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Jack Palance

Jack Palance (born Volodymyr Palahniuk; February 18, 1919 – November 10, 2006), was an American actor.

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Theres on bit (cant repeat) that's up there with "how to do a good jack palance impression" in terms of…
Jack Palance's face was disfigured while bailing out of burning B-24 Liberator bomber on training flight during WWI…
Jack Palance woulda been the best as the voice of the
Toss you the Mic is my game like Jack Palance/. In Shane. Riding off on the reigns without answrin
Not meaning to imply any anti-Semitism on the part of Jack Palance.
He also seems to think he's Jack Palance.
Jack Palance had facial reconstruction surgery after his B-17 crash landed in Britain in 1943.
[your mom over the intercom at Ripley's Believe It or Not! Odditorium]. "Deliver Jack Palance or prepare for orbital laze…
Woke up to one of my favorite war movies just startin... Attack! Jack Palance chews all the scenery then dies with…
Jack Palance was 73 when he did one-armed push ups at the Oscars. He would not have needed/wanted a golf cart.
My dad, a WW2 vet, said the only realistic movie was "Attack" w/ Jack Palance.
This scene is discount Jack Palance and discount Kim Cattrall having an argument.
On this episode of a Young Guns: Billy the Kid shoots Jack Palance's character and Jack Bauer dates a Chinese lady! Yee haw!
Watching Joan Crawford turn the tables on Jack Palance in release of SUDDEN FEAR
Sudden Fear. A great movie starring Joan Crawford's and Jack Palance!
I liked a video Who is the cat and who - mouse? 1952nuar Joan Crawford, Jack Palance, Gloria Graham,
Jack Palance as Jack Wilson in Shane. Always thought he was best villain gunfighter
MONTE WALSH (1970) one of those films easier to admire than love. Lee Marvin and Jack Palance are great. But it just didn't grip me.
Incredible cast. Van Heflin, Jack Palance, and my favorite, tiny Alan Ladd.
"Shane" with Alan Ladd, Van Hefflin, Jack Palance and a bunch of other great character actors!.Think I was about…
As soon as the producer called them on stage I thought it was some Ving Rhames/Jack Palance at the Golden Globes ish...
This is going in the montage right adter the streaker behind David Niven and before Jack Palance's push ups.
I was little, but I remember when the dude streaked behind David Niven. And of course Jack Palance doing the...
Billy Drago looks like if Jack Palance and Richard Lynch had a baby, then tried to pull it's face off from behind…
Sudden Fear (1952) starring Joan Crawford and Jack Palance, who was born Feb. 18, 1919. His first film…
Want to thank for showing The Desperados. Vince Edwards, Jack Palance and George Maharis as Southern marau…
Watching "Alone in the Dark" from 1982. An old classic. Martin Landau, Donald Pleasance & Jack Palance.
. Always watch the Oscars. Well, almost. To be honest, last time was when Jack Palance did one-armed push-ups. Uhh, 1992.
I'd ask if Senator Wyden sleeps in a coffin, but it is daytime. Anyone have any garlic? He looks like Jack Palance as Dracula.
"I was robbed for Best Supporting Actor in Home Alone 2! Jack Palance was a hack! City Slickers was a terrible, awf…
Um, someone may want to tell the Academy that the ghost of Jack Palance is messing with their…
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I watched lots of Ripley's Believe It Or Not and now I just want a show where Jack Palance tells me what things are. h…
Found another gem on Amazon Prime. Jack Palance, Jim Backus and Alan Hale! Plus a high tech van driven by an all-gi…
I think about Jack Palance's reactions in the screening room all the time.
Watching with Lee Marvin and Jack Palance... obviously a propaganda movie, but *** Palance's platoon tactics suck ***
Coming up at 4.50pm, Jack Palance & Lee Marvin star in Robert Aldrich's anti-war drama Attack!
Anyone who has ever enjoyed a Nic Cage movie is really missing out if they haven't seen Jack Palance's performance as Voltan in this movie.
Jack Palance kicks off the movie by killing his own father. The actor playing his father is three years older than him.
"...the secret of life thing. Just one thing. You stick to that and nothing else matters." —Curly (Jack Palance),…
Set your recorders! Attack! Is on Film4 tomorrow. My favourite WW2 film with Jack Palance. Awesome movie!
definitely got a Jack Palance in Batman vibe from the shoulder grab
Afterwards he hopped on a horse and went looking for Curly's gold with Jack Palance!
Jack Nicholson doing a Jack Palance impression. It's the little things in life.
When you said it, it reminded of Jack Palance in Batman (1989) sa…
I'm Jack Palance's Ripleys years old☺️ Always loved "weird" things and people - the people that make life interesting.
Fun Fact: when Jack Palance drinking on screen requested a bottle that resembled a neck so "it feels like I am chok…
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where is an app that makes people look like Jack Palance?
Googled "Jack Palance eating a sandwich" and the interwebs did not disappoint.
"The only two things you can truly depend upon are gravity and greed." Jack Palance.
Tiny Tim is, umm, huh Jack Palance was interesting.
jack palance and joe Maddon are pretty cool
. Our big claims to fame here are Jack Palance, Tiny Tim, and Joe Maddon. We need to upgrade.
Tango and Cash: the only movie I know of where Jack Palance slides back into a steam cloud for a dramatic exit.
T2 Let Curly (Jack Palance) from City Slickers movie tell ya how he found
Hopefully on the set of someone reminded Jack Palance he was in Contempt directed by Jean-Luc Goddard w Bridgitte Bardot
Guys, on Jack Palance,s IMDB page in the "known for" section, 1st one is Batman Returns. 2nd one is animated Swan Princess. Really.
If Jack Palance and Kurt Russell had a son...
I used to be six foot four. Now that I'm old, I slouch. So, I'm six...
1964 Press & Jack Palance in reatest show on earth
The part of scenery chewing, driverless truck fighting ode warrior was played by Jack Palance.
Jack Palance. When it got heavy, he lightened it up with a funny hat.
Michel Piccoli, Fritz Lang, Jean-Luc Godard and Jack Palance on the set of "Le Mépris", 1963.
I liked a video from Barrabas Barabba Barabbas 1961, Anthony Quinn,Jack Palance
Chuck Connors ("The Rifleman"), Jack Palance, and Dave Niehaus all passed away on this day in history. See more:
We lost Chuck Connors this day in 1992, Jack Palance in 2006. The title of Baddest Old Man Alive is currently held by Michael Caine.
Brandon Crawford looks like he just got orders from Jack Palance to take out Tango & Cash.
I'm concerned for him and that chair! Jack Palance at least showed his strength w/1-armed push-up
To paraphrase Jack Palance in an old *** ad, "competence is very scary"
my goodness! He's really letting out all his stress on that poor chair. Reminds me of Jack Palance doing a one-armed push-up
With him breathing like that all I could think about was Jack Palance.
Jack Palance shoots big alien. No effect. He sacrifices himself so the girl can blow up the big alien.
Now Martin Landau thinks aliens have taken over Jack Palance.
is it the most powerful? Guess they have all the guns but they have no cash so that makes them Jack Palance in Shane right:)
The two surviving teenagers got kidnapped by Martin Landau. Jack Palance cut an alien off his leg before it could eat him. Now he's mad.
Crazy-eyed Martin Landau and crazy-eyed Jack Palance in the same room. This is fine art.
Trump is imitating Jack Palance kinda gangster *sniff*
I got it! Trump sounds like Jack Palance from the 1989 Batman! "You..are my number one...guy"
Teenagers go swimming after crazy hunter (Jack Palance) tells them to stay away from the lake. Wonder if something bad is going to happen?
Porra. Donald Trump sound like Jack Palance in "Tango and Cash" 👃🏼💨
Trump sniffs like Jack Palance in the Tim Burton Batman
Sniff. Sentence. Sniff. It's like listening to Jack Palance debate Hillary Clinton.
He's sniffing like Jack Palance talking to Nicholson in the Keaton/Burton Batman movie
Tough decision: Presidential debate or an alien movie w/ Martin Landau and Jack Palance... OK, not a tough decision. Aliens!
I'm somehow finding circa 1980 Jack Palance attractive, and I swear to god I don't even know who I am anymore.
Jack Palance also turns up briefly at the end looking for all the world like he'd accidentally wandered onto the set of the wrong film.
I go to see maybe seven films a year at the most, and since I only go to see the best, it foll
You ever get the feeling like you could do one armed push ups like Jack palance
I remember Emilio Estevez telling Jack Palance to "reap the whirlwind" in the classic "Young Guns"
Totally worth it for the riffing...and Jack Palance. ;)
Shane was a classic, and you can't find a better bad guy than Jack Palance.
Have you ever seen the movie: "City Slickers" ? Well, I'm more like Jack Palance than anyone else in that movie…
On this day, 16 yrs ago (8/10/00), the Sheridan IMAX Theatre, closed down. (Photo by Fantasy Jack Palance)
leto's is a bad nixon impression. Or like when nicholson (89) on jack palance as napier. "You're my GUY"...but whole movie
Jack Palance in Kazan's Panic In the Streets. CDC still shows this for educational purposes! . noir…
Every time i watch a Jack Palance movie.I've got to crank the TV volume up full blast. For a tough guy, he sure had a quiet voice.
By the way, I heard "disappointing" in Jack Palance's voice, so obviously the underworld agrees with me.
"Shane" (1953) - Jack Palance as notorious Wyoming gunman 'Jack Wilson' - Based on novel by Jack Sch
a you know that if he could talk, he would sound like a mix of Clint Eastwood, Jack Palance and Sam Elliot
And overload you with Jack Palance and Joker impressions! your number 1...ahhhpodcast.
fantastic. Anyone who can name check Jack Palance and the Languedoc is ok by me,
Not to oversell it, but it does have Jack Palance as a misanthropic snake collector. And Laura Gemser dancing with a big snake.
I'm having visions of Jack Palance in Batman saying, "You... are my number one... noodle guy."
there's another version starring Jack Palance and Klaus Kinski
At least longtime fans will know who Jack Palance is when they hear him name-checked in the new single. Everyone else be like "who?"
Batman my man. First Jack Palance said it to Jack Nicholson, then Nicholson, as Joker, says it to goon.
I do. I even heard it in Jack Nicholson-as-Jack Palance's voice.
Majorly stoked the new album has a shout out to Jack Palance.
you lean over, and whisper in his ear the immortal line of Jack Palance, "I crap bigger than you"
Last night my TV choices were the VP debate or 'City Slickers'. I made the correct choice. Jack Palance was great.
Jack Palance was hired to play Mr. Brown, but after issues with producers, he quit. Jack wanted Richard Conte to re…
Watching City Slickers dosent jack palance look like ahh white Indian cowboy
Tired of the A channel flip brought up "City Slickers." . Jack Palance, we need you:
Watching City Slickers and I totally forgot how much of a badass Jack Palance was.
1st time I've heard either of these guys. Kaine reminds of a used car salesman. Pence reminds me of Jack Palance mi…
The way this bargain bin Jack Palance uses his squinty eyed faux empathy to try to score such transparently cheap points is driving me crazy
Teeheehee. Best way to new up a dog fight. Oh and Jack Palance
Mike Pence is sporting the Jack Palance line of eye makeup for men, only at Sephora
Jack Palance wants his craggily breathy inhale back...
A classic 80s gem, Alone in the Dark, starring Jack Palance, Martin Landau, and Dwight Schultz. Obscure but awesome! http…
Panic in the Streets (1950) dir by Elia Kazan. Starring Richard Widmark, Paul Douglas, Zero Mostel and Jack Palance.
Cops and Robbersons , only movie I ever walked out of... Chevy Chase and Jack Palance... Horrible
Judy Davis's best performance is when Jack Palance called her British at the Oscars.
Don't know who was the meanest, Jack Palance's Wilson in or Lee Marvin's title bad guy in
Vintage photo of Close up of American actor and singer Jack Palance, while he ha
Nothing funnier than Jewish guy with a shtick! Billy Crystal blazing a saddle with a big bubbler fart staring at Jack Palance
What did poor Robert Loggia & Jack Palance ever do to deserve this?
Yadier "Jack Palance" Molina. The kids will definitely have to look up that reference.
If Trudeau can hang in long enough, he'll be the Jack Palance of the G7
I just... good grief. Now I'm just laughing. One-armed pushups. He's Jack Palance at the Oscars!
The way he is described in the books, I always imagined him looking more like a young Jack Palance.
BREAKING: Jack Palance has split his pants.
Vardy, as a hero is like watching Jack palance, as the lead actor in a western😧
I just used Shazam to discover Jack Palance's Reel by Nollaig Casey & Arty McGlynn.
Want to make your JBFA win count tonight? Pull a Jack Palance and do some one-armed push ups, or make like Cuba Gooding Jr. Step it up!
Maybe can show Richard Widmark and Jack Palance in Panic in the Streets sometime. Plague!
THE SHAPE OF THINGS TO COME was adapted as a Canadian STAR WARS ripoff in 1979? Starring Jack Palance? Sign me up!
That facial hair looks a bit Tony Stark; on an expression that looks a bit Jack Palance.
God, I don't know, is it Jack Palance?
Some city guys take a herd of cows out to the boonies and dig up Jack Palance.
Indian Summer by Jack Palance Framed 1998 Limited Print w/ COA and signature
BTW Jack Palance played Beelzebub in The Incredible Adventures of Marco Polo on His Journeys to the Ends of the Earth in 1998
wasn't Jack Palance their pitchman on TV?
Bram Stoker's Dracula Academy Award® winner Jack Palance stars in this terrifyi...
City Slickers-Thurs Sky Movs. Jack Palance recieved an Oscar and like Newman's for the Color of Money, it was really for his body of work.
I think Jack Palance almost ruined it. He's so weird in it.
I actually just read that Jack Palance understudied Brando in "A Streetcar Named Desire." Very cool stuff.
Can't sleep - luckily City Slickers is on Indonesian TV! Jack Palance, Bruno + Dan, good.
Voldemort would've been played by Jack Palance.
One of the most important reasons for living is to do something - live outside of yourself. -- Jack Palance
All this debate is missing is Jack Palance doing pushups
He was good in that movie with Jack Palance teaching him how to be a cowboy. Sure has aged since then. Oops, nm
Jack Palance Life Mask Life Cast Very Rare and hard to find !!!
So, just discovered an old film "Gor"... wow. Just wow. It's so bad it might be good. It's got Olly Reed in it! Jack Palance!
Jack Palance, Susan Lucci and Leo Dicaprio walk up to an arcade claw machine ...
"I've got high cheek bones. I'm like Jack Palance" - my colleague, just now.
Me and the real og my grandfather jack palance
Tonight at Stoke Film Theatre, the one and only Brigitte Bardot alongside Jack Palance and Fitz Lang (as himself)...
Better than Jack Palance's one-armed push up at Thank you, Chris Rock! rocks the best. 💙💛
1956, Jack Palance Eddie Albert et al? That one? I'll make a note to see it.
Attack (1956). It's on YouTube right now, so no one has any excuses. Jack Palance. Eddie Albert. Lee Marvin. Buddy Ebsen.
Jack palance is in a surprising number of terrible fantasy movies
Jack Palance was originally offered the role of this film's villain, but turned it down –
"...this is Patricia Arquette, after all, the female Jack Palance in every way." Kevin Killian on Oscars 2016
Missing the funny entertainment of Billy Crystal or 1 handed pushups by Jack Palance. Missing memorable moments.
Did anyone else think Morgan Freeman pulled a Jack Palance/Steve Harvey and read the wrong the name there?
Did that just happen??? Did MorganFreeman pull a Jack Palance?!
I've been waiting for this since Titanic. He's the Jack Palance of this generation 👏🏿
He's way too young to get the "he's been around so long" sympathy Oscar. That's for Jack Palance types.
Sly woulda won if Jack Palance was presenting
We It's like Jack Palance doing his one-armed push up at "You can't stop ✌
This has been a great show tonight. Like Jack Palance one-arm push up great.
The berating reminds me of the movie City Slickers, Jack Palance telling Billy Crystal "I spi…
Patty Arquette pulled a Jack Palance! Rylance barely stood up in that movie!
Are we sure Patricia read the envelope correctly? She's on 10ccs of Ambien. It's another Jack Palance moment
Unless Patricia Arquette just pulled a Jack Palance, you have the first shocker of the night and a man almost at his EGOT.
Well, that ruined my joke. I'll post it anyway. Stallone wins the for "I remember that guy!" See Palance, Jack. (Damnit Academy!)
Tom Hardy had another great year - but if Stallone wins, it'll be more of a "Career" award, like Jack Palance's trophy.
Shane (Alan Ladd): I've heard that you're a low-down Yankee liar. / Prove it. -Jack Palance as Jack Wilson in Shane
Coming up at 1.30pm, Burt Lancaster, Lee Marvin, Jack Palance & Claudia Cardinale star in The Professionals.
oh god. 1. there is a Gor movie. 2. it has Jack Palance and Oliver Reed. 3. it's on amazon prime.
Walt Disney Collectibles and Gifts, Disney Figurin
First is Dustin Hoffman, third is Al Pacino, and the fourth is Jack Palance.
Jack Palance was my distant uncle - that's the family gossip. Growing up, my fam...
tried to think of a Jack Palance or Vanessa Redgrave joke at the time, actually (but, eh)
My mother and I are playing the classic game, "Are They Dead!?". Turns out Jack Palance is dead but Ed Asner is still alive.
The fact that a 26-year-old director snagged guys like Nicholson, Jack Palance, and Michael Gough for a movie is awesome.
If it's not Alan Ladd v Jack Palance in Shane, or Tyrone Power and Henry Fonda in 'Frank & Jesse James' it ain't a western...
So BUCK ROGERS: PLANET OF THE SLAVE GIRLS is on. Guest starring Roddy McDowell, Jack Palance as the scene-chewing badguy, and BUSTER CRABBE!
When I was a kid I thought Paul Newman and Jack Palance were the same person. Maybe I still do.
I loved him in City Slickers but Jack Palance killed it.
when jack palance did the one handed pushups...THAT'S what i'm taking about
Cinema Retro has posted my review of the very fine western MONTE WALSH.
looks like a real young Jack Palance
Autocorrect turned “L’shana tova!” into “Shane ova!” Which sounds like something Jack Palance would have said.
Man in the Attic 8"x10" Black and White Promotional Still Jack Palance FN
Vampire Barnabas Collins was swatting at a fly in an episode of "Dark Shadows." Jack Palance's face was resculpted after being battered in   10% Off
Tango & Cash is a veritable buffet of my favorite b-to-z list actors! Kurt Russell, Jack Palance, Lo Pan, Z’Dar, Gul Dukat…and more!
Color slides for the Dan Curtis adaption of DRACULA, starring Jack Palance.
Is it just me or does that look like a suntanned Jack Palance? or Maybe, and be calm now, Yaphet Kotto in movie Blue Collar?
Barbara Rush with Jack Palance original colored portrait photo 1955 Kiss of Fire
During the filmmaking of Contempt Jean-Luc Godard supposedly antagonized Jack Palance and never considered his...
Watching Hawk the Slayer for the first time in like 20 yrs. Boy, Jack Palance chews the *** out of the scenery in this, doesn't he?
McCarver is telling a story how your father was Jack Palance's plumber. Tim tells a great story.
Tim McCarver is talking about Jack Palance right now during the Cardinals broadcast.
I've got stuff to do! I can't just sit here thinking about the late Jack Palance all day
All I can hear is Jack Palance chanting, "Come and get me, come and get me, come and get me, COME AND GET ME."...
Yep. Well, City Slickers definitely paid homage to the genre anyway, Jack Palance was a western star himself.
He looks like Lance Henriksen but sounds like Jack Palance, but has the acting chops of John Carradine.
Jack Palance from Kazan's Panic In the Streets. Great film about containing an outbreak.
Did you guys ever do an episode around "Alone In The Dark" from '82, with Jack Palance? Great underrated flick.
Not mocking the question (the answer is yes), but I totally read this as Jack Palance
Little Giant Ladders
Any way I can find a copy of the version of Jack Palance that you used on Discover America? Thanks in advance!
Jack Palance. When you want your bad movie sans even the slightest quantum of dignity.
Even as a child I wondered why Jack Palance's helmet was on crooked
Max Headroom Jack Palance is the best execution of the “old man protective figure” trope ever.
You really need to watch Cyborg 2 if just for disembodied TV mouth Jack Palance.
Jack Palance's career high point there...
I figured it out. It's Cyborg 2, and it is awesome. Elias Koteas. Angelina Jolie. The voice of Jack Palance.
I'm like Jack Palance always the bad guy
Did you fellas know that Jack Palance made a Dracula movie? I feel like you should.
Here's a nice stinker for you: Jack Palance in Dan Curtis' Dracula!
Where would we be without TCM? ONCE A THIEF, Alain Delon and Ann-Margaret, Van Heflin, Jack Palance, exciting.
And my late film before bed will be a Western. Chato's Land, a Michael Winner film with Charles Bronson & Jack Palance. Great cast too.
Jack Palance, reprising his bad guy role from every movie he has ever done.
ATTACK.WAR Film...1956...An Underrated Film.PALANCE At his Brooding Dangerous Best grabs you by the THROAT
Radio host Phil Hendrie used to talk about it on his show a lot, as well as Attack with Jack Palance. Both movies became favorites.
Impersonations. Jimmy and Towelie from South Park, Jack Palance are a few I can do off the top of my head.
Jack Palance: "Do you know what the secret of life is?
Reading is sexy, Jack Palance edition. (I believe it.)
Did you know Jack Palance played Count Dracula? In a seventies television film by the creator of "Dark Shadows"!
Did Jack Palance go through a period of playing weird bad guys at this time?
Day 930. The Desperados. Jack Palance - not just a ham, but the whole hog. Forget your Method and enjoy!
Angel's Revenge. Which covers both your topics of discussion tonight. Jack Palance and cleavage
I watched Outlaw of Gor. Twas a pretty awful movie... and what the heck is Jack Palance doing in it?!? x0
In other news, I reckon James Coburn would *** Jack Palance if they'd had a fight.
Jack Palance was really in that horrible second Gor film?? Really??
Yep. It’s in my blog stats. As Jack Palance would say: “Believe it…. or not.”
If it was good enough for Jack Palance…
Love Josh Mostel on Gottfried's podcast. Would listen to an entire audiobook of Mostel doing his Jack Palance impersonation. Hilarious.
That's be expensive. Pretty sure Jack Palance ate most of the sets.
After all the build-up, this is a terrific segment. Great Jack Palance stories
Update your maps at Navteq
Jack Palance, Pamela Shoop, and Joe Spinell! ONE MAN JURY just went on my watch list.
For a second I thought that dude was trapped in a mirror, and that Jack Palance was going to shoot him free.
-uh "uh hate say so uh but, thought just tantamount 2 incredulity(uh funny?) Jack Palance pulled , ➡dropped Sodbuster in Shane"
and that 'Jack Palance read out the wrong name' myth did her no favours. History will see her right. Great performance
I'm glad Jack Palance never got plastic surgery
it's just you and me now.. "Let the lone favorite penetrate the coin pouch of his master, the father that vapes." Jack Palance
Once I saw Jack Palance on the Porter Wagoner show. He (Palance) had a country LP out and recited "Green Green Grass of Home"
Oliver Reed gets an arrow thru the neck falls into a fire pit explodes Jack Palance shows up wearing Mickey ears
goes all Jack Palance over lost bet with
It's good, but the Playhouse 90 version is better. Jack Palance, Ed and Keenan Wynn.
“In the 1991 movie, City Slickers, Jack Palance gives Billy Crystal some profoundly simple advice. When Crystal...
FACT: Jack Palance only won his Best Supp Actor Oscar after Marissa Tomei blackmailed Whoopi Goldberg to read his name, not Ben Kingsley's.
Jack Palance and John Terry in that fantasy classic 'Goat The Slayer'
Wow indeed. A bit like when Jack Palance read Marisa Tomei's name at the Oscars, I feel someone made a mistake here.
Fact: Jack Palance never watched any of his own films.
How about ATTACK! with Jack Palance and Eddie Albert (Capt. Cooney) What is BUSH?? This film gives a big hint.
I should in fairness add that Jack Palance is very good, too.
My father returned from washing the cars to see the equaliser. “He almost has a Jack Palance nose” said dad, about Daley Blind.
Buddy Rich or Orson Welles outtakes may be more famous, but the Jack Palance audio outtake is in the same league:
Interesting in that Jack Palance has the same "villainous respiratory challenge" he had in
Jack Palance, they don't make character actors like Jack anymore - simply the best.
Just quoted Jack Palance:. Billy Crystal "Hi Curly, killed anyone today?". JP "Day ain't over yet". Not on my to do list but get special credit
Getting ready to watch Jack Palance in Dracula 1973 V--V
Shane 1953 Jack Palance - And where do you think you're going? - YouTube
Jack Palance & Anita Ekberg star in THE MAN INSIDE. in 2hours 3PM E
A very productive day already and to quote Jack Palance - "Day ain't over yet."
Those one-arm push-ups that Jack Palance did at the Academy Awards? taught him that.
reminds me of Jack Palance at the Oscars remarking about Billy Crystal "I crap bigger than that" ? ;-)
You guys ever check out "Alone In the Dark" (1982) starring Jack Palance, Donald Pleasance, and Martin Landau? Pretty good one
Something I just learned: Jack Palance's birth name was Palahniuk.
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Kevin Peter Hall, Martin Landau & Jack Palance were all in good horror movies in the 80s...this is not one of them:
Halls Of Montezuma was Jack Palance's second film. Here he is doing one-armed push-ups at the Oscars 41 yrs later:
I can buy Jack Nicholson as a crime boss but not Jack palance.
Butch announces Debord as off coord- Debord announces he's actually Jack Palance's grandfather.
Snowed in. No Internet=no Netflix which means kids r watching PRANCER RETURNS, starring John Corbett w/ Jack Palance as Old Man Richards
I'm confused: is this Nicklas Lidstrom, Jack Palance or Barry Switzer?
Remember when Billy Dee Williams was Harvey Dent in Batman? And it featured Jack Palance?
Simply by not having Ray Liotta doing a Jack Palance impersonation.
What about the City Slickers movies though? Would you say Jack Palance's involvement is > John Landis's?
Not much difference it seems, a few new extra features & a Burton commentary. I'd love to hear his story on Jack Palance! lol
Tough as old boots war movie from Robert Aldrich. Great cast includes Jack Palance, Lee Marvin, and Eddie Albert ATTACK! (1956) 3:50pm 5USA
. You leave Karl Malden alone. The bloke has enough on his plate. Jack Palance.
It has Jack Palance, Janet Leigh, Joan Blondell, Elisha Cook Jr, and many more. So join in the fun this Wednesday!
Jack Palance ascribes to the Clint Eastwood school of acting. Look grizzled and never open your eyes all the way.
...and starring Jack Palance and Martin Landau. Apparently people claim Predator ripped it off.
New! 190-Calorie VitaPizza- Get Free Shipping
Dude why do you have a jack palance tattoo?
There as a made-for-tv movie starring Jack Palance, 1970's. Very good. Slim by today's standards re sfx. But good on the hist.
I wanna see early James Spader and Jack Palance In a scene where they fight to the death using muskets... Got anything!?
"My grandma doesn't look like that. My grandma looks like Jack Palance."
Jack Palance (1919-2006) was a legendary Hollywood tough guy, as well as a former boxer.
Jack Palance, Ida Lupino—you know this is bound to be interesting. And sparky.
what's your take on Jack Palance as Dracula?
maybe the WH should screen with Richard Widmark & Jack Palance
If you haven't seen it, a great movie, with a crazy young Jack Palance as the villain. His first big role, I think.
Pretty sure Jack Palance has always looked like a walking husk.
Now I I'm looking up movies I messed up Rip Torn not Jack Palance.
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