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John Whitaker Jack Straw (born 3 August 1946) is a British Labour Party politician who has been the Member of Parliament (MP) for Blackburn since 1979. He served as Home Secretary from 1997 to 2001, Foreign Secretary from 2001 to 2006 and Lord Privy Seal and Leader of the House of Commons from 2006 to 2007 under Tony Blair.

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Jack Straw Lab minister talking about EDL ''we don't have a shared culture like Scots the Welsh or Irish''
You said that Jack Straw had no right to be in politics.
Jack Straw - "The English as a race not worth saving". Labourite grandson of a pacifist in WW2. Go figure.
Nice. I'll add that to the Jack Straw one.
Jack Straw's Grandfather did F-all to save the English. He was imprisoned in WW2 for cowardice. In the blood!
Look at the Racist Jack Straw attacking the English! Traitor to the core!!!
Jack Straw to visit Iran to help rebuild ties via
Jack Straw as a man is not worthy of my comment,
I'm not denying anything, just curious as I cannot find a reliable source for the Jack Straw quotation.
724 executions in Iran. Jack straw licks the bloody boots of mullahs by visiting
Jack Straw, Labour MP: "There are more than enough seats in England & Wales which we have historically won at times to sustain a Labour government. What we just have to do is to make sure that we win those more often." Right Labour unionists, you got that now?
Just watched Channel 4 news. Interesting segment on the Independence vote. Contributions from Jack Straw confirming Labour could win the next General Election without the Scottish MPs but would need to be more Tony Blair than Gordon Brown ie right wing; chairman of Northern Foods showing concern for what would happen to northern England, "useful" comments from Ian Paisley JR about the potential for unraveling of the Good Friday agreement and a fantastic bit from Jim Gallagher (apparently secretary of Calman Commission) that Scotland would struggle in the negotiations after a Yes vote against the much bigger rUK (laughed out loud at that). Loads of assumptions, assertions and scaremongering for the New Year. As they didn't speak to anyone on either side of the campaign they probably believe it was balanced reporting. Jeez.
This article was written by Yvonne Ridley who is political editor of Islam Channel TV in London and co-author of “In the Hands of the Taliban: Her Extraordinary Story.” I used to look at veiled women as quiet, oppressed creatures -- until I was captured by the Taliban. In September 2001, just 15 days after the terrorist attacks on the United States, I snuck into Afghanistan, clad in a head-to-toe blue burqa, intending to write a newspaper account of life under the repressive regime. Instead, I was discovered, arrested and detained for 10 days. I spat and swore at my captors; they called me a “bad” woman but let me go after I promised to read the Quran and study Islam. (Frankly, I’m not sure who was happier when I was freed -- they or I.) Back home in London, I kept my word about studying Islam -- and was amazed by what I discovered. I’d been expecting Quran chapters on how to beat your wife and oppress your daughters; instead, I found passages promoting the liberation of women. Two-and-a ...
Christmas is supposed to be the children’s festival and a happy time for children and families but try telling that to the 22,000 mums and dads who’ve had their children removed by the UK state this year! Or to the 100,000+ children in UK care themselves, who’ve lost not only their real mums and dads but their grans and granddads, siblings, aunties, uncles, cousins, their whole genetic identity. Then, as notices all over the London tube tell us, 80,000 UK children will be homeless this Christmas while anything up to a million UK families will be having to make the choice between ‘eating and heating’ [their homes]. Yet £2.6 million per minute is being expended by our fundamentally wealthy population on last-minute Christmas shopping! Then who this Christmas will be listening out for the ‘children screaming to be heard’, the 800-900 fleeing abuse in state-care this month as every month? Since Jack Straw gagged them in 2009 they are not allowed to complain, hence they run away, only to be roun ...
Happy New Year. 2014: A top Tory warned that a minority of the immigrants from Romania and Bulgaria could escalate existing problems, including pickpocketing and defecating on doorsteps. Philippa Roe, Conservative leader of Westminster City Council, told BBC Radio 4's The World At One programme: "I know the vast majority of Romanians and Bulgarians planning to come to the UK are planning to work and contribute to society here. ... "It's this minority one is really concerned about but it is this minority that has this really big impact. "You've only got to wander around Marble Arch at 7.30 in the morning to see the camps. "We have people walking out of their front door to find people sleeping on their front doorsteps, people defecating on their front doorstep. ('Top Tory claims Roma 'defecating on London doorsteps'', ITV News, 1 January 2014) 1999: The Home Secretary, Jack Straw, came under fire last week after he was reported to have attacked travellers as crooks who caused "all kinds of trouble includin ...
New Year's resolutions: 1/ Lose weight - draw inspiration from Jack Straw. 2/ Get in and out of a wet suit without help. 3/ Wear lycra cycling leggings. 4/ Make use of tokens wisely. 5/ Fine tune my fielding skills. 6/ to remember that my wife is always right.
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Jack Straw would like everyone to eat more carrots in the coming New Year! :)
Ambassador Taub responds to Jack Straw in letter to The Times31 December 2013Sir,Jack Straw (Opinion, Dec 26) asserts that Palestinian shacks in...
I wonder if Damian Talbot would support an all-women shortlist in Blackburn? :p Was just reading AsianImage's article on Labour's replacement for Jack Straw. Apparently despite the fact that Mr Straw has enjoyed a solid majority through even the worst of New Labour's travails in office, local Labour "don't regard Blackburn as a safe seat". Whilst I'd love to believe they really do have such respect for the local electorate, between the weak or none-existant opposition and what I strongly suspect is a lot of corruption behind the scenes Labour know *** well this is a safe seat. That would explain the wide interest from across the country... nothing like an easy ride.
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Jack Straw to pay official visit to Iran with British delegation
Well got message back from jack straw well somebody in behalf of him The office re-opens this Thursday and we will at that point make representations on your behalf.
Secret pre-Iraq War talks between Blair and Bush to be published: The release, set for the upcoming year, is expected to include more than 100 documents, described as a collection of notes, records of 200 minutes of ministerial level talks, telephone conversations and private meetings between the British prime minister and American president, The Independent reported. This will give the green light for the Chilcot Iraq Inquiry to publish an account of the conflict, where much attention will be given to decisions made by then Prime Minister Tony Blair. Indeed, the files could play a major part in determining Blair’s historical legacy, which critics say has been stained by the Iraq War. Blair has been criticized for failing to challenge then-US President George W. Bush on Iraq’s alleged weapons of mass destruction, specifically chemical and biological weapons, which a Joint Intelligence Committee report said in September 2002 “could be ready for firing in 45 minutes.” The former Labour leader said h ...
“A parliamentary delegation to be headed by Jack Straw is due to visit Tehran on Tuesday January 7,” member of the parliament’s National Security and Foreign Policy Commission Abbas Ali Mansouri Arani said today.
William Straw – Bramcote30/04/2012The main reason why the former Home Secretary jack straw never wanted the sex offenders register made public, his own … Continue reading »
Well only two days until immigration controls are lifted allowing everyone and anyone from Romainia and Bulgaria to flock here and do whatever they please. I just read an article in the Mail on Sunday explaining the huge affect this will have on jobs schools and hospitals. Let's be honest only an *** or a soppy lefty liberal dogooder would believe that this is not going to be a problem and that we should embrace it in some way as a good thing for the country. Jack Straw the former Home Secretary made a statement last year saying that the last labour government made a spectacular mistake with EU immigration. Is he admitting to their blind stupidity of to the fact that they were probably the most corrupt government ever and that they have done this country irreparable damage from which it will never recover.
I'm in the process of rebuilding my Jack Straw account because some psychopath hijacked my other one! Don't use other people's computers to log into your account! Lesson learned the hard way!
Just before the New Year can we ask a question about MP's. The newspapers largely treat MP's with kid gloves even those caught stealing. Should we be able as members of the public be able to not only call them liars but to have a mechanism for brining them to book such as suspension without pay. People like Jack Straw who claimed they had no idea that immigration would be such a problem. (3)
IRAN: New President must deliver on human rights promises | Amnesty International Surprisingly today 15/07/2013 “Mr. Jack Straw or Mr. Jack Tehrani” said he is ready to go to Tehran again to meet his friend “Rohani or Jack Lodoni” and make a deal with Iranian regime like past that they made many deals together during” Mr. Jack Straw’s Foreign Ministry” included the punishing and torturing the U...K Bombing Attack Prisoners In Teheran by the Iranian security forces, selling the security facilities for torturing the prisoners and securities cameras and so many other things…….., to the regime of Iran from UK Supporting the regime of Iran to stay on the power but ignoring the Human Right issues that Iranian regime has denied to do any attention to the human right watch dog, human right conventions and to co-operate with any international human right organisations by support of the UK government on its behind on that that time of “Jack Straw’s Ministry” That is why during the 2013 Irani ...
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Keir Starmer is probably going to start a political career in the Labour Party. Gawd help us, the new Jack Straw...
23 years ago tonite...12.27.90...the Grateful Dead at the Oakland Coliseum in Oakland, CA. Pics shot during "Jack Straw" & "Sugaree".
Jack Straw on C&I talking himself up on Stephen Lawrence. Shame on you. Shame.
In his autobiography, Jack Straw says, of a school trip to the Lake District, "I'd been desparate to visit the area ever since I'd devoured Arthur Ransom's (sic) 'Swallows and Amazons' series. I was not disappointed."
You fought as Capo 28 times for: •18• Wḯ¢ќéd Łḯpɀ. Together you received and defeated: ~9th~ JACK STRAW. $45,975,580
Dear All   Apologies that Battle News is late, according to my schedule for sending out these mailings and that it’s now entangled with Christmas of which I rather wished to steer clear. In the past two weeks I’ve been struggling to come to terms with the death of a close friend and fellow-warrior in the Truth Movement who was with me in London for most of the latter part of 2013, battling the cancer which then took him shortly after his return to his own country in November. Some on this list will know to whom I’m referring and I’m sure you’ve been grieving too – this was a very special and widely-loved person with an incredibly important mission to fulfil at this time in history on Planet Earth. Fortunately most of my friend’s groundbreaking work was done years before the cancer struck but how sad he hasn’t lived to witness the fruits of his considerable labours and be celebrated for helping bring about a much happier, more enlightened and peaceful society in this world, a ...
When you belong to a family of freaks the day can take some interesting turns. It was a blast. Finally finished unwrapped the presents just after Blue Romulan Time. Christmas Ham is in the oven, and it's loving and fudge. Just had a jam session with some good ole Grateful Dead and some space jazz. Got a new top of the line Sony Digital Video Camera. Now I can start making movies again. I already have a new project lined up for the beginning of the year. My neighbor who is a pretty reserved fellow says he's fed up with his bossy wife and he's getting really drunk. He said he's calling ever friend up that he's gotten drunk with his whole life over to his house today. I just had a smoke and noticed there are white guys dressed up like black guys rapping on his driveway. I'm sure his wife is just irate. I am definatley going over later not to party but I just want to see how mad his wife is an how weird and uncomfortable the situation is. I think it's going to be hilarious. Seeing as I can just walk away. Als ...
" English Democrats are a threat to the British Labour Party ". - Jack Straw. English & Proud !
Well it's official. Our first Christmas store is now closed until next year. We want to thank so many people for all they've done. Whether it was just stopping by to say hi or buying some chocolates or the ones who helped us get the store ready for opening. If it weren't for Mary Rush, Carson Cummins, Gary and Lisa Stewart, Mel and Mary Lou Stewart, Jack Straw, Jenni Dunn, Jed Tolbert, Jason Donati, Raquel, Ashley Wendt, Kyla Marino, Dina Cruickshank, and so many others, the store would not have opened in time. I know there's others I'm missing too. So thank you, thank you, thank you to everyone that helped! Please have a very Merry Christmas and we will see you next time! Garrett Stewart
Former Home Secretary Jack Straw tried to address the issue of Freemasons working in the criminal justice system. In 1999, new judges were required to publicly disclose whether they were Masons.
You were attacked 1 time by: ~9th~ JACK STRAW You won the fight, taking 19 damage and dealing 18 damage to your enemy. You gained 1 experience points. You gained: $65,000
Jack Straw visits Bedouin community in the Jordan Valley with MAP's mobile clinic 23 December 2013 During his visit to Palestine on a MAP delegation in association with the Council for Arab British Understanding,�former UK Foreign Secretary Jack Straw wrote in the Lancashire Telegraph about his visi...
Look around the world at the chaos Blair caused ...No wonder Jack Straw is leaving parliament and he will be leaving the uk .He was involved in extraordinary rendition and he knows it and so do many more.He is feeling the heat! War criminals!!
Jack Straw India Pale Ale is our no holds barred…
8,000 people killed in Iraq this year from domestic violence. Jack Straw - you are a fjoke. You lied in front of the UN. You should be in jail with your twmate Tony Blair.
I know who I wld believe between David Scott and Jack Straw and it isn't the latter.
a FB conversation I want to save and share ... Grinslade: I am a democrat that will absolutely leave this party and vote for Jill Stein before I'd ever consider voting for this person. I am not alone by any stretch of the imagination. Jack Straw: and your rationale is ? Kathy Grinslade: Most Democrats should have been watching Hillary's votes when she was a Senator, if they did, I think they would have to come to the conclusion that she is a corporate and military machine, darling. She was in the White House, with a huge platform, able to warn us about the inherent dangers of NAFTA and she let her husband, sign that death blow of a bill and destroy our countries industrial base. NAFTA allowed these corporations to get huge tax funded moving costs, AND not have to clean up after themselves all the horrible pollution they had wrought upon our land, water and air. I do not see anything but a blue-dog when I look at a Clinton. Do you know what Blue-dog means? That is my nutshell explanation. Jack Straw: w ...
So finally, the official annoucncement is made about the proposed 11% pay rise for M.P's and the first MP reaction I heard was from Jack Straw, who said it would bring M.P's into line with other public sector workers. This is why the Labour Party needs to be replaced with people with Social Justice principles not conservative Blairite principles. Yet another betrayal!
Article by Jack Straw on Wings Over Scotland Perhaps some honesty about the reasons for the Union from Jack Straw on Question Time a few years ago. (Thanks to Wings over Scotland Jack Straw: English MPs control all the money which Scotland receives – is that ‘fair’? England constitutes 85% of the UK’s population and 87% of its wealth. It was English MPs who agreed to devolve some powers to Scotland in a Westminster Act of Parliament; but year by year controls over public spending levels for all of the UK continue to be exercised by Westminster. And power devolved is power retained, not ceded.“ “While the current Tory cry of ‘English votes on English laws’ has a simplistic appeal, it is in reality unworkable, undesirable and dangerous. It would create a two-tier system of ‘ins and outs’ that would be so complex and confusing as to be unworkable. How is it possible, for example, to distinguish between English ‘bits’ of legislation and UK ‘bits’? It isn’t. The territorial exten ...
It's a piece a cake to own up to mistakes that they made when they were in office, as Labour's David Blunkett and Jack Straw has done recently, over their handling of the last wave of this country's wave of Eastern European immigration, but they should have corrected their mistakes whilst they were still in office, as a True Politician does.
So nice of Jack Straw to appologise for the Iraw War via The Revolution Will be Televised
I just want jack & honey on the rocks with a straw, NOW.
Jack Straw: "the Iranians are among the toughest negotiators in the world & extract evry lst ounce from negotiations"
You're probably thinking that the Big River, Big Railroad, Jack Straw > Might as Well is gonna be pretty ripping. Yeah me too.
Would you like me to get you a straw so you can SUCK IT UP and get on with your life?! Cause I'd be happy to.
Good interview with John Richards owner of Jack Straw, an under the radar, amazing shop in Seattle.
Very generous indeed of Jack Straw to congratulate William Hague since it was the EU and UD that brokered the Geneva/Iran agreement.
Why migrants have been good for UK reports research
Jack Straw attacks "hardliners" in Washington as responsible for the Presidency of Ahmadinejad?
Jack Straw speaking at the Commons on Iran deal: "It's crucial that momentum is kept up"
Jack Straw congratulates for the deal - but urges active follow up
Feeling that if Jack Straw speaks in the Commons on Iran he will feel vindicated for his efforts in the past - despite Tehran Jack monicker
Nice to see William Hague acknowledge the fine work which started a decade ago by jack straw in negotiating with Iran
William Hague generous in tribute to Cathy Ashton and Jack Straw. Commons statement on Iran.
Really. I thought it was because Jack Straw saw new leader as moderate which he is not.
News Update: No one was injured during a house fire that happened on Jack Straw Lane this morning. The fire did cause $50,000 damage.
So Jack Straw and Tessa Jowell are going. If any other blairite MPs feel like doing the same
Jack Straw question, re improving local connection e.g. to local authorities. A: takes some of sting out of mergers
Jack Straw - Fundamental local councils have more say.
Starting a very interesting week full of debates and events. Today, 7pm, with Hilary Wainwright and E.Tsakalotos discussing what's next for Greece and tomorrow same time Slavoj Zizek and Srecko Horvat both giving their options on what does Europe wants. On Thursday Jack Straw will give us a mainstream feedback of UN's policy and finally Friday. Friday awaits for surprises.
Tell us about old boys network that gives Jack Dromey, Joe Dromey, Will Straw and Euan Blair safe Lab seats.
“Labour manipulated immigration to transform UK demographic make-up
03 Paper ng Worki ms of n for bility O ounta acc lleg nose Co or, Brase ogdan B Vernon ofessor Pr 2020 Public Services Trust at the d e, Oxfor Working Paper 03 On forms of accountability Professor Vernon Bogdanor, Brasenose College, Oxford Our working papers series explores new ideas, gathers emerging evidence, and invites radical points of view on big issues in public services. Our papers are intended to stimulate discussion around these issues, and open up new avenues of debate for the commission and beyond. They do not represent the views of the Commission. Our papers are free to download – we encourage you to comment, discuss, agree or disagree through our website and our debate site Your2020 To discuss writing a paper or anything else about the series, contact Henry Kippin, Commission Manager to the Commission on 2020 Public Services. 2 About the 2020 Public Services Trust The 2020 Public Services Trust is a registered charity (no. 1124095), based at the RSA. It is not aligned with ...
Jack Straw did nothing to help me. Said it was a 'civil matter'.
you don't drink Jack Daniel's with a straw
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The Blair thing is old news, what about Jack Straw trying to smash Condalise Rice?
Justin timber lake says he can't drink you away he's tried jack and Jim beam, but he's dressed like a guy that drinks uv blue with a straw
This is the last straw, Jack. The last straw.
what supplement would you recommend for bulking? For my McDonald's straw of a friend jack
and do not forget Jack Straw, wanted it kept a done deal, straw blair both utter scum
Hope you like EP 3. Jack Straw breaking Labour's apology to Iraq EXCLUSIVE! Half of the series done, half to go!
just got Jack Straw to sign an apology to Iraq... sort of... Hilariously funny. Everyone should w…
You heard it here first: Jack Straw is very very sorry about Iraq. Kind of.
John Kerry & Lady Ashdon kissy kissy *cringe** although not in the same league as Jack Straw smitten by Condoleeza Rice a few years ago,, boy that was embarrassing.
LK Advani's Blog OUTSTANDING PHOTOGRAPHS: A UNIQUE BOOK FROM SIPRA DAS Posted: 22 Nov 2013 12:08 AM PST prachi-and-pragyaI have in the past attended many book-release functions. But the one that I participated in on Monday this week (November 18, 2013) was really unforgettable. The function was held at the Rashtrapati Bhavan, in the presence of the President, but the book was not released by him. The formal release of the book, titled “The Light Within” was done by two sweet little girls by name Pragya and Prachi. The two are twin sisters; since birth both cannot see. The two are now studying in XII Standard. Sipra’s book carries an earlier picture of theirs with their father. Prachi and Pragya, when they were 6 years old with their father, a Delhi Businessman the-light-withinThe book, which I have described in the title as ‘unique’ is a compilation of photographs by a photojournalist, Sipra Das. I have been in politics for decades, and based in Delhi. And so I have known Sipra Das for years. No ...
Jack Straw (former FM of UK) on how is 'negotiation with Iranians', reported by Vali Nasr in "A Dispensable Nation": "People think North Koreans are difficult to negotiate with. Let me tell you, your countryman [Iranian] are the most difficult people to negotiate with. Imagine buying a car, you negotiate for a whole month over the price and terms of the deal. You reach an agreement and go to pick up the car. You c it has no tires! "But the tires were not part of the discussion", the seller says. "We negotiated over the car"! You have to start all over again, now wondering whether you have to worry about the metal rim, screws, or any other unknown part of the car. That should give you a sense of what talking to Iran looks like."
Dominic Grieve is the Attorney General of the UK, a cabinet minister and the most senior legal eagle in the government. According to him, people of Pakistani origin are necessarily corrupt and further more, Pakistanis are not an asset but a liability. He has absolutely no basis for his claims other than citing some offences by criminals. I too can cite offences by criminals - Indian, Irish, British, etc etc!! However it would be criminally insane and plain racist of me if I then went on to state that all Indian, Irish or British people were criminal by inclination! From singling out the Pakistani origin community, the ''defender'' of our legal rights then goes on to state that he is specifically dividing and distinguishing the Indian community from the Pakistanis. In his view only the Pakistani community should be singled out for concrete discrimination! We heard this 'divide and rule' ruse from Jack Straw and David Cameron. It is a pattern of divisive and bigoted policies which aim to sow strife between ...
Ok lets try again! CommUnity Platform SKY 828 Thursday 7 - 8 p.m. Endemic Corruption: Once again Pakistani communities are put under the microscope for the wrong reasons! Jack Straw talked about "grooming for sex" in a particular community, and now our Attorney General Dominic Grieve is talking about "Pakistanies are fuelling corruption in UK." Could there be some truth in these statements? Can there be any smoke with fire? How is the Pakistanie leadership responding? Join me Anjum Anwar with Adnan Khan and Hamid Chaudhry for an interesting conversation, only on Ummah!
Sheffield MP Nick Clegg has moved to calm fears about the next anticipated wave of Eastern European migrants in the New Year. From January, restrictions on Bulgarians and Romanians will be eased so citizens of the two countries can move elsewhere within the European Union. But there are fears about how Britain will cope with more immigrants - after problems with Roma and Slovak people who have moved to Page Hall in Sheffield. Long-term residents of the area have complained of rubbish, gangs on the streets until the early hours of the morning, and people living up to 15 to a house. Brightside and Hillsborough MP David Blunkett has spoken out on the issue, calling for Roma and Slovaks to ‘adhere to our standards’. And fellow former Labour cabinet minister Jack Straw has admitted allowing unrestricted Eastern European migration was a ‘spectacular mistake’. Deputy Prime Minister and Hallam MP Mr Clegg said: “There are two big differences with when the first wave of immigration was allowed - firstly, ...
After announcing his forthcoming retirement, Jack Straw looks back at his political career in our latest interview. He discusses the "tragedy" of Gordon Brown...
Too little too late Jack Straw re people have been saying this 4 years
More bigoted barrel-scraping from Jack Straw. The most "spectacular mistake" ever made was promoting you, you oleaginou…
Nothing rascist whatsoever about this, its just fact! Today jack straw admitted his policies were grossly wrong in hindsight...but like all politicians his financial package upon retiring will see hes okay!
the man could have been a hero, stopped the illegal war & brought down Blair, Jack Straw with the blood of 100k kids on him
- Jack Straw regrets decision on work rights for Poles in 2004:.
Good old George, you were right, unemployment down AGAIN. Lots more jobs created, and where it counts, in the private sector and manufacturing up up up. Old Balls got it so very wrong.. Looks like Red Ed Milliband has made a boob with his threat to freeze enegy prices. He is oh such a Chancer. Its a bit complicated so he is out of his depth, AGAIN. What a plonker. And of today Jack Straw addmited that they invited over a MILLION imigrants from Eastern Europe. Him Brown and the two Eds. FLOODED THE uK. With cheap workers.and service users. Plonkers.
Labour MP Jack Straw talks about having psychoanalysis for ten years to treat depression via
Jack Straw admitted it was a spectacular mistake to open Britain's borders to EU migrants! Bet he blames Cameron when the next lot get here!
Politicians lying? Surely not! Mind you, I raise you Jack Straw, Hillsborough. Scum.
Could it be to little to late as England is on the brink of a Roma infux..
Jack Straw regrets opening door to Eastern Europe migrants
Interesting that Jack Straw has joined David Blunkett in the immigration debate. UKIP would be called racist for saying such.
Jack Straw apologises for their disastrous immigration policy,what about an apology to Enoch Powell.?
Jack Straw, the man with a memoir but no role, has a 'controversial' opinion on European immigration
Jack Straw has admitted that opening Britain's borders to Eastern European migrants was a "spectacular mistake".
Ex Home Sec & Foreign Sec, Jack Straw, says Labour "got it wrong" on immigration, making a "spectacular mistake"
quote Jack Straw BBC Question Time "The more the merrier" re: immigrants. Now backtracking. Liar liar pants on fire.
Odd one from Jack Straw: wrong to let CEE citizens come in 2004, but they paid more tax so it's actually ok.
Jack Straw admits that Labour messed up on immigration. Too little too late me thinks.
Reason Jack Straw made comments on Immigration: He is not standing at next 2015 General election
IMMUGATION: “A spectacular mistake” - Jack Straw admits Labour got it wrong, but is it too late to pitchfork the brown-skins back home?
Jack Straw admits Labour dropping immigration restrictions on Eastern European migrants was "spectacular mistake"
There is nothing brave about Jack Straw.
Jack Straw admitted Labour ‘messed up’ on immigration by immediately lifting controls on immigration from Eastern Europe
I'd like to thank Jack Straw for his "spectacular mistake" in letting in all these EU immigrants. Britain a much better w…
Jack Straw over unfettered immigration should fool no one. Labour set out to bring radical demographic change.
Jack Straw is brave to admit Labour's "huge mistake" on Eastern European immigration
David Blunkett predicts anti Roma riots, Jack Straw regrets opening UK for Polish citizens after 2004. What is it with
A 'spectacular mistake': Jack Straw admits Labour got it badly wrong on immigration
Jack Straw describes estimate of 5-13,000 E. European migrants as 'worthless'. We said this in 2003
Breast Cancer Awareness
UK: Labour admits to spectacular mistake on immigration:
Even Jack Straw admits Labour messed up with immigration. About bloody time to. # UKIP
Jack Straw says that made a 'spectacular mistake' in opening borders to Eastern Europe in 2004
See on – EVF NEWS FEED THE last Labour Government made a “spectacular mistake” by relaxing immigration restrictions on Eastern European migrants, former Home Secretary Jack Straw has admitted. The Government lifted the… [ 573 more words. ]
UKIP European Election candidate Amjad Bashir has challenged David Blunkett and Jack Straw to oppose the opening of the borders to Romania and Bulgaria next year.
China in Africa: From capitalism to colonialism? By Jian Junbo During a trip to Nigeria last February, Britain's then Foreign Secretary, Jack Straw, remarked that what China was doing in Africa now was much the same as Britain had done 150 years before. Like Straw, some Western scholars and politicians maintain that China is a new colonizing power, exploiting Africa's natural resources and harming its quest for democracy and human rights. Conversely, on June 18, Chinese Prime Minister Wen Jiabao said in Egypt, where he started a visit in Africa, that the cap of neo-colonialism could never adorn the head of China. It's clear there exist two contradictory opinions on China's image and actions in Africa: colonizing power or capitalist benefactor? Classic colonialism beginning from the 15th century commonly consisted of foreigners occupying distant lands, controlling their economic and political affairs and exploiting their material resources though unfair or one-sided trade practices or simply by force. By ...
A spectacular mistake on immigration: Straw finally admits Labour 'messed up' by letting in one million East Europeans JACK STRAW The former Home Secretary said Labour's 2004 decision to hand working rights to Poles and migrants from other new EU states was a 'well-intentioned policy we messed up'.
Dear Jack Straw why are you telling me what i could of told you in 2004. Your apology means nothing to me leave the country you *** fukin ***
Quite annoyed to hear from some pretty low dog whistling on immigration from both David Blunkett and Jack Straw today. New Labour oversaw a housing crisis in office, failing to build in the good times. I don't think that can or should be blamed on Roma people or Poles firstly. Secondly, way to reinforce the politics of division.
Retirement at the next election !! Well done !! Jack Straw MP, for finally admitting you BOLLOCKED things up, years ago ! Glad your not my MP any more !
Labour's decision to open the door to unrestricted migration from new EU countries in Eastern Europe was a "spectacular mistake", says the Home Secretary at the time Jack Straw.
Jack Straw, the former Home Secretary who recently announced he would relinquish his parliamentary seat at the next election, has decried the dropping of immigration restrictions on migrants from Eastern European was a "spectacular mistake". Commenting on the policy of giving immediate working right...
According to Jack Straw the former Home Secretary of Tony bLIARS treacherous New Labour government has said.and this takes some believing.Britain made a huge mistake with immigration. As far as I can remember Britain had no say in labours open door fact as I remember.the labour government threw open the doors to all and sundry to give the right a bloody nose. We'll Mr Straw.the immigration fiasco that is destroying every aspect of British got nothing to do with Britain.the blame can be laid solely at the feet of you and every member of the Marxist New Labour government...that for 13 years shafted every single working class person of this country. Ive said it before and I'll say it again.each and every one of you should be taken to the gallows and hung for your acts of treason to this country and it's people *** !!
Oh look warmonger Jack Straw is whipping up more prejudice on immigration. Why not this vehemence against the powerful capitalist class rather than vulnerable Iraqis and immigrants?
I see Jack Straw has finally admitted his policy on immigration was a "spectacular mistake" (Lacashire Telegraph) The estimates per annum from 2004 to 2010 were circa 30,000 but turned out to be 250,000. Thanks Jack . pleased you're retiring . but no doubt you are getting your head down before the Muslims take over Blackburn and we are flooded with more Romas from Rumania and Bulgaria.
Heard Jack Straw being interviewed about his new biography. It could win the fiction award ! I think Jennifer Saunders bio a much better buy for Christmas presents, sounds a good read.
After a lifetime in politics it's nice to see that Jack Straw and David Blunkett have narrowed their priorities down to attacking economic migrants rather than the economic system which creates them. Nice one, boys.
So Calais officials call our benefits/immigration system mad, Jack Straw admits Labour's open door immigration policy was a 'spectacular mistake' and the outgoing Labour government quipped 'there's nothing left'. Still the next government is expected to be a Labour one. UK voters give Lemmings a bad name!
Well it would appear that the Labour Party under Brown and Ed milliband and a few others that are still there on the benches opposite, allowed at least a million Eastern Europeans into the UK. That has certainly caused problems in Hospitals, Schools, Housing , Jobs, Public Transport etc. And added to the normal influx of imigrants from everywhere elsemade for a massive population increase. Thank you Jack Straw for prooving Labour Lies .
Jack Straw grows a pair and says it was a 'mistake' to let in one million Eastern Europeans. It's fine Jack, you're only 9 years late you bell end.
Well, well. Tony and Gordon made a complete horlicks of the debt of the nation and now Jack Straw confesses to having fouled up immigration. Whatever next. Would anyone seriously ever vote Labour again?
TODAY'S FRONT PAGES The TIMES has a photo of Tacloban in the Philippines and the headline “City of despair and decay” The SUN concentrates on the “Children of Typhoon” The MIRROR has “Get out of my brothel Mr. Rooney” after a trial heard that a massage parlour owner threw him out to protect their reputation! The INDEPENDENT leads on “Taxpayers foot bill as BBC boss who authorised big pay-offs sues union for libel” The DAILY TELEGRAPH leads on the NHS claiming that at least 100 A&E unites will reduce their levels of service in new reforms. The GUARDIAN also leads on that story. The DAILY MAIL has an admission from former Home Secretary Jack Straw that the Labour government made what it calls a “Spectatular mistake on immigration” The EXPRESS claims the “Coldest winter freeze” is on the way. The STAR’s front page is “Roma migrant invasion will start UK riots”
** JACK STRAW has finally admitted that he and his Labour government got it WRONG on immigration , , , , amazing really, , Ruin this country and all you have to do is say OOPS i got it wrong oh well, , , and thats IT .?, , , how about RECTIFYING your MISTAKE ??? , , , DEPORTATIONS on a massive scale is the ONLY answer. **
is Tory propaganda on behalf of a police state and glove puppets like Alan Johnson, John Reid, David Blunkett and Jack Straw.
This article does not have an author so definite discernment advised - but sounds about right Israel Buys the US Congress: Sabotaging the US-Iran Peace Negotiations November 02, 2013 “Pro-Israel Policy groups such as AIPAC work with unlimited funding to divert US policy in the region ( Middle East )” Jack Straw, Member of Parliament and former Foreign Secretary of the British Labor Party “The United States should drop a nuclear bomb on Iran to spur the country to end its nuclear program” Sheldon Adelson, biggest donor to the Republican Party and major fundraiser for pro-Israel political action committees, speech at Yeshiva University, New York City, October 22, 2013. Introduction The question of war or peace with Iran rests with the policies adopted by the White House and the US Congress. The peace overtures by newly elected Iranian President Rohani have resonated favorably around the world, except with Israel and its Zionist acolytes in North America and Europe . The first negotiating session pro ...
Re: Jack Straw What’s wrong with British politicians? While in power, like their American counterparts, they serve Israeli interests more than interests of their motherland – but once ourside power corridors, some of them start listening to their conscience. I’m not talking about David Cameron, David Miliband and Tony Blair – the fanatic Muslim-haters Zionists. Last week during the Round Table Global Diplomatic Forum in the British House of Commons, attended by former Israeli MK Einat Wilf, Jack Straw, made a horrible statement. “The greatest obstacles to peace between Israel and Palestinians and her Arab neighbors are the unlimited funds available to Jewish organizations and AIPAC in the US, as well as Germany’s obsession to defend Israel,” said Jack Straw, according to Einat Wilf. “I am not remotely anti-Semitic. Quite the reverse. I have all my life strongly supported the state of Israel, and its right to live in peace and security,” Straw wrote in an email to The Times of Israel, the ...
This exactly the same rubbish that Jack Straw peddled when he spoke at Eton College a couple of years ago
Jack Straw is to stand down as Labour MP for Blackburn at the next general election, he announces.
Jack Straw is standing down at next election. Gutted. He was such a good* Home Secretary... *illiberal and terrible
Jack Straw to stand down. 36 years and he will be remembered for failing to take proper action on Hillsborough and Michae…
Ed Miliband pays tribute to 'great friend' Jack Straw
Shame Jack Straw NEVER STOOD DOWN in 1996! Maybe US families would have got THE TRUTH & JUSTICE by now! …
Still quite shocked at Jack Straw's decision to stand down, he's been a fantastic politician.
Jack Straw standing down at next election...
Playing Dead good with some jams in song such as Jack Straw and Shakedown Street but slacking now with some random covers like Warewolves from London. Jerry Ari Graham would be excited about the Positively 4th Street cover, although I wasn't that impressed.
Jack Straw to retire at next election A true stalwart of the party and a real statesman. His calmness and intelligence is going to be missed
Jack Straw's announced that he is stepping down as an MP. . More on this in the breakfast programme from 6.30 this morning.
End of am era: Jack Straw to quit at next election
The unprincipled Jack Straw steps down. So that's the end of a political career for one of the biggest careerists going.
Thanks Jack Straw, the UK is a better place thanks to you.
From the Spectator: Farewell Jack Straw: It is a shame that we will be losing Jack Straw at t... via
"Jack Straw and retire on the same day. Coincidence..? Yes." That's what They want you to think.
Jack Straw is standing down as Blackburn mp
Blessing glad to see the back of this scumbag. Jack Straw to step down as MP at next general election via
Sad Jack Straw standing down at election. In same Bar Course class years ago. Proud to have been his Junior Min at MoJ.Grea…
Jack Straw to resign at 2015 election via
UK MP Jack Straw to retire from politics - The British politician, Jack Straw, who was Foreign Minister at the tim...
Former Home and Foreign Secretary Jack Straw says he will retire as Blackburn's Labour MP at next general election
Jack Straw stepping down in 2015. The end of an era. And a v safe seat to be fought for. One of few to serve Cab continuous…
The great survivor, Jack Straw, is no longer the last man standing. He is to resign at 2015 election
Jack Straw was embroiled in a fresh row over the Hillsborough disaster yesterday after new documents revealed he had made up his mind within five weeks of coming to power that there was no need for a fresh inquiry into the tragedy.
IoS Hillsborough exclusive: Revealed - the critical role of Jack Straw
this is probably a given, but the Jack Straw from Europe 72 sounds like a dream, seriously surreal. I guess it's due to the remaster ?
Jack Straw has found out that all the CMCs in his constituency have ensured he would never win again so best give up first
Jack Straw has always seemed like a nice and honourable man. With him gone, my Mum will be even less likely to vote Labour.
National: Labour stalwart Straw stepping down: Labour's elder statesman Jack Straw has announced he is to stan...
A playlist to celebrate the retirement of Jack Straw MP .
Jack Straw to step down at next election - he is an advocate of e cigs and against med regs. will be missed.
Jack Straw: a life in politics – in pictures: A look back at the Labour ...
London (AFP) - Former British Foreign Secretary Jack Straw said Friday he would step down as a me...
Interested in Jack Straw's Blackburn seat?. Need to demonstrate local ties?. Contact now...
Key points: Jack Straw's career in politics:
Housing debate: Gatwick airport is "the elephant in the room", says MVDC's Jack Straw. 2nd runway means housing 30-40,000 …
Jack Straw to quit at next election
Just been on R5L talking about Jack Straw's announcement that he's standing down as our MP at the next election
Where would we be if he hadn't blocked AV in 98, backed Iraq War in 03 and forced Labour to stick with Brown in 07?
Jack Straw to stand down at the next election: only 2 MPs for Blackburn since 1955, both Labour …
When I've asked who politicians admire regardless of party is cited. And he helped LB B&D on cohesion. http:/…
Stuttering Straw is stepping down, this is progress, yes?
Thank you Jack Straw... One if the best.
Jack Straw -AKA the Foreign Secretary when Tony Blair took Britain to war in Iraq- is to leave the Commons at the 2015 general election.
Party time I'm a *** loving jack straw is standing down let the party begin
Jack Straw is to step down from his public duties after 30 plus yrs , rep of b/burn , married to a Asian woman . hes proved his worth , all the best Mr Straw
Unite admit defeat and Jack Straw announces he's standing down. Good day.
Jack Straw tonight on stage in the D&W Theater. Bobby Georges taking the stage with the boys for some good ole' fun. Come on out!!!
Jack straw from Wichitawww! Cut his body doown. Dug for him a shallow grave and layed his body down
Absolutely wish Jack Straw-former Home Secretary, Foreign Secretary, Leader of the House,Justice Secretary -best wishes in leaving the House
Jack Straw calls it a day .. bet his son or Blair's son become M.P`s next time round .. members of unite union , should they not have re-balloted over the talks held yesterday / today... with ineos .. at least Len forced management back to the conference table with their tails between their legs -- the door is now wide open for new trade union legislation in 2015 which will probably be supported by little ED ... they will push for a true majority of the total workforce to vote for a strike and not a majority of those who have the guts to vote ... it looks as though most of the unite member's in Grangemouth will leave the union...
Former Foreign Secretary, Jack Straw, to stand down from Commons at 2015 general election. Get those planning applications!!
Venn diagram of Labour types demanding respect for international law/norms re.Syria and paying warm tribute to Jack Straw this evening
Had some great times working with Jack Straw in opposition between 93 and 97. Nature of the jobs he did in government meant I didn't see so much of him after that, but one of the stars of the New Labour era.
MI5 labelled Jack Straw a "political subversive" in the 1970s. This pleb ended up as Home Secretary and the rest as they say is history.
former Home Secretary Jack Straw is retring from the House of Commons at the next general election
Jack Straw to resign as Blackburn's MP Hope he retires his useless wife too. She's screwed over The Post Office to her own ends.
Jack Straw says he will retire as MP...
So the execrable, mealy mouthed, duplicitous *** that is Jack Straw is stepping down at the next election. Best news all year. Hate him and everything that he's done. Can't come soon enough.
Jack Straw has hinted for months that he might step down, which is why Malik has been sniffing around East Lancashire.
Jack Straw says he will retire as MP
Well jack straw will step down well toni blare soz b lier should be taken to account for irac lies shame on them.US puppets prossies on suits fkuk them all
I love how the bbc change the urgency of the news, 7.3 magnitude earthquake in japan.oh hold on jack straw is standing down, lets drivel on about that for half an hour.ffs
Electronic Device Insurance
With such a thin number on the ground sorry to see such a hard working and committed local mp as jack straw retire, regardless of your politics he was one of the good guys.
Jack Straw to retire. One down several more to go.
Jack Straw to retire as Blackburn MP. Not lived in 'The Burn' for almost 20 years but I can't imagine many tears shed over this news!
Enoch Powell said that all political careers end in failure. Harold Wilson was wise to resign and so is Jack Straw. A true Roman knows when to leave the stage
A report from a Member of the Israeli Knesset (Parliament) yesterday claimed that during a meeting in the British Houses of Parliament, former Foreign Secretary and Home Secretary Jack Straw (Lab) peddled an anti-Semitic trope about Jewish control over U.S. and Germany foreign policy. The Rt. Hon. J...
Immigration Bill: Will it cut abuse and costs? When you average them out, there's been one immigration bill roughly every two years since 1997 and the system apparently still needs fixing. Each bill has seen a minister take legislation to Parliament and tell MPs that this is the one that will sort it all out. We've had sound bites galore from home secretaries. Back in 1999, Jack Straw's was "Firmer, Faster, Fairer". His successor, David Blunkett, gave us "Secure Borders, Safe Haven". The latest immigration minister, Mark Harper, promises an immigration system that is "fair to hard-working people". The pitch may change - but what exactly is the point behind yet another immigration bill? IMMIGRATION BILL MEASURES Landlords to quiz tenants Some migrants to pay NHS surcharge Restrict access to banks Reduce avenues of appeal Increase fines for illegal working This legislation has one focus: enforcement against illegal immigration. The legislation doesn't talk about reforming border controls. Instead, Home Secr ...
David Miliband ex MP A multi millionaire Bilderberger bisexual multiculturalist Marxist Jew brought in to the Labour Party by Blair. Described in Labour circles as “Blair’s Boy” he is believed to have been the submissive partner in homosexual relationships with both Blair and Mandelson. David Miliband is said to be leader of the “Primrose Hill Gang”, a secret network of Labour politicians that include Ed Miliband, Douglas Alexander, Pat McFadden, James Purnell, Jim Murphy, Andy Burnham, Matthew Taylor, Geoff Mulgan and Patrick Diamond. The Primrose Hill Gang has been linked to the Rochdale Care Home Child sex abuse scandal through Jack Straw and Labour Councillor/Freemason/School Governor Darren Pedley.
Jack Straw, got into hot water after he shook the hands of the Zimbabwean president, Robert Mugabe, at a UN reception in New York
May urged to seek 'Plebgate' answers: Former Home Secretary Jack Straw urges Theresa May to seek answers over ...
My second song pick for tonight is dedicated to all my dead head friends including Kathleen Finn, the version of Jack Straw by The Grateful Dead from Europe 72 album/CD. :-)
Britain faces up to Muslim veil ban debate By Danny Kemp | 9/18/2013 12:00:00 AM LONDON: Britain was dragged into a debate on Tuesday on Muslim women wearing full-face veils in public, with its biggest selling newspaper backing calls from politicians to join European countries that have banned its use. The topic had stayed below the British political radar until the past week when a judge ruled that a Muslim woman will be allowed to go on wearing a veil but must take it off while giving evidence at her trial. Her case came after Birmingham Metropolitan College, in a central English city which has a large Muslim popula-tion, dropped a ban on Muslim face veils after thousands of people signed a petition against the rule. Junior Home Office Minister Jeremy Browne called on Monday for a `national debate` on the issue. It exploded onto the front pages on Tuesday after The Sun, Rupert Murdoch`s top-selling British tabloid, carried a huge splash with the headline `UNVEILED` over a picture of the woman defendant ...
OLD GAMES, NEW TRAGEDY - The outcome in Syria will seriously affect its neighbours Diplomacy K.P. Nayar What is happening in Syria is part of an inevitable unravelling of a region’s chequered history. It is history’s revenge for the past sins of colonial powers that it is taking place as the world approaches the centenary of the First World War when it all began. Syria, as we know now, is an artificial nation state whose boundaries were drawn out of a larger land mass with a long history. Its creation was the culmination of a process that was set in motion when two diplomats, one British, the other French, drafted a secret agreement which aimed for the dismemberment of the Ottoman empire and the sharing of its spoils between the two leading colonial powers. The secret pact, signed on May 16, 1916 by Pierre Paul Cambon, the French envoy in London, and Edward Grey, Britain’s longest-serving Foreign Secretary to date, is named after its two diplomat authors, Mark Sykes and François Georges-Picot. The ...
Made it home. :) Still feels like I'm dreaming, I absolutely love Portland and I'm so happy to be here. Any Portland homies wanna go to LaurelThirst Public House tonight at 6 for some free Jack Straw??? :)
Do you remember when Jack Straw refused to talk to a woman wearing a niquab in his surgery because he couldn't see her face. Did he refuse to talk to constituents on the phone? As far as I'm concerned, it's every woman's right to choose what she wears. If this Islamophobic bigotry goes on, I predict there'll be a lot of us choosing to wear niqab.
Jack Straw Productions has completed a major accessibility and visibility renovation project, and we're thrilled to open up the studios and public spaces of the newly named Jack Straw Cultural Center to the city in celebration of this milestone. Join us!
  Follow the debate on     The Triggers In September 2013, two incidents brought the veil issue back in the headlines – seven years after Jack Straw’s remarks about feeling uncomfortable dealing with niqabi women at his MP surgery.   The first of these was the objection of a Muslim woman, defendant in a trial, to removing her veil. “A Muslim woman must remove her full-face veil when she gives evidence but may wear it at other times during her trial, a judge has ruled. Judge Peter Murphy's compromise ruling, which involves screening her from public view in the court when she is not veiled, will set a precedent for how criminal courts deal with defendants who wear a traditional niqab. The 22-year-old woman from London, referred to in the judgment only as D, says it is against her religious beliefs to show her face in public. She pleaded not guilty to a charge of witness intimidation last week while wearing a veil. Directions for the trial at Blackfriars crown court, due to ...
Former Home Secretary Jack Straw has called for new laws on the wearing of the veil in court. The Blackburn MP welcomed a ruling by a judge that a defendant should remove the niqab while giving evidence.
Here we go. France, Switzerland, now Britain. No doubt Jack Straw is delighted as he's been cheerleading about this for years.
Muslim woman ordered to remove niqab District Judge Peter Murphy has ordered a Muslim woman who insisted on wearing a face veil in court to remove it while giving evidence. Rebekah Dawson, who is facing trial for allegedly intimidating a witness, claimed her religion prevented her from removing the veil in the presence of men. However, the judge ruled that it was of "cardinal importance" to the adversarial system that a jury could see a defendant's face while giving evidence. Describing the issue as an "elephant in the court room", the judge urged Parliament and senior judges to produce national guidance on the issue. Jack Straw applauds the decision in the Mail, although he adds that veils should be banned throughout a court case and not just when the defendant is giving evidence. He writes that it is important that the facial reaction of a defendant is seen at all times. Meanwhile, Downing Street has said that bosses could be allowed to ban staff from wearing veils in councils, hospitals and schools. A ...
Jack Straw blames Cameron for not accepting Labour's amendment on
Jack Straw's commuting arrangement with Rebekah Brooks oh yeah the last war mongers minion
Jack Straw's commuting arrangement with Rebekah Brooks /via
Bill Maloney & Brian Gerrish - Jack Straw made it illegal for UK child abuse victims to speak out
A close advisor to Mr.Rouhani says they are thinking about inviting Jack Straw to Rouhani's inauguration. This is not a joke, I swear.
I can see where this is going I hope millions of others can unless you approve of child rape in 2003 Jack straw...
Rouhani advisor says that Jack Straw may attend his inauguration ceremony
Just listened to Jack Straw on Radio 4's Reflections. What an ***
New blog from Solicitor on time limit for claims to be made
Enjoyed listening to 'Reflections' with Jack Straw, some interesting insights esp re cabinet government.
Jack Straw likely participate in the inaugural
Unlimited Calling US/Canada phone service
Jack Straw! the enforcer, Devil incarnate .. His particular story will surface with Blair's. Gordon Brown
If you switch on you can hear Jack Straw explain that organising torture, rendition and war stem from his deep soc…
Jack Straw, doing his bit for by sacking torture whistleblowers e.g.
It's as important to keep yourself psychologically fit as it is to keep yrself physically fit:well said Jack Straw on Reflections
Jack Straw reflecting on life in and around politics with Peter Hennessy on Radio 4. Catch up on I player. Worth a listen
So misused the office of PM according to Jack Straw. In other news when sun shines its hot
Oh dear, more internecine squabbling among the comrades Where is Hugh Gaitskell when you need him.
Did Jack Straw really say on that he was in CND, then met a Communist who he didn't much like, so changed his mind?
Listed to a programme about Jack Straw MP, who invented the game "pick up stir"™
Jack Straw: He, Blunkett et al are rabid Conservatives! No wonder he thinks he owes a great deal to Princess Tony for reviving his 'career'
Jack Straw:You sent 'missives' about lack of 'process' in Princess Tony's Govt! Why did u not resign, or chase him out? Ah, I see, POWER!
Jack Straw bleats "the gates marked 'war' became wider and wider and psychologically more enticing"
MP Jack Straw talking about his depression on now. "You can succeed whilst having these monsters in your head."
listening to Jack Straw reflecting on Radio 4, I realised it's thefirst time I've heard him laugh. It was rather nice
Jack Straw on now. So honest and compelling.
Heard this Jack Straw thing twice now. Is he deliberately outing himself as a turncoat and a ***
I've always felt Jack Straw was a *** but listening to his heartfelt interview on Radio 4, I realise he's actually a fuc…
Former politician Jack Straw speaking on the Beeb today about his psychoanalysis amongst other things:
Straw attacks Brown's 'misuse of office' over troops visit: Recall the huge IDS/Balls TV row:
"advisor: politician Jack may participate in Rouhani's
What has Murdoch got on Jack Straw. Straw has left it a bit late to tell the tale.
Jack Straw: Gordon Brown misused the office of PM via
Labour still tearing itself apart -- Jack Straw suggests visit to Basra in 2007 “ridiculous ruse" by Gordon Brown
"Jack Straw just told R4 that international law is basically a matter of political opinion." He's right.
And why has Katharine Gun never been called to talk about GCHQ/NSA spying operation on the UN. And Jack Straw …
Fars News: advisor: "frm British Foreign Sec. Jack Straw may be invited 2 attend the swearing-in ceremony of …
Possibility of Jack Straw being on guest list for inauguration ceremony, says FARS News quoting a Rouhani aid. (I don't think so)
By - Jack Straw says Gordon Brown misused the office of Prime Minister
Jack Straw: How Gordon Brown misused the office of PM by visiting troops during Tory conference
TELEGRAPH BLOGS Jack Straw: Gordon Browned misused the office of PM: The feuding of the New Labour era goes on...
"[Brown] went off to Afghanistan...misusing the power of the Prime Minister to distract from the Conservative Party." - Jack Straw
David Blunkett/Jack Straw and when he was there David Miliband seemed to cope with having 2nd job?
Yvette Cooper trying to claim some credit in the deportation of by saying that May built upon Jack Straw's work
Angry people. Please consider that we've had to suffer Jack Straw, Stephen Twigg, Charles Clarke, Jim Murph…
Jack Straw couldn't do it, David Blunkett couldn't do it, Charles Clarke couldn't do it, John Reid couldn't do it, Jacqui Smith couldn't do it, Alan Johnson couldn't do it, but after a 10 year Battle the first Tory Female Home Secretary Theresa May in less than an hour is going to deport that Terrorist *** Abu Al Q'atada back to Jordan to face terror charges - well done ma'am!!!
CAFCASS - the biggest child abuse scandal Britain has ever known by Paul Morris The Children Advisory and Family Court and Support Services (CAFCASS) was set up by the Criminal Justice and Court Services Act 2000 to replace the widely discredited Family Court Welfare Service. The role of this organisation is, amongst other things, to assist the court in deciding what is best for a child in, for example, matters of contact. In 1997 and 1998, I had two meetings with Jack Straw, who was then Home Secretary, at which I described the serious shortcomings of that Service. Shortly afterwards, CAFCASS was set up. It is staffed by the same people who failed the Family Court Welfare Service (FCWS) and largely operates from the same premises. They brought with them their discredited methodologies and outdated theories. Effectively, the failed FCWS was merely re-badged. It was set up to fail. It has not disappointed. It fails the children of our Country. Not surprisingly, it continues to make the same mistakes. Nothi ...
Bisq is now spinning Jack Straw by Grateful Dead 1980-05-12 - Boston Garden (1980-05-12 - Boston Garden)
I was delighted to join the Global Strategic studies in London today by Jack Straw speaking of Syrian issue
Hassan Rowhani is politically astute, and has a vision for a more moderate regime, writes Jack Straw
Random irritations - what annoys me is the BBC giving airtime to disgraced politicians. Last night Prescott was on Andrew Neil's show - this obese toad wasted a billion pounds on his half-baked schemes and was caught out shagging his secretary on a feckin' desk, whilst he claimed as much cash as he could get whilst illicitly living in a Grace and Favour house - in other words, he's exposed and should have scuttled off to some dire cottage in the middle of nowhere, never to show his fat face again - his performance was bizarre, he spent most of his time gurning at the camera in a way that you thought the men in white coats mus be in the offing - when he spoke, it was dribble, nonsensical, devoid of reason, so what the feck is he doing on TV? They also use Alaister Campbell, Brian Eno reviewed the dodgy dossier and, using his computer, he descredited every single claim within it, rubbished it, exposed the lies - Eno sent his findings to Jack Straw, who ignored it and still stood by those lies - Straw gets o ...
Events everyone will be talking about! View this email in your browser Thursday June 20th 7.30pm I'M YOUR MAN Sylvie Simmons is coming to Chorleywood with a mystery guest- we have to provide two microphones! She will be singing and talking about her new biography of this iconic singer songwriter on the eve of his O2 concert. Russell School, Brushwood Drive Chorleywood WD3 5RR Tickets are £8. Jack Straw, former Home Secretary, Foreign Secretary, Lord Chancellor and MP for Blackburn for 30 years is coming to Watford. His book Last Man Standing is an autobiography and explores his life from small boy on a council estate in Loughton to high office in Government. Monday July 1st 7.30pm Watford Grammar School forBoys, Rickmansworth Road Watford WD18 7JF Tickets are £10 adults, £7 students Don't Forget the Cookery Day with Bloomsbury Cooks on Saturday June 29th at Dr Challoner's High School from 9.30am Tickets £20 to give you entry to the whole day and 50% off any book bought. Complimentary croissants and co ...
You also got Jack Straw, Andy Burnham & Cyril Smith. I rest my case, lol
I've read a theory that Jimmy Savile was played by an actor who also played John Lennon and is currently Jack Straw
End of a really good week! Three trips to the Hay Festival, one of my favourite events of the year. Highlights? Cerys Matthews singing, Jeremy Irons/Sinead Cusack reading 1st World War poets, John MaCarthy on the Middle East, Nick Robinson & political gossip, Jack Straw defending the Iraq War (with difficulty!). Take your pick. Or was it a 77 year old Aussie novelist Thomas Keneally whose books I have never read before but will in future? Roll on next year!
"I was sitting next to Dustin Hoffman." Jack Straw should spend eternity in *** being made to watch Rain Man whilst on fire.
Free Shipping at Baseball Rampage
Harriet Harman, Jack Straw and Margaret Hodge (nee Oppenheimer) are all compromised in the UK political paedophile elite.
Just back from Hay-on-Wye Literary Festival 2013. That was a lot or wordy stuff and comedy stuff. Highlights were Ruby Wax on neuro/mental illness (amazing), Ed Byrne (funny and on form) and Jack Straw and Hans Blix with their differing views of events leading up to the War in Iraq. Roger McGough poetry was up to his high standard as usual (bless), though Phil Jupitus tried some experimental comedy which didn`t quite work but was an exceptionally hard scenario to pull off. Sadaf Farooqi, Professor of Metabolism and Medicine held a amazing lecture on "what makes us fat". Oh I could go on (and I do), but I now need action films and Percy pig sweets(M&S yumminess).
Jack Straw the Labour former Home Secretary and Blackburn MP says Muslim extremists should not be banned from...
I didn't think it was possible to find a worse home sec than Jack Straw...Theresa May proved us all wrong,clueless wet liberal imbecile.
- Would also be interested to hear what Jack Straw, David Blunkett, Lord Reid and Charles Clarke have to say on the subject
Jack Straw (who instigated the demise of the british legal system) has always been a liar and ignorant man and obviously always will be.
The USA- EU’s appeasement policy with the Iranian regime, which included designating the opposition in various blacklists as good-will gestures and thus delaying the democratic process and overthrow of the mullahs, only makes our people very sick and disgusted. Likes of Jack Straw and Javier Solana embracing the regime’s officials in previous years and now Ashton, seen here with Saeed Jalili, the nuclear negotiator, have continued such useless negotiations and giving more time to the regime to repress the population and to continue its nuclear program and export of terrorism.
That's Jeff's pitcher of jack and coke! I drew the short straw
*** no. That chick look like she been drinking bil jack thru a swirly straw
You should have got that Jack Straw Jack Daniels shirt
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