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Jack Hanna

John Bushnell Jack Hanna (born January 2, 1947) is an American zookeeper who is the Director Emeritus of the Columbus Zoo and Aquarium.

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We have exciting news! Whitewater Tourism Council is giving away 10 tickets for the Jack Hanna show on Monday,...
And the story continues... In September, and thanks to the initiative of Curacao Tourist Board North America, Jungle Jack Hanna from Jack Hanna's Into the Wild came to Curacao to film several episodes of his program. Touracao Tourism Services had the honor of hosting him. A successful fundraiser for Parke Tropikal Curacao Zoo & Nature Reserve was organized and Jack was introduced to Hubèrt Isenia, the Curaçao Zoo Keeper. Now Hubert is on his way to Columbus, Ohio as a special guest of Jack to learn from a top zoo in the World - The Columbus Zoo and Aquarium. Good luck Hubert, enjoy the trip and the experience!!
Jack Hanna of the Columbus Zoo had a great program here in Biloxi for adults and children. I said to him welcome from Columbus, he replied go "Bucks".
I asked Silas if he wanted to go to the Farmers Market. He said yes, but that he didn't want to go with Jack Hanna. Sorry Jungle Jack.
“Jungle” Jack Hanna is in town helping the Jackson Zoo with a fundraiser. Full story:
"Jungle"Jack Hanna is guest speaker at Jackson Zoo fundraiser tonight. clarionledger
Of course Irvin ' daughter has signed on. So does Jack Hanna. Sea World pays BIG BUCK to sponsor them. They may be animal advocates...but they can be bought and sold. They have a show and Park to run. This young lady is learning the cruelty of animal exploitation at a young age.
a resident today was watching animal planet. The spokesman dude was very familar to me and i knew i knew his name, but i couldnt remember it. the resident couldn't recall the spokesman dudes name either. we kept batting it around while i worked. about 2 hours later the resident calls me back into his room and he has a smile on his face. I said, ok, whats up? he said. Jack Hanna. ah ha! fun day
Jimmy Kimmel thumbs up, Seth Meyers thumbs down, Craig Ferguson thumbs up, Jimmy Fallon still on the fence, thought he'd be better, changing my mind. I like him but don't think he has what it takes. Letterman, well Letterman is Letterman, funny show last night Jack Hanna segment.
Snot Otter aka Hellbender... ewww...ugliest thing alive. Jack Hanna says it is prehistoric...still ewww...gag
I just love it when Jack Hanna is on The Late Show with Letterman. Something about the two of them together just cracks me up!
After watching Jack Hanna on Letterman tonight I got in a sentimental mood. Here's some meaningful Animal Photos I started to put together. It will take a while to finish & it won't be tonight. Thank you. Alene & Respecting All Wildlife & Animals from within my Heart.
Jack Hanna or Cameron Diaz ladies and gentlemen.
I love Jack Hanna he makes Dave Letterman so uncomfortable! cracks me up every time!
Jack Hanna eating bananas. Now that's entertainment.
I'm going to put 'Meet Jack Hanna' on my bucket list. Also I want to pet and play with an otter.
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Jack Hanna find the otter on Dave Letterman! lol
So is Jack Hanna a cokehead or something?
Jack Hanna appearing on David Letterman will NEVER get old. Their chemistry is one of the best on late night! Oh, & P.S.
Watch "Jungle" Jack Hanna attempt to eat a bunch of bananas.
I was watching the end of H5-0, and they had a commercial for David Lettterman, and his guest, Jack Hanna, whose schtick is that he is this sort of bumbling wildlife guy who always losing control of the animals. I know he's much more than that. But I recall his days on Johnny Carson, and who could forget (you can't - it's in every compilation of the best of Johnny), the time he got pee'd on the head. Now Johnny, unlike the rest of the late-night hosts, (with maybe the exception of Letterman, but even he's not in the same league), was a master of the slow burn. The Laurel & Hardy ... wait for it ... it's coming ... slow turn ... bam! Genius. I miss those days. When funny was more original than just a bunch of jokes strung together by writers.
What's up with Jack Hanna on Letterman tonight? He was out there..kind of scary and sad
Jack Hanna and David Letterman are hysterical together 😂
Letterman is rarely funnier than when Jack Hanna visits. Nice to see a Snot Otter and a Booby together on TV.
I was able to stay up and watch Dave Letterman to watch Jack Hanna. Couple new animals that he took out this time.
Omg I laffed so hard at Jack Hanna on David Letterman Show .They were off the hook.
I am still trying to understand why Jack Hanna was stuffing himself with bananas. He is a couple sandwiches short of a picnic.
Woman I dated was a friend of Jack Hanna's cousin. Asst Director of Columbus Zoo. Got special "back stage" tours of the animals. Wonderful.
Jack Hanna always entertains and gives info on the animals.As always the back and forth between he and letterman is funny Always must watch
I'm watching Jack Hanna shove bananas in his mouth on 'The Late Show with David Letterman'. Earlier this evening, I was shoving beers and shots in my mouth at the Green Mill. It's all entertainment.
Y'all have to watch the Jack Hanna interview with David Letterman from tonight, funniest thing I've ever seen!
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Jack Hanna is without question a top 5 interviewee on Letterman. Hilarious!
Has jack Hanna gone crazy or something
Jack Hanna reminds me that Ohio doesn't completely suck. I can be proud once of a while.
Kitty, just came home from work. Jack Hanna was on Letterman. Last animal was 6-month old leopard. Stunningly beautiful.
LOL.. Jack Hanna and together always cracks me up.
Jungle Jack Hanna on Letterman is always "must see TV!"
Jack Hanna on Letterman LOL. This may have been the most I've laughed during Letterman.
Jack Hanna eating the bananas may be the single greatest moment in TV history.
Jack Hanna has some amazing animals on Letterman tonight.
I usually love watching anything Jack Hanna is on but he just made a total *** of himself on David Letterman.he acts like he's on drugs!
I just watched Jack Hanna throw up a banana on David Letterman. I laughed out loud.
jack Hanna chokes eating on a banana on letterman! He's ok!
Watching David Letterman, I love Jungle Jack Hanna, the crow taking the money out of David's hand was awesome!
Jack Hanna and Dave are hilarious together.cracks me up every time...
Jack Hanna is hilarious on David Letterman! Plus the animals are great!
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Oh my jack Hanna on David Letterman is hilarious
Jack Hanna killing it on Letterman right now
Omfg.jack Hanna on Letterman is out of his mind! I'm dying over here 😂😂😂
I love when Jack Hanna is on Letterman but this whole thing with the bananas is too much. Gross.
what in God's name is Jack Hanna doing?! LOLOL
Watching Jack Hanna on David Letterman. . . he is hilarious (and a mess). LOL
Jack Hanna has lost what little of his *** mind he still had left.
No Jack Hanna, No. Why are you doing this banana thing on Letterman? *** LOL Whyyy?
Jack Hanna on David Letterman has been the highlight of my night.
I love when Jack Hanna is on Letterman! Funny funny stuff.
Clearly I need to travel the world to get jack hanna's tan.
Jack Hanna on is always entertaining.
Tired. I think that's due in part, to my PD {Parkinson's Disease} and the events of the past week. The good news is that my boyfriend is back on his feet and back to his old self. My hero {one of them} Jack Hanna, is on Letterman tonight. I met him when I was in California at the San Diego Zoo. He's a very fascinating man.
I love Hanna! He's on David Letterman now with some amazing animals.
I love watching Jack Hanna on Letterman! Poor guy doesn't know Dave is making fun of him:)
I don't know who Dave Letterman bickers with better: Jack Hanna or Richard Simmons! LOL
Jungle Jack Hanna on Late Show with David Letterman is cracking me up!
Keep bringing JACK HANNA back! LOL Been watching him on the show since I was a kid! Dave and he are hilarious.
Geez, I should go to bed. The alarm is set for 5:30 AM cuz I have to work tomorrow morning. (We have a lion cub in the office now) But I'm staying up to watch Letterman, with the delightful Jack Hanna. They're talking about "boobies" now.
Jungle Jack Hanna is messin with David Letterman bad tonite funny as he!!.roflmao David Letterman eaten by river otter cause he smells like a SNOT OTTER and Jack gets his first set of Boobies and plays hide the otter
Jack Hanna on Letterman. Same old Tired Schick for 20 years. But I love it.
I was gonna leave this bar, but JACK HANNA IS ON LETTERMAN.
Is it bad that I have a serious crush on Jack Hanna?
I love Jack Hanna. I hardly ever stay up this late anymore but I just had to see the animals. Lots of them tonight too!!!
I love David Letterman and Jack Hanna. They are so funny with these animals.
Jack hanna on letterman right now is hilarious! 🐍🐾🐗🐦
I really hope that Jack Hanna is smarter than what he portrays on Letterman for the 8,000th time. He is a freaking *** and I hope the US doesn't base their assumptions on wildlife based on this ***
Thinking back to the time I saw Jack Hanna in Athens and called him Jack Daniels
Jack Hanna on Letterman is making me want to adopt a river otter so bad right now. 3rd fave animal :3 e
OMG Jack Hanna banging on about that slimy otter "it feels just like K-Y Jelly" not once but two times
Snot Otter on David Letterman w/Jack Hanna...that animal is gross, but Jack is hilarious @ the animals r cool!
Jack Hanna and David Letterman always bickering is so great
"It's like KY Jelly" -Jack Hanna describing the slime of a salamander to
David Letterman and Jack Hanna are my favorite couple.
Jack Hanna is on letterman tonight with brown footed boobies. Wiping away the tears lmao
Watching Jack Hanna on Letterman tonight. I've loved him since I was a kid. A few years ago I met him and he really is the man you see on TV.
What are the chances I can hire Jungle Jack Hanna for my birthday?
Letterman's guests tonight: Jack Hanna and Jake Johanssen. Rerun from 1994?
Watching Jungle Jack Hanna on Letterman makes us so proud to be The Columbus Zoo and Aquarium's digital partner!
Jungle Jack Hanna on David Letterman Had his first boobies.
I was just watching Jack Hanna on Letterman. He's really dumb.
Jack Hanna is kinda cute with his old-guy tan and pretty teeth. LOL
I just love Jungle Jack Hanna! He is awesome and I look forward to his show on Saturday mornings like I use to look forward to cartoons! He's on Letterman and them two have a schtick going on that makes me laugh!
There's a lot of boobies in the wild ~ Jack Hanna
Jack Hanna enjoys saying the word boobies (as in brown footed booby) a little too much.Just saying!
Jack Hanna is showing a pair of boobies on Dave Letterman.
True, Jack Hanna is so straight that he seems nuts or something. He never seems to get Dave's jokes. Love it.
Jack Hanna has some of the sweetest little cats on Dave Letterman's show tonight. So pretty.
There's an Albino porcupine on David Letterman with Jack Hanna!!!
Why does Jack Hanna continue to appear on Letterman? Letterman is an *** who has no intention of allowing himself to be educated ... He would rather crack jokes & act like a fool...
The albino porcupine on David Letterman with Jack Hanna...adorable.
Don't know why exactly, but one of my fav things in the late night talk show world is when Jack Hanna is on the w/ David Letterman
It's always fun when Jack Hanna is on Letterman.
I love that Jack Hanna is on all the time with baby kitties. So adorable.
Jungle Jack Hanna on Letterman makes for a great night.
jack Hanna and lemurs! Richard Branson would be so pleased! I love the animal segments! The best!
Jack Hanna is on the Late Show with David Letterman now. I always enjoy the show when he is on it. The animals are always amazing
OK, Jack Hanna is on Letterman tonight and that's always a hoot and a half!! See youz!!
Gonna take the kids tomorrow to see Jack Hanna.and hopefully eat at Famous Dave's.with Todd Mcgowan
Going with CARE to meet Jack Hanna tomorrow. I'm planning to be discovered, so I can talk about animals on TV ;). Rachel Meredith Wander-Peyser, just wondering if you'll be there?
Everyone watch Letterman tonight, my friend David Hitzig from Busch Wildlife Sanctuary is on with Jack Hanna
It's the weekend!! Check out these fun things to do... The Maryland Home and Garden Show at the Maryland State Fairgrounds...browse new items and ideas for your home and garden. "The Book of Mormon" at the for times and days. For the kids...Jungle Jack Hanna at the weinberg Center for the for details and times. And of course don't foget The Oscars Sunday night!!!
Make sure you tune into the Late Show with David Letterman to catch Jungle Jack Hanna talking about conservation efforts right here in Ohio!
CSIA's annual Benefit Auction, to be held three weeks from today (March 21) as part of the National Chimney Sweep Guild 2014 convention, is themed "Night at the Zoo" in honor of host city Columbus, Ohio's world-famous The Columbus Zoo and Aquarium and longtime director "Jungle" Jack Hanna. When packing for convention, make sure and bring appropriate attire to dress up as zoo keeper, dolphin trainer, or even your favorite wild animal. The auction registration and preview will begin at 7:30 in the Hyatt Regency Ballroom and we will kick it off at 8 p.m.
One of the most famous zoo keepers, Jack Hanna, almost lost a huge chunk of his hand after an animal bit him! No, it wasn’t a tiger bite, or a lion. You’ll never guess what animal it was!
Love Jack hanna :) these two guys are funny together :)
Today we had Animal Ambassador Jack Hanna, known the World over from Animal Planet on the Discovery Channel, as a guest on the Pet Show! He's a real live wire and did not hold back about his feelings toward the Copenhagen Zoo in Denmark, where an innocent giraffe was shot, dragged by chain, cut up and fed to lions in front of children! If anyone wants to hear this story, I'm going to post the segment on YouTube in the next few days!
Jungle Jack Hanna is the most outspoken animal advocate in the world today. He has spent 40 years on TV and radio sharing animal adventures with kids of all ages and has served as the Director Emeritus at the Columbus Zoo. Listen Saturday at 9AM as Rick Preuss and Lee Cohen discuss the giraffe euthanasia story from the Copenhagen Zoo with Jungle Jack. Then Sue Rose, former AKC judge and MSU professor adds her perspective to the zoo story based on her visits to more than 50 zoos worldwide just last year. Then Sue will give her perspective on her 34th year attending the Westminster Kennel Club Dog show. Listen and learn on the Mid Michigan Pet Expert Talk Show. Listen to WILS 1320 AM on the radio or on your smartphone via the Tunein radio app. Otherwise, go to on the internet and click the Listen Live link.
Jack Hanna was in, he just got back from Africa. Jack said it feels like the north pole here, Jack will be on David Letterman on friday.I told him I will have to record it. I can't stay up that late. I am so bored, but yet I have work to
A Denmark zoo’s decision to kill a healthy 2-year-old giraffe and then publicly cut it up and feed it to the lions has sparked a storm of international outrage. “It’s abominable,” said Jack Hanna, emeritus director of the Columbus Zoo and Aquarium. “These are creatures we have a responsibility for —...
Dude on Jack Hanna into the wild, just ate a piranha eyeball. He stewed the piranha and ate it off the bone, and just popped that eyeball into his mouth. Even Hanna's wife ate an eyeball.
Jack Hanna will be at Busch Gardens April 12th and 13th. Also on April 25th passholder ride night in Oktoberfest from 8 pm til 10 pm
I think the funniest part of the nationwide "Let It Go" sing-a-long this morning was jack Hanna trying to sing a song that he clearly has never heard before, while holding a penguin lol! Jolene Salinas McPherson you've got to YouTube it, it was on Good Morning America this morning.
I'm so excited for my daughter Jordan. She got called to an interview for a dream job at the Columbus (OH) Zoo! (Home of Jack Hanna.)
Jack Hanna weighs in on the needless slaughter of a healthy Giraffe in Copenhagen Denmark
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Would another zoo take her. Jack Hanna at the Columbus Zoo
Jack Hanna invites you to attend the Walk to Cure Arthritis!
Just walking with Jack Hanna.wondering where the animals are
I'm a well known sap, cornball, goofy person. Watching GMA this morning for the "Frozen" sing-a-long of "Let it Go" had me following the bouncing snowflake, right along with everyone else. But the best part was Jack Hanna singing along with a penguin. I laughed out loud. I'm gonna be giggling all day with that one. Have a great day everyone.
Indian Creek Foundation is proud to present the 2014 Celebrity Event guest...Jack Hanna!
The NYCB Theatre at Westbury is giving away a family four-pack of tickets to Jack Hanna's 'Into the Wild'live animal show, Sunday March 2, at 1pm.
We have animal expert Jack Hanna calling in!
COLUMBUS, Ohio (AP) - Celebrity zookeeper Jack Hanna says he's horrified that a Denmark zoo killed a healthy giraffe and fed it to lions, and he's working to save a second giraffe that may be killed at
The uproar over the killing last week of a healthy giraffe at a Copenhagen Zoo, hasn’t stopped a second Danish zoo from planning to do the same to one of their giraffes. This time famed zookeeper Jack Hanna is raising money to bring it to an Ohio zoo.
Jack Hanna has raised more than $100,000 to bring a second Danish giraffe threatened with slaughter to Ohio as people worldwide continue to condemn the killing of a healthy giraffe by the Copenhagen Zoo on Sunday.
Lights for Elise Testone tonight back in the early am to set for Jack Hanna & his guests for south eastern wildlife expo!
you tell em Jack Hanna! Poor guy, he's all shook up over Marius! can't blame em!
American animal expert Jack Hanna, who include has been a guest on both David Letterman and Jay Lenos talk show: - I've seen a lot. But in my opinion, this execution was the most insensitive and distasteful, I have ever seen.
I'm sitting here watching Jack Hanna and Jeff Corwin all morning, so naturally I want to be an animal researcher now.
If it wasn't for Jack Hanna and Jeff Corwin, I wouldn't turn on the tv before 11 am.
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Zoo to You of Paso Robles is reporting that their beloved tiger Jasmine died last week; she was 19 years old. Lots of people came to see the celebrity over the years, she’d been on TV visiting Jay Leno on the Tonight Show, and she met Jack Hanna. She went to see other TV notables like Ellen, Rosie, David Letterman and even Larry King. Zoo officials say Jasmine had been healthy most of her life, save for the last few months. You can find out more about Zoo to You of Paso Robles at
If Jack Hanna is ever in a jam, he'll call Max, the crime-fighting South African gorilla.
Jack Hanna expects to retire soon. Like I know he's almost 70 but 😫😢
Jack Hanna is like my new favorite person.
About to watch some more of the Best of Jack Hanna. Can I be paid to follow/observe animals, too?
"Okay I should probably put on some pants" *falls over putting them on* BEST SCENE IN THE MOVIE. BESIDES WHEN JACK TAKES OFF HER DRESS
"Jungle Jack Hanna" was an advisor to John Kasich on Ohio's Exotics Bill, SB310. This exotics bill will ultimately end exotic animal ownership in Ohio, and cause the senseless death of hundreds of exotic animals, owned by responsible, loving, caring families. The bill was written in a way that they...
I can't believe Hanna supports What a shame! I thought he loved animals .
I remember when we would go to the zoo for a school field trip, back in the early 70's. I really remember the bad odor. The city of Columbus owes Jack Hanna a huge debt of gratitude for turning our zoo into the wonderful longevity is today. It's both a haven to endangered animals and a fun way for both kids & adults to learn about the animal kingdom. And you can't forget about the always positive image he presents nationwide about both our city & our zoo. (Thanks David Letterman! ) Happy Birthday & many thanks, Jack Hanna!
Jack Hanna...the *actor*? I wonder what he'd say about this:
Franki Sibberson sent me the letter H. Something I hate: Hunger especially Child Hunger Something I like: Happy people Somewhere I've been: Halifax, Nova Scotia Somewhere I'd like to go: Hawaii Someone I know: Jack Hanna Best Film: Harry Potter Click "Like" and I will send you a letter.
Happy Birthday Jack Hanna! See Jack and his animals live at Centennial Hall on January 26:
Lion Loose in Pasco County. Don't bring in Jack Hanna in he'll kill it!
I need a new vocation! I am thinking about Zoo Keeper...need to call Jack Hanna...or maybe a gator wrestler.Gator Boys! Shoot remembered that is to close to what I already do!!!
“I had a Very Famous Trainer tell Me once, “You can usually “TRAIN” a Wild animal but never “TAME” a Wild animal. “EVER”!” .' They are “ALWAYS” going to be Wild, no matter “WHAT” anybody says!” - Jack Hanna
"I used to jack off to Hanna Montana"
Want to know a bit more about the stunning Zulu Nyala Properties in KwaZulu Natal? Who better to give you the ins and outs than Jack Hanna?
Here is a look at some of the noted birthdays for January 2nd . . . . . Country musician Harold Bradley is 88. Former House Speaker Dennis Hastert is 72. TV host Jack Hanna is 67. Actress Wendy Phillips is 62. Actress Gabrielle Carteris is 53. Movie director Todd Haynes is 53. Retired MLB All-Star pitcher David Cone is 51. Actress Tia Carrere is 47. Actor Cuba Gooding Jr. is 46. Model Christy Turlington is 45. Actor Taye Diggs is 43. Rock musician Scott Underwood (Train) is 43. Rock singer Doug Robb (Hoobastank) is 39. Actor Dax Shepard is 39. Actress Paz Vega is 38. Country musician Chris Hartman is 36. Ballroom dancer Karina Smirnoff (TV: “Dancing with the Stars”) is 36. Rock musician Jerry DePizzo Jr. (O.A.R.) is 35. Rhythm-and-blues singer Kelton Kessee (IMX) is 33. Actress Kate Bosworth is 31. Actor Peter Gadiot (TV: “Once Upon a Time in Wonderland”) is 29. Jazz singer-musician Trombone Shorty is 28.
Like Hanna Montana is not gonna go to your house and read you a lil Wayne documentary and all you brought her was Colby jack cheddar cheese
how much are you paying Jack Hanna to defend you?
I just sent Jack Hanna a belated Happy Birthday and wonder if he will respond as I know he is very busy. We like him very well in this household as he loves animals. He does good in his line of work and I wish we had more folks like him that the main goal is to do good. If he responds I will share but he probably has so many wishes sent for him that I would have to wait weeks. So thought I would share as it was neat to send him a birthday greeting.
Happy Birthday JACK HANNA, you wild man you! 
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Zoologist, conservationist and bear wrestler Jungle Jack Hanna turns 67 today (or 469 in dog years).
Happy birthdat jack hanna and many more to come.
A wacky, wild, and weird look at animals through the eyes of Jungle Jack Hanna! Have you ever seen a naked mole rat? Do you know what a binturong is? Do you ...
Today is Jack Hanna's birthday- celebrate by walking around with animals that should ordinarily never be handled
I love this guy when he goes on Letterman with his assortment of critters!!! Happy Birthday Jack Hanna!!!
Nancy Stephensposted toJungle Jack Hanna 2 seconds ago . Jack Hanna , you are one imaginable *** How dare you ever say you care for animals??? If it is for your gain only, yes. You are a huge part of the ugliness that befalls Ohio right now and effects so many.
If You Were Born Today, January 2 Extremely hard-working, you put your heart into whatever it is that you do, and you simply won't skimp. While you don't always aim high, simply because you are generally very busy working hard, you are likely to eventually get there! As a partner, you are very loyal, caring, and protective, and you value close partnerships greatly. You are extremely giving, and this is second nature to you. You are also a strong negotiator, able to perform a balancing act when necessary. Famous people born today: Isaac Asimov, Jack Hanna, Kate Bosworth, Christy Turlington, Tia Carrere.
Hair Icon of the Week: We aren’t the only ones who love Jungle Jack Hanna’s hair! The TV star turns 67 today.
Is today, January 2nd, your birthday? If so, you share your special day with these celebrities: * Cuba Gooding Jr. - turns 46 * Taye Diggs - turns 43 * Kate Bosworth - turns 31 * Dax Shepard - turns 39 * Isaac Asimov - (1920-1992) * Jack Hanna - turns 67 Happy Birthday!!!
A little Jack Johnson can brighten up any day :)
moonclipper: angyechu: First drawing of 2014 I really love the idea that Elsa and Jack know each other ^^ ♥♥…
American zoologist and animal expert Jack Hanna was born on this day in 1947, and he has been terrorizing talk show hosts ever since.
january 2nd-8th is Someday We;ll Laugh About This Week. Today is Happy New Year For Cats, 55 MPH Speed Limit Day & Nat. Buffet Day.Tia Carrere (actress) is 47, my friend Hari Gonzalez is 40, Cuba Gooding Jr is 46, Taye Diggs is 43, Kate Bosworth (actress) is 31, Roger Miller (singer) 1936-1992, Jack Hanna (the animal guy) is 67, Jim Baker (evangelist who got into trouble) is 74, Robby Gordon (Nascar) is 45, Mark Matejka (nicknamed Sparky, joined lynyrd skynyrd in 2006) is 47. 1986 Say You, Say Me by Lionel Richie was 1) what was Buffys dolls name on Family Affair? 2) What language does Morticia speak to drive Gomez wild? 3)What happened to Marcia Bradys nose to make it swell?
The animal guy, Jack Hanna turns 67 today!!. Happy Birthday!!
Jan 2, 2009 a rare 1937 Bugatti Type 56S Atalanta Coup is found in the garage of a deceased physician's garage. The car had around 26000 miles on it and hadn't been driven in years. The Bugatti could reach 120 Mph when most other autos struggled to get to 50. It sold 2 months later for $4.4 million. A new Bugatti in 2009 had a tag of $2 million and top end of 256 Mph(60 in under 2.5 seconds). Jan 2,1906 Willis Carrier receives patent for device that refrigerates air. Cool!Jan 2,1974 Tricky Dicky signed the federal speed limit act. It stayed on the books a long time(repealed in 1995.) I can't drive 55. If you was bornt on Jan 2 you come out nekked and yukky lookin'. So did Barry Goldwater(1909), Jack Hanna(1947), and Cuba Gooding Jr. (1968). If I wuz you I'd stay close to God, cause Jack Hanna will tellya': it's a zoo out there!
Happy 67th birthday to..- A Zookeeper and host of Jack Hanna's Animal Adventures and Jack Hanna's Into The Wild.
Don't expect Jack Hanna to cancel, his title sponsors include the Columbus Zoo & Aquarium
Dave has to give up his desk chair when "Jungle" Jack Hanna brings a black bear. Click to SUBSCRIBE: Click for FULL EPISODES:
Happy Birthday to zoologist and writer Jack Hanna (January 2,1947), author of “Monkeys on the Interstate” (1989) et al.
thequeenserena: Jack Frost’s strength appreciation post. Yes, he’s skinny as *** but he’s not that weak. I m…
bunnysfrost: ((Okay, just gonna take a moment to rant about something I noticed in this gif about Jack. Yes, …
Photo: Happy Birthday, Jack Hanna! Today’s is to this adorable serval Jack brought to the Aquarium...
Happy Birthday to Dax Shepard and Kate Bosworth! Let’s see who else has a birthday today. TV host Jack Hanna...
Happy JANUARY 2nd Birthday wishes go out to: Kate Bosworth, Cuba Gooding Jr., Taye Diggs, Dax Shepard, Tia Carrere, Paz Vega, Lucy Davis (Shaun of the Dead; Studio 60 on Sunset Strip), Gabrielle Carteris and Jack Hanna. And to the late: Anna Lee ('Sister Margareta' in THE SOUND OF MUSIC - 1965), Tommy Morrison (ROCKY V), Roger Miller and writer Isaac Asimov. 835 names listed today. These were out of the top 100.
Happy 67th birthday to Jungle Jack Hanna! The Columbus Zoo is world famous because of your efforts.
Happy Birthday to Jack Hanna who turns 66 today!
Meet Jack Hanna on Jan. 11 or 12 during Wild Days. Breakfast includes a family photo & reserved seats at his show!
Happy Birthday Gino Marchetti, Dabney Coleman, Jack Hanna, Tia Carrere and Cuba Gooding Jr. Also, on this date in 2012 we lost Larry "Rhino" Reinhardt of Iron Butterfly. In honor, today's song of the day is "In-A-Gadda-Da-Vida"
Happy Birthday to the OTHER Jack Hanna-67 years old today! (Jack Hanna
Happy Birthday, Jack Hanna He is 67 years old. Director of the Columbus Zoo (Ohio) and popular guest on TV programs in his capacity as an animal expert, he has also hosted various wildlife-related TV shows and is known for his offbeat sense of humor
RICKY!.today you and all the other "Boyz in the Hood" can celebrate Cuba Gooding Jr. birthday by "Showing me the money"! In celebration of Tia Carrere's birthday if you are a babe you could be "Babe rham Lincoln" today. In celebration of Jack Hanna's birthday hang out with animals or with David Letterman today. Or In celebration of Crystal Walters Yount's birthday help out with a really nasty ankle snap or just in general be a joy to be around!
Happy Birthday to Jack Hanna, he's 67 years young..
Jane Velez-Mitchell &Jack Hanna debate captivity in 2010 Jane rocks this!
Thursday, January 2nd, 2013 Today’s Holiday: Run up the flag pole and see if anyone salutes Beth behind the bar, its Thirsty Thursday, Natty Lite Draught $1.00. 11 to 6 Don’t forget about Beth’s Fabulous Lemon Drops Daily Special: $12.00 Steak Night w/twice baked potato, salad, & toast HAPPY HOUR 3:00 – 6:00 $10 Buckets, $1.50 Drafts, $2.50 Rails, ½ price Wings & Pizza This evening – Holly & Mike behind the bar, & Wild Bill on the Grill 6:30 – In house womens dart league Happy Birthday to: Jack Hanna & Robby Gordon Thought for the Day: There are basically two types of people. People who accomplish things and people who claim to have accomplished things. The first group is less crowded. Mark Twain
Today in History - January 2 • 1942, 350 paintings of Philippine flowering plants by Mona Lisa Steiner were destroyed by fire in the battle of Manila during World War II. • 1947, born, Jack Hanna, American zoologist
Jack Hannah comes on the show with baby tigers, scorpions and snakes. Chaos ensues.
Enjoy a delicious breakfast and mingle with Jack Hanna at Sharks Underwater Gril...
Meet Black Singles 300x250
I was so, so lucky to have worked on the Rainbird (Sprinkler) Corp float for 8 years at Fiesta Floats. The float won Sweepstakes almost every year and it was so fun and such an amazing experience to be able to do that! Jack Hanna and Walter Crawford always rode on the front of the float! The float was specially designed to carry 1500 gallons of recycled water used for ponds and waterfalls. Rain Bird's corporate philosophy of promoting the preservation of Earth's most precious resource through The Intelligent Use of Water worldwide was always taken into consideration when designing the float's theme. The night of the 29th we would pull an almost 24 hours shift to finish putting on all the flowers as the 3 judges came to Fiesta at 9 am on the 30th (every year) to judge the floats!! The floats had to have all of the people who would be riding on them, on the float, and all of the bells and whistles, including waterfals, music, etc. had to be working at the time of judging. If any of you ever come to see ...
Got two Rasta straps coming for me an Jack Hanna
Just sipping on a glass of Bollinger Special Cuvee (not the first one tonight) but it brought back very fond memories of; Lawrence Mindham, Tony Hirons, Michael Sainsbury, Peter Sainsbury, Thomas Gruenig, Harold Halpern and my father (and best friend) Jack Hanna - and I would like to remind them all that this wine tastes just as great as it ever did - and it is wonderful!!!
Off the top of my head some highlights from 2013... 2 weddings, SCUBA, Louisiana, Jerry Lewis, Paul McCartney, Elton John, Ed Sheeran, Hugh Jackman, Jack Hanna, Guatemala, started running, new dog, lots of laughs with family and friends
The only saddest part about 2013 is losing Jennifer Kalb, a beautiful young lady in such a tragic way... Love you Jen...and Ashley Burris moving far far way... But the rest was great!!! Thank you Michael Burris for Kenny Chesney, Bon Jovi, Pitbull Toddler concerts, State Fair, Jack Hanna and all the little things you do for me throughout the year... LOVE YOU HANDSOME
Gosh, found another box of ole pictures. Chance and I on the Letterman Show with Ralph, Jack Hanna and Oscar. Can't remember exact date. Fun memories.
My Ohio friends that are about to loose their primate companions. PLEASE consider moving to WV. We need good, animal loving people here and primates are welcome. Leave sheriff Lutz and Hannibal lector Jack Hanna to rot in ***
I've had some weird dreams before but these healing induced animal dreams r crazy. Grizzly pandas? *** ! No more jack Hanna
IF anyone in SW Oklahoma is interested in getting a school bus CDL, Lawton will have a week long school in Feb. Great to have for driving a route bus, coaches, etc. Spring CDL bus driving class will start on February 3, 2014 and end on February 7, 2014. This is a weeklong class with a schedule driving test. Class will start at 5 pm and ends at 10 pm. Drivers must be present every day and the full 25 hours. The training will be held at 1101 SW 17th street, LPS transportation site. All drivers must obtain a permit 30 days prior to start date. If anyone has question, call 248-3255. Jack Hanna Director of Transportation Lawton Public Schools
Television personality Jack Hanna talks about bald eagles during an appearance at the Sunrise Theatre in Fort Pierce Sunday. In addition to the eagle, Hanna also bought with him animals such as a lynx, porcupine, snakes and owls for the audience to see firsthand.
50++ VHS's for sale. They do not have cases unless otherwise noted. Comes from a smoke free home. You must pick up. Stevensville. Complete list is as follows: A Bug's Life Angelina Ballerina: Angelina in the Wings Angelina Ballerina: Angelina's Princess Dance Angelina Ballerina: Dance of Friendship Angelina Ballerina: The Magic of Dance Angelina Ballerina: The Silver Locket Angels in the Outfield (has hard case) Arsenic & Old Lace (has soft case) Arthur's Treature Hunt Barney: All Aboard for Sharing Beauty and the Beast (has hard case) Beauty and the Beast: The Enchanted Christmas (has hard case) Beethoven's 2nd (has soft case) Circus 1, 2, 3's Critter Songs Disney Christmas Music Video Disneys The Jungle Book (Not Cartoon one - has hard case) George Balanchine's The Nutcracker Growing Up Wild: Kittens & Kaboodles Growing Up Wild: Puppy Dog Tales Heidi + My Six Loves (Debbie Reynolds) + Annie (Recorded) Homeward Bound (has hard case) It's a Wonderful Life + Christmas Box (recorded) Kipper: Cuddly Critter ...
the new year is comeing i wish u was here with my grandpa i just wish i could hug you onemore time and hear u call me ugly onemore time for all who dont know it was are little joke lol i love u grandpa and i know ur watching over us up there miss u more then u know R.I.P Jack hanna masarweh
There was no hidden camera. No agenda other than to ask why can or how can a AZA zoo look like this and treat their animals this way and than have Jack Hanna...
After hearing and seeing the national symbol Bald Eagle on stage at the same time as the original idea of national symbol, the turkey, Peyton wanted to know other national animal. Canada is the beaver... She heard Beiber. We were really confused over counties where their animal was either imaginary (unicorn, dragon) extinct (dodo) or non native (lions in Northern Europe from royal crests). Very interesting. Thanks Jack Hanna for getting my daughter thinking!
Jungle Jack Hanna supports Sea World and mentions briefly that the footage in the Blackfish film is over 40 years old, several animals he had on stage today were from Sea World in Orlando and Busch Wildlife Sanctuary. Thank you Jack! Maybe you won't listen to me but will you please listen to him.
Gelato over loads of talk of the gals seeing Jack Hanna. Pretty sure they don't need more excitement or sugar ;) thanks MeMa
Chapter-thieving at the cafe in Barnes & Noble. No sooner do I stumble across an ad in a magazine for a new book that's out called White Whine: A Study of First-World Problems, than I overhear the following coming from the table to my right: *** Woman "Ever been on a cruise?" Woman "[*Shrugs*] Once... It was okay." W"You didn't enjoy yourself?" W"Meh. Most of the time it was kinda boring. There's really nothing to do but eat." *** In fairness, I guess they don't count as first-world problems when you're in international waters. later remarked that "biologists don't make a lot"... Except, y'know, the Starbucks coffee she was sipping on. I wonder how Jack Hanna would react to her financial reduction of his career choice.
Working the jack Hanna show after all nite dancing ,help
Mom is thoroughly enjoying her wine and talking about her perfect man - a mixture of Sean Connery, Harrison Ford, and Jack Hanna.
Anderson Cooper 360 Jack Hanna is a complete moron!!
Jack Hanna stopped by Mills James today with the Von Trapp Family
Jack Hanna sings with The von Trapps via
I might have just fist pumped at the gym when I saw Jeff Corwin on tv... Shout out to Jack Hanna's Wild Countdown for the assisted hype.
Heading to the Columbus Zoo. Hope I get to meet Jack Hanna
What a great Sunday. Im only 1 hour into it. But I got a quiet house, Sunday paper, and Jack Hanna on tv. Oh, and my morning breath is like roses.
lmao my heart dropped I’m like the Black Jack Hanna in real life lmao
Back from Gabon. Traveling with Jack Hanna and his crew is always fantastic, not only because you get to see and do so many special things, but also because they are such nice people Who have become friends.
Today I fenced at OSU, got to chat with Nikita, went to Polaris, got a sweater & a pic w a fake Jack Hanna, got 3rd at RAFA, & got my e13.
One of my favorites. This shot was taken the night I appeared on Letterman with my friend and mentor, Jack Hanna.
Someone bring me Wendy's or jack in the box
Save up to 45% 0ff MSRP On Streetbike Tires
In to the Wild with Jack Hanna is AWESOME
This Dingo on nat geo is singing along while Jack Hanna is playing piano. That's all.
Every Saturday morning hangover is completed by Jack Hanna's Animal Adventure. AKA the TV show of shame.
Man how in the world is Jack Hanna's Wild Countdown STILL on tv? This has to be a rerun.. 😳
Jack Hanna's Wild countdown. some cooking with chef John Besh's family table. Adventures in Odyssey Family travel with Colleen Kelly
Getting my Jack Hanna fix about Tanzania before I head out. Feels like I was there yesterday. Bringing back best memories of my life
Myles Jack from UCLA is raw and a half
thats better hanna. You should apologize
I know ahh yeah. Doesn't feel right! I just keep telling my self it's a Thursday 🙈 x
It's a 50/50 for me peds 😢 have you actually?! Mark this down in the diary! Pedders has actually had a night in!
it's 70% chance Han Robs, I've even had a night in tonight to make me wanna go even more tomorrow. I'm sure I'll end up there
Never a dull moment when filming for Jack Hanna's Into the Wild!
jack Johnson's voice is like velvet 💗
Tickets are now on sale for our 2014 Celebrity Event with Jack Hanna!
Just drove by the Zoo, where there's a picture of Jack Hanna power pointing at the camera saying "I want YOU to wear khaki." TFM.
The boys efforts so far: Jack & Dan in the lead, and Paul is sporting the 'invisible mo'
Game Time. 9 Things You May Not Know About Me. 1) I greatly prefer living in the country to the city. 2) I like most raspberry flavored things. 3) My favorite hobbies are reading, snail mail correspondence, photography and bird watching. 4) I enjoy campfires and star gazing with my husband. 5) I love to read about Chinese history and culture. 6) My sister and I once picked up a hitchhiker, and we had to hitchhike in Italy. 7) I am fascinated by the paranormal. 8) I am proud of my Cherokee ancestry. 9) I have met Jack Hanna, Marge Piercy, Ronnie Dunn, Scott Baio, Oliver North, Lisa Loeb, Natasha Bedingfield, and Jerry Springer.
Why are snapchat stories so weird but funny😂😂
One more and I'm done... Jack Hanna has a separate site, New dance to open at night.
Hi I'm Hannah jack & I would benefit your college because I would like to become a mermaid
I would join but last time I drank with you yah threw up on a shot of jack 😝😝
Captain Jack Hanna from Team Woon: "We have a new roster full of new talent. We just need to prove ourselves on the court …
I know he's not a rep BUT I am appalled that Jack Hanna doesn't speak for the whales. "The entire world is a captivity"? ***
Jungle Jack Hanna has some of the most incredible experiences.
Where's the black version of Jack Hanna, Survivorman and The Crocodile Hunter? BET should jump on it...
"That's for the courts to decide" Your've already been there Jack. Think about it.
She was trying to get the pipe but I was watching Jack Hanna...told her to mind her business
jack all I'm gonna say is wait till I dig up my old droid.
I've got the eye of the tiger. I've got the tail of the tiger. Uh I think I killed this tiger can someone call Jack Hanna
Jack Hanna on Letterman makes my life
Collectible Lifelike Baby Dolls, Porcelain Dolls a
Anybody out there have feedback on the Jungle Jack Hanna show? What was your favorite animal?
You can get 4 tacos for 2 $ at jack in the box 😍 & jack in the box has the best tacos.
Jack Hanna - Interview Letterman 2013 01 17 720p: via This is so cute
For those only following match between pirate candidates...Capt. Jack Sparrow picked up 5 to 270...Kurt Hanna of Pirate party still at 200.
Hi fans, LoHi here, or you can call me Jack Hanna or Diego because I'm trying to solve an animal mystery today!...
who plays Jack Hanna in the Tarantino adaptation?
Jack Hanna was in Chico last Friday. What day is it???
Enter to WIN the 5-disc Best of Jack Hanna DVD Collection
Oh, but Jack Hanna the big banana wears a safari outfit which qualifies him don't U know? LOL!
Pirate Race Update: Capt. Jack Sparrow appears to have insurmountable lead over Kurtis Hanna of Pirate Party in Mpls mayor's race.
“Jack believes everything I tell him 😂” shark attacks are not something to joke about I was actually gonna ask your dad about it
Hace mucho que hanna no me dice jack-jack 😔
FYI Captain Jack Sparrow is not in the Pirate Party. That would be Kurtis W. Hanna
If Jack Whitehall would like to realise that he fancies me then that would be great 😍
It's sure ironic that Capt. Jack Sparrow, running for mayor of Minneapolis, isn't even in the "Pirate Party" on the ballot. Kurtis Hanna is.
“Runnin' drops pounds, but beards drop panties. No Shave November is back, jack. Merica.” 😂
Got a lot of time for the man that comes and orders a double jack Daniels and espresso of me every morning 🙌
pretty sure I just did that for 10 minutes.
““Object at this point is to make Jen repulsed at the thought of jack” I've seen worse” it's true:/
Check out these links at the bottom of letter:
Just entered Best of Jack Hanna 5-Disc DVD Kids Wild Animals Movie GIVEAWAY, U should too
Oh, my goodness, Roc is SO excited that the 2nd Edition of Puppy Scents, featuring Jungle Jack Hanna of The...
PR Suicide Flight.Anyone else visualize Jack Hanna on that plane?😂 goes all in w/ htt…
An open letter to Jack Hanna, who's defending Sea World's horrible orca poaching revealed in the film http:…
I wonder what dictionary Jack Hanna uses to define "captivity" his meaning seems a bit off.
An Open Letter To Jack Hanna via PLEASE read this and pass it on.
David Letterman needs to stop having "Jungle Jack Hanna" on as a guest.
A list of organisations you can support to help end the cruelty of
I spent my time (& money) as a child @ the Columbus Zoo and I can honestly say I'm not sure who I'd prefer to stand beside in a picture - Barrack Obama or Jack Hanna. I guess Jack Hanna cause I don't actually despise his whole administration (to my knowledge)
We went to the Columbus Zoo over the long weekend. It is ranked probably due to Jack Hanna. Lynn and I have now been to six of the top 10 zoos and Lila has been to five.
Tonight on WRBL News 3: 8p et: Survivor (New) 9p et: Criminal Minds (New) 10p et: CSI: Crime Scene Investigation (New) 11p et: WRBL News 3 Nightwatch (Live on TV and Web) 11:35p et: Late Show with David Letterman (New / Guests animal expert Jack Hanna; The Big Bang Theory actor Kunal Nayyar 12:37a et: The Late Late Show with Craig Ferguson (New / Guests actor Sean Hayes; comedy by Tom Cotter) We understand DISH Network customers cannot see WRBL at this time. Our parent company Media General is still negotiating a retransmission agreement with them. We hope to return WRBL to your lineups soon. These nightly posts are meant to serve as a reminder to those with other carriers who are looking to watch CBS' fall lineup. All viewers will have a chance to catchup on their favorite episodes tomorrow online.
Venice Florida Friends.I need some help. My boyfriends production company is looking for a private backyard (preferably waterfront or tropical like) to shoot some footage of Jack Hanna and Bindi Irwin on Tuesday. Can't be public as they don't have the time to file permits. If you know of someone or a place...Please let me know ASAP!! Thank you.
I love you too! And I photobombed Jack Hanna holding a snow leopard!
So I spent my day at the zoo, pet a kangaroo, and photobombed Jack Hanna. I can say it's been a pretty good birthday.
So I just got a call from my "dad" and I answered kinda rude and it was Jack Hanna 😂😂 whoops
Elliptical, not eucalyptus. Koalas eat eucalyptus 'Okay Jack Hanna'
How many of you remember Hanna's Ark? This week, Jungle Jack Hanna is celebrating his 35th "Hanna-versary" at the...
Jack Hanna on board, but no animals? Bummer!
Lots of winners to be chosen today. Enter to win CBJ tickets, a meet & greet with Jack Hanna & more:
Jack Hanna notes 35 years with the Columbus Zoo this week... amazing how the place has changed...
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