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Jack Ma

Jack Ma (born Ma Yun; born September 10, 1964) is a Chinese internet entrepreneur. He owns and is at the helm of two of the world's most popular sites in Mainland China, Taobao and Alibaba.

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Jack Ma spitting that and stay people .
just need £100,000 to get me on ma feet that's aw
Jack Ma: America has wasted its wealth
It's not that other countries are stealing American jobs; it is US strategy--it didn't distribute the money properl…
Deal makers like Jack Ma have promised to make big investments and create plentiful jobs in the United States. R...
Jack Ma on Donald Trump, "I like him. US should spend money on building ... via
Boycott anything associated and associates of jack ma show him war with America! Is diffrent fighter when fighting for home land!
Jack n Cammy r actual ma best pals ever man, leg ends x
Chinese capitalist discussing the impact of choices America made...An Insight, An Idea with Jack Ma via
Insight..Chinese billionaire Jack Ma says the US wasted trillions on warfare instead of investing in infrastructure
An Insight, An Idea with Jack Ma: Jack Ma, Founder and Executive Chairman of the Hangzhou, China-based……
Op-Ed: Warren Buffett, Bill Gates and Jack Ma are betting big on this sector
.airport is among Europe's first to adopt Jack Ma's payment platform
BREAKING: Alibaba Group shares up 1.3 percent after report Jack Ma is meeting with Trump about U.S. expansion plans. https:…
PE meets w/Alibaba's Jack Ma to discuss bringing 1 mil. jobs to the US! Opening China Trade is a huge Win!.
Jack Ma on meeting with Trump: We talked about supporting U.S. small biz
Alibaba, whose founder Jack Ma met w/Trump, is under SEC probe. Trump pick for SEC chair represented firm on its IPO http…
Here is small sample of the U.S. products on our platform. Goal is to support 1 million SMEs export to China in 5yrs http…
Donald Trump has 'great meeting' with Alibaba boss Jack Ma President-elect Donald Trump m
Honestly, who, other than a total moron, believes this BS that Jack Ma will create 1 million jobs in USA?
Trump says one of China’s most notorious thieves of American IP is a “great, great entrepreneur”
Jack Ma is a Chinese and the founder & Executive Chairman of Alibaba Group, a Chinese e-commerce company. Why did he name his co Alibaba?
Alibaba's Jack Ma talks with about how to use E-commerce to help U.S businesses find Chinese customers. h…
Jack Ma and Donald Trump talk 1 million jobs, New York's underground gets wired, and more news
WHY EVERYONE HATES PRESS👇 Trump talks JOBS with Alibaba's Jack Ma, and the press asks Qs about unrelated subjects!🙄
Jack Ma discussed plans to help US small businesses sell products to China
Asia's richest man meets with Donald Trump to tease plans for creating one million... by via
Asia's richest man Jack Ma meets with promises . to create more American jobs.
Donald Trump calls Alibaba's Jack Ma 'great' after he promises America 1 million jobs
Trump wants to in-source Chinese slave labor jobs to the US?Trump & Alibaba CEO Jack Ma talk of creating 1mn US jobs
THE TRUMP HYPE IS REAL!! Jack Ma meeting with Trump about creating 1 million new US jobs as soon as possible.
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Alibaba's Jack Ma met with Trump to tease plans for creating "one million" jobs in the US.
Here's what Trump and Jack Ma had to say about their meeting today
Jack Ma of Alibaba on Trump Tower just now
Jack Ma talks big. Asking him to act like Masayoshi, wiring 24B to the US for 1M jobs. wire 1.2Bper week to support 50K
President-Elect Trump had a great meeting with Alibaba Executive Chairman Jack Ma about how to create 1 MILLION JOBS in Ameri…
Jack Ma meets with Trump, vows to create 1 million American jobs in next 5 years
President-elect Trump praises Alibaba's founder Jack Ma for new plant that will create 1 million jobs in the U.S.
Tensions with China? What does Trump do? Has a great meeting with Jack Ma, Chinese billionaire about bringing jobs to Am…
Add Jack Ma to the list of billionaires that has visited Trump Tower
Photo of Trump and Jack Ma at Trump tower (AP/Evan Vucci)
Entrepreneur Portrait - Jack Ma, founder and Executive Chairman of Alibaba Group - YouTube
Ran into Chinese business magnate Jack Ma at the VIP Event honoring China’s president Xi Jinping on his last visit…
“ If you’re still poor at 35, you deserve it! ” - Jack Ma
'Today is hard, tomorrow will b worse, but the day after tomorrow will b sunshine’~Jack Ma
"Bill Gates, Jack Ma and John Doerr are pouring $1 billion into a clean energy fund"
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Bill Gates, Jeff Bezos and Jack Ma join forces to invest in clean tech
Bill Gates, Jack Ma and others form $1B venture fund to invest in cutting-edge energy technologies.
.and investors including Jack Ma are launching a fund to fight through energy innovation: https…
Met a millionaire businessman today who told me the real reason why the gov appointed Jack Ma as digital advisor, to ward off cyber warriors
"You should learn from your competitor, but never copy. Copy and you die.". Jack Ma. Founder and owner of Alibaba Group.
Ma Ma Jack & Pony,Tencent and Alibaba in top 20 businessman of the year from Fortune magazine
Troubleshooting steps that ma help ok let's check out this page and see how I can troubleshoot this.
Jack Ma's Alipay apologizes after Tinder-like feature on its app backfires
Chairman of Financial, an affiliate of Jack Ma's Alibaba, has…
Sooner or later you'll regret it if you spend all your time at work - Jack Ma
"I don't care if it's a PHD, master's degree or bachelor's degree. That's just a receipt that you've paid that much to study." - Jack Ma
very nice Ma'am and congrats to you Jack! Well done!
Young entrepreneur pays 1 million yuan on plastic surgery to look like Jack Ma
Academic qualification is important in business. Otherwise, Jack Ma (Alibaba) wouldn't have sent his kid to Havard University.
you want me to act up and I just refuse. NO Ma'am 😇 go ahead and exit my msgs and take JACK with you !
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Jack! Ma fi wu. In other news, I'm out here in the jungle. Y3 fr3 mi jungle jack 👅
Jack Daniels or beer ma'am. Put it in the memo
Forget about your competitors, Just focus on your customers. – Jack Ma
Alibaba : the house that Jack Ma built (book)
Jack Falahee's photography of his fellow co-stars is what I am here for.
Glenn... ma Dukes talm bout some Jack if I wasn't a Jr
17. Room (2015) by Lenny Abrahamson. My suicidal tendencies peaked when Jack said he wanted to cut hir hair for Ma
We must change ourselves to change the World - Jack Ma
As (Jack Friday) would say when we were growing up, "Just the facts ma'am"
Quote of the day:. "I can't find the price tag is nothing priced in this store." . No ma'am, it's a free-for-all.
Never give up. Today is hard, tomorrow will be worse, but day after tomorrow will be sunshine - Jack Ma
When I am myself, I am happy and have a good result. Jack Ma.
That's good. I'm crazy busy as they say in USA, SO much to do to complete MA in Jan & p/t work from home too & dogs..&..&..! 😧
A expect to see at least 500 of ma followers names on that petition by the end of the week
Bolognese update. I drowned mine in salt and scarfed it. Ma coudn't eat hers so I ate half of that'n too. Feel a bit sick now
Success and profitability are outcomes of focusing on customers and employees, not objectives — Jack Ma of
as soon as we hear something, Jack, we'll update the feed. Sorry.
my first thought was: hey, that's Jack Ma's role model!
.SVP talking and global expansion on with 💯
Jack Ma said big data, credit assessment and risk-management were key to the success of
5 Fun Facts: What Lazada Philippines CEO Inanc Balci has to say about George R.R. Martin and Jack Ma
Is it true Riza Aziz wants to meet Jack Ma to finance sequel to Wolf of Wall St titled 'Ali Baba & The 40 Thiev…
Steven Spielberg and Jack Ma are bridging the gap between Hollywood and China - Business Insider
Jack Ma: The top 5 revolutions in to change our lives.
integration will transform global Jack Ma says in letter to shareholders…
We've had jack ma and more in the last couple of days! So much and in one city!
Alibaba again China's most admired companies: Fortune: Jack Ma, founder and Executive Chairman of Alibaba ...
Kata Jack Ma, “If today is a bad day, tomorrow maybe worst, but the day after tomorrow is the best day in your life. You know what? Most pe…
I added a video to a playlist Rejection - Entrepreneur Motivational video ft. Jack ma
"I'm not a tech guy. I'm looking at the technology with the eyes of my customers, normal people's eyes.” — Jack Ma, fo…
Wanda’s Wang Jianlin holds off Jack Ma to top China rich list: Property tycoon Wang Jianlin ... via
Wanda beat Jack Ma to retain the richest Chinese spot
you are a good, important person who deserves to feel good about themselves and I am privileged to know you
Online-offline integration will transform global retailing, Jack Ma says in letter to shareholders
Besides Jack Ma, another Alibaba billionaire is Yale grad Joseph Tsai, whose first salary from $BABA was $50/month
Jack Ma, Executive Chairman of speaking at the
"In 20 yrs, we hope to serve 2B consumers around the world, empower 10MM profitable businesses, create 100MM jobs"…
Anything Bezos can do, Jack Ma can do better or atleast try! Alibaba jumps into entertainment business
I will not jack off tonight...I'ma just meditate instead
Jack Ma's annual letter to shareholders here:
Jack Ma in Bangkok: Small is beautiful. Small is powerful. Small is wonderful.
On now: Jack Ma at Alibaba Cloud conference. (In Chinese). Subtitles using our voice recognition technology.
Jack Ma advice to Thailand :change the school system to excel in this new era.
On Jack Greenberg, the living last Brown v. Board attorney, has died. He embodied values that yet…
the one element isn't with the left, it's with the law. What a jack ***
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Wang Jianlin of richest man with $32.1B in personal fortune, followed by Jack Ma of Hurun…
These earrings might stop you from losing your Airpods: The iPhone 7's lack of a headphone jack took ma...
Prime Minister Prayut Chan-ocha met with Jack Ma, CEO of Alibaba Group at the 2016 Asia Cooperation Dialo…
Jack Ma and Steven Spielberg pledge collaboration in the entertainment field.
Steven Spielberg and Jack Ma have struck a deal to work together to bring Hollywood to China
Steven Spielberg and Jack Ma strike deal to start making movies together
Jack Ma, Spielberg forge pact on film production, distribution, opening path for Hollywood in China -
Jack Ma and Steven Spielberg are Teaming Up To Make Movies in China: Award-winning American direct...
Powerful speech from World Bank President Jim Yong Kim on why Jack Ma can help move millions of people out of extreme pov…
Jack Ma, CEO and business leader: we need to focus on money but not just that we need not only IQ but EQ and LQ (love)…
Jack Ma of has a warning for those who see globalization as a problem
Jack Ma's Alibaba Pictures looks to build cinemas, rivaling Wang Jianlin, owner of the world's largest cinema chain
There's this great quote i read from a book written by Porter Erisman. The quote was said by Jack Ma "Today is tough. Tomorrow is tougher...
The founder of Alibaba Group, Mr.Jack Ma visits .
How did Alibaba's Jack Ma become a successful entrepreneur, despite being an English teacher previo… by
Jack Ma's Ant Financial is in talks for Caixin stake
Must see!!! Super inspiration! ✨ Ali Baba's Jack Ma on economy, rejection and diversity |
Jack Ma, founder of Ali Baba dot com was rejected by Harvard 10 times and KFC by 2 times. Today he has 800+ million customers using Alipay.
Jack Ma hopes Ant Financial will list in Hong Kong . Read more: $BABA
Seven ways Jack Ma experienced soul-crushing failure, but managed to keep his optimism.
Jack Ma, owner of Alibaba, Weibo, Evergrande and Guangzhou ET, close to buy 70% of AC Milan. Price around €500M
"The opportunity always lies...where people worry...that's the greatest opportunity" -Jack Ma, Founder Alibaba Group
. Do you remember Jack Ma when he worked at the flea market?
From small time translator to one of China's richest men. New book traces the ascendance of Jack Ma and AliBaba.
In China, listening to Jack Ma, Founder and Executive Chair, of Alibaba. He is a leader on conservation
At Alibaba listening to business and conservation leader Jack Ma.
Jack Ma's gonna lockdown Donnarumma to a lifetime contract to Milan signed with his own blood
Opinion: Try to mimic the style of a Jeff Bezos, an Elon Musk, or a Jack Ma every day in an ordinary office or...
Jack Ma are leading candidate to buy AC Milan. Silvio Berlusconi giving ok as reported Corriere but Fininvest denying vi…
Find out how Jack Ma and the e-commerce giant reshaped the global economy w this Talk from Duncan Clark
Jack Ma on China’s economy, Hong Kong and the South China Morning Post: full Q&A via
Grab for Jack Ma explains why he bought the South Morning Post.
Alibaba’s Jack Ma reveals why he bought the South China Morning Post and what he wants to do with it via
Hong Kong problems "not caused by mainland China or Western countries". That are "self-inflicted"-Jack Ma
Mass weddings, swords and sales: how Jack Ma conquered China's internet
Next reading: Duncan Clark's portrait of "- The House that Jack Ma built". And portrait of modern
.author of new book on Jack Ma, on what Alibaba’s rise shows about China + tech Q&…
Alibaba's Jack Ma has new mission via
I'ma just sit in the house all day today and relax...
Don't jack my flow or my style ma niga
Thanks for thee post. Visiting China? See Alibaba's home of Hangzhou then head to the wilds with them!
When you have a million dollars its your money, when you have a billion dollars,its not your money,its the trust society gives you. Jack Ma
Great questions, thanks! Excited to be coming back to Seattle next week, where Jack Ma discovered the internet...
I talked with author about Alibaba and Jack Ma for an upcoming issue. Here, he talks Ma and Seattle:
Alibaba's Jack Ma shows off new 'pay with a selfie' technology via
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If you never heard of Jack Ma, here's a brief history. . He it was that said if you're over 30…
like Jack Ma ,,thinking he's been buying vineyards in Europe? He's something little Gump, ,
Warap tnx for the show, play me one call away by Charlie Puth to ma fiance Feresta, Peter G, Bagambe family, Jack's cafe staff
Former student of Jack Ma appointed Chief People Officer of Alibaba Group
I would say NY is crazy, but here in MA, we voted north of 50 percent for him.
Jack Ma announces new wine sales day...
I believe this is more to do with and thinking than with people mindset, but do however...
Alibaba chief Jack Ma signs deal with World Rugby to develop the sport in China
NFL draft offensive line overview: Jack Allen's toughness makes up for his size:
PM Renzi and Jack Ma agree e-commerce will benefit the Italian economy and small business http…
Ladies and Gentlemen, this Kebs-Sa-Hulas-For-Jack Ma shot is brought to you by Jenny from the…
What's the most valuable internet company after Google? discusses Jack Ma & ALIBABA
Top story: | Jack Ma meets Vinitaly and the Italian Wine | Facebo… see more
Interesting philosophy: “Mr Ma does not believe in religion or communism, [rather] a kind of inclusive capitalism.”
And this Pa-Walwal Ni Jack Ma winning shot is brought to you by Patron Silver. @ Revel at The…
I knew I was going to become rich. -Jack Ma. Richest person in China.
He wrote the book on Alibaba: Duncan Clark on Jack Ma's Seattle connection.
A good read here; "Alibaba: The House That Jack Ma Built," a great overview of new global commerce
Why does Jack Ma want to own a newspaper?
Looks out for new Online on 9.9 - Ma plans new Alibaba wine sales day in China - via
"Ma'am it's okay, Flex McCoveredinblood is here." - plays 2.
Let Jack Ma spirit is come inside of me instead. Beyond of anyone. Amin.
How coincidental. I was just reading abt people commenting that this groom looks like Jack Ma. And in my timeline...
am still oot Ma tattie so am the real winner here
Perseverance with unwavering positivity. The story of Jack Ma:
Jack Ma, founder Alibaba discusses entrepreneurship with Yahoo! founder Jerry Yang at Stanford
Couldn't agree more on what Jack Ma have said. . People with poor mindset will think of 100 reasons that ur idea...
Other Entrepreneurs I have a lot of Respect for: Jack Ma, Micheal Bloomberg, Mark Zuckerberg, Warren Buffet, and Bill Gates.
Two of my favourite people in the world Elizabeth Holmes and Jack Ma.
Some entrepreneurial insights from Jack Ma, chairman of Alibaba
Once you meet an entrepreneur like Jack Ma, you just want to make sure you ...
Jerry Yang interviews Jack Ma about How to Become a Millionaire via
Just what the world needed: more Chinese Communist Party propaganda in English. Thanks, Jack Ma.
Will be weird no being with ma brother tonight, hope the boy does me proud and gets absolutely nuggets a…
Off to Bombay Cottage with ma fam should be nice. It's no Dilshad tho where's the BYOB at??
2015 was the far i discovered my love for Jack Ma , and also Guy Kawasaki.. both Men are great influences to me now
. Ni-How-Ma jacksepticeye this is easy its the main language in china. How are you jacksepticeye
This year has gone crazzyyy fast man! Blags ma ed
"Jack you should get some mates next year" awk cheers ma lyt
Forget about your competitors, just focus on your customers. Jack Ma
Alibaba founder Jack Ma: 'rejected me 10 times' — via
Jack Ma's Alibaba adds Hong Kong newspaper to his media empire. Will he come to regret this?
hey ma!, ma !! Jacksepticeye can't wait to scream so loud this is awesome!
just the fact that Jack gilinsky exist, already makes me the happiest person in the world, he is ma everything xx
The world is changing every day and no one is going to wait for you in the past. -the Richest person in China, Mr. Jack Ma-
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I'm Jack Ma! Which entrepreneur are you? Take this quiz and you could win an iPad Air 2!
Highlight of ma day having a pen burst all over my welt
Heard about Jack Ma, how he started. Very inspired.
//If my bro dies then I'ma die two cause I can't stay here without him// *Pokes your sides*
Alibaba founder Jack Ma: 'Harvard rejected me 10 times'
Jack Ma says, "Please tell your children that the...
Jack Ma compares himself to Deng Xiaoping at World Internet Conference in Wuzhen
Jack Ma bragged to at that online traffic on Singles Day sales froze two large Russian banks' websites.
Will Alibaba's Jack Ma follow in Jeff Bezos's footsteps by investing in the news industry?
It's the billionaire shuffle: Jeff Bezos may head into space as Jack Ma may head into news
Jack Ma's growing media empire in China already rivals Jeff Bezos's in the US
Jack Ma in talks to buy stake in South China Morning Post, sources say: Jack Ma, f... via
Jack Ma: small business to shine in global economy' s new era "WTO 2.0"
Fascinating talk between President Obama with Jack Ma and young Entrepreneur in Philippines
.tht sometimes the E in CEO switches betn "Executive" & "Entertainment" a la Jack Ma but perf as exec has to excel too :)
Jack Ma's Alibaba made $ 9 Billion today and the day is not over that's more than Namibia's Budget
Jack Ma advises PM on how to sell to China: "During their daily press briefing, the Prime Ministers press office ann...
Is image of the Himalaya not superb Impressionist art? Ma Nature!
Placemark of the day: Jack Kerouac former home aut...: . Ma...
agreed. Jack Ma totally steals the show
Jack thriller Vs proteus...hosted by remy ma
We predict that over 50% of China’s consumption will be conducted online within 10 years. —Jack Ma http:/…
I know nothing about technology. Jack Ma. -
Jack Ma - E-commerce in China and Around the World
Enjoyed the whole part when Jack Ma spoke, but that interviewer is kinda related to politics and an *** !!
Jack Ma - "If you're still poor at 35, you deserve it."
"Data will become the biggest production material in the future. It will become a public resource, like water, electricity & oil:" - Jack Ma
Spikeball NYC'S own Scotti's Too Hotties representing at Nationals! Looking good Jack and Ma.…
China's billionaires are ploughing money in Chinese soccer, and it isn't just for show.
Struggling with this sore belly like, a need jack, penny n ma own bed😣
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I liked a video Jack Ma - How to Be Successful in Life, Amazing Interview
Jack Ma Wikipedia article edited anonymously from Pakistan
We're sitting down with Apple's Tim Cook and Alibaba's Jack Ma at Follow along here
Being ugly is no excuse not to be rich, look at Jack Ma
i can do a good jacksepticeye impression to "MA HEY MA IM TRIPPIN BALS THIS THE DRUGS YOU WARNED ME ABOUT"
Jack in the Box, Inc. looking for a Restaurant Team Leader in boston,MA
I want a jack russell and I'ma name him wishbone 😂😂😂😂
Jack Ma: "The most important thing is not to dream of a thousand opportunities at night, only to wake up ... "
Sage and simplistic words from founder Jack Ma. This guy...!
A boy at avicii telt me his dad died cos of MDMA and when the beat dropped he was proper crying his eyes out shoutin "ma dad…
We'll be in Wostuh (Worcester) MA tonight with out buddy Ramblin Jack Rollins.
Before I leave brush ma teeth with a bottle of Jack. 'Cause when I leave for the night I ain't comin' back~
"If you do not give up, you still have a chance". Jack Ma.
A painting by Alibaba's founder Jack Ma sold for $5.4 million at an auction.
Jack in the Box, Inc. is looking for a Restaurant Team Member in boston,MA
Unlimited Calling US/Canada phone service
Are you saying its ok that Jack Ma stole Alipay because Yahoo is up on the investment?
"It is spirit, fortitude, and hardiness that matter more than where you start.” —Jack Ma
Good piece of advice from Jack Ma, Founder, Alibaba Group; career, life and much more
Alipay is AliBaba's payment offering, founded by Jack Ma
Video - Jack Ma, founder of AliBaba, gives his Top 10 Rules for Success
Jack Ma's rule: Where's the trouble? Where the opportunnity is; where the complaints are.
Jack Ma's rule: Say yes or no to opportunities based on your mission.
Jack Ma's rule: Learn from everything that surrounds you. Find your muse, get inspired.
Jack Ma's rule: Technology is a tool. The core is Culture
Jack Ma's rule: Get used to rejection.
JACK MA: China's economy is slowing, and that's a INTERNET MARKETING NEWS - Internet Technology
Ma ribs are sore from laughing at jack last night, omg
A painting by Alibaba's Jack Ma fetched $5.4 million for charity at a Hong Kong auction
Alibaba's Jack Ma tries to soothe investors about growth Ma's lost $1.1 billion this year. http…
Jack Ma sells his first painting for a cool $5.4 million at auction: This young man looks to have a promising...
domain names
Jack Ma's painting sold for $5.4 million at a Sotheby’s sale, 21 times of its expected price.
.Jack Ma and Jerry Yang on entrepreneurship, via
Jack Ma to US: Quit worrying so much about China He also priased Deng Xiaoping killing students in 1989 Tiananmen.
.Jack Ma follows Chinese President Xi Jinping's lead & says he will donate millions to support women.
Jack Ma speaks to the Economic Club of New York
Fascinating discussion on the internet economy with Fadi Chehade, Jack Ma, Mitchell Baker, Carlos Moedas and Andrew Mo…
If there are nine rabbits on the ground, if you want to catch one, just focus on one. - Jack Ma
Jack Ma-Inspirational story where he demonstrates his leadership and perseverance on different hard situations.
well, I'ma paint myself a picture of Pharrell and Nigo and I'm telling you now I'ma jack your swag
B.jack bouta make me pop up at his doorstep 😤😒
Alibaba CEO Jack Ma reveals the one thing that’s more important than working for a…
What do a ex-star, a boxer and Jack Ma have in common? They are among biggest givers of the yr
I really hope Jack and Jack venture back to MA so I can tell them how much I love them
Ma ac in mon maiison broke like nonk in miss Mamie's on da 31st of da month ... Ca cest Fa Chaud Jack!
I'ma freak, u can't suck my *** politely, jack it off, spit on it, make it slimy"
11:11 to meet ma favs Jack and Jack And Matt 👍🏻
When the milk's in the crib ma. drop it like it's hot
China's Jack Ma spreads his wings - Alibaba will leverage its strengths in cloud computing and big data in the joi...
Check out new video "Streets" ft Ma'al on Jack Thriller website.
That's silly talk. Amercans too spoiled; dont realize how much good we have here. Jack Ma made $1 an hour as a teach in China.
This is better.. When KFC opened in China, they received 25 applications (including Jack Ma). 24 applicants got the job, guess who didn't?
my ma gave me an empty bottle of jack and a half smoked Virginia slim on my 21st
Jack Ma applied to Harvard ten times. His application was rejected ten times.
Mind jack pushed me off the balcony n a thought he had killed me n a started greetin for ma mum
Dang. Miss your excise bill and they jack you with 250% in fees. :/ (@ west Springfield town hall in MA)
Well done to on his move to Wigan , good luck ma bhoy ⚽️❤️
"oh jack...but killers do am wassce laga" . As you hit naa.drop put ma WhatsApp 👌😊👊
"As a leader, look for those who don't just believe in you--they need to believe in the vision, mission and values." - Ja…
"No matter how successful you are in your career, you must always remember that we are here to live - Jack Ma"
"be in love with the government but don't marry them" - Jack Ma Davos (on doing business w Chinese govt)
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China’s Jack Ma spreads his wings: The Alibaba Group Holding Ltd. in partnership with the State run North Indu...
: China’s Jack Ma spreads his wings September 01, 2015 at 11:07PM
go watch by Dyllan Murray ft Tyga and ma boys Jack and Jack
In business today, one must have a spirit of openness, a mentality of sharing, a globalised outlook and a sense of...
Alibaba's Jack Ma seeks to reassure employees over US lawsuits: via
ah no way? did you ventrue to a place called ma nolans? she works there :P see you then, can't wait, safe flight :*
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