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Jack Quaid

Jack Henry Quaid (born April 24, 1992) is an American actor, the son of the actors Meg Ryan and Dennis Quaid.

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Randy Quaid - Message to Rupert Murdoch get ready to jack off to a new one Rupert
Every Dennis Quaid character: roguish guy named Jack who wears aviators and leather jackets and happens to own a ranch in California.
I just heard the Bruins announcer jack Edwards say thts the 5th time mc Quaid broke his stick this yr! Now we're taking stats on tht toolbox
Chiamate Jack Hall(Dannis Quaid ) di the day after tomorrow e cosi mi viene a salvare
For only €2 a month you can give a child like Jack the food he needs to survive without your money Jack may not live http:/…
That moment when Randy Quaid makes your weekend by doing an alien roundhouse kick after drinking a fifth of Jack. ✊👊👌🍻
genes are so freaky. Jack Quaid looks like an EXACT mashup between Dennis Quaid & Meg Ryan, don'cha think?
I like how this article fails to mention that Jack Quaid is Meg Ryan's son:
The Last Detail, starring Jack Nicholson and Randy Quaid (1973). They don't make movies like this anymore.
Omfg Jack Quaid friend me on I love him so much my wish came true finally
Jack Quaid just beat Alexander Ludwig (in Play now!
CASTING CALL: Once again Richmond will be the backdrop of new film "ITHACA" produced by Tom Hanks, starring Meg Ryan and her son Jack Quaid. Open casting call seeking males ages 4 to 14 will be held Sunday, June 22, 2014 from 1 to 4 p.m. at ART WORKS, 320 Hull St. in Richmond. No experience is required and all ethnicities are encouraged to attend the open call. Someday you may be able to say - I knew him when .
Just announced Commonwealth of Virginia Office of Governor Terry McAuliffe For Immediate Release June 20, 2014 Office of the Governor Contact: Rachel Thomas Email: rachel.thomas Virginia Tourism Corporation Contact: Carolyn Logan Email: clogan804-545-5572 Virginia Film Office Contact: Mary Nelson Email:mnelson804-545-5535 Governor McAuliffe Announces Virginia as the Location of a Meg Ryan Film Produced by Tom Hanks Ryan will direct and star in an adaptation of William Saroyan novel Today, Governor Terry McAuliffe announced that Ithaca will be filmed in Virginia this June and July. Actress Meg Ryan will direct and play a role in the movie along with Sam Shepard and Ms. Ryan’s son, Jack Quaid. Tom Hanks and his production company Playtone will be executive producers on the film set during WW II and based on William Saroyan’s 1942 book The Human Comedy. One of Saroyan’s most popular novels, this coming-of-age story is a poignant and tender chronicle of the challenges of growing up during wartime. .. ...
CASTING 2 Tom Hanks / Meg Ryan Film “Ithaca” Open Casting Call for kids speaking roles in VA (CASTING 2 - CHILD CASTING) LOCATION: The auditions will be held this Sunday 22 June in Richmond, VA. USA A new film coming to Virginia will be holding auditions for kids. The film is looking for local boys who are between the ages of 4 and 14 to fill various small roles in the project, including some speaking roles. The on-screen dynamic duo of Tom Hanks and Meg Ryan will have a new film coming out. The “Sleepless in Seattle” stars are teaming up for “Ithaca”, just not in front of the camera. In this film Meg Ryan will be directing and Tom Hanks will serve as executive producer. Meg Ryan will also be starring in the film along with Sam Shepard, Melanie Griffith and her son, Jack Quaid. “Ithaca” is set during WWII. The film is set in a small California town during 1942. It is a story about a 14-year old boy named Homer Macauley. Homer’s older brother has gone off to war and he works as a telegr . ...
Hey so isn't me. This is the real me. I would prove it to you but i've faxed too many copies of my driver's li…
Make-up free Meg Ryan enjoys lunch with her tall son Jack Quaid in New York
Directed by Meg Ryan. With Meg Ryan, Melanie Griffith, Sam Shepard, Jack Quaid. In a small town in California's San Joaquin Valley, 14-year-old Homer Macauley is determined to be the best and fastest bicycle telegraph messenger anyone has ever seen. His older brother has gone to war, leaving Homer t…
Happy Birthday to the GoT set! Both Rory McCann and Aidan Gillen were born today. Also today Eric Balfour; Jack Quaid; Eric Kripke; and Damon Lindelof.
Today is the 24th Day of April. There are just 57 days until Summer. Weather forecast for today, Mainly cloudy with rain returning late this afternoon and evening. Could be a few thunderstorms, too. High: 64. Tonight: Rain winds down. Low: 48 Today is Chief of Police Dean Strzelecki's Birthday. Please wish him a Happy Birthday. Officers will be working on Defensive Tactics Training today... Look for some pictures of that later. Today is also Throwback Thursday... On this date in History... 2005 - Cardinal Joseph Ratzinger is inaugurated as the 265th Pope of the Roman Catholic Church taking the name Pope Benedict XVI. 2004 - The United States lifts economic sanctions imposed on Libya 18 years previously, as a reward for its cooperation in eliminating weapons of mass destruction. 1995 - Court orders Darryl Strawberry to pay back $350,000 in taxes 1990 - Security law violator Michael Milken pleads guilty to 6 felonies 1981 - IBM-PC computer introduced 1980 - US military operation to save 52 hostages in Iran, ...
Today's celebrity birthdays (April 24): Actor Eric Balfour is 37; Baseball player Carlos Beltran is 37; Soap opera actress Melinda Clarke is 45; Singer Kelly Clarkson is 32; Drummer Doug Clifford is 69; Richard M. Daley, the longest-serving mayor in Chicago's history, is 72; Actor Varun Dhawan is 27; Director Richard Donner is 84; Singer Courtnee Draper is 29; Actor Cedric the Entertainer is 50; Singer Alejandro Fernandez is 43; Actor Jordan Fisher is 20; Fashion designer Jean Paul Galtier is 62; Country singer Danny Gokey is 34; Talk show hostess Laura Hamilton is 32; Actor Djimon Hounsou is 50; Singer Ben Howard is 27; Baseball player Chipper Jones is 42; Enda Kenny, the prime minister of Ireland, is 63; Producer Eric Kripke is 40; Web video star Lasercorn is 27; Web video star Caspar Lee is 20; Hockey player Kris Letang is 27; TV show host Gabby Logan is 41; Actor Derek Luke is 40; Actress Shirley MacLaine is 80; Football player Billy Miller is 37; Child actress Ryan Newman is 16; Actor Austin Nichols ...
Hey guys! I just wanted to mention that yesterday was my 1 yr anniversary of being an admin on this page and it seems like time has flown!! So thanks guys for having me! Id also like to say happy birthday to jack quaid who plays marvel! ~ Primrose The Dauntless Shadowhunter Side Effect
pefecta pelicula Jack Quaid, Jennifer Lawrence, Liam Hemsworth, Taylor St. Clair - See more at:
nah I go ham at rc's but when its not an rc I hit jack.
I feel like Randy Quaid's character in Major League 2 towards the Bucs right now, lol.. but when they turn it around...
I liked a video from Hunger Games Premiere - Meeting Willow Shields and Jack Quaid
i just can't stand him. I have a vendetta against Dennis Quaid, Jack Black, and Joan Rivers
I have a sketch idea, a sequel of sorts, "Jack Quaid's mom is also famous."
Casting Net: Meg Ryan will make her directorial debut with Ithaca, an adaptation of William Saroyan‘s novel The Human Comedy, which frequent co-star Tom Hanks will executive-produce. The story follows the teenage Homer Macauley, left at home in Ithaca, Calif., to care for his mother, sister, and little brother, Ulysses, while his older brother fights in World War II. Ryan will also star in the film opposite Melanie Griffith, Sam Shepard, and Jack Quaid (Ryan’s 21-year-old son, who played Marvel in The Hunger Games). Clarence Brown directed a version of the story in a 1943 film starring Mickey Rooney. Billy Bob Thornton is in talks to join Warner Bros.’ upcoming film adaption of the hit HBO series, Entourage. The film reunites Entourage stars Adrian Grenier, Kevin Connolly, Jerry Ferrera, Kevin Dillon, and Jeremy Piven, and continues to follow the Hollywood adventures of Vinnie Chase (Grenier) and his crew. Thornton would play a billionaire cowboy-turned-film financier who sends his twenty-something ...
"Hunger Games" stars Amandla Stenberg (Rue) and Jack Quaid (Marvel) spent some time with CBR TV during CCI, and in-between several impromptu kazoo collaborations -- including Stenberg's rendition of Rue's death song -- the actors discussed the blockbuster film, including the conspiracy theory that.
Join us for our series premiere, featuring guests Jennifer Lawrence, Josh Hutcherson, Liam Hemsworth, and Jack Quaid, reliving the thrill of The Hunger Games! Tune in to NBC on Friday at 8 for your favorite goofs playing your favorite games.
//okay so last night i was having a nightmare right well in my nightmare i was on my way to school, it was early morning but still daylight on a road right next to a fairly busy road. i was literally a few houses away from my friend. well for whatever reason i'm in this really tall tree and here comes this sketchy-looking moving truck and out jumps /jack quaid/ and these two random guys and they've all got guns and they don't see me so being the *** i am i jump out of the tree which is only about fifteen yards away and start running. except in dreams where we're all about to get killed we do that weird slow-run thing. i keep moving and every time i look back jack looks at me and aims the gun and i'm yelling NO NO PLEASE NO so he just thrOWS THE GUN AT ME?! and then i'm like phew safe so i keep trying to get to the busy street and then HE PULLS OUT ANOTHER GUN? SO I TRY AND RUN FASTER BUT I'M MOVING EVEN SLOWER AND I CAN’T SCREAM FOR HELP BECAUSE FOR WHATEVER REASON I CAN’T MAKE A LOUD ENOUGH NOISE T . ...
Breast Cancer Awareness
Which movie is it that Dennis Quaid transforms into Jack Frost
jack quaid seems so nice I'm going to cry 😭💞
I need someone to fangirl with over Jack Quaid and Norman Reedus
I just saw this guy who looked like jack quaid's clone i swear
The first to answer Question 8 was with Marvel played by Jack Quaid!
jack quaid is in the imdb page of catching fire, I think it was him really there
Jack Quaid is in this Hunger Games too!
When you get hungry don't burn your food. The Hunger Games : Catching Fire / Rated PG-13 for violence, garish costuming and some kissing. After the blockbuster Harry Potter films began to run out of stories they decided to split the last book in order to keep the cash cow alive and flowing. The Hunger Games Catching Fire is based on part two of a trilogy of stories. Part one made enough money to support the entire world for 6 months and still show a profit. Part two is already on course for a gazillion dollars. The next film would be based on the last book but the studio said NO NO NO, and copied what Harry Potter did. One long film now in production to be released in two parts in 2014 and 2015 . The titles will be THG Mockingjay Part 1 and Part 2 based on the book Part 3. All of the original cast will show up watching bigger paydays and instead of banking the money they buy a bank to hold their money. Check the opening weekend box office results and you’ll see that I am correct. Jennifer Lawre ...
Who wore it best? LOL! Here is the costume Jack Quaid (aka Marvel and also Meg Ryan and Dennis Quaid's son) wore in the Hunger Games.
but months ago i said i wanted katniss to dream or hallucinate or fashback to the games and then 5 seconds into the movie BAM jack quaid der
honestly forgot how attractive jack quaid is SLAM SLAM O HOT ***
that half second of jack quaid in catching fire MADE MY HEART STOP luv that boy
People who haven't seen and are still wondering why Jack Quaid is on the credits.
Why is Jack Quaid in the CF cast credits on IMDb
The best part of catching fire was when jack quaid aka marvel made a brief but important appearance at the beginning of the movie
Oh and did I mention that Jack Quaid ("Marvel" from The Hunger Games) was right in front of me in line to walk into the theatre? He just rolled in with us regular folks, and said hello and was very kind!
Laughing bc jack quaid went to the catching fire premire but he died in the first Hunger Games aha
MULTIFANDOM QUIZ FIRST TO SQUEAL WINS Aviva: SQUEA Diana: SQ Jazmin: SQUE Dawn: S 12. Jack Quaid who plays Marvel in The Hunger Games has two very famous parents who are they? A bonus letter will be awarded if you know if the parents are still together or have split. ~Joshifer p.s Aviva and Jazmin both tied the last round :) (Aviva your knowledge of My Little Pony is truly astounding)
name your 5 favorite actors — Toby Turner (maybe a youtuber but he can act). Josh Hutcherson . Jack Quaid. And I do...
Would it be illegal if I kidnapped Jack Quaid and forced him to marry me?
WOAH, Jack Quaid(Marvel) is gonna be part of the CF cast xD... At least he gets referenced to! ~Marvel
These are the people who run America. Written by Sudi Green and Matt Rogers Directed by Rob Tanchum Starring Matt Rogers, Jack Quaid and Rachel Joravsky Prod...
Jack quaid is so funny I'm laughing so hard at his vines
Guys, I didn't know this and *** yeah its the truth so no one's keeping Jack Quaid or Marvel away from me
"Imagine walking down the aisle with Jack Quaid, your husband-to-be staring and smiling at you." he doesn't know we're getting married so
Jack Quaid look what I found... Personally I think you look A LOR better now. No offense
Jack, you are so *** lucky! The fanboys out there envied u haaha "Isabelle Leven Jack Quaid.
I never realized how attracted I am to Jack Quaid.
Behind the scenes of the film we're producing staring Jack Quaid and Eve Hewson! Having a bit of fun with our Le Crib flask!
Álbum de fotos: Jack Quaid on the set of "The Hunger Games"
ur face looks like Jack Quaid who played Marvel on Hunger Games! wow youre lucky! — So im lucky because ?
jack quaid's instagram videos make me laugh so hard that I cry
My humblest apologies & of course what a great Limerick family indeed, well done Jack Quaid & the late Tommy
what bout Jack Quaid representing his great son Tommy Quaid ger??
Help donate to Jack Quaid's post break up project :-)
And don't even get me started on the picture I took with Jack Quaid and Dayo Okeniyi from THG why do I always look weird in pictures
Hey look, 450 Likes!. Here's another really funny skit Backyard Portal star Jack Quaid was in!
And a fan did a fantasy casting for THE END GAMES: Go Jack Quaid!
A reader did a fantasy movie cast for TEG and holy crap it made me teary-eyed: . I wonder: Who would be a good Jopek?
Feeling like you need to make a contribution to society? Help kick start this awesome film!!
I know. Once I googled Jack Quaid with my voice and "Jack Crack" came out or "Jack Krake🐙" how?!
Assigned actress: Molly Ringwald (via Rob Maitner) Movie I love: The Breakfast Club Movie I like: Not Another Teen Movie Move I hate: The Stand Movie I hate to like: The Stand (Full disclosure, I have seen three movies with Molly Ringwald in them.) Like this post and I'll assign you an actor/actress.
Jack Quaid and Eve Hewson need fan funding for new movie: . Dennis Quaid and Meg Ryan's actor son is teaming...
Umm ... how about no? I seriously can't even ... no, just no. I have so much to say but I'll keep my mouth shut.
On my phone I'll say what I want to google and today I said "Jack Quaid" and what came out was "Jack Crack"&"Jack Krake"
you're so right ... who's Jack Quaid ?
&when you see a really hot guy in a movie you google him, wikipedia, youtube,.. I found Jack Quaid's channel 😂 He's so funny
Actor/actress I was given: Jack Lemmon (h/t Kathleen Duncan Lundquist) Movie I loved: At PRESENT, I'd say the Apartment. On TCM, Jack Lemmon talks about his friend Billy Wilder and how chancy that movie was to make. The "hero" of the movie lends out his apartment in order to move up in business for the purpose of illicit assignations. Shirley Maclaine is a woman who is sleeping with her married boss, Fred MacMurray. As Jack Lemmon says "Who are you supposed to root for?" But he goes on to say that Wilder weaved in a sweet love story in the midst of all of it which really made the movie work. I've read the book "Tuesdays with Morrie" and Lemmon did a tv movie in 1999 based on that book... haven't seen it yet, but it was one of Lemmon's personal favorites so when I DO see it, this movie may be my favorite. Movie I liked: Mister Roberts. Jack Lemmon provided most of the humor in this movie which included Henry Fonda, James Cagney, and William Powell among others, yet as the good friend of Mister Roberts ...
What would be the strangest face to find under Darth Vader's helmet.real or imagined? I think it would be hilarious to see Marty Feldman from Young Frankenstein!
Jack Quaid's new movie with alden ehrenreich❤
QUIZ!!! 6) what character did Jack Quaid play??? ~ Real or not real
Always remember on this day, will smith and jeff goldbloom saved us all.
Today we remember the Patriots who fought to free our country: President Bill Pullman, crazy crop-dusting Randy Quaid, always stoic and sexy Jeff Goldblum, and Alien face-punching Will Smith. Welcome to Erf.
on this day in 1996 Will Smith and Jeff Goldblum successfully repelled an alien invasion that would have wiped our very existence from the earth. it's been 17 years but a day does not go by that I don't remember the sacrifice.
I'd like to take a moment to say a BIG THANK YOU to all of our Military both past and present. Thank you so much for the Freedoms that you have secured and continue to secure for my family and me! Also Thanks to the spouses who have to endure so much on their own while their spouse defends our freedom( Shannon Myers and Ginger Cotter Quaid). Thanks to my Grandfather, Isaac Walter Vancil, my Uncle, Walter Lee Vancil, my Brother, Paul George (Marine), my Nephew Kris Koeneke (Marine), My Issac Quaid (Navy), My Nephew Calvin Quaid (Marine). If you know and love someone in our Military, add their name too!
Actor I was assigned: Sarah Jessica Parker Movie I loved: L.A. Story Movie I liked: Flight of the Navigator Movie I hated: Honeymoon in Vegas Movie I hate to admit I liked: Mars Attacks Like my status and I'll assign you an actor
To my American friends, for some of you tomorrow is a day to drink beers and BBQ, for others it's a day to celebrate freedom, but just remember where that freedom came from... Will Smith, Jeff Goldbloom, and the underdog Randy Quaid!
Dennis Quaid has the biggest, kindest smile. He looks like such a nice person.
Come and grab an R11.00 Jack Black Lager after 17:00 and Quaid Lagan will be entertaining the masses tonight too! Not to be missed!
A role reversal in a classic scene from A Few Good Men... Please Like on FB? -
ITS DEEP , ITS DIRTY , ITS UNDERGROUND & ITS TAKING OVER Bambu Groove THIS FRIDAY 5 JULY! THE EAST MIGHT JUST EXPLODE! THE UNDERGROUND ALL STARS VOL. 1 AT BAMBU EVENT LINK: Fri 5 July Time: 8PM-3AM Venue: Bambu ... Entrance: R50 Dress 2 impress * With Bambu being one of the Leading Venues in JHB for Underground House Music , Booth Productions & Essential Groove decided its time to make use of this Trademark & Pay a bit of Tribute to the TRUE HOUSE MUSIC HEROES out there! Not to the Radio DJ’s,Not to the“stage DJ’s” , Not to the Commercial “One Hit Wonders” , But to the REAL DJ’s , TRUE ARTISTS & HOUSE MUSIC LEGENDS That’S NOTHING but PURE TALENT & of the HIGEST CLASS! Musical Genius’s That chose to stay away from the Mainstream & Stick to their Pure House Music Roots!! Its Time to Pay a Tribute to the UNDERGROUND ALL STARS!!! These Local bread Underground All stars are Talented enough to be classified in the same league as some of the worlds finest & have played around the world in Count ...
For all the people who wanted to know more about Alexander Ludwig: - He's having a good time filming the movie Grown Ups 2 - Alexander will go to Brasil and Spain with his friends for the World Cup (2014) - The Hunger Games is his favourite movie among all the movies where he has appeared. - He loves adrenaline and extreme sports (But I think we already knew it, he always say the same) And I recommend you to see some videos of Alexander doing it: - Alexander cliff diving in Tennessee - Alexander Ludwig Bungy Jumping with 16 years old - His favourite places in the world are Burma, Galapagos Islands, Africa, and Home - He's been in UK and he loves it. - In his freetime (while he was filming The Hunger Games) he was touring the are with his friends Mark Reardon, Jack Quaid and Dayo Okeniyi. - His favourite books are The power of one and The four agreements - His inspiration while he's acting are leonardo Dicaprio, Brad Pitt and his rents. lol - And he would like to act in a movie with Leonardo Dicaprio, Brad ...
My Divergent casting (I forget how some of these people were described, this is just how I imagined them so don't hate me): Tris Prior- Chloe Grace Mortez Caleb Prior- Jon Cozart (better known as the youtuber who came up with Disney- "After Ever After") Tobias- Alexander Ludwig (I know people don't like it, but I think it'd be perfect) Eric- Aaron Johnson (somewhere between how he looks now and the way he looked in Kick *** Peter- Peter Vack (Actually, I pictured Gary Smith from a video game called Bully, but it's not live-action so...) Will- Jack Quaid Marlene- Alexa Vega (the way she appeared in Repo! The Genetic Opera would be perfect for the role) Christina- Lela Rochon -SurplusHaymitch
Drive, passion and exhilaration...qualities Lexus and the Qantas Wallabies have in common. 'Like' what you see?
NEW YORK -- Target Corp. is announcing Thursday that it is ending its relationship with celebrity cook Paula Deen as fallout builds from revelations that the Southern celebrity chef used racial slurs in the past.
OMFG, this gif is Marvelous XD Girl the Dauntless Phanosaur Timelord Daughter of Hades ψ~
Initial Game ~ Galenick Don't forget your districts or no points for you J.Q, actor and also give me the names of their real life mother and father (30 points)
is an effort by Collective Exile to explore cultural patterns by examining once beloved elements of culture that have now been forgotten. To further that effort, we recently cosponsored the Orange Carpet Film Fest of forgotten 80s masterpieces, starting with Innerspace, the 1987 comedy/adventure about suave pilot Tuck Pendleton (Dennis Quaid) being shrunk and inserted into hypochondriac Jack Putter (Martin Short), both of whom are chased down by corporate Bond-esque villains as wackiness and grotesque facial disfigurations ensue.
Jack Quaid just has such good posture and spear throwing skills
who do you like more, Alexander Ludwig or Jack Quaid? :3 — Jack Quaid is SO FUNNY!
Somewhere, someone is eating Perky Jerky for the first time. Like if you remember yours.
From Casher O'Neill It was 24 years ago today -- On June 23, 1989, Tim Burton’s "Batman" movie is released in theaters. Michael Keaton starred in the film as the multimillionaire Bruce Wayne, who has transformed himself into the crime-fighting Batman after witnessing his parents’ brutal murder as a child. As the film’s action begins, mob henchman Jack Napier (Jack Nicholson) is gruesomely disfigured after Batman inadvertently drops him in a vat of acid during a stand-off in a chemical factory. Controversy had surrounded the casting of Keaton (best known for comedies like 1983’s Mr. Mom) as Batman. An entire roster of prominent leading men--reportedly including Mel Gibson, Dennis Quaid, Harrison Ford and Kevin Costner--were considered for the role, and Burton reportedly wanted to cast an unknown actor (a la Christopher Reeve in Superman). Having worked previously with Keaton in Beetlejuice (1988), Burton liked the idea of collaborating with him again, and the producers agreed, after screening Keato ...
Siskel and Ebert disagree over the popular 1989 film, Batman
Some guy at the Citywide Garage Sale stopped me to talk about my hair and then proceeded to give me a chant that he said changed his life. He needed money 2 times and universe killed his mom and caused him to get hit by a cyclist and he got tidy sums from both things. All from this chant: nam myoho renge kyo. The Keep Austin Weird festival was going on close to the sale...
“It seems like you guys know each other, sort of, mannerisms and can almost do imitations of each other…?” (x)
Update your maps at Navteq
What image do you have as your desktop background? — amandla stenberg, willow shields, Dayo Okeniyi, jack quaid ...
The Missouri Breaks is a great example of what movies used to be. Good. Marlon Brando was one of the absolute best actors to ever be filmed.
Jack and I are both hating poison oak/ivey on this eve.
Last night Michelle, our fabulous neice, showed up at horseshoes with her guy, Quaid, and they gave Jack a great Fathers Day present and then asked to take us out for out Aniversary because Jack and her work late nights today. So she want't to take us to a Annivarsary Dinner and her great friends Drew and Parrish come along also, we had such a great time lots of laughs and it was just a fun time. THANK YOU MICHELLE you truly are a wonderful girl and I love you so very much.That's my girl!
Okay if this status gets 200 likes John Quaid Sandey will grow his hair back to the long dirty grease ball it once was :) get liking :)
DAILY QUESTION you had a chance to meet one cast member from any of the Hunger Games movies, which one would you meet. For me it would be either Jennifer Lawrence or Jacqueline Emerson. ~Tracker Jacker
Out of pure curiosity I decided to look at that group called I hate Imran Khan .. and guess what I see? gali galoch , and nothing else .. no meaningful discussion .. I am so so so shocked that this is the caliber of some of the Pakistani's .. we seriously need education in our country.
Getting ready to go to Opelousas this morning.Taking Jasmine to stay with her dad for 2 weeks.Just dont like the drive down there for 10 min and then back home.
Okay another trivia..this is the last one I will do with no points. Tomorrow my computer should be up and running again! Which cast member with a major role had not read any of the books before being asked to play the character? - Tigris
The Walking dead Only in Indonesia (especially Toraja), A corpse is usually being carried up to the grave, but in Toraja, the corpse is woken up letting it to walk to its grave The corpse is woken up using black magic. This is done because in Toraja the graves/cemeteries is placed above limestone mountains.The corpse walks by itself, and its guided by an expert in black magic behind it. ^ SOMEBODY EXPLAIN TO ME WHAT ON THE GOD'S GREEN EARTH IS THIS?
I heard that NHL 14 is going to have a new game mode called "the never ending game". Lol as if that would ever happen.
So Mikey tells me the sweetest thing tonight, he said if the storms get too bad I'll come and rescue you. He said he'd hook Jack up to a dog sled and Dennis Quaid his way to me. He said it might take awhile cause they would hafta stop at McDonald's a cpl times, but he'd be there!
It's so hot! But, the kids could care less when they have a big splash park to play in with their friends. Had so much fun this afternoon at Tilles Park!
You're in Supernatural (well, duh) Copy and paste from your friends list. Makes out with Dean in the impala: Angel A-Avenged Bursts into flames on the ceiling : Dawn-Muffin Summers Gets strung out on demon blood: Damian Sawyer Avenged Grabs the salt screaming salt and burn! Salt and burn!: Chris Lehane Avenged Starts the apocalypse : Terrance Quaid Saves the world : Faith Tru Avenged Is secretly God : Anthony Pearce Redeemed Makes a deal and gets caught kissing Crowley: Eric Landos Sits in the corner reading busty asian beauties and eating pie: Dean Aeternus Winchestur LOL! OMG! Not making this up!! LOL Is the new king of *** : Jaxom Grey
Im a little more concerned about what Clark Kent exactly does at Daily Planet and why he's such a lousy journalist then being Superman... -Jack Quaid
Shahbaz Sharif takes just EIGHT ministries to himself - plus the Chief Minister-ship of Punjab as well - it may easily be argued that its at least better then his previous tenure when he had 23 posts !
(Copied) Q: Who did Quaid-e-Tehreek Pir Altaf Hussain Bhai brought in for restructuring of MQM - McKinsey, Accenture, KPMG? A: Jack Daniels
Last few weeks of school now Nathan Dowling Jack Liddy John Collopy Adam Phelan Conor Duggan Travis Quaid Sean Doyle Sean Neville Kyle Duhig Evan Madigan its not gonna be the same without some of ye :)
my first FL was jack quaid omfg im laughing, he's the guy that kills rue in the Hunger Games im crying rn
Being a classic film fanatic, I love all different.types of films and actors but, the one thing I love the most are all the character actors such as Agnes Moorehead, Walter Brennen, Jack Carsom and so many more! What character actor do u like the best and why? And, is there any actor you feel never got the recognition they rightfully deserved?
Limerick G.A.A. Notes Limerick Football News All Limerick GAA supporters are looking forward to the start of the Munster Senior Football Championship in the Gaelic Grounds on Saturday next when Limerick take on Cork at 7pm. This is Limerick’s first competitive outing since the Division 4 final victory in Croke Park on 27th April. Training has been going well for the squad however Ian Ryan is out through injury having picked up an ankle injury in Croke Park. We wish Maurice Horan and his management team and Seanie Buckley (Captain) the very best of good luck in this game. Your support is requested on Saturday Night. This game is preceded at 5pm by Limerick v Cork in the Junior Football Championship. This team is the Limerick Development squad comprising of most of this years Un.21 plus some more established players. The manager is Tom McGlinchy and the team captain is Patrick O Donnell (Galbally). The junior team will be announced on Friday evening at 7pm. We also wish them luck. On the Club front the Al ...
Watching "What Lies Beneath" for the billionth time. I love that movie and I am about ready to head to Addison, Vermont as the weather is much more my style. I love that HOUSE!
Yeah my life too, Madeline followed, RT, FAV and replied, Jason followed, RT, FAV and replied, Jesy replied, Jack quaid RT. :D
ADAM - In the light of the Rooney families new addition, I'm talking baby names. How did you select the ones you came up with for your kids?
We're looking for a photographer! Someone who can work all nights of the weekend and has experience... taking selfies doesn't count. If you're interested please send your resume to infoand some example shots!
Okay Gang ;-) Humor me with a Little Group Brainstorming here: I'm working on a couple of tutorials (virtual workshops, essentially) for The Writers Store and I'm actually really enjoying developing 'em. One is on "Writing Actor Bait" ;-) Awesome. So...assuming I can use clips or at least still images (I'm hoping so and double checking)...I want you to share with me the MOST ICONIC ROLES OR MOVIE MOMENTS (or scenes, images, posters, etc. that you can remember (without looking 'em up - after you've given ones that stuck with you without Googling ;-) you can add more to your heart's delight - but what can you picture instantly. Man, just building this Powerpoint inspires me to raise the visual/cinematic bar on my own writing! So inspiring! Okay, I'll start...
Jack Quaid's vines are the best tbh
I saw a Jack Quaid doppelganger today! --Wiress
Overfed myself within 6 hours, somebody stop me eating while watching AS GOOD AS IT GETS... Can you guys believe its my first time to watch this??? Super Cute film... and the soundtrack is the best !
thanks! to all of you for offering insights, thanks for sharing Shaheen Sehbai's article and ARY clips to Rabia, Qudrutul-Ain, Shahyan Azam, Israr Raja...if any one has that mobile clip that was mentioned, they should post is getting clear that something is happening inside MQM, they are under tremendous stress and Altaf Hussain seems to be under almost total emotional break down...this exhortation against his own Rabata Committee as evidently clear in ARY Clip is unbelievable, and his comments regarding Imran Khan are clearly another example of inciting violence from London...something is happening!
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What's the best viral video you've ever seen?
Jack quaid is too funny I can't breath
I wish Jack Quaid had a bigger role in The Hunger Games
if you don't ignore me I'll go to school singing jack quaid answered me and not you losers
What's the best movie parody South Park has done?
I'm in the mood to write a cross over between THG and PJO where Marvel meets Leo and they date, get married, and adopt a child from District One's orphanage.
Here's a young Jack, with Randy Quaid in The Last Detail (1973)
Hey guyss. i'll spam ya all tomorrow. i was fan girling over Jack Quaid and Dennis Quaid(His dad) and started watching a bunch of his movies. My back hurts so i took sleeping meds so im tired. night XD. ALSO the Admin contest is now over:) ~ Hufflepuff witch
Sometimes I feel like my life is like the movie, "Breaking Away" and I'm one of the Cutters and I refuse to learn Italian.
Daughter of television producer John Stewart and Jules Mann-Stewart Director, K-11, Kristen kicked off his career in 1999 by doing a cameo as an extra for television in The Thirteenth Year, Disney. In 2002 replaced the actress Hayden Panettiere cast in the film Panic Room, as the daughter of the main character (played by Jodie Foster). Opposite in 2003 with the American actress Sharon Stone in the film Devil's Throat. Also made the film In the Land of Women (2006) alongside Adam Brody and appeared briefly in Jumper, opposite Diane Lane and Hayden Christensen. In 2007, opposite in the Wild, movie based on the book by journalist Jon Krakauere The Runaways (biography of the early career of Joan Jett). Kristen Stewart in 2012, promoting the film On the Road. He has worked alongside actors like Jodie Foster, Sharon Stone, Dennis Quaid, Meg Ryan, Charlize Theron, among others. In 2008, it launched the film adaptation of Twilight, the bestselling Stephenie Meyer, in which she plays the main character Isabella Sw ...
What should there be in a perfect city? — jack quaid
But I guess it had to be super easy for jack quaid because he's a stand up comedian anyway and his short films omfg
Randy and Dennis Quaid are both megastars in Hollywood. Dennis has managed to keep his hubris under control but it seems his older brother began to think he was far too important to answer to the law. Randy has made 90 movies and is internationally known. It seems Randy might have gotten to the point he felt superior to his fellow man. He and his wife allegedly skipped out on a $10,000 hotel bill in Santa Barbara, thinking they did the Red Lion Inn a favor by staying there. Coming home to Texas, the Quaids decided to live in Marfa. Only a few towns in Alaska are more remote than the small west Texas community. This is where the movie Giant, with Elizabeth Taylor, James Dean and Rock Hudson, was filmed. You will find Marfa pictured in the dictionary by the word desolate. :) This small remote settlement has become an art mecca. It's rumored that most of the artists living there are surviving on government grant money. There's a story out there that the Quaids sported around town with expired automobile tags ...
Unusable quote of the day: So i saw a christian slater movie over the previous weekend. it was a fun quirky movie, but just had a predictable and stupid ending that just killed it. It, however, reminded me of another retarded, but fun, christian slater movie where he's an armoured vehicle security guard who gets stuck in a religious like rain storm. i mean like 40 days of brazillian rain shower rain kinda storm. and then everyone realized that the armoured vehicle isn't going going nowhere...and decide that the money will be written off and that they want to steal it since like.. it's just gonna go to waste. especially morgan freeman. and randy quaid. mutually exclusively. but christian slater and his jack nicholson voice have to thwart that *** and cracka to impress minnie driver. From Hard Rain Tom: (after getting hit in the head with a crucifix) Great, I'm gonna have people from all around the world come to see the impression of Jesus on my forehead.
Kevin smith is really making a clerks 3?.Clerks is a *** classic comedy but ive seen PETA slaughterhouse videos that made me laugh more than clerks 2.
Walt Disney Collectibles and Gifts, Disney Figurin
Wednesday: All in the Family Week: Share some films that feature the dreaded in-laws.
Needing suggestions for boys names, any ideas?
If you are a screen person like me then don't go further than the following series - watched most of them least a few will glue you to you to that couch. 1. The Following (2013 TV Series) 7.7/10 A brilliant and charismatic, yet psychotic serial killer communicates with other active serial killers and activates a cult of believers following his every command. Stars: Kevin Bacon, Natalie Zea, Shawn Ashmore, Valorie Curry 2. Revolution (2012 TV Series) 6.4/10 A group of revolutionaries confronts an authoritarian regime 15 years after an instantaneous global shutdown of all electrical devices known as the Blackout. Stars: Billy Burke, Tracy Spiridakos, Giancarlo Esposito, Zak Orth 3. Elementary (2012 TV Series) 7.6/10 A modern take on the cases of Sherlock Holmes, with the detective now living in New York City. (60 mins.) Stars: Jonny Lee Miller, Lucy Liu, Aidan Quinn, Jon Michael Hill 4. Chicago Fire (2012 TV Series) 6.8/10 The story of firefighters in Chicago. Stars: Jesse Spencer, Taylor Kinney, Moni ...
Band members include Kelly Back Guitar, Kerry Huckaba Bass, Rodney Lashum Piano, Darrell Lacroy Steel, Tracy Richardson Drums. This video was recorded in the...
If you're still awake, yu're in love, lol =P Zoha x
On Saturday last, the U12 Spring League finals were held in Cloghan and both our 11 a side and 9 a side Currin/Clones teams were action. First up was the 11 a side who up until now have faced very strong opposition in each of their games coming out on tne wrong side of the result on all occasions, despite some great spirit and effort. Saturdays opposition were Tyholland who had suffered similar results in the league, were expected to provide a good test. The elements in Cloghan gave the lads a mixture of strong wind and heavy rain but credit toboth teams they entertained the watching crowd with good football despite the testing conditions. Our lads got off to a quick start with midfielders Reece Kearns and Conor Smyth picking up plenty of position, helped by good movement from a forward group of Maitiu Monaghan, Regan Graham and James and Danny Mc Quaid, with James slotting over two good scores. The half back line of Tiernan Kearns and Hugh McDonald attacked at every opportunity, overlapping and providing ...
Why can I see our RP lives being made into movies and our Face Claims playing us?
ALtaf hussain wants a separate Pakistan:Geo news
Warren & I had a great time in Smithville... Not a lot going on there, though! Other than checking out movie sites and the shops on Main Street, the town was pretty quiet and subdued. I had no idea that there have been many more movies filmed there since Hope Floats. The Tree of Life w/ Brad Pitt & Sean Penn, Bernie w/ Jack Black and Beneath the Darkness w/ Dennis Quaid, just to name a few. Stopped at Buc-ee's (twice!) and downtown Bastrop on the way home. Glad we took a day to have fun and look forward to planning our next adventure!! Pictures to follow...
Jack Nicholson in the movie "The Last Detail" from 1973, he played "Bad *** Buddusky" in the movie, Two Navy men (one is Jack's character Buddusky) are ordered to bring a young offender (Randy Quaid) to prison but decide to show him one last good time along the way.
Kent and I have watched 'Vegas' on CBS a couple of times. I like Dennis Quaid, the clothes, the cars and the music. Last night Jack tried to propose to Mia. The ring was wrong for the period. Am I picky?
Call us "khocha", make fun of us, make jokes about us but these "khochas" will always be your first line of defense and front line of attack. Again, we are the ones bringing change and making a "Naya Pakistan" for all of us. We are Pakistan.. Never been so proud to be a KHAN before. Sorry no offense to anyone but majority of people both in KPK and Punjab proved who is more WISE! So next time u make a joke about a pathan,think twice! Well done Pathans, you ppl proved to be foresighted
Think a film is required tonight...any suggestions ??
True Voter Story: My Father is 85 Years old and Heart Patient but still he forced me to take him to Polling Station at any cost. He started weeping with joy when he entered the area with me on 8 am morning and saw some 200 people standing already to Vote !! most of them were YOUNGSTERS n LADIES with PTI Flags... He nodded his head n whispered in my ear ."Beta ! i have seen all ths before . in 1947 ! Congrats u r going to enjoy NAYA PAKISTAN " نَصْرٌ مِّن اللَّهِ وَفَتْحٌ قَرِيبٌ
Karachi Update: Rangers and Police are bringing ballot boxes to polling stations. Hold your ground and wait, change is not far now! We are inching close to a Naya Pakistan with every vote that gets cast Tabdeeli Razakaar please go out to polling stations and help! Today you are all Imran Khan, you are all protecting his vision. Pakistan Zindabad!
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I Don't understand why some people prefer a BA 2nd division pass (Nawaz Sharif) over imranlhan who has titles like World's number 2 university graduate, Oxford hall of fame, writer of 6 famous books, chancellor of Bradford University, the biggest humanitarian of Pakistan, pride of performance, Sitar-e-Imtiaz, ICC hall of fame, guest speaker of world economic forum, Asian sportsman of the year, columnist in Guardian and Telegraph, now he is no 03 politician of the world and many more...Khuda us qaum ki halat kabhi nahi badalte jo apni halat khud nahi badalti.
Today I got to meet with a room full of Godly men who I admire and look up too. I got to have my Pastor and friend Anthony Waldrop sit by my side and speak on my behalf. I had my lovely wife by my side as I was approved for Ordination and prayed over. What an honor and what a testament to what God has done in my life. I am truly blessed.
MOHAMMAD ABDUL LATJF PIR SAHIB ZAKORI SHARIF (1914-1978) Mohammad Abdul Latif Pir Sahib Zakori Sharif was born in a famous spiritual and religious family of Dera Ismail Khan (North West Frontier Province (NWFP) in 1914. After completing his education, he devoted himself toward reformation of society and propagation of Islam. The plight of the Muslims of South Asia compelled him to join the All India Muslim League in 1935. He soon started playing an active role in politics and led the famous Movement concerning the incident of Islam Bibi in the North West Frontier Province in 1936. He actively participated, alongwith his followers, in the Lahore Session of the All India Muslim League which adopted the historic \'Pakistan Resolution\' on March 23, 1940. On his return from Lahore he stepped up and launched in full gear \'Pakistan Movement\' in the Frontier Province. Pir Sahib was a trusted lieutenant of the Quaid-e-Azam who nominated him in 1945 to the Parliamentary Board of the Muslim League from the NWFP. ...
On May 4, TEDxNYU, a student organization licensed by TED to produce TEDx events here at NYU, brought together some of the most amazing students, faculty, and alumni from across the entire University at the second annual TEDxNYU Conference.
Liam Hemsworth, Leven Rambin, Jack Quaid and Dayo Okeniyi were in Phoenix, Arizona for the Hunger Games Mall Tour.
Liam Hemsworth, Leven Rambin, Dayo Okeniyi and Jack Quaid were in Atlanta, Georgia for the Hunger Games Mall Tour.
If you think it's just a bottle in a brown paper sack, you don't know Jack.
Thanks to everyone for all the love about my return to great as is the fans are even better
he's such a such a great leader This video shows... HOW much pain BAGHE has inhis heart about PAKISTAN... We shold stand up to support him OMG brought tears into my eyes he's such a such a great leader proud of u we are lucky that we got such great leaders khudara hmari qoam ko hidayat de ink0 aqal de Share Karen Like This Page And Join Our Community And Help Us To Convey Our Message To Every One For Inqilab In Pakistan
Jack Quaid aka best Vine account ever
casually sitting at a bar with Jack Quaid.
Just a tribute to the Hunger Games career tributes. I thought the song 'we r who we r' suited them so I decided to make a little slide show about them. Hope ...
Happy birthday to our perfect Marvel, to our perfect Jack Henry Quaid :)
Hump day hint: What 1973 movie stars Jack Nicholson and Randy Quaid?
{jackquaids} SOPHIA i love you so much and you and jack will get married and have quaid babies and you're perfect bye
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awake, and watching Jack Nicholson & Randy Quaid in sailor hats? or asleep and being able to function tomorrow?
And you should keep an eye on male tributes frome distric 2 and 1. Cato and Marvel, they played by Alexander Ludwig and Jack Quaid
What's the point of jack quaid existing if I can't have one :(
Dennis Quaid is Jack Quaid's father ajdsdjfhsdfh connections to The Hunger Games. omg! I'm so excited to meet Dennis!
Ellen: after the break, Dennis Quaid!!! Me: awwh what about Jack Quaid!
There's a guy I keep seeing around campus that kind of looks like Jack Quaid.
JACK QUAID 21 Played the role of Marvel in The Hunger Games alongside Jennifer Lawrence.
Happy 21st birthday goes out to megastar Jack Quaid. He played the role of Marvel in The Hunger Games.
Big birthday shout out to my future stepson, Jack Quaid!
Happy birthday for Jack Quaid a.k.a Marvel on The Hunger Games Movie!
“Jack Quaid for Wheat Thins. it's really cool and health and hmmapmm like them a lot
Happy birthday to son of Meg Ryan, Jack Quaid!
I would kill all of you to meet Jack Quaid and it be like the RP Chloe and I did. {innocent smile}
Sitting near a guy who looks like the resulting offspring if Jack Black and Dennis Quaid got together and made a baby.
jack quaid screaming along to mean by taylor swift is all I need in life
remember jack quaid's road trip video wow that was my favourite thing in the world I watched that so many times
Jack Quaid on the party bus how ya doin
I don't know what it is but he has somethinng what makes him . different... Well yeah thats the right word i think
Josh Hutcherson is the best. I've met him a few times! I love telling him jokes. Jen Lawrence Jack Quaid Jake Abel& Max Irons!
Jack Quaid inspires me to follow my dreams
I want to have sex with Jack Quaid.
Jack Quaid is actually quite cute - ive never seen an account for him though??
it joins seeing Taylor during her Speak Now tour and having Jack Quaid say hi to me.
Leonard maltin category: jack of all quaids, the films of jack quaid
Whoa, whoa, whoa - check out Stonestreet actors Jared Wernick and Jack Quaid in a scene from the feature film...
//Nobody understands the love I have for Jack Quaid. I sit in my room and CRY because he is so beautiful.
Here's the silver lining video from Grizzmornings with Quaid today about Jack Hoffman's touchdown at the Nebraska...
jk I ship you with jack quaid and IDEK why
I got: Jack Quaid. | Fan: not really. | Following: No. | First impression: Dennis Quaid and Meg Ryan have a kid together???
Set de fotos: Jack Quaid does the YES! FOOD! dance.
Trying to explain to my mum that Jack Quaid replied to me and I like screamed and stuff without giving the impression I'm a psycho stalker..
Denis Quaid's character name is Jack and his real life son is called Jack. Why have I only just realized this?
I would date Jack or Finn Harries, Jon Cozart, Dan Howell, and Jack Quaid.
- Last night found that Dennis Quaid played Jack twice in year 1990.
If only jack quaid was up on that stage looking cuteiful
Then again... When isn't it one of *those* Dennis Quaid movies...
Dennis Quaid is Jack in THE DAY AFTER TOMORROW, one of the 4 times he has played Jack.
Hurling well, hearts on the sleeve, eyes on the ball :P ah I'm not sure man, think we've jack Quaid?
I want to go see Jack Quaid do his comedy thing in LA tonight but I think I killed my car the last time I went to LA... Poor Hot Tamale. 🚗💨💥
are you fracking kidding me jack quaid said he just recently got back to LA like what does my husband think he's doing
What is the point in catching fire if jack quaid isn't in it
Stonestreet actor Jack Quaid slugs this out of the park with an incredibly full, alive, textured, and funny...
i pictured Evan Peters as Edward, Drew Roy as Tobias, Ian Somerhalder for Eric, and Jack Quaid as Peter for Divergent
Would you rather die in the Hunger Games or date marvel. Gold Cornucopia
Is it just me or would be a perfect Jack Reacher?
when you popped up as a notification you nearly have me a heart attack, I thought Jack Quaid mentioned me at first glance.
so glad I'm not the only one now I can't say hey Jack Quaid says it so it makes it cool
You look so much like Jack Quaid. c:
Am I the onlyone who fangirls over Jack Quaid over here?
Quaid Price has asked me a really good question and one I have quite an opinion about. Basically, he wanted me to debate whether or not Yaya Toure is the best player in the world as he is consistent and always puts in great effort and plays well despite not being the most technically gifted. Although I personally don't think Yaya is the best in the world (although he is up there) I think that players with flashy skills are always favored to players who just get the job done and are consistent about it. Think about it, a center back will never win player of the year because he never does anything too flashy and doesn't score all too often. In my opinion effort put in is equal to skill. Players like Michael Johnson prove this
Is it me or does Jack Quaid look like Jim Parsons? ~Bow and Arrow
Jack Quaid is so perfect that it hurts!!
Join us for a Men's- Father/Son Breakfast. Special guest speaker is: Pastor Jack Quaid "Kingsmen Director" for...
Just thinking how it' amazing that Jack Quaid could make Marvel somewhat akward but badass at the same time
Sunset in the Snow: Express Clydesdales Quaid, Prince, Nick, Coolio, Jack & Duke churn up the snowscape during a sunset drive in Salt Lake City, Utah.
If you could send Alexander Ludwig one message (not to creepy) what would it say? ~ The Divergent Tribute
I'm still really in love with Jack Quaid. Someone help me. ;-;
I'm slightly offended but I'll forgive you because we're talking about Jack Quaid here.
I think it would be really weird to call just Jack, without the Quaid
~Prim, don't unpin :D! A shout out to amazing Meghan B. for keeping an eye out on our number of likes! For that, you get a prize of your choice :3! And another shout out to Persephone M. for being our 400th liker :3. You also get a prize. (**NOTE** Girls, your prize can be anything. Except for: Edits, Josh Hutcherson, Sam Claflin, Alexander Ludwig, money or delivering food to you. Other than that, comment below on what you want :D. You have a day to choose your prize!! /Zander\
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I don't find Jack Quaid that attractive with shaved hair D:
bc this dude is jack quaid's dad like how did I not know
...cause you're there for me too. Cast: Jack Quaid: Rob Tanchum: Max Ash: Brennan Mulligan: Director Of Photog...
If Jack Nicholson and Dennis Quaid had a baby, would it look like Jerry desrosiers?
cheque book at the ready boys. Open to negotiations..
Created by Nicholas Pileggi, Greg Walker. With Dennis Quaid, Michael Chiklis, Carrie-Anne Moss, Taylor Handley. Ralph Lamb, a former MP for the US Army, becomes sheriff. His brother, Jack, and his son, Dixon, are deputized. Meanwhile, Vincent Savino comes from Chicago to Vegas to run The Savoy hote...
Where is Jack Quaid in a unicorn costume when you need him?
excuse me, mam. My name's Jack Quaid and I'm here only for you.
Random Oli fact: He's really cute, but I've noticed he has a rather flirty personality when around's quite entertaining, because he probably isn't even always aware that he even does it :P
Ermahgerd its like 99+ days til the catching fire trailer comes out... - TickTock
OMG!!! Alexander Ludwig and Jack Quaid have accepted my friends requests! Fanngirling right now! ~TGMP
-c-funny fart joke after this is over” ACTION, then she's in the character. And this is the coolest thing I've ever seen- Jack Quaid(marvel)
jack quaid made a new video taya I AM SCREAMING
on an app called collage the same one I made those pol jack quaid ones on xxx
This is the REAL Tsunami! Yesterday while at work, I got a call from an awesome friend and the best volunteer for PTI I have even seen, Jibran Ilyas . He is one of the brains behind the iphone app (and the android app in the making), an upcoming email fund collection campaign, PTI Chicago and PTI USA's success, and many other initiatives. I thought this would be about an idea Jibran wanted to implement and he wanted to have me and Harris on the call for something he had to announce. As it turns out, after surprising us with his talent and passion for 2 years Jibran was about to say something that has added him in the list of my heroes forever. Despite having a family to support, an awesome wife, and the most interesting job ever (catching hackers for a living) Jibran decided to leave all that in order to go back to Pakistan and help PTI in its election campaign. This also in return for no money or guarantees! For someone who has lived most of his life in the US to have that much love for Pakistan is amazi ...
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I didn't find anything :'( BUT, maybe you can look for Dennis Quaid's and tell him in the letter to give it to Jack ;) idk...
Treasure hunter Marc Howard, by the Battle Rock formation in the Jemez Mountains of New Mexico, where he's gone searching for Fenn's hidden treasure.
Me, my family and a bunch of my friends are in this movie! PLUS is was filmed in town. Have to see it! Garland Mann-Lamb Rebecca Jo Pederson Nicole Stillson-Hernandez Terri Mann-Lamb Bill Lamb
Why are awesome people always named Jack? Jack Frost... Jack Quaid... Jack the Giant Slayer... Captain Jack Sparrow... -SurplusHaymitch
Jack's Revenge. Jack takes revenge on the ice caps and it's up to Dennis Quaid to save the planet!
I'll go with The Tisch School of the Arts account bc jack quaid goes there
"Dennis Quaid told me a long time ago when he had his son Jack, 'You'll have emotions in you that you didn't even know existed before you had a child.' I now know what that feels like." "This guy I know said 'you're pro-life. Tell you what, if you really believe in what you speak, adopt a child -- not any child, he's got to have a serious deficiency,' (and I will become pro-life). He never changed his position, but it convicted me. I don't think he thought I would step up to the plate." "(It would be) arrogant (to not think about the) 51.5 million babies who have died in this country." "Look, I am for helping women. I just don't see abortion as helping women. How do we know that we didn't kill the very child who could have created a particular type of medicine that saves other lives?" "I don't love my career that much to say, 'I'm going to remain silent on this.' I'm defending every single baby who has never been born." Thank you Jim Caviezel.
The question of who readers see playing Cork O’Connor should there ever be a movie or television series (and we’re shopping that possibility around now, again) drew a lot of interesting responses. Some were actors I’d considered myself, others were a complete surprise. If you look carefully at the books, you’ll see that I don’t describe Cork in a detailed physical way. That’s because I want readers to imagine Cork on their own, to see him in whatever way works best for them. I have a vision of Cork, but it may be very different from yours. That said, when I first began writing the series back in the early nineties, I thought of Cork as a very plain guy, not somebody who would turn a woman’s head. But he was solid, a man you could trust, and that’s what was important. The actor I kind of saw playing him back then was Sam Shepard. And I imagined Jessica Lange, Shepard’s wife, as Jo. Unfortunately, they’re both a bit long in the tooth to play these characters now. Over the years, ...
I have a disgusting obsession with Jack Quaid and his face.
Well ive had the best weekend of my Life, Celebration of my mum & dads Golden Wedding. How lovely to see my lovely lovely relations coming to my home for the past 3 days to see Mammy & Daddy, drinking Tea & catching up around the Turf Fire. A great memory now stored for all of us. I'm so lucky to have such lovely lovely caring relations and meet some of my very great friends!!! Now for sleep and its only 8pm!!! Wrecked but happy. Com .the house is so quiet tonight ... I miss you all so much. 18 sleeps till im over for celebration party Part 2!! thanks to all of you that made it all so special for my mum & dad.Nite nite, sweet dreams to all x
Big Jack Nicholson lookin more and more like Mickey Rooney.
Jack Nicholson should either act again, or pull a Randy Quaid to explain why he doesn't act anymore.
Jack Quaid accepted my friend request :D thanks DDB for giving me the idea! ~Finnick'sSugar
Watching "The Last Detail" with my dad thinking about a few Navy Buddies. Tell me that Randy Quaid doesn't act and look like Molesson and Jack Nicoleson is no other then Schivley
Must have my days and nights mixed up. Can't sleep. So I have just started watching "The Last Detail" hope I don't wake up anyone with my laughter. Jack Nickelson and Randy Quaid. Can't wait for breakfast. Eggs, Pancakes, Sausages.
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Who the *** is jack quaid, i swear he isnt an actor — he is an actor, he played marvel in the Hunger Games, and...
Jack Quaid messaged me back!"! FANGIRL ATTACK someone call an ambulance xD ~ Dauntless Demigod's Berries
Alexander Ludwig and Jack Quaid are online... o.O Hmm, not sure whether to carry on with homework or message them xD ~ Dauntless Demigod's Berries
I actually was born to be a tribute because I was named after Jack Quaid's (Marvel) mom
Just to let you all know Jack Quaid and Andy Samberg are MINE! Okay? Bai!
Did I just find the real Harry Styles? o.O He's friends with Jack Quaid... Didn't know his real name wasHarold Styles xD
so my mom told me she fangirled about Dennis Quaid and Jeremy Irons when she was young and I fangirl about max and Jack :P
Christians, Hindus, Sikhs and Ahmadis are living in enviable happiness compared to the horrible state that Muslims in Western countries are in.
Okay so... Alexander Ludwig, jack quaid, Isabelle furhman, the girl that plays glimmer, the girl that plays foxface basically all added me ( the real them, not fakes ) they make about a million statuses a day about EACHOTHER and all went to a party tonight with a dude called Ian?, then got drunk and now they're all in bed not that way! ~Marlene's muffins
Jack Quaid is really hot okay Hi love you Bye.
Our collection of Stoner Stanley image's so far!
Watching The Hunger Games, grade is an A. Love this movie, Jennifer Lawrence is absolutely flawless as Katniss and the supporting cast make this film areal treat lead by Woody Harrelson, Josh Hutcherson, Liam Hemsworth, Lenny Kravitz, Elizabeth Banks, Jack Quaid and Stanley Tucci. A must see...
this the perfect Augustus Waters or what? ~Dobby
During 1966, I served with a Marine Detachment as a Marine Prison Guard in charge of 300 Maximum Security prisoners at the United States Naval Disciplinary Command, located in Portsmouth, NH. The prison was open from 1908 to 1974 and has a couple fun facts. Navy enlisted Humphrey Bogart is said to have escorted a prisoner to the Naval Prison when the prison smashed Bogart in the mouth with his handcuffs leaving a famous facial scar. After German surrender ended World War II fighting in Europe on May 5, 1945, U-boats surrendering to United States naval forces were escorted to Portsmouth so engineers at the Portsmouth Naval Shipyard might study their design features. U-805, U-873, U-1228 and U-234 were towed to the Portsmouth Naval Shipyard between 15 and 19 May. The Office of Naval Intelligence (ONI) had interrogators available to question the submarine crewmen at the prison. In the 1973 movie The Last Detail, Seaman Larry Meadows (Randy Quaid) is escorted by petty officers Billy "Badass" Buddusky (Jack .. ...
Guys. I just found my stash of Jack Quaid GIFs. I thought they were lost forever when my computer crashed. I am so happy right now. I'm crying because I'm so happy. :'D ~Finn
unlimited calling, voip, phone service
Feel like his son is more your speed... Meet Jack Quaid ;-)
"50 Shades of Quaid would just be a relentless smut fic shipping multiple people with Jack Quaid Or Dennis Or Randy"
"It's my death song." "Oh my god I'm the guy that killed you! I should know that...:DD
This President's Day, let us honor President Thomas J. Whitmore, who saved humanity from annihilation by the alien mothership at Area 51.
Atouk(Ringo Starr) is a bullied and scrawny caveman living in "One Zillion BC - October 9th" (apparently in memory of John Lennon, Ringo Starr's friend and b...
my idols like Sarah, Taylor, Ariana, Victoria, Peyton, Miranda, Candice, Isabelle & Madeline Fuhrman, and Jack Quaid.
*Random post of the day* I love Dan Howell more than Jack Quaid. ;-; ;_; ~Katniss
OMG I need to make a fan vidoe of Jack Quaid with that song HEYO CAPTAIN JACK! XD
Got up this AM and did some pull ups and push ups then was feeling it and did some jump rope, tabata format, 2 sets of eight rounds. The weekly, semi weekly, every so often high intensity interval training session takes you to a place where you are meant to be. Leaves you feeling good, powerful and determined. I stink at jump rope so I think I'm just going to put the rope in my laptop briefcase/knapsack/carry all and practice a few times per day until I'm proficient. Just finished breakfast. Eggs, bacon and leftover hot dogs. Ev was killing me while I was working out, the smell was quite good. Watching a movie called 'The Last Detail' with Jack Nicholson, Otis Young and Randy Quaid. One of my faves, dates from 1973. Nicholson and Young are two veteran naval petty officers assigned to escort Quaid to the Naval prison at Portsmouth, NH. I've seen it like 10 times. Great movie. Caution: the movie is about three sailors---incredibly rough language. Caught the last half last night, watching the first half now. ...
watching a movie staring Dennis Quaid(Jack Quaids dad) YAY -Lavy
Happy Valentine's Day, everyone! In honor of today, who is your favorite on-screen couple?
The average American will spend $119.67 on Valentine’s Day this year, up from $100.89 last year. Men spend almost twice as much on Valentine’s Day as women do. This year, the average man will spend $156, while the average woman will only spend $85. More than one-third of men would prefer not receiving a gift. Less than 20 percent of women feel the same way. Around this season, a dozen long-stemmed roses can cost an average of $75, or about 30% more than the normal price of $58. More than nine million pet owners are expected to buy gifts for their pets this Valentine's Day. 15 percent of U.S. women send themselves flowers on Valentine's Day. The birds and the bees According to the condom company Durex, condom sales are highest around Valentine's Day, which are 20 percent to 30 percent higher than usual. More at-home pregnancy tests are sold in March than in any other month. Penicillin, a popular treatment for venereal diseases such as syphilis, was introduced to the world on February 14, 1929. I choo c ...
Steve Martin has apparently become a dad for the first time at age 67 according to a report by the New York Post on Feb. 13. Martin and his wife, Anne Stringfie
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