Jack Ryan & Harrison Ford

John Patrick Jack Ryan, Sr. is a fictional character created by Tom Clancy who appears in many of his novels. Harrison Ford (born July 13, 1942) is an American film actor and producer. 5.0/5

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So John Krasinski is playing Jack Ryan in a Tv series, following Harrison Ford, Ben Affleck and Chris Pine did so in the movies
Jack Ryan was tailor-made for Harrison Ford - and I maintain Clear & Present Danger is the best Ryan fi…
I ❤️ Indy and I ❤️ Han and I even ❤️ Jack Ryan but Dr. Richard Kimble is peak Harrison Ford.
Wow…Alec Baldwin has disliked Harrison Ford since he lost the Jack Ryan films to him. Excerpts from his new memoir:
TRUMP: let's take down Russia…get me Jack Ryan but the one from Hunt for Red October, not Harrison Ford. "That's Alec…
Harrison Ford was the better Ryan but Hunt For Red October was the best Jack Ryan movie.
I have decided that my antidote is a little over the top patriotism in the form of Jack Ryan, as played by Harrison Ford.
it's the best of the Jack Ryan movies. I did like the Harrison Ford ones but not as much.
I mean given those options I'd have to go Jack Ryan, cause Alec Baldwin > Harrison Ford in my eyes, always.
yeah! Jack Ryan is a character in Tom Clancy books! He's been portrayed by Alec Baldwin, Harrison Ford, Affleck & Chris Pine.
Tom Clancy's CIA analyst character Jack Ryan has enjoyed a long cinematic life with actors such as Harrison Ford,...
Yeah, dude! I love Jack Ryan, especially when Harrison Ford played him.
Ah Hollywood, always thinking that "Audiences liked kick *** Harrison Ford action movies in the 90's." = "Audiences like Jack Ryan!"
Can you help settle a debate, Who played a better Jack Ryan? Alec Baldwin or Harrison Ford?
Still need to see the movie...Harrison Ford as Jack Ryan
Hey Matt Damon got to do another Bourne . was robbed as Jack Ryan... . Harrison Ford & Ben Affleck are Evil Siths
Watching "Patriot Games" because, well, Jack Ryan and younger Harrison Ford plays him.
You're never going to reboot the Jack Ryan series with any real success. It's Harrison Ford's role (even if Alec Baldwin started it.)
Sorry, Chris Pine. We all know the real Jack Ryan is Harrison Ford. Shut up, Alec Baldwin.
Who is your fav Jack Ryan? Alec Baldwin, Harrison Ford, Ben Affleck, or Chis Pine?
People can bag Harrison Ford as Jack Ryan but compared to Ben Affleck, HF is Richard Burton in Where Eagles Dare
Jack Ryan will probably be back someday, tho. Alec Baldwin, Harrison Ford, and Ben Affleck all played him before Pine took his swing.
I think British Actor Sean Bean would make one of the best guest ever at Hal-Con 2015 for next year, Please Make it so, here is just a few of his acting credits listed below here: Lord Eddard Stark - Game of Thrones TV Series, Boromir - The Lord of the Rings Trilogy Movie Series, Sean Miller - Bad Guy to Harrison Ford's Jack Ryan in Patriot Games Movie, Alec Trevelyan - Bad Guy to Pierce Brosnan's James Bond in James Bond Golden Eye Movie, As a voice actor he has been in the video game The Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion and the drama The Canterbury Tales among several others, He will also co-star in the upcoming science fiction film Jupiter Ascending coming out in February 6, 2015 of next year, British Actor Sean Bean has received several honours throughout his career and has won an International Emmy for Best Actor. He has also been nominated for a BAFTA and Saturn Award
So Chris Pine is doing the Jack Ryan movies Right? That was Harrison Ford at one point. I don't mind this torch passing.
Alec Baldwin makes a really good Jack Ryan, too. Harrison Ford is okay, but he doesn’t have quite the same effect.
amen. Harrison Ford is one of my favorite actors. The best Jack Ryan.
JACK RYAN: Shadow Recruit REVIEW Jack Ryan: Shadow Recruit is a 2014 American action thriller film, directed by and co-starring Kenneth Branagh. Chris Pine, Kevin Costner and Keira Knightley star in leading roles. The film features the fictional Jack Ryan character created by author Tom Clancy. It is the fifth film in the Jack Ryan series but is presented as a reboot that departs from the previous installments. Unlike its predecessors, it is not an adaptation of a particular Clancy novel, but rather an original story. Pine stars in the title role, becoming the fourth actor to play Ryan, following Alec Baldwin, Harrison Ford, and Ben Affleck. The film was a co-production between the motion picture studios Skydance Productions, di Bonaventura Productions, Mace Neufeld Productions, Buckaroo Entertainment, Etalon Film and Translux. Theatrically, it was distributed by Paramount Pictures and was released on January 17, 2014. In the home-video market, the film was released in Blu-ray disc format on June 10. On F ...
Have to say no disrespect to Harrison Ford, but I really liked Alec Baldwin better as Jack Ryan.
Jack Ryan: Shadow Recruit (2014) - This is all by the numbers. I would liked to have seen a Harrison Ford cameo, come on!
Does anything beat Harrison Ford as Jack Ryan? I think not.
I'm a big fan of Tom Clancy movies. Sean Bean in Patriot Games also PS: Jack Ryan is Harrison Ford's best role. YEAH, I SAID IT
Of all the film versions of Clancy's Jack Ryan: Alec Baldwin, Harrison Ford, Ben Affleck, Chris Pine, I always thought Ford played the best
Gosh, even when Jack Ryan is not Harrison Ford he is still all "GIVE ME BACK MY FAMILY!!!"
In the week that I met Sherlock, I also meet Jack Bauer. Someone find me Jack Ryan (the Harrison Ford version) & James Bond for the set :)
Watchable. Harrison Ford is still the best Jack Ryan though!!
So the progression of Jack Ryan was Alec Baldwin, Harrison Ford, Ben Affleck, then Chris Pine.
Harrison Ford only got involved in 'The Expendables 3' promo in Cannes because he was already there - to announce his return as Jack Ryan.
Alec Baldwin played Jack Ryan first but Harrison Ford owned it after him in Patriot Games and Clear and Present Danger.
Harrison Ford's exclusion, under the A-list pretense, although he was Han Solo, Indiana Jones, Jack Ryan, the President of the United States, and Dr. Richard Kimble, and the guy that killed Brad Pitt, while promoting Liam Neeson, the guy who was afraid of Tim Roth in Rob Roy, has Academy Award and other "talent" nominations, and is generally considered the "21st century Harrison Ford", is just plain wrong. Forget saving his daughter a few times. Harrison Ford saved his wife by using his fists in 325,417 different movies.
cue Harrison Ford as Jack Ryan screaming "Where's Sean Miller?!" in Patriot Games. I know got that reference.
We just got back from a showing of "Jack Ryan: Shadow Recruit". It's not based directly on a Tom Clancy novel, just on Tom Clancy characters. It's a new Jack Ryan origin story, an entirely different Jack Ryan from the Harrison Ford character. The movie was pretty good. Geeky in places (watch Jack type codes into his laptop) and exciting in others (watch Jack get shot out of the sky in helicopter). If you haven't seen it yet better hurry. It's sliding out of the theaters. I think there were about 15 people watching it with us.
Watching Patriot Games, starring Harrison Ford, based off a novel by Tom Clancy. Can't get any more manly, can't be any farther from anything remotely Valentine's Day related. Except the fact that I mentioned Valentine's Day in this post. Twice.Wait.dammit, now it's related! Oh, well. At least I get to see Irish terrorist radicals get blown away by Jack Ryan's home security system.sigh...
Watching the Patriot Games for the first time, Harrison Ford as Jack Ryan? So far closer to the story than that nut job Baldwin was
2.5/4 stars Tom Clancy was a simple man. He made a career for himself by writing novels which were strongly fueled by the real tensions of the Cold War, while showing little interest in expressing anything complicated. The protagonist of many of his stories is the CIA operative Jack Ryan, a character who has been brought to the screen several times in the eighties and nineties. Harrison Ford, Alec Baldwin and Ben Affleck have all gotten their chance to play the character in their careers. While I haven't seen any of those films in their entirety, the consensus is that they're simple and fun, if not always memorable. Just like Clancy's novels.  Kenneth Branagh has rebooted the character with Chris Pine in the starring role. With anew origin story, Ryan is now driven to serve his country after the events of 9/11. Winning the attention and admiration of Agent Harper (Kevin Costner),Ryan earns himself a comfortable job as an analyst on Wall Street. While on the job, he discovers suspicious and inconsistent i ...
HOLLYWOOD—When I think of Jack Ryan, only one name comes to mind: Harrison Ford. While “The Hunt for Red October” starred Alec Baldwin and was a great picture, anyone searching for classic Jack Ryan at its best must see “Patriot Games” and “Clear and Present Danger.” Those films are absolutely gun-t...
Jack Ryan: Shadow Recruit – review | Mark Kermode - Kenneth Branagh's old-fashioned Cold War thriller is an efficient nail-biterReading this on mobile? Click here to watch videoIt's been more than 20 years since novelist Tom Clancy's super *** Jack Ryan first made it into the movies, and over a decade since he last appeared on screen. Over the course of five films, he's been variously played by Alec Baldwin, Harrison Ford (twice), Ben Affleck, and now Chris Pine, rece...
love it! Harrison Ford is amazing as Jack Ryan.
Well, he's no Harrison Ford but Chris Pine did a good job as Jack Ryan. Handsome devil, he is.
Harrison Ford as Jack Ryan in Clear and Present Danger: "I hate this job."
Jack Ryan played by Alec Baldwin, Harrison Ford, and now Chris Pine. Jack Ryan is Benjamin Button.
I heard this is the only Jack Ryan movie not based on a book by Tom Clancy (as Harrison Ford's were). I plan to see, too.
Saw the movie Jack Ryan tonight. A very exciting movie indeed! I wonder, is this the young Jack Ryan that Harrison Ford played?
Finally decided to go watch the new Jack Ryan movie... But must say Harrison Ford will always be the best!
It's a great idea, but i think we'd all just agree that there's no better Jack Ryan than Harrison Ford :)
Rest in peace, Tom Clancy, but, uh, no: "Clancy thought Harrison Ford too old for Jack Ryan. Preferred Ben Affleck"
If you saw Jack Ryan: Shadow Recruit this weekend, tell us who played Ryan best: Alec Baldwin, Harrison Ford, Ben Affleck or Chris Pine?
The Tom Clancy inspired Jack Ryan film (directed by Kenneth Branagh) was unfortunately a poor man's Bourne film that couldn't even be saved by Kevin Costner/Keira Knightly/Kenneth & Chris Pine..2/5. Have to go back and watch the Harrison Ford "Jack Ryan" films now just to get the faith in the character back. Nice to be in airconditioning for a couple of hours though :)
Guess this Celebrity! In the original Jack Ryan trilogy, he played Admiral James Greer opposite Alec Baldwin and Harrison Ford. He also was the iconic voice of a certain Sith Lord (also opposite of Harrison Ford)... ...And today he turned 83! Comment below!
Julie and I went to see Shadow Recruit. Wow! Jack Ryan must have some very good anti aging cream. !5 years ago he looked a lot like Harrison Ford, now he looks a lot like Christopher Pine.
This weekend, Chris Pine joins the ranks of actors to play Jack Ryan on the big screen. Ben Affleck played the classic Tom Clancy character in “The Sum of All Fears.” Harrison Ford took the job for “Clear and Present Danger” and “Patriot Games.” Alec Baldwin had the role in “The Hunt for Red October.”
Chris Pine steps into a role played by Ben Affleck, Harrison Ford and Alec Baldwin, in "Jack Ryan: Shadow Recruit," and a squirrel concocts a nutty theft in "The Nut Job." 680News film critic Leslie James takes a look at what's new in theatres this weekend.
Chris Pine is the next Jack Ryan in the Tom Clancy book series. Hhmm...don't know if he can beat Harrison Ford.
Chris Pine follows in the footsteps of Alec Baldwin, Harrison Ford and Ben Affleck — but mostly Harrison Ford — in 'Jack Ryan: Shadow Recruit'. Win a double pass here:
Jack Ryan was played by Alec Baldwin, then Harrison Ford, then Ben Affleck, now Chris Pine. first he ages a lot, now he's getting younger
What do you think of Chris Pine as the new "Jack Ryan"? Harrison Ford is a tough act to follow.
Chris Pine as Jack Ryan: like or dislike? It's going to be hard to fill Harrison Ford's shoes
So is Harrison Ford to old to play Jack Ryan anymore?? It's Kevin Costner now, hmm.
Harrison Ford and Alec Baldwin make better Jack Ryan characters... Ben isn't too good, but it is a pretty good movie.
From Alec Baldwin to Harrison Ford to Ben Affleck. Chris Pine now joins the Jack Ryan roster!. ~Duneglider
Harrison Ford, Alec Baldwin, Ben Aflack, and now Chris Pine have all been Jack Ryan. Hmm.
I liked Alec Baldwin as Jack Ryan much more than Harrison Ford.
Who is your favorite Jack Ryan? I have read almost all of the Tom Clancy Jack Ryan/John Clark books in either print or audio. Every time I read Jack Ryan, I see Alec Baldwin. Who do you think of when you read Clancy? Jack Ryan - Alec Baldwin, hands down!. (Harrison Ford? Nope, Ben Affleck? Paaleeeze!, Chris Pine? Uh Uh) John Clark - Willem Dafoe, definitely not Liev Schreiber Ding Chavez - Raymond Cruz, no doubts at all Admiral Greer - James Earl Jones, no one else. Older President, Ex-President, Re-elected President Ryan - Old Alec Baldwin Cathy Ryan - Anne ARcher It is amazing how we visualize the characters in the books we love.
Watching Ben Affleck ruin my fave CIA analyst Jack Ryan in Ford, Alec Baldwin played character better!
Really: Harrison Ford. And not as Han Solo either. Pwede Indiana Jones. Most definitely as Jack Ryan and the POTUS.
I don't care what anyone thinks about Harrison Ford, Alec Baldwin was the best Jack Ryan.
Politico-Military thriller writer Tom Clancy, 66, passed away a few days ago. He gave us our lovable CIA analyst hero, Jack Ryan. Here's a quick trivia for you - post your answer right away without googling for the answer... Which of the following actor did not portray Jack Ryan in a movie: a) Alec Baldwin b) Harrison Ford c) Ben Affleck d) Chris Pine e) Pierce Brosnan
Little Giant Ladders
For anyone who LOVED the 6 Degrees of Kevin Bacon game and the new Star Trek - check this out - Chris Pine appeared with previous Jack Ryan actor Ben Affleck in Smokin' Aces. Affleck in turn worked with predecessor Alec Baldwin in Pearl Harbor, and Baldwin appeared in Working Girl with his other successor Harrison Ford. Pine and Baldwin also worked together in Rise of the Guardians. I'm thinking of you Lisa C, Brent Rose, Briggs Payne Shaw and Amy Toebbe Fuller.
With Kirk, Pine had to replace William Shatner. As Jack Ryan, he has to replace Alec Baldwin, Harrison Ford and Ben Affleck.
Chris Pine (who is also the new Captain Kirk) has been cast as the new Jack Ryan. I'm ok with that. Pretty good choice. I still think Harrison Ford was the best Jack Ryan
Paramount has released the first 'Jack Ryan: Shadow Recruit' trailer, a prequel to the established Jack Ryan stories that previously featured Alec Baldwin, Harrison Ford and Ben Affleck.
Must send special shout out to the one and only Tom Clancy. Before this generation were playing Rainbow6 or Splinter Cell. He spent his years giving detailed thrills of suspense. Before Ben Affleck destroyed the character...Jack Ryan... that Harrison Ford embodied. May you enjoy your next chapter...RIP
Harrison Ford only did two Jack Ryan movies.
RIP to one of my favourite thriller authors Tom Clancy who has died aged 66. Tom's famous character Jack Ryan was played by Harrison Ford and later Ben Affleck in the Hollywood adaptations.
RIP Tom Clancy. Without you Harrison Ford wouldn't have pointed at people as Jack Ryan, and I wouldn't have played…
Just came to know that the creator of the Jack Ryan and some fantastic thriller novels such as Clear and Present Danger, The sum of all fears, Tom Clancy is no more. He is considered to be the one who predicted the 9/11 attack in one of his novels. Some of the novels were also made in to films starring Harrison Ford, Ben Afleck.
RIP Chris Pine pls do Jack Ryan justice. Harrison Ford and Alec Baldwin will be watching!
Early this morning I learned that Tom Clancy had died. Its really hard to put into words the loss you feel when someone close to you passes away. Its even harder when that someone close to you happens to be someone whom you've never met at all. I'm not sure how old I was when I read my first Clancy novel, probably 18, in fact it was probably about the time Jessica fell in the well. I do remember that "Patriot Games" was the first novel that I read from Tom, I then found out that he had written a novel previously that had even higher acclaim. In fact (my hero) Ronald Reagan had even acknowledged his work. After reading "Patriot Games" I went back and Read "The Hunt for Red October" and I was hooked! I can still remember when the movies came out, I was very skeptical of how that would portray these heroes that I had developed in my head. I wasn't disappointed, with Harrison Ford as Jack Ryan... how can you go wrong. Hey it was the 80's, what can I say I was a huge Indiana Jones fan! The movies didn't disapp ...
I’ve seen, and enjoyed, both films! I like Alec Baldwin as Jack Ryan better than Harrison Ford.
RIP Tom Clancy. Know the movies rather than the books. Harrison Ford was a great Jack Ryan.
Harrison Ford was great, but he wasn't playing Jack Ryan. He was playing Harrison Ford.
Vale Tom Clancy, one of my all time favourite authors, and certainly the author of my all time favourite book. Just a pity they cast Harrison Ford as Jack Ryan, to say nothing of bloody Ben Affleck. I salute the inventor of the techno-thriller!
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RIP Tom Clancy I enjoyed your novels. Harrison Ford was a good Jack Ryan too
Here is the poster for Captain Kirk .. er Chris Pine as Harrison Ford er ... Jack Ryan in the New Tom Clancy movie: Shadow Recruit.
Sad to hear about Tom Clancy's death. Even though he didn't like Harrison Ford as Jack Ryan.
RIP Tom Clancy (1947-2013) New York Times reported that Tom Clancy died yesterday in a Baltimore located Hospital. May he rest in peace. He had a successful career in writing suspense/action novels, but he is more known (and probably earned *** of a money) by selling his name to Ubisoft for future video game releases in 2008. As for his books my favourite series from him must be the Jack Ryan series, and I really enjoyed the movie version of Hunt for Red October as well as the next to movies with Harrison Ford. Video game wise, the vanila Rainbow Six and Ghost Recon are diamonds, however the first three editions of Splinter Cell surpass them in terms of storytelling and game experience. What's your favourite Tom Clancy titles? When did you first encountered with the name?
Who did you think was the better Jack Ryan, Alec Baldwin or Harrison Ford?
Jack Ryan was played first by Alec Baldwin & then Harrison Ford, right?
Chris Pine is playing Jack Ryan? That means he has something in common with Ben Affleck, Harrison Ford, and Alec Baldwin for Christ's sake.
me too, Harrison Ford is great as Indy Jones, but Baldwin is Jack Ryan to me.
Actually a pretty good movie, I always thought -- w/young Alec Baldwin a better Jack Ryan than old Harrison Ford.
Since Kellen tossed me a softball in this actor/actress game, I got Harrison Ford. Here's my picks. The movie I loved: The Fugitive (and of course any movie in which he plays Han Solo, Indiana Jones, or Jack Ryan). Movie I liked: Morning Glory/Blade Runner/Sabrina Movie I hated: Cowboys and Aliens/Firewall/Hollywood Homocide Movie I hate that I like: Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull
Good question, Anderson. And you know the answer. it's bec. he's a liberal, one of the chosen ones. We all know Alec loves *** people, so it's ok for him to call someone *** or a "drag queen". But if Sarah P. or Romney or even a *** conservative were to use the term. then BAM !! All hades would break loose. Thus is the current state of affairs with the media. I like the Baldwin brothers. I still say Alec was the best "Jack Ryan" in all the Tom Clancey book movies. Harrison Ford was good, but Ben Afflack stunk in Sum of All Fears.
"I'm sorry, Mr. President. I don't dance.". -Harrison Ford as Jack Ryan.
Today is day 15 of the recovery process. Still have some pain but my mobility is improving. Staples come out today. Started all of the Jack Ryan movies. Who is the best Jack Ryan? Ben Affleck, Alec Baldwin or Harrison Ford. I vote for Harrison Ford.
Patriot Games Movie Clip - watch all clips click to subscribe Jack Ryan (Harrison Ford) threatens Paddy O'Neil (Richard...
This is like the Tom Clancey book "Clear and Present Danger", which later became a movie with Harrison Ford as the Jack Ryan character.
Are you watching Clear & Present Danger? Of course you are. It stars Harrison Ford. This is Jack Ryan's absurd bio.
Watching Clear and Present Danger on Very much the best of the Tom Clancy series, plus Harrison Ford is just excellent as Jack Ryan
More4 21.00 Clear and Present Danger 2nd time out for Harrison Ford as CIA agent Jack Ryan and gets serious with terrorism and corruption.
Harrison Ford who stars in 42, a movie about the game of baseball, also stars as Jack Ryan in Patriot Games
Jack Ryan is a Tom Clancy character, portrayed by Harrison Ford (Han Solo) in a few films.
Harrison Ford is the only Jack Ryan. Ben Affleck can get tae.
Ready to watch "Clear and Present Danger" with Harrison Ford as Jack Ryan, Deputy Director of Intelligence of the CIA, vs. John Ritter, Deputy Director of Operations. Correctness vs Corruption.
People say that Robert Downey Jr. Is legit because he's Sherlock Holmes and Iron Man... that's cute... Harrison Ford is Han Solo, Indiana Jones, and Jack Ryan. Mr. Downey, your detective and millionaire superhero have nothing on the man who dated Darth Vader's daughter, found the Holy Grail, and fought the Soviets.
Chris Pine's new trek: 'Jack Ryan': Alec Baldwin, Harrison Ford and Ben Affleck have taken a turn at Tom Clancy'...
Harrison Ford as Jack Ryan on Patriot Games (1992) and Clear and Present Danger (1994)
Harrison Ford is probably my favourite Jack Ryan. Clear & Present Danger the best movie.
Clear and Present Danger never gets old. Harrison Ford is such a badass as Jack Ryan!
The character of Jack Ryan, who appears in many Tom Clancy novels and was also played by Harrison Ford in the popular 1992 movie Patriot Games, is also based on Steve Pieczenik. “It’s a total make-up, make believe, we’re in an American theater of the absurd….why are we doing this again….nine years ago this man was already dead….why does the government repeatedly have to lie to the American people,” asked Pieczenik. Pieczenik said that the decision to launch the hoax now was made because Obama had reached a low with plummeting approval ratings and the fact that the birther issue was blowing up in his face. “They are so desperate to make Obama viable, to negate the fact that he may not have been born here, any questions about his background, any irregularities about his background, to make him look assertive….to re-elect this president so the American public can be duped once again.” “They ran the attacks,” said Pieczenik, naming *** Cheney, Paul Wolfowitz, Stephen Hadley, Elliott A ...
I'm watching Patriot Games with Harrison Ford as Jack Ryan and I'm wondering HOW we're supposed to accept Tom Cruise as Jack Reacher.
First pic of Harrison Ford from Ender's Game. Is this a character that will resonate in cinematic history like Han Solo, Indiana Jones, Rick Deckard or Jack Ryan? -DP
The same was said about Ben Affleck when he played Jack Ryan, after Harrison Ford and Alex Baldwin played the character.
it's almost as bad as Harrison Ford being cast as Jack Ryan.
better reference is Harrison Ford as Jack Ryan in clear and Present Danger.
I really hope Harrison Ford returns one more time as Jack Ryan. "Clear and Present Danger" was 18 years ago. And I'm sorry, but Affleck's portrayal of Ryan in "The Sum of All Fears" just wasn't the same.
"I'm sorry, Mr. President, I don't dance." - Jack Ryan - A line delivered like only the amazing Harrison Ford could deliver it...LIKE A BOSS
I was upset when Harrison Ford took over the Jack Ryan role from Alec Baldwin then I saw the HF version and love them
Morgan Freeman & Harrison Ford too old to play Alex Cross & Jack Ryan, that's why Tyler Perry & Chris Pine replacing them.
Imagine what Western civilization would be like today if Harrison Ford was still a carpenter. Would Indiana Jones be Tom Selleck? Kurt Russell as Han Solo? Maybe we'd have some better Jack Ryan films, starring Alec Baldwin. Six Days, Seven Nights with Tommy Lee Jones? What if Jim Carrey had taken up weightlifting instead of comedy?
I wish Jack Ryan was running. I'd vote for him, but only if it were Alec Baldwin, and probably Harrison Ford, too. Not Ben Affleck or Chris Pine, though, because that would be just unpatriotic.
Failed replacement for Harrison Ford's Jack Ryan compares Romney to failed candidates Another Dem with fear of all sums
was jack Ryan the Harrison Ford character?
I hope it's a good one. I'm still not over Ben Affleck as Jack Ryan. Going from Alec Baldwin & Harrison Ford to Ben Affleck is
As it was raining earlier when I had a look round where they were filming we went back after school when it was dry. Logie was the only one who showed any interest so I took him with me to have a peek at the US cars. I got chatting to a different security guy who told me the movie was called Jack Ryan and was a prequel to the Harrison Ford movies, rather than a sequel as I'd been told before. Chris Pine will play Jack and Keira Knightly and Kevin Costner will also star. They seemed to be doing stunt work and the area they had cordoned off was huge, the trailers were even bigger though and there seemed to be food as well, so I assume some of the stars were there. Either that or they really spoil fat bob the sound man. Pics to follow.
Alec Baldwin, Harrison Ford and Ben Affeck have already taken a stab at playing Jack Ryan, and now it's Chris Pine's turn. A first look photo of Pine on the Manhattan set of the latest chapter in the Tom Clancy character's on-screen life has debuted courtesy of Paramount.
I can never stop my adventuring I'm like Indiana Jones, Han Solo, and Jack Ryan combined. oh wait so Harrison Ford.
.I think he said Jack Ryan no? Thought he was impliedly expressing his preference for Harrison Ford over Alec Baldwin
The role of Jack Ryan was originally potrayed by Alec Baldwin on The Hunt for Red October, he was replaced by Harrison Ford
I just realized Chris Pine has taken over roles from two of the most iconic actors in Hollywood history. He's taken over the role of Jack Ryan from Harrison Ford and Captain Kirk. This guy has the magic touch!
Get a look at Chris Pine as Jack Ryan. Think he can fill the shoes of Alec Baldwin & Harrison Ford as the character?
Saw the new Jack Ryan stills with Chris Pine as Jack... photos were underwhelming, to say the least. Bring back Harrison Ford!
Chris Pine is the new "Jack Ryan". Who do you think played the character better: Alec Baldwin, Harrison Ford or Ben Affleck?
Thought he was a way better Jack Ryan than Harrison Ford. Then I heard his views. MT Alec Baldwin
Hint: the new Jack Ryan is Chris Pine. But the old one was Harrison Ford.
One of the items on my newsfeed this morning was "Keira Knightley marries 'Jack Ryan'" Now, being half asleep and reading that on my phone from bed, the only thing that popped into my mind was Jack Ryan, the former politician from Chicago, who way back when had his divorce records mysteriously unsealed in the middle of an election, and a sex scandal erupted (straight sex, with his WIFE) which led to the current President being elected to the Senate. Turns out, it was just an article saying she got the Cathy Ryan part in the Jack Ryan (Tom Clancy character) reboot series. I'd always hoped Harrison Ford would come back do the Ryan character again for adaptations of Debt of Honor, and Executive Orders.
Why are they remaking Jack Ryan movies? Harrison Ford isn't dead and he still kicks more *** than these young actors.
Mitt should have picked Harrison Ford's Jack Ryan for VP. Ben Affleck *** I guess Chris Pine is revamping Jack Ryan soon though. IDK about that.
Harrison Ford as jack Ryan of course. Ben Affleck as Jack Ryan, eh
Keira Knightley kicked off her career in the giant Pirates of the Caribbean movies before moving on to more highbrow fare, but she's going to be getting back to action soon, taking the female lead role in Jack Ryan . She'll star opposite Chris Pine as the title character in the reboot of the fran...
Sorry to remind you that Ann Coulter exists, but she just said that Jack Ryan is one of Harrison Ford's most famous roles.
Harrison Ford is clearly the superior Jack Ryan.
Revisiting the Harrison Ford era of the Jack Ryan films. So good.
Whenever I read a Tom Clancy novel, I can't help but picture Jack Ryan as Harrison Ford, and John Clark as William Defoe.
Basically all the Jack Ryan movies are good until they got rid of Harrison Ford.
Happy Birthday to Han Solo, Dr. Henry 'Indiana' Jones, Dr. Jack Ryan, President James Marshall, Dr. Richard Kimble, Henry Turner, Rick Deckard, Barnsby and Colonel Lucas! All aka. Harrison Ford who turns 70 today. Thanks for the memories!
t doesn't interest me to be Harrison Ford. It interests me to be Mike Pomeroy and Indiana Jones and Jack Ryan. I don't want to be in the Harrison Ford business. I take what I do seriously, but I don't take myself seriously. Harrison Ford, American actor (born July 13)
Is it wrong to even think that Alec Baldwin plays Jack Ryan better than Harrison Ford?
One of my favorite war films. As much as I love Harrison Ford, I think Alec Baldwin's Jack Ryan is more authentic to the books.
Harrison Ford plays Han Solo, a smuggler, AND Indiana Jones, who smuggles the Ark, and is a gov'ment agent AND Jack Ryan who is a gov'ment
I just can't, Tom Cruise as Reacher is a no-no" People said the same thing about Harrison Ford playing Jack Ryan
Harrison Ford was a much better Jack Ryan.
Started watching Harrison Ford's "Jack Ryan" films for the first time; stunned by how young was Thora Birch (GHOST WORLD, AMERICAN BEAUTY).
I know Harrison Ford only looks sixty in it! Good film like that Jack Ryan series.
You don't mess with Harrison Ford, the guy's Indiana Jones, Han Solo and Jack Ryan, the guy kills people..
Harrison Ford is Jack Ryan in Phillip Noyce's Patriot Games, released twenty years ago today.
Harrison Ford returns as CIA agent Jack Ryan, attempting to rescue US troops in Colombia's drugs triangle in Clear And Present Danger, 9pm.
OH YEAH! It's Tuesday and I am feeling GOOOD! That is why we are having another fantastic trivia night tonight at 9pm... So bring your smartest friends and win some stuff. If you care about the bonus question, here it is. Name one of the Harrison Ford movies, where he plays a CIA analyst named Jack Ryan? GOOD LUCK! (and see you tonight) ONE LOVE- Dave Danger Fluellen.
Second, Probably the best, Patriot Games. Harrison Ford just born to be Jack Ryan. Good action direction. Good Villian by Boromir. B+
*** That stinx. Mine is the same as Harrison Ford. So I have the same BDay as Han Solo, Indiana Jones and Jack Ryan.
Carlos Lee told Tim Byrdak that "Kim Bassinger was the best thing that ever happened to him and that Harrison Ford was a better Jack Ryan."
Hot Deal: The Hunt for Red October: Before Harrison Ford assumed the mantle of playing Tom Clancy's Jack Ryan he...
A movie (I think Patriot Games) where Harrison Ford (Jack Ryan) uncovers unruly maneuvers by not so honest politicians
Where is Harrison Ford (AKA Jack Ryan) when you need him to keep politicians honest?
The character Harrison Ford was playing was Jack Ryan from the Tom Clancy novels. He was also Ryan in Patriot Games.
I love the Jack Ryan movies, Indiana Jones, Star Wars, Fugitive etc, but Air Force One has always been my fave Harrison Ford movie, LOVE it!
if we are going there with Alec, then I want the best Jack Ryan ever Harrison Ford
Was excited about Hunger Games, until I saw they replaced Harrison Ford with a teenage girl?! *** Is she meant to be Jack Ryan's daughter?
Patriot Games (Special Collector's Edition) (DVD): Harrison Ford stars as Jack Ryan in Patriot Games, an explosi...
Do you know what a cool movie is? Patriot Games. Harrison Ford as Jack Ryan brought character to life & was exciting as *** I like
Branagh to direct new Jack Ryan film, Chris Pine to star. At least Harrison Ford's wooden eyebrows will be given a rest
Agreed. I prefer Harrison Ford in the role of Jack Ryan, even though Ford's politics are somewhere along the lines of Baldwins
Im not sure how i feel about Chris Pine in a new Jack Ryan film, i think its got to be Harrison ford or no one lol
Kenneth Branagh will direct the next Jack Ryan film with star Chris Pine, who fills the shoes of Ben Affleck, Harrison Ford, & Alec Baldwin.
Hunger Games review: Character-wise, Harrison Ford's Jack Ryan is probably one of the best big screen heroes in decades. Action-packed.
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