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Jack Reed

John Francis “Jack” Reed (born November 12, 1949) is the senior United States Senator from Rhode Island and a member of the Democratic Party.

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After mocking Apple, Google is also ditching headphone jack
They’re going to make us fall in love with Jack all over again, just so they can rip our hearts out a…
Tom Hardy does a pretty good impression of Jack Reed talking into a plastic cup. — watching The Dark Knight Rises
Senator Jack Reed (RI) "America is all about equal opportunity."
Jeb, examining your timeline in light of your fake news/source…
Coming on DVD and BD!. New HD Master from a 4K Scan by Paramount!. Highway Dragnet (1954) Starring Richard Conte, Joan B…
Brooks Reed, Derrick Shelby, Jack Crawford. What do they have in common?
14. Abramoff did have a connection to Georgia: his longtime friend Ralph Reed was Chairman of the GA R…
Jack Reed "We need to work on the small things heading into the playoffs but great win overall."
Jack, I think it would be cool to do a Jack reacts to Irish people reacting to Jacksepticeye video! So funny!
Everyone please pray for Jack Beaton! We love you😭
Definatly have a couple jack and cokes in my future when I get home from school🙃
John Harbaugh has won jack once Ray Lewis and Ed Reed retired.
You want the picture with or with out a ruler next to my Jack Johnson?
US on North Korea 'hollowed' by lack of capacity: Sen. Jack Reed (D-RI) . "We do not have an ambassador i…
Top democrat on SASC says SecDef Mattis and generals stopped Trump from making 'consequential' decisions
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Senator Jack Reed — US Senator for Rhode Island. Yesterday at 4:41pm · . As the crisis continues in Puerto Rico,...
Not really about rankings and it's been phenomenal for 35 years. It's about Poulter and Reed turnin…
Staying up to see u with from our 2nd home, Goldsboro, NC. Every time they say your name Coach Jack is hype!
needing some late lineup thoughts, Jack Doyle or the questionable Jordan Reed for TE1?
Listen to what Senator Jack Reed had to say Friday at the Council for Foreign Relations from 43:50…
Have those two Union Jack cardi wearers come straight from the UKIP conference?
Jack Reed: Jim Mattis and generals stopped Trump from making 'consequential' North Korea decisions
.& why do you continue to allow to threaten nuclear war on your service?. Everyone, repor…
It's a barbershop on reed rd nd 288 next to jack in tha box my potna name Warren cut hair on Sunday he…
AESA is proud to present Senator Jack Reed our Congressional Service Award! ESAs Thank You!
Top Democrat: Jim Mattis and generals stopped Trump from making "consequential" North Korea decisions
🏛RI Dem Jack Reed believes generals stop President from making decisions about NK. Do you believe it?🏛
Jack Reed. Sunday night homer after a Saturday afternoon start. Listened to every inning. Only big-league…
Jack Reed, Sheldon Whitehouse and David Cicilline vote liberal 96%-98% of the time; Langevin is only 78% liberal
Keep up the fight today! | Jack Reed for United States Senate
Executive director Les Reed was determined not to sell to Liverpool, but now he may have little option. (
Next time you're on please slap that twit jack reed. Thanks.
Wow. Sale, Reed, Kimbrel get destroyed. Vasquez sends us home
Rep Jack Reed (D-RI) accepted $17,500 from Amgen Inc. He votes with his party 95.6% of the time.
Go Liam Hickey and Team PEI from your biggest fans, Isaac, Jack, Reed, and Julia Drew.
My bad. I thought he played on LEVITATION. But that was Ginger. Jack played w/ Manfred Mann, Lou Reed, Zappa, Soft…
...&, may i say, I'll take Jack Reed over Bernie Sanders any day
Really he's just jealous of Jack Reed. Oo he wants to be buried in the Kremlin so bad.
According to Forbes, Jack Daniel's moves close to $1.32 billion in whiskey per year. So, will his descendants be honored…
HAPPY BIRTHDAY JACK! I hope everyone enjoys these wonderful snaps as much as I have 🎉🤗
But if Reed gets closer money anywhere, he's not coming back. Kinsler will get a big con…
Replace Pat Neshek with Addison Reed and Matt Garza with Alex Cobb and add Jake McGee (o…
Him and olsen. How tf is Delaine walker and jimmy graham ahead of Olsen and Reed
Part II of the famous book written nearly 100 years ago by Jack Reed: Ten Days that Shook the White House.
📷 || Poldark finale stills of Jack as George alongside Heida Reed. With thanks to
Diamondbacks are gonna need an infielder with Owings and Marte out. Send them Asdrubal for Cody Reed (LHSP, 13th prospect).
Durham student Jack Reed shares his first thoughts on PR after spending a week at Maxim
It's Jamie Callahan, Gerson Bautista, and Stephen Nogosek to the Mets in the agreement for Addison Reed.
85 for the Rams was Jack Youngblood. 32 for the Chiefs was a RB named Tony Reed.
Senators caught talking about President Trump on a hot mic: "I think he's crazy"
The Jack Reed mobile barberi providing free haircuts to the homeless.
I understand why Frank Jackson is here. But why is Jack Reed here? It isn't his ward, and his ward is in east side
1st I hear that a senator publicly wished for duel w/ a colleague is cuz she got caught calling him unattractive?
# Jack Reed Democrats continue to spend Americans hard-earned money when they could be spending the money on America makin…
The Red Sox bullpen has allowed four runs in the 8th inning today after leading 3-1. Dombrowski might be calling a…
Sox have Michael Chavis, no. 3 prospect, but he's a 3B, completely blocked by Devers. I would take him any day of t…
That's what Jack Reed basically said yest…
Jimmy Graham and Jordan Reed need to switch places as do Olsen and Walker. Gronk should be a 99.
Some of you have heard this, Susan Collins & Jack Reed HOT MIKE! … This is who the DEMOCRATS are…
Jack Reed and Susan Collins on hot mic: Trump is “crazy,” “I’m worried”
Confirmed -- it was ranking member Jack Reed. He tells Collins: “If we don’t get a budget deal, we’re gonna be paralyzed with…
🤔Maxine Waters is a good start. Sheldon Whitehouse, Jack Reed... I can keep going if you would like
By the way John McCain is not even on the Select Intelligence Committee. He and Jack Reed were add-ons. I honestl…
Get him on Jack Reed from RI, West Point grad,2nd Battalion 504th Parachute Infantry Regime…
Broncos in Bundaberg with Jack Reed and Lote Tuqiri! . Book now to secure your seats -…
Sen. Jack Reed calls for a special prosecutor after Nunes revelations; follows Sen. McCain's call for independent investiga…
They despise their own people and countries, elevating any who seek to undermine or hurt them.
Watch “Jake Reed” by on I'm copying jack. One of my best friends, someone I love beat cancer
Russia probe reaction: Rhode Island Senator Jack Reed says that the new information revealed by FBI Director James…
Jack Reed says today he "reviewed raw intelligence relating to the CIA’s investigation of Russia’s involvement in the presidential election"
My Senator Jack Reed just held meeting with the Arts and said re GOP equals "destruction of federal government"
13' First shot on target comes from Reed as he makes a great run into the box and hammers a shot at young Jack Perry. Corner.
Reed, Collins, Warner Seek to Bolster Cybersecurity at Public Companies - U.S. Senator Jack Reed of Rhode Island
I HAD "REED" it was in our family for 3 generations but when I moved 2 Florida4 10 months I lost it I THINK Jack MAY have it.
So what's your take on the debate between Jack Reed... — Of course they don't want to be radicalized. Most p...
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Coolest thing I've seen today: Malcolm Reed and Barneveld winning a state title a week after he lost his mom. Nothing but…
Speaking last nite, my Senator Jack Reed responded to money cuts
That would be quite funny. If I thought he was capable I'd be in favour. He couldn't deliver a newspaper.
Austin Reed's autobiography and a remake of the legend of Jack Sheppard.
I'd have thought it'd be more greasy. Pleasantly surprised.
Jack Tatum and Ed Reed the best safeties of all time
Jack Reed, Jr, former mayor of Tupelo and private business leader, speaks on behalf of MS's public school students. h…
Our President Jack Reed Jr. speaking at the rally at the Capital in Jackson, Mississippi on…
2019 WG Malcolm Reed (6-2) with 12 points and a solid all-around game for Barneveld. Awesome to see after his tough, tou…
unfortunately it is JACK who needs to chill with the games😅
Art is attracting people to communities, it's creating communities, and empowering people -Sen. Jack Reed
Showing his strong support of Meals on Wheels of RI, Senator Jack Reed hand-delivered a meal, and shared stories... http…
"We are all in the shadow of Claiborne Pell... we in RI have a special obligation to protect his legacy." - Sen. Jack Reed
The Trump budget is the worst possible outcome. It is not the final word. - Sen Jack Reed
The arts and humanities have a profound impact on who we r and who we will become - Sen Jack Reed @ RISD Auditorium
We've moved our Cultural Conversation on Friday with Senator Jack Reed to a bigger venue, so sign up now.
you forgot Schumer, Claire McCaskill, Mary Landrieu, Jack Reed, and Bob Casey. Oh both they're all
Time to jail John McCain,Lindsey Graham, Charles E. Schumer,Jack Reed and CIA bosses of illegal secret wars in Mideast and A…
Rhode Island friends, Sen. Jack Reed can be reached at his Providence office at (401) 528-5200. Ask why he confirmed Carson. Be angry.
Jack Reed congratulates Mike Flynn for national security advisor job before Trump team reveal… SenJackReed…
+Jack Reed congratulates Mike Flynn for national security advi...
Sen. Jack Reed (D-RI) issued a statement on the selection of Mike Flynn as Trump's national security adviser. (He h…
Seems that Jack Reed jumped the gun & is announcing Mike Flynn as National Security Adviser before Trump's people h…
Jack Reed turns 67, today, wish a Happy bday at
You can't replace the defensively strong Jack Reed with a turnstile like Benji Marshall...
Impressive that senile Rabs could pick out Vunivalu and Koroibete. 12 months ago he mixed up Alex Glenn and Jack Reed.
BREAKING: Little bird spotted Tim Kaine at a Jack Reed fundraiser in Rhode Island just now. He's not in Miami.
I accidentally emailed something I adressed to Sen. Jack Reed to Rep. David Cicilline... I am officially done with myself.
i thought Jack Reed was supposed 2 be half decent mate? I remember Nathan Brown describing Eden as the next Billy Slater 🙈
unlimited calling, voip, $14.95 per month
Sam Dorfman, Duncan Clark and Jack Reed have the first 3 goals for the . 3-2 USN with 1:45 left in the 1st quarter
updates Jack Reed for prior_exp U.S. Army to U.S. Army paratroope…
Washington, with Senator Jack Reed. Highest appreciation for the US ironclad commitment to Latvia's security!
Still thinking Jack Reed would make a good surprise VP pick from Hillary. Pretty sure it won't be Sanders, Warren, Bro…
Correct! Broncos centre Jack Reed was born in which country?
I added a video to a playlist Jack Reed: One of Our Own (1995) Full Movie | Brian Dennehy Movies
U.S. Senators John McCain (R) and Jack Reed (D), Chairman and Ranking Member of the Senate Armed Services...
Val Holmes has more talent in his little toe than Jack Reed has in his entire body
Official production still:. Cameron Arnett as Logan Evans and Gary Graham as Jack Reed.
Jack Reed (politician) Wikipedia article edited by Scott Illini
under the incredible leadership and vision of Scott Reed, Jack Reed, Rick Chapman and countless Yocona Ar…
Purpose, function and costings of Navys Littoral Combat Ship questions by Senator John McCain and Jack Reed. 1/...
Brand new editorial shot by Jack Reed with Dan Hyman & Jack Padgett Nevs Model Agency
Rumors of Apple removing the 3.5mm headphone jack on the iPhone 7, headphone companies on board
12/12, Dolan Twins, Daniel Skye, Jack Dail(lol if only that was possible), and Reed Deming.
Chad Reed will be qualifying for SX races until he is 75.
Minimal monochrome designs feature in our latest collaboration with Studio_805 shot by Jack Reed with model...
Ladies, you bring Jack Reed home to meet your father. Jack is wearing both nose rings. Your dad:
Dandy Jack Donovan invited Reed to Okla. to be his tag partner if he'd dye his hair blonde & turn heel which he did.
Smh so this is how jack reed meets women
The inexperienced skins do have garcon, d-jack & reed...& can pound it with Morris
Next up is a 6 man tag match: Reed Bentley, Bucky Collins & Nick Doepp vs Trik Davis, Jack Thriller, & Christian Abel
At my age David Bowie He got hit in the face by Lou Reed after a dinner in Hammersmith. Took it like a champ.
When I say reed and 288 everybody be like by the jack in the crack lol duh fam duh
Front 7, gotta get a front 7 guy, Ogbah, Reed, Buckner or Jack.
Lou Reed solo is better than The Velvet Underground
So sick that in your pipes and smoke it, etc.
3 whole days!! You'd think it was 3 weeks the way ppl are going on about it. FFS
The devil wears black and he goes by Jack, and he's really good at helping me forget
oh god. 1. there is a Gor movie. 2. it has Jack Palance and Oliver Reed. 3. it's on amazon prime.
2 years ago today was when won KING in GTA Online. to quote "tune in in the near future when Jack…
Dear Reed, I hope all is well! The PFF team is heading to San Antonio next week. We'd love to connect if you're out there.
He was. Remember Mum taking me to see Oliver when very small. Jack Wild was my hero. Oliver Reed's Bill Sykes bloody scary tho!
PM Al-Abadi received Senator Jack Reed, a member of the Armed Services Committee in the US Senate.
Omfg when I tell you the jack in the box on Reed is so ratchet 😭😭😭😭
If I didn't send a thirst trap to Jack, Reed, and Ivonne, did I even take the picture?
fav/like if you need a follow from: . Nash . Carter . Shawn. Reed. Jack J. Devin Hayes. Damian . Jacob . Sebastian . (dm me who y…
happy birthday let's throw it back to a time when I didn't strongly dislike you
Like a bottle of jack straight to the head
11:11 jack and jack. Paige and Kenz. Jonah and Reed . Baby des. Happiness . Everything be okay . Pressplay chi🔥
Pres.met with a US congressional delegation headed by Sen. Jack Reed yesterday evening in ARG Palace.
I'm thankful that both Jack Reed and Sheldon Whitehouse were part of this protection of h…
Good bye, Jack Reed never again to be elected to office. J Manchin best not side with Obama & Reed if you want stay in office!
Ex-Obama aide Peter Orszag has a message for Jack Reed and Sheldon Whitehouse: you’re undermining Obamacare (
Sen. Jack Reed name dropped Holly Petraeus--David Petraeus' wife--for her work with the CFPB. Speaking about financial regs on floor now.
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NEW: Jack Reed's job approval rating is 58% and Sheldon Whitehouse's is 51%, per (6-month) poll
great pack. Widdop has to be fit and play at 6. Jack Reed centre It's possible. Wow almost as good as a Hull FC Wembley win
Jack Reed, Harkdaker, Ryan Atkins, Paul Newlove, Ellery Hanley and Charnley + Clarke not good enough thisyr
Sen. Reed: GOP should revive Perkins student loan program: U.S. Sen. Jack Reed is calling on Senate Republican...
Rhode Islanders: contact @ RepCicilline Jack Reed to vote to reauthorize ESEA. Time is critical!
Sad about Ron Moody. Oliver Reed scared me as Sykes as a kid. Look at these two dudes. Jack Wilde sad life.
RIP Ron, say hello to Oliver Reed, Harry Secombe and Jack Wild for me.
Carroll Reed directs Ron Moody and Jack Wild in 'Oliver!' (1968)
Out of desperation i bought jack reed to get through origin Had him 3 weeks hasn't scored less than 100 yet. anyone want to guess his price?
i was listening to Jack n Jack and now Reed
I also have Jansen, tolleson and reed as closers. Kershaw and wacha as my aces and haven't been playing Hamilton much
Good luck to Louis Reed today playing for U18's in Moscow v Russia.
Reed described Obama as "we'll come back for you" politics. Vote for me, and I'll come back for you later...
it's his ideology. He's a white democrat in blackface. Find Adolph Reed's critiques of Obama online, they're on point
4 hours of sleep in 36 hours was rough except we had in-n-out burgers for lunch and I saw a real live wild jack rabbit. 😍
Jace Montgomery ladies and gentlemen ✋🏼 biggest jack *** anyone will EVER meet
I would tag jack bishop but I have a decent hear
Former CONCACAF president Warner accused of stealing earthquake relief funds intended for Haiti victims.
Senate blocks war fund limits: The Senate blockd an amendment from Sen. Jack Reed (D-R.I.) to fence off ...
Couldn't be prouder of my roommate and best friend for being drafted by the Can't wait to see what he does💪🏼
Partyline vote so far on the Jack Reed OCO amdt. Only real question is if any Ds vote No. Rs are lost cause.
Jack has his lock screen & home screen set as pictures of himself lol😂
Jack Reed(D RI) is the principle counterpart objecting to the OCO Amendment. Reeled off a litany of Dem Senators concurring.
Ex FIFA-exec Jack Warner under investigation for pocketing $750k of Haitian earthquake money
Ron Reed, CEO of on how they help middle market companies maximize cost recovery and sustainability.
Senator Jack Reed speaking on his amendment to fence $38 billion in extra war funding to
Sen Jack Reed amendment would rein in OCO Acct. Congress shouldn't use tricks like OCO to add billions to Pentagon budget.
U.S. Senators John McCain and Jack Reed call for release of and other political prisoners
US Senators John McCain and Jack Reed urge Maldives government to press for the release of all
"while the Maldives may be a small island nation, there are big principles at stake" - United States Senators John Mc…
US senators John McCain & Jack Reed sent a letter calling for release of former pres nasheed & all political prisoners in the Maldives.
Barry Windham and Dustin Rhodes vs. Barbarian and Butch Reed. Cactus Jack on commentary. Should be fun.
Q&A: Sen Jack Reed on electronic cigarettes
Jack Reiss told hm that he barely beat the count and when he asked if he wanted to continue, Monroe said “I’m done”. No leg…
Reed were all out for 75. Jack Childs batted well and scored 21*.
John McCain praises “outstanding ranking member” of Armed Services for budget work: “This is a better bill because of my friend, Jack Reed.”
Q&A: Jack Reed on electronic cigarettes
Imagine thinking Sarginson is better than Jack Reed.
Congrats to Reed Brown for his second place performance in the state meet 6A 3200 meter run in a time of 9:00.82.
Providence Business U.S. SEN. Jack F. Reed said the Clean Vessel Act has prevented millions of gallons of untreate...
This is worse than Jack Bruce or Lou Reed leaving us, I feel so flat after this. The Blues has lost it's true born King :(
surely Jack Reed needs to get dropped after tonight's display...
but then Jack reed just busted down the field 😀
Jack Reed gets through the Cowboys line and the Broncos are advancing
Lou Reed, Ray Manzarek, Jack Bruce and now BB King in like the last 2 years, this is not good
u mean like when ur mom doesn't buy Colby Jack but then u get over it ?
Jack White, Loretta Lynn to be inducted into Music City Walk of Fame:
Jack Reed—top Dem on SASC—voted against NDAA in cmte bc of his concerns it busts BCA caps and that GOP would only seek defense $ increase.
U.S. Senator Jack Reed and the Rhode Island delegation of the RI Chapter of the ALS Association.…
Had like a 6 hour dream where Jack Smith and Reed Percival chased me around with telepathical powers scariest night ever
Jolly Jack Tar's Royal Dart Regatta: Tom Reed is skippering a team for the Dart Regatta. He is looking for un...
Born in 1943 Jack Bruce (died Oct 2014), legendary bass player. Hear him playing on Lou Reed's album.
Jack: "are u done with school tomm?". Me: "yeah". Jack: "do they throw papers up in the air & run out of the school like in Grease?". 😂😂😂
Senator Jack Reed says the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service will distribute $8,232,316 to the Ocean State for...
I liked a video Jack and Jack Vine Compilation All Vines Best Vines
With 10-1 lead USC goes to reed Scott in the 9th. Another solid effort by Jack Wynkoop.
-As I reed the text, Melissa takes my order. I snort as the plan had been Jack and Coke. Plus these new chips Marcine was >
Mark Jackson made Jarrett Jack his closer in Golden State. He had Curry and Thompson
A proud association! Jack Cristil Signature Apparel now available at Reed's Tupelo!
we want. reed. nash. skate. sammy. jack's. and cam. ATX digi
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but 100% I thought the nets sucked. Jack and Anderson have been great and Hawks average
Congrats to Reed Brown and Charlie Gardner for finishing 1st & 3rd in today's regional 3200!
me : I'll c u @ cfc banquet tonight . coach Padilla : who r u going with? . me: jack . coach Padilla: are you gonna give him his first kiss
TO THE ENTITLEMENT JACK WHO PARKED IN MY SPOT,. Your antics are not appreciated.
Other than that the only recommendations I got were Star Trek, Doctor Who, and Jack Vance's Last Castle.
» Nikki Reed Nikki Reed and Ian Somerhalder s Sunset Wedding: All the Details on Ceremony …
Catch me and RubyTuesday at Mesa tomorrow supporting the fellas
Oliver Reed and Jack Nicholson singing together in Tommy is one of my favourite moments in cinema.
Senior PM Jack watching our latest video. Stay tuned for more footage from Reed job sites!
you could end up looking like Jack Reed?
RIP reed owens on that day. Gone but not forgotten.
I'm actually going to sleep. I'll leave y'all this
We are lucky to have you Senator Jack Reed!
Reed Malas had 5G-2A in 15-3 win over Scarsdale. Jack Harrigan and Chris Conley each added 3G-1A.
FOLLOW & I'll dm you to Shawn ,Nash ,matt ,jack G, reed ,Grant :)
Inspired by the New Jack Swing sound that was popular from the late 1980s to the early 1990s. Teen Movie ft. K Reed -
remember when England and Queensland were fighting over who would get Jack Reed? What a time to be alive
Chris Lawrence marked Jack Reed in the 4 nations final that year. Great year for rugby league
Jack Reed marked Chris Lawrence in the 2011 4 Nations final.
reed your tribute to Brian Clemens there sons are making his last script into a film
Congratulations to Senator Jack Reed ! Not only a great defender of America, but a protector of America's special places!
for Jack I really really love Aaron Taylor-Johnson, and for Leila either Crystal Reed, Katie Cassidy or Felicity Jones! And you?
Yeah letting Josh Hoffman go so you can play Jack Reed at left centre was a great plan
Sherrod Brown, Jeff Merkley, Elizabeth Warren, and Jack Reed vote against Iran sanctions for first time
WASHINGTON — Defense Secretary Chuck Hagel may be stepping down but don’t look for U.S. Sen. Jack Reed to be replacing him.
David Cicilline (D), Sheldon Whitehouse (D), Jack Reed (D) NOTE: Each recipient will only see his/her own email address. Subject Support bicycling Message Dear [Title] [Recipient], There's an easy way to improve our nation's health, our economy, and our environment. All you have to do is support bicycling. The more people who ride bikes, the better off we'll all be. Just three hours of bike riding a week can reduce people's risk of heart disease and stroke by 50%. Every mile ridden means one less pound of CO2 in the atmosphere. And commuting to work can save Americans $10 or more per day -- money they can spend supporting our country's small businesses. Already, millions of Americans ride their bikes every day. But you could help increase these numbers and create even greater health, economic, and environmental benefits by supporting policies that encourage people to ride. Simple measures -- such as creating more bike lanes and trails, installing more bike racks, and supporting bicycle awareness campaigns ...
I'm afraid so, and it could cost my boy Jack Reed the chairmanship of the Armed Services committee.
THE 6 NEW ENGLAND STATES: Jack Reed is one of its senators
Brisbane welcome back Sam Thaiday. Coirey Parker to prop. Ben Hannant back to the bench. Corey Oates replaces Jack Reed in the centres
No for Jack Reed while Ben Hannant appears headed to the Gold Coast |
"A stranger walks into your house, points a gun to your head, then asks you for the time. What do you do?"-Jack Reed.
Adrian Morley, Jack Reed, Gareth Widdop, James Graham, Gareth Ellis and the Burgess brothers just to name a few
Kevin is def not in this photo. This is like the time you confused Jack Reed for Barbara Boxer
** REVIEW : * Polish Prime Minister Donald Tusk says he has reasons to suspect that the threat of a direct intervention by Russia's military in Ukraine has increased over the last few days. NATO’s deputy secretary general says that Russia has amassed about 20,000 troops along its border with eastern Ukraine, following a Pentagon spokesman's announcement yesterday that said Russian forces are closer than when it annexed Crimea in the spring. * Three leading Democratic senators have urged President Obama to use executive orders to reduce or eliminate the rising trend of U.S. corporations moving their tax domiciles overseas. "Although we will continue to work toward a legislative solution to the problem, we urge you to use your authority to reduce or eliminate tax breaks associated with inversions," say Senator Richard Durbin, Jack Reed and Elizabeth Warren in a letter to the president. * Qatar's emir has issued a new ruling that allows foreign investors to own up to 49% of listed Qatari companies, and may ...
This Day in 1962 - The New York Yankees beat the Detroit Tigers, 9-7, after 22 innings on Jack Reed's...
Sad commentary on American Politics - and maybe our culture in general: 22 U.S. Senators who voted for the Iraq Resolution are still in office, only 9 who didn't are left. While there are extraneous circumstances for why some left, I ask why, after two voting cycles and over a trillion dollars spent, are those who voted for the resolution still there. (Special Note at bottom of list.) VOTED FOR: Jeff Sessions (AL) Richard Shelby (AL) John McCain (AZ) Dianne Feinstein (CA) Tom Carper (DE) Bill Nelson (FL) Chuck Grassley (IA) Tom Harkin (IA) Mike Crapo (ID) Pat Roberts (KS) Mitch McConnell (KY) Mary Landrieu (LA) Susan Collins (ME) Thad Cochran (MS) Harry Reid (NV) Chuck Schumer (NY) Jim Inhofe (OK) Tim Johnson (SD) Orrin Hatch (UT) Maria Cantwell (WA) Jay Rockefeller (WV) Mike Enzi (WY) VOTED AGAINST: Barbara Boxer (CA) *** Durbin (IL) Barbara Mikulski (MD) Carl Levin (MI) Debbie Stabenow (MI) Ron Wyden (OR) Jack Reed (RI) Patrick Leahy (VT) Patty Murray (WA) Those who voted for the resolution went on to . ...
Happy Saturday! And if it's Saturday, it's time to read Ted Nesi's weekend news roundup for WPRI. This week Ted tackles Jack Reed's fight for jobless benefits, Speaker Mattiello blocking 38 Studios subpoenas, RI's surprise budget shortfall, Judge-to-be Richard Licht, another possible Projo buyer and more. Click here to read this weekend's Saturday Morning Post - only on
NRL FTs: South Sydney 14-27 Melbourne, Brisbane 22-8 Gold Coast. The Storms's big three were outstanding as they jumped out to a first half lead with tries from Billy Slater, Cooper Cronk and Sisa Waqa. An Alex Johnston double and a try from Adam Reynolds gave the Bunnies hope before Slater got a second to seal the win. At Lang Park Brisbane came from behind to beat the Titans. Gold Coast led at half time after Anthony Don's try added to a penalty goal to cancel out Dale Copley's opener. Copley, Matt Gillett and Jack Reed added tries for the Broncos in the second half as the titans struggled after losing Aidan Sezer with a pectoral injury and William Zillman to concussion
Fannie, Freddie replacement stalled in Senate by Ryan Smith | May 12, 2014 A plan to wind down Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac appears to be stalled in the Senate. The bill, written by Senate Banking Committee Chairman Tim Johnson (D-S.D.) and Ranking Member Mike Crapo (R-Idaho) would dismantle the mortgage finance giants and replace them with a new federal mortgage insurer while moving more risk onto private capital. The bill has enough votes to pass the Senate Banking Committee. Last week, however, six key Democrats – Elizabeth Warren (D-Mass.), Charles Shumer (D-N.Y.), Sherrod Brown (D-Ohio), Jeff Merkley (D-Oregon), Robert Menendez (D-N.J.) and Jack Reed (D-R.I.) – withdrew their support from the legislation. Warren and her allies said the bill needed major revision, according to Bloomberg. They felt the structure of the new federal reinsurer was problematic and that the bill didn’t contain sufficient support for affordable housing goals. But without more Democratic support, Senate Majority Leader H ...
This year is our chance to get rid of Pelosi and Feinstein. I know that they MUST shame even the democrats. Come on, people, kick'em to the curb! Here are 18 Democrat running for election in 2014 who knew you’d lose your health insurance because of Obama-care, but promised you could keep it anyway. These are the LIARS who STOLE your healthcare. 1) Nancy Pelosi ( California ) 2) Dianne Feinstein ( California ) 3) Mark Begich (Alaska) 4) D_l_C_K Durbin (Illinois) 5) Al Franken (Minnesota) 6) Kay Hagan (North Carolina) 7) Tom Harkin (Iowa) 8) Tim Johnson (South Dakota) 9) Mary Landrieu (Louisiana) 10) Carl Levin (Michigan) 11)Jeff Merkley (Oregon) 12) Mark Pryor (Arkansas) 13) Jack Reed (Rhode Island) 14) Jay Rockefeller (West Virginia) 15) Jeanne Shaheen (New Hampshire) 16) Mark Udall (Colorado) 17) Tom Udall (New Mexico) 18) Mark Warner (Virginia) We the People ... will remember these 18 criminals in 2014 Help re post this thanks!
There are 21 US Senate seats up for re-election in 2014 that are currently held by Democrats, with more than half of those being vulnerable. These seats were won during the 2008 sweep year when President Barack Obama brought millions of new first time voters to the polls, and helping many of the down-ticket candidates along the way. While the Republicans are defending 14 seats in mostly conservative states, Democrats are defending a mixture of liberal, moderate, and conservative seats. The GOP would need to swing 6 seats to take control of the US Senate. Safe Democratic Seats There are nine seats that will probably stay safely in Democratic hands: Delaware - Chris *** Illinois - Richard Durbin; Massachusetts 2013 Special Election - Open; Hawaii - Special Election; New Jersey - Frank Lautenberg (Retiring); New Mexico - Tom Udall; Oregon - Jeff Merkley; Rhode Island - Jack Reed; Virginia - Mark Warner. There could be changes to this list. John Kerry's seat was initially in this section, but after he le .. ...
This past week’s second mass shooting at the Ft. Hood Army base may finally stir the Department of Defense into action. Secretary of Defense Chuck Hagel is reportedly ready to ban smoking by military personnel. “While some are using this tragedy to urge that military personnel be allowed to carry weapons for self defense, I am not going to be stampeded into a move that runs counter to the President’s philosophy on guns,” Hagel declared. “These shootings are tragic, but the toll from smoking is far larger.” “Even if we were to come up with a successful counter to these mass murders we are talking of saving only a handful of lives,” Hagel pointed out. “In contrast, thousands of those who serve in the military will die prematurely from smoking. Reducing this source of casualties seems to me to be a much more rewarding course of action.” In a jointly issued letter, Senators Richard Blumenthal (D-Conn), *** Durbin (D-Ill), Tom Harkin (D-Iowa), Jack Reed (D-R.I.), and Sherrod Brown (D-Ohio) ...
U.S. Sens. Jack Reed and Sheldon Whitehouse are expected to join U.S. Reps. James Langevin and David Cicilline on...
Appropriations season is heating up in Washington, DC. Please call your U.S. Senators by Wednesday, April 2 and ask them to sign two separate "Dear Colleague" letters that will greatly help libraries:   Support Funding for LSTA in FY 2015 Ask your senators to support funding for the Library Services and Technology Act (LSTA). Here's why:LSTA is the primary source of funding for libraries in the federal budgetLSTA helps many public libraries provide services to users that include, but are not limited to: job searches, résumé building help, digital literacy workshops, access to e-government services, etc. Your senators can sign a letter indicating their support for LSTA in the FY15 budget, here's how: Democrats: Ask your senator/s to contact Sen. Jack Reed's (D-RI) office to sign the LSTA letter. Republicans: Ask you senator/s to contact Sen. Susan Collin's (R-ME) to sign the LSTA letter.   Support Funding for the Innovative Approaches to Literacy (IAL) Competitive Grant Ask your sen ...
Latest news about unemployment.What about all the lazy people on welfare that they have been collecting all their life.At least people on unemployment have worked to pay into it. Harry Reid , Unemployment, Jack Reed, Politics News WASHINGTON -- Democrats failed on Thursday to win enough Republican votes to reauthorize long-term unemployment benefits for more than a million workers cut off in December. At least five Republicans needed to vote for the bill in order for it to advance, but only four did. The bill failed 58-to-40. "Because of the inaction of one person today there's a family, thousands of families who are going to miss mortgage payments and send their lives into economic chaos," said Sen. Cory Booker (D-N.J.). Even if the Senate eventually passes an extension of unemployment benefits, which seems unlikely, Republican leaders in the House of Representatives have been unenthusiastic about holding a vote. More than 1.7 million long-term jobless Americans have missed out on benefits since th ...
DAILY DELANEY DOWNER - Lawmakers are almost getting somewhere on restoring unemployment insurance to the 1.3 million workers whose benefits lapsed last month. Sort of. Sen. Jack Reed (D-R.I.) told reporters Friday that he's been talking to a handful of Senate Republicans during this week's congressional recess about how to pay for the benefits in a way that would make them happy. "We've made significant movement in terms of trying to address the biggest concerns a significant number of Republicans have had," Reed said, mentioning Republican Sens. Dean Heller (Nev.), Susan Collins (Maine) and Rob Portman (Ohio). "I don't want to presume we've got a solution but we're working awfully hard to get one," Reed said. "We're looking at different approaches." [HuffPost] DOUBLE DOWNER - Shannon Gaiser of Butler, Pa. pressed the issue of unemployment insurance with her congressman, Rep. Michael Kelly (R-Pa.), and got a form letter response explaining his position. "Given the most recent unemployment rate of 7 percen ...
Unemployment benefits across the country will expire tomorrow, although some advocates are making a last-ditch push for an extension: a human level, cutting 1.3 million Americans off their lifeline doesn’t make any sense and it’s not anything we should be doing," said Sen. Jack Reed, D-R.I. Opponents disagree. "These are called emergency benefits," said economist Chris Edwards of the Cato Institute. "The U.S. economy has been out of recession for over four years." What do you think?
Reds totally got me. it took a few days to watch it, but i cried harder when Jack Reed died than i did when frosty melted. and seeing "edith bunker" as Emma Goldman-- priceless.
In the relations of a weak Govt & a rebellious people every act of Govt exasperates the masses & every refusal excites contempt. - Jack Reed
FORCE WALMART AND FAST FOOD JOINTS TO PAY A LIVEABLE WAGE. I'm tired of taxpayers subsidizing them. Ellyn Fortino Friday December 20th, 2013, 10:42am New Report Sheds Light On Taxpayer Subsidies For Fast Food CEO Pay A recent report from theInstitute for Policy Studies (IPS) reveals that fast food companies have been pulling in large taxpayer subsidies for CEO pay at the same time many of the firms' lowest-paid workers have had to rely on public assistance to help cover their basic needs. Taxpayers have been subsidizing CEO pay for fast food companies and other firmsdue to a loophole that allows unlimited corporate tax write-offs on performance-based compensation for top executives. From 2011 through 2012, CEOs of the top six publicly held fast food companies, including McDonald's, Yum! Brands, Wendy's, Burger King, Domino's and Dunkin' Brands, hauled in a collective $183 million in fully deductible performance pay, which comes out to be a total tax break valued at $64 million, according to the report. Th ...
Jack Reed an ex-Green Beret is on this list and so is Senator OUThouse.
"Group 49" meets w/ Reed seriously wants to close And do what with terrorists?
Not only has Barbai hacked Jack Reed from but she has also taken over their account. Ask for full story.
Senior Jack Reed sweeps the vote in the tacky Christmas Sweater vote. Quiambao, Buchner, Fiorenza, and Dr Renner all pick up votes
YAY! So proud of Jeff! His Krav Maga school is an official ICCS Krav Maga school! Way to go Jeff and Jack Reed! Super proud of you guys! Thank you Tony Harwood and Sharir for being such amazing instructors and coming from Israel and Arizona to test them and putting on a great seminar for them!!
Please print and put it with your voter registration card so the next time you go to the poll you will have a handy sheet of who NOT to vote for...what a surprise that our liberal RI senators led the charge! Shame on you Jack Reed!
yobama and Democrats in Congress Lied about yobamacare from Day 1 and now we are all suffering because of it. The takers are taking the whole country down with them. Remember that yobamacare was passed entirely by Democrats who exempted themselves from it. They ignore the fact that yobamacare is illegal in the first place as this tax did not originate in the House as mandated by The Constitution Of The United States. The so called fix is Unconstitutional as well. Vote all of these Lying Politicians Out Of Office. At the top of the list are the ones who spread the "Keep your Plan " and "It will be cheaper" outright lies: Nancy Pelosi, Diane Feinstein, Debbie Wasserman Schultz, Rep. Shelia Jackson Lee (D-TX.), SEN. Harry Reid (D-Nev.), SEN. RICHARD DURBIN, SEN. CHUCK SCHUMER (D-NY), SEN. PATTY MURRAY (D-Wash.), SEN. MAX BAUCUS (D-Mont.), SEN. Tom Harkin (D-Iowa), THEN-REP. TAMMY BALDWIN (D-Wis.), SEN. Mark Begich (D-Alaska), SEN. MICHAEL BENNET (D-Colo.), SEN. BARBARA BOXER (D-Calif.), SEN. Sherrod Brown (D ...
this has to be the greatest thing I've ever seen..
"Jack Reed is a beautiful human being"
Urge Congress to extend unemployment benefits | Jack Reed for United States Senate
domain names
God love you Jack Monroe...sick to death of the hypocricy..roll on 2015
"Dear Mr. Bartlett: Thank you for contacting me regarding gender neutral restrooms at the Community College of Rhode Island. I appreciate hearing from you. On your behalf, I have shared your concerns with the Rhode Island Board of Governors for Higher Education. You can be assured that I will carefully review any response that I receive and forward any information that may be useful to you. Again, thank you for contacting me, and please do not hesitate to write, call, or visit my website,, in the future for information regarding this or any other matter. Sincerely, Jack Reed United States Senator"
For Public Notice Posting June 8, 2010 Notice! Learn! Topic: Illegal felony wire tapping and electronic surveillance with out a court order at home in foster Rhode Island. More Facts! Illegal entry into my locked car, my locked home! to commit vandalism; to remove personnel documents. The placing of radio frequency devices inside of my home and outside of my home when activated by the government and state personal computers , these illegal devices give off a very tormenting sound to torment me over and over again. The culprits: Rhode Island f.b.i. Rhode Island state police intelligence office all Rhode Island local police departments. all Rhode politicians town, state, federal; the ones who lie to cover up this lunatic conspiracy. much more detailed information will be placed on the internet in the future, if the lunacy continues. none of this can be disputed in the real name of justice. _ Posting 11 Dec, 2013 The crime of felony electronic surveillance without a court order is the cowardly act of what i ...
imagine meeting chicks with that beard then saying your name's Jack Passion. So. Much. Fanny!
The champ's name is 'Jack Passion'...just when you think it can't get any more bad ***
It that jack this morin an i am on & up like i just reed up...*^_^*
Mason Reed. Jack of all trades. Cisco is rollin' son
It doesn't let you change on Dynasty you Jack A.
Sen. Jack Reed (D-RI) asked for unanimous consent for the Senate to pass his 3 month extension of unemployment insuranc…
Joined U.S. Senator Elizabeth Warren and Senator Jack Reed this morning for a discussion on reducing student loan debt.
Jack Skille looking like Fulton Reed with the
Massachusetts U.S. Sen. Elizabeth Warren has joined two other Senate Democrats in a legislative campaign to lower student loan debt. Warren, Assistant Majority Leader *** Durbin of Illinois and senior Banking Committee member Jack Reed of Rhode Island announced Thursday that they are...
$WBCO Sen. Elizabeth Warren joins *** Durbin, Jack Reed in plan to lower student ...
Someone tell Jack Reed, who congratulated Baucus on the Senate floor.
No, but Jack Reed is out there saying it'd be a great idea to pack ol Max off to Beijing.
I've been gone nearly 2 years I just can't let go! Aaah too cool for school Miss Reed? I get it. I'll twerk on my own then! x
Welcome to Merica, where the First Amendment only applies to the popular opinion. Bring Phil back, jack.
PROVIDENCE, R.I. -- U.S. Sen. Jack Reed is making another bid to extend unemployment benefits to more than 1.3 million Americans -- nearly 5,000 of which are jobless Rhode Islanders -- that risk losing them on Dec. 28.
everytime John Mayer comes on reed says it's jack Johnson and it kills me
"2:30 long though so start it early."That's a commitment. Lol
"Prisoners was a good movie Thanks man.I'm gonna check it out this weekend.
Jack Perri would probably take up an offer for a 6-foul limit for EJ Reed. He's excellent when he's on the court.
Jack Reed offers a three-month unemployment insurance extension.
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