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Jack Robinson

John William Jack Robinson (22 April 1870 – 28 October 1931), was a professional footballer who played for, among others Derby County, Southampton and England.

Martin Kelly Andre Wisdom Conor Coady Adam Morgan Jordan Ibe Samed Yesil Oussama Assaidi Stoke City Muhammad Ali Brendan Rodgers Sheffield United Swindon Town Nathan Eccleston Derby County White Lightning Ryan McLaughlin Queens Park Rangers

... Off the top of my head: Babe Ruth, Christy Mathewson, Jack Robinson, Muhammad Ali, and Curt Flood.
You are pulled in opposite directions today because you truly ... More for Taurus
So the class teacher ordered me with cain in her hand to strip and b4 I cud say Jack Robinson, I did. Shamefully, pitifully.
Thanks to the fantastic Andy Robinson at J&A Cameras Ltd for these brilliant production shots of our pantomime, Jack and the Beanstalk.
I love this movie,. Jack Roosevelt Robinson, the only.dodger player ive ever been fond of 👏
Robinson: "'There is so much to be grateful for, words are poor things,'...then he said Amen and patted Jack's hand. 'Yes,' he said. 'Yes.'"
How long does it take to conspiracies to show up in a comment section? Faster than you can say "Jack Robinson did 9/11"
“Jovon Robinson, nation's top junior college recruit, enrolls at Auburn shoulda watched him in milly
The First Afro american baseball player to ever play in the MLB .
ICM o. She was entering, then won ja gba and ran away before she could even say Jack Robinson. Too funny.
Kiesza (+ Porter Robinson (both offered a tribute to and our no. 10 AOTY:
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Wednesday night at The Gaslight Tavern - Jack Robins, Joseph Moore and David Robinson, playing with his duo Yours Truly. $5 drinks specials!
“INTERCEPTION! On 3rd & 8 at the CHI 9-yd line, Cutler intercepted by Patrick Robinson
I hope we recall Jack Robinson for next year - from WATRB
Here's a thought.going from Windows XP to Windows 8.1 is an experience that will cause you to immediately drive to the nearest liquor store and buy a case of the meanest, baddest, hardest booze you can find then guzzle it down faster than you can say "Jack Robinson". WHY did the fools in Washington state need to reinvent the wheel? Go figure.
You give me a uniform, you give me a number on my back, I will give you the guts.. -Jack Robinson
Before u say jack robinson its monday,time doesnt fly anymore it disappears.
“For Michael Jackson has 6 and Cameron Robinson has 5 (All FTs) jack !
ohmrgrey: Which actress/actor for: Elena Lincoln (Mrs. Robinson) and Jack Hyde ..would you like to see in...
About to watch my niece at Partington Theatre Glossop in panto as Robinson Crusoe & my big bro as cptn Jack. Excited.
Always look forward to hearing great content from Jack Robinson every Friday on Concise and newsworthy!
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Peter Robinson name checks Jack Kyle and speaks of sport being a "force of reconciliation"
"All over Baltimore County, all over North Carolina, there's lots of wiggly streams that don't do jack." .
Idk if hoopla before a game is the best idea but it does sound amazing right now
following in the footsteps of John Robinson.
She's all laid up in bed with a broken heart, while I'm drinking jack all alone in my local bar.🎶
in playoffs cam or m ryan. Need 2 wr out of robinson, benjamim, v-jack, j landry?
When dis christian brothers ask to share the word I just tell them am Muslim and they wud ex b4 I say jack Robinson... Works like magic
INTERNATIONAL R'S: Left-back Jack Robinson trains with Roy Hodgson's squad at
Couldn't celebrate that goal because A) I was making scrambled egg on toast and B) Kieran O'Regan called Jack Robinson, 'Jake Robinson'.
The fact both Jordan Ibe and Jack Robinson are in the pic should tell you this isn't a new one!!
Don't think enough has been made of the fact Jack Robinson is definitely a better left-back than Paul Dixon
With Tim Atkins and Jack Robinson at Whangarei Boys High which hosted a candidates' forum today.
First Martin Kelly now Jack Robinson. Actually gutted about them both leaving permanently.
Good luck to Jack Robinson. Last Robinson Signed from was Michael Robinson. VIDEO of HIS goal at
Brighton have been linked with a season-long loan move for Liverpool left-back Jack Robinson.
Brighton want to bring in Liverpool left back Jack Robinson on a season loan.
I met her at the viewing centre, I had only on me, i took her to a restaurant. so we can discuss very well, after paying the okad man I was left with hoping to buy two bottles of malt worth but before I could shout jack Robinson, she has taken the liberty and ordered for two bottles of small stout a full plate of pepper soup a packet of hollandia yogurt (I was screaming inside ) i just sat there speechless watching as she was enjoying her self, and to rob salt to injury) she requested for an extra beer, i was thinking,how did I get to this sorry state and how to avoid the pending embarrassment when she provided the opportunity!! She now requested lovingly that I should get her worth of suya from the Aboki man to enable her wash down the achoholic content! Ori iya mi o! I lovingly accepted and excitedly stepped out side, And heaved a sigh of relief!! What do you think should be my next line of action? Answer with your Church mind ooo please! LOBATAN
Jack Robinson's on the bench for Liverpool tonight. Wonder what he thought of Clarke's goal
Rodgers doesn't have much faith in Jack Robinson by starting Johnston at left back in pre season. Enrique isn't being rushed.
Yeah it's PE, but there ain't no Dodgin them. From the home of Jack Robinson where they Jack-Rob-n-…
Personally Im going 3-2 Jack Robinson hat trick and Rodgers to KO Van Gaal
ah you got me there, erh.. Jack Robinson?;)
1-1 United wins in PKs but only after Jack Robinson breaks Rooney's leg.
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"can't believe Jack Rodwell has failed his medical, ffs.". Hes very average mate, Ki is better
Jack Roosevelt Robinson's middle name was in honor of Teddy Roosevelt who died just before "Jackie" was born. |
When dispatch came out and the first song was Out Loud and then it went into Mrs. Robinson, I knew it was going to be a sick set.
Just found out our new softball coaches name is Jack Daniels.😅😛💙💛
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Yes, because we want Flanagan as a RB. That only leaves Jose Enrique & Jack Robinson for LB.
Yo Kerala. Will be back (in a likewise imposed fashion), "before you can say Jack Kayamkulam Kochchunni Robinson" :)
think Robinson and Johnson might leave Jack on loan tho
Remembering CQMS Jack Robinson DCM, of the 9th Battalion Royal Irish Fusiliers (Grandad) and all those who went to war on our behalf.
Jack Robinson is with Liverpool in the US and seems to be playing well. Not sure if they will send him out on loan again
What does the future hold for Jack Robinson?
Rubio LaVine Wiggins plus my boy Gorgui Dieng and even Glen Robinson III has major bounce
and follow for a chance to win this Jackie Robinson vintage T-Shirt! Announce winner tomorrow!.
*** Jack - you looked so much better with your hair like the left photo.
turns out I didn't make up the word jawgasm it's already a hashtag!
Jack Z sitting in his office wondering why Robinson Cano and Kendrys Morales can't score enough runs on their own to win ball games.
Why would be interested in Jack Robinson when we've just signed Oriol and we also got Dunne as back up??
Two more subs for as Jack O'Connell and Adam Henley replace Josh King and Tom Cairney. Paul Robinson just made stunning save.
Jack Robinson will never make it at Liverpool.
little joe looked good. Milan were god awful though. Just like Jack Robinson and Lucas!
An man's body, a city steeped in corruption. Can Jack Munday solve the unsolvable or will the truth remain concealed?
Jack Robinson needs to leave I don't think he's gonna be good enough
Jack Robinson gets corner flag in his face during Guinness Champions Cup. (via
Liverpool's Jack Robinson gets his face filled with the corner flag as A.C. Milan's Mbaye Niang.
Imagine if there was a holocaust and Martin Kelly and Jack Robinson were our only full backs
Yet to see Jack Robinson play and be impressed. Is he still out youngest ever player?
Watching the Roma game back, Jack Robinson looked half decent.
not as bad as, Brad jones, Jack Robinson. Conar Cody, Adam Phillips. Kristof Peterson all who played yesterday
He managed Jack Robinson and thinks he's a right-back. Every time he mentions Lambert it's always "target man, headers" etc.
SUBS: Suso and Jack Robinson on; Rickie Lambert and Martin Kelly off for
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“Gov. Shettima is finally exonerated” If there is a politician I revere most in this our country today, is the Kanuri born Governor Kashim Shettima of Borno State, whom I also refer to as the Generalissimo of the Civilian JTF. He has put in a gallant fight in mitigating the menace of the Boko Haram insurgents on his people. The civilian JTF is his brain child using the meager available resources, local intelligence, encouraging and challenging the youths to come out and defend themselves and their communities or else nobody will do it for them. It was a clarion call that was massively responded to immediately. When the activities of the insurgence were getting out of hand and started taking a more deadly dimension, with daily loss of lives and property, Governor Shettima cried out telling the government that the insurgents are better equipped than the Nigerian military and therefore the need for urgent and more strategic intervention. Before you say Jack Robinson the noisy hornbills of the Aso Villa . ...
WHY PDP CONQUOR EKITI I was dazed by the flurry of reactions of the media and political analysts to the just-concluded governorship election in Ekiti, especially as it concerned the outcome. While some argued that the election was not free and fair, others shouted them down, claiming the whole exercise was the best ever conducted in Nigeria! Because of these discordant tunes and the need to do a thorough analysis of what really transpired I chose not to join the fray at the earlier time. I deemed it more auspicious to sit back and watch as events unfolded and do a wrap-up at a later date. And that is exactly what I have done with this piece. From the investigations and analysis I carried out, I can state without any equivocation that, the Ekiti Governorship election was generally free and fair, having been conducted under tight security and less violence and in accordance with the law guiding elections in Nigeria. Even an average Ekiti person saw the election as free and fair. The wide margin between the ...
Nooo let’s give Jack Robinson more playing time instead, he may turn out like Flanagan did
What's the best movie you've seen lately? — 42-jack robinson /transformers
I love the scene where Jack draws Rose naked, it's beautiful
Life is good... Get me some more.. @ Tobaccology
New sig p320... Guns and a cook out ... All American ... @ Tobaccology
Jack Johnson, Ed Sheeran, Porter Robinson, Panic at the Disco, and One Direction in the next couple months! 😎😍❤️
yeah would be decent. we got wisdom, flanno, johnson, Enrique, hopefully Moreno and we even have jack Robinson too for RB/LB.
oh, Jack Robinson. whyfore all the angst? writing Sunday.
Lose Jose Enrique & Jack Robinson. Sentiments aside, they're unlikely to cut it. Bring in Moreno & Ben Davies. Flanagan to RB. Result.
Was asked in a grocery store if I might consider working security for ... Now there's a voice that ma…
if we get both we'll probably sell Jack Robinson then?
realy want a 42 arm band for softball , b/c i don't think i'll be able to get that jersey b/c Jack Robinson retired it . ✌❤⚾
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Huge Selection of Helmets at Low Prices
before anyone could say, ‘Jack Robinson,’ he gave me several severe slaps on my face, and started fighting me, and I sprang up in defense
Nothing! If it was some african country, Sanctions would be in effect before you could say jack robinson.
I think BR needs to give a chance to Jack Robinson he can be the new Flano
brilliant at the Emirates against Arsenal too. Him and Jack Robinson.
A man in a million. Jack Robinson had a high opinion of the honour of women, especially Phryne’s. He had never...
The lock on Monica and Chandler's flat
. The other half of the Countdown clock
checked in at BJ's Restaurant & Brewhouse in VA - Gainesville and earned points on their BJ's Premier Rewards card.
Lovely feed back just received from Bev Robinson . Hi All,. My son,Jack had a wonderful birthday party at squirrel...
Notice how UKIP Jack went for one of the black players on the Ecuador team. He's the new Tommy Robinson.
If my aunt hugs me one more time I'll slap a restraining order on her *** faster than she can say Jack Robinson.
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CD cover for Jack Robinson's new CD. He loved it! I am so happy! I can't wait until the CD comes out. :)
"At a less dangerous hour, in a less lethal dress." Jack Robinson. That look on your face. I can't even.
I swear every time I'm at Robinson Monicals I always see someone I know! Lol
JACK ROBINSON. Before one could say Jack Robinson; a saying to express a very short time, originating from a very volatile (1/2)
Your stubborn behavior could serve you well if you're travelin... More for Taurus
Plug the small 2.5mm jack into the adapter, then plug the mic cable from your astros into that, and the mix amp.
My leaving t-shirt the work lot have given me. I will live by this motto for the rest of my days.
... quicker than you can say Jack Robinson.
I'm like Si Robinson from duck dynasty I don't care about what you think about my opinions JACK! 💂
Remember when Paul Merson said Jack Robinson would be the next Ashley Cole? That went well, didn't it? case you didn't know...I'm currently writing a Teen Titans web series. I don't have people to play a few key roles! I am currently looking for... *** Grayson , 27, an attractive, dark-haired ex-gymnast who is wise beyond his years, and in fantastic shape. Rose Wilson, 19, an attractive, fearless, expertly trained martial artist with a dark past. Jack Robinson, 47, a neurotic middle-aged master chemist and strategist who slowly disintegrates into total madness. Barbara Gordon, 25, *** s girlfriend, an attractive, kind-hearted, tech-savvy, and expertly trained martial artist who works as a data consultant for the FBI. Bruce Wayne, 42, an attractive, dark, and mysterious billionare, philanthropist, and entrepeneur. Somewhat of a father figure to multiple characters in the show, but hides a dark secret. Floyd Lawton, 20, a brutally sarcastic and formidable opponent, and one of the world's best snipers/sharpshooters. Duela Dent, 16, a very confused and violent high-school girl who may or may not be t . ...
Those Liverpool prospects potentially on the loan list for Jack Robinson, Jordan Ibe, Samed Yesil.
it's almost as bad as jack Robinson wearing number 10 in the u21 world championships
Keep Billy Jack Billy Jack Robinson in your prayers. He's just now coming out of a six hour by-pass operation
*PLEASE FOLLOW THIS STORY TO THE END* "THE ADVENTURES OF OKPOTO" EPISODE ONE (1) I woke up one morning at exactly 8:00am. Everyone had left the home already. I was feeling very hungry! Fortunately for me I found (N20) 20 naira note in my pocket. If I bought "Akara" N20, it would sustain me for a while. The hunger was already eating the walls of my small intestine. Without brushing my teeth, I got up, hanged my singlet on my shoulders and proceeded. On my way to the joint where a woman fries this "Akara," I hit my left toe on stone. As I bent down to touch the toe, my N20 fell down. Before I would shout Jack Robinson, a small boy of about the age of 10 had picked it and was running away. With the hungry anger burning in me, I started chasing him. My singlet fell from my shoulder but I didn't care. I chased the little *** not minding his age until we got to the market square. I couldn't catch up with him coz his running was ziz-zag. I got so irritated that I pulled my slippers and threw at him. I missed m . ...
Showed jack the mountain of new clothes I got today and he hasn't asked for a divorce :') hehe love you Jack Robinson x
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*OKPOTO'S WAYWARD LIFE* EPISODE TWO (2) After all the talkings, my stubborn dad didn't enroll me in school until after 3 good yrs. By this time I was already 15 years. I was enrolled in primary one, in a private school. I was the biggest pupil in my class. Because of this, I was always quite; always keeping my cool and ofcourse, always acting matured. One afternoon when I returned from school, I discovered the door was locked. I went to ask our neighbour, Mrs. Lateefah, if my mum left the house key with her. She answered yes but said she's busy inside, that I should enter the room to get it. When I went in, she told me to check the top of the wardrobe. I checked and found the key but as I was just about to go out, she bounced the door. She begged me to do it. I said, "NO!" Before I could shout Jack Robinson, Mrs. Lateefah pushed me on the bed- her matrimonia bed. I told her I couldn't possibly do it. I tried hard to resist her but I was weak. She overpowered me.and... . . . And. . . ... . .. And we did it ...
since you introduced me to qwertee it's now part of my daily routine to check do I wanna spend money!! *** you! :P
So there's a footballer named Jack Robinson?? Lmao
Just wanted to say Thank you to Mrs Shaw Mrs Cooper and Mr Robinson for giving Jack a fun filled week away
Yeah but you'd never admit that he's better than Bucks greats Jack Sikma, Big Dog Robinson and Sidney Moncrief
Shout out to my Robinson boys though, congrats on that title
I heard Jackie Robinson didnt even play baseball it was a myth
Howard vs Robinson. Played for and against both of them. Both went to St. John's. Crazy at bat right now
still had great players , Robinson , vel *** , avery johnson , young duncan , come on , i'll give you 2nd best after phil jack
Happy Father's Day to this guy. He rules. @ Jack Robinson Gallery
1 I guess Connor said it goes from 1-3 but that seems too long
Wut tha fuq but you said dads earlier
“You know Lebron is jealous of David Robinson's hairline. gettin popular
JT Meyer gets one back for Langley, But Jack Rowlett answers for the Rams. 8-3 Robinson
*THE ADVENTURES OF CARLTON* EPISODE TEN (10) *THE FINAL EPISODE* I successfully bounced out of that enviroment I stole a yellow T-Shirt. The owner of the shirt never did saw me but the shirt landed me in hot soup (in trouble). While I was still bouncing along the road side, a young guy of about the same hight as me ran pass me and threw an envelope on me. Not knowing what was happening, I grabbed the envelope. I opened it and saw plenty of money. While I was still standing like a confused goat, a disorderly crowd bumped into me screaming, "He is the thief! That's the envelope with him!" I Explained to them with tears in my eyes that I was innocent, that the real thief threw the envelope on me. They would have believed me if not for the coincidence of yellow shirt. Actually, the real thief was also putting on yellow T-Shirt. Before I could shout Jack Robinson, a fat woman who claimed to be the owner of the envelope walked up to me, gave me a mighty slap and told the crowd I was the thief who snatched her e ...
Here is my cold water challenge... Got called out by Sidney Renea Hart... I'm donating to my truck fund... I'm calling out Deborah S Dalton Wagers Chris Miller Jack Robinson Dylan Vance.. Gina Sandlin Baker Coleman Hudson
Happy Father's Day to all of the amazing moms/dads who take the role offline sure your babies are taken care of. Even those who are parents to their fur babies. Lol. Jack Robinson you are the best *** dad I could ever ask for, you have always gone above and beyond to make sure your kids are taken are of!!! I know brave, strength, and Love all because my daddy showed me!!! I am o e blessed girl to have such an amazing man that I call daddy!!! Also thank you Cory Patterson for my babies!! And doing what you can for them, your awesome!!! I love y'all!!! Let me add this just so everyone knows the difference. Any man can be a father but it takes a real man to be a daddy!!
Banana Republic Alhaji Dankwabo ruled Banana Republic for 38 years as a military leader before democracy was brought in. He has a young man called Shuaib. Alhaji gives Shuaib crumbs; after all his political allies and associates must have eaten to their fullest, Shuaib will pack the leftovers. They will also give him some coins for his pocket money. That is the way Alhaji sustains his reign among the people. The people neither cherish education or knowledge; all they want is to die for Alhaji. He neither creates jobs for them nor encourages them to be useful leaders so as not to make them independent. Shuaib hates Emeka and Tunde because Alhaji doesn't speak well of Oga Uzor and Chief Babawale in private. Oga Uzor is an astute businessman in Banana Republic. He has chains of businesses. He uses Emeka like his tissue paper. Emeka earns little from him but he is smart. He tries to create his own business but Chief Uzor has stiffened the business climate in such a way that it would consume any newcomer easil ...
FANTASTIC WEEKEND ..ended with an EELS win ..sleep well tonight . NITE BEAUTIFUL PEOPLE.(you too Jack Robinson.).
Happy first fathers day Jack Robinson! Me and isla love you lots and lots 💜☺
Happy 1st Father's Day daddy 😘👣 I love you lots and lots and your the best daddy I could ask for ❤️ love you to the sky and back Lucas warren Xxx Jack Robinson
I want to take time this evening and thank you all for the lovely Birthday wishes they helped make my day. I want to thank Chantelle and Jim for the main celebration with gifts and food. The burgers were awesome and the broccoli salad yummy. I want to make a special shout out to my quartet...yes this afternoon I was sung to by Kathy Hazen, Nicole Hazen, Elizabeth Robinson and Jack Robinson. That was a very first for me. Thanks guys.
I Just finished rereading Henry David Thoreau's Walden and Civil Disobedience. It is one of those books a person should reread at different stages in life. I often give copies away to youngsters who want to start enjoying reading along with Hermann Hesse's Siddhartha and Richard Bach's Jonathan Livingston Seagull. Notes from book: I didn't realize the word plastic is not modern the saying, "quicker than Jack Robinson" is not a baseball reference, but even older, referring to a judge or executioner at the Tower of London both Thoreau and Ralph Waldo Emerson were into the Bhagavad Gita- Thoreau had a thing against Chipmunks!
Stil on this Achor Omodu came alive yesterday. You would recall that over the last days, the harsh tag Know went viral on the social media. It was suspense-filled to say the least. Before you could say Jack Robinson, Nigerians and lovers of Nigeria made concerted effort to know what it was all about. They signed in. Yes, Nigerians were interested in the Fellow Nigerians, Gov. Chibuike Rotimi Amaechi has gone beyond the geographical location called Rivers State. The very core of was captured in three words, CHARACTER, COURAGE and COMPASSION. These are the traceable attributes of the Governor of Rivers State, Rt. Hon. Chibuike Rotimi Amaechi. This intrepid governor has brought with him, candour and finesse in democratic governance in Nigeria. In fact, in him, Nigerians accentuate without equivocation that the governor, also known as CRA is the face of a new Nigeria where the people are no longer taken for granted. In fact, his actions have given hope to Nigerians. believes that government at all levels mus ...
E-News Letter - Sunday, May 25, 2014 through Saturday May 31, 2014 [ NEWS FLASH ] * Paul Hamilton 1945 - 2014 o Thanks to all who contributed to Paul Hamilton’s “Celebration Of Life” hosted at the Balmy Beech Club in Toronto’s Beaches district. Tyler Hamilton and his sister and brother in law, Tracey and Alan Boriska along with their mother, Joanne King were the principal organizers. What a celebration is was. It was best described by Tyler’s long-time friend; Carlos Constantino, “This was an amazing celebration for an amazing man. Many tears. Laughter, singing and dancing. A room filled with people that loved him. I know you were partying with us Paul!!! RIP”. Special thanks to the guest performers; Laura Robinson, Virgil Scott, Robbie Lane, Sonnie Bernardi, Bob Fletcher and Jack Robinson. Special thanks to Al Boriska and his two daughters, Chandler and Carleigh for surprising everyone with their amazing vocal harmony. Paul will most certainly be missed. But he will never be forgotten. [ TH ...
Scots are now flying at the Golden Shears as the open semi finalists have just been announced - leading the pack is defending champion Gavin Mutch with Hamish Mitchell also making the grade. Otherwise we have Ivan Scott, Johnny Kirkpatrick, Rowland Smith, Gareth Daniel, Richard Jones, Jack Robinson, Tom Kennedy, Shannon Warnest, Adam Berry and Jason Wingfield. The semi finals kick off tomorrow at 11.35. Gavin and Hamish will also represent Scotland in the team competition against New Zealand, Ireland, Wales, Australia and Northern Ireland at 1pm tomorrow. More success for our wool handlers too as Leanne Bertram and Kirsty Donald take on the welsh and New Zealand teams at 4.15. Coming up next are the all nations junior, intermediate, ladies, senior, wool handling, blade and open finals.
NIGERIAN teenage sensation Jordan Ibe is on course to be introduced into the Liverpool first team after manager Brendan Rodgers revealed that he is impressed with the 17-year old's performance in the youth team. Of late, the Liverpool academy has been producing a lot of talent with the likes of Andre Wisdom, Suso, Raheem Sterling, Adam Morgan, Jack Robinson and Jerome Sinclair all coming through the ranks. Mr Rodgers believes that Ibe can follow in their footsteps and become a fully fledged professional next season. Liverpool recognized Ibe’s talent and just before Christmas in 2011 when he was playing for Wycombe Wanderers as a 15-year old and signed him. Frank McParland, Liverpool’s academy director, said he has been impressed with Ibe, who scored two goals in the FA Youth Cup victory over Leeds and singled him out for praise. Mr McParland added: “It is great to be in the next round and of course, Jordon’s performance was excellent. He has been doing really well for the reserves this year ...
Scott beats dramatic odds at Donard From Doug Laing, media officer, Shearing Sports New Zealand May 11, 2014 Ivan Scott gave a serious pointer to his prospects of elevating Ireland to the top of World shearing at the GoldenShears World Championships next week when he won a dramatic Leinster shearing championships final today at the Donard Shears, Co Wicklow. On a bitterly cold day marking the opening of the competition season throughout the UK in a farm shed near Enniscorthy, , Scott, 33, from Letterkenny, Co Donegal, was “just getting going” on the fourth of his 17 sheep when his machine stopped with a downed dropper. He had only just got going again half-a-sheep off the pace when a power cut stopped all five finalists, but it was all on as the lights came back on and Scott hauled-in pace-making young Northern Ireland World championships contender Jack Robinson to still make a match of it and come out on top in about 17min 55sec. Credited with 17min 39sec to allow for his machine stoppage, Scott also ...
1. Andre Wisdom, able to exchange Glen Johnson. 2. Martin Kelly, he need to carry his Fitness to stability his performance.. he got a problem with classic injured. 3. Connor Coady, bring him back to Anfield. 4. Seba Coates, he need more confident to prepare for LFC starting eleven next season under Brendan Rodgers. 5. Jack Robinson, multi talented player.. keep him as he come back after his loan are ended. 6. Stephen Sama, its time for him made his debut at senior line-up next season. Prepare for exchange Kolo Toure. 7. Fernando Suso, a Spanish Young Playmaker. LFC will be able to need his skill ability, more to balances our rhythm to wins game per-game next season. 8. Fabio Borini, 'Italian Job' he's The Key Player, probably Brendan Rodgers knows, what he want.. 9. Samed Yesil, some people will waited him.. a credit point to promoted him to senior squad. 10. Adam Morgan, another Young Scouser.. bring him chance to climb his Level more high..
So for the summer, shopping list : Adam Lallana, Michel Vorm, Luke Shaw and Steven Caulker.. Promoting : Sergi Canos, Pedro Chirivella.. Giving more chances to : Ryan McLaughlin, Jordan Rossiter, Luis Alberto, Carlos Teixeira and Jordan Ibe.. Return from loan : Suso, Borini, Thiago Illori, Jack Robinson.. That should do the trick to get us ready..
Jack Robinson was around 5 seats from me at the City game. Great sign that the youngsters really care about the club.
Jack Robinson, who passed away last week, is given a Star Wars themed Funeral and a special message from his favourite Doctor
News: Bid to get Gary Barlow song Let Me Go to No1 in memory of Jack Robinson
could you tell Matt if he doesn't already know Jack Robinson has sadly died - Matt did him a video msge-brain tumour-thank you
Let's all say a prayer tonight for Jack Robinson ! Such a brave little man
Moments when I wish Jack Bauer was real
White Lightning is back.. Old Town Tavern on stage. Now! W/ Jack Robinson
Y'all ready to rock?? Then git on down to OTT and git ur rock on with White Lightning! New music W/ Jack Robinson
Can't be doing with Karl Robinson at all.
So sad that little jack robinson you visited is so very poorly now but im sure he will always remember your visit xx
BOOM!!! And before we could say Jack Robinson, Bale scored another to make it 4 - nil
Smoother than smokey Robinson , so text my Jack so we can Mac Steve jobs and em
Thoughts are with little Jack Robinson tonight.
Thought we were first back until we saw Jack Robinson on our train!
102 - Jack Robinson's four goals for the 7s on Saturday took his career total to over a century. Prolific.
If any of our loans were to be signed I would like Halliday- jack Robinson - goodwille and Foley and maybe earnshaw .
😂😂😂 bet u can't wait, me and Sam were looking in David M Robinson today for you
Jack Robinson's Blackpool are currently winning 1-0 against QPR thanks to a goal from David Goodwillie.
Paradoxically, you may be acting in a confident manner today w... More for Taurus
Jack Robinson starts for Blackpool vs QPR this afternoon.
It is with great pleasure that we can announce that our debut EP 'Fearsome Fables of Sunday Afternoons', will be released on Saturday the 12th of April! Aside from having digital MP3 copies available for playback on Spotify, download on iTunes, Amazon and most other digital music retailers, there will also be a limited run of physical copies available for purchase, these will be first sold at Propeller's birthday bash and EP launch - also on the 12th of April at Tiki Bar where we will be playing alongside the brilliant Crowleys Tears, Cousin Buzz and Jack Robinson! The actual recording of the EP was one of the easiest parts of the process. The difficulty lay in choosing which five tracks to select for the record. Hopefully there won't be too many broken hearts at the choices made by us and the team. (Gareth feels your pain at the lack of HGD) but ultimately we think the record shows off all the different faces of the many-headed hydra that is Propeller. This being said it is very likely other fan favourit ...
James Robinson in double figures already in this first half; first game in DF since UNC on Feb. 15 - 16th game this se…
Powerful photos of Nina by Vogue photog Jack Robinson 1969. Cheers from JRA!.
Hey love is like a fart Jack. If you gotta force it...then it's prolly crap.
The right wing are going ballistic about Newsnight appointment. Who do Emily Maitliss, Andrew Neil, Nick Robinson work for again?
*** got a 1979 New York Yankees baseball Jimmy Hunter gave my dad I am going to ebay. Those guys write worse than me. Hard to figure out who signed it. Gossage, Billy Martin, Munsen, Catish, Guidry, Rivers, Chamblis and others. That team was loaded with talent. It was the year George fired Martin and replaced him with Lemon. Some of the writing is faded and I can not figure it out. Never was into baseball but there are plenty out there who are. Here sucka, sucka sucka. Have another that Trudy Fearing gave me of major league players who came to Elizabeth CIty during WWII. Jack Robinson, Pee Wee Reece, Dom Dimagio and lots of other All Stars. They were raising money for the war effort. Wish I could find a roster for that game. It is a bunch of hall of famers. The Peters boys were beach people so baseball was not on our agenda. We were not where the baseball took place. Now dancing, fishing, swimming, surfing and getting tar on our heels
"You'll get yours Mrs Robinson, fooling with those two guys like you did, here's to you Mrs Robinson he'll be around for one more fling"
Jumping into the wild seas of unrepressed thoughts isn't as da... More for Taurus
Jack Robinson returns from suspension this weekend and is keen to be back involved for Blackpool.
Blackpool: Double boost for Seasiders: Jack Robinson and Andy Keogh will be back in Blackpool's squad for the ...
Nothing better than sharing Sweet Frogs with your grandson on his 7th birthday! Love you Jack Robinson!
Access more than 7.4 million parts at Parts Direct
Every birthday party I've been to recently, bottles of Robinson's diluting juice has replaced bottles of Jack. Need a grown up party soon!
I finally took a sip of the drink with one mind telling me not to but nothing happening to me, at least not immediately. We talked for a while then I decided it was time for me to take my leave, so after kissing her in the presence of Amaka who made mocking sounds and said; ‘I go love too one day o’ teasing us I left for my room. On entering the house, Tayo who I expected to see in the house wasn’t in the sitting room, rather Urch and his church girlfriend, Chisom, were watching the famous ‘Nikita’ movie series; ‘this boy no dey hear word oh, e be like the head wey those cult boys burst for club that day don heal’ I thought, in reference to the other day he was beaten at the club and warned to leave Chisom. But I said nothing about that, I just greeted them both and even said; ‘hmm, Uniport couple of the year watching TV, chai see love oh, where are the kids na?’ mocking them. ‘you no get work’ Urch replied laughing ‘you better go collect your food for kitchen before Tayo chop ever ...
i think the year 7 football team should have this in the final if we get there Jack Robinson Fabian Evans Ben Sinclair Huw Lloyd Jones George Grieve Taylor Houghton
“'All of me' by John Legend has to be one of the cutest songs I've ever heard 🙈”
jack Robinson loves it,thankyou so much,we do have a big favour to ask,
Open house at Quinn Robinson's tomorrow. If u want the details text him or jack Abrams
Danger, Will Robinson. Danger! "Another flavor of Jack? Jack Daniel's will test out Tennessee Fire here starting in April."
Wishing my middle son a mahoosive Happy Birthday Jack Robinson love you squillions x
"Sometimes the biggest problem is in your head. You've got to believe. -Jack Nicklaus" ...
A great question was thrown out about your ultimate sports interviews here's mine: Jack Johnson, Ali, Jackie Robinson, Ed Warner of CCNY and
This is the bomb.. Looks to nice to eat .. Just kidding I'm starving .. @ Grafton Street
Watson shows off slick handle, with spin move and dish to Travis Robinson for a 3 to make it 8-7 Eagles.
On the second one call Black Bush.. @ Grafton Street
Getting ready for the tasting.. Irish Whisky ... BushMill... Then dinner .. Life is good.. @ Grafton…
Bushmill tasting tonight... Should be fun ... (at
Lots of choices... Best selection in town... @ Tobaccology
you have to question encouraging the long throw with the development of young players. Jack Robinson was known but never saw it.
Wonder what Jack Robinson would say every time he is compared to an athlete in the 2014 media. And would he show us his physical scars?
we have here here at! Show at 7, doors at 6:30. Don't miss it, Tix/more info:
I couldn't pass up Greg Robinson if I was in the top 5
Andy Moog was on ice working with Josh Robinson & Jack Campbell today.
MADAME TUSSAUD'S WAX MUSEUM I tuned into last night's extravaganza for about 10 minutes (including commercials) with the same morbid fascination as everyone else. How bad could it be ? Answer: Pretty bad. Faster than you can say Jack Robinson an announcer introduced "Multiple Oscar Nominee" Glenn Close, as if she were the victim of a dread disease sweeping the country, or suffering from a personality disorder, or an amputee. A polite way of saying she'd never won first prize but was still a pretty good actress. Close goes on to read the Oscar version of the NYTimes Obit page. That was enough for me. I'm still scratching my head wondering why Goldie Hawn, who looks like something out of Madame Tussaud's Wax Museum, wasn't included.
Timon gets their third power play of the game, and they cash in. Jack Robinson buries a one-timer from the left wing past Peter Chopra.
I just saw "42" and as a baseball scholar, a social historian, a media critic, and a lover of movies, have to say I was disappointed. It still feels like one of those self-congratulations movies that white filmmakers like to make about black characters. Like THE BLIND SIDE and BIKO and THE HELP, we see minorities struggle against racial intolerance and bigotry with the much needed help of caring concerned white people that help our poor black folks carry the load to successful acceptance and, as hinted, full racial integration and equality. The formula is always the same and the message is clear: most white people are not racist--only the immoral few. And then we can leave the film feeling better about our selves; Jackie Robinson brought an end to segregation in sports and racial inequality in American life. Bigot and class struggle is no more. But if you do watch "42" remember that Jack Robinson was an angry, bitter African-American to the end of his days still fighting against what he saw as the s ...
Ashley Cole is old & Weak with a Demand of high wages we don't need him,Jack Robinson will be a better player for
reminds me of the Dempsey debacle. Oh well... Can we cancel Jack Robinson and Suso's loans instead?
First Name Jerome Surname Sinclair Squad Number 48 D.O.B. 20 Sep 1996 Town of Birth Birmingham Country of Birth England Total Appearances 1 Total Goals 0 Jerome Sinclair is a forward who has the distinction of being the youngest player ever to represent Liverpool. The Academy hopeful earned a first-team debut at the age of 16 years and six days when he was brought on during a League Cup victory at West Brom on September 26, 2012. The record had previously been held by current teammate Jack Robinson. Sinclair actually joined the Reds from the Baggies and made his U18s debut in 2011-12. The teenager has scored goals for both England U16s and U17s.
Taking one class strictly on the Jim crow sports era is crazy. thinking people are racist today is nothing compared to what it could have been thanks to some great people ,Jack Robinson,Ernie Davis,Jim Brown,Joe Louis , Muhammad Ali,Jesse Owens, Althea Gibson, Wilma Rudolph etc. if you don't know who some of these people are take the time to realize how much of an impact these people made just through sports, to help bring equality to America
It is with a heavy heart that after mass-debating and consideration of many factors, The MIGHTY Ware TV FC have taken the massive decision to withdraw from the Monday Night 5-a-side league at John Warner Sports Center. Suspension of football activities DOES NOT mean the end of the Telly's! Far from it! We will be organising various different activities (some sporting, some not) through out the coming year, details will appear on this page and through individual messages. If you have any ideas for activities, please let me know! Lastly, A Huge Thank You to everyone who has been and indeed is part of this unique club!! "Once a Telly, Always a Telly!!" In no particular order; Andy Magicman Meadows, Ben Jacobsen, Steve Holland, Dan Holland, Matt Prior, Joe Gear, Jonnie Oakins, Jonathon Lyons, Maximus Decimus Wookius, Shane Trepte, Holly Shilston, Stefan Paz, Dean Stepney, David Gibbs, Matt Miller, Cob Kail, Stuart Gaylor, Dan Prior, Glyn Jeffrey Hyde, Sean Mynott, Jack Robinson, Dan Farrell, Matt KC and never ...
Loan watch: Wisdom leads the way A largely disappointing weekend for Liverpool's loan players was punctuated by yet another positive result for a flourishing defender. Find out more with our weekly round-up. Oussama Assaidi featured for the whole 90 minutes on Saturday as Stoke City played out a goalless draw against Hull City in the Barclays Premier League. Fabio Borini experienced the same outcome, completing 72 minutes of Sunderland's 0-0 stalemate away from home at West Ham United. At Championship level, defender Andre Wisdom clocked up another 90 minutes and Derby County continued their promotion push by beating Charlton Athletic 2-0. Elsewhere in the division, left-back Jack Robinson suffered a 2-0 defeat by Queens Park Rangers with Blackpool. Adam Morgan featured for the final seven minutes of Yeovil Town's 1-1 tie at Barnsley. In League One, Conor Coady helped Sheffield United claim a 1-0 win over Swindon Town. In the same flight, Kristoffer Peterson remained on the pitch for the entirety of Tranm ...
Thomas Kinkade Collectibles from The Bradford Exchange Online
Refuse to believe that Jon Flanagan, Martin Kelly and Jack Robinson are different people
It's from a little book called 'Recessional', by 'Jack Robinson' (Charles Boyle)
Ricardo Rodriguez has the coolest name so he should be top of our list. Also, what about Jack Robinson? Where does be stand?
who would you take to KFC, Jack Robinson's mum or James Crow's dad?
CONFIRMED: BLACKETT Today's Gazette: Moyes to the rescue "David Moyes has done Paul Ince a favour to ease Blackpool's defensive crisis ahead of tomorrow's trip to Nottingham Forest. Manchester United youngster Tyler Blackett was today set to agree a one month loan deal to provide cover while left-back Jack Robinson serves his four-match ban. The 19-year-old is part of the reserve squad at Old Trafford and is yet to make a senior appearance for the club, though he has represented England at U16, U17 and U19 levels. And Pool boss Ince revealed the move came about after a phone call with United manager Moyes. "I spoke to Moyesy on Wednesday and had a good chat about the lad Blackett," said Ince. "He's got bags of potential, although he's only a young kid, so I don't want to put too much pressure on him." Blackpool have spent the week searching for a short-term replacement for Robinson, who received his second red card of the season in last Saturday's draw with Blackburn. They failed in an attempt to sign Lee ...
Also, would love to see Ryan McLaughlin at RB and Jack Robinson at LB in years to come as well as Tiago Ilori at LCB.
Jack Robinson was on the pitch throughout Blackpool's 1-0 win at home to Wigan Athletic, with former Red Tom Ince bagging the winner.
Liverpool loan review: Coady and Robinson off to bright starts: Conor Coady, Oussama Assaidi, Jack Robinson, S...
Find out how Jack Robinson and Conor Coady are doing out on loan
then we've got Martin Kelly and possibly Jack Robinson, hendo sterling ibe need a few more then we're sorted
Forgot Martin possibly and Jack Robinson in defence as well.
Photo: hypsterblog: Tina Turner by Jack Robinson — Robinson shot celebrity portraits for Vogue in the 1960s.
Happy birthday to me, Jack Robinson, Alan Kennedy and ! Three points again United ! And secured the 1st place on the table!
"We've got the most fullbacks in the world. Glen Johnson, Martin Kelly, Jon Flanagan, Jose Enrique, Jack Robinson and Aly Cissokho-o."
Great to see Jack Robinson doing well at Blackpool. Grabbed an assist with a Rory Delap-esque throw-in today at Bloomfield Road.
Walt Disney Collectibles and Gifts, Disney Figurin
Jack Robinson started for Blackpool as they crashed out to a 1-0 defeat to Preston in the Capital One Cup.
Jack Robinson reminded me of a younger Leighton Baines, quick in the tackle, decent cross,
Jack Robinson starts for Blackpool tonight against Preston. Former reserve striker Nathan Eccleston on the bench.
John Welsh for Preston; Jack Robinson (on loan), Tom Ince and Nathan Eccleston for Blackpool could all feature.
One of the player will be loaned out in coming day. Its most probably Jack Robinson,Samed Yesil and reckoningly Andre Wisdom
Ghost story If you travel to Bear Lake in Utah on a quiet day, you just might catch a glimpse of the Bear Lake Monster. The monster looks like a huge brown snake and is nearly 90 feet long. It has ears that stick out from the side of its skinny head and a mouth big enough to eat a man. According to some, it has small legs and it kind of scurries when it ventures out on land. But in the water -watch out! It can swim faster than a horse can gallop - makes a mile a minute on a good day. Sometimes the monster likes to sneak up on unwary swimmers and blow water at them. The ones it doesn't carry off to eat, that is. A feller I heard about spotted the monster early one evening as he was walking along the lake. He tried to shoot it with his rifle. The man was a crack shot, but not one of his bullets touched that monster. It scared the heck out of him and he high tailed it home faster than you can say Jack Robinson. Left his rifle behind him and claimed the monster ate it. Sometimes, when the monster has been qui ...
It's a good day for human rights and wedding photographers.
.B4 I could say jack robinson,de man was calling de army men dat was standing by.Some pple gathered around and was helping de man to search everyone.dey even pulled down de boxers of some guys.The next thing dat came to my mind was dat once de army men get involved or once dey search my bag,wahala go dey(GOD KNOWS I'VE NEVER STOLEN IN MY lIFE.thanks to my mum's lessons!)I quickly absconded SHARP SHARP!Thank G0D O!
Today in Baseball History -- June 26 1906 -- Herbert M. Whitney, a catcher for the Burlington Pathfinders, becomes the first professional baseball player to die as a result of being hit by a pitch. The beaning occurred two days ago in an Iowa State League contest against the Waterloo Microbes. 1913 -- After failing in Cincinnati and moving across the Ohio River to Covington, Kentucky, the Federal League team decides to relocate again. The franchise shift to Kansas City, which is American Association territory, will cause organized baseball to 'declare war' on the upstart league. 1913 -- In the nightcap against the A's at Washington's Griffith Stadium, Eddie Ainsmith steals three bases in one inning. After safely reaching base on a single in the bottom of the ninth frame, the 23-year old catcher's thievery of second, third and home proves to be of little consequence with Philadelphia routing the Nats, 10-3. 1916 -- Three fans at the Polo Grounds are arrested for petty larceny by the NYPD for keeping balls ...
LIVE CHAT!!! Got a question about our chance for severe weather later today? Got a question about our weather in general? Fire away!
Alright fans, today I am putting on my Salary Cap Hat (well, its always on, but im tightening it maybe?) for you guys. Ill be opening the floor for any NBA Cap-related question starting now. Ask away! BE FOREWARNED THOUGH Any stupid idea will be corrected and you might (READ: will) be ostracized for it. At any rate, shoot your questions at me. AND GO!
A day like today in 1968: The Disney live-action comedy Never A Dull Moment - starring *** Van *** Edward G. Robinson, and Dorothy Provine - is released. Second-rate actor Jack Albany (Van *** finds himself mistaken for fiendish killer Ace Williams and forced to confront master gangster Leo Smooth (Robinson). Fearing for his life, Jack must continue with the charade even when he learns he is to play a deadly role in an art theft!
Fascinating fantasies about new ways to make money fill your h... More for Taurus
Considering we sell Suarez for £50m and Shelvey and Spearing go for a total of £10m, totalling £60m. The sale of Carroll raised £15.5m, and the cost of our first 4 signings comes to £23.5m, meaning we have only tucked into £8m of our original transfer budget. Which leaves £17m still. All that money together equals £77m. I would firstly sign a replacement striker for Luis Suarez. I would sign Luis Muriel of Udinese as from what I know, he is very similar to Suarez. He would cost £15m. I would then sign a CB, as we still need another one. I would sign Toby Alderweireld. He is part of the golden generation of Belgian players and the last two Belgian defenders from Ajax, Vertonghen and Vermaelan have settled in pretty good. Toby would cost £8m. I would then sign Henrikh Mkhitaryan. We need more goals through midfield, and signing Henrikh would achieve that for us. Mkhitaryan would cost us £23m. I would then sign Christian Eriksen. Despite signing Mkhitaryan, he would be a great coup for the club an ...
First order of business! -Do you WANT Luol Deng to possibly be traded for the No.3 overall pick? -IF Nate can't sign back who should we TRY to get? -Does Jimmy Butler need to work on his all around shooting or his defense? -Does Boozer deserve to be amnestied? Comment your answers! -BY3
2012 Miche Year-End Clearance - Up to 75% off Select Styles!
According to reports, the Spurs have promised to draft Erick Green if he is still available at I like this because what we need is another combo guard. :/ *sarcasm* -Cole
We BETTER draft Anthony Bennett.The young man is a BEAST. ..
BREAKING NEWS: With Kevin Rudd as Prime Minister, Penny Wong as Senate Leader and Anthony Albanese just appointed as Deputy Leader, all 3 of the top jobs belong to supporters of Marriage Equality.
And if you so much as even THINK about suggesting "titanic bellend", I'll *QI KLAXON* you quicker than you can say Jack Robinson.
Jack Robinson free surf this arvo at Keramas
in all seriousness don't worry. I'll be back quicker than you can say Jack Robinson! And you can make me loads of brews
Record: 9-7, second, NFC West Points scored/allowed: 361/344 Coach: John Robinson Summary: The Class of ’83 being famous for its quarterbacks, No. 2 overall pick Eric Dickerson made sure the ground game wasn’t lost in all the fanfare over the passing attack. His 1,808 yards and 18 TDs helped return L.A. to the postseason. Downing the Cowboys 24-17 in the wild-card round, the Rams were crushed 51-7 by the Redskins — who, of course, proceeded to get crushed by the Raiders in Super Bowl XVIII. The defeat by Washington was telegraphed by the Rams’ 42-20 loss in their regular-season meeting Nov. 20. L.A. also happened to face both participants of Super Bowl XIX in back-to-back contests, falling 45-35 to the Niners and 30-14 to the Dolphins.  Offense: 40 Offensive line: 18. A 2-point improvement, with guard Kent Hill retaining his 4 and guard Dennis “Hark” Harrah and tackle Jackie Slater improving from 3 to 4. Slater joins hill in the Pro Bowl. Harrah is the J-4. Tackle Bill Bain (3) joins center C ...
If Jack Robinson hadn't the balls to trade his mother's cow for some beans.he wouldn't have seen what it was like to have the heavens and the goose that laid the golden egg!
Edward Ezeikel wrote: THE OLD SECURITY GUARD It was raining heavily at Akowonjo at about 1545hrs on the 5th of April, 2013. Am on my way home that beautiful day when the rain started threatening and i don't want to be saturated by the heaven cry so i ran to a nearby bank to secure a temporary shelter. Right in the bank security office where I took solace, i saw an old man who would be close to his late 60s. I winked at him from the head to the toe wondering to myself, what would this old man offer the bank in the area of security where dare-devil armed robbers don't want to be dared not even by the Police talkless of a toothless old security man. I went straight to the old security man, and said ; Good evening sir! Pls sir! I want to ask you a question sir! Hope you wont be offended with my question sir? No my son . he replied Sir! Why would the bank used old men like you as security guards, instead of younger men who had been trained since they seemed to be more alert and capable to fight crime?? I said ...
My boyfriend isn't allowed to go chill with other females, if he wanna "chill" he better go stand by the air conditioner.
"If you don't set goals how do you expect to succeed"
Size matters. That's why I'm texting people pictures of my new burger, Jack's Big Stack™. I call it "Staxting." Feel free to use that, by the way.
I was in the presence of Talent tonight..Chris Knight...nice voice I like him...Jack Wynn.Man You can sing bro..Ciera/Siera..don't know if I'm spelling it right..but yooo Duval she's 1 of the hottest vocalist...beautiful voice S/O To EDward ROBinson oh yeah if ya don't know who D-Staff is swing over to the Duval Underground Station on FT Caroline RD he got a nice studio set up but he's also a gifted Artist As Well
Some people speak the truth like Literally only kid.
The 03 Draft Class is one of the best if not the best draft class
I want to thank our staff and local contractors for going the extra mile the past few weeks and especially the past few days in preparation of our "soft opening" Thursday, June 27th! To name a few staff, Cook Shaffer, who has done a lot more than cooking lately (he is a handy man too), staff ladies; Karen Drazek, Belinda Crouse, Courtney Doore and volunteer Kelley Watson, cleaning every nook & cranny of the store ~ Then we have Jonathan Wilbur of J. Wilbur Construction & Nick, Electricians Greg & Casey Macomber, Troy Dyer (jack of all trades), Roger Drazek who built our shelves (last minute and they are beautiful & Troy helped put them together), our friends at Darby Creek, Mark & Tina Belaire who have given and given above and beyond, Renys who are lending us shopping baskets (until we get our own), AE Robinson who let Jonathan use the bending machine to make various kitchen covers with left over stainless steel, Dexter Lumber & Tillsons staff who have accommodated every silly request & lots of question ...
For those of you who have been asking about my EDC experience in Vegas this last weekend, I thought I would put down a little mini recap for those that are interested in reading it. Thursday June 19th As some of you know I rented a car in LA and drove to Vegas on Thursday afternoon.  The drive through the desert was pleasant and I passed a few cars who had written “EDC on the way to Vegas” and “ Honk for EDC” with flowers and all kinds of comments on the back windows of their vehicles.  I guess its tradition for girls to flash their boobs at passing cars on the way but I didn’t see any of that.  I am sure it’s a lot more apparent on Friday afternoon, the first day of the show. I arrived in Vegas about 8 and checked into my hotel.  I didn’t stay long and started walking to the Orleans Arena for the annual Bassrush Massive event.  It was only a couple miles away and I decided I would rather walk then find a cab or wait around.  It turned out to be a long two mile walk and I didn’t get ...
Tomorrow we'll be pulling back the curtain and announcing TWO additional headliners for Groove Cruise Los Angeles! Any last minute requests?
You'll want to pre-order this album. The tracks will make your daily playlist. Trust me. ; ) Recorded by Bryan Simpson, a guy who was in a band that heavily influenced Mumford and Sons. Produced by a guy who has worked with Jack White and Chris Thile, to name a few. LIKE the page so you'll get a preview of the upcoming news. & of course, so you'll know when you can pre-order.
I burned 257 calories at an average pace of 9:03 per km.
According to several media announcements, ZoSea Media Holdings will take over management of the Association of Surfing Professionals (ASP) World Championship Tour (WCT) effective at the start of the 2014 ASP WCT season.
Kobe's first three rings were not won because of him, but because of Shaq. Shaq had won Finals MVP during those three championships. Kobe didn't. LeBRON, on the other hand, won Finals MVP for all his successful Finals. He carried the team. Kobe has more rings because he had another player that was better than him, who carried the team.-SB3
So last night when I put Cody to bed, he says to me, "daddy, my door won't stay shut. Can you fix it?" I took a look at it and realized that he'd used the tool set that grandma and grandpa Robinson (Judi Robinson) gave him for Christmas. The bottom hinge was hanging by a thread, literally, and the striker plate was moved too far up. He must have taken it all apart some time ago. My little mr. Fix It!
Boxing Trivia What 2 World Champions had 2 separate streaks of at least 20 consecutive stoppages?
inspiration can be spicy or sweet or both!.thanks you for the inspiration.salsa, jack daniels bbq sauce, fruit pizza for work and a raspberry for mom Lynda Bradley Robinson and dad Joe Robinson...its in the oven!
And let's be honest, Jack Robinson is a waste of space, Jose needs more competition
Roll on the weekend to see all my favourite people!!! Talissa Stewart Stacey Elizabeth Braithwaite Kerry Stewart Corey-james Stewart Teya-leigh Stewart Leanne Robinson ッ Jade Wilcox Perri Watson Ayshih Mustafa Jack Thorpe
Lubbock Magazine will publish a "Women in Business" feature in their upcoming issue. Dr. Robinson is honored to be included in this feature. In case you don't have access to Lubbock Magazine, you can read the article about Dr. Robinson below! Dr.Kelly Robinson graduated from Texas Tech University in 1988 and BaylorUniversity College of Dentistry in 1993.  She has practiced dentistry in Lubbock Texas since 1993, purchasing herfather’s dental practice and the practice of Dr. John Sparling during this time.  Dr. Robinson built her dental office in1999.  She practices with her father, Dr.John David Hamblen and Dr. Veronica Copeland in a family-oriented practicethat’s all about "Dentistry with a Smile."    Dr.Robinson is a member of the South Plains District Dental Society, the TexasDental Association, the American Dental Association and the Academy of GeneralDentistry.  She has served as a member ofthe TDA New Dentist Committee and participates in the Baylor University Collegeof Dentistry Preceptor ...
Blindfold me anyhow you want, I'd still enter the Password to my phone successfully before u say Jack Robinson! :D
What do u say when your daughter looks at u & says she hates u & your not her mommy:-(( -heart broken
Chamber Night at the Cubs TONIGHT!! Come support our very own Daytona Cubs team as they take on the Lakeland Flying Tigers! Join us on Dustin's Picnic Porch for all you can eat pulled pork, hot dogs, burgers, and dollar draft beer! When: 5:30 - 7:30 (food & beer) Game 7:05 Where: Jackie Robinson Ballpark Cost: $25 Per Person
You're in a mental hospital Use the first 7 people on your chat (no cheating) Your room mate: JenJen GrumpyKitteh Fairclough Person licking the window: Jordan Thorne Person you go insane with: Shannon Robinson Person who always talks about clowns: Rebecca Beccy Foulger Person helping you escape: Torran Mentessi Person who runs around naked: Eliza Vakarian McKenzie Your doctor: Jack Keras Barras
We Shall Overcome . well we might not.
Day on the golf course.. Life is good...
O poetry peoples / I'm m interested in a focused readings in the aphoristic, epigrammatic prose/verse / any and all recommendations and leads greatly welcome
tj had is first rugby union training session tonight seemed to go ok I think he liked it with some of the kippax boys Iwan Orr Dillon Castigers Allatt Bailey Robinson Oli Burton Jack Maskill Adam Milner Joe Burton
My doctor just gave me a gift card for $25 she said I stay on point always early and never missed an appt. I never noticed!
23 years ago today, at approximately 8:43pm, I gave birth (or as I like to call it, sat on a hand grenade) and met the love of my life, Erik Alexander. My incredibly ugly newborn grew into a precious, good natured child, a pain in my *** teenager, and a handsome young man. He is my crowning achievement, my heart, and still a bit of a pain in my posterior. I love you, Rex. Happy Birthday!!
Na only me come serve my fatherland? NEPA has refused to restore the light making the house so hot and mosquites are seriously singing to enjoy their prey.
After having one of those days, I can't believe I didn't get a custard doughnut but in fairness the apple was nice thanks
Mega excited for tomorrow. Graduation day with Laura Robinson & joined by John Robinson, Ross Robinson, Jack David Robinson, Stuart Wallace, Papa, Maxi, Nanna and Papa Robbie. Going to be a fantastic day celebrating with my very own gorgeous space cadet xxx
EXCLUSIVE: HATE preacher is backing a Muslim group that has been accused of mocking the war dead — with its initials
J.R. Smith has opted out and will become a free agent.
League 1 news: Swindon Town goalkeeper Wes Foderingham has signed a one-year contract extension to keep him at the League One club until the summer of 2015. Meanwhile, Swindon have signed ex-Tottenham defender Jack Barthram and Fulham midfielder Alex Smith. MK Dons boss Karl Robinson has said he is in talks with midfielder Stephen Gleeson over his future at the club. New Sheffield United manager David Weir has completed his first four signings since taking over at Bramall Lane. The Blades have signed striker Fabien Brandy, midfielder Stephen McGinn, and defenders Sean McGinty and Jasper Johns as Weir reshapes his squad. Cliff Crown has been named as the new chairman of Brentford. Bristol City have signed Aston Villa defender Derrick Williams on a three-year contract. Northampton Town will sign keeper Matt Duke on a two-year deal following his release by Bradford. Crewe Alexandra are expecting captain Luke Murphy to leave Gresty Road to join League One rivals Wolves. -owen
Port Hope is a growing community located along Lake Ontario and the Northumberland Hills. Thriving business, nearby parks and a dynamic arts communities make Port hope a great place to live, work, relax and explore
Are there any books you are currently reading or would recommend for the summer?
Lets play some golf... La Aurora 107 Dominican to start the round... @ Piedmont Country Club
SCOTUS will rule tomorrow on DOMA and Prop 8 tomorrow. So to prepare for that...
WOPD James Robinson) has passed my house at least 3 times in the last hour...think I am under surveillance!
Old Vines and Their Wines: A Conversation with Linda Murphy and Joel PetersonJune 6, 2013Join the Wine Library Associates of Sonoma County for an evening with Linda Murphy, distinguished local wine writer and co-author of the new American Wine, and Joel Peterson of Ravenswood Winery, also known as t...
Saw today for maybe 5 seconds but glad to see my boy
I'm not home, someone told me he scored, stfu u *** killer
good enough.. Would like Jack Robinson to be progressed
nope he is good enough. Like to see more minutes for jack robinson though
jack robinson only a a couple seasons ago played really well on theo walcott for his first EPL appearance,
There have been question marks on the likes of coates and jack robinson which i believe are harsh. both need to be loaned to get exp
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