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Jack Hanna

John Bushnell Jack Hanna (born January 2, 1947) is an American zookeeper who is the Director Emeritus of the Columbus Zoo and Aquarium.

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Hanna got a touch of Florida Evans in her 😒😖 annoying AF! My goodness!
If Hanna was COVERING Q, how DID she not get hit, AT ALL??! 😕
Why is dressed like Jack Hanna on an animal safari? All he needs is a pith helmet to finish the look.
My dad drank a beer with Jack Hanna. What did your dad do?
Enter our Prize includes trip expenses to Columbus Zoo to visit the famous
Tonight on "SOYBOMB": Soy becomes Xena: Warrior Princess! Also, Jack Hanna will be by with a wild Malaysian pillow!.
only 21% of women work in the maritime sector. Careers in transport are for everyone - meet Hanna, marine p…
Okay a bit teary now. Nice gesture from Jack.
Jack: You can’t leave it in the hands of the judges. You gotta go for the kill. MMA fighters can relate to this.
The secret source of such or such an individual, is what Voltaire proposed by the bipartisan Simpson-Bowles commission. -Jack Hanna
Today was amazing! Got to meet these little baby's and Jack Hanna! 😍 Happy Father's Day Roman!
mhm! After Ryan we thought Jack Hanna the zoo guy.. And then it just kept getting worse 😪
Little kid isn't even watching Jack Hanna. Now they've both left the waiting room to go outside.
Even though I'm on my laptop and the other guy is on his phone, and even though I don't mind he changed the channel to Jack Hanna, ask first
I grew up watching Jack Hanna Animal Adventures on Saturday mornings. Now I'm watching it with Ev. ❤
The most magnificent creature in the entire world, the tiger is.” – Jack Hanna
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BIG tune from Galactus Jack featuring the glorious vocals of Philippa Hanna! Enjoy your bank holiday weekend!
My family went there on special occasions. I did not realize Jack Hanna was a cook there and served exotic birds.
❤️ Toby & Jack exemplify exactly how I feel today! 😴 .
I just remembered that at my first job -- at McDonald's, in high school -- Jack Hanna was employee of the month every month for two years.
& follow for the chance to win an 2017 exclusive Hanna-Barbera Dorbz 4-pack!
Jack Hanna talks about animals: via
First time at the Columbus Zoo - I've wanted to come here since I was a kid watching Jack Hanna…
I love this. As Jack Hanna says, every creature counts.
You got a problem with Jack Hanna? Cause you better not have problems with Jack Hanna.
You think jack has ever heard of blood orange
I'm trying to be like the black woman version of Jack Hanna or Jeff Corwin, man. This has been my life's dream since I…
STEM Summit participants are enjoying a real treat with Jack Hanna today! Putnam County Schools are well represente…
Tom Grieve goin' all Jack Hanna on our butts.
The Jack Hanna segment on The is everything 😂😂 right after the news of John Goodman getting his STAR. 🙌👌❤⭐
I'm going to say something that might not be popular: I think Jack Hanna is an *** 🙃
😂 Adam Pally is scared of animals, and such, and he's on James Corden right now freaking out at Jack Hanna
Any time Jack Hanna is on a show, it's a great show! But had the jokes too 😂😂
okay the experience of watching that on was NOTHING like watching the Jack Hanna tapes my great uncle always gave me as a kid
Jack Hanna on The Late Late Show just described the sloth as the slowest mammal on Earth. Wrong: the coalition is: no movement for 11 yrs!!!
I get a little thrill any time Jack Hanna is on TV cuz people mention the Columbus Zoo. Which is one of my favorite places.
What have I missed Tonight; Animals on the Show Tonight Jack Hanna?
no offence to jack Hanna but you need to get the Irwins on your show
Jack Hanna has a sloth omg would be in tears
Jack looked at Gabbie and he nodded. . "Sure! What movie did you want to see?"
Jack Hanna's into the Wild Live is coming to the Pima County Fair! Sunday, 4/23 at 3PM FREE show w/fair admission!
Jack chuckled then he smiled and he held his phone in his hand. . "Nice of you to drop why and cool! So where should we go?"
Tonight's Guest:. John Goodman. Adam Pally. Jungle Jack Hanna and his animals. Musical Performance by Spoon. Don't...
there actually is/was, introduced by the mayor of the Swedish city Malmo. Much needed.
Great news Five Flags Fans! Jungle Jack Hanna is going to be on the The Late Late Show with James Corden TONIGHT!...
Jack looked at Gabbie and he nodded. . "That's really good to hear, did you want to hang out?"
Jack looked at Gabbie and he smiled at her. . "Hey there, Im really good thanks and you?"
. Gabbie jumped at a sudden response and turned to see Jack and offered her usual smile. "Hey! how are you?"
Jack Hanna & his animal companions greet veterinarians in the Booth at the Western Veterinary Conferenc…
We have your chance to win FREE tickets to see Jack Hanna's Into the Wild Live at the Valentine Theatre on April...
Great meeting Jungle Jack Hanna today at the Nationwide breakfast
Listen all week at 11am to win tickets to San Antonio] and enter here for a chance to meet Jack Hanna!
hi Jack!! It's me Hanna :3, I love all of your videos, you always make my day!
What are you doing Saturday? Jungle Jack Hanna's Into the Wild LIVE! is coming to the Five Flags Center Saturday, M…
Mona found a way to talk to Hanna from the grave. 108 of 150 // Season 5, Episode 13. h…
Can’t Stop the Feeling - If you have ever watched Jack Hanna on television during one of his animal shows,...
He said "touching the heart and teaching the mind" is his goal when he does events like he did today.
Skylar and Brucey at Jack Hanna's "Into the Wild". Skylar turned 9 today as well. Good times!
Is it just me, or would Saturdays be depressing without Jack Hanna and Jeff Corwin? Watching right now. :)
"You have to touch the heart, to teach the mind" - Jack Hanna
Jack Hanna’s “Into the Wild Live” has been scheduled at 4 p.m. today at Midland County Horseshoe Arena.
MU is hosting a "Dinosaurs and Cavemen Science Expo" with 'Jurassic Park' Adviser Jack Horner.
i love that Jack Hanna still has his animal show. reminds me of how great saturday morning tv was as a kid.
Transfer of Hanna (SDLP) surplus gives a big boost. Now for transfer of Bradshaw (APNI) which will be go…
We have been getting a TON of phone calls today about Jack Hanna's Into the Wild LIVE! coming to the Five Flags...
A Copenhagen zoo vet shot and killed a two-year-old giraffe, conducted an autopsy in front of an audience...
We're busy preparing for Art for the Wild w/ Jack Hanna! Proceeds from this art show & auction will benefit the zoo…
I’m watching Jack Hanna's Into the Wild, I think you might like it too! via
I am watching Jack Hanna's Wild Countdown "Wild in White". Artic wolves, beluga whales, an albino...
I've just watched episode S06E09 of Jack Hanna's Wild C...!
These look like the Jack Hanna colorway.
Five years ago today we were here at Busch Gardens meeting with Jack Hanna at the opening of the…
Have you seen this footage by Jack Hanna's Wild Countdown?
The legendary Jack Hanna is on at 11am, but i'm focused on this guy.
JACK HANNA!!! He used to have a show at Busch Gardens Tampa! Whe…
Sure I take more jack in my coke now.
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The world is the true classroom. The most rewarding and important type...
13. Jack Hanna brings a few creatures to hang out with James, Tom Hiddleston, and Thomas Middleditch.
I've been up for like 30min and I've already had to handle 2 slimy invertebrates: worm and slug. I'm like Jack Hanna of the creepy crawlies.
Trump's presidency is going to be the equivalent of Jack Frost's run as santa in The Santa Clause 3
I've been out all over the world tranquilizing animals.
This track goes the beat is so tropical
Hogs and pigs are very intelligent.
Next thing you'll be dating Jack Hanna, omg here we go...
OK, I need an explanation:. WHAT the freak is UP with all those Hanna-Barbera Wrestling-crossover?
And also insinuates that Jack Hanna is an unrealistic softie which I support.
Streep is getting to much milage from this she isn't relative she got the over the hill award i don't see her on jack. Hanna
So funny. Jack Hanna had to catch that thing as it escaped Trump's pate leaving a trail of bobby pins in its wake.
Awesome creatures. Jack Hanna's 'Animal Adventures' says Rinos in the wild have charged cars &turned them over.
Hanna wants to know if you mean real dogs
2017 may be the year I finally covert all my Jack Hanna VHSs to DVD
Electronic Device Insurance
I am watching Jack Hanna's Wild Countdown "Animal Hospitals". Jack Hanna continues to crack me up!...
yall need a visit from Jack Hanna. Get over some fears.
"It really turned his life around... If anyone could offer Jack something it would be incredible." https:/…
forgot my Spanish note book so I had to take notes on the back of a jack in the box receipt
I added a video to a playlist Jack Hanna & Animals David Letterman 2010
Zoo animals are ambassadors for their cousins in the wild.
Hanging with Dad. Saturday mornings. Breakfast. Jack Hanna and Jeff Corwin part of our mornings.
I'd like to see either candidate being peed on by animals like Jack Hanna on the Tonight Show
Learn more about sloths, like KC, on 10/22 from 11-3 at Jack Hanna's Wild Reserve when we celebrate International S…
If Ric Flair & I are elected we will make it mandatory for water fountains to also have ice cold Beer / Jack Daniels as opt…
Another day, another Jack Hanna sex dream. This time there were lemurs.
Charlie Gibson out here looking like Jack Hanna
Excited to see guest stars at tonight's debate/circus. Can I request Jack Hanna & his animals since the announced do not apply.
Really proud parents of jack Hanna old boy awarded the honour of been added to Dean Blows list for top Students
I see you're outside my favourite boozer in Toronto Colin! Enjoy the game!
Early morning shout outs from Destin, FL. We'll take it! Thanks Hanna and Jack Wurst for thinking of us! 󾬓󾬓
Good to see Amazon innovating and bringing us both Jack Nicklaus and Jack Hanna availability zones.
Jack be nimble, jack be quick, but do jack have good *** *** ? That's the question 😂😭
stopped by to show off two amazingly cute African spotted leopards!…
If u ever get the chance to go see jack Hanna talk about his life's journey & animals don't miss it !
April Hanna completed the quest Jack's cookies!
The groundhogs are pretty good at eluding. If somebody is trying to come ...
we came up with a few more: Jack Hanna, Jack & Beanstalk Jack B Nmble
Music is the party form of sound. Jack-o-lanterns are the party form of pumpkins. Zombies are the party form of corpses.
are you like hanna montana or something XD
Jungle Jack Hanna is the absolute best.
Love Jack Hanna!! Great education on conservation and zoology
Joe, JinJoo & jack don't look happy about the tidal jackets have just made this nature show lover the happiest person on Earth! Marlin Perkins, Jack Hanna, & I salute you!
that's one of my favorites! I love when Jack Hanna brings animals!
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I have watched Jack Hanna on every Saturday morning since I was a kid
I've just watched episode S05E01 of Jack Hanna's Wild C...!
Wow and I taking a selfie, I must be so cool! 🙌. (Thanks Jack Hanna for the signing my hat 🎩)
Jack Hanna your ignorance shows beneath your pathetic veil of misinformation. You ain't got no backbone
There are lots of Indians and Middle Eastern people who look white...they are to me. Look at Paula Faris and Jack Hanna
Some people think they're Jack Hanna when they're drunk.. I get high and I think I'm Morticia Adams 😁😅
I lost respect for Jack Hanna when he supported Sea Worlds treatment of the whales.
Jack Hanna is like an older, less cool version of Steve Erwin.
y'all must have forgotten I got aka Bill Nye/Steve Irwin/Jack Hanna living with me
Pretty sure the longer I work in my animal smarts will begin to rival Jack Hanna and the Wild Kratts.
If she stans Jack Johnson she's crying because he turns 20 tomorrow
If she stans Jack Johnson she's sad he's turning 20 tomorrow
Jack Nicholson, Hanna Skandera and the Case of the $18m APS Shortfall
To all my friends - hope you can join us!! The show is only $25 at the Zoo with Jack Hanna and fabulous animals for our kids
CELEBRATING One of my best church buddies from back in the day Steve Hanna, plus these peeps! Comedian Louie...
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Things that give me hope in humanity, a kid-friendly episode of featuring Jack Hanna.
Friday's show is going to be WILD! Watch as Maury's set is transformed into Jack Hanna's Jungle.
If she stans Jack and Jack she knows that their new music is worth the long wait
We use Jack and Diane as Sophie's calming & bed time song. It works. Like she will start to close her eyes as soon as she hears it. 🙌🏼😌
Jack is eating dry ramen noodles because we are in a rush our studio session and it's disgusting
It had a Jack Hanna animals show on earlier
Check out our March show with Jungle Jack Hanna, Jessi at Animal Wonders Inc., Reid Park Zoo Director Jason...
please join us for Jack Hanna at a private cocktail event at the Peterson Home see for details limited space.
When my prof turns Jack Johnson Pandora on there's no way I'm going to focus on anything 😅
I haven't been to the zoo in years and I really want to go and see the polar bears and bats and stuff. ALSO Columbus one because Jack Hanna.
I got to meet Jack Hanna and he gave me a signed picture 😁
We met Jack Hanna today at Sea World! Really nice guy. Glad the animals have him as an ambassador!
Spring is hoppin' at Get tix NOW to Jack Hanna, Melissa Etheridge, & Mavis at
A Stillwater Valley restaurant once owned by Jack Hanna is closed and up for sale
New post has been published on Micro Lending. James invites Jack Hanna ... lending club
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Jack hanging out with mgk and nick jonas. Life is great.
wow, you had Jack Hanna misty eyed on The Late Late Show the other night.. You never cease to amaze me. Incredible
I liked a video Jack Hanna Brings a Bald Eagle to
Famous animal expert Jack Hanna doing some animal teaching at Sea World today.
Hoping Jack Hanna will address the announcement the other day
Runner on for the Cards. great their from Jack Hanna to get the runner at 2nd. 1 out
neither Jack Hanna nor Jane Goodall will save you from this rapture. there is no escape. IT IS WRITTEN.
Life advice from "Jungle" Jack Hanna: Don't get bit by a beaver
Did you know Jungle Jack Hanna is coming to Syracuse?! . This October - check it out: Jack Hanna's Into The Wild...
It's not too late to get tickets to see Jack Hanna's Show at Stamford Center for the Arts - The Palace Theatre
Jack Hanna brings - Into the Wild' to Palace Stamford: "Jungle Jack" Hanna will visit the Pal...
I added a video to a playlist Dave Letterman: Jungle Jack Hanna
James is PRICELESS in this clip with Jack Hanna and the animals
Jack Hanna pretty much made James Corden poop in his pants!
also guys like Hanna and Jack Crawford.
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Jack the bear has arrived in Fiji ! Seeing what in castaway had to endure 😜
This is an imposter pretending to be you!
"Where were you born qnd raised?". "Africa.". "That is a beautiful country, I love it. I used to watch Jack Hanna!!". -Old man to employee
Dear Media: Please stop putting Dan Patrick on TV. He is odious, and it just encourages him. Perhaps Jack Hanna is available? He seems nice.
January 2- Happy birthday Jack Hanna (1947) the animal expert known for his media appearances
Jack Hanna the famous zookeeper speaks at commencement where he
on 1947 Jack Hanna, American zoologist and author
Enter to win 4 tickets to see Jack Hanna's Into the Wild!! Winner picked tonight!...
"If I find myself afraid or scared, that means I'm doing the wrong thing.". Jack Hanna
Idk why people want to stay in Metcalfe Co. There's not jack crap here to do. I miss Nashville and Santiago! 💔😭
Taye Diggs, Jack Hanna, and I share the same birthday. What a time to be alive.
More pix of Jack Hanna with cats...
TODAY'S BIRTHDAYS | In 1947, Jack Hanna was born on this date in Knoxville, Tennessee, USA
I'm currently watching Jack Hanna's Animal Adventures. What a great guy.
Think Steve Erwin wishes he would have taken the more relaxed Jack Hanna route?
Born on this Day — TV host and zookeeper Jack Hanna is 69.
Who would have guessed Jack Hanna knows way more than us about animals!
Jack Hanna! Read more about the animal expert:
I just wanna be Jack Hanna when I grow up
JACK HANNA TICKETS on Sale today (Jan 2 at 9am) for MEMBERS only! . Tickets MUST be purchased in person at the...
Happy 69th Birthday to wildlife TV host Jack Hanna!
. all this and more to come on Jack Hanna into the wild first glimpse of Abominations bum bahbamma
. a captive diggery seeing how its better this way.. Jack Hanna into the wild.bumm bummanah
Alright I'll list a few and you tell me if I'm close. Jack Hanna, Jason Day, LeBron James, Jack Nicklaus a…
Special guest Jack Hanna will attend the BANANA BALL at the Chattanooga Zoo. Mark your calendars and get your...
Jack Hanna, Bindi Irwin and Jacques Cousteau have nothing on you guys! Lol
I liked a video David Letterman - "Jungle" Jack Hanna's Civet and Snow Leopards
Agree! As a kid, I absolutely hated the zoo because the beautiful animals were in cages. Thks to Jack Hanna
Glacier National Park. Proud to have Jack Hanna and Joe Stone with us!. Music by
Can I be the female version of Jack Hanna?
Had an amazing night at Jack Hanna's fundraiser for MT Outdoor Legacy Foundation! Hunting IS conservation!
Excited about tonight fundraiser at Jack Hanna's!! Hoping my beaded ram brings good $ for Montana Outdoor Legacy Foundation!
Join us on June 25th for our "Feast for the Beasts" fundraiser with guest Jack Hanna, Director Emeritus of the...
Jungle Jack Hanna Brings Into the Wild Live To Myrtle Beach on June 14th! For more info -
Slap jack can be a very dangerous game
I know you're an open-minded guy, consider Jack Hanna's opinion on SeaWorld and Zoos.
Jack Hanna: What zoo critics don't understand: via
In your last video you said you liked having 2 names because it was having 2 lifes. You're Hanna Montana?
The Odd Couple but with Jack Kirby and Alex Toth rooming together during their time at Hanna Barbera.
Jack Hanna at the Columbus Zoo. Such a great man!
I'm always the photographer when my family chats with Jack Hanna.
Pure class, Bill and Jay Haas in a fun Q and A at The Columbus Zoo with the Golden Bear in the house with another great Jack, Jack Hanna.
start winning and I'll be impressed. Jack Hanna has more swag.
I will buy that from you, I'm a Jack Hanna fanatic
where tf are you that Jack Hanna is in the same place 😂😂😂
PerfectMatch - Fall In Love Today
it's okay. Jack hanna really is here!!!
Mom and I just freaked out cause a worker at the zoo looks just like Jack Hanna. It wasn't 😕
great job guys! I've been to a few games. Jack Hanna is my friend
Jack I feel like that too when it rains.
This zoo guy on live with Kelly and Michael is just a cheap ripoff of Jungle Jack Hanna and I don't like it one bit
Casually almost ran into Jack Hanna on my way to the Keurig this morning so I guess my internship is pretty cool 🙈🐯🐧🐨
It's a must. Jungle Jack Hanna is also there. 😊💁🏼
my son saids Jack Hanna is your guess today
FRIDAY at 5p: Watch Yo, Bob & Bill LIVE with Jack Hanna at America's Zoo and Bay!
ISIS kidnapped Father Jack Murad and the friar Boutros Hanna "Peter John" in the countryside of Homs - Al-Qaryaten - monastery of Mar Elias
Losing respect for Jack Hanna..getting to "Hollywoodized"...
Nothing more powerful then praying with Jack Hanna & all the St. Jude patients ❤️
I sure hope has Jack Hanna as a guest tonight. And who's sitting in with the band?
I will really miss the Late show with David Lettermen. No more Jack Hanna or top ten makes me sad.
to when I wanted to be a mini Jack Hanna
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I'm so exited to meet jack and jack in 26 days
Yes. At least Bill Nye. Jack Hanna and Bindi Irwin are my biggest priorities.
rebels in the south countryside of central-Syria Homs kidnapped Father Jack Murad and his attendant monk Peter Hanna
Jack Hanna: What critics don't understand: via
Ah. If I ever meet Jack Hanna, I want to give him a hug. Think he'd let me? lol
It was on some Jack Hanna video. XD Jack was calling orcas whales, and that comment was left.
Solid point. Can't wait for Jack Hanna to try to bring one of those man-killing machines on to Colbert's Late Show.
Hanna wasn't on hand for Letterman's last show. Maybe b/c he was chatting with Poly Drive students?
My best memories are w/ Jungle Jack Hanna. Honestly? My generation (Y, Millennials..) got him but still didn't get him, you know?
Who do you think felt left out of Letterman's Top 10 list last night? . Regis ... Jack Hanna ... Marv Albert ... Richard Lewis ... who else?
and a young Jack Hanna strolls down Main St. with a pipe in his mouth.
my fav episodes were the Jack Hanna animal ones, you never knew what was going to happen. Thanks for the memories Dave.
I will truly miss your visits with Jack Hanna. Your reactions were always priceless.
Jack Hanna, Kunal Nayyar and a flyin' bird. It's the best of Thursday. (Vine by
Glad David letterman is gonna live happily in Montana next door to his dear friend Jack Hanna.
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No more stupid pet tricks. And where will Jack Hanna go now? Animals need a late show spot too...
My all time fave Letterman guest! - “Jungle” Jack Hanna reflects on life as Letterman’s animal handler via
I mean, my Letterman experience is basically just from watching whenever Jack Hanna was on?
Jungle Jack Hanna was my absolute fave on Letterman. He's a true beauty. I hope my kids can see his vids some day ->
For me, interviews with Johnny Depp. Dave did the best interviews on tv... celebrities, politicians, kids & Jack Hanna.
That time Dave allowed Terri Garr to choke Jack Hanna for 3 minutes
Went to NY one time, didn't make it in the Late Show but saw Jack Hanna w/ a snow leopard and Charlie Sheen outside walking in.
FYI: I have the Jack Hanna montage 3x already. A) still hilarious B) how is that man still alive and in one piece
My favorite shows were the ones with Jack Hanna, those were always fun!
But like, how do I keep up to date with Jack Hanna now?
Now I'm sad for two reasons ... is over & no Jack Hanna or ... Gonna miss ya Dave!
I know everyone says Bill Murray was the best guest, but my favorite was always Jack Hanna.
My mom would always watch Jack Hanna on Letterman.
- wait, now where is Jack Hanna gonna go to attack people with animals?!?
Favorite moments were always with Jack Hanna.
My 2 cents: is the best late-night host ... My fav bit was Jack Hanna's animals. We'll miss you Dave!
Jack Hanna wrote about his years as Letterman's animal handler:
Rudy, Regis, Richard Simmons, Jack Hanna, Tom Brokaw, Darlene Love, Jay Harris, Dan Rather. Want me to go on?
What a touching segment on The Best of "Jungle" Jack Hanna. Going to miss Dave and Jack.
Mashup of the best 'Jungle' Jack Hanna moments over 30 years with - Great...
Most appearances ever on Dave's two late night shows...more than 150, I believe. Marv Albert is 2nd, Jack Hanna 3rd.
Jack, you've just come back from injury. Please be care.. oh what's the point! He doesn't know what careful is.
LOCAL: Jack Hanna to give Carroll College commencement address
guests had a wonderful time experiencing Jungle Jack Hanna in partnership with The Whiting this past weekend!
The hardest thing about a trip like this is that everybody thinks youre
Jack Hanna to give Carroll College commencement address
Privileged to be at Shipley's crew celebration for Jack Galloway & Jim Hanna,2 fabulous people, founders of program 30 yrs. ago.Thanks-WOW!
What is this cute creature? Dog? Fox? Where does it live? What does it eat? Jungle Jack Hanna has the answers on...
Got to meet the very cool and funny Jack Hanna yesterday on a corporate video shoot with a nature theme.🎥👌
Best of "jungle" Jack Hanna on Letterman April 30th 2015
Jack Hanna - Final Appearance on the Late Show with David Letterman 4/29/15
I'd just said to Bil that I wish I could find all 20 years' worth of Jack Hanna appearances to watch, and they Dave intros it.
Today Jack Hanna told me I should name my son after him 😭
I wish I could take over for Jack Hanna
Jack Hanna tames grizzly bears and gives hugs to teddy bears 😊🐶🐻
Did you see Jack Hanna on Letterman the other night? It was awesome.
Found a shady spot for the Jack Hanna show
Oh just hangin' out with Jack Hanna.
*** the line to meet Jack Hanna is so long
Now serving for Naturefest. Lots of friends! Come see us and Jack Hanna!
Hello Nature Fest! Can't wait to see Jack Hanna at the 12pm show!
Funny story: Jack Hanna and I are at the store grabbing a drink, and a customer comes up and says " OMG! You guys...
The best Jack Hanna moments from his 30 years with David
What do these 2 men have in common? I'm working with both of them today. Jack Hanna will be performing at...
Did you catch the final appearance of Jack Hanna? It was awesome.
Top Christian Dating Scroller 728x90
No Stern on Letterman 11? Jack Hanna was always great, Letterman was so scared of any animal
The best moments from 30-plus years of Jungle Jack Hanna on Letterman's late-night shows:
Very successful presentation tonight at The Whiting in Flint with Jack Hanna and the Columbus Zoo team! We are...
Jack Hanna's final appearance on Letterman was quite emotional. Easily one of the show's greatest guests.
A lot depends on the guests too, I've enjoyed the last couple of nights with Jack Hanna and then Michelle Obama.
it could be worse. It could think you're 45 when you're days away from your 18th.
Jack Hanna at the end in tears is so special. So many lives have been affected by finding the most relatable peopl…
Not gonna lie, farewell visit with had us tearing up
Like, I cried during the Jack Hanna segment this week. It's all too much.
Seeing tonight on should be something special. I don't think he'll top Jungle Jack Hanna though.
Jack Hanna Top discussions, Hash tags and more. Visit
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