up to the job of being prime minister.
Corruption in police suggested, says Blackburn MP Jack Straw: INSTITUTIONAL corruption might have ...
Barbara Castle, Jack Straw, Simon Garner, Mrs D., Jack Walker your boys have taken one *** of a beating
7600 miles from home UTC, Jack Walker, Barbara Castle, Alan Shearer, Jack Straw. Your boys took one *** of a beating today
Diana Johnson, Mary Creagh, Brooks Newmark, Jack Straw, Chris Williamson among the MPs with qs for the PM today
My soul feels whole after a Jack Straw from Dark Star Orchestra!
"I would have done a better job than Gordon Brown." Jack Straw is interviewed in The Guardian:
Jack Straw: 'I would have done a better job than Gordon Brown' | Decca Aitkenhead: via
Decca Aitkenhead asks Jack Straw his worst moment. No reference to Belhaj rendition by MI6's Mark Allen to Libya . .
Jack Straw: In Hasan Rouhani’s Iran, you can feel the winds of change Ex-Home Secretary Jack Straw returns from a visit to Tehran convinced that it’s time for the West to rethink its relationship with the regime Independent As the British Parliamentary delegation was driven early last week from Khomeini Airport to our hotel in downtown Tehran I was struck by the amount of infrastructure building there had been in the nine years since I’d last visited, with new motorways and new metro lines under construction. Sanctions notwithstanding, Tehran looks and feels these days more like Madrid or Athens than it does, say, Mumbai or Cairo. On my previous five trips to Tehran, as British Foreign Secretary, I invented a personal measure of how relaxed people were feeling – by how far back on their heads young women wore their (compulsory) headscarves. More relaxed than I’d ever seen, is my scientific observation from this trip. My first visit to Iran was in late September 2001, in the immediate aftermath o ...
Obviously Maggie Thatcher had a soft spot for us. Jack Straw obvious. Lee Mack a definite, as is Yuri Zhirkov.
Andrew Tyrie, Conservative MP: 'It is deeply shocking that Britain facilitated kidnap and torture'. Photograph: Felix Clay Former government ministers and intelligence chiefs face a series of disturbing questions over the UK's involvement in the abduction and torture of terrorism suspects after 9/11, an official inquiry has concluded. In a damning report that swept aside years of denials, the Gibson inquiry concluded that the British government and its intelligence agencies had been involved in so-called rendition operations, in which detainees were kidnapped and flown around the globe, and had interrogated detainees who they knew were being mistreated. MI6 officers were informed that they were under no obligation to report breaches of the Geneva conventions; intelligence officers appear to have taken advantage of the abuse of detainees; and Jack Straw, as foreign secretary, had suggested that the law might be amended to allow suspects to be rendered to the UK. After examining about 20,000 documents which ...
Former British foreign minister Jack Straw was leading a delegation of lawmakers to Iran on Monday, his office said, as London and Tehran sought to improve diplomatic relations.
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Suppose fits with today's Influx news. Jack Straw born in Bucharest. .. Jewish family fled seeking a "better life"
. "Lord Drac" the impaler . Win treble Jack Straw, Goldon Gordon and Dear Tony who would sell his Grandmother.
Wensley Ford Primary school 85% black. Jack Straw, either have a elaborate tattoo or "Step Down" 2015. . No option.
Given that jack straw wont even speak to his niqabi constituents, why doesnt respect get a local asian to run for respect and teach labour another lesson like bradford?
Jack Straw is the son of Jewish immigrants plus his father chose jail over fighting inWW2
Trevor Maxfield is ex BNP now Labour Cllr & supporting an ex drug dealer to be a Labour PPC
Any bet's on Jack becoming Lord Straw after the next election?
Jack Straw Lab minister talking about EDL ''we don't have a shared culture like Scots the Welsh or Irish''
You said that Jack Straw had no right to be in politics.
Jack Straw - "The English as a race not worth saving". Labourite grandson of a pacifist in WW2. Go figure.
Nice. I'll add that to the Jack Straw one.
Jack Straw's Grandfather did F-all to save the English. He was imprisoned in WW2 for cowardice. In the blood!
Look at the Racist Jack Straw attacking the English! Traitor to the core!!!
Jack Straw to visit Iran to help rebuild ties via
Jack Straw as a man is not worthy of my comment,
I'm not denying anything, just curious as I cannot find a reliable source for the Jack Straw quotation.
724 executions in Iran. Jack straw licks the bloody boots of mullahs by visiting
Jack Straw, Labour MP: "There are more than enough seats in England & Wales which we have historically won at times to sustain a Labour government. What we just have to do is to make sure that we win those more often." Right Labour unionists, you got that now?
Just watched Channel 4 news. Interesting segment on the Independence vote. Contributions from Jack Straw confirming Labour could win the next General Election without the Scottish MPs but would need to be more Tony Blair than Gordon Brown ie right wing; chairman of Northern Foods showing concern for what would happen to northern England, "useful" comments from Ian Paisley JR about the potential for unraveling of the Good Friday agreement and a fantastic bit from Jim Gallagher (apparently secretary of Calman Commission) that Scotland would struggle in the negotiations after a Yes vote against the much bigger rUK (laughed out loud at that). Loads of assumptions, assertions and scaremongering for the New Year. As they didn't speak to anyone on either side of the campaign they probably believe it was balanced reporting. Jeez.
Christmas is supposed to be the children’s festival and a happy time for children and families but try telling that to the 22,000 mums and dads who’ve had their children removed by the UK state this year! Or to the 100,000+ children in UK care themselves, who’ve lost not only their real mums and dads but their grans and granddads, siblings, aunties, uncles, cousins, their whole genetic identity. Then, as notices all over the London tube tell us, 80,000 UK children will be homeless this Christmas while anything up to a million UK families will be having to make the choice between ‘eating and heating’ [their homes]. Yet £2.6 million per minute is being expended by our fundamentally wealthy population on last-minute Christmas shopping! Then who this Christmas will be listening out for the ‘children screaming to be heard’, the 800-900 fleeing abuse in state-care this month as every month? Since Jack Straw gagged them in 2009 they are not allowed to complain, hence they run away, only to be roun ...
Happy New Year. 2014: A top Tory warned that a minority of the immigrants from Romania and Bulgaria could escalate existing problems, including pickpocketing and defecating on doorsteps. Philippa Roe, Conservative leader of Westminster City Council, told BBC Radio 4's The World At One programme: "I know the vast majority of Romanians and Bulgarians planning to come to the UK are planning to work and contribute to society here. ... "It's this minority one is really concerned about but it is this minority that has this really big impact. "You've only got to wander around Marble Arch at 7.30 in the morning to see the camps. "We have people walking out of their front door to find people sleeping on their front doorsteps, people defecating on their front doorstep. ('Top Tory claims Roma 'defecating on London doorsteps'', ITV News, 1 January 2014) 1999: The Home Secretary, Jack Straw, came under fire last week after he was reported to have attacked travellers as crooks who caused "all kinds of trouble includin ...
New Year's resolutions: 1/ Lose weight - draw inspiration from Jack Straw. 2/ Get in and out of a wet suit without help. 3/ Wear lycra cycling leggings. 4/ Make use of tokens wisely. 5/ Fine tune my fielding skills. 6/ to remember that my wife is always right.
Jack Straw would like everyone to eat more carrots in the coming New Year! :)
Ambassador Taub responds to Jack Straw in letter to The Times31 December 2013Sir,Jack Straw (Opinion, Dec 26) asserts that Palestinian shacks in...
I wonder if Damian Talbot would support an all-women shortlist in Blackburn? :p Was just reading AsianImage's article on Labour's replacement for Jack Straw. Apparently despite the fact that Mr Straw has enjoyed a solid majority through even the worst of New Labour's travails in office, local Labour "don't regard Blackburn as a safe seat". Whilst I'd love to believe they really do have such respect for the local electorate, between the weak or none-existant opposition and what I strongly suspect is a lot of corruption behind the scenes Labour know *** well this is a safe seat. That would explain the wide interest from across the country... nothing like an easy ride.
Dso 29 electric .. Bertha .. Jack straw .--- Tennesse Jed ... Look like rain .. Peggy O .. El Paso -friend of the devil - dancing in the streets Scarlet -- fire - ( smoking !!) - good loving -- candy man ..-- estimated --he's gone --- Sampson -terrapin --( killer ) walk me out - rocking n reeling .. ( brain fart ) - first onvore . -uncle johns ..--- Us blues ;-)) mr Charlie )) third on core Karyn V Georgiana
Featuring live readings, interviews, and profiles on artists in the Jack Straw Writers Program
Jack Straw to pay official visit to Iran with British delegation
Well got message back from jack straw well somebody in behalf of him The office re-opens this Thursday and we will at that point make representations on your behalf.
Secret pre-Iraq War talks between Blair and Bush to be published: The release, set for the upcoming year, is expected to include more than 100 documents, described as a collection of notes, records of 200 minutes of ministerial level talks, telephone conversations and private meetings between the British prime minister and American president, The Independent reported. This will give the green light for the Chilcot Iraq Inquiry to publish an account of the conflict, where much attention will be given to decisions made by then Prime Minister Tony Blair. Indeed, the files could play a major part in determining Blair’s historical legacy, which critics say has been stained by the Iraq War. Blair has been criticized for failing to challenge then-US President George W. Bush on Iraq’s alleged weapons of mass destruction, specifically chemical and biological weapons, which a Joint Intelligence Committee report said in September 2002 “could be ready for firing in 45 minutes.” The Former Labour leader said h ...
“A parliamentary delegation to be headed by Jack Straw is due to visit Tehran on Tuesday January 7,” member of the parliament’s National Security and Foreign Policy Commission Abbas Ali Mansouri Arani said today.
William Straw – Bramcote30/04/2012The main reason why the former Home Secretary jack straw never wanted the sex offenders register made public, his own … Continue reading »
Well only two days until immigration controls are lifted allowing everyone and anyone from Romainia and Bulgaria to flock here and do whatever they please. I just read an article in the Mail on Sunday explaining the huge affect this will have on jobs schools and hospitals. Let's be honest only an *** or a soppy lefty liberal dogooder would believe that this is not going to be a problem and that we should embrace it in some way as a good thing for the country. Jack Straw the former Home Secretary made a statement last year saying that the last labour government made a spectacular mistake with EU immigration. Is he admitting to their blind stupidity of to the fact that they were probably the most corrupt government ever and that they have done this country irreparable damage from which it will never recover.
I'm in the process of rebuilding my Jack Straw account because some psychopath hijacked my other one! Don't use other people's computers to log into your account! Lesson learned the hard way!
Just before the New Year can we ask a question about MP's. The newspapers largely treat MP's with kid gloves even those caught stealing. Should we be able as members of the public be able to not only call them liars but to have a mechanism for brining them to book such as suspension without pay. People like Jack Straw who claimed they had no idea that immigration would be such a problem. (3)
IRAN: New President must deliver on human rights promises | Amnesty International Surprisingly today 15/07/2013 “Mr. Jack Straw or Mr. Jack Tehrani” said he is ready to go to Tehran again to meet his friend “Rohani or Jack Lodoni” and make a deal with Iranian regime like past that they made many deals together during” Mr. Jack Straw’s Foreign Ministry” included the punishing and torturing the U...K Bombing Attack Prisoners In Teheran by the Iranian security forces, selling the security facilities for torturing the prisoners and securities cameras and so many other things…….., to the regime of Iran from UK Supporting the regime of Iran to stay on the power but ignoring the Human Right issues that Iranian regime has denied to do any attention to the human right watch dog, human right conventions and to co-operate with any international human right organisations by support of the UK government on its behind on that that time of “Jack Straw’s Ministry” That is why during the 2013 Irani ...
Do you have out of town guests? Why not bring them down to Mullys Brewery?!? We are open from 12-6pm today. We have MarcSix Blonde, Carmelite Wheat, Jack Straw IPA and Shucker Stout on tap. Limited supply of Patuxent Pale Ale in bottles too. See YOU at Mullys! :)
Keir Starmer is probably going to start a political career in the Labour Party. Gawd help us, the new Jack Straw...
23 years ago tonite...12.27.90...the Grateful Dead at the Oakland Coliseum in Oakland, CA. Pics shot during "Jack Straw" & "Sugaree".
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