Jack Ryan & Chris Pine

John Patrick Jack Ryan, Sr. is a fictional character created by Tom Clancy who appears in many of his novels. Christopher Whitelaw Chris Pine (born August 26, 1980) is an American actor. 5.0/5

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So John Krasinski is playing Jack Ryan in a Tv series, following Harrison Ford, Ben Affleck and Chris Pine did so in the movies
Alec Baldwin was the best Jack Ryan. Harrison Ford and Chris Pine do not hold a candle to his portrayal.
Chris Pine is inconsistent. He can be so underwhelming in Jack Ryan, even in Finest Hours, but is so *** competent in *** or High Water.
Chris Pine will forever be my canonical Jack Ryan and no one can take that away from me
yeah! Jack Ryan is a character in Tom Clancy books! He's been portrayed by Alec Baldwin, Harrison Ford, Affleck & Chris Pine.
Excited to catch my friend Mr.Chris Pine kick *** and take all sorts of names this weekend in Jack Ryan.
Guess what Chris Pine, Keira Knightley, Kevin Costner, Kenneth Branagh & me have in common? Wasting our time on Jack Ryan: Shadow Recruit.
Continuing my Tom Clancy weekend by taking a break from Rainbow Six to watch Chris Pine in Jack Ryan: Shadow Recruit!
Jack Ryan: Shadow Recruit. Not seen it before but you can't really go wrong with Chris Pine 👌🏼
$5.99 Check out this Amazon deal: Jack Ryan: Shadow Recruit (Blu-ray + DVD + Di... by Chris Pine via
Just saw him in the latest Jack Ryan movie with Chris Pine. He has aged very very well
They tried giving Affleck and Chris Pine the Jack Ryan franchise, Renner the Bourne franchise and how did that work out?
David Tennant would've been the perfect choice for Jack Ryan. Too bad they ruined the character with Chris Pine's Jason Bourne impression.
Does Chris Pine make a good Jack Ryan? You decide:
Chris Pine as Jack Ryan is even more than everything
Do I get my Chris Pine fix by watching Jack Ryan or some other movie I've never heard of where he looks like a surfer/hippie? Or do I get -
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Randomly watching Jack Ryan again. Spies in love. Chris Pine is my Chris. Keira and Branagh and .
Just watched Jack Ryan: Shadow Recruit again. Now watching Star Trek: Into Darkness. I guess it's a Chris Pine kind of night.
Jack Ryan . Oh how I do love me some Chris Pine 💗
Not seen an actor sell panicked rage as believably as Chris Pine in Jack Ryan. If willpower could be harnessed he'd power 50 films alone.
Chris Pine takes on the role of Jack Ryan in Shadow Recruit at 20:00 CAT on M-Net Movies Action+ 106.
Chris Pine would take the Hal Jordan role since Jack Ryan didn't do well, Into The Woods is one and done, and Star Trek is in limbo
Chris Pine film 'Jack Ryan: Shadow Recruit' promoed on LeTV to VIP subs
with Chris Pine > and fyi Kenneth Branagh directed Chris Pine in 'Jack Ryan'.
Chris Pine, I heart you, but Jack Ryan: Shadow Recruit was very disappointing.
Watching a mindless reboot of intellectual Jack Ryan as a macho action star with Chris Pine,mindless but Kevin Costner still a stud at 50+!
was a much better Jack Ryan than Chris Pine
watching a movie called Jack Ryan: Shadow Recruit w fam. seems pretty good so far. it has Chris Pine & Keira Knightly in it so I'm hopeful
Decided on Jack Ryan movie with Chris Pine and Kevin Costner. Two generations of hot. Appreciation of both. Stay tuned...
I like Chris Pine as the new Jack Ryan ! He is a good actor, looks like a true All American kid !!! He just looks like a Boy Scout !!!
Really, Chris Pine could be a decent Jack Ryan. But the script wanted him to be generic and high impact action hero.
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Sorry, Chris Pine. We all know the real Jack Ryan is Harrison Ford. Shut up, Alec Baldwin.
Frankly Hunt For The Red October was the only great Jack Ryan film. At least Chris Pine tried to bring some personality. Baldwin still wins.
Jack Ryan (featuring Chris Pine as Jack Ryan) is based on the character Jack Ryan created by the late novelist Tom Clancy. The new Jack Ryan movie is an origin story, not derived from Tom Clancy’s novels. It features an earlier point in Jack Ryan’s career, namely, Jack Ryan, a young covert CIA analyst, uncovers a Russian plot to crash the U.S. economy with a terrorist attack. The movie Jack Reacher is based on the series of books by Lee Child and stars Tom Cruise. Both the Jack Reacher and Jack Ryan the movies are released by Paramount Pictures. Jack Ryan was originally scheduled for release on Christmas Day 2013. Its release date was pushed back to Martin Luther King Weekend to make room for the release of the Martin Scorsese movie The Wolf Of Wall Street on December 25, 2013 (which had originally been scheduled for release in November 2013). UPDATE – October 2, 2013 – Tom Clancy, author of the Jack Ryan novels, died
Jack Ryan: Shadow Recruit (2014) 50% Chris Pine is an acceptable Jack Ryan, and some of the cloak-and-dagger
Just saw Jack Ryan Shadow Recruit with Chris Pine, Love him & the movie, but could also totally see playing Jack Ryan!
Should be packing for London, currently sat in my towel turban watching Chris Pine in Jack Ryan: Shadow Recruit 😍💪
Biggest takeaway from Jack Ryan: Shadow Recruit? Chris Pine's head is like 3 Keira Knightley heads.
Jack Ryan: Shadow Recruit wasn't very good at all. Keira Knightley and Chris Pine both dreadful. Costner saved it to some degree.
Chris Pine usually looks way more attractive than he does in Jack Ryan
Jack Ryan: Shadow Recruit - wicked film. Chris Pine is a top actor.
They need to make a Jack Ryan crossover with Alec Baldwin, Harrison Ford, Ben Affleck and Chris Pine. It's called "Jack Ryans"
Shadow Recruit is better than I expected. Chris Pine makes an acceptable Jack Ryan, but Kevin Costner is excellent as Thomas Harper.
Can they please make a sequel to Jack Ryan in which Chris Pine and Keira Knightley get married and have the most beautiful babies ever
Jack Ryan: eh passible, Chris Pine continues to have a good face anyway
Competition! Fancy winning a new TV? To celebrate the arrival of Jack Ryan: Shadow Recruit on BT Box Office, we're giving away a 42 inch Hitachi HD LED TV. Watch a clip from the film: your chance to win, simply leave your answer in the comments: Which actor plays Jack Ryan in the film? A. Chris O'Dowd B. Chris Pine C. Christian Bale Competition closes on 8 August 2014. Terms: luck!
Nice little stay-at-home movie and pizza night with DeeAnne Boyer McClenahan last evening. First, "The Last Ship", then "Jack Ryan: Shadow Recruit." She gets eye candy (hot Naval officers, then Kevin Costner and Chris Pine), I get shootouts and car chases. Win-win. ;)
Just watched and Pleased with Gravity and a tad dissappointed in Jack Ryan, however... CHRIS_PINE is AWESOME
The legacy of the series continues with Chris Pine. Own Jack Ryan: Shadow Recuit today on Blu-ray and Digital HD:
I'm watching Jack Ryan .. 1) Because I love Chris Pine 2) I love Jack Ryan . I've read them all! Anyone else read the books?
My family got the me the new Jack Ryan movie for Fathers Day! All I can say is what an awesome movie. Chris Pine is the best Jack Ryan. Although it was not based on any of the novels, it was a great take on a fantastic character! Tom Clancy's legacy lives on...Keep the movies and books coming!!!
Last night I watched "Jack Ryan, Shadow Recruit" staring Chris Pine, Kevin Costner, Keira Knightly, etc. YES, its wonder to see I a movie I really enjoyed. It was exciting, action pack, suspenseful, great story line, and even had some romance. I pretty much enjoyed it start to finish. NOT often I can (or have) say that about a movie.
Watched Jack Ryan: Shadow Recruit starring Chris Pine and Kevin Costner. Was okay espionage film. The previews made it look much better then the film actually was. Not a tremendous amount of action in the film was more of an espionage movie. Was a little bored with it. Was not as good as the other Jack Ryan films like the Hunt for Red October or Patriot Games. 3 stars
Craig and I just got done watching "Jack Ryan; Shadow Recruit" wow this is a really good movie...if you like CIA thrillers; this one is for you! :) and Chris Pine is not bad to look at either! ;)
On the agenda for this evening are two movies: "Jack Ryan", with Chris Pine, and "Non-stop", with Liam Neeson. Of course, that's in between doing dishes, laundry, and strumming. lol
Hi! That picture of me you liked that I was tagged in, thank you for liking it because that's me next to the movie poster Jack Ryan which stars Chris Pine, and he is my you know what! ;)
Jack Ryan: Shadow Recruit - Chris Pine is gold. I prefer him as Captain Kirk, but he did this justice and it was a nice story. If take a sequel with him.
Actually, I watched it last night. It is a good movie. Chris Pine is hot as a young Jack Ryan.
Todays new releases are Non-Stop an action/thriller with Liam Neeson & Julianne Moore, Jack Ryan: Shadow Recruit an action/thriller with Chris Pine & Kevin Costner, and Devil's Knot a suspense/drama with Reese Witherspoon.
Who would win in a fight: Chris Pine's Captain Kirk or Jack Ryan?
Of all the film versions of Clancy's Jack Ryan: Alec Baldwin, Harrison Ford, Ben Affleck, Chris Pine, I always thought Ford played the best
Chris Pine. It has to be Chris Pine. First he took over Jack Ryan from Ford, now he has to take over Indy.
So the progression of Jack Ryan was Alec Baldwin, Harrison Ford, Ben Affleck, then Chris Pine.
Chris Pine & Alec Baldwin acted as Jack Ryan in 2 different movies about him, but played together in the movie "Rise of the Guardians"
Chris Pine makes a better Jack Ryan than Ben Affleck. But both lag behind Alec Baldwin and Harrison Ford.
Final watching Jack Ryan: The Banking Years with Chris Pine and Kenneth Branagh. I need to read the books again, I don't remember so much economy speak in Hunt For Red October...
The new Jack Ryan movie is absolute genious. Good job Chris Pine, Kiera Knightley, and Kevin Costner.
Based on the character created by bestselling author Tom Clancy, 'Jack Ryan' is a global action thriller set in the present day. This original story follow a young Jack (Chris Pine) as he uncovers a financial terrorist plot.The story follows him from 9\/11, through his tour of duty in Afghanistan, which scarred him forever, and into his early days in the Financial Intelligence Unit of the modern CIA where he becomes an analyst, under the guardianship of his handler, Harper (Kevin Costner). When Ryan believes he's uncovered a Russian plot to collapse the United States economy, he goes from being an analyst to becoming a spy and must fight to save his own life and those of countless others, while also trying to protect the thing that's more important to him than anything, his relationship with his fiancee Cathy (Keira Knightley).
my local cinema has removed the poster for Jack Ryan the Shadow Recruit how can I stare at Chris Pine whilst pretending to be reading it
Jack Ryan: Shadow Recruit - Chris Pine is fast becoming Hollywood’s go to guy for franchise character...
Dinner and a movie! Tim thinks I chose Jack Ryan for him, hello Chris Pine, ha!
Giorgio Armani has announced actor Chris Pine as the new face of ‘ARMANI CODE’, one of the world’s best-selling men’s fragrances. Pine can currently be seen on screens worldwide as the titular character in ‘Jack Ryan: Shadow…
Finally went to see Jack Ryan: Shadow Recruit. Heart-stopping & suspenseful. Awesome stunts! Interesting storyline. Great eye-candy too, with Chris Pine and Kevin Costner. Kenneth Branaugh acted & directed. Quite a talented cast! Looking forward to Costner's new movie this Friday: 3 Days to Kill.
The "Jack Ryan: Shadow Recruit" movie turned out to be a decent reboot, even though it threw out the origin story of the books and kind of updated it to the modern day. Not a bad movie at all, worthy of the namesake. Just couldn't get Chris Pine's Captain Kirk out of my head the whole movie and Kevin Costner kinda phoned-in his performance, like his heart wasn't in it. :(
JACK RYAN: Shadow Recruit (C+) directed by and co-starring Kenneth Branagh and featuring the Jack Ryan character created by Tom Clancy. It is the fifth in the Jack Ryan film series and is also a reboot. It is not an adaptation of a Tom Clancy novel, but an original story. Chris Pine stars in the title role, becoming the fourth actor to play Ryan, following Alec Baldwin, Harrison Ford, and Ben Affleck. The film is dedicated to Tom Clancy, who died on October 1, 2013. The plot is like a couple spy/action films and does not have much original elements to it. It is paced well and always interesting but it does not do it better than John Mcclane or Jason Bourne. Most of it is in Moscow and deals with a plot to crash the US stock market so that the US economy goes into the toilet. The story is that a bombing on US soil will help that will assist in the financial crash. Wait for video or the 3.00 theater.
So, Chris Pine is turning into the white Samuel L. Jackson. Not only is he Captain James T. Kirk, now he's Jack Ryan too. If he ends up in the new Star Wars movies, he will definitely take the prize!
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James and Kim came yesterday and stayed overnight. We saw the latest Jack Ryan movie. Chris Pine did a very nice job in the role. I enjoyed seeing the "kids" so much. Last night Houston was really wrapped in fog. I am going to go ahead and post the picture I took. What you will see is...nothing! It wasn't scary, but it was eerie. Roger and Kim went to bed at a reasonable hour and James and I sat up and watched "Mrs. Pettigrew Lives for a Day", starring Frances Mcdormand and Amy Adams. I love to find little odd, quirky movies that are centered on the characters , rather than special effects driven. A couple of recommendations: Unconditional Love, and Mambo Italiano. I never buy movies, but these are worth owning. Oh well, how I do chatter.
Chris Pine & Keira Knightly go to couples therapy in this exclusive Jack Ryan: Shadow Recruit clip. Watch:
Jack Ryan- Shadow Recruit was an awesome movie! Chris Pine is so HOT! Also saw Dallas Buyers Club, which wasn't as good. I just couldn't get past the way Matthew Mcconaughey looked in this movie!!
So, Jack Ryan: Shadow Recruit? Meh. Kiera Knightly's teeth are distractingly large and sharp. I had to remind myself it was an espionage movie with no surprise vampires. And she dresses like Annie Hall. And Chris Pine is no Alec Balwin, but surprisingly strong and resourceful. Cheap suits, though. Plus, clearly this is the beginning of Kevin Costner's attempted comeback. I guess that water cleaning technology he was selling after the BP/Halliburton disaster didn't pan out.
Saw Jack Ryan: Shadow Recruit today. Directed by and starring Kenneth Branagh, this glossy and tense action thriller with some cool stunts is fun to watch. Chris Pine is good as a young Jack Ryan and Kevin Costner gives his best performance in ages. Keira Knightly not bad either as Jack's girlfriend. Hope our spies are as good as they portrayed in this movie.
Short Review: Jack Ryan: Shadow Recruit Grade: B+ Jack Ryan takes a job at the CIA which turns from a desk job to operational spy. Fun action thriller. Great use of tension and suspense. Fun spy/action movie. Entertaining villain. Chris Pine, Kevin Costner, Kenneth Branaugh, Keira Knightly and more.
2.5/4 stars Tom Clancy was a simple man. He made a career for himself by writing novels which were strongly fueled by the real tensions of the Cold War, while showing little interest in expressing anything complicated. The protagonist of many of his stories is the CIA operative Jack Ryan, a character who has been brought to the screen several times in the eighties and nineties. Harrison Ford, Alec Baldwin and Ben Affleck have all gotten their chance to play the character in their careers. While I haven't seen any of those films in their entirety, the consensus is that they're simple and fun, if not always memorable. Just like Clancy's novels.  Kenneth Branagh has rebooted the character with Chris Pine in the starring role. With anew origin story, Ryan is now driven to serve his country after the events of 9/11. Winning the attention and admiration of Agent Harper (Kevin Costner),Ryan earns himself a comfortable job as an analyst on Wall Street. While on the job, he discovers suspicious and inconsistent i ...
Jack Ryan: Shadow Recruit. Engaging, brilliant performance from Kenneth Brannah l, Keira Knightly is delicious and quite convincing as a jealous fiancée rather than doctor, but Chris Pine steals the show and proves he can act beyond Star Trek. Good story line, not overtly filled with CGI and thrilling to the end. Go watch! 8/10
just got back from seeing "Jack Ryan". Great film. Big cast. Kenneth Branagh, Chris Pine, Kevin Costner, Keira Knightly.oh yeah and Sinbad, the window cleaner from Brookside! What a strange turn up for the books!!!
Enjoyed 'Jack Ryan: Shadow Recruit', looks like Chris Pine is going to be the next Harrison Ford/Tom Cruise.
A REMINDER FOR TOMORROW... On Thursday January 30th at Cinema Fleur de Lys, the original english version of "Jack Ryan" will be shown at 19:00h. It's the latest spy movie based on the Tom Clancy series of Jack Ryan novels. Kenneth Branagh both directs and plays the evil villain. Chris Pine is Jack Ryan, Keira Knightly is his girl friend and Kevin Costner is his boss. Come see it if you can, and bring a friend. JACK RYAN: Shadow Recruit: 2 STARS “Jack Ryan: Shadow Recruit” is nothing fancy… and it’s also nothing Clancy. As the first of the Ryan movies not based on a Tom Clancy novel it feels generic. There is the usual spy story intrigue, exotic locations and tense scenes but what the movie doesn’t have is the ear for dialogue of the other films in the series. When you have a senior CIA agent muttering the line, “This is geopolitics, not couple’s therapy,” it’s hard to judge if this is a satire of spy films or just badly written. PHOTOS Chris Pine in a scene from Paramount Pictures Canada ...
Didn't get to see it but I glad I didn't because Jack Ryan: Shadow Recruit is officially a flop, critically and at the Box Office. The studio has taken the franchise and sequel off the table and are counting their losses. Shame, serves them right to reboot Tom Clancy's Jack Ryan without using the books and turn the film and Jack Ryan into a Jason Bourne / Daniel Craig Bond ripoff. After reading the spoilers and plot synopsis, I thought this ain't got much to do with Tom Clancy, why call it Jack Ryan. They should have got a voluptuous bimbo type instead of wasting Keira Knightley, cast Mark Wahlberg instead of Chris Pine, stuck to Tom Clancy or used a book and incorporated Splinter Cell like scenes.
I saw "Jack Ryan; Shadow Agent" with Lara today. It had Chris Pine in it (from Princess Diaries, not the politician!!!) and Kiera Knightley. Kiera had an American accent which was really off-putting for me. Not one on my "must see movie list" but it was nice to be with Lara and steal her popcorn..
"Chris Pine says he likes the fact Jack Ryan is a humble hero.
Chris Pine aka actual Jack Ryan next to Burger King. If the film was a burger it would be a bacon whopper.
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Chris Pine stars as Tom Clancy's famous hero Jack Ryan. is in cinemas now!
Chris Pine is the cutest Jack Ryan yet.
Anyone heard any reviews of that Jack Ryan film???. Chris pine...em yummy ;)
Just watched Jack Ryan: Shadow Recruit. Wasn't expecting it to be so good, and I really liked it. Also Chris Pine keeps getting finer with age :p
Saw Jack Ryan: Shadow Recruit last night. Great movie. I would like to see Chris Pine in more Jack Ryan movies.
I went and saw "Jack Ryan: Shadow Recruit" this weekend and liked it... didn't love it, but liked it. I knew Branagh directed it but didn't know he was in it (nor did I know Keira Knightley was in it) and he made a decent villain. It was a solid prequel to "The Hunt for Red October" (explaining some of the references made in that movie) and made for a better young Jack Ryan story than what they did in "The Sum of All Fears". I know it's not raking in any big Box Office, but I am hoping it has the legs to become a franchise because Chris Pine did a good job and I could see it getting better with development.
Thanks to Michael John Donahue, saw "Jack Ryan: Shadow Recruit" tonight. Way better than I had expected! Intelligent, well plotted, no barf-cam, and Chris Pine shows why he's a movie star. Keira Knightley was a (good) surprise too. As for the accusations of bad juju on the Orthodox community: No. Without giving too much away, bad dudes can hide in plain sight without it being an attack on the church.
Sunday Evening.we're home. Friday at noon we went and saw the movie "I, Frankenstein" . I am not into Frankenstein, but this new movie was VERY VERY good!! It's modern day, and I would go see it again! Today, Sunday, we went and saw "Jack Ryan: Shadow Recruit". It had Chris pine in it and Kevin Costner. I didn't like it as much as I did the "I, Frankenstein" movie. Next week we're going to see "Ride Along" which is a comedy. I'll let you know what we think of that one as well. Hope all had a wonderful week end!!! :-)
Jack Ryan was pretty good! Chris Pine is easy on the eyes too...lol
Ride Along topped the Box Office for the second weekend in a row, launching Hart on what could be a breakout year. So what does he have that Jack Ryan: Shadow Recruit 's Chris Pine and I, Frank...
Crewe Odeon... 'Jack Ryan: Shadow Recruit' with Gill Bellamy this evening. A solid 3 stars out of 5 for an enjoyable piece of escapism. Great car chases, some lovely action set pieces. Ken Brannagh's directing was fresh and had a nice lightness of touch, and his turn as the bad guy was suitably malevolent. Chris Pine is surprisingly a lot less annoying than he used to be (I've warmed to him since he started pretending to be William Shatner), although he still looks like a gurning baboon when he has to do a fight scene. Kevin Costner has cornered the market in gravelly-voiced father figures, and had great on screen presence in this, as he did in last year's Man of Steel. However, there is no excuse for casting Keira Knightley in anything at all, ever. Her chemistry-free turn as a total charisma-desert of a so-called 'love interest' in this movie is probably one of her worst ever efforts. In a career populated with flat uninspired performances, that this manages to be a career low for the overly skinny bint ...
Chris Pine did a good job replacing Shatner for Star Trek. ..lets see what he can do replacing Harrison as Jack Ryan.
Movie post of the week... Saw three films this week: The Wolf of Wall Street Jack Ryan: Shadow Recruit Grudgematch First off "the wolf of Wall Street", a very good guy flick, lots of nudity and swearing. However DiCaprio is awesome, Johan isn't bad either! Great watch, very funny also when he talks to the camera, brilliant... Jack Ryan, is a great straight forward thriller, Chris Pine excels and Kenneth Branagh was very good also even with Russian accent. Was good edge of your seat fun. Grudgematch well was a ok film, both look too old but that is the point, they do have a sense of humour about it. I would not recommend it, unless you like the thought of two old guys swinging at each other, while people outside the ring pull funny faces trying to look concerned... Until next time...
Planning to see a movie this weekend? We fancy watching the new Chris Pine and Keira Knightley film, Jack Ryan: Shadow Recruit. Love a good spy thriller!
Watch the video Jack Ryan: Keira Knightley, Chris Pine and Kenneth Branagh interview. on Yahoo Yahoo. The stars of Jack Ryan talk on-set injuries, the dreaded lightbulb scene and picking the right kind of cereal in our exclusive session with the trio.
Jack Ryan: Shadow Recruit – review | Mark Kermode - Kenneth Branagh's old-fashioned Cold War thriller is an efficient nail-biterReading this on mobile? Click here to watch videoIt's been more than 20 years since novelist Tom Clancy's super *** Jack Ryan first made it into the movies, and over a decade since he last appeared on screen. Over the course of five films, he's been variously played by Alec Baldwin, Harrison Ford (twice), Ben Affleck, and now Chris Pine, rece...
Jack Ryan: Shadow Recruit IMAX shout outs from Chris Pine and Kenneth Branagh. You can book Jack Ryan: Shadow Recruit IMAX at Showcase Bluewater
Well, he's no Harrison Ford but Chris Pine did a good job as Jack Ryan. Handsome devil, he is.
Jack Ryan played by Alec Baldwin, Harrison Ford, and now Chris Pine. Jack Ryan is Benjamin Button.
Chris Pine and director Kenneth Branagh discuss Jack Ryan: Shadow Recruit in IMAX.
Chris Pine in Jack Ryan: Shadow Recruit in UK cinemas from tomorrow. Our review:
Jack Ryan: Shadow Recruit - Behind the scenes exclusive with Chris Pine! - Nuts News - Game news, film news, all the latest releases in pictures and video.
Chris Pine and Kenneth Branagh talk funny behind the scenes incidents on Jack Ryan: Shadow Recruit:
Chris Pine wears brown tweed two piece suit by Ralph Lauren to London premiere of Jack Ryan: Shadow Recruit
So many photos, so little time. We spotted tons of celebrities out and about and attending events. Chris Pine took his hot self to the UK premiere of Jack Ryan: Shadow Recruit. Stupid movie title, sexy suit. Anna Kendrick was spotted looking cute and buddled up at Sundance today. I want to be her...
Chris Pine and Kenneth Branagh, stars of new Tom Clancy adaptation Jack Ryan, speak to Catherine Shoard
Chris Pine on Kevin Costner's band, Kenneth Branagh spreads a Russian stereotype and Keira Knightley on breaking VHS tapes. It was the European Premiere of 'Jack Ryan: Shadow Recruit' last night in London and we were there.
Fresh off his Best Dressed Man of the Week win, Chris Pine was back on the red carpet, joining co-star Keira Knightley for the ‘Jack Ryan: Shadow Recruit’ London premiere held at Vue Leicester Square on Monday (January 20) evening. …… [ 105 more words. ]
Jack Ryan: Shadow Recruit For people that have followed the life of Jack Patrick Ryan through the books by Tom Clancy and the movies, you may feel that Jack has travelled in time. We know that Jack got his start before 1984 when Tom Clancy's The Hunt for Red October was published and 1986 when that movie was released. In my mind that makes Jack about 60 years old. But contrary to that, this new movie takes place between September 11, 2001 and the present and Jack ages from 20 something to 30 something. Therefore, die hard Jack fans will need to rethink the age. That being said, I really enjoyed this movie. While attending school in England, Jack (Chris Pine) sees the 9/11 events taking place on the Telly and immediately drops out of school to join the marines. As a marine, he becomes a hero when he saves his unit from a helicopter crash caused by a missile strike while in Afghanistan. While recuperating from a back injury as a result of this attack, he meets his future wife, Cathy Muller (Keira Kni ...
We're hanging out at the Jack Ryan premiere tonight. Here's a pic of Chris Pine and Kenneth Branagh.
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Jack Ryan movie recommended. Chris Pine is hot. Kenneth Branagh is an OK action movie director. Chris Pine is hot. Kevin Costner is aging well. Keira Knightley does a good American accent. Did I mention Chris Pine is hot?
I'm a super fan of the character Jack Ryan and Tom Clancy in general. Love the books. Love the movies. I was skeptical of the series reboot, but I went to see it because my husband strong armed me. Chris Pine's is a fantastic Jack Ryan. Fans of the franchise will not be disappointed. Now, it's time for some football!
movie review Jack Ryan: Shadow Recruit-7/10 Once again theyve rebooted the poplar Tom Clancy franchise. This time we see jack ryan as an analyst/opertive for the 1st time and how he was recruited. The movie works well for what they were trying to do with it. Chris Pine is perfect as a younger jack ryan. Kevin Costner is a good mentor to him and has some good comedic and action parts. Keira Knightly was mainly there for eye candy. Now the story was a little slow at times and muddled but ive seen worse. The trailer makes u think their going to go with a Bourne approach but actually they do the opposite. Jack is not this big macho *** kicker that kills 50 guys threw out the movie. When he kills his first person he actually reacts in a realistic way and one of the scenes with chris pine and Kevin Costner right after is one of the best in the movie. Shadow Recruit is a good start to the new year and worth watching. Now they just need to get Splinter Cell right and hopefully it will be.
Jack Ryan is legit just a Chris Pine version of Jack Reacher with a pinch of Keira Knightly
Want to see Jack Ryan cos Chris Pine is just out of this world
Jack Ryan was a pretty good movie with Chris Pine.
To invest time and interest in a Kevin Costner/Chris Pine led Jack Ryan franchise.
Woot woot. Double feature day. Her & Jack Ryan. Joaquin, Costner and Chris pine. Gonna be an eye candy day.
Jack Ryan: Shadow Recruit was alright... Realised that Chris Pine has a watermelon head and Keira Knightley has bad teeth but s'all good.
Chris Pine gets an unexpected visitor in this extended clip from Jack Ryan: In IMAX Friday.
Chris Pine explains how “Jack Ryan: Shadow Recruit” resembles terrorism today: Chris Pine explains how “Jack...
I love Chris Pine as Captain Kirk, but will I love him as Jack Ryan? I'll find out today!
Gah just seen photos of Chris Pine in London from yesterday.I WAS THERE YESTERDAY TOO Couldn't they have had the Jack Ryan premiere then? :p
Jack Ryan is awesome! And I just can't look away from Chris Pine! ❤
Didn't enjoy the story of Jack Ryan so much but *** . I definitely enjoyed Chris Pine
Jack Ryan: Shadow Recruit is an awesome movie. Chris Pine is mighty fine.
I'd like to see Chris Pine to continue as Jack Ryan till Jack becomes the President of the United States.
Saw "Jack Ryan" this evening. Although not written by Tom Clancy, it is based on his characters. The movie is fast paced and holds your interest. Chris Pine plays a young Jack Ryan, Kiera Knightley, his fiancée and Kevin Costner as his CIA boss. Kenneth Branagh does a credible job as a Russian associate turned adversary. Go see it. Laura liked it, too.
Director Kenneth Branagh and Chris Pine bring Tom Clancy's thinking hero in from the Cold War to 2014 in 'Jack Ryan: Shadow Recruit.'
Jack Ryan: Shadow Recruit is looking to be a big disappointment for Paramount Pictures at the Box Office. The film, which cost around $60 million to make and stars Star Trek Into Darkness‘s Chris Pine and Man of Steel‘s Kevin Costner, was expected to make around $20 million for the three-day weekend...
The Tom Clancy inspired Jack Ryan film (directed by Kenneth Branagh) was unfortunately a poor man's Bourne film that couldn't even be saved by Kevin Costner/Keira Knightly/Kenneth & Chris Pine..2/5. Have to go back and watch the Harrison Ford "Jack Ryan" films now just to get the faith in the character back. Nice to be in airconditioning for a couple of hours though :)
Here we go again! Jack Ryan: Shadow Recruit is the 5th film featuring Tom Clancy's CIA analyst. This time Chris Pine takes over the role this time. MikeO wonders why we can't have an American spy as cool as James Bond!
Chris Pine wants you... to see his new movie, Jack Ryan: Shadow Recruit. The real question is- will he be shirtless in it?
MGs Mini Movie Review: JACK RYAN: Shadow Recruit - First of all, Tom Clancy would be rolling in his grave if he knew about this. One thing I like about Clancy is he always made everything plausible...like it could really happen. This story is so far out there, that I was saying...oh please that can't happen...why did he do that...what's that got to do with anything...etc etc. Chris Pine did a good job at the character but he is NOT Jack Ryan (like Ben Affleck was NOT). If they didn't associate with the character, the movie might have been better. It is a fantasy that could never happened but it's not too bad to watch. 3 STARS
Watch the video 'Jack Ryan: Shadow Recruit' Director's Commentary on Yahoo Movies . Kenneth Branagh walks us through filming the hard-hitting fight scene with Chris Pine.
Jack Ryan: Shadow Recruit is in theatres NOW! Get your tickets at bbtheatres.com Chris Pine is the 4th actor to play Jack Ryan. Can you name the other 3?
Our friend Laremy stops by to offer his thoughts on 'Jack Ryan: Shadow Recruit,' which stars Chris Pine as the classic Tom Clancy character.
The dim star wattage in this fifth rehash is palpable from the start, with Chris Pine, on sabbatical from the Star Trek franchise, playing Tom Clancy’s CIA paste job in the Jack Ryan franchise and doing nothing for his career in the trade-off.This overstuffed series of books grown men take to office...
Jack Ryan: Shadow Recruit features a perfectly cast Chris Pine as the legendary character. Our Jack Ryan: Shadow Recruit review says it's an utter blast to watch the actor embody the legendary Tom Clancy hero.
Read our 'Jack Ryan: Shadow Recruit' review to find out if Chris Pine and director Kenneth Branagh deliver a smart and exciting reboot of the famous Tom Clancy character.
Jack Ryan was so entertaining!!! Chris Pine looks lovely. Quite satisfied. .
JACK RYAN: Shadow Recruit is available in two theatrical versions - Chris Pine and Chris Unscented.
Just had a movie date with Gran. Jack Ryan/Chris Pine made it all worth our time. Great movie. Great actors. ❤️🎥
Chris Pine is on a roll these days. Also opening today, 'Jack Ryan: Shadow Recruit.' Here's what Dave Appleford...
Chris Pine steps into a role played by Ben Affleck, Harrison Ford and Alec Baldwin, in "Jack Ryan: Shadow Recruit," and a squirrel concocts a nutty theft in "The Nut Job." 680News film critic Leslie James takes a look at what's new in theatres this weekend.
Chris Pine transitions from "Star Trek" captain to CIA operative. 680News film critic Leslie James reviews "Jack Ryan: Shadow Recruit." Click on the link below to listen!
In today's Hollywood Dirt, Kate Gosselin's kids humiliate her on TV, Shia LaBeouf in another bar fight plus Chris Pine is the new Jack Ryan and other new movies out this weekend! The Smiley Mornin
Jack Ryan (Ahh Chris Pine❤️) with two lovelies and Amila woohoo spazz time!
I can't wait to see Chris Pine play Jack Ryan in b/c he's perfect 4 the role and the movie looks awesome!
Watch 4 minutes from Jack Ryan: Shadow Recruit starring Chris Pine! Experience the suspense in th…
4 new movies this weekend. First we have "Ride Along" starring Kevin Hart & Ice Cube about a cop who tries to scare his sister's boyfriend by taking him along on the job. Then we have a horror movie called "Devil's Due" about a couple with an evil conception. For kids we have "The Nut Job" in 2D & 3D. Finally, "Jack Ryan Shadow Recruit" stars Chris Pine and is a reboot of the Jack Ryan espionage thrillers. There should be something for everyone this week. Next week we have "I, Frankenstein" in 3D.
Opening Friday, 1/17 - Four new movies! Chris Pine as the Tom Clancy hero in "Jack Ryan: Shadow Recruit" Kevin Hart and Ice Cube in the action comedy, "Ride Along" A new family film - the animated comedy "The Nut Job" And the horror film "Devil's Due" We continue with the very popular true life war story, "Lone Survivor"
Chris Pines tells MTV News about playing Jack Ryan: 'He's a man that is tough and rough, but he doesn't normally usually fight.'
Chris Pine is a vocal LGBT ally and while promoting his newest film, Jack Ryan: Shadow Recruit, he criticized Russia’s anti *** legislation.
Chris Pine (L) is Jack Ryan and Kevin Costner (R) is Thomas Harper in "Jack Ryan: Shadow Recruit," from Paramount Pictures and Skydance Productions. (MMXIV Paramount Pictures Corporation)
Chris Pine, my best-dressed male from the Golden Globe Awards, was back out on the red carpet again last night (January 15) attending the premiere for his latest flick ‘Jack Ryan: Shadow Recruit’ held at TCL Chinese Theatre in Hollywood,… [ 66 more words. ]
Chris Pine is the latest A-list star to portray the Tom Clancy character Jack Ryan! Check him out in JACK RYAN: Shadow Recruit!. SBN-06WE
Chris Pine is following in some big footsteps as he takes on the title role in the new action movie, “Jack Ryan: Shadow Recruit.” So, which star does he think of when he hears the name Jack Ryan?
Chris Pine had no worries stepping into the iconic role of Jack Ryan in Jack Ryan: Shadow Recruit. Pine talks about the role and why being Captain Kirk in Star Trek helped him with any nerves about playing well-known chracters.
Chris Pine Denounces U.S. Response To Russia's Anti *** LawNigel Campbell | January 15, 2014 ​Actor Chris Pine is currently making the promotional rounds for his latest film, Jack Ryan: Shadow Recruit, a Tom Clancy based thriller that deals with the tensions between the U.S. and Russia.Pine has his…
Just been reminded that Chris Pine is the new Jack Ryan. Makes me nostalgic for Alec Baldwin. And I never thought I'd say that.
Starting new this Friday, January 17th: "Jack Ryan- Shadow Recruit" starring Chris Pine; and "The Nut Job" with the voices of Will Arnett & Brendan Fraser. We will open at noon on Friday and Monday due to the OCPS holidays.
Chris Pine was BOURNE to play Jack Ryan. The role should really give him IDENTITY and SUPREMACY. The franchise ULTIMATUM has been issued.
Jack Ryan looks like ANOTHER good film.. And Chris Pine is in it :)
I just realized I have to write my essay tonight instead of tomorrow bc tomorrow I'm seeing Jack Ryan thANKS A LOT CHRIS PINE
'Jack Ryan', what would that be like I wonder? Has Chris Pine and Kevin Costner in it so... 😊
Chris Pine on Jack Ryan co-star Kevin Costner. More on the mentor-student relationship (
Chris Pine is the latest actor to play Tom Clancy's CIA analyst Jack Ryan in a new movie out this December:
Chris Pine and Kevin Costner come together in this clip from Jack Ryan: Shadow Recruit.
In this new Jack Ryan: Shadow Recruit clip, Jack Ryan (Chris Pine) is trying to outrun some bad guys and his CIA mentor William Harper (Kevin Costner) comes to his aide. Check it out.
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I think Chris Pine will make a fine Jack Ryan...
Are you excited to see Chris Pine & Kevin Costner team up in Jack Ryan: Shadow Recruit? |
Well hello, Hermione. Er, Emma Watson. And Chris Pine aka the new Jack Ryan.
Laugh it up, Chris Pine. You're one more Jack Ryan: Shadow Recruit away from getting Worthingtoned.
Check me out starring alongside Chris Pine in our new movie Jack Ryan: Shadow Recruit. I am one of the people running somewhere in the back
Chris Pine avoided reading and "wacky banter." I guess when ur Captain Kirk and Jack Ryan u can pull pimp moves like that.
Chris Pine wanted a little advice before he signed on to his upcoming film Jack Ryan: Shadow Recr...
Chris Pine looking HANDSOME on the red carpet, he's going to make a great Jack Ryan!
Chris Pine is the new Jack Ryan...WoW! I love the Tom Clancy Character.
Jack Ryan: Shadow Recruit premieres this Thursday at 9:15pm! Don't miss Chris Pine, Kevin Costner, and Keira Knightley in this new action thriller!
Chris Pine is the next Jack Ryan in the Tom Clancy book series. Hhmm...don't know if he can beat Harrison Ford.
An exclusive clip from Jack Ryan: Shadow Recruit, showing Chris Pine's first kill as the agent in a stunning bathroom fight scene, and then Kevin Costner's c...
Which films are you looking forward to in 2014?? It's another big year for films. We have plenty of Blockbusters to look forward to this year including some great comedies and a couple of superhero movies. Here's the run-down... This month alone we have '12 Years A Slave' (released today), 'The Wolf of Wall Street' starring Leo Di Caprio, Stallone/De Niro facing off in 'Grudge Match', Chris Pine playing Jack Ryan in 'Jack Ryan: Shadow Recruit' and Christian Bale, Casey Affleck & Zoe Saldana film 'Out of the Furnace'. February brings Ralph Fiennes' directed 'The Invisible Woman', 'Labor Day' starring Kate Winslet and Josh Brolin, the 'Robocop' reboot, the film adaptation of 'The Book Thief', hilarious looking animation 'The Lego Movie' and new Liam Neeson action film 'Non-Stop'. Moving onto March, a bit of a lull but we still have the '300' sequel 'Rise Of An Empire', Ice Cube comedy 'Ride Along', 'Muppets Most Wanted', Darren Aronofsky directed biblical epic 'Noah' starring Russell Crowe and the highly an ...
Kenneth Branagh and Chris Pine attend the UK film premiere of 'Jack Ryan: Shadow Recruit' on Jan 20th
Jack Ryan: Shadow Recruit pits Chris Pine up against a terror organization that will have him fighting for his life! Catch it in cinemas Jan 16!
Screen Rant visits the set of 'Jack Ryan: Shadow Recruit' and chats with star Chris Pine about the reboot and potential sequels.
Hit the jump to see a new clip from the spy-thriller, Jack Ryan: Shadow Recruit. It features Chris Pine and Kenneth Branagh's characters having a battle of wits. Also, a new featurette introducing "Cathy," who is being played by English actress, Keira Knightley.
Chris Pine stars as agent Jack Ryan in the upcoming action flick based on the infamous Tom Clancy novels - WATCH NOW
unfortunately I don't think Jack Ryan will be anything but a flop. Chris Pine doesn't seem to have enough star power alone.
Chris Pine goes operational in a new clip from Jack Ryan: Shadow Recruit:
Chris Pine makes Jack Ryan his own on the 'Shadow Recruit' set. Read more here: (HT
Chris Pine talks about playing Jack Ryan – United International Pictures and Solar Entertainment
Lainey Gossip|Chris Pine at LAX ahead of release of Jack Ryan: Shadow Recruit
Jack Ryan unveils two new preview clips
Chris Pine taking on the role of Jack Ryan (one of the main characters from Tom Clancy novels)... there is some thing that I am not feeling too good about this. I feel that the actor is just a little too young for that role.
'Shadow Recruit' *ing Chris Pine as a young Jack Ryan will be watched by me if for nothing than to pay homage to Tom Clancy.
Jack Ryan: Shadow Recruit has released a new clip featuring stars Chris Pine and Kevin Costner. The clip, You're Operational, shows how Jack Ryan is now ready to be a full fledged agent.
Chris Pine as Captain Kirk and Jack Ryan... The very thought makes me smile. I love his eyes and his sarcastic smile!
Keira Knightley and Chris Pine show that being married to a secret agent isn't easy in sneak peek at Jack Ryan: Shadow Recruit
Jack Ryan series continues 2013 with Chris Pine, behind the scenes interview for a new spy thriller. Jack Ryan official trailer, Coming Soon!
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Chris Pine keeps it cool and casual as he arrives at LAX Airport with his rumored new girlfriend Iris Bjork Johannesdottir on Tuesday (January 7) in Los Angeles. The 33-year-old Jack Ryan: Shadow Recruit actor and the 23-year-old Icelandic model kept close as they tried to avoid photographers exitin
Jack Ryan was played by Alec Baldwin, then Harrison Ford, then Ben Affleck, now Chris Pine. first he ages a lot, now he's getting younger
If Chris Pine does not introduce himself at least once in his new movie as "Jack Ryan, Shadow Recruit," I will be bitterly disappointed.
Thinking that Chris Pine is going to make an amazing Jack Ryan can't wait for movie Jan 17
Totally, 100% approve of Chris Pine as the young Jack Ryan. *swoon*
Clip of Chris Pine as Jack Ryan in the reboot of the Tom Clancy classic:
Robocop 1/12 An extremely unnecessary and uninspired looking reboot of an 80’s classic. That’s all I’m gonna say about it. Miss this.   Jack Ryan: Shadow Recruit 1/17 At first glance this looks like just another reboot attempt at a forgotten franchise (ahem Robocop I’m looking at you), but with a good cast: Chris Pine, Kevin Costner, Keira Knightley (heart flutters) and Kenneth Branagh as the antagonist AND director, this could be pretty good. Two things worry me: 1. Russia (or a rogue Russian?) appears to be the bad guy again, haven’t we moved past this? 2. The use of shakycam in action scenes, like the use of “bullet-time” in the early 2000’s, should really, really come to an end. Still, check it out.   Pompeii 1/21 From Paul W.S. Anderson, the man who gave us Death Race, Alien vs. Predator, the Resident Evil series, and DOA: Dead on Arrival comes a bad CGi-fest about the doomed ancient city. If that actually sounds good to you, then we can no longer be friends. Skip.   The Monument ...
In this new clip for \'Jack Ryan: Shadow Recruit,\' Chris Pine\'s new version of the character is welcomed to the spy game in a stressful way.
Chris Pine is set to return to an action role this new year as he takes over the part of Jack Ryan.
I Am Rogue: Chris Pine is 'Jack Ryan: Shadow Recruit' in a Mega-Clip and on 3 Posters
I had no idea Chris Pine was playing the next Jack Ryan!
Did you know that there's a new Jack Ryan movie coming out? And it has Chris Pine instead of Ben Affleck! Much better choice!
Chris Pine Goes for the Kill in 'Jack Ryan' Extended Scene (Video) The scene shows the analyst-turned-agent handling his first gunman just before meeting his mentor, played by Kevin Costner. Paramount has released an extended, action-packed scene …
Watch Game of Thrones’ in clip from Jack Ryan: Shadow Recruit w/ Chris Pine -
Watch Chris Pine make his first kill in this tough four-minute clip from Jack Ryan: Shadow Recruit: …
Chris Pine is going to be James Kirk AND Jack Ryan? Lucky!
Watch this exclusive extended look at Jack Ryan: Shadow Recruit
Jack Ryan (Chris Pine) could certainly write up a poor Yelp review about the service at his Moscow hotel. In our extended "Jack Ryan: Shadow Recruit" megaclip above, Ryan gets shown to his hotel suite by a seemingly helpful man named Emree (Nonso Anozie aka Xaro Xhoan Daxos from "Game of Thrones").…
Jack Ryan: Shadow Recruit star Chris Pine says that working with Lindsay Lohan on a past film was "a real cyclone of insanity." And here we thought that LiLo's life was always so low key. Perhaps his comments actually shed some light on why our Mean Girl turned into Drama…
Yahoo! Movies premiered a new clip from the upcoming Tom Clancy adaptation with Chris Pine playing the classic Jack Ryan charater. In the …
// // A few hours ago Hollywood star Chris Pine, who is famous for playing Captain Kirk in the Star Wars movies and who recently played CIA agent Jack Ryan, spoke to The Hollywood Reporter about th...
Chris Pine is back as the leading man of his second franchise with Jack Ryan: Shadow Recruit and talks stardom in the latest issue of The Hollywood Reporter.
Mike's 2014 movie preview analysis - Part 1: The Bombs Potential Bombs: The Legend of Hercules - Crappy DTV cheapie directed by noted schlock director Renny Harlin. Also Kellan Lutz of Twilight fame isn't a Box Office draw. Jack Ryan: Shadow Recruit - The marketing for Jack Ryan has taken many cues from the JJ Abrams school, specifically Star Trek Into Darkness. The poster features angry Chris Pine in plain black t-shirt and jeans, emphasizing his 'rogue' military status. Also the typeface for the title and placement of several lens flares suggest an even closer thematic connection. These signs point to the film having little identity of its own, and definitively doing little to distinguish itself to casual viewers. I, Frankenstein - Bad, bad SyFy Channel premise coupled with half baked CGI, from the creators of the equally vapid Underworld franchise. Also, it was shot in Australia so there's going to be lots of poorly disguised Sydney locales and an all Australian supporting cast (ie. Yvonne Strahovski, ...
The delayed Jack Ryan, starring Chris Pine, is almost ready for theatrical release. New poster, watch the trailer, and more. CLICK HERE
Kevin Costner and Chris Pine interview Aubie for 'Jack Ryan' and Bowl Championship promotions...
Paramount Pictures have released another poster for THOR director Kenneth Branagh's Jack Ryan, featuring Chris Pine (Star Trek Into Darkness), Kevin Costner (Man of Steel) and Keira Knightley (Pirates of the Caribbean). Hit the jump to check it out!
The return of Jack Ryan: Kenneth Branagh and Chris Pine reboot the Tom Clancy franchise
Chris Pine as Jack Ryan: like or dislike? It's going to be hard to fill Harrison Ford's shoes
The new Jack Ryan adventure, based on the popular Tom Clancy character, picks up with Jack (Chris Pine) in his pre-CIA days, working on Wall Street as a fina...
Chris Pine as the new Jack Ryan, I like it.
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Chris Pine is not Jack Ryan. Just dosnt fit to me
I will be seeing the Jack Ryan movie with Chris Pine the day it opens. Who's with me?
Chris Pine, Keira Knightley and Kevin Costner star in Jack Ryan: Shadow Recruit on 1/17!
Chris Pine has been tossed the keys to two of Hollywood's most profitable franchises – reinventing Captain Kirk in Star Trek and now relaunching Tom Clancy's spy games as Jack Ryan. Don't worry, he can handle it.
Chris Pine is the new Jack Ryan?!? Awesome I can wait... The best news for the franchise since Alec Baldwin did the first one.
Chris Pine as Jack Ryan in Shadow Recruit. It comes out in January and looks like lots of action. The movie also has Kevin Costner.
Who can you trust? Chris Pine is Jack Ryan: Shadow Recruit. See it in theaters 1/17!
Chris Pine playing Jack Ryan movie FINALLY coming out
Just saw an ad for the new Jack Ryan movie. Chris Pine has that "tough guy" face so frozen-on I thought it was an ad for STD at first. I honestly want to NOT pick on the actors from the reboot but just a look at the guy's face and I'm having horrifying flashbacks.
The earlly days of Jack Ryan in the CIA with Chris Pine, Kenneth Brannagh, Keira Knightly and Kevin Costner. Opens Jan. 2014
Harrison Ford, Alec Baldwin, Ben Aflack, and now Chris Pine have all been Jack Ryan. Hmm.
Just saw Chris Pine is the new Jack Ryan! SWEET! In other news, *** Walking Dead?!
Chris Pine, 33, sported a special effects bruise on the set of Horrible Bosses 2 yesterday in Los Angeles. The Star Trek actor and UC Berkeley alumnus will star as Tom Clancy character, Jack Ryan (played most famously by Harrison … Continue reading… [ 42 more words. ]
Chris Pine is going up against Mother Russia in “Jack Ryan: Shadow Recruit.” Opens January 2014
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