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Jack Straw

John Whitaker Jack Straw (born 3 August 1946) is a British Labour Party politician who has been the Member of Parliament (MP) for Blackburn since 1979. He served as Home Secretary from 1997 to 2001, Foreign Secretary from 2001 to 2006 and Lord Privy Seal and Leader of the House of Commons from 2006 to 2007 under Tony Blair.

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I’m deleting Young Thug music, this is the final straw smh
Awesome fan photo from with this elegant pendant for the Nano Kendama! . Just like wood working, wire... https:…
I wish they made a T-shirt that said "DON'T PUT A STRAW IN MY JACK AND COKE!" I would wear it every day.
that graph is out of context. You're including ALL gun related deaths, not just shootings. Straw man fallacy...
Last time I was in PA it was fireball with a straw but now I have a job so jack with a straw it is
Jack Straw did saw he wouldnt see a woman in a burqa/niqab in his MPs surgery.
SO fitting that Jack Straw was the first song ever performed at the garden. We can share.
Nothing to see here, move along. Ministers like MPs marking their own homework
Stop us marking our own homework, MPs tell ministers after Jack Straw and Malcolm Rifkind rulings | via
. 🚫don't drink Jack with a straw kids.
... more concerned with Jack Straw talking about it than the girls because Muslims see US as the enemy. They...
Former Blackburn and Labour MP Jack Straw spotted in Blackburn today. He obviously doesn't like asking questions...
and let in 3 million migrants which even Jack Straw says was a mistake. BIT late that though
Clare Short is one of the ministers I wrote to, also Jack Straw, Lord Falconer, Bill Cash, Gordon Brown, Tony Blare so many
Back to bad old ways on expenses as Parliament is lenient on complaints on conduct of Malcolm Rifkind, Jack Straw, Tim Yeo & Lord Blencathra
Stuffing one more activity into your day could be the straw th... More for Libra
Well, at least Jack Straw has probably pocketed a decent amount of cash. We can all take solace in that.
I cant find a girl that would jack me off while my balls are dipped in water so she could blow bubbles onto it with a straw.
Former British Foreign Secretary Jack Straw condemns Sheikh Nimr's execution by the Saudi regime. "Nimr was not a...
Jack Straw is the widest of the Eyes of the World line. The polykryption C type lens can be replaced with a...
Arts Partner Spotlight: Jack Straw Cultural Center: ARTS is spotlighting the incredible members of our Community…
I saw a giant inflatable Godzilla attack Bobby during Jack Straw at Hampton some year. Bob defeated it with his guitar. A+
That Jack Straw, struck me how much better they were in 70's than in later years imo. Lovely.
Our 2015 Jack Straw Writers podcast series launches today, with this episode featuring
and don't forget Iggy "baby's arm" Pop..Whilst Jack Straw is rumoured to be hung like a shrew...
Jack Straw estimated 13,000 Polish would come to UK.Over 1M came and bought up our social housing cheaply.
Some who want to gag you for personal & political reasons. Jack Straw. Pat Hodgeson. "lord" Howard. "lord" Carlile. "lord" Burns. & many others
Hey Jack Straw : JonGoldnerCPA Do u want to get iPh0ne 6 for FREE? U better check my bi0. Thx
I added a video to a playlist Jack Straw - Phil Lesh and Friends 11/6/2015
The program on Iran by Jack Straw was of nothing really new ,Most of his deliberations have been gone thru many times.
Must hear: Jack Straw (+others who know what they're talking about) on "Bridging the Gulf with Iran"
Update your maps at Navteq
This is well worth a listen. Jack Straw (and William Hague) on Iran. Some surprising stuff in there:
Whatever your feelings about Jack Straw, this was a fascinating listen earlier today:
Used to walk through Jack Straw Lane OX3 between two campuses of Bro you weren't at the centenary celebration.
Harman is a paedo protector and promotor. Jack Straw, mmmh.
Fascinating that allowed Jack Straw to make a programme on UK & Iran when he's deeply embroiled in that 'history'.
Hilary Benn, Jack Straw, much of a muchness.
In this programme, Jack Straw talks to the speech writer who invented "Axis of Evil". Interesting.
Jack Straw is on R4 talking about Iran, the problems of nationalism, oil, Iranian exceptionalism... Why does it sound familiar from Labour?
Jack Straw & William Hague. Honest as the day is long, guv'nor.
Jack Straw on Radio 4 right now is saying that we had a co-operative relationship with Iran after 9/11 - until Bush's 'axis of evil' speech.
Interesting overview of UK's relationship w/ by Jack Straw on now
Jack Straw on radio 4 atm. But after his role on Iraq and subsequent allegations, I just can't listen to him.
excellent history of and presented by Jack Straw - don't miss students of
Just listening to and Jack Straw at BP on Iran-UK relations : Important insights
Simply can’t simply can’t listen to Jack Straw without remembering his ‘operating under the radar’ comments
Interesting programme with Jack Straw on UK-relations on right now.
straw colour gives it away every time. Bloody Jack!
Iran deal debate on BBC World: arguing with Alan Dershowitz for motion; against the motion: Jack Straw and Norman Lamont
So the the Straw Hat crew's new enemy's goes by the name Jack. .
I would rather do 2 kilos of blow with a milkshake straw and chug a bottle of Jack Daniels than ever experience a "runner's high."
yes the dead had a resurgence in the 90s, while it lasted Grateful Dead 03-29-90 Jack Straw - Bertha via
but Anas The Straw are million times more AWESOMETACULAR AND FUN than Captain Jack and Pirate friends
Defense looks good. Obv its Morehead St. but I'm grasping at whatever straw I can find.
Just watched this on BBC. If u want to see pummeled by Lord Lamont & Jack Straw find the video! Beautiful!
Intelligence Square Debate- Iran- Hats Off to Jack Straw and Norman Leomont for Balanced approach. We need more leaders like them.
Found a Transponder Snail!. Candid shots of the Straw Hats on their new ship!.
Jack Straw AKA Austin Powers, taken in a filming break on the set of 'Carry On Loving'
yep I think matt knows he cheats and chris is too blind to recognize it. This is the last straw, I'm unsubbing
Jack Straw has been "meaning" by "human rights" in the LYING Straw's litany of about-turns to suit the Neo Cons who want to scrap the ECHR?
Pakistani men who targeted white girls. I quoted Jack Straw as you can hardly call him far-right.
Update your maps at Navteq
Mood right now... that part in Jack Straw where they pick up the tempo:
Should be interesting... Jack Straw on Radio 4 - Bridging the Gulf with Tehran
I'm literally drinking it with a straw
Like Jack Straw who said the English are a race not worth saving - when u hate urself
Really good read, nice quote about Jack Straw. Sums him up really.
Straw spun into gold, your firstborn, and a bottle of Jack Daniels.
Nice review. Things are really setting up for Straw Hats meet up with Jack
Jack Straw is an infidel traitor trying to appease muslims.
Came across this news article, it's not news now but found it interesting
That is insane Lord Jack with 1 billion wow imagine how much Kaidou's is? Cant wait for the Straw Hats & Law to kick their ***
On Sunday 1.30 Jack Straw presents a personal view on the UK's relations with Iran
Freemason's also have a collective they use to evade justice & have done so for many years! Police, Judges, Prison Service, ask Jack Straw!
Jack Straw, big Dave Blunkett, Charles Clarke, John Reid, Jacqui Smith, Alan Johnson. Corbyn can't purge fast enough for my liking
Jack Straw and all his Party destroyed this country. Thatcher left us strong and rich. Labour destroyed it all
Jack Straw publicly apologised for attacking the Niqaab after a MEND hustings
All purpose parts banner
Cameron will dither. while freedom will wither. Jack Straw & Lord Cover Up. will blanket the truth. words will be lost. all to our cost. Info.?
Jack's dad gave everyone one for Xmas last year (ret. Colonel) - aspirin, map of area, water purifying straw, mre, silver
"We used to play for silver. Now we play for life". -Jack Straw
"Well, what would you like to know about me? Ask me anything." [lips wrapped around her straw as she took a long sip]
[slipping her straw in her drink, blue eyes flickered up to him] "Have you ever gone instinctual?"
My Oreo shake from Jack in the box wasn't liquified enough to come out of the straw so I have to eat it w a spoon now😩😒
the back-breaking straw to After his creation by LACK of action!
One of my favorite pilsners I've ever had.. Almost drinks like an IPA with a *** .. (Jack Straw Pilsner)
That must be the final straw. No more migrants. They are just trafficking terrorists.
Many in labour are student protesters who never grew up ,Peter Hain Jack Straw ect all useless
The EU is a corporate parasite & TTIP will be the final capitalist straw!
probably not, but Jack Straw got up to one or two things
Great shots of which was officially opened yesterday by Jack Straw
Jack Straw along with Blair and several others are Zionists and have been pushing the Agenda! In all parties.
Never forget Labour voters, Jack Straw said "The English as a race are not worth saving." Love your country & BREXIT
I get the impression Corbyn hates Britain & our traditions. Like Jack Straw he would be happy to dissolve & eventually kill them off
Jack Straw and senior spy could avoid prosecution like and
Signing off on an Operation still leaves Jack Straw with weasel room to deny explicitly authorising torture
But recall his claims of ignorance reportedly contradicted by MI6 -
Jack Straw and senior spy could avoid torture prosecution | World news | The Guardian
Can't see how Intelligence Services Act 1994 applies to Jack Straw, who was Foreign Secretary *not* member of SIS/Mi6 or GCHQ
Former UK foreign secretary & MI6 spy could avoid torture prosecution in rendition case by claiming immunity:
Jack Straw ended up in a similar situation with HMRC over the Serious Crime Unit.
I'll put milk in the condom with a straw, tell him use it like a sippy cup. Not just to jack off in. 😉
Jack Straw from Wichita cut his buddy down, dug for him a shallow grave and laid his body down
Jack Straw tells his farewell dinner with Blackburn Labour Party: "I love this town. I have got more from this town than I have given it"
I asked Douglas Alexander MP to investigate Jack Straw for deployment of thuggish undercover cops.
I want to talk to my MP about crimes committed by her predecessor, Privy Council member Douglas Alexander, Jack Straw, Alan Johnson.
Who is spitting? Never forget that Alan Johnson, David Blunkett and Jack Straw, PAID rapist Bob Lambert to FRAME the left.
Jack Straw and Malcolm Rifkind were "cleared" of wrongdoing by the same body that let Maria Miller off the hook for fiddling her expenses.   10% Off
The idea that it's acceptable for MPs like Jack Straw to use parliament to impress future employers shows how out of touch Westminster is
St George Turkish Arab | here Jack Straw mentions he was Turkish, but Straw got lots of things wrong
The panel run by former Treasury mandarin Lord Burns (left) will include ex-home secretaries Jack Straw and Michael Howard, as well as Lib
Jack Straw & Nicolas Sarkozy at Camilla, Duchess of Cornwall (L) and Ja
Jack Straw was foreign secretary and could have stopped war in Iraq, but was leaned on by Bush and Blair,!!
A source said senior ministers and civil servants will come under fire including former foreign secretary Jack Straw – a key backer of the
When fraudsters like Jack Straw attack Jeremy Corbyn. It makes him look a whole lot better! Thanks Jack x
Labour has accused Jack Straw of joining a Tory attack on transparency via
Jack Straw defies Labour to sign up to Tories' Freedom of Information crackdown
Labour say Jack Straw is working with Tories to destroy Freedom of Information Act
Labour Party source says Jack Straw is working with Conservatives to destroy Freedom of Information Act
Labour accuses Jack Straw of conniving with Tories to dismantle Freedom of Information Act
Blair, Brown, Alistair Campbell, Jack Straw, Neil Kinnock and David Miliband. A grim list of rich white men.
There couldn't be a better character reference in govt than the disapproval of Tony Blair, Alastair Campbell & Jack Straw
The list of people denouncing Corbyn is like a rogue's gallery of dreadfulness: Tony Blair, Alan Johnson, Jack Straw, & Alastair Campbell,
Special Offers - FREE Gifts with Purchase
Decent people do complete opposite from what Tony BlairAlan Johnson, Jack Straw, Alastair Campbell & Gordon Brown tell them to
Guardian website: "Tony Blair, Alan Johnson, Jack Straw, and Alastair Campbell have failed to dent Corbyn’s status as the favourite to win."
Jeez, Jack Straw talking about English and Welsh politics !
Jack Straw asked on re Corbyn, tries to add that he's backing Yvette Cooper and why. Justin Webb all "yeah, yeah". Not interested.
Justin Webb allows Jack Straw to talk uninterrupted because he agrees with him
Enjoying the CD with this month's Issue... . Question though, where is Jack Straw and Tennessee Jed?
In case you missed it from Michael Gove:the most encouraging Ministerial Prisons speech since Jack Straw in 1997
Jack Straw tells me that he 'has never been in the same place as Tony Blair' on the Freedom of Information Act. Review to start this year.
>Review of Law announced by Tories with Michael Howard & Jack Straw but no one who supports more transparency
Jack Straw, who should be in front of a war crimes tribunal for his role in “extraordinary rendition” has been appointed to review FOI Act.
Andrew Neil's pal, Alan Johnson, will be worried. As will Douglas Alexander and his secretary. Every Labour Home Secretary since Jack Straw.
Anyone else think that Jack Straw looks like the Demon Headmaster?
You need more than 1 straw to drink the Oreo shakes from jack
Wish I had a bottle of jack and a bendy straw :(
When i can buy weed plants im going to cross jack the ripper and strawberry cough to make Jack Straw
oh man...may you get a Looks Like Rain and Jack Straw...I hope you boogie your *** off...
I'd think US Blues plays as the Saturday encore, and the show opens with Jack Straw
Jack Straw opener and Star spangled banner into U.S. Blues on the Fourth. What say you?
Blue crab hush puppies w/ Jack Straw Pilsner start off our very first beer dinner in Gahanna w/…
why would they open 7/3 with Jack Straw - it has a 4th of July reference in it. Look for it then.
and if jack straw had of gotten away with it kids in care would be slienced for good! Vile creature!
Bruce sounded great doing Dead stuff at Summercamp. Crushed a big Jack Straw… Had the pipes for it.
Yes...the buddy who got laid down. . And I'll take almost any Jack Straw from any era.
Didn't Jack Straw have a lot to do with the Secret Family Courts?
Who could be delaying the Chilcot report? Tony Blair? Jack Straw? or Sir Richard Dearlove? . NO, surely not.
Robin Cook should have lived. Sensible, modern, grass roots, but not a them and us nutter. Could have even sacrificed Jack Straw in 2020
It is a quote from a song by Jack’s Mannequin, “Last Straw” 'Tell me when I am no longer needed and I shall go'
"We dined at Jack Straw's Castle along with a little crowd of bicyclists..." Bram Stoker Dracula
My alter ego. Jack Straw. Stays up from. Dusk to dawn
Listen up people! I think that SMOKE-N-JOT BBQ sauce should have a drinking straw attached to the bottle when...
You know how when you touch warm water you pee? Turns out there's a straw from your palm to your bladder that the liquid goes through
So cool to be able to say I'm excited to see Trey shred Let it Grow, Music Never Stopped, Jack Straw and Deal this weekend
Especially as Bruce is well versed in the material. He freq plays Dead tunes (Terrapin/Jack Straw favs).
Labour grandee Jack Straw is denied a peerage over lobbying sting via
*She nods to the men and tells them to help her to clean the stall and bring fresh straw*
well done to Jack Straw for finally speaking some truth about
This has been pretty much my Dream Show for songs. Had Mexicali Blues or Jack Straw got into the show, I'd be complete.
Where tf can I find a straw hat and wooden sandals like samurai jack tho fr
I want one of dem straw hats like samurai jack has
Alright, I was wrong last night, but for sure tonight will open with "Jack Straw.".
Ok, I was wrong with my prediction for a Jack Straw opener last night, but I think I was one night early! That's my call
Have a great show y'all! I'll see you on the webcast...Lovin' So want to hear Jack Straw!
Both Jack Straw and Keith Vaz wanted to introduce legislation to protect child abusers. That is truly frightening!
. Jack Straw, along with his mate Watt Tyler also led the Peasant's revolt. He's been a *** for years.
Also included topical gags about Jack Straw and Ann Widdecombe. I got complaints.
Labour conference: Jack Straw says middle classes cannot be ignored - | Wrongly Accused Person
So if Majid Nawaaz calls those who make Islam political 'Islamists' what does he call Jack Straw? :
Tom Harris promoting £5,000 /speech man, Jack Straw. No got a scooby!
is there to protect Privy Council members like Douglas Alexander, David Cameron, Jack Straw, Alan Johnson, Jacqui Smith, John Reid.
Condoleeza Rice told Jack Straw at a meet in Blackpool or Liverpool "The United States isn't going to deliver".
Labour MP in cash for access scam "Being an MP is part time job I mostly read and for walks."
Yes Mark Marwords, comEDN & ocayshenL fre thinkR (somtmes thnks lke he's 3) who's goal in life is 2 drop a camel on Jack Straw.
There is more than one Jon and John not just by the name of Brown and Straw with a Jack playing Guy Fawkes o …
I think Jack Straw is my favorite Dead tune.
A word of advice for Jack Straw, Malcolm and anyone else interested in
As a Former Government adviser to Jack Straw I'd imagine you are familiar with things like the "Dodgy Dossier" and similar
I am believe, anyone who commits a bad act or a crime in most cases represent them self and no one else Like Jack Straw
I attempted to draw Jack Straw and ended up with a young J.G.
Jack Straw, Iran regime lobby, suspended from Labour party
I got a shake from jack in the box & was trying to put the straw in the hole while driving and thought I got it until
UK politicians Jack Straw and Sir Malcolm Rifkind are suspended after being secretly filmed apparently offering their services for cash.
White girls wearing two prices like Popeye's chicken. Jack and ginger through a skinny straw what I'm sippin. - freakin Skiz
Jack in the Box milkshakes are so good, but it's such a struggle to get it through the straw..
Former Foreign Secretary Jack Straw has been suspended from the Parliamentary Labour Party at his own request following secret filming.
bravo for killing the attractive stereotype as a throwaway I suppose. *clutches straw*
How popular do you think Labour Party will be in England if they form a coalition with SNP . As popular as Jack Straw?
Jack Straw. Want to redeem your reputation a little? Say what you, former Home Secretary, know about Daniel Morgan's murder
..And it was JACK the man of straw who opened the floodgate.take a look at Blackburn.
why Jack Straw is still in the party but he was so ready to criticise Rifkind for the same allegations
Ask Miliband why Jack Straw is still in the Parliamentary Labour Party and why he's criticised Rifkind but is silent about Straw
Speaking of cesspits, where is the slippery Jack Straw hiding?
'Abraham Jacobs was convicted in 1986..had worked at both Islington and Lambeth Care Homes and was known to Margaret Hodg…
' Sir Malcolm Rifkind and Jack Straw have whip withdrawn over ′sting′ on
Never in my life have I witness something so rare and precious as a double bendy straw
Labour just don't represent my viewpoints anymore. No difference between them & the Tories. The whole Jack Straw incident was the final case
When we've had such people as Malcolm Rifkind & Jack Straw looking at such things it's hard to see why we would sell out.
It was Jack Straw who first invited the Muslim Council of Britain into govt. -
Blackburn really does deserve better.
It's naughty was Hes done but Nothing compared to MPs Expenses, perks, fiddles and back handers. Jack straw/ Rifkin!dont forget!
his opponent is Will Straw son of Jack Straw
I hope Jack Straw is never given a peerage. He doesn't deserve it. None of that lot do. I'm voting UKIP.
Brilliant! Wait, I don't use a straw. I just pour it in some jack. Still brilliant though.
“We are a much less racist society than we used to be”. Did Jack Straw not get the memo?.
Jack Straw,. Charles Clarke. David Blunkett. John Reid. Jacqui Smith. Champions of liberty, one and all.
Jack Straw negotiated a deal for private Plc before joining them! We need a public inquiry into
Just back from a fascinating lecture on Barbara Castle by Jack Straw. A Labour Party great
Really engaging talk tonight by Jack Straw about Barbara Castle as part of the Speaker's Lecture series! And great to see
Should I vote for the party of Leon Brittan and Malcolm Rifkind, Jack Straw and Greville Janner, or Cyril Smith and Jeremy Tho…
Don Hale reckons Jack Straw was urged to reveal info by Barbara Castle.
Jack Straw: "Mortified that I fell into this trap, despite my best efforts to avoid this" Getting caught the problem?.
Meet Black Singles 300x250
Jack Straw:"Make the Union indissoluble.". Malcolm Rifkind:"When England agrees,England cannot be overruled.". Two sentence…
Jack Straw and Sir Malcolm Rifkind in latest 'cash for access' scandal | via ht…
Jack Straw suspended from the Labour party following 'cash for access' disclosures
Malcolm Rifkind and Jack Straw have made a terrible mistake. If only they had advertised in the Telegraph, none of this wou…
Jack Straw and Malcolm Rifkind face new 'cash for access' allegations
Former foreign secretaries Jack Straw and Malcolm Rifkind face cash-for-access claims
Jack Straw confirming the 'transparency issues' in un-democratic House of Lords - another reason we should abolish it
Barbara Castle employed Jack Straw for his 'guile and low cunning',was he her PPS when dossier given to
Jack Straw, Christian values and the West’s bloody history:
I was sacked by Jack Straw for revealing CIA torture – Craig Murray
Jack Straw - an ICM poll 'over 70% of respondents believed the war in Iraq to have increased the likelihood of terrorist attacks in Britain'
are we to suppose Jack Straw was being paid by aliens for the war on Iraq too? £5k a day would cover it apparently.
Jack Straw had a good teacher in Tony Blair, start a war in Iraq then become peace envoy ha ha lots of new business opportunities
bit of plastic surgery and you could totally be Jack Straw ;)
I wonder what Barbara Castle would have thought of Jack Straw today. disappointed methinks.
Jack Straw is due to give a Speaker's Lecture tomorrow night about his predecessor and former boss, Barbara Castle.
The only "stretching" being done here is by Jack Straw, Barbara Castle's protégé.
Barbara Castle had Jack Straw's constituency. In place of strife? We need in place of sleaze.
Tell me, how the *** did an unprincipled non-entity like Jack Straw ever get his hands on Barbara Castle's old seat?
Jack Straw's pre-determined outcome of Stuart-Smith Scrutiny will cost over £100 million. Any chance he could pay that back?
1386. : Jack Straw, Peter Lilley & Lord Lamont have all taken p/t advisory jobs with Eurasian Council on Foreign Affairs.1/2
Listening to Jack Straw. Oh dear. What would Barbara Castle be thinking now?
How Jack Straw lobbied Ukrainian PM and European Commission on behalf of sugar firm
Jack Straw suspended from Labour party over 'cash for access'
Not that Jack Straw is for sale that's a surprise, but that these creeps still dumb enough to talk so openly about it.
Malcolm Rifkind and Jack Straw caught offering cash for access for foreign companies.
Jack Straw paid £60,000 to change EU law by a firm proves Labour don't work for people.
UK: Jack Straw suspended from Labour party in 'cash for access' scandal
Jack Straw and Malcolm Rifkind face 'cash for access' allegations
Jack Straw and Sir Malcolm Rifkind in 'cash for access' TV storm via
Jack Straw & Malcolm Rifkind refer themselves to standards comm over cash for access And I'd rated them as good guys.
Jack Straw Suspended Over 'Cash For Access' 😂Even in UK? Why the noise in Africa as if "we" are the only one?
Labour will this be the last Straw ?.
Finally a nail in Saint Jack of Straw's coffin? Have never understood how people can respect him.
Tomorrow's splash puts cash for access back in the spotlight. Full details here:
"You'd be surprised how much free time I hv" ISC Chairman & MP Malcolm Rifkind tells fake chinese co
In full: Jack Straw's statement over cash-for-access claims
Kazakhstan's newest adviser - and Tony Blair colleague - suspended from the Labour Party: Fitting.
Questioned by the media about allegations of corruption Jack Straw demands £500 per answer.
Jack Straw, who royally shafted the Hillsborough families, now at the centre of 'cash for access' scandal:
Daily Telegraph: execrable executives, bloody good journalists. This is a stonking story
UK MPs Jack Straw, Sir Malcolm Rifkind embroiled in 'cash for access' scandal
Former Foreign Secretaries Jack Straw & Sir Malcolm Rifkind have been secretly filmed apparently offering to use their in…
Labour Party says it has suspended Jack after he was secretly filmed apparently offering to use his influence in r…
Rifkind, saying here he has doesn't have much to do, heads the only legislative body with oversight of Mi6, GCHQ
Little Giant Ladders
Jack Straw, for this torpedo to public trust in politics, and these gigantic sums of cash, you should rot in jail.
Former foreign secretaries Sir Malcolm Rifkind and Jack Straw have both referred themselves to the parliamentary...
What Jack Straw said in 2010 when Byers, Hoon and Hewitt got caught in lobbying sting. Awkward.
This is just Jack Straw’s attempt to be known as something other than a racist imperialist war monger
Straw boasted that he operated “under the radar” to use his influence to change EU law for firm which pays him £60k: http:…
'Cash for access scandal': Jack Straw and Sir Malcolm Rifkind refer themselves after filmed in undercover sting
Straw and Rifkind scandal renews questions about MPs' outside interests.
Jack Straw is due to give a lecture in Parliament on Barbara Castle this week. Could be tricky.
"Jack Straw is a natural choice for our anti-corruption champion" - Labour, in 2008!
The last Labour government appointed Jack Straw as their 'anti-corruption champion'. Awkward.
Not only Tory MP's Jack Straw ??. The whole Westminster game needs new rules, new players
Ah yes, let me recall who scuppered the 1979 indy vote by insisting on conditions. Jack Straw and Labour, wasn't it?
Guy at the bar next to us just ordered a pitcher of jack and coke and a straw.
Zionist anti white Jew Jack Straw Why I’m standing down from Parliament: MP for Blackburn
People yell at you on the tube? & all you did was devastate a foreign country on a trumped-up pretext? You poor thing
With his name surely on the Chilcot list, Jack Straw says, “People will shout at me on the Tube sometimes.”: T...
You already follow us but it's Jack Straw or Dew.
It’s an astonishing privilege to be a Member of Parliament.
Jack Straw must come clean about his role in the Jeremy Thorpe scandal » The Spectator
Jack Straw for me or maybe Playing in the Band circa 74
Jack Sraw was more worried about bringing down the govt. than the ethics of launching an illegal war.…
Jack Straw wanted to make it illegal for abused children to speak out against abuser! Hypocrites!
So people call a war criminal 'with less frequency' We should probably sort that out
Wow, didn't realise that Jack Straw worked under Marg Hodge (wife of Henry Hodge, chairman of NCCL) in Islington council i…
Jack Straw was on Islington Council with Hodge and was Justice Minister (jurisdiction over Jersey) at time…
read Jack Straw's interview today. A man that is reconciled with the truth. Funny, felt immediately sympathy for his position
Jack Straw: 'People still shout war criminal at me on the Tube'
Jack Straw: 'I still get called a war criminal on the tube' Jack you forgot to mention the appropriated ketchup
Jack Straw says people still shout 'war criminal' at him on the Tube
So Jack Straw wishes he'd known what he knows now before voting to invade Iraq. Funny how Millions of Brits knew THEN what he knows NOW.
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Why I’m standing down from Parliament: Jack Straw, MP for Blackburn | via
Jack Straw: People still shout "War Criminal"at me on the Tube THATS BECAUSE YOU ARE A WAR CRIMINAL …
Jack "I still get shouted at on the tube and called a war criminal" Straw - you should get out more.
At last Jack Straw speaks about his complicity in CIA torture and rendition - Stop the War Coalition:
Jack Straw leaving parliament under fire. But it would be a constitutional outrage if he were elevated to the Lords bef…
Jack Straw: "people on the Tube call me a war criminal". Hmm... Ever wondered why Blair goes everywhere in a private jet?
Jack Straw 'peddled lies before sending troops to death in Iraq war', claims Labour MP - Mirror Online
Condi's chum Jack Straw won't get away with such flagrant and brazen behaviour when he's in The Hague, old…
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