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Jack Nicholson

John Joseph Jack Nicholson (born April 22, 1937) is an American actor, film director, producer and writer.

Heath Ledger Michael Keaton Helen Hunt Tom Cruise Roman Polanski Five Easy Pieces John Huston Few Good Men Morgan Freeman Kim Basinger Matt Damon Robert De Niro Billy Crystal Robin Williams Meg Ryan Christian Slater Clint Eastwood

Jack Nicholson is in a hot tub with a NAKED Kathy Bates. Need I say more?
Jack Nicholson & Tom Cruise yell at each other in a court room, while Demi Moore Serves as eye candy
Jack Nicholson wears an army uniform & screams at Tom Cruise who is wearing a navy uniform. Demi Moore shows up
Tom Cruise gets Jack Nicholson to yell at him. Demi Moore is really hot.
I was commissioned (for free yet again) by Sean DeTomic to compile a list of the top 15 movie villains. There are tons of good ones, but only a handful of great ones. Here are 15 of the great ones, in alphabetical order: Roy Batty (Blade Runner, Rutger Hauer) Clarence Boddicker (Robocop, Kurtwood Smith) Uncle Charlie (Shadow of a Doubt, Joseph Cotten) Anton Ciguhr (No Country for Old Men, Javier Bardem) Alex DeLarge (A Clockwork Orange, Malcolm McDowell) Frank (Once Upon a Time in the West, Henry Fonda) Victor Frankenstein (The Curse of Frankenstein, Peter Cushing) The Joker (The Dark Knight, Heath Ledger) Hans Landa (Inglourious Basterds, Christoph Waltz) Harry Lime (The Third Man, Orson Welles) Michael Myers (Halloween, 1978) Rev. Harry Powell (Night of the Hunter, Robert Mitchum) Nurse Ratched (One Flew Over the Cuckoo's Nest, Louise Fletcher) Stansfield (Leon the Professional, Gary Oldman) Jack Torrence (The Shining, Jack Nicholson) I am tagging Santos Ellin Jr., John Mackenzie, and Zach Schurr to d . ...
the sequel will have Jack Nicholson going back to become Christian Slater.
A poster of Faye Dunaway and Jack Nicholson from the movie Chinatown.
A young Jack Nicholson is on The Andy Griffith Show this morning. Almost didn't recognize him.
Jack Nicholson with Candice Bergen and Art Garfunkel on set of "Carnal Knowledge," 1971
It's Popcorn Noir night, every Sunday. Tonight during dinner at 7pm it's Jack Nicholson and Faye Dunaway in the...
Too good. Norm Chow got that Jack Nicholson face
Art Garfunkel, Jack Nicholson, Candice Bergen on the set of Carnal Knowledge, 1970
In 1997, the world was a different place. There was no Google yet. In 1997, the year of your birth, the top selling movie was Titanic. People buying the popcorn in the cinema lobby had glazing eyes when looking at the poster. People were indeed watching movies in the cinema, and not downloading them online. Imagine the packed seats, the laughter, the excitement, the novelty. Do you know who won the Oscars that year? The Academy Award for the best movie went to Titanic. The Oscar for best foreign movie that year went to Character. The top actor was Jack Nicholson for his role as It Gets in As Good. The top actress was Helen Hunt for her role as It Gets in As Good. The best director? James Cameron for Titanic. In the year 1997, the time when you arrived on this planet, books were still popularly read on paper, not on digital devices. Trees were felled to get the word out. The number one US bestseller of the time was The Runaway Jury by John Grisham. Oh, that's many years ago. Have you read that book? Have y ...
'Heartburn', Jack Nicholson & Meryl Streep, direction by Mike Nichols, theme song by Carly Simon, let's do this!
Bust out your Jack Nicholson impression and give us your actor nominations for Sly Rax! Bruce Campbell was chosen...
The Departed is by far the best movie. Mark Wahlberg, Leonardo Dicaprio, Jack Nicholson, and Matt Damon. Enough said
Mitch has nominated Jim Buss, Jack Nicholson & Jerry West to take the
I'm just convinced Jack Torrance is insane THE ENTIRE TIME, even before he gets to the Overlook. Jack Nicholson sure is.
Sightings…: Jack Nicholson dining with Alec and Hilaria Baldwin and Lorne...
The last couple days I've just been chilling in the Hamptons with The Roots, Sting, Pharrell, Barbara Striesand, Paul Mc Cartney, Jack Nicholson, Robert DeNiro, Jon Mc Cain, Spike Lee, Jamie Foxx and Gov. Chris Christie. It was cool and all.if you're into that sort of thing!
Do you think in his mind, Billy Crystal thinks he's now bigger than Jack Nicholson?
Anger management had Adam Sandler and Jack Nicholson not Billy Crystal and Robert De Niro
Still thinking about Now I see that Jack Nicholson was channeling Jack Torrance when playing Jack Napier. Nice one...Jack.
Just realized Christian Slater's whole career is just a Jack Nicholson impression.
Jack Nicholson does NOT click "Remove Duplicate" and we get to keep Christian Slater.
Wha? 25 years since the Batman with Michael Keaton, Jack Nicholson and Kim Basinger.
Robin Williams on comedy, with impressions of Christopher Walken and Jack Nicholson:
RIP Robin Williams, pictured here with Jack Nicholson in 1998 as he won an Academy Award. More to follow (AFP)
According to legend, Robin Williams was the original choice to play The Joker in Tim Burton's BATMAN (before Jack Nicholson came along).
Amazing how Jack Nicholson was the biggest name in the film "Broadcast News", yet had such a minor role. Great movie regardless.
Yeah I got the TV on FOX. :-) Male Hotties should have Jack Nicholson and Mel Gibson in it's
Jack Nicholson hamming it up before the Celebrity Golf Tournament at Pebble Beach.
Just completed a Jack Nicholson for my club act. If you would like to see him perform... Be my guest at David...
On set with Jack Nicholson, Stockard Channing and Warren Beatty for The Fortune (1975), tonight on Icons @ 8 – 8PM/5PT.
What do Jack Nicholson, Steve McQueen, and Elvis Presley have in common? They all filmed at Apacheland.
Frank: Who would you rather bone, Meg Ryan or Jack Nicholson?. Me: Jack Nicholson now, or 1974?. Frank: '74. Me: Meg Ryan.
Scope Julian Wasser's retro pics of Jack Nicholson, Anjelica Huston + more from his new book htt…
Photo: Jack Nicholson and Angelica Huston circa 1971. Photograph by Julian Wasser for W Magazine, June/July...
Gonna watch 2nd 1/2 of The Trip (1967) writ by Jack Nicholson. Hoping wasted Fonda gets raped by Bruce Dern then both get offed by D.Hopper
Cheers to a superb day ahead 🎉🍸💕 | Jack Nicholson and Angelica Houston 1970's.
Jack Nicholson threatened to walk from the movie, if Warner Bros kept treating director Miller with disrespect. Bravo!
I'm gonna party shirtless with Jack Nicholson and we're going to smoke cigars while doing body shots off Kim Novak's panty line
RIP James Garner, the "Jack Nicholson" of the LA Raiders. He was a fixture on the sideline (My memory as a kid)
He also said to Ciara 'yeah Jack Nicholson goes down on Jessica Lange'. I had to walk away because I would have disintegrated.
Basketball fan or not, does anybody have the answer to this question: Who is the best point guard of all time? I'm stuck between Magic Johnson, Russell Westbrook, Chris Paul, Sean Taylor, Joe Vertucci, the black guy from the Allstate commercials, Conan O'Brien, Chuck McNally, Raymond Felton, Wilt Chamberlain, Bill Russell, Raphael Palmeiro, Alex Wong Sauce, George Muresan, Jack Nicholson, Meg White, Brett Farabaugh, Dikembe Mutumbo, Mookie Blaylock, the greased up deaf guy from Family Guy, Jeremy Lin, Richard Nixon, Benji Gil, Derrick Rose, Seth Green, Becky Magid, Axl Rose, and Tiger Woods. Can someone help me make a decision!?
Sometimes you just have to bark back at the dog (Jack Nicholson as firebrand Bobby Dupea in Five Easy Pieces).
Hollywood Sunday Continues Bob Rafelson, Jack Nicholson, Karen Black on the Set of "Five Easy Pieces"1970 http…
Five Easy Pieces (1970) Jack Nicholson stars as a volatile oil rigger called home to face his dying father in this land mark drama film.
he looks like a ginger Jack Nicholson in One Flew Over The Cuckoo's Nest
Here's Paul and Jack Nicholson at a Dodgers game.
HUD (92/A): People as good as Paul Newman at playing charismatic *** Kirk Douglas, Jack
Jack Nicholson and Roman Polanski vacationing in the Swiss Alps, 1975. »
A Sensational picture of Jack Nicholson & Roman Polanski our powerful Director Happy Anniversary
Jack Nicholson in fresh appeal to The Orange Order and resident groups .
Thought I was watching Batman with Jack Nicholson as The Joker. Turns out it was Joan Rivers on David Letterman.
I'm looking for "A Few Good Men" (Excuse me) I meant.. I'm looking (at) the movie "A Few Good Men" with actors Tom Cruise, Jack Nicholson, Kiefer Sutherland, Kevin Bacon, & actress Demi Moore because *You can'T handle the truth!! ~ *LOL*
Photographer David Bailey on photographing the Queen, Jack Nicholson, and (grumpy) Van Morrison via
With his subtle brooding menace, Coronation Street's Nick Tilsley is surely Britain's answer to Jack Nicholson.
Trivia Tuesday filmmakers of Hollywood! QUESTION: Which two actors directed themselves in movies and won Oscars for Best Actor? a. Al Pacino and Timothy Hutton b. Jack Nicholson and Kevin Spacey c. Laurence Olivier and Roberto Benigni d. Tom Hanks and Paul Newman First person to answer correctly gets a shout out!
and the new coach of the Milwaukee Bucks is Jack Nicholson. I love that purple and green
I feel like Christian Slater has basically just been doing a lifelong impression of Jack Nicholson.
In "Anger Management" Adam Sandler and Jack Nicholson film in Columbia's Lerner Hall instead of Boston General.
This John Huston & Jack Nicholson scene is giving me a combo case of the metas and the smirks.
Oh crap Phil Hartman did ADR for Jack Nicholson in "The Border".
Photo: Anjelica Huston and her then boyfriend, Jack Nicholson, at Telluride Film Festival in 1975, when the...
On a scale from 1- James Earl Jones my man voice is a Jack Nicholson today
The Last Detail, starring Jack Nicholson and Randy Quaid (1973). They don't make movies like this anymore.
From the writer of "As Good As It Gets," Michael Douglas playing Jack Nicholson's character from "As Good As It Gets" in a different movie.
Jack Nicholson as The Joker! Not Gregory Peck as Thomas Wayne or something. JACK. THE JOKER.
Photo: la-petite-souris: Jack Nicholson stands with Anjelica Huston at the Cannes Film Festival May, 1974...
She knew how to rock a tutu...and dated Jack Nicholson...and Twin amazing she still around???
Where did the time go? Tim Burton's "Batman," starring Michael Keaton, Jack Nicholson and Kim Basinger, opened on this date in 1989.
Tim Burton’s w/ Jack Nicholson and was released 25 years ago today ---> h…
"Which Joker did you prefer, Heath Ledger or Jack Nicholson?". I'd PREFER it if you gave Cesar Romero the credit he deserves, you toolbag.
probably the best part of the movie is Jack Nicholson doing his Jack Palance impression.
How's your impression of Jack Nicholson's Jack Palance impression?
25 years ago today, Michael Keaton and Jack Nicholson hit the big screen in Batman:
Roman Polanski, John Huston & Jack Nicholson on the set of Chinatown, 1974. Photo S. Schapiro.
not sure, is the villain Jack Nicholson or Daniel Day Lewis?
a movie starring Morgan Freeman and Liam Neeson with a special guest appearance by Jack Nicholson.
Today's Sunday Classics is "Easy Rider" starring Peter Fonda, Dennis Hopper, Jack Nicholson, Karen Black, Toni Basil, Luke Askew and Phil Spector. Grace Tattoo, our screening sponsor, will have portfolios of their work in the lobby. Be sure to check them out! Show starts at 2PM!
Leonard Lewis: a cut above: From Twiggy to Reggie Kray, Kubrick, the Stones and Jack Nicholson, i...
Jubilee Wanted Opposition: Jubilee Can't Handle Opposition! Was it Jack Nicholson or who who told Tom Cruise "You can't handle the truth"? For the last three months or more, we had the usual monkeys here regurgitating the ready made lines by Mutahi Ngunyi about a non functioning opposition. They decried the lack of opposition. I have been reviewing some of the monkey posts on social media and they are full of that crap. 1. It is not up to Jubilee to prescribe to the opposition how the opposition to oppose Jubilee. It's like Gor Mahia coaching Leopards ahead of a match; 2. Whether the opposition decides to use vitendawili, parables, sarcasm and yes, threats is still not the business of Jubilee to determine; 3. Rallies as the word clearly states are a means of mobilizing supporters (who themselves constitute The Opposition) and it is beyond strange that an opposition would be denied the right to mobilize itself and still be criticized for not doing its work of mobilizing to oppose government! Well just like ...
Flashback Friday with my Feature on BET Network, Real Husbands of Hollywood-Kevin Hart, Robin Thicke, Sugar Shane Mosley, Nick Cannon. I'm sitting right in front of Jack Nicholson front corner of the boxing ring. It was a real Hoot working with these guys on set, they were hilarious! My cell phone recording is not so clear =p It's been great taking a break from set-life but here's a great one.
My favourite movies based on novels that are equally fantastic: 1. Dr Zhivago (B. Pasternak) with Omar Sharif 2. Gone with the Wind (M. Mitchell) with Vivian Leigh 3. Lolita (Nobakov) directed by Kubric with James Mason 4. Jaws (P.Benchley) directed by Spielberg with Roy Scheider 5. Twelve Angry men (Play by R. Rose) with Henry Fonda 6. Schindler's List (T. Keneally) directed by Spielberg with Liam Neeson 7. The Year of Living Dangerously (C. Koch) with Mel Gibson 8. Atonement (I. McEwan) with Keira Knightley 9. Misery (S. King) with James Kaan, Kathy Bates 10. One Flew over the Cuckoo's Nest (K. Kesey) with Jack Nicholson
Roman Polanski, Jack Nicholson, and John Huston on the set of Chinatown, 1974.
You know who would be a cool driving instructor? God rest his soul Sam Kinison would've been cool.. John Madden, Steve Martin, Billybob Thornton, Ralphie May, Bobcat Goldthwait, Clint Eastwood in his Dirty Harry character would be awesome. Jack Nicholson in any character would be cool too...
Prizzi's Honour directed by John Huston and starring Jack Nicholson is in my DVD player. Great lookin' picture.
Gonna watch last part of Sean Penn's The Crossing Guard starring Jack Nicholson later. Then Jack in Prizzi'sHonour (directed by John Huston)
Dear Diary, Twenty years ago I went to see Wolf starring Jack Nicholson and Michelle Pfeiffer-terrible movie, it was a Froday, but the OJ chase was on before, during, and after the movie. CRAZY. Did you also know the New York Rangers celebrated their Stanley Cup win with a parade, Ken Griffey Jr hit a record homerun, NBA game 5 championship was playing, Arnold Palmer played his last competitive round of golf, and Brazil beat Italy in the World Cup final...all on that day? I usually remember OJ though. 20 years.
Peter Fonda, Jack Nicholson, and the late great Dennis Hopper... it can only be "Easy Rider" ~ 1969
The joker will always be Jack Nicholson, the riddler will always be Jim Carrey, and two face will always be Tommy Lee Jones in my eyes.
When I put sunglasses over my *** it looks exactly like Jack Nicholson.
The most powerful words I have ever heard issuing forth from the mouth, heart and soul of a United States President...was when I stood front and center and not 20 yards away from William Jefferson Clinton as he delivered his first inaugural address on the Capitol Steps in January of 1993. I was closer to him than Mary Travers, Sally Field, Jann Wenner and even Jack Nicholson. His words were so simple and yet so true. "There is nothing wrong with the United States of America, that cannot be fixed by what is right with the United States of America!" He may have lied about having sex..."with that woman." He may have lied about inhaling marijuana. But on this day...and in front of the entire world, our 42nd President spoke the truth. And I, for one, still believe!
So...I'm watching BATMAN(1989) on Blu-ray. This is a film I've seen several times over the years and I thought, having just watched the whole DARK KNIGHT TRILOGY it would be interesting to revisit it. Watching Tim Burton's take on BATMAN for the first time in years, I found myself faced with an odd realization: this is a pretty bad movie. It's aged really poorly in 25 years. The 1940's film noir sensibility seemed dated even in the late 80's, but in 2014 it just seems weird to see gangsters with suits and Tommy guns from the 1920's in a city that looks strangely artificial. Jack Nicholson was and still is excellent as the Joker, but Michael Keaton's performance seems utterly embalmed. He's already Batman when the film begins and his origins are told in flashback...a sensible choice but one that makes his performance entirely reactionary and bloodless. It also has some of the most poorly directed set pieces ever filmed. Bad directing is rife through this film but seems particularly evident in the action sc ...
I loved Jack Nicholson in Warewolf and he's the best Joker(Batman) ever...but Benicio Del Toro is doing a great job in WolfMan!
Romantic Comedy. As Good As It Gets. Although, the more I think about it, the more I feel as if Romantic Comedy isn't so weak at all. There are lots of good ones solely because of actors like Jack Nicholson, Helen Hunt, and Greg Kinnear. Also, I'm quite fond of Julia Roberts and Richard Gere as a Screen duo. Tom Hanks and Meg Ryan were great in You've Got Mail. John Cusack and Kate Beckinsale performed phenomenally in Serendipity. I could never forget Billy Crystal in When Harry Met Sally, or America's Sweethearts. Even Adam Sandler and Drew Barrymore in 50 first dates summoned great screen chemistry together. All great Romantic Comedies.
In the Roman Polanski movie Chinatown (1974), Jack Nicholson's character retells a joke about "screwing like a C...
Whos the biggest NBA fan of all time?. Jack Nicholson. Spike Lee. Billy Crystal
Roman Polanski with John Huston and Jack Nicholson on the set of Chinatown, 1974 (Photofest).
Watch Michael Keaton, Jack Nicholson & Kim Basinger in the 1989 version of Batman on Action (110) at 21:45 CAT
The number one item on my bucket list is to have a wacky adventure with Jack Nicholson and Morgan Freeman.
Anyone else here a big fan of the films of Nancy Meyers? I'm watching Something's Gotta Give right now. One of the few things Keanu Reeves is watchable in. Great stuff by Jack Nicholson and Dianne Keaton. I also really enjoyed The Holiday, What Women Want and It's Complicated. I've heard her next film will star Robert De Niro which i think is good. I would love to see some more good stuff from him after his recent work with David O. Russell. Thoughts?
As Good As It Gets with Jack Nicholson and Helen Hunt is an awesome movie!!
Watching a great movie... As Good As It Gets with Jack Nicholson playing Melvin Udall and Helen Hunt playing Carol Connelly... Best line in the movie, when Melvin says to Carol, "You make me want to be a better man." Best scene in the movie... the brief shot of the gas station showing gasoline at $1.13 per gal for regular... This movie must be really ancient!! LMHO !!
“Jack Nicholson i did not know he was this attractive...
Watching a movie I was in with Jack Nicholson and Helen Hunt about a few dysfunctional people coming together...cute movie, I was in the restaurant scene in the beginning...they had me eating a LOT of cheesecake, take after take, great cheesecake! Great craft services! Oh, how I had to suffer for the art! :) I forget the name they changed it to...we had one name at first, then during the shoot they changed it, and then before the release another name. Aye! Hollywood. Helen Hunt was so professional...
Jack Nicholson has bigger titties than Philip Seymour Hoffman
The Bassem Youssef situation reminds me of the scene from the movie 'a Few Good Men' when Jack Nicholson yells at Tom Cruise saying 'you can't handle the truth'! Only now it applies to the Egyptian ppl! They finally succeeded at pushing one of the few ppl telling the truth, at least mostly, away! Bravo!
I'm sorry but the best Batman movie was the 1989 version with that all-star cast: Michael Keaton, Kim Basinger, and of course Jack Nicholson. Fantastic! George Clooney might have some competition for the worst Batman ever with Ben Affleck.
Adam Oates... a perfect combo of Jack Nicholson's "Joker" and Ray Liotta.
Studying while watching. Tim Burton directed it with Michael Keaton as batman, Jack Nicholson as Joker with Kim Basinger with her fine Danny Elfmen did the score and Prince did the other soundtrack. So who thinks there's a better batman movie then this?
Who casts Michael Keaton + Jack Nicholson as batman + the joker but then casts Billy Dee Williams as Harvey dent? What was going on in 1989
Comic Book movies are really a thing of beauty. But how can you consider which ones are the best movies? Well, here's a top 10 list for my favourite Comic Book-Based Movies (I'm only counting superhero ones, sorry 300 and Scott Pilgrim, you're gonna have to sit this one out.) 10.) Batman (1987) Though now it's dated slightly by the back-lot exterior sets, the by-now-way-too-familiar Danny Elfman score, and the heavy-handed inclusion of Prince songs (what the *** was that about?), what still makes it great is that Michael Keaton's Batman was a surprising but highly credible one, and Jack Nicholson's Joker was a sensation. If anything sets it out, the film had a high bar to clear in its day. True-blue comic book fans were still newly basking in the glow of the original publication of perhaps the two definitive contemporary Batman stories, Frank Miller's The Dark Knight Returns (1986) and Alan Moore's The Killing Joke (1988). Although it may be dated, it's still a great and classic comic book based movie ...
My mom ran into actress, Anjelica Huston at a book expo. She is the daughter of director/actor, John Huston. She also dated Jack Nicholson.
Love a good Jack Nicholson film and OH LOOK MORTICIA ADAMS
Repost from 12/27/2012 Top 10 Film Soundtracks The usual caveats: I am pretending to be young so there will be no classic collections of standards here like Holiday Inn or Big Broadcast. There will also be no concert films like Woodstock or Stop Making Sense. On with the arbitrary selections! I have also created a Spotify playlist so you may listen to these selections (titles with an asterisk are not available on Spotify). 1) The Album of the Soundtrack of the Trailer of the Film of Monty Python and the Holy Grail (Executive Version). Monty Python reinvented TV sketch comedy, and reinvented comedy albums, so why not reinvent soundtracks too? This one contains about 25 minutes from the movie and another 20 minutes of new, equally funny linking material surrounding the (fictional) premiere of the movie itself. And unlike the movie, this one actually knows how to end. 2) Head. Sure it's a collection of some of the Monkees' finest songs. But like Monty Python (and a few years earlier), Jack Nicholson took the ...
Johnny Depp wears his full Jack Nicholson-esque makeup while hanging out on the set of Black Mass waiting to film on Tuesday (May 27) in Boston, Mass. The 50-year-old actor was seen with his co-star, Breaking Bad‘s Jesse Plemons, who was all made up to look bloodied! Johnny also joked around with di
.check out Aunt Bee on Andy Griffith Show hanging the jury. Featuring baby Jack Nicholson as the defendant.
David thinks he's Jack Nicholson. The rest of the contestants think he's a twunt!
Gene Hackman, Robert Forster, Jack Nicholson and Robert Duvall were for the role in this film...
I don't think anyone would argue the fact that the books are always so much better than the movies! I thought "Lord of the Rings", "Harry Potter", Twilight's", and "Hunger Games" were all good. Sometimes I questioned the casting, but in the end you like the characters. Well, I read all the Vampire Academy books and I think they messed up that movie. Bad casting on the 2 main girls. Reminded me of The Shining, the book scared the crap out of me and yet in the movie, Jack Nicholson, in my opinion made it a comedy.
Michael Keaton didn’t want Michelle Pfeiffer in the first Batman because it’d be too awkward. She played Catwoman in the sequel! The 1989 film, Batman, stars Michael Keaton in the title role, Jack Nicholson as the villain and Kim Basinger as the beautiful love interest. Just one in a long series of Batman movies, this particular Batman film was a critical and commercial success with over $400 million in box office sales. Before this success though, the film's casting was a difficult task. A veritable who's who of Hollywood leading men were considered for the role of Batman, including Kevin Costner, Mel Gibson, Pierce Brosnan and Tom Selleck. Producer Jon Peters and director Tim Burton both favored Michael Keaton, though. His was a controversial casting, and Warner Brothers received 50,000 protest letters about it. Burton then suggested that Michelle Pfeiffer play Vicki Vale, the role that would later go to Bassinger. Keaton had been in a relationship with Pfeiffer though and thought it would be too aw ...
What did Jack Nicholson finally order at the diner in Five Easy Pieces (1970)?
Have a villain senior all-star ensemble with Jack Nicholson, Danny Devito, Arnold, and Gene Hackman.
Thanks, Sus Susan Brodie for the post--I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE Nicholson!! Actually, I began to notice years ago in Indianapolis that we would "fill up" a week BEFORE full moon--I think no one wanted to be caught "outside a unit" should they be inclined to turn into a werewolf or vampire or such--hey, I figured it out--our patients ARE like vampires!!! THEY SUCK THE LIFE RIGHT OUT OF US!!! Trivia alert: I LOVE The Andy Griffith Show--I was born in Raleigh, North Carolina, sounded like Gomer Pyle when we moved to Ft. Wayne, Indiana where I started first grade, but Mayberry was based on the actual llittle NC town called "Mt. Airy"--I'd LOVE to go there some day--a real tourist trap, but worth it for the quaintness, I'm sure--now, here's the trivia: Jack Nicholson starred on Andy's show twice--both were in the colorized versions, obviously before Nicholson "made it" as an actor of any proportions. One storyline, he was tried as a burglar but he wasn't the guy, and Aunt Bee, the only juror knew he was innocen ...
I liked a video Five Easy Pieces with Jack Nicholson in 'Side Order of Toast'
Deaths (6) 1896 : Clara Schumann 1964 : The Drifters lead singer Rudy Lewis is found dead on the morning when the group is scheduled to record "Under The Boardwalk." He is replaced by Johnny Moore, who was with a previous incarnation of the group, and sings lead on the song the next day. Lewis' death is widely reported as a drug overdose, although this is never confirmed by a medical authority. 1967 : Manuel Fernandez (Los Bravos) 1998 : Frank Sinatra's funeral takes place in Beverly Hills, which 400 invited guests and slew of onlookers. Tony Bennett, Angie Dickinson, Joey Bishop (the only surviving member of the Rat Pack), Liza Minnelli, Jack Nicholson, Tony Danza and Tom Selleck all show up to pay their respects. 2012 : Robin Gibb (Bee Gees) 2013 : Ray Manzarek (The Doors)
In August 1984 ACTUEL sent a Californian-born photographer and me to cover the Deauville Film Festival. This was my second journalism gig for the French magazine and I hoped that writing a good article might pave a path to another profession other than being a doorman at La Balajo. Randy had a good camera and I based the trip on the question whether Rock Hudson or James Dean was a better dinner companion. “James Dean was James Dean.” Randy came from Los Angeles. “He died and left a good-looking corpse. We’re going to Deauville to talk about the living and not the dead.” James Dean had fallen out of my favor. I wished he had been in more movies like Easy Rider instead of Jack Nicholson. Rock was one of the stars at the Deauville Film Festival. It was not Cannes, however the organizers were honoring GIANT and I arranged an interview with Rock Hudson, whose performance opposite James Dean in the 1956 George Stevens’ epic tale of Texas oil had been nominated for an Oscar. After the screening at th ...
"In his book "Showtime," Pat Riley unveiled "the disease of more" and argued that "success is often the first step toward disaster." According to Riley, after the 1980 Lakers won [the NBA championship], everyone shifted into a more selfish mode. They had sublimated their respective games to win as a group; now they wanted to reap the rewards as individuals, even if those rewards meant having to spend way too much time at Jack Nicholson's house. Everyone wanted more money, playing time and recognition. Eventually they lost perspective and stopped doing the little things that make teams win and keep winning, eventually imploding in the first round of the postseason. So much for defending the title." - Bill Simmons
Looking for the ultimate adventure just in time for Father’s Day? Experience it on June 10th when The Bucket List arrives onto Blu-ray and DVD. This heartwarming adventure from director Rob Reiner with memorable performances from Academy Award Winners Jack Nicholson and Morgan Freeman shows it’s never too late to live life to its fullest. You only live once, so why not go out in style? That’s what two cancer-ward roommates, an irascible billionaire (Jack Nicholson) and a scholarly mechanic (Morgan Freeman), decide when they get the bad news. They compose a bucket list – things to do before you kick the bucket – and head off for the around-the-world adventure of their lives. Sky dive? Check. Power a Shelby Mustang around a racetrack? Check. Gaze at the Great Pyramid of Khufu? Check. Discover the joy in their lives before it’s too late? Check!
Roy Hodgson's message for Wayne Rooney: If you're Jack Nicholson, everyone ... - Daily Mail
So I had this very interesting dream. I was riding in the backseat of a car with three other people; two on the ends I didn't really process, but in the middle I was right next to Jack Nicholson, circa early 1990's. He wouldn't discuss The Shining with me, but we had an excellent debate about the merits of his movie Carnal Knowledge from the early-70's. He didn't really think it was one of his better movies; I argued that it was and that the main cast, including Art Garfunkel, Candice Bergen, and Ann-Margaret, was first class all the way!
Five Easy Pieces (1970). An extremely good Jack Nicholson film (in his prime). Superb cinematography. Loved it.
Watching Heartburn, one of my favorite movies with Meryl Streep and Jack Nicholson.
Christopher Lloyd talking about, "Going South," with Jack Nicholson & John Belushi. His 2nd film & Mary Steenburgen's 1st film. Michael Douglas was on set as producer. His eyes seem to sparkle as he told the stories. He said, "Taxi" saved a carreer he thought he had squandered.
Jack Nicholson snubs young fan at Clippers game. It's too bad that these "stars" forget that it's their fans that made them millionaires.
This is Front Page Yahoo news: (I can't help but chuckle because I'm apparently 13 yrs old) "When you think of Los Angeles Lakers fans, one person typically comes to mind: Jack Nicholson. So what on earth was the three-time Academy Award-winning actor doing, sitting courtside Thursday night of Game 6 between the Oklahoma City Thunder and the Los Angeles Clippers in their Western Conference semifinal series? Evidently, blowing off young fans." Doing WHAT to young fans?
Who is Rihanna stalking? Why was Jack Nicholson at a Clippers game? How much does Matt Bonner make? The PA's know.
Jack Nicholson had a smile on his face as he left Staples Center.
GIF: LeBron reacts to Jack Nicholson leaving kid hanging
Jack Nicholson is sitting courtside in Los Angeles...but not for a Lakers game. (via
Jack Nicholson at Staples watching the Clips-Thunder game? Wow, guess he can't stay a Laker fan forever.
It looks like Jack Nicholson is sitting courtside with James L. Brooks, which is pretty much the coolest thing.
even Jack Nicholson is jumping on the Clipper bandwagon
"Jack Nicholson is courtside at the Clippers game next to the Clippers bench. I'm pretty sure that's a first." Traitor
“Lakers loss Jack Nicholson as a fan 😂”--- why would he not watch the clippers take this L lol
“Jack Nicholson is sitting courtside at the Clippers game. WELP (photo credit ) smh
I think Jack Nicholson will be paying Dahntay Jones a visit real soon.
From left to right: Peter Fonda, Jack Nicholson, and Dennis Hopper.
I Thank God for the transition and transformation He has brought in my life. I WAS a big fan of great celebrities and stars like Sylvester Stallone, Bruce Willis, Tom Cruise, Arnold Schwarzenegger, Jennifer Aniston, Jack Nicholson et al. Followed their style, watched reviews, admired their personal lives, had posters, pictures, followed their gossips, stardoms - all to discover everything was in vain and waste of time. After coming to Lord, He made me to follow Him as my role-model, the very person being Jesus Christ Himself at heavenly level, and many Men of God at earthly level like Smith Wigglesworth, John Stot, Bishop J C Ryle, Benny Hinn, Reinhard Bonnkke, Bishop T D Jakes, John Piper, John Bunyan, Joyce Meyer, Paul Washer, Murray Mc Cheyenne, Billy Graham, Charles Spurgeon and alike people of God, whose teachings, preachings, reachings, sharings, messages, Words, sermons, discourses have had a tremendous impact and blessings upon my life and happy to follow them as their fan and walk in their footst ...
It turns out to be my best experienced trip to Vegas with Tita Delia and Uncle Junior last month. I would say continuation of "Mars Attacks" year 1996 starring: Jack Nicholson, Glenn Close, Annette Bennett, Pierce Brosnan. And I will call it."Jorlan's Attack Vegas: The Martian Law"
Michael Keaton FOR BATMAN! I miss Michael Keaton at Batman. Yes and Jack Nicholson as The Joker. And...
Andy Warhol's Bad is a 1977 comedy film, directed by Jed Johnson, starring Carroll Baker, Perry King and Susan Tyrrell. It was written by Pat Hackett and George Abagnalo, and produced by Andy Warhol. The opening screening in May 1977 attracted over 750 people, including Warren Beatty, Jack Nicholson, Julie Christie, and George Cukor. Tyrrell won the Saturn Award for Best Supporting Actress for her performance.
It's got the same rating as The Animal, starring Rob Schneider. I wonder if this keeps Jack Nicholson up all night.
IMPASSIONATING LIST BY LUCELL LARAWAN Pondering about the hot “Napoles list” implicating the role of some public servants in the PDAF scam, I remember another parallel—The Bucket List. This is from the movie starred by Jack Nicholson and Morgan Freeman. The movie plot summary: Corporate billionaire Edward Cole and working class mechanic Carter Chambers have nothing in common except for their terminal illnesses. While sharing a hospital room together, they decide to leave it and do all the things they have ever wanted to do before they die according to their bucket list. In the process, both of them heal each other, become unlikely friends, and ultimately find joy in life. Such lists impassionate us. Of the two lists mentioned, I find the latter worth making for individuals. Pursuing the items of this bucket list will mean self-actualization. When we have the bucket list—except that we do not yet expect a more defined date with death—our lives at least glow. What do we want to do before we go to ...
4 The History of bottle Service 1967 - French Twist Les Caves du Roy kicks off a gilded age of excess in the basement of the Hotel Byblos Saint Tropez. The venerable playpen for the ridiculously rich, tanned, and entitled is still pumping dance beats and popping Cristal today and has a decadent history of hosting everyone from Jack Nicholson (who once drank there out of his shoe), Cher, and *** Jagger in the hairy ’70s, to Bono, Bruce Willis, and Beyoncé, along with assorted Saudi royals and yacht-tastic Euros.
With apologies to Jack Nicholson and Helen Hunt, vs is As Good As It Gets. Game 7 tonite!
LA Awesome, exciting, best coach in NBA. Longtime underdogs inspire. LA Hey, maybe Jack Nicholson still likes them.
it's a movie with Jack Nicholson, Matt Damon, Ray Winstone, Leonardo DiCaprio, Mark Whalberg, Alec Baldwin and Martin Sheen
... and so now James Spader is a wolf and Jack Nicholson is a wolf and they fight.
Me and have decided that Quentin Tarantino has to direct a film starring: Liam Neeson, Jack Nicholson, George Clooney.
Congratulations to long-time rowing coach Jack Nicholson on St. Catharines Sports Wall of Fame honour htt…
. Jack Nicholson became the joker when producer Michael Uslan drew this over an advert for The Shining
Reminds me of the character Carol Connelly (played by Helen Hunt) in the movie As Good As It Gets, when she tells Melvin Udall (played by Jack Nicholson), "I don't think I wanna know you anymore. All you do is make me feel bad about myself."
I liked a video from GTA 5 The Movie Hugh Jackman, Jamie Foxx and Jack Nicholson! GTA 5
Like the Famous Movie quote by actor Jack Nicholson, some people "Can't handle the Truth".
If I had a quarter for every time someone compared me to Jack Nicholson, I would have exactly $5.50. I can die happy now.
" I made a promise. I intend to keep it." ~ Jack Nicholson, the Pledge. was *not* victimless crimes "Eric" !!
Stanley Kubrick sneaking a self shot while pretending to take one of Jack Nicholson (The Shining, 1980)
How I interviewed Hollywood movie star Jack Nicholson (Watch from 6min 20sec) ...
there is a tiny jack Nicholson around my neck and it makes me happy
Jack Nicholson in a Few Good Men awesome
Today I had a staff meeting with a couple new team members. As an icebreaker, I suggested we all share one quirky talent or skill. I went first. The team got to choose what I would reveal -- I would either sing my prepositions to the tune of "Yankee Doodle Dandy" (a little ditty I learned in sixth grade) or reenact the Jack Nicholson scene from "A Few Good Men" (You can't handle the truth, though without full military garb ;) ). Guess what the communicators picked? Personally, I would have been all over the Nicholson scene.
"Jack Nicholson on holiday" has really good google search results
Jack Nicholson editing a film on a Moviola, 1971
'Legends never die!' "Jack Nicholson and Heath Ledger as the Joker.
So today marks my one year anniversary in LA. What have I learned? Seth Macfarlane is crazy attractive in person, I'll never get tired of tacos, rich people are super weird, I'll never attempt to celebrate my bday, everyone's a DJ and/or loosely related to Jack Nicholson. Can't wait to see what year number two will bring...
Was Jack Nicholson just born a cool mofo!. Just watching 'The Last Detail' :)
OK, Going to Dr of Internal Medicine tomorrow... Nothing that can kill me, at least not anyTime soon. I will do Kitten Update as soon as i can. Finish my Financial Aid package Freya's Day, also with a trip to the IRS... Nothing that can Imprison me... (I don't think) ;-) Tonight i Dance with the Devil in the Pale Moonlight... Just in case I ever meet Jack Nicholson. hehehehehehehehe... ;-P
I did not like The Departed all that much!! I was thinking, a movie with sexy Matt Damon, Leo, Jack Nicholson, Mark Wahlberg AND beautiful Vera Farmiga!! This is going to be awesome!. My mistake.
Shop The Bradford Exchange Online for Patriotic 9/
Christian how would you describe your hair? Oh, I would say post-Shining Jack Nicholson.
Film that launched Sky Movies. Proves how good an actor Jack Nicholson is but how quick movie tech dates
So tell me, is everything ok?. Jack Nicholson. Photo by Helmut Newton
Fotoset: iznogoodgood: Jack Nicholson photographed on the set of The Shining, 1980.
I really appreciate jack nicholson (not enough to capitalize his name)
Imagine every Jack Nicholson movie, but Jack is made entirely out of half melted butter and can only communicate by screaming.
Just watched The Shining. Jack Nicholson is truly an extraordinary actor!
What was Jack Nicholson thinking in that long pause at the end of "One Flew Over the Cuckoo's Nest"?
Brock University would like to congratulate Jack Nicholson for his induction into the St. Catharines Sports Hall of Fame. Jack was the first ever head coach of the Brock Rowing program back in 1964.
enjoy because to steal a phrase from Jack Nicholson what if "IS THIS AS GOOD AS IT GETS"
you can host a "who would you rather bone?" segment. Meg Ryan, or 1974 Jack Nicholson?
I feel like watching a film with Jack Nicholson in it
and yes that would be a shining reference and Jack Nicholson.
Happiness is the truth -- Pharrell. You can't handle the truth! -- Jack Nicholson. Therefore:. You can't handle happiness.
When he was 37, Jack Nicholson found out his sister was actually his mother.
We watched Stephen King's The Shining last night. The mini series one...not the one with Jack Nicholson, and honestly I liked it more than the original.
Huh , didn't expect that many comments very quickly on the previous post about a colour portrait ...:) If you can make it on This Saturday at 9:30 you will get a deal of £180 to get one of the actor's portrait from this list : Denzel Washington Rocky - Stallone Jason Statham Morgan Freeman Clint Eastwood Patrick Swayze Heith Ledger Christian Bale Dexter Robert De Niro Bruce Lee Jack Nicholson Private message me if you are interested ! First come first served !! Good luck folks ;)
You want more Swing? YOU want more SWING? YOU CAN'T HANDLE MORE SWING (Jack Nicholson voice) Then handle it Every Tues & Wed night for the summer! We are NOT on Woodruff Rd. We ARE at 156 Landmark Drive, Taylors, SC. Landmark Hall is not yet on Google maps.but we are working on it.
in the words of Jack Nicholson (as the Joker ) in the 1989 Batman, you can't make an omelet without first cracking a few eggs.
Guess what my daughter Breanna got me for Mother's Day! The first Batman with Jack Nicholson as Joker! SWWEEETTT!!! It's actually a four pack with all the early Batman movies, but that's OK ' cause I got JACK! :)
Jack Nicholson disapproves of toads. (Please just ignore my ridiculous baby voice I talk to him in )
160 and stark. Just saw a dude in full joker regalia. Purple suit and everything. Although the face paint was a little more Heath Ledger than Jack Nicholson... He even put green dye in his hair... I guess...
Decked out in an upside down swoosh sweatsuit, reading Brothers Karamazov courtside at the Lakers game. Jack Nicholson looking over my shoulder trying to take a peek. Hey man, get your own.
I'm an actor who they said was wrinkled and balding and everything else when I was in my early 30's. Most of the people who wrote that who thought they were younger than me are now bald and wrinkled. -Jack Nicholson
I've come to the conclusion that Trevor Philips is the perfect character persona for Jack Nicholson.
Jack Nicholson Pencil, Biro and a bit of Acrylis on Card (A4)
" I learned a long time ago the only person I should vote for is myself" : Jack Nicholson. Barack Obama: " The only people who don't want to disclose the truth are those with something to hide" John C Maxwell: " A leader is one who knows the way, goes the way, and shows the way" Sophocles: " Rather fail with honour than succeed by fraud" Mangosuthu Buthelezi: " There has never been a free and fair election in SA since 1994" So i say to myself, choosing which political party to vote for is like choosing which STD you wana suffer yourself from.
The minute that you're not learning I believe you're dead. Jack Nicholson
Every Joker has had a saying or a theme.Jack Nicholson "have you ever danced with the devil by pale moonlight?" Heath Ledger "this city deserves a better class of criminal and I'm going to give it to them" Mine "I can't save a world full of heroes, so I'll do the next best thing give the heroes a world that needs saving.
Are they sure its God they are serving? Musicians and artists go to *** hm. Well as Jack Nicholson said it in one of my favorite films "The Departed" "I am as how God made me." That church needs to ahh, perhaps read the bible. I don't remember skateboarding be a sin.
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Question for those older than me: was Jack Nicholson ever a "sex symbol"in his younger days? He's so frightening.
Jack Nicholson played a better Joker than Heath Ledger.
Watching Batman movie from 1989. Awsome movie. Michael Keaton as Batman and Jack Nicholson as The Joker are awesome.
Baby boy is down for the night. Time to kick back and watch me some sexy Jack Nicholson in The Shining :*
I also remember the origional (non-musical) version by Roger Corman with Jack Nicholson as the crazy dental patient. And, yes...I have both versions on DVD.
Jack nicholson has always had a crazy look about him.. Its even more crazy when he has hair.
I know that we have never really met before But, tell me, does this rag smell like chloroform? You know that I'm the reason people lock their doors But, I got nothing but time, so, I'ma wait on the porch You got nowhere to run too, so, don't try hiding 'Cause I'm known to be like Jack Nicholson from The Shining Yeah, I'm breaking your door down, so, don't try fighting Yeah, you gotta keep 'em fed, or the dead keep biting
Just completed my tour of Hollywood and Beverly Hills, now heading home to reality. Stuck in this crazy LA traffic. Actually, Hollywood is nice, but Beverly Hills makes me want to be rich. My experience was Epic! Got a chance to see several celebrities' homes including: Michael Jackson, Larry King, Donald Sterling, Jennifer Lopez, Pharell Williams, Elvis Presley, Ronald Raegan, Miley Cyrus, Ozzie Osborne, Jack Nicholson, Jay Leno, Justin Timberlake, Brittany Spears, and many more.Jimah Littlefield. More pics to follow.
You Can't HANDLE the TRUTH! (Jack Nicholson-A Few Good Men), and it's TRUE.most people can't handle the truth.LOL...just sayin'
If "The Shining" came out today, it would be two hours of Jack Nicholson browsing the internet.
Today I look and feel like Jack Nicholson circa "Five Easy Pieces".
I feel like Jack Nicholson, Cosmo Kramer, and Trevor Phillips are all basically the same people. There's just a different degree of crazy for each of them.
Woke up today with this whole Jack Nicholson look going on 😞
Dude looks like a lady. Still pulled more chicks than anybody but Jagger or Jack Nicholson over the last 50 years.
So I saw that KD guy on the news...wasn't he wearing the same suit Jack Nicholson wore as the Joker in Batman?
Directed by Jack Nicholson. With Jack Nicholson, Mary Steenburgen, Christopher Lloyd, John Belushi. Henry Moon is captured for a capital offense by a posse when his horse quits while trying to escape to Mexico. He finds that there is a post-Civil War law in the small town that any single or widowed…
That was one movie. An extraordinary love story. Great peace of acting Jack Nicholson. _/\_
People allowed to wear sun glasses inside are Kerry King & Jack Nicholson Everyone else are just posers
The Last Detail Film 4 01:20-03:35 ... Jack Nicholson at his best...
Always such a treat everytime I watch 'As Good As It Gets'.. Jack Nicholson is superb as a neurotic cynical author, and Helen Hunt deserved her Oscar for her performance in this flick. So inspired!
Jack Nicholson on the set of The Passenger, 1974
If u wanna know all there is about women;think of a man,then take away reason and accountability...Nicholson
I forgot how good of a joker Jack Nicholson was
Dear Hollywood: Here's my pitch. Batman/Daredevil - Starring Ben Affleck, Ben Affleck, and Jennifer Garner. The Joker (hopefully the Jack Nicholson one) causes trouble in New York. Daredevil (Ben Affleck) and Electra (Mrs Affleck), along with Batman (Ben Affleck), stop him and the Joker is taken into custody by the New York Police. Matt Murdoch, (Daredevil's civilian identity, played by Ben Affleck) is hired as The Joker's legal counsel, which sours his relationship with potential charitable donor Bruce Wayne, (secretly Batman, and also Ben Affleck). Some Marvel Villain shows up at the trial(let's say Deadpool, because they still owe Ryan Reynolds a film, and he'd be a good person to have collaborate with The Joker). He busts the Joker loose. Don't know about how to resolve it, but there will be explosions and lots of jokes and confusion about how that blind lawyer looks exactly like Bruce Wayne. There will also be a scene with blame and recriminations, leading to a fight, which will delight everyone who ...
“YOU CAN’T HANDLE THE TRUTH” ~ Jack Nicholson One of the best movie quotes ever in my opinion….some people are in such denial and REALLY can’t handle the truth and want to act stupid when the truth is revealed! That’s ok….KARMA’S WATCHING & COMING!!
Jack Nicholson in "Joker" - pencils and charcoal on rough paper
Jack Nicholson thought that his mom was his sister and that his grandmother was his mom until he was 37, after both of them had died! I had no idea about that!
I hate when I lose my cool with my son Stevie Ray; I should know better! I may need anger management! Where is Jack Nicholson and Adam Sandler when I need them.
Just had an insane dream... Jack Nicholson played some crazy awful guy, the villain, and at some point he got away and the cops came and I started screaming "don't let him get away, he looks like Charles Bukowski, with a bob."
Tryin to get paper ,gotta have land, gotta acres so I can sit back like Jack Nicholson and watch you people play the game like the Lakers
Sabree Anderson old *** still talking bout Jack Nicholson killed the Batman movie as Joker! Heath Ledger best joker ever ***
I remember the original with Jack was black/white and not so much a musical
Leonardo DiCaprio, Matt Damon, Jack Nicholson, Mark Wahlberg, Alec Baldwin, and Martin Sheen in one movie? Still amazes me.
Cant get enough of Jack Nicholson's Joker! WAY WAY better than Heath Ledger
"Have you ever danced with the devil in the pale moonlight?" The Joker (Jack Nicholson)
Boy I swear I say this all tha time. You can't handle tha truth-in my Jack Nicholson voice,from A Few Good Men.
Lori is so cute sleeping right now. With her crazy post bath hair and open drooling mouth she looks like a drunk Jack Nicholson!
Easy Rider Movie Clip - watch all clips click to subscribe George (Jack Nicholson) expresses an interest in joining Wya...
"Annie Hall" producer Charles H. Joffe winning the Oscar® for Best Picture at the 50th Annual Academy Awards® in 1978. Presented by Jack Nicholson.
Foto: this-is-me-weird: Two generations in an incredibly wonderful photo.  Jack Nicholson - Heath Ledger.
Watching the original Batman with Michael Keaton and Jack Nicholson!!!
Top 5 male actors: Clint Eastwood, Al Pacino, Marlon Brando, Jack Nicholson, and Morgan Freeman. There were so many that were close and I wanted to mention but those are my top 5. What are yours?
Except then there would be a good DC movie not involving Jack Nicholson.
Guy serving me at woolies looks like Jack nicholson and red formans love child. Send help. Can't deal
Trial "is not going". And I was so looking forward to giving them the Jack Nicholson treatment from The Shining. Or better yet One Flew Over the Cuckoo's Nest.
Seriously considering using different Jack Nicholson photos for my profile pic for the rest of forever.
Dyk... In 1974, 37 year old Jack Nicholson discovered that the woman he believed to be his sister was actually his mother.
" don't toast the bread too much, I don't like my bread very toasted" - Jack Nicholson
This Day in Rock & Roll History for May 5 Cliff Richard receives a British gold record for the title song from his first movie, "The Young Ones." (1962) "San Francisco" by Scott McKenzie enters the charts and will eventually hit The song became kind of an anthem during the hippie movement. (1967) After months of internal dissension, Buffalo Springfield play their final concert in Long Beach, California. (1968) Creedence Clearwater Revival's "Bad Moon Rising" is released. (1969) Thirty artists, brought together by Warren Beatty, have agreed to perform at a series of 12 benefits for the George McGovern presidential campaign. They include Michelle Phillips, Mama Cass, Judy Collins, Goldie Hawn and Jack Nicholson. (1972) Clarence Quick of the Del Vikings dies of a heart attack. He was 46 years old. (1983) Pretenders lead singer Chrissie Hynde marries Simple Minds lead singer Jim Kerr. The two eventually divorced. (1984) Rock and Roll Hall of Fame Chairman Ahmet Ertegen announces in New York that Cleveland, Oh ...
i would watch any movie with Anthony Hopkins, Robert De Niro and Jack Nicholson!!! I think they r the most brilliant amazing actors in history of acting!
Matt Damon, Leonardo DiCaprio, Mark Wahlberg, Jack Nicholson, Alec Baldwin? How did I fall asleep watching this movie the first time?
Saturday Critique Group May 03, 2014. This past Saturday, May 3, 2014, sixteen talented writers, poets and scenarists gathered in Savor Fare, for lunch, comradeship, cordial conversation and exchanging of literary ideas. There was good news to be shared: Leon, our debonair, swashbuckling hero for down under and his charming, voluble wife, Michelle will be pitching their screenplay “Always Connected” to famed Hollywood producers, men such as: Steven Spielberg, Stanly Kubrick, Rob Reiner, Francis Ford Coppola and Mel Gibson. It is a forgone conclusion that their surprisingly sensational screenplay will soon be sold and adapted in an Oscar worthy movie featuring famous actors and actresses such as Robert De Niro, Jack Nicholson and Meryl Streep. The rowdy group celebrated and toasted Leon and Michelle for their enviable success and gorged on their delicious cupcakes. If you are a boisterous, lighthearted person, you are invited to join our group and meet the famous Hollywood-famed couple before they dep ...
Photoset: Elijah Wood on his conversation with Jack Nicholson about “The Lord of the Rings”
Batman Fanboy Status... You have been warned... Well, not to say that Christopher Nolan hasn't made good movies; in fact, his Dark Knight trilogy will remain one of the best superhero movie series of all time... and they are *** good movies too (All I have to complain about is that gaggy voice of Batman)... But Batman is so much more than these three movies... I sincerely pity you if you haven't tapped into the Batman Mythos and mistakenly find these movies the best portrayal of Batman on popular screens, let alone the thought provoking pages from Alan Moore (made the Dark Knight you so adore), Bob Kane & BILL FINGER (the guys who created Batman)... Honestly, just venture into the Internet guys... You will learn wonders... All this is said cause I just want to say... Kevin Conroy is the best Batman and Mark Hamill is the best The Joker, with all due respect to Heath Ledger and Michael Keaton and of course Christian Bale and Jack Nicholson... And also, Inception would have never happened without Batman B . ...
Watching something's gotta give with Diane Keaton and Jack Nicholson, I always laugh out loud watching this, love this movie
There ARE a Few Good Men in this film. Kevin Bacon, Kiefer Sutherland, Jack Nicholson and some other small, tortured soul whom I forget.
When a friend took me to see Something's Gotta Give on the big screen, I knew it was a Diane Keaton-Jack Nicholson romantic comedy. What I didn't expect was to fall in love with the Hamptons beach ...
So, you can have 6 people to dinner.. Mine - Gary Barlow, Joanna Lumley, Stephen Fry, Steve Cougan, Juliet Binoche, Jack Nicholson
Very upsetting to hear Bob Hoskins passed away. Who Framed Roger Rabbit was one of my favorite movies as a kid. Losing Philip Seymour Hoffman was bad enough. Bad year for celebrities I enjoy. Stay safe, Jack Nicholson.
So there are so many great actors, Henry Fonda, Paul Newman, Jack Lemmon, James Stewart, Humphrey Bogart ,Gene Hackman, Robert De Niro, Gregory Peck, Jack Nicholson, and Clint Eastwood. Out of all of them though there is one that stands firmly above the rest, Tom Hanks. The thing to remember about Tom Hanks is that he is in many movies that with any other actor would have been a "B" movie, but he brings them to life and provides so much enjoyment. I have always thought this, but the end of Captain Phillips seriously, made me realize how good he is... Acting is not just a talent, it is a gift that they share with the world. Thank you for all of you who act, and bring happiness to so many!
Looking to buy a good quality autographs of the following Jack Nicholson. Shining poster Clint Eastwood. Dirty Harry Poster Arnold Schwartzenegger Terminator Poster Johnny Depp. Any poster Sylvester Stallone. Rocky poster Anyone out there help me out Pm me cash or paypal available Thanks
It makes sense though my favorite actors are John Malkovich, Tim Curry, Robin Williams, and Jack Nicholson
Just read a load of Jack Nicholson quotes for my essay and the man is an actual legend
There's only two people in your life you should lie to... the police and your girlfriend.- Jack Nicholson
“Jack Nicholson, 1974 I love it when a plan comes together.
OK so was just once again informed my thinking is paradoxical and confusing. No one can ever play the Joker as good as Jack Nicholson and there's nothing more to say. Heath Ledger was the Joker. Exclamation
I dont care what you think about me, I dont think about you at all.. Jack Nicholson
Id sell my parents Shane , him and Jack Nicholson should have raised me
If I was Morgan Freeman in the bucket list, I'd be happy I was dying if It meant I spent my last few months on earth with Jack Nicholson.
MAGAZINE: Not only does "A Few Good Men" have a killer cast (Demi Moore, Tom Cruise, and Jack Nicholson, just to...
David is starting to look like Jack Nicholson in The Shining - just waiting for him to say 'Here's Johnny'
“Jack Nicholson and Heath Ledger as the Joker. yooo!! 😲 best
They don't call me The Joker just because I look like Jack Nicholson. Is it because you sometimes wear make-up?
I remember the Tom Cruise/jack Nicholson film all too well...
How do you write woman so well? I think of a man and I take away reason and accountability. ~~~ Jack Nicholson
Miche s Extended Cyber Weekend Event - Savings up to 75%
for Heath Ledger/ Fav for Jack Nicholson. Who is the better
Quick, who is the best Joker: Ceasar Romero, Jack Nicholson, Mark Hamill, or Heath Ledger? My vote goes to Nicholson.
Did George Clooney really get married?! Guess I'll just have to settle for Jack Nicholson then.
Had a really busy day at work. Had 4 visits. Everyone was really nice. The first guy and I watched a Nat Geo moose mating video. I was wrapping his foot as we watched. It was a little strange watching that with an 80 year guy. Last time we watched Real House wives of OC and the time before that we watched some Jack Nicholson, Morgan Freeman comedy where they talked about going to an orgy. Seems my guy has a theme he enjoys. He is the one I told you about who is one of the nicest people I ever met. lol Between the 3rd and last patient I went and picked my mom and I lunch. I went to her house ate ,and watched Bones. She was funny she's like you know you can come and hang out on your day off if you don't want to be at home. Code for- Come and hang since Lance is home and driving you crazy. Thanks mom. :) Luckily I don't get a day off cause we have IV inservice on Wednesday. Later I have to take the boys to the dentist for a cleaning.
My apologies, friends and family... Even though I do cuss sometimes, I try not to post stuff with foul language. I meant to send the Jack Nicholson meme to only one person on my list. So to all my friends and family upset by the "F-Bomb", SORRY! Did not mean to drop it on you intentionally!
Jack Nicholson as the Joker never gets old
Just scored 60+ hours of classic horror and sci-fi, mostly black and white. We've got the original Little Shop of Horrors (with an early Jack Nicholson moment), Metropolis, White Zombie, Nosferatu, and so much more. I'm thinking Romero's original Night of the Living Dead might be a candidate for season opener: short, sweet, and zombie-rific!
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