Jack Sparrow & Keira Knightly

Captain Jack Sparrow is a fictional character and the main protagonist of the Pirates of the Caribbean film series created by screenwriters Ted Elliott and Terry Rossio, portrayed by Johnny Depp. Keira Christina Knightley (born 26 March 1985) is an English actress and model. She began acting as a child on television and made her film debut in 1995. Knightley had a supporting role as Sabé in Star Wars Episode I: The Phantom Menace (1999) and her first significant role came in The Hole (2001). 2.0/5

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Like Keira Knightly? The Pirates of the Carribean Chick? Does that mean I'm Jack Sparrow? It'd explain my drunkards walk.
My house is a mess. For real, a mess. My head hurts. My husband is asleep in the couch. My kiddo is asleep in her crib. And I'm layin on the couch watching Jack Sparrow be his drunken brilliant beautiful self. Keira Knightly, Johnny Depp, and Orlando Bloom...life is good.
Every time I hear Keira Knightly I think about Jack Sparrow by The Lonely Island.
Keira knightly and me, on a pirate ship. But I watch her get it on with the octopus-men from the Jack Sparrow films first.
a few ppl told me i look like keira knightly but a few ppl said my hair wrap reminds them of Jack Sparrow so I'm pirates of the carib
R E T W E E T if you thought that Jack Sparrow(Johnny Depp)is more impressive to Elizabeth Swan(keira knightly) than Will Turner
Having said that about Keira Knightly... Will Turner + Elizabeth Swann were set and stone but Jack Sparrow managed a cheeky kiss
I had a weird but really good dream, Johnny Depp (dressed as Captain Jack Sparrow), Keira Knightly and I were in a pirate ship that was full of loot and magical items that we were going to take, as the ship had been abandoned many years ago, although we couldn't take everything with us as would have weighed down the little boat we had, so I cast a spell and we brought the entire ship back with us, the only way off though was to jump into the water, well after Keira Knightly jumped off I told Johnny Depp that he had to hold my hand when we jumped (I have a real life fear of drowning) so he took my hand, looked at me and we counted and jumped in the water, only to find a film crew there telling us the scene was really good.
I am in a pickle. Balotelli, good guy. Im on the bus with Alizay! Keira Knightly...Jack Sparrow!
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