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Jack Morris

John Scott Jack Morris (born May 16, 1955) is a former Major League Baseball right-handed starting pitcher.

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Amazing event last night with & Jack Morris! Posed photos are up and candids will be up soon!…
Read Jack Morris' blog and it inspired me. I am now his fan.
Tim kurk, who would you put in hall of fame first? Don Mattingly, Jack Morris , or Alan Tramell?
Jack Morris at the end there, handing over two phones
FOUR SOLD OUT shows already for Jack and the Beanstalk! You will not want to miss this GIANT of a panto! http…
Like *** did you see how Morris dominated the series?? That was crazy
Jack Morris and John Smoltz would like a word...
We will call it being creative. You guys are still my j…
For me, 1991 jack Morris 10 inning gem, game called by jack buck
Super laid back, smooth signing tonight. Thanks Jack Morris and special thanks to
Got to meet Black Jack Morris and get my card signed! @ Dave & Buster's
Just read Jack Morris won more games in the 1980s than any other MLB pitcher. And he isn't in the Hall of Fame? .
But wasn't VAXen one of the 1st systems Morris had a rep for breaking into? Or am I mis…
I have to take 5-10 mins to just reflect after every episode. So well done. Thank you.
The next Alumni Saturday features former pitcher Jack Morris. Join him June 3 at the Big Cat Court at 2:45p…
Tonight for the Jack Morris & Ervin Santana signing, limited /40 Crave Comics will go on sale starting at 4:30pm…
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Come out TODAY to Dave & Buster's Maple Grove to meet Ervin Santana & Jack Morris! 5:30PM!
Beautiful day for a signing! Expecting a great turnout tonight for Santana & Morris, plz arrive early for check-in!
Congratulations to Alex Alvarez who will to continue his academic/athletic career @ CC of Morris
I traded signed Mays card w u for autograph bat of Gibby & Tram. Next wk getting Jack Morris on the same bat! EXCITED!
Online ordering will be cut off tonight!
May Jack Morris flail around on my snot
GIVEAWAY! RT&Fllw us & 1 winner will win a '91 WS MVP Inscribed ball by Jack Morris from our signing! http…
Come meet me this THURSDAY, May 25th Dave & Buster's, Maple Grove - 5:30pm I'll be signing autographs! Details here! h…
If Rick Porcello was Jack Morris right now people would say he's "pitching to the score". 3.9 ERA hof worthy give a break.
Hard Rock International and investors Joe Jingoli and Jack Morris have bought the Taj Mahal at a discount of just pennies on the dollar.
Wow Torii is pretty raw in the booth. Still better at this than Roy Smalley, Tim Laudner and Jack Morris combined.
in 1984 Jack Morris throws a no-hitter against White Sox. Read about it:
Congrats to Henry Denotter, Euclid Mailloux, Bill Mailloux, Jack Morris & Ken Sturdevant on being inducted into Essex Cnty Ag Hall of Fame
Since 1913, it's Pete Alexander, Walter Johnson, and Jack Morris with 8 each
Catching up on series-1988 Fleer. Wanted more love for Will Clark for HOF especially after Jack Morris analysis. Great show
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I'm totally on board with people who own in clutch situations. Schilling, Jack Morris, Kurt Warner, etc.
Jack Morris, Alan Trammel, & Lou Whitaker do not belong in the MLB HOF.
Jack Morris has three 3 World Series titles and over 210 wins. That's Mike Mussina and he's in the Green Room
Jack Morris getting in before Trammell/Whitaker next year is gonna frustrate me so much
LOL made it hard for mothers with kids to catch a good single man now after her character jack
My 800th unique beer - Firestone Wookey Jack! I'd like to thank all those that have contributed…
800... I'd like to thank all the people who have contributed to my alcohol... (Wookey Jack)
Jack Lemmon writing to Burt Reynolds is everything.
Jack Morris 1992 postseason: 4 GS, 0-3 7.43 ERA, 1.70 WHIP. Funny how people only talk about his 1991 performance.
We would like to wish the clever and handsome Jack Morris a happy birthday. . Which is a little sad since he writes eve…
Hey Morris Jack thanks for the follow!
Jack Morris & Big Mac from the veterans committee as well should get in.
Even though i disagree with political views and social media rants he definitely belongs in the HOF...jack Morris also belongs.
Better than Jack Morris, every bit as good as Tom Glavine, not as good as Curt Schilling.
Dreaming of summer in the Virgin Islands | Photography by ©Jack Morris
Great work! Agree Jim Kaat, Tommy John, Jack Morris, Alan Trammel, Ted Simmons should all be in Hall of Fame. Too b…
Podcast: on the Astros and Jack Morris talks about not being in the Hall of Fame.
Jack Morris' ecig smells like stale biscuits
any reason why Jack Morris isn't in the HOF? He dominated during the post season when baseball matters most.
morris holiday, after being told off by Ian, Seb tells his dad I hate those morrises, well apart from Sally, Jack and Joe.
your right. It's really sad that Jack Morris is not in hall of fame tell me why
Jack Morris or John Smoltz (2 of the best performances EVER in a GM 7). Of these 4, take MadBum & pray you don't face Kershaw.
definitely an opinion. I do think holding peoples actions against them as opposed to play on the field is harsh. Jack Morris to
I wanted Jack Morris to get in so I could go hardcore for Barry Zito someday. Alas
It'll be Jack Morris 2.0, but with steroid's factored in and the Yankee Machine going to bat for h him
Trevor Morris and Jack Wall are the new composers and they rock my world
Jack’s and Susan's daughter Emily passed away yesterday at home with Jack, Susan Morris, and her brothers Bobby...
Eli is like a Jack Morris...solid talent who raises his game in big spots...thats a good thing.his bro was the opposite
Hey Katharine, Jack says amazing things about you, have a great day!
if you compare numbers with Jack Morris, and use the same "3 WS teams" argument. Guess it depends on your view of Morris
Missed on No worries! Catch great interview and live performance here:…
I can't believe 14 million ppl punched the like button like a boss what an icon
I went through all your vlogs and started to cry at how far you've come and how proud I am of you. Co…
Jack Morris 10 Year domination might do it!
Where's your special get away place? ⚓️ | Photo by Jack Morris (on IG) in Indonesia
Tim Hudson, David Wells, Jack Morris and Andy Pettit all had 20+ win seasons with ERA over 4. I would take any of them
The Winter Caravan will stop in St. Cloud on Jan. 19 with Eduardo Escobar, Hector Santiago and Jack Morris. Tickets on sale soon...
Jake Arrieta needs to be less like Clayton Kershaw and more like Jack Morris. MY AWFUL COLUMN:
is that Rich Hill or Dennis Quaid as Jack Morris?
No, I had to look it up after I guessed Jack Morris or Frank Viola. It was Johan in like '06
Can you imagine how Dave Stieb or Jack Morris would react to a CF giving up on a catchable ball at the wall? SEA’s CF just quit on Tulo hit
The only pitcher to serve two home runs to Worthington was Jack Morris. He got Bert Blyleven, Nolan Ryan, Randy Johnson and Roger Clemens.
Maybe my favorite Eli story was Jack Morris not knowing who Rod Allen even though Rod Allen was the DH of his NO-hitter in Chicago.
Mayfield's Joe Morris, his dad Jack Morris and Murray's Ty Holland are the only coaches in the area to win 200 games all at one school.
Craig Monroe is bad in "The Call Sam Studio", he is worse in the broadcast booth. Are Rod, Gibby and Jack Morris on Vacation?
my brother is playing in the Babe Ruth World Series and Jack Morris is here!!
I see Jack Morris has replaced Bert tonight on FS North. Bert is really committed to this "Detroit *** bit.
at least he corrected himself."Jack Morris" would have at least had a great mustache for golf
Will Jack Morris be in his regular guest spot? Looking forward to your Twins discussion (especially) this week.
Searching for Pokemon. is in hunt mode. .
When it's 3 am, u have a flat tire in the middle of a thunderstorm w/ no Jack to lift the RV and you're still 2 hours from home 😂👌🏻 awesome
I liked a video from I WILL TRAVEL ACROSS THE LAND | Pokemon GO
I would vote Jack Morris for the change, car alone was the way to go with me
only because Gerrard😍😂. I do like Jack Harrison and Jordan Morris tho ... Don't really follow a team as such just like it
Jack Morris lays down a bunt for a base hit. Tom Sox with runners on the corners and one-out
Imagine a front 3 of Jack Harrison, Cyle Larin, and Jordan Morris in a few years. They are all looking like very good kids
It's strange though - I didn't see Jack Harrison or Jordan Morris on the All-Star roster. Wonder what happened there...
I was in an acting class taught by Eric Morris, and Jack Nicholson was in the class. He wrote ...
Fan of Kirk Gibson and Jack Morris as players, but still partial to Rod Allen teaming with Mario on TV
It's like John Smoltz losing to Jack Morris in Game 7 of the 1990 WS.
Update your maps at Navteq
Swindon boxer will demand a rematch against Jack Morris after his controversial stoppage last night.
A major championship victory at 46 years old. "Old" Tom Morris. Jack Nickalus. Phil Michelson tries to join this elite group today
took the overall team challenge title with Jack Morris and
Jack Morris and were 2nd and 3rd respectively overall Trafford All Terrain Challenge
JACK MORRIS and doyoutravel dazzle us with the island of IOS, Greece
Okay, can we talk about how annoyed Jack Morris is acting right now?
Strangely enough,Jack Morris made his 1st MLB start in a game Bird was supposed 2 pitch!
Jimmy Morris stops to bring out caution w/ 12 in of 410 Sprints Jack Sodeman Jr leads Brandon Spithaler. Been a good race
I've already walked past Jack Morris, Harmon Killebrew, and the newest Twins hall of famer Torii Hunter dozens of times.
Had a great night last night with Rebecca Hurt, Beth Hutson Fletcher, Becky Cutter-Morris, Jack Rittenhouse,...
wasn't built in a day when not at home your way Jack Morris.
Put two steps in for me too yea Jack Morris .
I know that's right don't go to the bottom of the sea Jack Morris.
your hunger goes beyond eating explore explore Jack Morris.
Jack Morris stops kelvin young in the tenth round for the Southern Area light heavyweight title. Great effort from both lads 👏
Excellent! No slight on Morris in ANY way. Done with that. Jack was great.
Jeez. Stro really channelling his inner Jack Morris/Grant Fuhr tonight. Playing to the score, much?
I can't take my eyes off of Jack Morris' shiny, green suit. Beautiful. Well-played, sir.
First as tragedy, then as farce. (It was Morris or Jack Torrance, though, right?)
Jack Morris & Lauren Bullen are my travel goals. 💕
Congrats to Nick Nelson on being named to the RRC BB 2nd team-outfield; Jack Barker, Connor Morris, and Casey Young nam…
I pulled a legend Jack Morris and flashback Gavin Floyd today
Kirk Gibson, Rod Allen, Jack Morris, who's your favorite color commentator
Send me a picture smile Jack Morris.
Next...on Sat 11th June we're having a "Pop Up Morris" day, touring & dancing in 20 locations https…
The Jack Morris guide to photoshop. 1. Maybe put a drop shadow on it or something. 2. Done.
good luck on the 10k attack / trials.Your cuz Mike Gough tells me you're
Jack from the MTH books (with Peanut in tow) is ready for Character Dress Up Day at the Morris Ave School!
love Buck's mound presence. Reminds me of Jack Morris. A bulldog.
When you get downgraded from Chris Morris Character to Jack Whitehall Character.
and I wouldn't have rather shared a senior season with anyone else!
I'd like to thank all of the players and coaches of Hillcrest baseball for the most fun season ever. I love every single one of you guys!
Love all the players and coach of Hillcrest baseball! Had a blast this season.Glad i got to spend four years as a hornet…
- Hunter... Cuddyer... Puckett... Gaetti... Jack Morris... guys who refuse to lose... Where are those guys on this team?
Twins fans are lucky to have Jack Morris on radio and Bert Blyleven on TV giving insights during games.
I added a video to a playlist Rae Morris - Cold (Jack Steadman Remix)
Network Pre-Game begins at the bottom of the hour! Jack Morris with Jerry, Justin Smoak with Joe, also me and
NO, “wanting the ball” is Black Jack Morris in game 7 of the ’91 series.
Maybe even in Class, the new spin-off! Jack has gone through so much crap though, he needs a happy storyline.
Oh awesome! I will check it out. I still live in hope that he will someday return as Captain Jack.
not sure about that, I'd have Morris in there all day long.
Josh Yaro's take-home salary is more than Jordan Morris' or top pick Jack Harrison's. Interesting.
Honorable mention to Jack Morris. Not a Tiger at 2000 K's but a Tiger for a LOT of them
Super B-Day to Jack Morris, who teamed with his dirty frontier mustache to lead all pitchers in wins during the 80s. ht…
ı wrote an e mail brand of philip morris in turkey but they didnt answer me i have a complain can u help me ?
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.gets right to the point in this broadcast review: Don't watch the Twins.
Think Black Jack Morris would have come out? He'd have thrown lefty if his right arm fell off.
and invokes the Jack Morris "legend" of what a true player supposedly is. Hasn't that been beaten to death yet?
I bet they don't win a World Series without this attitude! Jack Morris baby!
Id take him over Jack Morris every day of the week and twice on sundays
God Jack Morris puts me to sleep when he announces for the Tigers😴
Whatever u want to tell yourself. Jack Morris would have knocked Molitor on his *** if he tried to pull him like tht
nothing beats Mario and Rod but I'd take Gibby over Jack Morris any day. Jack is the worst 💤💤💤
Also saying "Jack Morris" while conveniently forgetting Scott Erickson/Kevin Tapani, who were never the same after 92
Who is going to clean up all the Jack Morris’ head lying around here?
Jack Morris won't rest until we have an army of one-armed former pitchers whose elbows and shoulders have exploded.
there's the whole Jack Morris has almost twice as many career wins as Josh Beckett though (254-138)
WAR (suggests that if Jack Morris didn’t play in front of Alan Trammell, Lou Whitaker, Chet Lemon, etc his ERA would be 4.08.
golfers do NOT have an entire team relying on them. Clutch: Mariano Rivera, Jack Morris, Bill Russel never lost a winner take all
You could Dan Dickerson and Jack Morris were loving every minute of it, too.
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.and Jack Morris should be the full time TV announcing crew.
Dan Dickerson has made listening to Jack Morris tolerable.
Dear can we please leave and Jack Morris as the full time announcing team???
I feel guilty for saying this, but Dan Dickerson and Jack Morris are de..
Dan Dickerson and Jack Morris. Mario on radio side for this series...
I hope the see (and hear) that and Jack Morris are QUALITY and make a change to keep them on
I am really liking Jack Morris and Dan Dickerson announcing the televised version of the tonight!
I love listening to you broadcast my Tigers! ⚾ and who doesn't love Jack Morris?!
Lol Dan Dickerson no selling Jack Morris stupid joke
Loving on with Jack Morris. Would like to see more switching between TV and Radio booths like the SF Giants do.
Dan Dickerson and Rod Allen would be money on the broadcast! Where is Rod? I'm just not a fan of Jack Morris doing games.
Yes!!! And nicely said, too. By the way, Dave Stewart was Jack Morris.
Still thinking about how great it was last night listening to Dan Dickerson and Jack Morris announce the Tigers game.
With his strikeout of Odor, now has 1,980 strikeouts as a Tiger, tied with Jack Morris for 2nd in fra…
Jack Morris, I appreciate the awesome 91 season, but I need Bert Blyleven back in the booth with Bremer
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Dave Stieb, Jack Morris, Mike Cameron and JT Snow coming this summer as part of the Superstar series
Doesn't help that Jack Morris is in the booth, play by play on TV and radio are worse than the team.
Jack Morris keep harping on how young Justin Wilson is. Anyone want to tell him he's 28?
Former Tigers pitcher Jack Morris will make an appearance in on Saturday
"Yep. Now where's that m'fer, Jack Morris? I got another inning or two in me!" - John Smoltz, probably.
Jack Morris isn't walking through that door for the Twins, John Smoltz isn't either for ATL
or even Jack Morris. Couldn't stand when Tom Kelly filled in. You don't know who these people are though
News out of Jack Morris will be the guest speaker at the banquet for the 2016 Babe Ruth World Series. A good get for sure
but yours don't come with memories of watching Jack Morris and Kirby Puckett winning the '91 title w/ your dad, do they?
Most career Opening Day games by a P:. Tom Seaver: 16 (11 with NYM,3 with CIN,2 with CHW). Steve Carlton: 15. Jack Morris: 14. Randy Johnson: 14
Q&A: Morris recalls joy of Opening Day starts: Jack Morris has been one of the most discussed Hall o...
Goose Gossage: now more of an *** than Jack Morris. Is the only sane old pitcher Dennis Eckersley?
It would be a nice ceremony if Jack Morris, Alan Trammell and Lou Whitaker went in together.
One of the best? He was no Lance Parrish, Sweet Lou, Tram, Jack Morris, Evans, Even Champ Summers was better.
Good hill session with & Pat Martin. Out sprinted Jack Morris on the last rep. He left very upset
Unlimited Calling US/Canada phone service
Jack Morris should be a lock hall of famer. Of course so should *** Allen, Luis Tiant and Keith Hernandez.
then so is Jack Morris & Alan Trammell; Proud of stance taking with no voting until they allow more inductees
Expected guests for the visit are Brian Dozier, Eduardo Escobar, Jack Morris and Dan Gladden.
Disappointed that Jack Morris isnt on the Twinsfest player appearances. Was hoping to get him on 2 items.
That time we met Jack Morris. He's the coolest. @ *** Opryland Hotel
Corey with Jack Morris, former WS, 91' pitcher for the Twins!
year to the next. They lost Jack Morris and David Cone and Davis Wells and Jimmy Key. That's 4 starters!! They brought in Stewart
Sting is Jack Morris, Lew. This is well established.
I watched that Jack Morris game from Indian Head Resort in the White Mts
Brad Radke (turns 43 today) has an 80 Hall Rating—just ahead of Carl Mays, Jack Morris, Lefty Gomez, and Bob Lemon.
(Imagining conversations with Kirk Gibson, Jack Morris, Kent Hrbek, Joe Carter, Dan Gladden, & many more! Whee! Good luck with that.)
In '84 spring training meeting, Jack Morris finally says "F*** Baltimore." "And that was the end of the meeting," Darrell Evans says
Interesting how two of biggest postseason killers, Dave Stewart and Jack Morris, ended up winning rings here.
I think a baseball team with Sergio Romo, Eddie Murray, Jack Morris, and Tom Gordon on it would be doing better in fantasy than my NFL one.
Jack Morris seemed bummed out in 93 poor guy
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Invincibles opener Arthur Morris dies at the age of 93 via
I remember their stellar OF in the 80s w Moseby, Bell & Barfield. Dave Stieb is 2nd behind Jack Morris for wins in the 80s.
Jack Morris just used hated cliche "steady diet." I'm docking him 5 points.
Been listening to the TV for about 5 minutes and all I hear out of Jack Morris is "He can pick up the win".
Enjoying Jack Morris in the booth with *** Bremer. Bert can retire anytime.
I think you mean Jack Reacher but not having seen Herzog in Reacher, I'd say Herzog.
OK. I stand corrected. It is not doing the color for the tonight. It is Jack Morris
Jack Morris is wrong about everything.
The ongoing Jack Morris TV rant about Dozier not hitting to right field reminds me of the David Ortiz situation when he was on the
I can't stand listening to Jack Morris in the booth. I miss Bert.
Jack Morris's comment re Gomez was a cheap shot. Gomez attit & "antics" r within norms of game! Bremer had right response to comment.
The comments Jack Morris has about Carlos Gomez are hilarious!
I have grown to really like Jack Morris instead of self serving Bert.
Finally, Terrance Stocker caught a TD pass from Mark Morris to put the Timberwolves up 13-0 at the break
Please jack cut tony bergstrom- last preseason showed he's a turnstile- as was A. Morris worried he was going to ur QB hurt!
PerfectMatch - Fall In Love Today
Jack Morris!! Vintage button on Ebay it's fun when the Jays are winning!
all that said our final ball, crossing/delivery have been woeful. Crying out for Kinsella at RB, Morris and Lalkovic on the wings.
Stupid diamond in midfield, three at the back, no Morris, no Lalkovic, no right back. Why is he doing this?
i know Jack Morris was clamoring for PFP work there...but Mauer has to let that go. IMO
Jack morris stop it. Maurer has to let Didier take balls hit to second. Joe play 1st.
i will never forget the time Jack Morris pitched a 10 inning shutout. just pure dominance.
I think Jack Morris summed up baseball replay perfectly "it's umpires helping out umpires." in game
Love Jack Morris as a player but I'm pretty sure the are 0fer when he's in the booth
I'd like to see Rod Allen back more with Mario. Jack Morris just doesn't fit well.
Moor, where have you been? England's Morris dance and Moorish pirates...
Good Luck to Jack Morris ( VT Baseball P/CF ). Great work these last two years at the Miller School
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Hail a taxi. When the driver lowers the window, pour in sack of ping pong balls. Time is viscous. Search in the balls t…
Shane Morris woulda won that game by two TDs
They put him over shane morris because he doesnt cause a lot of turnovers but he has 3 picks
Never thought I'd say this but put Morris in
That tackle by Morris to stop a 3rd down conversion may have made up for his missed tackle earlier!
That's missed tackle isn't going to help Morris's plight! Already tough for him with the depth in secondary!
They also owe your other state for Jack Morris and Paul Molitor so there's even more favours to bank on later lol.
So enjoyable to listen to Jack Morris again on telecast. Love it when Bert Blyleven takes time off.
Tom Baker vs Jack Morris for the Southern Area light heavyweight title added to oct 30th card in harrow live on boxnation
a mixture of Steve Harrison Liam Mteer and Jack Morris
right on Bill James. There's a few more I like , Jim Kaat & Jack Morris to start with
Chris Elliott, Jack Morris and two from Ellis Lomas gave their first points of the campaign in a 4-3 win.
I'll never forget when Tom Kelly lifted Jack Morris early in the 8th of Game 7, 91WS. He was facing Ron Gant a 4th time. Right thing to do.
Thought I was going to witness a WS from the back row in section 217. Until Lonnie Smith's GS off Jack Morris...
8/12/93 Jack Morris started for TOR vs MIN. Al Leiter came in as RP. Each gave up a HR to Kirby Puckett.
Jack Morris looks at Colby Lewis's start and says see "He should be in the Hall of Fame too. PITCHED TO THE SCORE."
Jack Morris was the World Series MVP the year LaTroy Hawkins made his pro baseball debut (1991)
Awesome trade!! Go for it boys!!! Memories of '92, when Dave Stewart came to town or Jack Morris!!!
There was a time when the Jays signed/acquired Paul Molitor, Dave Winfield, Rickey Henderson, David Cone, Dave Stewart and Jack Morris.
I enjoyed Jack Morris' story of Cecil Fielder' SB against him. Then I tried to find when it happened, and saw Cecil never stole v. Morris.
Jack Morris was so good in his prime he could strike out the side on 2 pitches. Stay thirsty my friend.
We can thank Jack Morris and Kirk Gibson for this.
4 best Tigers ever. Lance Parrish, Kyle Gibson, Lou Whittaker and Jack Morris. I love the 80's
Jack Morris told you on Tuesday that Kirk Gibson healthy scratched himself.
Hey can you either get Jack Morris to talk into the microphone or pot him up? Missing Roger Craig mound visit stories stinks.
I know that! And well-deserved. I'm asking about Jack Morris.
Jack Morris said something I've thought for years. Hitters should run as hard out of the box as they do on gappers after they see it down.
got some more of these cards, selling $1. Pete Rose, Tim Raines, Jack Morris, Gary Carter, Eddie Murry, Harold Baines
It's official. Mike Babcock's return to Detroit is Oct 9. He'll likely be the biggest turncoat in the Motor City since Jack Morris.
FSN just said Jack Morris was the most dominant pitcher of the 1980s. Always thought Clemens gets that nod. Just my two cents.
Willie Horton, Lou Whitaker and Jack Morris autograph signing tickets are now available by clicking the link...
no one K'd more with a fartball in the 80's other than Jack Morris' common law, Frank Tanana
Two mostly forgotten baseball factoids... Jack Morris was once a Red...and Robin Roberts was once a...
no different than with Jack Morris and Jimmy Key.
Got to play ball with Al Newman, Jack Morris & Tim Laudner today. 😝⚾
SPs the last time Twins swept the Indians in Cleveland:. Jeff Shaw vs Jack Morris. Jeff Mutis vs Mark Guthrie. Greg Swindell vs Kevin Tapani
I know! Jack Morris and Gibby are both dry and not nearly as enthusiastic as Rod is
I am standing next to Jack Morris and Dan Gladden's love child
So Tanaka was not sharp. Not terrible but not great. Perhaps a bit unlucky w/shoddy D. Maybe he Jack Morris'd it and pitched to the score?
On this date in 1984, I was in attendance at old Comiskey Park when the Tigers' Jack Morris no-hit the White Sox‼️
fsd is going to have a rotation between Rod, Kirk Gibson, and Jack Morris for games this year
Kirk Gibson and Jack Morris will provide analysis for Tigers on FSD this season.
Jack Morris won four world series, Paul Molitor never made ten million a year and Buck Showalter wasn't with dbacks in 2001
If he stays healthy he's better than guys like Tim Hudson and Jack Morris
Then Obama/GOP would have voted for Jack Morris but not Mark McGwire and worn a really hideous dress.
Is it me or does MLB discredit players for playing in the AL post-1973 b/c of DH. Jack Morris isn't a HOFer? Edgar Martinez isn't a HOFer?
Bigg was solid, but HOF?? Dale Murphy and Jack Morris are much more deserved.
Greatest Minnesota born pitchers are Chief Bender from Brainerd, Jerry Koosman from Appleton & Jack Morris, St. Paul.
the had Rickey Henderson Paul Molitor and Jack Morris. The Braves just lost the HOF arms race
I liked a video from Jack Morris vs Elvis Dube British masters title fight
I'm not a Jack Morris guy, don't get me wrong. But I believe the prime Dave Stewart could have had an ERA 0.25 lower had he needed to
but Morris jack me outta my charger 😒 when he can't find his.
Hard to believe Modiano got more votes than Roth, Murakami, and Jack Morris,
Had quite possibly the funniest night ever at Jack Morris's house tonight
With Jack Morris starting Gm. 5 what can possibly go wrong?
Jack and his family have spoilt me 😩💕💕
Very similar to jack morris who was another big game pitcher that's overlooked
Where did you stand on Jack Morris? Will he get in via Veteran's Cmte.?
December 22, 1994 Cincinnati signs free agent Jack Morris. He never throws a pitch for the Reds.
Lot closer then it should've been but Nets win. on tear , Karsev improving Morris looked better as bu pg Jack still ***
Jarrett Jack has played 32 of a possible 36 minutes so far. It's out of necessity. Only 2 Nets PGs active tonight are Jack & Darius Morris.
Nets offense has sputtered since Morris replaced Jack. Pistons have cut deficit to 6. Hollins gets a TO at 9:34 2Q
ha sorry, the Jack Morris reference was too good
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Jack Morris Pro Tip: Accessories are great last-minute gifts
Marty Noble a few years ago only voted for Jack Morris so...yeah, not surprised.
Ruairidh and jack are absolute heads. A friendship that can only end badly
Just had a half hour conversation with Jack Morris. HP/Hi Tower represent
If you missed me on Jack Morris Live you can watch here on VOD or this Wednesday! Just look for the Christmas show!
Alfred Morris gets swarmed by teammates with congratulations after that touchdown!
Brandon Stern (Jack Britt) def. Nicholas Morris (New Bern) with a 9-2 decision to take 3rd in the 145 class.
jack I will watch and record Eddie beating your ***
Underrated career. Baseball Ref has Martinez as Jack Morris' nearest comp.
Gravedigger is the Jack Morris of monster trucks...just keeps on truckin!
[During Interview]. "Do you have any questions?". - Yeah, inTitanic why did Jack sink when he died but everyone else flo…
You said you were thinking of getting another tat Jack Morris - sorted you a design mate ;)
Im totally with the argument pro J-Roll. It just feels very Jack Morris to me, unfortunately. Good but never the best.
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