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Jack Hanna

John Bushnell Jack Hanna (born January 2, 1947) is an American zookeeper who is the Director Emeritus of the Columbus Zoo and Aquarium.

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Jack Hanna coming to help build an Animal Welfare Fund and support for a new shelter -Jackson Newspapers -
i love Jack Hanna. The beaver was my fav tonite...
Jack Hanna is on Letterman. Love his guest appearances and all the animals. So cute!
Jack Hanna's last appearance on Letterman's and possibly(?) his last appearance on a late night show. Kinda sad.
Not a huge David Letterman fan but love to watch stupid animal tricks and of course Jungle Jack Hanna. However for the life of me how...
Jack Hanna on Letterman is always magic.
I finally figured out my life goal. I need to be Jack Hanna.
I’d hate it if this was Jungle Jack Hanna’s last appearance on Letterman.
The best tonite. Dave just scared the *** out of Jack Hanna w/ a cobra and the snake shot venom all over Dave's desk.
I think Letterman and Jack Hanna are trashed or just really enjoying Jack's final visit to the show. Either way, its *** entertaining.
Jack Hanna seems like he gets crazier with each appearance.
Jack Hanna on Letterman will forever be one of my favorite things
do you guys tell Jack Hanna to act ignorant?
Whenever David and Jack Hanna get together hilarity ensues.
Anything better than Jack Hanna on Letterman with his beasts? Nope. Absolute beauty!
I really can't tell if Jack Hanna is doing some beaver comedy, or is clueless as to its other meaning.
My dream:. To host two different shows. One show will be on animals and conservation. The female Jack Hanna if you will.
Jack Hanna on Letterman makes my day every single time.
Jack Hanna on David Letterman...gonna miss this.
Animal expert Jack Hanna on Letterman now. Always fun. Got to watch.
I'll always enjoy Jack Hanna on any teevee
I love Jack Hanna ive always wanted to meet him
Your alert that Jungle Jack Hanna is on Letterman right now.
Jack Hanna is a boss and so are his animals
Jack Hanna is on Letterman tonight. i highly highly recommend it for the animals and the craziness.
Why do you hate Jack Hanna and all things wonderful?
Feeling panicked that this might be my last time ever seeing Jack Hanna on Letterman. WHAT IF THIS IS THE LAST TIME. cc
Oh god are all of you too young for jack Hanna?
Thanks to the iPhone today I met 'jack Hanna the wild anal dude'
TON on Dave has animal expert Jack Hanna & musical guests Sharon Jones and the Dap Kings 11:35p
What animal surprise does have 4 Dave? Plus intern Todd goes 2 on 2nite 11:35pm!
All purpose parts banner
Jack Hanna is bringing a camel to Letterman tonight. Must watch tv. This is gonna be hilarious!
Jack and the multi coloured beanstalk :'D also you have valentines plans? do tell ;) lmao my plans are alcohol.
Omg jack Hanna brought panthers and sloths and I'm dying
Email your song requests to Debbie at 12 for your chance to win a family four pack of tickets to Jack Hanna’s Into the Wild Live!
.winds down Wild Days, featuring Bindi Irwin, Jack Hanna and plenty of animals
All about Jack Hanna Quotes : height, biography, quotes - see at
Frazzled Pete Carroll sounds even more like Jack Hanna than he normally does.
All about Jack Hanna : height, biography, quotes - see at
"That's not a tiger Katy. It's a Lion." Jack Hanna over here has spoken!
If jack G knows that puss in Swedish means kiss
"The snow leopard is absolutely magnificent. It represents really what endangered species are all about." ~Jack Hanna ht…
Loved it. Also, any time he had Richard Simmons or Jack Hanna on.
Sorry this is late but happy birthday jack! Hanna loves you 😂💕
7 Ways To Build Your Biceps Peak!: Is your biceps peak looking more like a molehill than a mountain? Jack up y...
Jack Hanna was in Tucson today to help release the bighorn sheep into the Pusch Ridge wilderness in the Catalina mountains. He stopped by the zoo and talked to the staff about conservation, he's so passionate, it was awesome! So, hopefully the herd will do well.
Jack Hanna has some great things to say about Reid Park Zoo. He was there today taping segments for his two TV shows! He also took time to take pictures with staff from the Zoo, Tucson 12, and anybody who happened to recognize him (it was a lot of people).
Look closer at this pic! Jack Hanna was in today to help release the
When you hand Jack Frost the aux cord
Emily just told me she's a zoo member and then said "My whole family is... I'm basically Jack Hanna's daughter" NO 😂😭
Keep your eyes peeled for our interview with Jack Hanna
me! Doing a backflip while riding a donkey!
pewds and you kissing but then minx in the background like no why I lived you jack!!
The AZ Game & Fish w/ Jack Hanna just released bighorn sheep into the Catalina Mountains today. Lions in those mountains kill sheep.
Had fun hosting Jack Hanna & his wife Sue @ our bighorn capture.Great people making great conservation contributions.
More Big Horn Sheep were release in the Catalina Mountains today... here's some video of Jack Hanna helping out
Jack Hanna tells Knox audience about the worst animal bite he's ever experienced. Scary. The Blue Streak:
Does this guy look familiar? None other than Jack Hanna at our Phoenix Zoo!
Jack Hanna helps release bighorns into Catalinas: via
Jack Hanna helps release 14 bighorns into Catalinas
Jack Hanna helps release bighorns into Catalinas:
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Bighorn sheep release: "Jungle" Jack Hanna prepares to open the hatch and release 14 bighorn sheep into the Sa...
MT: helps release bighorns near today
MT: helped release bighorns near today
Jack Hanna into the Wild Live Plus Hat and Binoculars at State on February 16 $25.00
Jack Hanna helps release bighorns into Catalinas
.helps release bighorn sheep into Catalina Mountains
Bighorn sheep release: As Jack Hanna releases the hatch at right, three of the 14 bighorn sheep dart into the ...
I liked a video Jack Hanna, David Letterman, and a Really Big Snake
I got to see Betty at the that place was PACKED because Jack Hanna brought her in for the opening of an exhibit
Spent a great day on a desert bighorn capture with help from Jack Hanna.
All I want is Starbucks and croissant donuts from jack in the crack. And since I have my physical in January, eating like crap makes sense.
Did you hear? Jack Hanna “Into the Wild – Live” will be in Lakeside on Sunday, May 24!
We're thrilled to welcome Jungle Jack Hanna to our complimentary Flight of the Phoenix event on 11/22 at 5pm.
seals raping penguins! I need to hear what has to say about this, since he's the Jack Hanna of the podcast world
"The largest animal we travel with is a cheetah - about the size of a large golden retriever" - booking hotels for Jack Hanna.
“Jack Hanna Show” LIVE on Sunday, February 12 at the San Francisco Zoo! More information here:
dreamed that Jack Hanna was on TV interviewing a man dressed up as a lion that he thought was a real lion
Hanna :HAPPY BIRTHDAY JACK I love you so much I hope your day is amazing (6th-9th grade) ...
Hanna and I will be supporting jack manna in golf this year
The pups are starting to wrinkles. Hope Momma doesn't turn into Jack Hanna and want to keep them all. Gotta sell them
Our Flight of the Phoenix bird show soars this weekend with Wildlife Expert Jack Hanna! via
Celebrity sighting at breakfast in Williams, AZ. It's the one and only Jack Hanna!!
Local ring netter Hanna Jack has made this year’s 1st landing of to at
'Welcomes Wildlife Expert to the Flight of the Phoenix' via
Welcomes Wildlife Expert to the Flight of the Phoenix via
The Flight of Phoenix and with Wildlife Expert Jack Hanna this weekend! ! via
Received this in the mail today from the one and only Jack Hanna. What a genuine person he was.
Just added another 120 or so pictures to the Jack Hanna event album, thanks to Joey Bahr
Gary McCoy with Jack Hanna as he prepares for this afternoon's show!!! Hope you're planning to come the amazing...
America’s most beloved animal expert, Jack Hanna, brings his two-time Emmy Award winning television series to the Shreveport Convention Center on November
Getting ready and watching Jack Hanna and Jeff Corwin on tv because I am a child apparently. Feeling like in here!
Greg Norman and Jack Hanna look like twins, outfits and all.
Never noticed before how much Jack Hanna and John Slattery (aka Roger from "Mad Men") look alike. (I'm watching last night's
After a two month hiatus Artis-Naples is back ! Beginning this week a series of free community outreach concerts will be performed throughout Naples. Chamber music concerts are scheduled at library branches, The Baker Museum, The von Liebig Art Center and even The Golisano Children's Museum. Location and times of each concert can be found on the Artis-Naples website The concerts lead up to an exciting new season filled with concerts, children's programming, lectures, and stage shows. Scheduled this season are Audra McDonald, Jerry Seinfeld, Jack Hanna, The Snow Queen and Chicago. It's going to be another great year of Life In Naples !
Mills James helps Jack Hanna announce the Columbus Zoo's opening of the Heart of Africa habitat.
Jeff Corwin and Jack Hanna are some bosses.
"Betty White Way" . . Jack Hanna, director of the Columbus Zoo and Aquarium, surprises Betty by showing her a sign that will hang at the entrance of the Heart Of Africa exhibit.
Jack Hanna on David Letterman is always a guaranteed good laugh! lol
Actress and longtime animal advocate Betty White is set to join Columbus Zoo emeritus director Jack Hanna at 9:30 a.m. Thursday for a ribbon-cutting ceremony to open the Heart of Africa exhibit.
Columbus Dispatch: Betty White to join Jack Hanna at Columbus Zoo's Heart of Africa ribbon cutting
Every "private owner" is better than Jack Hanna, better than Born Free America, better than IFAW, better than the ASPCA, and better than the HSUS. Once we take that to heart, we will win. Far better than the zoos or the conservation organizations, too. This should have been our conviction all during this fight, that private owners are better.
& met Tiffany from the Columbus Zoo. Betty White & Jack Hanna will open the Heart of Africa exhibit.
I'm basically a magician. I can turn any bottle of Jack Daniel's into a series of bad decisions
Jack Hanna outside The Late Show with David Letterman in New York: via
Check this out! We're going to the opening of the heart of Africa and would love to meet Betty White and Jack Hanna, maybe if you shared this around it could help! Get Betty White to see this!
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Jack Hanna to Maury povich: "in fifteen years, you've never taken my DNA or the DNA of a goat. I'm very disappointed." 'Zactly what you been doing with them goats, Hanna?
Betty White and Jack Hanna are by leaps and bounds the coolest celebrity friend combo.
Do apparently Betty White and Jungle Jack Hanna are buddies enough that she's going to be in Dublin to help him open the new 43 acre Africa exhibit. Who knew?
that, along with stupid pet/human tricks and Jack Hanna are my favorites of his.
Betty White will be at the zoo Thursday morning with jack hanna!? I must go!
A special guest will join Jack Hanna at The Columbus Zoo and Aquarium’s ribbon cutting for the new Heart of Africa exhibit on Thursday.
Someone found my blog today by googling "Jack Hanna is weird." That kinda makes me smile :)
Jack Hanna personally thanked me for working so hard tonight. I have a great job.
Ran into Jack Hanna at the zoo today.
But makes me way happier than Jack Hanna and the lion king
Jack Hanna has animals on I can't go to bed yet
Help! Baby kangaroo is eating my hair!! (I pay a lot for these highlites). Thanks for the close up, jack Hanna.
I'm going to be trying hard for a pic with Jack Hanna and Betty White on Thursday
Thinking about trekking to the Columbus Zoo Thursday to try and see Betty White and Jack Hanna...
Seeing Betty White with Jack Hanna at the zoo Thursday morning would be a legitimate reason not to be in class right?
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I have jack Hanna a high five at work today. What did you do?
Today at work I fed a giraffe and rode a camel and almost interrupted Jack Hanna filming something. I love my job 😬😬
Why yes, this 60 second clip of Jack Hanna feeding baby penguins on Letterman will make your Tuesday better:
The sixth graders had fun at the zoo today with Jack Hanna!
Betty White helps Jack Hanna open a new exhibit at the Columbus Zoo!
Jack Hanna was on Letterman again lastnight. Dave said he'd been on 95x over 30+ years. I've been a regular fan of both gentlemen. For the past few visits I've noticed Jack seems to be in the grips of Alzheimer's dementia. It was more evident than usual lastnight. The light seems to be going out in his eyes...Dave was not (and has not been) his usual acrid self. It was bittersweet bcs I could see all that while lmao at the bit.
A commercial with Jack Hanna and the lion king theme song? I think my life was just made
Congratulations to Jacob Neuls,Tyler Moroz, and Jack Hanna who participated in the 2014 Football Alberta Senior...
Betty White joins Jack Hanna at on Thur to open the new 43-acre Heart of Africa
Super star Betty White to Join Jack Hanna in "Heart of Africa" Ribbon Cutting
It's a great day at the zoo, especially since Jack Hanna is here 😄🐯🐒🐻
Fun day ... helped Jack Hanna get a doctor's apt. for his knee next Tues., then went and visited with Larry Stoner for a couple of hours. It is nice to see him feeling better, infection and tube free (2 tubes had been used to drain infection sights) and he is optimistic as he heads to his first chemo session on Thur. He was patient with me as we discussed my old familiar topics of politics and religion, and it is nice to be able to know I can never offend him with whatever I say, as he will simply give me that half smile of his and tell me I'm crazy! : ) I just let him know I think the same of his opinions, when they diverge from mine! Go figure. I have assured him I will not be offended if he wants to change topics, wants me to shorten my stays, or even not bug him.
Betty White joins Jack Hanna at the this Thursday to open Heart of Africa! May 20, 2014...
A new message is now running before One Ocean from Bindi Irwin and Jack Hanna talking about the power of 1 and how you can make a difference. You can donate to the SeaWorld Conservation Fund by texting the word SAVE to 50555 and it will be a $5 donation. More details in this video. It's put together very well
I don't watch David Letterman, not because I don't like him, but because I either go to bed before he's on, or occasionally, I'm out. Either, way, it's not happening, except when Jack Hanna is on, in which case, I record. Last night, it was all baby animals, and this morning, I saw baby kangaroos, snow leopards, a civet, alpaca and camel -- what a way to start the day! BABY ANIMALS!
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Watched David Letterman tonight just to see Jack Hanna. Is he on drugs? What is wrong with that poor man. Not sure if he was trying to be funny, but only made himself look very uneducated about animals. Period.
Animals on Letterman, now!! Jack Hanna is hilarious...always says maybe, or I think so...makes me laugh!!
Nothing better than getting home and remembering you dvr'd letterman with Jungle Jack Hanna. Amen.
Watching Letterman with Jack Hanna and he had the most adorable snow leopard cubs!
Awesome stuff by "Jungle" Jack Hanna on Letterman right now.
I absolutely LOVE when (Jungle) Jack Hanna is on with it's been more than 25 years I've been enjoying watching Dave
Not a big Letterman fan, but do enjoy watching Jack Hanna!
Nice to kno sum people never change. Luv Jack-David Letterman - "Jungle" Jack Hanna's Penguins: via
Jack Wilshere: "I heard Scholes criticise me on TV, I got his number & called him. I had to listen, he's the best English…
Looking forward to listening to my friends and passionate animal advocates: Jungle Jack Hanna with Animal Magnetism Show host Carolyn Hennesy. Sunday at 10 a.m. PST on
well Godzilla was a let down but the zoo was amazing, the new heart of africa was incredible, got to feed a giraffe some lettuce and met/got a picture with Jack Hanna
Pretty sure Kayla passed out after feeding a giraffe and meeting Jack Hanna.
Tanning in the backyard listening to some Jack Johnson when the neighbors start blasting Frozen from theirs..
the way Jack G run for the ice cream😂
Arsenal's new Mr.Arsenal. Jack Wilshere. I bloody love him. My boy, doing it the Arsenal way after ET.
STUDY THIS JACK HANNA. It's done in the wild and not a guppy tank at SEASCUM
Jungle Jack Hanna is all about his celebrity and not the welfare of Orcas. Boycott his products
Yaya Sanogo is happiness personified, Rosicky is a magical conductor, Jack Wilshere bleeds white and red, Kos is the lite…
what irks me is Jack Hanna of the Cincinnati zoo supports this Orca research crap. Why?
I used to like Jack Hanna. Whales kept for 'abusement?': via
Our May show coming up on BigValleyRadio.Com - The Big Valley, Montana's LIVE STREAM at 10 AM MDT; What's this strange animal? Find out with Jungle Jack Hanna's Animal of the Month! Also, hear about some wonderful pets up for adoption at Flathead County Animal Shelter, including Kurt. We also have awesome interviews from our recent trip to the Los Angeles Zoo and Botanical Gardens!
Jack Hanna has always had a knack for storytelling with his expressive, genuine, and quirky personality. In Wild Countdown he entertains viewers as he counts down facts and experiences about some of the world’s rarest, most endearing, and fascinating animals. Wild Countdown is hosted from Hanna’s ba…
Up on a Saturday morning watching Jack Hanna. This is great. I feel like a kid again.
Back in the day my brothers and I got up early on Saturday mornings to watch Jack Hanna! And it is on this morning!!
So this Indian guy is faxing a bunch of pages and we're sitting here watching some Jack Hanna nature show. There's monkeys on it and he goes " Back in India I had a pet monkey and I wanted to bring it to the United States, but the God *** government wouldn't let me because you need a license. I can't have a monkey but you people can own pitbulls?" I laughed so hard. Omfg.
makes watching Jack Hanna's Wild Countdown more rewarding. I'm earning great rewards and playing along with Viggle games.
I'm Jack Hanna's Wild Countdown. TV loves you back with Watch TV. Earn Points. Get Rewards.
I'm watching Jack Hanna's Animal Adventures. Do u know a giraffe can run 30 mph?
On "Jack Hanna's Wild Countdown" today they went to The Wilds. It made me even more excited to go next month!
I leave out the room.. Come back the tv is on jack Hanna and animal planet.Side eye Kairo.
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I been watching Jack Hanna's wild countdown every Saturday since I was little
Learning more random facts as I get ready this morning. Watching Jack Hanna's show. Crocs have 64 teeth!
Quick buzz with Jack Hanna , Saturday morning routine
Carolyn just posted this on her FB page. "Cannot wait for Sunday; will be interviewing the one and only, the man…they myth…the legend himself: Jungle Jack Hanna on "Animal Magnetism." Don't miss it… at 10:00 am."
Lets see... Squirrels, possums, raccoons, coyotes... and now a couple of baby skunks greeting us when we walked home. I may need to call Jack Hanna. The little skunks found an opening underneath our house. WE ARE SCREWED.
Had an amazing day at the Jack Hanna Zoo. Fed the giraffes, rode a camel, saw all kinds of animals up close. This was the best day. Post pics later when I return.
Flight Two at the Jack Hanna VIP Tent at Safari Under the Stars
"My anaconda don't want none unless you got buns, hon...". -Jack Hanna
Jack Hanna was nice enough to stop by during our visit to the
Thanks to Jungle Jack Hanna for helping us promote U.S. zoos and all they do to protect wildlife.
Hey it's Hanna!! Please can you vote for me on the Jack Wills Website!! I will love you forever!! Thankyou xx 😂😜😝😄 xx
What an outstanding meeting this morning with the SDCRA and GDARA. BIG thanks to our guest speaker, Jack Hanna.
A WILD TIME WAS HAD BY ALL!!! Thanks Jack Hanna for being there today! A HUGE thank you to our leader Jim Thompson, Chryssa Gartner, President of GDRA and Davyd Miller of Prime Lending for their fierce determination to get this very busy man in front of our two groups. KUDOS TO ALL! Lots of photos will be posted soon. If you missed this one, stay tuned - just the first of many dual events planned for this year and into the future!!! Uncommon leadership, foresight and keeping our members excited about attending meetings! Not a member yet, join one or both groups and be a part of the excitement.
Yo jack hanna is that *** We held him up for a pic . Sorry man I know u got to get back to the animals.
Now this is a giggle getter for me!. I'm hired to face paint at a company family day at the Pzazz as a result of my pre-show for Jack Hanna in that venue two weeks ago. Sweet Mimi is rolling forward with gigantic smiles.
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A moment I will never forget - I was in the airport in Baltimore and I got a call from my wonderful friend, Abby. I was on the other line with my brother so she left a voicemail. When I listened to that voicemail, I was crying because I was so excited and honored. Abby and her dad asked if I would make headbands for an upcoming fundraiser supporting childhood cancer. "This is my dream!! How could this be happening to me?" I thought. I'm SO GRATEFUL to Abby and Jim! My headbands and bow ties will be on the runway of the first annual Nellie's Catwalk for Kids "A Night at the Safari Gala" in Columbus, Ohio on June 14 at the Columbus Zoo. The famous zookeeper Jack Hanna is involved with the sponsorship and Coach Urban Meyer is speaking at the event. Pinch me -- is this real?! Feeling so blessed and so emotional. Xoxo!
Catching up with Jungle Jack Hanna at Dare to Dream for St. Jude Children's Hospital! Love Jack!
Love my hair professional & friend, Cyndi Robinson, owner of Ava Lanza Hair Salon. She inspires me today with her dedication to supporting St. Jude's Hospital fundraiser last night with Jack Hanna & Shawn Ireland. She educated me on the science behind heathy hair and entertained with her always positive attitude! Avola Lanza Salon in Grandview
Our Irish dancers from Richens/Timm showed Jack Hanna some steps during our Group Tour FAM today at the Zoo.
Grab your Leopard print, your zebra stripes, or cougar gear and head up to MAG BMW in Dublin this morning for a joint GDRA and SDCRA meeting with none other than the AWESOME JACK HANNA. He will be our speaker this morning! STARTS promptly at 9:00! EVERYONE IS WELCOME!!!
Jack Hanna shares some amazing surprises about U.S. zoos and why you should visit.
Jack Hanna house at lodge: armed security staff, personal chef, and a welcome cup of Pringles in the bedroom.
We are REALLY impressed by that !! Is it the Jack Hanna effect or something in the water? ;-)
Have you seen the new schedule for the EKU Center for '14-'15? So many kid-friendly shows - Jack Hanna's Into the...
Rachel last night, "who's that guy that always says like Hanna, Rachel Hanna? David or Jack or something?"
Just saw Jack Hanna from the Los Angeles Zoo say "Squirrels are a bunch jetkoffs"
We were very happy to join Jack Hanna and our friends from the Columbus Zoo in two presentations this weekend. The first was Friday night in Benton Harbor, MI. All the animals were fabulous ambassadors onstage. In presentations like these we are able to connect people to nature and the world around them. When people see an echidna in real life, hear its story, and learn the fascinating facts of its existence, they gain a greater understanding of the natural world.
It's going to be a busy first weekend of May in Bexley- not only is Jack Hanna coming to Jeffrey Park from 10 a.m.-noon Saturday, but 2005 Bexley High School grad Sarah Jones will be leading storytime and signing her books (she is the author and illustrator of "Orange Triangle Fox" and "Bunnies Near and Far") at the Easton Barnes & Noble at 11 a.m. Capital University will also be celebrating commencement Saturday from 2-5 p.m. Then, we've got Star Wars Day at the Bexley Public Library in honor of "May the Fourth" Sunday from 2-3 p.m. Sounds like a solid weekend to us!
Holy crap on a *** I've just been nominated for a NATIONAL Daytime Emmy Award!! Outstanding Travel Program category, as Exec. Producer/Host of Curious Traveler! Okay, so Jack Hanna & Jeff Corwin are my competition, so I'm already practicing, ".it's an honor just to be nominated."
I cannot answer this question ☝️but orange juice after I threw it down your back 💁
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😂😂😂 mine smells and tastes like cherry... Doesn't it Han ? 😂 x
why would I work when I can rattle Hanna in the kitchen and get paid 😂👌 x
TV's Wildlife Advocate, Director Emeritus of the Columbus Zoo and the Wilds, "Jack Hanna's Into the Wild","Jack Hanna's Wild Countdown", Author, Speaker
All I want is to be a female Jack Hanna.
I'm going to spam Hanna with pictures of Jack Daniels until she buys me the shirt
Dear Friends, Breaking news! My new TV show, Jack Hanna's Wild Countdown, has started airing on Saturday mornings on ABC affiliates around the country! Tune in to see some of my favorite experiences with the world's rarest, most endearing, and fascinating animals! You'll even get to see my very own…
(Heidi Gutman/ABC) Hold your horses, Jack Hanna: the Koch Brothers just threw a monkey wrench into a May ballot proposal to increase funding for the Columbus Zoo in Ohio. Less than two weeks from a vote on the proposal, Americans for Prosperity, an interest group financed in part by the conservative…
Woke up for dawn patrol and it's in the 30's and raining. Colorado weather hates me. Every time I come it has rained or snowed lol. Heading to the slide jam here in a bit. Then see what Jack Hanna and I wana do out in some leathers and shred in the freezing rain or head over the pass and see Katie Thomas after last trip I won't chance getting trapped on the pass lol.
Just in case you missed it Saturday morning - Sherry and I felt like Jack Hanna with everything from hungry Russian baby bears, grey foxes and friendly monkeys
Little Sally Gage was up and watching DOGS 101 this morning as she does every Sunday.Among her other fave shows are Dr Pol Vet, Animal Atlas, Too Cute, Jack Hanna's Animal Adventures, and any Discovery Channel show or National Geo Shows about animals, esp about seals, hippos or sheep.
the people at the tournament told jack Hanna that it was cancelled
Dad has dressed like Jack Hanna for the 5k.
Jack Hanna's animal adventure never gets old
for some reason the tv was stopped on jack hannas Into the Wild TV show, now its showing monkey and y'all know I hate monkeys, but this show was showing breast feeding orangs. My most hated monkey of them all, I think they are full on creepy poo flingers. So with that I will fire up the rusty ol pick up and go repair my moms grass.
Who would you rather go night swimming with?. RT-Shawn. Fav-Jack J
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Great night at Castle Hill Inn with DJ Jack Hanna with tonight's Lighting & Music and Jessica Martinez at the Luke Renchan Entertainment Photobooth for Britt & Carl's Wedding. Always a pleasure working with The Honorable Frank Camera, Justice of the Peace, SNAP RI Photography, Meghan Simone Wedding Films and of course the staff at Castle Hill including Joslin Carroll. Congrats Britt & Carl!!!
Was watching Jack Hanna this am and he showed his family on a trip to Alaska and they were watching otter's...they are the cutest little creatures and just love the way they swim on their backs and hold "hands" . put a smile on my face :) enjoy that show!
“Russell Crowe in the house again. Fist-pumping.” He aunt no Jack Hanna.
just my opinion I do not think we ought to pass a tax for the zoo instead I think we should stop tearing up there habitat and poaching just for there fur or ivory and we would have a real zoo lets stop the real reason for increases jack hannas salary is one of them the zoo would save millons if they send him into retirement its not about the animals people its about salaries
you have to look up Jack Hanna the Zoo guy. He sounds and looks like .
Watching Jack hanna this A.M. Only 35 000 Lions left out of 10 Ranchers poising them Cant they get a DOG to scare lions
If you see Jack and Jack do this to him...
Happy Saturday to you! Watching Jack Hanna! Got real windy last night it was shaking our mobile home!
McFarland Sports Report. Ethan teams loses on controversial call in the box with under a minute. As a result , The Red Flames score on a goal kick and beat The Blue Knights 3-2. More McFarland Sports news later. We now return to Jack Hanna's Animal Adventures.
I was leaning strongly agains voting for the zoo levy. I love the zoo. It is a great one. One of the best in the US. And I've even learned to tolerate Jack Hanna. But they are asking for a huge increase in tax support that could easily double the tax burden on Franklin County residents. I also don't like it that as a resident of this county I am getting taxed fora facility actually located in Delaware county, whose residents don't pay any tax nor the proposed increase. These are some good reasons for voting NO. But what troubles me is that the notorious Koch sibs are pouring huge sums into advertising also pushing for a No vote on that issue. and that troubles me. What interest does a major out of town political frenzy machine have in this local issue? And why are they on my side of the issue? What's their interest. The only reason I could imagine is that the tea baggers party (heavily funded by the bros.,) never met a tax they like. But is there any reason I should vote in agreement with them?
question... Does Jack Hanna have any human friends???
Morninfb! Wakwin up early again watchin jack hanna! Company leaves 2 mrw got laundry todo have to get things ready for wen company leaves! My man wks today n i believe hes off sunday better stop here gettin an early start on laundry! More in a little bit!
My love for Jack Hannah will always be. Still to this day, every Saturday... I dedicate my mornings to him. Since I was about 4...
Episode filmed in Curaçao by Jack Hanna during his visit to Seaquarium in September 2013. Initiative possible through the efforts of the Curaçao Tourist Boar...
"When I was a monkey, I took monkey baths." This from Lucy this morning while watching Jack Hanna's Into the wild. I feel like she's taking the whole evolution thing a little too personally.
Not content with getting into a fight with Jack Hanna, the Koch Brothers pony up for Sen . Kay Hagan's opponent -- you'd expect them in that fight, but I believe money will not triumph over decency and common sense. GOTV NC!
I would give up a lot to go on an animal adventure with Jack Hanna!!! How fun would that be?!?!?
Jack hanna on tv wants to show u world through his eyes lions noe koalas jack says they get the royal treatment they are in queensland austrailia...
Hey all my friends and family. This is the "Wolf creek pine run Wildlife Weekend at the Grist Mill" outside of Loudonville. Come on down for a great time of family fun, Jack Hanna's critters, and of course ART. I and some of the Mohican Valley Artists will be there displaying, and selling our masterpieces. Hope to see you there. It will be from noon to 5 today, and noon to 4 tomorrow. Anne
"The Koch Brothers take on Jack Hanna," was Mike Thompson's opening line for WOSU's Columbus on the Record. Nice!
Jack Hanna's spirit animal is tired of being on tv.
Jack Hanna is a national treasure back off Koch boys:
No lie, Jack Hanna has appeared in three consecutive insta posts on my feed
for Nash Grier and Cameron Dallas. Fav for Jack and Finn Harries
me jack and Chris come over early but you didn't answer the door man
Jack G. with a fan at the airport in Atlanta today
Hold your horses, Jack Hanna: Bros. undermining the Columbus Zoo. Urge "No" Vote on Zoo:
I AM VOTING "YES" FOR THE ZOO... We have one of the TOP ZOOS in the Country.. *** in the world. Jack Hanna has done amazing things for the ZOO and Columbus.. The Zoo IS IN the city of Columbus..(Columbus city goes into 4 counties do your research) ZOO'S help protect endangered species and educates the public. If you have anything negative to say about the Zoo Levy I DO NOT want to hear it!
I remember once he had Jack Hanna on his old program, and he began to mock and belittle him for how he cared for animals.
I love when fans come up to me and Jack in the airport and ask for a picture because afterwards the people around us are …
You hear the one about Koch Bros funds fighting Jack Hanna's Zoo levy in Columbus Ohio? Sigh, is there no end to the hatin'?
The Koch Brothers are fighting the Columbus, OH zoo:
Jack Hanna brings Animal Adventures to campus on Monday!
What is doing w/ Franklin Co. Issue 6 isn't abt Koch Brothers or Jack Hanna. It isn't about personalities, it's about policy
Gm *** is jack hanna blackmailing folks swear if Click ain't on 2mor there's gonna be a problem...
Flashback Friday- Jack Hanna posing with giraffes in 1996, aren't you excited to see giraffes return to our Zoo soon?
Guys. Tomorrow we need to actually say this to Hanna "we thought it was a in class BBQ!"
Ticket sales for Jack Hanna at these following locations... Commercial Bank, First Citizens State Bank, City of...
We have exciting news! Whitewater Tourism Council is giving away 10 tickets for the Jack Hanna show on Monday,...
And the story continues... In September, and thanks to the initiative of Curacao Tourist Board North America, Jungle Jack Hanna from Jack Hanna's Into the Wild came to Curacao to film several episodes of his program. Touracao Tourism Services had the honor of hosting him. A successful fundraiser for Parke Tropikal Curacao Zoo & Nature Reserve was organized and Jack was introduced to Hubèrt Isenia, the Curaçao Zoo Keeper. Now Hubert is on his way to Columbus, Ohio as a special guest of Jack to learn from a top zoo in the World - The Columbus Zoo and Aquarium. Good luck Hubert, enjoy the trip and the experience!!
Jack Hanna of the Columbus Zoo had a great program here in Biloxi for adults and children. I said to him welcome from Columbus, he replied go "Bucks".
I asked Silas if he wanted to go to the Farmers Market. He said yes, but that he didn't want to go with Jack Hanna. Sorry Jungle Jack.
“Jungle” Jack Hanna is in town helping the Jackson Zoo with a fundraiser. Full story:
"Jungle"Jack Hanna is guest speaker at Jackson Zoo fundraiser tonight. clarionledger
Of course Irvin ' daughter has signed on. So does Jack Hanna. Sea World pays BIG BUCK to sponsor them. They may be animal advocates...but they can be bought and sold. They have a show and Park to run. This young lady is learning the cruelty of animal exploitation at a young age.
a resident today was watching animal planet. The spokesman dude was very familar to me and i knew i knew his name, but i couldnt remember it. the resident couldn't recall the spokesman dudes name either. we kept batting it around while i worked. about 2 hours later the resident calls me back into his room and he has a smile on his face. I said, ok, whats up? he said. Jack Hanna. ah ha! fun day
Jimmy Kimmel thumbs up, Seth Meyers thumbs down, Craig Ferguson thumbs up, Jimmy Fallon still on the fence, thought he'd be better, changing my mind. I like him but don't think he has what it takes. Letterman, well Letterman is Letterman, funny show last night Jack Hanna segment.
Snot Otter aka Hellbender... ewww...ugliest thing alive. Jack Hanna says it is prehistoric...still ewww...gag
I just love it when Jack Hanna is on The Late Show with Letterman. Something about the two of them together just cracks me up!
After watching Jack Hanna on Letterman tonight I got in a sentimental mood. Here's some meaningful Animal Photos I started to put together. It will take a while to finish & it won't be tonight. Thank you. Alene & Respecting All Wildlife & Animals from within my Heart.
Jack Hanna or Cameron Diaz ladies and gentlemen.
I love Jack Hanna he makes Dave Letterman so uncomfortable! cracks me up every time!
Jack Hanna eating bananas. Now that's entertainment.
I'm going to put 'Meet Jack Hanna' on my bucket list. Also I want to pet and play with an otter.
Jack Hanna find the otter on Dave Letterman! lol
So is Jack Hanna a cokehead or something?
Jack Hanna appearing on David Letterman will NEVER get old. Their chemistry is one of the best on late night! Oh, & P.S.
Watch "Jungle" Jack Hanna attempt to eat a bunch of bananas.
I was watching the end of H5-0, and they had a commercial for David Lettterman, and his guest, Jack Hanna, whose schtick is that he is this sort of bumbling wildlife guy who always losing control of the animals. I know he's much more than that. But I recall his days on Johnny Carson, and who could forget (you can't - it's in every compilation of the best of Johnny), the time he got pee'd on the head. Now Johnny, unlike the rest of the late-night hosts, (with maybe the exception of Letterman, but even he's not in the same league), was a master of the slow burn. The Laurel & Hardy ... wait for it ... it's coming ... slow turn ... bam! Genius. I miss those days. When funny was more original than just a bunch of jokes strung together by writers.
What's up with Jack Hanna on Letterman tonight? He was out there..kind of scary and sad
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Jack Hanna and David Letterman are hysterical together 😂
Letterman is rarely funnier than when Jack Hanna visits. Nice to see a Snot Otter and a Booby together on TV.
I was able to stay up and watch Dave Letterman to watch Jack Hanna. Couple new animals that he took out this time.
Omg I laffed so hard at Jack Hanna on David Letterman Show .They were off the hook.
I am still trying to understand why Jack Hanna was stuffing himself with bananas. He is a couple sandwiches short of a picnic.
Woman I dated was a friend of Jack Hanna's cousin. Asst Director of Columbus Zoo. Got special "back stage" tours of the animals. Wonderful.
Jack Hanna always entertains and gives info on the animals.As always the back and forth between he and letterman is funny Always must watch
I'm watching Jack Hanna shove bananas in his mouth on 'The Late Show with David Letterman'. Earlier this evening, I was shoving beers and shots in my mouth at the Green Mill. It's all entertainment.
Y'all have to watch the Jack Hanna interview with David Letterman from tonight, funniest thing I've ever seen!
Jack Hanna is without question a top 5 interviewee on Letterman. Hilarious!
Has jack Hanna gone crazy or something
Jack Hanna reminds me that Ohio doesn't completely suck. I can be proud once of a while.
Kitty, just came home from work. Jack Hanna was on Letterman. Last animal was 6-month old leopard. Stunningly beautiful.
LOL.. Jack Hanna and together always cracks me up.
Jungle Jack Hanna on Letterman is always "must see TV!"
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Jack Hanna on Letterman LOL. This may have been the most I've laughed during Letterman.
Jack Hanna eating the bananas may be the single greatest moment in TV history.
Jack Hanna has some amazing animals on Letterman tonight.
I usually love watching anything Jack Hanna is on but he just made a total *** of himself on David Letterman.he acts like he's on drugs!
I just watched Jack Hanna throw up a banana on David Letterman. I laughed out loud.
jack Hanna chokes eating on a banana on letterman! He's ok!
Watching David Letterman, I love Jungle Jack Hanna, the crow taking the money out of David's hand was awesome!
Jack Hanna and Dave are hilarious together.cracks me up every time...
Jack Hanna is hilarious on David Letterman! Plus the animals are great!
Oh my jack Hanna on David Letterman is hilarious
Jack Hanna killing it on Letterman right now
Omfg.jack Hanna on Letterman is out of his mind! I'm dying over here 😂😂😂
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