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Jack Lew

Sir Jack Lewis, Baron Lewis of Newnham, FRS (born 13 February 1928) is an English chemist working mainly in the area of the transition elements.

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Five Changing the World according to Jack President of
This is who Lew means when he talks about Jack...
Hey Lew, wanna disclose the identity of Jack on the next episode of Unbox Therapy?
Straight through crew with Lew at it again. Rainbow it is 🌈
Only thing ion like about New Years is all these unsaved numbers start hitting ya jack 😂
Happy new year Lew! (And wish Jack happy new year as well!)
2nd half underway and, on 41 mins, it's that man again - Hat-trick Corey Baldwin + con Jack Maynard 33-13
When Lew is working but wants to play...
Open Letter to U.S. Treasury Secretary Jack Lew, Haim Saban, and Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu. Three men who...
No wonder you weren't in tesco when Lew was looking for you! 😉
I'd maybe go Bacuna/Jed in CM and take off Westwood and Ayew/Jack for them 2. Gotta try win this one
Open letter to US Treasury Sec.Jack Lew, Haim Saban and PM Netanyahu: Three men who will be judged by Jewish…
Great having , Rapheal Davis, Paul Gilvydis and Jerry Nichols in Mackey tonight.
Obama should've fired Jack Lew if he is. Wait he's never fired any1
Can we all take a moment to appreciate the fact that this former Sec of Treasury could have been called. "Jack Lew t…
no Jewish American should ever vote for a democrat again. Chuck Schumer Jack Lew, where are u? We gave gaza back and Hamas destroyed it.
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Seems better than Jack Lew, openly bribed by Citigroup after becoming treasury sec?
Someone send this to Jack Lew please. Though he probably knows this & only wants to abolish cash for benefit.
Meeting with Mr. Jack Lew, US Secretary of the Treasury at the IMF-World Bank Fall Meetings, Washington DC, October 6, 201…
Now watch out for double speak. Would Jack Lew agree? letter to creditors leaked to the press
Spending time with family? Could you be the foster family for children like Jack and Emily? ht…
Hi Kelly, I hope you've had a very merry Christmas! - Jack
Lew brought the friendship to Jack in the Box tonight
Where are the Obama Jews to speak up for ? Jack Lew, David Axelrod, , Wendy Sherman, ? Silent!
Banking laws must be follow, he is been notify of that! treasury, Jack Lew & Lawrence Summers, should be prepared!
Sundar's software Lew(Unbox Therapy)'s Jack will always be unknown by this mysterious world
Hilarious. Jack lew, an obsentsibly more observant Jew than Jared and Invanka is being dismissed as a "useful ***
What's best than Watch an marathon on Christmas Day, btw merry Christmas Lew, don't be bad with jack…
I agree with you lew what odds is the accy
When it was, Joe Lieberman and Jack Lew, GOP Jews were terrified of our own being so powerful. But now Kushner & Greenblatt are celebrated.
Aaron Burr killed him. Jack Lew saved him. But what will Trump do to Hamilton on the ten dollar bill?
NHL Stanley Cup Memorabilia from The Bradford Exchange Online
- Secretary of Department of Homeland Security, Jeh Johnson. - Secretary of the Treasury, Jack Lew.
Jack Lew sees no need for FX intervention, as post markets remain orderly
Jack Lew: China's WTO status as market economy this yr not automatic; depends on carrying out reforms.
China must explain its economic policies more clearly, Jack Lew says
even with those players you've mentioned only Jack is an elite player yeah? Arsenal youth policy hardly setting football alight isit
Happy 100th Birthday to veteran Jack Bellis. Thinking of you comrade & willing your strong spirit to shine. ht…
that's a good one. I need to re watch KND and Samurai jack
Thank you, Jack and his family were made up with it..
Great stuff ! What a fantastic Legion d'honneur cake. Jack must have been really chuffed!
ICYMI: weighs in on the need for Corporate
Cake for a hero on his 100th Birthday. Thank you Jack ❤
Just taken Normandy Veteran Jack his Birthday cake in hospital.He had a card from the Queen & figure ❤
Alexander Saridis, great-great-nephew of 16 yr old Jack Cornwell VC, visits his grave cared for by
is the new face of the $20 bill. speaks to Treasury Secretary Jack Lew.
Happy 100th birthday, Jack. Thanks for the freedom you helped to secure for me and my family.
Oldham Athletic player suspended after being charged with child sex activity and grooming offences.
Happy 100th Birthday to Normandy Veteran Jack Bellis. He drove his Bren Carrier on to Sword Beach on DDay 🎂
...Let's hope he's hungry then. That is some cake. Nice job. Happy birthday Jack.
Hey Steph would've never done that against Good column. Shout-outs to and
Amazing!! Hoping Jack is feeling better for his special day!! 💯 😍🎉 xx
From what I've gathered from Jack is a man 2 b respected,honored & loved.God Bless him.
Fantastic, and many happy returns Jack
I pray Jack recovers quickly! I have no doubt that magnificent creation of yours will help him turn the corner!
Jack's celebrating his 100th Birthday in hospital tommorrow, hopefully my cake will cheer him up ❤
."spoke by phone with Treasury Secretary Jack Lew while mowing his lawn at his home in Janesville, WI"
Our is “one of the most regressive taxes in the US code” via EdBoard
Fixing the US tax mess requires less stick, more carrot:
wht planet isLew fm.USA doesn't lead the world.If they did Eisenhower wud have listened 2 Churchill re Russia in '45
Jack fought and died aged just 16 years old at the Battle of Jutland - Remember him and share
debt crisis "is an issue of immediate urgency," says Sec Lew. Watch our exclusive interview: https:/…
Free Shipping at Baseball Rampage
Sec Lew tells on “I’m encouraged that there’s a bipartisan agreement in the House to move forward”https:/…
Jack Lew is the most useless Treasury Secretary in the history of USA
Jack Lew - US Treasury Secretary asks delegates to be flexible towards Greek debt settlement - WHY? We've been kicking this can for YEARS!
Treasury secretary Jack Lew: US must make clear some sanctions are lifted (in
Listening to Jack Lew here on talk about Puerto Rico brought SO MUCH memories of Lolita Lebron to mind:
"The human cost is not abstract,” says Jack Lew on witnessing the human toll of the
.went to Puerto Rico with Jack Lew, and saw the human cost of its debt crisis:
Tonight on NewsHour: Sec. Jack Lew speaks to about joining Jackson on $20 bill.
.Sec. Jack Lew says the need for action in Puerto Rico is "urgent." Watch live https:/…
Hamilton to stay on $10: Politico: Jack Lew will announce the decision to keep Hamilton on the $...
Help keep our first Secretary of the Treasury on the $10 bill. Decision could come from Jack Lew yet this week.
Jack Lew nears decision to keep Hamilton on front of $10 bill, put a woman on the $20.
Why is Jack Lew taking so long to do the obvious: Keep Hamilton on $10, dump genocidaire Andrew Jackson from $20?.
Jack Lew says Puerto Rico bill must have effective debt restructuring. "We're not going to support something that won't w…
Jack Lew says goodbye to his low profile, after this week's tax moves
Jack Lew suddenly has a slew of high-profile policy wins, from clamping down on tax dodges to manipulating sanctions
Jack Lew, a Treasury Secretary at the Center of Obama’s Most Pressing Policies
Jack Lew comes out of the shadows, reluctantly:
Jack Lew did something this week that’s been a rarity in his years as Treasury secretary: surprise people.
Touche... (P.S. Jack Lew is Obama Treasury Secretary, & referring to this:
& Jack Lew explain sanctions so simply even could understand; IF he would read
Robert Reich for Secretary of the Treasury. Screw Timothy Geithner & Jack Lew with their revolving door ***
. Jim Parrot, Henry Paulson, Jack Lew, Tim Geithner, Obama, the rest that nationalized Fannie Mae can qualify?
Learning how Bankers do God's work🙄 Jack Lew was appointed U.S. Secretary of the Treasury- The terms of his...
.Sec. Jack Lew will discuss the evolution of sanctions on March 30 in DC. Register to attend:
To Lin-Manuel Miranda met with Jack Lew to discuss Puerto Rico debt crisis:
The Clintons and Robert Rubin and Citigroup and Obama and Jack Lew - ALL bathed in and benefited from Wall St's excesses.
Jack Lew urges Congressional Republicans to send a Puerto Rico bill to Obama by March
Duvvuri Subbarao's signature on the rupee notes until 2013. Jack Lew anecdote springs to mind.
On GPS this Sunday at 10a/1p ET on CNN: Jack Lew + on new plan to cut off ISIS's funding, and …
Unlimited Calling US/Canada phone service
Jack Lew encourages young workers to enroll in Treasury savings program:
Jack! tell lew to pass me an iPhone 6s.Jack
What kind of shoes does Jack Lew wear? via /r/Jokes
What kind of shoes does Jack Lew wear?
THAT would be the best thing . Sec Jack Lew worked so hard for this. I mailed an IDEA 2 US Treasury via my Rep but .
Great to have Maynard Lewis, and Ralph Taylor at practice to ...
how so? Jack Lew was chief of staff and wrote the language of the NWS then gets treasury sec
If exaggerating your biography disqualifies you from the presidency, I think that makes Jack Lew the president.
Bro, I just had a customer named "Allgood Lew". If Rick Ross can jack someone's name to rap, I'm jacking his.
Wow, I guess Orthodox Jack Lew would be extremely surprised to hear he's a self-hating Jew, far removed from Judaism. Good luck
.Secretary Jack Lew's Medium post about the Trans-Pacific Partnership: cc:
Lew, Jack, guys please I mean I wanna be that guy up THERE so bad
Thank you for everything you do, Lew and Jack :). I would be happy to receive space gray edition iPhone 6s.
Sting is Jack Morris, Lew. This is well established.
"myRA is designed to remove common barriers to saving, and give people an easy way to get started" Jack Lew, US Secretary of the Treasury
Listening to myRA Stakeholder Briefing Webinar and Jack Lew just spoke about the importance of myRA & helping people save for retirement
Jack Lew: China's currency is not ready for prime time
Great! Now, go after FHFA, Mel Watt, Jack Lew, POTUS, DOJ & get some transparency on
Probably those have been the first handwriting tests by the Secretary of the Treasury Jack Lew
Jack Lew: myRA should appeal to small savers as it it has no start-up cost, no fees. and no risk of losing money
Treasury Secretary Jack Lew calls mRA an important step to help closing the nation's retirement savings gap
Jack Lew: myRA can give people confidence that they’re taking steps in the right direction ll carry them the rest of the way
Jack Lew says U.S. government will run out of money in November via
"For over 226 years, the U.S. has been a nation that pays its debts." — Secretary Jack Lew. Read his full statement: https:…
Hey Lew don't need a new phone but congrats to the people that win one!
Jack Lew, Secretary of the says looks into asset-manager risks via
everybody loving Lew but who is loving Jack ?
Funniest thing; Lew and Jack just tried vaping through their noses 😂
With comments from Paul Volcker and Jack Lew -> White House feeling heat for leaving top Fed seat vacant
congratulations Lew, Jack and all the boyz toyz... ;) let's party
unlimited calling, voip, phone service
What's at stake in House Fin Svs votes today? Sect Jack Lew spells it out the dangers:
I receive email/letters from the Obamas,Jack Lew & others in administration.Do U?Republicans disparage gov't. Who defends it?
Looking for taxis with Union Jack painted on to pick up Chelsea Pensioners to take to Westminster Bridge
Looking for at least 5 taxis painted with Union Jack for Chelsea Pensioners . 0930 - 1230 to/from Wmster Bridge on Remembranc…
Jack Lew: risks in financial services vast and interconnected
Debt ceiling deadline is now November 5 via
nor did jack and Lew I left them At like half 10😂 met them at like 9 last night both still up!!
Yo Lew hook me up with the iphone, and you should unbox the halo 5 xbox one get some views forsure
Key to my heart: pepper jack cheese sticks
Despite what the author suggests, it won't be Jack Lew or Joe Lieberman. It won't be Rivka Schwartz or Rabbi Lord Jonathan Sacks either.
Jack Lew calls for reform from China as Xi Jinping is set to arrive: Joseph Lawler Treasury Secretary Jack Lew…
Finally caught the musical about the Treasury secretary on Broadway. Wow, Jack Lew. What a life.
There are 14 days left until we reach the 18 trillion debt ceiling. Jack Lew, Treasury Secretary has stated he can keep us running...
US encouraged by reforms in India: treasury secretary Jack Lew
China’s recent currency devaluation is an act of currency manipulation that gives exporters an unfair advantage.-Jack Lew, US Treasury Sec
Editorial: Get real, Jack Lew: Treasury Secretary Jack Lew is playing cutesy about the future of Alexander Ham...
Hey, Jack Lew, Alex was first Sec Put a woman on the $20. Dump Jackson. Keep Alex. Thanks
We are owed a full explanation from Jack Lew in person in a national press conference so the nation can know!!
John Kerry, Ernest Moniz and Jack Lew will talk to House Democrats on Iran deal this week.
flanked by Jack Lew and Ernest Moniz,. begins sales push on Capitol Hill. via
"Data gives us the tool to monitor the SDGs" - U.S. Treasury Secretary, Jack Lew, at harnessing data revolution session.
.secretary Jack Lew announcing $16m in funding commitmnts to open, reliable data at
.secretary Jack Lew announcing the new Power Africa MOU |
"I offered my friend (US Treasury secretary) Jack Lew that we could take Puerto Rico into the eurozone if the US take Greece"
"After 100 years it is time to put a woman on our currency." Jack Lew, Secretary of at
I know that the Obama Administration isn't really into transparency, but I'd love to hear why Jack Lew won't get rid of Andrew Jackson.
Jack Lew proceeds with his plan to dishonor Alexander Hamilton, the founder of the American financial system .
Thanks for joining our live webcast on with Sec. Jack Lew! Check back later for full summary.
Tune in! Don't miss the live webcast of Sec. Jack Lew discussing w/
Jack Lew live at 8:45 AM today DC time: I ask about Greece, China, $10 bill. Webcast.
Huge Selection of Jackets at Low Prices
Jack Lew, US Treasury Secretary whose signature is printed on all paper currency, had to adopt a new signature a few months…
it's Jack Lew who's designated the $10 bill to be replaced. (Hamilton was our first Treasury sec'y so not sure why he should go)
Why I disagree with Jack Lew's decision to demote Alexander Hamilton on the ten dollar bill:
Financial Pool producing for & today, covering Sec. Jack Lew's remarks at
Jack Lew explains why the Treasury is putting a woman on the $10 bill.
among Israelis. I quoted Jack Lew, the treasury secretary, who said in a recent speech to the Washington Institute for Near East Policy that
Natan Sharansky says he was saddened Jack Lew was booed, because he did so much to bring about release of Soviet Jews as aide to Tip O'Neal.
Jack Lew, US Treasury Secretary, who also walked away with ill-gotten gains from $C, chairs the Financial Stability Oversight Council!
did you know that Jack Lew and Mel Watt are holding Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac hostage $fmcc $FNMA
Reminds me of Jacob Lew's signature before they put it on US currency:
Obama’s Chief of Staff Jack Lew only gets a $172,200 yearly salary...
Sec of Treasury Jack Lew on China/AIIB: "US stands ready to welcome new additions to intl development architecture.” http:…
Thanks to Rand Paul, I learned the right pronunciation of Louisville, KY: lew-vil, (as in Jack Lew).
U.S. Treasury Secretary Jack Lew said Tuesday that China's yuan is not yet ready to join an elite grouping of currencies u…
conz has got them all!... dw Lew you'll get embarrassed again soon enough 😉
unlimited calling, voip, phone service
As Jack Lew pointed out, IMF is key instrument of US policy. Pillaging the world for the U.S. treasury!
President Obama authorized sanctions on criminals on April 1, but it's no joke.
Totally surprised by Savannah Guthrie's tough interviews with Jack Lew + Rand Paul on this am. Curious to see more of h…
On Savannah Guthrie asked good, tough questions of both Jack Lew and Rand Paul.
ICYMI: Read Jack Lew's briefing memo for his meeting with Tom Steyer just a few months before the midterms
TV Clipster Alert - Jack Lew has been mentioned just now >
Impeachable Evidence in Memo on Treasury Jack Lew’s Meeting with Donor Tom Steyer, Federal Tried to Keep Secret
He could turn into a Lew Jack 2.0. That's the hope, anyway.
Treasury FOIA office redacted Tom Steyer's headshot from a Lew briefing memo for some reason
...and US Treasury Secretary Jack Lew has said that “A strong dollar is good for the United States,”.
Read the Memo on Jack Lew’s Meeting with Tom Steyer Treasury Tried to Keep Secret | Washington Free Beacon
Jack Lew’s Meeting with Tom Steyer – the memo Treasury tried to keep secret
On the Greek Debt Interim Agreement: It is well-known that USA Treasury Secretary, Jack Lew, in the ...
Jack Lew may be first US Treasury secretary to be asked about Cuban musician royalties in a congressional hearing
Jack Lew seems like he'd be a good principal.
Obama's day: Violent extremism summit via Hope all our future pres's are as awesome as Obama...
Principal Obama says let's D.A.R.E. to keep our kids off terrorism
Tell Jack Lew to get lost. The people of Greece must come first, not the flawed project.
this is why I think we need cabinet nominees like Ashton Carter and Jack Lew. Actual policy wonks. Heavyweights.
Jack at clinic Lew Ford. He even won the hitting contest for his team 😃
Obama's day: Violent extremism summit - USA TODAY
I stand corrected. Convo btwn & Jack Lew was made public. Still not sure UST intended it to be used to "take sides".
ISIS must be shaking in their masks! "Abdul, Abdul, they rtalking about us right now. But didn't mention us by name"
In Istanbul G20 meeting, US Treasury Secretary, Jack Lew said, US cannot be the sole engine of global growth
I hope Jack Lew sees it next, and that it inspires him to use rap battles for all future discussions with John Kerry
Rep. Mike Kelly (R-Pa.) is grandstanding so grandly that Paul Ryan had to step in so Jack Lew could answer just now.
The way you know the oil take down is BS is all the talking. King Abdullah dies and Jack Lew beats the oil drum.
David Sirota: Like most Americans, Jack Lew doesn't seem to realize just how bad our inequality problem really is. http:/…
Wow I messed that up. It's Jason Furman, Shaun Donovan, and Jack Lew.
US Treasury Secretary Jack Lew on the economic relationship between Africa and the US.
So Vladimir Putin and Jack Lew have the same signature
Jack Lew and Vladimir Putin have the same signature!!
Looks a bit like Tony Abbott is holding Jack Lew.
US Treasury Secretary Jack Lew speaking at Gordon Institute of Business Science in Joburg this morning, wrapping a 3-day…
U.S. Treasury's Lew urges Japan to use "three arrows" of policy. U.S. Treasury Secretary Jack Lew emphasized to...
And floating round London with lew jack and Ben was great
.Sec Jack Lew joined us in our Seattle office for public infrastructure roundtable w/
Jack Lew Is Feeling Pretty Confident: . Sure, his boss just received quite the beating at the hands of the ...
“[US has] created more jobs since pre-crisis peak than Europe and Japan combined: Jack Lew
Check out our support artists for our debut EP launch at the Holmfirth Picturedrome! & Jack Manning!
Memo to Jack Lew: Europe has already HAD a lost decade. already here. via
Tonight on Africa Report chats exclusively to Secretary Jack Lew about Power Africa, China & democracy
US Treasury secretary Jack Lew is set to warn Europe…
The Great Export Caper and Dollar Strength - By Rodney Johnson Treasury Secretary Jack Lew is mad at China and Ger...
Jack works all night all day, I'd rather suck balls
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Jack Lew warns of European 'lost decade' -
Jack Lew plans to take away collection on student loan debt from private business and give to federal workers .I smell debt forgiveness scam
Jack Lew warns of European 'lost decade' $DAX FYI. NeNe san Japan not only one!
Let’s Skip to Treasury Secretary Jack Lew a political appointment serving in a role beyond his pay grade
Ditto Jack Lew: "The world cannot afford a European lost decade."
Obama Aims to Lift the Global Economy, and Maybe Himself -
Jack Lew's advice to Germany and Japan: Be more like us
Jack Lew to Urge Asia and Europe to Strengthen Their Economies: In prepared remarks, the Treasury secretary sa...
There's also Chuck Hagel, John Kerry, Jack Lew, Tom Vilsack, Arne Duncan...but that's none of my business.
When Obama hands the aux cord to secretary of the treasury Jack Lew
U.S. Treasury announces new tax laws that stopped a profitable business merger.
Why no TV titillation at the case of the powerful Peeping Rabbi? Jack Lew's, Joe Lieberman's rabbi?
Likely times reduced in lew in dutch jack
Inversion deals die in the wake of Treasury’s September tax raid on cross-border mergers.
An addition to the long list of reasons why tax reform should be a top issue this election cycle
Met Secretary Jack Lew this week. We got hammered and swapped our favorite number-counting tips.
New inversion rules show how clueless this Administration is about the sources of economic growth.
The impact of last month's tax policy changes by the U.S. Treasury: fewer dollars will return to the U.S.
TIL... Beat poet Lew Welch, who was the inspiration for Jack Kerouac's character Dave Wain in Big Sur, was also Huey Lewis's stepdad. (?!)
Ruling class feels the fear--See Robert Rubin explain urgency of
Treasury stops a merger, ensuring fewer dollars will return to the U.S.
Nice one, "White House spokesman Jack Lew, aka the Treasury Secretary"
Letter to the Secretary of the Treasury. A Must Read. OPEN LETTER TO JACK LEW. Please share this wide and far.
Um...sequestration was the Presidents idea, suggested by Jack Lew and signed by President OK. GOP fault-hysterical
There are really obvious reasons objective people can criticize Obama's leadership and dire lack of executive experience. The various big news stories from Benghazi to the Ebola issue are known. Here are just a couple of examples that are less publicized, but no less telling about his administrations ignorance. There's a story in today's WSJ about the BO Admin changing Treasury policy that would affect an international acquisition with pharmaceutical company AbbVie to purchase a Dublin company Shire PLC. BO criticizing the purchase, that AbbVie is just trying to avoid paying the US corporate 40% taxes, the highest in the world, in favor of the UK that is 21%. The deal was killed by shareholders worried that the new Treasury policy aimed at deals like this, would harm their stock value. Cross-border mergers like this will now seriously be curtailed and economic and job growth will slow even further. This all a result of Jack Lew the Treasury head and BO! The second story is about Venezuela, an enemy and cr ...
Jack Sees No Evil: Fails To Name as a Manipulator for the 12th Time
Damaging levels of uncertainty for American business. via
I've been saying this for months: Jack Lew, Investment Killer via
Jack Lew is the Dos Equis, Most Interesting Man: "He can buy enough futures to support the entire U.S. mkt but OI goes down"
Strong edit on real issues of economy and the importance of corporate tax reform.
This keeps getting better and better still: Jack Lew, Investment Killer
Jack Lew, Investment Killer. Example of Dem demagogue and why commerce is slumping in US.
Hyperpartisan shill jack lew kills growth and investment with new "rules" against mergers & ability to bring overseas money home. Clueless!
Jack Lew, Investment Killer - WSJ. Unfortunate that some don’t just understand how business works in the real world.
This lew could be a jack of tackling muslims
AbbVie case - Unexpected nature of the exercise of administrative authority to impact long-standing tax principles
Secretary Jack Lew, and Anders Aslund on sanction's impact in Russia. Voice of America/Georgian has more:.
Jack Lew, Investment Killer whorbama's like a petulant child upset that he can't hav all of your PROFIT in TAXES
Senate confirms Jack Lew as Treasury secretary, 71-26
Treasury Secretary Jack Lew on 'This Week': Jack Lew on the Hong Kong protests and the state of the economy.
You know what is great about secretary Jack Lew? . He is not Tim Geithner or Hank Paulson.
'Climate change threatens our agricultural productivity, our transportation infrastructure & power grids' - Jack Lew
Jack Lew should know better. I’m too lazy to check, but isn’t he a former Goldman Sachs executive?
*** I was just going to suggest a reverse merger with an Irish *** for lower tax-rates. Plus is would make Jack Lew mad.
Jack Lew told Chairman DaveCamp to"punish" American co's that opt out of the devlopd world's highest corp. tax rate❗️ featured in NBC s Science of Love
It's like a bottle of jack straight to the head. One shot, two shot, copper tone red.
With the biggest "mentch" one will ever meet in private or public life Jack Lew--this guy is as great as he is humble
Somali-Americans deserve a safe, legal & transparent way to send money loved ones in Speak up on
In Somalia, millions depend on $$ from abroad to pay for school fees, medical bills, food. That lifeline is at risk:
You know you've been a banking reporter too long when the airport announcer keeps repeating "JetBlue" and all you hear is "Jack Lew."
Stewart, Lew, Liam and Jack are honestly the only male friends I need in life. They're all so amazing and special in their own way 😊
Watching videos from school of Jack, Ryan and Lew makes me wanna be back at school so much 😩😩😩
Treasury Sec. Jack Lew says did "admirable job deleting emails that would of lead to Obama impeachment. .
Tom Steyer may pledge up to $100M to support climate legislation..and he met with Jack Lew today to talk about it.
Speak out so that doesn't cut vital that's helping Somalis meet their basic needs
Nearly half of population depends on $ from loved ones abroad. Watch: Act now:
Lew answers to IRS "broken hard drive" incident: U.S. Treasury Secretary Jack Lew responds to accusations that...
Several Republications on push Secretary Jack Lew for FSOC open meetings.
Treasury Sec. Jack Lew says is doing "admirable job" on missing emails. Hard to find Americans who agree.
Was talking about the invisible cabinet secretary, Jack Lew, with corporate types.
Treasury Sec Jack Lew having to field Qs from Republicans whether he thinks Lois Lerner's IRS hardrive crash was an "accident" [1/2]
.questioning Treasury Secretary Jack Lew at Banking Hearing now. Watch live here
"He will be an exceptional leader who will strenghten the institution and restore confidence in the IRS” . Treas Sec Jack Lew on Koskinen
Treasury Sec Jack Lew: To fail to extend the Export-Import Bank would be a unilateral action that I think would hurt the American economy
At 10AM the Committee will hear from Secretary Jack Lew. Watch live here:
Check the latest summit meeting and you will find Jack Lew & Tim Geithner there. Check out Bilderberg web
.letter to Senate Banking Committee ahead of FSOC Chairman Jack Lew’s testimony
Sean Duffy complete AssHo** to awesome Jack Lew. Duffy stop pretending u represent us if u do
Sec. Jack Lew: "The fact that a hard drive broke is only evidence that the hard drive broke"
Ice T was a horrible actor in New Jack City 😂😂😂😂
Sad Rep McHenry did NOT get educated by wimp Paul Ryan on how awesome Jack Lew is. Mr Lew has cracked Ryan's know nothing face b4!
erm, me, lew, becky, jack, erm and Ry, who you going with?
For me. Jack wilshere is highly overrated. Only thing he's good at is getting injured
Jack Lew will profit handsomely from the green agenda and those in the administration will be well rewarded for their corruption
Climate hawks Hank Paulson meeting with officials and Sec Jack Lew
Huge Selection of Helmets at Low Prices
He’s questioning Jack Lew in a few minutes so he had to go.
.at Jack Lew hrg: maybe the govs least transparent entity. report is rehash of info avail anywhere.
STOP ON Treasury Secretary Jack Lew will be testifying before the House Financial ... NEW FB POST,RT
Watch Sec. Jack Lew testify before the on egregious legislation
Treasury Secretary Jack Lew here to talk about the importance of
Secretary Jack Lew to testify today during hearing on FSOC annual report.
Heading to to talk w Sec. Jack Lew about hardest hit funds & Watch live:
Case of the bashfuls? Jack Lew is the most low-profile Treasury secretary in many years
.Secretary Jack Lew will testify before this morning. What would you ask him?
.Letter to HFSC Leaders Ahead of FSOC Chairman Jack Lew’s Testimony -
TIL that US Treasury Secretary Jack Lew was forced to invent a new signature to be put o...
you sure lew? I'm sure you'll miss me.. And jack your so lucky ;)
Inversion Exodus from Illinois-If & Jack Lew won't get serious on Durbin just playing politics
Biden and Clinton and Kerry too, Geithner and Jack Lew join the crew, Barak and the gang have so much fun, working together...
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