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Jack Reacher

Jack Reacher is a fictional character created by British author Jim Grant who writes under the pen name of Lee Child.

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Jack Reacher had a misleading title. via /r/Jokes
im gonna watch jack reacher even though... i wanted to watch knight and day HFEIOAWJFKDS
MP’s turn into Jack Reacher when you go a mile over the speed limit
Believe me, what "Jack Reacher" has promoted has done FAR more psychological (and financial) damage to so many more than Spacey's advances.
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I really like the Jack Reacher movies. But watching Tom Cruise demolish a cherry Chevy Chevelle SS, is just too painful to watch! 😩😢
Reposting Happy birthday to Lee Child, author of the Jack Reacher novel series. Fun quote from him. .…
New Jack Reacher book in about 7 days. PUT EVERYTHING ON HOLD
The is bringing the creator of Jack Reacher, author Lee Child, to St. Louis in November.…
Trafficking is now available as an . 123 x 5* reviews. "Powell is a British Jack Reacher." .
Jack Reacher books on Storytel read by 👍👍👍
Here's what I don't get… I put on the 2016 Jack Reacher movie, in it one of the main characters, a woman who is a military officer…
or the next Jack Reacher bodice ripper
In a New York apartment offering spectacular views of Central Park, Lee Child, author of the Jack Reacher novels,...
How Lee Child is breaking cover on Jack Reacher secrets
I added a video to a playlist Tripwire (Jack Reacher by Lee Child Audiobook Full 1/2
Are you ready for more Jack Reacher? Pre-order Lee Child's new thriller, THE MIDNIGHT LINE, in stores November 7th!
is Jack Reacher hanging up phone multiple times in a row a reference to Risky Business scene with Joe Pantoliano?
The coolest scene from Jack Reacher is the first 43 minutes.. patent pending
which one won (your poll)? I don't know Lee Child (or Jack Reacher) except through a silly xerox advert that ran re…
I liked a video Running ( Jack Reacher by Lee Child Audiobook Full 2/2
Reading my second Jack Reacher novel and starting to wonder if Lee Child is in fact a highly experimental novelist; a w…
"The width of a person's wrists is the best indicator of his or her strength.'" -Jack Reacher's Rules
I can't tell you how many times I've confused Jack Ryan and Jack Reacher. Honestly embarrassing.
Having seen bits of John Hannah playing Rebus, guess I now know how Jack Reacher fans felt when Tom Cruise took on the role
I watched the trailer last night and I honestly hate the sort of Equalizer, John Wick, Jack Reacher, vigilante action-thriller framing.
Jack Reacher. The first was a surprisingly good detective thriller. The second doesn't exist.
Hit the road, Jack Reacher: why Tom Cruise should ditch the goody two-shoes act
Josh Holloway on Harry Connick's show?! When did this happen hello real Jack Reacher
IS the Jack Reacher not I hate that Lee Childs allowed TC to be casted for the role. DL fits novels
Have you read any of the Jack Reacher books by Lee Childs?
Not as good as Jack Reacher but enjoyable
*** you can say the same about Jack Reacher as well.
Excitement for fans: every Jack Reacher short story has been collected together for the first time. https…
I watched "Why Him?" recently on a plane trip. I actually enjoyed it. I watched the second Jack reacher and couldn't finish it. So bad...
Jack Reacher: Never go back proves it's the rock
Watched the 2nd Jack Reacher film last night.pretty decent for a predictable action movie 👍🏼
Just 60 minutes left to enter our draw to win No Middle Name - a collection of short stories featuring the big guy…
You were great in True Blood, Terriers, The Finest Hours, Jack Reacher, and Once Upon a Time as Baelfire/Neal Cassidy.
I want to go see Jack Reacher, again...
Keep MI and Jack Reacher going, give him the Mummy and keep it going, make him a superhero. More Cruise, all the time.
(I really love the first Jack Reacher, is why I say this)
Sure, but what's the last real box office hit he had outside of that franchise? . OBLI…
Sure, but the last Jack Reacher put a dent in that veneer.
Tom Cruise played Jack Reacher. Life here on Earth 2 is a hellscape.
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Three hours left to get your entry in for our current prize draw to win a collection of Jack Reacher short stories…
By my count, Tom Cruise is in four franchises: Mission Impossible, Edge of Tomorrow, this, and Jack Reacher,
He played a 6'6 270 Jack Reacher so anything is possible
A collection of pulse-pounding Jack Reacher stories--one never-before-seen novella, plus eleven others collected...
Yeah, but how many people know Jack Reacher from Adam? Mummy is an internationally recognized property.
I do enjoy the Mission Impossible movies, have not watched Jack Reacher in its entirety or the sequel
Jack Reacher was lightning in the bottle
Really? Weren't the latest Mission: Impossible and Jack Reacher films at least modest hits?
Me and dad started watching Knight and Day last night and this is more fun than both the Jack Reacher films combined
"Non-stop suspense in the vein of Jack Reacher and television series, *** SOFT TARGET, currently
only Jack Reacher it seems knows how to deal with terrorists..
Jack Reacher killed a ton of people beyond that I'm not sure
I just watched the latest jack reacher. What happened to Tom Cruise's face? 😱😱
Tom Cruise is a legend. He gave us Edge of Tomorrow, Jack Reacher, and more Mission Impossible movies in recent years. The Mummy will be 🔥🔥
Jack Reacher and Monuments Men. I'd rather just forget the whole weekend.
Dwayne Johnson would have been “right there in the frame” to play Jack Reacher instead of Tom Cruise if he had bee…
I can't wait to see the Temperance Brennan and Jack Reacher matchup!!!
Discover Night School: A Jack Reacher Novel Very best seller in Action & Adventure.
Lee Child: Dwayne Johnson could have been Jack Reacher … if he was more famous
Have you entered our latest prize draw yet? There's still time -
A bad, bad movie weekend- Jack Reacher and Monuments Men. Then saw the Okja trailer. Something to look foward to:
We just had a chill afternoon, The Bounty Hunter and then Jack Reacher, gotta watch chick flick in bed or when son is out lol
I would watch Jack Reacher movie but I fell asleep in the movie theater wit my "Used to be Boo Thang" when we went to see it...Soo maybe not
Jack Reacher is a lot like Ethan Hunt... I like them both but when you're ready to retire as Hunt I'd love to be his prodigy 💁🏾💋
Next, the president is going to ask that Jack Reacher investigate Ethan Hunt.
Remember when Jason Bourne helped George Clooney rob that casino? Let's see Jack Reacher do that...
Find out why the Hunt for Jack Reacher involves satellite surveillance in DEEP COVER JACK —>…
Hunt for Jack Reacher book wins medal for Best Mystery/Thriller eBook!
I want Jack Bauer, Jason Bourne, John McClane, John Rambo, Jack Reacher and John Wick to team up together in an epic action movie!
Just finished reading 'The Nowhere Man' by Gregg Hurwitz. wow!Not sure who would win in a fight..Jack Reacher, Sam Capra or Evan Smoak? 🤔
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Win! We're giving away three copies of Tom Cruise's hit action movie 'Jack Reacher: Never Go Back' on Blu-ray
John Wick and Run All Night are closer to being the same movie. Jack Reacher has more of a Battlefield Earth feel to it.
Which one is Jack Reacher, and which one is John Wick?
I want a cross-over movie of Jason Bourne, James Bond, Jack Reacher & John Wick team-up against evil Jonah Hill.
Why did I decide to watch the second Jack Reacher?? Not like the first one was good
I am smart and only watched the clips with him in it. you are foolish and watched all of Jack Reacher
When it's two in the morning and you forgot to switch your laundry over because you got caught up watching jack reacher
I would be 100% down with Tom Cruise doing nothing but MISSION: IMPOSSIBLE and JACK REACHER movies.
Back 2 Jack Reacher. Werner Herzog as Zec Chelovek. Dumb name. WH had 3 wives too, 3rd's a charm! Hashbrowns sound good now.
I'm almost afraid to admit it but UR 16 were more entertaining than Jack Reacher (tho I secretly crush on LeeChild)
The joy of Jack Reacher. Spread it around... & talk A…
The jacket Tom Cruise wears in the movie Jack Reacher: Never Go Back (2016)
This is a really fun chat between and about Lee Child and the joys of Jack Reacher.
Jack reacher is a fundamentally fascist film - the villain is a communist, the hero is a soldier stabbed in the back by the corrupt system
Given that Jack Reacher (in the books) is 6'5, 250Cruise still nails the role. He makes no bad movies.
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Finally watching Jack Reacher: Never Go Back and it is not disappointing me at all!
I like both but you're wrong. Jack Reacher doesn't reach the classical heights of Wick.
Thank you, JACK REACHER: NEVER GO BACK, for finally de-throning SPEED 2: CRUISE CONTROL as the worst sequel ever.
The title of the third installment of the Jack Reacher series has just been announced… Jack Reacher: Round
People are searching for: jack reacher - - February 4th 2017
Jack Reacher is better than John Wick. There, I said it. John Wick has nothing to match stunt-casting Werner Herzog as the villain.
Jack Reacher is a pretty good movie series
enjoying Jack Reacher on must've been amazing to work with Mr Duvall & Mr Herzog. . Solid piece of work.
Indeed. I think, "Jack Reacher: Oh, Nevermind", would've been a touch more obvious. ;)
Jack Reacher on and Mission Impossible next 🤗
Bad take. Jack Reacher was worth the time to watch, but John Wick is a legitimately good action movie.
CONTEST: Win a copy of JACK REACHER: NEVER GO BACK on Blu-ray and a prize pack!
About to get our Jack Reacher on at Escape Hotel @ Escape Hotel
I added a video to a playlist Jack Reacher Trailer U S Version IMDb
Woo hop! Jack Reacher on FX tonight. Looks like an evening with Can it get any better than that?
Huge Selection of Helmets at Low Prices
*** the Jack Reacher movies r pretty good
Jack Reacher: Never End (even after like four times it should have ended.)
If you thought Jack Reacher 1 was missing a key piece named "possible paternity issues for our boy Jack", we'll I've got a sequel for you.
Jack Reacher doesn't have enough action or enough plot. Pick a genre already.
Vodka and lemonade, my dog and Jack Reacher... now that's a Friday night
I thought I was going to hate it because Cruise is no Jack Reacher, but he was pretty good in it.
Loving the call on the tying goal And here I was wasting time watching Jack Reacher-glad I tuned in 😆
too cloudy by me. Heard it over Jack Reacher on the Bose system. It was real, low, and sounded on its own.
Jack Reacher never go back. , achi movie thi yar .
Watching jack reacher and drinking wine out the bottle
Jack Reacher and Rocky IV on at the same time. I don't know if I should eat more or sit around thinking about activity more? Oooh, chips!!!
I was torn between watching the new Jack Reacher with Wifey or starting the new Resident Evil w…
Watching Jack Reacher for the 3rd time because the remote is on the other couch and my happy *** isn't getting up to get it
Now its The New Jack Reacher, some organic chili flavored Potato chips and a Bottle of Gnarly Head Authentic Dark...
JACK REACHER on TV reminds me that there is still joy to be found in this world.
See 1 of 5 graphic posters created for the digital release of Never Go Back. Get it on https:/…
Get the Jack Reacher Never Go Back Blu-ray Steelbook, only at Also available in 4K https…
yum! I'm doing ginger beer and bourbon and Jack Reacher. Cheers!
"There was a fight. One guy took them all down with his bare hands." Rent Jack Reacher: Never Go Back tonight!
Just saw Jack Reacher: Never Go Back. Just another example of why is amazing. NEVER a bad movie...
ZepCook Find the best kitchen-tested recipes, videos, healthy meals, party menus and cooking techniques from top cooks. Reacher zepco…
Tom Cruise is the new Steven Seagal — watching Jack Reacher: Never Go Back
Told my Gran that the Punisher is basically a cooler Jack Reacher because he gets to shoot people and feel no remorse.
and there's a bomb that'll blow up the world unless Jack Reacher stops Darth Vader from killing Princess Fiona
Time for some jack reacher & robin scherbatsky action 🔫 ☺️ — watching Jack Reacher: Never Go Back
But but but our Jack Reacher commentary track is dropping this week! It might be our best non-Uwe Boll commentary yet!
Saving Captain Ryan! Enemy at the Gate, Bourne Legacy, Jack Reacher, JarHead..ya'll know what all those *** films have in common; snipers!!
Obama Replaces John Kerry with Jack Reacher as the New Secretary of State
Anyway, Jack Reacher was ace. The OAPs weren't going to see that. There was an André Rieu concert being broadcast.
Dafuq... A Willie Nelson now... I blame this one of the the weather and that last scene in Jack Reacher...
I added a video to a playlist Lee Child and Stephen King talk Jack Reacher
INFINITE to perform at the opening event for Hollywood film 'Jack Reacher: Never Go Back'.
Jack Reacher with and our little mates 😂😂😂 @ Empire…
I don't think I can say that I've watched Jack Reacher considering the majority of the time my eyes were directed towards the ceiling...
Tht jack reacher movie was pretty good but too bad he wasn't the father😕😭
the accountant. Jack reacher is not that good.
Watching Jack Reacher: Never Go Back (with Egi and enggar at —
All because of ⚡️ “Madea scares off Jack Reacher at the weekend box office”.
Movie Review - New Jack Reacher. Back with same attitude and action packed fun. Makes the military look corrupt. Othewise good.
"Jack Reacher, you don't know who I am, but you're about to"
So much fun making Jack Reacher with but so much running Tommy. Just so much running...
Good morning Jack Reacher & congrs that in this week that also marks your 35th year, u have perfected the art of reaching
Jack Reacher was awful. Like dumpster fire bad.
DTN Bangladesh: 'Madea Halloween' edges out 'Jack Reacher 2' with $27.6m: It is a battle of the sequels at th...
📷 Hot PreOrder Jack Reacher: Never Back Down is available for preorder at just £9.99 HD here
unlimited calling, voip, phone service
Anyone thinking about going to see Jack Reacher: Never Go Back. Don't, it's W A N K
Tom Cruise has his heart set on a new woman.
"Jack Reacher: Never Go Back" the action is fine but that won't make a good movie with a script 5.5/10 😞
Jack Reacher 2 would have been at the box office if it was called A Jack Reacher Halloween. What did it lose to? Boo! A Madea Halloween.
yes team. ans 1 is Jack Reacher: Never Go Back. Can't wait for Qustion 2. :)
I need sushi, Jack Reacher, and the Accountant. In that order.
The Magnificent Seven, Trolls, Storks, Jack Reacher, Girl On The Train, Bridget Jones's Baby and Inferno are all showing today.
‘Madea Halloween’ edges out ‘Jack Reacher 2’ at box office with $27.6M: It was a battle of the sequels at the...
You did a great job. Jack Reacher like your other films are excellent. In one word - pleasure. Wait for your new roles. Sincerely
I hope you are all enjoying Jack Reacher: Never Go Back this weekend.
Heading to the drive in tonight for Jack Reacher and the Magnificent Seven. So excited!
Here's what our reviewer thought of the new Jack Reacher movie starring Tom Cruise
Cruise is good, but Jack Reacher's gone soft
Off for a bit of hopefully entertaining Jack Reacher action!
Tom Cruise breaks every bone in a man's body before killing him with a punch to the face in Jack Reacher 2
New this week: Boo! A Madea Halloween, Jack Reacher Never Go Back & Keeping Up with the Joneses!
Tom Cruise does his thing in the absurd, but occasionally fun action sequel Never Go Back. Our review:
which movie you can't take serious because of a joke, meme or bit? For me is Jack Reacher... CAUSE HE NEVER GOES BACK!!!
Tom Cruise stops to talk at Jack Reacher New Orleans Premiere
.dreamed up 50 more potential 'Jack Reacher' movie ideas (You’re welcome, Tom Cruise)
-Here is thirty seconds of our time with . Read the full report: .
JACK REACHER: NEVER GO BACK is out now. But is it any good? Check out review!
I forget how decent Jack Reacher is
Edward Zwick on bringing strong female characters to and beyond
Danika Yarosh at the film premiere Jack Reacher: Never Go Back in London, UK. via
Movie this weekend? George Wolf reviews the new Jack Reacher, Keeping Up With the Joneses and more:
the Jack Reacher movies are actually NOTHING like the books
Saw "Tiny Jack Reacher 2." It was fantastic. It was 5'6" but still awesome. Fairly true to books and a bad *** team-up.
how's the movie? I have no idea about Jack Reacher books and movies
Watching Jack Reacher 2 with my wife Gordana on her 28th birthday. Love ya baby. 😗😘⚘ – ser Jack Reacher: Never...
Featuring the only Jack Reacher sketch you'll ever not need but could watch anyway!
JACK REACHER: NEVER GO BACK was dead on arrival in China; debuted with just ¥10.9M ($1.6M) on Friday for 4th place http…
Watch our exclusive interview with producer of the series of films
If you love Jack Reacher, I hope you enjoy this cool poster.
Follow Skydance for free Jack Reacher: Never Go Back giveaways and prizes!
Watch our exclusive interview with author of the series of novels:
There's the new Jack Reacher? If you're into that sorta movie, looks good imo
Going to watch the new Jack Reacher film!! :)
The artwork in this piece is perfect
Watch our exclusive interview with co-writer/director of
Anyone wanna go see the new Jack Reacher tonight?
I'm tryna see jack reacher this weekend
How can Tom Cruise play Jack Reacher. Jack Reacher is 6ft 5 in the books and Tom Cruise is about 4ft 6 ? .
Tom Cruise is back in NOW PLAYING. Get tickets:
Flick picks: ‘Jack Reacher’ ignores own advice in ‘Never Go Back’: Tom Cruise was an odd choice to bring thriller…
Great team bondin earlier this week wit the Squad, Got a chance to watch a great movie in JACK REACHER - NEVER GO BACK !! htt…
Love Jack Reacher books, but hate looking at 's little smug face. . Film dilemma.
Jack Reacher: Never Go Back is in theaters today. Put Lee Child's audiobook series on your shelves for patrons!
Tom Cruise brings London to a standstill at Jack Reacher European premiere via
Going to see your Jack Reacher movie. Love the books. So excited to see another Tom Cruise movie. You are the best.
Tom Cruise: The Jack Reacher: Never Go Back actor looks super handsome at the film's premiere in London.
The new Jack Reacher movie should have been called "The Adventures of Dad Tom Cruise"
Tom Cruise spoke to us about Jack Reacher: Never Go Back! All the gossip soon.
Tom Cruise having a chat before the Jack Reacher premiere. Ahhh!
Mission possible: Tom Cruise stretches for 'Jack Reacher' franchise: It could be another Cruise film series like 'Mission: Impossible...
Should you see Tom Cruise in "Jack Reacher" or Jon Hamm in "The Joneses," plus a great pick still playing for the...
Tom Cruise, 54, at the Jack Reacher premiere in London via
'Jack Reacher' and 'Avengers' star Cobie Smulders straddles the line between indie stalwart and blockbuster bruiser…
'Jack Reacher: Never Go Back' was amazing. Tom Cruise yet again on awesome top form. Legend! And Cobie Smulders rocked. Yo…   10% Off
Jack Reacher: Never Go Back Review - Rating: 6.5 out of 10 Cast: Tom Cruise as Jack Reacher Cobie Smulders as S...
Cobie Smulders The actress has a laugh while at the European Premiere of Jack Reacher: Never Go Back in London.
Tom Cruise & Cobie Smulders Stun at the Premiere of 'Jack Reacher: Never Go Back' in London!
Michelle Heaton recovers from finding her first grey hair to get glammed up for the Jack Reacher premiere
Trib's Katie Walsh on "Jack Reacher: Never Go Back": 2012’s “Jack Reacher” was the first big screen adaptation of...
"Michelle Heaton sizzles in a coral floor-length gown at the Jack Reacher: Never Go Back…
Jack Reacher - Jean-Bernard is caught giving Michelle Heaton the eye at Jack Reacher premiere in London
Movies you might wanna watch this sem break:. -Inglourious Basterds. -Jack Reacher
yeah that's a big no-no. Might be bad timing everyone anticipating the new Jack Reacher coming out
disappointed they didn't go with Jack Reacher: Round 2. (Sorry I think I've made that joke before).
in isn't the only badass in town. See the best picks for intense thriller movies!
Ready for that new Jack Reacher.. Jus watched the first one again..
3rd sequel will show him solving sex crimes with his dog: Jack Reacher Hound oh god what've I done
Jack Reacher Jack Reacher is a fictional character and the protagonist of a series of books by British ... -…
This game is just whipping along. Maybe it'll be over before JACK REACHER NEVER LET GO starts. 3 innings to go.
This fall I’ve read the latest Inspector Gamache along with 3 Jack Reacher novels maybe time to reread Pride&Prejudice or Great Expectations
Free passes, not a bad movie... — watching Jack Reacher: Never Go Back
In the future, birthing classes will give out copies of the Jack Reacher movies as part of a dad starter pack.
Our looks at the two Jack Reachers and how both work for fans:
“Once I take out the leader.. I’ll have to deal with one or two enthusiastic wingman. The rest will run.” -Jack Reacher
The new Jack Reacher movie is coming out this friday? Somehow, it feels sooner than it should.
There's even a reference to Jack Reacher's immense size in the movie that never got written out after the Cruise casting.
Here are the trailers of new movies opening today.
Prepare for with a review of the original movie
Jack Reacher just finished watching that on tv
Also I heard that in the books Jack Reacher is a BIG GIANT dude so pfft.
'Jack Reacher: Never Go Back' to battle 'Ouija' sequel and 'Boo! A Madea Halloween' at box office -
You know his name. is back in Jack Reacher: Never Go Back. See it in today!. Tickets at…
Jack Reacher (film) - Wikipedia, Tom Cruise is not Jack Reacher
Why y'all ain't tell me Tommy on Jack Reacher !!! how late am I ?
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JACK REACHER: NEVER GO BACK comes to Croydon Cinemas TOMORROW!. Purchase your tickets here.
Just realized Tommy from Power was in "Jack Reacher"
THIS IS WHAT I'M SAYING. Despite knowing nothing about the movie, really. Or about Jack Reacher (1 or 2)
It's ok. Other than a few scenes, I can't remember anything about the first Jack Reacher. You could have said there were 3 dogs.
TFW you realise Tommy was in Jack Reacher. *** looks so young
Sitting here watching Jack Reacher and I just had a thought...
Y'all know this is Tommy from Power in the first Jack Reacher lol
Tommy frm Power is crying at the end of Jack Reacher and MAN he sounds white
Jack Reacher did not happy ending per se.
Why is Keeping Up With The Joneses PG-13? Why is Jack Reacher PG-13? What teenager is trying to see those movies?
Finally watching Jack Reacher (sort of) and was hoping Werner Herzog's character would sound like someone other than Werner Herzog
Seeing the last 5 mins of Jack Reacher makes me happy I never saw the other 120 mins.
Turn them off. Delete app. Never anything news worthy. Call for Jack Reacher!
The original Tom Cruise Jack Reacher movie should've been called Jack Reacher: Age of Rosamund Pike's Bewbs.
I feel like the Jack Reacher films are for people who think the Mission Impossible movies are too cerebral.
"I am not a hero. I'm a drifter with nothing to lose.". - Jack Reacher
So was the first Jack Reacher such a success we needed another?
Jack Reacher final fight scene angled to try and hide the fact bruh like 6'4 and Cruise like 5'6. Fire.
Not a huge Tom Cruise fan but Edge of Tomorrow and Jack Reacher are both really good.
Anyone else feel like the movie "Jack Reacher" with Tom Cruise comes out every single month?
Still trying to figure out why Werner Herzog was in Jack Reacher... 🤔
Jack Reacher told me two things that would happen to me in 90 secs & he was right: 1) microwave dinged 2) I ate some le…
marks out of ten? Loved John Wick, desperate for a decent action type movie. This or Jack Reacher.
So, yeah. I'll watch the Jack Reacher flicks. I CARE about the John Wick ones.
*** I heard Jack Reacher was lit smh; but I know John Wick is flames I've just been sleeping crazy
Jack Reacher is supposed to be a BIG guy. Tom Cruise not big. But otherwise he plays him well.
BAD casting. Tom Cruise is the antithesis of Jack Reacher to anyone who has read these books.
they are very good. Jack Reacher is also 6 foot 2 and built like a brick 💩 house in the books. An overwhelmingly large man.
Jack Reacher: Never Go Back is almost here. To hold you over, here's a new trailer.
The adventure gets bigger. Jack Reacher: Never Go Back will be in IMAX on October 21.
Free Shipping with Free Returns - Baseball Rampage
Temperance Brennan and Jack Reacher in “Faking a Murderer,” by Kathy Reichs and Lee Child
Book-to-Movie news: Jack Reacher returns in Never Go Back Read it first:
thank you Lee Child for creating the hero that is - Jack Reacher.
Really can't wait to see the 'Jack Reacher' movie once it starts showing.
Get your updates on the upcoming movie "Jack Reacher: Never Go Back"!. Visit (for more...
Jack Reacher is Back have you seen the trailer yet.
Guys I can't sleep and I read a WHOLE Jack Reacher book and it was actually good
Jack Reacher meets Game of Thrones--we don't even know what that would look like, but it sounds amazing!
LUCY VR/VYSOTSKI Dear TOM!pics YOU-NESTLING on"A FEW GOOD MEN"-like Jack Reacher,one who fights for TRUTH
Flying the friendly skies with Jack Reacher. stars in 10/21.
According to Jack Reacher, 4am is the best time to strike
Just saw Jack Reacher preview. Don't know Tom Cruise, probably will never meet him, but I always get my money's worth at o…
this is the exact spot where they filmed the sniping scene in Jack Reacher
Jack Reacher is never an L..You sir took a W..
Just paid $5 to rent Jack Reacher online and remembered I have seen it. L
Check out the brand new Jack Reacher: Never Go Back "Command" Spot
I've been trying to watch Jack Reacher for like 3 weeks
Jason Bourne and Jack Reacher need to team up
FBI Agents Otto & Gaspar pick up where Lee Child's "The Enemy" leaves off in the Hunt for Jack Reacher...
Jack Reacher 2 drop my bday weekend, that's the only thing on my agenda 💀
Jack reacher or the matrix reloaded freeway chase scene.
Just rewatched Jack Reacher. Can't wait for the sequel.
to attend benefit screening of Jack Reacher: Never Go Back in Oct 17th h…
Tom Cruise is world's 4th highest-paid actor, due to 'Mission Impossible' and 'Jack Reacher'
I can't keep 'em straight - Jack Reacher, Jack Ryan, Tom Cruise, Ethan Hunt... feel like I'm watching the same dude.
Ethan Hunt and Jack Reacher are the same person right?
Christopher Titus would have been my choice for Jack Reacher
Did You Know?. Lee Childs' character Jack Reacher is not supposed to be 50, 5' 4", or someone who talks like a creepy sociopath.
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